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Aug 2017


Think back to your favorite movies and we guarantee that there are some action sequences. Although there are some actors that do their own stunts, most enlist a stunt person to make the scene trulylook and feel as next level as possible. This month's cover girl is celebrity stuntwoman and athletic personality, Jessie Graff. Jessie has been in a number of movies and TV shows. In addition, if you're a fan of NBC's American Ninja Warrior, then you have seen her crushing courses on this TV show as well while donning a Wonder Woman costume. We spent an afternoon with her shooting her for our cover and this energetic woman showcased her athletic ability while also sharing anecdotes how she got into the business, where we have seen her as well as how she has honed her craft over the years. ATHLEISURE MAG: What was your journey to becoming a stunt woman from childhood to actually selecting this career? JESSIE GRAFF: I wanted to be a super hero, like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Xena Warrior Princess. I loved the physical part most, but didn't know that stunts were a separate job, so I always thought I'd be an actress. After majoring in theatre in college, I learned that the actors don't usually get to do their own stunts, so I immediately researched everything I could about stunt people. I read every article I could find, studied the stunt player’s directory, and found out where stunt people trained. Then I got photos, made a demo reel, moved to LA, and signed up at every gym in where I could find stunt people. Then I copied everything they did, learned everything I could, and eventually, earned my place in the community. AM: What type of training does one engage in order to become a stunt woman? JG: Fights, falls/wipeouts, weapons, parkour, gymnastics, rock climbing, ev-

ery style of martial arts, wire work, rigging, trampolines, bicycles, air rams, Russian swing, high falls, scuba, sky diving, cars, motorcycles, fire burns... There's so much to learn! AM: Obviously, you're in great shape, what workouts do you suggest for great abs, glutes and arms? JG: I organize all of my workouts into a 3 day cycle of push day, pull day, and leg day. It allows me to push each muscle group to the limit, and give it 2 days to recover, while I'm training the other 2 main muscle groups. I suggest FORGETTING about how you want your body to look, and choosing workouts based on what you want to be able to do, and how you want to feel. If you want great arms, get hooked on rock climbing, gymnastics, or calisthenics. Set goals like climbing at a certain difficulty level or learning to do a kip on bars. Then do all the drills, progressions, and strength training to get those skills, and make a new goal 1 level higher. Want great glutes? Work on, bounding agility obstacles, improving your vertical jump, or learning parkour. When you get passionate about a hobby that requires those muscles, every workout is more inspiring, and there is no end. If you want an 8-pack, and you get there, how do you stay motivated to work out and eat healthy? How do you maintain it? But if you succeed in your goal of 10 pull ups, great! New goal: get 12, or 15 or 20. AM: What are your go to foods between your travels, working out etc? JG: I always carry B-up protein bars and roasted seaweed with me, because fruit/ carbs are easy to find, but protein and vegetables are harder to grab on the go. Basic structure of any meal is 1-2 servings protein, colorful vegetables, 1 serving of carbs or fruit, all on top of a huge pile of dark leafy greens.

AM: What's on your playlist when you're in the gym? JG: Jessie Graff's Wonder Woman Playlist on DC Comics and "Try Everything" from Zootopia. AM: What movies have we seen your work in?

I suggest FORGETTING about how you want your body to look, and choosing workouts based on what you want to be able to do, and how you want to feel. If you want great arms, get hooked on rock climbing, gymnastics, or calisthenics. Set goals like climbing at a certain difficulty level or learning to do a kip on bars. Then do all the drills, progressions and strength training to get those skills...

JG: Look for me with purple hair in Future Man on Hulu, and Bright on Netflix. Other projects are Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Transformers, The Dark Knight, Marvel's Agents of Shield, G.I. Joe, Die Hard... AM: What is the process like in terms of casting when you are going into being a stunt person in a film? JG: If there are lines, we go to auditions as actors. We send demo reels or they are submitted by the stunt coordinator, so that they know we are qualified to do the stunt required for the role. We are given lines anywhere from the day before to at the audition, read for camera, maybe have a call back, and are booked for the acting role. The auditions to be the main stunt double on a big action movie are the most fun. It's often a whole group of us in a gym, learning fight choreography, and showing off kicks, flips, weapons, and any other applicable skills for a couple of hours. AM: How do you prepare for the roles that you participate in? JG: I rarely get more than a week's notice for a job or big audition usually 1-2 days. I have to guess which skills are most likely to come up, and prepare for EVERYTHING, so that no matter what comes up, I can be prepared (hopefully). Training constantly in so many different disciplines, improves my ability to learn brand new movements faster, so that even if something totally new comes up, i can adapt. AM: What is the thinking behind wearing the Wonder Woman costume during your American Ninja Warrior run? JG: My first year, I dressed as a chicken to advertise my short film 'Epic Chick Fight,' but a parent messaged me on Twitter about her 6-year-old daughter, who had never been very physically active. After watching me, she said 'I like her. I like her outfit' then promptly

COVER PG 17 + THIS PAGE | UNDER ARMOUR Sport Bra, Shorts + Sneakers | PG 14 + 22 | MEI' LANGE Bikini | XUELLER Beach Towel/Blanket | UNDER ARMOUR Flip Flops |

workouts at all times. When I'm at work, I wear whatever the costume department puts me in. For super fancy red carpet type events, I require that the mid-section be fitted, and stretchy, with a full circle skirt that allows for full range of motion. I always wear shorts under my skirt, so that I can flip and kick without wardrobe malfunctions. Other than that, I don't understand why I would ever wear anything other than workout clothes or swim suits. AM: We love your videos on Instagram with your pup and your pig, it's a great way to show your physique and to get to know your personality, how long does it take to do them? JG: It takes about 30 seconds to toss spinach around the floor, to keep @ SammoHog occupied and in frame, and 20 seconds to 5 minutes to shoot the video...well... up to 1 min for Instagram, but Facebook videos allow for longer workout clips. It rarely takes more than one take. Unless it's a compilation of multiple attempts. Those may take 30 min or so of trying and failing 20 times before I succeed, and another 5 minutes to edit. AM: Are there any charities or philanthropy that you are a part of that you would like to share?

dressed her Barbie like me, and went outside to climb the jungle gym with her. It made me realize how much impact my clothing choices could have on kids. Now, I choose outfits that seem most likely to inspire kids to be healthy and strong.

