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A.S.Jayaram 2

E- Magazine - can save the world! By A.S.Jayaram No.8. I.T. layout After reading, that day's newspaper is almost a waste. Even if it is recycled, it will not be like the original paper. Recycled paper can be use only for making covers etc. In India about 40 crore tonnes of Paper is used every day for News paper printing nearly five times that i.e. 200 crore tonnes of wood pulp or


tree is destroyed. This is leading to increase in pollution and global warming. So In this direction, as a first step let us start our monthly e-magazine. In America many of the paper manufacturing industries are closing down because most of the Americans are now reading news and magazines from the internet

We can also do many other things like chat. Mail, conference see movies download use full materials and images. We can read it on line using a computer


We can download the magazine and read it whenever we are free We can also read it in web -enabled mobile with out even a computer! The magazine will be there in the web and our friends and relatives who are not residing in our layout or in our country can also read it. Digital pad Digital writing and reading pad is available


At about Rs 5000 to 8000 depending upon the quality.


We can easily write in it


with stylus

and it can store about 5000 pages. It can store photos etc we can easily transfer data from digital pad to a computer and vise versa we can also make Cd and give it to our friends


Oh! It is flexible. You can bend it!

Gradually cutting of trees will be reduced and so also the pollution and global warming 9

Today’s Concept is to have paper less office in this direction even school students are motivated to use digital books which is being experimented in many schools

So I request you to learn the habit of reading e- magazine. 10


Anil Shanubhag, resident of our layout(door no: ) has secured 1st place in CET engineering & 3rd place in COMED 窶適 examinations of Karnataka. The details of marks are:


Reg no : AD 302 Marks : Puc : Physics 96 ; Chemistry 94 ; Maths 94 ; English 87 ; Hindi 83 CET : Physics 56/60 ; chemistry 60/60 ; maths 59/60

It is a wonderful achievement .He has brought laurels to income tax layout. Let us all congratulate him for his achievement and wish him best of luck. 12


y : Dr. A S Chandrasekhara Rao M.B.B.S, M.D. (Gen Med), D.M. (Cardiology)


Hypertension or High Blood Pressure is persistent elevation of blood pressure above normal limits. Blood pressure is present in all people and it is due to contraction of heart muscle and also due to resistance of blood vessels. When heart contracts, pressure increases and when it relaxes the pressure decreases. During contraction of heart, the pressure in the blood vessel is called Systolic blood pressure, when it relaxes; the pressure is called Diastolic blood pressure. Normally, doctors record the 13

blood pressure (BP) as 120 / 80 mm Hg, where 120 mm Hg being Systolic and 80 mm Hg is Diastolic (recorded in millimeters of mercury).

What is normal blood pressure? Blood pressure is needed for normal circulation of blood to all parts of body and has to be adjusted for various activities of the body – sitting, standing, walking, etc. There is a controlling system in the body which adjusts the BP which will not vary too much under different conditions.


Measurement of BP For measurement of BP, the person is relaxed in sitting posture with arms resting on chair or in lying down posture on a couch. BP should be measured in both these postures. Normally, mercury based manometers are used for measuring BP and these will give accurate readings. Since mercury may leak, which is not environment friendly, aneroid BP apparatus, which does not contain mercury are being used, particularly in western countries. Electronic BP apparatus, where patients themselves can measure their BP at home are available. They are useful, but needs frequent check of calibrations. 24 hours BP measurement, which gives BP recordings under various activities is possible and is used under special circumstances.


Normal Blood Pressure The Systolic BP in normal healthy adult varies from < 120 to < 140 mm Hg and Diastolic BP from < 80 to < 90 mm Hg (< 120 / 80 to < 140 / 90) (average 120 / 80 mm Hg). It varies under different circumstances. It increases during exercise, stress, emotional upsets, exposure to cold, etc. When a person is resting and relaxing, it is on the lower side. In adults, if BP is persistently more than 140 / 90 mm Hg, it is hypertension. However, this has to be confirmed by repeated checking and single reading is not enough to diagnose high blood pressure.


