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Meet the Board

Thank you to the people who helped us put this magazine together.

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Design to Lead Summit – 2016

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Chapter Events

CO-CHAIRS Carmen Cowan | Allied ASID Ellen Sweeney | Industry Partner for MDC

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Crystal Star Award

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Top 5 Under 5 Award

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2016 Volunteer of the Year

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City Feature | Wausau

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2016 Presidential Citations

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Student News

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Our Volunteers

COMMITTEE MEMBERS April Loterbauer | Prospective Member Ariel Steuer | Allied ASID, LEED AP ID+C Courtney Christensen | Student ASID Erica Kirklewski | Allied ASID Erin Jende | Industry Partner for Interface Kayleigh Queoff | Student ASID Leah Knox |ASID, WRID, LEED Green Associate Melissa Smith | Allied ASID Michelle Swier | Allied ASID Nancy Mooney | Allied ASID Nina Fiedler | Student ASID Patty Schell | Prospective Member COVER DESIGN & LAYOUT Tyra Baumler with Tessera Design EDITOR Jessie Dowd

A special thank you to our sponsor, Benjamin Moore. As we reflect on 2016, the Color Trends 2017 palette evokes the excitement of things yet to come. Benjamin Moore not only provides support for our chapter, but inspiration and education about paint technology and color trends.

ASID-WI Chapter 6000 Gisholt Drive, Suite 200 Madison, WI 53713

Phone: 608-571-ASID

Administrator@wi.asid.org www.asidwi.org


CHANGE IS GOOD A new year is a time for change. The temperatures change, the season changes, and with that comes a new Board of Directors for ASID WI. Within the past few months, the new leaders have done a wonderful job fulfilling each of their roles. I am so thrilled to be part of a Board of Directors that is smart, talented, and enthusiastic to serve both our members and the community. For me, the New Year is a reminder to re-energize. I challenge each one of you to do the same. As we become increasingly busy, prioritizing work-life balance becomes critical. Pause. Enjoy the few last moments of 2016 before we take on 2017. As interior designers, I think we all need to stop and hit the re-set button once and a while. Take the time to explore new places, go see an art exhibit, or relax and just re-charge; it is vital to the success of a creative’s mind. Set a goal to do that for yourself now.

Take the time to explore new places, go see an art exhibit, or just relax and re-charge—it is vital to the success of a creative’s mind.


Sea Star 2123-30

As the Board looks to plan another event-filled year ahead, we will take a moment to hit that reset button and reflect on the year that has passed. We look forward to the exciting year we have ahead, and to the positive change we will bring to ASID, the design community, and the environments in which we live and work. Cheers to the start of a new year,

Amy Sell, ASID

WI | DESIGN Fall + Winter 2016



Introducing the 2016-2017 ASID Wisconsin Chapter Board Members



Amy Sell

Ariel Steuer



Where did you graduate from? I have a Bachelor of Arts from UW-Stevens Point and a Masters from Silver Lake College

Where did you graduate from? Mount Mary University, 2007

What is your degree? Interior Architecture (UWSP) and Management and Organizational Behavior (SLC)

Where do you currently work? The Kubala Washatko Architects Inc.

Where do you currently work? Systems Furniture What is your favorite color? Blue What is the last movie you saw in the theater? “Bad Moms” What is your favorite thing about ASID? I love meeting new people and networking. Almost every single job I have ever had was directly related to connections with ASID. I also love attending the events and look forward to them, as they are always unique and I find they have great value to the profession.


What is your degree? Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design

What is your favorite color? I don’t have one—color is very contextual. What is the last movie you saw in the theater? I think it was the “Star Wars” movie last December... What is your favorite thing about ASID? My favorite things about ASID are the valuable experiences that it facilities within the design community— connection with like-minded individuals and a platform for personal and professional development.

WI | DESIGN Fall + Winter 2016



Sondra Pace

Katie Edwards

Where did you graduate from? University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point

Where did you graduate from? Mount Mary University


What is your degree? Bachelor of Arts in Interior Architecture Where do you currently work? 4 design Inc. What is your favorite color? It changes! I tend to favor purple, green and blue— although my wardrobe would suggest black. What is the last movie you saw in the theater? “Deadpool” What is your favorite thing about ASID? I have met so many wonderful people, and made some awesome connections. If it wasn’t for ASID, I probably wouldn’t have my current job!

Allied ASID

What is your degree? Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design Where do you currently work? Quorum Architects What is your favorite color? Yellow What is the last movie you saw in the theater? “Sausage Party” What is your favorite thing about ASID? My favorite thing about ASID is the opportunity it gives me to grow my network and understanding of interior design. With our field constantly changing, ASID provides an easy way to stay updated with new and exciting information. Plus, interior designers have more fun!





