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November 15 - December 5, 2013 E-MAIL: ADVERTISING: Ali: 256-468-9425 Deborah: 256-309-9399

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Publisher’s Point

The “Marvelousness” Of The Movie ‘Muscle Shoals’... My word processor is unhappy with me for apparently coining the term “marvelousness,”... Page 3

Special Feature Classic Closet Celebrates Twentieth Anniversary... I have interviewed clothiers who dreamed all their life of having a clothing store... Page 7

Athens Rehab & Senior Care Spotlight

Mays Computer Company: Black Friday Prices All Year Long By Ali Elizabeth Turner Several times over the last 3 years I have spoken glowingly about Mays Computer Company on the front page of Athens Now, each time from the perspective of being what is known as a “raving fan customer.” I send everyone in need of a new Continued on pages 15

The Mays Computer Crew (R-L) Steve and Regena Mays, owners and Elijah Mays

Third Annual Civitan Holiday Tour Of Homes To Be Held On December 1st By Ali Elizabeth Turner

Miss Queen Tucker... Queen Tucker was born on February 9th, 1966 at her home located at 515 Sunset Drive in Decatur. “I was stillborn,”... Page 21

In 1917, a Birmingham doctor by the name of Courtney Shropshire founded Civitan International, a service organization which Continued on page 17

November 15 - December 5, 2013

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November 15 - December 5, 2013

Publisher’s Point

The “Marvelousness” Of The Movie ‘Muscle Shoals’

Publisher / Editor Ali Turner

Sales / Editing Deborah Huff

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Jonathan Hamilton

Contributing Writers Shelley Underhill Lynne Hart Wanda Campbell Teresa Todd Janet Hunt Deb Kitchenmaster Jim Doyle Will Anderson Rachel Clark, R.N. Jerry Barksdale

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My word processor is unhappy with me for apparently coining the term “marvelousness,” but in the Revised Turner Edition of my own personal dictionary, “marvelousness” is defined as “what you get when you go past, and continue to stay in the place of something that is genuinely marvelous.” That definition more than aptly applies to a documentary entitled, simply, Muscle Shoals. The movie is an engaging, beautifully filmed piece about the history of two recording studios located in the Shoals: Fame Studio and Muscle Shoals Sound. On any number of levels, what came out of there, and what was known as the “Muscle Shoals Sound” could only be deemed properly by the use of the word “remarkable.” I could take up the rest of the space allotted for this column by just listing the recording artists that walked through their doors, but I will hit the highlights for the purpose of underscoring what kind of world changers we have in our back yard. I think Clarence Carter, the artist who recorded the hit song “Patches,” summed it up best when

he said, “Each time a person went to Muscle Shoals, they came out of there with a hit.” That included Aretha Franklin, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Wilson Pickett, Willie Nelson, Joan Baez, Percy Sledge, Jimmy Buffet, Simon and Garfunkel, the Rolling Stones, and the iconic Bob Dylan, for starters. First, let’s talk about Rick Hall, the founder of Fame Studio, and the Swampers, the studio band that broke every type of racial, musical, stylistic and educational barrier that could possibly exist in the music recording industry. Rick, and the founding members of the Swampers, Barry Beckett, Roger Hawkins, David Hood, and Jimmy Johnson, and others, were somehow riding the wave of what was a sociological and technological revolution, without the slightest awareness of doing anything besides making amazing music. Some were dirt poor local boys, Rick having grown up in a place with no electricity or indoor plumbing. They had little to no formal musical training, and let’s just say that back in that day there were no Calhoun College

What Makes Ronnie Roll . . . 10 Clean and Green . . . . . . . . 12 Cooking with Shelley . . . . . . 13 Learning As A Lifestyle . . . . . . 14 Cover Stories . . . . . . . . 15 & 17 Health and Fitness . . . . . . 18 World According To Will . . . 19 Horse Whispering . . . . . . . 20 Athens Rehab Spotlight . . 21 Medical Update . . . . . . . . 22 Security Savvy . . . . . . . . 23 Jerry’s Journal . . . . . . . . . 24

November 15 - December 5, 2013

degrees in recording technology available. But there was something so much more poignant that occurred there than just cranking out astounding hit records at the rate of around 50 per year, and ones that have endured through the decades. It was the inarguable power of reconciliation and healing that is inherent in music. It was the ‘60s, and Alabama Governor George Wallace was standing in the door of UA Tuscaloosa symbolically blocking the entrance of college students of African descent, and spouting the embarrassing, “segregation today, segregation tomorrow, and segregation forever” speech that was part of his Inaugural Address in 1963. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, no one believed that Aretha Franklin’s studio band, (i.e., The Swampers) that recorded her breakout hit “I Ain’t Never Loved A Man,” could have that much soul, let alone be white. Paul Simon wanted “those same black players,” and was told “That can happen, but these guys are mighty pale.” No one on any level paid any attention to skin color in that bubble

of the recording studio, while madness was all about, virtually outside the doors. I think of how the Bible tells of David chasing away evil spirits of insanity and jealousy from King Saul through his music, and it makes me wonder, as we seem to become more and more polarized, is it time for a new wave of groundbreaking music, and, could it happen again near the banks of the Tennessee? Stranger things have certainly happened, and God is able to do wonders with the jawbone of an ass. Muscle Shoals is Oscar worthy, mesmerizing, and it even makes kudzu look beautiful. It is playing in Florence at the Regency 12, can be downloaded on ITunes and various on demand services, and worth seeing more than once. I dare you to not break out into “Sweet Home Alabama” with the rest of the viewers, and you’ll leave proud that you live in Alabama the Beautiful.

Ali Elizabeth Turner Athens Now Information & Inspiration 256-468-9425 Website:

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All Things Soldier

Protecting The Chaplaincy, Part 3, Chaplains Sue For Right To Pray In Jesus’ Name by Ali Elizabeth Turner I gotta admit, when I read that Chaplains in California are filing suit against the VA for the right to pray in public in the name of Jesus, as well as actually quote scripture, I am more than intrigued, and genuinely encouraged. The two, who are Navy and Army Chaplains, allegedly got kicked out of the chaplaincy clinical pastoral training course because of their Baptist beliefs. They were mocked for their belief in Creation and a Creator, told they “didn’t belong in the program,” and clearly ticked off their instructor, (a Ms. Nancy Dietsch,) something fierce. Their names are Lt. Commander Dan Klender, and Major Steven Firtko. Please understand, these guys are not freshly commissioned “butter bars,” as new lieutenants are nicknamed in the Army and other service branches because of a single bar on their uniform that looks like a stick of butter. A Lt. Commander in the Navy is the equivalent of a Major, and these chaplains have been taking care of our military for a good while.

