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Jan-Mar 2023 | 1-3月份

Thanks to the strong partnership between Singapore’s premium chocolate cake baker and Japan’s premium chocolate maker, Chocolate Origin with CACAOCAT respectively and collectively offer the consumer a plethora of cacao delights from chocolate cakes, gelato ice-creams, and chocolate bon buns to satisfy all their chocolate indulgences.

Chocolate Origin uses the finest ingredients, and its products are handmade with love to ensure that they are all tasting oh-so delicious, with every bite. CACAOCAT’s Chocolate Bon Bons are chocolates product from Japan, Hokkaido, using only the most premium ingredients to achieve the ultimate smoothness. Each chocolate melts in your mouth and that provides a real heavenly cacao taste experience.

There are now twelve outlets spread over many malls in the beautiful city of Singapore. There are eight outlets (add over two hundred pop-up shops) in Japan. There is also one shop in cosmopolitan Shanghai. The franchise packaged is attractive: as a guide, the franchise fee for the first six years is US$40,000 for the first outlet; the second and subsequent outlet’s franchise fees are reduced to US$20,000. Renewal fees are just US$15,000/outlet.

For more information, please contact info@dadaca-asia.com

Incorporated in Singapore since January 2012, Chocolate Origin has grown very healthily due to the increasing sophisticated taste buds of locals and tourists from around the world.

Franchise companies, once they have built a solid net work of outlets in their own countr y, will often st art to look at overseas markets. Because many entr y barriers can be overcome via franchising , this is naturally a preferred model for overseas expansion.

However, in my 33 years in franchise consulting , I have seen many franchisors rush overseas in the most unprepared conditions – e.g ., when their nancial position is still relatively weak; when their team members are still inexperienced and psychologically unprepared to travel frequently overseas; and when their intellectual propert y protection is not in place…

Interestingly, I recently read an article about international expansion by Wharton management professor Exequiel (Zeke) Hernandez who studied a phenomenon in the banking industr y in his paper, “When Do Ethnic Communities A ect Foreign Location Choice? Dual Entr y Strategies of Korean Banks in China” Professor Hernandez mentioned the example of a Korean bank which, among other strategies it deploys, open branches in China populated by people of its own ethnic group.

I opine that before venturing overseas, doing tons of pre-entr y homework, and evaluating the external environment of a business by breaking down the opportunities and risks into Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environment al, and Legal factors (PESTEL) is tot ally essential.

At the time of writing this, Hong Kong (HK) has just announced that they were ending most international travel restrictions. Hooray! (I have a soft spot for this lovely place where my maternal grandfather lived). And hopefully, the Hong Kong Trade Development Board will consider organizing their HK International Franchise Show (HKIFS) in 2023.

May 2022 be a year when great breakthroughs happen for the good of all humanit y

在撰写本文时,香港 (HK) 刚刚宣布他 们将结束大部分国际旅行限制。棒极了! (我对我外祖父居住的这个可爱的地方情 有独钟)。希望香港贸易发展局考虑在 2023年举办香港国际特许经营展 (HKIFS) 。

The topic might seem unusual, but the phenomenon of rms expanding into foreign markets [to follow immigrants] is actually quite common. I am inclined to see Philippines’ fast-food Jollibee as a real example. Their rst outlets were in California because there are many Filipinos who live there…

In my mind, franchising should and can work in almost all economies regardless of the population size or GDP. Franchising offers businesses an adaptable mechanism for expanding domestically and internationally. This implies that a proven business (mainly lifestyle businesses like f&b, wellness, education, retail, services) that has developed a versatile franchise package has the potential to be liked and approached by franchisees (local and overseas) that want to bring the same business to their market/ territory. Of course, both the franchisor and franchisee should analyse the various important factors to minimize a mismatch (PESTEL, Marketing P’s, etc.)

But not all companies will nd it desirable to locate where immigrants from their home countr y live. There are cases in which companies deliberately avoided locating where immigrants live because they didn’t want to be associated with catering to a ‘niche-y’ ethnic group of customers or workers. Instead, they actually wanted to ser ve the broader market. Professor Hernandez’s ‘dual entr y strategy’ is quite interesting “If I am a rm and I’m considering expansion into a location that has an ethnic population, I’m going to do it if that location has a weak institutional environment weak courts, weak laws, weak propert y rights — but I will not or I will be at least much less swayed by the ethnic population in places where institutional environments are strong”

The franchise shows/conventions in Taiwan, Japan and the USA in the first quarter of 2023 will help get all our juices flowing. Please visit https:// asiawidefranchise.com.sg/events/

To friends that celebrate the lunar new year (January 22nd to 24th being the first three days), may you and your loved ones enjoy good health, peace and prosperity.

在我看来,特许经营应该而且可以在几乎 所有经济体中发挥作用,无论人口规模 或 GDP 是多少。特许经营为企业提供了 一种在国内和国际扩张的适应性机制。这 意味着已经开发出多功能特许经营体系的 成熟企业(主要是生活方式企业,如餐 饮、美容/保健、教育、零售、服务)都 有可能受到想要带来相同业务的特许经营 加盟商(本地和海外)的喜爱和接触到 他们的市场/领土。当然,特许人和加盟 商都应该分析各种重要因素以尽量减少不 匹配(PESTEL分析模型又称大环境分析; 营销4P理论:指的是产品(Product)、 渠道(Place)、价格(Price)、促销 (Promotion),以及它们的组合,等)。 2023 年第一季度在台湾、日本和美国举 行的特许经营展/会议有可能会助于让我 们展开丰富的创造想象力,获得灵感,展 翅飞翔。。。

请浏览 https://asiawidefranchise.com. sg/events/ 春节过年(1月22日至24日为头三天)的 朋友们,祝您和您的亲人身体健康,平安 吉祥

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Strong In Traditions, Yet Trendy In

Our Journey- From Humble Beginnings To Grand Openings

Our colorful journey began in Ipoh, Malaysia in 1999. This is where a special blend of the 3-in-1 OLDTOWN White Coffee is formulated. From then, the aroma and unique taste of our Signature White Coffee gained popularity and spread rapidly beyond Ipoh.

We have grown into a household name in Malaysia, manufacturing instant beverage mixes and products in addition to operating over 180 cafés throughout Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Hong Kong.

Our heart & soul

The full creamy taste of our Signature White Coffee evokes a sense of calm and satisfaction. That same feeling is what inspired our founders to share this unique taste with the world.

Following a classic recipe, our Signature White Coffee is roasted and prepared according to the original method to ensure that every cup of OLDTOWN White Coffee imparts the same full- bodied taste, texture and aroma, time after time, year after year.

Capturing The Cravings For Malaysian Flavours

We first started out as a kopitiam (vernacular term for coffee shop in the regions of Indonesia, Malaysia & Singapore) . A kopitiam is traditionally a place where people of all races come

together for friendly conversations, exchanging news updates, & cups of freshly brewed coffee. Over the years, we have revolutionized our store concepts into the more polished modern hangout that we find today.

The Oldtown Concept

Riding on the huge success of its coffee products, the coffee shop chain has grown into a strong heritage brand pioneering Malaysian and Asian “Kopitiam” cuisine and even culture.

Our Menu Revolves Around Our Heritage & Comfort-Food

OLDTOWN has created a good following of customers for its delicious “Kopitiam” menu which comprises comfortfood favorites like Nasi Lemak (coconut-flavored rice with fried chicken, anchovies, etc.) , Ipoh Hor Fun (rice noodles with chicken shreds) , Curry Mee (yellow noodles in spicy curry gravy), Prawn Meehoon Mee (prawn noodles in rich fragrant soup), Egg Noodles and more.