Industry Partner for Mohawk Group

Erica Kirklewski

Allied ASID

Where did you graduate from? Harrington College of Design

Where did you graduate from? Mount Mary University

Ellen Sweeney

Allied ASID

What is your degree? Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design

What is your degree? Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design

Where do you currently work? MDC

Where do you currently work? Workshop Architects

What is your favorite color? Blue

What is your favorite color? Ocean Blue

What is the last movie you saw in the theater? “Jungle Book”

What is the last movie you saw in the theater? “American Sniper”

What is your favorite thing about ASID? Interacting with members and being a part of the information and service that ASID provides to Wisconsin interior designers.

What is your favorite thing about ASID? The opportunity to grow and learn professionally with such dedicated and passionate colleagues is invaluable to me. I feel very blessed to be able to surround myself with such talented, fun personalities.


Dark Burgundy 2075-10


Lynn Braun Where did you graduate from? University of Minnesota and WCTC What is your degree? Bachelor of Arts in Architecture and Interior Design Where do you currently work? Full-time mom of soon to be 3! What is your favorite color? Blue What is the last movie you saw in the theater? “Big Miracle” What is your favorite thing about ASID? Networking. It’s great to get out and meet people from the same industry!

Lisa Johnson Student ASID

Where did you graduate from? Currently a student at the University of Wisconsin Madison and will graduate in May 2017 What is your degree? Interior Architecture Where do you currently work? KEE Architecture in Madison, Wis. What is your favorite color? Dark magenta What is the last movie you saw in the theater? “Suicide Squad” What is your favorite thing about ASID? I love meeting new people who share my passion and having the opportunity to explore new ideas. In addition, I enjoy learning about what is happening on a local and national level.

WI | DESIGN Fall + Winter 2016




by Example

Q&A with Nicole Greuel Providing members with opportunities is important to ASID. Our chapter sponsored a trip to Washington, D.C. for the Design to Lead Summit. Nicole Greuel, ASID, WRID, was the lucky recipient of this benefit. Both talented and astute, Nicole has five years of professional experience. She is currently employed by Creative Business Interiors, where she is encouraged and supported in her continued professional growth. Keep reading to find out more about Nicole’s experiences at the summit and perspective on the interior design profession. WI | Design: What did you learn, who did you meet and would you recommend the summit to other designers? Nicole Greuel: The Design to Lead Summit is a leadership conference sponsored by ASID. Four speakers led the event and discussed four different content areas: leadership in regards to yourself, team, firm and profession. I was able to meet designers who work all over the country and many active ASID members. It was interesting to hear about their challenges and professional lives. I would highly recommend the event to anyone looking for growth in leadership, not only young professionals. I learned that every person “leads,” whether it’s in the workplace or even in personal relationships. It’s important to understand your leadership roles or those you want to pursue, and hone your skills to better take on those roles. Although I knew it was important already, this conference further confirmed how imperative it is to communicate and strategize as a team. When it comes to the interior design industry, we work in complicated business situations and need to improvise our processes to accommodate certain projects and clients. Analysis of these situations and brainstorming as a team provides a full thought process and plan of attack to overcome these obstacles. WI | DESIGN: What were you hoping to gain from participating in the summit? 6

WI | DESIGN Fall + Winter 2016

by Nancy Mooney, Allied ASID

Greuel: As a young professional, I am trying to make a difference in the company I work for, along with the committee I co-chair—the ASID WI Emerging Professionals Committee. It’s essential to take advantage of opportunities that allow me to learn from role models as I grow as a person and professional. WI | DESIGN: How have you become a stronger designer as a result of the experience? Greuel: A little confidence goes a long way. Absorbing information and advice from today’s leaders is very gratifying and inspirational. If they can make a difference, why can’t I? I find myself pursuing more leadership roles and enjoying the responsibilities that go with them. WI | DESIGN: Do you have any valuable words to share with other designers considering a similar experience? Greuel: Take advantage of it! It’s so easy to say, “I’m too busy.” If you really want to gain skills that you are not finding in your everyday life or at your workplace, you need to go out and find them. WI | DESIGN: How did the summit help you look at challenges differently? Did you learn any eye-opening strategies, or a change in perspective to use in your professional or personal life? Greuel: At the event, we participated in a “workshop” where we had two groups of people given separate instructions behind closed doors. We were then brought together and directed to accomplish our separate assignments together. Little did we know, our assignments contradicted each other. The purpose was to demonstrate how assignments come from owners to management, and from management to employees. Communication is key. If management doesn’t understand their assignment, how will the employees underneath them?