in Heaven,’” the lawsuit states. “In response, Ms. Dietsch angrily pounded her fist on the table and shouted, ‘Do not quote Scripture in this class!’” And further, “Ms. Dietsch insisted that evolution was fact and that she believed mankind evolved. Chaplain Firtko stated he believed in the Genesis statement that ‘[i]n the beginning, God created the Heavens and Earth,’” it alleges. “In response, Ms. Dietsch pounded her fist on the table and ordered Chaplain Firtko to not quote Scripture in the classroom, stating [that] it made her feel like she had been ‘pounded over the head with a sledge hammer.’” I wonder if Ms. Dietsch would have taken Muslim chaplains to task if while

in her classroom they quoted Suri 4:34 out of the Koran. That’s the one that talks about dealing with an odious wife first by kicking her out of bed, and if she still doesn’t comply with your husbandly wishes, you can beat her. And for those of you who think that I am speaking from a Christian bias, while in Iraq I have seen imams on Al-Jazeera (not the American version) teach at great length on how to do wifely beatings properly, citing the man’s obedience to that teaching of the Koran as being “the mercy of Allah for a wife.” Trainers like this have somehow come to believe that they personally are synonymous with DOD policy itself. Ms. Nancy went on to tell the

As important as it is to allow chaplains to quote their scriptures or pray in the name of the author of their faith, there is something afoot in this that I feel is far more sinister and is described below. It has to do with the discussion of the reality of evil, and the implementation of what feels like a throwback to the old Soviet policy of “re-educating” those who are recalcitrant. The lawsuit states further: “When Chaplain Klender responded to a question during a group discussion regarding the Sandy Hook school shooting in Newtown, CT by stating he

would tell a parent whose child was a victim by stating that ‘there is evil in the world,’ Ms. Dietsch impugned his core faith beliefs stating they would not work in a clinical setting,” the suit outlines. “In the presence of the other students she said, ‘You don’t actually believe that do you?’” I would have said, “Well, ma’am, speaking for self, I agree with Messiah. “Deliver us from evil.”

Klender decided to withdraw from the program completely. Firtko was put on a six week probation period to see if he would buckle under. He was eventually dismissed from the program after Dietsch stated that the “probation period is not yielding the results we both desire.” What’s next, a trip to the Gulag?

Where it stands right now is that the Military Veterans’ Advocacy group is seeking an injunction against the VA that the men be reinstated in the program, and that the courts protect Christian chaplains from discrimination. Their attorney, John B. Wells, told NBC San Diego the following: “Nobody, especially anyone in the armed forces or working for the federal government, should ever be required or coerced to abandon their religious beliefs.” Good word, and keep punchin’, guys!

Some of their adventures allegedly included “Ms. Dietsch inform[ing] the class she believes God could be a man or woman. Chaplain Firtko [then] recited the Lord’s Prayer, stating, ‘Our Father, who art

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“chaps,” as they are often affectionately called, that both she and the VA “do not allow chaplains to pray in Jesus’ name in public ceremonies.”

November 15 - December 5, 2013

November 15 - December 5, 2013

Page 5

Calendar of Events 2nd Annual Blue Line 5K Run/Walk Nov 16

At the corner of Elkton Street and Pryor Street, Athens, AL *Course is USATF/RFRTC certified * AL 12063JD Race starts at 8:00AM Register at or Athens Police Department. Also visit our Facebook page for a registration form and a complete list of sponsors, where you can pick up a registration form. See more at

Ardmore Chamber Christmas Fair Nov 23

9:00 AM - 3:00 PM. The event will be held at the Ardmore, TN Annex Building and will feature craft vendors, food, family photo sessions and more. Santa and Mrs. Claus will also be present and available for portraits for $10.00. Contact Wendi Brake at 256-278-5524.

STUFF-A-TRUCK Food Drive November 23

9 AM to 5 PM, Limestone County Churches Involved will hold its annual STUFF-A-TRUCK food drive to benefit the needy in our area. It will be held at First National Bank, corner of Lindsay Lane and Highway 31 (rain or shine)

5K Tiger Dash Nov 23

8:00 AM. The Dash will be at Cedar Hill Elementary School and will benefit both the Ardmore High School Cross Country/Track Team and Cedar Hill Elementary Physical Education Department. Pre-race packet pickup is Nov 22 from 4:00-7:00 PM at Cedr Hill. Race Day registration and pack pick-up is from 6:30-7:45 AM at the school. The first 150 runners will receive a T-shirt. Awards will be presented to the overall male and female winner as well as the top three in each age group. Registration is $20.00. Late registration is $25.00 after Nov 16. Contact Brenda Morrow at or Chala Boyd at or visit or

Christmas Open House Nov 23 & 24

It’s a day to bring the kids to downtown Athens to have their picture made with Santa Claus and Mother Christmas. You can enjoy carolers, refreshments and of course you may find that perfect gift at a great price. Hosted by Greater Limestone County Chamber of Commerce and The Spirit of Athens. Contact: 256-232-2600/256-232-9040, www. Fee to participants

Athens Ladies Civitan Club Holiday Home Tour Dec 1

1:00 PM - 5:00 PM Contact Carolyn at 256-233-0258 or Lynne at 256-431-0272 for more information.

Reliance Bank Christmas Parade (Athens) Dec 5 Contact: 256-232-1944, Fee to participants

Ardmore Christmas Parade Dec 7

1:00 PM. Bring your band, float, walking group, club entries, etc. and enter the parade. Enjoy the award winning Ardmore High School Marching Band. Contact: 256-423-3011, 931-427-2421 Free

Alabama Veterans Museum Coffee Call Dec 7

8:00 AM. All veterans are invited to the museum for breakfast and a time of fellowship with fellow veterans. Contact 256-771-7578.

Athens State University Community Chorus Holiday Concert Dec 12

7:30 p.m. in the ballroom. Tickets are $5. Buy tickets online atathens. edu/CLL or go to the Center for Lifelong Learning at 121 S. Marion St. on The Square.

Spirit of Athens Sippin’ Cider Dec 14 Downtown Athens 5-8PM.

Mooresville Holiday Home Tour and Progressive Dinner Dec 14

Celebrate the Holiday Season in the historic 1818 village of Mooresville. Check in 3:00 at the 1821 Stagecoach Tavern - Decorated Homes, 1839 Brick Church, and 1840 P.O. open & shopping available 3 to 7. Dinner seating at 5:45 and at 7:00. For more information visit www. or call 256-355-2683.

