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Riad Enija Marrocos

The Riad Enija is the ideal place for those who want to enjoy a fantastic holiday. Between the deser t and dunes, arise expectations of pure genuinity and perfect sintony.


Welcome to the Charm of MARROCOS... Sophisticated Delicious Extravagant In an of the most beautiful regions of Morocco we launch his challenge the enjoy the many oases and sand dunes that surround all this mean amazing. Perfectly decorated, Riad Enija have a vital energy. Inside the Riad Enija we give of guys with an upon true design to its origins, that you refer to Islamic architecture full of expressions with a soul full of life.

What have the Hotel Riad Enija? Located between dunes and deser t, Riad Enija is a secret place where they hide many valuable assets. Marvel at the huge garden, and chase the maze of this space. Feed your look with a variety of plants that enrich this middle. Feel the peace that invades your soul and the charm of this famous space inhibit the outside world.

Sintony Simplicity and very style reflect the elegance of this magnificent space endowed with unique characteristics.

the refinement the enjoy of a Dinner The table covered in petals conveys sensuality and refined to guests of enjoy dinner with great pleasure. With the space illuminated by the light of lanterns, dinner is served in the garden or in the open rooms on the cour tyard. Let yourself break by the song's traditional melody Moroccan and by the flavors of delicious food in this country.

Share... Share your experiences with mood and relaxation. During your stay, let yourself take by the origins and slogans of this friendly country.


The rooms are extremely comfor table and gifted with a par ticular harmony. Spend restful nights and relaxing to taste of the traditional Moroccan culture. The transparency of bold colors and allusive invade this middle possessor the unique characteristics.

Forget your routine...

Definition the spaces highly convincing and attractive. Massages, yoga sessions, divings in a swimming pool with typicalities of this place, breakfast on the patio, enjoy all this and much more in Riad Enija unforgettable.

AN UNFORGETTABLE ADVENTURE... Far from prying eyes Riad Enija has for you the best moments of your life. Live the experience over the charm this palace and ideology of this country.

Riad Enija, Rahba Lakdima, Derb Mesfioui nยบ 9 Marrakech - Maroc

Riad Enija  

Decorated with Moroccan pieces, this hotel is simply fantastic. Very cozy atmosphere with the presence of a dedicated and professional staff...

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