Annual Meeting This year’s ASID WI Annual Meeting was held at the beautiful Charles Allis Art Museum in Milwaukee’s historic East Side. The event included a silent auction for works of art to benefit the ASID Foundation and self-guided tours of the museum. More importantly, we reflected on the past year’s events and accomplishments, got a first-hand sneak peek of things to come, honored our outstanding members, expressed our appreciation to our outgoing board members and welcomed our new leaders.

Annual Mini Golf Outing The 2nd Annual Mini Golf Outing was a resounding success. More than 50 people came out on Aug. 25 to enjoy the beautiful summer weather and the company of their fellow ASID members, while playing putt-putt at Tee-Aire Miniature Golf in Brookfield, WI. Foursomes delighted in food, drink and a little friendly competition. Prizes were awarded for the best and worst individual and team scores, as well as the best team name, as voted on by attendees. Looking for an informal and purely entertaining ASID Wisconsin social event? Then this annual outing cannot be missed. Stay tuned for details on next year’s outing, projected to be late-August or early-September of 2017. A special thanks to Above the Line for providing lounge seating and All Surfaces for sponsoring the food, in addition to all the ASID Wisconsin chapter sponsors for supporting the event as part of their yearly sponsorship commitment.


Wish AF-680

WI | DESIGN Fall + Winter 2016



Chapter Leadership Conference (CLC) The incoming ASID WI Board of Directors, as well as several chapter members, attended the annual ASID Chapter Leadership Conference (CLC) from July 14-16 in Minneapolis. CLC is an educational/leadership training, networking and bonding opportunity for the new chapter board and a means of connection to the National Board of Directors, as well as other chapter boards. Amy Sell, ASID, incoming President for the Wisconsin Chapter 2016 – 2017 was inspired and motivated by the “unbelievable” keynote speakers, getting to know the new board members and by meeting “some really extraordinary people—specifically the fellow presidents from our region and my CST (Chapter Support Team).” “I spent quite a bit of time with those ladies and got to hear their success stories,” Sell says. “I feel like I have another person, in another state, that is likely going through the same thing I am. That, to me, was super valuable.”

Volunteer Party Thank you, volunteers! By dedicating their time, including evenings and weekends, and resources, these individuals are what make our chapter special., The many events and perks of being an ASID member are made possible by teams of people. This year’s Volunteer Appreciation Party was held at Corporate Design Interiors in Milwaukee’s Third Ward. Attendees were treated to delicious waffles enveloped in caramelized sugar, a decadent choice of toppings and “stroopwafels” (also known as Dutch caramel cookie waffles) from Press Waffles, in addition to a variety of wine. Handmade wine glass charms and supplies to make your own were at each table. Even the Volunteer Appreciation Party depends on volunteers. Check out the long list of our caring volunteers at the end of this issue. Is your name among them?


WI | DESIGN Fall + Winter 2016


What’s Next ReCap

In the four years since launching the first What’s Next event, it has grown to become one of our chapter’s signature programs that continues to provide relevant and forward-thinking topics for our members. This year was no exception. The committee tackled the topic of “Thriving In Your Life & Work” in response to the uptick of “busy-ness” happening in our industry and the stress that comes with it. Not only did attendees gain insight about the application of biophilic design to enhance their clients’ well-being in the spaces they design, but they were also introduced to practical strategies and thoughtful concepts to aid them in their daily lives to reduce stress, improve personal well-being and, most importantly, give themselves the permission to thrive and to lead. Lisa Blazek, ASID, LEED AP, was a first-time attendee who did not know what to expect. “I usually associate ASID events and their topics/speakers as strictly job related,” she says. “What pleasantly surprised me about this event was that the topics, while applicable to work, were also enriching on a personal level. I felt like I actually spent some ‘me time’ that day!” Through the What’s Next program, our chapter will continue to offer high-level topics that are thought-provoking and inspiring. Stay tuned for April 2017 to explore our next topic: The Value of Design.