Elkmont Lions Club Christmas Parade Dec 14

Come and enjoy the Elkmont High School Marching Band, floats, walking groups, horses and much more. Contact: 256-732-4211

ONGOING EVENTS Houston Memorial Library will be closed on Mondays beginning December 2nd, 2013 The Alabama Veterans’ Museum needs volunteers! If you have a few hours per week and would like to help out, please call the museum at

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November 15 - December 5, 2013

Special Feature

Classic Closet Celebrates Twentieth Anniversary

Lori Masonia, owner of Classic Closet

by Ali Elizabeth Turner

I have interviewed clothiers who dreamed all their life of having a clothing store. That was not the case with Lori Masonia, owner o f Classic Cleaners, located at 1102 S. Jefferson in Athens. She somewhat “fell into” the business, worked as a store manager in Huntsville for five years, and came to love running a consignment store. “I never planned on it,” she added, “and here I still am, 20 years later.” Lori opened her doors on November 3, 1993 at 210 S. Jefferson. She decided to set apart the whole month of November to celebrate that anniversary, and as part of the celebration, everything in the store is 20% off. What makes Miss Lori’s approach to owning and operating a consignment store unique is that she looks upon clothes as “a tool for the ministry.” Her mission statement for Classic Closet is derived from Matthew 25: 35-40, the teachings that demonstrate that feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, and caring for the sick is ministering to Christ himself. “Our purpose

is to clothe the naked, physically and spiritually,” she said. Over the years, Classic Closet has become well known for its formal and bridal wear. “We

girls who had lost everything in the storms could still go to the prom in style. Classic Closet was the staging area for the project, and 473 dresses came in to be donated at no cost to the girls or their families. Of the 473, over 300 gowns were given away, and not just gowns, but shoes, purses, and accessories. One of the things I found heartening about Classic Closet is that clothing that does not sell in Athens is donated to Red Bird Ministries in Eastern Kentucky. Red Bird is supported by

have people from Giles County in Nashville, clear to Birmingham, and other cities coming to us just for the formal wear. We also have tuxedo rentals at a great price,” she added, “and carry Sam Stewart brand for our tuxes.” In the aftermath of the April 2011 tornados, a kindergarten teacher by the name of Vickie Shields, herself the mother of teenage girls, came up with the idea of getting prom dresses donated from all around the country so that many ministerial organizations at their own thrift store, and the clothing is first used to help out the poor in Kentucky, and then goes to 3rd world countries. As I spent time in the store, it indeed was like “having church.” People came and went, and the phone rang with people who needed

November 15 - December 5, 2013

to be ministered to. You could tell people felt safe and comfortable. One of the things I heard her say to a

woman who had just left an abusive relationship was, “Your windshield is bigger than your rear view mirror.” Lesson learned, “don’t look back.” That being said, the clothing is top drawer. “We carry many name brands,” Lori told me. They include: Lauren, Ann Taylor, Donna Karan, L.L. Bean, Liz, Eileen Fisher and Chico’s. While I was there, I found a beautiful cobalt blue outfit made out of travel fabric, and some black boots that were virtually unused. I had been looking for both items for quite awhile. I found them both on the same day, and I couldn’t have been happier. Classic Closet carries men’s and teens lines as well. They include American Eagle, Aeropostale, Gap, Hollister and

Polo. “With the economy being tough, families can still afford name brand fashions,” Lori said. I asked her, as I always do, with several consignment stores in the area, “Why should I come to you?” “We are positive in our attitude, and we see this as a ministry.” She also added, “If I don’t have what you need, I’ll send you to another store in the area.” “Something is on sale all the time,” she said, and you would do well to come to Classic Closet and see what Lori has to offer. If you need prayer, you can get it. If you need a hug, you can get it, and if you want to look good at a great price, Classic Closet is your place. Come and help Lori celebrate 20 years in Athens, with the hope of many more.

Classic Closet Consignment Shop 1102 S. Jefferson Street, Athens, AL 35611 Phone: 256-230-3877 Hours: Mon-Fri 10-5, Sat 10-4

Page 7


Christmas Open House November 26th & 27th by Teresa Todd, President, Athens-Limestone County Tourism Association Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock, Jingle bells chime in jingle bell time, Dancing and prancing in Jingle Bell Square, in the frosty air!

vet seats; you will then begin to understand the magic of Christmas as it brings a smile to everyone who graces its path.

Come out to our ‘Jingle Bell Square’ for the Athens Christmas Open House on November 23rd and 24th. The Christmas Open House is sponsored by our Greater Limestone County Chamber of Commerce and Spirit of Athens organizations. Each year there is a festive look and feel to downtown Athens as Limestone County residents and surrounding counties come to see the historic town welcome the upcoming holiday with all her splendor and charm. With activities scattered around the Greek Revival Courthouse, everyone enjoys being amid the sounds and smells of Christmas. Carolers will be singing many of the all time favorite Christmas carols as they stroll through downtown. There will be a majestic white horse pulling a Cinderella style carriage offering rides for a small fare. Climb the carriage and step up to the burgundy vel-

Page 8

firetruck. He will be delivered to the Center for Lifelong Learning Center at 1PM and will be taking toy requests till 4PM. You may also want to visit with Santa and Mrs. Claus and have your photo made by our professional photographer. Later enjoy shopping at your favorite boutiques and bookstore. Our many restaurants will be serving holiday fare with a special flair. Santa will arrive in style in downtown Athens, riding in on a shiny fire-engine red

support our locally-owned, independent small businesses. When residents shop local, their hard earned dollars stay in the community and helps to secure the local economy.

ers. The winner does not have to be present to win.

Participating businesses will offer in-store specials, refreshments, and door prizes. Door prize entries will be included in the grand prize drawing from Hobbs Jewel-

For more information, contact Jennifer Williams, President of the Greater Limestone County Chamber of Commerce at 256-232-2600.

It will be a weekend of exceptional shopping, visiting with friends and holiday fun for everyone.

The Athens Christmas Open House appears to be all fun and excitement but in reality it helps promote and

November 15 - December 5, 2013

PRE CHRISTMAS SALE 14535 US Hwy 72 • Athens • 256-232-6695

HOURS: 9am-5pm Mon-Sat. • CLOSED SUNDAY

We’re only a short five miles out 72 West and county taxes are only 6%! Check us out at

Christmas Ornament Sale Reg. $6.88 now $2.00 Reg. $5.88 now $1.50 Reg. $7.88 now $3.00 Reg. $4.99 now $1.00!


Did you know you can take a wire wreath form, a roll of CHRISTMAS RIBBON mesh ribbon and make this in HUGE ASSORTMENT 10 minutres for only $14.87? starting at only $1.99 per roll We can show you how!

POINSETTIA BUSHES over 40 to choose from Starting at only $1.59 each!


MESH RIBBON! Over 100 color and styles starting at only $4.88

Pine picks, garlands, wreaths, crosses, trees Starting at 99¢ each!

DID YOU KNOW?? J and G has over 600 different flower bushes to choose from?? DID YOU KNOW?? J and G has 580 memorial vase inserts on display in the showroom right now for you to choose from?? DID YOU KNOW?? J and G has 938 memorial saddles on display in the showroom right now for you to choose from?? DID YOU KNOW?? No one has more flower arrangements for you to see at one time than J and G ?? We keep funeral palls, sprays, memorial baskets, blankets, crosses made up and ready for you to see.

