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MBA Develop the real-world expertise and critical decision-making skills that are in high-demand in contemporary business.

Business Administration


“Offered the best return on investment for my career.” –

Ledia Dilo, MBA ’14 Assistant Vice President, Member Care Services BJ’s Wholesale Club, Westborough, MA

“The Assumption MBA really stood out for offering the best return on investment: superior quality at a reasonable cost. I’m very satisfied with what I took from the experience. It perfectly fit my needs for a rich and flexible curriculum that allowed me to manage a demanding career with the responsibilities of being a Mom of young children. You walk away a winner here. The core classes offer in-depth expertise in all crucial functional areas, yet students have the flexibility to pursue specific interests in depth. It’s very much a learning laboratory in which professionals from diverse backgrounds bring their business experiences to small, dynamic classes and then integrate the learning immediately in their careers. It truly enriches your business acumen.”

Assumption College National Recognition • Ranked in the U.S. News & World Report “2014 Best Colleges” ratings of approximately 200 universities in the North that offer bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Most recent ranking at the time of publication: #31 in 2015. • Recognized as one of the best colleges in the United States in the 2015 edition of The Best 379 Colleges by The Princeton Review. Only approximately 15 percent of America’s 2,500 four-year colleges and only four colleges outside the United States are profiled in the book, which is The Princeton Review’s flagship guide.

Reach Your full Potential as a High impact Decision Maker in Business.

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n eARLY CAReeR tRACK MBA – tRACKs: • MANAGeMeNt • ACCouNtiNG • sPoRts BusiNess & LeADeRsHiP n CeRtifiCAte of ADvANCeD GRADuAte stuDY iN BusiNess (C.A.G.s.)

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n fouNDAtioNs iN BusiNess/MBA PRePARAtoRY PRoGRAM

• KNoW strategic management concepts that work in the real world; • Do what it takes to apply those concepts effectively and in a principled manner; • Be a true leader by engaging in today’s economic and financial world in light of the principles of human dignity and the common good. On behalf of my colleagues, I offer you a warm welcome to the MBA program at Assumption College. We hope that you will find the program to be just what is needed to help you fully realize your professional and personal aspirations. A great deal of care and effort has been applied to design the very best program—one that will transform your career and life. In addition to a comprehensive set of highest quality courses, the Assumption College MBA program is known for its collegial atmosphere. Our faculty members work directly with each student to maximize learning. The program offers the following distinctive advantages: • With principled leadership as the key animating idea of the program, the curriculum emphasizes ethics and values in business. • The College’s Catholic identity and liberal arts tradition distinguishes and enhances a rigorous business curriculum. • Faculty hold high-level degrees, possess real-world experience and offer diverse perspectives. • Ideal for students not holding undergraduate business degrees who can take advantage of our “Foundations” courses providing core knowledge in all facets of business. • Fellow students build professional networks and learn from each other.

If you are driven to become the very best business leader possible, we believe you will flourish as the newest member of the Assumption College MBA learning community.

• High program quality and relatively low tuition make the Assumption College MBA a wise investment. • Students apply new skills and knowledge immediately at work. • The Assumption campus is convenient, safe and welcoming.

Eric Drouart, MSBA Director, MBA/Master of Business Administration Program | 1

Master of Business Administration / MBA our Graduates Hold Diverse Leadership Roles in a Range of organization types in Many industries. The MBA program is designed to provide professional preparation primarily for those who wish to study on a part-time basis. In addition, the program offers a full-time Early Career Track (ECT) for recent college graduates, the Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies (C.A.G.S.) and the Certificate of Graduate Studies (C.G.S.). Our 36-credit MBA program provides the opportunity for qualified persons to develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes and habits that constitute a foundation for career growth and development in the private, nonprofit and public sectors. Study is required in the key functional areas of management. Additionally, students may focus their study in one of the following areas of concentration: • Accounting • Finance/Economics • Human Resources • International Business • Management • Marketing • Nonprofit Leadership • Early Career Track (3 options): Management, Accounting, Sport Business and Leadership Alternatively, the student may, in consultation with the Director, design a set of elective courses which tailors the program to meet individual needs. Our graduates are qualified to succeed as leaders in the private, nonprofit and public sectors. They consistently report that because of their Assumption experience they form personal and professional relationships with each other that last years after graduation.

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“My business expertise and confidence have grown tremendously.” –

Kevin Peterssen, CPA, MBA ‘12 Analyst / Commercial Lending Dept. People’s United Bank Worcester, MA

“As a trained accountant, the program helped me develop expertise in other key areas of business which immeasurably boosted my confidence to voice opinions, make presentations, and take a leadership role at work. It offers a diverse blend of professional students, respectful and knowledgeable professors, dynamic classroom discussions, and a challenging environment that fostered personal and professional growth for me. I also enjoyed the focus on ethics and have begun to formulate how I will manage people when the opportunity arises.”

foundations in Business / MBA Preparatory Program The ideal path for those without formal business education who aspire to earn an MBA. This is a comprehensive set of courses designed to give those with little or no formal business education the knowledge and credentials needed to enroll and succeed in an MBA program. Courses may be taken as part of the Assumption MBA program or separately as a resume-building certificate. Complete the program in one summer or over multiple semesters.