OLDTOWN is also famed for its distinctive variety of Toasts and Breads, all excellently paired with its traditional local coffee and tea beverages range.

Refreshed Kopitiam Outlet Concept

The OLDTOWN coffee chain has two modules: full service and semi self-service set-ups. Both set-ups will usually accommodate a fully equipped

Jan-Mar 2023

Its Food & Beverages Offerings

kitchen, beverage and toast bar area. The interiors feature furniture and elements that are reminiscent of olden day unique Kopitiam culture with a modern-day aesthetic twist and comforts.

Oldtown Express Concept

Evolving with the times, OLDTOWN has created OLDTOWN EXPRESS – a new exciting concept extension suited for a kiosk-in-shop or standalone island kiosk (uses a smaller space) in high traffic areas such as transportation hubs, shopping malls, petrol marts and colleges.

OLDTOWN EXPRESS is very much attuned to the need for a mix of indulgence and the expectation of quick convenience, quick bites, grab-and-go products – serving up familiar and comforting flavors, but in a new and novel way to excite the customer’s taste buds. OLDTOWN EXPRESS menu offers Specialty and Novelty Beverages, in-trend creations from coffee and tea bases, fruits and dairy ingredients and it also offers a range of bakery items and ready- to-eats.

Jan-Mar 2023
Franchising Opportunities Please email myfranchise@oldtown.com.my for more information. https://www.oldtown.com.my 7 BD009_FIM KLCC 2022_Franchise Materials_Franchise Brochure Express_R4_FAO.pdf 2 25/08/2022 5:54 PM

White Coffee 最初是一家 kopitiam(印度尼西

们今天发现的更加精致的现代聚会场所。 旧街场咖啡店概念---凭借其咖啡产品的巨大成功,这家咖啡连 锁店已发展成为一个强大的传统品牌,引领马来西亚和亚洲 的“Kopitiam”美食乃至文化。

Jan-Mar 2023 我们的旅程 - 从卑微的开始到盛大的开业: 我们丰富多 彩的旅程于 1999 年在马来西亚怡保州开始。三合一 OLDTOWN 白咖啡的特殊混合物就是在这里配制而 成。从那时起,我们招牌白咖啡的香气和独特的味道就广受欢 迎,并迅速传播到怡保以外的地方。 我们投入了我们的 全部—心与灵魂: 我们的招牌白咖啡 浓郁的奶油味唤起 了平静和满足感。
我们的菜单围绕着我们的传统和舒适食品--OLDTOWN 凭借其美味的“Kopitiam”菜单赢得了 众多顾客,其中包括最受欢迎的休闲食品,如 Nasi Lemak(椰子味米饭配炸鸡、凤尾鱼等)、Ipoh Hor Fun(怡保鸡丝河粉)、咖喱面、虾米粉面( 浓汤虾面)、鸡蛋面等等。 OLDTOWN 还以其独 特的各种吐司和面包而闻名,所有这些都与其传统 的当地咖啡和茶饮料系列完美搭配。 焕然一新的 Kopitiam 概念---OLDTOWN 咖啡连锁 店有两个模块:全方位服务和半自助服务设置。两 种设置通常都包含一个设备齐全的厨房、饮料和 吐司吧区。室内设计的家具和元素让人想起过去 独特的 Kopitiam 文化,具有现代审美和舒适感。 快捷概念---OLDTOWN 与时俱进,创造了 OLDTOWN EXPRESS——一个令人兴奋的新概念 扩展,适用于交通枢纽、购物中心、加油站和大 学等人流量大的区域的店内售货亭或独立岛式售 货亭(使用较小的空间).OLDTOWN EXPRESS 非常适应混合放纵和对快速便利、快餐、即取即 用产品的期望的需求——它提供熟悉和舒适的 口味,但以一种新颖的方式来激发客户的口味 芽。 OLDTOWN EXPRESS 菜单提供特色和新奇 饮料、以咖啡和茶为原料的流行创意、水果和乳 制品原料,还提供一系列烘焙食品和即食食品。 8 旧街场白咖啡--传统悠久, 食品和饮料时尚
同样的感觉激发了 我们的创始人与世 界分享这种独特的 品味。遵循经典配 方,我们的招牌白 咖啡按照原始方法 烘焙和制备,以确保每 一杯 OLDTOWN 白 咖啡都散发出同样浓 郁的味道、质地和香 气,年复一年 捕捉对马来西亚风味的渴 望–OLDTOWN
亚、马来西亚和新加坡地区的咖啡店的白话)。 Kopitiam 传统上 是所有种族的人聚集在一起进行友好对话、交换新闻更新和喝杯 现煮咖啡的地方。多年来,我们将我们的商店概念彻底改变为我

Putien’s 22nd Anniversary Dinner

On October 13th 2022, Putien held its 22nd anniversary dinner at the 5-star Fairmont Singapore, with 860 people, more than half of which are loyal employees of Putien Singapore. Other attendees included high officials from government agency Enterprise Singapore (ESG), banks, business partners, suppliers, and other VIPs from institutions like National University of Singapore (NUS), as well as loyal, long-time customers.

Mr. Fong Chi Chung, founder and CEO of Putien, said in his welcome speech: “Putien is a family-oriented organization that sets ambitious goals and constantly surpasses them. I am fortunate to have like-minded partners who have worked together with me for the last 22 years. Regardless of whatever kinds of tests, we will embrace our dreams, face the difficulties head-on, regenerate ourselves , and move forward together towards our goals!”

His remarks are very apt, as the theme of the dinner is “Rebirth”. “

He remarked that Singaporean enterprises are lucky as the government provides various support schemes. He is especially grateful to ESG for its strong assistance to Putien to go abroad and develop overseas markets. At present, Putien has set up 93 stores in 19 cities in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong and mainland China.

In conjunction with Putien’s 22nd anniversary, Mr. Fong announced a donation of S$22,000 to the National Kidney Foundation (NKF). Putien’s Vice President Fong Chak Ka took the stage to hand over the check to NKF’s CEO Tim Oei.

Fong Chi Chung has a vision: to turn the one-Michelin-

Jan-Mar 2023

starred Putien store located at 127 Kitchener Road into a time-honored brand that is highly respected by locals and overseas tourists, and to promote Fujian (where he was born and raised) cuisine. He is determined to build the old Putien store in Singapore into an “internal proofing store” (using it as a benchmark for other stores) and a “ must-visit place for international tourists”. These two goals will help integrate resources and help steer various projects, and do not take profit as the main consideration.

