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A Journey Towards “The finest Hour”

Message from the Editor-in-chief SG Gerry C. Hung Welcome to the first Asian Pearl of 2021. First off, thank you for picking up a copy and supporting JCI Manila this year. We in the 2021 JCI Manila Board of Directors are very excited to show you what our plans are for the coming months. Sift through the pages of this souvenir magazine and read about the vision of our esteemed 2021 JCI Manila President Richard Tamayo. From his vision of LEAD AS ONE, comes the different plans and goals of the rest of the Board across all directorates. We hope that throughout these pages, you get a good idea on what to expect from your new Board of Directors. Sen. Reginald Yu also honors us with his time as he writes about the history of JCI Manila through the years. Long a staple of every induction issue, the article makes us look back and realize the heritage we’re living up to and the prestige we must carry as one of the best chapters of JCI in the world. This issue would not be in your hands without the support of the souvenir program team and our hardworking secretariat. Thank you to them, and thank you also to you, reader, to all JCI Manila members, senators, associates, sister chapters and strategic partners for believing in our group and being part of our story this 2021 as we continue to LEAD AS ONE.


My warmest greetings to the Junior Chamber International ( JCI) Manila as it holds its 73rd Turnover and Induction Ceremonies.

For decades, JCI has brought together young entrepreneurs and professionals towards a common goal of assisting our communities through development programs that promote greater resilience and productivity. Your efforts in helping our fellow Filipinos who faced calamities in this past year are truly noteworthy. As you welcome your organization’s new leadership, I trust that you will remain steadfast in pursuing activities that redound to the welfare of our people. Now, more than ever, we need the active participation of all our citizens in nationbuilding, especially as we recover from the adverse effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Together, let us work with renewed vigor to achieve a better and brighter future for all. I wish you success in all your endeavors.

Rodrigo Roa Duterte

President of the Philippines MANILA 23 January 2021



Greetings JCI Manila brothers! I hope you are all staying at the pink of health! The past year was challenging but that did not stop JCI Manila from “Being Better” and from serving humanity. We were able to support our respective communities through quality programs and projects that benefited our real-life heroes, the frontliners, who risked their lives to help and uplift our fellow Filipinos amidst this tremendous humanitarian crisis. Hence, a well-deserved congratulations to 2020 JCI Manila President John I. Bautista Jr. and the 2020 JCI Board of Directors! Despite the pandemic, they have successfully achieved the goal of “Rise Together.” As the battle of 2020 is over and the battle of 2021 is about to begin, let me paraphrase and adapt the words of Winston Churchill to us, ‘“Let us, therefore, brace ourselves to our duty, and so bear ourselves that if JCI Manila last for a thousand years, men will still say, “This was their finest hour.”’ 2021 is a significant year for all of us. Not only is it because we are nearing our penultimate Diamond Jubilee as the First in Asia, but also because, our relevance to the times could not be more at stake. The battle against COVID-19, which has been dubbed as the greatest humanitarian crisis since World War II, is at its peak and the tide may just about to be turned. Yet we are at the moment, where we must continue to hold the line and do our very best to gain victory. Thus, our strategy to victory is to resiliently and agilely Lead as One through our objectives of recovery, service, and collaboration. I am confident, notwithstanding our VUCA world, that we shall have a purposeful and fulfilling year. Let us continue to bring our brotherhood to greater heights and create positive change. Together, let us be on our finest hour. Together, let us Lead as One!

Yours in JCI,

Richard Antonio M. Tamayo 2021 President JCI Manila



Greetings to the Junior Chamber International Manila Chapter (JCI Manila) as you gather for your 73rd Turnover Induction Ceremonies! We, at the Office of the Vice President, have personally witnessed the passion and rigor of your youth today, and strength of your determination to make a difference especially in these extraordinary times. In the past year, young people have been volunteering their time to join us in our COVID-19 response efforts, and we saw firsthand their innovative leadership and generosity of spirit. It is truly inspiring to watch, how they devote themselves to their work, bringing light and positive change in these times of darkness. As you gather today to welcome your new leaders, I hope that you continue to deepen your instinct for service. Broaden your horizons and widen your circles of solidarity and empathy. Continue to reach out to the last, the least, and the lost of our kababayans. Together, I know we can reimagine the future and reach our dream of a better normal--a world that is kinder and fairer; that is more just and compassionate; that recognizes the worth of dignity of all. Congratulations to the new leaders of JCI Manila! Mabuhay po kayong lahat.