Kohler Event Our Kohler Semi Truck Mobile Showroom event was a great success! More than 100 participants came out for the Bold Experience Tour at South Shore Park in Bayview, Wis., on a beautiful July afternoon. Attendees enjoyed specialty wines and healthy appetizers from local caterers while feasting their eyes on the beauty and innovation of Kohler’s latest and greatest products and technologies. Kohler representatives provided tours inside the 48-ft. semi-trailer. Hallmark representatives were also on-site to showcase their newest DuPont Zodiaq quartz products and innovative countertops featuring embedded charging stations. As an added perk, participants earned CEU credits while enjoying the event and sharing laughs with their colleagues. Congratulations to Tara Lopez, ASID, NCIDQ, director of interior design at Uihlein/ Wilson Architects Inc., and Elizabeth White, Allied ASID, who were the lucky recipients of Kohler product giveaways. The event was hosted by Chris Holum of Kohler (christopher.holum@kohler. com), supported by Michelle Swier, Allied ASID, of MKE Design Build (michelle@ mkedesignbuild.com) and sponsored by Kohler and Hallmark Building Supplies Inc. Thank you to everyone who joined in the fun!

WI | DESIGN Fall + Winter 2016



Lynn Vogeltanz

A Look Into A

By Carmen Cowan, Allied ASID

WI | Design: This is a big year for you. You’ve been elected to the incoming national board and selected for 2016’s Crystal Star Award. Congratulations! What was your reaction to receiving each of these honors? Lynn Vogeltanz: Honored on both of these. For the national board, the process is quite intensive. First, you must have someone submit your name. From there, national staff reaches out to find out if the person is interested in submitting the application. The application process is a seven-page form that asks about your volunteering, leadership experience and skill set. Once this is submitted, the governance committee narrows down the pool of candidates for interviewing. Based upon the interviews, the committee determines who they want to submit to the board as the potential slate for the members to vote on. It’s quite a long process. It started in October 2015 with asking if I wanted to submit my name. I received an email letting me know the board had approved my nomination in March. I actually had forgotten about it until I saw the email in my inbox. I was shocked. As for the Crystal Star Award, I was completely humbled by receiving this honor. We have so many fantastic members in our chapter. As membership director years ago, I had the honor of working with the awards committee on determining who we wanted to submit. Being on the opposite end of the process, I know the wonderful members that we have in this chapter who have earned this award. WI | DESIGN: For those of us who are newer members, can you describe your journey as an ASID member and designer? Vogeltanz: My journey began at Mount Mary University, where I decided that I wanted to earn my interior design


WI | DESIGN Fall + Winter 2016

degree. I joined the ASID Student Chapter and became active my senior year. Upon graduation, I was asked if I wanted to volunteer. Since I was looking for a job, I knew that ASID would help me network with like-minded professionals. Soon, I had a volunteer position on the Gala Committee and my first job at Schroeder Solutions as an interior designer. From there, I was very fortunate to work on several committees over the years. I have been involved with students through the student liaison role, Student Affairs Committee, Career Day and Real World Design Week. Partnering with our Director at Large, Direct Supply hosted a CEU focusing on memory care design. The gift ASID WI gave me was moving into chair of the membership committee. At the time of being chair, I developed sub-committees overseeing the needs of our practioner members, student members and Industry Partners, as well as a committee that submitted all of our national award applications. This allowed me to meet wonderful members in the organization, understand many different areas of the society and develop leadership skills. This position set me up for the next two roles in my career. First it was moving from an interior designer to team lead within my company. The second role was being asked if I would be a candidate for the Membership Director for the Wisconsin Chapter. WI | DESIGN: Looking back to your college and early professional days, are there any people who were especially supportive of you? Vogeltanz: There were so many people that influenced me over the years. My professors at Mount Mary College: Pamm Steffen and Dennis Klopfer. Both of these professors had such a great way of pushing me to do more than what I thought I could. Steffen was the one that suggested I do an internship with Taratino & Co., a local senior living developer. This is where I got hooked on how I can design better environments for seniors.


Leader’s Life With my involvement in our society, I have had so many fellow members who have been supportive. Without my mentor, Sheila Semrou, ASID, in college, I would have not made the connection with Hollie Schick, FASID, who was the first person to ask me if I wanted to get involved with ASID. After meeting her once, I was on the Gala committee before I could blink an eye. Schick has continued to be a constant through my volunteering. There have been so many members that I know I will miss a few. There are so many past presidents, like Sandy Weber, ASID, and volunteers that still continue to support me today. Jessica Mahne, ASID, has always been a cheerleader on the different paths that I have taken. AnnMarie Jackson, ASID, has been a fabulous lady. She gave me my first ASID WI Presidential Citation. I was honored to be in her presence when she received Fellow this year. And lastly, Sandy Gordon, FASID,—all her dedication to the profession and such a visionary. WI | DESIGN: What do you find most rewarding about our profession? Vogeltanz: The fact that we are making an impact on people’s lives. It’s not that we are designing items that have a season/shelf life. WI | DESIGN: In these fast-paced times, how do you balance work, life and involvement in ASID? Vogeltanz: There is no such thing as work-life balance. I heard the term recently called “life balance.” You must invest your time where you feel it is important. For me it comes down to my family, friends, career and giving back. I am very fortunate to have a supportive husband. When I was on the board of directors, I gave birth to my first child. The day before I was promoted at the office to team lead, I had my second child.


