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Decision Theater

What if you could see the consequences of your decisions before you make them?

We power “what if� dt.asu.edu

Ask yourself:

What if you could make the complex understandable? What if you could access the intellect of experts from around the globe at the same time?

What if you could gain a holistic understanding of complex problems and viable solutions?

What would you do? What would you ask? How would you work to find common ground?

What does your “ what if” look like?

The creativity and innovation Decision Theater brings to each project elevates the possibilities and brings ideas alive.” Dominique Roe-Sepowitz

Associate Professor, ASU School of Social Work

We help you see the consequences of decisions before you make them. With Decision Theater, government leaders, corporations, policymakers, scientists and researchers have asked “what if� and made more informed decisions about questions as diverse as: What is the impact of developing certain renewable energy sources?

How can we align public health and safety systems to improve care for people experiencing behavioral health crises?

How can my metro area best integrate smart cities technologies?

What does my strongest global supply chain look like?

How can we optimally model and manage humanitarian aid capabilities and resources?

Decision Theater launched its first facility in 2005 at the ASU Tempe facility and has since expanded to a second on-site location in Washington, D.C. Today, multiple affiliated organizations around the world provide global reach. Global collaboration Shared, complex and integrated modeling showcases multiple facts in real time.

Powerful collaboration With a suite of powerful digital data tools, quickly analyze, experiment, visualize and forecast myriad scenarios and solutions.

Meaningful collaboration Access to world-renowned scientific experts from fields including economics, sustainability, health care and supply chain ensures robust scenarios to your complex issues.


The power of a visual decision-making tool like this is immeasurable, especially with the amount of data that is displayed. It is going to be the mechanism we need to ensure stakeholders have the best information available when making decisions about their land health.� M. Sanjayan

CEO, Conservation International

Benefits of partnering and working with Decision Theater At Decision Theater, we help your organization answer “what if” through a uniquely powerful suite of capabilities. We integrate diverse, complex models and datasets and help you see — literally — the consequences of decisions through state-of-the-art visualization.

We complement your expertise •

Access our in-house experts in software development, data science, team science and graphic design as well as an expanding global network of decision-makers and researchers.

Draw from the expertise of nearly 5,000 research professionals across all disciplines at ASU and a global network of subject matter experts.

We can customize all capabilities to fit the needs and scope of your specific project.

We provide advanced technology •

We integrate diverse, complex models and datasets to create a comprehensive picture of a problem where actions in one area have consequences on another.

Our immersive visualization environment enhances understanding, facilitates collaboration across diverse audiences and inspires new conversations.

Machine learning capabilities provide insight into existing data, and predictive analytics allow us to model possible futures.

We can be where you are •

Headquartered in Tempe, Arizona, with visually immersive facilities in Washington, D.C.

Because content is displayed in browsers, our models are accessible anywhere a high-speed internet connection is available.

We collaborate with organizations across the globe to bring our capabilities to decision-makers.

Decision Theater convenes policymakers, scientists, industry leaders and others to find common understanding, build consensus and create better solutions.

Health care We have helped our clients with countless challenging issues concerning:

Smart cities



Trade agreements

Energy resources

Supply chain

Water policy

Humanitarian operations



Empowered by an innovative mindset, Decision Theater connects people, ideas and perspectives to answer big questions, with profound and enduring societal impact.� Sethuraman Panchanathan

Executive Vice President, ASU Knowledge Enterprise Chief Research and Innovation Officer

Decision science Decision science provides a quantitative framework to inform interdisciplinary decision-making in the face of uncertainty. Our expert researchers and advanced technologies help stakeholders from industry, government and academia forecast outcomes, analyze existing trajectories and experiment with interventions. Our immersive and visualized environment allows our partners to see the benefits and trade-offs of potential actions in real time and discover sustainable solutions.

Data science New technologies give us access to unprecedented amounts of data. However, data in its raw form is unstructured. We make sense of big data to answer questions, address problems, create solutions and map pathways toward action. The Decision Theater allows you to model, simulate and visualize data from disparate sources to provide a holistic view of a complex problem as well as transformative solutions.

Team science Today’s social and scientific problems are interwoven and complex. They demand expert input from multiple disciplines and require a creative approach. Our team science method convenes scientists, policymakers and community members to collaborate across fields of expertise — to strengthen understanding of a problem, offer new insights and provide direction for action.

What if you could see the consequences of your decisions before you make them?

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