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In-Store Bakery Guide

About Atalanta Atalanta’s success in the food import industry began in 1945 importing Polish hams. Today, Atalanta Corporation imports thousands of unique items from across the globe. The expansion of our portfolio and customer base over the past 75 years parallels the growth of the market’s demand for quality and specialty imported foods. We pride ourselves on building relationships with our customers and suppliers to create long-lasting partnerships. Recently, Swiss Chalet Fine Foods has become a division of Atalanta Corporation. We are proud to add their exclusive brands to our portfolio and continue to provide the Foodservice Industry with the very best ingredients.

Table of Contents Page 4: Glazes Page 5: Marmalades & Fillings Page 6: Chocolates Page 7: Decorations Page 8: Fruits Page 9: Dessert Mixes Page 10: Tartshells & Ready-to-Serve Desserts Page 11: Other Offerings


In their state of the art Belgian facility, Bakbel crafts innovative ingredients for the pastry and bakery industries. Hot and cold application glazes in various flavors can be applied with a brush to pies, cakes and fresh fruit to provide extraordinary shine.

ITEM CODE 8041000 8041043 8041042 8041024 8041022 8041021 8041082 8041083 8041087

ITEM DESCRIPTION Chocolate Glaze Apricot Gel Neutral Gel Apricot Glaze Ready-To-Use Spray Glaze Napmiroir Silver Glaze Gold Glaze White Glaze

BRAND Bakbel Bakbel Bakbel Bakbel Bakbel Bakbel Bakbel Bakbel Bakbel

Marmalades & Fillings Crafted using old family recipes, Darbo all-natural Marmalades and Fillings add outstanding fruit flavor to mousses, biscuits, cakes and smoothies. All fruits are harvested at the peak of freshness to ensure top-quality products that are ideal for customizing any dish. ITEM CODE 8654519 8657619 8632328 8370428

ITEM DESCRIPTION Marmalade, Apricot Marmalade, Raspberry N/S Filling, Apple Filling, Sour Cherry

BRAND Darbo Darbo Darbo Darbo


Our chocolate lines offer a complete range of tempering and non-tempering options. A perfect alliance of tradition and technical skill, these chocolates can meet the needs of different bakery operations, whether it be for coating, molding, or creating ganache or mousse. Our couvertures are available in various percentages, origins, and blends, that are manufactured in Switzerland, France and Belgium.

ITEM CODE 8031700 8031701 8031702 8031703 8031704 8026008 8026010 8012092 8000394 8016161 8016352 8025015 8022002 8000444

ITEM DESCRIPTION 28% White Chocolate 34% Milk Chocolate 56% Dark Chocolate 61% Dark Chocolate 71% Dark Chocolate Chocolate Coating White Chocolate Coating Dark Ivoire 35% White Chocolate Clair Milk Chocolate 33% Madagascar 64% Dark Chocolate Dark Fahey 52% Cocoa Powder 22-24% Original Dark Vanil Coating Original White Coating

BRAND Europa Europa Europa Europa Europa Bakbel Bakbel Carma Carma Carma Carma Carma Carma Carma


Give the perfect ďŹ nishing touch to your dessert and pastry with chocolate decorations and toppings. Our trusted suppliers at Europa, Carma, Haco, La Rose Noire and Gavottes work together with the world’s best pastry chefs to give the pastry business the highest quality decorations that can be used to add elegance and sophistication.

ITEM CODE 8014265 8014266 8017434 8062107 8000802

ITEM DESCRIPTION Chocolate Shavings, Dark Chocolate Shavings, White Vermicellis, Dark Croquant, Flakes Caramel Sugar

BRAND Europa Europa Carma Carma Haco


Chocolate Globe, Large

La Rose Noire

8967010 8010030 06101 06104

Chocolate Crater, Small Chocolate Shavings, Dark Wafers, Fan Eventail Wafers, Rolled 220 CT

La Rose Noire La Rose Noire Gavottes Gavottes


Not only is fruit an essential part of a healthy diet, but it’s also a great way to add sweetness to any meal. Atalanta imports fruit from across the globe, including luscious peaches, apples and pineapple by Celebrity. Available both in whole and cut form, these fruits are perfect for making desserts, filling pastries, topping pizzas, and adding to salads.

ITEM CODE 051398 775883 775828 775825 775830 775849 835268 835269

ITEM DESCRIPTION Cherries, Amarena Whole & Broken Pieces Apples, Sliced Peaches, Halves in Light Syrup Peaches, Sliced in Light Syrup Pears, Halves in Light Syrup Pears, Sliced in Light Syrup Pineapple, Chunks in Natural Juices Pineapple, Sliced in Natural Juices

BRAND Toschi Celebrity Celebrity Celebrity Celebrity Celebrity Celebrity Celebrity

Dessert Mixes

Save on labor without skimping on flavor, Europa and Haco-Swiss offer easy preparation and timesaving mixes that will help you de-stress desserts that are perfect for any occasion. ITEM CODE 8000801 8090022 8090024 8090026 8090054

ITEM DESCRIPTION Creme Brulee Mix Vanilla Mousse Mix Milk Chocolate Mousse Mix White Chocolate Mousse Mix Meringue Powder

BRAND Haco Europa Europa Europa Europa

Tartshells & Ready-to-Serve Desserts

Create stunning dessert pieces without the labor of baking. We offer a variety of ingredients to help save time like the beautiful, handmade tart shells by La Rose Noire. We’re proud to offer the finest readyto-serve confections, made with impeccable care, astounding expertise and unparalleled quality for satisfying any sweet tooth.

ITEM CODE 8090417 8090418x 8090444 8090422x 8090423 8090443 8951600 8094056

ITEM DESCRIPTION Tartshell, Small Round Vanilla Tartshell, Medium Round Vanilla Tartshell, Large Round Vanilla Tartshell, Small Round Chocolate Tartshell, Medium Round Chocolate Tartshell, Large Round Chocolate Cheesecakes, Assorted Macarons, Assorted

BRAND La Rose Noire La Rose Noire La Rose Noire La Rose Noire La Rose Noire La Rose Noire La Rose Noire La Rose Noire

Other Offerings

At Atalanta, we strive to be a part of every food experience and we are proud to offer a diverse portfolio that is suitable for any need. Our range can help serve as a base for a multitude of sweet and savory dishes. This selection will provide unmatched quality and flavor.

ITEM CODE 8000609 8090071 354581 634529 056079 353146

ITEM DESCRIPTION Bechamel Sauce Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans Butter Sheets, Unsalted Butter, Unsalted Lady Fingers 10/60 CT Whipping Cream, Chantilly

BRAND Haco Europa Isigny St. Mere Plugra Bonomi Isigny St. Mere

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