Porcelain 2113-60

We all decide where we want to spend the extra time that we have. ASID has given back so much to me over the years; it’s where I can go to recharge and get inspired. WI | DESIGN: Are there any words of wisdom, life lessons or quotes that you’d like to share? Vogeltanz: Enjoy family, friends and the world around you! Life is too short not to. My favorite quote is, “Never say never.” When I was younger in my career, I thought I had the world mapped out. If you don’t stay open to ideas, you may not see an opportunity that is presenting itself. WI | DESIGN: As a past chapter president, what advice can you give to someone considering the role? Vogeltanz: Do it! There is so much to the role. For me, it taught me leadership and public speaking skills. Even more important is the people aspect of the role. I met so many incredible individuals in our chapter, other chapters, headquarters and other places. I can never speak enough about the impact that they have had on me. It’s a way to give back to a chapter that has given so much to me as a professional. WI | DESIGN: Do you have any plans or goals (personal or professional) for the coming years? Vogeltanz: There are many goals that I have for myself in the different roles I plan within my life. Above all: keep on challenging myself to do the best that I can. Professionally, I want to absorb the great opportunity that I have in my role as a Studio Lead, continue to give back to the design community and embrace everything my new role on the board of directors brings. Personally, I have a great family to go home to every night and want to live that to the fullest. Maybe throw a few more runs in as well.

WI | DESIGN Fall + Winter 2016



RISING STARS by Rikki Crowe, Industry Partner of ASID The Wisconsin Chapter of ASID is proud to recognize the achievements of its exceptional emerging professionals.

Calamity Rutherford, Allied ASID Contributions to the Chapter Rutherford’s chapter involvement began by attending networking events and volunteering with the Sustainability Committee at the student level. She continued her involvement as a professional member with the committee by helping salvage roughly 1,000 pounds of aquatic design materials that otherwise would have ended up in a landfill. She continues to serve on the committee and has helped it grow in membership, and in materials collected.

Emerging professionals are those within their first five years of their professional career, postgraduation.

Nicole Greuel, ASID

This year’s nominees made outstanding contributions to the Wisconsin Chapter of ASID, their place of employment and/or to the advancement of the interior design profession.

Justine Wiebel, ASID

Contributions to the Chapter Dedicated to the interior design field and the the ASID WI Chapter, Greuel is cochair of the Emerging Professionals Committee. She was a valuable part of the inception of the Top 5 Under 5 awards, and has continued to help it grow over the last four years. She is professional, talented, NCIDQ certified and a Wisconsin Registered Interior Designer (WRID).

Contributions to Employer As a healthcare designer, Wiebel works on very large, high-profile projects. She is extremely knowledgeable in code requirements, finish specifications and client management. As a skilled designer, she can address a hospital’s board with eloquence and present/defend design decisions with ease. A couple examples of what make her a great asset to her employer are consistent willingness to mentor interns and younger designers, and, in addition to her own responsibilities, collaborating on other team members’ projects. She is also NCIDQ certified and a Wisconsin Registered Interior Designer (WRID).

Carmen Cowan, Allied ASID Contributions to the Chapter and Advancement of Interior Design Cowan has been active within our chapter since she was a student member, despite balancing a job, internship, family and schoolwork. There is nothing she isn’t willing to try to figure out and excel at. She is a huge contributor to our chapter’s magazine and recently was asked to serve as the editor! She also attends industry events whenever possible.

Heather Furness, Allied ASID Contributions to the Chapter As a student chapter member, Furness was an advocate for ASID and keeping the school’s chapter going. Now as a recent graduate and Allied Member, her enthusiasm hasn’t waned. She’s joined the Emerging Professionals Committee to encourage students to advance their memberships, and has spread the word about the many benefits of ASID membership and becoming involved within the chapter on a professional level.


