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Town Hall Meeting April 9, 2014

Welcome Gary Dirks Director

Chris Boone

Dean, School of Sustainability

Rob Melnick

Chief Operating Officer/Executive Director

Agenda Update on Strategic Plan - Process - Focus Area Overview - Next Steps Accomplishments Open Discussion

Strategic Plan Refresh Fall Town Hall

Key considerations

What does it mean to be a leader in sustainability? Focus areas Service offerings Resources Metrics


Identified initial focus areas Started strategic analysis of 4 foci Engaging deans, sustainability scientists

Next steps

Incorporate inputs Develop metrics Budget requests

Focus Areas: Process Focus areas are key component to finalizing GIOS strategic plan Exceptional focus area white papers delivered by Team Leads Teams participated in two rounds of reviews and document revisions Final documents submitted last week

GIOS Strategy: Focus Areas PlanetWorks Brad Allenby, Ariel Anbar

LightWorks Gary Dirks Directorate Oversight

GIOS Strategy: Focus Areas Cities Duke Reiter, Shade Shutters

Sustainability Education Chris Boone, Katja Brundiers Directorate Oversight

GIOS Strategy: Focus Areas Water John Sabo, Dave White

Biodiversity Outcomes Leah Gerber Directorate Oversight

Cities Urban Diagnostic Center (UDC) UDC draws upon ASU’s transdisciplinary assets to create a unified framework, integrating social, ecological, technical and economic aspects of cities, including: • Policy & City Management • Practitioner engagement • Sustainability Research • Ecology • Systems Thinking • Water Dynamics • Policy Informatics, Urban Innovation Alliances

Urban Diagnostic Center (UDC)

PlanetWorks PlanetWorks is an ASU-based knowledge enterprise that will bridge the natural and social science cultures to help the human species develop the capacity it needs to survive and thrive in the Anthropocene. Focus Areas: • Geoengineering – Carbon capture • Planetary Resource Management – Water, Phosphorous • Planetary Hazard Mitigation – Biological materials protection • The Human as Design Space – Human Enhancement

PlanetWorks PlanetWorks,Ini/a/ve, Structure'and'Rela-onships' GIOS, IAFSE,

SESE, PlanetWorks:, Anbar,and,Allenby, Co7directors,,

Center,for,Earth,Systems,, Engineering,and,Management, Director:,Allenby,

Policy,, Ethics,, and,Law,

PlanetWorks, PlaMorm,

Laboratory,for,, Planetary,Habitability:, Director:,Anbar,

Planetary,Management,in,the, Anthropocene:,Geoengineering,, (ďŹ rst,case,study),

Earth, System, Science,

Sustainability Education SE provides informal educational opportunities for international organizations with high potential for implementing sustainability change (i.e. USAID, IFC).

Educational offerings will allow partners to: • 

Focus on specific sustainability challenges the organization faces, indicative of a broader challenge


Learn about sustainability related to a specific context of the organization and its field and scope of work (e.g. geographic area)


Reorient operations, procedures and tools to more effectively address sustainability

Sustainability Education SE Educational offerings will: • 

Provide innovative and immersive sustainability solutions opportunities for o  International and local organizations o  ASU students interested in education, training, evaluation


Create global impact by Influencing organizations that have significant resources, reach and authority


Develop non-traditional sources of funding

Water This initiative draws on the diversity and breadth of ASU’s water related units to contribute sustainable solutions to global and national water problems. ASU’s collective capabilities and assets include: • Research, data collection and management • Assessment & analysis • Monitoring and evaluation • Strategic planning • Decision support

Water The Water initiative shifts the focus from threat to balanced opportunity by increasing presence in the national and international space through: • Leveraged strategic investment opportunities • Outreach and translational activities to enhance innovation & visibility • Design of novel institutions • Marketing sustainability narratives • Practitioner and graduate fellowships

Biodiversity Outcomes (CBO) CBO’s mission is to enable the discoveries and solutions needed to conserve and sustainably manage the Earth's biodiversity in a time of rapid biophysical, institutional and cultural change. • Innovation o  Research clusters o  Faculty seed & proof of concept grants o  Assessment, review and analysis o  Outreach • Policy & Practices o  Stakeholder involvement o  Establishing partnerships • Education o  Undergraduate & graduate programs o  Professional development

Biodiversity Outcomes (CBO) Innovation

Problem clusters Scholars in residence Seminars

Policy & practice Education New degree program Professional MS program Conservation Fellows program Professional development

NGO and govt. partnerships Stakeholder engagement Boundary organization

Center for Biodiversity Outcomes

LightWorks LightWorks pulls light-inspired research under one strategic framework. It is a multidisciplinary effort to leverage ASU's unique strengths, particularly in renewable energy fields including artificial photosynthesis, biofuels, and next-generation photovoltaics. . Energy Solutions include: • Utility of the future • AZCATI • QESST • Arizona Solar Summit • LightSpeed Solutions • Sustainable Algal Biofuels

Focus Areas: Next Steps Budget compilation & final review Integration into Strategic Plan Draft Presentation to GIOS Management Committee for review and approval Implementation with FY15 budget cycle

Accomplishments The vision realized – 10 year celebration of the May 2004 Temozón retreat Sustainability Scientists & Scholars - 293 and climbing Leadership Academy – Second cohort launch GIOS Proposal team leads with Sustainability SRN proposals SCN – Going statewide with Flagstaff & Tucson commitments ASU receives GOLD ranking on AASHE STAR

Accomplishments Sustainability Solutions Festival reaches over 8,000 business and community members Sustainability Solutions Services (S3) SRP waste practices earns President’s sustainability award DCDC prepares to launch WaterSim 5.0 Beta The Sustainability Consortium goes to China CAP research assistant receives engineering student of the year award LightWorks brings cutting edge solar technology to ASU


newly tenured faculty

Alumni Jessie Fox Water Planning Analyst Central Arizona Project (CAP) Natalie Fleming District Sales Manager EcoScraps Karen Kao Program Coordinator GreenerU

Open Discussion

Gios Town Hall April 9 2014