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Starting new journeys, staying true to our fundamental mission


he warmth and the sunshine of the summer gave way to cool autumn days. As we draw another fall semester to a close, we pause to reflect on the life of the College. This summer, our campus was alive with activity. Besides the launch of a summer semester for traditional undergraduate students, the College welcomed many groups for a variety of programs and conferences. Most notably, there was an international, younger flavor to the campus as we sponsored high school groups for several weeks. Forty students from the Instituto San Roman, an Assumptionist high school in Argentina, spent a month on campus as part of a summer cultural immersion program. In addition, a group of high school students from Japan affiliated with a school sponsored by the Assumptionist sisters were here for two weeks. The College also hosted a three-week orientation program for 100 students from China who will study at American high schools. In June, the College hosted the Foundations Summer Program for the third year, with students from across the nation exploring the roots of Western civilization across a variety of disciplines. The senior class from St. John’s High School in Shrewsbury held its Leadership Institute and Retreat at Assumption. All of this summer activity was a prelude to a strong start to the academic year. Galvanized by a new strategic plan, and with new academic programs in criminology, education, and sport management, Assumption welcomed 573 first-year and 36 transfer students in September. In welcoming these new students during the matriculation ceremony, I reminded them that the academic journey they had begun linked them to a rich heritage that rested on the vision of Fr. Emmanuel d’Alzon and St. Augustine, which would allow them to discover their particular vocation. This discovery rests on the strength of the College as a Catholic liberal arts institution. One might ask why this is important in our contemporary setting. An answer could be found in the words of Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganó, Apostolic Nuncio to the United States, who stated, “Catholic educational institutions offer to all an approach to education that has as its aim the full development of the person, which responds to the right of every person to access education.” These words reflect the Assumption reality in many ways. Through a curriculum grounded firmly in the liberal arts, our students explore a broad array of ideas that provide them the breadth and depth of knowledge to discover who they are, what gives meaning to their lives, and how they live out their vocation. The holistic education we provide our students concerns itself not only with their intellectual formation, but also with the formation of their heart and soul. Our students have ample opportunities to bring their knowledge in compassionate service to the less fortunate—whether through local service organized by the Reach Out Center, which is now part of our Campus Ministry program, or through participation in our SEND mission trips nationally and internationally. To highlight the important role service plays at Assumption, service was incorporated into leadership training in August as our student leaders spent a half day volunteering with the Worcester Housing Authority. A

service project was also incorporated into the First-Year Student Orientation program. All 573 students prepared 40,000 tons of food to be distributed to starving children in impoverished regions abroad and locally through the organization Feeding Children Everywhere. These, and many other exciting initiatives at the College, require resources beyond our operating budget. This summer the College’s endowment broke $100 million for the first time in our history. This is the result of the generous support of our alumni and benefactors, who we thank in a special way in this Honor Roll of Donors issue of our magazine. Without you, the College could not continue to grow and respond to the competitive and changing environment in which higher education operates. Despite the changing landscape of higher education, Assumption remains true to its fundamental mission. Pope Francis, speaking of Catholic universities, recently said, “Universities are outstanding environments for articulating and developing this evangelizing commitment in an interdisciplinary and integrated way. Catholic institutions, which always strive to join their work of education with the explicit proclamation of the Gospel, are a most valuable resource for the evangelization of culture, even in those countries and cities where hostile situations challenge us to greater creativity in our search for suitable methods.” While these words are attributed to our Holy Father, they very much echo the thoughts of Fr. d’Alzon. Assumption College exists because of Fr. d’Alzon’s passion to proclaim the Gospel through education. For Fr. d’Alzon “only a Christian way of acting based on Gospel principles and a faith rooted in the hearts of believers could provide a remedy to the difficulties of a society in complete turmoil.” This was to be accomplished through education, the core of our mission. Our students embark on a journey of self-discovery in pursuit of the truth to learn how they can make a difference and be the light in a world currently engulfed in much darkness. Thank you for your on-going support and also for being partners with us in this important mission.

Francesco C. Cesareo, Ph.D. President


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Fall 2014


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Weathering change

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hange can mean a lot of different things, depending on who you ask. It’s never easy. It’s good. It’s inevitable. One of my favorite quotes about change comes from Mahatma Gandhi: “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” Assumption College is taking those words to heart by changing to better serve its students while remaining true to its Catholic identity and mission—forming graduates known for critical intelligence, thoughtful citizenship and compassionate service. You can read about a few of the ways in which the College is adapting in this issue, from the increasing diversity of the student body to the new summer programs we’ve initiated to the recently adopted strategic plan, which charts Assumption’s future all the way to 2020. Another important perspective on change comes from Leo Tolstoy, who wrote : “Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” This has a special relevance for me as I write this letter. Assumption Magazine is changing along with the College, which you may notice as you peruse this issue. While it will continue to share stories of the accomplishments of our alumni, going forward the Magazine intends to carry more information about the plethora of fascinating people and programs that comprise our campus community. You will also notice that this issue contains the Honor Roll of Donors, as well as news and features about the College and its constituents. Thank you to the more than 4,000 donors who continue to show their support of Assumption and thankfulness for the education and experience they received. The other news to share about the Magazine is slight, but somewhat significant in that it will not be a quarterly publication. It will be produced three times a year, which will allow the College to continue to produce the highest quality and most informative magazine possible. More improvements are coming to Assumption in the future, as the College works to become more efficiently operated, managed and

sustainable in the highly competitive marketplace of higher education. But we will never stop striving to help light the way, both for our students and the world. With that shared, I leave you with this gem from Margaret Mead, who said “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is only thing that ever has.” Assumption’s students, faculty, alums and friends will always work hard to be part of that small group. That will never change. Please email me at with any comments or suggestions. Best wishes,

Class Notes submission guidelines Assumption College Magazine publishes Class Notes in each issue (fall, spring and summer). This section of the magazine provides an opportunity for alumni (undergraduate, graduate and Assumption Prep) to share announcements of promotions, graduate degrees, political elections or appointments, marriages or civil unions, births, adoptions and grandchildren. The magazine does not publish engagement notices. Alumni may submit Class Notes in three ways: via e-mail to either the College ( or their Class Agent, or by mailing the information to us. Additional alumni information may be reproduced from print and online clipping services. Class Notes may include photos from


Assumption College Magazine

Fall 2014

corporate press releases and small alumni gatherings. Group photos of Assumption graduates at a wedding reception can be posted to the Alumni website: A icon will be placed by the wedding announcement in Class Notes indicating a photo is posted to the Web. The Magazine’s editorial staff makes every effort to accurately print announcements, but cannot always verify the accuracy of information submitted for publication. Additionally, the publication of information is undertaken as a service to our alumni and does not reflect any opinion or endorsement on the part of the editorial staff or the College. WEBLINK

campus news Strategic Plan Lights the Way to 2020 A new strategic plan, “Assumption 2020: Light the Way, Building on Foundations of Excellence,” was approved in May by the Board of Trustees. It marked the culmination of the collaborative efforts of 300 members of the Assumption College community and alumni. Through the plan, Assumption strives to become a leading Catholic college in the Northeast by increasing its competitiveness and selectivity. It will achieve this while maintaining its commitment to its mission and its solid academic reputation rooted in the Catholic and Assumptionist traditions. Excellence will be emphasized through a holistic and integrated approach to the complete formation of students. “The new plan is truly reflective of the community’s thinking as a whole, which will allow us to differentiate ourselves as an institution, continue to raise Assumption’s academic profile, and effectively respond to the new environment in which higher education exists,” said President Francesco Cesareo, who will shepherd the plan to its culmination. The creation of the plan was informed by a community-wide realization that there are unique challenges and opportunities facing New England colleges. Therefore, since the beginning of the process to develop a new strategic plan, the following goals have served as guiding principles:

• Identifying the fundamental challenges and opportunities for Assumption College and the higher education community as a whole through extensive research and analysis. • Understanding external trends and forces, as they are likely to affect the College. • Ensuring faculty, administration and staff members are intimately involved in the process. “The strategic plan is a dynamic, living document; it serves as an explicit map for the next six years, while being implicitly flexible allowing for course adjustments as the College anticipates shifting features in the landscape,” said Cesareo. Members of the Assumption community will continue to have a very important role in the implementation of this plan through involvement in “innovation teams,” the primary means by which this plan will move from the realm of ideas to achieved realities. Cesareo concluded, “With this plan, Assumption College will move forward together, united and focused upon the goals specified in the plan – goals developed from many hours of consultation across the campus community among faculty, staff and students.”

The new strategic plan is driven by four specific priorities, or ‘pillars’:


assumption college will expand, renew, and strengthen academic offerings to ensure an intellectually engaging, academically rigorous, and personally and professionally enriching experience for our students consistent with the mission. this will include core curriculum revisions and the establishment of new traditional, accelerated and online degree programs.

assumption college will enhance the quality of the student experience through curricular and co-curricular initiatives that lead to personal as well as professional success consistent with the mission. divisions of the college will improve collaboration and intercollegiate athletics and student programming will be enhanced.

assumption college will enroll, retain and graduate a diverse student body in a manner consistent with the mission. as a result, marketing efforts, recruitment tools and retention will be enhanced.

assumption college will expand and maintain facilities and systems in support of mission to form the whole person. goals include building new and renovating existing facilities for the highest impact while establishing data-driven decision making across functions.

Assumption College Magazine

Fall 2014


camPus news

Heading toward a bright future The following is an abbreviated version of the remarks made by President Francesco Cesareo to faculty and staff at the Fall Convocation ceremony in September. “The 2014-2015 Academic Year begins very differently than last year. The College’s incoming class is significantly larger than that of September 2013; due to the wide breadth of support for Assumption College and responsible stewardship, for the first time in the history of the College, the endowment is valued at more than $101 million and continues to climb; academic programs are expanding and we begin the academic year with a new strategic plan in place to guide us to 2020. Last year, generous alumni and benefactors donated more than $1.2 million in support of the Assumption Fund, which provides critical funding to support scholarships and financial aid; undergraduate research opportunities; equipment and technology; performing and graphic arts; and athletic programs For the second consecutive year, Standard & Poor’s has issued an A- rating for the College, a critical designation if a new, state of the art academic building is to be built. The rating places Assumption in the same investment grade as Georgetown University, Fairfield University, Seton Hall University and John Carroll University. Our strong financial position (which also includes a very low debt-to-endowment ratio) empowers the College to better serve our students, including the robust first-year class. Recognizing the national debate on cost and access to higher education, the College took a bold step to make college more affordable through the announcement of Assumption Assurance. This initiative allows families to develop a financial plan without the worry of unpredictable tuition increases and blends many elements of a quality education with the security of predictable tuition rates. In the spirit of


Assumption College Magazine

Fall 2014

new initiatives like the rome campus provide life-changing experiences.

Father Emmanuel d’Alzon, who envisioned an institution committed to the pursuit of the truth and academic excellence grounded in the Gospel to prepare students for leadership roles in all walks of life, this initiative helps students achieve a college education. With regard to enrollment, Assumption shares a much different story than last year as the College welcomed nearly 610 first-year and transfer students at the end of August—a substantive increase over last year’s first-year enrollment. Despite a slight increase in the College’s acceptance rate, the number of honors students in the freshmen class is 58, increasing the overall number of honors students to 93—36 more than last year. The average GPA of our first-year students, 3.4, is a point higher than last year’s incoming class. The College doubled the number of international students from last year: students from 23 different nations from China to Kosovo to the Netherlands have chosen Assumption. Last week, as I was helping families move their sons and daughters into their residence halls, many shared that the Rome campus was the reason they chose Assumption; first-year students have indicated

Photo: dan vaillancourt

For the first time in the history of the college, the endowment is valued at more than $101 million and continues to climb.

that the Rome campus enhanced the value of the College. Not only does Rome provide Assumption with a unique program that is distinct from our competitors, but students are provided a lifechanging experience. Students engaged in a number of service opportunities that allow them to discover their gifts and talents and use them for the benefit of others. Some discover what they are called to do – and when they return, expanded resources are available for students to discern their vocation. During Christmas and spring breaks, Assumption students traveled to Ecuador and throughout the eastern seaboard where they performed selfless acts of mercy: building homes, feeding the hungry and serving those with HIV/AIDS. Students have also shined in the classroom and in competition. Last spring, 259 student-athletes were named to the Northeast-10 Conference Commissioner’s Honor Roll; eight student-athletes earned a 4.0 GPA. For the third straight year, Assumption College received the Division II Presidents’ Award for Academic Excellence. The women’s swimming and diving team, in just the seventh year of the program’s existence, claimed its first Northeast-10 Conference Championship. The women’s basketball team earned yet another NCAA Tournament berth; the women’s lacrosse team recorded back-to-back nine-win seasons. The football team, which was picked eighth in the Northeast-10 Preseason Coaches’ Poll, finished fourth in the Northeast-10 regularseason standings and posted its first winning record since 2010. Through their research and writings, the College’s faculty members continue to raise the academic profile of Assumption College. In calendar year 2013 and thus far in 2014, our faculty have published 14 books, 63 peer-reviewed journal articles, and 21 book chapters or essays. This is an impressive record of scholarly productivity given the emphasis the College places on teaching. Not only are faculty members sharing their expertise, research and knowledge with Assumption students in the classroom, which is essential for effective teaching, but also with the larger scholarly community.

the swimming and diving team won its first ne-10 championship last year.

As many colleges address financial challenges with widespread cuts to academic programs, Assumption introduced a number of new academic options for students. These include health advocacy; ECTMBA in accounting and sport management; a criminology minor, an education major and a 6-in-5 BA/MBA Program. While much has changed here in one year on Salisbury Street, the external challenges persist. The number of New England high school students (the primary region from which Assumption attracts students) continues to decline. This will continue to make recruitment an on-going challenge for the foreseeable future as the region recovers from the 2008 financial meltdown. We have identified the challenges for Assumption, and we head toward a bright future equipped with a plan that was built with many hands and voices from all corners of the community. We know and believe in the gift that we have to share: the gift of a college education rooted in the Catholic intellectual tradition that strives to form graduates known for critical intelligence, thoughtful citizenship and compassionate service. Each of us – alumni included – has an important responsibility to guide our students in their journey of self and academic discovery as they too learn how they can better the world around them and be the light of the world.”

Assumption College Magazine

Fall 2014


camPus news

National recognition continues to grow U.S. News: Top Regional University Assumption has been named to the top “Regional Universities” list in U.S. News & World Report’s 2015 Best Colleges guide, which was released in September. Assumption is ranked among approximately 200 regional universities in the North that offer bachelor and master’s degrees. “Once again, U.S. News & World Report has recognized the strength and value of an Assumption College liberal arts education,” said President Francesco Cesareo, Ph.D. “Thanks to a dedicated faculty that shares their knowledge and experience, students embark on a journey of academic discovery. Service and internship opportunities allow students to apply their skills, knowledge and talents to better the world around them, and offer personal growth and enrichment. With new programs in education, criminology, sport management and health advocacy, Assumption’s academic profile continues to grow.” The U.S. News & World Report rankings for regional colleges and universities are based on several key measures of quality: peer assessment, graduation and retention rates, faculty resources, student selectivity, financial resources and alumni giving.

One of the best colleges in the nation Assumption is one of the best colleges for undergraduate education, according to nationally recognized education services company, The Princeton Review. Assumption is featured in the new 2015 edition of The Princeton Review’s annual college guide, The Best 379 Colleges, which was released in August. Only approximately 15 percent of America’s 2,500 four-year colleges, and only four colleges outside the United States, are profiled in the book, which is The Princeton Review’s flagship college guide. It includes detailed profiles of the colleges with rating scores for all schools in eight categories, plus ranking lists of the top 20 in 62 categories. Results are based on a survey of 130,000 college students. In previous years, The Princeton Review—which is not affiliated with Princeton University—named Assumption one of the best colleges in the Northeast that stand out as academically excellent and that have strong regional reputations. This year, Assumption is featured on the more elite The Best 379 Colleges list. “Assumption College offers outstanding academics, which is the chief reason we selected it for the book,” said Robert Franek, Princeton Review’s senior vice president and publisher and author of The Best 379 Colleges. “We base our choices primarily on data we obtain in our annual surveys of administrators at these schools and at hundreds of other colleges. We take into account input we get from our staff, our 27-member National College Counselor Advisory Board, our personal visits to schools, and the sizable amount of feedback we get from our surveys of students attending these schools. We also work to maintain a wide representation of colleges in the book by region, size, selectivity and character.


Assumption College Magazine

Fall 2014

The Princeton Review’s lists are entirely based on the company’s survey of 130,000 students (approximately 343 per campus) attending the colleges being reviewed. The 80-question survey asks students to rate their schools on topics ranging from assessments of their professors as teachers to opinions about their school’s library, career services department and campus food.

assumption is featured in the new 2015 edition of the Princeton review’s annual college guide, The Best 379 Colleges. College of Distinction Assumption has been awarded the “Colleges of Distinction” honor for providing innovative, teacher-centered undergraduate education and preparing its graduates for real-world success. The College of Distinction title honors Assumption for being: • Nationally recognized by education professionals as an excellent school; • Strongly focused on teaching undergraduates; • Home to a variety of innovative learning experiences; • An active campus, with many opportunities for personal development; • Highly valued by graduate schools and employers for its outstanding undergraduate preparation. This year, Assumption is one of only 294 schools in the United States—14 overall in Massachusetts—and six Catholic colleges in Massachusetts to be selected for the honor. High school guidance counselors and educators nominate colleges and universities for recognition by Colleges of Distinction—an ebook and web-based college guide—which then evaluates each school based on qualitative and quantitative research (graduation rates, classroom size and feedback from current students, alumni, faculty and administration). The colleges and universities are not ranked and, instead, are members of a consortium of other impressive schools.

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The Class of ’18 Arrives 573 3.43 58 10 19%

ore than 2013 m 9 6 : ts n e d u st r a t-ye Total enrolled firs cord for re n o A P G e g ra The highest ave an incoming class total number e th g in is ra , ts n Honors stude ver last year o 6 3 y b ts n e d u of honors st onal students, ti a rn te in f o r e b A record num ies from seven countr e of incoming g ta n e rc e p st e h The second hig n students a c ri e m A e v ti a /N an African/Latino/Asi in College history

Assumption College Magazine

Fall 2014


camPus news

Notable newcomers Introducing a few members of the Class of 2018 Assumption welcomed 573 first-year students to campus this fall—a significant increase over last academic year. The Class of 2018 hails from 18 states—some as far away as California, Florida and Hawaii—and seven foreign countries. President Francesco Cesareo noted during the September Matriculation Ceremony that while the students’ four years at Assumption will quickly pass, the impact of their college experiences—including the discovery of their respective, unique

For Erynne Arvisais ’18, bagpiping is a family trait Having grown up in Attleboro, MA, with a pair of bagpipe-playing parents, Erynne Arvisais ’18 is now carrying on a dignified (and loud) family tradition. In the sixth grade she received a set of bagpipes from her grandmother and took private lessons for a year before joining The Colonial Bagpipers, a children’s bagpipe band, as a seventh grader. Since then she has performed with the band for several years, at the Irish festival in Worcester, and various other parades and events in southern New England. Arvisais was drawn to Assumption for its optometry program (offered through affiliations with Worcester’s MCPHS University and the New England College of Optometry in Boston). “I fell in love with the campus during a tour,” Arvisais said. “It’s a pretty campus, the students are really nice and welcoming, the teachers are approachable and understanding and the classes are challenging, which I enjoy.” Arvisais plans to major in biology and intends to pursue graduate school and a degree in optometry after graduation.

Photos: dan vaillancourt

Opera singer Shant Eghian ’18 shares musical gift A talented singer, Shant Eghian ’18 has performed in four Opera Providence productions at the Providence Performing Arts Center, singing in both English and Italian. (He is also fluent in Arabic.) “I’ve met many professional singers and


Assumption College Magazine

Fall 2014

vocation—will last a lifetime. “The next four years is all about discovering who you are meant to be and how you will share your gifts and talents with the world around you,” he told the students. “It is the discovery of your vocation. Your vocation is who you are, and who you are intended to become—and the mechanism of this discovery will be your experience at Assumption College.”

witnessed how much goes into the production of an opera, from staging to costumes,” he says. “It’s fascinating. Each show is a challenge to reflect the intentions of the composer.” A member of church choirs while growing up, Shant progressed into opera, and has joined the AC Chorale and VOCE, the campus a cappella group. He is also among the College’s first six vocal scholars. He was attracted to Assumption by its Worcester location, its campus and proximity to his home in Seekonk. “I like the campus atmosphere, the students in my dorm and the way that I was able to set up my class schedule to have free time to do homework and pursue personal interests.” Eghian plans to major in history with a possible minor in political science and is excited to discover what he wants to do after graduating from college.

Video game app developer Cody Lynn ’18 creates “Quilly’s Quest” In addition to scoring touchdowns at Thornton Academy in Saco, ME, Cody Lynn ’18 also became well known for another skill: video game app development. Featured in a WCSH-TV (Portland’s NBC affiliate) segment in the spring, Lynn turned an idea into a video game app with the assistance of his assistant coach, Josh Pursifel, who also teaches computer animation at the Academy. Pursifel cautioned Lynn about the amount of work required to pursue development, but Lynn proved he was up for the challenge. His friends served as test subjects for the game before it was released. Called Quilly’s Quest, the gaming app was downloaded more than 1,000 times in the first week it was available in March on the Apple App Store. Lynn is succeeding on campus as well. He played tight end for the Greyhounds football team this fall.

Synchronized skater Dorothy Rogers ’18 trades the rink for the classroom A figure skater since the age of seven, Dorothy Rogers ’18 has been a member of a synchronized skating team for eight years. An active member of the U.S. Figure Skating Association, last year she competed with the Lexettes, a Lexington-based internationally competitive team at the junior level. After skating nearly 25 hours with her team, and about six hours a week on her own, she is taking a break to focus on college. The Mansfield native was drawn to Assumption by its beautiful campus and its close proximity to her home. “My professors are helpful and interested and excited about what they are teaching,” she said. “And I made friends quickly on campus in the first few weeks.” With plans to major in both secondary education and Spanish, Rogers is making time to participate in activities and clubs on campus. “Next year, I could try out to join an intercollegiate synchronized skating team out of Boston,” she said. “For now, I am skating once or twice a week. I’ve passed my gold skating tests for moves in the field and ice dance, so I’m focusing on freestyle and to finish landing all my double jumps!” After college, Rogers hopes to become a Spanish teacher. “Teaching seems like a perfect fit after teaching kids how to skate at my home rink, and I’ve also thought about creating my own synchronized skating team or becoming a skating coach.”

Zach Shepard ’18 brings his fencing skills to campus A native of Richmond, RI, fencer Zachary Shepard ’18 brought to campus an impressive academic background and unique skill set. He started fencing at a young age and joined the local competitive circuit as a freshman in high school, traveling throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts and as far away as Montreal, Canada. The experience has helped him develop and grow. “After a few years of lacking confidence at tournaments, I committed myself to it,” he explained. “I trained harder and was rewarded for it. My physical strength grew, and with it a level of confidence that I had not previously possessed. By putting in so much extra effort, I built up the confidence I needed, not only to be successful in fencing, but in every aspect of my life. While competing during fencing, I learned to believe in myself.”

“the next four years is all about discovering who you are meant to be and how you will share your gifts and talents with the world around you.” –President cesareo

Shepard won an event at nearby Worcester Fencing Club last September and hopes to continue practicing and competing. A Presidential Scholar (the top scholarship offered to incoming first-year students), on campus Shepard values Assumption’s close-knit community. “Everyone here cares about the person standing next to them,” he says. “My professors have displayed care for every student. They want the students to understand class discussions and master the course material.” Shepard plans to major in biology with a concentration in physical therapy and hopes to enroll in the University of Rhode Island’s physical therapy program after graduating.

Tampa Prep swimmer Carylyn Waite ’18 making waves for Greyhounds For Carylyn Waite ’18 swimming is a way of life. Abandoned on a bench in a train station in Wuhu, China, at the age of six months, her adoptive parents, Bill Waite and Lynda McDermott, enrolled Carylyn in her first swim lesson at the age of two. She swam constantly, up to six hours a day, honing her skills and improving her competitive swimming times in New York City clubs, as well as swim programs like Tampa Bay (FL) Aquatics and Academy Aquatic Club, which Carylyn attended while living on her father’s boat for 18 months in St. Petersburg, FL. As a Tampa Prep high school student she broke a 20-year old school record in the 100 breaststroke and earned a scholarship to swim at Assumption. “I fell in love with the Assumption atmosphere on my official recruiting trip,” Carylyn said. “My professors are knowledgeable and engaging and Coach (Stuart) Cromarty understands the rigorous training and studying we have to do. I knew that he would help me grow as a person as well as a student-athlete.” Carylyn is off to a fast start on the Greyhounds swim team, posting several wins as the team defends its Northeast-10 Championship. She is still deciding upon a major area of study and a career path. “I’m keeping my eyes and mind open,” she said.

Assumption College Magazine

Fall 2014


camPus news

Photo: dan vaillancourt

First-year students box 32,000 meals for Feeding Children Everywhere In August, the Class of 2018 participated in a service project led by the organization Feeding Children Everywhere (FCE). As part of their orientation, 573 students boxed 32,000 meals, which were delivered across the United States and to Kenya. “The service project introduced students to one of the five principles of student engagement: Lighting the Way in the Assumptionist tradition,” said Dean of Campus Life Conway Campbell. “The principles are community, contemplation, longing for God, vocation and mission to serve.” This is the first time that first-year students have participated in FCE during August orientation, having volunteered at Community Harvest in previous years, and the College aims to continue incorporating a group service project into future orientation programs.

! e v li s t s a c d a o r b s w e N 5 F OX 2

Fox 25 news anchor lilly hopkins interviews matt heriveaux ’15, shanell cartagena ’16 and courtney woods ’15

Photo: lorraine u. martinelle

on october 10 hundreds of students assembled on the quad to participate in the FoX25 news college tour. students discussed why they chose to attend assumption college, the vibrant campus life, academic programs, athletics and more. assumption is one of only six new england colleges chosen to participate in this year’s series. view the segments online at


Assumption College Magazine

Fall 2014

Market watch in Hagan

students are excited about the october installment of a stock-and-news ticker in the hagan campus center lobby. the ticker delivers timely stock quotes for more than 30 companies, as well as campus news and information. it was made possible by a generous donation from honorary trustee david r. grenon hd’86 and his wife, rosalie. Photo: ashley Fuller ’15

Katherine Vachawski ’14 awarded Fulbright Scholarship Katherine Vachawski ’14 was awarded a prestigious Fulbright United States Student Program scholarship in June. The scholarship supports research she is conducting in Lithuania this academic year about how the shared experience of Catholicism works to integrate the Polish community in Vilnius, Lithuania. “Katherine represents the best of an Assumption College education and embodies the finest qualities of a Fulbright Scholar,” said President Francesco Cesareo, a former Fulbright Scholar himself. “The Assumption community is proud of her commitment to intellectual growth and cultural awareness. Katherine wants to make a difference in our world, and the Fulbright scholarship provides her the opportunity to contribute to discovering solutions to shared international concerns.” During her year abroad in Lithuania, Vachawski is investigating how the practice of Catholicism, with some uniquely Lithuanian elements, creates a sense of unity and Lithuanian national identity for Poles in that country. She is observing religious services in Polish and Lithuanian churches in Vilnius, as well as interviewing Polish community parish priests to gain a deeper understanding of the

Katherine vachawski ’14

“i chose to attend assumption college because it parallels who i am; small and quiet at first glance, but hiding beneath the surface is something unique and extraordinary.”

role of Lithuanian religious practices in the Polish community. She is also interviewing Polish-speaking churchgoers to understand the extent to which religion brings them closer to native Lithuanian identities. Vachawski’s future professional plans include working with an international corporation before pursuing her ultimate career goal to become a U.S. Economic or Public Diplomacy Foreign Service officer. Already working on that track, she served as an intern earlier this year with the U.S. Foreign Commercial Service at the U.S. Embassy in Dublin, Ireland. The Fulbright U.S. Student Program enables more than 1,700 U.S. citizens to study, teach, and conduct research abroad each year. This flagship international educational exchange program is sponsored by the U.S. Government and is designed to increase mutual understanding between Americans and the people of other countries. “Fulbrighters” meet, work, live with and learn from the people of the host nation, sharing daily experiences. The program operates in more than 140 countries.

Assumption College Magazine

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SOPHIA SOPHIA Collegians share gifts in Haiti, Dallas and Pittsburgh through summer research grants B T W Y

For many students, summer break is a period of relaxation, of catching up with friends and enjoying the beach. Several students in the SOPHIA (SOPHomore Initiative at Assumption) vocation program, however, set their goals a little bit higher. Awarded High Impact summer research grants, they spent their break volunteering and doing high level research—and learning a little about themselves along the way. Through scholarship and service the students realized how they can put their unique skills and Assumption education to use on the behalf of others. Providence, RI, resident Ralph Cola ’16 volunteered at the Be Like Brit Foundation orphanage in Haiti for the month of June after receiving a Community Engagement Grant funded by a NetVue Grant. Located in Grand Goave, where 90 percent of the city’s buildings were destroyed by a 2009 earthquake, the orphanage/foundation is named for Britney Gengel, a college student from nearby Rutland, MA, who died while volunteering during the earthquake. The orphanage houses 38 children, many of whose parents lost their lives in the tragedy. At the orphanage, one of the projects Cola worked on was teaching the children to play baseball, basketball and football. An aspiring teacher majoring in history with a concentration in secondary education, Cola aimed to instill in his students how to cope with loss and adjust to a new life through sports. His time in Haiti also inspired self-reflection “Being at the orphanage and spending time with these massively underprivileged children helped me to realize how fortunate I am and to appreciate all that I have,” Cola said. “It also made me wonder how these kids could be so happy without any of the amenities and the luxuries that we have in America. I guess that as long as you have people around you that care about you, you can be content.” As Cola looks back on his experience, he can’t help but note how formative it has been. “The SOPHIA program enhanced my Assumption education and experience because it challenged me to reflect on the concept of vocation and what my vocation means to the world,” Cola believes. “My time in Haiti has reaffirmed my decision to be a teacher.” Dallas native and human services and rehabilitation studies major Lilivette Viera ’16 volunteered at The Rise School of Dallas this summer through a Community Action Grant. In Dallas she assisted children with disabilities, her efforts inspired by a cousin who was born with Down syndrome and also suffers from autism. Vieira, who, like many Assumption students, is active in the College’s Reach Out Center, is no stranger to volunteering. A peer minister, she also is a member of ADAPT (AC’s disabilities awareness program), TOP Soccer and Hounds to Hounds (a group of students dedicated to sharing their Assumption experiences with future Greyhounds) and has volunteered with the Special Olympics. Her time with SOPHIA and at the Rise School, however helped to better understand and focus her devotion to helping others.


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“Through SOPHIA, I explored and now understand one’s purpose in life, especially mine. I am enriched in my Catholic faith and inspired to use my passions to serve others and the Lord. After such a wonderful experience, I rediscovered myself: someone that is ready to face the problems that arise and that can help make a positive change by continuing to serve others. SOPHIA helped me truly reflect on what my vocation is and what it means to the world.” She also gained insight into career options during her summer internship. “While interning at The Rise School, I explored different areas within the human services and rehabilitation field. Since The Rise is a year-round school, I was able to see how occupational, physical and speech therapist worked with the children to develop their skills. I came to understand the importance of each therapist to assist children with disabilities. “After working with a special education teacher with the threeyear-old students this summer, I discovered a job that I enjoyed and wish to pursue as a career.” Kayleigh Murphy ’16 worked this summer with Georgi Georgiev, Ph.D., assistant professor of physics, on an ambitious aquaponics project, funded by a Life of the Mind Grant. Together they tested her ideas about salt water aquaponics and its potential for food production on a large scale. A portion of her research involved visiting Pittsburgh Aquaponics in Pennsylvania, where she interviewed an administrator of the state’s aquaponics system. “Kayleigh impressed me with the creativity and originality of her grant proposal,” said David Crowley, Ph.D., associate professor of biology, who worked with her in the SOPHIA program last year. “The practical portion of the grant was ambitious enough, but Kayleigh’s desire to learn from those with experience shows her wisdom, forethought and desire to succeed.” Crowley also praised Murphy’s commitment to using her unique skills to help others. “Kayleigh is a thoughtful, passionate and creative young woman who has seized the opportunities available to her at Assumption to explore how her talents and passions can serve the greater good.” Murphy believes that she gained more than practical knowledge from her summer research. “This summer experience has taught me that I am capable of doing things that I didn't know were possible,” she says. “It made me realize that environmental engineering is the career path that I want to take and it makes me feel like I am doing good for others.” She, like Cola and Viera, also lauded the benefits of SOPHIA and the impact it has had on her future. “SOPHIA allowed me to think about what I’m doing with my life and how it fits into my vocation.” This fall Murphy will take the next step toward that vocation by applying to the University of Notre Dame in hopes of completing a 3:2 program at its College of Engineering that will result in an environmental science degree from Assumption and an engineering degree from Notre Dame.

