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▲ 2007 was the best year ever for the West End - sample the thrilling atmosphere at a range of theatres this Spring from Grease at the Piccadilly to Dealer’s Choice at the Trafalgar Studios and Legal Fictions starring Edward Fox at The Savoy Theatre. ▲ The Duchamp, Man Ray, Picabia exhibition at Tate Modern (21 February - 26 May) will ▲ Celebrate the centenary of

include many breathtaking icons

the Society of London Theatre

an inspirational light lunch at

with a new Theatreland

the Tate Modern Cafe.

Walking Tour focusing on

its colourful history. Tours

of the

run from April. Book in

Hollywood heart-throb Charlie

advance on 020 7557 6700.

Cox (Stardust) now stars in

of modern art - follow this with

Harold Pinter’s The Lover and The Collection at the Comedy Theatre with Timothy West, Richard Coyle and Gina McKee.

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Back to School

Sex, infidelity, jealousy - Pinter’s

Teen dreams in

The Lover & The Collection

High School Musical

Art Versus Money




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Compulsive, addictive -

Naked Ambition


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Beauty secrets of the stars

A dream ticket - Jeff Goldblum and Kevin Spacey

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Alfie Allen dares to

100 years of the Society

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Love Interest Timothy West on power games and infidelities in Pinter’s The Lover and The Collection

Above: Richard Coyle, Gina McKee, Charlie Cox and Timothy West Interview by Jasper Rees Photography by 1 7

Sam Taylor-Wood

The Collection, conjoined at

younger man as a great friend

Theatre, when it was first staged.

the Comedy with The Lover,

living in the same house. Pinter

‘Michael Hordern played my part.

is one of Pinter’s compact early

is the most heterosexual thing

I thought of him as being quite

plays about power games and

ever but he understands

an old man when I saw it. He

sexual politics. Timothy West,

homoeroticism. Possibly the

must have been about 45, I

a seasoned Pinterian who

director has been clever in

suppose.’ He chuckles. ‘And

understudied in the original

casting me, because a

I’m now a much older man.’

production of The Birthday

considerably older man with

At 73, West has been part

Party, plays a character whose

an attractive younger partner

of the marrow of the thespian

jealous love for his younger

who is a little bit promiscuous

profession for more years than

housemate was more veiled in

is always wracked with worry

he’d care to remember. He’s had

1962 than it needs to be now.

about how it’s all going

no fewer than three stabs at

to develop.’

Lear, the first in 1971 when he

‘It was just before the

West distinctly remembers

was 37, the most recently in 2005

days it was just an older man

seeing The Collection, in which

for the English Touring Company.

who happened to have a

he is starring at the Comedy

‘The first time two things seemed

Wolfenden Report and in those

remarkably different. The first

say, ‘Oh you’ve never been

there’s a new production of it.

was the whole thing about

better.’ ‘Oh. Haven’t I? That’s

‘I know that play. Can we see a

madness. The general feeling

sad.’ I’ve deliberately tried in

new play?’ And they rarely get

then was, ‘Oh dear, it must be

my life not to do the same

the chance.’

awful to be mad.’ Now there’s

sort of thing next time.’

more a feeling of, ‘I’ve got a

One of the distinctive ways

This is not, of course, the case with Pinter, many of whose

mad chap living down my

in which he tried to be different

lesser-known plays for theatre

street.’ The other thing is the

was by running theatres, first

and television have been eye-

curtailment of his retinue. In

in Billingham in the north-east,

openingly revived in the past

those days they’d say, ‘Poor old

then the Old Vic. Is a job in

two years. ‘You can be sure

sod - he was king after all.’ Now

which you have to cauterise your

you’re not going to see a naff

the reaction is, ‘Well I can’t even

emotions really appropriate

performance. There is a sort of

get anyone to do my garden.’

for an actor who needs ready

Good Housekeeping seal of

access to them? ‘Not really,’

quality attaching to it. The great

famous king. Like his wife

he concedes. ‘It’s an exercise

thing about Pinter is that you’re

Prunella Scales, West is known

in banging your head against

an eavesdropper on a situation

to television audiences for a

a brick wall. You’ve got to have

about which you have no prior

Lear has not been his most

The great thing about Pinter is that you’re an eavesdropper on a situation about which you have no prior knowledge, as you would be in real life if you broke into a room and two people you’d never met before were talking.

performance that captured the

an enormous amount of energy

knowledge, as you would be

public imagination. For her it

and an enormous amount of

in real life if you broke into

was Sybil Fawlty. For him it was

self-confidence to do that job.

a room and two people you’d

the Prince of Wales, latterly

It’s much more complex than

never met before were talking.

monarch, in ITV’s epic royal

being an actor or a director.’

What are they talking about?

saga, Edward VII. Is his gratitude

He is pretty buoyant about

Why are they arguing? How well

for the rewards it gave him

the health of theatre, with

do they know each other? Is one

adulterated by frustration at

reservations about the amount

of them lying? Are they both?

being identified with one role?

of new writing produced in the

A conventional dramatist would

West End. ‘I sense that audiences

tell you something beforehand.

chance to play one person from

have seen Shadowlands once,

Pinter wants you to find that

23 to 59 was a bit of a treat. I

they’ve seen The History Boys

out. I don’t know why it is that

looked at it not too long ago

once, they’ve seen Who’s Afraid

suddenly people have become

and it doesn’t look too bad. It’s

of Virginia Woolf? They’re not

aware that he is the major

happened with Pru a bit. People

really excited by the idea that

playwright of our day.’

