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May 3, 2013


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On the Cover... Collage of this year’s Photo Comp entries showcasing the winner: Photo by Joey Johnson, submitted by the Equestrian Team

Featured this Issue... All of the teams! It’s been an excellent year, and all our teams had some great memories and accomplishments to share!

Looking back on the 2012-2013 year, the Triathlon Team is most grateful for the opportunity of being included in the Club Sports Family! Going through the approval process has certainly been the greatest team accomplishment so far. The team could not have gotten to this point without the dedication of the members and officers. Starting something entirely new can be frustrating at first while the initial obstacles are overcome, but the end result is more than worth the effort. Next year, the team is looking to grow in size, compete in the Mid-Atlantic Collegiate Triathlon Conference, and possibly even go to the National Competition in Arizona. The team also hopes to organize a triathlon for people in the community next Spring so that others can learn how fun it can be to swim, bike, and run all in one race. The team officers are remaining mostly the same next fall, but we would like to welcome Teagan Miller as our new secretary. We are confident that this group will lead the team confidently and inspire greatness in the members. As the end of the year approaches, most of the members of the Triathlon Team are just getting their seasons started. The weather is

finally conducive to open water swims without the protection of the heated SRC pool. On April 13th, five of the members ventured to Belews Lake near Greensboro for the first team event of the semester. This international distance triathlon consisted of a 1500 meter swim, a 27 mile bike, and a 10 kilometer run. This distance was new to all of the members except for one. Freshman Rachel Marsilia competed in the event for her first triathlon ever and finished 1st in her age group! Freshman Tom Nolan also performed well enough to place in his age group. Sophomore Allison Crook and junior Anna Gannett finished just minutes apart from each other with Crook leading the age group. Junior Josh Fischer had the fastest time of the team by completing the whole triathlon in 2 hours 41 minutes. Many of the members will be competing over the summer around the country as the absence of classes allows more time for training. Get ready to see the Triathlon Club Team make some headlines in the upcoming school year! Anna Gannett, President

Photos taken by Kameron Singer


2013-2014 Officers President: Anna Gannett Vice President & CSC Rep: Bobby Willix Secretary: Teagan Miller Treasuer: Josh Fischer

As ASU Club Baseball regular season winds down, optimism is still high for a potential playoff berth. With a record of 8-5 (6-3), Club Baseball is currently in third place in the Mid-Atlantic West Conference; with a three-game series against UNC Charlotte scheduled April 27-28. In order to clinch Regional Playoff berth, ASU must win the conference title or gain an At-Large bid. The 2012-2013 Club Baseball season has been one full of excitement and strong play. Throughout the year, Club Baseball was invited to participate in the NCBA National Spring Training Tournament, located in Plant City, Fla., maintained a Top 20 National Ranking throughout nearly half of the spring season, and defeated all conference opponents during the spring season. Club Baseball’s most memorable experience throughout the 20122o13 year came in a 22-7 victory against University of Kentucky. The team piled up 16 hits, including two home runs from Josh Kelly, junior, and Gerrit Van Genderen, junior. It is the largest run total Club Baseball has scored in the past two years. When asked how he would wrap up the season while talking to his team, Dan Mason, junior and President of Club Baseball, responded by saying the team is a very talented group of guys who clearly loved playing the game of baseball all season.

Photos Submitted by Daniel Mason

“I’m proud of the way our team played throughout the entire year,” Mason said. “We had a very different roster than last year’s squad, and it was encouraging to see so many new guys step up and help the team win ball games.” Club Baseball takes it as an honor to represent Appalachian State University in anyway possible, especially on the baseball field. Competing against large universities from the states of Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio and Pennsylvania throughout the spring helps spread ASU’s name and reputation as an excellent university to other parts of the nation. As for the future, Club Baseball is excited to continue a trend of winning. The upcoming officers of Club Baseball are more than capable of leading the team to a strong season with great communication, effort and enthusiasm. Club Baseball’s goals for the upcoming school year include winning the MidAtlantic West Conference Championship and pursuing a National Championship. Players from the 2012 #6 nationally ranked Club Baseball team will be on the upcoming year’s roster, and hope to continue the trend of winning into a new season. Most importantly, Club Baseball looks to continue helping ASU students enjoy the game of baseball, develop friendships through the sport and have fun while representing the university in a respectful way. Daniel Mason, President 2013-2014 Officers Ben Duncan – President Aaron Norris – Vice President Mike Aiello – Treasurer Patrick Sekel – Secretary