WI | DESIGN Fall + Winter 2016


Erin Jende

Adventurer and Altruist

By Patty Schell, Prospective Member ASID WI would not be a success without the hard work and support of their volunteer leaders. The Volunteer of The Year award goes to the candidate who supports, promotes and develops ASID WI each year. This year, we could not be more grateful for the support of our 2016 winner, Erin Jende, Industry Partner Member under FLOR Inc. Jende has been instrumental in the success of ASID WI. Her deep-seeded passion for the industry and the opportunity to educate and help grow the Wisconsin design community are the driving forces behind her volunteer work for ASID WI. For more than five years, Jende has been an important part of ASID. She has been involved with the Wisconsin Interior Design Career Day Committee as the vendor fair coordinator since 2011. With the helpe of Erin and others, the, ASID Holiday Party Committee was brought back and has since taken off. She also held the role of Communications Director on the ASID board from September 2013-2015. In more recent years, Jende (with the help of others) worked on building a stronger ASID presence outside of the Milwaukee area by bringing educational opportunities to designers through CEUs in the La Crosse and Green Bay area. She helped conceive and launch the ASID Annual Mini Golf Outing in 2014 and again in 2015 by herself. Through all of this, she still found the time to oversee the redesign of the weekly e-blast. But her volunteering doesn’t stop there. Jende also devotes her time to the Make a Wish Foundation and Friends of the MPM Advisory Committee. She also enjoys music and travels the world whenever possible. On her last great adventure, Jende found herself paragliding down a mountain in Switzerland. So what motivates her to find the time to do it all—why is it important to be a volunteer? Jende believes it is important to connect with the industry you work in. In addition to this, it’s important to support all contributing organizations by being actively involved. She also believes the more you put in, the more you get out. Through ASID, she has been able to leverage her skill of event planning for the good of the organization. Jende stresses this is something everyone can do. Even if you have very little time to commit, you can still make a contribution through volunteer opportunities. She empathetically believes that through volunteer experiences you can benefit personally and professionally, while making significant contributions to worthwhile organizations. Through her volunteer efforts, Jende has been able to develop relationships at a higher level with everyone in ASID. But for her, the greatest benefit of all is watching people get enjoyment and education from the events she helps to organize. “Knowing my efforts are worthwhile is the biggest benefit of all,” she explains.


Stormy Monday 2112-50

WI | DESIGN Fall + Winter 2016


City Feature | Wausau, Wis.

A Town With Roots

by April Loterbauer, Prospective Member

Wisconsin is known for many things like beer and cheese, but did you know that we are also host to the ginseng capital of the world? Wausau is responsible for 95 percent of the ginseng exported from the United States. Along with lots of ginseng, Wausau is also in abundance of city parks and outdoor recreations galore, such as biking, skiing and even a whitewater kayak course.

The Stats

• Wisconsin’s 17th largest city • Population: 39,000 (Approximately) • 18.27 square miles

The Hot Spot:

The Buzz

Wausau’s riverfront has seen some big changes. The city has been working on revitalizing the urban waterfront with extensive riverside trail systems, parks and amenities—and plenty of space for residential and commercial development. The first development is set to open this fall. Wausau on the water, or WOW, is a full-service dining facility with riverfront seating, an arcade, and a 6,000-sq.-ft. laser arena. The city hopes this will be a destination place that will boost tourism and promote further development in the area.

Thrive Foodery is located in an old print shop that was reinvented by local artists. It features a wall of vintage doors, including the original shop door, hand-crafted butcher-block bar, and an open concept kitchen where you can watch your food being prepared. Their concept is to create delicious dishes while supporting the community. It’s a fun and casual restaurant serving locally sourced ingredients, locally brewed beers and signature cocktails. 14

WI | DESIGN Fall + Winter 2016


Thank You The 2016 Presidential Citations go to the three co-chairs of the ASID WI Chapter Magazine Committee. As leaders of a brand new committee, established in the summer of 2015, these members worked tirelessly to create a top-notch chapter magazine, which proudly represents the interior design profession.

Jenny Rebholz

Amanda Pirlot

Michelle Swier

Allied ASID

Allied ASID

Allied ASID

For taking on editorial management of the first two issues of WI | Design, the ASID WI chapter magazine. Rebholz created and managed the content schedule. She also managed communication between the writers, the editor and the graphic designer. Her reliability, professionalism and the knowledge of the publishing world were unmatched.

For keeping everyone on-time and on-task. Pirlot’s unmatched organization skills allowed the chapter magazine team to find content easily, stay focused and meet their deadlines. Her people coordination and management skills contributed to the overall success of the project.

For landing a helping hand where needed and being a great team player. Swier stepped in as a third co-chair with a high level of enthusiasm, creativity and passion for design. She contributed as a writer, photographer and project coordinator. It was a pure joy to work with her.


Sea Life 2118-40

WI | DESIGN Fall + Winter 2016


From something negative comes something positive.