JG: I really want to do more to help educate people of all ages about healthy eating and exercise habits, and how to make them feel fun and effortless. I currently do that by sharing my own tips, tricks, and experience on social media, but would love suggestions on specific charities that deal with those topics.

AM: When you're not training, what is your personal style when you're out and about versus when you're in the gym? JG: My personal style is pretty much Under Armour shorts and sports bras, or maybe a tennis skort to shake things up. The world is my gym, so I dress for

AM: What advice would you give to a girl that is looking to get into the world of stunts? - 22 -

Aug 2017

PG 18, THIS PG + 28 | JUNK FOOD Good Times 72 Shirt + Shorts | MARTIAN Smartwatch | KIMMIE VINCENT Bracelets | PG 24, 27 + BACK COVER | NICOLE BAKTI Gown | LAGOS Bracelets | RUTHIE DAVIS Shoes |

JG: Don't pursue stunts unless you REALLY love it. You will get beaten up. You'll be cold and wet, falling down concrete stairs at 3am, or sweating in a full leather suit on an overheating motorcycle, on a 110 degree day in the desert. They will constantly throw crazy and unusual challenges at you, and you'll have to think on your toes, to figure it out on the spot. If working out 5-8 hours/day, and fighting to achieve seemingly impossible feats sounds like a dream job, do it. Work your butt off. Learn everything. Be smart. Be humble. Listen. Pay attention, and be helpful. If you are talented, work really hard, and have a great attitude, you will have an amazing career, a lifetime of adventure, and become friends with some of the most incredible people on the planet. We get to be the unknown heroes of the film industry. Our photoshoot with Jessie Graff took place at Henry Hall in NYC's Hudson Yards. We took a moment to find out more about the interesting concept of this residential property that also makes you feel like you live in a hotel as well. ATHLEISURE MAG: What are the amenities offered at Henry Hall? HENRY HALL: Henry Hall features a unique amenities package focused on the building’s club and lounge areas and elite food and beverage offerings. As part of its innovative programming, Henry Hall will debut Delicious Hospitality’s new restaurant, dubbed Legacy Records. The restaurant, bar and lounges will be spread over the building's first and second floors. In addition to the restaurant and second floor lounge, Henry Hall residents will have access to an array of sought-after amenities, including a “jam room,” resident’s club room, private dining rooms and wine room, roof-deck, state-of-the-

art training center as well as exclusive access to Henry Hall Concierge for 24hour service. Henry Hall will also provide residents with Echo Dots connected to Amazon Alexa. The posh rental has equipped each of the 225 residences with an Echo Dot and created an Alexa skill tailored specifically for Henry Hall residents. Building Link, the leading online residential management system, has developed a custom skill that gives Alexa the ability to answer numerous requests that pertain specifically to residents. Voice commands that residents can make include the following: “Alexa, ask Henry Hall if I have any packages”; “Alexa, ask Henry Hall if there are any events in the building today”; and “Alexa, ask Henry Hall when the gym will be open.” AM: What is the concept behind the design of the building? HH: Developed by Imperial Companies, on behalf of the joint venture partnership with Shorenstein, and with interior design by the renowned Ken Fulk, Henry Hall is Hudson Yard’s newest destination rental. In contrast to the glass towers dominating the Hudson Yards neighborhood, Henry Hall gives a thoughtful nod to ‘Old New York’ with its brick and steel façade. The 33-story building includes 225 studio to two-bedroom units with prices starting at $3,350. Henry Hall is a new wave residential experience inspired by boutique hotel culture. Eric Birnbaum, Co-founder of Imperial Companies, and the vision behind Henry Hall, says his imagination was sparked by stays at The Bowery Hotel and The Battery SF, among other properties. “At Henry Hall, we take design and programming cues from boutique hotels. I fell in love with the idiosyncratic charm of their lobbies - the design elements, the way people move through them,” Birnbaum says. Henry Hall creates social programming

for likeminded people, communal spaces to relax and recharge, exquisite meals & beverage, all with grand décor and a rooftop view. AM: There is a distinct boutique hotel vibe to this residence - why is that and what offerings does the property provide to those who are not residents? HH: Henry Hall will offer a residential option that merges New York’s nightlife and boutique hotel experience with luxury residential living. The residences were outfitted as a modern take on traditional grand hotels and in keeping with that theme the private lounges, jam room, rooftop deck, gym—were all created to extend the holistic experience of a boutique hotel. Launch programming features a summer music series, “Tuesdays at Henry Hall,” which welcomes residents and friends to enjoy a rotating cast of notable and socially influential DJs. AM: Within the space that was included within our photoshoot, who decorated it? HH: Ken Fulk, who has been dubbed “Silicon Valley’s creative disruptor,” and whose credits include The Battery SF among other high-profile residential and hospitality projects, worked with Eric Birnbaum to design the resident experience throughout all aspects of Henry Hall, from the eclectic lobby to the elegant lounges to the custom finishes in each residence. Design elements in Henry Hall's grand lobby include a floor made of three different types of marble set in a herringbone pattern; a 10-foot-diameter custom brass chandelier retrofitted with 24 cut-crystal globes from the 1930s; hand-scraped teak wall paneling with brass accents; a salon-style installation of vintage oil paintings and frame photography; tribal rugs; and antique furnishings.

