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September 18 - October 1, 2015 E-MAIL: ADVERTISING: Ali: 256-468-9425 Deborah: 256-309-9399

Xtreme Nutrition And Smoothies: The “Fabulous Flood” Of Healthy Alkaline Water And Food

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Special Feature Pawsh Pet Styling And Barkery: Spas For Those With Paws... This past March may have “roared in like a lion and gone out like a lamb,” but it also was the time that... Page 5

Learning As A Lifestyle There Is A Song In The Air... Fall always makes me think of music. My kids were involved in bands and choruses most of their... Page 18

Medical Update Just A Nurse... There has been a lot of controversy in the last couple of days concerning Joy Behar’s comments on The View about the nursing profession... Page 22

September 18 - October 1, 2015

By Ali Elizabeth Turner

Shelley Cagle, of Xtreme Nutrition and Smoothies filling gallon jug with alkaline water. The Life Ionizers are for sale in the store.

Josh and Shelley Cagle, owners of Xtreme Nutrition and Smoothies, have always been at the cutting edge of providing the best products to enhance the performance of their clients. They are excited about some new items

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Chris Seibert For Alabama State House, District 5: Planting The Seeds For a Brighter Future By Ali Elizabeth Turner Athens City Councilman Chris Seibert has “set his cap” for becoming our District 5 Representative in the Alabama State House. During his life (as well as his career), Chris has worn several “caps”: footContinued on page 17

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September 18 - October 1, 2015

Publisher’s Point

Of Heroes And Superheros

Publisher / Editor Ali Turner


Deborah Huff

Graphic Design

Jonathan Hamilton

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Contributing Writers Wanda Campbell Janet Hunt Rachel Clark, RN, BSN Deb Kitchenmaster Sandra Thompson Wayne Kuykendall Lynne Hart Cindy Bridges Teresa Todd Kris Grogan Jackie Warner

Publisher’s Point . . . . . . . . 3 All Things Soldier . . . . . . . 4 Special Feature . . . . . . . . . 5 Calendar of Events . . . . . . . . 6

I make no attempt to downplay my 15-year love affair with the City of Athens. It is something that, God willing is going to do nothing but increase in its acuity, an affliction for which I am in great hope there is no cure. There are times, though, when the wonderfulness of our town just washes over me, and Saturday, September 12th was just one of those days. Beginning at 7 am, there were runners assembled at the Alabama Veterans’ Museum for the Heroes Run. The Heroes Run occurs each year on the Saturday the closest to 9/11, and its motto is, “Honor the fallen by challenging the living.” The purpose of the race’s sponsors, the Travis Manion Foundation, (named in honor of a young man who gave his life for us during his second deployment in Iraq,) is dedicated to support our veterans and their families, especially those who have served in the Desert Wars. I was a timer for the race, and my post was at the intersection of Houston and Pryor. As the runners came by, I called out their times and yelled at them to “step it up,” something I did numerous times at the races our department ran for soldiers and civilians while I was in Iraq. There was a 9-year-old, and seasoned runners, including

State Senator Bill Holtzclaw. There are no words, by the way, to have one’s job, if only for a moment, to be able to yell at someone in government. I say this tongue in cheek, but to be able to holler out, “C’mon Marine, let’s move, let’s move, let’s move” was one of the highlights of the day. There were teams of runners, and groups of walkers. The cross country team from Elkmont was out in force. Members of the support staff for the City of Athens walked the 5K. However, what brought tears to my eyes every time they went by was the sight of the fire fighters in their “full battle rattle” jogging down the street. I thought of the 300+ FDNY firefighters who gave their lives on 9/11. I thought of the firefighters who came

from the States to Iraq to fight fire in a combat zone. Fire fighting is dangerous enough, but add combat and 130-degree weather, and you have, pardon the pun, a “whole different smoke.” But it was the sign of 74-year-

View From The Bridge . . . . . 8 From The Vets Museum . . . 10 Cooking With Cindy . . . . . . 11 Clean and Green . . . . . . . 12

old Ann Nash walking her very first 5K that did me in. She had been training for the event by walking, and although she was the last one to finish, she received a hero’s welcome. I had been considering doing a 5K on some level myself, either walking, running, or both, and now I have no excuse. It’s on for next year! As if that wasn’t enough, just down the road at Big Spring Park, the Superheroes invaded our town. Spiderman, Batman, Iron Man, Captain America, Superman, they were all there to let children who are battling cancer, or have beaten it, know that they were in their corner. Both events are part of national movements and organizations, but the unique flavor that came to the events due to the “specialness” of our town made it a day I will never forget. I just want to remind you, we have heroes and superheroes in our midst, and we are indeed blessed to be Athenians.

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September 18 - October 1, 2015

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All Things Soldier

Tomorrow Morning by Kris Grogan Editor’s Note: From time to time I am happy to give this space to someone I feel “nails it.” Many thanks to Kris Grogan for his service in the USAF and thoughtful words. The words below are an exact replication of Kris’ words, and we have not made any editing changes. Tomorrow morning will be the final day I lace up my boots and put on my Air Force uniform. I have now served my country in uniform for 14 years but it is time to go. As I was out-processing today my wife (who will be leaving service next month) and I were asked numerous times “Why don’t you just stay in one more enlistment for your retirement?”

Was it all the deployments? Ummmmm sorta of (I have been deployed to Afghanistan, Iraq, Kosovo, and Bosnia just to name a few in addition to about 25 other countries)but I love my country and would always give my life defending this great nation for my family and friends. So I just wanted to share a couple thoughts with all of you while I sit here thinking about my final day in uniform which will come at 0630 tomorrow morning. I currently am an AMMO troop. Our mission is to build bombs and process numerous other munitions to take the fight to the enemy. We pretty much put “Warheads on

Foreheads!” But what I signed up for many years ago has changed dramatically. Even though our mission is to kill, we are more worried about upsetting someones feelings versus getting the mission done. We spend more time doing ancillary training then actually training. Even though I have a military drivers license I have to be signed off in another database to drive a vehicle and then have a competency card saying I know how to drive on top of that. That is just a few examples of why I have decided to call it quits. And then we get to the bigger issue America. Can anyone tell me what the following names

It was somewhat difficult to answer with just one reason as to why I have decided to take off the uniform. Was it the pay and benefits? No not really (Even though I make less than $15 a hour which many people think the minimum wage should be!)

Vietnam Veterans of America (Chapter 511)


October 20th

11am - 1pm and 5pm-7pm

17915 W Elm St • Athens, Alabama • 256-232-0029 Page 4

mean? Thomas Sullivan, Skip Wells, Carson Holmquist, David Wyatt, or Randall Smith? Or is this easier for you, Cecil the lion or Caitlyn Jenner? Yes we give more attention and respect to stars and animals then we do to those who continue to give their lives for this country. I have met my greatest friends in the military. I have left home for months not knowing if I would return. I have written letters to my family just in case something happened to me while at war. I have looked war in the face and have taken the fight to the enemy. I have watched grown men cry and sat in the middle east wondering how big my kids were getting and how my beautiful wife was doing. So would I do it again? Absolutely! But we as Americans need to realize what is going on and return to the greatest nation we used to be! If we as a society don’t toughen up and grow

thick skin then we will definitely loose the battle to those who wish ill will upon us. Perception is reality, and right now we are more scared of speaking our mind and hurting someones feelings versus doing the right thing.

