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August 2012




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Abstract Appealpg.23 These two feed off of seeing different. Newfangledpg.25 Do It Yourself is back, with two different things to keep you busy! How to Throw a Partypg.18 Never host a boring function. Well not on our hands.

Zilla!!!pg.06 Boys want to be with her! Girls want to be with her! The DMV rapper we all love. Letter from the Editor Multi Tasking for the Young Adult pg.09 Who says the youth don’t have it hard. Who says we can’t hold our own? Pro Erapg.10 Saving hip hop. Marvel ought to sign them!

Good Buys!pg.13 Some of the editor’s highlights New Rembrandtpg.14 He popped up out so fast and is now one of the most influential designers in our demographic! Technological Treatspg.19 What a boss would have if they were stranded on an island.

Letter from the


ssue two was challenging. So many artists, so many opportunities. Making sure we chose the right people and executed each opportunity the right way was extremely important. I’m still learning to execute things the best way possible. With all that’s going on, it’s a juggle. While working, I observed so many of these artists were also juggling. For Athens II I want to point out the essence in the human being’s ability: The ability to have one passion and still be able to handle so many other things along with it. I think as a human, you need to have more than one interest or activity going on. That’s how we keep positive.

That’s how we stay strong. Despite it’s tendency to get overwhelming, we need to endure and multitask. But whether you multitask, or you’re just focusing on one aspect of your art, perfect it to be above your standards. Appreciate yourself, and what you do. Despite the difficulties that come with it, when you love your art enough, and put in that hard work, the rest will fall into place.Work hard, stay positive, love your art, and yourself.


Kelow’s ability to stand above society’s more’s are the exact reason why we all love her. STORY BY: BRIA BROWN PHOTOGRAPHY BY: TEE SHOT ME



already knew what she had to say. Not being able to spell, she had her older sister write the lyrics about cornrows and Parasucos in big letters on a chalk board for her. Now her rhymes are on YouTube, Band camp, and all over our Tumblrs. Kelow Zilla is audio and visual dope at its or the messy locks and crazy tips that are implements to her overall style; it might just be the countless verses that she spits about entrancing girls and being on top of the game. She’s killing shows in DC, running with artists in NY, and just opened for Grand Hustle’s Iggy Azalea this past May. With more of a name however, come more opinions. Kelow manages to stand above others’ opinions and it seems they can’t break her nor build her. Kelow developed her identity as a pre-teen. easily be said this is part of her signature look. “I’ve been getting my nails done since I was twelve… the same way,” Kelow laughs. She recollects self-discovery during her sophomore year of high school. When asked about how her style currently stare at me, old people they love me….. Most people show me love, they actually appreciate my uniqueness,” she said. I tell her about the critique I was getting for my shaved head and ponytail. In disgust to the reactions I got she asked “why?” Kelow can somewhat relate. With a father watching, but that doesn’t hold her back. “I’m still going to create what I create.” Kelow’s stance on integrity is what makes the people love her so much.

Coming from the DC area, Kelow explains the scarcity of being shown love as a music artist within her community. But being that she relates to her crowd as a lesbian, a DC native, as well as being a female rapper who doesn’t rap about typical “female things,” she gets a great amount of support. “I still communicate, and like keep it original…. I’m not trying to be something I’m not,”Kelow said. When we walked around the U St area in DC she showed me her newest tattoos. Pulling down her socks I see a mouth inked in black. She tattooed it on herself. Kelow has bravura. It shows in more than her in her self-made tattoos. Her willingness to shoot in between

In this day and age, everyone does something. Myraine and James both have an idea of living to the fullest.

unwavering drive to create dope artistry prove it all. “Kelow Zilla baby dinosaurs, shiny B, thug life. We some wild people dawg.”

The KeLOW-down:

Performing: 1st Tat: Her lips tatted above her quim. Cool Kelow- Because of Cool Kids “A little bit cooler,” lyrics, she branded her own box of Fruity Pebbles on her abdomen. Pretty dope too. Little Kelow-Pebbles smokes “O’s” on the side of the box. Zilla-Art- She doesn’t just rap. Kelow draws; she’s even had her own gallery open displaying her work.