Jan-Mar 2023 11 2 022 年10月13日,莆田在新 加坡五星级费尔蒙酒店举办 22周年庆晚宴,宴请860人, 当中过半为新加坡莆田全体员工, 其他出席者包括来自新加坡企业发 展局(ESG)、银行、商界、供应
商、国大等领域和机构的贵宾,以及多年来对莆田不离不 弃的忠实老顾客。 莆田创始人及首席执行官方志忠在晚宴上致词时说:“莆 田是一个有目标而且不断超越目标的家文化组织,庆幸遇 到志同道合的伙伴们,22 年来目标一致,共同努力。无 论遇到什么考验,我们仍需怀抱梦想,迎难而上,涅槃重 生,朝着目标一起前进!”他的这番话,为晚宴主题“涅槃 重生”(Rebirth)做了最佳注解。 ” 他表示,新加坡企业是幸运的,政府为不同企业提供各种 扶持项目,特别要感谢ESG大力协助莆田走出国门,开拓海 外市场。目前, 莆田已在新加坡、马来西亚、印尼、菲律 宾、台湾、香港和中国大陆共19座城市设立93家门店。 配合莆田欢庆22周年,方志忠宣布捐赠2万2000新元给全国 肾脏基金会(NKF),并由莆田副总裁方泽嘉上台将支票交 给NKF执行理事长黄振令。 方志忠有个梦想:将位于127 Kitchener Road的米其林一 星莆田老店打造成备受本地人和海外游客推崇的老字号 品牌,把福建菜发扬光大。他立志将新加坡莆田老店打造 成“内部打样店”和“国际打卡店”,并以此为两大目标 进行资源整合和开展各种项目,而且不以利润为主要考量 点,让老店肩负旗舰店的新使命面向未来。
Biz Africa Events Pte Ltd, (SG) l FoodCham Pte Ltd, (SG) Professional Exhibition Solutions, (SA) FRANCHISE YOUR FOOD & BEVERAGE BRANDS IN SOUTH AFRICA BRANDS Montecasino l Johannesburg l South Africa 4th to 10th May 2023 Singapore & Asia Food Fair 2023

Post event of TFBO 2022

he 18th TFBO 2022 ended with much success, with 7,431 visitors from 25 countries. The fourday show was participated by Thais, plus international exhibitors from Korea, Taiwan, Japan, the USA, and India.

With almost 100 leading franchise brands, they covered 10 business categories from food, drinks, bakery, car care, transportation, laundromat, vending machines, retail, stationery shop, etc.

The next show will be on July 13-16, 2023, at BITEC, Bangkok.

To reserve your space, please contact Ms. Varintorn: varintorn.kavin@gmail.com, +66 88-554-1715


Jan-Mar 2023 第 18 届 TFBO 2022 圆满落幕,吸引了来自 25 个国 家的 7,431 名参观者。为期四天的展会由泰国人以及 来自韩国、台湾、日本、美国和印度的国际参展商参 加。拥有近百个领先的特许经营品牌,涵盖食品、饮 料、烘焙、汽车保养、交通、自助洗衣店、自动售货 机、零售、文具店等10个业务类别。下一场演出将于 2023 年 7 月 13 日至 16 日在曼谷
Varintorn 女士: varintorn.kavin@gmail.com,+66
TFBO 2022 圆满落幕 13

WFC meeting in Seoul, South Korea

Korea Franchise Association (KFA) hosted 15 countries’ franchise association representatives during the annual World Franchise Council meeting held in Seoul, South Korea over the period October 19 to 22 2022.

Under the theme of “Franchise in 10 Years,” the meeting was scheduled to let all delegates experience ‘K-Franchise’ – including various non-face-to-face business models, robots being used in the kitchens and retail stores.

Korea Franchise Association’s Chairman Mr. Chung Hyunsik said, “l hope that this WFC Seoul meeting has contributed to the capacity building of the global franchise industry. Also, I want the various programs & events we had put together to remain a very good memory for you concerning the Korean culture and people. l am looking forward to seeing you at the meeting in the United States and the Philippines next year. Thank you very much. ”

Jan-Mar 2023
Jan-Mar 2023 15 韩 国特许经营协会 (KFA) 在 2022 年 10 月 19 日至 22 日期间在韩国首尔举行的年度 世界特许经营联合会WFC会议期间接待了 15 个国家的特许经营协会代表。 会议以“特许经营10年”为主题,旨在让所有与会代表 体验“K-特许经营”——包括各种非面对面的商业模 式、厨房和零售店使用的机器人,等等。 韩国特许经营协会会长Chung先生表示:“希望这次WFC 首尔会议能够为全球特许经营行业的能力建设做出贡 献。另外,我希望我们一起举办的各种节目和活动能够 为您留下关于韩国文化和人民的美好回忆。我期待明年 在美国和菲律宾的会议上见到你。非常感谢。” 世界特许经营联合会(WFC) 2022

Chillax Asia’22 Post Event Update

he 3rd rendition of Chillax Asia 2022 ended off with a bang on the 10th of November 2022. This year’s high points – budding entrepreneurs looking to franchise their business; smart technologies for F&B businesses; launch of Healthy Food & Beverage Association (HFBA). Guest of Honour Ms. Yeo Wan Ling, Director U SME and MP of Pasir Ris – Punggol GRC.

Exhibitors, visitors and also media outlets were able to get a hands-on experience on the Unmanned Smart Kopitiam whereby they were brought to their tables by greeter robots which later served them the food items they ordered. This streamline concept allows diners to order and enjoy their food through a seamless process without any human interaction.

Dr. Lim Wee Kiak, MP for Sembawang GRC gave away prizes during the 3rd Singapore Bake-A-Star Championship.

Jan-Mar 2023
第 三届 Chillax Asia 2022 于 2022 年 11 月 10 日圆满落幕。该展的亮点:企业家向往通过 特许经营来扩充事业; 餐饮业能利用的智能技 术;健康食品和饮料协会 (HFBA)的成立。Yeo Wan Ling 女 士,U SME 董事兼巴西立 – 榜鹅集选区国会议员是该展的 开幕嘉宾。 参展商、参观者和媒体机构亲身体验到 Unmanned Smart Kopitiam 无人咖啡厅的运营,迎宾机器人将他们带到他们 的餐桌旁,随后为他们提供他们订购的食品。这种流线型 概念允许食客通过无缝流程订购和享受他们的食物,而无 需任何人际互动。 三巴旺集选区国会议员林伟杰博士在第三届新加坡烘焙明 星锦标赛期间颁发奖品。 16 Dr Lim on EV Bike Asianwide Franchise Consultation booth Dr Lim at Hup Huat's booth Launch of Chillax Asia Showcase of the Unmanned Smart Kopitiam Order your badge: business@franchiseparis.com Exhibitors Business sectors conferences & workshops +500 100 90 organized by In partnership with

Chillax Asia ‘22 Post Event Update

Chillax Asia’22 Post Event Update

The 3rd rendition of Chillax Asia 2022 ended off with a bang on the 10th of November 2022. This year’s high points – budding entrepreneurs looking to franchise their business; smart technologies for F&B businesses; launch of Healthy Food & Beverage Association (HFBA). Guest of Honour Ms. Yeo Wan Ling, Director U SME and MP of Pasir Ris – Punggol GRC.

Exhibitors, visitors and also media outlets were able to get a hands-on experience on the Unmanned Smart Kopitiam whereby they were brought to their tables by greeter robots which later served them the food items they ordered. This streamline concept allows diners to order and enjoy their food through a seamless process without any human interaction.

Dr. Lim Wee Kiak, MP for Sembawang GRC gave away prizes during the 3rd Singapore Bake-A-Star Championship.

Jan-Mar 2023
Jan-Mar 2023
第三届 Chillax Asia 2022 于 2022 年 11 月 10 日圆满落幕。该展的亮点:企业家向往通过 特许经营来扩充事业; 餐饮业能利用的智能技 术;健康食品和饮料协会 (HFBA)的成立。Yeo Wan Ling 女 士,U SME 董事兼巴西立 – 榜鹅集选区国会议员是该展的 开幕嘉宾。 参展商、参观者和媒体机构亲身体验到 Unmanned Smart Kopitiam 无人咖啡厅的运营,迎宾机器人将他们带到他们 的餐桌旁,随后为他们提供他们订购的食品。这种流线型 概念允许食客通过无缝流程订购和享受他们的食物,而无 需任何人际互动。 三巴旺集选区国会议员林伟杰博士在第三届新加坡烘焙明 星锦标赛期间颁发奖品。 15 Dr Lim on EV Bike Asianwide Franchise Consultation booth Dr Lim at Hup Huat's booth Launch of Chillax Asia Showcase of the Unmanned Smart Kopitiam Asiawide Franchise Consultants booth Dr Lim on EV Bike Showcase of the Unmanned Smart Kopitiam 17

WhyLivestream Commerce is on the Rise

livestream commerce, one of the hottest trends in digital sales. There are great benefits to using the medium, but only if retailers can get it right.

