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Marang Resort & Safaris Mukim Pulau Kerengga,Daerah Marang Terengganu

since 1993

acknowledgement special thank to : A.Turnaround Managers Inc. 1.Ar.Kamarul Bahrin amin 2.Mohd Zamhuri Amin 2.Ar.Baha Omar 3.Abu & Rakan Rakan

photographer: En Hadi Mahmud

other awards for the project: 1.FIABCI AWARD 1996 ( Winner of the Resort Development and Green Award (Malaysian Chapter) 2.FIABCI (International Real Estate Federation) 1997 3.National Habitat Award 1999 ( Excellence in Innovation Towards Optimal Human Habitation) (Kementrian Perumahan & Kerajaan Tempatan.) 4. AgHa Khan Award ( Invitation to submit 1997)

the firm The firm was established in 1993,fronted by Ar.Kamarul Bahrin and Mohd Zamhuri Amin. To date the firm has won 4 awards from the Malaysian Institute of Architects (PAM).From the early start of the practice, the firm directions has been towards developing passive design approach to integrate the external environment within or be part of the building. Integrating climatic issues and user requirement in the design is evident in the design philosophy of the firm. The built forms integrates or fit-in into the site and be part of it.

the award PAM Architecture Award •


Marang Resort & Safaris, Terengganu


Highway Laybys at Senawang, Pedas Linggi & Tangkak NB/SB


Satelite Office and Sale Gallery,P uteri Harbour, Nusajaya

2012 (Gold)

A Retreat House , Janda Baik .Pahang.

Project Type ………………….a concept of ‘genius loci ‘ or sense of place creating a sense of relationship. An environmental sustainable resort village development located on 65 acres of mangrove swamp in a rural area on the east coast of Malaysia. The award winning eco-resort, which faces the South-China Sea, includes 100 detached wooden chalets, a restaurant, a conference hall, and other ancillary facilities. Completed in 1995, the resort features 2.5km of sandy beach and represents a harmonious blend of traditional and simple, modern forms, attuned to the natural landscape and the life of the community

connecting access to across the river to the chalet units punctures the mangroves

careful preservation of natural environment

a serene ambience of relationship

buildings as a backdrop to the context

minimum disruption to wildlife and vegetation

chalets facing south china sea

restaurant Plan

riverine restaurant

deck and pool

extensive involvement of local artisans and carpenters

extensive involvement of local artisans and carpenters

extensive involvement of local artisans and carpenters

a ‘fit in’ to the existing vegetation

View from bedroom window to open bath and river

Design ensures for good ventilation

View from bedroom window to deck and sea

‘articles extract ‘

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Marang Resort & Safaris,Terengganu  

PAM Award 1997 Marang Resort &Safaris at Marang ,Terengganu.Malaysia

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