In closing 99% of America knows Cecil the Lion and Caitlyn Jenner. Only 1% will know the other 5 names (4 Marines and 1 Sailor) who gave their lives in Chattanooga TN at the hands of an terrorist!

So tomorrow I will lace up the boots head into work shake a few hands and be on my way. Its been one hell of a ride. To all those I have met along the way I say “Thank You for your Service”. To my brothers and sisters overseas right now “God Speed” and I will drink a beer for you all. Continue to put Warheads on Foreheads and you will continue to be in our prayers each and every night. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

September 18 - October 1, 2015

e w g

a w s r e

e a

Special Feature

Pawsh Pet Styling And Barkery: Spas For Those With Paws by Ali Elizabeth Turner This past March may have “roared in like a lion and gone out like a lamb,” but it also was the time that yet another “_____ Left Coaster” came to Alabama and fell head over heels in love with our beautiful state. I am happy to introduce to the readers of Athens Now to Kimberly Gosser, owner of Pawsh Pet Styling and Barkery. Kimberly is the mother of four, and is married to Logan, who honorably served our country with distinction while in the Army. They left Colorado to come here for Logan’s new job as well as for Kim to do what she does so well, and that is, groom animals. To say that Kim’s background and experience in the grooming world is luminary is no exaggeration. She was born and raised in Los Angeles, and her uncle was a legendary handler/trainer/ groomer for the film industry. Whether that gifting can be inherited or not, I don’t know, but Kimberly herself has groomed the dogs of such celebrities as Kevin Costner, Selma Hayak, and Betty White. Her focus in the industry has been the “high end” realm of the dog competition world. She has been responsible for preparing dogs for famous shows with the intent of dazzling the judges, and she has certainly succeeded. However, one of the things I so enjoy about her is her heart for animals in general, not just the “canine elite.”

When we first met, the Gossers had taken in as “foster parents” a beautiful Boston terrier who had some pretty severe issues. Besides having the highest certifications in the grooming industry, Kimberly is also a Certified Canine Behavior Specialist; essentially

forth their best, decide to put them in a shelter, and the problems begin to compound. It’s a vicious cycle, because no one wants to adopt a dog that they can’t handle or doesn’t fit well with their family. While the majority of Kimberly Gosser, owner of Pawsh Pet Styling and Barkery our dogs, and it can cause skin problems. I must confess, in the past I have been guilty as charged when it comes to not even considering a dog’s skin and hair needs, but thanks to Kimberly, those days are over! She will take a look at your dog’s skin and deter-

she is a true “dog whisperer.” One of her dreams that she hopes to fulfill here in Alabama is to have a foundation that helps to not only rescue and shelter dogs, but that will have the funds to work with their behavior so that they have a better chance of finding a good home. Many dogs end up in shelters because their owners don’t have a clue as to how to train them and bring

September 18 - October 1, 2015

Kim’s clients are competitors, if you have a “mutt,” your dog will get the same tender loving treatment. I have several animal people in my life; some write for Athens Now. They always teach me so much, and this day was no exception. While chatting with Kimberly, I learned that dogs can have special needs for their skin just like humans do. Most of us would not use dishwashing detergent to wash our own hair, but will do so for

mine what would be the best for their breed and state of health. And, by the way, any dog that comes to Pawsh Pet Styling and Barkery will get a specially made blueberry facial as part of the grooming package. A perusal of Kimberly’s before and after photos of her clients would demonstrate that she knows how to make a dog (or cat) look smashing, but she also understands that in the canine world, as in ours, you are what you eat. To that end, she has started The Barkery, wherein she crafts treats for dogs that are actually good for them; many of which are made from organic food. Just as our kids are suffering from eating junk, and are suffering for it, the health of dogs and cats has

declined because the food they eat so often is the equivalent of junk food. Kim not only wants to build a brisk business centered around The Barkery, she also wants to educate her clients as to how to make their dogs thrive in every regard. So, if you want a very down to earth groomer who can make your dog’s chances of being a champion soar, contact Kimberly Gosser of Pawsh Pet Styling and Barkery for an appointment. Your animal will be in loving, capable, skilled hands, and you and your dog will greatly enjoy the results.


Pet Styling And Barkery

Hours: Mon-Fri 8-4, by appointment Phone: 256-444-1527 Email: Web site : Facebook : pawsh pet styling and barkery Page 5

Calendar of Events Science Fiction: Science Future Sep 23rd - Mar 6th

U.S. Space and Rocket Center. One Tranquility Base, Huntsville, AL. The future is now! Move objects with your mind! Become invisible! Play games with a robot! Experience augmented reality! Science, Fiction, Science Future brings the science of the future into the present, sending visitors on a unique journey filled with science exploration, curiosity and discovery. For hours of operation, admission, and contact information:

Trail of Tears Commemorative Motorcycle Ride Sep 19th

Bridgeport, AL to Waterloo, AL. This commemorative ride will pass through Limestone County via U.S. Highway 72.

Country Boy Horse Show Sep 19th

Minor Hill City Park. Minor Hill, TN. 5.4 miles from Lester, AL. Admission $5.00; Age 6 & under Free - bring your lawn or camp chair. No horses with pads or chains will be allowed to show. All horses keg shod unless otherwise specified. 26 classes of competition. For more information, call 931-565-3113

Senior Lunch Matinée Show Sep 24th

Yesterday’s Event Center. 15631 Brownsferry Road, Athens, AL. Come enjoy the sounds of Silvery Moon Big Band. Cost is $10.00 and includes lunch, drink and dessert. Groups welcome. Event begins 11:00AM - Seating, Opening, Announcements, Blessing, Lunch with the show kicking off at 12:00PM. Cancellation policy applies. RSVP required:

A High Cotton Homecoming Oct 1st

Limestone County Event Center. 114 West Pryor Street, Athens, AL. Come enjoy this benefit and concert including musicians Jimmy Melton, Chris Holt and Neal Coty. Tickets are on sale for $40 each. Sponsorships also are available. Tickets are available by sending a check made to Athens Arts League to 103 West Washington Street, Athens, AL 35611. Tickets are also available at High Cotton Arts at 103 W. Washington St. on Fridays from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Proceeds will benefit the operation of High Cotton Arts and programs.

Tennessee Valley Old Time Fiddler Convention Oct 1st - 3rd

Founders Green. Athens State University, 300 North Beaty Street, Athens, AL. The Tennessee Valley Old Time Fiddlers Convention

Page 6

is known as the “Granddaddy of Midsouth Fiddlers Conventions” for its role in reviving the tradition of competition in old time music. Approximately, 15,000 people are expected to attend the convention this year from more than 30 states. For more information, visit www. or call 256-233-8215.

