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NICE TO MEET YOU! ASIT is a ground handler / tour operating company and DMC, specializing in promoting and operating incoming tourism into Greece. Based in Thessaloniki – 500 Km North of Athens, the company offers great expertise and know how in the fields of organizing packages for leisure and incentive clients, booking good and affordable accommodation for hotels, all types of transportation and delivering an overall unique successful holiday experience for each and every guest. Having been in the industry for more than 50 years, Anatolia Hotels and Splendid Travel, now a joint force as ASIT, have showcased great professionalism and dependability developing a very loyal customer base and building good, strong, long-term relationships with suppliers in each market respectively.

We are the best solution for any travel requirements regarding mainland Greece, Athens, Thessaloniki, Mykonos, Santorini, Halkidki and the surrounding Island destinations in Greece. We understand best the taste and preference of all clients and guarantee:

• Highest standards of services • Best value for money • Experienced staff • Honest and transparent communication • Professional handling & commitment Our own chain of 4 Star deluxe hotels, large fleet of luxury modern coaches, professional operations managers, experienced guides in Greece and sales & marketing executive in India will assist you in making the right choice.

HERE TO ASSIST YOU. Michael Chrysochoidis. Managing Director & Founder Michael is a highly motivated individual passionate about tourism, travel and hotels. Having come from a family with a great history and background of three generations in the hotel industry and having obtained a university degree BSc in International Hospitality and Tourism Management he now leads the way for ASIT as Managing Director and together with his team are looking forward to develop and expand their business concept.

Ilias Nikolaidis. Co-founder Ilias Nikolaidis is the co-founder of ASIT and focuses mainly on the satisfaction of customer’s needs and handles public relations and new product development. Having studied business administration and been in the tourism industry with his family owned travel agency for more than 40 years, Ilias brings into the team experience, expertise and know-how to constantly improve service and product experience.

Katerina Mantousi. Head of Operations Katerina is a sweet but tough negotiator and also carries over 15 years of experience organizing package holidays for discerning customers. Her work includes dealing with hotels, agents, guides and companies and rest assured that if there is a bargain out there she will get it for you!!

Rana Roy. Director Marketing & Relationships - India Rana is our Marketing & Sales representative in India and contact for our loyal B2B Network of Travel agents, wholesalers and consolidators. Based in Delhi he brings with him more than 14 Years of experience both in incoming and outbound tours combined. His KRA provides fuel to the initiatives of ASIT in India and establishes connections with outbound travel brands in India, retains and expands our network, generates business leads and closes sales.

Maria Tzotzou. Athens representative Having worked for some of Athens most famous and prestigious hotels, Maria is now ASIT’s customer care and representative in the capital city of Athens. She meets and greets all travelers and handles their special requests and organizes and escorts all incentive groups in the city.



quality services experience established network of partners and associates best hotels best rates company owned hotels and luxury coaches reliability well trained staff


Halkidiki Mykonos Corfu Athens Santorini


LET’S GET DOWN TO BUSINESS. Keeping a good business level requires a professional environment and a strong team to lead the way!

Equipped with state of the art technological apparatus, convention and exhibition centers in the cities of Athens and Thessaloniki are prepared to accommodate international conventions, corporate gatherings and private meetings and seal your next business deal. Up to 300 hotels in the region are equipped with conference facilities, raising Greece to one of the top destinations for MICE tourism.


Combining your business meetings with team building activities will help to grow stronger bonds among your trusted target achievers. Hop on for a sailing tour to the magnificent Greek islands. Choose your favorite trekking route on mythical Olympus and spend a night in the cozy shelters. Drive away the stress in a paintball match. Enjoy good music and drinks and a vibrant nightlife in the heart of the city centers with your colleagues.

RELAX AND JUST LET GO. Enjoy the Greek summer with style and luxury. Leave the daily routine behind, travel light and dive into the Mediterranean Sea.


In the private suites of the luxurious Greek resorts you will find everything you need for a pleasant stay and helpful, multilingual, personnel to assist you during your holidays. The Greek coast has many beaches to offer with modern facilities and water sports activities. Discover the picturesque villages, taste traditional pies, drink your favorite beach side cocktail in Mykonos and Santorini of the Cycladic islands and enjoy a sparkling nightlife in some of the most famous clubs and bars of the Mediterranean.

Visit the well preserved, Venetian style, old town of Corfu in the Ionian Sea, a UNESCO world heritage site and meet one of the most multi – cultural islands of the Mediterranean. Take your family and loved ones to the five star hotels and resorts of the Halkidiki peninsula. Relax with a spa treatment and a massage therapy, while your children have fun in the hotel’s playground. Taste fresh sea food with a sip of traditional Ouzo spirit and arrange an 18 Holes game of golf.


Ancient Greek Tragedian

Exchange wedding vows in the most picturesque scenery and have fun in the buzzing and lively islands of the Aegean Sea.


Enjoying a candle lit dinner overlooking the Caldera Volcano, after watching the sun falling gently into the blue Aegean Sea on Santorini Island, should spice up your romantic mood. Otherwise, a long afternoon in the hidden coasts of Halkidiki, or a walk in the narrow winding, stone paved, streets of Mykonos Island will definitely do the trick. Follow the footsteps of ancient Greeks as they guide you through the Parthenon temple of The Acropolis in Athens. Add a twist of modern design on the new sea side promenade of Thessaloniki and relax with a special Spa treatment in your prestigious hotel.