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“this summer experience has taught me that i am capable of doing things that i didn’t know were possible.” –Kayleigh murphy ’16 l–r: ralph cola ’16, lilivette viera ’16, Kayleigh murphy ’16

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Seven join full-time faculty

Jason bell, Ph.d.

winston black, Ph.d.

lea christo

angela Kaufman

leo rodriguez, Ph.d.

Jason Bell, Ph.D.

Laura Marcotte, Ph.D.

Jason Bell, Ph.D. is a d’Alzon fellow and a visiting assistant professor of philosophy. He earned a Ph.D. in philosophy from Vanderbilt University with a specialization in ethics. He was a Fulbright Professor in Germany, Dr. Bell was a research fellow at the Husserl Archives at Louvain in Belgium; guest professor at the Catholic University of Louvain and mostrecently scholar-in-residence at Boston University. He is currently working with a Grant Letter of Intent for developing a multi-million dollar proposal from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

Laura Marcotte, Ph.D. was appointed assistant professor of chemistry. She specializes in the structural and biochemical characterization of the poliovirus precursor protein 3CD and has taught the last four years at Simmons College, Clark University and Assumption. She holds a Ph.D. in biochemistry and molecular pharmacology.

Winston Black, Ph.D. Winston Black, Ph.D. was recently appointed as assistant professor of history. He comes to Assumption from a postdoctoral fellowship at St. Louis University, where he had been editing a medieval medical text. Dr. Black is interested, among many other areas, in the relationship between medicine and religion and has worked with numerous texts, mostly in Latin, on herbalism, medicine and religion in the Middle Ages. An article authored by Dr. Black won the Jerry Stannard Memorial Prize in 2012. He holds a Ph.D. in medieval studies from the University of Toronto. His spouse, Dr. Emily Black, will teach this year as an adjunct in the English Department.

Lea Christo Lea Christo, visiting assistant professor in health advocacy and school counseling, has had a distinguished career in the Massachusetts Department of Social Services, as a clinical psychiatric social worker at both McLean Hospital and the University of Massachusetts Medical System. She designed, coordinated and implemented a $1 million fundraising effort for the Holy Trinity Eastern Orthodox Nursing and Rehabilitation Center of Worcester, where she has also served as director of social services, social work consultant and hospice social worker. She earned a master’s of social work from Boston University.

Angela Kaufman Angela Kaufman is an assistant professor of criminology in the department of Sociology and Anthropology. A Ph.D. candidate at Bowling Green State University, Prof. Kaufman is interested in the precursors and trajectories of interpersonal violence among adolescents and young adults.


laura marcotte, Ph.d. elizabeth o’hara

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Fall 2014

Elizabeth O’Hara Elizabeth O’Hara is a visiting assistant professor of management and marketing. She earned an MBA from the Isenberg School of Business at the University of Massachusetts and has held significant positions in business communications, sports marketing, communications and community relations. Prof. O’Hara has served as director of community relations and communication at Madison Square Garden in New York City, in several positions with Mass Mutual Financial Group, and as vice president and chief of staff for communications at Wolters, Kluwer, corporate legal services in New York City. She has taught courses in organizational behavior, business communications and sports management at Springfield Technical Community College, American International University, Elms College and Clark University.

Leo Rodriguez, Ph.D. Leo Rodriguez, Ph.D., assistant professor of chemistry, comes to Assumption from Grinnell (IA) College, where he served as an assistant professor of physics. Dr. Rodriguez specializes in conformal symmetrics associated with the study of black holes in the near horizon. He earned his Ph.D. in physics from the University of Iowa.

Recent faculty research In calendar year 2013 and thus far in 2014, Assumption College faculty have published 14 books, 63 peer-reviewed journal articles, and 21 book chapters or essays.


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am dating myself again, but some of our 60-something alumni may recall the officially sponsored College beer parties in the 1960s. It was at one of these that, 17-year-old innocent that I was, I sipped my first beer. There in the basement of the Laska Gym, I found myself disliking the taste so much that I backed myself up to a nearby window sill and deposited the beer out of sight. Students down the years have been a bit flabbergasted by such apparently liberal College policies. While I’m tempted to say, “Eat your heart out,” I’m reminded of other things associated with “in loco parentis,” and hold off my gloating. Flash forward to 2014. A new program, introduced and successfully run at Boston College in recent years, has caught on at Assumption. Agape Latte’s aim and format are not unlike the theology on tap programs that have been popular among young adults in dioceses around the country. The aim is to create a venue that attracts students to good conversation and to a lively presentation by members of the community who speak about how their faith has informed their personal and professional lives. Instead of a flowing tap, there is plenty of good coffee, great desserts, and really cool T-shirts. Agape Latte was launched this past spring semester with two programs, and a third was held at the end of September. Brother Ronald Sibugan, A.A., the staff advisor, has gathered together an enthusiastic group of students to plan and execute the programs. The speakers so far, recommended by the students themselves, have been Head Football Coach Bob Chesney, Associate Professor of Biology

the mission

David Crowley, Ph.D.; Assistant Director of Campus Ministry Vinnie Sullivan-Jacques and Cross Cultural Center Director Bea Patino. In quite different but compelling ways, each of their stories clearly touched a chord in their listeners and stimulated thoughtful conversation. What has impressed me about Agape Latte in its early stages is not only the number of students present – close to 120 showed up for the most recent program – but the fact that many of them were students not customarily drawn to Campus Ministry programs. This, and the presence of a larger than usual number of male students, is a good step in the direction of attracting a broader cross-section of students to discussions of faith and personal calling. In our effort to find effective ways to implement the new evangelization on the Assumption campus, Agape Latte has struck upon a formula that works and bodes well for extending the reach of faith formation and vocational discernment among our students.

Richard Monroe ’85 named guest theatre director Will direct Fiddler on the Roof at Hanover Theatre Richard Monroe ’85 was appointed in August as the College’s guest theatre director, where he will oversee all aspects of Assumption’s spring 2015 theatrical production. He currently serves as choral director and chair of the Fine Arts Department at St. John’s High School in Shrewsbury and as music director for Our Lady of the Angels Parish in Worcester. Monroe’s vast experience in theatrical production, as well as in stage and musical direction, will enhance Assumption’s theatre program as students prepare for the College’s 2015 spring show at The Hanover Theatre for the Performing Arts in downtown Worcester. This year’s production, Fiddler on the Roof, is the seventh to be held at The Hanover. “Assumption is pleased to welcome Richard back to campus in this important role, where he will head a program that will continue to engage and inspire students interested in the performing arts,” said President Francesco Cesareo. “The College community looks

forward to the next performance and to the continued growth of theatre at Assumption.” “I’m delighted to return to my alma mater and direct the spring musical at The Hanover Theatre,” said Monroe. “I know that there are very talented students on campus and that we will be able to work together to create a top-notch production that builds on the excellence shown in recent years.” richard monroe ’85 Monroe has served as stage and musical director for groups such as Booth Productions, Worcester County Light Opera and Salisbury Lyric Opera. He earned a M.Ed. from Boston College and a B.A. in philosophy from Assumption, where he minored in religious studies.

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Photo: lorraine u. martinelle

award winners: Kimberly schandel, Ph.d.; bob ravenelle ’86, g’02; amy logue ’01, g’09

Three receive excellence awards


hree employees received Presidential Awards for Excellence for their outstanding contributions to the College at the fall convocation in September. Bob Ravenelle ’86, G’02, dean of students, received the Presidential Award of Excellence in Service for his dedication to the College’s students since 1998. He has been dean since 2002, overseeing the College’s Office of Student Conduct, and supervising the directors of Alcohol and Drug Education and the Reach Out Center. Ravenelle is currently a member of seven campus committees, and has lent his time, expertise, counsel and advising skills to numerous campus committees and councils, including serving as a class agent for four years and participating and/or advising mission trips to Pennsylvania, Baltimore and Mexico. His long-standing support of and dedication to his alma mater through his hard work and commitment is exemplary. He has also been active off campus with Rebuilding Together Worcester, the New England Organ Bank, and as a longtime coach at the Worcester Jewish Community Center. Ravenelle thanked the many generous


Assumption College Magazine

members of the Assumption community who have supported and believed in him since his days as a student as well as those that continue to help students learn and grow each day. Amy Logue ’01, G’09, assistant director of alumni relations, is this year’s recipient of the Presidential Award for Excellence in Contribution to the Mission. She has worked

Fall 2014

the awards for excellence in teaching, scholarship, service and contribution to the mission have been presented annually to deserving members of the assumption faculty, staff and administration.

at the College for 10 years, including the last three as assistant director of alumni relations, after seven years as assistant director of the Annual Fund. As a student Logue co-founded the START Retreat at Assumption, which is offered twice per year and has impacted the lives of more than 1,200 student participants. She enhanced the College’s phone-a-thon and Senior Class Gift program and engages hundreds of alumni in her current role. Since 2009 Logue has served as an advisor for the SEND program, chaperoning student trips to Alabama and Mississippi where they have worked with Habitat for Humanity. She has also advised students on two World Youth Day trips, to Spain in 2011 and Brazil in 2013. One nominator said, “Amy demonstrates an uncommon energy in service of the most important aspects of the College’s mission. She has become a role model for our students —a young professional witnessing her faith and to a life given to serving others.” Kimberly Schandel, Ph.D., associate professor of biology and chemistry, received the Michael O’ Shea Presidential Award for Excellence in Teaching. A faculty member since 1995, Prof. Schandel chairs the Department of Natural Sciences, a position she has held since 2012. She has published and presented widely in her field and has participated on numerous committees, councils and task forces. “A mentor to her students, a model to her colleagues and a self-proclaimed science nerd, Dr. Kim Schandel holds a distinction of being a challenging professor who is admired and respected by her students,” said President Francesco Cesareo. “Dr. Schandel is praised by her students for her clear presentation of often-times complicated topics, and for always making herself available outside the classroom.” Schandel thanked her nominators and the many people who have helped and supported her. “It’s so gratifying to be acknowledged by your peers for something that you love to do,” she said. Since 2009, the awards for excellence in teaching, scholarship, service and contribution to the mission have been presented annually to deserving members of the Assumption faculty, staff and administration. Recipients are recommended by peers and selected by a committee.

New Assumption Global Network welcomes students from Argentina and Japan

assumption high students from Japan visited in august.

With the launch of a new international summer cultural enrichment program—dubbed the Assumption Global Network—the College began building a stronger relationship between the Worcester campus and the Assumptionist community around the world by hosting groups students from argentina’s instituto of students from Argentina and Japan this summer. san roman watch the world cup Forty-two 16-year-old students and five final at assumption. chaperones from Instituto San Róman in Buenos Aires, Argentina, visited Assumption for four weeks. The day after arrival, the group donned their native country’s colors to watch Argentina compete in the World Cup soccer tournament’s final match. The group furthered its study of the English language and immersed itself in American culture during its stay in Worcester. They lived in Assumption’s South Hall, took courses on campus, ate in Taylor Dining Hall and traveled to Boston, Providence, New York City and Kittery, ME, for shopping and sight-seeing. In addition, they witnessed a performance of the Broadway musical Footloose at The Hanover Theatre for the Performing Arts, visited Worcester Art Museum and Boston’s Museum of Science; hiked Wachusett Mountain in Princeton and Purgatory Chasm in Sutton, and attended a Red Sox game at Fenway Park— among other activities. “This program is unique to Assumption, since we are the only Assumptionist college in the United States,” said Admissions Director Mario Silva Rosa, who chairs the Assumption Global Network team. “Its purpose is to foster collaboration and provide cultural, educational and mission-specific exchange opportunities among our Assumptionist community members—students and faculty, in particular.” For the Argentinian students, the experience was an opportunity to immerse themselves in the English language and American culture, and to meet other Assumptionists, according to Catechism teacher Celeste Trotta, one of the chaperones from Argentina. “We are Assumptionists, and we know there are a lot of other schools like ours,” she said. “We want to follow in the footsteps of Fr. Emmanuel d’Alzon, founder of the Augustinians of the Assumption, and meet our fellow brothers and sisters.” From August 2–10, a group of 22 students from Assumption High School in Japan visited Worcester for an on-campus academic and cultural experience. They enjoyed an abbreviated but similar experience as their Argentinian counterparts. Due to the success of this year’s event, the College aims to continue and expand the program next summer.

Memorial garden dedicated to Erin Rodriques ’12 A memorial garden for the late Erin Rodriques ’12 was dedicated September 14 on campus between the Switzer Building and Fuller Hall with more than 200 friends, family and others in attendance. The dedication followed a Mass celebrated in Erin’s memory in the Chapel of the Holy Spirit. Rodriques, who lost her life in a December 2013 car accident, was a graduate student in Assumption’s Master of Arts in Rehabilitation Counseling program and a 2012 alumna. After earning a B.A. in anthropology and German, Rodriques worked in the College’s Graduate Studies office for a year before serving as a treatment coordinator at The Bridge of Central Massachusetts, a human services agency. As an undergraduate, she received the Milleret Scholarship for outstanding GPA and was a winner in the Social Science category of the Undergraduate Research Symposium. Rodriques was also an active contributor to the student newspaper, Le Provocateur, the Merely Players theatre group and Campus Ministry.

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Educational 18

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Fall 2014

eight alumnae teach at amsa in marlborough. Front: Katie Jankun ’14, lauren sweeney g’14 and sarah ranieri mcavoy ’10; back: adrienne masiello ’10, brianna murphy ’12, bethany bartolini ’13, caitlyn sheehan ’08 and danielle luongo ’11

Assumption alumnae help propel Advanced Math and Science Academy charter school toward top ranking in state




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Fall 2014



hough it only opened in 2005, Advanced Math and Science Academy (AMSA) Charter School in Marlborough, MA, is already an educational success story. Recognized by U.S. News and World Report as a Gold Medal School, AMSA is ranked second in Massachusetts (130th nationally) and took the #1 spot in the 2013 MCAS results in 10th grade math, English and science. It boasts a 100% graduation rate for the first three graduating classes totaling 195 students, with many of them attending several of the finest colleges and universities in the nation including most of the Ivy League and top engineering institutions. Eight alumnae— Caitlin Sheehan ’08, Adrienne Masiello ’10, Sarah Ranieri McAvoy ’10, Danielle Luongo ’11, Brianna Murphy ’12, Bethany Bartolini ’13, Katie Jankun ’14 and Lauren Sweeney G’14—are among AMSA’s proud and dedicated employees who work hard to share the lessons they learned at the College with their own students.

Dedicated faculty “AMSA has amazingly dedicated teachers,” said Sheehan, a 7th and 8th grade English teacher, who earned an M.Ed. in curriculum and instruction after graduation from Assumption. “They’re here in the building, both before and after school, preparing and grading.” A strong sense of collaboration pervades the school, a bond strengthened by the Assumption alumnae ties. Grade level teams work together, both in the same department and across the curriculum. “I work with my English grade level partners (her fellow Assumption alumnae Ranieri in 7th grade and Luongo in 8th) regularly,” Sheehan said. “Together, we brainstorm better ideas than if we worked alone. I’d be much less creative without them.” “We also have a lot of highly motivated students and supportive parents. If a student is struggling, his/her teachers and guidance counselor work together with the student and parent to get the help they need. Students don’t fall through the cracks.” It’s this commitment to the success of each student that has enabled AMSA to become one of the top schools in the state.

Assumption’s preparation “We hear from the field that our graduates are well prepared in all facets of the professional standards of teaching,” said Eric Howe, Ph.D., assistant professor and chair of Assumption’s Department of Education. “I believe this is a testament to the design of our program, which has unique features that develop our candidates. They are required to take four distinct subject-specific methods classes. This is unique, and while it increases the complexity of the elementary education major, it most certainly leads to student sophistication with subject-specific lesson planning and delivery. This is supported by feedback we receive from the field. Our teachers simply and profoundly know how to plan and deliver, largely because they’ve had practice in doing so across several disciplines (science, math, English and history) in separate classes. Our secondary students also take subject-specific methods classes, taught by faculty who have expertise in their fields.” Assumption’s AMSA teachers believe that this high-level preparation has made a real difference. “The courses gave a solid background in the things I needed to know about education: special education,


Assumption College Magazine

Fall 2014

10th grade english and psychology teacher at amsa: adrienne masiello ’10

psychology, lesson planning and pedagogy,” said Sheehan. “They really helped me when I started teaching and was better prepared to accommodate my students’ needs.” Masiello, a 10th grade English and psychology teacher, as well as AMSA’s girls’ soccer coach, shares those sentiments. “The Education Department [at Assumption] challenges its students to develop their teaching and learning skills before entering a classroom,” she said. “The hard work and late nights gave me tools to grow and become a reflective and invested educator. I often hear professors [Cathleen] Stutz, [Paul] Shields and [Rachel] Ramsay in the back of my head when I am planning lessons. Their guidance has been invaluable.” Ranieri, who plans to complete a master’s degree this fall, agrees that she was well prepared to tackle the challenges of teaching. “The Assumption education program prepared both me and my co-workers to succeed. The various courses I took—from classroom management to teaching students with special needs—helped to broaden my knowledge and expand my understanding of teaching students of all levels.” She also credits Assumption’s focus on providing early classroom teach-

“We hear from the field that our graduates are well prepared in all facets of the professional standards of teaching. I believe this is a testament to the design of our program, which has unique features that develop our candidates. –Eric Howe, Ph.D., assistant professor and chair of Education Department

ing experience. “All of the practicum courses allowed me to get into the classroom and receive valuable feedback,” she said. “I am not sure I would be able to teach at this prestigious school if I had not completed the education program at Assumption.”

Inspiring and supporting creativity Though they work from a core curriculm, AMSA’s teachers are empowered by the freedom to teach in their own way and encouraged to develop innovative teaching methods. “In English, the pieces of literature and general objectives are part of the school curriculum and common core, but it’s up to us to present them,” Sheehan explained. “We decide on the activities and projects to help the students reach those objectives. We can tailor these to the interests and needs of our students. My eighth graders were learning how to annotate the books they read and one method we used was Twitter hashtags. They used the hashtags to mark common themes they found in the book.” Such practices encourage teachers to try innovative teaching methods and adapt to a constantly changing student body. AMSA’s Assumption alumnae have found their liberal arts education to be invaluable in developing these inventive lessons. Murphy, who completed her M.Ed. in curriculum and instruction at the Lynch School of Education at Boston College in May and now teaches in the history department with Bartolini, relies every day on the breadth of knowledge and experience she gained at the College. “My Assumption history and political science courses influence my lesson plans regularly,” she said. “I believe that much of my success in the classroom is due to the strong education program at Assumption.”

Sometimes the most important thing is to make the material involving. “Assumption’s English professors were always so enthusiastic about their subject areas, which made me enthusiastic,” Sheehan added. “That’s something I try to do, as well. If I’m excited about the wanderings of a bunch of ancient Trojans in Virgil’s Aeneid, then my 7th graders will be too. It’s amazing to see kids that age become interested in the advanced literature of AMSA’s curriculum.”

The future of education Recent changes to Assumption’s education program build upon its strong foundation and reputation to make it even stronger. The new education major prepares students for state licensure in elementary, middle and secondary school settings and instructs them in the methodologies and best practices they’ll need to be dynamic and knowledgeable educators. “The new major is designed to keep the current strengths of the existing program (i.e., subject-specific methods courses and early exposure to practical teaching),” Howe said, “while allowing the students to complete their concurrent content major more easily.” The new curriculum helps students get a headstart on their teaching careers. “Assumption’s education program allows us to graduate with our initial license,” Sheehan said. “This eliminates the need for a post-baccalaureate program that many people enroll in when they decide to be teachers.” That’s a good thing; the sooner teachers like AMSA’s Assumption alumnae can get into the classroom, the sooner they can begin to inspire.

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alumni news From the Alumni Association President Katie Hall CE’04


alumni events

eason’s greetings fellow alumni! I can’t believe a year has already passed since I assumed the role of Alumni Association president. It’s been memorable and enjoyable. This fall, Assumption was named one of the best colleges in the country by The Princeton Review. Only about 15 percent of the nation’s 2,500 colleges are profiled on their Best 379 College’s list. Assumption College was also awarded the Colleges of Distinction honor—one of only 294 schools in the United States selected for this e-book and web-based college guide. And this fall, we welcomed

nearly 610 new students to our alma mater! The Alumni Association initiated some “new directions” this past year and established subcommittees to focus on ways to better serve and connect with our alumni. These included calling and writing first-time donors to the College to personally thank them for their support, and initiating a new mortgage-lending program with exclusive discounts for Assumption alumni. We continue to discuss programs from which our alumni would benefit. We have more exciting events planned for this winter and spring. I hope you can join us at an upcoming campus event, or a regional reception in your area. Please check the alumni website at for more information. I continue to be grateful for the honor of serving as president of your Alumni Association and look forward to the second year of this journey.



• newport beach, ca, reception

• worcester-area colleges networking event, 5-7:30pm at compass tavern in worcester. register at

JANUARY 11 • san Francisco, ca, reception

FEBRUARY 7 • women’s basketball alumni game

FEBRUARY 10 • naples, Fl, reception

JUNE 13 & 14 • reunion • back by popular demand…2nd annual Food truck Festival, alumni awards ceremony, and more for all classes, with special celebrations for classes with years ending in either “0” or “5.” visit for event updates.

Please share your most current e-mail address with us as events, locations, times and dates can frequently change. Please watch your e-mail or visit for complete information. if traveling, you are welcome to join fellow alumni at any regional event!

BE SOCIAL WITH ASSUMPTION! ACConnect - alumni-to-alumni networking/Job Posting site at Facebook - become a Fan. “like” assumption college alumni relations on Facebook! LinkedIn – Join the assumption college alumni relations group NEW NAME/URL: Alumni-to-Student Mentoring/Job Posting – assumption career connection (formerly hound explorer) at

QUESTIONS? contact alumni relations at 508-767-7223 or e-mail:

ALUMNI AWARDS nominations are always welcomed for: • Fr. louis dion, a.a. ’35 outstanding achievement award • Jack l. bresciani ’72 outstanding alumnus/alumna award • honorary alumnus/alumna award • young alumnus/alumna award visit for detailed information and award criteria.


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Fall 2014

New Greyhounds mascot design unveiled Photo: gil talbot

a newly designed “Pierre the greyhound” debuted during homecoming weekend. representatives of the student government association and the department of athletics collaborated with outside firms on the design.

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Photo: amy logue ’01

alumni news

a blessing of the stained-glass windows in the testa science center atrium

Stained-glass windows dedication highlights Prep Reunion

the King window in the building’s atrium and The Entrance of Christ to Jerusalem in Testa’s north entrance, both dedicated in June 2013. The Chapel of the Holy Spirit is the new home for the windows Christ Before Pilate and The Last Supper, funded by generous donations by the Prep classes of 1956 and 1964, respectively. They join the Christ Calming the Sea window in the Chapel’s south entrance. In 1950, 12 stained-glass windows were installed in Christ the King Chapel on Assumption’s Greendale campus to commemorate the centennial of the Augustinians of the Assumption, the order founded by Fr. Emmanuel d’Alzon and sponsoring order of the College. Each of the 15’ x 6’ leaded glass windows is comprised of up to 18 panels placed in a metal frame, and prominently features the figure of Christ. A 1953 tornado destroyed the windows and the campus. The College was relocated in 1956 to its current home at 500 Salisbury St., but the Prep School remained in Greendale. Lardeur created a second set of windows, following the original sketches, and the windows were reinstalled in the mid-1950s in Christ the King Chapel. The windows stayed even after the Prep School closed in 1970 and Quinsigamond Community College bought the property. “These stained-glass windows represent an important part of Assumption’s history and serve as a testament to the continuity of an Assumption education and the College’s fidelity to its founding goal and principle: the creation of individuals prepared for lives of professional success and personal meaning,” said President Francesco Cesareo. “The repair and installation of these unique pieces of art, with their intricate detail and luminous beauty, establishes a fitting memorial to the faculty and students of Assumption Prep. Displaying these windows reminds us of the history of our college and our close connection with Assumption Prep. The past intersects with the present as we reflect upon the spiritual truths embodied in these windows and which continue to be central to the life of Assumption College. We are grateful to each of the Assumption Prep classes for their generous donations toward restoring these beautiful windows.”


ore than 75 former students, teachers and administrators gathered to celebrate the annual Prep School Reunion in September. Guests enjoyed cocktails and a dinner in Hagan Campus Center, where guest speaker James C. Donnelly, Jr. AP’64 of law firm Mirick O’Connell and former president of the Higgins Armory Museum Board of Directors, shared reflections of his time at Assumption Prep and information about Higgins’ recent merger with Worcester Art Museum. The crowd also heard from Oyuko (Simon) Mbeche AP’64 who traveled from Nairobi to attend his golden reunion. He also shared stories from his days at the Prep and his life in Africa. Four stained-glass windows that were once part of the College and Assumption Preparatory School’s Greendale campus chapel were dedicated during the Reunion. Fundraising efforts on behalf of several Prep classes, coupled with the expertise and generosity of Stained Glass Resources, Inc., owned by Fred Shea ’73, have enabled the College to restore seven of the 12 windows created by French artist Raphael Lardeur. Two windows, The Crowning of Mary and The Adoration of the Magi, donated by the Prep classes of 1957 and 1962, respectively, were added to the atrium of Testa Science Center. They joined the Christ


Assumption College Magazine

Fall 2014

enjoying the Prep reunion were lucien aP’59 & constance Fontaine, ron brousseau aP’59, tom sullivan aP’59, larry aP’59 & anne mccarthy and Jean & steve Perrault aP’59.

The College is raising funds to restore the remaining five windows and plans to incorporate them into the Chapel or future construction.

Hall of Famers: Five honored by Assumption, one by Northeast-10 Conference Bryan resides in Holden with wife Jamie-Anne and children Bryan, Matthew and Sarah. Allison Reyell Murphy ’05 is one of the top women’s soccer players in Assumption history. She earned All-American honors as a senior and was as a three-time Northeast-10 All-Conference selection. As a senior, she earned both the Desautels Award and the Andrew Laska Award (for athlete of the year), and was a team captain. She was the 2004 Northeast-10 Defensive Player of the Year, an Academic All-Region selection and a two-time All-New England honoree, as well as the 2002 Team MVP. Academically, she was an Academic All-Region selection and went on to earn an NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship. Ali and husband Ryan ’03 reside in Holden with sons Owen, Declan and Jack. Jenny Mongeau Laine ’06 is the leading point and goal scorer in Assumption women’s lacrosse history and was a two-time All-American. A four-time Northeast-10 All-Conference selection and a three-time First Team honoree, she capped her career with 221 points on 188 goals and 33 assists. She was also a two-time ESPN The Magazine/CoSIDA Academic All-American and received the 2005 Andrew Laska Award. In addition, she was a two-time

IWLCA All-Academic Team selection in 2005 and 2006, the 2005 Intercollegiate Women’s Lacrosse Coaches Assocation (IWLCA) Scholar-Athlete of the Year, the Northeast-10 Scholar-Athlete of the Year and the recipient of an NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship. Jenny and her husband live in Conway, NH. Inducted into the Assumption Athletics Hall of Fame in 2007, this fall DeBaggis became the ninth Greyhound to be enshrined in the Northeast-10 Conference Hall of Fame, which includes 94 members from 15 colleges. One of the top softball players in Greyhounds history, she played in the New England All-Star game four times, earned second and third team NFCA all-America accolades and was a member of the CoSIDA Academic All-Region Team as a junior, when she led NCAA Division II with a .566 batting average. She is the College’s career leader in runs (155), doubles (63) and total bases (395) and ranks among the all-time Assumption leaders in nearly every offensive category. As a pitcher, she tallied a 27-20 record with a 2.11 earned run average. Stephanie is the director of guidance at Millbury High School. She resides in Uxbridge with husband Agostino and children Sera, Kira and Nathan.

Photo: gil talbot

Five outstanding former student-athletes were inducted into the Assumption Athletics Hall of Fame in September during Homecoming weekend, and Stephanie DeLucia DeBaggis ’99 joined the Northeast-10 Conference Hall of Fame. Charlie Aleksiewicz ’65 was a twosport athlete in baseball and basketball, playing both for all four years. He finished his basketball career with 222 points, played first base for the Greyhounds and was the first recipient of the Rev. Armand Desautels A.A. Memorial Award, given to the College’s top senior student-athlete. Aleksiewicz continued to support the College as a member of the Hall of Fame selection Committee for several years and is a longtime supporter of the College. The director of alumni relations at the Bancroft School in Worcester, Aleksiewicz founded the boy’s basketball program at Bancroft in 1972. Jeff Scott ’74 was a four-year member of the men’s basketball program and captained the team during his senior year. He finished his career with 1,229 points, ranking among the College’s all-time leading scorers. Over his four years, he averaged 11.5 points per game and finished his Greyhounds career with 696 rebounds, 146 assists and 166 steals. The retired owner of Shadan Trucking, Jeff and wife Sandra live in Bay Shore, NY, with children Shanta, Danielle, John Jeffrey, Jr. and Karim. Bryan Moore ’00 was a three-time Northeast-10 All-Conference honoree and two-time Northeast-10 Tournament MVP. A former preseason National Player of the Year, he finished his career with 1,766 career points, 857 rebounds and 120 blocks. Moore posted a career-high scoring average of 23.9 points per game as a senior and holds the fourth highest career scoring average in Greyhounds history (20 ppg). He was a Basketball Bulletin All-American, an Academic All-Region selection and the recipient of the 2000 Desautels Award. A small business lending officer for Country Bank in Ware,

ac hall of Famers charlie aleksiewicz ’65, ali reyell murphy ’03, stephanie delucia debaggis ’99, Jeff scott ’74, Jenny mongeau laine ’06 and bryan moore ’00.

Assumption College Magazine

Fall 2014


alumni news

Associate President’s Council members celebrate he associate members of the President’s Council, the College’s leadership giving society, gathered September 27 during Homecoming weekend for a recognition event at the College’s Admissions House. President Francesco Cesareo provided a College update, and attendees met and mingled with members of the College’s board of trustees and current students. Associate members of the President’s Council are asked to incrementally increase their giving by $100 each year after they graduate, on a track to secure full membership after their 10th Reunion. Ricky Gonzalez ’15, a senior marketing major from Lawrence, MA, shared his Assumption story with the attendees. With his father unable to work due to a spinal injury during Ricky’s sophomore year, the College recognized his special circumstance and increased financial need, and provided the extra assistance he needed to continue his education. Through assistance from the Career Development and Internship Center, he landed an internship with Target as a store executive intern, and has since been promoted and has accepted a full-time position with Target as a campus liaison to Assumption College. He is entrusted to provide 10 seniors with local jobs and 10 juniors with internships which could lead to full-time positions. Gonzalez closed his address to the alumni in attendance, “One day in the very near future I plan to be standing in your situation,” he said, “hearing about someone else who was given so much and appreciates Assumption for all it has done for them.”


ricky gonzelez ’15, miguel duarte ’15 and tracy baldelli ’15

Photos: tammy woodard

megan chenaille ambrogio ’05 and husband Frank ’05


vP of institutional advancement tim stanton P’17 with maureen g’67 and trustee bob gray ’65

Assumption College Magazine

Fall 2014

tony Fierimonte ’15, Jon weaver ’06, Prof. Patrick corrigan and Katie dibuono weaver ’08

Photos: tammy woodard

trustee harris macneill with his wife, nancy, son mark and ann rhiev.

Planning committee directors: lionel lamoureux ’68, Jan Fuller P’92 , chair diane erickson brazelton ’77, and greg Post ’89

FBI Tournament raises more than $80,000 for athletics and scholarships he 41st annual Father Bissonnette Invitational (FBI) Golf Tournament was held September 8 at Worcester Country Club, where more than $80,000 was raised to benefit the College’s Athletics Department and general scholarship fund. More than 120 golfers participated, including alumni, friends, trustees and sponsors. Since its inception in 1974, the Tournament has raised more than $1.6 million. After enjoying a barbecue lunch, participants played a round of 18, followed by a reception on the recently renovated outdoor patio and dinner. Live and silent auctions and a raffle featured vacation getaways to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, Miromar Lakes


resort in Florida, and Fox Harb’r Resort in Nova Scotia, as well as golf and sports packages, among other prizes. Two-time Massachusetts Amateur Golfer of the Decade Frank Vana, Jr. ’86 assisted golfers with their swing at the driving range prior to tee time. Vice President for Institutional Advancement Tim Stanton, Director of Athletics Nick Smith and student-athletes Matthew Heriveaux ’15 and Caitlyn Ackerman ’15 thanked participants for their support. Special thanks went to Planning Committee Chair Diane Erickson Brazelton ’77, vice chairs Greg Post ’89, Jan Fuller P’92, Lionel Lamoureux ’68 and the committee, as well as guest auctioneer Len Brescia.

