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NEWSLETTER The new ASTP-Proton website, your one-stop shop for all things ASTP-Proton What’s inside: Membership update Features of the new website A guide on how to use the new ASTP-Proton website A primer on the ASTP-Proton Annual Conference in May Events news, Upcoming events, Partners’events Committee updates, News from the HQ Tech transfer news


Letter from the editor The new ASTP-Proton identity

Dear ASTP-Proton members,

Colors and fonts

We welcome you to the first issue of the ASTP-Proton newsletter in 2014. There have been a lot of changes in the association since the last newsletter was issued. As promised, ASTP-Proton now uses a new logo, house style and website. We launched all these in January.

Georgia regular

Nexa bold H E LV E T I C A N E U E L I G H T

These changes strengthen the ASTP-Proton brand and illustrates the merger of the two biggest European knowledge and technology transfer associations -- ASTP and Proton Europe.


R: 31%

G: 142%

B: 205%


C: 78%

M: 32%

Y: 0 %

K: 0%

Logo on different backgrounds

On the right hand, you will see the colors and fonts used to produce the ASTP-Proton logo and how it Georgia regular looks like on various backgrounds. The same logo is Nexa bold used in this newsletter. H E LV E T I C A N E U E L I G H T RGB

R: 31%

G: 142%

B: 205%

The merger of ASTP and Proton Europe is just the beginning of a better and larger pan-European association for professionals involved in knowledge transfer between universities and industry. CMYK

C: 78%

M: 32%

Y: 0 %

K: 0%

There’s more to come, so stay tuned. In the meantime, enjoy your copy of the ASTP-Proton newsletter. Kind regards, ASTP-Proton Communications

Membership update As of 30 April 2014, ASTP-Proton has 712 members from 37 countries and more than 250 institutions. Members can download a copy of current ASTP-Proton members from the Members-only area of the website that is restricted for ASTP-Proton members only. #

712 members 37 countries 250 institutions

ASTP-Proton Quarterly Newsletter | 2014 - 1

(as of 30 April 2014)


Features of the new website Smartphone and tablet-friendly The new ASTP-Proton website is clean, modern and can be viewed on all devices: desktop screens of all sizes, tablet and smartphone. So wherever you are whenever, you can visit the website for all your ASTP-Proton-related needs.

Social networking included Remember when all members had one username and password to access the documents for members? This is no longer the case with the new website. The new website enables ASTP-Proton to empower every member, every client to have his/her own username and password. All these users have their own profiles which they can use to connect with each other.

Webshop capability With the new ASTP-Proton website, you can do more than browse for association updates and connect with your peers. You can also sign up for events and shop for ASTP-Proton products such as the Impact Report for Europe and Salary Survey report.

Customizable and scalable The ASTP-Proton website is powered by the content management system Wordpress. Wordpress is an easy and popular website system that is backed by a large community of developers. This means that if we need additional functionality, pages or articles in the website, it can easily be added or created.

ASTP-Proton Quarterly Newsletter | 2014 - 1


What happens when you log in? By this time, you have received a username and password with which you can log in to the new website of ASTP-Proton. As soon as you log in, you will see a navigation bar under your photo or avatar. Here’s a walkthrough of the navigation:

Click to check your messages.

Click to check who your “friends” are. No friends yet? Click on MEMBERS on the right-hand side of the page and invite your peers to connect with you!

Made for document Upload documents to share with peers load documents stri members only.

Click to view your profile.

Click to edit your profile.

t s wha Show bought in e you’v bshop. e w e th

Want to change your photo? Click on “change avatar”.

Shows which group you are signed up or where you can sign up for.

ASTP-Proton Quarterly Newsletter | 2014 - 1

Sh ar


t sharing. you want or downictly for Change your email address, password how you share your shopping behaviour and what notifications you want to receive via email.

hows which forums re available.