If you’re not selling on social media, maybe you should be.

Livestream commerce, in which brands sell their products to online audiences in real time, is one of the hottest trends in retail. The format is growing in popularity, accounting for $200 billion in sales in China and $11 billion in the United States in 2020. Those numbers are only expected to climb.

“Livestream commerce is fast becoming a medium of choice,” said Wharton marketing professor Thomas S. Robertson, who is also academic director of the Jay H. Baker Retailing Center.

In an article he wrote for Harvard Business Review, titled “Selling on TikTok and Taobao,” Robertson examines the rise of livestream commerce and offers guidance for companies that want to jump on the trend. He spoke with Knowledge at Wharton to share some insights from the article and explain why livestream commerce is a challenge for both retailers and the social media platforms they rely on to run their events.

Why is livestream commerce becoming so popular?

I think we have to look at the evolution of online. It started with text, and over time that became rather boring. Text then became accompanied by imagery, and that was a step forward in building audience engagement. The next step was video, which turns out to be more powerful than imagery in building engagement. After that came live video or livestream. The ability to buy from the stream was added, and that’s what this article in Harvard Business

Review is about. That’s where we’ve arrived in terms of the evolution of online. It’s become an important means of going to market and selling with certain audiences and under certain conditions.

Did the COVID-19 pandemic spur this format? Many retail stores closed during the height of the pandemic and had to come up with new ways to sell merchandise.

I think it’s primarily the changing technology and changing generations. The pandemic would have been a stimulus, but it remains to be seen how long lasting that effect will be. The question is, will people go back to stores? They are, but it will never go back to where it was in 2019. About 85% of shopping is now in store, and 15% is online — some of that is livestream commerce. It’s my opinion that it won’t go back to 100%. Why should it? People have gotten used to online shopping.

“If you go back to the beginning of online shopping, it was a solitary experience, whereas livestream commerce is very much a communal experience.”

What is the role of the social media influencer in livestream sales?

One of the important factors of livestream commerce is the influencer. They can be a professional influencer, or the influencer may be a salesperson in a store. Sometimes they have enormous followings, so they guide the discussions and encourage people to buy. If you go back to the beginning of online shopping, it was a solitary experience,

Wharton’s Tom Robertson explains
Jan-Mar 2023

whereas livestream commerce is very much a communal experience. People are relating to one another, so you’re not alone. You may not know the people shopping with you, but you identify with them because you have similar interests. Other people buy, and you feel it’s legitimate and will do it as well. There’s a social pressure of sorts in livestream commerce events.

If we look at the literature, we’ve always known that personal influence is one of the most important factors in making decisions. It’s often friends and neighbors who make you aware of something and encourage you to buy. Switch that over to livestream commerce, and you have a form of personal influence coming from the influencer and from the other people who are shopping.

Is this changing the business model for social media platforms that provide the channels for livestream commerce?

It depends on the platform. If we look at META, Facebook Live is no longer going to exist. They are switching it over to Instagram and Reels, which is like TikTok. TikTok has been so successful, and the challenge for Meta is that Facebook and Instagram weren’t designed as a short-form video experience. So, how do you compete with TikTok? Facebook said let’s give that to Reels and let Reels carry the banner to compete with TikTok. It’s changing the business model, for sure. Some platforms will be in better positions than others.

It’s definitely a challenge, even for companies that were built for digital shopping. [Television network] QVC has been reinventing themselves to be online more and to engage in livestream commerce — with some success.

Their problem is that their audience is more mature than a TikTok audience. And advertisers love the younger audience.

Your article mentions how livestream commerce is maturing faster in China than in the United States. In China, it already accounts for 10% of online shopping and is projected to grow to 25% by next year. Why is the Chinese market so different from the U.S.?

I think the biggest difference is that they have integrated platforms. Taobao was designed for consumers to buy online and be able to pay for it without leaving the stream. We don’t have an integrated app at the present time in the U.S. It’s moving in that direction. I’m sure we’ll get there. There are companies trying to develop it right now. In fact, I have one company coming into my class this fall to talk about it.

What should brands be thinking about as they jump into livestream commerce?

I would start with the notion that there is no magic marketing bullet. This is part of your arsenal. You have to integrate livestream commerce with your other marketing strategies and tactics. How does it fit in?

“There is no magic marketing bullet … you have to integrate livestream commerce with your other marketing strategies and tactics.”

I recognize that, as I talk to some of these major brands, it took more than one experience to get it right. There’s a learning curve involved. It does, indeed, depend on the product category. In talking to Ferragamo, for example, they made the good point that you can’t just show up in the store with a camera for your existing customers. You can’t do that for a luxury good. You have to have a livestream commerce event that’s compatible with the prestige and the price of the item you’re trying to sell. You’re going to have a different feel, use different influencers, and have different expectations about how many people will buy. If you’re Ferragamo or Jimmy Choo, you’re trying to sell a few items to a limited market segment.

You have to choose the right platform, and you have to choose the right influencer. Is it someone with a following, or a more specialized influencer who knows more about a specific category, such as cosmetics or a technology good?

You’ve also got to measure your success against expectations. You must test whether you are able to achieve those goals. It’s not just about making immediate sales. Maybe your objective is to reach new market segments, introduce new products, or create buzz for the brand. Given your expectations, you are going to track sales outcomes, social media mentions, likes and dislikes. But you would have determined before I run the event what your objectives were and how to evaluate outcomes.