AM: What are other selling points in this building? HH: Henry Hall is truly a first of its kind: a destination and a community similar to a boutique luxury hotel or a members’ only club. The residences include finishes such as ash hardwood flooring throughout and oversized windows that flood the residences with natural sunlight and provide sweeping city views. Gourmet kitchens are equipped with stark white quartz countertops and backsplashes, premium brass fixtures by Waterworks and stainless steel appliances by Bosch and KitchenAid. Custom hexagonal tiles line the bathroom floor and are accompanied by a medicine cabinet with integrated vanity lighting and polished nickel fittings. Each unit is equipped with a Bosch washer/ dryer. "Every space, however unique, public or private, is considered an essential part of the Henry Hall story. They become a defining element of the residential experience,” said Eric Birnbaum, Co-Founder and Partner at Imperial Companies. "So many people would love to live in their favorite hotel or have the City’s newest restaurant be just downstairs - Henry Hall makes that a reality.” For more information about Henry Hall, please visit www.henryhallnyc. com. AM: For those that are residents, what are the neighborhood selling points? HH: Located at 515 West 38th Street, the site of the former Legacy Recording Studio, Henry Hall is at the epicenter of Hudson Yards and is redefining luxury for a new generation of New Yorkers. Hudson Yard’s close proximity to the major transportation hubs of the recently completed 7 train exten-

sion, Penn Station and the Port Authority Bus Terminal provide an array of convenient transportation options. Henry Hall is in close proximity to the city’s finest shopping, dining, entertainment and cultural venues and is surrounded by Chelsea and The Meatpacking District to the south and the Hudson River to the west. AM: Is there anything that we should know about the Hudson Yard area? HH: Hudson Yards is just north of the Meatpacking District and Chelsea, adjacent to Hell’s Kitchen, stretching along the High Line and the river, and close to Midtown; an electric atmosphere in which you can work, play and live. A convergence of parks, public space, haute cuisine, shopping, easy access to transportation and stunning views of the river and cityscape make it easy to see why the neighborhood is booming.



Known as the "official last summer weekend," there is still plenty of summer to enjoy hanging out with friends, barbecues and beach time. Of course, we have a few musts to enjoy the upcoming Holiday Weekend. | H&M White Overalls | COSABELLA Never Say Never Extended Sweetie â„¢ Bralette | WIZE MONKEY Mango Party Tea | OLIVER PEOPLES The Row Executive Suite | BKR Spiked London | LINEA PELLE Hunter Studded Hobo Bag | BUTTER LONDON Busker Eye Pencil |

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Aug 2017

Aug 2017

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Growing up, we remember watching Denise Austin as her fitness DVDs ensured that we targeted areas of our body that we wanted to optimize. Her videos included positivity, fun outfits, beach locales when she was outside of her studio and Katie Austin appeared on set from time to time as a child. Clearly, Katie is all grown up and is continuing in her mom's footsteps. We caught up with Katie to find out what brought her to the fitness industry, what we can expect from her fitness methods and more. ATHLEISURE MAG: We know your mom (clearly) as we grew up watching our mom's work out to Denise Austin, when did you have that moment that you knew you wanted to delve into the fitness industry? KATIE AUSTIN: It was never a momentit was more like steps I took in life to realize! Ever since I was little, I grew up watching my mom film her shows and got to travel with her to all these different cool locations. My mom always tells me that even when I was 3 years old I’d sit and watch her film as my sister would be playing in the pool or catching lizards. She said she knew then that I’d be into it! BUT it wasn’t until college that I thought of the fitness industry as a career. After I moved on from playing D1 lacrosse at USC, I decided do weekly fitness segments on the college station. After a great reaction from my student segments for a year, I decided to start a blog. And it started from there. AM: Having a fitness icon such as your mom, what did you learn from her that you have applied to your unique mark in the industry? KA: I feel like there are three big things I have learned from her. 1. Always be positive- no matter what. People look up to you for that light.

2. Make your workouts practical for your target demographic. She knows exactly what the regular girl wants and can do for their daily lifestyle. 3. Sounds cliché, but always stay true to yourself! Be authentic, and just be you. Because people will love the real YOU. AM: Tell us about Get Fit With Katie. com and what one can expect from this membership workout site. KA: So my site is still kind of new!! I just launched my membership program about 2 and a half months ago. It’s really exciting for me because it’s a subscription plan for all my followers. Meaning it’s a big library of all my workout videos, 50+, and counting because I always add new ones! So you can either pick and choose what workout you’re feeling up to that daywhether that’s abs, booty, cardio, etc. OR follow my exact workouts I give you in my Daily Workout Calendar- like a guide within the subscription! AM: What is your goal with Get Fit With and where do you see it in 5 years? KA: My dream for forever has been to have a TV show. I studied TV production at USC and just fell in love with it. I actually am a sports host for Fox on the side as well, so combining my love for hosting and TV with fitness is the goal. So to have a fitness/wellness TV show like my mom did would be my 5 year plan! AM: Everyone is focused on how they can have energy packed meals that they can take with them for lunch, what are 5 dishes for the work week that are easy to make that can be enjoyed on the run? KA: Well I’m all about keeping meals SIMPLE. In my food guide, my recipes are all 7 ingredients or less, so it’s nev-

er anything too complicated. Usually I do a grain (brown rice- or quinoa, not technically a grain but I consider it one), with a healthy fat (avocado), with a protein (grilled chicken or salmon) and 2 different kinds of veggies (like zucchini and carrots). AM: What is your personal style when you are working out versus when you're going out to brunch? KA: When I’m working out I love being colorful, I love wearing bright sports bras and leggings. I also LOVE high-waisted workout leggings because they hold everything in!! For brunch, I would usually wear a sundress with some wedges! I also love wearing one piece leotards right now. It’s funny because I always wear my mom’s old 80’s workout leotards to go out in, and ALWAYS get compliments and questions on where they’re from. I have to use that Mean Girls line... “It’s my mom’s from the 80s.. Vintage!” AM: When you work out, what is on your playlist? KA: I love the two opposite types of music. Hip hop/rap or country. So usually Drake, Future, Nicki Minaj, OR Little Big Town, Maren Morris, or Jason Aldean!! AM: What are 3 of your favorite workouts and what areas are they targeting? KA: I love HIIT [High intensity interval training], dance cardio, and basic toning moves. Dance cardio is a great way to have fun while burning calories, and my toning moves (like leg lifts, bicep curls, etc.) are a great way to sculpt my muscles. But, I definitely see most results with HIIT workouts. Usually, my HIIT workouts are a combination of cardio and toning, and they’re QUICK! So they’re more intense in a shorter amount of time to make them super effective.