Coffee Call Oct 3rd

Alabama Veterans Museum. 100 West Pryor Street Athens, AL. Join fellow Veterans and their families for breakfast 8:00AM-9:30AM. Contact Director Sandy Thompson at 256-771-7578.

Oct 3 Fit As A Fiddle Relay for Life 5K

SportsPlex. 1403 U.S. 31N, Athens, AL. Join the City of Athens Relay for Life team for this annual fundraiser that uses the Athens Greenway to Athens High School Track and back for its route. Information:

Wacky Quacky Ducky Derby Oct 3rd

Big Spring Memorial Park. Athens, AL. Get your ducks in a row for this Keep Athens-Limestone Beautiful fundraiser. Adopt a duck for $5.00 or a Quack-Pack of 6 ducks for $25.00 Visit the Keep AthensLimestone Beautiful (KALB) 125 East Street, Athens, AL or 256-2338728 for more information.

Running with the Goats Oct 10th

Belle Chevre. 18849 Upper Fort Hampton Road, Elkmont, AL. 10K, 5K and fun run options for all skill levels of runners. 10K starts at 7:00AM; 5K starts at 9:00AM; Fun Run starts at 10:00AM. Awards, raffle and after-race party from 10:30AM-12:00PM. Information or registration:

8th Annual Pink Elephant Luncheon Oct 14th

Limestone County Event Center. 114 West Pryor Street Athens, AL. Join the ‘Pink Social Hour” at 11:00AM. Join Athens-Limestone Hospital Foundation as they raise funds for mammogram scholarships and technology for early breast cancer detection to save the lives of men and women in the community. Contact Athens-Limestone Hospital Foundation for details 256.233.9557 or email:

Rails to Trails Fall Color Ride or Walk Oct 24th - 25th

Elkmont, AL. Come to Elkmont, AL and enjoy all the beautiful fall colors by horseback, bicycle or foot. For more information about the event, call 256-732-4211.

September 18 - October 1, 2015

September 18 - October 1, 2015

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The View From The Bridge

Jackie Warner

Community Outreach “Impact, Engage, Grow” Community Matters

Building Team Trust: Reliance On The Character, Ability, Strength, Or Truth Of Someone by Jackie Warner

site. Your perceptions may change, and maybe that rude team member doesn’t even realize their actions make you want to walk out of the meetings.

“None of us is as smart as all of us.” -- Ken Blanchard “Trust the team,” we have often heard, but sometimes when you know who is on the team, you may think differently and not really want to do that! Building a successful team can be very difficult when all the players have their own agendas. As a team member at work, in a civic organization, club, at home or wherever you are joined together with a group that has a common goal, it can be exhausting dealing with all those different perspectives and attitudes. Think about the teams you are a part of that get along great and reach their goals without any problems. Then consider the groups you participate with that just don’t get along, never meet their deadlines, and the members really can’t stand each oth-

2.Take a personal inventory of yourself. Are you open, fair, consistent, trustworthy? Remember it could be you! 3.Set clear direction as a team. Clearly define roles and responsibilities. Don’t allow others on the team to take over when it is not their area. Team members should be helpful, but not disrespectful. er. How does one handle it? The jealousy, undermining, hypocrisy, and just plain rudeness can make a person never want to volunteer or participate on teams ever again. Over the years, I have par-

ticipated on various teams that worked and many that didn’t work. It ultimately starts with trust and open communication within the team. When the team does not have trust, respect, and open communication, real success does not happen.

True success on a team starts with each individual realizing that they are on a “team” and everyone matters. 1.Get to truly know your team members first! Do an icebreaker or plan an off-

4.Communicate as a team- NO cliques or silos allowed. Feedback should be constructive, proactive and constant. Some teams are prone to wait until a problem occurs before they provide feedback. Not a good idea!

5.Build trust with each other by doing what we say we are going to do and working together to meet common goals. Transparency is critical.

6.Celebrate success and learn from missed opportunities together.

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” --Henry Ford Until Next Time, Be Sincere, Kind and Intentional Jackie Warner, Community Outreach Specialist Email: Check out upcoming events: Website: http://

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September 18 - October 1, 2015

September 18 - October 1, 2015

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From the Alabama Veterans’ Museum

Alabama Veterans’ Museum Militaria Show by Sandra Thompson, Director, Alabama Veterans’ Museum The Alabama Veterans’ Museum and Archives will hold its first Militaria Show on Friday, Sept 18th from 12 pm – 7 pm and on Saturday September 19th 9am - 4pm. Our show will be held at the Limestone County Event Center, 114 W. Pryor St. across from the museum. In addition to some great military memorabilia, on Saturday we will have some very special VIPs with us. They will have books and/or photos to autograph. If you are a student, this sheet will also serve as your admission ticket, otherwise admission is $5.00 a day or 2 days for $8.00. Children under 12, Military, Police, Fire & Rescue and ReEnactors in Uniform will receive free admission. Our special guests include the following: Jerry Barksdale: Local retired trial attorney, Jerry served 7 ½ years in the 20th Special Forces

Page 10

with the Alabama National Guard. He has published several books and is a columnist for the Athens Courier and Athens Now. He is very active in veterans’ affairs, serving as a volunteer at the Alabama Veterans Museum and is on their board of directors. Margret Mefford Campbell: Born in Kassel, Germany, she grew up when Hitler was in control of Germany and spent her teenage years enduring Allied bombing. Her father and uncle were drafted into the Luftwaffe, the German Air Force. Margret met her first husband, Leroy “Bobby” Mefford, when he was serving with the American Occupation Forces in Germany in 1955. They moved to Huntsville in 1958. She has been a popular volunteer at the Alabama Veterans Museum for several years. Corporal Robert A. “Bob” Cohen: During WWII he served with the

3rd Division in North Africa helping to defeat General Rommel’s Africa Korps. He was with the 3rd Division when they landed in Sicily and drove the Nazis and Fascist Italian forces from the island. He participated in the beach landings at Anzio and Nettuno, Italy.

He was a member of Co. A, 2nd Battalion, 1st Marines known as Carlson’s Raiders. On August 1718, 1942, they participated in the first Special Forces mission of WWII known as the Makin Raid. Carlson’s Raiders participated in another famous mission known as the Long Patrol.

Corporal John R. Cotten: Served in the USMC from 1968-1972 in Company C, 1st Engineers, and 1st Marine Division as a demolition expert. He served in Vietnam as one of the very brave volunteers called “Tunnel Rats.” The Tunnel Rats were handpicked and would enter the tunnels in groups of two or three armed with only hand grenades, a pistol, a knife, and a flashlight to do battle with the enemy. He is an active member of the Marine Corps League.

John William Davis: Retired U.S. Army counterintelligence officer and linguist. After his assignment to the 101st Air Assault Division, he served in West Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands during the Cold War. There he was active in investigations directed against the Communist espionage services of the Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact.

Corporal Julius W. Cotten: It is with a heavy heart that I report that CPL Cotten passed away recently.