“Advertisers love the younger audience.”
如果你现在还没有在社交媒体上销售产品,也许你 应该尝试一下。 直播电商是零售业最热门的趋势之一。在直播中, 品牌向在线受众实时销售产品。这种形式越来越受 欢迎,2020年在中国和美国的直播电商销售额分别 为2000亿美元和110亿美元。预计这些数字将进一步 上升。 沃顿商学院营销学教授托马斯·罗伯逊(Thomas S.Robertson)曾经担任沃顿院长七年之久,他同时也是沃 顿贝克零售中心的学术总监,他说:“直播电商正在迅速 成为一种选择。”在他为《哈佛商业评论》撰写的一篇题 为“在TikTok和淘宝上销售”的专栏文章中,罗伯逊分析 了直播电商的兴起,并为希望跟上这一趋势的公司提供了 指导。 他与沃顿知识在线分享了文中的一些观点,并解释了为何 直播电商对零售商和社交媒体平台来说都是一个挑战。以 下为访谈问答。 为什么直播电商变得如此流行? 我认为我们必须看看网络的发展演变。它从文本开始,随 着时间的推移,开始伴随有图像,这进一步增强了受众的 参与度。下一步是视频,在构建受众参与度方面比图像更 强大。之后出现了现场直播。社交平台增加了从直播中购 如果你现在 还没有在社 交媒体上销 售产品,也 许你应该尝 试一下 买的功能。这个演变路径就是《哈佛商业评 论》我这篇文章的主题。就网络演变阶段而 言,我们目前正处在直播的阶段。它已成为 在特定条件下,面向特定受众进行营销的重 要手段。 近年来的新冠疫情是否刺激了这种 形式?许多零售实体店被迫关闭, 他们不得不想出新的销售方式。 我认为主要推动力是技术和世代的变化。疫 情是一种刺激因素,但这种影响将持续多久还不确定。问 题是,如果疫情消散,人们会回到实体商店吗?或许会回 去一部分,但永远不会回到2019年的状态。 美国目前有大约85%的购物在实体店,15%是网络销售,其 中一些是直播电商。我认为这个趋势不会逆转。因为人们 已经习惯了网上购物。 社交媒体影响者(即大V或意见领袖)在直播电 商中的角色是什么? 直播电商的一个重要因素是影响者。他们可以是某个领域 的专业人士,也可以是商店里的销售人员。有时,他们有 大量的粉丝(或称“追随者”),因此他们引导讨论并鼓 励人们购买。如果你回到最初的网上购物的形式,那是一 种个体的孤独的体验,而直播电商在很大程度上是一种公 共体验。 品牌和社交媒体平台面临什么挑战? Jan-Mar 2023 20 为什么 直播电商 正在兴起?
Jan-Mar 2023 21
这是你武器库的一部分。必须将直播电商与其他营销策略 和战术相结合。它们相互之间如何适应? “没有神奇的营销子弹可以解决一 切……你必须将直播电商与其他营销策 略和战术结合起来。” 我认识到,当我与一些大品牌交流时,他们通常都必须经 历反复实验才能找到正确的方法。这是一条学习曲线。营 销的策略确实取决于产品类别。 例如,在与(奢侈品品牌)菲拉格慕(Ferragamo)的谈 话中,他们提出了一个很好的观点:你不能带着相机出现 在商店里,为你的客户拍照直播。你不能为奢侈品牌这样 做。你的直播活动必须与品牌的声望和价格相符合。如果 你是菲拉格慕或Jimmy Choo,你可以尝试向一个有限的细分 市场销售一些商品。你会有不同的市场感觉,使用不同的 意见领袖,对有多少人会购买有不同的期望。 你必须选择正确的电商平台以及合适的影响者。是找那种 有众多粉丝的明星,还是更专业的影响者,后者更了解特 定领域的产品,如化妆品或电子技术产品? 你还必须根据预期和目标来衡量成功。你必须测试是否能 够实现目标。目标不仅仅是为了立即销售。也许是为了进 入新的细分市场、推出新产品,或为品牌创造轰动效应。 根据你的期望,你可以跟踪销售结果、社交媒体的曝光 率、受众喜欢和不喜欢。但在举办此类直播活动之前,你 应该确定你的目标是什么,以及如何评估结果。 在直播电商中,人与人之间有联系,所以你并不孤单。你 可能不认识和你一起购物的人,但你认同他们,因为你有 相似的兴趣。其他人购买这件物品,你觉得这非常合理, 然后你也会购买。直播电商活动中存在着类似的社交影响 压力。 “如果你回到最初的网上购物形式,那 是一种个体的孤独的体验,而直播电商 在很大程度上是一种公共体验。 ” 如果我们看看以前的研究文献,我们早就知道人际之间的 影响是促进个人做出决定的最重要因素之一。通常是朋友 和邻居让你意识到一些东西非常好并鼓励你购买。切换到 直播电商,你会从影响者和其他购买者那里获得某种形式 的社交影响力。 这个趋势是否改变了为直播商业提供渠道的社 交媒体平台的商业模式? 这取决于平台自己。如果我们看看META,Facebook Live直 播电商已经不再存在。他们正在将其切换到Instagram和 Reels。而TikTok取得了巨大成功。 Meta面临的挑战是,Facebook和Instagram的最初设计不是 为短视频体验而存在的。那么,你如何与TikTok竞争?脸 书说,让我们把它交给Reels,让Reels与TikTok竞争。这 个趋势当然正在改变商业竞争的版图。有些平台比对手处 在更优势的位置。 “广告商喜欢年轻受众。” 但这无疑是一个挑战,即使对于那些为数字购物而打造的 公司来说也是如此。QVC电视网络一直在重塑自己,增加网 络业务,参与直播电商,他们取得了一些成功。但是他们 面临的问题是,他们的观众比TikTok观众更成熟和年长。 而广告商喜欢年轻观众。 你的文章提到了直播电商在中国比在美国发展得更快。在
中国,它已经占网上购物的10%,预计到明年将增长到25% 。为什么中美市场如此不同? 我认为最大的区别是他们有集成的平台。比如淘宝网是为 消费者设计的,他们可以在线购物,也可以在不离开直播 的情况下直接付款购物。我们目前在美国还没有这样一个 集成的应用程序。市场正朝着这个方向发展。我相信我们 会有。现在有一些公司正在尝试开发它。今年秋天有一家 公司会来我的课堂上专门讨论这个问题。 当品牌开展直播电商时,他们应该考虑什么? 我会提醒他们,没有一个神奇的营销子弹可以解决一切。

The Malaysian Retail Chain Association (MRCA)

The Malaysian Retail Chain Association (MRCA) held a dinner at the Sunway Resort and Spa Hotel on December 16th night, attracting about 1,400 members and guests in costumes to celebrate Christmas and welcome the coming Chinese New Year.

Sharan Valliram, MRCA president, pointed out that last year was a challenging year for the retail industry. The ongoing global pandemic has disrupted production capacity and supply chains, prompting many businesses to temporarily suspend operations.

“Despite these challenges, our industry has demonstrated extraordinary resilience. We have a V-shaped recovery this year, bringing retail sales back to pre-pandemic levels. In fact, the industry is expected to grow by 13.1% this year, a testament to the efforts of retailers nationwide and determination.” He said that the retail industry in the country contributes nearly 45% to the gross domestic product. According to the Malaysian retail industry report in September this year. The domestic retail industry posted a 62.5% increase in retail sales in the second quarter of this year, compared to an 18.3% increase in the first quarter.

Jan-Mar 2023 23
马来西亚零售连锁协会(MRCA) 12月16 晚在双威度假与水疗酒店举办晚宴,吸引约 1400名会员及嘉宾盛装出席,共同欢庆圣诞 节的同时迎接即将到来的农历新年。马来西亚零售连 锁协会会长沙兰瓦利兰指出,去年对零售业而言,是 个充满挑战的一年,持续的全球大流行导致生产能力 和供应链中断,促使许多企业暂时停止营运。“尽管 存在这些挑战,我们的行业还是表现出非凡的韧性。
我们今年实现V型复苏,使零售额恢复到大流行前的 水平。事实上,行业今年预计增长13.1%,证明全国 零售商的努力和决心。”他说,我国零售业为国内 生产总值贡献近45%。根据今年9月份的大马零售业报 告。国内零售业在今年第二季度的零售额增长62.5% ,而第一季度则增长18.3%。

The 17th edition of Franchising & Licensing Asia (FLAsia 2022) took place over three days from 27-29 October 2022 at the iconic Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Singapore.

FLAsia is acknowledged as Asia’s leading marketplace for franchising & licensing. It is where businesses in franchises, licenses, brands, and business concepts from all over the world congregates and search for opportunities.