MBA 550 - Foundations of Management MBA 551 - Foundations of Marketing MBA 552 - Foundations of Accounting MBA 553 - Foundations of Finance MBA 554 - Foundations of Economics MBA 555 - Foundations of Statistics MBA 556 - Foundations of Quantitative Methods MBA 557 - Foundations of Simulation | 3

Mission: the Purpose of Your Learning

Learning Goals: What You Will Learn

The mission of the Assumption College MBA program is to develop the next generation of business and nonprofit leaders for central Massachusetts and beyond. We develop principled leaders who are high impact decision makers.

Students who complete the Assumption College MBA program will possess:

Assumption College MBA degree recipients make decisions rooted in principles at the foundational level, such as respect for human dignity, service to the common good, and a vision of a business as a community of persons. Principles on the practical level keep our graduates focused on: • producing goods and services that meet genuine human needs; • organizing productive and meaningful work recognizing the human dignity of employees and their right and duty to flourish in their work; and, • using resources wisely to create both profit and well-being, to produce sustainable wealth and to distribute it justly.

• ethical leadership skills that enable graduates to develop principled approaches to inspiring, influencing and guiding others; • an in-depth understanding of the concepts and theories, as well as technical and professional skills in the “core” areas of business; • critical thinking and communication skills that enable graduates to develop and articulate logical, coherent, and persuasive arguments; marshal supportive evidence; and distinguish fact from opinion; • integration skills that enable graduates to make decisions based on multiple, often conflicting, perspectives; • a global perspective that enables graduates to identify, analyze and practice how best to manage when faced with differences across countries.

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“It’s an MBA worth fighting evening traffic for.” –

Patrick Mescall, MBA ’14 New Product Development Senior Sourcing Specialist Tokyo Electron, Billerica, MA

“I was always successful at getting things done, but the Assumption College MBA helped me think strategically of the business as a whole. Personally, I took great satisfaction and fulfillment from the experience. Professionally, I polished important skills, built confidence, and gained recognition from colleagues and management. There’s a real sense of community and collaboration: the classes are small and enthusiastic and the instructors are accessible and willing to help. It's also important that the curriculum and case studies are highly relevant to the real world of being a business manager. I was able to put my learning into practice immediately, and as part of the program, developed a specific initiative for my company that was well received and implemented by management. I live and work 45 minutes away—it was an MBA worth fighting evening traffic for.”

Applying to the M.B.A. program The admissions committee uses a holistic approach to each candidate’s application in assessing their potential to successfully complete the M.B.A. program. Your application file will consist of the following: • Graduate Application • Application Fee – waived for Assumption students and alumni • Official College Transcripts, undergraduate and graduate • Three Letters of Recommendation – academic and/or professional • Current Resume

• Personal Statement: Your statement should be a self-reflection of your educational experience to date, reasons for choosing your undergraduate major or concentation, and the reason for choosing an MBA. In this 2-3 page statement, please highlight the expectations of yourself for successful completion of the MBA degree. • NOTE: The GMAT is not required. for admissions information, please visit: | 5

“I’m making a far greater impact at work.” –

Monique tremblay, MBA ’14 Provider Relations and Communications Advisor CVS Health, Woonsocket, RI

“I felt that a master’s in business would be an important competitive advantage in the early stages of my career. Friends had wonderful things to say about Assumption and it fit my criteria for a local evening program offering quality and flexibility. My job is demanding, so the blended classes were a great option. I could work online at my own pace and still get quality time with professors in the classroom. The faculty are true experts who are focused on helping students succeed. They’re always willing to answer individual questions, which you won’t find at a bigger school. I’m making a far greater impact at work and feel more comfortable interacting with senior leadership. Whether it’s due to my higher confidence level or simply the fact that I now have an MBA, colleagues genuinely value my opinions and trust that I know what I’m talking about.”

the education: How You Will Learn The program melds the liberal arts tradition with progressive business education. Emphasis is placed on interdisciplinary inquiry, honing integrations skills, acting creatively and innovatively, thinking critically and communicating clearly, and working collaboratively. Dynamic, Interactive Classes Small and highly interactive classes typically have 15 or fewer students and offer a rich learning experience . Faculty Mentors Faculty take pride in providing personal attention to students’ coursework and career planning and success. The Convenience of Blended and Saturday Courses For students with demanding outside schedules, “blended” courses preserve the essence of the face-to-face classroom environment for approximately half of the normal class meetings, combined with the convenience and flexibility of online learning. Courses are also being added regularly to our Saturday only schedule.