The Cycling Team has had a long and successful season this year as we have been racing since the second week of school and this past weekend finished the year off for us. We have multiple graduate members including Kelly Perkins, Michael Potter, Devier Scott, and James Wittwer. For next year our President will be Justin Evans with our Vice Presidents being Miles Hubbard, Baird Sills and Matthew McCarter. Our secretary will be Zebulon Ramsbotham, our Treasurer will be Wilson Fowler and our Club Sports Council member will be Craig Stewart. Our biggest accomplishments this year were the successes we had at conference, including winning D1 Mountain Bike and 3rd in D1 Road. I think next year will be even better as we have many returning racers and very strong officers. Next year we will also be looking to win conference in Road like many years past. Shawn Lautner, Secretary

Photos Submitted by Shawn Lautner

Photos taken by Crosby Taymore


The Appalachian State University Men’s Ultimate Team is heading in the right direction. By finishing 3rd at Conference Championships in Clemson S.C., the Nomads earned a bid to Regionals for the first time in recent history. This has been a season packed with great accomplishments including a chance of playing for a Nationals appearance, a strong second place finish at College Southerns and a victory over nationally ranked Michigan Magnum at Queen City Tune-Up. The success of this team is in thanks to positive leadership from seniors including Zach Vanderplate, Justin Allen, Michael Neve, Jordan Long and Shane Fluet. The contribution from this class was integral for this team to function. Every time they step onto the field they give their all for Appalachian State. This kind of enthusiasm and dedication drives the team to new heights and it has been for recent years, trickling down the system. Next year a core of upperclassman and a stealthy rookie class will look to improve upon this historic season. Our program is on the cusp of tremendous growth and has no plans of slowing down. This coming academic year we hope to construct a B team which would allow all players quality playing time and would be a huge strength for the team as a whole. We would like to thank the school for the opportunity to be Nomads and to represent ASU on and off the field, and to our parents for their continual support along the way. Have a great summer, see you next season.

Jeff Colby, Member

2013-2014 Officers President: Jeff Nordgren Vice-President: Mark Stumpf Co-Captain: Adam Russell Treasurer: Jeff Colby Secretary: Austin Olive CS Representative: Kevin Byrley

Women’s Ultimate Team has come

The Nonads

a long way this year. We have reached goals that we set out to accomplish at the beginning of the season. We made it to regionals again, which is only the second time in the team’s history. We got third at Richmond’s River City Light’s tournament, where we got to play some hard teams that we have never seen before. But most importantly, this year the team really tried to work on increasing our spirit of the game and our team cohesion on and off the field. That showed when our team fought hard in games and never gave up, even when we were behind. A great example of that was at sectionals, when we were trailing Clemson 8-1 at halftime and came back and lost by only 2 points. The team rallied and never gave up even though the odds were against us. The last couple of years have really been building years for the Nonads. “Just four years ago, the team barely had 7 people to take to tournaments” Seniors Hannah Teagle and Jessica Resler commented. “I really do not think the new players truly understand how special this team is to have grown as much as it has. We are so much better as individual players and as a team. It is crazy to think how far we have come.” Representing App State means something special and a little different to everyone, but to the seniors, it marks an epic journey from playing savage, to playing competitive ultimate. The team could not be more excited! The new officers for next year are all seasoned veterans, and all have a good grasp on the dynamics of the team. Returning captain Terran Tout has big plans for improving our field game next year,

with a more active zone defense and a horizontal stack offense that gives the team more options for cuts and throws across the field. Jessie Harrelson is already working on planning a co-ed hat tournament for the summer to raise funds for next year. The team’s goal for next year is continued improvement. We look forward to welcoming new players and teaching them the sport of ultimate. We hope to be even more competitive and secure our third bid to regionals in a row. We also hope that we can maintain the fun, spirited, and competitive atmosphere we established this year. Kasey Telfer, Secretary

Seniors: Thanks for your awesome hard work over the years! Best of luck to all of you, and see you at the Blowout next year! Officers for 2013-2014 -Captain/vice president: Terran Tout -President: Jessie Harrelson -Treasurer: Jordan Ericksen -Secretary: Ingrid Humphrey

