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Take an Egypt vacation by If you haven’t seen Egypt, then you have missed a major excitement of your life. Though there are great holiday destinations in the world, Egypt has got no rival. With the only place to house the tall pyramids, this country stands out of the crowd and presents before you a truly unique holiday. An Egyptian vacation by Askaladdin can be a perfect way to escape from the drudgery of daily life and sail into a few days of pure unadulterated fun. Is there any moment better than to stand before the mighty pyramids and just admire, awestruck, at the Herculean engineering skills shown by our ancestors?

With a tour to Egypt, you will come across the tallest pyramid at Giza. The Great Pyramid of Giza is a testimonial of ancient man’s brilliance in architecture. It is also a subtle reminder of how drastic measures man could take to leave an imprint in the sands of time. At Giza itself, you will also run into the Sphinx. It is a queer sort of a landmark whose origin lies a bit under the clouds of dubiousness. Its nose got chucked off possibly during a war or during the attack by Napoleon. Historians keep debating over it and photographers try to capture its mysticism from all possible angles.

An Egyptian vacation by Ask-aladdin will take you to the Egyptian Museum at Cairo and to the temples and tombs of Luxor; it will take you to the bazaars of the capital city and the coral reefs of the Mediterranean sea; it will give you an aerial view of Valley of the Kings through a hot air balloon and also give you a fish’s eye view of the sea through snorkeling, scuba diving and a cruise on the Nile.

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Experience the trip of a lifetime as you stand at the foot of the mighty pyramids of Giza, explore King Tut, Tomb in the Valley of the Kings...