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Astra Nails world of beauty is a reflection of our creations colourful, imaginative and daring. With Astra Nails, every woman can satisfy all her demands: beautiful right to the tips of her fingers! We have 25 years of experience and have carried on the traditions of quality and service that have marked our success from the start while developing the brand internationally. Our designers and chemists do not stop innovating and incorporating this constant research into excellent products. These products are developed in our own research centres. They are all subjected to checks and tests which are currently in force. We try to respond to every need of our clientele and to offer them a world of pleasure. We are proud of the excellence of our training centres and of our professional teams who are on hand seven days a week. Within the pages of this brochure, you are invited to discover what makes us special.

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Welcome to the world of beautiful hands and nails !


Beautiful hands and nails

How it all started


Our commitment


Research & development


Innovations & exclusive products


Our products


Our techniques


Training centres & training


Refresh Days


Warehouse & logistics


After-sales service


Paul et Sonia Janssens Joint Directors of ASTRA NAILS



hoW it all starteD The creation of the Astra Nails group is the work of several people. Hidden behind the company’s history is a little girl who bit her nails… 4

When she took her daughter to have her nails done, Gisèle Janssens discovered by chance a profession that would completely change her life. An address on a bottle of nail polish led her to the Netherlands where she met the distributor of the Ralph brand. In 1985, Gisèle Janssens started working successfully in the retail trade and sold these Dutch products. In June 1989, she invested in the depot which belonged to her husband, Léon. The adventure would from then on be a family affair. After that, everything happened very quickly - departure for the USA to find new products, the creation of the Astra Nails brand, the extension of the range (gel, resin, nail decoration, etc.). They were soon joined by their children, Sonia and Paul. Nowadays, the company is based on branches, distributors and training centres dedicated to the teaching of nail styling. They make their own products and work together with a research and development laboratory. From then on, the Astra Nails group was able to charm customers from Europe to Australia.

Your satisfaction our priority

our commitment

“When I was a little girl, I used to bite my nails...

An Astra Nails product is designed with a single objective: to be the best of its kind. Astra Nails is created under our own serene conditions to reassure the professionals: for every product, the best basic ingredients are used. Once created, it is tested for at least six months before being placed on the market. Our company is constantly concerned about the quality of our products, services and staff. For us, every partner is unique. A commercial relationship with a particular partner is above all a personal relationship. The aim of our high level of training is to open an Nail Studio or the setting up of a product distribution centre.


Continual research...

exclusive and innovative astra nails products We are constantly innovating and coming up with product ranges that follow trends and are adapted to the needs and comfort of our customers. Our greatest successes have been the creation of a bottle for gel that does not run or clogg, the only solid nail construction gel which does not heat up under a UV lamp, Easy removable gels, nail polish bottles with a at brush for easy application, etc. And many other innovations yet to be discovered! The Astra Nails brand uses its own nail adhesion technique.

“It’s a bit too hot... When a customer reports a mishap connected to the use of a particular product, the Astra Nails laboratory looks for the best way to deal with the problem. 6

research & DeVeloPment This is the first solid gel which does not heat up under a UV lamp. The Research and Development laboratory came up with this innovation. The quality of the Astra Nails range is the result of bringing together many different talents. The designers created the bottles and labels. A chemist working for the Astra Nails brand worked out new formulas which were the result of extremely advanced research in terms of performance. Women were asked to try out these new products under the supervision of researchers and chemists. The products satisfied all standards in force and were tested for allergens. The continual research carried out at Astra Nails also contributes to the comfort and long-lasting effect of its products and for the best way to train those people working with the brand in all its beauty centres.

Exclusive Innovation 2009 : UV gel jar designed by Astra Nails.


our ProDucts

A unique palette and exclusive innovations!


Our collections get their inspiration from the latest trends and follow the colours of the season. They also reflect the wishes and tastes of our customers.

multiple possibilities!

Create without limit!

The Astra Nails line consists of a very large range of products (false nails, natural nails, wide choice of nail polish, complete hand care, several types of acrylic (for beginners, professionals or advanced), a very wide choice in Nail Art (painting, glitters, stickers, rhinestones, feathers, piercing), several types of brushes for acrylic application, Nail Art gel, nail files, various nail polish application accessories, display packs, overalls, T-shirts, and a complete range of gels (gels with varied adhesion, pink opaque and pink translucent construction gels, transparent gels, liquid gels, thickeners, finishing gels), TIPS (stick-on nails that are used as a support to lengthen the nail). More than ever, nail styling is doing fantastically well! Daring styles, texture sensuality, freedom to choose colours and designs, all the Astra Nails collections are designed to sweep you off your feet!


