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Review of the Fancy Food Show Summer 2023

WOW! What a great Fancy Food Show! I haven’t said that for a few years, but this one was truly spectacular. For each show, we make a list of customers and good friends we want, need, or would like to see at the show. It is an impressive list, but we have been coming up short except for this year This year was different, and by the show's end, we had seen all but one on our list--an incredible percentage of contacts. By the way, De Medici Imports is one of a few companies with the special “Members for 25 Years” status and in my 16 years of it I would almost say this was the best

EWWhy was this year's show so great, you ask? Of course, introducing our newest family member, Cipriani, to our portfolio didn’t hurt, nor did it hurt that we won a Gold sofi for the Cipriani Tagliolini Delicata Egg White Pasta It also could have been our introduction of many new products to come One is the three new canned seafood items from Portomar smoked mussels, small sardines, and the highly anticipated “Tapas Kit Trio” of sardines, mussels, and squid Another addition is our newest, exclusive flavor from Edmond Fallot-- Smoked Paprika and Honey Dijon Mustard; a flavor profile inspired by De Medici Imports, actually! Lastly, another item on the way this Fall from Miraval is their Estate Lavender Honey. Of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that our old friend Massimo Bottura’s visit certainly had an added impact in our booth by ramping up the energy when he stopped by to crack a wheel of Atalanta’s Parmigiano Reggiano cheese. What an incredible person as well as one of our finest producers. The show's success this year could have also been the collaboration of our 30 or so GOLD sofi awards won throughout the years here at the Fancy Food Show, with our most recent NYIOOC Awards or I seem to be bragging again, aren’t I? I’ll stop here

Suffice it to say, it was a great show, and a great week Thanks to all of you who visited, and for those who may have missed us, send us or me an email, and I’ll be glad to discuss it personally now

Thank you again!

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C O M E demedici com




TheSpecialtyFoodAssociation’ssofi™ Awardshavebeenhonoringthebestin specialtyfoodforover50years DeMedici hasbeenrecognizedbysofi™over30times inthevariouscategoriessince1995

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on May 13th, 1931, When Giuseppe Cipriani opened the doors and welcomed a variety of guests Harry's Bar in Venice has been one of the most renowned venues in the world and an institution for the city, for over 90 years The Venetian roots are still celebrated today, whether it's through visiting the Cipriani establishments, or through dishes and cocktails like the famous Bellini or Beef Carpaccio, both created by Giuseppe, himself In 1983, the Family established Cipriani Food bringing recipes and a curated selection of the finest products inspired by their cuisine and heritage into their customers' homes The same values of research for quality, attention to detail, simple flavors, and excellent service is carried on by generations of the Family to this day

The History Behind the Bellini

Cipriani's core products include the beloved Virgin Bellini, an Alcohol-Free version of the iconic original cocktail invented and enjoyed in 1948, by Giuseppe Cipriani This cocktail showcased his favorite white summer peaches from Verona Dedicated to Freedom and Peace, it was named after the famous Renaissance painter Giovanni Bellin Mixed with sparkling wine, it becomes the quintessential cocktail for every moment of th day.


Atalanta Corporation announces a new partnership with Cipriani Food as its exclusive importer for the United States DeMedici, a division of Atalanta, will oversee the implementation and distribution of Cipriani Food.

"We're thrilled to partner with this iconic brand," says Tom Gellert, President at Atalanta Corporation. "The opportunities are boundless for both companies. De Medici is proud to offer the finest products from around the world, and DeMedici and Cipriani share a commitment to quality and a well-earned reputation for excellence."

The partnership is an advantageous and promising opportunity for both companies Atalanta/DeMedici bring the expertise of their customer relations, sales teams, and nationwide warehouse capacity to support a broader coverage for Cipriani. Cipriani's beloved brand portfolio includes restaurants, event venues, hotels, lounges, clubs, serviced residences, and the finest food and beverages

"I am excited to start this journey with a group that has shown for decades industry expertise, logistic strength and extensive product knowledge. We are confident that this new addition to their selection will be welcomed with a smile in many homes around the US" says Giuseppe Cipriani, CEO of the Cipriani Group.

Cipriani's core products include the beloved Virgin Bellini of the iconic original cocktail. Cipriani also offers organic egg pasta produced with the experience of its traditional recipes and method–eggs and durum wheat semolina Cipriani rice, pasta sauce, extra virgin olive oil, and red wine vinegar are also available, along with panettone, fugassa (a classic Venetian cake), gelato, tonic water, and a new line of alcohol-free sparkling wines.