ASID 2016.indd 2

10/19/16 5:03 PM


W135 N5511 Campbell Drive Menomonee Falls, WI 53051 262-781-2551 www.rbctile.com © Oceanside Glasstile



Fall + Winter 2016

M O D U L A R : L I N E WAV E ( P O S I T I V E C H A N G E )

800.248.2878 | tandus-centiva.com

Introducing the Moving Floors Collection Ellen Sweeney | 608.239.7030 | ellen_sweeney@mohawkind.com

Winner of the 2015 Best of NeoCon Gold for modular carpet as well as the Editors’ Choice for modular carpet.

WI | DESIGN Fall + Winter 2016



New Faces.


Lisa Johnson By Kayleigh Queoff, Student ASID

Meet Lisa Johnson, the new ASID Student Representative to the Board! Johnson is currently studying Interior Architecture at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, and wanted to become the Student Representative to the Board because of the various opportunities that ASID has to offer. As a student, she felt confined to the ideas and activities of her university, so she wanted to learn more about the industry on a state and national level. Johnson is very excited about this opportunity, because she is able to expand her network and surround herself with new people who share her passion for design. So far, Johnson has had many positive experiences with ASID. As the incoming student liaison, she has set several goals that she hopes to achieve during her term. The first goal is to make sure students are well informed about ASID and the benefits of being a part of a professional organization. In addition, she hopes to improve the number of students that attend events, so that they can see the benefits of joining an organization first-hand. Johnson knows that this is quite the undertaking, but she is up for the challenge.

Johnson is very excited about this opportunity, because she is able to expand her network and surround herself with new people who share her passion for design.


WI | DESIGN Fall + Winter 2016



UW-Madison By Courtney Christensen, Student ASID One of the reasons I think the students of UW-Madison like our chapter is that we extend so many opportunities to expand connections and networks. First, it starts within our own organization via our mentorship program, where new interior architecture students are paired with higher-level students. Then, we branch out further to working professionals. One of our favorite events we create ourselves is our annual spring trip to Chicago, where we take firm tours and visit the Merchandise Mart. The connections we can make at these firm tours are invaluable. We believe that creating a strong sense of camaraderie is an important factor in being a designer. We know that there will always be someone who will be able to answer any questions we may have. In addition to our networking, we are actively involved in activities all around the Madison area. This year, our organization plans to do several fundraisers that will help the community around us, along with extending our impact across the world. Inspired in part by some students who traveled to China with one of our design professors, we plan to start a donation of school and drawing supplies that we can send to children who have never had the opportunity to write or draw. Through networking, social events, and volunteering and fundraising, our organization continues to grow and extend even more valuable resources to our members.


Amulet AF-365

WI | DESIGN Fall + Winter 2016


Denise Kirschman denise.kirschman@shawinc.com 262.442.6604

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Our broad range of offerings work together to create tailored, cohesive, and inspiring modern interiors.

Contact Laura Bush: lbush@knoll.com


WI | DESIGN Fall + Winter 2016


Thank You, Volunteers! Aga Artka | ASID, WRID, LEED AP Amanda Pirlot | Allied ASID Amy Meyer | Industry Partner for Gunlocke Amy Sell | ASID, WRID Amy Wenger | Allied ASID April Loterbauer | Prospective Member Ariel Steuer | Allied ASID, LEED AP ID+C Ashley Nielsen-McCoy | Allied ASID Brenda Brady | ASID Becca Hayward | Allied ASID Bill Beaudreau | ASID Calamity Rutherford | Allied ASID Carmen Cowan | Allied ASID Carmen Pennington | ASID, WRID Cheryl Ryan | Allied ASID Christy Gwidt | Industry Partner for Interior Investments Cindy Glaeden-Knott | ASID Courtney Christensen | Student ASID Dawn Lien | Allied ASID Deb Schramm | Allied ASID, LEED AP ID+C Diana Mason | Allied ASID Elise Frohna | Allied ASID Elizabeth Schraeder | Industry Partner for Atlas Carpet Mills Ellen Sweeney | Industry Partner for Mohawk Group Emili Carlson | ASID (Educator) Emily Keon | Industry Partner for Henrickson Emily Larsen | Allied ASID Erica Kirklewski | Allied ASID Erin Jende | Industry Partner for Interface Hollie Schick | FASID Hope Dachel | Prospective Member (Daltile National IP Rep) Iva Jasperson | Student ASID Jacki King |ASID, LEED AP ID+C Jennifer Doering | Student ASID Jennifer Hunt | ASID Jenny S. Rebholz | Allied ASID Jodie Thill | ASID Karen Johnson | Allied ASID Karlyn Johnson | Allied ASID Kate Stachowiak | ASID, WRID Katie Edwards| Allied ASID

