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students prefer this garden for their summer concerts.

Iera Odos 401, Votanikos

08:00-14:00, Sat-Sun 10:00-15:00

Lycabettus Hill

(Map F16



he adventurous reach the top of the hill on foot. The strenuous but rewarding walk to the summit via the stairs was built by the “Union of Forest Friends” during the decade from 1908 to 1918. Pine trees that offer the ideal habitat for dozens of bird species surround the path. You also ascend to the top by the funicular or by car, offering excellent views of the entire city and the Saronic Gulf. There is an open-air theatre atop the Hill that regularly hosts concerts during summer months. However the most photographed attraction of Lycabettus is the small gleaming-white picturesque church of Saint George. A coffee-shop and restaurant (see our restaurant pages) are also to be found here offering the same breathtaking views of the capital.

Pedion tou Areos

(Map A11)

Antonis Tritsis Park

the Pnika Hill, where the great orators of Greek antiquity used to gather and discuss political issues.

Akademia Platonos (Map E2) significant cultural centre of Athens in ancient times, Akademia Platonos or “Plato’s Academy” is where philosopher Plato taught his disciples back on 5th century BC. These days, it is an oasis of green filled with monuments, ideal for strolls and picnics. One of the liveliest parks in Athens, it is a favourite among youths who often gather here for parties, feasts and festivities. It also houses the “Cooperative Café”, a hangout for more alternative crowds, offering mezedes and rakomelo.

lovely recently renovated park located within easy walking distance (just five minutes) from the National A A Archaeological Museum. Its expansive tree-lined vistas make for a pleasant stroll during the day – there are also numerous impressive statues of Greek War of Independence heroes.

Filopapou Hill

(Map O5



green area south west of the Acropolis known in the ancient times as the Hill of the Muses. It is a favourite promenade of the Athenians and from there you can have great views of the Acropolis, the whole city of Athens and the Aegean Sea that surrounds Attica. In 115 AD, a monument dedicated to the exiled Roman Prince Gaius Julius Antichus Philopappos of Commagene was erected on top of the hill. A paved path starts from Filopapou and leads to

Antonis Tritsis

ark of Environmental Information and Sensitization: this is how this sprawling expanse of green in the P area of Ilion defines itself. Open 24/7, the park promotes ecological activities, organizes cleanings, and is a delight for little children who come to play with its horses and donkeys (it includes a riding centre).

Photo Haris Akriviadis

Garden of the Athens Concert Hall (Megaron) (Map E21 Megaro Moussikis)

An oasis of green in the heart of the city with many cultural events. From June to September visitors will enjoy its shade whilst listening to numerous famous Greek musicians. Vasilissis Sofias & Kokali

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