‘It’s not adulterated at all. The

Timothy West

Comedy Theatre Harold Pinter’s

The Lover and The Collection Starring Richard Coyle, Gina McKee, Charlie Cox and Timothy West Box Office 0870 060 6637 It’s cheaper to book online 2


Art versus Money Jeff Goldblum on the satirical wit of Mamet’s Speed-the-Plow

It has taken the star of the

opposite Billy Crudup in Martin

swayed him was learning his

three biggest-grossing films of

McDonagh’s play The Pillowman

co-star at the Old Vic would be

all time a while to get back

in 2005. Clearly he rediscovered a

Kevin Spacey.

to theatre. ‘As a kid,’ says Jeff

taste for it, because he is making

Goldblum, ‘I decided early on to

his London debut in Speed-the-

before. We’d met over the years.

be an actor. I’d seen movies but

Plow, David Mamet’s classic

I’d been a big fan of his work.

when I found myself in a theatre

excoriation of Hollywood.

I’d seen him onstage in London

I was very taken with it. I

Interview by Jasper Rees Photography by Ellis Parrinder and 3 7

Manuel Harlan

Goldblum plays Bobby Gould,

‘We’d never worked together

when he did Long Day’s Journey

remember being young and

a producer wrestling with his

into Night with Jack Lemmon.’

wildly curious.’

conscience about adding to the

The other magnet was the way

He had early successes in the

world’s schlockpile of fatuous

director Matthew Warchus talked

1970s in New York. But film - in

gun-toting blockbusters when

about the character. ‘He said

the shape of Robert Altman -

he could be filming a dark,

Bobby is something like Peter

sank its talons in, and he had

apocalyptic novel recommended

Pan. He said, ‘Maybe there’s an

not acted onstage for a quarter

by his serious but comely young

issue with growing up.’ I found

of a century when he was cast

secretary. One of the things that

myself getting kind of choked

Goldblum’s research took him to Germany and Israel. He also interviewed concentration camp survivors, studied the violin (he is an accomplished jazz pianist) and the behaviour of dogs. It’s certainly his biggest stretch since The Fly marked him out as Hollywood’s kookiest leading male in the late 1980s and cast him as the boffin who saves the planet in two Jurassic Park films and Independence Day. ‘I had a good experience on all those films,’ he says. ‘I never felt trapped casting-wise and even though there were dinosaurs around and I was playing a certain kind of part they were interesting experiences.’ Is there any rumour in the alluring prospect of Goldblum returning one last time in the putative Jurassic Park 4? ‘I hear a rumour,’ he says, ‘but I know nothing more about it than you do.’ As ever, it’ll be up to the producers to decide. up, just the way he was talking

about this and he said, ‘Phooey,

about it.’

that’s why I like writing for the

Of course it makes sense for

Old Vic Theatre

Speed-the-Plow Directed by Matthew Warchus Starring Jeff Goldblum, Laura Michelle Kelly and Kevin Spacey Booking until 26 April 2008 Box Office 0870 060 6628 Online booking at

theatre, because nobody is over

actors who know the Hollywood

my shoulder wanting a little

system inside out to inhabit

more here and there.’ Hence Goldblum’s return to

the roles. On the basis of his extensive experience, film

the boards. There hasn’t been

producers are not as a breed

a huge amount to keep him

to Goldblum’s taste.

interested in film in recent years.

‘I think it’s a cliché to say that there’s only one kind of producer

The big roles he landed in The Fly, Earth Girls Are Easy and The Tall Guy two decades ago have

I esteem people who can make lovely things, who spend their days being expressive and free-spirited in the world of the arts.

because in my experience it’s not

been thinner on the ground in recent years. And yet he has just finished filming what he describes as ‘hands down the most challenging and juiciest part I’ve ever had in the cinema’. Adam Resurrected was directed by Paul Schrader from a 1971 novel by the Israeli writer Yoram Kaniuk. ‘It’s about a mental institution

true. There are all sorts of other

for concentration camp survivors

types. The job description is

in Israel in the middle of the

liquid and some of them are

desert. In flashbacks you see

intelligent people of integrity,

that my character was a Jewish

passions, human interest, fine

entertainer, mind reader,

character. But I avoid places

violinist, animal impersonator

where cigar-smoking types are.

and big star in Berlin. I lose my

I don’t know anything about

family in the camps and lose my

the stock market, I’m not a

mind. One of the things that

gambler, I don’t esteem people

Willem Dafoe - who plays the

with money, I esteem people

camp commandant - makes me

who can make lovely things, who

do to survive is impersonate a

spend their days being expressive

dog for the year and a half.

and free-spirited in the world of

When I get to this institute I say

the arts. I told Martin McDonagh

I can never be around any dogs.’