Photos Submitted by Kasey Telfer

The season for the Women’s

our home tournaments after making it to the championship game where we faced off against Virginia Tech. Our team is very proud of what Club we were able to accomplish this year. Basketball We are ready to see what next year has Team has in store for us, but it won’t be the same, as recently come two of our seniors, Morgan Page (Left) and to an end. We Alex Reese (Right), are graduating this year. competed in our Both of these seniors have provided us with final tournament great leadership in the past and that will be a few weeks greatly missed on and off the court next year. ago at NC Morgan started this team her freshman year State. This was and has put our national so much of tournament her time and and it was effort into really sticking with awesome it and making to see Women’s teams from Basketball an all around the country official club compete against one another. We team. We are also enjoyed watching some of the three all grateful point shootouts and slam dunk competitions that there is a that were held at this tournament. Our team for us to team competed in three games against Old be a part of Dominion, Clemson, and Indiana. The game here at App against Clemson was probably one of the most State. Next exciting games we have had all year. It was year’s officers a fairly close game the entire time. When it will definitely came down to the end, there were 7 seconds continue left and we were down by one. Point guard, working to Carly Hall, drove the entire length of the build on what court and dished the ball off to Anna Lipocky, has been created. The officers for our team who scored a layup as time expired! We won next year are: the game by one point! This was one of our most exciting moments of the season and it President: Lauren McKellop was great that it happened during our last Vice President: Carly Hall tournament of the year. Secretary: Elena Kacan The 2012-2013 year has really been a Treasurer: Casey Tarwater great one for the Women’s Basketball Team. We accomplished so much this year and we We are so excited for the upcoming year! have a lot to be proud of. We successfully hosted two home tournaments this year, Casey Tarwater, Secretary which was a first for us. This was a great learning experience for our entire team and it was a lot of fun to be able to play right here at App. We also had new coaches this year and we all did a really good job of working together with them to be the best we could be. Finally, one of our biggest accomplishments was getting a second place finish at one of


Photo Submittedd by Casey Tarwater

Photos taken by Mike McKellop

For the Club Ice Hockey Team , having the right to call ourselves an "Appalachian State University Club" is both a privilege, and a responsibility. The continued success of the student body, both academically and athletically, is what continues to build upon the already shinning prestige of Appalachian State. Representing this University grants us the opportunity to be a part of something far greater than ourselves, adding to the legacy of our club as well as Appalachian State. It is, however, also our responsibility to uphold the high standard of excellence associated with this University in every way possible. The newly elected officers of the Ice Hockey Club Team will strive to restore this once championship winning club to its former level of success in competition and respect amongst the club sports community here at Appalachian State. A heavy focus will be placed on advertising and fundraising in hopes of expanding our membership, funding more practices, and ultimately fielding a more competitive team. The club's shortcomings of this year will not be met by a defeatist attitude, but rather will serve as inspiration to focus all our efforts on the improvement of our organization. It is our ultimate goal as officers to return Appalachian State's Club Ice Hockey Team to a status that will reflect the prestige of this University. Bryce Berryhill, President Officers for 2013-2014: President-Bryce Berryhill Vice President-Chris Soucie Secretary-Steven Dalgetty Treasurer-Nicole Celenza

Photo Submitted by Bryce Berryhill


This year has been great for Women’s Club Volleyball! We had A LOT of new members join the club, including many freshmen who plan to carry the club on through the next few years. While we had a little difficulty finding tournaments for the spring semester, we were still able to have all of our teams participate in several. The National team traveled to Dallas, Texas this year where they competed against teams from Colorado, Florida, Kentucky, Arizona, and California. The team fought hard in the single elimination tournament but lost to the University of Kentucky in a close three games. We expect great things out of the National team in future years, as many of the girls were freshmen this year. Our newly elected officers show great leadership skills and we can’t wait to see how they make the club better next year. It’s been a fantastic year for the Women’s Club Volleyball team and we hope the other club teams enjoyed their seasons as much as we did. We also would like to wish the other club teams good luck in the season to come! Rebecca Haynes, President 2013-2014 Elected Officers: President: Alex Kirk Vice President: Cheri VanNice Treasurer: Caroline Bledsoe Secretary: Priya Ford Council Representative: Stephanie Glasgow

Photo Submitted by Rebecca Haynes

App State Men’s Rugby Looking Back AHO’s season may have been cut short after losing in the first round of the playoffs, but with one of our largest recruiting classes compared to years in the past the future looks bright. The team accomplished a great deal during their spring season - scoring a team record one hundred and one points against Western Carolina, dominating the Mountain Division, and overcoming the loss of key players due to injury. Coming into this year, it was questionable as to how well we would fair. Five of AHO’s starters, arguably the most talented players on the field, graduated the year before. Even though the team acquired several rookies before the season began, old boys were expecting at the most a years worth of experience before the young bloods would catch onto the game. That wasn’t the case. More than five rookies claimed starting spots and played instrumental roles in the team’s success. But like I said before, the season may have been cut short, but the years to come may play out to be some of the best in the teams existence.