James Age: 20, Hustler’s Accolade: Most Likely To Stay On Top. job(s): Swatch NYC, student, part time model. James has modeled in fashion week, he’s made the Dean’s list, and works a part time job. James grew up in the inner city, but proves that where you’re from doesn’t truly hinder you.

Myraine Yap Age: 24 Hustler’s Accolade: Most ambitious. job(s): Freelance publicist. Journalist for Hip Hop DX. Has her own column on CopThat. Myraine’s publicized for Ski Beatz and Clear Soul Forces to name a few. “It’s all shit I’m passionate about. I quit my full time job… just to do something I actually love.” Maria was in a car accident that put her into a coma. When the doctors said she wouldn’t make it, she She wants to start up her own PR agency that provides creative services. Eventually, she wants to run an / Twitter: @yoitsmymy AT H E N S : N E W R E N A I S S A N C E M AG A Z I N E PAG E 9


In between study sessions for NY state exams you might see your friendly neighborhood crews freestyling during your lunch period. Dudes take turns on the beatbox or banging on tables, just playing around while a small crowd watches, maybe even some of the choicest girls in 11th grade. An everyday high school thing, right? But what if that crew started to exactly the case of Pro Era, a crew of rising high school MCs and artists striving to go from amateur to progressive. We sat down with the best of the “Beast Coast” shortly before member Joey Bada$$’ clip for “Survivial Tactics” went viral and blew the group up.

came in for a photo shoot and interview – only seven deep that day (a fraction of the extended roster for the group) – represented by members Powers, Dirty Sanchez, Jay Steez, Swank Master Rawle, Kirk Knight, seemed young; with the exception of Chuck who, like most big dudes, has a frame that

PAG E 1 0 AT H E N S : N E W R E N A I S S A N C E M AG A Z I N E

hype, people tend to be more accepting of the idea of extremely young yet surprisingly focused artists. But, another holdover from that 2010-2011 OF period is expecting something more than teenagers when you encounter, you know, teenagers. Something about the new school professionalism of all those Tumblr pages and all that social networking and all those videos betrays the fact that when you sit down and cipher with a 16 or 17 year old HS student, that’s exactly what they’ll sound like. In a strange way, it’s more endearing than anything; they’re goal-oriented and conceptual kids but they haven’t lost sight of their own youth or play at some pretentious understanding of “adult” artistic behavior. s a group, Pro Era was very much a fully coalesced fraternity. When asked about the issue of egos and


regarding bucking the trend. To Capital Steez, “...if you’re really good then we’re all


P H O T O G R A P H Y B Y: M I G H T Y B E A R D O

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gonna shouldn’t worry about any individual[‘s] shine...I think one individual shining is good for the group”. Joey echoed his sentiment, reiterating that, “At the end of the day we’re all a’s not like any individual is gonna get left out. If one individual gets more shine than the other he’s still gonna support the group, no matter what.” No St. Lunatics situation over here. How do they stay sharp and “progressive”? A little of the same, the group revealed that at any given time there are usually two or three members of the crew constantly working – gears in perpetual motion. The session held some surprises. Steez claimed to actually stop every time a Times Square mixtape panhandler asked him if he “liked hip-hop” out of empathy as a fledgling rapper. Though the group, as a whole, wholeheartedly embraced 90s rap as a “big influence” on them. Their non-rap influences included Cee-Lo Green, and the Beatles (Steez), Daft Punk (Joey), SBTRKT (Kirk Knight), and Pink Floyd (Chuck Strangers). Of everything gleaned from the session, the most surprising reveal was that Pro Era had only existed for a year; coming together organically through a mixture of producers and rappers at school. In fact, the speed in which the guys have gotten a profile can most likely be accredited to the P.E. mission statement given by Kirk Knight when we caught up with him a few months later: “World Domination.” The mindset and