A Winning Hand Playwright Patrick Marber goes back to poker school

Patrick Marber was on strike

Above: Ross Boatman, Malcolm Sinclair, Samuel Barnett, Roger Lloyd Pack, Stephen Wight and Jay Simpson Interview by Benedict Nightingale Photography by Nobby Clarke 5

and Dan Wooller

But perhaps that will give him

to finish it.’ Marber may be a sporadic

when we met for a chat about

more time for his greatest love -

his play Dealer’s Choice in a

the theatre. After all, a play is

dramatist but he’s also an

caff beside Barbican tube. He’s

overdue. Though his updating

exceptionally fine one, as Samuel

an accomplished screenwriter,

of Moliere’s Don Juan was a big

West’s revival of Dealer’s Choice

responsible for movies ranging

success at the Donmar in 2006,

at the Trafalgar Studios reminds

from Notes on a Scandal to

he’s had no original stage work

us. The play involves a poker

the movie version of his own

performed since Howard Katz in

school in a London restaurant,

brilliant Closer, and a member

2001. ‘For the last three or four

which makes its revival

of the embattled Hollywood

years I’ve been working on three

particularly apt, since it began

Screenwriters Guild. The moment

different ideas. And, yes, I’m

its current run in Southwark’s

they decided to defy the LA

blowing at them in the hope

little Menier, which has its own

producers, Marber stopped work

that one will catch fire and tell

excellent in-house eaterie and,

halfway through adapting Ian

me that it urgently insists on

in David Babani, an artistic

McEwan’s Saturday for the

being written. And then it’ll

supremo who has played poker


take me only a couple of months

with Marber and approached

him for permission to restage the

dramatist made a pivotal change

piece. Nor do the connections

after the finished piece had been

end there. Ross Boatman, who

announced for the Cottesloe.

is still playing the chef Sweeney

Only then did the character of

at the Trafalgar Studios, is a

Ash, the professional poker-

professional poker whizz and

player (here played by Roger

Sam West once ran a poker

Lloyd Pack from Only Fools and

school whose members included

Horses), appear to bring a bit

Marber himself.

of plot to a play that was then

Marber says that the legend

a slice of life. And the result was

that he’s lost five-figure sums

a critically acclaimed success in

at the poker table (‘the most was

1995: ‘Originally I identified with

two grand’) is untrue and that

the son against the father, but 12

his addiction to the game isn’t

years on I see it from the father’s

what it was. But he still plays live

perspective. He can’t find a way

once a month and rather more

to make his son a better person

often online, and, he ruefully

and has to accept what I now

admits, is too ill-disciplined to

know is true. You don’t really

have had much success recently.

know your children. They’re

But the sums involved are now

people in their own right. You

relatively small, for he has three

can guide and steer, but finally

small children, has relocated

they own themselves.’

from London to East Sussex and

Marber is a pleasant, wry, wary

finds that his attitudes to poker,

43-year-old who, his friends say,

money and Dealer’s Choice have

has his aloof, inscrutable side.

changed with marriage,

In his time he’s been a stand-up

responsibility and country life.

comic and a serious depressive:

All my characters are dreaming of breaking out of prison to some other life, some more soulful version of themselves that’s just out of reach. They’re seeking for something real, true and pure and find themselves stuck in the mire.

in all my work,’ he goes on ‘the recognition that you can’t escape yourself. All my characters are dreaming of breaking out of prison to some other life,

some more soulful version of themselves that’s just out of reach. They’re seeking for

which is perhaps why Dealer’s

something real, true and

his three original plays, brought

Choice is a comedy that, he says,

pure - and find themselves

as an idea to the National’s

takes a grimmer view of life than

stuck in the mire’.

Richard Eyre, who admired

he holds now. ‘The characters are

Marber’s scripts for Alan

all mugs, losers. They need each

he describes playwriting as

Partridge and other radio shows.

other and they need the game,

‘going into a sort of cave and

Eyre was aghast when the

they’re addicted to defeat. It’s

excavating dark things’ and

Dealer’s Choice was the first of

No wonder, perhaps, that Patrick Marber

rather wishes he’d adopted a pen name that would distinguish between Marber the gritty dramatist and Marber the happier man. ‘I feel them to be two slightly different people. They know each other and they’re not always on good terms.’ But he’s clearly far from displeased at successes, particularly with Closer, that have brought him international recognition. ‘I still can’t quite believe it’s happened. The gulf between being a kid out of college and eight years later being a performed playwright

Trafalgar Studios 14 Whitehall, London SW1A 2DY

Dealer’s Choice by Patrick Marber Starring Samuel Barnett, Ross Boatman, Roger Lloyd Pack, Jay Simpson, Malcolm Sinclair and Stephen Wight Directed by Samuel West Box Office 0870 060 6632

at the National seemed unbridgable. The theatre was like a citadel I couldn’t possibly

It’s cheaper to book online

storm - but actually it has been very welcoming.’