Become a nail stylist:

Our techniques A.N.S .

(Astra Nail Systems)

The ANS system is the result of a mixture of three different products. The method consists of applying a bonder, acrylic powder and a fixing agent. The ANS system is very easy to learn and training only takes a few hours of practice during a few training sessions.

UV gel The UV gel technique consists of applying a gelatinous substance to the nail which has to be polymerised using an ultra violet ray. This method is currently the most popular. It takes less time and training than mastering acrylic resin techniques. A few weeks of practice are needed to obtain an aesthetic and long-lasting result.

Acrylic resin Acrylic resin is an exact mixture of a liquid component (monomer) and a powder component (polymer or homopolymer). Acrylic resin is the oldest method of nail application and requires several hours of practice. Training is more difficult than for other types of applications but we consider that it is better than all the others.


Manicure A technique which uses traditional care of the hands and nails, training in lukewarm manicure, paraffin application, Pure Care treatment, the application of nail polish to coloured nails and of course “French Manicure�.

Beautiful feet IThis is a complete foot treatment using aesthetic pedicure techniques, the application of French Manicure with UV gel and permanent colour (lasting more than six weeks).

Nail Art or nail decoration The most popular models are highly coloured. Can be customised with glitter, rhinestones or piercing for even more imaginative and original designs.


Customised courses! For nail stylists, Astra Nails has developed trainingtechniques which ensure that they end their training with success. From the simplest to the most complex, Astra Nails centres train nail stylists to gain know-how and professionalism. The centres can be found all over Belgium and all over the world.


training centres & courses Whatever the country, these centres practice the same training methods and use state-of-the-art material. All the training venues are pleasant and comfortable and led by experts in the profession. These are places where professional training is carried out with enthusiasm and efficiency. Our training courses are suitable for everyone, whether they are beginners or for those who have already mastered the basics. Our programmes are constantly updated and given by professionals authorised by Astra Nails. They provide the opportunity for participants to constantly develop and perfect their art while continuing to work. This is indispensable to keep updated on new techniques, to make progress in one’s profession and to expand one’s clientele. Training in basic techniques: tThis course takes place once a week, for a period of six weeks. It is possible to follow advanced training on request only and depends on the availability of the trainer. Training sessions require a model to practise on. At the end of the training period, the trainee can take part in the Refresh Days for one year. These Refresh Days are essential to get the most out of basic training. To acquire speed in application, only practice makes perfect. Specialisation training: this is given after acquiring basic techniques and varies depending on the training centre - open days, themed Nail Art, hand care, new techniques, piercing, etc. Those who do not yet use Astra Nails products can find out about them and ask any questions they may have. Compound modules: this course covers two or three different techniques at the same time enabling the trainee to become a versatile nail stylist.

refresher & training courses

Refresh Days complete basic training and provide a customised follow-up session with a trainer. These are also sessions where other techniques are demonstrated or other products presented in the context of a method already acquired. Once trained, students have permanent access to one of Astra Nails centres so that they can perfect their knowledge or specialise. “Training Days” is a new training concept which helps the student to find models while perfecting his or her art while at the same time receiving a salary.


our outlets

A warm welcome


& logistics The Astra Nails network can be found practically anywhere in beauty centres, distributors and training centres. The Brussels headquarters houses a training centre and several warehouses. In every branch, customers are welcomed with the same professional approach and can benefit from the same care and products.

We have 4,200 m2 of storage space! Stock is permanent and automated. Orders are therefore always filled in real time without interruption. Whatever the destination or size of the dispatch, Astra Nails puts all its resources at its customers’ disposal to deliver its products within tight deadlines.

after-sales service and guarantees All our teams satisfy EC standards, a guarantee of quality and trust. You can count on our professional approach. Our technical department can repair any machine including those of our competitors. For even more satisfaction, we give a two-year guarantee on all material.

To go even further in the world of ASTRA NAILS, visit our website You will have access to the latest information about the brand and find out about our complete range.


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704c, Bergensesteenweg - 1600 St-Pieters-Leeuw Tel : +32 (0)2 377.96.53 - Fax : +32 (0)2 378.47.53 email :

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