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Welcome at Al Fajar Lyceum

Al Fajar Lyceum was established in January 2002 by a group of dedicated Pakistanies, who are committed to provide cost effective Modern Education in Islamic Perspective. Al Fajar Lyceum is not merely a place where reading and writing are taught like traditional schools but a place where children are involved with others, where moral standards, respect and a healthy attitude towards life are encouraged. Al Fajar promotes in children the knowledge, skills and attitudes which help them realize their full potential. Children learn self-respect and self-discipline to strive for high standards in their work and behaviour. Al Fajar emphasizes on numeracy, literacy and communication as these are the basis of all academic achievements.

Our Vision We Lead to Serve

Our Mission Balanced Development of Each Child: Spiritual Moral Intellectual Social Emotional Physical

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Unique and Extensive Curriculum Al Fajar curriculum is meaningful, socially responsible, reective, holistic, global, open-ended, goal-based and technological offer multidisciplinary, thematic and continuous learning foster the knowledge, skills and attitudes appropriate for success in the Information Age. It helps students achieve overall balanced development, integrate knowledge, skills, values and correct use of language, state explicitly intended learning outcomes for different ability levels. It promotes holistic learning, allowing children to progress at their own pace, and catering for students' varying capabilities, interests and needs. It seeks to ensure that children are educated with critical and creative thinking skills, inculcated with appropriate values, and encouraged to improve their language proďŹ ciency.

Nazra Quran with Tajweed-i-Quran and Arabic Language is emphasized.

Hifz-ul-Quran is optional for students of Class Three and onwards. In Hifz Section, pupils are also taught Urdu, English and Mathematics.

Balanced Child Development

Character Building Manuals

Communication Skills Development

Al-Fajar has well-equipped Computer and Language Lab to fulďŹ ll the needs and demands of modern educational environment.

To promote the reading culture and healthy reading habits among students, library in each classroom has been established.

Sports Peronality Grooming and Motivational Training for Students

Career Counseling and Guidance Center

Food and Drink It is recommended that the students should take homemade eatable in their lunch boxes. Meanwhile healthy food is available at school canteen instead of junk food.

Medical Care First-Aid facility is available but in case of any serious injury, parents are informed and the affected student is shifted to the hospital.

Discipline A consistent whole school approach is adopted to enable high standards of behaviour to be established and maintained. Children are involved in creating classroom rules; these are then displayed and referenced both in class and at assemblies. Children are praised wherever possible and examples of caring and good behaviour are rewarded and encouraged. All staff endeavors to work with parents to solve any behavioural problems in a constructive manner. If the need for punishment arises, it generally takes the form of a verbal reprimand. In case of repeated misbehaviours or severe misbehaviour in school, the Head Teacher contacts the parents for their co-operation. A full copy of the school behaviour policy is available from school.

Continuous Assessment System Al Fajar assessment system is broad based and criterion-referenced to provide a more holistic and accurate picture of a student's performance. It is learner-friendly and continuously monitored within the school's curriculum, while assuring the quality of the assessment by using multiple approaches and instruments. For Al Fajar, it is important that parents are kept regularly informed, so a Parental Meeting each term is held to discuss child's progress and one detailed computer generated report and another consolidated summary report is sent home each year.

Quality Assurance System Educational Audit of school is conducted at regular intervals by the well known and expert educationists to analyze the current situation. This audit enables to judge the progress and achievement of the goals of quality education as it is the commitment of the Al Fajar.

Curriculum Research and Development (CRD) In the ďŹ eld of education many changes take place, new experiments, results and ideas are arising. Keeping in the view a vigilant syllabus improvement, committee constantly works to keep the syllabus up to date. Committee also ensures the effective utilization of new strategies and ideas to gain the true advantages of the latest research.

Teaching Learning Process At Al Fajar, learning out comes of every unit are determined. Teachers develop lesson plans before teaching and deliver lesson according to the lesson planning and use AV-aids for better learning of students. Daily assessment of the pupils is done in accordance with predetermined objectives. Meanwhile, teaching and learning process is completely students centered and students are motivated to take part in learning activities.

Staff Training Programmes To promotes and polish the teaching capabilities of the teachers, comprehensive training is given to all the teachers. Educational experts train the teachers according to needs and modern strategies. Meanwhile, an in-house continuous training system also exists in Al Fajar Lyceum to enhance the teachers' performance

Teacher's Performance Management System Al Fajar assesses teacher's regularity, punctuality, their subject results, behaviour, teaching-learning attitude, professional traits & development. So, in consequence of this assessment teachers get monthly as well as yearly appraisal attached with their salary.

Quality Assurance System Education as being a partnership between teachers, parents and pupils. So their roles and responsibilities are important to provide the best possible education and care for all the pupils. For this purpose, parents are always welcomed in school to help in classes or to assist with any general school activity to which they think they can contribute. Parents can support their children by:Sending them to school regularly and on time. Making sure that they bring their complete school bag daily. Showing an interest in the work they do at school Attending open sessions to talk about your child's progress Using your child's planner to communicate with school

Homework Policy Homework is important for your child. Please support him by: Showing an interest in any work your child brings home, Checking whether your child has any homework to complete, Giving your child support when he needs it, Signing your child's School Diary. The quantity of homework depends on his age and ability. Reading, learning tables and spellings, completing work in Maths and English, preparing project work and planning literary activities. Al Fajar discourages the trend of sending little kids to tuition centers. Parents are always advised to consult the trained faculty of School regarding Home Work Problems.

Management and Administration The system is computerized and online. Web based software helps the management, Principal and parents to manage more efficiently and effectively the resources and processes required to support the teaching-learning functions.

Admission Policy Children seeking admission to Al Fajar are registered in February every year. Admissions, strictly, on a first come first basis and written entry test from Class Nursery to onwards. Admissions are subjected to availability of seats. Brothers/Sisters of current students are given preference for admission.

Fee policy The tuition fee is payable for all twelve calendar months. The school has discretion to review or increase the school fee and all other charges without the consent of parents. No teacher is allowed to charge any fine without written permission from the Principal. Fee for the month of June & July is payable during the month of June and Fee for the month of February & March is payable during the month of February of the year. Annual Fund for examination and other programmes is charged at the start of new academic year.

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