Naked Ambition The Allen dynasty’s latest star - Alfie Allen

The young man threading

complexities of the role in what

scene. Her album, Alright, Still

his way through the Saturday

is his professional stage debut.

sold nearly two million copies

morning crowds appears

Interview by Al Senter Photography by 7

Uli Webber

Alfie certainly has a first class

as well as immortalising Alfie

indistinguishable from the other

show business pedigree. His

as a lazy lie-a-bed, a charge he

twentysomethings on this North

father Keith, the actor, Comic

indignantly denies. ‘At the time

London street. Yet no less an

Strip veteran, documentary-

the song was written, I was in

authority than Daniel Craig has

maker and notorious scallywag,

Canada learning to snowboard’

predicted a bright screen future

has most recently been

he points out, ‘But I suppose

for Alfie Allen, currently on

terrorising the nation’s children

that people will have that pre-

tour as the troubled teenager,

as the villainous Sheriff of

conception of me now, just in

Alan Strang, in Equus.

Nottingham in the BBC’s Robin

the same way that they seem to

Hood. Alfie’s mother, Alison

think that I’m trying to jump on

headed at all the attention

Owen, is a leading independent

Lily’s bandwagon. I'm not. I have

coming his way. He is

film producer and Alfie’s elder

always wanted to be an actor.’

concentrating on the task in

sister Lily is currently one of

hand - doing full justice to the

the hottest talents on the music

Alfie is refreshingly level-

It’s fair to say that Lily’s lyrics need updating. Alfie has been

up with the lark, reporting for

I was allowed to join the actors

duty on a succession of high

for a game of role-playing. It

profile television and film

was then that Matt’s character

engagements. For the BBC, he’s

of Dafydd, the only gay in the

completed Casualty 1907 and

village, was created. I remember

appeared in Joe’s Palace, one of

thinking then that I wanted

the two recent films by Stephen

to be an actor.’

Poliakoff. In the cinema he made

Alfie and girlfriend Jaime

a favourable impression in

Winstone, daughter of screen

Atonement and was reportedly

star Ray, have become something

spotted by Peter Shaffer, the

of a golden couple as far as the

author of Equus. ‘To test my

tabloids and the celebrity

punctuality, David Pugh, the

magazines are concerned. Does

producer of Equus, invited me

Alfie enjoy the media spotlight?

to the Wolseley to have breakfast

‘I hate it!’ he exclaims with

with him and Peter Shaffer at

obvious depth of feeling. ‘I’ve

eight o’clock one morning.’ he

always hated the West End club

Lily always wanted to be a singer. But she wasn’t sure that she could write songs as well. Now she’s come on in leaps and bounds. My Dad has been a huge influence on me but I’d never work with him.

reports. ‘When they arrived at

scene. I’d much rather go down

the restaurant, they found me

the local with my mates or stay

sitting at the table. I’d already

in and watch a DVD.’

ordered.’ Alfie’s film career began when

Those hoping for the Allen dynasty to work together on

he made a fleeting appearance

a project may have to exercise

in his mother’s production of

a little patience. ‘Lily always

Elizabeth. ‘My most exciting

wanted to be a singer. But she

experience was seeing Eric

wasn’t sure that she could write

Cantona on the set. He played

songs as well. Now she’s come

for Manchester United, of

on in leaps and bounds. My Dad

life brings’ he says. ‘For me,

course, and I’m an Arsenal fan

has been a huge influence on me

acting is not about winning

but it was still a great moment.’

but I’d never work with him. For

prizes or making huge amounts

one thing, he’d always be telling

of money - although it’s great

father, however, that really

me what to do. For another,

to be comfortable. It’s about

crystallised his ambition to

he’d still be my Dad and I don’t

doing good work and earning

become an actor. ‘Dad would

know if I could accept him

the respect and appreciation

take me with him on his nights

as the character. I’d love to

of people who are close to

out and once I went with him

work with Jaime, though.’

you. Acting is where my heart

It was a weekend with his

when he was filming a pilot for

For Alfie, the future is an

is and I’m open to all ideas.

Channel 4’ Alfie recalls. ‘David

exciting but blank canvas; acting

With Equus, I now have a

Walliams and Matt Lucas (Little

will hopefully give it shape and

chance to prove myself.’

Britain) were in it and that night

substance. ‘I want to see what

Equus Theatre Royal, Glasgow 12 - 16 Feb 2008 Box Office 0870 060 6647

Milton Keynes Theatre 17 - 22 Mar 2008 Box Office 0870 060 6652

Theatre Royal, Brighton 21 - 26 Apr 2008 Box Office 08700 606 650

Richmond Theatre 19 - 24 May 2008 Box Office 0870 060 6651 Online booking at 8


Back to School The stage version of the smash-hit Disney phenomenon - High School Musical

Love is in the air, and it conquers

Feature by Victoria Kingston Photography by Joan Marcus and Tristram Kenton

newcomer. They discover a

rehearsals with the director,

shared passion for singing, but

fashion. The proof is the wild

Jeff Calhoun and stars Lorna

when they sign up for the lead

and enthusiastic acclaim heaped

Want and Ashley Day, who play

roles in the school musical, their

on the new stage version of

the high school sweethearts

peers don’t like it. The opposing

High School Musical, the first

Gabriella and Troy. They are

‘jocks’ and ‘brainiacs’ soon hatch

to tour Britain - and right now

both struggling with bad colds.

