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core applications primer

MESSAGE FROM THE project heads Blessed day to you all. We stand here virtually before you, staring at you from your computer screens, hoping that you join us and embark with us on this journey towards the best GAP ever. ! ! However, you might still be wondering, what is GAP anyway? GAP is both a General Assembly and a Party. It starts off as an assembly particularly for the new MEAn freshies where in they will be given the chance to learn more about and apply for the different MEA projects of the year. However, naturally, we have to succeed this already great GA with a party to remember forever - the party of the year! In order for us to achieve this, we need YOU. We definitely cannot do this alone. It is because of this that we hope that you join us in this journey and together we will make MEAn history! ! It’s time. It’s time to fill up that application form, and pursue your chance of destiny.



Jop and Matteo






MARKETINg - Set up marketing packages - Integrate package specifics with other departments - Gather sponsors for GAP - Set up possibilities for long term relationships with companies - Handle sponsor booths, if necessary, during event

! ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS FOR APPLICATION 1. How do you plan on getting sponsors for GAP? 2. Give us new avenues that GAP can offer interested companies aside from logo placements and promotions

LOGISTICS - Coordinate with program department for floor plan - Reserve necessary venues - In charge of coordinating with SLS providers and the like - Conduct necessary ocular inspections - Handle equipment needed for events - Be ready to do the dirty work for other committees, if needed

! ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS FOR APPLICATION 1. Contact at least two possible venues for GAP and give us the rates for each.

PROGRAMS - Make program flow for events - Coordinate with speakers, hosts, DJs, models, etc. - Create host spiels - Work with with logistics for venue requirements - Handle content of brochure - Take care of recruitment system - Coordinate with cluster VPs and ABs for presentations (one program head for the GA and the other for the party)


ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS FOR APPLICATION 1. The program is usually the "boring" part of the party. How can you integrate the fun in the programs?

FINANCE - Handle budget for the event - Conceptualize different fundraisers - Spearhead the fundraisers in which the whole team will contribute - Monitor expenses and revenues


ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS FOR APPLICATION 1. Give us at least two unique fundraising ideas for GAP. Explain each. 2. Someone from the team is not helping with the fundraisers. What will you do?


FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS 1. GAP stands for General Assembly Party. Will we be technically working on two separate events? ! Technically speaking, you will be working on one project that is GAP. Although this consists of two events, there is still that one overall theme that would be seen in both events. Ultimately, the participants should not feel a disconnect between the GA and the party.


2. I just want to work on the party. Can I still apply? ! The answer to that is a big NO. Applying is part of the core team entails commitment to the whole project. The team will be working together to make both the GA and the party the best one yet.


3. I'm not a party boy. I'm not a party girl. Can we still apply? ! Of course! What we need are people who can dedicate their time and efforts to the project. If you are one of those who can commit to this project, then you should definitely apply.

2014 Early Core Applications - GAP Primer  
2014 Early Core Applications - GAP Primer