Captain Jerry W. Hill: Served his country in the U.S. Special Forces from 1958-1978. He was a member of the elite unit which made the famous raid on the North Vietnam prison camp known as Son Tay on

November 21, 1970. He retired as a captain with 20 years of service. His awards and decorations include the Silver Star. Lt. Colonel Fred Lindsey: A graduate of the U. S. Military Academy at West Point. He is the last surviving commander of CCC-SOG and tells his story in his book Secret Green Beret Commandos in Cambodia. Lt. Colonel Ed Yeilding: On March 6, 1990, Col Yeilding set the United States coast to coast aircraft speed record, 67 minutes 54 seconds, cruising at mach 3.3, 2190 mph, in the SR-71 Blackbird. As an SR-71 instructor and test pilot, he was awarded four air medals for 93 overseas reconnaissance missions. He is in the Alabama Aviation Hall of Fame. We would like to thank show managers Mike Criscillis, Jack Miller, and Ed Lawrence!

September 18 - October 1, 2015

Cooking with Cindy

Ciao Bella! by Cindy Bridges, owner of Cindy Lou’s Deli One of my favorite chefs to watch is Chef Fabio Viviani. I would wait with anticipation for his new season of tutorial Internet videos to come out. He is entertaining and a very good Italian chef. I have tried many of his recipes but my favorite is the Chicken Piccata Marsala. The chicken is always tender and the sweetness of the Marsala combined with the heavy cream is sublime (it also helps to love mushrooms), not to mention how easy it is to make. This recipe can be easily increased in serving amounts and pairs great with pasta or garlic mashed potatoes.

Chicken Piccata Marsala 2 large boneless, skinless chicken breasts 4 tsp. fresh thyme Flour (for dredging chicken) 1-cup sweet Marsala 2 TBSP unsalted butter ¼ cup Heavy Whipping Cream 1 TBSP olive oil S&P, to taste 3 cloves garlic, peeled and smashed 1 cup sliced mushrooms, half oyster and half shitake, or button mushrooms

Directions: 1. In a non-stick pan, add the butter and let it melt. Add the thyme and heat through till aromatic. 2. Add smashed garlic and sliced mushrooms. 3. Season with S&P. Let cook till mushrooms begin to brown and crisp. 4. Meanwhile, pound chicken breasts with mallet till they are even (about ½ inch thick). 5. Dredge chicken in flour and shake off excess. 6. Heat oil in separate non-stick pan. Cook chicken until golden brown (about 2 minutes per side). 7. Add sweet Marsala wine to chicken and let it burn off and start to reduce. 8. Add cooked mushrooms, garlic and thyme to the chicken pan, then pour on the heavy cream. 9. Once cream reduces and the sauce is thick, plate chicken and top with remaining sauce. Garnish with a few sprigs of fresh thyme.

September 18 - October 1, 2015

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Clean and Green

Will You Have A “Duck Norris” In This Race? by Lynne Hart Right now, some of you out there are searching for the perfect name for the ducks you are going to adopt for this race. We’ve had Quick Draw McQuack, Duck Norris, Iona Bigyot, and Armand Hammer competing in past races. Each year we see the old standards such as Speedy, Quick Quack, and Lucky Duck. Some name their ducks after children or grandchildren. Whatever names you come up with, clever or standard, your ducks will be proud to carry your name with them down the spillway! This race is lots of fun for those who come to watch it; however, you do not have to be present to win. The race is amazing for those who take home one or more of the really nice prizes -- and the list is long! For KALB, this fundraiser is necessary to

obtain the funds which allow us to offer quality education, projects and programs. Our mission is to empower the citizens of Athens and Limestone County to take greater responsibility for enhancing their community environment. Your duck adoptions

allow KALB to continue to serve the community with that mission in mind. How the Race Works For a $5 donation to KALB, a specially-designed rubber racing duck will be placed in our Wacky Quacky Ducky Derby in your name. For a $25 donation, you will receive a PAPA MURPHY’S QUACK PACK which includes 6 ducks and a cou• $1,000 Grand Prize pon for 50% off your entire • Canebrake Golf Package for 4 + Cart order at the Athens Papa • Osborne’s Jewelers – $250 Gift Card Murphy’s on Hwy. 72. • Sam’s Town Tunica Package – 2 Nights Stay + Dinner for 2 The ducks will be raced in up to 4 heats (depending on • Marriott Shoals Hotel & Spa – 1 Night Stay number of ducks adopted). • Dollywood – 2 Admission Tickets The winners of each heat • Eastside Pharmacy – $100 Gift Card will be raced in the Championship Race to determine • Hobbs Jewelers – $100 Gift Card the winners of the Lime• American Leakless Company – $100 Cash stone Farmers Coopera• Distinctive Landscaping, Inc. – $100 Cash tive $1,000 Grand Prize • Limestone Drug – $100 Cash and all other listed prizes. The order in which the • Eddy J. Burks, CPA – $100 Cash ducks come through the • Publix – $100 Gift Card duck trap determines the • A Classic Impression – 2 Lonestar Concert Tickets • Theatre Huntsville – Flex Tickets for 4 • Theatre Huntsville – Flex Tickets for 2 • Monaco Pictures – Movie Tickets • Birmingham Zoo – Family Package • Eastside Pharmacy – $50 Gift Card • U.S. Space & Rocket Center – Tickets for 2


Page 12

L to R: Blair Shook, Store Manager, Lynne Hart, KALB Executive Coordinator, and Amy Wright, Lawn & Garden Specialist and Spokesperson for the Co-op

prize won. The total number of winning ducks will be determined by the number of prizes on race day. How to Adopt Ducks Ducks can be adopted at the following locations: •KALB office at 125 East Street in Athens •Old Time Fiddlers Conven-

tion at Athens State University on Friday October 2nd and until 1:00 p.m. Saturday October 3rd (KALB tent is next to Information Tent) •Use the QR Code on this page •

Become a Fan

(256) 233-8728 September 18 - October 1, 2015


“And The Winner Is...” by Teresa Todd, President, Athens-Limestone County Tourism Association

A crowd gathered at the Alabama Veterans Museum in Athens September 11th at 10am to learn the winner of a commemorative carbine donated by Remington. Together We Stand, a citizen group organized in January to support law enforcement and First Responders, sold chances on the carbine to support their effort. Before Steve Hornberger, Assistant Director of the Veterans Museum, spun the round wire cage, Jerry Barksdale thanked Remington for their support. Museum President, Jerry Crabtree was blindfolded and drew the winning ticket. “And the winner is....