How common is high blood pressure? High blood pressure is one of the very common cardiovascular conditions. The incidence varies from 10 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 25 % of adult population as published by different studies. The elevated blood pressure is graded as stage 1 and stage 2 depending on the level of elevated blood pressure. In recent studies, there is a class of hypertension called â&#x20AC;&#x153;pre-hypertensionâ&#x20AC;?, where the Systolic BP varies from 120 to 139 and Diastolic from 80 to 89 mm Hg. Studies have shown that these individuals also need to be treated not necessarily by medicines, but by non-drug therapy which includes weight reduction in obese individuals, low salt diet and regular exercise and avoiding smoking and alcohol intake. If high BP is not controlled, it damages vital organs like heart, brain, kidneys and blood vessels, although slowly over years. 17

Even if BP is high, the patient may not have any specific symptoms until the organs like heart, brain, kidneys and blood vessels are damaged. This is why; it is called the Silent Killer. Usually, high blood pressure is detected when doctors check the BP, when the patient has visited them for some other illness or during medical check for insurance purpose. Symptoms of head ache or giddiness or non specific symptoms and can occur due to various other causes. When heart gets damaged, the patients may complain of chest pain or breathlessness â&#x20AC;&#x201C; difficulty to breathe, particularly on exertion. If brain is affected, one can get paralytic stroke. If kidneys are damaged, their function may be affected. Eye may be affected with defective vision. Hence, high blood pressure needs to be diagnosed and treated in early stages. 18

What are the causes of High BP? In majority of patients, the exact cause of high BP is not known. When it occurs in middle age, it is likely to be due to heredity. If both parents have high BP, there is 25% chance of their children developing HBP. High salt intake in the diet may also increase blood pressure. Hence those who have high BP should reduce salt intake in their diet. Smoking, alcohol intake, mental stress, emotional upsets & anxiety, have all been implicated to cause high BP. There are a small number of people with high BP where definite cause can be found and they are labeled as having “secondary high blood pressure”. These people may have kidney disease, renal artery stenosis (obstructing blood supply to kidney), coarctation of aorta (narrowing of main artery – aorta), disease of endocrine glands (those secreting hormones and other chemical 19

substances) and neurological disorders. It is important to recognize these secondary causes of high BP, since they can be treated and â&#x20AC;&#x153;Cureâ&#x20AC;? of high BP is possible. There are special conditions like, high BP & diabetes, pregnancy with high BP, kidney failure and high BP which need special considerations. Treatment of high BP Whether there is a need to treat by medication or not, every person with high BP should follow non-drug measures. These are: a)

Weight reduction, especially in obsess persons.


Low salt diet.


Regular physical exercise, at least 30 minutes daily. 20


Stop smoking.


Stop consuming alcohol.

f) Stress management by meditation and yogic exercise. In pre-hypertension and patients with mild high BP (stage 1), these measures will help and BP may be controlled without medication or small dose of medication. Many people need medication for control of high BP. These medications are to be taken as soon as the patient gets up in the morning. These patients have to observe certain things. Medications should be continued even when BP is controlled, even when symptoms subside. Medications should not be stopped suddenly as many may develop rebound high BP, which may be dangerous. Medications should be reduced or stopped only under 21

doctor’s supervision or advice. In most patients, medications need to be continued over long period – life long. Only in some cases of secondary high BP, we can expect a “Cure”, if the cause for high BP is treated successfully. Can we prevent high BP? High blood pressure due to heredity, environmental factors is not preventable. We can attempt to minimize environmental factors. Measures such as weight reduction, salt intake reduction in diet, exercise, avoiding smoking and drinking alcohol are some of the preventive ones. Medication, yogic exercises and relaxing techniques help reducing stress and hence help control of stress related high BP.


Summary 1. Early recognition complications.