plans to break them up. But they

playing to packed houses across

‘We’re trying not to pass them

defy peer group pressure, risk all

the country. We’ve had the

on,’ laughs Laura. ‘We’ve been

for their dreams and each other -

Disney movie, the smash hit

pretending to kiss, but we still

and inspire other students to

CD soundtrack, the DVD - and

get pretty close, so I don’t think

make the leap. ‘It has integrity,’

the stage show has broken all

we’ve been that successful.’

says director Jeff. ‘It isn’t just for

The show is a contemporary

kids - it has an edge.’ The cast are

Photographs are from

records in America. Now it’s here

the national touring

- to the delight of pre-teen girls -

musical about Troy, a popular

so young, I point out. ‘I know,’

and some boys for that matter -

high school basketball star

Jeff laughs. ‘The oldest is 25 -


and Gabriella, a shy, academic

and I’m this really old guy in

production of Disney’s 9 7

I meet up during frantic

all and it never goes out of

High School Musical

his forties. But they need to be young and fit - there’s no let-up in this show. It’s a rollercoaster ride eight times a week.’ Both Lorna and Ashley were thrilled to get such coveted roles. ‘It didn’t sink in for ages,’ says Lorna. ‘It’s such a huge phenomenon.’ Ashley, rising to the challenge of a basketball hero, says: ‘I hadn’t given a thought to the ten-year-old girls who are in love with Troy from the movie but it’s a factor. Troy is a cool guy but there’s more to him than that - he’s sensitive. It’s hard for boys to talk about their feelings - it’s scary. You could lose all your friends in a second. But Troy bravely does just that. It’s a great part.’ Ashley has a lot in common with Troy. ‘I was at primary school, doing tap classes in the evening, scared of the other kids finding out. I wish I had seen this

the classics’ agrees Jeff. Lorna

an honest story with real people.

musical when I was ten because

has given this some thought.

Put that with the wonderful

its message is - it’s okay to do

‘Maybe it sounds cheesy, but it

songs and you have a

whatever you want to do. I

tells children, who have so many

sensational show.’

feel I’m playing someone close

questions about identity, that

to home.’

you can be your own person,

‘In the United States, the soundtrack was number one

Troy is a cool guy but there’s more to him than that - he’s sensitive. It’s hard for boys to talk about their feelings - it’s scary. You could lose all your friends in a second. But Troy bravely does just that. It’s a great part.

not follow the crowd. Gabriella

record of the year,’ Jeff adds.

its setting of an American high

is clever, she loves school and

‘It topped record sales of the

school reminds us of Grease but

singing - and she rises above

Beatles. But without the

it also has a Romeo and Juliet

the cruel stereotype of being

compelling story, it wouldn’t

aspect to it, not to mention West

a ‘geek’. She meets Troy and

have taken off. In this cynical

Side Story. ‘It’s a smorgasbord of

he gives her confidence. It’s

world, when you keep reading


about rehab for all the stars, it’s

High School Musical

The musical has many echoes:

Lorna Want and Ashley Day

nice to think such an innocent world exists. This show is for the

New Victoria Theatre, Woking

poets, the idealists. It’s also very

17 - 29 Mar 2008 Box Office 08700 606 645

modern. Gabriella doesn’t have to change in order to attract Troy - he loves her as she is. No pretences. I like that.’ So, on the night, what do

Richmond Theatre 7 - 12 April 2008 Box Office 0870 060 6651

the trio hope the audience will

Milton Keynes Theatre

get from the show? ‘It will bring

9 - 14 June 2008 Box Office 0870 060 6652

young people to the theatre maybe for the first time,’ says Lorna. ‘And that’s a good thing.

New Wimbledon Theatre

hope they feel that.’ Jeff hopes

16 - 21 June 2008 Box Office 0870 060 6646

for something creative. ‘I want

Kings Theatre, Glasgow

them to leave the theatre with

4 - 16 Aug 2008 Box Office 0870 060 6648

Love keeps the world positive - I

more energy than when they came in. I want them to leave the theatre singing and dancing and feeling great. Yes, that’ll do.’

Online booking at 10

What’s On







Ambassador Group London Theatres and Productions

COMEDY THEATRE 0870 060 6637


The Lover & The Collection


By Harold Pinter Starring Richard Coyle, Gina McKee, Charlie Cox and Timothy West ★★★★ ‘Sex, lies and Pinter. Exquisite’ Evening Standard

Starring Danny Bayne as Danny and Susan McFadden as Sandy ‘It’s Electrifyin’. GO, GO, GO!’ Sky

DUKE OF YORK’S THEATRE 0870 060 6623 G




A Grease B The Lover & The Collection C Ring Round The Moon D Blood Brothers E The Magic Flute F Dealer’s Choice G Legal Fictions H World’s End I The Woman in Black J The Man who had all the luck

Studio 2 has been made possible by a generous donation from Christina Smith



The Magic Flute

Impempe Yomlingo ‘An explosion of joy from the townships of South Africa’ Daily Telegraph

DONMAR WAREHOUSE 0870 060 6624

The Man who had all the Luck By Arthur Miller From 28 Feb - 5 April


Ring Round The Moon By Jean Anouilh Starring Angela Thorne, Belinda Lang and Leigh Lawson

SAVOY THEATRE 0870 164 8787

Legal Fictions A comedy by John Mortimer Starring Edward Fox Previews from 21 Feb

TRAFALGAR STUDIO 1 0870 060 6632 FORTUNE THEATRE 0870 060 6626

The Woman in Black

Dealer’s Choice

‘A brilliant spine-chiller’ The Guardian

By Patrick Marber Starring Roger Lloyd Pack ‘A fiercely good night out’ Daily Express

PHOENIX THEATRE 0870 060 6629

TRAFALGAR STUDIO 2 0870 060 6632

Willy Russell’s

Blood Brothers

‘Brings the audience to its feet and roaring its approval’ Daily Mail

World’s End A new play by Paul Sellar From 20 Feb - 8 Mar Full season details;

DeliciousDance forSpring


Win family tickets for a night of magical fantasy

4 family tickets to give away!