Hydration is an ongoing need in our beauty routines. When the temperatures rise, it's even more important to give your body the TLC that it needs. This month's Athleisure Beauty has our favorite finds. | STILA COSMETICS Aqua Glow™ SerumFoundation | IT COSMETICS Ombré Radiance Blush™ | URBAN DECAY COSMETICS Naked Heat Eyeshadow Palette | ARTIS Digit Collection 5 Brush Set |



THE CLASS BY TARYN TOOMEY cardio meets emotional cathartic release. It's a mind - body blend that allows people to work through what they need so that they can go about their day to day lives without having to only focus on one area of healing. Audio is essential as soundproofing and recording studio quality needed to the transformation of movement while enjoying The Class.

There are fitness centers and then there are luxurious studios that are truly an experience. The Class by Taryn Toomey, has established a permanent home in Tribeca. Before we go into the method, it's worth talking about the amenities which allow you to tryuly enjoy the ultimate wellness experience. The space is a mindful oasis that has astounding crystals in various areas from crystal-embedded floors (they are scattered throughout and are mixed in with hematite, black onyx and black tourmaline as a means to draw energy out), hanging crystals and more. There are marble slabs, candles and lighting that truly allows you to feel that you have come home to this space.

The Class occupies an intimate studio, wellness nook, boutique and a hideaway. Beyond the class at Tribeca, you can continue to add to your needs with The Layer, a seasonal cleanse created by Taryn. The cleanse includes manuals, nutritional plans, recipes, access to a community and more. This fall, The Immersion is an intensive class structure held in NYC which continues to build on what you have learned in The Class as it applies to your life.

Their bathrooms are well stocked with Chanel and Onda beauty products and has had a number of notables who can attest to its effectiveness including Naomi Watts, Christy Turlington, and Jennifer Aniston. Guests can also enjoy crystal jewelry from Taryn's line, The Airelume.

Throughout the year, there are Retreatments which are destination sessions that can be taken in other locales to hone in on what you are workng on in a fresh location. Upcoming trips include Whistler, Rhode Island and the Dominican Republic.

The Class is best defined as yoga meets

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Aug 2017

With classes in NYC, Hamptons, Nantucket, LA and Vancouver, this mind-body method is one that truly transforms your body through strengthening while putting emphasis on the mind for a truly elevated experience as well as outlook on life beyond the walls of this oasis.

Aug 2017

TARYN TOOMEY 22 Park Place NY, NY 10007

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OVERTHROW BOXING CLUB Boxing continues to trend as a workout and Overthrow Boxing brings it in all its gritty glory at its headquarters on Bleeker as well as its location in Williamsburg. With its doors open, at anytime you're seeing people entering, classes taking place or you could also see Will Smith, Jennifer Lopez and even Usher getting a workout in.

the wall, an upstairs studio and a red room for smaller classes downstairs. Of course, there is the cool neon that is showcased throughout. Regardless of your skill level, Overthrow is open to all. Classes can be booked onsite as well as online. In addition, there are themed classes such as Boxing and Booze which gives you a cold beer post workout on Mondays and there are those classes which provide donations to organizations such as the ACLU and Planned Parenthood on Fridays. Workouts are created by former Golden Gloves Champion, Alicia "The Empress" Napoleon.

In addition to being in an iconic area, the very builing it resides in was the home of Overthrow Magazine (which is where the name of this studio comes from) as well as the headquarters for the activist group, The Yippies. The ability to peek behind the curtain to see this gym in action was the exact vision that Joey Goodwin, founder of Overthrow, had in mind. Think of this studio as Fight Club brought to life in a setting with posters and stickers on

Unlike studio fitness brands that are known for premium amenities for beauty products that can be enjoyed post workout, Overthrow does not have this. But they do have a line that

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Aug 2017

is based in the love of boxing and it was actually created prior to the launch of the gym as Goodwin is an entrepreneur who has also been in the fashion industry. The line, also known as Overthrow, allows you to wear your fighting spirit in and out of the ring and has had great editorial pieces that you could wear for a night out. Aug 2017

OVERTHROW BOXING CLUB 9 Bleeker St. NY, NY 10012 256 Grand St BK, NY 11211

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f o t r A e h k T c a n S e h t

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Aug 2017

POP THAT SNACK A snack that can include a number of flavor profiles is popcorn! You can eat right out of the bag or opt to create a number of tastes that work for a late night snack, to enjoy while tuning into Netflix's latest release or to have when your sipping cocktails. We have rounded up some tasty recipe finds to keep on file when the need arises. RAFAELLO POPCORN | Courtesy of Nest Warehouse Aug 2017

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Who says that popcorn is just meant to be salty? This treat takes one of our favorite Girl Scout Cookie treats (hello coconut and chocolate) and mixes it with popcorn for the perfect snackable whenever you need it. SAMOAS POPCORN | Courtesy of Meg's Everyday Indulgence

Aug 2017

Aug 2017

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Sweet and salty come together with this bacon and maple fusion which are two flavor profiles that are hard to pass up when you're having a night in. MAPLE BACON POPCORN | Courtesy of Almost Super Mom