2. Untreated high BP may damage target vital organs like heart, brain, kidneys and blood vessels. 3. One should not wait for symptoms of high BP. Regular routine check of BP is needed for all people, especially adults. 4. Low salt intake in diet, weight reduction, regular exercise, meditation, avoiding smoking and alcohol intake are helpful in preventing and also controlling high BP. 5. In most people, high BP medications need to be taken for long period â&#x20AC;&#x201C; life long. Alterations in dosage or stopping of 23

medication should be done only under doctorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s supervision or advice

Warm Homes to ward off Flu K.Jayaram , Architect. 98441 32826

No infection has ever spread to the entire population. Due to various reasons, some are prone to catch infections more easily than others. Natural immunity and the environment, especially the micro-climate in and around the house seem to have a greater effect on the chances of getting an infection. What are the measures that can be taken right in hour homes, to ward off cold and the flu which are quite common in the rainy season?


Most of the major cities in India are situated on the seaside or near rivers. These water bodies add not only adequate humidity to the monsoon winds but also act like balancing reservoir of heat and prevent sudden changes in temperature and humidity. Cities that are situated inland or situated few thousand feet above sea level can experience rapid temperature and humidity changes. Human body needs time to get acclimatized to the changing weather conditions. When exposed to sudden changes, it becomes more prone to infections. Sea side cities in India keep the respiratory organs happy and thus people who live there are naturally less prone to colds and coughs. However, these cities are not very comfortable, due to higher temperature and extreme humidity when compared to those that are away from sea. Blame it on the weather 25

Atmospheric variations that are rapid and extreme can make people more susceptible to catch sever forms of flue. It is the respiratory organs that get affected due to vagaries of weather more than the other organs. Continuous rains over night can make the mornings very chilly, as the temperature drops suddenly. The body takes time to get adjusted to this change. If we are not properly sheltered in the warmth of our homes, especially during the nights, then respiratory organs take the beating. If there are any cold viruses around, we become easy prey to them. What are the precautions that we can take, right in our homes to keep our respiratory organs happy? How to keep healthy in Monsoon weather. We surely need fresh air for good health, bur it is also important that it has to be at proper temperature and humidity. It is needless to say that it has to be as far as possible free from dust, 26

especially in the cold season, when the respiratory system is more prone to virus attacks Cross ventilation is welcome across the room. But it should not pass over the head, bringing in its wake cold drafts in the middle of the night, when the temperature can reach the lowest level! It is better to avoid sleeping with head next to a window. This will expose the respiratory system to cold drafts and strain the lungs to keep warm. There should preferably be a warm wooden `head board' to the cot on the head side. An open window just behind head position will also expose it to cold drafts.! Our homes need not be static containers which become cold and drafty in rainy season. They can be made to shelter us from the extremes of weather by proper conservation measures to prevent 27

loss of heat from the house. Just like the warm wools that we wear to retain body warmth in winter. Keeping in the Warmth It is possible to ventilate our homes without letting in cold drafts of air by opening the windows on the leeward side in cold season so that foul air is sucked out of the house. (Diagram 1) Position of windows to keep warmth in and foul air out Windward side window closed Leeward side window kept open Foul Air gets sucked out


Fresh Air gets in by diffusion

This will prevent houses getting very cold due to direct entry of chilling currents of air inside. We can open windows that have curtains sticking to it due to suction effect. These can be safely kept open with little loss of warmth. There will also be fresh air induced into the room due to the effect of diffusion. Windows that have their curtains flowing into the room let in cold drafts. If there are no windows on the leeward side and if we are forced to open windward side, it is better to keep our upper body away from the drafts by allowing the drafts to pass on the leg side. As we normally cover our self in blankets, it will not cause much loss of warmth. While planning new houses While designing new houses it is comparatively easy to plan them in such a way that there are no cold drafts of air. It is also 29

essential to orient the building to avoid dry and dusty winds. Houses should be built in such a way that they respond proactively for the ventilation requirement, in relation to the vagaries of changing weather conditions. Avoid cold drafts Avoiding cold drafts in bedrooms is very important, because the body is resting and is unable to make suitable adjustments to keep itself warm during night when we are deep in sleep. When we are awake, we can always close some windows, if very cold wind is blowing from any particular window. We can also wear warm clothing, if we are awake and experience chillness in the atmosphere. But we are unable to react to cold drafts when we are asleep! Therefore it is important to plan houses in such a way that the windows are positioned to avoid cold drafts, especially over sleeping area. 30