The event, owned by the Franchising & Licensing Association (Singapore), and managed by Constellar, brought together more than 100 wellknown brands, business leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors from 12 countries, and the number of participants reached 5,000+. This 3-day event will create a favorable business environment for the brand’s business growth and promotion of influence in Asia

The 17th edition of Franchising & Licensing Asia (FLAsia


Jan-Mar 2023
Jan-Mar 2023 25 第17 届亚洲特许经营与许可展 (FLAsia 2022) 于 2022 年 10 月 27 日至 29 日在新加坡标志性的滨海湾金沙会展中心举行了三天。 FLAsia被公认为亚洲领先的一年一度的重要商贸盛会,它发挥着重要的桥 梁作用,将世界各地的特许经营权、许可证、品牌和商业理念汇聚到亚 洲。该活动由新加坡特许经兼许可营协 会主办,CONSTELLAR 协办,汇集了将近 100多个来自12个国家的知名品牌、商界 领袖、企业家、投资者,与会者规模达 5000+。这个为期3天的活动,将为品牌 的业务增长和在亚洲影响力的提升创造 一个有利的商业环境。 第 17 届亚洲特许经营与许可展 (FLAsia 2022)

ietnam international Retailtech and Franchise show – VIETRF 2022 attracted the participation of 260 brands with 218 booths from 14 countries such as Vietnam, Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, etc…

At the same time, a buzzing coffee show displaying coffee-related products, barrister competition, thematic workshops, and various seminars on franchising took place.

More than 14000 visitors and 892 buyers thronged the three-day show.

Jan-Mar 2023 26 V
International Retailtech & Franchise Show VIETRF
(3rd -5th November 2022) 越南国际零售科技与特许经营展——VIETRF 2022吸引了来自越南、韩国、台 湾、印度尼西亚、日本、新加坡、马来 西亚等14个国家的260个品牌218个展位参展... 同期,咖啡相关产品展示、咖啡大 师比赛、专题工作坊、各类特许经 营研讨会等精彩纷呈的咖啡秀也精 彩纷呈。为期三天的展会吸引了近 14200 名参观者.
13th Vietnam

Franchise & License Expo Indonesia (FLEI)

Franchise & License Expo Indonesia (FLEI) XIX is the 19th edition of the International Franchise, License, and Business Opportunities Exhibition and Conference in Indonesia that was held on November 1820, 2022 at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC). FLEI XIX featured a wide range of local and international franchising, licensing, and business opportunities. Consulting service providers , as well as supporting services also exhibited. Incorporating with RSEI – Retail Solution Expo Indonesia. RSEI featured 4 areas: Retail Tech-Equipment, Retail Store Furnishing, Retail Services, and Internet Retailing.

Managed by Panorama, the show was supported by Kadin Indonesia and WALI (Indonesia Franchising & Licensing Society).

FLEI – Franchise & License Expo Indonesia: RSEI – Retail Solution Expo Indonesia Mobile Phone: +62 859 594 83515 (Call & WhatsApp); rulief.harjianto@panoramamedia.co.id

Jan-Mar 2023
Rulief Harjianto: Project Manager
XIX 印度尼西亚特许经营与许可博览会 (FLEI) XIX 是第 19 届印度尼西亚国际特许经营、 许可和商业机会展览暨会议,于 2022 年 11 月 18 日至 20 日在雅加达会议中心 (JCC) 举行。 FLEI XIX 展示了广泛的本地和国际特许经营、许可和 商业机会。有数家咨询服务提供商,以及配套服务也 参与展览。FELI与 RSEI 合并——RSEI是印度尼西亚 零售解决方案博览会。 RSEI 包含 4 个领域:零售技 术设备、零售商店家具、零售服务和互联网零售。该 展会由 Panorama 主办,并得到了 Kadin Indonesia 和 WALI(印度尼西亚特许经营与许可协会)的支持。 27

THAILAND – Legislative Updates 2022

Notification on the Guidelines for the Consideration of Unfair Trade Practices in Franchise Businesses: On July 13, 2021, the Trade Competition Commission of Thailand (the “TCC”) issued a notification on the Guidelines for the Consideration of Unfair Trade Practices in Franchise Businesses (No. 3) (the “Update”), which amended the initial Guidelines for the Consideration of Unfair Trade Practices in Franchise Businesses (the “Guidelines”) first issued in 2019. The Update was published in the Government Gazette on August 19, 2021 and entered into force on the following day.

The Guidelines and the Update were issued by the TCC pursuant to powers conferred upon it via Section 17(3) of the Trade Competition Act B.E. 2560 (2017) (the “TCA 2017”) and are aimed at preventing franchisors from adopting overly restrictive and unfair contractual conditions that may cause damage to franchisees.

Specifically, the Update replaced Clause 4 of the Guidelines, which regulates geographical restrictions typically imposed on franchising relationships. Notably, this Update marked the second amendment to Clause 4 of the Guidelines, which was first amended via the TCC’s Guidelines for the Consideration of Unfair Trade Practices in Franchise Businesses (No. 2) announced on August 11, 2020 and published in the Government Gazette on September 22, 2020. Pursuant to the Update, Clause 4 now adopts a less restrictive approach for franchisors, which is summarized as follows:

• Where a franchisor decides to open a new outlet, whether by itself or by another franchisee or person, the franchisor must notify the existing franchisee located in the closest proximity to the intended location and provide such existing franchisee with a right of first refusal for a period of 30 days.

• A franchisor is exempted from the obligation to provide such franchisee with a right of first refusal if the franchisee’s existing performance does not meet the franchisor’s criteria as specified and communicated to the franchisee in advance.

• In considering what constitutes “closest proximity”, consideration is given to the demand of the goods and services, the geographical area, and the condition of the market competition.

• Where a franchisor is not able to grant the rights to operate the new outlet to an existing franchisee due to existing area development rights or other contractual obligations, the franchisor shall consider granting the right to open such new outlet to other suitable franchisees based on reasonable commercial reasons.

Franchisors should also be reminded of the precontractual disclosure requirements introduced under the Guidelines, wherein the following information must be provided to prospective franchisees before entering into franchise agreements:

• Information on applicable payments and expenses relating to the franchise, such as franchise fees, royalties, marketing expenses, training costs, costs of mandatory equipment and materials, as well as their respective calculation methods, payment details, and conditions for reimbursement;

• Information on the franchise business model, including matters relating to assistance, training, and advisory services to be provided by the franchisor, as well as information regarding the existing and future branches

Jan-Mar 2023 28

and their respective locations operated by other franchisees in the vicinity, and information on sales and promotion;

• Information on intellectual property rights, such as trademarks, patents and copyright, including their respective terms of protection, and their licensing scope and restrictions; and

• Information on the renewal, amendment, cancellation, and termination of the franchise agreement.

Additionally, franchisors should also be aware that the Guidelines prohibits them from engaging in the following trade practices, which are deemed capable of causing damage to the franchisees under Section 57 of the TCA 2017:

• Setting restrictive conditions for the franchisees without justifiable reasons, such as requiring the franchisees to purchase products or services that are irrelevant to the operation of the franchise business, exclusively from the franchisors or from sources designated by the franchisors, or requiring the franchisees to purchase more products or raw materials than actually required and refusing to accept the return of excessive purchases;

• Setting additional conditions for the franchisees to comply with, after the franchise agreements have been executed, such as requiring the franchisees to perform actions not stated in the franchise agreements. Exceptions may apply if there is a justifiable reason, or if such conditions are necessary in order to maintain the reputation, quality, and standards of the franchise

business. In such cases, all additional conditions must be made in writing.

• Imposing product tying or purchasing restrictions on the franchisees without justifiable reasons, such as restricting the franchisees from purchasing products from other sources that offer products with comparable quality but at a lower price;

• Restricting the franchisees from offering discounts on perishable goods or products close to their expiration, without justifiable reasons;

• Stipulating discriminatory conditions among franchisees, without justifiable reasons; and

• Setting any inappropriate conditions for purposes other than to maintain the reputation, quality, and standards of the franchisors in accordance with the franchise agreement.