Sometimes you hit that day or week where you realize that you'd like to take a vacation from adulting. That means elevating your cereal game. LUCKY CHARMS POPCORN BALLS | Courtesy of A Beautiful Mess


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PHOT Aug 2017



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When you think about the Olympics, a number of sports come to mind. In the list of classic sports during these games, rowing is at the top of our list. It's a sport that creates images of collegiate athletes, country clubs, and symphony in motion. Known as the oldest contested collegiate sport, the first race was between the Harvard-Yale regatte in 1852! Back in the 20's and 30's, collegiate crew received the type of press that baseball gets and it seems like there is a resurgence that has taken place. We had the opportunity to know more about the sport, how it has a lot of commonalities with studio rowing as well as understanding why there is an increased focus in making this sport accessible to more people. We found ourselves at the members only, Saugatuck Rowing Club in Westport, Connecticut - owned by Howard Winklevoss (this is one of 3 rowing clubs in the Winklevoss umbrella), learning

- 68 -

about the fundamentals of rowing from an elite team of trainers from RowAmerica (their focus is to support, promote and expand the sport of rowing), and the Co-Founders of ROW HOUSE NYC who have indoor rowing studios in NYC. Howard's awareness of the sport came through his sons (Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss who competed throughout their academic career as well as placing 6th during the 2008 Olympic games in Beijing - they are also known as crypto currency internet entrepreneurs) and their love of training at this particular rowing club that encouraged him to not only buy this boathouse, but additional facilities as a means to garner increased interest of the sport and to preserve it as well. To create an interest in the sport, a partnership between Saugatuck Rowing Club and ROW HOUSE NYC was created to allow members of the rowing studio Aug 2017

to have the opportunity to row on the water. Many of the skills utilized in studio become building blocks when on the water working as a team. In addition, this boathouse is internationally recognized as a premier boatclub that has produced annual national and Olympic champions. Members can enjoy an array of rowing programs whether they're a novice or Olympic bound. Additional offerings include a number of workout methods that are offered from yoga, spinning, body sculpting, access to a state of the art gym as well as a lounge and restaurant Prior to our day on the water, we had rowed in studio at ROW HOUSE NYC. It's a total body workout that is low impact but has a lot of energy. In studio, it feels like an individul sport where you compete with yourself. While at the boathouse, we warmed up rowing as you would in studio but transitioning into

actually rowing on the water, there is a lot of discipline and connection in order to truly flow on the water! To have our team of rowers work in sync whether we were going forward, backing up and even getting the boat in the water - taking direction is key. In addition, you learn that each person is needed for the smoothest ride! After a few hours on the water, we hit our stride and working the oars and gaining co-ordination became much easier. To find out more about indoor rowing, visit ROW HOUSE NYC to find your nearest location. Once you begin working out at their facility, you can find out more about introducing yourself to rowing on water at Saugatuck Rowing Club.

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Aug 2017

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Aug 2017

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Your purse is a mini office, snack cubby a tioning from point A to Point B. Whether ber on your tresses, changing your make in this month's In Our Bag.

| BED HEAD BY TIGI 1" Pinkaholic Mini Cer + Curly Comb Set | LASHFOOD Chamomi Dotcom | MARC JACOBS The Grind East/W olate Peanut |

In Ou The To

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Aug 2017

and a place to do a touchup when you're transir you're making sure the heat doesn't do a numeup or simply getting a refresh - you can do it all

ramic Straightener | REVLON Perfect Style Thick ile Eye Makeup Remover | GLOSSIER Rose Balm West Leather Tote | NOOSA MATES Banana Choc-

ur Bag Touch Up

Aug 2017

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Welco Aug 2017

ome Back Sage

Earlier this year, we hung out at ESPN's campus to catch up with some of the ladies of SportsCenter. We created our fashion editorial with them throughout ther day as well as interviewing them on the various shows they were on. This month, we had lunch with one of our favorite sportscasters growing up, Sage Steele. You may know her from ESPN SportsCenter (and we're excited that she is back on the network starting August 28th with SportsCenter AM), but one of our co-founders enjoyed watching her in their market covering local sports! We took some time in between Sage's move back to

CT from Arizona, prepping for her show with her team to find out more about how she got into the industry, who she cheers for, what it's like to be back on the network and how she takes some time for herself! ATHLEISURE MAG: What was your path to becoming a sports broadcaster? SAGE STEELE: Well it's something that I knew I wanted to do when I was young as I was 12 years old. I knew that as a daughter of an athlete and I had 2 brothers and I was an athlete myself. I just knew that I wouldn't be able to play sports competitively past high school so the second best

thing to be around it was to be able to talk about it with these athletes. I was just talking with my boss about this, the reason that we all - these sports fans love sports is that obviously, it's about where we are from and about our teams. For 3 hours on a Sunday, you're watching a football game and nothing else matters. It's not about your race, your age, your religion, your gender - none of it matters, we're just fans of that team! It's beautiful and I love how sports just brings us together no matter what. And I just wanted to be a part of that. Now it's 22 years in the making - I have been in this for 22 years! It's been a very long, uphill climb, but ESPN was always my dream. Sometimes I couldn't believe that it has been 10 years that I achieved my dream and that I am still in it! AM: What do you think the current state of women in sports media is? SS: Oh gosh it's come so far. It almost cracks me up when people say, "oh women, women" and I always say that yes we need more women, but do you not realize how far we have come? Not that it's enough, but I mean I was always the only woman in the lockerroom. For years - always - that has changed drastically. Big networks specifically are looking for women to fill these roles on air. Years ago, that would have never happened! ESPN literally, doesn't think twice about hiring a woman. Is it the right person period? I am really proud of how far we have all come. I just think now it's second nature. No one thinks, "wow they have a woman on SportsCenter". It's been like that for a very long time. AM: Who are your favorite teams? SS: It's funny because it's rotated through the years because I am an army brat and didn't have a home town so to speak. The first NFL team I fell in love with was the Denver Broncos because we lived in Colorado and we had come from Europe in 1984. That was during the Orange Crush, John Elway and the Super Bowl years. Once again, it confirmed what I wanted to

do for a living because I was in awe of how an entire state could come to a standstill on a Sunday and all be screaming and yelling for the same team and that was when I really fell in love with sports. Otherwise, the NBA Pacers that was the first NBA team I really covered. I went to school in Indiana and went to high school there so I loved the Colts and of course College Basketball, I'm a Hoosier. I have to say that I root for some of those teams, but at the end of the day, maybe because I'm older and jaded, but I don't root for teams per se but now it's for people. It's about the people that I have met and those that I know are good humans and not just great athletes and good coaches. That's what it has come down to now focusing on certain people.