PAG E 1 2 AT H E N S : N E W R E N A I S S A N C E M AG A Z I N E

language never shows any bit of doubt, from the chants of “Beast Coast” at their shows to how often the phrase “apex predators” gets thrown around to describe themselves. But it’s not hubris; if anything Pro Era is extremely well-adjusted for teenaged artists. They aren’t (yet) self-conscious about their strong “golden era” influences and relatively retro trappings but they’re also aware of their place in rap in terms of their generation and expectations. The group have their own favorites in raps current echelon (Kirk, in particular, listed 3/4s of Black Hippy, Pusha T , and Wiz Khalifa, showing who’s influence is really reaching kids on the come-up in 2012) and pay homage but don’t show any signs of being slaves to rap canon reverence. After all, these are open- minded dudes who can passingly reference Aleister Crowley and the concept of a “third eye” in casual conversation. To say it’s encouraging that black teens from Brooklyn can express their art and internet-age cultural awareness without any of the inhibition their peers might have in the past or present would be an understatement - when I was in high school lots of kids got browbeat into hiding their more outre or atypical passions. But, the thing about Pro Era that affirmed its promise was what Capital Steez said when asked how the group stayed sharp and “progressive” as a collective: “Having a good sense of humor.”

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The guy that provides that Saturday morning feeling talks on Mermaid Balls with Azealia Banks and making business trips from Vegas to New York and he still watches Anime when he has the chance.


PAG E 1 4 AT H E N S : N E W R E N A I S S A N C E M AG A Z I N E



ocus: How has Remy’s personality and work ethic gotten him so far through the connection of his interests?Rembrandt Duran is twenty one years old. He listens to trap music, loves cartoons, and at twelve was just as socially awkward as we were. Athens: New Renaissance: What were you like in middle school? Rembrandt Duran: I was a loser. I was a dork. I played Yu-gi-oh! all day in school. Pokémon… I had friends, but they weren’t like close friends. I don’t remember doing much. I went to Bey Blade tournaments, and I bought Yu-gi-oh! cards.The materialistic things that consumed most prepubescent adults didn’t catch Remy’s eye at his young age. Social functions, shopping malls, and fashion didn’t matter as much as episodes of Dr. Slump. However, when making the transformation from private school to public school, he was surrounded by aspiring fashion connoisseurs in art school and decided it’d be beneficial to take part in what had never mattered to him before: being swank. Remy conforming to high school mores on fashion benefitted him more than by just helping him fit in, it helped boost his self-confidence and drew him deeper into fashion. Today, you take a look at Rembrandt Duran and you can see he is a composition of his past; never downplaying his love for anime and manga or fashion, he now

combines them to create one amazing line: “ADEEN”. An artist’s work is often a composition of what they have experienced in their lifetime. ADEEN is an accessory line that creates pieces that appeal to fashion warriors - those that aren’t afraid to wear bold pieces and rock them. His latest look book presents pieces inspired by his favorite cartoon “Dr.Slump,” including an ADEEN snapback emulating the robot girl Arale’s hat. His upcoming winter line presents a series of snapbacks that pay homage to the gay community and his love for the hip hop culture. Athens: Is “Read” [hat] out yet? Was it inspired by Zebra Katz? Remy: No… Reading is timeless… It’s the follow up to the “Cunt” hat. It’s my second homage and tribute and payback to the gay community for supporting me and just being…everything. I love gay culture and I love the gay community. I want to show my support any way I can. It just happened to come out at the same time that the “I’ma Read,” song was popular. Remy’s debut came with his “Ass Man,” panties. Seen in A$AP Rocky’s “Get High” video, are a lineup of gluts sporting the two black line gimmick. While Rebrandt would rather not be known as the man who made panties, it was definitely a piece that pulled in consumers. Remy: It’s really annoying. People are like (In a brutish voice) “Oh do you still do the panty thing?” I’m like “No. Shut up!” That was just for marketing purposes. That’s it… got


put two lines on a pair of panties. It was just clever! Remy’s cleverness doesn’t strictly revolve around his designs. Young consumers penny on a stylized piece of fabric, but, that same winking sense of humor might cause some to balk at the prices for ADEEN pieces. Who determines worth, anyway? In spite of pervasive feelings that designers charge so much for their lines for their own personal amusement, Remy explains not over or underpricing his pieces. Remy: It’s not about what I think it’s worth.