It all began at Harry's Bar...
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MENU INSPIRATIONS What we are cooking

Grilled Caprese Skewers


1 pound cherry tomatoes

8 ounces ciliegine mozzarella

1 Tbps Villa Manodori Tuscan EVOO

1 Tbps Villa Manodori Essenziale Black Pepper EVOO

1 Tbps Villa Manodori Essenziale Garlic


1 Tbps Villa Manodori "Artigianale"

Balsamic Vinegar of Modena IGP

Good pinches of Esprit du Sel Fleur de Sel Basil to your heart’s content

Panzanella Croccante


2 cups day-old Tuscan bread or other rustic loaf; Cut into 1” cubes for oven baking. If you are grilling, do not cut into cubes, until after

1 cup ripe cherry tomatoes, halved

¼ red bell pepper, cored, seeded and cut julienne

¼ yellow bell pepper, cored, seeded and cut julienne

1 sweet onion, thinly sliced

½ cup fresh basil leaves

1 tablespoon fresh oregano, chopped

1/2 cup Badia a Coltibuono Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Sea Salt and freshly milled pepper to taste

Soak the bamboo skewers in water for a ½ hour Preheat the grill to medium Skewers the tomatoes Set on a baking sheet Thread the ciliegine onto skewers Set along side the tomatoes.

Brush the skewers lightly with Tuscan EVOO Grill the tomatoes for 3 -4 minute, flip and grill for another 3-4 minutes While the tomatoes grill, combine the three infused EVOO's and Balsamic Vinegar and whisk to emulsify When the tomatoes start to burst, remove them from the heat Turn the heat to “High” Grill the cheese for one minute and then flip it for another minute Leave them on the skewers and lightly drizzle with the dressing. Add a generous pinch of Fleur de Sel, then sprinkle over the basil

Drizzle the bread with 2 tablespoons of Badia Coltibuono EVOO If you are grilling, place the bread, uncut on the grill Grill each side until you see marks, remove and cut into 1'' cubes If you are using the oven, preheat the oven to 425° F. Spread the bread on a parchment-lined baking sheet and toast in the oven until crunchy on the outside but still soft inside, about 7 minutes Set the tomatoes in a strainer over a bowl and salt them lightly to extract the excess moisture. Set the tomato water aside. 5 minutes before serving, put the bread cubes in a serving bowl and pour the tomato water over them While the bread absorbs the tomato water, shred the basil Toss the tomatoes, peppers, onion, oregano and basil with the bread. Drizzle 6 tablespoons of oil over the salad Season with salt and pepper to taste

6 peaches


2 Tbps brown sugar

3 Tbps 776 Deluxe Orange Blossom


2 Tbps Cavalli "Riserva Nando"


2 cups Greek Yogurt

1 cup granola

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

Pinch of salt

Dice 3 of the peaches and mix with brown sugar, Balsamico, cinnamon, and pinch of salt to let them macerate

Slice the other 3 peaches and grill on each side for 3-4 minutes until lightly charred

Once the peaches are grilled, mix them together with the macerated peaches and let everything cool while you mix together the Greek yogurt and Orange Blossom Honey

Begin assembling each Grilled Peach Parfait Start by adding a layer of Greek yogurt to the bottom of your parfait cup. Then a layer of granola and a layer of peaches on top. Repeat until you reach the top of the dish and top with a light drizzle of Cavalli Balsamico and serve

these recipes and more at demedici.com
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Grilled Peach Parfait

Villa Manodori

"Artigianale" Aceto Balsamico di Modena


Massimo Bottura's signature balsamico! It's designed to hold up to the heat of cooking without turning bitter.

776 Deluxe Greek Conifer &. Orange Blossom Honey


Sweet and earthy Greek honey that will take your taste buds on a trip to the Peloponnese Peninsula.


Acetaia Cavalli

"Reserva Nando" Balsamico

ITEM #AG0136

Aged for 5 years in chestnut and mulberry casks and perfect for marinades, sauces, asparagus and salads!

Esprit du Sel


Badia a Coltibuono Extra Virgin Olive Oil


The first Tuscan EVOO intrduced into the United States, almost half a century ago!

Villa Manodori

Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil


A Tuscan blend created to compliment VM Aceto Balsamico di Modena

Fleur de Sel


A rare and very fine, finishing salt that gives a satisfying crunchy element to every dish

Villa Manodori

Essenziale Oil Garlic


Essenziale Oil Black Pepper


The highest quality extra virgin olive oil is combined with natural essential oils.

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Salute to our Our New Olive Oil Sommeliers!