ASTP-Proton Quarterly Newsletter | 2014 - 1


What to expect at the ASTP

Conference venue: Radisson Blu Plaza Ho

14 May

15 May

12.30-15.30 | TT Primer Moderator: Karen Laigaard, TTO Director, University of Copenhagen, Denmark Venue: Hagen 2, Forskningsparken, Gaustadalleen 21, 0349 Oslo

07.45 | RTTP breakfast meeting Venue: Kunst, Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel

13.00 – 17.00 | Half day masterclasses Masterclass: ‘Valuation of Early Stage Spin-outs’ Trainer: Jeff Skinner, Executive Director, Deloitte Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, London Business School, UK Venue: Hagen 1, Forskningsparken, Gaustadalleen 21, 0349 Oslo Masterclass: Post-licensing management - ‘Getting the right share of the deal’ Trainer: Raja Sengupta, Chartered Accountant, IP Royalty Management and Audit, Equal IP, UK Venue: Hagen 3, Forskningsparken, Gaustadalleen 21, 0349 Oslo

12.30- 16.00 | National Association Advisory Committee (NAAC) inaugural meeting Moderator: Michel Morant, Vice President, ASTP-Proton Venue: CIENS Via, Forskningsparken, Gaustadalleen 21, 0349 Oslo

15.45-18.00 | Guided Tour Meeting point: Hotel lobby, Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel

18.00 | Welcome Reception Venue: Oslo Military Society, Myntgata 3, 0151 Oslo 19.30 | European Forum for Knowledge Transfer Directors Moderator: Karl Klingsheim, managing Director, NTNU Technology Transfer AS, Norway Venue: Engebret Café, Bankplassen 1, 0151 Oslo, Norway

08.15 | Registration desk opens 09.00 - 17.00 | Conference proper Venue: Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel

OPENING PLENARY, 09.00 - 10.30 Opening | Sara Matt-Leubner, President, AS Welcome to Oslo Profile, puzzle and priorities in the Norwegian BREAK, 10.30 - 11.00

First parallel session, 11.00 - 12.15 Track I: Intellectual/Knowledge Resources | M • Information sources - challenges in acce • Project and market evaluation in TechTr Track II: Financial Resources | Moderator: K Financing the equity gap in technology trans Track III: Human Resources | Moderator: Mic Making the TTO work: how do we get the mo LUNCH, 12.15 - 13.45

Knowledge Stock Exchange, 13.45 - 15.15 • The information corner • Face-to-face meetings: Schedule your 1 collaboration or experience sharing • Initiative sharing: Discuss an initiative tha you encountered and share with your int • Special Interest Meeting: EasyAccessIP

Second parallel session, 15.45 - 17.00 Track I | Moderator: Massimiliano Granieri Why IP matters Track II | Moderator: Jörn Erselius Why should we invest in your IP? Track III | Moderator: Heather Thompson Managing Human Resources in Entrepreneu

17.00 - 18.00 | General Assembly (members o Venue: Olympia room, Radisson Blu Plaza Hote 18.30 | Conference dinner Venue: Posthallen Restaurant, Prinsens gate 8,

ASTP-Proton Quarterly Newsletter | 2014 - 1


P-Proton annual conference

otel | Tevlingveien 21, 1081 Oslo, Norway

16 May 07.00 | ASTP-Proton run Meeting point: Hotel lobby, Park Inn by Radisson Blu Hotel & Conference Centre Oslo Alna 09.00 - 15.45 | Conference proper Venue: Park Inn by Radisson Blu Hotel & Conference Centre Oslo Alna PLENARY, 09.00 - 10.30 Moderator: Sara Matt-Leubner, ASTP-Proton President The UK Impact Agenda: what does it mean and why we should care?


n science and innovation system

BREAK, 10.30 - 11.00

Moderator: Marta Catarino essing the right info for the job and who can provide it ransfer Karen Laigaard sfer chel Morant ost out of our TTO teams?