What’s Next AHO will be competing in 7’s tournaments over the summer (Cape Fear, Belle Chere, and a few others). Once the school year rolls around practice for 15’s will begin. If you have ever considered or even thought about playing rugby, this would be an ideal time to come out and give it a whirl. Above all, mark your calendars for Rucktoberfest. Boone’s fun loving tournament will take place at State Farm Fields the weekend of October 5th and 6th. More than twenty teams have been invited and you are guaranteed to see some great rugby. Saturday evening a social will be held at Parthenon Café where all teams will be in attendance. Anybody who is somebody will be there!

Final Record: 5W-2L

2013-2014 Officers

East Carolina: Loss, 24-31 Western Carolina: Win, 101-0 UNC Greensboro: Win, 48-10 Furman University: Win, 39-5 Lander University: Win, 71-0 Coastal Carolina: Loss, 43-22

President: Tommy Longo Vice President: Jacob Barber Match Secretary: Daniel VanDriesen Treasurer: Cam Hunt Club Sports Representative: Ian McNeill

Tommy Longo, Council Rep

Appalachian State Climber’s Coaltion This year the

had the largest roster in its history. With over 100 members, the team had a year full of learning, frustration, and accomplishment. We hosted two incredibly successful Southern Comfort bouldering competitions, we had a successful and impressive travel team that competed in regional Collegiate Climbing Series competitions, and we traveled to the USA Climbing CCS Nationals competition to represent Appalachian State University on the national level. At Nationals we had four climbers place in finals (Leanna Lockhart - 2nd, Melise Edwards 8th, Ryan Scurfield - 3rd, and Alex Brown - 4th), and the rest of our team also placed impressively. Our team is incredibly thankful to the many organizations and companies that support us every year (Footsloggers, Misty Mountain, American Alpine Club, Giddy Organics, and others). We hope that in the coming year, the team can continue to grow, host successful competitions, compete in Nationals, and develop stronger relationships with our sponsors. We strive to compete well, represent Appalachian State University respectfully, and develop the strength and commitment of our climbers Audrey Burton, President

2013-2014 Officers:

Photo Submitted by Audrey Burton

Brennen Bull - President Bryce Overy - Vice President of Administration Matt Myers - Vice President of Programming Alexa Zakula - Secretary Mary Matthews - Treasurer


Swim Team

What it means to represent Appalachian State: Appalachian State Club Swimming takes pride in representing our school at every meet we travel to. At every travel meet we form connections with other teams with whom we stay in contact with throughout the swim season. We collaborate with other teams about what meets we will be traveling to and other swimming events. We represent Appalachian State everywhere we go and throughout this year we have formed friendships with other collegiate teams. Our biggest accomplishment: The biggest accomplishment of the swim team this year has been hosting the largest meet ever held in the Student Recreation Center. We had over 200 swimmers competing from over ten different teams. Many teams came up to us during and after the meet and congratulated us on running such an efficient and fun meet. The officers and team members put a lot of hard work into making this meet happen, and the other teams recognized our hard work. New officers carrying on our legacy: The new officers have been committed to the team since joining and they know their responsibilities for the upcoming year. The new officers have been shown to represent Appalachian State in a professional and mature way. The officers of this year are confident leaving the team in the hands of the new officers. Haley Lingle, Secretary

2013-2014 Officers: Kelly Lineberry (President) Jake Schild (VP) Haley Lingle (Treasurer) Callie Strachan (Secretary) Taylor Scott (Club Sports Representative)

Photo Submitted by Haley Lingle

Photos Submitted by Anna Norwood

“This team has made my four years of college, it has given me the best friends I could ask for and I was able to continue to play a sport I love.� -President and Graduating Senior, Lizzy Lagasse

