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Income Tax layout December

Compiled by a.s.jayaram.




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1]Yoga -part-3 By


…………continued from November magazine

Yoga therefore bring about union of jeevathma with

paramathma at spiritual level and bring harmony or union among the five bodies that unsheathe the jeevathma at physical or materialistic level, thus yoga gives spiritual bliss and good health and makes the life of those who live the yoga wag of life .a happy, healthy bliss full life. Human beings have the following personalities 1] Physical personality 2] Pranic or energy personality 3] Mental personality 4] Intellectual personality 5] Blissful personality 6] Moral or ethical personality 7] Spiritual personality 3

unless all these personalities are developed well the human beings cannot enjoy good health and happiness and lead a spiritual life and enjoy the spiritual bliss. No education that is being taught to students at schools and universities tackle the entire personalities of human beings and bring good development of them but yoga is the only science or Knowledge which tackle the entire Personality as a whole and gives such a Knowledge or techniques Which develop them and bring perfection in the human personality and help the humans to lead a healthy, happy and blissful life that is why yoga is called “holistic science" Yoga develops the physical personality through yoga asana techniques which involves physical exercises The energy or pranic p is developed through breathing techniques Known as 'pranayama' The mental Personality is developed through techniques relating to concentration, Control of senses, Dharana the retention of single thought for a long Period and meditation on Conscious centers in the floor of brain, and relaxation techniques which bring total relaxation to strained mind due to over mental Strain or disturbed or tensed mind etc and soothing the mind and bring Peace 4

and bliss to mind, those and many techniques of pranayama and meditation techniques bring good healthy mind. Intellectual personality is developed through meditation on conscious centers in the floor of brain and through meditation technique. Spiritual personality is developed though meditation technique. Various methods are there in yoga in this behalf. The ultimate goal of yoga is to kindle the spiritual energy in human being and to expand ego consciousness to cosmic consciousness and to bring spiritual supremacy which takes the jeevathma beyond the birth and death cycle. Moral or ethical personality is developed through the commandments given in yama and niyama the yoga students an advised to follow them strictly in their life to have good Moral or ethical personality which bring them real happy and blissful life. In this modern world along with fast development of science and tech there it lot of competition in all walks of life for Survival and progress hence life of every individual becomes a race against time, technology, targets etc. This race creates tensions amidst all the 5

modern comforts and scientific developments; life becomes miserable, in view of tensions due to heavy competition for survival and winning the race. This tension leads to so many ailments related to body and mind and makes life miserable. Yoga it the only remedy for all the problems of the modern world as it develops entire personality and prepare him to face any situation and efficiently manage them and lead comfortable, healthy and happy life'

2] Student guidance-1 By:

Dr. A. S. Govind, M.Sc, Ph.D.


Associate Professor in PHYSICS and Placement officer Vijaya College

RES: #8, 1st floor, I T Layout Cell: 9980481963 6

Many students have various difficulties in studying. Some examples are:

I study a lot, but don’t get good marks. Why? I read a lot, but forget. How to solve this? How to study maths? While reading science, I remember that maths is difficult and start with maths. Then I remember that social is difficult etc. How to avoid this?  How to improve concentration while reading?  How to avoid postponing habit?  How to prepare a study time-table which suits me?  How to avoid stress and exam fear?  How to prepare for a test?  Etc..etc..!! During my 24 years of teaching experience, I have come across many student problems related to studies and found practically useful solutions.    

In future issues, I will be writing series of articles which help in making student life easier.


If you have any specific questions/difficulties, you can write in guest book of this hpage, so that I can concentrate on those issues first.



By: Jayaram.A.S.

Many people may look at the refrigerator as the appliance to show the status of them and their house. Common illusion is to have a very big fridge, normally bigger than their neighbors & close relatives.

oh! a big fridge 8


They do not know that they are wasting lot of energy by buying bigger size fridge than required. Aside from that, more and more models have also come out with Energy Star labels, which mean they consume much less energy as well as other energy saving features. Here is some energy saving tips for your refrigerator.

Mini fridge

Choose a refrigerator that is not too large for your needs. Buy one that is of proper size; a too large



one will just waste your energy and

space It is better to avoid once in a week shopping and keeping all of the vegetables in the fridge. You are loosing more than what you saved on petrol in the electricity bill! Go to near by shop almost every day, so that you can have fresh vegetables & smaller fridge, lesser electricity bill.


Place the refrigerator a few inches away from the wall, perhaps around 3 to 5 inches. Placing it directly next to the wall tends to overwork the motor. 4) Avoid opening and closing the refrigerator door too frequently. 5) 10 years is the average life span of refrigerator. Once it goes beyond 10 years, replace it 3)

An old fridge typically uses up to 80 units in a month. With Rs4.5/unit, it is about Rs 360 a month, while a new model will just use up 30


units in a month, i.e. Rs 135 a month. It may cost you more when you buy a new one but you will be able to save up even more on energy and maintenance costs.

Do not place your refrigerator near any heat source which includes your oven, the microwave, and even windows that let in direct sunlight. 7) Avoid storing foods in containers with no covers. Covering them will prevent moisture coming from the food from evaporating. If there is too much moisture, the compressor will have to work even harder 6)

If you have a refrigerator that needs to be manually defrosted, then defrost it regularly. Don't allow frost to



accumulate for more than Âź inch as it will decrease the energy efficiency of your fridge.

4] Net News C.S.Nagaraj. She makes babies

Marzipan Babies These are made with marzipan (almond paste and egg white)...... .really unbelievable!


Amazing Talent!!!!!! !!!!!









5]kaDalekaayi parishe -A.S.Jayaram kaDalekaayi parishe was celebrated at didda basavanna temple in basavanagudi bangalore. Here are some photos.





6] layout news By A.S.Jayaram

1] Dr V.Thimmappa, ex-VC of Bangalore University spoke on

nithya jeevanadalli aadhyaatma On 21/11/10

2]There was a sports competition for children on 28/11/10 photo & more news in next magazine


7.pencil art

by Amrutha .G, no8,upstairs, IT layout.


by -Rajeshwari Nagaraj

By preparing hand made decorative things at home we can make Festivals, marriage and other functions a grand. As shown in photo 26

1 By using old cd’s we can prepare Rangoli: Cut the velvet cloth in to various designs and decorate with kundan stone and paste it on cd’s, These can be used to place in front of Bhooma oota decoration in marriage function that looks very grand. Like this we can keep these things in front of mantapa during festival as rangoli. 2 By using old plates we can prepare aarathi tatte as shown in photo

3 We can decorate jaggary(bella) as shown in photo for marriage function


4 Morada bagina : Rangoli stickers can be pasted and decorate with kundan That looks very fine All these items can be reused by preserving it

Like this we can prepare decorative things at home during our leisure time and can save money and also satisfaction. Hope you will all try in your houses



by A.S.Jayaram

answer to the Puzzle of november month

1. Place the stick on the ground and place the 3 marbles at the ends and mid point[ a,c,b] as shown.

ab1c [or ac1c ]is 900

2. Rotate the stick at any angle with b, the mid point, as center and move the marble at b to b1 [or c1]. now angle

3. This is because, what ever may the angle of rotation, b1 [or c1 ]is on a semi circle with ac as diameter and b as center, remember angle in a semicircle is 900 !

Cannot believe? Try it and see for different angles of rotation. It was answered by N.Girish.


Puzzle for this month.

There are 2 sticks & 2 marbles in a room. One 16ft long & the other 4ft long. Room measures 30ftX40ft rectangle. You have to place the marbles in such a way that the distance between them is 13ft. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------.


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