Third parallel session, 11.00 - 12.15 Track I | Moderator: Karen Laigaard Generating value from Social Sciences and Humanities (SS&H) Track II | Moderator: Christian Stein Attracting big funds for our activities Track III | Moderator: Paul Van Dun TTO Partnerships: a necessary evil to obtain funding LUNCH, 12.15 - 13.15

1-on-1 meetings to explore options for

at you came up with for a problem that ternational TT colleagues

Fourth parallel session, 13.15 - 14.30 Track I | Moderator: Ruth Herzog Networks and alliances with industry Track II | Moderator: Marc Le Gal Instruments and funding provided by Horizon 2020: something for you? Track III | Moderator: Koen Verhoef Valorisation 2.0: Dutch roadmap for a new TT model BREAK, 14.30 - 14.45

urship - beyond Entrepreneurs

only) el, 0135 Oslo 0152 Oslo

FINAL PLENARY, 14.45 - 15.45 Moderator: Sara Matt-Leubner, ASTP-Proton President How to implement ’social responsible licensing’ at your university CLOSING, 15.45

Download the programme >

ASTP-Proton Quarterly Newsletter | 2014 - 1


Events news January training courses get high appreciation rates


The first batch of training courses organized by ASTP-Proton this year received an appreciation rate of 8.8 and 8.0. This applied to Fundamentals on technology transfer and Technology licensing respectively.

ASTP-Proton Training courses

A total of 30 participants joined the fundamentals training while 36 delegates completed the licensing course. Both courses were held in Leuven, Belgium on 22-24 January 2014. The second batch of training courses will take place in Budapest, Hungary on 24-26 September 2014. Next to the fundamentals course, the advanced course Creating successful spin-outs is also being organized. For more information on both courses, please visit our the training courses website. #

RATE CARD Site visit Imperial College London


Fundamentals of technology transfer


Technology licensing


Appreciation for site visit to Imperial College London means more to come The previous site visit to Imperial College London on 31 March 2014 kicked-off a series of site visits to come. 30 delegates from different countries and institutions formed the group which had the opportunity to listen to presentations about corporate partnerships, innovations, consultancy and venture capitals of Imperial College London. The openness of the presenters stimulated lively and vibrant discussions and gave many interesting insights. The tour through the Imperial Innovations Incubator added an extra dimension to this site visit. The group returned home with new ideas and energy to get their work done.

This fruitful one-day event received an appreciation rate of 9.2. If you wish to attend one of our inspiring upcoming site visits, please keep an eye on our event calendar. The next site visit will be to IMEC in Belgium in October. The exact date has yet to be picked but shall be revealed soon. If you wish to be placed on our waiting list for this site visit, send an email to #

ASTP-Proton Quarterly Newsletter | 2014 - 1


Upcoming events


Fundamentals of technology transfer Creating successful spin-outs

24-26 September 2014 Budapest, Hungary

(20 CE points each)

FALL MEETING 12 - 14 November 2014 Prague, Czech Republic

(10 CE points)

Partners’ events IPBC Business Congress 10% discount for ASTP-Proton members, contact HQ for more information 22-24 June 2014 | Amsterdam, The Netherlands Fostering Innovation and Transfer 25% discount for ASTP-Proton members, contact HQ for more information 2-3 December 2014 | Lille, France *an ASTP-Proton workshop will be held the day before, more information to be announced

ASTP-Proton Quarterly Newsletter | 2014 - 1


Committee updates Ruth Herzog is new member of the ASTP-Proton Programming Committee Ruth Herzog joined the Programming Committee at the previous ASTP-Proton fall conference in Warsaw, Poland on 18 October 2013. She is currently the head of the Office of Technology Transfer, Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum (DKFZ, German Cancer Research Center). As head of DKFZ’s Office of Technology Transfer, Ruth M. Herzog enjoys a rich experience and knowledge in technology transfer (including benchmarking technology transfer operations), licensing, intellectual property management and business development, especially in the field of cancer. In 2011 she earned an M.A. in economics and management from Technical University of Kaiserslautern and became a Certified Licensing Professional (CLP). #

Ruth joined the Programming Committee in October 2013.