Some people say joining a club in college is too time consuming. Some think it’s too distracting. Joining a club sport is definitely a commitment, but the members of the Appalachian State Women’s Lacrosse Team would agree that joining Club Lacrosse is one of the best decisions they’ve made in college. At the end of their season, the ASU Women’s Lacrosse team looks back at a lot to be proud of. They showed huge improvements during every game, they hosted their first tournament and they became a true, bonded unit. Three seniors are graduating and will be greatly missed - President Lizzy Lagasse, Treasurer Emily Ayotte and low attack player Summer Jones. Lizzy and Summer played club lacrosse all four years of their college career and Emily played for three. Losing these three seniors is sad, but the team is excited to see them graduate and become successful.The team appointed four new officers for the 2013-2014 season. Alexis Brundage is the team’s new president, Molly Lancaster is vice president, Leigh Ann Haigh was appointed secretary and Carolyn Genay is the new treasurer. Losing two influential officers and a regular starter will definitely be a change for the team, but the new officers are prepared to continue the team’s success in the following season. “The other officers and I plan to continue our great team comradery and plan to set goals to challenge the team to be the best we can be,” said Alexis Brundage, the current secretary and new president. A lot of the girls agree that this season has been the best one since the team started. They won a lot of tough games, played hard, became very close knit and had a great time through it all. One of their greatest accomplishments this season was hosting their Mountaineer Meltdown Tournament. It was very exciting for the team to host a home tournament and to see so many teams travel to the High Country for the first time. ASU’s most exciting and impressive game was at their last tournament, the

Pomerstone Classic. They traveled to Martinsville, Va. for one of the biggest tournaments the team has participated in thus far. Their first game at Pomerstone was under the lights on a Friday night against Toledo, a D1 team from Ohio who will be attending the regional playoffs. ASU traveled to the tournament with high hopes – and their hard work paid off against Toledo. The Mountaineers beat the D1 team 12-9. At the end of it all, however, the girls agree that their most successful accomplishment this season was the bond that they had with one another. It was easy to tell how comfortable the team was on and off the field. Team bonding activities and close friendships created a dynamic that was hard to compete with. `“This team has made my four years of college,” president Lizzy Lagasse said. “It has given me the best friends I could ask for and I was able to continue to play a sport I love – while discovering, through education as well as leading the team, what I want to do after college. I could not have asked for a better team or Club Sports Program to help me grow into the person that I am.” The team has been nominated for an award from Club Council for this past season and they are excited to see what the next season has in store. Anna Norwood, Vice President 2013-2014 Officers: Alexis Brundage Molly Lancaster Leigh Ann Haigh Carolyn Genay Philicia Gibson

Wow! What a year it has been for the App State Equestrian Team! It has been a year of growing membership, better placings, and building team camaraderie. We have 6 wonderful seniors graduating including Katie Sedlmeyer, Lindsey Mullen, Mallery Patterson, Jennifer Gray, Leah Petrowski and Carrie Simms. We are sad to be losing 6 strong foundational members of our team. I believe most of them have been on the team since they were freshmen and have been HUGE contributors to getting the team to where it is today. We have elected new officers and created some new positions in the club so we can start to be EVEN MORE organized. Our team has accomplished so much this year! Our Hunt Seat team and Dressage teams finished 3rd overall in the region for the year. These are the best team finishes in our history! We sent 5 individual Hunt Seat riders and 1 Western rider to Regionals, (the first Western rider to ever go!), had 4 riders qualify for Dressage Seat Equitation Regionals and are sending 2 Dressage riders to Nationals this weekend (April 27-28). We had numerous first place finishes from individuals and even some High Point and Reserve High Point Champion riders. We also hosted two Intercollegiate Dressage Association competitions and started a Horse Development Committee dedicated to improving the training of our horses and developing new skills as riders. We have also taken a lot of time with the new officers to prepare them for our duties next year. We have discussed how to better motivate our team to participate in volunteer, fundraising and social activities as well as performing even better in the arena. We are really excited for our new officers as they are ready to continue to build an even bigger and better club next year! As always, it's GREAT to be a Mountaineer! Katelyn Young, President President: Morgan Erlenbach Vice President: Chloe Paddison Secretary:Halie Cunningham Treasure: Lexy Bridges HS Captain: Alison Davis Western Captain: Danielle Plourd Dressage Captain: Nikka H Extra Curricular Coordinator: Ali Ranson Show Committee Leader: Kaley Williams Horse Development Committee Leader: Haley McCune Webmaster: Lauren Wolfe Co-webmaster: Katherine Uva Council Representative: Katherine Uva

Photo taken by Deb Loffredo


Team Photos taken by Madison Frink

For our team the most memorable experience that Men’s Lacrosse had this year was going to Charleston to play College of Charleston and Citadel. On this trip we went 1-1, beating College of Charleston and losing to Citadel by 1 point. But what this trip really did for us was provide a bonding experience for all the players. Driving down to Charleston in two vans allowed a lot of our players to get to know people they maybe did not know before or just become closer with the ones they already knew. Also, beating College of Charleston was a great win for our team as it was a team we have never played before and it is a team that has always been relatively good. Although we lost against Citadel, that weekend we played the best and most consistent games this year.