November 15 - December 5, 2013

Glitter Pick Assortments Some are only 99¢ and 50¢

ELVES! SANTA! SNOWMEN! Starting at $6.99

LED Christmas lights were $7.27 each now only $3.65 per strand! Several to choose from! • • • • • • • •

Ornaments Angels Snowmen Deer Home Decor Everything for decorating Gift bags Custom arrangements

Houndstooth Gift and Decorating items

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What Makes Ronnie Roll

The Gift Of Community, Part 8, “How To Be At Home In The World” by Ali Elizabeth Turner As we sat down over coffee in the conference room to prepare this segment, Mayor Ronnie, ever the “glass-halffull” kind of guy, cheerfully told me that, “You know folks are reading this column when they come up and say, Ali

ing that gaffe. Hopefully, in the great scheme of things, there will be no flag thrown on that play.

doesn’t follow football, does she?” Momentarily puzzled, I looked at him as he explained that I had referred to former Steelers great Terry Bradshaw as having played for the Packers in our last article. Oy! I knew that! So, may I apologize to Steelers fans everywhere, and thank you all for catch-

mately three times more people who attended this year’s Vets’ Parade than in years past. That is a good thing, and we need to keep going. At that point, I was the one who needed to be more “glass-half-full,” as I was bemoaning what seemed to me to be an appalling lack of attendance. I de-

We talked about several items, both global and local, including the fact that it has been estimated that there were approxi-

Citgo Touchless Car Wash

Holiday Car Wash and Wax Special!


1404 US Hwy 72 E • Athens, AL 35611 256-221-5354 Mon-Sat 7 am-7pm • Sun 8-5:30

If It Don’t Shine, It Ain’t Mine! Page 10

cided to change my perspective, given the fact that he attended many Veterans’ Day events, some of the best being held at the high schools, and as a vet he felt our vets were duly honored. We




death toll from Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, and to no surprise to me, the Mayor told me that he had mentioned to Sandra, his wife, that he wished he could go over and help. Vets who have seen combat, and, quite frankly, bodies, seem to have a certain strength when it comes to dealing with large scale catastrophes. I observed that first hand while in Iraq, and when retired vets who were contractors were trying to find a way to go to India to help with clean up and aid after the 2005 tsunami that killed upwards of 250,000 people.

On a local level, and as a grandfather of middle school granddaughters, he was disturbed about the fact that North Alabama is part of a trifecta of a human trafficking organization involving teen agers, drugs and prosti-

tution. He wants to urge anyone that “sees something to say something.” Amen to that. The human trafficking in Dubai was so bad that every time I went through, workers from India, Nepal and the Philippines would beg me to get them out. May this tragedy not happen on our watch in Athens. Now, regarding Chapter 8, “How To Be At Home In The World,” the most important ingredient is caring. Caring can be about anything from a well kept yard or landscaping on a busy street to sacrificing one’s time and money to go on

a missions trip. Other qualities include selflessness, courage, and patience. These are what distinguishes a community from a city, “and we

have a lot of those qualities in Athens,” he said.

“We need to think through plans and not just fly at the speed of technology,” he added, and mentioned that he knew of an old college professor who said, “Don’t forget to breathe”—certainly good advice during the holidays. At the end of the interview, he summed up “Being at home in the world” as being a true fan of doing the right thing. “That’s what needs to get us up in the morning,” he said, and I believe on a daily basis that is some of what makes Ronnie roll.

November 15 - December 5, 2013

7950 Hwy 72 Suite A Madison, AL

November 15 - December 5, 2013

Page 11

Clean and Green

America Recycles Day November 15th by Lynne Hart America Recycles Day is one day each year that is set aside to bring attention to the importance of recycling. KALB works at motivating and inspiring our community to recycle every day. Many people who don’t recycle say it is because they don’t have access to a recycling program. That excuse would definitely NOT work in Athens and Limestone County! The Athens-Limestone Recycling Center is a division of Keep Athens-Limestone Beautiful and is one of the best centers in the area. What makes our local recycling center great? The best answer to that would be the number and variety of materials that are ac-

off bins that are accessible 24 hours a day. Drop-off trailers are located at most Limestone County schools and Athens Bible School. These are for community use. Our recycling center offers free recycling service to businesses that generate cardboard and/or office paper, and we service every city and county school!

cepted there. Our center accepts many things that other recycling centers will not, such as glass, electronics (anything that runs on batteries or electricity), motor oil, cooking oil, batteries of all types, and more.

During the month of November, we’d like every Limestone County citizen to assess their recycling habits and pledge to do better. Start recycling in your home and business, add one additional item to the materials you recycle, and make that extra effort.

Why do we take those materials when others won’t? KALB and our recycling center care deeply about our local and global environment; therefore, we will accept items that are not necessarily profitable. When the community brings us the materials that ARE profitable, such as cardboard, aluminum cans, and paper, it helps to offset those losses. We have lost some of those profitable materials since the Athens curbside recycling is taken to Decatur. We appreciate everyone that makes the effort to bring their materials to our center.

It’s not “garbage” you are tossing in the trash, it’s materials that are needed by businesses locally and throughout Alabama. Join us in making a pledge to recycle more, reuse and repair what we have, and reduce our waste. Call KALB or our recycling center at 256-233-8746 for more information.

The Athens-Limestone Recycling Center has drop-

Become a Fan

(256) 233-8728 Page 12

November 15 - December 5, 2013

Cooking with Shelley

Mother’s Fresh Apple Cake by Shelley Underhill

The photo of this cake was taken as I pulled the cake fresh out of the oven. Simple and easy to make; I really think that my mother has perfected the “perfect apple cake.” This is a fresh apple cake, no canned apples are used. I know you will enjoy this wonderful dessert for the holidays as you share it with friends and family. It is very tasty and will last for several days.

I hope that you give it a try! You can email me with your questions and comments to Enjoy!

What you will need: 1 can cooking spray with flour - Bakers Joy always works best 1 Bundt pan - heavily coated with spray 3 large eggs 2 cups sugar 2 sticks real butter - room temp. 1/2 teaspoon salt 3 cups flour 1 teaspoon baking soda 4 cups chopped apples 1 Tablespoon cinnamon 2 cups chopped nuts Mix together well all ingredients; spoon batter into well greased Bundt pan. Bake on 325 degrees for about one hour. You should be able to stick cake with a toothpick and it come out clean.

November 15 - December 5, 2013

Page 13

Learning As A Lifestyle

Away We Go!

by Wanda Campbell

Center for Lifelong Learning - 121 South Marion Street, Athens, AL 35611 Wars of 1814. General Andrew Jackson leads an army of 700 mounted infantry and 600 Cherokee and Creek allies to the battlefield. A very intense battle wages on for several months. The treaty signed in August of 1814 required the Creek nations to cede 23 million acres of land which becomes Ala-

One of the best parts of my job is looking for things to do. I spend a lot of time on the internet trying to find academic opportunities to share. Since the catalog is due to the printer very soon, I have been looking for things to do next year.

Did you know it is only 48 days until next year! 42 days until Christmas! 15 days until Thanksgiving! Oh my!!!