Thank you sponsors and supporters:

Special thanks to those who contributed services and products

Presenting sponsor Sodexo, Inc. & Affiliates

Adaptive Communications Alphagraphics – John Ryan ’81 Dr. Maricelis Arochan and Dr. Andres Bermundez P’15 Atlas Distributing Deerfield Associates Executive Search Enterprise – Mike Ursoleo ’08 Fletcher Tilton, PC Foley Motor Sports – RJ Foley ’83 and Frank Vana, Jr. ’86

Gold sponsors CHAMP/MacNeill Engineering Coca-Cola Refreshments Lamoureux Ford Normand ’57 and Gloria Marois The Protector Group Insurance Agency, Inc.

Silver sponsors Diane Erickson Brazelton ’77 Centuria, Inc. Dunkin’ Donuts – Matt Doyle ’98 EBS/Foran – John Foran ’74 Fallon Community Health Plan Gray Group – Bob Gray ’65 Cocktail Reception The Grenon family – David Grenon HD’86

Gateway Motors Holden Mechanical Contractors Nancy and Bob Kenney ’65 – Ken Weld Company, Inc. Susan (Daley) ’80 and Jeff Lagarce ’76 Pepper’s Fine Catering Sara and Doug Russell P’12 UBS Whalley Technology

Assumption College Magazine

Fall 2014


alumni news

Cape Cod reception

September 6

Hyannis Yacht Club, July 19

gathering with senior advancement officer melanie demarais at the university of notre dame in south bend, in, prior to the irish’s 31-0 victory over michigan were (l-r): Karen (checola) ’84 & ed mcdonald ’84, Pam deffley Ketchum ’88, Patty (o’rourke) ’87, daughter mary nd’17 & husband brian mcdonald ’87; and Ken Ketchum ’88.

enjoying the cape cod reception were Katie storer ’11, liz storer ’09, meghan cassidy ’09, brian collier ’10, brian Foley ’10, Fred rogers ’10, liz Perkins ’10, sarah garrity ’11 and ryan Kushman ’11.

Photo: amy logue ’01

Notre Dame reception

Photos: gil talbot

Scenes from Homecoming September 27


to view more event photos, please visit

Assumption College Magazine

Fall 2014

class notes e Assumption Prep Class of 1953 reunited for lunch in South Deerfield in September. In attendance were: Bernie & Terry Cabana, Del & Jane Cournoyer, Mel & Doris Dutremble, Bob & Lorraine Gosselin, Bob & Carol Laurence, Norm & Ann Lemaire, Norm & Gloria Marois, Bob Parent & friend Barbara, Pete & Alda Plante, Bernie & Bev Tremblay and Roger & Ann Racine.


The deadline for the spring issue is Feb.1.


Worcester Public Schools for more than 20 years and currently serves as its wraparound zone manager.


Brian O’Sullivan has retired from the North Carolina State University Transportation Department aer six years as planning and operations assistant director. He is an independent mobility campus planning consultant.

’71 assumPtion college

’48 Bro. Armand Lemaire, A.A. has moved to Notre Dame Du Lac, 555 Plantation Street, Worcester, MA 01605. He welcomes mail.

’62 Ed Hippert was honored by the Boys & Girls Club of Worcester at its 3rd Annual Sports & Celebrity Night for excelling in the athletic industry, while acting as an exceptional role model for the youth in our community. Ed recently retired aer 45 years as a teacher, administrator and guidance counselor. He coached basketball, baseball and football for many years and continues as tennis coach at St. John’s High School in Shrewsbury.

James Hanley, D.M.D., was appointed as dean of the University of New England’s College of Dental Medicine in April. He previously served as associate dean for clinical affairs at Tus University School of Dental Medicine.




Fr. Dan Mulcahy was appointed pastor of Assumption and St. Brigid churches in Millbury in July. He previously spent four years at St. Mary’s of the Assumption Church in Milford.

’76 Members of the Class of ’76 celebrated their 60th birthdays in Ireland this past summer: (L-R): Kathy Corcoran Shanahan, Kathy Croteau Phaneuf, Diann Ouellette Haduch, Barbara Taylor Edmond, Ellen Costigan McSherry, Mary Weber Sarris and Maura Connelly Chasse.

’78 Dona Girouard Omanoff, author and photographer, is researching her new books while driving a semi-tractor trailer across the United States. Follow her adventure on her blog and portal page at




Maj. Gen. Robert Catalanotti (far R in photo) retired in September from the United States Army. He most recently served as the director of exercises for U.S. Central Command, Tampa, FL, where he was strategically responsible for exercises in the Middle East and Central Asia. Prior, he served as senior advisor to the Saudi Ministry of Interior, Riyadh, and commanded in the Iraq War, Taji, Iraq. Upon retirement, he was awarded the Army Distinguished Service Medal and the Department of State Superior Honor Award, two of the highest service awards presented in peacetime. He resides in Graon with wife Karen (Farina) ’78 and daughter Brigit ’11. eir son, Eric, is a U.S. Army Captain with the 75th Ranger Regiment, Fort Benning, GA.


Leigh Gray has retired aer 26 years of teaching for the New York City Department of Education.

Michael O’Brien recently retired from his registered nurse position with UMass Memorial HealthCare, where he worked at the University campus in Worcester. His aim in retirement is to ‘repent in leisure,’ dividing his time between central Mass. and south Florida. To all he says “Ave atque Vale” (with fond remembrances of Prof. Joe Sheerin’s Latin class).

’83 ’77 Bob Jennings was honored by the Boys & Girls Club of Worcester at its 3rd Annual Sports & Celebrity Night for excelling in the athletic industry, while acting as an exceptional role model for the youth in our community. He has worked in the

Ellen Long, Ph.D., was promoted to associate professor and appointed director of field experiences for the School of Education at Millersville (PA) University. Sandra Merlini’s poem, “Longfellow’s Favorite Inkwell – An Exotic Inkstand,” won second prize in the 2014 Hudson Public Library Poetry Contest.

Assumption College Magazine

Fall 2014


Photos: matt volPini/worcester business Journal

class notes

’88 Michael Johnson is a lecturer of fashion technology at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, NY, and also works as an illustrator and graphic designer in the fashion industry. His clients have included Gap, Aeropostale and Sperry Topsider. Timothy O’Neill was appointed technical marketing manager at AIM Solder, a leading global manufacturer of assembly materials for the electronics industry. He works at AIM’s domestic headquarters in Rhode Island.


matt doyle ’98 and bryan moore ’00 among Worcester Business Journal’s “40 under Forty”


Reunion Matt Doyle ’98 was recognized in September by Worcester Business Journal in its 15th annual list of up-and-coming leaders in Central Massachusetts: “40 Under Forty.” Matt helped build a central commissary that supplies fresh baked goods to his family’s Dunkin’ Donuts shops (including Assumption’s location), as well as those of other franchises. He owns J&M Batista Family Limited Partnership and teamed with partners to establish Branded Realty Group, whose work and local investment has been recognized with an award for its renovation of Harrington Corner in Worcester. Matt also designed and managed the renovation of the former Worcester Buick Co. on Shrewsbury Street into a mixed-use building that includes Volturno Pizza Napoletana and Sweet – Kitchen & Bar. Matt and his business partners support several charitable organizations, including the Make-a-Wish Foundation, The Jimmy Fund, local food banks and homeless shelters. He, wife Christine (Batista) ’98 and daughters Lenn and Phoebe reside in Boylston.

Robert Doyle writes a blog called “e Soundtrack Of A Photograph”, sharing a connection between his photography and songs. Read worldwide by thousands in more than 40 countries, check it out at John Higgins was recently appointed executive director of Ledyard Charter School in Lebanon, NH. He previously served as a special education teacher at Kearsarge Regional High School in Sutton, NH. Jamie Maher is the operating partner of Dunleavy’s Pub, a Boston Red Sox sports bar in Sullivan’s Island, SC, which was featured in a Boston Globe article on August 14, 2014.

Bryan Moore ’00 was also named to the “40 Under Forty” list. Bryan is a small business lending officer for Country Bank in Ware. He is also a board member of the Quaboag Hills Chamber of Commerce, a member of several other local chambers and business associations and a Little League and youth basketball coach in Holden, where he resides with his wife, Jamie-Anne (Mulryan) ’01, and children Bryan, Matthew and Sarah. Bryan was inducted to the AC Athletics Hall of Fame in September, recognizing his contributions to the basketball program. Bryan finished his career with the fourth-best scoring average (20 ppg) in Greyhounds history.

’91 Michael Luciani was promoted to vice president for student affairs at Landmark College in Brattleboro, VT, in July. He has served Landmark since 1996.

’92 Jeffrey Kirk was appointed vice president of Mid-America Decorating Group, based in Chicago. He, wife Sue and sons Will (14), Ben (14) and Jack (8) reside outside Denver. Gregory Short joined Shepherd & Goldstein LLP as a client relationship manager in September. Shepherd & Goldstein is a Worcester-based certified public accounting and business development firm.


Assumption College Magazine



Kathryn Goardt Bailey, a managing partner at the Clinton law firm Bailey and Burke, was recently nominated by Gov. Deval Patrick for a seat on the Family and Probate Court in Worcester County. A Massachusetts School of Law graduate, Bailey passed the bar in 1996 and focuses on family law.

Jill Jarvis was appointed during the summer as assistant principal at Varnum Brook Elementary School in Pepperell. She is also nearing completion of a certificate of advanced graduate studies in school administration from Fitchburg State University.




Sean Carroll CE’95 received a M.Ed. from Cambridge College in December 2013. He is a teacher at Claremont Academy in Worcester.

Fall 2014

’97 Brendan Gallagher was promoted from an office manager position to assistant vice president with Commerce Bank in September. He joined Commerce in 2012 and previously served as manager of the Leominster office.

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BIRTHS: Courtney Boulli Brown and husband Dave welcomed their first child, son Maddox Isaiah, on 6/25/14. Courtney is a social worker with Connecticut Community Care, Inc. in Watertown, CT.

Kevin Noyes, D.O., operates a family practice at Harbor Medical Associates in Pembroke. BIRTHS: Lindsey Prior Hodgens and husband Matt welcomed daughter Grace Katherine on 6/14/14. Cari Roger Schleyer and husband Adam announced the birth of Catherine Leslie on 4/9/14. She joins brother Lukas.



Brian MacKinnon and wife Lynn announced the birth of daughter Abigal Marie on 7/23/14. Liz O’Donnell married Jason Anderson in Nahant on 7/26/14. Alumni in attendance included classmates Alissa Arnold, David Blodgett, Rita Kirby and Joseph Podolski, as well as Kevin Zarrella ’01. Liz is a project manager with Liberty Mutual Insurance. e Andersons reside in Philadelphia.

Katie Belanger, an audit manager with Alexander Aronson Finning and Co., P.C. in Westborough, was named the recipient of MSPCA’s 6th Annual Women to Watch Awards, which honor women who have made significant contributions to the accounting profession, their organizations, their community and in the development of women as leaders. Ashley Nunez and omas Cherry IV were married on 9/14/13. e marriage officiant was classmate Mike Murray. Ashley is a territory manager of GYN surgical products for Hologic. Chris Zoto, Ph.D., is a postdoctoral research chemist at the United States Army Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center. He has also taught as an adjuct faculty instructor in AC’s Department of Natural Sciences during the fall 2012 and 2013 semesters. BIRTHS: Tim Finnegan and wife Holly announced the birth of son Bradley Alexander on 7/12/14.



’03 BIRTHS: Renee Krajcik Trafford and husband Daniel welcomed son William Robert on 8/4/14.

’04 Artie Rogan was named to the Young Professional Board of Directors for Junior Achievement, which uses age-appropriate curricula to teach students how they can impact the world as individuals, workers and consumers. Artie is an implementation manager for the Chicago, Milwaukee, Cincinnati, Hartford and Rochester offices of Unum.




Tim MacKinnon and Rita Campbell were married on 12/1/13 in Punta Cana, Dominican WEBLINK Republic. Alumni in attendance were Rich Graham, Matt Holmes, Justin Killion, Alvy & Vanessa Ranieri Knasas ’06, Brian MacKinnon ’02 and Jillian MacKinnon ’10. Tim is a vice president and financial advisor at Morgan Wealth Management, where he is a partner with brother Brian ’02 in the Greater Boston Group. Rita is the program director for Bay State Community Services in Quincy.

’07 Kristen Griswold married David Jennings in Wethersfield, CT, on 6/7/13. Alumni in attendance included bridesmaid Andrea Aswad, Lynne Bartinelli, Kristen Penkala, bridesmaid Michelle Prive and Christine Sullivan. Kristen and David reside in Los Angeles where she is a fundraiser for the GRAMMY Foundation and MusiCares. Andria Hoffman has joined the law firm Davis Polk & Hardwell as digital marketing group manager. e firm has 10 offices worldwide and employs 800 lawyers. BIRTHS: Matthew & Jessica Albanese Jannace announced the birth of daughter Rebecca in July 2014. Jessica is a special education teacher and Matthew is a soware engineer. Katelyn Chakarian McGowan and husband Kevin welcomed twins Cole Kevin and Charles Cary on 6/17/14.

’08 Michael Courtney joined the Concord (NH) office of Upton & Hatfield, LLP, in September, where he serves municipalities and local administrative boards. Michael attended New England School of Law and previously served as a law clerk for the New Hampshire Superior Court. Alex Popp was named assistant director of admissions and head coach of the boys’ varsity basketball team at Vermont Academy in Saxtons River, VT. Popp previously served as director of men’s basketball operations at the College of the Holy Cross and has coaching experience at Middlebury and Springfield colleges. Michaela Prouty married Bryan Coleman on 7/12/14 in Kennebunkport, ME. e couple resides in Oxford.

’09 Matt Smith is a consultant for Accenture in San Francisco. BIRTHS: Sara Gagne Walsh and husband Patrick welcomed their first child, Jonathan Patrick, on 7/23/14.

’11 Dan Bumbarger earned a M.A. in school counseling from AC in 2014 and is a school counselor at North Country Union High School in Newport, VT.

’12 Shafayet Khan is a computer programmer at etfile, a leader in document management, in Westborough. Brianna Murphy earned an M.Ed. in curriculum and instruction at Boston College’s Lynch School of Education in May. She is a history teacher at the Advanced Math & Science Academy Charter School in Marlborough. (See feature article on p. 18.)

’13 Lisa Gagne earned a MBA degree from Assumption in 2014 and is a staff accountant at BlumShapiro.

Assumption College Magazine

Fall 2014


Nick Haag has re-signed a contract with the Cedar Rapids Titans of the Indoor Football League. Last season Nick played linebacker and defensive line and finished fourth on the team with 46 tackles.

’14 Mark MacNeill was appointed a project manager for CHAMP/MacNeill Engineering Worldwide in September. CHAMP is a leader in sport cleat technology. He becomes the fourth generation to enter the family-owned and operated business. Mark has gained experience working part-time for CHAMP for the past six years.

WEBLINK indicates that a wedding photo is Note: available online at

graduate studies George Entwistle III G’83 was appointed superintendent of schools in Scarborough, ME, in March. He previously served as superintendent in Belmont, MA, and held the same position previously in Camden, ME. George resides in Cape Elizabeth, ME. Sheila Harrity G’92 was honored by the Boys & Girls Club of Worcester at its 3rd Annual Sports & Celebrity Night for excelling in the athletic industry, while acting as an exceptional role

model for the youth in our community. e 2014 National High School Principal of the Year, Sheila was appointed in October as superintendent of Montachusett Vocational Technical School in Fitchburg. Gregory Myers G’05 was appointed as superintendent of Millbury Public Schools in June. He previously served as principal of Quaboag Regional Middle-High School in Warren. Richard Giovino G’12, a cancer survivor, cohosted the second annual Don’t Ever Lay Up golf tournament in June at Mount Hood Golf Course in Melrose, where Rick is employed. e funds raised, which total more than $43,000, support the Jimmy Fund at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, where Rick received cancer treatments.

in memoriam Thomas P. Begley, Ph.D. Worcester, MA, died June 9, 2014 e College mourned the passing of former Associate Professor of Spanish Tom Begley in June. A member of the faculty for 42 years, Dr. Begley retired in 2011. He served the College as a faculty advisor, a member of numerous committees, a faculty rep to the SGA and president of the representative faculty senate, among other positions. A native of Springfield, he earned a master’s degree and Ph.D. in romance languages from the University of Pennsylvania. A Fulbright Scholarship recipient, he was inducted into Sigma Delta Pi’s Order of Discoverers, one of the National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society’s highest honors. He leaves a brother, a sister, and several nieces and nephews.

Charles W. Estus, Sr., D.Ph. Yarmouth Port, MA, died October 5, 2014 Assumption lost another dedicated and cherished faculty member with the passing of Professor Emeritus of Sociology Charles Estus in October. Dr. Estus served as a member of the faculty from 1968 to 2000, then directed the College’s University Transportation Center for a year. A Kansas native, he graduated from Drury College (MO) and earned a master’s degree from Duke University and a Doctor of Philosophy in Sociology from New York University. He taught at Drew University and Clark University prior to his Assumption appointment. In addition to teaching, he co-founded Great Brook Valley Health Center in Worcester, now the Edward M. Kennedy Health Center. He leaves his wife of 28 years, Kathleen; daughter Deborah; son Charles Jr.; a stepson and two stepdaughters; a brother and four grandchildren.

Bernard Derosiers AP’54 died July 13, 2014 Kevin P. McNeill ’71 died May 1, 2013

Eileen L. Berman, Ed.D. G’ 66, G’75 died April 7, 2013 Lillian F. Bannon G’67 died July 8, 2014


Assumption College Magazine

Fall 2014

Kevin E. Kirk ’76 died June 21, 2014 Betty Gould G’77 died June 26, 2014


2013 2014 Light the way.

The following list recognizes all gifts and matching gifts received by the College between June 1, 2013 and May 31, 2014. Extreme care has been given to the preparation of this report. If you notice errors, please contact the office of Institutional Advancement at 508-767-7164 or email Thank you.

honor roll oF donors

Year in review Total giving exceeds $4 million for first time since 2009 In 2013–14 Assumption College raised $4,417,729—a 56 percent increase over the previous year and the first year the College exceeded $4 million since 2008-09. The Assumption Fund totaled more than $1.2 million, its second consecutive year of reaching that threshold. This generous support of the College came from alumni, parents and friends. The Assumption Fund’s success is attributed to the dedicated work of numerous volunteers, supported by the Institutional Advancement staff. Thank you to Mike Tsotsis ’71, chair of the Institutional Advancement Committee of the Board of Trustees; Steve O’Brien ’69, chair of The Assumption Fund; Diane Erickson Brazelton ’77, chair of the Father Bissonnette Invitational Golf Tournament, and FBI tournament vice

chairs Greg Post ’89, Lionel Lamoureux ’68 and Jan Fuller P’92. More than 100 Class Agents contacted their classmates to encourage support of The Assumption Fund. The College thanks them and the many alumni, parents, friends and students who participated in phonathons and served on planning committees. The College relies on The Assumption Fund to enhance our students’ educational experience. Contributions help improve and extend vital student services, maintain and create academic and cocurricular programs and, most importantly, fund scholarships and financial aid packages. The 2014–15 Assumption Fund looks forward to your continued support, at any level.

THE ASSUMPTION FUND: UNDERGRADUATE GIVING 2013 –14 Class 1943 1946 1947 1948 1949 1950 1951 1952 1953 1954 1955 1956 1957 1958 1959 1960 1961 1962 1963 1964 1965 1966 1967 1968 1969 1970 1971 1972 1973 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978 1979 1980


Members 8 3 2 9 4 19 16 15 22 20 14 14 15 25 19 37 41 38 34 42 59 59 64 104 117 124 159 144 215 189 197 198 231 224 257 287

Honor Roll of Donors

Donors 3 1 1 6 1 8 8 5 10 11 9 6 11 12 10 18 14 13 19 22 23 22 22 31 46 25 39 33 45 47 33 49 41 40 45 48

Fall 2014

Participation % 38 33 50 67 25 42 50 33 45 55 64 43 73 48 53 49 34 34 56 52 39 37 34 30 39 20 25 23 21 25 17 25 18 18 18 17

Total $ $1,400.00 $100.00 $1,000.00 $1,550.00 $150.00 $4,600.00 $2,195.00 $2,350.00 $2,380.00 $3,170.00 $8,120.00 $1,950.00 $4,880.00 $2,915.00 $4,835.00 $7,235.00 $5,025.00 $11,220.00 $8,655.00 $33,690.35 $14,494.24 $13,015.00 $10,670.00 $32,925.00 $205,100.00 $5,810.00 $45,125.00 $26,717.50 $7,355.00 $24,135.00 $47,922.50 $10,512.50 $38,890.00 $13,561.00 $12,950.00 $8,612.50

Class 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014

Members 323 332 277 336 328 341 319 376 357 436 425 404 425 385 350 371 357 362 368 349 435 450 444 437 456 497 456 500 423 573 462 472 398 491 16,740

Donors 49 51 46 56 44 51 40 32 48 38 34 44 44 39 35 18 18 20 37 27 30 42 24 44 46 34 31 27 95 34 63 33 39 110 2,200

Participation % 15 15 17 17 13 15 13 9 13 9 8 11 10 10 10 5 5 6 10 8 7 9 5 10 10 7 7 5 22 6 14 7 10 22 14

Total $ $10,280.00 $19,850.00 $99,781.00 $8,077.50 $11,285.08 $15,700.00 $7,038.66 $4,270.00 $39,137.50 $7,337.50 $8,592.32 $7,807.50 $5,397.50 $6,104.94 $2,878.95 $1,615.00 $1,615.00 $10,042.16 $3,670.50 $5,722.50 $5,332.50 $4,040.08 $2,642.50 $2,242.78 $3,319.70 $4,012.00 $2,144.57 $1,437.25 $4,034.24 $2,621.00 $4,230.00 $1,432.81 $1,746.83 $3,846.46 $940,655.46


Organizations 35% = $1,530,656 Friends 27% = $1,197,132 Alumni 24% = $1,067,920 Corporations 5% = $222,520 Foundations 4% = $165,339 Parents 3% = $148,872 Others 2% = $85,290 Total = $4,417,729




















$0 2009–10

Honor Roll of Donors

Fall 2014


honor roll oF donors

President’s Council Thank you, President’s Council donors More than 500 people donate at least $1,000 each year to ensure the long-term success of Assumption College and its students. These funds are used for scholarships, technology and facility upgrades, research support and programming that encourages intellectual, personal and spiritual growth. President’s Council donors have generously made Assumption College students a personal priority. Younger alumni have stepped up to offer their own contribution to that legacy. Levels of giving have been designed within the Founder’s Club Anonymous Laure C. Aubuchon Augustinians of the Assumption John J. Barnosky, Esq. ’64 Frederick L. Bayon, D.M.D. ’65 Isabel A. Bayon G’66 Donald R. Boulanger AP’62 Jasmina Boulanger, J.D. Carolyn M. Clancy ’82 t Jeanne Y. Curtis Michele and Donald D’Amour, Ph.D. ’64 Carol and David Director P’16 Elizabeth A. Eaton, M.D. P’15 Michael Prayson, M.D. P’15 Pamela and John P. Foran ’74, P’99, ’02 Hon. Jane Grall and Hon. Edward M. Neafsey ’72 Michelle Graveline, D.M.A. HA’08 Kent Stout Maureen R. Gray G’66 Robert E. Gray, Jr. ’65 Rosalie and David R. Grenon AP’57, HD’86 Michael T. Hynes ’89 Francisca and Brian K. Kelly ’83, HD’12 Jeffrey P. Lagarce ’76 Susan Daley Lagarce ’80 Cynthia and Lionel M. Lamoureux ’68 Raymond J. Lauring HD’13 Kathleen and Daniel P. Lyons ’89 Nadine and Thomas D. Manning ’69 Richard and Christine Cannon Marcks ’77 Gloria and Normand R. Marois ’57, HD’91

Joyce and Edward McCaffrey ’69 Catherine and Edward T. McGettigan, Jr. ’75 Michael J. Moran ’68 t Rev. Maurice Morin AP’56 Cynthia and Stephen T. O’Brien ’69 Richard and Candace McGovern Race ’78 t Francis M. Souza Cathleen Thomas Sullivan ’83 Michael T. Sullivan ’83 Quin Sullivan Janet L. Testa HD’07 Dorothy and Michael P. Tsotsis ’71

Benefactor’s Club Karson and William E. Aubuchon, III AP’62 Nancy Alexanian ’79 Frederick R. Bauer G’83 Francis J. Bedard, Esq. ’81 Sandra Bernier Bedard, O.D. ’81 Marna M. Blanchette Douglas and Elizabeth Waldron Boothe ’83 Roy and Diane Erickson Brazelton ’77 Donna and Ronald Coderre ’69 Christine Batista Doyle ’98 Matthew Doyle ’98 Fr. Paul J. Goudreau ’55 Cathy and Edward Hamill ’67 Giles and Catherine Browne Harrison ’86 Jean L. Hynes P’89 Kim and Peter Lamagna P’15 Harris and Nancy MacNeill P’14 Robert H. McGarry ’69 Linda and Stephen V. Miller, Esq. ’69 Elaine L. Olson Marion and Stephen A. Tuttle ’62

Gift Clubs

Councilor’s Club

Founder’s Club $10,000+ Benefactor’s Club $5,000 – $9,999 Councilor’s Club $2,500 – $4,999 President’s Club $1,000 – $2,499 Associate Membership $250 – $999

Andre Archambault, Esq. ’54 Suzanne and Timothy M. Barnicle ’66 Rev. Msgr. Thomas J. Benestad ’66 Mark Brooks Catherine M. WoodBrooks, Ph.D. Orla and Denis G. Cashman P’15

• Charter Member t denotes deceased


Honor Roll of Donors

President’s Council to encourage younger alumni participation. These associate levels extend from one to nine years after graduation, so that younger alumni have the opportunity to achieve full membership in President’s Council. For more information about how you can make a difference in a student’s pursuit of affordable higher education, please call Tim Martin at 508-767-7464 or e-mail

Fall 2014

Filomena and Francesco Cesareo, Ph.D. James F. Connors, Esq. ’66 Katherine and Kevin Conway P’13 t Yvonne B. Corporon Barbara and Ronald H. Cosentino, D.D.S. Mary and Paul A. DeWinter ’60 Francis X. Doyle ’80 Maureen Ryan Doyle ’73 Eileen and John DuBois ’69 Mark and Janice Fuller P’92 Robert and Mary Lou Saraceno Gendreau ’90 Isabel Gomez-Vidal and Leonard R. Welter ’91 Kevin L. Hickey P’99, HA’10 Laurie McCrohon ’87 Shevon and Thomas Hickey P’13 Michael J. Hoban ’71 Sharon and George W. Hogan, Jr. ’83 Kathryn and Robert W. Hunter ’72 Janet Jenkins Austin M. Joyce ’76 Michael and Christine Keating G’02 C.J. Hanks and David J. Kennedy, Ph.D.’75 Maryanne and Stephen Knott, Ph.D. ’79 Pam and Edward J. Laskowski AP’63 Lauraine and Gerard Laurence AP’57 K. Jane and James K. Logue P’01, ’12 Steven and Stella Losquadro P’16 Aida and J. Michael Martin ’63 Christian McCarthy

Pauline and Richard J. Miller, M.D. ’50 Richard J. Morelli ’74 Jeane and William P. O’Dea ’71 Kathleen and William J. O’Neill, Esq. ’82 Patricia and Thomas E. Oksanen ’81 Martha and Ronald F. Pike, Sr., M.D. ’71 Anne and Edward Potters ’02 Barbara and Daniel J. Rufo, Jr. P’11 Joan and Lester Sadowsky Carol and Michael Sleeper Colleen and Timothy Stanton P’17 Susan Piso Turpin ’82 Thomas Turpin ’82 Jacquelyn and Stephen Warner, D.M.D. ’64 Barbara and Mark Wetzel Scott A. White ’87

President’s Club Anonymous Arthur H. Alie ’61 Roy C. Angel ’79 Kristine and Gary Arnott P’16 Karen and Jere Baldwin, M.D. ’70 Aaron and Jeremy P. Basso ’98 Jean and Joseph Beauchamp ’60 Ceese and Robert J. Belisle, O.D. Diana and James V. Bellanca, Jr., Esq. ’66 J. Brian and Janet Benestad, Ph.D. ’63 Patricia and Gerald Benoit, Sr. ’64 Patricia and Anthony J. Benvenuti ’92 William A. Bilow, Jr. ’83

Cynthia and Joseph Bishop P’08 Pamela and Maurice J. Boisvert AP’62, ’66 Lisa and John Boucher ’86 Mary and Peter Bourdon ’82 Jeanne and Gerard Brault, Ph.D. ’50, HD’76 Beth and James P. Breeney ’81 Ellen and William M. J. Broderick ’62 Claudia Arcuri Brown ’00 Douglas Brown, Jr. ’00 Charles Brusard Linda and Thomas F. Buckley P’16 Danielle and Christoper G. Burger ’85 Joe Burke Amy and Mark Caraluzzi ’90 Veronica and Claude R. Carbonneau ’71 Paula and Thomas Carey ’81, P’14 Paul W. Carney ’77 Norma Caron Mary and Francis R. Carroll HD’10 Cynthia and Thomas Carroll P’16 Karen Farina Catalanotti ’78, P’11 Robert G. Catalanotti ’80, P’11 Thomas H. Cate, Ph.D. ’71 Sophia and Richard Catrambone, D.M.D., M.D ’81 Inez and Philip Chagnon ’59 Paul R. Chalifoux, D.D.S. ’74 Esther and Robert L. Chenevert ’69 Anastos F. Chiavaras ’81 Frederic Christian, M.D. ’68 Maureen and Christopher Ciraulo ’88 Thomas M. Clark, III ’71 Theresa and Raymond A. Cloutier ’60 Robin and Kevin T. Comerford ’87 Anne-Marie and Stephen J. Connolly ’91 Margaret and David Conroy ’83 Gail and Michael Consolazio P’06 Marcy Martin Coombs ’83 Peter Coombs, D.M.D. ’84 J. Patrick Corrigan, Ph.D. Pamela and Kenneth M. Corriveau ’92 William J. Cosgrove, Jr. ’67

Rita and Gustave C. Cote ’43 Judith and Ronald E. Coutu, M.D. ’62 Diane and Mark Crowley P’15 Shirley and James F. Cuccaro ’71 Nancy G. Culliford ’85 John and Pamela Bergeron Cuming ’87 Sandy and Melvin S. Cutler Cheryl and Kerry Daigle ’78 Barbara and Peter J. Deckers M.D. AP’58 Melanie Demarais HA’92 Maria and Richard Denecker, Jr. ’69 Diane and Edward M. Denning ’90 Christine and Richard DesLauriers ’82 Kathlyn and William M. DiCristofaro ’82, P’14 Maribeth and John J. DiPietro ’72, P’02 Bryan M. Dockett ’91 Kerry Haughey Dockett ’92 Marianne E. Dodakian-Cavalieri ’79 Joseph and Nancy Testa Doherty ’86 Suzanne and Timothy P. Dowd ’85 John F. Downes ’86 Susan Ferry Downes ’88 Mary M. Doyle G’77 Cynthia and Norman E. Drapeau P’17 Nicholas R. Dube ’02 Loraine and Francis X. Dufault, Jr., M.D. ’48 Gail and Paul F. Dufault G’78 I. Benjamin and Karen Testa Dunn Beth Durant and Christopher Agro, D.O. ’89 Barbara Taylor Edmond ’76 Kevin and Donna Wilcox Edwards ’85 Michael A. Engel ’81 Sue Tolley Engel ’82 Jennifer and Bryant M. Farland, Esq. ’93 James and Marguerite Sheehan Flood ’78 Kathryn and William L. Fox, Jr. AP’66 Christopher J. Froelich ’77 Kathleen and Robert Fry, Ph.D. P’06 Boriana and Georgi Georgiev, Ph.D. Paula Gerde