To wrap up the season for the year I would say that overall we may not have achieved the record we wanted, but we became the team that we had the potential to be in the end. I feel that all of the officers that were elected will be very beneficial to the team and are the best people that could have been elected. I feel they will uphold the standards of our team and improve it in any way they can. My vision for the team next year is to continue to grow and improve their skills. I also hope that they will reach the playoffs next year for the 2nd time in our club’s history, the first of which was achieved my freshmen year. Scotty Murphy, Secretary

2013-2014 Officers President: Ben Smith VP: Grey Tampa Secretary: Charlie Wickboldt Treasurer: Keith Tenuto Photos taken by Megan ‘Mo’ Shaw

Fencing Club has had an

incredible year. As our season comes to a close, we look back fondly on all that we have been through over the past two semesters. This May marks the graduation of Joe Robertson, who has been with us for the past four years. Additionally, several of our members graduated at the end of the Fall semester. Heather Roberts, our previous President, and Cody Degenhart, who served as our Treasurer, left us this past fall. Though they may have ascended to higher levels of education and careers, we have hopes that we may one day meet again on the field of battle. Our team's goal this past year has been to advance in the Tier system. On our path to Black Tier, in addition to raising more funds than usual, we have been attending more competitions than before. We have traveled to tournaments at ECU, Mid-South Fencers' Club, Knights of Malta, UNC-G, taken part in the North Carolina Divisional Qualifiers, and have hosted our own tournament, Massacre on the Mountain. Fencing Club's biggest accomplishment this year was stepping up the number of competitions we traveled to and managing to have half of our members attend at least two of these competitions. The second most important accomplishment of the year is that we began training with Matthew Parmer. Parmer is a nationally ranked coach and has received numerous awards. To have such an impressive coach training us is going to be an amazing asset to us throughout the upcoming year when we plan to attend even more tournaments. Next year, our officers include Secretary Vlad Vedock, Treasurer Robert McClelland, Vice President Joshua Danford,

and President Bennett Hatfield. Additional officers include Alex Fogleman as Publicity Officer, who will handle public relations and take over Club Sports Illustrated articles as well as related outreach needs, and Michael Zanga as Armorer, a position that oversees all the equipment and repairs which is incredibly important in a sport like Fencing which relies heavily on scoring mechanisms and electric weaponry. Collectively, our goal is to take Fencing Club to even higher heights. Fencing Club represents Appalachian State and the diversity of sports that it offers. Beyond that, Fencing Club has been a part of the University since it's inception in 1899. It is true that Fencing Club may have dropped in notoriety and prestige in the past few years, especially for a club with such a legacy, but it is our mission to put AppState Fencing back on the map. We've laid a lot of groundwork this past year, so that next year we can put all of our effort into moving up. Keep an eye on Fencing Club next year, because we're going for the gold! Bennett Hatfield, Secretary

Photo taken by Chandler Jenkins

Snowboard Team’s season was a season like no other. With new members and awesome seniors, it was considered to be a privilege to be on such a great team. Although we enjoy having fun and getting to know the other teams more than focusing on the competition aspect of racing, the team was able to pull out some awesome accomplishments this season. The mens team ended up finishing third in the nation in Giant Slalom. With ten members going to Nationals this year as opposed to the two that went last year, the team was able to bring their A-Game and give the App State Snowboarding Team a National Title, something that both the men and the women’s team are very excited about. Taylor Bridges, a graduating senior this year, was able to place first in the USCSA Southeastern Conference after a very impressive final season. Elizabeth Gaston and Kim Ellison, also seniors this year, finished fourth and sixth in the conference, showing the rest of the Southeast that App State’s seniors are definitely an impressive group of people. When looking back on the season, not one member of the team had anything to be disappointed about. No matter how an individual did at an event, we all had each others backs and were ready to go out and ride each and every weekend and improve our times. Everyone on the team got along really well and all of us that are returning are already stoked for next year’s season. It is remarkable how much our team has grown within just the past couple of years, and can only hope that it will expand more and that word of the Snowboard Team will spread. None of us would change anything about the 2012-2013 season, and in this year alone with have learned so much, not just as individuals, but also as a team. Not only do we get excited to snowboard, but a certain pride is developed every time we get to show up to