This fall we started a new program called Academic Traveler. In this program, we ask an Instructor/Tour Guide to talk about events or happenings while on the trip to visit historical

sites. In September we went to see a reenactment for the Battle of Chickamauga, a significant battle of the Civil War. We also offered an Armchair Travel event of Dr. Ron Fritze’s trip to Is-

tanbul. Many of us cannot afford to travel overseas but would like to see the sights. In this Armchair Travel event, Dr. Fritze showed the group lots of pictures of Istanbul, one of the largest cities in Turkey. He also had pictures of Sicily, an archeologist dream city, and Corinth, a major port city in Greece. Next year we are planning more trips. On March 29 we will be going to Horseshoe Bend, AL to learn more about the Indian

Page 14

bama and leads to Alabama entering the Union in 1819. Join us for this trip to Horseshoe Bend National Military Park on March 29, 2014. More will be in the catalog coming out in January or on our website – We are also planning a trip to New Orleans in May. New Orleans is an interesting city influenced by Europe, the Caribbean, and Africa, a melting pot of culture, food and music. The Battle of New Orleans in April 1862 led to the occupation of New Orleans by Union troops

and the fall of one of the Confederacy’s largest cities. I know you won’t want to miss this opportunity. Watch for details in our catalog or on our website – www.athens. edu.

If you would like to volunteer to serve on the advisory group that will help us plan other trips in the coming year, please call me at 256-232-8262.

Lots of things are still going on this year at the Center for Lifelong Learning. November 23 & 24 we will host a Christmas Open House with cupcake decorating open to the public – decorate one for $1 or six for $5. Spirit of Athens will host Santa at the Center for Lifelong Learning on November 23 & 24 also. If you want to get your picture taken with Santa come to the Center between 1:00 to 4:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Children, ages 8 and up, wanting to learn how to make Fancy Cupcakes can enroll in the class Saturday, November 23, from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. They will take home Puppy and Clown cupcakes as well as a few extra for the family. Fee is $45.

November 15 - December 5, 2013

Cover Story

Mays Computer Company: Black Friday Prices All Year Long

by Ali Elizabeth Turner

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or rebuilt computer, a rescue from picking up a nasty virus, a tune up, or anything else computer related straight to their store, which is located in Athens in the Chevron station complex on the corner of Capshaw and East Limestone. And, I am pleased to report, good news from the lips of satisfied customers travels fast, and business continues to be good and growing as it has since they opened their doors nearly 4 years ago. Steve Mays got his start buying used PCs and laptops, repairing or refurbishing them, and reselling them at a more than fair price. His commitment to pass fairly priced outstanding overstock on to customers, coupled with speedy, stellar local support, and same day repair service has only caused business to increase. Because Mays Computer Company is family owned and operated, there is a charming blend of old fashioned service coupled with the resource and expertise of a staff that is highly trained and continues to upgrade their level of IT education. And the best part is, you don’t need a PhD in rocket science to understand them. That is something that means a great deal to me as a woman who is only moderately computer literate! So, how can Mays Computer make the claim that it is “Black Friday” all year long? Because they are local and do all their own procuring and repairs, the middle man is eliminated, as well as the resulting cost increases. If you need help, you will be speaking to someone here in Athens, rather than have your call outsourced to a far away land. All computers and accessories, whether new or overstock, are personally selected and inspected. “We have the best prices,” said Steve Mays with confidence.

“We also have better software,” he added. Something I have greatly appreciated is that I have never felt pressured by an “upsell.” When I replaced my old computer by purchasing my Dell, Steve carefully pointed out the benefits of upgrading, especially for producing Athens Now. Then he

loaded my laptop with software that normally would have been outside my price range. He and his crew have also taken great care of me when I have picked up a virus or gotten “phished,” both things being a potential disaster when I have a publishing deadline to meet. Mays Computer Company is just as adept with Macs as they

November 15 - December 5, 2013

ued to be “hot,” especially for the holidays, has been the gaming system. They have large screen HD monitors that are dazzling in their clarity and realism, and they have the ability to network several systems for serious gamers. You also don’t have

in terms of having parts available for repair as well as helping the environment. Please call the store first to get more information regarding proper recycling procedures. If computers are on your holiday gift shopping list, you can beat the crowds and the prices by going to Mays Computer

to be a gamer to enjoy the difference it makes to have a larger monitor with the aforementioned HD quality, and if all you desire is a new monitor, there are plenty available. If your current system is just fine and does not need to be repaired or replaced, there are a number of things you can do to make it run even better. You can update your hard drive, increase your RAM storage space, get better sound cards, upgrade your operating system, or increase the quality of your videos by upgrading your video card. Mays Computer Company is also all about recycling, both

Company any day of the week. You will receive the best of care, the best of prices, and support our local economy at the friendliest computer store in North Alabama.

are with PCs, and they have a fine selection of Apple products. There are tablets, I Pads, and they are now carrying I Phones. If you go into a local franchise cell phone store to activate the I Phone purchased at Mays, (as well as customize your apps,) you’ll be saving a bundle. I Pads start at $399,

and Mays will beat anyone’s prices. Another item that has contin-

Mays Computer Company

Steve and Regena Mays, Owners 27490 Capshaw Rd Suite B Athens, AL 35613 Phone: 256-444-4040 Hours: Mon-Fri 9:30-6, Sat 10-2 Facebook: Mays Computer Inc. Look there for weekly specials and updates. Page 15

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November 15 - December 5, 2013

Cover Story

Third Annual Civitan Holiday Tour Of Homes To Be Held On December 1st by Ali Elizabeth Turner continued from page 1

says the following about its history, vision and purpose: The worldwide mission of Civitan International is to build good citizenship by providing a volunteer organization of clubs dedicated to serving individual and community needs, with an emphasis on helping people with developmental disabilities. The centerpiece of this focus is the UAB Civitan International Research Center, founded in 1991 through an ongoing financial commitment from Civitan. Located at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, this world-class research facility is dedicated to improving lives through the research and treatment of developmental disabilities and other cognitive disorders. In the 1950s, Civitan adopted a special emphasis on helping people with developmental disabilities. Civitan was one of the major supporters of Special Olympics International, and thousands of Civitans still support these local events. Civitan clubs also fund and organize special camps and events for people with developmental disabilities. Civitan clubs outside North America are also taking on momentous projects. In the Philippines, the Civitan Asia Training and Research Institute is an academy where doctors, teachers, and other professionals learn to serve children with developmental disabilities. In Norway, the Civitan Norway Research Foundation funds crucial scientific research into Alzheimer’s

disease. And in West Africa, Civitans provide clean drinking water and education for people in rural communities. There are over 40,000 members of Civitan worldwide, and Athens has a ladies’ chapter that is hard at work preparing for their 3rd Annual Holiday Tour of Homes. It will be held on Sunday, December 1st , from 1pm to 5pm, and the proceeds from the tour go to further programs in Limestone County for residents that are developmentally disabled, or suffer from intellectual or cognitive disabilities, Down Syndrome, Autism, and other disorders. In addition to the Tour, Athens Ladies’ Civitan has an outreach event called Operation Santa, a day when the developmentally disabled are invited to Friendship Church for a turkey dinner

with all the trimmings, entertainment, gifts, and most importantly during the holiday season, love. The Limestone County Mental Health Center participates in Operation Santa, and special needs students from Tanner attend as well. A number of local caterers prepare and donate marvelous party foods that are served at each of the five

November 15 - December 5, 2013

Ruby Smith of Crawford’s holding Holiday Home Tour tickets

homes on the tour, and the homeowners provide the beverages. This year the participating vendors are Chef Stanley of LuVici’s, Amanda Smith of Endless Catering, Chandra Holland of Piece of Cake, Gardenia Lara of Gardenia’s Cakes and Catering, Sherrol Gideon and Vivian Jefferson of C & A Catering, and Dee Green of Limestone Bay at Athens State University.

