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Kalpana Saxena Christmas! Christmas brings colourful light bulbs and ornaments on the Christmas tree along with the new and the traditional Carols in the air. It brings the replica of the original Manger added with a paper star in the background to make relevant the Nativity story to our times. Then of course cakes and bakes, not leaving sweets in the Mega Malls. Oh! Buying of trendy clothes in vogue! Forgetting Bata in the Shoe Bazar and shoe sale in China Town, run a marathon to a Woodland or Nike or Reebok. Not realizing the amount it would swipe out of my budget through that plastic card which is not felt in hand or seen with eyes nor the currency calculated unlike the 52 Sunday Offerings given in the Church which is meticulously felt with hand, is seen with eyes and of course counted before my right hand offers it to Whom it belongs ~ God. It means meeting relatives and friends, hosting a dinner party. Plans to watch the latest movie release? Christmas! Almost forgotten every year by mid January, drawing life back to the valley after the mountain top thrilling Christmas experience. It ends faster than it all began. Christmas! Christmas is celebrating “giving�, not the ordinary, but, the extra ordinary, incomparable Divine kind of giving. God gave. All that exists belongs to God, of which He could have given anything, everything but He gave that which was precious to Him ~ His only begotten Son Jesus. God gave because He loved the world ~ every tribe, culture, nation, religion, creed, colour, peoples with Agape love. God made no distinction, no difference between them all, though each and every one a sinner The Holy, Perfect, Righteous God, loved the sinful world. Christmas! For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life. (John 3: 16) Believe in Jesus. Live for Jesus. Live forever. Have a meaningful, joyful, peaceful and a blessed Christmas.

¡A Year With CANDLES

I am really grateful to God for being so kind to the ‘CANDLES family’ throughout this year 2006. His blessings for ‘Candles’ was abundant. There were ups and downs but God was with us and He carried us safely throughout the year. I also thank our well wishers, supporters, and friends who have encouraged us, gave their critical appraisal, and appreciated our work for His glory. Some of them also didn't forget to pray for CANDLES and for us. Though i didn't get regular feedbacks from our readers but today I want to recapitulate whatever comments they gave during this year of blessings. One of my aunts wrote, “I really like CANDLES so much...” Before this she said “I distributed CANDLES in my fellowship and then gave a small testimony of yours...” Wow that really encouraged me very much. Another aunty called me once, and asked “what happened to CANDLES this time...Did you send it to us? Because people are asking about it now...” That was such a morale booster, I really cant explain. One pastor wrote to me, saying “Brother! What you and your wife are doing is really commendable. May God bless you...” Another AG Pastor sent me an email saying, “Brother! I saw your publication CANDLES and really liked it. Can I have few of those regularly...” One HI faculty wrote a mail saying, “Well done Chiradeep, The Candles ~ Most of the write-ups are not only very good but also informative. The articles are important since they deal with current issues. Keep it up!” She also wrote “Persevere, never give up for He has found you faithful and has trusted this online ministry to you to serve Him”. One of my friends wrote, “Dear Chiradeep! Hope the work both of you are carrying out is in full swing. May God bless the work and enrich it.” Another brother in Christ wrote, “Greetings! I am at Hyderabad now and just opened your web site. It is fantastic! Candle is growing brighter day by day. God bless you both.” Apart from all the praises there were few critical appraisals also. Which I have taken it very positively for the betterment of CANDLES. One most respectable uncle who previously was a teacher and principal corrected one of the copies of CANDLES and sent it back to me with a note highlighting the mistakes in the English language & grammar. I am grateful to him and the readers of these kind who read CANDLES that intently and seriously. Again another reader wrote “request someone with an excellent command over the English language to proof read”. I thank God for everything as we had to face time and financial constraints but still He was faithful to keep His promises by providing everything we needed for publishing of CANDLES in the year 2006. I thank those who supported CANDLES financially and in diligent prayers. Candles has completed one year and has already started another new year. May God’s blessings be on CANDLES throughout the year 2007. Chiradeep Patra, Editor

†Our Health

Food For Mind: Meditation (2) Dr. K.N.Sukumar TECHNIQUES OF RELAXATION Here are a few simple techniques explained which one can practice regularly at least 7-10 days for definite results. A) DEEP BREATHING This is the most convenient & simple mode of relaxation. To use this technique you may lie down, or even do it in sitting position. Ensure your back is supported and your body is at comfort. Now breath deeply through the nose, letting your stomach expands as much as possible. Hold your breath for few seconds then exhale slowly through nose & observe inward movements of abdomen.The breathing should be slow, rapid & deep. Continue breathing & start counting your breath. Your mind moves away from anxiety. B) AUTOGENIC RELAXATION TECHNIQUE This is essentially an exercise involving self-directed talk. Their benefit is to normalize the process of bodily functioning. This process is one of the passive concentrations, lie prone on floor on a firm mattress or couch, place your feet apart, hands 8-10 inches apart from the body palms facing upwards. Instruct yourself to spend 20 minutes in a state of continued relaxation. With your eyes closed mentally bring your attention toe the toes of your feet Instruct your toes to relax, than let your attention move to the toes of other foot. Say yourself sub vocally “TOES RELAX” .Do the same to whole body. This aids in sleep and relaxation. C) PROGRESSIVE MUSCULAR RELAXATION Through the experiments and experience it is learnt that, if people would learn to relax their muscles through precise method mental relaxation would follow. This technique involves tensing muscles & relaxing various muscle groups throughout body in orderly sequence. You may be seated or laying down Take few deep breaths, relax. Tense all toes both right and left leg for 10 seconds, relax and visualize the changes at particular part & relax it for 20 seconds. Likewise all muscles should be tensed & relaxed from toes towards head. At the end tense all muscles of body including head muscles & relax completely. Various psychological disorders are treated with this method. Please send your Suggestions & Articles for the Next issue of CANDLES to “Mr. Chiradeep Patra, 11A/1A, Mahendra Chatterjee Lane, Surya Niketan Housing Complex, Kolkata 700 046; E- Mail; Mobile: 09830930379, Web site:” All the articles should reach us at least one month in advance. The publisher reserves the right to edit, publish or reject the submitted articles. Articles submitted Cannot be returned, so please keep a copy of the article sent to us. For Private Circulation

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