Photos taken by Tyler Grandis and Laura Mowry

27 the mountain in black and yellow. People tend to have high expectations for our team, and we are excited to say that we feel as if we did not disappoint this season. All of us love our school and none of us would want to be representing any other school than App State. All of the team members loved this year’s officers and they were responsible for much of the motivation for other team members to step up and take leadership positions for next season. Kim Ellison was a huge reason that the team was able to run as smoothly as it did at every event that we went to. Whenever an issue arose or the when team needed another fundraising idea, Kim was on top of it and was able to give the whole team all of the information that we needed. None of us truly understood the amount of work that went into being the president of the team until we saw what Kim was responsible for on a weekly basis and all of us were extremely appreciative to have her take on that leadership position this past season. The new officers are pumped to take on the challenges that holding an officer position entitles solely because we all love our team. Although last year’s leaders will be hard to match up to, the new officers are more than ready to be able to help out the team in any way that they can and the teams legacy will definitely be carried out. The returning members are excited for next season already and are hoping to pick up some new members along the way. We all wish that the season did not go by as fast as it did, but look forward for the ones to come. We want to thank everyone who has supported us this season and to wish all of our graduating seniors the best of luck as they move on to the next chapter in their lives. Have a great summer and we’ll see you all on the slopes soon enough! Megan Page, Member 2013-2014 Officers: Tyler Grandis- President Byron Dollar- Vice President Alex MartinTreasurer Shannon Hildebrandt- Secretary Katrina Matza and Megan Page- Club Sports Representatives John Shumacher- Freestyle Captain Jackson Grotophorst- Swag Captain Jordan Maxwell- Mascot/Social Chair

Photos Submitted by Ashley Cutrell

It is hard to believe that the 2012-2013 school year has already come to an end. It seems like just yesterday the Appalachian State Ski Team was meeting on Duck Pond for the first time to begin dryland training. During the preseason, our team bonded very quickly. In addition to workouts, we all went to football games, out for team dinners, out to concerts, hiked on nice days, and backpacked in a blizzard. The ASU Ski Team became more than just a team to all of us, they became our best friends. As the time got closer for the mountain to open, Dr. Kosmala, our faculty advisor, led a classroom coaching lesson to get us hyped up for the season. It served as a great refresher of the fundamentals of racing and his passion drove us to success later in the season. Sugar Mountain opened October 31st this season, the earliest opening ever. The ASU Ski Team was repping hard at the mountain. The first few chairs that went up were filled with our team! Many kids came out to hit the slopes for the first time in months and everyone was just blissful. Although Sugar Mountain is nothing compared to out west, it has become our home. Our team knows every trail, tree, bump, and rock on that mountain. Our first race this season was at Beech Mountain in Banner Elk, North Carolina. Unfortunately, our president, Rosie Hewitt, tore her ACL on the first run on the first race. It was heartbreaking for us to watch because it was a season ending injury, but in a way it brought us all closer. Our team began to ski for Rosie and took her dedication to that run and implemented it in our racing. She always joked, "First or First Aid." Not to mention both our Men's and Women's team placed first in that race. We had great coaches that inspired us to come to the mountain every day, regardless of the conditions. Our coaches worked hard with us leading different drills and setting gates. All of our hard work this year led us to regionals and that is simply a success all on its own. Wrapping up the season, I could not be more proud of our team. We recruited a lot of individuals this year. Watching the newcomers progress is a great feeling as a leader. It has only been a few weeks, but I already miss packing up the car every Friday afternoon and getting back late Sunday nights. We are all already looking forward to next season! We are sad to be losing our president, Rosie Hewitt, and seniors, Teagan Miller, and Tanner Grech. However, looking forward, we have great officers in place. The new officers are Ashley Cutrell as President, Trevor Thomas as Vice President, Matthew Brodie as Treasurer, and Dixon Styres as Secretary and Club Council Representative. Skiing is a special sport, especially in the Southeast. It only comes for 5 months during the year and our team did an awesome job of making the most out of it! Ashley Cutrell, President

Two nights of fun and games spent cheering on our Men and Women’s Varisty Basketball Teams and representing the Club Sports Program! We had about 100 Club Sports players come out to each night, so we took up a big chunk of the student section. Throughout the night our teams were up against each other to win several competitions we had going on like ‘Best Dressed Team’, ‘Loudest Cheering Team’, and ‘Most Unified Team’. The awards for these competitions were sponsored by local Boone businesses. A great time was had by all, and just like every year, we displayed some mad skills during the half-time Rubber Chicken Toss extravaganza!