Eugene and Jill Gersbeck P’15 Martha and Leandre Giguere, M.D. ’53 Libby Ginnetti ’63 Ronald and JoAnne Testa Goglia ’82 Maureen and James P. Goodrow ’86 Jane Sullivan Gorra Msgr. Joseph L. Goudreau ’59 Beverly J. Greco P’06 Brittany and J. Michael Grenon Christopher M. Grogan ’06 William C. Grogan ’03 Linda and Abraham W. Haddad, D.M.D. Virginia A. Halloran ’61 Janet H. Hardy P’16 Thomas G. Hardy P’16 William Hennrikus, M.D. and Eileen Hennrikus, M.D. P’09 Elise M. Hennrikus ’09 Russ and Christine Kane Hochstein ’02 Joanne and William Hogan P’10 Joan and David M. Hoye, D.M.D. P’16 Wilfrid L. Iandoli Donna and Thomas V. Imondi P’15 Linda and Eric Inauen ’69 Stephen and Sharon Grills Jackson ’80 Evelyn and Joseph Jenkins, Esq. ’81, P’13 Anne Marie Sparano Johnson ’90 David and Landy Johnson, Ph.D. Margaret and Daniel Jones HA’12 Patricia and Roger P. Joseph, Esq. AP’69 Paul M. Jourcin ’69 Renata W. Kaluzny-Blaszczyk, Ph.D. P’16 Richard and Louise C. Keeley, Ph.D. Gregory A. Keil ’94 William G. Kemps, Ph.D. ’69 Nancy and Robert J. Kenney ’65 Paul E. Kirby ’66 Ellen and Thomas Kirkpatrick P’16 Anne and Jacob Kojalo ’67 Karen and Robert Konetzny ’71 Cheryl and David J. Kozak ’86 Nancy and Andre J. L’Heureux, D.D.S. ’68 Jeannine and Roland Laferte Geoffrey LaMarche ’04 Jennifer Clark LaMarche ’05 Gary and Janet Lambert P’95, ’97 F. Rene Lamothe AP’57 Cathy and Edmond A. Laperriere ’68 Nancy and Terrence Lapierre ’63 Joseph and Margaret Messina Larkin ’83 Andrew Laska HD’90 Paul and Diane M. Laska-Nixon ’76 Robert and Patricia Laut P’00, ’02, ’03, ’07 Carol and Francis Lazarus, Ph.D. Patricia and Marc LePain, Ph.D. ’65 Dennis J. Leamy, Jr. ’06 Hoang and Marc D. Leclerc ’75 Christa and Brian K. Lee ’79

Rita Letendre Louis R. Leveillee ’57 Elaine and Norbert Levesque ’60 Diane Alagno Levis ’00 Jeffrey Levis ’00 Lori and Robert Lewis ’74 Heather and Evan Lipp Jan and Robert Liso ’68 Amy E. Logue ’01 Peter Lomenzo and Elaine Babineau Lomenzo ’76 Joanna and Robert E. Longden, Jr., Esq. AP’67 Sandra MacKenzie and John Heffernan, M.D. ’82 Lynn Coyle and Brian P. MacKinnon ’02 Francis W. Madigan, III Marielle and George Magnant, M.D. ’50 Denise and Ralph Marois ’87 Carole and Roger Martin AP’57 Mindy and Roger Martin ’85 Jeffrey R. Martinath ’98 Sarah Goodwin Martinath ’99 David M. Matson, D.M.D. ’78 Mary Ann and Thomas Matteini ’73 James D. McCarthy Brent McDonald ’98 Alfred G. McGee ’68 Irene McGee G’71 Diane LeDoux McGuire ’85 Francis McGuire, S.T.D. G’74 Tonita and Francis McKone Gale and John F. McLaughlin ’83 David P. McManus ’87 Jane Desnoyers McManus ’87 Kevin H. McSherry, Esq. ’79 Michael T. McSherry ’83 Maria and Shaun Meaney P’16 Barbara and Robert C. Mercier ’68 Dee and Daniel A. Micari ’71 Rebecca and Terrence Milka P’12 Suzanne and Donald S. Morrison ’77 Paulette and Timothy J. Mulligan ’69 Daniel J. Munsey Karen and Patrick Murphy ’84 Kathleen M. Murphy G’76 Candace and Donald E. Murray P’10, ’13 Emily P. Murray ’00 Elaine T. Nedder ’77 Susan and Richard O’Brien ’70 Barbara and Thomas J. O’Connor ’68 Joan and James O’Connor Marie and Wayne J. Oliver ’73 Lucille and Robert Ouellette, M.D. ’52 Mary and Charles A. Paquette, M.D. ’59 Anne and Andre J. Paradis, M.D. ’54 James J. Paugh, III ’77 Patricia Cahill Paugh, Ph.D. ’78 Louise and Theodore S. Paulauskas ’67 Richard Pedone

Honor Roll of Donors

Fall 2014


honor roll oF donors

President’s Council Leigh and John Pelletier, Esq. ’86 Pamela and Michel R. Perron ’70 James R. Phaneuf ’77 Kathryn Croteau Phaneuf ’76 M. Montgomery Plough P’05, HD’07 Thomas R. Plough, Ph.D. P’05, HD’07 Gloria J. Plourde HA’95 Roger P. Plourde HD’88 James J. Powers AP’64 Karen Stoyanoff Puntillo ’99 Michael A. Quick P’13 Raphael and Roselly Ramseyer-Torres ’85 Robert and Kathleen Randall G’97 Deborah and Robert G. Ravenelle ’86 Jessica and Jeffrey A. Rawson ’01 Debra and Arthur J. Remillard, III Michael and Janice L. Rezuke ’92 Hope Harradon Rhoads ’78 Peggie and Thomas P. Ritzer P’11, ’18 Linda and Leo Roberge, M.D. ’64 Ernest E. Rocheleau ’51 Judy and Luke Rooney ’65 John and Sandra Whitton Roth ’91 Lisa and William E. Rothschild ’92 Christina and Michael Rubino P’01 Sara and Douglas K. Russell P’12 Julie and Joseph V. Rutkowski, Ph.D. ’76 Eileen and James Rutledge ’74 Lisa and John A. Ryan ’81 John Saulnier AP’54 Rev. Warren J. Savage, III ’75 Katelyn L. Schelzi ’08 R. David Schelzi P’08 Debra and William C. Schroeder ’80 Peter and Laurie Schwartz P’16 Paul Shannon Kimberly and John C. Shea ’81 Monica and Terrence Sheehan, M.D. ’86 Marianne and William Shustowski, Jr., Ph.D. ’68 Aldo Sicuso ’71 Jay and Cindy Denaples Silva ’95 Jay and Susan Testa Skowronski

Joseph and Jane Smith G’67 Erika and Geoff Smith ’66 Melissa and Nicholas A. Smith RoseMary Karl Solar ’85 Todd S. Solar ’83 Peter and Tammy Stedman Soper ’93 Daniel and Leslie Spada P’01 Beth and Joseph W. Spillane Rosemary Spillane Roger W. St. Germain ’47 Mark F. Steven ’69 Beverly Erikson Stewart G’78 Mark W. Stewart G’76 Elaine Baclawski Stowe ’86 Michael D. Stowe ’86 Karen Kamataris Sutherland ’77 William J. Sutherland ’76 Regina and John Swords P’12 Alfred and Barbara Tanguay P’16 Andrew and Gabrielle Spada Tarpill ’01 Donna and Richard Testa, Jr. David and Dawn Thistle P’06, ’09 Patricia and Rodney P. Thomas, D.M.D., J.D. ’62 Carol and Charles H. Toll AP’64 Michael S. Tosatti, D.M.D. ’78 Penelope Fisher Tosatti ’79 Donna and Ronald S. Tourigny, D.D.S. ’67 Paul E. Trayers, Esq. ’69 Annette and Donald Tremblay, D.M.D. ’72 Joseph S. Trent G’80 Patti and Roger I. Trepanier ’61 Irene and Evans W. Tsoules G’68 Marguerite and Leo Turcotte, Esq. ’66 Gregory F. Ugalde, Esq. ’82 Patricia Field Verderese ’73 Paul C. Verderese ’72 Ruth and Gerald E. Vermette, D.D.S. ’52 Andrew S. Viens ’94 Suzanne Klinger Viens ’94 Mary and William J. Waldron, III ’92

Thomas E. Wales, Ph.D. ’98 Sheila and Peter D. Wells David and Nancy Marois Winn ’80 Katherine and Michael Wisniewski ’69 Yvonne and James G. Zack, Jr. ’68

Associate Membership Francesco R. Ambrogio ’05 Megan Chenaille Ambrogio ’05 Daniel G. Anastas ’10 Danielle Lamoureux Bachand ’11 Daniel V. Carelli ’06 Diane E. Comstock ’08 Leandra D. D’Eramo ’09 Kevin J. Dabrieo, Jr. ’10 Meredith A. Deacon ’12 Max R. Ebacher ’10 Daniel J. Ferry ’10 Mark A. Forster ’13 Lisa C. Gagne ’13 Jeffrey P. Gardella ’13 Sarah T. Garrity ’11 Christina M. Graziano ’10 Kaitlyn C. Kelly ’13

Molly L. Kessler ’13 Ryan W. Kushman ’11 Julie A. Malinowski ’11 Lauren E. Milka ’12 Brett Miller ’07 Michael B. Murray ’06 Daniel P. Napolitano ’09 Austin B. Potter ’10 Ronson Quick ’13 Miranda J. Racine ’13 Andrew R. Rudzinski ’09 Stephanie Boucher Rudzinski ’09 Caroline M. Rufo ’11 Elizabeth Swider Sherman ’06 Jonathan A. Sparling ’07 Elizabeth A. Storer ’09 Michael Swanson ’11 Kevin M. Sweeney ’11 Daniel S. Thaller ’12 Jonathan Weaver ’06 Kathleen DiBuono Weaver ’08 Christopher S. White ’09

2013–14 President’s Council Scholarships The 1967 Football Team John J. Barnosky, Esq. ’64 Frederick R. Bauer, Ph.D. G’83 and Nancy Alexanian ’79 Francis J. Bedard, Esq. ’81 and Dr. Sandra Bedard, O.D. ’81 Douglas and Elizabeth Waldron Boothe ’83 Mark Brooks and Catherine M. Woodbrooks, Ph.D. Orla and Denis G. Cashman P’15 Katherine and Kevin Conway P’13 Barbara and Ronald Cosentino, D.D.S. P’90


Honor Roll of Donors

Dr. Elizabeth A. Eaton P’15 and Dr. Michael Prayson P’15 Robert and Mary Lou Saraceno Gendreau ’90 Robert E. Gray, Jr. ’65 and Maureen R. Gray G’67 The David Grenon Family Foundation Cathy and Edward Hamill ’67 Giles and Catherine Browne Harrison ’86 Sharon and George W. Hogan, Jr. ’83 Janet and John Jenkins, M.D. ’64 Maryanne and Stephen Knott, Ph.D. ’79, HD’13

Fall 2014

Cynthia and Lionel M. Lamoureux ’68 Lamoureux Ford, Inc. The Logue Family The Losquadro Family P’16 Harris and Nancy MacNeill P’14 Gloria and Normand R. Marois ’57, HD’91 Joyce and Edward McCaffrey ’69 Robert H. McGarry ’69 Linda and Stephen V. Miller, Esq. ’69 Pauline and Richard J. Miller, M.D. ’50 Richard J. Morelli ’74 Nault Architects, Inc.

Jeane and William P. O’Dea ’71 Kathleen and William J. O’Neill, Esq.’82 Martha and Ronald F. Pike, Sr., M.D. ’71 Gloria and Roger P. Plourde HD’88 Anne and Edward Potters ’02 Marion and Stephen A. Tuttle ’62 Jacquelyn and Stephen Warner, D.M.D. ’64 Barbara and Mark Wetzel

Undergraduate Alumni 1943 President’s Club *** Gustave C. Cote

Century Club *** Roland E. Chabot, D.D.S. *** Gerard A. Jaillet

1946 Century Club * Rev. Roger L. Marot, S.T.L.

1947 President’s Club ** Roger W. St. Germain

1948 President’s Club *** Francis X. Dufault, Jr., M.D.

Century Club *** Jean A. Picard, D.D.S. *** Robert L. Picher, Esq. ** Conrad J. Rioux, D.D.S.

Supporter *** Armand C. Masse

1949 Century Club *** Jules G. Viau

1950 Councilor’s Club *** Richard J. Miller, M.D.

President’s Club *** Gerard J. Brault, Ph.D. * George A. Magnant, M.D.

Dean’s Club ** Roger A. Cote, M.D.

Salisbury Club *** George M. Choquette

Century Club ** J. R. Milton Camirand *** Robert J. Vigeant

Supporter *** Normand J. Babineau

1951 President’s Club ** Ernest E. Rocheleau

Dean’s Club

Century Club

*** Roger L. Mailhot

*** Richard E. Brodeur

Salisbury Club ** Albert G. Van Vooren, M.D.

Century Club ** Leo P. Darsigny ** Roland E. Gaudette, O.D. Marcel P. Peloquin

President’s Club ** Leandre W. Giguere, M.D.

Dean’s Club *** Robert L. L’Ecuyer, M.D.

Salisbury Club ** Gerard R. Gravel

Century Club *** Roger L. Bouvier ** Joseph A. Cournoyer *** J. Richard H. Deschamps, M.D. *** Paul G. Giguere, Esq. ** Emile E. Vermette, D.M.D.

Supporter ** Denis R. Charpentier ** John J. Freniere

1954 Councilor’s Club * Andre Archambault, Esq.

President’s Club ** Andre J. Paradis, M.D.

Dean’s Club *** John L. Moylan

Salisbury Club ** Henry T. Callan ** Pierre J. Deslauriers *** Benjamin S. Shen, D.Sc.

Century Club

Benefactor’s Club

** Paul J. Archambault, Ph.D. *** Richard J. Bourcier, Ph.D. ** Andre G. Chambre *** James D. Cotreau, Esq. ** Richard J. Lariviere ** Rev. Raymond B. Maloney

Fr. Paul J. Goudreau

Salisbury Club *** Richard A. Lavallee

Century Club * David T. Beauchamp, M.D. *** Roger R. Trahan, Sr.

Century Club


Salisbury Club *** Rev. Robert E. Gariepy *** Norman C. Gaudrault, M.D.


President’s Club

*** Paul R. Amyot *** Omer J. Cormier

** Robert O. Deslongchamps *** Frederic L. Dupre, Esq. ** Claude P. Van Vooren, D.D.S.

* Paul D. Peloquin ** Paul F. Thomas, D.M.D. ** Roger L. Tousignant *** Normand A. Valiquette, Ph.L.

** Gaston B. Charbonneau Gerard A. Croteau

*** Robert D. Ouellette, M.D. *** Gerald E. Vermette, D.D.S.

Dean’s Club





Supporter *** Ronald J. Goba

Supporter ** ** ** *

Robert A. Beaudet, Ph.D. R. John Cournoyer, Jr., M.D. Richard G. Geoffrion Robert J. Lemieux Eugene M. Rheault

1959 President’s Club ** Philip J. Chagnon * Msgr. Joseph L. Goudreau *** Charles A. Paquette, M.D.


Salisbury Club

Dean’s Club

** Richard H. Picard, Ph.D.

** Donald E. Lemenager *** Normand D. Massicotte

Century Club *** Normand D. Desmarais * Rev. Henry A. Donoghue Rev. John L. Sullivan

Century Club * Theodor Boddenberg *** Marcel O. Massicotte *** Paul J. Provencher, Ph.D. *** Clement J. Trudeau

Supporter ** Armand B. Chartier, Ph.D. *** Rev. Richard G. Roger *** Jules A. St. Pierre



Founder’s Club *** Normand R. Marois

Councilor’s Club

President’s Club

*** Paul A. DeWinter

** Roland O. Laferte, M.D. ** Louis R. Leveillee

President’s Club ** Joseph O. Beauchamp * Hon. Raymond A. Cloutier *** Norbert E. Levesque

Dean’s Club ** Maurice L. Robitaille, M.D.

Dean’s Club

Salisbury Club *** Lt. Col. Joseph H. Belanger (Ret.) ** Hans Kraus *** Pierre G. Plante ** Roger E. Racine, S.T.L. Renaldo J. Romero

Century Club ** Rev. Donat Lamothe, A.A., Ph.D. ** Arthur D. Neault

** Jean P. Nault

Century Club ** George F. Aubin, Ph.D. * Normand L. Bessette, M.D. ** David J. Chartier ** Edgar C. Gadbois *** Hon. Andre A. Gelinas ** Patrick J. O’Connor, Jr., Ph.D. Rudolph Reiher

Honor Roll of Donors

Fall 2014


honor roll oF donors

Undergraduate Alumni ** Emile R. Trahan *** Ronald C. Zenaro

Supporter ** John R. Belanger ** Richard F. Hession

Century Club ** Armand D. Bouchard *** Thomas H. Curtiss ** Edward P. McCrorie, Ph.D.

Supporter *** John C. Mercier

1961 President’s Club ** Arthur H. Alie ** Roger I. Trepanier

Dean’s Club ** Roger L. Dubuque Richard H. Lefrancois ** Paul V. Mathieu

Salisbury Club ** Raymond L. Loranger, Ph.D.

Century Club ** Charles A. Belisle ** Raymond V. Coleman *** Paul A. Dauphinais *** Rev. Timothy P. Tighe, C.S.P.

Supporter ** Kenneth W. Ethier *** Aldoria E. Leger ** Julian A. Witkege, Jr. ** Kenneth A. Zereski

1962 Benefactor’s Club *** Stephen A. Tuttle

President’s Club *** William M. J. Broderick *** Ronald E. Coutu, M.D. ** Rodney P. Thomas, D.M.D., J.D.

Dean’s Club *** Richard A. Bill *** Timothy J. Cooney, Jr.

Salisbury Club *** Fernand N. Dutile ** Sylvio G. Landry, M.D. *** James M. Pisciotta

1963 Councilor’s Club ** J. Michael Martin

President’s Club ** J. Brian Benestad, Ph.D. ** Libby G. Ginnetti *** Capt. Terrence P. Lapierre

Dean’s Club ** Ronald P. Brousseau

Salisbury Club * Rev. Robert L. Charpentier, Ph.D.

Century Club * Donald T. Aubin * Carl J. Blier, Esq. *** James H. Buma *** Richard C. Chiras *** Roland A. Desrochers ** William E. Foley, Jr. ** Richard B. Gembecki ** Very Rev. Robert A. L’Homme ** Mark D. LaPointe * John J. Meier, III ** Paul J. Raymond ** George E. Rice, Esq.

Supporter ** Thomas L. Noonan

1964 Founder’s Club *** John J. Barnosky, Esq. ** Donald H. D’Amour, Ph.D.

Councilor’s Club *** John L. Jenkins, M.D. ** Stephen M. Warner, D.M.D.

President’s Club ** Gerald J. Benoit, Sr. *** Leo A. Roberge, M.D.

Gift Clubs Founder’s Club Benefactor’s Club Councilor’s Club President’s Club Dean’s Club Salisbury Club Century Club Supporter

$10,000+ $5,000 – $9,999 $2,500 – $4,999 $1,000 – $2,499 $500 – $999 $250 – $499 $100 – $249 $1 – $99

* donors of 5–9 years ** donors of 10–24 years *** donors of 25 years or more t denotes deceased


Honor Roll of Donors

Dean’s Club ** Gill B. Bastien, D.M.D. * Carleton H. LaPorte, Jr. ** William A. White, Jr.

Salisbury Club *** Matthew J. Bell ** John J. Corazzini

Century Club ** Daniel J. Boudreau

Fall 2014

* Richard R. Cloutier ** Eugene A. Columbo *** George D. Krall ** George Louis LaFountain, Jr. ** John E. McGowan ** Richard B. Nelson *** Joseph R. Simoneau, Ph.D.

Supporter Rev. Donald B. Espinosa, A.A. Very Rev. Richard E. Lamoureux, A.A. Rev. Paul du Coeur-de-Jesus

1965 Founder’s Club *** Frederick L. Bayon, D.M.D. *** Robert E. Gray, Jr.

Councilor’s Club ** Robert J. Kenney

Dean’s Club ** Wilford M. LeForestier

Salisbury Club ** Joseph A. Hanlon

Century Club ** John E. Bass, Jr. *** Bernard P. Dube ** Frederick A. Dumaresq * Richard N. Gariepy *** Paul J. Girouard *** Patrick J. Hyland * Richard C. Klement *** John M. Ladner *** Joseph P. Lee ** Paul J. Mahon, Ph.D. ** P. Michel Manseau ** James F. Rice *** F. Stephen Trimby


President’s Club *** Marc LePain, Ph.D. ** Luke M. Rooney

Dean’s Club *** Charles K. Aleksiewicz *** Victor J. Durocher *** Eric J. Hirvonen, Jr. ** William M. Jardus *** James F. Monahan

Salisbury Club ** Robert J. DeMott, Ph.D. *** Kenneth J. Kopecky, Ph.D. ** Andre R. Normand *** Paul F. Youd

Century Club ** Anonymous ** Raymond J. Legac *** Robert P. Moynagh ** Kevin M. Nordberg, Ph.D.

Supporter *** Ronald W. Bonofiglio, Sr. * Francis G. Campbell *** Stephen A. Mongillo ** Thomas D. O’Donnell, Ph.D. ** Dwight L. Pierce, Jr.

1966 Councilor’s Club Timothy M. Barnicle ** Rev. Msgr. Thomas J. Benestad ** James F. Connors, Esq.

President’s Club ** James V. Bellanca, Jr., Esq. *** Maurice J. Boisvert ** Paul E. Kirby *** Geoff Smith ** Leo N. Turcotte, Esq.

Benefactor’s Club ** Edward C. Hamill

President’s Club ** ** ** **

William J. Cosgrove, Jr. Jacob Kojalo Theodore S. Paulauskas Ronald S. Tourigny, D.D.S. Paul A. Turgeon

Salisbury Club ** Floyd H. Ashlaw ** Richard R. Blouin * Joseph C. LaForte ** Armand J. Marcotte *** Rev. George J. Ridick, III

Century Club ** John T. Benestad Paul R. Connolly ** Charles P. DeFilippo * William P. Dee *** Michael A. Lajeunesse ** Rev. Joseph M. Nally *** Michel J. Perrault * Paul B. Robitaille *** Norman C. Simo

Supporter ** Gerard R. Bergeron ** Brian T. McGrath Donald J. Zappone

1968 Founder’s Club *** Lionel M. Lamoureux *** Michael J. Moran

President’s Club ** Fredric V. Christian, M.D.

** Ralph P. DeFelice ** Louis F. DeSantis * Paul C. Fioretti Rev. Dennis Gallagher, A.A. *** Allen T. Goguen *** James H. Grant ** Robert J. Langlais *** Donald G. LeBrun * Thomas P. Malin

Supporter ** Paul T. Douglass ** Peter W. Kittler * William J. York, Esq.

1970 President’s Club

*** Andre J. L’Heureux, D.D.S. ** Edmond A. Laperriere * Robert E. Liso *** Alfred G. McGee *** Robert C. Mercier ** Thomas J. O’Connor *** William J. Shustowski, Jr., Ph.D. *** James G. Zack, Jr.

Dean’s Club ***t Roland A. Cote ** Charles L. Legassey

Salisbury Club ** Bernard C. Demoreuille ** Luc Pierre Quinson

Century Club ** Joseph P. Bialy *** Michael E. Cunnane *** Gerard E. Delongchamp James W. Fay, III ** Robert L. Gignilliat ** Edward F. Goryl *** Richard G. Lemoine ** Charles J. Murphy ** Paul A. Wojtowicz

Supporter * Rev. Richard McManus, O.F.M. ** Charles J. Oroszko ** Richard L. Rothan *** Paul R. Rousseau ** Samuel E. Slaiby, Esq. *** Robert E. St. Onge ** Michael J. Tabak

1969 Founder’s Club *** Thomas D. Manning *** Edward J. McCaffrey *** Stephen T. O’Brien

Benefactor’s Club *** Ronald P. Coderre ** Robert H. McGarry ** Stephen V. Miller, Esq.

Councilor’s Club ** Richard J. Denecker, Jr. ** John J. DuBois

President’s Club ** Robert L. Chenevert ** David J. Gorra ** Eric J. Inauen *** Paul M. Jourcin *** William G. Kemps, Ph.D. *** Timothy J. Mulligan ** Mark F. Steven ** Paul E. Trayers, Esq. * Michael Wisniewski

Dean’s Club ** ** ** ** **

Gerard F. Babineau W. Garrett McDaniel, Jr. Michael G. Petrizzi, Jr. George J. Rothen Samuel F. Stolgitis

Salisbury Club *** Richard O. Bleau ** Jeffrey S. Costura * Robert E. Jordan, Ph.D. *** Donald V. Lemay, D.D.S. *** Edward J. Mirek, Jr. ** Alessandro Pizzi ** Joseph H. Strazdes * Michael T. Sullivan ** Joseph P. Woitkoski

Century Club ** Ronald M. Biron ** James E. Callahan, D.D.S. Rev. Roger Corriveau, A.A.

** Jere F. Baldwin, M.D. ** Richard A. O’Brien *** Michel R. Perron

Salisbury Club ** Daniel P. Bourque * John Quarella, Jr.

Century Club ** * ** * ** **

Bro. David J. Carignan Stephen W. Connelly James V. Corona Ronald J. Daucunas Paul R. Douillard, Ph.D. Michael G. Duany, Esq. Paul T. Marsch ** Raymond H. Mazza, Jr. * William H. Mulligan, Jr., Ph.D. ** Brian J. O’Sullivan * Robert E. Pion *** Francis J. Stipek ** Larry R. Thayer ** Thomas J. Thibault, D.M.D. ** Joseph J. Yamin, D.M.D.

* Thomas M. Clark, III *** James F. Cuccaro *** Robert T. Konetzny *** Daniel A. Micari ** Aldo Sicuso

Dean’s Club *** Raymond D. Valade, Jr.

Salisbury Club ** Joseph J. Araby ** James R. Colgan ** Louis R. D’Abramo, Ph.D. ** Francis X. Gribbons, Esq. * Timothy P. McCormack *** Robert H. Smith * Michael E. Wilbur ** Paul D. Womer

Century Club *** Jacques A. Brunelle, Ph.D. ** Eric John Coontz, D.D.S. ** Sergio C. DeBari ** Richard J. Giannino *** Clinton A. Hanson, Jr. ** Jacob L. Jones *** Michael S. Klar *** Arthur P. Lindberg ** Brig. Gen. Edward L. Mahan, Jr. (Ret.) *** John S. Mucha, Jr. ** Jonathan E. Murphy ** Wayne J. Shepperd

Supporter Raymond A. Albert ** Francis J. DePeter *** William R. Dunn, Esq. ** Anthony J. Forcelli *** Thomas J. Monahan ** Paul E. Tessier


Supporter ** ** ** ** **

Arthur C. Bromirski Thomas F. Lewis, Jr. James F. Maguire Paul V. Mombourquette Terrence S. Norwood, Jr.

1971 Founder’s Club

Founder’s Club *** Hon. Edward M. Neafsey

Councilor’s Club *** Robert W. Hunter

President’s Club *** John J. DiPietro ** Donald A. Tremblay, D.M.D. *** Paul C. Verderese

Dean’s Club

*** Michael P. Tsotsis

Councilor’s Club ** Michael J. Hoban ** William P. O’Dea *** Ronald F. Pike, Sr., M.D.

President’s Club ** Robert J. Belisle, D.O. ** Claude R. Carbonneau *** Thomas H. Cate, Ph.D.

** ** ** * **

Dennis A. Anton Rodrigue E. Gauvin Ronald L. Majka, D.D.S. Raymond M. Simard Paul F. Tesik, Jr.

Salisbury Club ** David P. Dumais

Honor Roll of Donors

Fall 2014


honor roll oF donors

Undergraduate Alumni Century Club ** Richard R. Alix, Jr. ** Rev. Stephen F. Carmody ** Thomas F. Curran *** Stephen J. Densberger ** Michael J. Falcetti ** Paul J. Giorgio * Edward J. Gombos, D.M.D. * Paul M. Johnson *** Steven C. Kwederis, Jr. ** Paul G. St. Onge ** John J. Taglia ** Aristide Tessitore, Ph.D. ** Mark C. Wheeler

Supporter ** Michael N. Dubrule, Ph.D. ** Angelo J. Giacchi ** James A. Giammarino *** David R. McCarthy ** Paul M. McKenna ** Timothy P. Shea *** James H. Small, Sr. ** Dominick C. Vita, Ph.D. ** Dean N. Willis, M.D.

1973 Councilor’s Club *** Maureen Ryan Doyle

President’s Club *** Thomas E. Matteini *** Wayne J. Oliver *** Patricia Field Verderese

Dean’s Club ** Candace E. Mayer ** Daniel E. Small

Salisbury Club ** Stephen J. Pearsall * Helen E. Sia

Century Club * Peter R. Barr ** Michael J. Biancamano, D.P.M. ** Linda Dalimonte Biando *** Raymond V. Burke *** Rev. H. Edward Chalmers ** Edward J. Connor, Jr. ** Edward J. Cottier *** Lawrence P. Desmarais, Jr. *** Brian F. Foley Janice V. Kristo ** Raymond P. LaPorte ** John P. Laracy *** Joseph E. Leaf ** Joseph R. Marocco ** William F. McAndrews *** Michael J. Paciello * Louise M. Peloquin, Ph.D.


Honor Roll of Donors

** Zoel A. Roy ** Geraldine Pratt Sheehan ** Laurie D’Amico Tigan ** Teresa Cornelio Tower ** Jean Bagurskas Urbanowski *** Joanne Ferrecchia Willis

Supporter *** Carmen J. Arciola, III ** Robert P. Carroll ** Anthony M. DeFrino * Susan M. Fontana-Pazik ** Linda Smith Giammarino ** Patricia Heaney Gosselin ** Denise Ebacher King *** Msgr. Rene T. Mathieu *** Daniel P. Montano, Sr. ** Denis W. Ouellette *** Paulette M. Roy ** Eileen K. Schofield ** Elizabeth Costanza Schran *** Maureen Moriarty Tamburro

1974 Founder’s Club ** John P. Foran

Councilor’s Club *** Richard J. Morelli

President’s Club * Paul R. Chalifoux, D.D.S. *** Robert W. Lewis ** James M. Rutledge

Dean’s Club ** Theodore C. Bartosiak ** M. Katherine Slein Hessel ** Laura J. Majka * John W. Moore, M.D. *** Kathleen M. O’Day

Salisbury Club *** Theresa Fontaine Barkin ** Raymond J. Chagnon, M.D. ** Eileen Friedmann Hirst *** Deborah Antaya Kazlauskas ** Richard F. Lazur, Psy.D. ** Alexander Vern Norton, Jr.

Century Club ** Karen Kuczynski DeBari *** Mark F. Duplin ** David M. Earls ** Roberta Constant Earls *** Christopher S. Holland, M.D. ** M. Elizabeth Kennard *** Richard M. Lucibello, Jr. * Paul T. Maloney * Camille Verdesca Massol Kevin A. McBride Ruthann R. Melancon

Fall 2014

*** Emilie Arbor Moran *** Peter W. Moran, Ph.D. ** Joanne T. Rinkus ** Mark A. Thomas ** James E. Tower *** Robert J. Tudisco *** James R. Willis, Sr.

Supporter ** * ** ** ** **

Mary E. Adie Jeffrey G. Archambault Mary Simoneau Bishop Paul J. Brown Diane J. Caron-Stadig Thomas D. Clayborne Helen M. Desrosiers Bruce R. Eells * Shirley-Jean Hassett *** Maureen F. Kilcoyne ** David J. Pelczarski ** Maureen Lynch Rossetti ** Regina Linga Watkiss

1975 Founder’s Club ** Edward T. McGettigan, Jr.

Councilor’s Club ** David J. Kennedy, Ph.D.

President’s Club ** Marc D. Leclerc ** Rev. Warren J. Savage, III

Dean’s Club ** Shaun Dooley Benoit ** Roger L. Dumas ** Brian E. Frawley, Psy.D.