Rex Davis of Athens,” he announced. A loud groan erupted from the losers. Barksdale called Davis and relayed the good news. “Are you kidding

me?” asked Davis. Shortly, Davis arrived, picked up his carbine and donated $500 to Together We Stand. For more information, con-

tact Jerry Barksdale, organizer of Together We Stand. Jerry Barksdale

18351 Dement Road, Athens, Alabama 35611 Phone: 256-998-0048


Athens, AL “Haunts Walks” Tickets Now on Sale by Teresa Todd, President, Athens-Limestone County Tourism Association Athens, AL - Everyone knows that Athens, Alabama is a beautiful historic town. Most people know that many of the structures predate the Civil War? You may even know some of the personal history of our founding families. However, not all our history lies on the surface. Maybe you’ve seen that unexplainable form in the corner of your eye while visiting one our historic homes? Maybe you passed through a cooold spot in the 90 degree heat that chilled you to the bone? Maybe you took pictures at the Fiddlers’ Convention and caught odd round shapes in the photo? Maybe the answers to these occurrences lay in the tales from some of our oldest

residents-- the ones of the heavens or the rebellious ones. The Athens-Limestone County Tourism Association has launched its ticket sales for this year’s “Haunts Walks” and this is your opportunity to get a glimpse into the haunted history and mysterious happenings of Athens through the ghost stories. This walking tour takes you from the Athens Visitors Center through the historic district with guides Shane Black and Billy Ward recounting tales, woes, and the unexplained. Tickets are available for purchase at the Athens Visitors Center, Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM and Saturday 8:00 AM – noon) for the upcoming walks on September 27th, October

September 18 - October 1, 2015

6th, 20th and 27th with each walk lasting about 2 hours. Tickets for adults and children age 5 and up are $5.00 each. Children under age 5 are admitted free. There are a limited number of tickets available, so purchase them early. There are two tours each night with the first group departing at 6:30 pm followed by the second group at 7:00 pm. This is a walking tour and those participating should wear comfortable walking shoes, wear reflective colors and bring a small flash light. On October 27th there will be a costume contest for those who wish to dress up in their scary or favor-

ite attire. Tickets are available for purchase at the Athens Visitors Center located at 100 North Beaty Street on the corner of Market and Beaty Streets next to the Big

Spring Memorial Park. For further information, contact Teresa Todd at (256) 232-5411or email Teresa@VisitAthensAL. com.

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Health and Fitness

Use of Elastic Bands/Tubing For Exercise by Janet Hunt

Janet Hunt is a Certified Personal Trainer and can be reached at 256-614-3530 to schedule an appointment. In almost all of my classes, personal training sessions, and for my own personal workout, I use some sort of elastic resistance tubing or bands. Why? Elastic resistance, as the name states, offers resistance, allows free range of motion, allows variable movement speeds, and allows progressive resistance. These are the same properties you see with free weights (barbells or dumbbells). These are the properties needed for an effective strength-training program. Studies show that when comparing the same exercise performed using elastic resistance to free weights, the number of muscle fibers activated is similar as is the amount of force provided by the muscle fibers. Also, elastic tubing or bands increase muscle strength and size while decreasing body fat in a similar way to free weights. One of the most important benefits (and the main reason I use elastic tubing over free weights for some exercises) is that they not rely on gravity. Because free weights rely on gravity to provide resistance, you always have to work in the direction of gravity. Therefore, to work certain muscles using free weights, you may have to be ly-

ing lightweight, storable, relatively inexpensive, and easily transported, especially when teaching a group fitness class. Free weights are heavy, difficult to store, and are expensive for heavier weights because they are usually priced by the pound.

ing in different positions, kneeling, or placed in various positions that may not be comfortable or easy to maintain. With elastic tubing, you are not limited to working only in the vertical plane. This means you can perform exercises such as twisting side-to-side and horizontal moves. Also, you can do movements that mimic movements used in sports. For example, a study published in the 1998 issue of American Journal of Sports Medicine reports that college tennis players who trained using elastic resistance increased their shoulder strength and the speed

of their serve. For the nonathletes, by performing resistance exercises in different directions you can better prepare yourself for the activities of daily living. Another benefit of elastic resistance not relying on gravity is that it provides continuous tension to the muscle being trained. When lifting a free weight in any direction other than straight up and down, the tension on the muscle can actually be removed at certain points in the range of motion. For example, during a bicep curl with a dumbbell at the very top of the movement the dumbbell is literally falling towards the shoulder. This means that the tension on the bicep has been removed because the dumbbell is no longer being lifted up against gravity by the bicep. When doing a bicep curl with elastic tubing, the tension is present throughout the entire range of motion.

Another unique quality of elastic resistance is that as the range of motion of the exercise increases, the resistance provided by the elastic tubing increases. For example, when doing a bicep curl, as you curl your hand up toward your shoulder, the resistance of the elastic tubing increases. As the range of motion increases and the resistance increases, the number of muscle fibers that are being used in the muscle increases as well. As an instructor, another benefit that I see is that it prevents you from using momentum. This often takes place when using free

weights. Once the weight has built up momentum, the muscle fibers do not need to be maximally activated to continue moving the weight throughout the rest of the range of motion of the exercise. The physical properties of elastic resistance do not allow the user to cheat by using momentum. The only way to continue a movement while performing an exercise with elastic resistance is to utilize more muscle fibers in the exercising muscle to continue stretching the elastic material.

As a fitness instructor and personal trainer, I like to use both free weights and elastic resistance when available. Depending on the group or the individual, body weight exercises or weight machines are also good options.

For more information about strength training using elastic tubing or elastic bands, give Janet Hunt a call or visit her on Facebook.

Other benefits of elastic tubing or bands include be-

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September 18 - October 1, 2015

Cover Story

Xtreme Nutrition And Smoothies: The “Fabulous Flood” Of Healthy Alkaline Water And Food by Ali Elizabeth Turner continued from page 1

alkaline water by the 20 oz bottle, 34 oz bottle, a 1/2 gallon and a full gallon bottle. This super hydrating water starts at $2.29 for the 20 oz bottle, $2.99 for the 34 oz. The 1/2 gallon goes for $4.99, and the gallon for $7.99. They have also started a program whereby for $30 per month, members can purchase 30 gallon refills. At only $1 per gallon, that is an incredibly good

that are just in, and will no doubt be here to stay! The first is alkaline water, which is something that is getting a lot of attention these days in the scientific and athletic worlds. It seems that we have allowed ourselves to become far too acidic due to the way we eat, our lack of exercise, and the poor ways in which we manage our stress. Alkaline water, which has a higher pH level, is something runners and body builders have come to swear by in their quest to reduce acidity and oxidative stress. Here is what Josh had to say about it: “PH stands for Potential Hydrogen. It measures alkalinity or acidity on the PH scale that runs from PH 0 to PH 14. A PH 7 is neutral, which means it is neither Alkaline nor Acidic. Values below PH7 are said to be acidic, and values above PH7 are Alkaline. ORP-Ionizers alter the water by turning it into a powerful antioxidant, measured as ORP. ORP stands for Oxidation Reduction Potential. The ORP of most tap water in the USA is between +150 to +600 mv, and is an oxidizing agent. High PH ionized water demonstrates a negative ORP, and so is a reducing agent or antioxidant.” Another way to look at oxidative stress, (which occurs whenever you exercise,) is to look at an apple that has been cut into quarters. At first the flesh is firm, but after awhile it turns brown, or “rusty,” as a result

There is grilled chicken, green beans, red potatoes, sweet potatoes, grilled beef patties, broccoli, breakfast quesadillas with turkey bacon, and sweet potato pancakes with turkey bacon. They are in the refrigerator case at the store, and can be specially ordered as well. The calorie count ranges from 300 to 425, and the meals are priced from $5.99 to $9.99. Isaac Robinson is the owner of “Swoul Food,”

Life Ionizer alkaline water machine of the body of the apple interacting with oxygen. Flooding your body with antioxidants helps to take care of the “rust.” Alkaline water is one thing that helps reduce oxidative stress and can be part of that “fabulous flood.” The ionizer that the Cagles have chosen for the store is called “Life Ionizers.” It is the only Ionizer with UV Light Technology (patent pending), the only one listed in the Physicians Desktop Reference (PDR), and is recommended by the “People Against Cancer” Organization. The water is purified and re-energized by a system that includes a set of ceramic plates with a Vitamin C proton donor, and the splitting of mineral carbonate salts, greatly reducing water hardness, and improving taste.