Leni Robredo Vice President of the Philippines



I would like to extend my warmest commendation to the incoming leaders of the Junior Chamber International - Manila Chapter in their 73rd Turnover and Induction Ceremonies. As Asia’s first and premier leadership development organization, I applaud your initiative in launching different developmental programs that empower and provide lasting impact in our community. Your efforts in organizing numerous relief operations to help victims of calamities as well as your organization’s projects that provide resources for our front liners during this pandemic are truly laudable. May you continue to influence and inspire several generations of young men to maintain their eagerness and dedication towards making positive and remarkable changes in our community. Congratulations to all of you for being our country’s young trailblazers in the field of leadership and community development. Maraming Salamat Sa Inyong Lahat at Mabuhay ang Sambayanang Pilipino!

Vicente C. Sotto III Senate President



Warm greetings to the Junior Chamber International – Manila chapter (JCI Manila), as you celebrate your 73rd Turnover and Induction Ceremonies with the theme “Lead as One”. It is truly a testament to the enduring values and commitment to serve of JCI Manila when you promptly heeded the call of the times and responded to the needs of your fellow Filipinos during this global pandemic. JCI Manila implemented, among others: “Oplan Damayan: COVID-19 Frontliner” to address the immediate needs of medical frontliners and hospitals, as well as “Oplan: Damayan: Community” to address the needs of low-income communities. JCI Manila likewise took the lead to help in calamity relief operations in the wake of Typhoon Ulysses. Leadership is put to the test during times of crisis. As JCI Manila helps mold young servant-leaders, I am thankful to learn that your same organization, faithful to its core values and principles, truly exemplifies what it takes to be a leader during these challenging times, as highlighted in your theme, “Lead as One”. To lead as one, we have to move as one. I commend JCI Manila for your continued service to our country. May you have a meaningful and significant celebration.

Lord Allan Jay Q. Velasco House Speaker



I extend my warmest congratulations to the Junior Chamber International-Manila (JCI Manila) Chapter on the occasion of your 73rd Turnover and Induction Ceremonies. For over seven decades, JCI Manila, being Asia’s first premier leadership development organization, has led the path for younger generations of Filipinos to be of service to others. With “service” as your driving force, you continue to work with your international and local affiliated chapters to create innovative, sustainable, and high-impact programs for our community. I applaud your efforts and dedication in ensuring the continuity of your service to your members despite the pandemic. JCI Manila’s efforts during this global health crisis have not gone unnoticed. As we usher in a new year, your organization continues to be relentless in its pursuit of promoting positive changes within our society. It is for this reason that I see all JCI Manila a promising future for our nation’s next generation of leaders. May you continue to congregate and forge significant relationships for the advancement of the community. And in doing so, may you be guided by your theme “Lead as One” as you continue to push boundaries and transcend borders for the betterment of our nation.

Diosdado M. Peralta Chief Justice



I offer my warmest congratulations to the Junior Chamber International – Manila Chapter as you conduct your 73rd Turnover and Induction Ceremonies. 2020 is the year where we saw how our private and public sectors can work hand in hand in solving social issues. We were able to significantly help our kababayans affected by the pandemic. As with all challenges, we must all learn from this pandemic. We, as individuals, government officials and workers should do our part by providing better immediate response, allocating enough budget for health, and listening to our constituents, among others. Again, I greet everyone at JCI Manila Chapter for this one-of-a-kind virtual activity. You are always welcome in the City of Manila. Manila, God First!

Hon. Francisco “Isko Moreno” Domagoso Manila City Mayor



My warmest greetings and congratulations to the Junior Chamber International (JCI) - Manila Chapter, upon the occassion of your 73rd Turnover and Induction Ceremonies. I have always believed in the power of “malasakit” and “bayanihan,” two traits that define the Filipino ability in bringing positive change to communities and uplifting lives. True to your theme “Lead As One,” compassion and unity are evident in the programs you have launched during the Coronavirus Disease 2019 pandemic as well as in relief operations for the victims of natural disasters that devastated parts of the country the previous year. On behalf of the men and women of the Philippine Army, I sincerely commend you for your continuous efforts to promote community development, empowerment and advocacies through implementing programs to the poor and marginalized communities. May the new set of officers continue to cultivate the JCI brand of servant leadership. As the Army’s well-meaning partner stakeholder, please take pride in knowing that your programs have been contributory in our joint promotion of growth and sustainable development of the affected communities. I wish JCI-Manila Chapter more successful milestones in the service to humanity. Together, let us continue to bring the spirit of malasakit and bayanihan to empowerment. More power and Godspeed!