Although the Guidelines and the Update do not apply directly to foreign franchisors who do not have a physical presence in Thailand, local master franchisees in Thailand appointed by such foreign franchisors will need to comply with all such requirements prescribed under the TCA 2017 and the Guidelines. The noncompliance of the TCA 2017 and the Guidelines may subject a business operator to administrative penalties, such as a fine not exceeding 10% of the turnover in the year of the offence, capped at THB 1 million (approximately USD 30,010), if the violation was committed in the first year of such party’s business operations. Therefore, it is prudent for foreign franchisors to ensure that the franchise agreement templates and disclosure documents to be used by their local master franchisees when appointing sub-franchisees in Thailand are consistent with the requirements under the TCA 2017 and Guidelines.

Jan-Mar 2023 Jan-Mar 2023

Thailand’s Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562 (2019) (“PDPA”) entered into force in full on June 1, 2022, after a postponement due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The PDPA defines “personal data” as “any data pertaining to a person, which enables the identification of such person, whether directly or indirectly, but not including data of the deceased specifically.” Foreign franchisors should be aware of the extra-territorial application of the PDPA. Specifically, the PDPA applies to entities domiciled outside of Thailand that collect, use, or disclose personal data of data subjects in Thailand, under the following situations:

• Where the activities of collection, use, and disclosure are related to the offering of goods or services to the data subjects who are in Thailand, irrespective of whether the payment is made by the data subject; or

• Where the activities of collection, use, and disclosure are related to the monitoring of the data subject’s behavior in Thailand.

In certain franchising relationships, a foreign franchisor may receive personal data of end consumers, such as names, email addresses, phone numbers, payment information and other shopping preferences, either directly or from a local franchisee. In circumstances where a foreign franchisor has the power and duties to make decisions regarding the collection, use, or disclosure of such personal data, it will be deemed a data controller under the PDPA. As a data controller, such foreign franchisor must ensure that it obtains the informed consent of data subjects prior to or during the collection of personal data. Franchisors operating in the children’s franchise market, such as early childhood education and enrichment programs, should also note that consent related to collection of personal data of a minor must be obtained from the person exercising parent power over such minor.

The PDPA also requires data controllers outside of Thailand to appoint an authorized representative within the jurisdiction, to act on behalf of such data controllers in respect of the collection, use or disclosure of the personal data. When collecting personal data, data controllers must inform data subjects of the following matters:

• The purpose of the collection to use or disclose personal data, including the circumstances in which a data controller is granted to statutory powers under the PDPA to collect any personal data without the data subject’s consent;

Jan-Mar 2023 30

• Circumstances where data subject is required to provide personal data for compliance with the law or contractual obligations, and the implications of not providing such personal data;

• The type of personal data collection and period of retention;

• The types of persons or agencies to whom the collected personal data may be disclosed;

• Information of the data controller, contact address, and contact method, or such information of a personal data protect officer or agent, where applicable; and

• The data subject’s rights under the PDPA.

Additionally, a foreign franchisor who receives personal data of end consumers, whether directly or indirectly, should also take note of the restrictions on the transfer of personal data outside of Thailand imposed by the PDPA. When transferring personal data overseas, the PDPA requires the relevant destination country or organization that receives such personal data to have sufficient personal data protection standards, and for such transfer to be performed in accordance with any rules that may be prescribed by the Personal Data Protection Committee established under the law. Noncompliance with the PDPA will subject data controllers to administrative fines of up to THB 5 million (approximately USD 150,050), as well as criminal fines of up to THB 1 million (approximately USD 30,010). Further, Thai courts may also award punitive damages, as well as impose imprisonment for up to one year. Therefore, it is imperative

31 Jan-Mar 2023 31
2021年7月13日,泰国贸易竞争委员会(TCC)发布了 《特许经营企业不公平贸易行为考量指南》(第3号) (“更新”)的通知,修订了最初的2019年首次发布 《特许经营企业不公平贸易行为考虑指南》(“ 指南”)。更新版于2021年8月19日在政府公报上 发布,并于次日生效.TCC根据《贸易竞争法》第 17(3) 节授予的权力发布了指南和更新。2560(2017) (“TCA 2017”),旨在防止特许人采用可能对加盟 商造成损害的过度限制和不公平的合同条件. 泰国的个人数据保护法 B.E. 2562 (2019)(“PDPA” )在因 Covid-19 疫情大流行而推迟后于22022年6月1 日全面生效。泰国《个人数据保护法(2019年)PDPA》 :在某些特许经营关系中,外国特许人可能会直接或 从当地特许经营加盟商处收到最终消费者的个人数 据,例如姓名、电子邮件地址、电话号码、付款信息 和其他购物偏好。在外国特许人有权力和义务就此类 个人数据的收集、使用或披露做出决定的情况下,根 据PDPA,它将被视为数据控制者。作为数据控制者, 此类外国特许人必须确保在收集个人数据之前或期间 获得数据主体的知情同意。在儿童特许经营市场经营 的特许经营商,例如幼儿教育和丰富充实计划,还应 注意,与收集未成年人个人数据相关的同意必须征得 对该未成年人行使父母权力的人的同意。PDPA还要求 泰国境外的数据控制者在管辖范围内指定一名授权代 表,代表此类数据控制者处理个人数据的收集、使用 或披露。

Loyalty programs are levelling the playing field for smaller restaurants

If it seems like nearly every restaurant concept is adding a loyalty program these days, that’s because nearly every restaurant concept is adding a loyalty program these days. The past two years have been full of loyalty launches, or iterations, and now nearly 60% of all restaurants offer such programs.

Consumers who are used to more personalization from the likes of Amazon and Netflix are very much driving this trend and in fact, 86% of consumers say they are interested in joining a restaurant loyalty program. But there are other drivers at play here. Zach Goldstein, who founded Thanx in 2011, said restaurants are in an attention and convenience battle with third-party delivery that is creating more urgency. “If you’re not locking in repeat purchasing with your top customers, the thirdparty companies are. You’re going to be turning away revenue because it will be easier for customers to order from third parties,” he said. This has created what he calls an “unprecedented” adoption of loyalty programs. “I’ve never seen a period with more attention on customer loyalty. Restaurants of all sizes are jumping into this space at a remarkable clip,” he said.

Andrew Robbins, CEO of Paytronix, added that we’re nearing the end of the loyalty adoption stage that began in 2000 with spreadsheet databases. “When a late majority is in the adoption phase, the technology comes crashing in quickly. This is now a mandate of hospitality because programs are now able to know more about customers and what they want,” Robbins said. “As the world’s gotten more digital, that has changed the mandate.”

Indeed, the world has gotten more digital – a trend that accelerated significantly during the pandemic. This has increased the comfort level of consumers engaging

with brands digitally. It has also proven a solid return on investment for restaurant operators who have historically been conservative on tech adoption. Both Goldstein and Robbins note that the technology has quickly become more affordable and more efficient, which also bodes well for smaller operators. “Five years ago, operators had to string together five different vendors. Now, they can get all of their guest engagement through one provider. For independents, it’s much easier now to get started. That’s a big, big change,” Robbins said. “

As such, this digitally enabled, loyalty-heavy environment seems to be levelling the playing field between large chains and small concepts/independents in the fight over consumers’ increasingly fractured attention. Last year, for instance, McDonald’s introduced its MyMcDonald’s Rewards. Also last year, 30-unit Velvet Taco launched its first-ever loyalty program, The Velvet Room. While the two concepts serve wildly different occasions, having an incentive program in place could ultimately help consumers make a last-minute dining decision toward either. “McDonald’s plays a game of scale and smaller restaurants can’t compete with it when it comes to contracts, finding great locations, systems – all that stuff. But loyalty and digital guest engagement with loyalty as the centerpiece, you can compete with the big guys,” Robbins said. Cassie Cooper, director of marketing at the Velvet Taco, agrees. She said over 15% of all sales now come through members of The Velvet Room. “This means our loyalty program is increasingly top-of-mind for our customer base,” she said.

