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This is my first project I organized it after having an e-learning lesson by Aggelos Konstantinidis on the theme:

Poverty and Social Exclusion

Poverty and exclusion Project Age Group: Junior High School Students aged 13-14 Language: english Associated skills: ICT. English Project goals: I) At the end of the project students should be able to  Understand the concept of poverty and how this concept expands in many aspects of our lives  Understand the concept of social exclusion  Satisfactorily approach the meanings mentioned in the beginning II) Fully understand the importance of education towards the weakening of factors leading to poverty and social exclusion III) Open school to local society IV) Development of critical skills, communicating skills as well as being more active citizens Εργαλεία που θα χρησιμοποιηθούμ: Cameras e-tools: wikispace, google talk or Skype, blog – picasa, flickr group, movie maker, youtube, power point, twinspace, twinblog Activity:  Announcement of the project in the e-twinning environment  Partner meetings using google talk, determining objectives as well as procedure and project scedule  Posting photo(1) in google wave (or wiki) with the ability to accept comments from partner schools, posting of the final text in our twinblog and school blog in order to make the material accessible to everyone


 Small groups of students accompanied by teachers, touring the neighborhoods, taking pictures and discussing with locals  Creation of a flickr group in order to publish project highlights from both schools  Same procedure with the next photo (2)

(2)  Same procedure with the next photos (3), (4) και (5)




 View and discuss the video: poverty tells many stories :  Read and discuss the story of Denise: , children are asked to discuss real facts from their lives relating to social exclusion, reasons and causes and record their personal testimonies on a table  Summary of conclusions – post on a wallwish  Same procedure with next photo (6)

(6)  Conclusion emphasizing project goals I) and II)  Students find songs related to our project and post them along with our photos in blogs. A video will be made to summarize the whole project from the beginning to the end with picasa or movie maker  Posting of the above video in a relevant channel (European or Greek School Network)  Sign in existing environments official agencies to track new information and development  Exchange of commemorative photos - greetings

Sincerely yours, Assimina Lambrakou (Teacher of Physics) 1st Secondary School of Zefyri, Attiki, Greece e-learning lesson November, 2010

Poverty and Social Exclusion (eTwinning project)  

an eTwinning project I proposed on an e_learning lesson I had last year with Aggelow Konstantinidis on the same subject