Matthew Bourne’s

Nutcracker! Milton Keynes Theatre 12 - 16 Feb 2008 Box Office 0870 060 6652

Regent Theatre, Stoke-on-Trent 4 - 8 Mar 2008 Box Office 0870 060 6649

Theatre Royal, Glasgow 11 - 15 Mar 2008 Box Office 0870 060 6647

New Victoria Theatre, Woking 1 - 5 Apr 2008 Box Office 0870 060 6645

Churchill Theatre, Bromley 6 - 10 May 2008 Box Office 0870 060 6620 Online booking at

New Adventures and

This delicious theatrical feast

To win a family ticket for

Ambassador Theatre Group’s

has family-sized helpings of

the show at the ATG venue of

much loved production of

Matthew Bourne’s trademark

your choice, simply answer the

Four winners will be drawn at

Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker! is

wit, pathos and magical fantasy.

following question:

random after the closing date.

one of the most popular dance

Nutcracker! follows Clara’s

productions ever staged. In

bittersweet journey from a

Q: Who designed the sets and

ticket for four people (max. 2

December, the show returned

hilariously bleak Christmas Eve

costumes for Matthew Bourne’s

adults) for Matthew Bourne’s

to Sadler’s Wells for a

at Dr. Dross’ Orphanage, through


recordbreaking fifth Christmas

a shimmering, ice-skating winter

season. Now Matthew Bourne’s

wonderland to the scrumptious

Please return your answer, not

Royal Glasgow, New Victoria

Nutcracker! is set to tour ATG

candy kingdom of Sweetieland.

forgetting your name, address,

Theatre Woking or The Churchill

telephone number and preferred

in Bromley and are subject to

venues throughout the UK this

Tchaikovsky’s glorious score and


Each prize includes a family

Nutcracker! (Monday - Thursday performances) at the Regent Theatre Stoke-on-Trent, Theatre

Spring and we have four family

Anthony Ward’s unforgettable

venue to Kirsty Woodfield, The

availability. Winners will be

tickets to give away - one each

sets and costumes combine with

Ambassador Theatre Group Ltd,

notified by Friday 14 March

for The Regent Theatre Stoke-

sizzling choreography to create

24 Neal Street, London, WC2H

on-Trent, Theatre Royal Glasgow,

a fresh, hip and charmingly

9QW before Mon 10 Mar 08

value. Not open to employees of

New Victoria Theatre Woking

irreverent interpretation of

(Fri 29 Feb 08 for Regent

Ambassador Theatre Group Ltd.

and The Churchill in Bromley.

the traditional ballet favourite.

Theatre, Stoke-on-Trent).

Editor’s decision is final.

2008. Prize is non-transferable and non-redeemable for a cash


▲ ▲

(Clockwise from top left)

Dealer’s Choice party

Bob Geldof

(Clockwise from top left)

Nigel Harman

David Babani & Derren Brown

Prunella Scales

Jake Rudman & Felicity Kendal

& Timothy West

Ross Boatman, Malcolm Sinclair,

Emilia Fox

Samuel Barnett, Patrick Marber, Roger Lloyd Pack, Stephen Wight & Jay Simpson

The Lover and The Collection party

Rent party (Clockwise from top left)

Graham Norton Rupert Everett Kylie Minogue Will Young

Theatre People The stars came out this winter for a trio of glamorous parties

In October, a packed A-list

Siobhan Donaghy and other

The Collection was held at the

gathering followed the opening

bright young things. In

fabulous Adam Street private

of Rent at the Duke of York’s

December, the Empire Casino

members club. Rock star and

Theatre. Director William Baker

was the fitting setting for the

campaigner Bob Geldof joined

welcomed pop princess Kylie

Dealer’s Choice after-show party

actors Charlie Cox, Nigel Harman,

Minogue and film star Rupert

where guests included Felicity

Timothy West, Stephen Mangan

Everett and they were joined

Kendal, Norman Pace and Derren

and Emilia Fox in the vaults of

by Will Young, Graham Norton,

Brown. And to open 2008 with

this atmospheric building that

Dan Wooller, and

Fearne Cotton and Duncan James

style, a first night party for

once boasted actor David

Limelight Studios

along with Denise van Outen,

Harold Pinter’s The Lover and

Garrick as a tenant.