For three hours on a Sunday, you're watching a football game and nothing else matters. It's not about your race, your age, your religion, your gender - none of it matters, we're just fans of the team! It's beautiful and I love how sports just brings us together no matter what.

AM: You're coming back to ESPN SportsCenter, what was it like the first time you worked with the network and what's it like coming back? SS: Gosh well the first time was 10 years ago and I cannot believe how much the campus has changed and grown. But then again, it's also about how much I have changed - I was scared to death coming here 10 years ago! I really was! I was 10 years younger - only 34 and I had 3 babies under the age of 4. I was just in a different phase and pretty stressed out. I guess now I am pretty stressed out for other reasons because now my kids are teenagers and it's a different kind of stress. I have grown so much through the years here at ESPN. It's overwhelming sometimes, because I know I've become just a better broadcaster because of doing it. Just like in any industry you just have to get to the point that you're in your own zone and you don't really listen to what other people say or think about you especially today in the world of social media. You know if you have done a good job at the end of the day when the executives bring you back for more, then you know that overall you have done a really good job. It's been such a whirlwind and not just 22 years of my career but specifically at ESPN for the last 10, I've done so many things and so many events and it's been really awesome to just represent this company as I'm so thankful. AM: You start on Aug 28th, what can we expect when we watch SportsCenter:AM for the relaunch and what takes place in this show that is different then the other SportsCenters throughout the day? SS: This is the first thing that people wake up to. A lot of times, people have to o to bed they have lives and they have not been able to see results of all the games that they have cared about or their favorite athletes that they follow. So you're going to wake up to highlights

and analysis and a pretty fast paced show that catches you up on what you missed last night and helping you to look ahead on what to expect for the day of sports. There are three of us as hosts me, Randy Scott and Jay Harris. We're really good friends. So it's a three hour show and we need all three of us, that's for sure! I think it's rare these days to have three people that are truly friends that are hosting a national show of any kind. Fast paced, highlights, analysis - we're going to laugh and have fun. We're talking about sports and yes, there are some serious conversations these days but mostly it's fun. We're talking about sports for a living! You will get some opinion in there as well, maybe more then when I started at ESPN 10 years ago, but it's not about us, it's about the highlights, serving the viewers and kind of giving them something to start their day with. If they're at the coffee machine at work, they can say, "gosh did you see what the Bears did last night?" We're giving them information, tools and just stuff to talk about. Because at the end of the day, sports is an escape which is my true belief! That's what we hope to provide to help everyone begin their day. AM: What are you most excited about now that you're back at ESPN? SS: I'm excited about talking about all the sports again. I have loved the last 4 years of talking about the NBA. The last 9 months or so I got back on the road with SportsCenter on the Road covering everything from the Super Bowl, Masters - you name it. My main focus for the last 4 years has been the NBA and I am more in love with it than I have ever been before but, I have missed football and college basketball - to be able to talk about that again. I have such a history with these sports in covering it during my career in various markets that I can't wait to get

Aug 2017

AM: We enjoyed having lunch with you and getting to know you, what are your favorite workouts or activities that you do to stay toned and in shape?

back to that while hanging on to all of my NBA stuff as well as it's important to me. I'll just add that I'm still going to be going on the road with SportsCenter on the Road. That means so much to me because I thrive in the chaos of the road. I love it when I'm standing court side before Game 5 of the NBA Finals with Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry and Lebron James warming up and somehow I have to stay focused and on task and host an hour long show and do interviews that's the chaos that I just love! I really wanted to hang on to that aspect of it as well. So lots of in-studio and on the road as well. Aug 2017

SS: I honestly think that my stress forces me to stay in shape. I have to have an outlet especially since there is so much stress. There's travel as I'm always on airplanes a lot. I will say that I do eat pretty well and that's important to me and especially with having kids and trying to set a good example. Sometimes it's about having a 10 minute workout in a hotel room - literally! Fortunately, there's no TV cameras or mirrors - 85 -

to see what I'm wearing or doing. And if I only have those 10 minutes, then that is what I will do! It sets the tone for my day - hey I'm 44 so I have to work on it. I like to eat well and stay active doing something. I am really looking forward to having a set schedule now that I am back in CT because now I can get on a set schedule with workouts as well and not just figuring out how to squeeze them in depending on time zone or based on what the hotel gym has. I have done a lot of boot camps during the years. I am really interested in trying pilates and yoga as I have never done them before at all. I think I need that in my life for my body and my brain. AM: When you're not at work what's your personal style when you're out and about with your family or taking personal time for yourself? SS: Right now, jeans and flats. My favorite shirts are by Rails, they're just casual shirts. I love flannels and denim. Many times my hair is up, I wear very little makeup - I don't know, I'm really casual and simple. I'm in the shower and out of the house in 25 minutes. Maybe it's because I have to dress up so often to put makeup on and to care about what I look like. Hey, when I wear what I want to wear, I feel like it's presentable and cute - I can go to dinner in this. But I could also go to my kid's basketball game and not feel overdressed. Having that flexibility is important to me. I'm just really, really casual. Sometimes, my mom says, "Sage you're going to the grocery store, you need to dress up a little bit and make sure that you put some blush on." And I'm like, "mom, you're lucky that I don't have my baseball cap on today!" It's all about being TOTALLY casual and having a balance from what I have to do when I'm at work and have to present myself as somewhat glamorous.

