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Site Visit, Oxford, United Kingdom, 14 September 2007 In association with Isis Enterprise September 2007 ASTP started the first serie of fly-in, fly-out site visits that ASTP is organising to leading Technology Transfer Offices around Europe. We learned from the first one that these visits give valuable insights into the way that such offices operate, and of their organisation, genesis and underlying principles – vastly more than listening to any presentation or visiting any website. The take-home messages are likely to be very personal – it’ll be down to individual members to decide what they can apply back in their own environment. This one day event is structured to a series of talks – but with plenty of time for facilitated discussion. Numbers are limited to 40 participants in order to preserve an informal atmosphere. We are doing everything we can to keep the administration and participant costs right down – including on-line credit-card-only registration and a timetable that allows you to fly in and fly out on the same day.

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Arrive and Coffee Technology Transfer at Oxford - Overview Isis Project Management (would include overview of activities from idea disclosure to final deal with the focus on the process followed when licensing technology) Lunch Legal Support and Agreements Spin-outs and Portfolio Management Tea/coffee Spin-out case study Wrap up and Close

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Site visit 2007 isis enterprise  

Site visit 2007 isis enterprise  

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