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How to prevent dehydration while sightseeing in Egypt? Egypt is not the easiest country to visit. It is full of hardships for a tourist who is used to snowfalls and rain. This is a dry country with the world’s largest desert at its backyard. It is also an unendurably hot destination especially when one is talking about the summer time. So, dehydration can kick in, resulting in weariness, breathlessness and even stomach upset or fever. As a traveler on an Egypt tour from USA, you must do your homework carefully and be very cautious about your routine and activities.

The first basic mantra is to drink plenty of water during your entire stay. You will indeed be benefitted if you consume water throughout the day, even if you are not quite feeling thirsty. It will certainly help your body to cope up better with the sun and allow you to retain body fluid. Another trick will be to lie down low when the sun is very high on the sky or to take rests in between your sightseeing. Those who plan an Egypt tour from USA often choose to use the theory of ‘short sightseeing with intermittent breaks’ instead of ‘long sightseeing without a break’. The break does not imply that you must return to your hotel rooms. You can sit at any eatery, restaurant or café and catch a breather alongside sipping into some drink or food.

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How to prevent dehydration while sightseeing in egypt  

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