You fake it until you make it! AM: How do you take time for yourself to recharge and just to come up for air? SS: That's what I need to work on because right now, it's not enough. That's honestly the biggest thing on my list now that I am coming back to a set schedule in CT. Mon - Thurs set hours and off by 11am. Up early because I have to figure out the sleep patterns first! In the past, I have done a lot of horseback riding - being an equestrian has been a big part of my life. I don't know and I'm so glad that you asked because I have to figure it out. For sure, I know I have to keep myself mentally healthy as well as physically. But I don't think of taking time for myself and that's probably my biggest fault. So if you have any suggestions, I will take them from anyone and anywhere! Maybe yoga will be that for me. I need to figure it out for sure! We're so excited to see Sage on SportsCenter AM starting Aug 28th as well as SportsCenter on the Road. You can also catch her on 2018 Miss America co-hosting with ABC's The Bachelor, Chris Harrison on Sept 10th in Atlantic City.

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Aug 2017

Aug 2017

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Bingely Books keys and purse at home - definitely not normal. Thankfully, Karen is in the hospital and alive after getting into an accident. Tom and Karen return home to go about living their lives as normal; however, Karen feels that things are not the same. Although she's fine, she can't remember the accident or how it happened. She also can't shake the feeling that her home is not how she left it. This feeling makes her feel like she is a stranger in her own home and that everything is just a bit off. She feels that she needs to get to the truth as this thriller makes everyone a bit of a suspect and it becomes essential that she is able to get to the truth ultimately of what happened and who are what are the people/ things in her life that she needs to understand in order to uncover the secrets of a past that she can't completely remember.

THE PERFECT COOKIE America's Test Kitchen

A STRANGER IN THE HOUSE Doubleday Canada Shari Lapena

Shari Lapena shows that life is normal, until it isn't. Tom and Karen live upstate without children and are happy with everything around them. But one day, Tom comes home and realizes that not only is his wife missing but she left her

- 92 -

We've all been there - looking for the perfect cookie! The Perfect Cookie looks at cookies, brownies and bars from recipes of a number of these treats, finding techniques to make the recipes in a way that is easier to do as well as a number of helpful tips that will take your baking to the next level regardless of your skill. Aug 2017

only happy but in complete control. Her instincts kick in when her mother, Connie who is not only a free spirit but is easy to be led one way or another, announces that she has won a bed-andbreakfast on the Jersey Shore. Faith can't believe her mom would choose to do this and feels that she needs to head to Wave's End to save her mother from such a rash decision with an uncertain future. Adding to this feeling of unease is a hurricane that hits the coast. Faith must decide to stay and assist the efforts or to get her boss out of trouble. In the midst of so much emotion and decision making she is left to deal with an array of emotions and circumstances that could affect her mother and the inn.

With over 4 million weekly public television viewers, America’s Test Kitchen is well-known for its top-rated television shows. They have shared their finds through bestselling cookbooks, magazines, websites, and cooking school. A group of well over 60 passionate chefs based in Boston, Massachusetts, who put ingredients, cookware, equipment, and recipes through objective, rigorous testing to identify the very best in a category, it's an essential for your shelf.


Lake Union Publishing Patricia Perry Donovan You never know where life will take you and why. Even when you feel that you have decided to go in a specific direction, life has a way of changing your plans for a moment or an entire lifetime. Faith finds comfort working within an upscale kitchen in Manhattan and as a workaholic chef, she feels that she is not Aug 2017

- 93 -

Bingely Streaming of Julie and Billy, aspiring comedians who are 30-somethings living in NYC. While they wait to be the versions of themselves that they believe they should be, they have their day jobs while thinking bitterly of their friends who are living their best lives. This duo performs at local comedy clubs together and live a life where everything is viewed from their vantage point like an ongoing selfie. By day, Julie is a TV blogger and her friend is a waiter. This season, as always, has a number of celebrities that flow through this 30 minute series, and this season, you can expect a number of jokes about the current political climate from their vantage point of course.

MARVEL THE DEFENDERS Netflix Original Series Netflix Originals has been the go to destination for a number of your favorite Marvel characters and with a number of series in this category coming out, we're excited to see this world come to life with individual series as well as when they mix within their stories.

DIFFICULT PEOPLE Hulu Original Welcome to the third season of Hulu Originals' Difficult People. If you haven't caught up, it's a good time to do so as the 3rd season continues to look at the world

- 94 -

Marvel The Defenders is a limited series based on the Marvel Comics characters Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist, who form this superhero team in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

HOMECOMING Gimlet Media Aug 2017

up the ladder. This season, there is a book that can be read online that follows the journey of one of the main soldiers so that you can understand more backstory on what is taking place.

Sometimes you have things to do and when you can't think of music you want to hear on your Spotify account, it's time to put a podcast into your rotation. We're always listening to a number of great shows and earlier this year we stumbled upon Homecoming.

This psychological thriller is voiced by David Schwimmer, Catherine Keener, Michael Cera and Oscar Isaac.