Discover Greece as the ideal place to organize your wedding ceremony, a honeymoon or anniversary trip. Enjoy Greek hospitality with your loved ones, exchange wedding vows in the most picturesque scenery and have fun in the buzzing and lively islands of the Aegean Sea. Exclusivity is guaranteed and high quality services will vouch for your next flight back to Greece.

CITY BREAKS. Travel through history and experience what makes Greek cities simply irresistible.

Visit Athens, the historical capital of Europe and discover the glorious Acropolis and the magnificent Parthenon temple. Follow the footsteps of the Greek philosophers around the temple of Olympian Zeus and Propylaea, walk down Dionysiou Aeropagitou Street and have your coffee served in Theseion hills. Enjoy a meal in picturesque Plaka square, shop in the Athenian boutiques of Ermou Street and Kolonaki, discover rare antiques and extraordinary gifts in the flea market of Monastiraki.


Should you find your way to the northern part of the country, you’ll have the chance to visit the second largest city of Greece, Thessaloniki, built on the shores of the Thermaikos gulf. Monuments of the city’s 2.000 year history are embedded in Thessaloniki’s everyday life and listed as UNESCO world heritage sites. Visit the White Tower of the Ottoman era, the Galerius arch, the remains of the Roman Empire, the Byzantine walls for a great view of the city. Chat with the locals, do your shopping in the glamorous Tsimiski and Proksenou Koromila Streets, taste great food and have your drinks around Valaoritou Street.

HISTORY AND PATHS OF FAITH. An appreciation for history and a deep rooted faith in the Orthodox religion runs through the Greek culture and tradition.


Remains of Greek history are evident almost everywhere in and around the cities of the region. Spend some time in the impressive Acropolis Museum of Athens to see the most important findings from the ancient Acropolis citadel and its surroundings. Travel to the archaeological site of Vergina and Pella in northern Greece and learn all about Alexander the Great, the victorious Macedonian general who expanded Greek culture and influence to the Far East. Discover ancient Delphi, acclaimed to be the center of the Earth according to Greek mythology, and home of the most important oracle in ancient times.

Walk to the “Valley of Gods”, in Olympia, and explore the birthplace of the most important athletic event of the world; the Olympic Games. Agio Oros is the most important and biggest monastic community in Greece. It lies in Halkidiki’s Athos peninsula and is comprised of 20 monasteries; the oldest one, Megistis Lavras, is traced back to the 10th century. Meet the monks who live on the top of Meteora rocks from the 11th century and visit Agios Demetrios, Agia Sofia and Moni Vlatadon, a few of the oldest Greek Byzantine churches, located in Thessaloniki.

TASTE, FEEL, EXPERIENCE GREECE. Food has an exceptional place in the Greek tradition.


Mediterranean cuisine is world famous for its healthy and tasty recipes which are based on virgin olive oil, fresh vegetables, fish, dairy products, fruits and red wine. Start your gastronomical journey with a fresh tomato and Feta cheese salad; continue with the popular tzatziki appetizer, grilled fish and lemon dressing, Kalamata olives and a glass of fine wine. Try the traditional – with a strong taste – Ouzo and Tsipouro spirits with a slice of pastourma.

Great food is easy to find all over Greece. Make sure you taste the olive oil and the olives from the southern parts of the country, the well-known Feta cheese, and the yellow cheese from the Metsovo area, the Greek traditional yogurt, red wine from the northern area of Greece and wildflower honey.

GEAR UP AND GΟ. Pack some warm clothes, a pair of trekking shoes, a raincoat and your favorite ski mask and discover the adventurous side of Greece.


Come closer to Greek nature by visiting one of the 10 National Parks. Feel the adrenaline rush while you glide down the mountain slopes on your skis or snowboard. Choose among the 16 ski resorts and enjoy a hot cup of chocolate or a spa treatment in the luxury chalets. Discover the rare wildlife of Mount Olympus, also known as the “Mount of Gods” of Greek mythology and climb all the way up to Mytikas, one of the highest peaks in Europe (9.570 ft.).

Sign up for supreme extreme sports experience exploring the Greek nature with mountain biking, rafting, canyoning, sky diving and horse riding. Bird watching is always welcome in the lakes and wetlands, since Greece is one of the main cross roads of migrating birds. Even if you choose to spend your holidays in a city, such as Thessaloniki, you should always find a high hill or a mountain path for some trekking to keep you fit, thanks to the specialty of the Greek terrain.

TAILOR MADE, JUST FOR YOU. How does it feel to own the world? Get this feeling with the luxurious, tailor made services of ASIT.

An experienced ASIT VIP team will organize a personalized vacation package with the outmost discretion and efficiency. Discover the most prestigious destinations in Greece with your private jet and relax in outstanding villas and resorts.


Arrive on time at the golf course and take off after the game with ASIT helicopter service. Enjoy a sailing experience in the Aegean Sea with a group of friends or throw a party to remember in your favorite yacht. Ride in style with our limousine fleet and test your luck in one of the nine Greek casinos, located in the most beautiful spots across the country.

H.O. : 13 Langada Str, 54629, Thessaloniki - Greece Tel: +30 2310 536 452, Fax: +30 2310 513 333 Email:


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