News from the HQ Claar-els van Delft to step down as General Manager of ASTP-Proton headquarters After 13 years of dedicated service to ASTP and later on ASTP-Proton, Claar-els van Delft has decided to step down as General Manager of the association in June 2014. The Board has accepted this decision with regret because Claar-els has been at the heart of the association since it started and they have highly valued her contribution and friendship. ASTP-Proton President Sara Matt-Leubner expressed gratitude for Claarels’s dedication and expertise over the past 13 years as she has steered the association to its current position. She emphasized Claar-els’s role as the leading figure in the association who has brought a great deal to the community.

Claar-els served as General Manager of ASTP-Proton for 13 years.

The Board has also chosen Claar-els’s successor whom they hope to introduce to the ASTP-Proton community at the annual conference in Oslo. For those who would like to personally say goodbye, Claar-els will be at the ASTP-Proton annual conference. #

ASTP-Proton Quarterly Newsletter | 2014 - 1

Strengthen your brand and showcase your products and services to more year.

than 500 individuals attending our events each

Boost your presence at the conferences and dynamic networking opportunities.

Be a sponsor today!

Sponsorships 2014

ASTP-Proton Quarterly Newsletter | 2014 - 1


K/TT news ENTENTE launches 3rd call for Professional Exchange Programme ENTENTE, the FP7 project for technology transfer in health just launched the 3rd Professional Exchange Programme. Within the framework of the ENTENTE Professional Exchange Programme, European tech transfer officers will have the opportunity to learn and work in renowned investment firms, venture capitalist offices, big pharmas and tech transfer offices across the world. The first two calls of the ENTENTE Professional Exchange Programme were participated in by renowned organisations within the health ecosystem such as Ascenion, Bergen, MRCT, SROne, Novartis Venture Fund and the Wellcome Trust attracting candidates from all over Europe. The hosting organisations to welcome candidates will be Lilly (UK), Edinburgh BioQuarter (Scotland), Université Libre de Bruxelles (Belgium), University of Mons (Belgium) and the Brazilian TTOs of the Fiocruz Foundation and of the Pontifical University of Rio Grande do Sul for this 3rd call. Get your candidacy ready by 18 May 2014 and benefit from the ENTENTE Professional Exchange Programme! More information can be found on If you’re coming to Oslo, you

We value your contributions. The ASTP-Proton newsletter is published on a quarterly basis. This is received by hundreds of ASTP-Proton members. If you have anything to contribute -- technology transfer stories, events -- you may contact our Communications Manager Mrs. Chared Verschuur-Ballo.

We do not make mistakes.

Special Note for Technology Transfer Professionals from Brazil A collaboration within the framework of the ENTENTE Professional Exchange Programme with the B.BICE+ project (European funded project under FP7) makes the 3rd Call of the ENTENTE Professional Exchange Programme open to Brazilian Technology Transfer Professionals in Health! Please refer to the website section Brazilian candidates on the ENTENTE website for more information on this subject. # will be able to hear the experience of last call’s staff exchange participant. As the ENTENTE will also have a booth in Oslo, you can also register for the exchange programme there. #

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We wish! If you find anything here that needs to be amended, send a message to T h i s n ewsle tte r is produ c e d on a qu a r te rl y basi s by AST P-Pro to n. AST P-Pro to n i s the premi er, pan-Euro pea n as s oci ati on f o r p r o f e ssion a ls in volve d in kn owle dge transfer between uni versi ti es and i ndustry. By pro mo ti ng and pro fes s i onal i zi ng k n o w l e dge tr a n sfe r pr a c tic e , th e a ssoc iati o n ai ms to enhance the i mpact o f publ i c research o n so ci ety and the econom y . A S T P - P r oton is a n ot-for -pr ofit or ga n isa ti o n l o cated i n Lei den, T he N etherl ands. UR L : www.a stp-pr oton .e u | E ma il: headquarters@astp-pro to | T : 0031 (0) 71 7113511 | F : 0031 (0) 71 7113512

ASTP-Proton newsletter 2014  

ASTP-Proton newsletter for spring, 2014.

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