Gallon jugs waiting to be filled

deal! Another part of the “fabulous flood” is healthy, fresh, nonprocessed food. A company out of Hoover, AL called “Swoul Food” has agreed to make healthy entrees and breakfasts, and deliver them weekly to the store.

Stop by and give yourself a “fabulous flood” of ionized alkaline water, “swoul food”, or a smoothie, and know that you can do so with absolutely no guilt! You will leave with hope for meeting your dietary fitness needs and your taste buds will be satisfied, too!

Xtreme Nutrition and Smoothies 22041-B Hwy 72 E, Athens, AL 35613

(In the Publix Shopping Center)

Phone: 256-233-0005 Hours: Mon-Fri 10-7:30, Sat 10-5 Facebook: Xtreme Nutrition & Smoothies

Xtreme Nutrition and Smoothies is now selling

September 18 - October 1, 2015

and Xtreme Nutrition is the exclusive area distributor. Each entree also has a “secret sauce” made with Isaac’s own recipe and is guaranteed to make an already beautiful meal especially tasty. They can be microwaved in their container or heated by conventional means.

The last part of the “fabulous flood” is the “Smoothie” part of Xtreme Nutrition and Smoothies. Every time I come into the store, there is someone getting a custom made smoothie, and the flavors are so yummy it is hard to believe they are actually good for you! Any number of supplements can be added as desired. For the fall, there are some seasonal flavors such as apple pie and pumpkin spice. The double chocolate peanut butter continues to be a crowd pleaser, as do the Nutter Butter and Cookies & Cream. However, the “Champ” of the smoothie line at Xtreme Nutrition and Smoothies is called just that: “The Champ.” It has strawberries, bananas, peanut butter, pecans and protein. It makes me drool just to write about it!

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September 18 - October 1, 2015

Cover Story

Chris Seibert For Alabama State House, District 5: Planting The Seeds For a Brighter Future by Ali Elizabeth Turner continued from page 1

ball helmet for the University of Alabama while playing for Gene Stallings, officer in the United States Air Force, husband, dad, youth athletic coach, Sunday School teacher, and is the son of two school teachers. His dad has been a lifelong public servant, and Chris has followed in his footsteps. Chris also has a fierce entrepreneurial spirit, having been involved in the startup of four businesses, one of which is international. He and his dad, Dave, helped Chris’s wife, Tiffany, restore the building on Washington Street that houses her business, Snapdragon Kids. He has renovated houses in the Athens area in order to provide decent private sector housing for its citizens. He has coached the teams of his sons, Brock and Ben, in soccer, basketball and baseball. He received a Bachelor’s degree in history from the University of Alabama, and a Master’s in Business from the University of South Alabama. He served our country overseas in the Azore Islands near Portugal during the uncertain time surrounding the attacks on our country on 9/11. He has been responsible for managing everything from Air Force logistics to a medical equipment sales team whose reps’ territory took up approximately half of the United States. Chris describes himself as a “conservative reformer.” Like most Athenians, he is not a fan

of tax increases, and as City Councilman has never voted for a tax increase. However, he pointed out something to me about which I have never thought, and that is this: “It is the responsibility of representatives to put the choice to increase taxes to the people, and the responsibility of the military to uphold voting for that choice.” That is a “whole different smoke” from having taxes thrust upon the people without them having the chance to have a say in the matter. “I understand why people don’t like tax increases,” he said. “I don’t like them, either, but I will make sure that I do all I can to give them a choice in the matter,” he told me. One of the things about which he is the most proud is the fact that thousands of jobs have been created on his watch, and millions of dollars have been won for Athens/Limestone County that have gone toward improving our roads. “As a member of Athens City Council, Chris helped Limestone County receive $9.2 million in new funding to build and maintain our roads, helping Athens achieve its ranking as the #3 Business Friendly City in Alabama.” “Currently, there is nothing more important for our area than to create jobs,” he told me. “It is what I hear about being the greatest concern amongst citizens, and that is everywhere I go.” As someone who has been on the ground level of

September 18 - October 1, 2015

forming four businesses, he knows how important it is to not only create jobs, but provide an atmosphere where the infrastructure is such that jobs are sustainable. One of the things that constitutes “sustainable” is seeing to it that our state budget is balanced (which is required by law) and educational levels of our students are not only maintained, but responsibly increased. Both of his parents are former school teachers, as was Tiffany, his wife of 17 years. However, he has no interest in just throwing money

at the educational system. As a business man, and a USAF officer who had to continually be cognizant of the need to distribute the taxpayers’ dollars in an equitable, accountable manner, he wants to see a return on our investment, as well as his own. He knows that our kids are the key to our future, and if they are not educated well, they will not be able to be a part of

what makes us competitive on every front. “Chris is an experienced public and private sector leader with the courage, commitment and proven record to create new jobs, invest in education, and make sure our families and our future come first.” What does he mean by that? “I believe in serving the people and making sure Limestone County continues to receive jobs, economic development and that we receive our fair share from Montgomery. Limestone County is a great place for families to call home and I want to make sure that we

have the resources to build new roads and infrastructure, support our law enforcements, and preserve our conservative values. Our state is at a crossroads and I feel that my business experience and service to my country has prepared me for this opportunity. Now more than ever it is time to cut the wasteful spending and do more with less. As the father of two small boys I know firsthand what is at stake, the future of Alabama is happening now.” If Chris Seibert sounds like the kind of man you would like to see represent the 5th District, he would appreciate your vote for him on September 29th.