Plan for warmth in homes In cities like Bangalore, situated about three thousand feet above sea level, the weather variations are rapid, planning for warm homes becomes more of a critical requirement in such places. Houses need to be planned in such a way that they keep warm in winter and cool in summer. By taking care of these basic requirements while constructing new houses and by incorporating suitable measures in our existing houses, we can definitely make our homes warm and healthy. The author is an architect and can be contacted on mobile no 98441 32826 or This article was published in Deccan Herald in the winter of 1999 when Swine Flue H1N1 was taking hundreds of lives.


Save energy-part-1 By A.S.Jayaram No.8, I.T.layout

Tips for saving electrical energy 1. One of the simple methods to save energy is to replace electric bulbs by CFL or LED. 32

â&#x20AC;˘ A bulb consumes too much of energy compared to advanced methods of lighting. â&#x20AC;˘ It is not simply replacing the bulbs but it is the intelligent way of selecting the power of CFLs at different places to reduce energy. 2. In a room or a hall, we require 100Watt of bulb Illumination only when we are reading or writing.


• Most of the times we will be talking or taking rest, for which some very less illuminations are sufficient. 3. Note: so called ZERO candles bulb is actually 10 to 15Watt! • It is better to have CFL of 2Watt or LED of 1Watt, which are suitable as bed lights also. • So, in a room or hall, there must be two lights, thus increasing initial cost a little, but we can save lot of energy, as seen in the table 1


Characteristics of each light CFL( compact fluorescent light) These are the solutions of today. Saves energy & money. Available from 2 watt to 22 watt.


Spiral CFL

These spirals CFL are costly & used as show lights. The

LED light

illumination is same as

These are most efficient & so energy saving. At present the cost is a bit high, but in the long run it saves energy &money

ordinary CFL


tube light.

+ve points


moderate power consumption


2years durability


moderate cost

-ve points 1.

will not illuminate in low voltage


bulky with more parts like choke, starter etc


flicker during starting, unless electronic choke is used.


illumination reduces after 1 year.


Filament bulb +VE points Initial cost is less Available at almost every shop --VE points Consume high energy Produces heat Lost only for 6 months(average)


Table1 below shows initial cost, running cost etc of different lights & savings of energy &money in a period of 2years. Type of lighting


No of units

Initial cost(Rs) Running For 24 months cost(Rs)


For 24 months

Total Compared @ Rs4/unit (Rs) to bulb(Rs)

18x24= 20x4=80



1840 zero

Life of 1 bulb=6months, so 4bulbs for 2 yrs


Tube light
























So, combination of lights is the best way & start doing it now!


Where there is will there is way! By A.S.Jayaram, No.8, I.T. layout. The man that you are seeing in the photo below is Rhushi Prasad assistant professor in mechanical department in an Engineering college I had to go to that college for examination work My allotment letter had the name of Rhushi Prasad as my co- examiner .I had never met him before and So l some how managed to get his mobile number. I Started driving my car to reach that college but when I was half way through I got 41

confused about the road .So I called him and he said he will come with his car to take me to the college. He came in his car and asked me to follow his car I tried to follow but he drove like a race car driver! Any way I reached the college I thought that he must be a Strong man with good control over his legs so that he can operate clutch, break and accelerator pedals at high speed 42

