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Case Study CUTTING-EDGE RESEARCH AT RIKEN, JAPAN Background RIKEN’s mission is to conduct comprehensive research in science and technology and to publicly disseminate the results of its scientific research and technological developments. ResearchSEA works together with RIKEN to promote the research to the international media. Case study examples... Extending circadian clock RIKEN’s Center for Developmental Biology, in partnership with Northwestern University, has discovered a single enzyme which can be inhibited to extend the circadian (24-hour metabolic) clock to more than 48 hours. This will lead towards novel treatments of sleeping disorders and other debilitating clock-related conditions.

Brainwave-controlled wheelchair In RIKEN’s BSI-TOYOTA Collaboration Center, a new wheelchair has been developed which enables the user to control it using only brainwaves. A cap on the user’s head transmits the brainwaves and the reaction time to move the wheelchair takes just 125 milliseconds, with an accuracy rate of ninety-five per cent. Brain mapping RIKEN’s Brain Science Institute collaborated with the University of Oxford to map the functions of the prefrontal cortex area of the brain. The findings may prove useful in the treatment of diseases such as schizophrenia which are thought to arise from a disorder in the prefrontal cortex.

Controlling plant cell growth In RIKEN’s Plant Science Center, scientists have identified a gene which controls plant cell growth. Understanding how plant cells grow and develop is essential to achieving increases in the size and yield of crops. Robotic care bear RIKEN has developed a new robot named RIBA (Robot for Interactive Body Assistance) which is able to safely lift and move a human patient, weighing up to 61kg, between a bed and a wheelchair. This bearshaped robot is an important innovation in the strategy to use robotic technology in care-giving support to help tackle the issue of an ageing society. ...continued overleaf

Case Study

World's strongest radioactive isotope beam Researchers at RIKEN’s Nishina Center for Accelerator-Based Science have succeeded in creating the world’s strongest radioactive isotope beam. The new beam will enable scientists to explore a region of the nuclear chart where standard laws of nuclear physics break down and will help research into the underlying laws governing all matter in the universe.

Intestinal immunity A key mechanism involved in immune surveillance in the intestinal system was described by RIKEN and Yokohama City University researchers. Their research will provide new targets for oral vaccines and offers the hope of an easy-to-administer, cost-effective solution for infectious diseases and allergies.

Case Study CUTTING-EDGE RESEARCH AT RIKEN, JAPAN Successful promotion in almost 200 media outlets...

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Case Study

These cutting-edge stories attracted a large amount of interest and were featured in almost 200 media outlets internationally. Some examples of the coverage include:

Cutting-Edge Research at RIKEN, Japan  

ResearchSEA Case Study: RIKEN’s mission is to conduct comprehensive research in science and technology and to publicly disseminate the resul...

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