We listen to a number of well produced podcasts, but the special aspect of this one is the fact that it takes place within snippets of conversation whether it's happening in realtime, a flashback, a recording, etc. Although the second season is currently being released, even the very first episode throws you into a world that you're not sure what's going on. It doesn't help that a number of the characters are also confused as many have memory loss! The story surrounds the military, its soldiers and those that were hired to extract information from these soldiers! You take a journey with those that are hired to learn about the soldiers and realize that everyone is receiving partial information and what the morality is for those that are trying to help the soldiers versus those that will do anything at any cost to move Aug 2017

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Aug 2017

Aug 2017

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When it comes to wellbeing brands, we think of Exhale which focuses on mind and body through spa and fitness in its 25 properties in the US and the Caribbean. The Hyatt has acquired Exhale to connect with high-end travelers in more ways, beyond traditional hotel stays. We're excited to to see its global expansion, new free standing locations as well as its placement in Hyatt hotels. When we're traveling, we like to bring these must haves with us. | PROPS ATHLETICS Props Freedom | BEETOLOGY Beet + Veggie | TRIGGER POINT Grid Vibe |


#TribeGoals Recommended for your Tribe to eat, work & play

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Aug 2017

RI CE Rice is for a lot more than just a great compliment to your favorite dishes, rice is also great as a means to brighten as well as to exfoliate your skin to its ultimate perfection. We have included some of our faves that are a must to have this season. | INNISFREE It's Real Squeeze Mask | SKINFOOD Rice Brightening Cleansing Cream | TATCHA Classic Rice Enzyme Powder |

Aug 2017

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Something You Should Know


We have covered No Kid Hungry as it pertains to various campaigns that they have run such as Chef's Cycle (our interview with Celebrity Chef's Bryan Voltaggio and Duff Goldman) which took celebrity chefs focus on helping those in need through food by cycling this past May in California. The ethos of No Kid Hungry is that no child should go hungry in America; however, 1 in 6 kids will face hunger this year. To combat this statistic, the organization ensures that kids start the day with a nutritious breakfast and families learn the skills they need to shop and cook on a budget. By working together, they are committed to children having the healthy food they need. No Kid Hungry is a campaign of national anti-hunger organization Share Our Strength. Through its campaigns, No Kid Hungry has had a high visibility in its efforts due to their presence on Food Network, as well as their current partnership with Williams Sonoma via, "Tools For Change"

JEFF BRIDGES Academy Award-winning Actor and No Kid Hungry National Spokesperson


“Everyone has a role to play in ending childhood hunger in America. Whether you volunteer your time, advocate on behalf of kids in your community, or even buy a spatula, you join millions in the belief that America’s kids deserve to grow up healthy and strong.” | Jeff Bridges This month, Williams Sonoma announced its sixth annual campaign to benefit the charity and is aiming to raise $2 million which will connect children in need to nearly 20 million meals! “Thanks to our incredibly generous customers, friends of the brand and employees Williams Sonoma was able to raise more than $3.3 million since 2012 to support No Kid Hungry, which equates to 33 million meals served to children in need across the nation,” said Janet Hayes, president of Williams Sonoma. “This year, we’re continuing our efforts with an even loftier goal. We’re renewing our commitment to an organization dedicated to making No Kid Hungry a reality through awareness, action and education.”

“My spatula design is based on the afro pick I wear in my hair. The reasons are simple, and the reasons are several: it has resonance with power, peace, self-possession, and self-awareness. Those are all different kinds of food for the soul. This spatula helps with food for the body. As I have become more involved in food-related creativity, I have tried to become more involved in food-related causes. No Kid Hungry is one of the most compelling. They say that breakfast is the most important meal, and childhood is the breakfast of life." | Questlove

QUESTLOVE Grammy Award Winning Musician and co-founder of The Roots, Musical Director of The Tonight Show and James Beard Award Nominated Author

The celebrity spatula designers will be spreading the word on social media by competing in a “spatdown” posting about the campaign, with the goal of selling the most spatulas. Williams Sonoma will make a five-thousand-dollar donation to No Kid Hungry on behalf of the winner. You can participate and follow the “spatdown” unfold live by following the brand at @williamssonoma on Instagram and become a part of the conversation by using #WSNoKidHungry.

"Sluggish and hungry is not the recipe for a child’s success. That’s why I’m working with No Kid Hungry to connect kids to the food they need to reach their full potential.” | Kristen Bell There are a number of ways to assist in their goal. This month and during the month of September, you can sign up and pay for classes where proceeds go to this nonprofit at your local Williams Sonoma. In addition to the classes, the culinary retailer joined forces with prominent celebrities, chefs and brands to take part in its fourth annual customer-favorite "Tools for Change" program. This year’s “tools” include a collection of limited-edition celebrity designed spatulas. Now available in stores and online at williams-sonoma. com, the exclusive spatulas retail for $12.95 each, with thirty percent of the retail price benefiting No Kid Hungry. For every dollar raised, No Kid Hungry can connect a child with ten healthy meals.

"My spatula was inspired by my parents' garden that we had growing up and knowing how fortunate we were to be able to grow a lot of our food in our backyard. Join me in supporting Williams Sonoma's No Kid Hungry campaign this year. Let's end childhood hunger!" | Faith Hill Each chef and celebrity illustrated their spatula in a way that meant something to

KRISTEN BELL Activist + Actor

them whether it was referencing a favorite animal, such as Kristen Bell's love of the sloths, to highlighting a well known character and his bowling hobby as Jeff Bridges did in noting "The Dude" from The Big Lebowski. This year's Williams Sonoma "Tools for Change" spatulas benefiting No Kid Hungry were designed by American Girl™, Kristen Bell, Jeff Bridges, Alton Brown, Ayesha Curry, Bobby Flay, Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka, Faith Hill, Giada De Laurentiis, Questlove and Shake Shack. Williams Sonoma has additional initiatiives that also support the nonprofit which you can find out more by visiting their website. You can also visit No Kid Hungry to hear about ongoing partnerships and campaigns where you can support children in need as a means to end child hunger and to ensure that they are receiving the healthy meals that will assist in their growth.

FAITH HILL Country Music Superstar

Aug 2017

Aug 2017

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Athleisure Mag Aug 2017  

We're excited to share the Aug issue of Athleisure Mag with our celebrity cover, Jessie Graff who is not only a stunt person in some of your...

Athleisure Mag Aug 2017  

We're excited to share the Aug issue of Athleisure Mag with our celebrity cover, Jessie Graff who is not only a stunt person in some of your...