Century Club * Teresa Pettitt Casey ** Col. Donal J. Collins, Ret. ** Joseph F. Crosby *** Monica Powers Desmarais ** Christopher P. Erali ** Karen M. Lanigan ** Paul J. Lynskey, Jr. *** Daniel F. Murphy *** Robert F. Peloquin ** Richard P. Racine *** Barbara Kalonas Ramian ** Richard N. Repasky ** Stephen E. Ristau * Mark J. Sweeney *** Edward F. Wirtanen

Supporter *** Jane Mulligan Cavanaugh ** Marilyn Manzi Crowley ** Susan Ratkiewicz Daisey *** Kathleen Klowan DiVeglia ** Thomas J. Fitzgerald

* ** ** ** ** **

Hope A. Loeffler Rev. Daniel R. Mulcahy, Jr. John A. Olson David H. Parisi Patricia Barnes Vuylsteke Jon D. Wilson

1976 Founder’s Club *** Jeffrey P. Lagarce

Councilor’s Club ** Austin M. Joyce

President’s Club *** Barbara Taylor Edmond ** Diane M. Laska-Nixon ** Elaine Babineau Lomenzo ** Kathryn Croteau Phaneuf ** Joseph V. Rutkowski, Ph.D. *** William J. Sutherland

Dean’s Club ** David E. Benoit *** Gail Marcoux Marmol

Salisbury Club *** George M. Bourisk, Jr. ** Mark R. Chasse, O.D. ** Maura Connelly Chasse *** Mary Beth Ford Davidson *** Ellen Costigan McSherry

Century Club *** James F. Abril ** Peter K. Anagnostos ** Nancy Kamszik Atchue ** Laura Keller Coulom *** Mary Clayborne Dupre ** Nancy Whitmore Erali * Beth Heckman Weiser *** Charleen Glowacki Lagace Joan Laracy ** Rosemary Bucci Lavigne *** Brian G. Mahoney * Richard A. Pelletier *** Kathryn Corcoran Shanahan *** James D. Simpson, III ** Hon. Catherine Matteau Stone *** Joan Gadilauskas Voyer Joan Lennerton Whitney

Supporter *** Clarke J. Alderman ** Anthony Annicone, Jr. ** Brian P. Bercier ** Paul H. Couture ** Charles P. Croteau *** Denise Chiarelli Dudas ** Robert J. Fidrych * Thomas R. Maselli, O.D. ** Mary E. McCaffrey

* Catherine Lussier O’Sullivan * Richard C. O’Sullivan * Louis X. Polese ** Robert R. Robitaille *** Kathleen Donovan Rocheleau * Ruthann Rogerson Rovezzi ** Julien P. Savoie *** Kevin J. Smith

1977 Founder’s Club *** Christine Cannon Marcks

Benefactor’s Club ** Diane Erickson Brazelton

President’s Club ** Paul W. Carney ** Christopher J. Froelich *** Donald S. Morrison ** Elaine T. Nedder *** James J. Paugh, III ** James R. Phaneuf *** Karen Kamataris Sutherland

Dean’s Club ** Thalia Vitikos

Salisbury Club *** James A. Azar, Ph.D. ** Peter G. Bulman ** Janet Hale Cardiello *** Martha Curley Kinback

Century Club *** Susan Reis Abril * Earl V. Atchue, Jr. ** J. Dolan Barry, Jr. *** Timothy J. Connolly ** Carol Leger Dunne ** John P. Foley ** Anne Lynam Goddard ** Philip L. Harris *** Maureen Diguette Jones ** Margaret Junge-Lederman ** Bradford R. Klar ** Carol A. Laska ** Cheryl A. Noel-Bessette *** Jane Noonan Rothrock * Richard A. Yelle

Supporter ** Susan Brazile Bercume ** Clair Cove Degutis *** Kathleen Parsons Glass *** William J. Hatten Sandra Laska Jackson ** John J. Marchetto, D.M.D. *** Mary Jane Hepp Nolan ** Sr. Melanie Paradis, O.S.F. *** Ann Marie K. Rocheleau Shelley Grenier Teal

** Giovanni N. Trombetta ** William J. Wurm

1978 Founder’s Club ** Candace McGovern Race

President’s Club *** Karen Farina Catalanotti ** Kerry M. Daigle *** Marguerite Sheehan Flood ** David M. Matson, D.M.D. *** Patricia Cahill Paugh, Ph.D. *** Hope Harradon Rhoads *** Michael S. Tosatti, D.M.D.

Dean’s Club *** Andrea Legacy Carlson ** Laura Picard Loffredo ** Carol Moalli *** James M. Mullen *** Suzanne Rice Simoncini

Salisbury Club *** Stephen F. Walsh

Century Club ** Aimee Perkins Berger ** Marianne O’Leary Connelly *** Donna O’Neill Connolly ** Cheryl L. Cusson *** Kevin T. Daly, Esq. ** Stephen R. Flanagan *** Gail Margaret Griffin ** Bernard Leclerc *** Charlene Longhi Martin, Ed.D. *** Catherine Berg Mastrianna *** Paul J. Perry ** Mary Ann Keefe Peterson

Supporter ** Edward J. Campbell, Jr. ** Pamela M. Catino *** Raymond L. Delisle ** Daniel E. Joyce *** Pamela J. Kedderis *** Mark P. Killay *** Joan Ladner Mardin *** Mary Doolin O’Malley ** Gary B. Oikemus ** Susan Halpin Pereira ** Ellen Picciano Rae * Kathleen Lamont Ryan *** Mary Darmody Troxel * Robin Lucier Viveiros

1979 Benefactor’s Club *** Nancy R. Alexanian

Councilor’s Club ** Stephen F. Knott, Ph.D.

President’s Club *** Roy C. Angel ** Marianne E. Dodakian-Cavalieri *** Brian K. Lee *** Kevin H. McSherry, Esq. *** Penelope Fisher Tosatti

Dean’s Club ** ** * * **

Ruth Currier Canelas Jeffrey G. Cosgrove Francis X. Horohoe Kathy Allen Horohoe Joseph C. Veneto

Salisbury Club ** Gail Goguen Bulman ** Rosemary Fraser Ford * Richard T. McCarthy, Esq.

Century Club ** Suzanne M. Besnia, Esq. ** Winifred A. Chisholm ** Colleen Manning Dinovo * Paul R. Dries, II ** Jeffrey C. Miller ** Eileen Butler Mitchell ** Susan McCormick Mulvaney * Mary Anne Matys Rohde ** Michelle McCloskey Stone ** Nancy Kelly Verdolino *** Jill Healey Wurm

Supporter Ivette V. Colon Barouk Erin Haley Bush Timothy F. Cavan Ann Leary Dalianis Michael E. Hayes Mark T. Hegel, Ph.D. David H. Howells Mary Ronayne Ludy Raymond J. Lussier * Barbara Lelli Mahoney *** Kathryn A. Marion-Lapierre ** Lisa M. Pepi ** Anthony J. Procaccini ** Joyce L. Rivard * Col. Timothy P. Ryan *** Susan M. Sabaj Geoffrey A. Searles ** Joan Berard Wackell ** Jane Hendricks Wurm

** ** ** ** ** ** **

1980 Founder’s Club *** Susan Daley Lagarce

Councilor’s Club *** Francis X. Doyle

President’s Club *** Maj. Gen. Robert G. Catalanotti

*** Sharon Grills Jackson ** William C. Schroeder ** Nancy Marois Winn

Salisbury Club ** Kevin P. Cooledge *** Philip J. Dean, Jr., M.D. ** Nancy Kane O’Shea *** Scott E. Taberner

Century Club ** Denise M. Daley ** Leigh J. Gray ** Chris P. Hallen, Ph.D. * Marc D. W. Hildreth * Mary Winn Huzway * Janice McCarthy Maki ** Glenn R. McKeon *** Kevin M. Milroy ** Susan Zalansky Montville ** Thomas F. Montville ** Christopher A. Perez *** Michael J. Robinson ** Mary Spollen Sarin ** Richard G. Schramm, D.M.D. * Elizabeth Hickey St. Pierre * Mark F. St. Pierre ** John T. Stella *** Sarah J. Thomas Tracy *** Thomas J. Wurm

Supporter ** Mark J. Aliquo, Ed.D. ** Thomas E. Bellavance ** Steven E. Bylund * Carol Dunton Charest ** Della A. Crawford * Hon. David P. Despotopulos *** Robert C. Desrosiers ** Karen Johns Dono ** Jonathan H. Eddy ** Jana Thies Forzano *** Jolynne M. Kanerva ** Louis O. Krueger, III *** Leslie Manthos *** Ann Bracken McCaffrey * Laurie Lockwood Ostrand * Deborah Nabhan Rowland *** Janice Olsen Shorb ** Arthur S. Vasilakopoulos ** Chuck M. Wickman

1981 Benefactor’s Club *** Francis J. Bedard, Esq. ** Sandra Bernier Bedard, O.D.

Councilor’s Club ** Thomas E. Oksanen

President’s Club ** James P. Breeney

Honor Roll of Donors

Fall 2014


honor roll oF donors

Undergraduate Alumni ** Thomas V. Carey ** Richard Catrambone, D.M.D., M.D. ** Anastos F. Chiavaras *** Michael A. Engel *** Joseph R. Jenkins, Esq. ** John A. Ryan ** John C. Shea

Dean’s Club ** Matthew F. Brown ** Robert C. Guinto, Jr.

Salisbury Club ** Elizabeth Lolli Burton ** Anne Marie Lyons Grady ** John H. Hackett *** J. Brian McSherry *** James R. Moughan ** Sandra J. Robson

Century Club *** Denise Abare Adams ** Timothy L. Biliouris, M.D. ** Robert J. Budds *** Donna Reid Czmut *** Catherine Klatecki Damian * Karen Cardello Dries ** Sharon Walsh Emich *** Donna M. Gingerella, Esq. ** Hon. Mark D. Horan *** Patrick J. Lacey ** Annette Johns Markel *** Joseph L. Pagano ** Elizabeth Varga Robinson ** Deborah Lukeski Sayer ** Martha Heap Shoemaker ** Jeanne Gilligan Teague

Supporter ** ** ** ** **

James F. Baroody Arden Longobucco Bradley Patrice M. Cronin Jayne Lavoie Dodge Matthew J. Dufault

** Anne Marie Dumphy Hayes *** William K. Jenkins ** Sr. Mary Thomas Lesniak, C.S.S.F. ** Marie Dillon Owen ** Susan Murdock Russo ** Clifford L. Shay ** Fatima E. de Melo-Shay ** John A. Shea, Esq. *** Neil S. Solar

1982 Founder’s Club *** Carolyn M. Clancy

Councilor’s Club *** William J. O’Neill, Esq. *** Susan Piso Turpin *** Thomas M. Turpin

President’s Club Anonymous *** Peter A. Bourdon *** Richard C. DesLauriers ** William M. DiCristofaro *** Sue Tolley Engel *** JoAnne Testa Goglia ** John P. Heffernan, M.D. *** Gregory F. Ugalde, Esq.

Dean’s Club ** Linda Leduc Brown ** Rev. James T. McGuinn

** George A. Abernathy, III Gerard J. Bouley ** Mary Monahan Foley * Patricia Bishop Hildreth *** Donna Friberg Liebman ** Brian M. Lynch ** Patricia Brady Lynch Kathleen Welsh Mahoney, Esq. ** Allen O. Massicotte, D.D.S. * Lori Amicarelli McMenemy * Michael G. McMenemy ** Diane Swart Rushin ** Laurie J. Whitaker

Supporter * Alfred J. Abbondanza * Elizabeth Coombs Abbondanza ** Yvonne Kristiansson Batson *** Mary T. Doyle ** Lianne M. Fleury-Casey ** Dana Davis Fowler *** Cynthia Lian Henderson *** Dennis V. Henderson ** Susan Morse LaFleur *** Christopher M. Lux ** Valerie Mantis ** Michelle T. Martin-Eckilson ** Robert B. O’Donnell, Jr. *** Ann Marie Horrigan Pantos ** Karen Chapman Ram Amy St. Jean Shelley

Century Club

* Brian K. Kelly ** Cathleen Thomas Sullivan ** Michael T. Sullivan

Benefactor’s Club ** Elizabeth Waldron Boothe

Councilor’s Club ** George W. Hogan, Jr.

President’s Club

Dean’s Club ** ** ** *

Anne McHugh Kearney Gail Morley-Hinte James K. Smith Francis A. Viera, Jr.

Salisbury Club ** Kathren A. Franolich-Eliseo

Honor Roll of Donors

Fall 2014


Founder’s Club

*** William A. Bilow, Jr. ** David F. Conroy ** Marcy Martin Coombs *** Margaret Messina Larkin ** John F. McLaughlin ** Michael T. McSherry ** Michael J. Rezuke *** Todd S. Solar


Supporter *** Forbes L. Anderson ** Lisa L’Ecuyer Baroody ** Suzanne Elliott Bousquet ** Caroline Boyle DeWyngaert ** Joseph E. Gundal, II * Gregory C. Hagopian Rev. Steven M. LaBaire ** Denise Kearney Nault Thomas J. Quinn ** Debra Kobylenski Schiavone Diane Quinn Sullivan


Salisbury Club ** Peter J. Altieri *** Nancy D. Beisaw ** John T. Grady ** Margaret Harte Hackett ** Sandra Dargis Hayes *** Christine Ratte McSherry *** Kathleen M. O’Leary ** Linda Burlingame Rosenlund

Century Club ** Mary Ellen Reilly Alger ** Elaine Peters Bemis ** Charles F. Breen ** Brian E. Bugler ** Kevin M. Clark * Michael B. Cronin ** Polly Curley Dean *** Jane-Ann Fitzgerald ** Mary Nevala Glavin * Peter J. Greene, Jr. * Dean R. Hildreth ** Renee Fraser Johnson ** Nancy Conte Lacey ** Lucia Tomaiolo O’Keefe *** Beth Pullen Soederberg ** Michael H. Sullivan ** Steven R. Waitekus

President’s Club ** Peter L. Coombs, D.M.D. ** Patrick J. Murphy

Dean’s Club *** Catherine Molaskey Feenan *** Scott A. Feenan *** Patricia Wilson Lavigne *** Edward V. McDonald ** Karen Checola McDonald ** Robert J. O’Brien

Salisbury Club ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **

Karen K. Amaral Sharon Kelly Corbett Caren Zelten Kenney John A. Longo James P. Marciano Susan Montella-Jelley Diane M. Power Melissa Wilson Rondinone

Century Club ** * * * **

Tina Bisson Andrews Geraldine A. Barrett Christopher M. Beck Jayne Wojtowicz Beck Kathleen Doran Boyle

*** Robert G. Collins * Neil M. Corcoran ** Jonathan C. Coury ** Paul M. Cranston, Esq. ** Cathleen R. Cullen ** David E. Ducey *** Susan Mitchell Faasse ** David E. Fritz * Christine Mirasol Henderson ** Janice McKeon Katilius ** Kevin P. Katilius ** Robert M. Laren, J.D. ** Lisa Klenk MacDonald ** Susan Dailey Malanga *** Andrew M. O’Brien ** Elizabeth Grace Patrone ** James F. Robichaud ** Carol Sue Brady Shannon ** William P. Shannon, Jr. ** Deborah Gilbert Sullivan James M. Thompson

Supporter *** Edward J. Coleman ** Joseph P. Connor * Ann M. Gillerlane ** Joanne Turcotte Haley ** Karin Aslanian Houghton ** Linda Entwistle Kayata * Maureen Bailey Kelly ** Philip R. LaFleche Robert M. Mullen ** Ellen Pratt Newell ** Frederick G. Oldfield, III ** J. Christopher Owen, D.M.D. *** Pamela Millar Stickles ** Migdalia Torres-Rosaly

1985 President’s Club ** Christopher G. Burger *** Nancy G. Culliford ** Timothy P. Dowd *** Donna Wilcox Edwards Roger L. Martin *** Diane LeDoux McGuire * Roselly Ramseyer-Torres *** Rosemary Karl Solar ** Mary Jane Nanni Ugalde

*** Celia A. Barletta ** George A. Beaupre, Jr. ** James J. Brennan ** Dean J. Darr, D.M.D. *** Phyllis S. Estus ** Pegeen Muldoon Gargano * Karen D’Amelio Guerin ** Russell J. Guertin ** John A. Neagle ** Jane LeBlanc O’Brien *** Sean J. Savage, Ph.D. ** Timothy J. Tobin, D.P.M. ** Sheila Waldron Veideman

Supporter *** Kenneth M. Black ** Carol McDonald Clark ** Helen McAuliffe Corriveau Margaret Casey Ellms ** Julie Hayes Jenkins ** Robert D. Knittle John J. Miller ** Robert S. Mullaney ** Susan Taddeo Norling ** Patricia Meciak Pacewicz * Darryl Parker Richard S. Taylor ** Jeffrey P. Ugalde * Brooke Preiss Zeliff ** Tierza Slome Zeliff ** Wesley J. Zeliff, Jr.


Salisbury Club ** Joyce Colligan Eby ** Thomas J. Kane, Jr. ** Steven J. Musser

Century Club

Kathleen Stosser Brennan Joseph P. Donahue Charles E. Durkin Raymond R. Fagnant Peter J. Gobes Patricia M. Griffin ** Mari Villanueva Harper ** Peter P. Harper, Jr. ** Laura Hauck Mastrianni ** Daniel J. Mastrototaro ** Robert F. Molloy, III ** Cynthia L. Morin * Kerry Counihan Murphy * Allyce J. Najimy ** Eileen M. Powers ** Staci Theodosis Robichaud *** Elizabeth Mowry Sabourin ** Joan Dame Shay ** Vickie Bubnel Thebeau

Supporter ** Gayle Hough Dragicevich ** Christine Reardon Eaton ** Karin Sundstrom Girard ** Marie Fortier LaBrecque ** Karen Kane Lemoine * Donna J. MacDougall *** Christine Ayers Martin ** Robert A. Martin, Esq. * Donald A. Phaneuf ** Maureen Ryan Thorpe ** Frank M. Vana, Jr. ** Tomo Zargaj

Benefactor’s Club


** Catherine Browne Harrison

President’s Club ** Christopher T. Borowiec ** John Boucher *** Nancy Testa Doherty ** James P. Goodrow, II ** David J. Kozak ** John E. Pelletier, Esq. ** Terrence P. Sheehan, M.D. ** Elaine Baclawski Stowe ** Michael D. Stowe

Dean’s Club ** Brenda LaPointe Hume, Esq. ** Wilberto Rivera Perez

Dean’s Club ** Dennis P. House *** Carol Ann Krupa ** Kimberly Hazard Latifi

** ** ** * **

Salisbury Club ** ** ** **

John F. Downes MaryEllen McCarthy Robert G. Ravenelle Frank R. Zocco

Century Club *** Salvatore A. Attianese, Jr. ** Terrilynn Bahn Aves ** Ellen Moynihan Birkmeyer ** Deborah Martin Blackburn

Councilor’s Club ** Laurie A. McCrohon ** Scott A. White

President’s Club ** Kevin T. Comerford Pamela Bergeron Cuming ** Ralph D. Marois ** David P. McManus ** Jane Desnoyers McManus

Dean’s Club ** Robert J. Guerin, J.D.

Salisbury Club ** John E. Lepore ** Robert F. Murray ** Kimberly Miller Williams *** Rolf G. Williams

Century Club ** ** ** * ** **

Maureen Vincent Cabral Thomas H. Cabral Lisa Trout Cavallaro Diane Dunklee Clifford John A. DelPozzo Helen K. Duval

* * ** ** ** ** ** **

Bryan S. Hartnett Lauren Laske Hartnett Norma Waitekus Laren Tamara A. Martone Joel Meunier George M. Moniz, D.P.M. Kelly Avery Moniz Linda Brossi Murphy Col. Glenn R. Rattell

Supporter ** ** ** ** ** ** ** * * ** **

Kristine Byrne Arapoff Ann D. Fitman Wendy J. Gamble Brian P. Green Timothy J. Higgins Neil R. Isakson John P. McQuade Elizabeth A. Nolan Catherine Smith Palermo Christopher J. Palermo Kim Byrnes Scarlato James C. Trainor, Jr. Christopher L. White

1988 President’s Club ** Christopher Ciraulo

Dean’s Club ** Edda Colon-Irizarry

Salisbury Club ** Susan Ferry Downes ** Marsha Kerrigan Gleason ** Lynda Ovian McHugh

Century Club ** ** * ** ** ** * ** * ** ** ** * **

James E. Best Thomas J. Brigham Mark S. Coffey Glenn R. Hartmann E. Brian Harvey Eileen Carson Harvey Paul E. Lawton Patricia Connelly MacKinnon Carla Buckley McCaffrey Jeanine Ramos Monteiro Mildred Lubega Mukasa Michael P. Sacco James F. Wade, Jr. Sharon Bouchard Wade

Supporter ** ** ** ** ** ** ** *

Cynthia Gallagher Acocelli James R. Bruso Gary F. Hogan Joanne Sheridan Hogan Paula Dwyer Isakson Deborah Tenore Kanaskie Ellen Zielinski Kaslauskas Elizabeth Dirico Leonard

Honor Roll of Donors

Fall 2014


honor roll oF donors

Undergraduate Alumni ** Janet Carelli Lepore Marlene Facey McGunigle ** Marie Aselton Morse ** James M. Mulholland ** Renate H. Shrivastava

1989 Founder’s Club ** Michael T. Hynes Daniel P. Lyons

President’s Club ** Christopher L. Agro, O.D. ** Christine Picard Sawicki

Dean’s Club * Matthew J. Conroy Lilliam Alonso Miller

** Robert R. Esposito, Jr. * David R. Farber ** Jefferey C. Goodrow, Jr. Patrick M. Larkin * Thomas J. Laroche Thomas J. McGinn, III * Maj. Joseph D. Nedeau ** Dana M. Perkins ** Jill Meunier Perkins ** Joseph D. Reale Kelly Johnston Shaw * Richard H. Turcott, Jr. ** Maureen A. Valois ** Daniel J. Wahle * Katherine Hurley White ** Andrea Failla Winkler


Salisbury Club * ** ** ** ** **

Lawrence P. Bornheimer David N. G. Bowen Mark S. Brown Sean M. Connors Celeste M. Michaud Tina Paskalis Rano

Century Club ** * ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **

Wayne A. Buck Tracy Stratis Callahan Jacqueline M. Chlapowski Peter R. Guzzo, Ph.D. Michael B. Igo Lynne Walinsky Jalbert Gregory A. Post Lisa Lorenzatti Post Joseph C. Salvon Karen Lopriore Salvucci Jennifer Rosenfeld Tessitore, J.D. John A. Zinno, Jr.

Supporter ** Joanne Faino Allan Lisa Nickerson Brown * Christopher B. Carroll Katherine V. Donahue ** Linda Beaulieu Donahue Brian R. Doyle, Ed.D. Maria C. Morris-Doyle Matthew J. Dunn

Gift Clubs Founder’s Club Benefactor’s Club Councilor’s Club President’s Club Dean’s Club Salisbury Club Century Club Supporter

$10,000+ $5,000 – $9,999 $2,500 – $4,999 $1,000 – $2,499 $500 – $999 $250 – $499 $100 – $249 $1 – $99

* donors of 5–9 years ** donors of 10–24 years *** donors of 25 years or more t denotes deceased


Honor Roll of Donors

Councilor’s Club ** Mary Lou Saraceno Gendreau

President’s Club ** ** ** **

Mark A. Caraluzzi Edward M. Denning Anne Marie Sparano Johnson Edward F. Johnson, Jr.

Dean’s Club ** Brian A. Cournoyer ** Dennis L. O’Connor, III

Salisbury Club ** Jeffrey S. Rano

Century Club ** ** ** * * ** * ** ** ** * * * ** ** * * * ** ** ** * ** ** ** **

Maria D. Antonucci, Pharm.D. Lisa Shea Bloom Trevor J. Bloom Lori Robillard Castro Glenn P. Clancy Karen Van Valkenburg Curti Thomas J. Davis Andrea Meyer d’Entremont Earl J. d’Entremont, III Colleen Mitchell Gallagher Robert J. Gibbons Colleen D. Gonyea, O.D. Michele A. Hayes Christine Wild Howard Matthew F. Howard Clifford T. Jefferson, III Pamela Keyes Kurko Kelly O’Neil Laroche Teresa Bedard Leger Timothy S. Lockwood Christine Gallivan Lorenz Shelley Benoit Mattson Timothy J. McGrail Stephanie Jones Parry Michael J. Ramos Stephanie Harris Ryan

Fall 2014

Arthur R. Shaw ** Barbara Magiera Shaw ** Karen Marcantonio Spiegelhalter ** Tina Wrubel Sullivan

1991 Councilor’s Club ** Stephen J. Connolly * Leonard R. Welter

President’s Club ** Bryan M. Dockett ** Sandra Whitton Roth

Salisbury Club Michael G. Choiniere ** Mark A. Merritt ** Julianne Durkin Ohotnicky

Century Club ** ** ** * ** ** ** ** *

James M. Castro Christine Cullen Dumouchel David P. Dumouchel Michele Casavant Ferrucci Christine Ryan Fritz Michael G. O’Keefe Jason M. Pisciotta Amy Griffin Roy Lisa A. Yarussi

Supporter ** Michelle Remillard Bokis ** Karen White Coomber Kristen Carroll Donovan ** Karen Ceppetelli Durand ** Allison A. Figueras-Smith ** Tracey DeSimone Greene ** Katherine Conley Harris ** Elena Hessney Hogan ** Amy Hastings King ** Caren Froelich Kratochvil Doris Tripp MacPherson ** Margaret Sheppard Malo ** Deborah Dodge Page ** Kimberley Chamberlin Reale Jill C. Shaw ** Dawn Ryznal St. Germain ** Todd M. Tallman ** Teresa Zopf Withers


Century Club ** * * ** ** ** ** * * ** *

John R. Cerasuolo Gregory E. Connelly Joseph F. Curtin Patrick J. Hanly Caitlin Hubbard Haughey Kevin C. Haughey Julie Keaveney Keblish Patrick R. McGillicuddy Lori Smith Morrill Brian J. Noone Lynn Monaco Philbin Mary Rouleau Piorun ** John A. Ranieri ** Jeffrey R. Varanelli, O.D.

Supporter * ** * * ** ** * * ** * * ** * * ** ** ** ** ** ** **

1993 President’s Club ** Bryant M. Farland, Esq. Tammy Stedman Soper

Dean’s Club * James G. Morris ** David J. Scally ** William H. Taylor, Jr.

President’s Club ** ** * **

Anthony J. Benvenuti Kenneth M. Corriveau Kerry Haughey Dockett William E. Rothschild William J. Waldron, III

Dean’s Club * Stephen C. Ferraro * Bernard F. McCaffrey, Jr.

Richard F. Aiello Robert T. Callahan Eric A. Cocca Margaret M. Comptois Patrick J. Farrell James A. Johnson, Jr. Timothy F. Jones Kerri Malvey Keefe Julie Svab Kirk Cynthia Kelly Klever George A. LaCapra, Jr. Jennifer Morrison Lyons Christine McGuire Marmen William R. Menard Shirley F. Morgan Cynthia Elliott O’Connell David A. Rodski Jeffrey J. Russell Christine Gaffney Ruszczyk Katrina Armentrout Salka Kevin F. Shaughnessy Rev. Thomas M. Simisky, S.J. Kelsa Fuller Zereski

Century Club ** ** ** ** ** * ** **

Patrick W. Archer Charles R. Carelli, Jr. Tara Clark Carelli Elizabeth M. Carvalho Julie Sacchetti Dalton Patrick J. Darcey Christie Potter Driscoll William R. Driscoll

** John A. Gianino, Jr. ** Megan Cleary Granger ** Laurie Leonard Green Matthew R. Hastings ** Jennifer Clifford Hussey ** Sean R. Hussey ** Jaye LePain McGillicuddy ** Sgt. Michael C. O’Brien * Jeffrey S. Phaneuf ** Jennifer L. Ryan, D.O. ** Michelle Cormier Titus

Supporter ** ** ** ** * * ** ** * ** * ** ** ** * ** * ** * **

Leonard J. Burgmyer Deborah Berube Callahan Marcelle Loranger Cashman Lori DiConza Croteau Craig J. Duhaime Stacy Sullivan Fleming Jessica LaBarre Fosberry Betty Vicente Gencarella Ruth A. Hurley Shannon McGrath Klose Scott Kurdziolek Lori A. Parzych Tamara Gonneville Pisani Karen A. Rakowski Christina M. Reardon Karen Richards Rodski Michael T. Sbrogna Kristen Rozanski Skerry Alexander D. Smith Suzanne Bonacum Taylor

1994 President’s Club ** Gregory A. Keil ** Andrew S. Viens ** Suzanne Klinger Viens

Dean’s Club ** Scott B. Klimaj, D.M.D. ** Marc E. Richard

Salisbury Club ** * * ** **

Massimo E. Iori, Esq. Darren M. Kelly Kimberly Collins Kelly, Esq. John R. Ohotnicky Sara Karl Schubert

Century Club ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** *

Amy Keane Blake Mary Lee DeSantis Michael E. Durkin John N. Grady, III Sara Jordan Grady Jennifer Harrington Hunt Shelley Wadden Lambert Jill Biddle Rocco Mark C. Shwetz

* * ** **

Julie DiPietro Smith Wayne D. Smith Scott E. Tomlinson Michael P. Walsh

Supporter * Derek M. Beauregard * Lauren Lumsden Bucciaglia * Steven A. Bucciaglia Jennifer Horgan Cote Ginny Boisvert Fil ** Paul Gencarella, Jr. Jacqueline Holland Lindsay Noonan Kett ** Kathryn A. Livingston * Catherine Giaccone Morley Jennifer Houle Nadeau ** Maura Estaphan Nascimento ** Kerry Olivieri Peroni ** Christine Sylvia * Julie DaCruz Tallman * Rachael Driscoll Weinhold


** * ** ** ** **

President’s Club

Bridget Karasczkiewicz Marino Wendy Hebert Marshall Cristina Cantu Murphy Carrick Tryder O’Brien Paula L. Richenburg Frank S. Stellato


** Cindy DeNaples Silva

Dean’s Club

Dean’s Club

* Matthew J. Kojalo

* Michael D. King

Salisbury Club

Salisbury Club ** Kristen M. Ciarcia ** David M. Whitston

** Suzanne R. Campbell-Lambert ** Brian T. Preti

Century Club

Century Club ** Marcus D. Berquist Andrea Labas Flynn ** Geoffrey Kromer ** Eric E. Lambert ** Kiersten Chapman Marich * William A. Patterson, IV * Jennifer Cain Preston * Michael S. Preston * Richard J. Robitaille

Supporter * Malcolm O. Asadoorian, III, Ph.D. Marilee Boylan-Miller Darren E. Burkett Jennifer Pinto Cebrian ** Jennifer Pineo Coxall ** Kelly Dowd Delnickas ** Nicole Hanisco Fragione * Renee Gargulinski Hackett Tara Kelly Hehr * Andrea Villani Igoe * Brian W. Igoe Tracy Clarrage Jeffers Joshua L. Jurs, Ph.D. Patrick M. Kett ** Kara A. MacAlpine * Peter D. Marano

* ** * * **

Kevin M. Carney Wendy Vautour Durkin Thomas M. Hamilton Mark A. Siraco Audra Lapati Small

Supporter * David J. Brouillard Kristie Tarala DeFalco ** Matthew S. Fichera * Michael S. Lentini Amy Trottier Meacham * Janice Foley Rinella ** Stephen E. Simmons Raymond P. Spring ** Beth E. Vincent ** Lisa Mastracchio Wittman

1997 Dean’s Club P. Keith DeSchamp

Salisbury Club ** Christopher R. Widelo

Century Club ** Joseph R. Becker

* ** * **

Jennifer Lemoine Briggs Paul J. Briggs Teresa DaSilva Carney Cheryl Oliver Cory Martin P. Kilcourse, II * Isabel M. Nunes ** Ericka Harris Racca ** Michael D. Small

Supporter * * ** **

Daniel E. Bowden Kevin J. Connolly Adam J. Cormier Ryan P. Dumond Christopher E. Olson * Shaye Young Paradis ** Jill P. Patnode

1998 Benefactor’s Club * Christine Batista Doyle * Matthew P. Doyle

President’s Club * ** * *

Jeremy P. Basso Jeffrey R. Martinath Brent McDonald Thomas E. Wales, Ph.D.