My warmest greetings and felicitations to the new officers and Board of Directors of the Junior Chamber International - Manila Chapter. For more than seven decades, the JCI Manila has been, and continues to be, an exemplary leadership development organization that molds young men to be great leaders who create positive and lasting changes in the community and in the world. It has created capable leaders who are committed to take an active role in the community development, business and government, and in addressing other issues and critical challenges like this COVID-19 pandemic. Dealing with uncertainty amid this pandemic, I urge the newly elected officers to live out the Jaycees’ slogan, Be Better. Be better in leading the premiere organization and in serving communities, espaecially the marginalized and vulnerable. May you continue to be a “University of Leaders”, committed in creating positive change in the lives of many! I send my best wishes to each and every one of you. Keep up the good work!


2021 JCI WORLD PRESIDENT Dear National President Richard Antonio Tamayo, the Board of Directors and the members of JCI Manila,

Congratulations for successfully hosting the Induction and Turnover Ceremonies! 2020 was a pivotal moment for JCI and 2021 will be equally important. We must continue to take definitive steps to transform and stay relevant in a changing world, and I am certain JCI Manila will continue to nurture young and talented global leaders to create positive change. We are still in the midst of a global pandemic, and there is still work to be done by JCI members to turn challenges into opportunities. A hundred thousand small actions can provide many positive improvements to economies, people, businesses and societies at large. The slogan of next year is ONE FUTURE. This comprises of two very important, and truly powerful principles, both of which taken from the Japanese language. It is when these two principles are valued truly from the heart and acted upon which brings them to life. The first principle is OKAGESAMA and it is a word used in Japanese to express humility and gratitude towards the people or things we depend upon or receive help from. The second principle is OYAKUME and it refers to our role in society whether it be as a father, a mother, a friend, a boss or simply as an inhabitant on the earth that we call home. The principles of OKAGESAMA and OYAKUME are interdependent, and equally essential if we are to make real progress towards building ONE FUTURE. 2021 will be as challenging as the year that preceded it and it will be up to us to turn that challenge into an opportunity. As the JCI President, I would like to build a closer relationship with JCI Manila to work hand in hand to LEAD as ONE towards ONE FUTURE. Once again, congratulations and I look forward to an amazing year.

Ryubun Kojima

2021 JCI World President



JCI Manila’s slogan is Lead as ONE. When we join forces with like-minded people, respecting each other and working together towards the same objective, we can harmoniously create ONE FUTURE. JCI Manila is an outstanding Local Organization, with outstanding projects, passionate members, efficient management, and young leaders who embrace a global perspective; there is no doubt that JCI Manila has the capacity to make the impossible possible, over and over again, even in the midst of the challenges posed by COVID-19. I am certain JCI Manila will continue to nurture young and talented global leaders and create positive change. JCI has launched a new initiative to sustain and rebuild economies, and strengthen workforce morale, as we face the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic together. This initiative is called JCI RISE and RISE stands for Rebuild, Invest, Sustain, Evolve. As JCI Vice President assigned to JCI Philippines, I look forward to establishing even closer ties with JCI Manila and JCI Philippines, so that we can work hand in hand with one another, towards a better world. Let me take this opportunity, in closing, to wish all of the Board Members of JCI Manila prosperity and every success throughout your terms of office and here’s hoping that all of you enjoy a memorable and prosperous 2021!

Takihiro Sasaki

2021 JCI World Vice President



For seventy-three years, JCI Philippines has built a proud tradition of leadership, service and innovation. It was the pioneering spirit and determined resolve of the first members of the first JCI chapter in Asia, JCI Manila, that made their vision a reality for our times. The entire JCI Philippines is an heir to that proud legacy, and as we face this seemingly daunting coronavirus crisis, our firm adherence to the JCI values is not dampened but rather is even fortified in face of this continuing adversity. The true test of leadership is not to be found in times of comfort and convenience, but at a time of conviction and clarity about our shared purpose. This is why this year, our call is for JCI Philippines is to be more for others – to improve ourselves and be more so that we can do and accomplish more for our communities. In a time when restrictions and precautions are in place, we are not restrained from willingly accepting the challenge towards growth – in deepening our leadership experience, in implementing more meaningful and relevant programs and projects, and in furthering our mission to create positive change and bring together all sectors of society for real impact. On behalf of the national leadership of JCI Philippines, we are deeply thankful for those who willingly and selflessly embraced the challenge of leadership in their local organizations. With his clarion call for JCI Manila to “Lead as One”, we are very confident that President Richard Tamayo and his leadership team will deliver a very successful term, truly reflective of the great work that the Junior Chamber International represents. Our congratulations also to those who served on the leadership of JCI Manila, our 2020 President John Bautista and his Board of Directors for their generous service and outstanding accomplishments. Once again, it is our hope that by becoming more for others, JCI Philippines will continue to form young leaders that will build their passion into action, transform their communities for the better and together, create an impact that will bring sustainable change. Mabuhay ang JCI Manila! Mabuhay ang JCI Philippines!