An artists work is often a composition of what they have experienced in their lifetime.

not like ‘well I think this is worth this.’ It’s like ‘no this is what it’s actually worth… this is how much it costs to make.’ I think that’s bad business. I think you should always charge your pieces to where you would make your People always say ‘Your hats are so expensive. You’re not even that poppin.’ I’m like “it’s not about if I’m known or not, even if I was

PAG E 1 8 AT H E N S : N E W R E N A I S S A N C E M A G A Z I N E

known… if NO ONE knew me, it’d still have to cost this much to get it done. I promise you I don’t raise my prices because I think I’m poppin, I never will. ADN, his newst line, is a fashion blind collection. Roaming around the streets of the city, you’ll see anyone from a 23-year-old female to a 19-year-old rapper rocking the “HOOD,” hat. just as versatile. He’s able to relate to both sides of youth by being honest to himself and

A$AP Ferg, as well as your upscale, high connection to Remy. He’s one guy that bridges the gap when it comes to culture and class, the urban and the urbane. Athens: When you go to parties, what do you like to hear? Remy: Rap. Only rap. Athens: Trap music rap? Remy: Yea. Athens: No dubstep? Remy: No... No! You can’t sing along to dubstep…. I used to prefer parties. I love house parties. But I like clubs a lot more now. Splitting his time between house parties in Brooklyn as well as clubs like Whip and Lavo have made Remy quite the versatile character. Anyone wearing his work should acknowledge this, as well as their own bravery in rocking such daring or eye-catching fashion. Keep your eye out if you’re on the streets of New York or LA. Duran just might be watching. Remy: A lot of people don’t even know it’s me. fucks with it… I’ll just be like “Nice hat… nice pin.”

HOW TO THROW A PARTY Some of the things you need to accumulate bliss within a mass of artists. Getting a crowd together is Getting a crowd together is one thing; but if you don’t keep them entertained at your shindig, it can easily be considered a party that’s over-rated. We’re here to help master this task.

Walter Smith: @MightyBeardo. Photographer. Drink: I don’t’ drink… but if I did drink… probably those Equis, which I’ve been looking for. Music: Chief Keef. “back from the dead. I got it man, if you wanna bump it.” Must Have: it makes a good ambiance.” Ale: @Illumi_ale. Student. Liberal Arts & Business Major Drink: Music: I love Indie music. Something you can just vibe to. “Tonight is the night” by Outasight.. songs like that. Must Have: Glowsticks & Blacklights. Crystal: , 20 Drink: I like to drink rum straight, some good wine or G&Ts music: music from their own labels, to bars and clubs (like in NYC) playing the hottest jams, to parties with my friends and I would be DJ-ing the party with music i’m in the mood for that night and that will go from rock to chillstep, to something like mike snow and santigold, to dubstep. Must have: sionate about the sounds [in their environment] Iihd: ID Sekur of Gospel,, Drink: Well I like Gin, I like tangoray when at a party I’d be so stoked to say I had tangoray. It’s really smoother than normal gin… itslike a breath mint Music: I’m gonna “Gospel.” I like parties with dubstep… Death Grips should be playing. Must Have: Fronto Leaf. I know there’s gonna be weed at a party, but if there’s no Fonto I can’t enjoy it.

AT H E N S : N E W R E N A I S S A N C E M AG A Z I N E PAG E 1 9

Technological Treats STO R Y B Y: A N T H O N Y T H O M A S

is its design, which provides large-scale layouts of any airport in the U.S and also eateries, shops and

Everyone’s an artist or a business person nowadays. Here are the apps to help maintain that persona.

bigger each day, so what does that mean for the multi-faceted teen? With enough gadgets, apps and technological advances to make a caveman faint, one must be able to navigate these newinformation and a heavy emphasis on the imthe more room there will be for new innovations in the tech world. With the help of these

state of technology and the “smartphone era” Here comes the sugar:

Evernote: One of the most professional note vides the consumer (us) with detailed methods to note our most important dates, facts and ideas. With the ability to document notes in

both voice and pictorial anecdotes, you have the most tools available to catch any spur of the moment of idea or really important photoshoot date, as I have forgot quite a few lately. Many consider the app overrated, but only because many people download the application and never use it: “I have the app, but it’s just a green elephant on my phone, I never use it. It seems way too complicated,” said Daria Rodriguez an aspiring English Professor, and artist. “I mean, I hear great things about it, maybe it is just not for me…I didn’t delete it yet though.” Before pessimism chases you away, try it. If you are a student, photographer, designer… etc and the notes on your phone are useless free too. Available for Android, Blackberry and Apple Products.

sibility for syncing whenever Wi-Fi is available. maneuver and provides a safe hub spot for the paralegal whose time is spent juggling law documents and an ménage a trois between her boss,

Although the application is only available for the Steve Jobs Empire, I would not be surprised to Smartphone devices. If you or anyone with an Does not hurt to help others, the primary basis of technology.

GateGuru: As we all know the budding artist or designer and maybe even average citizen has a little breathing room for the spontaneous and

infamous “lay-over”. Although the app relies heavily on the location request which has to be enabled through the settings module of your phone (not a good app, if you are paranoid, like me) but it does so accurately and most of the locations are programmed automatically into the application’s system “Yes, I was very skeptical of the apps ability to run smoothly since tracking an airport’s gates and plane arrivals is a big task, but in my opposition the app works perfectly,” said Samaya Taylor, a curusually overseas “If this app was not part of my life, I would have To much array, you can probably avoid the while and if you are like Samaya will appreciate the constructive programming which may run a bit snaggy due to location. Although the app is $2, for the price of a bagel, you can have intricate air travel management. With the upcoming summer for your Android, Apple, and Blackberry mobile devices.

AT H E N S : N E W R E N A I S S A N C E M AG A Z I N E PAG E 2 1

Abstract Appeal. STO R Y B Y: B R I A B R O W N P H O T O G R A P H Y B Y: C H E C H O F R E I R E

within the typical mainstream appeal, but choose to take their surrounding elements and random Checho’s been playing with the camera for about of Allan’s videos, especially the track “Antlers.” “It was actually a drawing turned into a video,” he said. Checho has been drawing since he was a kid. In his younger years, Checho was an aspiring cartoon artist who was forced to learn guitar and drums for Moving to the United States, he faded away from it and went on a long hiatus from music until his mid-teens. He claims to not really remember his childhood, but his most recent trip back to his home, in Ecuador and his memory of the trip from the city to the jungles played a part in visuals in a lot of his editing works. Now he’s mixing his own tracks and doing treatments for some of Allan’s best videos with his visual skills. As for the release of his own work, Checho is on the ploy.

A powerful duo is the result of bravery amongst morales and expectations. Allan and Checho manage to do that through fashion, music, and visuals. SSomewhat like the artist that made the song, the production in “Ujaved” was a combination of ethnic foundations with a taste of new age, tal instrumental underscoring a tune played in reverse: something natural that was twisted to Allan’s own preference. Allan Kyariga, more so known as Allan Kingdom takes the revives the basic things he encounters while keeping it’s natural essence. Observing his fashion choices, he plays with vintage pieces of intrinsic coloring -strange

items like a wood patterned fabric- and wears them in the most abstract way possible. He does the same with his music. On “Ujaved,” he spends much of the song playing with his vocal timbre, weaving in and out of his normal tone and a strangled falsetto just out of pitch. While playing with your ability to change your voice is something that many artists have done, Allan has his own individual spin to it when it comes

him into a sort of capital “A” artist category in hip-hop occupied by the likes of Andre 3000 and Kid Cudi. “When I started listening to Kid Cudi, that’s how I knew in my mind..I could literally say things however I wanted…When you start talking you’re basically mimicking someone else… it’s not intentional. It’s just how everyone starts.

Babbling random gibberish and replacing it with words was one of the ways he took his abstract personality and applied it to his music. Listen to

his essence is something that viewers have to get used to or automatically love. “‘He’s weird, he’s that weird kid.’ But once they saw that people respected me for it, I think that’s what made them mad….. I don’t think they expected that.” Allan said. He knows himself pretty well. Taking the fact

Hendrix he said, “it took like a whole year for that’s what I’m doing.” He’s quite content with taking his time for his work and complaisant with working with his right ing on their last video “Trucker Vibe,” from April to May. “I’m just pretty much directing it with him and editing it with him,” Checho said. Allan had been working up to the release of his on various style blogs like MPLStyle and do-

music. “My personality was just always like that [out there.]” he said. And “out there” he is. Allan is not alone when it comes to abstract creativity. His right hand man Checho, director, producer, and editor of his videos seems to carry

sometimes be a hurdle to success, and Allan’s DIY approach will likely be a boon to getting his “outthere” out there.