Every year the homes are different, and for the 2013 season the homes are as follows: THOMAS HOME: Jason and Rhonda Thomas, 22391 East Yorkshire Drive, Cantera Place HAMM HOME: Norman and Betty Hamm, 24123 Piney Creek Drive, Canebrake Golf Community JOHNSON HOME: Dave and Shirley Johnson, 16739 Bellewood Drive, The Woodlands THORNTON HOME: Denny and Phyllis Thornton, 723 Idlewood Way, Park Place WORKMAN HOME: Daniel and Angela Workman, 12683 Carriage Park Lane, Carriage Park Subdivision The cost for the tour is $15, if the tickets are purchased

in advance, and $20 if they are purchased on the day of the tour at the homes. Outlets in Athens and Huntsville where tickets can be purchased are: SheaLeigh’s, Pam’s Home Furnishings, First National Bank on Hwy 72 and Lindsay Lane in Athens, Smith Infinity in Huntsville, Pimentos, Class Act Hair and Nail Salon, Crawford’s, Pablo’s on Market, Trinity’s, the Keep Athens Limestone Beautiful Office, as well as from any Athens Ladies’ Civitan member. The Ladies’ Civitan members would like to thank each vendor and home owner in advance for graciously donating their time, food, and the use of their homes in order to bless both those in need as well as the people of Athens during the holidays. They also hope that our town will turn out in force to support such a worthy cause and organization, one that was born in Alabama the Beautiful nearly a century ago. For more information, please contact Lynne Hart, Director of Keep Athens Limestone Beautiful at the KALB office number, which is 256-233-8728, or on her cell, which is 256431-0272. She can also be reached at KALBCares@ See you on December 1st!

For more information, please contact Lynne Hart, Director of Keep Athens Limestone Beautiful at the KALB office number, which is 256-233-8728, or on her cell, which is 256431-0272. She can also be reached at See you on December 1st! Page 17

Health and Fitness

What Is The Best Resistance Workout? by Janet Hunt

Janet Hunt is a Certified Personal Trainer and can be reached at 256-614-3530 to schedule an appointment. No single piece of weight training equipment is best for everyone. Free weights, body weight, weight machines and elastic resistance bands or tubing can help you increase your strength. The choice really comes down to your personal preference, your budget or your access to equipment. Free weights are versatile

and inexpensive. They simulate reallife lifting situations and promote wholebody stabilization. Because they work against gravity, position and form are key.

a weight training system that you enjoy, fits your budget and fits into your lifestyle. Whatever type of resistance you choose, remember that proper technique is more important than the specific type of equipment. A Certified Personal Trainer can help design a safe resistance program using proper form and technique.

Body-weight exercises are simply placing your body in different positions to oppose gravity.

The difficulty can be changed by varying training angles and introducing unstable surfaces.

Complete Property Maintenance, LLC

256-497-6447 Facebook: PM LLC Twitter: /@ CPM_LLC

Weight machines are also effective weight training tools — as long as you use machines that adjust to your body dimensions and allow full range of motion of your joints. Many gyms use weight machines for the average size male which do not adjust to a small female. Elastic tubing is versatile, inexpensive, and easy to store. You can use resistance bands for movement in any direction. Resistance bands start easy and get more difficult as you move through the range of motion which is different to the way our muscles actually work. The bottom line? Choose

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November 15 - December 5, 2013

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Bill Clinton, President Obama’s Saul Alinsky by Will Anderson

A curious thing happened this week. The former President said about our current President, “I personally believe, even if it takes a change to the law, the president should honor the commitment the federal government made to those people and let them keep what they got.” Those people were all of us who are getting health insurance cancellation notices, and the ex-President intimated, to put it mildly, that President Obama was either a liar, or was in over his head with regard to his now famous line that those of us who liked our health care could keep it. That has never been the goal, of course; Obamacare is nothing more than a step toward a single payer system, in which the government, and not “market based exchanges,” decides what’s good for us, at our expense. This was, in fact, the same goal of HillaryCare back in the ‘90’s. The polls convinced Bill back then that team Clinton should back off, and so they did. Barack Obama is a different political beast. He convinced his party, with no Republican votes, to pass his plan. The Democrats paid the price in 2010. President Obama was uninterested in his party’s losses; he won, after all,

House in 2016, she is going to have to run as far as possible away from the sitting President. Here’s where Saul Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals comes in. Rule number four is, “Make the enemy live up to [his] own book of rules.” Clinton, knowing that there is no way for Presi-

and the Affordable Care Act stood to be his legacy. Three years later, things have gone south, to wit: it isn’t working. As a pundit correctly said earlier this week, the number of people who are actually enrolled in Obamacare-roughly 50,000-could fit inside of Yankee stadium with seats to spare. So what is President Obama’s reaction? An 800 number, and a promise that his team is working overtime to fix the “website problem.” The problem isn’t the

November 15 - December 5, 2013

website. The problem is the notion that the federal government can administer medicine competently and efficiently. Bill Clinton knows that, and he knows that if his wife is to win the White

dent Obama to keep his if-you-like-your-insurance-you-can-keep-it pledge, challenges the President, (with classic Clintonian charm,) to honor that “book of rules.”

Why? The answer is, Hillary has a lot on her plate as she prepares to be the next President. It’s not just Benghazi (though that’s a legitimate case alone against her); it goes back to her tenure as co-president, with multiple scandals plaguing her, from Travelgate to Whitewatergate to the turning of a thousand dollars into a hundred thousand dollars in no time in cattle futures. Bill, make no mistake, wants back into the White House. The former President though, isn’t the ambitious one in the Clinton partnership; he’s the charmer, and he’s the thinker. So it makes sense that as she works tirelessly to do, logistically, what it takes to win, he will say what it takes to tantalize voters into voting for her, irrespective of her opponent. It’s far from certain that their strategy will work. But that’s their plan.

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Horse Whispering

Noticing Change Noticing change is a good part of being an excellent learner. How is your “noticer” working these days? When an individual makes a commitment to simply “notice,” their world begins to flow with life, simply because of the awareness of change. It may be the smallest of changes, yet when one notices, a wave of encouragement and gratitude flows in place of dismay. When we fail to “notice,” we can become discouraged because we are not aware of any change, and think that nothing is changing or even working! Notice the two words in the word NOTICE……not….ice. Ice does not flow, does it? Oh, a chunk of it may float, but floating isn’t flowing. To be empowered is to allow change, self-discovery without guilt or shame, and encouragement (to name a few,) to flow into your life. This empowerment comes into our lives every time we spend time with a horse. Why? Horses either

whisper or shout to us to NOTICE something about them, us, or our environment. Horses are good at training us. They let us know that we had better not canter “or else,” or stay away from that mounting block. Or, “I don’t do plastic containers without going crazy.” They cause us to either choose to avoid or to develop leadership. After all, the world of horses is all based on dominance, and who is number one. As I engage with people and horses I am meeting for the first time, the communication usually is based on their interpretations, some of which are accurate, and some of which simply are not.

by Deb Kitchenmaster

ner and I don’t know how to interpret the actions of the horse, this will cause me concern and even fear. When this happens, create space between you and your horse. Ask someone who has horse sense, not someone who is highly opinionated. Get clarity. You are experimenting with your horse just as much as your horse is with you. You may be wondering, “I wonder what my horse will do when I purpose to close the gate while I’m on his back?” The horse, who is skilled at outwitting his predators, asks the same question. “Hum.