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Learning As A Lifestyle

There Is A Song In The Air

by Wanda Campbell

Center for Lifelong Learning - 121 South Marion Street, Athens, AL 35611 - 256-233-8262 Fall always makes me think of music. My kids were involved in bands and choruses most of their middle and high school careers. When I was little and we visited with relatives, it seemed everyone had a fiddle, banjo, guitar or mandolin. And, of course, there is the Tennessee Valley Old Time Fiddler’s Convention hosted by Athens State University every October. This year marks the 49th time we have gathered together as a community to pick, grin, buck dance, shop, talk, listen, and eat, and it is one of the highlights of the Fall Festival Season here in Athens! On September 7th, rehearsals began for the Athens State Community Chorus concert in November. If you like to sing and want to join our Chorus, it is not too late. Our Community Chorus has joined with the Decatur Civic Chorus, and will sponsor a gospel concert in November. Watch our website –

- for concert dates. For information about how to join the chorus, call Wanda Campbell at 256233-8260. This October, the Center will offer It’s All About the Rhythm. This course is for teens and adults who are interested in forming a rhythm section that will learn to perform, create, improvise and collaborate

over a variety of musical genres including pop, jazz, country, rock, blues and classical styles. Barry Kay will lead rehears-

als, providing instruction, conducting the group and providing personalized practice tips and arrangements for a few rhythm section tunes based on the

instrumentation and the skill level that we have sign up. The final session will culminate in a concert for friends and family which will showcase students’ work. Students need to bring their own instruments; however, an electronic stage piano will be available on first request basis. The course is scheduled on Tuesdays, Oct 7-20, from 6:00-8:00 pm, at the Center for Lifelong Learning. The fee is $75 per person. Those interested in participating can register online or call 256-233-8260 to register. On December 6th, the Center will sponsor a concert with Commit-

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ted. Committed is an a cappella singing group comprised of five well educated, young men who love creativity, music, and God. The group began in 2003 at Forest Lake Academy and perfected their sound while at school at Oakwood University in Huntsville, Alabama. Committed has grown to be a very sought after a cappella group for many events around the United States, and also overseas. The group was featured on the second season of NBC’s hit singing competition, “The Sing Off,” and emerged as the champions. It has been their strong faith, hard work, and creativity that has gotten them to the point of being called one of the nation’s top ten a cappella groups. You can check out the latest information about classes, concerts, and events on our website – - or our Facebook page – Center for Lifelong Learning at Athens State University. Hope to see you at one of the upcoming concerts!

September 18 - October 1, 2015

September 18 - October 1, 2015

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Horse Whispering

Horse And Soul by Deb Kitchenmaster This beautiful September, I want to talk to you about how horses touch our souls. First of all, let’s talk about the soul. Our soul is different than our spirit. Our soul and our heart are the exact same thing. Some people say “pop” and others say “soda.” Language is different, yet communicating the same. So it is with heart and soul. Our soul contains seven timings. I call these timings because they are not pieces (we are not fragmented) or departments, but a rhythmic timing that resembles flow. These timings are: understanding, consciousness, judging, imagination, mind, memory and will. The will is referred to as the feet of our soul. One of the beauties of horses with people who are struggling with PTS (post traumatic stress) is the horse’s ability to soothe memory. Some horses are described as left brain extrovert, and they get bored easily. If you are connecting with a left brain extrovert horse, your imagination will be ignited, or you will have a bored horse in your presence who acts out. Since horses are prey animals, they are great at outwitting their predators (that would be us). All seven timings of the soul are involved to bring forth human leadership worth following

to your horse. I have watched horses casually transform people’s perceptions/understanding about themselves without a human facilitator present. One example would be the girl who had no interest in riding, but simply wanted to spend wonder if horses are aware of blockage in that human’s energy field. I say that because they seem to pick up everything from a broken heart to a car accident to a traumatic experience that is being carried around in a person’s soul or body. I watch these horses, in their own unique way, connect with that human’s energy field and bring a space for awareness, healing, and an invitation to move forward.

needed to bring forth leadership through communication. Showing up for horse sessions opened new lines of communication for her, and she became conscious of the special moments she had shared with her loved one, and that which seemed bad and wrong transmuted into peace and goodness. I mentioned about the flow between the seven timings of our soul. Because horses are so aware of energy, I

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King David in the Bible referred to his soul as his “darling.” He would ask his soul, “Why are you cast down?” He would encourage his soul to “Rejoice in the Lord,” to trust God, even asked that his soul would be restored, and that the joy of his salvation would return to him. I am grateful for the connections in the corral. The more we awake to the fact that we are the righteousness of God in Christ, and that we are righteous apart from our works, the more we are empowered to live a life that brings glory to God. Is it any wonder that the King of all kings is coming back on a white horse? I think not!

her session alone grooming her horse. I was near if any questions came up. Her trust level had been shredded, and her horse was a safe shelter for her to experience restoration of her soul. Her horse would not break confidentiality. She was safe to express her vexed soul. Another person had experienced the loss of a loved one and found it extremely difficult to talk about. Because horses are followers, she

cation? Is our energetic field suggesting or leading? Big difference! Through awareness we make an inner shift from asking “What am I doing wrong?” to “How can I connect?” We judge, but not the horse or ourselves. We judge the situation, the results, the communication, the solution.

They remove blockage.

My hope is that this horse and soul article will empower you to love your soul. And if you need the support of a horse, give me a call.

Sometimes we have judged ourselves harshly. Horses are great at ignoring ego. A person gets frustrated because the horse isn’t doing what is being asked, and the Your NEIGHbor, person wonders what they Deb Kitchenmaster are doing wrong. Great opCorral Connections portunity to understand that it’s not about right or ‘A church of great heart’ wrong, but are we getting the 256-426-7947 results we were going for? Are we giving mixed mes- Animal B.E.S.T. practitioner sages or unclear communi-

September 18 - October 1, 2015

What Makes Ronnie Roll

Balancing Budgets And Reducing Rates by Ali Elizabeth Turner

I have only known a few people whose eyes dance when it’s budget time, and Mayor Ronnie is one of them. That’s when the “teacher” in him comes out in force, he’ll jump up, head to the white board, and proceed to draw arrows, percentage marks, and explain mils. This day was no exception, and thankfully my level of fiscal ignorance was reduced once again.

“It is the law of the State of Alabama for the City Council to receive a budget, and for the City Council to pass it,” he told me. This applies to any city with a population for 12,000. Prior to voting, they have work sessions that go on for hours, and always emerge triumphant. They have to! Then the funds are released on October 1, and once again we are in the black.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t some tough rows to hoe, and the waste, waste water, gas and general budgets are all gone over with a fine tooth comb. The goal is to be prepared for any and all challenges, as well as the future, just as it is with any household. Every department has a concept of what it will take to run well, and also has to balance that with the needs of the other departments. Because one of the Mayor’s responsibilities is to improve operations in each department, it is easy to understand why this pro-

cess begins months before the deadline, and why it can be so daunting. He then proceeded to tell me about the upcoming utility rate reductions. “When we lost Pilgrim’s Pride, we lost about $1.6 million, and it had to be made up. The City Council voted for rate increases that were automatic. No one liked them, and that includes me, but now we are in the position to bring them back down again. People need to understand that we mean what we say when we talk about reducing,” he said.

truck costs over $300K, and our city is growing.

nounced soon, and we are heading into Festival Season.

There are more businesses coming in, which will be an-

From the standpoint of the faith community, Friendship

United Methodist Church just celebrated their 50th anniversary. The morning service focused on looking back, and the evening service focused on looking forward. Lindsay Lane is going to be able to expand its Christian School. We both wondered what churches go through in order to meet their ministerial goals, and realized that we needed to thank God for them as well as pray for strong churches everywhere if we are going to have a strong city. So, we did. We thanked God for Athens, for churches, and for being His kids. Then it was time for Ronnie to roll.