Photos taken by Madison Frink



Photos taken by Madison Frink

Symposium t

An opportunity for Club teams and their current and future officers to brainstorm for next season, Club Sports Symposium is an event we have every spring and it’s where work gets done! Symposium is a time set aside before everyone leaves for the summer to plan for the upcoming Fall Semester. How will we run practices? Who’s in charge of the roster? How will we recruit new players? Teams discuss questions like these during Symposium. Also, we just get a chance to hang out together and eat some good pizza!

Thankful for the encouragement and advice we received from two of our leaders in Student Development, Associate Vice Chancellor, Mr. Dino DiBernardi (Above Left) and Associate Vice Chancellor and Dean of Students, Mr. J.J. Brown (Above Right).

Club Sports Banquet

Photos taken by Madison Frink

“Team of the Year” Women’s Lacrosse

Photo Comp Winner:

: Equestrian


“Most Appreciated” Michael Neve Men’s Ultimate

“Officer of the Year” Katelyn Young Equestrian

“Turn Around Club of the Year” Snowboard


Congratulations Equestrian Team for having your photo

2013 Photo Comp

selected as the

Club Sports

WINNER Photographer: Joey Johnson Team Affiliation: Equestrian Subject: Katelyn Young Location: Townsend Farm -

Foothills Equestrian Center

Congratulations a to all of our Club Spor

Thank you to all that you have the program. W Alpine Ski Tanner Grech Teagan Miller

Baseball Ryan Glass Stephen Gunderson Nick Vaughn

Women’s Basketball Morgan Page Alex Reese

Climbing Audrey Burton Brandon Clement Melise Edwards Jeremy Parnell Dallas Pitts

Cycling Kelly Perkins

Michael Potter Davier Scott James Wittwer

Equestrian Jennifer Gray Lindsey Mullen Mallery Patterson Leah Petrowski Katie Sedlmeyer Carrie Simms

Fencing Cody Degenhart Heather Roberts Joe Robertson

Ice Hockey Cale Bowman

Men’s Lacrosse Ben Berolzheimer Andy Borgione

and GOOD LUCK rts Graduating Seniors!

e done for your team and for We’ll miss you! Derek Chamberlin David Ferguson Jack Gibbs Dylan Godbout Alex Mason Scott Murphy David Russell Brian Spellman

Women’s Lacrosse Emily Ayotte Summer Jones Lizzy Lagasse

Snowboard Taylor Bridges Kim Ellison Cameron Herritt Elizabeth Gaston Travis Ott

Swim Kristian Hellem Kara Rauch

Men’s Ultimate Justin Allen Shane Fluet Jordan Long Michael Neve Zach Vanderplate

Women’s Ultimate Anna Fletcher Jessica Resler Hannah Teagle

Women’s Volleyball Olani Allen Amanda Davis Beth Dunton Rebecca Haynes Tia Joyce Samantha Rouse

Executive’s Corner

a final word from our awesome executives...

Being an Executive Officer for the Club Sports program has been a rewarding experience. Every day I was faced with new challenges and was able to test my ability to adapt. Working closely with my 7 teams, I was able to learn about sports I knew nothing about. This not only has helped me to be a well-rounded person, but be able to see the bigger picture of club sports. I learned there may be 20 teams that all bring a different perspective to the table and have different needs or definitions of success, but at the end of the day, it’s all 20 teams combined that lay the foundation for this amazing program. Next year the program welcomes 3 great leaders, Jessie, Taylor and Tyler. They will be a great addition to the program and I know they will work hard daily to leave behind a legacy unlike anything club sports has ever seen before. I want to wish them the best of luck and let them know that hard work and perseverance will pay off in the end and they will feel so accomplished when reflecting on their experience. I would like to leave the future executives as well as the Club Sports program a quote that has truly guided my life this year: “The best journeys in life are those that answer questions you never thought to ask.” ~ Rich Ridgeway Photos taken by Madison Frink

Emily Ayotte, Club Sports Executive


Some Family Photos of Your Club Sports Staff

May 3, 2013  

Here are the stories of App State's Club Sports as told by our Athletes in this issue of the Club Sports Illustrated

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