What enables that top-of-mind response is loyalty programs’ shift toward brand-centric experiences. “Jimmy John’s is all about ‘freaky fast’ and so their loyalty program is all about freaky fast. Dutch Brothers has a

Jan-Mar 2023 32

sticker program that ties into what the brand is already doing. It comes down to extending your brand to the digital world. People now want and expect brand engagement and hospitality beyond the four walls of a restaurant,” Robbins said. For Velvet Taco, that means offering exclusive rewards that other restaurants might not offer, like a paid trip to Dallas to attend a Weekly Taco Feature (WTF) taste testing. For Erik’s DeliCafe, based in California, that means directly communicating with consumers through the loyalty program. “Guest relations is how (we differentiate). If guests have questions, we get back to them in a timely manner. I see guest relations as a marketing package of our loyalty club. We could have the best loyalty club in the world, but if we don’t reply to them, the club loses its

become even more critical. “Instead of trying to get all of the customers and focusing on volume, loyalty programs are moving toward more personalization. Incentivizing customers who come in more and spend more rather than the ones who may come once and never return is much more aligned with the success of a restaurant,” Goldstein said. “Small restaurants have a new secret weapon of attracting the attention and lifetime value and of their most frequent guests and getting their revenues directly. The margin impact potential is massive. It’s a game changer.”

This article is reprinted with permission from Nation’s Restaurant News, and the author is Alicia Kelso Alicia. Kelso@informa.com

impact,” said Erik’s President and General Counsel, Brian Johnson. Johnson adds that his concept doesn’t have the resources to compete with huge brands, but loyalty is an area where it can. “I believe we punch above our weight when it comes to our loyalty and bigger brands,” he said. “I also believe it is important to have a loyalty club because of the brand awareness and loyalty it creates.”

Indeed, loyal customers are critical for the success of any restaurant. According to a study from BIA/Kelsey, a repeat customer spends nearly 70% more than a new customer, for instance. PYMTS.com data finds that 40% of diners would spend more if they were a loyalty member. Cooper said The Velvet Room members spend over 6% higher per check than other channels and visit more frequently.

As the industry continues to evolve well beyond a brickand-mortar presence, blurring lines and intensifying competition, a focus on top-spending, frequent customers

的消费者表示他们 有兴趣加入餐厅忠诚度计划。但这里还有其他驱动因素在 起作用。 2011 年创立 Thanx 的 Zach Goldstein 表示, 餐厅正与第三方送货进行一场关注度和便利性的较量,这 种情况更加紧迫。 “如果你没有锁定顶级客户的重复购 买,那么第三方公司就会这么做。你将失去收入,因为客 户更容易从第三方订购,”他说。这创造了他所谓的“前


Jan-Mar 2023 33
餐饮业忠诚度计划正在为小型餐厅提供公平的竞争 环境看起来几乎每个餐厅都在添加忠诚度计划。 过去两年整个市场充满了忠诚度的推出或迭代, 现在近 60% 的餐厅都提供此类计划。 习惯了
忠诚度的时期。各种规模的餐厅都以惊人的速度进入这个 领域”他说。 事实上,忠诚的顾客对于任何餐厅的成功都是至关重要 的。例如,根据 BIA/Kelsey 的一项研究,回头客的消 费比新客户高出近 70%。 PYMTS.com 数据发现,40% 的 食客如果是忠诚会员,会花费更多。 Cooper 表示,The Velvet Room 会员每张支票的支出比其他渠道高出 6% 以 上,而且访问频率更高。随着餐饮业的继续发展,远远超 出实体存在、界限模糊和竞争加剧,关注最高消费、常客 变得更加重要。“忠诚度计划不再试图吸引所有客户并专 注于数量,而是朝着更加个性化的方向发展。激励来得更 多、消费更多的顾客,而不是那些来过一次就再也不回来 的顾客,这更符合餐厅的成功,”Goldstein 说。 “小型 餐厅拥有一种新的秘密武器,可以吸引最常光顾的客人的 注意力和终身价值,并直接获得收入,利润率影响潜力巨 大。这将改变整个游戏规则。” 本文经美国国家餐厅新闻许可转载,作者艾丽西亚·凯尔 索
Amazon 和 Netflix 之类的更多个性化服务的消 费者正在推动这一趋势,事实上,86%
CAFE ASIA The 10 International Cafe & Bakery Equipment, Supplies & Technology Exhibition Sweets & Bakes Asia 2023 The 9TH International Sweets, Desserts & Bakery Exhibition

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Jan 12-14 3rd FRAX Tokyo 2023 Intl Franchise Business Platform@Tokyo Big Sight (Japan)

Feb 10-13 TICFE 2023 Taipei Intl Chain & Franchise Expo-Spring 2023 (Taiwan)

Feb 16 Workshop: Franchising in Japan (Trade Association Hub, 9 Jurong Town Hall Rd)

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May 4-7 Singapore & Asia Food Fair 2023 in Johannesburg, South Africa

May 5-7 FLEI 2023 at JCC, Indonesia

May 23–27 ThaiFex – Anuga Asia 2023 Show @ IMPACT, Bangkok

May 25- 27 Restaurant Asia 2023; ICY Asia 2023; Café 2023 @ Sands Expo & Convention Centre

May 26–28 CCFA China Franchise Show 2023 at China National Convention Centre (CNCC) , Beijing

Jun 9-12 TICFE 2023- Taipei Intl Chain & Franchise Expo - Summer 2023 (Taiwan)

2023 - 3RD QUARTER

Jul 6 - 8 Malaysia Int’l Retail & Franchise Show (MIRF 2023) at Hall 2 - 5 KLCC

Jul 12–14 Malaysia Int’l Food & Beverage (MIFB 2023) & MyFoodTech Trade Fair

Jul 13–16 19th Thailand Franchise & Business Opportunities (TFBO 2023) @ BITEC

Aug 4 - 6 CCFA China Franchise Show 2023 at CNEC, Pudong Shanghai

Aug 17-19 Franchising & Licensing Asia (FLAsia) 2023 at Marina Bay Sands

Sep 7 – 9 Franchise International Malaysia 2023 (FIM 2023) at KLCC

Sep 14–17 TICFE 2023 Taipei Int’l Chain & Franchise Expo – Autumn 2023 - Taiwan

Sep 19-22 Food and Hotel Malaysia at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre

Sep 26– 28

Specialty & Fine Food Asia 2023 (SFFA), Restaurant (Pub & Bar) Asia 2023, Specialty Coffee & Tea Asia 2023 (SCTA) at MBS, Singapore

2023 - 4TH QUARTER

Oct 5 – 7 International Franchise Show – Autumn 2023 Seoul, Korea

Oct 13-15 IFRA 2023 at JCC Jakarta, Indonesia

Oct 27 – 29 Franchise Asia Philippines (FAPHL 2023) @ SMX Convention Centre, Manila

Nov 2 – 4 Vietnam Int’l Retail & franchise (VIRF 2023) Show at SECC in HCMC

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