Dean’s Club Mark B. Cosenza ** Derek M. Mohamed

Salisbury Club Matthew B. Erickson

Century Club Nicole Califano Bateman ** Anne-Marie Kenney ** Jeffrey C. LeBrun * Carolyn Dunn Scully

Supporter Micky Abbatemarco Latina

Honor Roll of Donors

Fall 2014


honor roll oF donors

Undergraduate Alumni ** ** ** **

Peter C. Link Jessica Carneiro Mazzaccaro Karen Lefebvre Miller Katherine Mattock O’Conner Amy Hague Sacco Andrea Svagdys-Gumbrell


** Jeffrey M. Levis ** Emily P. Murray

Dean’s Club * Paul A. Belsito ** Ronelle J. Meunier

Salisbury Club ** Alessandra Roffo Higgins

President’s Club ** Sarah Goodwin Martinath ** Karen M. Puntillo

Salisbury Club ** Patrick J. Foran ** Renata Serafin Patterson

Century Club * Kyle P. Bateman Andrew R. Cooper ** Lauren E. D’Angelo Patricia Iacono Flynn ** Ryan D. Gavigan ** Karen Baldino Hickey Sean R. Higgins ** Michelle L. LeBrun * Albert T. Noble ** Joseph P. Parrillo ** Laura Ramsdell Parrillo Sara K. Ward * Jill Anderson Zito ** Joseph T. Zito

Century Club * ** ** ** ** ** * *

** * * *


** ** * * * * *

2000 President’s Club ** ** ** *


Anonymous Claudia Arcuri Brown Douglas W. Brown, Jr. Patricia A. LePain Diane Alagno Levis

Honor Roll of Donors

Joshua P. Hammer Deanna Cotes Homoliski Geoffrey A. Homoliski Jason A. LaCroix Meredith Tebbetts Moore Andrew W. Niedzwiecki Andrea Saudade Stafford Joseph E. Stafford Michael R. Thomasian

Supporter ** Erin Jones Barata ** John P. Barata Rachele Henriquez Brown Michelle C. Callahan Kerry Conlon Doherty * Lynette Walania Holway * Michael J. Marshall Brian K. Schlitzer * Steven A. Thebodo

2002 Councilor’s Club * Edward R. Potters

President’s Club ** Nicholas R. Dube ** Christine Kane Hochstein ** Brian P. MacKinnon

Salisbury Club ** Daniel R. Holland ** Paul S. Moran

Century Club Robert P. Belforti, Jr. * Ester Schiano-Brown Trevor S. Brown Jason M. Dufault * Anna Mattson Kilmer ** Amy Beadle LaCroix

Andrew J. Cahill * James S. Canavan Erin B. Crowley * Kelly E. Flynn Derek A. Gaieski Kristen S. Hohmann Amanda Blair Julian Elizabeth K. Keeley ** Erik M. LaFortune, Esq. * Nicole Leone Laviolette Diana Rourke Longden Brendan P. Norton * Elizabeth R. O’Donnell ** Leanne D. Paquet Christopher J. Pietro * Lacey Gallagher Plunkett Cheri Matterazzo Pugatch * Carla Morocco Pumphrey * Kathryn M. White * Meagan Foran Willis

2003 President’s Club * William C. Grogan

Dean’s Club ** Ryan P. Murphy


Supporter Molly Hubbard Aunger Capt. Patrick B. Collins Jennifer I. DeBurro Jennifer O’Brien DePillo Lizabeth Bobbi Drega Erica Sheehan Fallon Laurie Ann Oberg Hilton Danielle Weaver Horvath Courtney Neal Imbriglio John A. Leonard Karen Shaw Lepine Barbara J. Maclachlan Christine Daly Marshall Allyson Sandberg Martin Kerry Connolly Moyal Katherine Stoehrer Mulcahy David M. O’Brien April Gentes Robert Alicia A. Shaheen

Daniel R. LaRue Courtney Mitchell ** Timothy M. Monahan * Caroline Murgo Montgomery Melinda Morrill Morin Richard M. Rubino Keavy Hennessey Smith Brad R. Willis

President’s Club ** Amy E. Logue ** Jeffrey A. Rawson ** Gabrielle Spada Tarpill

Dean’s Club * Brittney Cass Egress ** Kyle W. Egress

Salisbury Club ** * ** * *

Sarah J. Briggs Kristen Fournier Fontaine Matthew F. Masny Kimberly A. Morrissette, D.O. Maribeth McNulty Widelo

Century Club Raquel Durkin Belforti, D.O. ** Amy Farina Diaz ** Jennifer Yantosca Lukiewski Eric C. Mauer Michael P. McGrath * Daniel A. Mercurio * Jay A. Picariello

Supporter Kimberly Herrington DiLeva ** Alexander H. Foster, Jr. ** Erica Lohr Foster ** Melissa Sweeney Henry

Fall 2014

** * * ** ** * * **

Bradley A. MacDougall Kristen Foley MacDougall Heather Schlesinger O’Mara Jennifer L. Patriss Jonathan E. Rice Deborah St. Jean Roux Michael D. Roux Colin T. Sullivan

Supporter Celina Paulo Bennett Paola Cabero

Century Club * Rebecka DeCost Beatrice Tara M. Czeski Sean M. Kenney Jason D. Muise Eric J. Naglieri * Jennifer Murray Smith ** Justin R. Smith

Supporter * Mark J. Baril * Beth Ann Giovanoni Bligh

* Kevin G. Bligh Kristyn A. Bonnyman ** Julie M. Caparco Jordan Gamm Cotto Matthew J. Cotto * Alison Coakley Donovan * Brendan P. Donovan ** Sacha O’Brien Field Emily S. Fontaine * Amy M. Galindo * Timothy C. Longden * Jessica J. McElaney * Elizabeth J. Vestal

2004 President’s Club

Talene J. Tarvezian * David C. Thomas ** Jillian L. Witham * David M. Zbikowski

Century Club John A. Claflin Kerry King Claflin Stephen D. Congdon Katelyn A. Dwyer Melinda Gowdey Finnerty Jessica Parreira Kenney * Thomas G. Mazzoli ** John V. Zocco, Jr.

President’s Club Jennifer Clark LaMarche

Associate President’s Council

Century Club Meaghan Montani Bolger Christopher W. Cowell * Katherine Burke Davey Timothy J. Donovan * Richard H. Graham, Jr. * Katie Nester Pugliese


* *

* *

* *




Sarah Jennings Andrews Erin Ahearn Burns Amanda J. Cudmore Meghan M. Dowling Elizabeth A. Ebitson Deanna Polli Foster Daniel J. Gilmore Melissa Rijo Gravit Carrie Duteau Grimshaw Victoria D. Guiliano Christine F. Keenan Catherine S. Krawiecki Robert M. Lavin Jennifer Hall Martin Jacqueline Desmarais McDonnell Ashley Kunberger McGowan Daniel J. Moran Andrew R. Morano Allison Reyell Murphy Tatiana Novas Rowena Cowie Pouliot John J. Rainone Paul Randazzo, Jr. Rebecca Macdonald Randazzo Justin L. Richards Lisa A. Ryan Jillian C. Scribi Melanie M. Silva Patricia A. Steele Susan E. Ulbrich Katherine M. Warren Kara L. Williamson John D. Wood Francis P. Woods

Daniel V. Carelli Michael B. Murray Elizabeth Swider Sherman Jonathan M. Weaver

Salisbury Club



Jeffrey G. Furtado Mark D. Halibozek

Salisbury Club * Ryan J. Brennan David W. Merritt, Esq. Elizabeth Penta Merritt, Esq.

* * *

Associate President’s Council * * * *

* Francesco R. Ambrogio * Megan Chenaille Ambrogio

Supporter ** Andrew J. Benoit ** Erin Thompson Bertrand Sachin D. Bhavsar * Heather Lowery Bousquet ** Heidi Ann Burchell * Ryan J. Cody Jillian T. Crowley Erin K. Duff Shahar Golan * Adam M. Gravit Ronald D. Halterman * Janet M. Harrington Katrina Hart Kathleen E. Ingram Katherine A. Kane ** Meghan Locke Kilpatrick Jennifer Spirlet Kruzewski James A. Lambert, III Christopher J. Lauth Nataliya A. Matushevskaya * Katie Louis McQuade Leanne Walsh Merrill Stephanie Queripel Monahan Matthew J. Perfetuo Angela Goncalves Peterson * Julie Wasik Pollison * Arthur W. Rogan Jessica L. Siperas Jessica M. Solari * Matthew H. Starr ** Jennifer Hurley Steinberg

President’s Club * Christopher M. Grogan * Dennis J. Leamy, Jr.


** Geoffrey A. LaMarche * * ** *


Century Club Brian L. Blanchette * Ashley Clark Cote * Michela D. D’Eramo * Christopher Harrigan


* * * * * * *

* * *


John J. Carr Cristine M. Delaney Jennifer L. Favulli Colleen McKenney Flachbart Lauren A. Galiette David R. Gendreau Brent S. Hager Kim Maleno Hager Jennifer Defeudis Halloran Laura C. Kozlowski Daniel G. Krasowsky Erin E. Lutton Christine M. Lynch Erica J. Mandeville Ashley Nunez Cherry Stephen E. Pagios Rebecca A. Pavlick Michael J. Rodier Christina Paskalis Rogan Jessica Butcaris Toman James D. Tucker Cynthia Warren Vosburg

2007 Associate President’s Council Brett M. Miller * Jonathan A. Sparling

Salisbury Club * Adam T. Lumnah

Century Club * Yvonne L. Flanders * Nicholas A. Veltri

Supporter Emily Foran Biggins * Patrick R. Biggins Kristin M. Cannon Daniel M. Davey

* * * *

James F. Dealy Justin P. Dowd Francis R. Galligan Lauren Sutherland Grover Megan E. Heffernan Kristen Griswold Jennings Allison Herrmann Jordan Kristen L. Kelliher Kimberly A. Kontrimas Katy M. Lanouette Rebecca Blanchard Lauzon Allison M. Magnan Melissa M. Mahoney Elizabeth Morris Marcotte Sarah Taglienti McKeever Zachary G. McKeever Emily R. Nichols Danielle St. Martin O’Connell Shannon Steele Oles Lawrence J. Parsons Karen Provencal Romegialli Lindsay N. Rosa

2008 President’s Club Katelyn L. Schelzi

Associate President’s Council * Diane E. Comstock * Kathleen DiBuono Weaver

Century Club Maura K. Cook * Brandon M. MacNeil Kerri A. O’Dea

Supporter * Matthew P. Brady Matthew S. Cerins * Melissa M. Cournoyer * Lauren Konicki D’Ambrogio * Christopher J. DeSimone Megan E. Gazda, D.C. * Charles A. Johnson * Teresa D. Kuehhas Lee K. Maleno * Nicholas J. Marrier Ryan D. Matson * Kevin P. O’Connell * Elizabeth M. Papp * Kevin P. Peterssen Kristina Deluca Peterssen Ryan K. Rowlinson Lauren M. Torraco William D. VanSlyke Brent C. Wilks * Renee Bigold Young Alison M. Zawadski

Honor Roll of Donors

Fall 2014


honor roll oF donors

Undergraduate Alumni 2009 President’s Club * Elise M. Hennrikus

Associate President’s Council * Kristen M. Carnevale Daniel J. Napolitano Andrew R. Rudzinski Stephanie Boucher Rudzinski Elizabeth A. Storer Christopher S. White

Century Club * Jonathan R. Acox * Leandra D. D’Eramo David F. Elliott Melissa Nally Harrigan Cristina Roffo * Matthew G. Smith Sarah Gagne Walsh

Supporter Gregory J. Agnew Tabitha A. Aldrich Kristin E. Anderka Aubrey R. Andreozzi Kara E. Berggren Kristen E. Berry Gena R. Bevilacqua Kaitlin M. Bevins Casey Mosca Blake Thomas J. Borek, Jr. Daniel P. Brunelli Kaitlyn M. Burgess Caitlin L. Campbell Jill E. Carretta Meghan C. Cassidy Kristina M. Catacchio Sheila K. Cawley Noelia M. Chafoya Christopher F. Charlton Samantha R. Chella Kathryn E. Clark Cassandra M. Clifford Jenna K. Costin Courtney Adams Davison Katherine C. DeMarco Anna Maffeo Dealy Kayla J. DonFrancesco

Gift Clubs Founder’s Club Benefactor’s Club Councilor’s Club President’s Club Dean’s Club Salisbury Club Century Club Supporter

$10,000+ $5,000 – $9,999 $2,500 – $4,999 $1,000 – $2,499 $500 – $999 $250 – $499 $100 – $249 $1 – $99

* donors of 5–9 years ** donors of 10–24 years *** donors of 25 years or more t denotes deceased


Honor Roll of Donors

Meghan E. Donahue Christine M. Doran Jacqueline L. DuLong Megan E. Dumas Maria E. Farias Michael P. Farrell Kathleen R. Fitzgerald Brooks L. Francis David C. Fulvio Patricia M. Gardner Keveny M. Glynn Jennifer C. Gonet Katherine M. Hartigan Hayley L. Hayes Heather L. Hepburn Samuel A. Hilario Marissa A. Howard Katherine A. Janosko Caitlin F. Lahey Elizabeth C. Lahiff Matthew M. Leone Kevin R. Mandeville Jared D. Manteuffel Joseph W. Mascia Joanna L. Mayhew Katherine Sussky McDermott Anne A. McInnes Daniel P. McLaughlin Caitlin McMullan Shannon R. McNeilly Heather M. Melander Erin R. Moloney Nicole G. Muratore Joseph W. Murphy, Jr. * Lauren E. Padula Jennifer M. Paglio Lea M. Phelan Katelyn M. Pohle Christina N. Presenti Brittany Gorham Roberts Meghan Ray Silva William J. Silva, Jr. Katherine E. Slifka Stephanie R. Sliwa Courtney A. Smith Stephen A. Smith Michael J. Teehan Jessica S. Trufant Holly Schroth Turner Jacqueline M. Twomey Ashley C. Waterman Colleen A. White Elizabeth W. Whitney Katelyn M. Ziter

2010 Associate President’s Council Daniel J. Ferry * Daniel G. Anastas

Fall 2014

Kevin J. Dabrieo, Jr. * Max R. Ebacher Christina M. Graziano * Austin B. Potter

Century Club Savoy T. Fraine

Supporter Jeffrey A. Alderson Brittany L. Brannelly Kate A. Bucklin Daniel D. Buhay Lauren Kelly Chartier Erin E. Coakley Christopher J. Colletti Courtney M. Costanza Katherine L. DiCioccio Brian P. Foley Matthew T. Garlin Julia M. Gaudet Denise E. Gotta Caron M. Grealish Paula C. Hartigan Jaimie L. Hogan Caitlin E. Mahoney Shawn D. Murray John E. Nagle Colleen M. Penkala Christina M. Phillips Danielle M. Porcaro Michael B. Prizio Catherine R. Ritchie Kelly J. White Dustin R. Wirzburger Erica R. Yankowskas

2011 President’s Club Caroline M. Rufo

Associate President’s Council Danielle Lamoureux Bachand Sarah T. Garrity Ryan W. Kushman Julie A. Malinowski Michael Swanson Kevin M. Sweeney

Century Club Danielle E. Beliveau Rachel A. Dalo Natalie J. Geeza Lauren E. Keating Andrew J. Kupec Sarah E. Lyons Alex S. Mascaro Thomas A. McGinley Marina E. Pithis Jennifer A. Roberge Jeffrey C. Swan

Supporter Christina M. Acunzo Ashley M. Angus Carleigh S. Baldwin John P. Barry Caitlen A. Beahn Julia E. Brough Jenna L. Damato Ellen M. Dimarzo William F. Dooley Michael J. Foley James P. Gangi Alicyn C. Gilberto Stephen F. Gunneson Danielle E. Iozzo Lauren A. Johnson William R. Langevin Kathryn E. Luby Kayla M. Machado Katelyn M. Mahoney Christine D. Marotto Brendan P. McCann Christopher M. McDermott Kathryn J. McKittrick Michelle N. Megnia Elizabeth A. Micozzi Taylor M. Nunez Shannon M. O’Hara Edward T. Oliver, III Alexandria M. Orlando Michael W. Perkins Julie E. Pietrasik Alexandra M. Prizio Shannon M. Reilly Christine K. Roach Diana M. Romero Stephanie A. Russo Robert D. Sansoucy Dennis J. Sojka, Jr. Kathleen M. Storer David C. Taddei Gina M. Torcoletti Emily E. Vano Carolyn M. Wallace Michael R. Webber Jessica L. Wolter

2012 Associate President’s Council Meredith A. Deacon Lauren E. Milka Daniel S. Thaller

Century Club Brianna M. Murphy Hannah K. Sherrill

Supporter Alexandra M. Bellerose Meaghan Farnam Bellows

Kathryn M. Brodeur Scott M. Corain Zachary J. DeLoughery Nicholas I. DiAntonio Emily C. Dodge Andrea K. Gagnon Joseph S. Grivers Elizabeth G. Johnson Meaghan K. Kearney Patrick W. Keeley Erin M. Lagasse Meghan K. Logue Emily F. Marino Andrea M. Moniz Alexandra M. Nassimos Caitlin M. O’Flynn Katherine M. Pelleriti

Angelica Perrone Molly H. Pietrantonio Matthew D. Robinson Maureen K. Rohlfing Erin E. Sullivan Maura F. Swords Ashton E. Tierney Laura A. Tremaglio Patrick R. Valinski

2013 Century Club Mark A. Forster Lisa C. Gagne Jeffrey P. Gardella Kaitlyn C. Kelly

Molly L. Kessler Ronson A. Quick Miranda J. Raine

Kayla R. Vicino Dennis P. White Tonida Zhobro



Vincent M. Acciardo Felicia M. Baltazar Rilie C. Brown Michael K. Conway Cassandra A. Delp Elena J. Despotopulos Joseph A. Di Re William J. Dominguez Raphaele M. Fare Yethulsa M. Fingfing John M. Flaherty Lauren M. Forest Nabil N. Georges

Chelsey C. Gianino Monique L. Girard Ashley E. Januszewski David R. Littlefield Jessica D. MacDonald Michael D. McCabe William E. O’Neill Peter F. Padula Khalid W. Pitts Alexandra L. Plack Joseph M. Provost Julie C. Scott Molly K. Scott Sabrina F. Siciliano Victoria E. Snow Bonnie E. Srubas Matthew Taylor-Curby

Century Club Matthew J. Pedone

Supporter Rebecca S. Alt Ariana A. Babigian Jamie L. Ballerini Carla Baptiste Janessa R. Barrett Andrea M. Bates Michael R. Bates Alyssa P. Belschner Theodore J. Beuchert Kerrin L. Botte Anabel Brea Matthew R. Colangelo Jacqueline A. Cornacchio Eddaliz Correa Brent W. Cote Colin M. Cray Alicia A. Cummings Rebecca M. Curry Jessica A. Daley Mary E. DiCristofaro Joelle R. DiDomenico Emily P. Diggins Andrea M. Dillon Cassandra M.Dixon Danielle E. Driscoll Kyle A. Dubuc Carly M. Eckles Joseph M. Favuzza McKaela E. Flannigan Jurell E. Flippen Robert D. Flynn Megan F. Folan Giulianna M.Franchetti Caitlin E. Goodhile Emily A. Griffiths Meagan E. Grimm Meghan M. Guarnieri Nicolas D. Guerra Mary E. Guinee Eileen N. Gunn Monique C. Haney William A. Hollaman-Phillips Jesse T. Hunt Lillian C. Irwin Jennifer A. Jackson Julie K. Johnston Stephanie L. Kamataris Jillian A. Keddy Raheem S. Kelly-Reid Brittany E. Kennedy Katie A. Kennedy

Jennifer M. King William L. King, Jr. HyunSeung Lee Ellen M. Licari Kerriann J. Lusk Rebecca C. Luther Lindsey E. MacLean Kevin E. Mahoney Megan E. McCann Christopher A. McDermott Melissa A. McLain Ryan A. Merle Hillary Morgis Jessica E. Morse Jack F. Mourad Danielle J. Nader Blake A. Nold Ryan H. O’Connell Chelsea T. O’Connor Gianna T. Paolini Cole M. Parker Rachel A. Pellegrine Kayla E. Perry Jennifer A. Pytka Maureen E. Quirk Shannon M. Ray Katerina P. Reilly William Rein Lauren E. Rempelakis EricJ. Riether Sarah E. Rogers Sarah E. Salsman Brooke A. Samaha Bethany R. Sampson Kaleigh N. Sands William J. Silva Michael T. Smith Nichole K. Spilios Jordan L. Sweigart Brittany A. Tavano Kathlyn M. Terry Marie E. Theroux Courtney R. Trahan Sara A. Underwood Keshia A. Vilchert Michael A. Visconti Corey J. Walker Ethan G. Ward Meghan M. White Kathleen M. Wilbur Jenna L. Wilson

Honor Roll of Donors

Fall 2014


honor roll oF donors

Graduate Studies Alumni *** Paulette Henchey Leblanc G’72 *** Margaret S. Lindberg G’79 *** Vincent Matulaitis, Jr. G’71 ** Beverley A. McCarthy G’88 ** Mary Kavanagh McGrail G’00 *** Luis M. Mendez, Ph.D. G’65 *** Robert W. Morrill G’64 *** David A. Moskal G’68 ** Marjorie Hastings O’Connell G’71 ** Marjorie Ory G’76 Steven J. Patriarca G’81 ** Margaret M. Peltola G’96 ** Katharine Perkins G’77 * Markku S. Rautiainen G’98 * Jeanne V. Reed G’79 *** Barbara M. Rowell G’76 Virginia M. Ryan G’89 * Mario Silva Rosa G’96 ** Raymond G. Sirois G’73 ** Brian E. Smith G’98 ** D. Thomas Stone, Jr., Ph.D. G’77 ** Margaret Munn Thayer G’72 ** Barbara Ann Weber G’69 ** Kathleen Perleoni Weissberg G’79 ** Edith F. Witherell G’79 ** Leslie A. Zack G’79

Founder’s Club *** Isabel A. Bayon G’66 *** Maureen R. Gray G’67

Benefactor’s Club *** Frederick R. Bauer G’83

Councilor’s Club ** Rita M. Joyce G’82 Christine C. Keating G’02

President’s Club ** Mary Rushton Bresnahan G’98 *** Mary M. Doyle G’77 * Paul F. Dufault G’78 *** Irene A. McGee G’71 *** Francis J. McGuire, S.T.D. G’74 *** Kathleen M. Murphy G’76 * Kathleen T. Randall G’97 *** Jane R. Smith G’67 ** Beverly Erikson Stewart G’78 ** Mark W. Stewart G’76 *** Joseph S. Trent G’80 * Evans W. Tsoules, Ed.D. G’68

Dean’s Club * Mary T. Prunty G’65

Salisbury Club


** Gail Patrick Dunnrowicz G’65 ** Thomas P. Kelly G’76 Laura M. Lawrence G’11 ** Theodore J. Parker G’68 *** William J. Prendiville, Jr. G’83 ** Elise Forbes Seeley, Psy.D. G’93 ** Nancy R. Siddle G’75

Century Club *** Susan M. Alinovi G’75 Frederick W. Anderson G’73 ** Roger F. Banks G’83 ** Robert P. Bonnevie, Psy.D. G’76 ** Paul M. Brosnihan G’88 ** Elizabeth J. Brunell G’00 ** Henry L. Cyr, Jr. G’69 *** Perry P. Davis, Ed.D. G’73 ** Sharon Latka Davis G’79 ** Urbain J. DeWinter, Ph.D. G’63 ** Charles L. Dinovo G’89 ** Linda L. Ducharme G’05 ** John M. Foley, Jr. G’63 ** Anthony A. Giovanucci G’74 ** Mary D. Guerin G’90 ** Oscar W. Harrell, Jr., Ph.D. G’74 ** Sophia M. Harrell, Ed.D. G’76 William B. Harwood G’74 ** Raymond R. Jakubauskas G’69 ** Barbara C. Keenan G’68 ** Rev. Donna Watkins Kingman G’00 *** Hannah K. Laipson G’68


Honor Roll of Donors

*** Barry M. Alman G’80 ** Sr. Mary Louis Auger, R.S.M. G’63 James P. Austin G’09 * Jo-Ann Bafaro G’90 ** Simin D. Bagheri G’79 ** Jill Withstandley Bakis G’77 **t Lillian F. Bannon G’67 Thomas N. Barouk G’73 ** Laura E. Beckman-Devik G’81 * Robert Beliveau G’77 ** David E. Berglund G’71 Kyra H. Berube G’12 Kathleen M. Bien G’98 *** Mary E. Bierfeldt G’73 ** Marilyn Magill Blanchard G’77 ** Peter T. Blanchard G’72 *** Laura Satti Brewster G’75 ** Virginia R. Brink G’80 * Stephen J. Brunero G’95 ** William R. Burke G’76 ** Naomi R. Caplin-Shermer G’75 Jennifer Carabba G’11 * Paula A. Caramello G’83 *** Sr. Pauline A. Chouinard G’77 ** Elaine K. Clements G’80 ** Anne T. Collamore G’61 *** Helen Marr Connors G’64 ** Kathleen A. Connors G’89 * Judith A. Coyle G’64 William J. Coyle, Jr. G’64

Fall 2014

** Sheila M. Curran G’75 * Margaret Fiordalisi Dames G’67 ** Christine M. Daviau G’77 * Judith A. Delisle G’79 * Thomas J. Delisle, Ph.D. G’71 * William T. Devine G’80 *** Margaret Bowen Diggins G’71 * Patrick J. Dolan G’72 *** Ann Palenius Douglas G’77 ** Sr. Jane F. Dunnigan, I.H.M. G’71 *** Lucille Cassavant Ela G’75 ** Richard J. Ferrante, Ph.D. G’74 ** Rosemary L. Ferro G’86 ** George Fortier, Jr. G’07 ** Joan L. Freedman G’80 *** Richard L. Gagnon G’80 Amber N. Gandolfo-Domack G’11 Carole J. Gariepy G’95 Kathleen E. Garlick G’02 * Mark C. Georgeson G’90 ** Marion Wood Giacomelli G’72 ** Joan Kennedy Ginnetti G’69 *** Marianne Curran Girouard G’69 Marcia A. Golembeski G’95 * Heidi R. Hacking G’88 ** John M. Hancock, Ph.D. G’74 ** Peter N. Harvey G’73 Grace C. Hayes G’10 *** Michael W. Herlihy G’79 * Rev. George H. Hill, Jr. G’72 ** William J. Izzi G’88 Ann E. Jackson-Gillis G’78 *** Mariana Johnson G’76 ** Sharon Johnson G’79 ** Deborah Demers Joinville G’82 ** Attila Kariko G’76 ** Caron J. Keenan G’62 ** James P. Kelliher G’68 ** James S. Kieras G’74 * Daniel A. King G’68 * Patricia A. King G’73 Peter W. Kirk G’98 *** Adrienne L. L’Esperance G’69 *** Roger L. Laferriere G’67 ** Peter J. Lamb, Ph.D. G’74 ** Raymond F. Lamore, Jr. G’82 *** Suzanne C. Lamoureux G’67 ** John E. Lawrence, Sr., G’67 ** Katherine A. LeMay G’93 *** Judith Petricone Lynch G’70 ** Heather Johnson MacFarlane G’06 ** Diane Bonenfant MacLean G’76 * Roland P. Malboeuf G’01 *** Jeannine C. Maloney G’71 ** Randi Pettersen Marcinkiewicz G’94 ** Sr. M. Clement Mazgelis, S.S.C. G’66 ** Paul F. McCormack G’62 ** Robert A. McMackin G’77

** John B. Mealy, M.D. G’67 ** John M. Merullo G’96 * Christine A. Milner G’95 ** Barbara Curcio Minichiello G’70 *** Peter L. Moreau G’78 ** Edward L. Morris, Jr. G’71 ** Matthew C. Morse G’98 *** Margaret Sausville Munns G’63 * Mary Ann F. Nalbandian G’77 * Christopher L. Nelson G’99 Andrew J. Nowak G’99 ** Robert T. O’Connor G’75 ** Neil F. O’Donoghue G’71 ** Linda A. Oroszko G’75 ** Maureen O. Pereira G’81 * Anita E. Phelan G’80 ** Lise R. Plante G’64 ** Kimberly J. Prescott G’93 ** Eileen M. Quirk G’75 ** Vincent L. Remillard, Ph.D. G’65 * Geraldine Rheault G’76 *** Peter H. Ricard G’76 ** Rodrigue J. Richard G’81 ** Stephen W. Richardson G’86 *** Nancy R. Robbins G’77 Richard Rogers, Ph.D. G’73 *** Jeanne M. Rondeau G’69 *** Harry A. M. Rush, Jr. G’66 ** Patricia Corr Rushton G’70 *** Frank L. Ryan G’64 * Winifred J. Savulis G’74 *** Ronald C. Senosk G’74 ** Alice Doering Smith G’92 ** Laura R. Smith G’92 *** Rosemarie Raucci Smith G’65 ** Sharon L. Smith-Viles G’83 ** Richard J. Spratt G’67 ** Lauretta St. George-Sorel G’99 ** Cynthia M. Stark G’74 *** Stephan N. Stoyanoff G’71 ** Cynthia C. Taylor G’72 ** Lois L. Taylor G’75 ** Christine White Thorn G’85 ** Paula J. Thornton G’93 ** Sr. Cathleen Toomey, R.S.M. G’69 Marie S. Tuniewicz G’80 Elsie A. Uffelmann G’84 ** Ann D. Vale G’70 ** David I. Walsh G’85 * Virginia M. Walsh G’81 * Rebecca LeBlond Ward G’78 Eric D. Webster G’94 ** Ellen M. Welsh G’90 *** Charleen F. Wilcox G’81 ** Lois McSherry Williamson G’83 ** John P. Zarecki G’79 ** Sheryl Hart Zarozny G’92 Soterios C. Zoulas G’73

Continuing Education Alumni Councilor’s Club Michael J. Keating ’02

President’s Club ** Virginia A. Halloran ’61 ** Karen L. Matson ’90 ** Janice L. Rezuke ’92

Dean’s Club ** Mary Egan Aleksiewicz ’91 ** Marcia Bianchini Amaral ’04 ** Janet C. Lambert ’04

Salisbury Club ** Douglas W. Black ’99 * Christopher M. Fontaine ’09

Century Club ** Monica H. Abdella ’91 *** Therese E. Adams ’68 * Steven H. Aliquo ’05 *** Elizabeth Nedwick Baldarelli ’68 ** Robert A. Bessette ’74 ** Deacon Nicholas Cara Donna, Jr. ’98 ** Lynne W. Connor ’91 ** Frederick G. Crocker, Jr. ’90 * Linda R. Fazio ’98 ** Todd M. Granger ’97 ** Phyllis M. Hanlon ’01


** John W. Hoey ’91 Frances J. Kroll ’72 ** Rev. John J. Leahy ’00 ** June A. Leahy ’94 Ann M. Martin ’09 * Paula Meszaro ’01 Paul J. Normile ’98 ** Karen Osowski ’01 ** Audrey R. Pooles ’87 ** Helen E. Queenan ’93 ** Gale O’Rourke Racine ’90 ** Carolyn S. Sheldon ’92 * Brenda Torres ’11 Mary V. Towle ’90

Supporter Sarah Bonner Anastasia ’12 ** Sallie M. Archambault ’95 * Richard H. Ayres ’86 Terrie Ayres ’10 ** Norma L. Baer ’85 Barbara-Ann R. Ball ’06 ** Ann Beaudry ’91 Marianne Belanger ’07 ** Dawn M. Bourget ’99 ** Mary C. Braley ’83 ** Mary H. Brunelle ’02 James M. Bujnowski ’89

*** Anne O’Sullivan Cataldo ’73 Christof M. Chartier ’12 Karen A. Cook ’09 ** Edward F. Cote, Jr. ’93 ** Janet L. Daigle ’86 Barbara L. Danowski ’91 ** Sheila C. Dickman ’88 ** Miriam H. Dorsey ’88 ** Sharon Dubrule ’90 Bethany M. Duke ’94 *** Janette A. Emond ’72 ** Margaret C. Ford ’84 ** Elizabeth A. Gleeson ’92 Margaret J. Gniadek ’04 ** Marsha I. Goldman ’94 ** Sandra M. Hakkarainen ’94 * Catherine Smith Hall ’04 ** Nancy J. Hancock ’90 *** Carol Casey Haran ’85 ** Verna F. Harrahy ’72 ** Toni R. Heard ’92 Lynne G. Herring ’09 Robert C. Holmes ’13 * Pamela J. Kazarian ’08 *** Clara M. Kenadek ’67 William C. Krans ’89 Linda Kikutis Kropp ’92 * Diane E. LaRoche ’12

* Bernadette M. LeBlanc ’07 * Susan E. LeDoux ’92 ** Linda Rogers Luthman ’97 *** Marjorie V. Mackesy ’84 ** Michael S. Marchand ’95 ** Linda L. Martino ’91 Stephen Melpignano ’12 ** Gina Moretti-MacConnell ’83 * Linda M. Moriarty ’88 ** Maureen O’Brien Navickas ’95 * Christine V. Nichols ’09 Patricia M. O’Mara ’84 ** Patricia M. O’Neil ’88 ** Maurice D. Pearson ’90 ** Jane A. Provost ’00 ** Anne Marie Queenan ’86 Janet R. Rauktis ’09 Richard J. Roberts ’05 ** Kathleen E. Simisky ’93 ** Alan J. Smith ’84 Lisa M. Spinney ’01 * Mary Ann Spiro ’91 ** Joyce A. St. Germain ’91 * Ann M. Stansky ’97 Kathleen R. Trumpaitis ’05 ** Mary Ann Valinski, Ph.D. ’73 ** Karen P. White ’94

Thank you to the hundreds of parents for their generosity in supporting the College through numerous programs. In order to make the most of your vital funds, only donors of $100 or more are listed in this section.