As a mentor, I purpose to help individuals understand horses. When we understand, our interpretation shifts, and we have another notch on our belt called experience. If a horse acts in a certain man-

I wonder what the human would do if I _____?” The more you understand the horse, the more your interpretation will be accurate. Corral Connections has begun a mentoring program. How exciting! The

learner is engaged in NOTICING. The learner is becoming aware of body language, presence and intentions. The learner is seeing horses as horses, not humans or dogs. The

learner is taking in approach and withdrawing. The learner is observing how horses and humans communicate. The learner perceives things about himself, the world of horses, and how to develop strategies. The learner is discerning and detecting himself, the horse, and the environment in each session. One of my objectives as a mentor is to safely invite the learner outside his or her comfort zone. This is the very place where learning to notice happens; however, not “too” far outside the comfort zone. An equally important objective is for human AND horse to experience the building of confidence! One session at time, one “notice” at a time, one interpretation at a time and one experience at a time, the foundational blocks in which confidence is built are put in place. This creates a foundation on which to build a relationship. Wishing all of you wonderful readers of ATHENS NOW a delightful Thanksgiving, and if you happen to choose turkey for your meal with one of those little button deals stuck in the breast, you may want to notice if it’s all the way out before you start carving!

Happy Thanksgiving from Athens Now! Page 20

Your NEIGHbor, Deb Kitchenmaster Corral Connections: Connecting with LIFE through a horse Animal B.E.S.T practitioner

November 15 - December 5, 2013

Athens Rehabilitation And Senior Care Center Spotlight On Miss Queen Tucker by Ali Elizabeth Turner

Queen Tucker was born on February 9th, 1966 at her home located at 515 Sunset Drive in Decatur. “I was rstillborn,” she said. “You must have had a praying midwife,” I replied. “That’s exactly right! I had a pray-ing midwife, and she knew just what to do. And here I pam!” she said back with a chuckle. Miss Queen went to Austin High, had various jobs as a

cashier, a “salad girl” at the Burning Tree Country Club in Decatur, and eventually became a data entry specialist. She has two boys, Eric and Edward, and her grandkids are named Erin, Haniah, Maurice, (also known as MJ,) and Lem. “I had God fearing parents, and they were good people. They knew the Lord, and raised me the best,” she said proudly. Her faith is fierce,

and her light shines brightly. She is recovering from a stroke, and is one of the younger residents at Athens Rehab and Senior Care. As is the case with many residents when they first arrive, she says, “I didn’t want to be here.” It certainly is a shock to leave one’s own home and learn to live in a community that you didn’t exactly choose, and she has since come to the place where she feels right at home and in

the middle of the will of the Lord. “Now I’m just chillin’ with everybody,” she says, and her favorite phrase is “let go and let God.” “I have a gift of encouragement, and if this is where I am supposed to use it, that’s fine with me.” She went on to tell me some of her “faves.” Favorite colors? Pink, rose, and fuchsia. Favorite foods? Mac and cheese, turnip greens, fried chicken and hot water cornbread. She schooled me thoroughly on how to make hot water cornbread. I could tell she knows her way around the kitchen. Favorite song? “I’m Satisfied With Jesus.” Favorite book? “The Bible. It’s the roadmap for my life,” she said. She likes Bill Cosby, and I told her how I remembered the first time he was on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1964. I had never laughed so hard in my life. Other favorite actors are Harrison Ford, Steven Segal, Tommy Lee Jones, and Denzel Washington. Female singer/actresses

November 15 - December 5, 2013

included Whitney Houston, Diahann Carroll and Dianna Ross. Favorite President? Barack Obama. “We finally have an African American President, and it made history,” she said. “It proves that anybody can be anything they want if they work hard and put their mind to it,” she added.

She has no end of good things to say about the staff at Athens Rehab and Senior Care. “They love, have compassion, and take care of the needs of the patients,” she says. “There are good nurses, good people, and I give them an A. They are #1,” she added. Miss Queen loves to laugh and tease folks, and she fits right in with the humor of the activities staff. “They crazy,” she said, laughing.

She had lots of advice for young people, but to me the best was, “Whatever you decide to do, listen to your parents, and most important, listen to the Lord. You can be anything, so don’t look back, look ahead.”

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Medical Update

Why Do I Need a Medical Power of Attorney? By Rachel Clark, R.N. As a young woman in my 20’s, I’ve asked myself this question many times. I am a young, vibrant, and healthy individual that doesn’t participate in risky behaviors. So why would I need a medical power of attorney? The answer is simple: should anything happen to me and I not be able to express myself, any and all decisions about my health and life could legally be made by two medical doctors. These would be people who likely do not know me, my values, or necessarily have my best interest at heart. Two medical doctors could decide to do anything they wanted to me without my consent, including but not limited to, invoking a Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) order and withholding food

of care choices with your “agent(s)” to ensure that your choices are carried out. That way, when and if the time comes for the document to be used, there is no question as to what you would want.

and/or water should they think that my “quality of life” would be compromised by prolonging my life. What exactly is a Medical Power of Attorney? It is a

document that allows an individual to name delegates to make healthcare decisions on that individual’s behalf should they become unable to make them for themselves.

These delegates named by the signer are then able to make any and all healthcare decisions for the signer, such as giving consent for surgical or other procedures. Before signing such a document, it is critical that you are familiar with your state’s laws in regard to requirements for a medical power of attorney. It is also important to be aware of the fact that there are multiple options out there for this document. As I’ve been researching, I’ve found that the best option for me is something called the “Will to Live.” The “Will to Live” is a legally binding document that is also a pro-life alternative to traditional living wills. It lays out the signer’s wishes in clear, explicit terms so that should the signer become “incompetent” to make decisions, their “healthcare agent” has the authority to carry out those wishes. Be sure to discuss your standard

Page 22

There are specific documents for the state of residency of the signer. In order to obtain the correct “Will to Live” for you, visit https:// After downloading the document specific for your state, sign it and make copies for yourself and those named as your “agent” and “alternate agents.” Most states require that a “Will to Live” be notarized by a public notary, making it an official legal document. Each copy should be notarized before being given to those named as “agents.” There are trying times coming up in the American healthcare system. It will become more and more common for doctors to participate in activities that are against the oaths they took when becoming physicians. It is your responsibility to protect yourself from being acted upon in ways that are against your conscience. In my career as a R.N., I see too many people who have not named anyone to make these hard choices for them should they become unable to do so themselves. It is my sincere hope that you will download and sign your copy today to ensure that your wishes are made clear and carried out, should the need ever arise.