Katie Valind | Allied ASID Kayleigh Queoff | Student ASID Kelly Blanchar | Allied ASID Kelsey Holtz | Allied ASID Kim Krechel | Industry Partner for Boylu Kylie Osborne | Allied ASID Leah Knox |ASID, WRID, LEED Green Associate Leona Knobloch-Nelson | ASID Lissa Rolenc | ASID, WRID Lynn Braun | Allied ASID Madelaine J. Eschrich | Allied ASID Margaret Nedow | Allied ASID Margaret Payleitner | ASID Margaret Stearns | Industry Partner for Industries for the Blind Marsha Thrift | Allied ASID, AKBD Megan Walker | ASID, LEEP AP ID+C Melissa Smith | Allied ASID Michelle Kempen | ASID, WRID Michelle Mintzlaff | Allied ASID Michelle Swier | Allied ASID Molly Hooper | Industry Partner for Brothers Interiors Nancy Mooney | Allied ASID Nicole Craanen | ASID Nicole Greuel | ASID, WRID Nicole Villwock | Allied ASID Nina Fiedler | Student ASID Patty Schell | Prospective Member Rikki Crowe | Industry Partner for Allsteel Robin Stroebel | ASID, RID, LEED AP ID+C Roxann Bentfield | ASID Roxanne Carlson | Allied ASID Sandy Gordon | FASID, LEED AP Sandy Weber | ASID Sarah Melaney | Allied ASID Sofia Ismaili | Industry Partner for Lippert Tile Sonja Durkee | ASID Sondra Pace | ASID Teresa Olson | ASID, WRID Tina Raasch-Prost | ASID Toni Robinson | Allied ASID

Make the most of your membership. Get involved! If you want to learn more about volunteer opportunities, contact: Katie Edwards, ASID at membership@wi.asid.org. BENJAMIN MOORE

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WI | DESIGN Fall + Winter 2016


Vertical Mouse


By Carmen Cowan

With the use of technology increasing, ergonomics is more important than ever. As designers, we typically focus on the proper chair, desk, monitor position and keyboard height. What about the computer mouse? People typically add a wrist pad, but another option is a vertical mouse. The blade-like design of a vertical mouse keeps your arm in a more neutral position, like holding a glass. A traditional computer mouse requires you to twist your forearm. The slight change in arm position can make a big difference during those marathon hours of computer work. A vertical mouse functions the same as a traditional one; the same fingers to depress the same buttons. Some models include a detachable wrist rest. Prices range from $20-$90.


WI | DESIGN Fall + Winter 2016

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The Solna® Articulating Kitchen Faucet by Brizo® pairs stunning, Scandinavian style with breakthrough culinary innovation. Inspired by the simplicity and efficiency of a classic task lamp, the articulating arm can be positioned virtually anywhere—making it the ultimate kitchen assistant. Available exclusively in showrooms. brizo.com

WI | DESIGN Fall + Winter 2016



Benjamin Moore Color Trends - 2017



Fall + Winter 2016

Can We Top Last Year’s Events? You Won’t Know If You Don’t Show.



Fall + Winter 2016


Upcoming Events | 2017 Monday Jan 13th - Board Meeting and Madison Volunteer Drive, Location TBD Mix, mingle and learn about one-time and ongoing volunteer opportunities! Board Members and Committee Chairs will be available to chat and answer questions about ongoing or one-time volunteer opportunities. What you get in return is networking, fun, friendships and an opportunity to make your mark on our chapter.

February 8

Wednesday Feb 8th - Milwaukee Volunteer Drive Firefly Urban Bar and Grill, Wauwatosa Socialize and learn about upcoming volunteer opportunities with us at Firefly Urban Bar and Grill. Volunteering provides a chance to give back and get to know other chapter members.

March 3rd - Wisconsin Student Career Day Not just for students, there’s something for everyone at our annual Wisconsin Student Career Day event. You can learn new insights from industry leaders, discover new products, network, and much more!

March 23

January 13

March 3

March 23rd - Design Awards Check out amazing projects from our very own local designers or just join us for a night a glitz and glamour. The evening is about recognition of skill, innovation, and inspiration for all designers.

March 31st to April 2nd - SCALE: The ASID National Student Summit Formerly known as LAUNCH, ASID will host SCALE: The ASID National Student Summit at The University of Oklahoma, March 31 – April 2, 2017. The one-of-a-kind, multi-day conference for interior design students will expand in 2017 to include seminars for interior design educators as well as chapter training for ASID student chapter leaders.

March 31 – April 2

More information on Upcoming Events can be found at www.asidwi.org WI | DESIGN Fall + Winter 2016


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