Founder’s Club ** Anonymous David and Carol Director P’16 ** John and Pamela Foran P’02 ** Normand and Gloria Marois P’89 Michael Prayson and Elizabeth Eaton P’15 ** Janet L. Testa P’86 *** Michael and Dorothy Tsotsis P’04

Benefactor’s Club Jean L. Hynes P’89 Peter and Kim Lamagna P’15 Harris and Nancy MacNeill P’14

Councilor’s Club Denis and Orla Cashman P’15 * Kevin and Katherine Conway P’13 ** Ronald and Barbara Cosentino P’90 *** Kevin Hickey and Laurie McCrohon P’99 * Thomas and Shevon Hickey P’13 ** Austin and Rita Joyce P’06

** James and K. Jane Logue P’01, ’12 Steven and Stella Losquadro P’16 *** Ronald and Martha Pike P’91 * Daniel and Barbara Rufo P’11 Timothy and Colleen Stanton P’17 ** Stephen and Jacquelyn Warner P’99

President’s Club ** J. Brian and Janet Benestad P’01 * Joseph and Cynthia Bishop P’08 Thomas and Linda Buckley P’16 ** Thomas and Paula Carey P’14 Thomas and Cynthia Carroll P’16 * Raymond and Theresa Cloutier P’89 Michael and Gail Consolazio P’06 ** Peter and Marcy Coombs P’17 Mark and Diane Crowley P’11, ’15 William and Kathlyn DiCristofaro P’14 *** John and Maribeth DiPietro P’02 Norman and Cynthia Drapeau P’17 *** Francis and Loraine Dufault, Jr. P’80

** Robert and Kathleen Fry P’06 ** Mark and Janice Fuller P’92 Eugene and Jill Gersbeck P’15 ** Leandre and Martha Giguere P’87 Beverly J. Greco P’06 William and Eileen Hennrikus P’09 William and Joanne Hogan P’10 ** David and Joan Hoye P’99, ’03, ’16 Thomas and Donna Imondi P’10, ’15 Stephen and Sharon Jackson P’15 *** Joseph and Evelyn Jenkins P’13 Renata W. Kaluzny-Blaszczyk P’16 Thomas and Ellen Kirkpatrick P’16 ** Jacob and Anne Kojalo P’95 ** Gary and Janet Lambert P’95, ’97 ** Robert and Patricia Laut P’07 *** Marc and Patricia LePain P’00, ’01, ’03 ** Robert and Joanna Longden P’03 ** David and Karen Matson P’08 *** Francis and Diane McGuire P’94 Shaun and Maria Meaney P’16

* Terrence and Rebecca Milka P’12 * Donald and Candace Murray P’10, ’13 ** Paul and Diane Laska Nixon P’10 *** Charles and Mary Paquette P’90 ** Thomas and Montgomery Plough P’05 Michael A. Quick P’13 * Thomas and Peggie Ritzer P’11, ’18 ** Michael and Christina Rubino P’01 * Douglas and Sara Russell P’12 * R. David Schelzi P’08 Peter and Laurie Schwartz P’16 ** Daniel and Leslie Spada P’01 *** William and Karen Sutherland P’07 * John and Regina Swords P’12 Alfred and Barbara Tanguay P’16 ** David and Dawn Thistle P’06, ’09

Dean’s Club ** Sebastian and Cynthia Ambrogio P’05 Joseph and Kelly Barile P’16 Matthew and Dawn Bete P’16

Honor Roll of Donors

Fall 2014


honor roll oF donors

Parents ** Matthew and Linda Brown P’08 ** Ronald and Andrea Carlson P’02 William and Karen Conley, Jr. P’16 Paul and Andrea Damour P’16 Kevin and Elizabeth Deforest P’16 *** Victor and Susan Durocher P’89 Michael and Nancy Frazier P’10 Michael and Cheryl Herlihy P’15 James and Laurie Insel P’14 Carl and Cathy Koslowski P’17 Gerald and Donna Leo P’16 Thomas and Valarie Mack P’11, ’14 *** Edward and Karen McDonald P’12, ’16 *** Hubert and Ronelle Meunier P’87, ’89 Arland and Lilliam Miller P’17 *** James and Catherine Monahan P’92 James and Susan Pedone P’14 David and Bridget Schofield P’16 Thomas and Ann Short P’16 * Edward and Marianne St. Pierre P’97 Cindy L. Williams P’14

Salisbury Club *** James A. Azar P’16 James and Michelle Bagwell P’16 * Michael and Patricia Bates P’11, ’14 Donald and Joan Beall P’14 George and Diane Bourisk P’14 ** Bruce C. Bowden P’97 Thomas and Laura Brooks P’17 ** John and Christine Brouillard P’95 Gerard and Jeanne Lydon P’10, ’16 Donald and Susan Cann P’15 *** Anthony and Roberta Caraluzzi, Jr. P’90 William and Susan Cesare P’17 Mark and Lisa Cooney P’17 Ronald and Maryjo Covey P’14 Edward and Mary Louise DiTolla P’16 Richard and Crystal Driscoll P’14 Michael and Christiane Duarte P’16 ** R. Peter and Lindagale Dube P’02 Peter and Kathryn Ewell P’16 Glenn and Elizabeth Flannigan P’14 Kathleen and Paul Flynn P’14 ** Paul and Rosemary Ford P’07, ’09 Gennaro and Annette Fulvio P’09 James and Maria Gamberale P’15 Bruce and Marie Garozzo P’13 Amanda Gil P’14

Gift Clubs Founder’s Club Benefactor’s Club Councilor’s Club President’s Club Dean’s Club Salisbury Club Century Club

$10,000+ $5,000 – $9,999 $2,500 – $4,999 $1,000 – $2,499 $500 – $999 $250 – $499 $100 – $249

* donors of 5–9 years ** donors of 10–24 years *** donors of 25 years or more t denotes deceased


Honor Roll of Donors

** Francis X. Gribbons, Esq. P’08 Wayne and Laura Grosse P’15 ** Alan and Virginia Huffenus P’03 Christopher and Margaret Keating P’17 *** Mark and Martha Kinback P’13 ** Glenn and Deborah King P’05 * Michael and Ellen Kneeland P’13 Steven and Donna Kruger P’15 ** John and Karen Kurkulonis, Jr. P’02 ** John and Janet Lepore P’14 ** Raymond and Lee Loranger, Ph.D. P’93 Robert and Dawn Lotsbom P’07 Edward and Anne Carol Malone P’16 Dennis and Maureen Marshall P’14, ’17 Ralph and Sheila McElroy P’14 William and Michelle McNeil P’15 Patrick and Kelley Murphy P’17 *** Julie O’Shea P’03 * Arthur and Susan Pearson, Jr. P’04 *** James and Sally Pisciotta P’91 Thomas and Susan Porter P’16 David and Betsie Ptaszynski P’16 ** Louis Reguin P’90 Ralph and Melissa Rondinone, Jr. P’15 Eugene and Jane Seguin P’14 Michael and Jennifer Sexton P’16 Joan M. Stanton P’14 Michael and Sandra Tarpey P’14 Thomas and Julie Tivnan P’15 Raymond and Margaret Tremaglio P’12 Michael and Tracey Visconti P’14 * Christopher and Denise Webber P’11 Scott and Paula Weber P’16 James and Mary Wells P’15 Michael and Patricia Wilbur P’15 Kevin and Kelly Wilder P’15

Century Club


* * * * ** ** ** ** **

Joel and Martha Ackerman P’15 Louis and Jane Adreani P’17 Salvatore and Pauline Afflitto P’16 Thomas Aiello P’03 William and Elizabeth Arcieri P’15 Peter and Marilyn Arnold P’16 George and Judith Aubin P’81, ’83, ’92, ’99 Neil and Judy Bagdis P’10 Christopher and Christine Baker P’17 Bert and Catherine Baldarelli P’11 Albert and JoAnn Baldwin P’14 Mark and Jane Baltzell P’11 Bruce and Elaine Bartolini P’13 John and Mary Jo Beinert P’12 Stevan and Claudette Belair P’05 John T. Benestad P’91 Channing and Marie Bete, Jr. P’92 Robert and Christine Bonnevie P’07 Armand and Anne Bouchard P’90 Christopher and Jean-Marie Bourque P’15 Elizabeth Bozarijan P’15

Fall 2014

Beverly and James Bradley P’15 ***t James and Mary Brigham P’90 ** Thomas and Rita Broderick P’04 Paul and Patricia Brosnihan P’14 Donald and Janis Brown P’14 ** Jacques and Helen Brunelle P’02 ** Brian and Wendy Bugler P’11 ** Robert and Virginia Burgholzer, Jr. P’01 Christopher and Robin Carbone P’17 Vo-Nam and Donna Casey P’17 * Peter and Patricia Chenaille P’05 ** Leonard and Trina Chirchigno P’86 Stuart and Karen Clark P’14 Mark and Susan Coffey P’18 John and EIleen Coleman P’15 Susan L. Connors P’15 John and Elizabeth Conte P’83 *** Omer and Jeannine Cormier P’90 ** James and Babette Corona P’92 Timothy and Kimberly Correia P’15 Richard and Susan Cranston P’15 ** Cathleen R. Cullen P’12 Edward and Mary Ellen Cunningham P’08 Paul J. Curran P’15 Kenneth and Mary Cyr P’16 * Robert and Karen D’Eramo P’11 Kevin and Maria Daly P’14, ’17 Edward and Rosemarie Davidson P’17 Daniel J. DeAmaral P’17 ** Sergio and Karen DeBari P’00 ** Charles and Mary DeFilippo P’93 Rosario and Charlene DeGrazia P’16 Gary and Trudy Delude P’15 *** Stephen J. Densberger P’98 *** Lawrence and Monica Desmarais, Jr. P’05 * William and Terese Donovan P’13 ** Paul and Carol Douillard P’01 ** John and Noreen Doyle P’91 *** Adela H. Dudovicz P’81 James and Anita Durfer P’15 John and Jean Dustin P’14 David and Laurie Beliveau P’14 Steven and Linda Eckles P’14 George and Patricia Elias P’16 * Abdeslam and Joan Elouadih P’13 ** Paul and Mary Endres P’03 James and Lisa Faust, Jr. P’15 Roger and Anna Ferreira P’15 William and Jo-Ann Finnegan P’06 Mark and Nancy Folan P’14, ’18 *** Brian and Janice Foley P’11 *** Joseph and Mary Foley P’10 Nancy Foley P’11 William and Phyllis Fraine P’10 Joseph and Nancy Frongillo P’15 Philip and Nancy Gahan P’07 Stephen and Pegeen Gargano P’15 *** Andre and Renalde Gelinas P’95 Peter and Tammy Gilman P’16 John and Carolyn Giroux P’16, ’17

* Edward and Sheri Gombos P’12 Michael and Robin Gonring P’15 Michael and Susan Gormley P’08 ** Judith Graham P’05 Thomas and Louise Greco P’15 * William and Gerardene Griffiths P’11 ** Arthur and Maria Guardia P’05 Vasilios and Anastasia Halkiadakis P’15 Jonathan and Patricia Haney P’14 * Marc D. W. Hildreth P’05 Patrick and Dianne Hill P’14 Brian and Robin Hodor P’17 ** Mark and Rita Horan P’09 * Edward and Deborah Horton P’09 ** James J. Hughes P’01 Norman and Susann Huling P’13 Thomas and Maureen Hurley P’16 ** Kerry T. Israels P’96 Ronald and Mary Ann Janosko P’09 Sandra J. Jarrett P’17 Steven and Janice Johnson P’17 John B. Keating P’17 Thomas and Margaret Kennedy P’16 * William and Debra Konicki P’08 Bradford J. Kullberg P’15 Michael and Jennifer Lanam P’17 ** Robert and Lois Langlais P’93 Dianne Langona P’15 Richard and Susan Laprade P’15 Claire J. Larsen P’17 *** Donald and Christine LeBrun P’98 ** Jeffrey and Patricia Lee P’00 John and Doreen Lessard P’15 Joseph and Emilia Lima P’13 ** Robert and Sara Linnehan P’99 ** Timothy and Christine Lockwood P’18 ** Robert and Joann Loftus P’95 Lorinda J. Logan P’17 William and Mary Loughlin P’15 Thomas and Jean Lyons P’11 ** Paul and Geraldine MacKinnon P’02, ’05, ’10 * Gerard and Patricia Mahoney P’11 David and Maureen Mailhot P’14 Francis and Beverly Malkowski P’97 * Donald F. Maloney P’99 *** Marcel and Fleurette Massicotte P’90 Scott and Nancy Mayo P’15 * Thomas and Carol McCarthy P’06 Terence and Mary McCourt P’17 ** Peter and Elizabeth McGowan P’04 Stephen and Karen McGunnigal P’15 James and Susan McLaughlin P’17 Edward and Susan McMahon P’17 ** Edward and Debra McNamara P’03 ** Joan C. McQuillan P’92 Robert and Lori-Ann Medeiros P’15 * Salvatore and Karen Micciche P’10, ’13 Donald and Cynthia Morin, Jr. P’16 * James and JoAnn Morocco P’12

Peter and Maureen Morse P’99 ** James and Winifred Moynihan P’05 Philip and Kathleen Munisteri P’16 ** Neal and Doris Murphy P’04 Gayle R. Murphy P’14 Vincent and Tuyen Nguyen P’15 ** John and Juliann O’Connor P’01 Michael and Teresa O’Connor P’10 James and Lucia O’Keefe P’14 Owen and Jennifer O’Neil P’17 *** Michael and Susan Paciello P’03 George and Mary Paglia P’14 * Louise M. Peloquin P’13 Robert and Janet Peterssen P’08 James and Berta Pinzino P’05 Gary Poillucci P’15 Bernard and Kathleen Poirier P’16

Michael and Jean Price P’06 ** Donald and Catherine Provencal P’07 George and Carol Quinn P’10 Richard and Margaret Quirk P’14 ** Richard and Gale Racine P’14, ’16 Thomas and Nancy Radomski P’16 David and Jeanne Raftery P’17 Richard and Kathleen Ranft P’06 Brian and LoriAnn Ravenelle P’17 Christopher and Brenda Reed P’15 Ann H. Ressijac P’14 ** George and Pamela Rice P’92 Joseph and Patricia Rodier P’06 * Abel and Kathleen Rodriques P’12 John and Pamela Romanowski P’16 Anthony and Evelyn Russo P’17 Douglas and Anne Ryan P’15

** * * * * ** *

** **

Colleen M. Ryan P’07 David and Margaret Salvas P’03 James and Amy Scholten P’11 Michael and Christine Scola P’13, ’17 Richard and Margaret Scott P’13 Richard and Joann Severance P’17 David and Rosemary Shaheen P’09 Anthony and Lisa Shaw P’16 Thomas and Geraldine Sheehan P’06 James and June Sheridan P’88 George and Paulette Sherrill P’12 George and Diane Slyman P’16 Thomas and Jeanmarie Slyman P’08 Margaret D. Smith P’93 Richard and Phyllis Smith P’03 Michael and Debra Snow P’15 Louis and Catherine Sousa P’17

David and Michele Souza P’15 *** Leo and Nancy Sullivan P’93 George and Michelle Tagarelis P’15 Robert and Nancy Taglienti P’07 Timothy and Marie Tobin P’18 ** James and Teresa Tower P’07 Steven and Linda Trahan P’14 John and Kathleen Trahon P’08 Philip and Catherine Trapani P’15, ’17 Michael and Ann Tyler P’15 Richard and Nola Urban P’08 J. Randy and Myra Walker P’08 William and Lisa Walker P’16 ** David and Virginia Walkins P’05 James and Brenda Ward P’16

Assumption Prep 1939

Gerard A. Jaillet


Marcel P. Peloquin

Edward G. Canuel Gaston B. Charbonneau Leo P. Darsigny Albert G. Van Vooren, M.D.




Rev. Roger L. Marot, S.T.L.


Roger W. St. Germain


William A. Arseneault Francis X. Dufault, Jr., M.D. Jules O. Gaudreau Armand C. Masse Richard J. Miller, M.D. Jean A. Picard, D.D.S. Jules G. Viau


Normand J. Babineau Gerard J. Brault, Ph.D. J. R. Milton Camirand George M. Choquette Rev. George E. Christian, Jr., O.P. Roger A. Cote, M.D. Joseph A. Cournoyer George A. Magnant, M.D. Robert J. Vigeant

Paul R. Amyot Paul A. Brosseau Armand J. Desnoyers, Jr. Ovide A. Lamontagne, D.M.D. Robert D. Ouellette, M.D. Rev. C. Melvin Surette Gerald E. Vermette, D.D.S.


Richard J. Bourcier, Ph.D. Roger L. Bouvier Denis R. Charpentier Leandre W. Giguere, M.D. Gerard R. Gravel Robert L. L’Ecuyer Emile E. Vermette, D.M.D.


Richard E. Brodeur Pierre J. Deslauriers John L. Moylan Andre J. Paradis, M.D. Paul D. Peloquin Paul J. Provencher, Ph.D. Paul F. Thomas, D.M.D.


David T. Beauchamp, M.D. Robert A. Beaudet, Ph.D. R. John Cournoyer, Jr., M.D. Richard G. Geoffrion Fr. Paul J. Goudreau Jean-Paul Goulet Roland O. Laferte, M.D. Robert J. Lemieux Eugene M. Rheault Maurice L. Robitaille, M.D. Roger R. Trahan, Sr.


Alfred J. Lemire Marcel O. Massicotte Normand D. Massicotte


Adelard W. Cournoyer Joseph Emmanuel Dutremble Roger R. Fortin Robert A. Gosselin Albert L. Heroux Marc R. LaBrosse Rev. Donat Lamothe, A.A., Ph.D. Louis R. Leveillee Normand R. Marois Pierre G. Plante Roger E. Racine, S.T.L. Renaldo J. Romero


Paul J. Archambault, Ph.D. George F. Bonnici Robert O. Deslongchamps Frederic L. Dupre, Esq. Norman C. Gaudrault, M.D. Richard J. Lariviere John Saulnier Claude P. Van Vooren, D.D.S.


Maurice G. Brassard Msgr. Joseph L. Goudreau Charles A. Paquette, M.D. Fr. John L. Sullivan


Joseph O. Beauchamp David A. Bisson Daniel J. Blanchard Bertrand G. Bolduc David J. Chartier Paul A. DeWinter Richard G. Gosselin Richard F. Hession David J. B. Lesage Norbert E. Levesque Georges A. Lussier, M.D. Rev. Maurice N. Morin Jean P. Nault Clifford D. Perreault Richard H. Picard, Ph.D.

Honor Roll of Donors

Fall 2014


honor roll oF donors

Assumption Prep Rudolph Reiher Emile R. Trahan


Charles A. Belisle John Connors, M.D. Paul A. Dauphinais Paul Deragon Urbain J. DeWinter, Ph.D. Roger L. Dubuque David R. Grenon HD’86 Normand A. Guertin Joseph R. LaCroix F. Rene Lamothe Gerard R. Laurence Richard H. Lefrancois Raymond L. Loranger, Ph.D. Roger Martin Paul V. Mathieu J. Brian Sullivan Roger I. Trepanier Julian A. Witkege, Jr.


Ronald E. Coutu, M.D. Peter J. Deckers, M.D. Fernand N. Dutile, Esq. John C. Mercier James M. Pisciotta Rodney P. Thomas, D.M.D., J.D.


Matthew J. Bell

Ronald P. Brousseau Stephen D. Gabrielian Terrence P. Lapierre


Donald H. D’Amour Fr. Paul du Coeur-de-Jesus, O.D.M. Rev. Donald B. Espinosa, A.A. Very Rev. Richard E. Lamoureux, A.A., Ph.D. Leo A. Roberge, M.D. Joseph R. Simoneau, Ph.D. Edward J. St. Pierre Stephen M. Warner, D.M.D.


Gerard R. Bergeron Robert E. Gray, Jr. Robert J. Kenney Bruce Maillet James F. Monahan Kevin M. Nordberg, Ph.D. Marc Richard


William E. Aubuchon, III Maurice J. Boisvert Donald R. Boulanger Rev. Roger Corriveau, A.A. Patrick J. Dolan Paul J. Girouard Wayne M. Landry P. Michel Manseau

Bernard P. Marcotte Louis H. Maynard Bruce J. Molleur Kenneth Moynihan Edward D. Rowsey George W. St. Georges, Jr.


Robert P. Jacques Edward F. Kittredge Edward J. Laskowski Dennis R. Laurie Michael Manning Paul M. Miles Francis J. Paika Paul B. Robitaille Ronald S. Tourigny, D.D.S.


Roland A. Cote Edmond A. Laperriere Andre J. L’Heureux, D.D.S. Alfred G. McGee Robert C. Mercier James J. Powers Charles H. Toll


Ronald J. Daucunas


Paul T. Marsch Francis J. Stipek Joseph J. Yamin, D.M.D.


Jacques A. Brunelle, Ph.D. Robert E. Longden, Jr., Esq. Paul Turgeon


James J. Karpawich, Ph.D. John W. Kurkulonis, Jr. Paul G. St. Onge


Lawrence P. Desmarais, Jr. James Hoban Roger P. Joseph, Esq. Raymond P. LaPorte Msgr. Rene T. Mathieu Denis W. Ouellette


Jeffrey G. Archambault J. Dolan Barry, Jr. Raymond J. Chagnon, M.D. David I. Walsh


Timothy F. Cavan Stephan Rosseel

Jere F. Baldwin, M.D. William L. Fox, Jr.

French Institute Alfred A. Arcand, M.D. Camille H. Aubuchon Laure C. Aubuchon Normand J. Babineau ’50 Josette Beaulieu-Grace Pauline L. Belair John R. Belanger ’60 Maurice A. Beliveau Gerard R. Bergeron ’67 Madeleine Bergeron Marna M. Blanchette Richard J. Bourcier, Ph.D. ’58 Gerard J. Brault, Ph.D. ’50, HD’76 Jeanne Brault Paul A. Brosseau AP’48 George Brown Claire C. Brunelle


Honor Roll of Donors

Gerald R. Castonguay Catholic Financial Life Cercle Jeanne Mance Denise Chamberland Louise Champigny-Boulanger Armand B. Chartier, Ph.D. ’59 Rev. George E. Christian, Jr., O.P. t Roland A. Cote ’68 Susan Cote Council 2 USJB Monique Cournoyer R. John Cournoyer, Jr., M.D. ’55 Judith Coutu Ronald E. Coutu, M.D. ’62 Donald H. D’Amour, Ph.D. ’64 Rev. Charles E. Des Ruisseaux Armand J. Desnoyers, Jr. AP’48

Fall 2014

Ann Palenius Douglas G’77 Lawrence Douglas Eric Drouart Frederic L. Dupre, Esq. ’58 Sr. Janice Farnham, R.J.M. Francophone Association Rev. Paul G. Frechette Evelyn Gaudrault Norman C. Gaudrault, M.D. ’58 Hon. Andre A. Gelinas ’60 Renalde Gelinas Allan Grace David R. Grenon HD’86 Rosalie Grenon Harmony Club of Worcester Ruth Klein Adrienne Lavallee L’esperance G’69

Rev. Steven M. LaBaire ’83 Pauline L. Lally Ovide A. Lamontagne, D.M.D. ’52 Gertrude Y. Lamoureux Lucille A. Langlois Robert J. Lemieux ’55 Alfred J. Lemire AP’52 Kristine Lessard Jeannine T. Levesque Georges A. Lussier, M.D. AP’56 D. Michel Michaud Peter L. Moreau G’78 Raymond J. Morin Normand Morneault t Kenneth Moynihan, Ph.D. AP’62 Margaret Sausville Munns G’63 Lucille Ouellette

Robert D. Ouellette, M.D. ’52, HD’75 Paul E. Papineau Martin M. Pelland Gerald L. Pelletier Raymond Pelletier Robert F. Peloquin ’75 Mary Provencher Paul J. Provencher, Ph.D. ’56 Corinne L. Prunier Luc P. Quinson ’68 Marie Quinson

Claire H. Quintal, Ph.D. HD’98 Dennis G. Ravenelle Vincent L. Remillard, Ph.D. G’65 Arthur F. Rice Pauline Rice Gloria Richard-Chartier Steven J. Riel Jeannette T. Rivet Denis A. Robitaille Rev. Richard G. Roger ’59 Kenneth H. Rogers, Ph.D.

Albert Salek Henriette B. Salek Henri L. Sans, Jr., Esq. Cheryl Simoneau Joseph R. Simoneau, Ph.D. ’64 Claire B. Simpson Evelyn M. Sirois Dr. and Richard S. Sorrell Stephen A. St. Denis Rev. C. Melvin Surette AP’48 Joseph E. Tancrell, III

M. Constance Tancrell Patricia C. Tellier Rene Tellier Paul F. Thomas, D.M.D. ’54 Claire C. Tousignant Mary V. Towle ’90 Normand A. Valiquette, Ph.L. ’54 Pauline Valiquette Phyllis Whitten

Faculty, Staff and Administration Founder’s Club ** Anonymous *** Michelle Graveline HA’08

Benefactor’s Club *** Frederick R. Bauer G’83

Councilor’s Club ** Mark Brooks *** Kevin L. Hickey HA’10 Christine C. Keating G’02 ** Amy E. Logue ’01 * Christian McCarthy Timothy R. Stanton P’17 ** Catherine WoodBrooks, Ph.D.

President’s Club *** Roy C. Angel ’79 ** J. Brian Benestad, Ph.D. ’63 ** Mary Rushton Bresnahan G’98 *** Charles Brusard * Francesco Cesareo, Ph.D. ** J. Patrick Corrigan, Ph.D. *** Melanie Demarais HA’92 * Paul F. Dufault G’78 ** Robert Fry, Ph.D. P’06 * Georgi Georgiev, Ph.D. * Landy Johnson, Ph.D. * Daniel Jones HA’12 ** Louise Carroll Keeley, Ph.D. ** Paul E. Kirby ’66 *** Andrew Laska HD’90 ** Diane M. Laska-Nixon ’76 Francis M. Lazarus, Ph.D. *** Marc LePain, Ph.D. ’65 * Evan Lipp *** Daniel A. Micari ’71 Daniel Munsey *** Kathleen M. Murphy G’76

** Emily P. Murray ’00 *** Michel R. Perron ’70 ** Thomas R. Plough HD’07 ** Karen M. Puntillo ’99 ** Robert G. Ravenelle ’86 ** Michael Rubino Nicholas Smith ** Beverly Erikson Stewart G’78 ** Mark W. Stewart G’76 ** Dawn Thistle, D.A. P’06, ’09 * Evans W. Tsoules, Ed.D. G’68 Peter Wells

Dean’s Club Stuart I. Cromarty, Ph.D. ** Janet C. Lambert ’04 Matthew Mahar *** Hubert Meunier, Ph.D. P’89 *** James M. Mullen ’78 Sara Port *** Claire H. Quintal, Ph.D. HD’98

Salisbury Club ** Karen K. Amaral ’84 *** John Brouillard P’95 * Conway Campbell * Irene Houle Chad Laliberte Laura M. Lawrence G’11 Christina Nathan *** Julie O’Shea P’03 * Arthur Pearson, Jr. P’04 ** Kerry Phayre ** Linda Burlingame Rosenlund ’82 *** Magda C. deMoor, Ph.D.

Century Club ** Neil Castrononovo ** Andre G. Chambre ’58 ** Jacqueline M. Chlapowski ’89

Rev. Roger Corriveau, A.A. ’69 ** Cathleen R. Cullen ’84 Daniel DiTullio ** Paul R. Douillard, Ph.D. ’70 ** Linda L. Ducharme G’05 ** James Dupre *** Joseph T. Foley P’10 ** Mary Monahan Foley ’82 Rev. Dennis Gallagher, A.A. ’69 Dale Gardner ** Eileen Carson Harvey ’88 ** Dona Kercher, Ph.D. Otto Kunz Andrew J. Kupec ’11 ** Rev. Donat Lamothe, A.A., Ph.D. ’57 Brian Lang * John Langlois Daniel Maher, Ph.D. ** Paul J. Mahon, Ph.D. ’66 * Timothy R. Martin * Stephanie McCaffrey HA’14 * Thomas McCarthy P’06 *** Peter W. Moran, Ph.D. ’74 J. Bart Morrison Nancy O’Sullivan *** Michael J. Paciello ’73 Maria Parmley, Ph.D. Paul Piwko ** Gale O’Rourke Racine ’90 ** Amy Hague Sacco ’98 * Kimberly A. Schandel, Ph.D. * Brenda Torres ’11 Joanna Toscano * Troy Watkins ** Joseph T. Zito ’99 Jessica de la Cruz


*** Mary E. Bierfeldt G’73 ** Joyce Brown ** Mary H. Brunelle ’02 ** Bonnie Catto, Ph.D Elizabeth Colby Davie Joan Cutting Anna Maffeo Dealy ’09 Nicole DiOrio Emily C. Dodge ’12 * Eric Drouart ** George Fortier, Jr. G’07 Laurie Handscome-Voedisch * Ruth A. Hurley ’93 * Diana L. Judge P’04 ** Demetrius Kantarelis, Ph.D. Very Rev. Richard Lamoureux, A.A., Ph.D. ’64 C. Michael Land, Ph.D. Maureen Langhammer Rebecca Blanchard Lauzon ’07 Nicki Lazaros Suzanne Lewandowski * Peter D. Marano ’95 ** Francis Marino P’04 ** Patricia Masiello Erin Mills ***t Kenneth Moynihan, Ph.D. AP ’62 Brian Niece, Ph.D. Jennifer Niece Donna Perron *** Patricia Reisert P’90 * Michael J. Rodier ’06 Ming Sun * Eugenia Tsantinis Joseph M. Vandergrift, Ph.D. Philip Waterman P’17 * Judith White P’13

Mary Ann Bedick

Honor Roll of Donors

Fall 2014


honor roll oF donors

Friends * Tonita K. McKone Richard Pedone ** Arthur J. Remillard, III ** Debra Remillard * Jay Skowronski * Susan Testa Skowronski ** Rosemary Spillane Geoffrey Stewart ** Donna Testa ** Richard J. Testa, Jr. Nick Toello Carol B. Toll

Founder’s Club Quin Sullivan

Councilor’s Club ***t Yvonne Corporon Pam Laskowski Lauraine Laurence *** Joan Sadowsky *** Lester Sadowsky Carol Sleeper Michael Sleeper ** Barbara Wetzel ** Mark R. Wetzel

Dean’s Club

President’s Club ** t

** ** **

* * * * * **



Joe Burke Norma Caron Linda D. Christian Melvin Cutler I. Benjamin Dunn Karen Dunn Kathryn Fox Paula Gerde Daniel Greeley Brittany Grenon J. Michael Grenon Abraham W. Haddad Linda Haddad Charles Hall Wilfred Iandoli Patricia Joseph Kathy Lahey Rita Letendre Francis W. Madigan, III Bruce E. Mayberry James D. McCarthy Francis L. McKone

* * *


Salisbury Club Greg Babcock Jeanne Bonnici Joseph Bruno

Greyhound Club President’s Club Mr. and Mrs. Gary D. Arnott P’16 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bishop P’08 Mary L. Bourdon Peter A. Bourdon ’82 Ellen Broderick William M. J. Broderick ’62 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Carroll P’16 Mr. and Mrs. Mark Crowley P’15 Kerry M. Daigle ’78 Mr. and Mrs. David A. Director P’16 John F. Downes ’86


Honor Roll of Donors

Ruth Anne Connors Douglas Cooney Robert Culnane Doris Dutremble Kenneth Fosdick Joan Gosselin Louise Guertin Lois LaCroix Philip Lahey, Jr. Kenneth G. Murawski Warren Palley Elizabeth H. Pavoni David R. Pelletier Kevin Quinn Hubert Remillard Alice Sciarrino Paul Sugrue Francis J. Weller

Jane-Louise Cournoyer Lorraine Gosselin Todd Laporte Frank McQuiggan Deanna Smith Peter Smith Grinnell A. Talbot Anthony Vorias

Century Club ** Diane Bates Marie Anita Bisson Velma Blanchard Matthew Bleakney Trisha Bogar Theresa Bolduc Megan E. Buczynski Louise Cence Marsha Christensen Darlene Colonna Vito Colonna Jane Comeau Richard Debari John W. Decoste Marlene J. Deleon t Cecillia Deslauriers M. Gertrude Devlin Herbert Dorris, D.M.D. ** Monique Doyle *** Robert Doyle, Ph.D Shelley Doyle Robert Duby * James A. Dyer * Kristyn Dyer Edward J. Frank Robert Gifford ** Gloria Hand




** ** *

Frederick Hussey Francine Jacques Tay Ann Jay Donna Kelleher Neil Krause Sally Labrosse Scott Lausch Qabaniso Lupafya Jane C. McDonald Ellen McDonough Carol McMahon Diane S. Meystre William J. Monagle, Jr. Agnes T. Neafsey C. Don Niece Eric Nordberg Catherine S. Pearson Ralph L. Peason Gail L. Peloquin Barbara Perreault Carl E. Petersen Janice L. Reardon Penny Ritzer Gloria Rowsey Cora Sue Rudio Henry L. Rudio HA’74 Nancy M. Sparicio L. David Stacy, M.D. Robert Stynes Paula Symonds Caroline E. Taitebaum Page Temple Todd Van Alstine John Vigliotti

Thank you to the hundreds of Assumption athletics donors for their generosity in supporting the College through the Greyhound Club. In order to make the most of your vital funds, only donors of $100 or more are listed in this section.