He also talked about the need for fleet management when it comes to sanitation. The city is going to have to find a new provider for the sanitation trucks, and there are some trucks that need to be replaced. Just ONE sanitation

September 18 - October 1, 2015

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Medical Update

Just A Nurse by Rachel Clark, RN, BSN

There has been a lot of controversy in the last couple of days concerning Joy Behar’s comments on The View about the nursing profession. Facebook has “blown up,” and in a good way. Nurses, doctors, and other medical professionals have come out of the woodwork in support of nurses. In the 2016 Miss America pageant, Miss Colorado was a nurse named Kelley Johnson. While other contestants sang, danced, played instruments or demonstrated other talents, Kelley told a story about being “just a nurse.” She came out on stage in her scrubs, stethoscope around her neck. She told of a patient called Joe who had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and experienced night terrors. She spoke of calming him by sitting with him and holding his hand. She relayed how he wanted to talk, and asked her about changing his treatments and medications. She responded, that no, she couldn’t do these things because she was “just a nurse.” But she was able to connect on a different level, a more personal one. They would talk about her volleyball, his grandbabies, and they enjoyed a lot of laughs together. One night she found him crying. She told him she understood that it was hard, but that he was not defined by his disease, his life was not “just Alzheimer’s,” that he was still Joe. His response was beautiful. He said “Nurse Kelley then the same goes for you. Although you say it

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all the time, you are not just a nurse. You are my nurse, and you have changed my life because you have cared about me.” Nurse Kelley’s story highlighted that you are not just a room number, a diagnosis, but first and foremost you are a person, and you have a family and friends. She didn’t want to be a nurse that pretends. Joe reminded her that she was a lifesaver, and would never be “just a nurse.” The cohosts of The View were discussing this story, and their tones were mocking. Joy Behar asked the question “Why does she have a ‘doctor’s’ stethoscope around her neck?” This ignited one of the most viral social media campaigns to date. There are approximately 3 million nurses in this country, and many of them have come out against this offensive comment by Behar. We have told thousands of

stories about patients, our jobs, and have banded together. It has amazed me. As nurses, we often “eat our young.” There is sometimes an attitude of one department being better than another (i.e. Emergency department nurses being better nurses than floor nurses). But suddenly, the bickering has stopped. Rather than fight amongst ourselves to try to prove something, we have banded together. We have united. And it’s not just the nurses. Doctors are backing us up, explaining how they couldn’t do their jobs if we didn’t do ours. It has been amazing to see this, and in my opinion Joy’s words followed the “law of unintended consequences.” Her comment was made in mockery. But just like in the story of Joseph in the Bible, the Lord took the comment that was meant for evil and has used it for good instead.

The nursing profession is a special one. There are days that are hard, in which we hold our bladders for hours on end to make sure that our patient has the best possible care. We put off caring for ourselves so we can care for others. But make no mistake, we love what we do, and we make a difference every day. I’d like to share here the comment I also posted on my Facebook page: I am a #nurse, and proud of that fact. I didn’t become a doctor because I didn’t want to, not because I am not skilled or talented enough. I became a nurse because I wanted to change people’s lives the way I have been able to over the last 4 years. I have been the first hands to touch a newborn baby, and the last to touch the dying. I have spent countless hours on my feet, day in and day out, even on some days when I’ve been sicker than some of

my patients. I don’t wear a “doctor’s” stethoscope. I wear MY stethoscope. It is one of my most important tools. #JoyBehar, I think you owe us all an apology. #nursesunite #justanurse #TheView One of my favorite comments came from Dr. Jeffery Hallazgo, and this is what he had to say: Standing proudly beside my nursing colleagues from a very proud long time Emergency Department (and now Urgent Care) physician, unashamedly wearing around my neck the badge of honor of caregivers everywhere. To the yentas on that worthless program The View, Michelle Collins and Joy Behar, you have poked the bear. You have awoken the sleeping giant. (And as a result, you have sh*t the bed.) GIVE ‘EM HELL, GANG! #NursesRock So, I say with pride, I am “just a nurse.”

September 18 - October 1, 2015

Fitness, Fiscally Speaking

5 Reasons To Buy Life Insurance, Even If You’re Single And Debt Free by Wayne Kuykendall, content courtesy of AXA Advisors

Not every single, debt-free person needs life insurance. But the vast majority do, for a wide variety of reasons. 1. You don’t want someone else to have to pay your end-of-life and funeral expenses. Without some kind of protection-even a small term life insurance policy- your parents or other relatives will end up paying your funeral costs, if you die unexpectedly. There can be other end-of-life expenses too, like hospital bills or other costs associated with your home, work or personal life. 2. If you’re young and healthy, you’ll get the best rates. Purchasing life insurance when you’re young and healthy (and can breeze through underwriting) may also be cost-effective. That’s because, as you get older (and potentially less healthy), the rates you’ll pay will increase. Why not lockin low rates now? Buying young can also protect your future insurability, since insurance companies often let you convert from one policy to another or add coverage at a later date, without having to go through most of the underwriting. 3. You want to leave a legacy. You may not have children, but what about nephews, nieces, or someone else who depends on you? Make sure they’re taken care of if you’re no longer around. Or, for a small premium, you could leave a legacy to a favorite charity or cause. Life insurance benefits are typically tax-free to the beneficiary.

4. You may not be single or debt-free forever. Many insurance policies allow you to trade up or add coverage, so buying small policy before you get married or buy a home may be a good idea. Again, the sooner you purchase life insurance, typically the lower your rates. 5. You make too much to qualify for a Roth IRA, but still want to save more money for retirement. If you make too much income to qualify for a Roth IRA, but have already maxed out your other retirement plans,

September 18 - October 1, 2015

you may want to consider life insurance. You can pay premiums and your money has the potential to grow taxdeferred, similar to a retirement plan. And, if you do it correctly, you can take loans from the policy income taxfree.

Please be advised that this document is not intended as legal or tax advice. Accordingly, any tax information provided in this document is not intended or written to be used, and cannot be used, by

any taxpayer for the purpose of avoiding penalties that may be imposed on the taxpayer. The tax information was written to support the promotion or the marketing of the transaction(s) or matter(s) addressed and you should seek advice based on your particular circumstances from an independent tax advisor. AXA Advisors, LLC, and AXA Network, LLC do not provide tax advice or legal advice. This article is provided by Wayne Kuykendall. Wayne Kuykendall offers securities through AXA Advisors, LLC (member FINRA, SIPC) 105 South Marion Street Suite 202 Athens, AL 35611 and offers annuity and insurance products through an insurance brokerage affiliate, AXA Network of Alabama and its affiliates. This article is provided courtesy of: Wayne D. Kuykendall 105 South Marion Street, Suite 102, Athens, AL 35611 Tel: (256) 777-2524

Want help figuring out if you need life insurance? Contact your financial professional to review your specific situation. He or she can help you decide whether you need life insurance, and if so, what kind and how much you’ll need.

AXA Advisors, LLC 105 S. Marion St., Suite 202 | Athens, AL 35611 Office: (256) 262-1980 Cell: (256) 777-4524

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September 18 - October 1, 2015

September 18 - October 1, 2015

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September 18 - October 1, 2015

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September 18 - October 1, 2015

September 18, 2015  
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