The Olive Oil Times is known for its news, reviews, and discussions on all things...olive oil! Did you know they also offer a Sommelier Certification Course? After a delay due to COVID, the time approached, and now our very own Maria Roemer (Senior Business Development Manager) and Steve Kaufman (Executive Vice President) successfully completed a five-day intensive Olive Oil Sommelier certification program at the Olive Oil Times Education Lab in New York City This course includes olive oil sensory assessment, production and milling, health and nutrition, quality assurance and control and much more An array of olive oils are analyzed and tasted during the course, many of which come from the entrees and winners of the New York International Olive Oil Competition

According to Steve, “We import 12 brands of EVOO from Italy, France, Spain, and Greece, and we know these brands and their profiles quite well However, there is so much more to learn in discerning different good and bad flavors Tasting takes a lot of practice and experience that we don’t have time to develop on our own. This was a great boost to our knowledge and reinforcement that we have to continue learning more and more That’s why I brought our staff an artichoke, green and red apples, a cucumber, yellow and green bananas, and almonds on my first day back! "

Thanks to Curtis Cord (curtis@oliveoilschool org) for all you do for Olive Oils and @ Olive Oil Times and the Olive Oil Times Education Lab

A beautiful upscale department store located along Venice’s Grand Canal and at the foot of the famous Rialto Bridge highlights the best Italian luxury brands Amedei Toscana and Cipriani Foods fit in perfectly Beautiful foods in a beautiful space

Jorge and Mariana own and run this delightful market in an old farmer’s market space in the little isle of Key Biscayne A local (and only) treasure offering the best specialty products from around the globe Maria finally had the pleasure to see them in person after years of meeting at each and every Fancy Food Show since 2015 Thank you for sharing our passion for the best foods and supporting so many of our Brands!

Upscale food hall in the Brickell City Centre, features many of our products in their small and expertly merchandised market Excited to see they share our love for A L’Oliver and Marina Colonna Extra Virgin Olive Oils and of course, our favorite Italian chocolate, Amedei

The Golden Hog Key Biscayne, FL T Fondaco dei Tedeschi Venice, IT Casa Tua Cucina Miami, FL
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Portomar Tapas Kit

A mix of three Spanish delicacies of Mussels, Squid, and Sardines, each in their own 50 GR (1 8OZ) tin

Mussels are in a pickle sauce of sunflower oil, vinegar, and salt ("Escabeche" sauce),

Small sardines are packed in olive oil and salt and Jumbo squid pieces are packed in olive oil, garlic, and salt ("Ajillo" sauce)

Small Sardines in Olive Oil

Sardines in olive oil can be tasted in canapés served with tomato slices, or mixed with other ingredients, it also serves as a base in the preparation of pâtés, in salads, or tortillas.

Smoked Mussels in Olive Oil

The Rias Galegas region is one of the most important repositories of phytoplankton in the world and one of the best places to cultivate mussels. These premium mussels are fried in olive oil, and after a delicate process of natural smoking, we can find a product with a peerless texture, flavour and colour Delicious right out of the tin or on a slice of crispy baguette

Smoked Paprika & Honey Dijon Mustard

Edmond Fallot introduces this new Smoked Paprika & Honey Dijon mustard that blends the spice of authentic mustard seed, smoky paprika peppers and is sweetened by the addition of honey. Fallot sources the PDO Spanish Pimenton de la Vera for this new flavor

Expected End of Q3, 2023

Expected Q4, 2023

This lavender honey is produced organically on the Miraval Estate in Provence, France.

The flavor is sweet and herbal, with a texture that is smooth yet crystallized This honey will have you going back for more, spoon after spoon.

Expected End of Q3, 2023

nOliveOil M#APOR160
S allSardines
inOliveOil ITEM#APOR170
TapasMix Smoked Paprika and Honey Dijon
Château Miraval Lavender Honey Edmond Fallot Lavender Honey
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Rice & grains are the most nutritive and unquestionably the most widespread staple in the world. This food group has absorbed it's way into every cuisine, menu and menu course! The Mediterranean diet, being one of the most popular, as well as many others!

So, why not cook more rice at home?

Riseria Campanini authentic Italian rice & grains are easy to prepare, especially when package directions are provided. So, no need to worry about whether you have added too much or too little water or even...wine!

Each 1 LB box holds between 10-13 servings and are available in these varieties:

Vialone Nano



Black Rice

Organic Brown Rice



Risotto Mix with Porcini


Risotto Mix with Saffron (8 8 Oz Bags)

The leading rice type across menus is Jasmine Rice, appearing on 21.8% of rice dishes, followed by White Rice and Brown Rice.

Rice is featured in 14,243 entree dishes, making it the leading mealpart featuring rice.

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