AT H E N S : N E W R E N A I S S A N C E M AG A Z I N E PAG E 2 5

Quick Apparel You Can Do Yourself To Spice Up Your Summer Days.

Newfangled In this heat, you’ll often just want to wear a sheet and call it a day. We’ve got something close to it, that’s appropriate to wear around the town. Here’s how to turn a button up shirt into a preppy, cute, dress. DIY One: Button Up Dress What you’ll need: XL-XXL button up shirt. How To: Step one: Wrap the button up around your abdomen with the open side in front of you. Step two: together going down the line as you would if you were wearing the shirt in it’s conventional way. Step three: Bring the sleeves to the back and tie them in a knot, then tucking the remainder inside of the wrapped around parts*

DIY Two: Bracelet from a Belt: What you need: Leather Belt, Awl Needle , Magnetic snap buttons, E600 multipurpose glue. Canvas fabric, Scissors How To: Step one: Wrap the belt around your wrist with about 1.4 inches of excess leather, then cut that length. Step two: Using the awl, pierce the leather where the belt’s end touches the other piece of the strap on

Step three: strip of canvas fabric to the size of the belt, pin the other magnetic snap to the canvas. Step four: Glue the strip to the belt, let it sit for 1-2 hours. *It’s best to get a thin belt and smaller snap buttons so the bracelet isn’t so bulky.


AT H E N S : N E W R E N A I S S A N C E M AG A Z I N E PAG E 2 7

Clothing Credits Contacts Letter from the Editor Bria- Denim button up, Bria’s own. Zilla Kelow- Tie Dye Chicago Bulls Jersey, Kelow’s own Multitasking for the Young Adult James- Maria- Top, Maria’s own; Shorts- Seven Wonders Vintage,, 606 Manhattan Ave. Brooklyn, NY James- Denims,Loren Cronk,; Button down, Loren Cronk, Pro Era- Joey Badass- Skully, Joey’s own; Crewneck, Junior Varsity,; Pegasus Bracelet, Carpe Dream,; Watch, Kid Robot X Swatch. Dirty Sanchez- Skully, Rocket Science Creative Labs,; HoodieRocket Science Creative Labs,; Pegasus & Eye of the Tiger Bracelet, Carpe Dream, Kirk Knight- Snapback, Junior Varsity,; Windbreaker, RBW,; Black Out &ADHD Bracelet, Carpe Dream, Capital Steez- Skully, Rocket Science Creative Labs,; Hoodie, Collective Yen,; Pegasus & Che Bracelet, Carpe Dream,; Polka button down, RBW; Denim jacket, Belt, Elijah’s own.

AT H E N S : N E W R E N A I S S A N C E M AG A Z I N E PAG E 2 8

Powers- Black tee, Brooklyn Blake; Crewneck, Junior Varsity,; Stardust Bracelet, Carpe Dream,; Denim jacket, Powers’ own. Chuck Strangers- Crewneck, Rocket Science Creative Labs,; Green Dream Bracelet, Carpe Dream, New Rembrandt- Remy- Love Machine Necklace, $40,; Mirror Conan (One of a kind), Red Version, $100,; Angel Ring, $17; New FangledDIYlyn, NY; Vice Versa Vintage, MartiLewisContact: General: Christopher Alley Music Director Anthony Thomas Fashion Director Tee Shot Me Photographer Lou Morgan Photographer Quintavious Shephard Graphic Designer

AT H E N S : N E W R E N A I S S A N C E M AG A Z I N E PAG E 2 9

Athens: New Renaissance issue II.  

This is the second issue of Athens: New Ren Magazine.

Athens: New Renaissance issue II.  

This is the second issue of Athens: New Ren Magazine.