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after hours

They aren’t pharmacies, but they stay open all night, thus justifying the famous Athenian cliché of a “city that never sleeps”. 04:00 and you need a drink? Here’s where to head for and mingle with the hard workers of the Athenian night. Expect drunk looks and talk all over the place.


(Map F22


Possibly the most typical after-hours watering hole. If you happen to be there before 01:00, there’ll be barely 5 people around. But don’t be disappointed: three hours later it’ll be crowded as hell with people listening to traditional rock. Soutsou 11, Mavili sq.

The Seven Jokers

(Map J10

If you’ve had one too few or you’re a nightlife worker and have finished your shift, this is open till dawn. Music varies from Liverpool FC’s anthem “You’ll Never Walk Alone” to 60s Greek pop hits. Every Friday, the rule is... hang the DJ if he doesn’t spin Rolling Stones’ “She’s A Rainbow”. (+30) 210 3219225



Thursday afternoon they host the Athens Vespa Club meeting.

Kastorias 37, Votanikos


Voulis 7, Sintagma


Neos Kosmos)

No signs, no labels, but you can check the “connoisseur” status of your Athenian friends or guides by asking them to take you there on a Friday or Saturday evening after midnight. If they don’t know the capital’s most unique bar, where you can listen to Greek folk music followed by The Beatles and mingle with original night figures, they have a lot to learn about their city... Vristhenis 40 , Neos Kosmos

(+30) 210 9241585

(+30) 210 3471401


(Map J1



oused in an old kindergarten building, from the days Gazi wasn’t a popular area to go out, it stays relevant as a place where you can listen to the best black music in town.

Elasidon 8 & Kleanthous, Gazi


(Map H3


(+30) 210 3458534


lassy bar-restaurant, serves a stand-out burger and a delicious Sunday brunch. Also doubles as a specialist back-door cinema where you can enjoy a film while grabbing a bite or even enjoying a cigarette.

Agisilaou 61B, Gazi

Tora K44

(Map J1


(+30) 210 3462077


very night, another party! Local bands and DJs alongside very notable foreign guests perform in an industrial space while Athens party goers hang out for chatting and trainspotting (the bar is located just a couple of steps from the railway tracks).

late night bites

Athens is also “the city that never stops being hungry”. So don’t worry, there are always places to turn to when the night is over and your stomach is crying out for some food to soak up all that booze. We usually head for the small canteens and order “vromiko”(dirty), an enriched version of hot dog (it might include french fries, cheese/ham etc.). ■■■

Top - 3 choices ■ ■ ■

• The legendary one on Mavili sq. • The red wagon outside Panteion University at Syngrou Av. • Schweinchen Dick (Iakhou 9-11, Gazi) brings German habits and “wursts” to Greek fast food politics. If they ask you “apola?”, have a look at the display of extra ingredients before making a decision. It means “everything”. Don’t say we didn’t warn you... 76 _ CITY GUIDE summer 2014

Konstantinoupoleos 44, Gazi

(+30) 210 3607941



thens in its most traditional, authentic and postcard beauty. In other words, Athens in its very essence.

6 d.o.g.s.

(Map J7



ere you can spot local arts talents in the gallery, catch a glimpse of Athens alternative music scene, listen to cutting edge DJs, relax with a glass of beer outdoors or enjoy a cocktail in its (not so) secret garden.

Avramiotou 6-8, Monastiraki


(Map J8


(+30) 210 3210510


well-known place in the historic centre of Athens, it accommodates various spaces where you can enjoy coffee/booze/sandwiches, stage your play, show your

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