Photography by 13

2008 is the centenary year of what is now known as the Society of London Theatre, the umbrella organisation of West End theatre owners and producers that make London unquestionably the theatrical capital of the Western world. There’s plenty to celebrate: the Society recently reported the West End’s biggest-ever turn-out last year with over 13.5 million people seeing a show there, 1.25 million more than previously - many of whom were first-time attenders. ‘The theatre capital of the world continues to come up with shows that the public want to see.’ says Rosemary Squire OBE, current President of the Society. ‘I’m delighted to preside over our centenary year and am looking forward to celebrating one of our country’s great success stories. Theatre in the

launched in 1997) to special

letter was issued to all theatre

capital has shown itself to be

promotions like the annual Kids

proprietors about the threat

a great survivor - continuing to

Week (taking place in August)

posed to them by the cinema.

enthral audiences and flourish

offering free and discounted

After 1923 there was an even

through good times and bad.’

tickets to West End shows for

bigger threat: the arrival of

AToast to the West End! The Society of London Theatre celebrates its centenary The Society does an exemplary job of ensuring that the public

the audiences of the future. In a constantly changing

a television in every household, which the theatres responded

gets to hear about what it has

world, the Society ensures

to by declaring their total

to offer from London theatre

that its theatres still take centre

opposition to the new BBC.

guides (the first of which was

stage. Just three years after the

published as long ago as 1922)

Society was founded in 1908,

initially resistant to progress,

and its well-trafficked website

it met its first challenge with

they also had to keep moving


the rise of ‘picture palaces’ - a

with the times, even as larger

However, if the theatres were

external threats were seen off. During the First World War adaptability was key - and shows were trimmed by 30 minutes in 1917 to save electricity and help the war effort. More recently, in 2001 the combined effects of 9/11 and Foot and Mouth led to

Rosemary Squire OBE Charles Wyndham

a disastrous fall in attendances but through the Society’s campaigns to put London theatre at the centre of the capital’s life, audiences returned. The Society promotes the best of the year’s theatre during the prestigious Laurence Olivier Awards every March. But it deserves its own pat on the back as it reaches its 100th anniversary

Piccadilly Theatre

Feature by Mark Shenton

since Sir Charles Wyndham -

Photography by

immortalised in the theatre

Stephanie Methven

that bears his name - founded it.

and Chris Ridley



Tips from theTop Discover a gorgeous new you this Spring - with the help of these celebrity beauty essentials




1 Bobbi Brown ‘Long wear cream eye shadow’ £16 At last - an eye shadow that stays on and doesn’t crease! Fans - Jennifer Beale, Jennifer Aniston

2 Nars mascara £16



Faux Glow! A favourite with Madonna and Jennifer Lopez for that all-important sunkissed look, Fake Bake is the sun accessory

This lengthening mascara creates thick, lush lashes.

of the glitterati. This wonder-

Fan - Elle Macpherson

tan in a bottle moisturises and hydrates without a hint

3 Laura Mercier oil-free foundation £32 An Instyle award winner, this fabulous foundation is

of orange but best of all it smells divine! From £14.

oil-free and comes in natural yellow-based colours for Bobbi Brown

a ‘no make-up’ look. Fan - Eva Longoria Nars

4 Aveda lip tint £10 In a fabulous range of colours, this not only gives a sheer tint for a natural look but moisturises too. Fan - Kate Hudson

Laura Mercier

This lip-plumping product won the Good Housekeeping

Seal of Approval. Fans - Jessica Simpson, Carmen Electra

Lip Fusion


5 Lip Fusion micro-injected lip plumper £31.50


6 Benefit Bad Gal eyeliner £12.50 For smouldering ‘come-hither’ eyes, this eyeliner is the


best. Defines the eyes like no other, long-lasting with

a velvety finish. Fans - Kirsten Dunst and Katie Holmes


Designer names for less Spotlight on the High Street - for serious Spring style

John Richmond top £30 and trousers £45 John Rocha dress £45 H&M scarf £7.99 H&M knitted purple dress £19.99 and necklace £5.99

Get set for a colourful and eclectic new fashion season on the High Street! If prints are your thing you’ll be spoiled for choice, if you like colour you won’t be disappointed - particularly if you’re partial to the odd designer item. This Spring H&M launches ‘Fashion Against Aids’ a delicious collection of clothes designed and inspired by the likes of Timbaland, Rufus Wainwright and Katherine Hamnett. Spring is in the air - so go snaffle a bargain!

Bags of style





H&M John Richmond

John Rocha


0207 323 2211

Psst... Cult Beauty

John Rocha and John Richmond at Debenhams

Be the first to know about the

best beauty products with the

0844 561 6161

launch of this new online boutique. Billed as ‘the first true beauty

All prices quoted are given

democracy’ the site will be easily

as a guide only and may

navigable with searches by

be subject to change

product name, awards, best user

by individual retailers.

ratings, celebrity fans and editor

Feature by


Babette Kulik


Going Out

Kew Gardens

Ham House

Ways To Go Days out to discover this Spring

Green Spaces

Falling in Love Again

King Charles I escaped the

Kitchen, and regular columnist

Just the two of you, out in a

plague by moving to Richmond,

for the Independent on Sunday.

boat on the Serpentine Lake:

and you can still fill your lungs

At lunchtime you can find tea,

he pulls manfully on the oars,

with clean air here: it’s the great

cake, soup and sourdough bread

she trails a hand in the water -

outdoors for Londoners, but

in the Tea House - and there’s

you get the picture. Boat hire in

with transport and credit card

also a fabulous restaurant.