When he got down from the car I was Surprised to see that his right leg was almost inactive! When I enquired about it I came to know the following interesting and heart touching facts He is a fan of car driving He is diabetic and few months ago his right leg was removed probably because of a wrong diagnosis. He never lost his enthusiasm He went for artificial dummy leg and he practiced walking for 2 months But it was impossible to drive the car with that artificial leg But his zeal for driving car never stopped with his ingenious idea and Accelerator pedal blocked for leg operation, because dummy leg is to be placed there


Break pedal is operated by this lever by left hand Accelerator is modified like a 2 wheeler, rotating type, operated by left hand and wrist

mechanical engineering Knowledge he modified his car such that the break was operated by left hand as shown in Fig the accelerator was modified like a motor bike and that also is the work of left hand! Right hand is used only for steering the car I was almost in 44

tears but he showed all these things to me with a smile on his face as if nothing had happened! He is doing PhD in the field of solar energy and is about to get his doctorate in about six months. He is very active in arranging seminars, exhibitions etc in his college. Photo here shows his involvement in conducting solar energy awareness seminar cum exhibition in the college.

We will make a big issue when we get a Small Scratch on our skin or dent on our vehicle but real achievers will steer through the difficulties and reach the goal without caring for losses! 45

Rain Water Harvesting K.Jayaram Architect Phone 98441 32826

In Bangalore every time it rains, about one inch of water falls on the roof and inside our compound which is simply allowed to go waste. One inch of rain over our roof area of about 1000sqare feet amounts to about 2,500 liters! Every year we have about 60 rainy days and the total rain water that we receive works out to about 1,00,000Ltrs per year! If your consumption of BWSSB water is about 20,000Ltrs per month, then you can avoid using Cauvery water for nearly half the year! If this appears very ambitious, then more realistic uses for harvested rain water can be thought of.


Rain water can be used for sprinkling the yard for putting rangoli, car washing and of course for gardening purpose without using any filter. We can easily reduce BWSSB water consumption by many thousand ltrs by this alone. We actually waste what is supposed to be drinking water for non drinking purposes!

Is it cost effective? The drinking water that is pumped up from Cauvery river hundred kilometers away and lifted up by nearly 500 meters to reach Bangalore after filtration and chlorination, is actually highly subsidized. It costs around Rs20 per thousand liters whereas we are charged much lower, on the average only about Rs4. BWSSB is bound to increase the water rates, especially of those who use it for non drinking purpose, which actually results in higher consumption. Assuming that it is going to be about Rs 20 at higher slab rate and you use ten thousand liters of rain water every month, then you can easily save Rs.200 per month! 47

When solar water heaters were introduced, it was thought to be not very effective at the then prevailing low electric rates, but with increase in rate per unit, it has become cost effective. Now most houses have solar waste heaters and are saving hundreds of rupees per month! Same with RWH (Rain Water Harvest) in future the water rates are going to be so high and the supply so erratic that we have to compulsorily depend, at least partly on rain water directly.

How good is the rain water? Rain water is the most easily available form of pure water. In fact even Cauvery River is formed of rain water that has flown over agricultural land, forest and even the roads. We should also remember that it is not all that pure if we consider the fact that even our Mysore road Vrishabhavati valleyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s highly polluted drain water finally joins Cauvery River! 48

Cauvery water is potable because it has been purified at great cost. But it still has lots of dissolved chemicals and pollutants that don't get filtered! So far it is within limits and therefore we continue to use it! Our roof areas are comparatively clean, apart from dust that flows in and settles and leafs of trees that fall off. These items don't really carry any disease germs and for non potable purposes rain water collected can be directly used.

Filters for rain water Starting from grating like simple filters costing few hundred rupees to `Pop up' filters developed by Indian Institute of Science (at about Rs.2500/-) are available This washable filter allows us to use the water for just about every 49

thing. If you boil the water, it can even be used for drinking purpose! It has been found that for cloth washing the rain water is very good as it is softer than Cauvery or any bore well water. It will use less soap/ detergent and the clothes will look fresher as it does not have any dissolved salts. Bore well and even Cauvery water has lots of dissolved salts and other chemicals.