November 15 - December 5, 2013

Security Savvy

Travelin’ Time

by Jim Doyle, owner of Madison Security Group 203 Us Highway 31 S, Athens, AL 35611 Editor’s Note: Jim Doyle, of Madison Security Group on Highway 31 provided us with these personal security tips for managing money, passports, luggage and credit cards when traveling. Please remember that you must have a passport to cross all international borders, including those of Canada and Mexico. Bon Voyage!

1. Put your name and telephone number inside and outside of each bag. Keep a written inventory of each bag’s contents in your purse or backpack.

2. Whenever possible, ask for a hotel room on the 3rd through 7th floor---higher than thieves can access from the street, and lower than fire rescue limits.

3. Photocopy your passport before traveling home. Put a copy inside each bag and give a copy to a close friend or relative to keep for you.

4. Make a note of the credit limit open on your credit card. Do NOT charge over that amount on your trip. (In some foreign countries, Americans have been arrested for innocently exceeding their limit.) Also, the 800# listed on your

pry marks. If you question the condition of the lock, request a move to another room or change hotels. 7. Do not house keys under a doormat, exterior planter or in any easily accessible location outside your home. Give an extra key to a trustworthy friend, neighbor or relative.

credit card will not work from outside the US, so be sure to obtain the proper foreign access number before leaving home. Make sure you call your credit card company BEFORE you go abroad and let them know the countries where you’ll be traveling. That way they’ll know your card is not racking up a lot of unauthorized charges, and you won’t find yourself dealing with a card that is being denied legitimate use because they froze it in order to protect you.

fered for travelers. NOTE: Medicare and Medicaid do NOT provide payment for travel outside the USA. 6. Check your hotel room’s exterior door lock prior to check in (and daily thereafter,) for signs of wear or

8. Prevent vehicle breakins. Always store your laptop, GPS, cell phone, I-pod, camera, video game, shopping bags, etc. out of sight. Add some insurance by using a permanent marker or Dremel etching tool to record a secure phone number on your portable electronic items. 9. Keep a copy of all your credit cards which you’ll be

using on your trip separate from your wallet, as well as the 800#s to call to report if they have been lost or stolen. If either your wallet or the list of numbers goes missing, call the customer service number immediately to cancel the card. Only carry the card or cards on your person that you will actually be using, and leave the rest at home in a secure location.

10. Use travelers’ checks as much as possible. They can be replaced. Do not carry a lot of cash, and be very discreet when opening your wallet. Do not flash around either a lot of money or traveler’s checks. Don’t give a would be thief any reason to target you.

5. Check whether your health insurance carrier covers you abroad. Consider purchasing short-term health/emergency assistance/medical evacuation assistance policies now of-

Visit to get started.

November 15 - December 5, 2013

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Jerry’s Journal

Gluten Free At Last by Jerry Barksdale

Lately, I see so many physicians that I remember only what they do to me. For example, Dr. “Mac” of Huntsville wears a glove on his right hand and he isn’t pretending to be Michael Jackson. I like Dr. Mac, he’s my urologist and keeps my plumbing functioning. “I’m gonna make you live forever,” he said to me. He wrote the name of a book on the back of the prescription pad. “It’s Wheat Belly. Read it and get on a gluten free diet and within two weeks you’ll lose belly fat and will feel like a 16-year-old.” Feeling like a teenager appealed to me. I could stay up all night, sleep all day and chase cheerleaders. My side kick and sometimes red-head, Pat, was with me. I was ready to get gluten free and start my journey back to age 16. We purchased Wheat Belly, then stopped at Earth Fare on University Avenue and purchased $20.00 of organically-grown, gluten free groceries for a mere $100.00. Longhorn Restaurant was nearby. Before getting started on my new diet and journey, I wanted to engage in one last orgy of my favorite sin – gluttony. The book cover depicts six bagels stacked on top of the other with “Lose the wheat, lose

Page 24

the weight and find your path back to health.” I wanted to do all three. I wouldn’t give a nickel for a bagel, but as long as I could eat biscuits and cornbread I figured I could follow any diet. According to Wheat Belly, people have grown fatter and become less healthy since the introduction of dietary guides in the 1970’s calling for less fat. Diabetes is more prevalent than before. Why? Dr. Davis, a cardiologist, opines that it isn’t the fat, nor sugar, or our sedentary lifestyle that is causing obesity. It’s wheat! Wheat is no longer the staple of life as it was when we were children. “Today’s wheat has been genetically altered to provide processed food manufacturers the greatest yield at the lowest cost,” according to Dr. Davis. “This once benign grain has been transformed into a nutritional bankruptcy… that causes blood sugar to spike more rapidly than eating pure sugar and has addictive properties that cause us to ride a roller coaster of hunger, overeating and fat.” That’s exactly how I felt, and all the time I thought it was because I was drinking too much wine and eating too much chocolate. I ate glutenfree cereal the following morning with almond milk, banana and toasted bread made from pump-

kin seed and other stuff. It was good! When Sunday morning rolls around, I like a good southern breakfast of biscuits, home fries, eggs, bacon and Maxwell House. It was 9 a.m. and I was hungry when Pat called and said, “The biscuits are in the oven.” I jumped in my pick-up and was still slinging gravel when I pulled into her driveway. I could smell hot biscuits and bacon frying. Boy howdy! But my breakfast didn’t look quite right. Cholesterolfree eggs, baked potatoes - not home fries – and bacon so thin I could see through it. The coffee was decaf. “Here’s your gluten-free biscuit,” she said and dropped one on my plate. It sounded like someone had thrown a rock through the window. My countenance fell. I’d been thinking about a fluffy biscuit since 6 a.m., my usual time to get up and write. That’s when I have my only cup of real coffee allowed by my cardiologist. I savor it like expensive wine. But I cheat. I use a large mug instead of a cup.

ning she cooked glutenfree cornbread, and it was delicious and tasted as good as Mama’s. I’m getting used to gluten-free foods, especially the almond milk. But I wonder, how do they milk an almond? Publix and Walmart carry gluten-free food. I’ve only been on my glutenfree, (well, almost free) diet for one week and can tell the difference. I have lost a few pounds and my energy level has shot up. Dr. Mac was right. I feel like a teenager. I’ve been circling

the courthouse square, hanging out at Limestone Drug soda fountain and drinking Coke floats and reading comic books. Another week on my diet and I’ll be cruising around Kreme Delite like I used to do with my arm resting on the window, playing Elvis Presley on the radio and whistling at girls. The wonders of a good diet! Now, if I could just grow some hair on my bald head…

Pat threw the biscuits out to the raccoons. They threw them back on the porch. She toasted our new loaf of bread made from organically stoneground, brown rice, flax seed and millet. It tasted pretty good. One eve-

November 15 - December 5, 2013

November 15 - December 5, 2013

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November 15 - December 5, 2013

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