Hyde Park starts our trail of love


Petersham Nurseries, as the

in the capital - or if it’s raining

name suggests, is heaven for

you could always catch one of

Ham House, a Stuart mansion

gardeners: with bulbs and

the temporary exhibitions of

on the banks of the Thames.

seasonal bedding, books, tools,

contemporary art in the

unusual herbaceous perennials

Serpentine Gallery.

Start at the National Trust’s

and ornamental trees on sale. From this northern corner of Richmond Park, head down to

romantic conversation so we

the river and take the Thames

suggest afternoon tea in The

Path around the edge of

Promenade at the Dorchester

Ham House and Garden

Richmond itself. A two mile walk

Hotel, voted top tiffin by the

Ham Street, Ham,

takes you to where Kew Gardens

Tea Council and surely one of the

meets the river: cut up to the

most special places to eat a scone

Kew Road and enter the gardens

in the world. It’s intimate, warm

by the Lion Gate. Spend the

and sophisticated, and you can

afternoon enjoying the spring

be sure that the yards of golden

Richmond-upon-Thames TW10 7RS 020 8940 1950

Richmond Theatre There is a sumptuous 17th century interior to see (complete

bulbs, the hothouses, and those fantastic Kew trees. And in the evening, one of

with resident ghosts), but

the most beautiful of Frank

perhaps more importantly for

Matcham’s historic theatres is

us, on this fine Spring day, a

not far away. Richmond Theatre


beautiful formal garden and

welcomes around a quarter of

wilderness area where you

a million theatregoers to over

can stretch your legs.

40 outstanding productions 17

Vast meals are not necessarily the best accompaniment to

Petersham Nurseries is just up the road, and a great place for

every year. Join them to round off your day.

lunch. The head chef here is Skye Gingell, author of A Year in My

The Promenade, Dorchester Hotel

Petersham Nurseries

Renaissance Chancery Court spa

A Spring in Your Step drapery will hush any sweet

It’s a time of renewal - and you

its menu nevertheless leads

nothings you care to whisper.

too can put forth new shoots.

us into temptation: grilled

The Arts Council’s Take it Away

aubergine, for example, layered

you might want to end the

scheme aims to encourage

with cheese, pesto and peppers,

afternoon with a wedding

people of all ages to learn an

served with dauphinoise

(if you’re not married already).

instrument, by offering interest

potatoes and horseradish.

There are some fantastic

free loans towards the purchase

wedding venues in the capital -

of your chosen tool - be it piano,

couples can tie the knot in The

marimba or nose flute.

If things are going really well,

Science Museum, The Groucho Club - even Chelsea Football Club.

Or just think new thoughts. The Dana Centre in Kensington is a place for adults to think and talk about science and technology: it’s a stylish, purpose-built space, more café-

Richmond Theatre

bar than night school. Recent

Box Office 0870 060 6651

events include a discussion of the

Comedy Theatre

science of sleep, and even standup comedy. Evening events at the

The Groucho Club And at night? For witty and

The Gate

London Review Bookshop tend

And later on take part in

towards arts and social politics -

the revolution that’s shaking

or you could just read a book

the West End - enjoy fresh,

in their lovely new café.

stimulating approaches to

For bodily rejuvenation try

theatre by sampling one of

the spa at Renaissance Chancery

a selection of new productions

revealing insights into married

Court in Bloomsbury for a luxury,

at Trafalgar Studio 2 - just off

life visit the West End’s Comedy

Eastern-flavoured treat,

Trafalgar Square. Offerings

Theatre to see Harold Pinter’s

including massage, de-tox,

this season include Sweet

The Lover and The Collection

exfoliation, and ayurvedic

William starring Michael

starring Richard Coyle, Gina


Pennington, World’s End by

McKee, Charlie Cox and Timothy West.

A vegetarian meal puts the

Paul Sellar, Snowbound by

seal on your newly attained well-

Ciaran McConville and Hello

being: especially at The Gate in

and Goodbye by Athol Fugard.

The Lover and The Collection by Harold Pinter Starring Richard Coyle, Gina McKee, Charlie Cox and Timothy West Box Office 0870 060 6637

Trafalgar Studios 2 14 Whitehall, London SW1A 2DY Box Office 0870 060 6632 Online booking at

Hammersmith. The restaurant

Feature by

is in a converted church, but

Dan Hadley












Evening Standard

Daily Telegraph

Direction Samuel West

Samuel Barnett

Ross Boatman

0870 060 6632

Design tom piper

Roger Lloyd Pack

Lighting neil austin

Jay Simpson

Malcolm Sinclair

Stephen Wight


bkg fee

14 Whitehall, London SW1













Edward Fox

Nicholas Woodeson

Polly Adams


A Comedy by John Mortimer ‘A REAL TREAT OF WIT AND HUMANITY’ Daily Telegraph


Savoy Theatre 0870 164 8787 Opens 21st February 2008 Presented by Theatre Royal Bath Productions




ATG Magazine Spring 2008  

Ambassador Theatre Group Magazine Spring 2008

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