Does RWH needs lots of investment? 50

To start with few of the rain water down take pipes can be gathered at one place and the water coming from these can be stored. Once you are more familiar with the system, the entire roof area can be harvested.

Ground Water Recharge 51

When Bangalore and its periphery had lots of open spaces and agricultural lands, with every rain, the ground used to get charged. We have built up so much that the ground is not getting recharged at all. If we dig even a few feet in most places in Bangalore, the ground is very very dry and the soil is like dry powder! (Please see photo above of a fist full of soil flowing like powder) What used to be 52

surface water open wells have got mostly dried up and even bore wells that were yielding good water are drying up as there is no recharging with every rain. Even our trees roots are not getting good supply of ground water and many are dying. The atmosphere too has become very dry and dusty as a result and it is felt very much in the winter. This leads to skin cracks and respiratory diseases. Ground water recharge will lead to higher water table and a greener Bangalore. Trees and greenery will flourish. There will be a healthy percentage of humidity in winter and it will be less dusty too. In summer we can expect Bangalore to be cooler too. Apart from these benefits most of the bore wells will get recharged and there will be less dependence on Cauvery water.


How to recharge? We need to dig suitable sized surface wells and lead rain water to these to allow soaking in. The smallest of these rings can be of 2feet diameter and minimum depth of about 6feet if open space around the house is less. However rings of 3 to 4 feet diameter and depths of about 10feet can easily soak in all the water from the 54

heaviest rain for a roof area of about 1000sq feet. Soaking speed of course depends on the type of soil found below. To facilitate easy soaking, boulder packing needs to be done around the well rings. The well can be suitably covered to facilitate periodic inspection and over the years if it gets silted up, it can be cleaned.

Cost Factor It essentially involves the labour for digging the well, the cost of rings and pipes to lead to the well from the down take pipe point. A few other items like boulders for packing and a cover are of course needed.


Net news . by: C.S.Nagaraja


If u lose your mobile in India, you can get it back Got an interesting fact to share... Nowadays each one of us carries Hi-Fi Mobile devices and always fears that it may be stolen. Each mobile carries a unique IMEI i.e. International Mobile Identity Number which can be used to track your mobile anywhere in the world. This is how it works!!!!!! 1. Dial *#06# from your mobile. 2. Your mobile shows a unique 15 digit. 3. Note down this no anywhere but except your mobile as this is the no which will help trace your mobile in case of a theft. 4. Once stolen you just have to mail this 15 digit IMEI no. to 5. No need to go to police. 6. Your Mobile will be traced within next 24 hrs via a complex system of GPRS and internet. 7. You will find where your hand set is being operated even in case your no is being changed. If you lose your mobile, send an e-mail to with the following info..


joke- by.a.s.jayaram Mr.a:- by which method are you reading e-magazine? Mr.B:- i have taken complete printout and am reading it! Mr.a:- oh! Fool, very purpose of e-magazine is defeated! Puzzle of the month.

a.s.jayaram 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

In every magazine l will give a puzzle There will be four days time for you to solve. You have to mail your solutions The name of the person who sends the correct answer Will be displayed after 7 days If no One solves it even after 7 days. Then the Solution will be displayed Please try it for yourself Do not take the help of others 58

it will be a good exercise for the brain

• there are 28 sticks in 9 square boxes( = sign are not sticks) • each digit is like electronic digits • You have to make the equation, LHS =RHS. Conditions for solving.


1] you have to move 2 and only 2 sticks from their places to other places 2] = sign should not be moved or altered like â&#x2030; etc. i.e it should be as it is. These are not sticks 3] You can leave a box empty at the end or start only. 4] Should not make more than one digit in one box. 5] Final solution should contain all the sticks . 6] No stick should touch or cross the box. Now start. send the answers to

Thank you for reading e-mag. Please send jokes, cartoons etc for July monthly to




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