Susan Ferry Downes ’88 Christine Batista Doyle ’98 Matthew P. Doyle ’98 Eileen DuBois John J. DuBois ’69 Enterprise Rent-A-Car Elizabeth A. Eaton P’15 Michael Prayson P’15 John P. Foran ’74 Pamela Fitzgerald Foran Fox Bus Lines, Inc. GE United Way Campaign

Fall 2014

Paula Gerde Mr. and Mrs. Eugene G. Gersbeck P’15 Isabel Gomez-Vidal William C. Grogan ’03 Kevin L. Hickey HA’10 Christine Kane Hochstein ’02 Russ Hochstein Kathryn Hunter Robert W. Hunter ’72 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas V. Imondi P’15 Daniel Jones Margaret Jones

Paul E. Kirby ’66 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Kirkpatrick P’16 Anne Kojalo Jacob Kojalo ’67 Roland O. Laferte, M.D. ’57 Dr. and Mrs. Philip Lahey, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Lamagna P’15 Andrew Laska HD’90 Merchants Automotive Group Nadine Manning Thomas D. Manning ’69 Bruce E. Mayberry

Championship Level Gerard F. Babineau ’69 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Barile P’16 Paul A. Belsito ’00 Mr. and Mrs. Matthew F. Bete P’16 John Boucher ’86 Claudia Arcuri Brown ’00 Douglas W. Brown, Jr. ’00 Timothy Carroll Karen Farina Catalanotti ’78 Robert G. Catalanotti ’80 Ronald P. Coderre ’69 Mr. and Mrs. William M. Conley, Jr. P’16 Anne-Marie Connolly Stephen J. Connolly ’91 Mark B. Cosenza ’98 Jeffrey G. Cosgrove ’79 Sherry Cosgrove William J. Cosgrove, Jr. ’67 Malia Cromarty Stuart I. Cromarty, Ph.D. P. Keith DeSchamp ’97 Stephen C. Ferraro ’92 Ursula Ferraro Valerie Ferro P’14 Gateway Youth Athletic Association Hanover Insurance Group, Inc. Dr. and Dr. William Hennrikus P’09 Eric J. Inauen ’69 Linda Inauen Mr. and Mrs. James F. Insel P’14 Janet Jenkins John L. Jenkins, M.D. ’64 Mr. and Mrs. Carl C. Koslowski P’17 Jeannine Laferte Charles L. Legassey ’68 Joan Legassey Donald E. Lemenager ’56

Lee Lemenager Michael G. Lutz Lodge #5 Thomas Mack P’14 Matthew Mahar Mr. and Mrs. Terrence Milka P’12 Brett M. Miller ’07 Stephen V. Miller, Esq. ’69 Catherine Monahan James F. Monahan ’65 James M. Mullen ’78 Ryan P. Murphy ’03 Mr. and Mrs. James M. Pedone P’14 Ronson A. Quick ’13 Judy Rooney Luke M. Rooney ’65 Mr. and Mrs. David M. Schofield P’16 Mr. and Mrs. Scott T. Simonson Paul Sugrue

All-Star Level ATS Equipment Bank of America United Way Campaign Bateman Electric Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Bates P’14 Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Beall P’14 Joseph Bruno Mr. and Mrs. Donald Cann P’15 Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Cooney P’17 Paul F. Ford P’09 Rosemary Fraser Ford ’79 Jeffrey G. Furtado ’06 Philip J. Gomez David R. Grenon HD’86 Rosalie Grenon Robert C. Guinto, Jr. ’81 John H. Hackett ’81 Margaret Harte Hackett ’82 Mark D. Halibozek ’06 Mr. and Mrs. Steven G. Kruger P’15 Chad Laliberte Diane M. Laska-Nixon ’76 John E. Lepore ’87 John A. Longo ’84 Karen Longo Gloria B. Marois Normand R. Marois ’57, HD’91 Mr. and Mrs. William A. McNeil P’15 Frank McQuiggan John W. Moore, M.D. ’74 Lanette Moore Robert J. Murphy Mr. and Mrs. David Ptaszynski P’16 Robert G. Ravenelle ’86 Mr. and Mrs. Justin T. Ryan Mr. and Mrs. Bertram M. Schaap Mr. and Mrs. Eugene E. Seguin P’14 Daniel E. Small ’73 Jane Small Deanna Smith

Photo: gil talbot

Laurie A. McCrohon ’87 David P. McManus ’87 Jane Desnoyers McManus ’87 Kevin H. McSherry, Esq. ’79 Donald S. Morrison ’77 Suzanne Morrison Daniel Munsey Emily P. Murray ’00 O’Sullivan Children Foundation, Inc. Penske Truck Leasing Richard Pedone Michael A. Quick P’13 Sodexo Campus Dining Services Geoff Smith ’66 Cathleen Thomas Sullivan ’83 Michael T. Sullivan ’83 Mary Waldron William J. Waldron, III ’92 Leonard R. Welter ’91 Scott A. White ’87

James K. Smith ’83 Peter Smith Colleen Stanton Timothy R. Stanton Grinnell Talbot Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Tarpey P’14 Catherine Taylor William H. Taylor, Jr. ’93 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Tivnan P’15 Anthony J. Tolbert United Way of Rhode Island Verizon Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Weber P’16 Mr. and Mrs. Kevin M. Wilder P’15

Blue & White Level Atlas Distributing, Inc. Jonathan R. Acox ’09 Mr. and Mrs. Louis A. Adreani P’17 Patricia Adreani Thomas Aiello Charles K. Aleksiewicz ’65 Mary Egan Aleksiewicz ’91 Susan M. Alinovi G’75 Altria Group, Inc. Michael A. Alvaro Donna Aragona Robert L. Arcieri Mr. and Mrs. William R. Arcieri P’15 Mr. and Mrs. Peter G. Arnold P’16 Floyd H. Ashlaw ’67 Beverly Astley Bete Fog Nozzle Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Bailey Mr. and Mrs. Bert Baldarelli P’11 Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Baltzell P’11 Terrance L. Barnum Kyle P. Bateman ’99 Nicole Califano Bateman ’98 Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Beatty Anne Best James E. Best ’88 Ellen Moynihan Birkmeyer ’86 Paul Birkmeyer

Brian L. Blanchette ’06 Matthew Bleakney L. H. Bond Lawrence P. Bornheimer ’89 Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Bourque P’15 Mark Brooks Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Brooks P’17 David A. Brown L. E. Brown Linda Leduc Brown ’82 Matthew F. Brown ’81 Mr. and Mrs. James O. Bruner Barbara J. Bryant Bernadette Buck Wayne A. Buck ’89 Megan E. Buczynski Tracy R. Burpee Crocker Riverside Mills Conway Campbell Monica Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Capizzi Amy Caraluzzi Mark A. Caraluzzi ’90 Rena M. Carlin James P. Casey Mr. and Mrs. Vo-Nam J. Casey P’17 Mr. and Mrs. Fred L. Cavanaugh Esther Chenevert Robert L. Chenevert ’69 Kevin M. Clark ’83 Maureen Clark William D. Coen Mr. and Mrs. John W. Coleman P’15 Combined Jewish Philanthropies Matthew R. Compton Mr. and Mrs. Gerald M. Connolly

Gift Clubs President’s Club Championship Level All-Star Level Blue & White Level

Honor Roll of Donors

$1,000+ $500 – $999 $250 – $499 $100 – $249

Fall 2014


honor roll oF donors

Greyhound Club


Kevin P. Cooledge ’80 Aris J. Cormier Gustave C. Cote ’43 Rita Cote Christopher W. Cowell ’05 Kathleen Crewe Michael B. Cronin ’83 Sandra M. Croteau Dorothy Curtiss Thomas H. Curtiss ’62 Tara M. Czeski ’03 Marco D’Occhio DeCarolis Insurance Agency, Inc Mr. and Mrs. Philip L. Demoranville Meredith A. Deacon ’12 Peter J. Deering Bernard C. Demoreuille ’68 Virginia Demoreuille Lawrence P. Desmarais, Jr. ’73 Monica Powers Desmarais ’75 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Deveaux Lawrence S. DiFede Daniel DiTullio Kevin J. Dougherty Mr. and Mrs. Norman E. Drapeau P’17 Robert Duby Jason M. Dufault ’02 Deborah A. Dustin Mr. and Mrs. John E. Dustin P’14 Katelyn A. Dwyer ’04 Mr. and Mrs. James A. Dyer Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. Eckles P’14 Fairhaven Road Race Family and Cosmetic Dentistry of Cumberland, RI Fournier Family Foundation Daniel Faasse Susan Mitchell Faasse ’84 Raymond R. Fagnant ’86 Gayle Falvey Lois M. Farrell Audrey J. Fearn Jo-Ann Finnegan Mr. and Mrs. W. Timothy Finnegan, Jr. Jane-Ann Fitzgerald ’83 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Foley P’10 Mary Monahan Foley ’82 Andrew Fonseca Michael Foy Edward J. Frank Patricia Thomas-Fuller Gibney Sports & Reconditioning Lisa C. Gagne ’13 Frances D. Gajewski Mr. and Mrs. Henry E. Gajewski Mr. and Mrs. John T. Gallagher Dale Gardner Thomas Gardner Robert Garvey Mr. and Mrs. John S. Gillis

Honor Roll of Donors

Mr. and Mrs. Peter S. Gilman P’16 Donna Glennon Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gonring P’15 Diane Grant James H. Grant ’69 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Greco P’15 Mr. and Mrs. Michael N. Greco Paul S. Green Peter J. Greene, Jr. ’83 Angelina E. Grimaldo Pattye B. Grossman Sandra Guilbault Chrisann Gutwein Edison Gutwein Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Haney P’14 Merethe Haney Joseph A. Hanlon ’66 Mari Villanueva Harper ’86 Peter P. Harper, Jr. ’86 Kristen Hastings Matthew R. Hastings ’93 Calvin E. Heinl Lindsey Higgins Sean R. Higgins ’99 Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Horton P’09 Dr. and Mrs. David M. Hoye P’16 Mr. and Mrs. Norman J. Huling P’13 Craig Hunt Jennifer Harrington Hunt ’94 International Computerware, Inc. J. A. Polito & Sons, Inc. J. H. Egger Company, Inc. JED Insurance Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. Johnson P’17 Kyle Woods, Inc. Kevin Kaiserman Kimberly K. Kats Eileen M. Kennedy Mr. and Mrs. John Kennedy Jessica Parreira Kenney ’04 Sean M. Kenney ’03 Molly L. Kessler ’13 Matthew Keys Anna Mattson Kilmer ’02 Christopher Kilmer Henry King, Jr. Karen Kowalski Mr. and Mrs. Louis F. Kozlowski Neil Krause Mr. and Mrs. William Krause Carol Ann Krupa ’85 Andrew J. Kupec ’11 Lazarin Crane Company Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Lanam P’17 Brian Lang Barbara S. Langdon Arthur Langlais John Langlois Kyra Langlois Dianne Langona P’15

Fall 2014

Joan Laracy ’76 John P. Laracy ’73 Norma Waitekus Laren ’87 Robert M. Laren, J.D. ’84 Susan Foley Larson Nancy Lassen Andrea Lauzon Michael Lavoie Jeffrey C. LeBrun ’98 Michelle L. LeBrun ’99 David D. Lee Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Leonard Mr. and Mrs. John R. Lessard P’15 Maryanne Lewicki Steven R. Lincourt Arthur P. Lindberg ’71 Margaret S. Lindberg G’79 Amy E. Logue ’01 William H. Low Mayo Construction MiKent Inc. Bradley A. MacDougall ’02 Kristen Foley MacDougall ’02 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Mahanna Mr. and Mrs. David W. Mailhot P’14 Laura J. Majka ’74 Ronald L. Majka, D.D.S. ’72 Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Malloy Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Malloy Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Malone P’16 Charles A. Manone Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co. Eric C. Mauer ’01 Rachelle Mauer Mr. and Mrs. Scott H. Mayo P’15 Alan McCaffrey, D.M.D. Jean S. McCann Christian McCarthy Dr. and Mrs. Thomas McCarthy, M.D. Kimberly A. McCormick Everett M. McGlotten, Jr. Jim McGovern Andrew McKenzie Mr. and Mrs. Edward McNamara P’03 Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Medeiros P’15 Laura L. Mendes Barbara Mercier Robert C. Mercier AP’64, ’68 Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Micciche P’13 Anna C. Mitchell Richard C. Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. Martin J. Moriarty Andrew Mosher Eric S. Moyer Joan Moylan John L. Moylan ’54 Paulette Mulligan Timothy J. Mulligan ’69 Brian J. Murphy Hillary L. Murphy

Kerry Counihan Murphy ’86 Mr. and Mrs. Patrick D. Murphy P’17 Todd Murphy Eric J. Naglieri ’03 Andrew W. Niedzwiecki ’00 Stephen J. Nolan Mr. and Mrs. Dean E. Nold Jane E. Nold Shriner Richard A. O’Brien ’70 O’Connor’s Restaurant and Bar Eileen O’Shaughnessy-Coleman P’15 Brian J. O’Sullivan ’70 Tara E. O’Sullivan Elizabeth O’Toole Gertrude E. O’Connor Padula Institute of Vision Rehabilitation, LLC Phoenix Design Works Michael J. Paciello ’73 Susan Paciello Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Parent Chase C. Parks Steven J. Patriarca G’81 Mary Pearsall Stephen J. Pearsall ’73 Matthew Pedone Kerry Phayre Mr. and Mrs. James F. Pinzino P’05 Mr. and Mrs. Mihkel Poola John J. Potorski Richard Prayson Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Prayson, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Price Maureen D. Prior Helen Ptaszynski Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Ptaszynski Karen Stoyanoff Puntillo ’99 Mr. and Mrs. George P. Quinn, Jr. P’10 Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Quirk P’14 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Radomski P’16 Glenn R. Rattell ’87 Lisa Rautiainen Markku S. Rautiainen G’98 Janice L. Reardon Jarod Richard Jennifer Thomas Richard ’00 Juliana Riviezzo Sandra J. Robson ’81 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Rodier P’06 Melissa Wilson Rondinone ’84 Linda Burlingame Rosenlund ’82 David A. Rosi Mr. and Mrs. Anthony P. Russo P’17 Stephanie Harris Ryan ’90 Timothy Ryan Simon Medical Service, Inc SMI Awards St. Bridgets Church Britton McDermott Sanders Charlie C. Sanders, Jr.

Louise C. Sanders Mary Schiavo Mr. and Mrs. Michael Scola P’17 Paul R. Scola Karen Seduski Mr. and Mrs. William P. Shaw Robert Sheehan Wayne J. Shepperd ’71 Mr. and Mrs. James P. Sheridan Mr. George R. Sherrill P’12 Hannah K. Sherrill ’12 Victoria G. Skoler Jeffrey M. Skulas Mr. and Mrs. George K. Slyman P’16 Grace Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Snow P’15 Diane L. Synder State Street Research Elaine Baclawski Stowe ’86 Michael D. Stowe ’86 Colin T. Sullivan ’02 Mr. and Mrs. Donald P. Surprenant Karen Kamataris Sutherland ’77 William J. Sutherland ’76 Nancy L. Sweeney Paula Symonds TJB Engineering True Benefit Mr. and Mrs. George T. Tagarelis P’15 Elizabeth R. Talerman

Sandra A. Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Gerald W. Timm Mr. and Mrs. John G. Trahon Carol A. Tranfaglia Scott Tully Sheila Tully Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Tyler P’15 Unum Group Mr. and Mrs. Richard Urban P’08 Susan Utley Rosemarie Vaupel Gerda Von Der Oelsnitz Dorothy Vonhof James F. Wade, Jr. ’88 Sharon Bouchard Wade ’88

Steven R. Waitekus ’83 Mr. and Mrs. James F. Ward, Sr. P’16 Jonathan M. Weaver ’06 Kathleen DiBuono Weaver ’08 John W. Wendell Joan M. West John D. Wiggin Sean Wilder David A. Wilson Susan M. Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Norman R. Witkowski Catherine WoodBrooks, Ph.D. Michael M. Young Deborah Zaengle

The Dougherty/Doyle Family Scholarship Dr. George A. Doyle Award Mary M. Doyle G’77 Scholarship Dufault Family Scholarship Dr. George S. Elias Scholarship Saint Marie Eugénie Scholarship Fallon Community Health Plan Scholarship Foran Family Scholarship Reverend Joseph S. Fortin Scholarship Fund Fuller Family Fund Fr. Paul J. Goudreau ’55 Scholarship E. Robert Graveline ’46 Scholarship Robert ’65 and Maureen G’67 Gray Scholarship Fund Roland Gregoire ’34 Scholarship Fund The Thomas & Bernadette Goulet Grenier Scholarship Joseph H. Hagan Scholarship Fund Raymond P. and Myrtle S. Harold Memorial Fund William Randolph Hearst Foundation Scholarship John J. Hynes, Sr. Family Scholarship Docithe E. Jette and Diana Savaria Jette Memorial Scholarship Fund John and Patricia Jones Scholarship J. Michael Keefe ’93 Memorial Scholarship Fund Brian Kelly Endowed Family Scholarship Fr. Raymond Lambert ’50 Endowed Scholarship The Cynthia Courtney and Adelard F. Landry ’42 Scholarship

The Dr. Joseph Alfred ’56 and Jacquelyn Mary LeBlanc Scholarship Bro. Armand G. Lemaire, A.A. ’48 Scholarship James G. Lucchese Scholarship Lynch Scholarship Award Raymond J. Marion Scholarship Award Christine Cannon Marcks ’77 Endowed Scholarship Prof. James McCarthy Memorial Scholarship Milleret-Barnes Scholarship Arsene and Yvonne Morin Scholarship Fund Colonel Francis R. Moulin Scholarship Albert G. Nault, Sr. Scholarships Agnes (Murphy) and Edward Neafsey, Jr. and Marion (Kelliher) and Lawrence Picard Scholarship Stephen ’69 and Cynthia O’Brien Scholarship Matteo A. Pagano ’59 Scholarship Amelia Peabody Charitable Fund J. Romeo Pelletier ’52 Endowed Scholarship Fund George & Jacqueline Picard Scholarship Dr. Maurice B. Plasse Memorial Scholarship Tom and Monty Plough Scholarship Fund Clara Racine Reardon Scholarship Hilaire J. Racine Scholarship Joseph Racine Scholarship for Medical Students G. Rainville and N. Rainville Family Scholarships Leo and Madeline Remillard Scholarship Prize

Rev. John Paul Richard Scholarship Joseph Riley ’11 Scholarship Fund Colleen Ritzer ’11 Memorial Scholarship Maria E. Robert Scholarship Mabel C. Ryan Scholarship Alice L. Sabean Scholarship John Enrico Scola Scholarship Joseph E. Sheerin Scholarship Erika and Geoff Smith ’66 Scholarship Fund Charles E. Soule Scholarship Santander Bank Scholarship Stanley and Mary Ann Snider Scholarship The Spillane Family Endowed Scholarship Fund Brian Sullivan ’95 Memorial Scholarship Sullivan Family Scholarship Mrs. Nellie E. Surprenant Scholarship Fund Rev. Arthur A. Sylvestre Scholarship Richard Testa ’59 Scholarship The Chester Thompson Scholarship The Shirley Thompson Scholarship John and Helen Tinsley Scholarship Fund Michael and Dorothy Tsotsis Scholarship Fund Msgr. Roger Viau ’38 Scholarship The Nita and Charles Volkavitch Scholarship

Scholarships Assumption College Volunteers Endowed Scholarship William and Jean Alberga Scholarship Pierre B. Aucoin, M.D. ‘25 Scholarship Augustine Scholars Authier-Vallée Scholarship Fund Bro. Robert Francis Beaulac, A.A. Memorial Scholarship Henry Beauvais Scholarship Fund Robert W. Blanchette Scholarship Fund John L. Bresciani ‘72 Memorial Scholarship Winifred Brough Scholarship Dr. Eugene W. Byrnes Scholarship Angeline C. Carocari Scholarship Fund Christopher R. Caron Scholarship Dorothy & Normand ’34 Cartier Endowed Scholarship Fund Centennial Scholarship Fund Reverend Gilbert Chabot Scholarship Paul N. Chaput Fund David L. Christianson Scholarship Fund John and Elena Clancy Endowed Scholarship Fund Class of 1975 Endowed Scholarship Paul ’38 & Georgette Coderre Scholarship Fund Noel J. Collette ’50 Endowed Scholarship Jeanne Y. Curtis Endowed Scholarship DeMarco Family Endowed Scholarship Fund George E. And Sarah Denommé Memorial Scholarship Fr. Louis F. Dion, A.A. ’35 Scholarship Harry Doehla Memorial Scholarship Fund Dr. Angela G. Dorenkamp Scholarship

Honor Roll of Donors

Fall 2014


honor roll oF donors

Corporations, Foundations & Organizations


A. Schulman ATS Equipment Alexander, Aronson, Finning and Company, P.C. Alphagraphics America’s Charities Anna & B.W. Cosentino Charitable Foundation Archbishop of Boston Atlas Distributing, Inc. Bank of America United Way Campaign Barrett and Sullivan Law Offices Bateman Electric Bessemer Trust Bete Fog Nozzle, Inc. Big Y Foods, Inc. Boston Sword and Tuna, Inc. Boxborough Insurance Agency Carroll Charitable Foundation Caserta Pizzeria Catholic Financial Life Centerville Podiatry Cercle Jeanne Mance Chadwick Nominee Trust Chrisom Brick & Stone, Inc. Cisco Systems, Inc. City Properties, LLC Coca-Cola Refreshments Combined Jewish Philanthropies Commencement Flowers, Inc. Connecticut Lighting Center Consolidated Insurors, Inc. Council 2 USJB Cranston & Cranston, P.C. Crocker Riverside Mills Daniel T. Morrill Funeral Home Danvers Motor Company, Inc. David Grenon Family Foundation Day’s Sports, Inc. DeCarolis Insurance Agency, Inc. Dennis Auto Services Dixon, Inc. Donald V. Lemay, D.D.S. Enterprise Rent-A-Car Enterprise Rent-A-Car Foundation Estate of Francis M. Souza Estate of Jeanne Y. Curtis Estate of Maurice N. Morin Fairhaven Road Race Family and Cosmetic Dentistry of Cumberland, RI Father Bissonnette Golf Invitational Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Fund Fournier Family Foundation Fox Bus Lines, Inc. Fox Tours Franciscan Friars of California, Inc.

Honor Roll of Donors

Francophone Association G. Johnson Builders, Inc. Gateway Motor Gateway Youth Athletic Association George F. & Sybil H. Fuller Foundation Gibney Sports & Reconditioning Gill Charitable Foundation, Inc. Harmony Club of Worcester Hudson Family Dental Imperial Distributors, Inc. International Computerware, Inc. J. A. Polito & Sons, Inc. J. H. Egger Company, Inc. J. Michael Keefe Golf Tournament JED Insurance Jamie Oil Joe Walsh Plumbing and Heating John Doyle Insurance Agency John J. Hynes Revocable Trust Ken-Weld Company, Inc. Key Floral, Inc. Knock on Wood Kyle Woods, Inc. Laboratorio La Providencia De Ponce Lamoureux Ford, Inc. Lauring Charitable Foundation Lazarin Crane Company Lomenzo Properties, Inc. Marketing Resources, Inc. Mass Citizens for Life Massachusetts Teachers Association Master Finishing & Restoration, Inc. Mayo Construction McLean Hospital McSherry Law Offices, LLC Melvin S. Cutler Charitable Foundation Members Give Powered by JustGive

Fall 2014

Merchants Automotive Group MiKent, Inc. Michael G. Lutz Lodge #5 Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Global Impact Funding Trust Mortgage Network, Inc. Mosaic Counseling and Psychotherapy Nault Architects, Inc. New England Fitness Distributors, Inc. New York Life Foundation Northern Trust Charitable Giving Program O’Connor’s Restaurant and Bar O’Regan Plumbing and Heating, Inc. O’Sullivan Children Foundation, Inc. Oliva’s Electric, LLC Padula Institute of Vision Rehabilitation, LLC Pagano Media Penske Truck Leasing Peroni Financial Group, LLC Pershing Phoenix Design Works Professionals Incorporated Quick Change Associates RPC Associates, LLC Regali Realty Trust Renaissance Charitable Foundation Revelation Productions, Inc. Richard’s Luxury Kennel Rockland Police Association SBE Entertainment Group SMI Awards Sadowsky Family Charitable Foundation Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving Shrewsbury High School Sign Design

Simon Medical Service, Inc. Sodexo Campus Dining Services South Shore Electric Motor and Pump Spencer Police Association Spillane Charitable Foundation St. Mary Parish St. Bridget Church St. Mary’s Knights of Columbus Stephen’s Frame and Collision Repair Stoneham Motor Company Stove Place II Stowe & Degon, LLC Strategic Hardware TJB Engineering Terranova & Associates, LLC The Assumptionists The Bridge of Central Massachusetts The Donahue Family Foundation The Guardian Life Insurance Co. The Marjory Christianson Fund of InFaith Community Foundation The Plourde Family Charitable Trust True Benefit Trust UBS Financial Services United Way of Central Mass W. E. Aubuchon Company, Inc. W.I.S.E. Council WH Media, Inc. Whalley Computer Associates, Inc. William R. & Ruth D. Cuming Charitable Foundation

Corporate Matching Gifts Many corporations will match employees’ gifts to nonprofit organizations, like Assumption College. These companies match gifts dollar for dollar or even more. Matching gifts are directed to the same purpose as the donor’s gift and are included in determining his or her gift club level. Contact your human resource office to see if your employer will match your gift to Assumption. ADS Alliance Data Systems, Inc. AT&T Foundation Abbott Laboratories Fund Aetna Foundation, Inc. Altria Group, Inc. American International Group, Inc. Amica Mutual Insurance Co. Aon Risk Solutions Arbella Mutual Insurance Co. AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, PLC Bank of America Foundation BlackRock, Inc. CIGNA Foundation ChevronTexaco Chubb & Son, Inc.

Church & Dwight Co., Inc. Citizens Bank Covidien Deerfield Associates Executive Search, Inc. Deloitte & Touche Foundation Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation Dominion Foundation FM Global Fidelity Investments Foundation GE United Way Campaign Gannett Foundation General Electric Foundation Hanover Insurance Group, Inc. Hollingsworth & Vose Johnson & Johnson Contribution Fund

Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co. McGraw-Hill Global Education, LLC Metropolitan Life Foundation Microsoft Corporation Morgan Stanley Foundation National Grid Navin, Haffty and Associates Odyssey America Reinsurance Company Pfizer Foundation Prudential Foundation Raytheon Company Saint-Gobain Corporation Science Applications International Corporation State Street Research

Sullivan Brothers Toyota The Hartford Financial Services The Harvey Hubbell Foundation The KPMG Peat Marwick Foundation The Pew Charitable Trusts The Procter & Gamble Fund The Walt Disney Company Foundation Toyota Dealer Match Program Travelers UBS Foundation USA Giving Station United Technologies Corporation United Way of Rhode Island Unum Group Verizon Foundation Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.

1904 Society The 1904 Society (formerly the Heritage Society) was renamed in 2011 to honor alumni, parents and friends who support the College through charitable bequests, life income plans, insurance gifts and charitable unitrusts. Through membership in the 1904 Society, Assumption extends its warm appreciation to individuals who make their thoughtful gift intentions known. For more information, contact Melanie Demarais, senior advancement officer, at 508-767-7332 or Michael ’69 and Sarah Aldrich Lucille Allaire Karen E. Angel ’78 Roy C. Angel ’79 Priscilla Arnott Camille H. Aubuchon Timothy ’66 and Suzanne Barnicle John J. Barnosky, Esq. ’64 John ’65 and Linda Barringer Robert L. Barrows ’68 Frederick ’65 and Isabel Bayon G’66 John ’52 and Charlotte Belisle Linda Dalimonte Biando ’73 Margaret ’74 and Stanley Lavin Biner George AP’54 and Jeanne Bonnici Rho Bosse Emilio C. Botticelli Maurice ’51 and Geraldine Bourget Roger ’53 and Eva Bouvier William and Jeanne Boyce Eugene G. Brassard ’52 and Heather Anne Campbell-Brassard Arthur C. Bromirski ’70 Michael J. Burlas ’76 Robert and Nancy Cain P’90 Henry T. Callan ’54 Claire Lapointe Carty

Roger ’47 and Patricia Chagnon Domenic ’65 and Deborah Ciancarelli Ronald ’69 and Donna Coderre John J. Corazzini ’64 Joseph and Patricia Cote Ronald ’62 and Judith Coutu Joseph E. Deignan G’63 Melanie Demarais HA’92 t Angela G. Dorenkamp, Ph.D. Jeremiah E. Dorsey, Jr. ’66 Mary M. Doyle G’77 William H. Ducharme, Jr. ’54 Francis ’48 and Loraine Dufault Michael Fleming ’66 James and J. Claire Collins Flynn ’79 John J. Forte ’79 Linda Eskola Forte ’82 t A. J. and Mary Gaudet Norman ’58 and Evelyn Gaudrault Paul ’66 and Marianne Girouard ’69 Norman Glick Richard AP’56 and Joan Gosselin Robert ’65 and Maureen Gray G’67 Alyssa Greeley Christine K. Greeley G’90 David HD’86 and Rosalie Grenon

The 1904 Society

Robert C. Guinto, Jr. ’81 and David Austin William ’71 and Linda Humbert Gerard ’43 and Frances Jaillet Kenneth ’65 and Nancy Kopecky Lionel ’68 and Cynthia Lamoureux A.W. David ’48 and Fay LaVigne G’75 J. Alfred ’56 and Jacquelyn LeBlanc Brian ’79 and Christa Lee Raymond J. Legac ’65 Louis Leveillee ’57 Robert ’74 and Lori Lewis Robert, Jr. AP’67 and Joanna Longden Martin ’77 and Kim Lawlor Lyons ’77 George ’50 and Marielle Magnant Normand ’57 and Gloria Marois Richard J. and Maureen Marois P’93 J. Michael ’63 and Aida Martin Richard T. ’79 and Suzhen McCarthy Francis G’74 and Diane LeDoux McGuire ’85 Jeanne McNett and Nicholas Athanassiou Richard J. ’50 and Pauline E. Miller James A. Mitchener ’73 and Nadine Mancevice


Rev. Maurice N. Morin AP’56 Marion Murphy Jacqueline M. Oliver ’70 Robert ’52 and Lucille Ouellette Louise M. Peloquin ’73 t Rev. Richard J. Perron ’43 t Rev. Raymond H. Potvin ’43 Ernest E. Rocheleau ’51 Barbara ’76 and Waldo Rowell William C. ’93 and Patricia W. Sadd Henry S. G’71 and Barbara J. Simonds G’72 Geoff ’66 and Erika Smith Francis J. Stipek ’70 Michael J. Tabak ’68 Paul F. Jr., ’72 and Elizabeth Latino Tesik Larry R. ’70 and Margaret Thayer Charles Jr. ’78 and Narcisa Thomas Scott E. Tomlinson ’94 Michael P. ’71 and Dorothy Tsotsis J. Robert Vachon AP’50 Francis Vaudriel AP’64 Thalia Vitikos ’77 William, III ’92 and Mary Waldron Harold J. Wilson, Ph.D.

Honor Roll of Donors

Fall 2014


Thank you to the many donors who supported assumption college in 2013–14. students in need welcome your support at any level to the 2014–15 Fund. .


Assumption College Magazine

Fall 2014



Elise Prayson, a senior biotechnology and molecular biology major from Dayton, OH, spent this past summer working with Assistant Professor of Biology Jessica McCready researching the gene crabp1 which is believed to promote pregnancyassociated breast cancer. “Student-faculty research at Assumption College is an amazing chance to gain lab experience and receive one-on-one guidance from a professor in the field,” Elise said. In her spare time Elise captains Assumption’s swimming and diving team.

Tony Fierimonte, a senior accounting major from Northborough, MA, has become the most successful runner in Assumption College’s history. In his junior year Tony became the first Assumption runner to qualify for the NCAA Division II National Championship and this year he placed first among non-Division I runners (7th overall) in the National Catholic Invitational at Notre Dame University. “My experience at Assumption has given me an unprecedented sense of balance and commitment whether it’s on the field or in the classroom,” he said.

Nadia Sweeney is a junior math and elementary education major from Foxboro, MA. Nadia is a member of the Campus Ministry Core Team, and focuses on the START retreat which helps students discover who they are as individuals. She likes that Campus Ministry is available to support and guide any one in need of direction, “Campus Ministry has shown me that by discovering the true meaning of love, and by having hope, faith and belief the impossible can become possible,” she said.

When you make a gift to The Assumption Fund you are investing in Elise, Tony, Nadia and more than 2,000 other undergraduate students at Assumption College. Your gift makes the learning opportunities that today’s students need to grow academically, spiritually and personally possible—including hiring top-notch faculty, funding new academic programs, supporting extra and co-curricular activities, and, most importantly, providing scholarships. You can make your gift of any size to The Assumption Fund using the attached envelope, or online at


NON-PROFIT U.S. POSTAGE PAID PERMIT #389 BURLINGTON, VT 05401 500 Salisbury Street Worcester, MA 01609-1296

on the bacK and Front covers: class of 2018 members (l–r) shant eghian, dori rogers, Zach shepard, carylyn waite, erynne arvisais and cody lynn.

AC Fall 2014 Magazine