faculty: Who Will Guide Your Learning Our faculty members are “expert practitioners” who are keenly reflective about their practice and deeply devoted to teaching. All MBA Assumption faculty members are highly qualified in several dimensions. First, and most important, they are excellent teachers. In addition, all have one or more degrees in business, the majority of which are terminal degrees, coupled with years of practitioner experience. They’ve learned it, they’ve done it, and they’re uniquely suited to pass on their knowledge and experience to others. Assumption faculty members posses unusually broad backgrounds. In addition to business degrees, our faculty members have earned advanced degrees in more than 20 academic disciplines beyond Business Studies, including Communications, Law, Philosophy, Education, Sociology, Psychology, English, Economics, and more. As a result, our graduates learn not only about business, but also about how business fits into the rest of the world. | 7

Additional Business Administration Programs early Career track (e.C.t.) MBA: Management, Accounting, and sports Business & Leadership tracks The ECT MBA is a full-time, 4-semester program tailored to the needs of recent graduates of all majors, including those in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences as well as the pre-professional fields, who wish to launch high impact careers. In addition to covering the core disciplines of business, the Early Career Track offers a unique graduate internship that focuses on multiple dimensions of designing and launching a new professional’s career. You’ll gain comprehensive, foundational knowledge in all facets of business, plus resume-building practical experience guided by business mentors.

the Certificate of Advanced Graduate studies (C.A.G.s.) in Business The Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies (C.A.G.S.) is an additional program of study for those interested in continuing their professional studies in business and leadership. Candidates for the C.A.G.S. may already hold a master’s or other advanced degree and wish to gain in-depth knowledge and skills in one of seven areas of concentration—Accounting, Finance, Management, Marketing, Human Resource Management, International Management, and Nonprofit Leadership—or in a specialty area tailored specifically to a student’s desires. Contact the Director of the MBA program for details about pursuing the C.A.G.S., including admission and application requirements, and course of study.

the Certificate of Graduate studies (C.G.s.) in Business The Certificate of Graduate Studies (C.G.S.) is a specialized, advanced training program in business for Bachelor’s degree holders. The program consists of three distinct tracks ideally suited for business and nonprofit professionals who are in new management positions. The C.G.S. tracks (Front-Line Management, Organizational Communication and Nonprofit Leadership) are designed to give participants the focused knowledge and skills necessary to function more effectively in a new or existing role. Each certificate consists of five courses to be taken within a maximum of three years. Students may have the opportunity to transition into the MBA program.

Current Assumption College undergraduate students: Combined six in five B.A./M.B.A. Program for All Majors Assumption College undergraduates who achieve a minimum overall GPA of 3.2 at the end of their junior year are eligible to enroll in this program that enables students to begin their graduate studies in their senior year and lead to the completion of an MBA degree in a single additional year, often within the Early Career Track (ECT) MBA option.

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“I feel totally prepared for what’s ahead in my career.” –

thomas Goulet, CPA, MBA ’14 Senior Accountant Stolberg, Ebbeling & Blanchette, LLP, Worcester, MA

“From a cost benefit perspective, the Assumption MBA offers unbelievable value. I especially appreciated the blended classes, which offered a balanced combination of faceto-face interaction with the convenience of studying at home half the time.Those of us in the accounting field tend to be narrow in focus, but to be a great business advisor, it’s important to have a working knowledge of all facets of business. The faculty do an exceptional job of bringing wide-ranging, topical business strategy management into the classroom. Fellow students also bring distinct perspectives from different fields and functional areas. I now see the bigger picture and feel totally prepared for what’s ahead in my career.”

College Accreditation Accredited by: New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Inc. Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Elementary & Secondary Education Council on Rehabilitation Education

College’s Mission Assumption College, rooted in the Catholic intellectual tradition, strives to form graduates known for critical intelligence, thoughtful citizenship and compassionate service. We pursue these ambitious goals through a curricu-

lum grounded in the liberal arts and extending to the domain of professional studies. Enlivened by the Catholic affirmation of the harmony of faith and reason, we aim, by the pursuit of the truth, to transform the minds and hearts of students. Assumption favors diversity and ecumenically welcomes all who share its goals.

Assumptionist sponsorship The order of the Augustinians of the Assumption, founders of Assumption College, was begun by an educator whose most cherished project was the establishment of a Catholic university. Fr. Emmanuel d’Alzon envisioned an institution committed to academic excellence. Father d’Alzon was also devoted to helping people learn, adapt, grow and change in various ways.

Light the way. Graduate Studies Office La Maison Française Building, Rm 200 Assumption College 500 Salisbury Street, Worcester, MA 01609 p 508.767.7387 f 508.767.7030 e-mail:

For information, call 508.767.7387

NOTE: The College reserves the right to withdraw or modify any of the courses or programs listed in this viewbook, or to cancel any course or program for which it deems the registration insufficient, or to make any course or regulation change it considers necessary. The College further reserves the right to suspend the acceptance of applications in particular programs.

MBA Viewbook  

MBA Viewbook for Assumption College Graduate Studies

MBA Viewbook  

MBA Viewbook for Assumption College Graduate Studies