Jude Avorque Acidre

2021 JCI National President



Sa Pangasiwaang 2021 ng JCI Manila, Congratulations and Happy New Year! Mabuhay ang Ika-73 Pangasiwaan at mga maginoong kasapi ng Junior Chamber International Manila sa pamumuno ni G. Richard Tamayo! Ang buong pamilya ng JCI sa Kalakhang Maynila, at mga Lalawigan ng Rizal at Bulacan, ay malugod na bumabati sa mga bagong talagang tagapangasiwa ng JCI Manila. Sa nakalipas na higit pitumpung taon, saksi ang buong JCI Philippines sa inyong naging ambag sa ating mahabang kasaysayan ng paglinang sa ating mga kasapi at sa ating pamayanan. Sa gitna ng pandemya ng COVID-19, hangad namin ang higit pang tibay ng inyong kalusugan, talas ng isip, at busilak na kalooban, upang patuloy niyong mapaglingkuran ang ating organisasyon at ang mga kapatid nating nangangailangan, hindi lamang sa Pilipinas, kundi sa buong daigdig. Lagi naming kayong magiging inspirasyon sa ating mga adhikain at gawain sa loob at labas man ng JCI. Mga kapatid natin sa JCI Manila, tulad ng sinasambit ng Awit ng Maynila, patuloy niyong dalhin ang bandila, at itanghal ang JCI Philippines at ang ating bansa, ang Republika ng Pilipinas. Maraming Salamat!

Joseph Ginno T. Jaralve

2021 Pangalawang Pangulong Pampook JCI Philippines Area II



“RISE TOGETHER” was the theme of JCI Manila for the year 2020. 2020 was the year we adapted, pivoted, and survived. Despite the pandemic which tested faith, bonds and unity, it was a very fruitful year for the chapter as it had delivered 200 projects that benefited over 5 Million people. Truly, under President John Bautista’s sheer direction and leadership, JCI Manila experienced a very successful and remarkable year, one that, though riddled with adversities and uncertainties, enabled its officers and members to persevere, thrive, and innovate not because of, but in spite of, the challenging season that they had undergone. “Lead as ONE” is the theme of JCI Manila for 2021 and I am looking forward to what the organization will achieve this year under the stewardship of President Richard Tamayo.

And as one thing has led to another, allow me to be the first to say congratulations. Congratulations, and thank you for the service and efforts that you have rendered for the sake of the organization. The world is changing, and so must we to adapt and become better versions of ourselves. And on that note, the torch has been passed. Cheers to the past, and to our future, a bright one which we will all hopefully share together. Mabuhay!!

Karen May Romarate

2021 JCI Regional Vice President Metro South



“Earth’s great treasure lies in human personality.” – from the JCI Creed In the occasion of your 73rd Induction Ceremony, it is my pride and honor to greet all the members of JCI Manila, the 2021 Board of Directors, and to welcome the new set of officers headed by 2021 JCI Manila President Richard Antonio M. Tamayo to our national organization. Your chapter’s theme “LEAD as ONE” is in line with our THRUST this year, The Great LEAP. We shall LEAD our members from this new normal to greater heights. ENGAGE them to more worthwhile projects and activities. We must ACT with courage and humility and PERFORM to the best of our abilities and capacities with the JCI Creed as our guiding principle. This term is going to be a very exciting and challenging Jaycees year for your chapter and our national organization. I know that with our joined efforts, we will be able to achieve our goals and make this year the most innovative and memorable one. On behalf of the 2021 JCI Senate Philippines National Board and Members, Congratulations JCI Manila on your 73rd Induction and Turnover Ceremonies!

JCI Sen. Greg A. Lipa

2021 National President JCI Senate Philippines



Congratulations to the 2021 JCI Manila Board of Directors headed by President Richard Tamayo on your induction and turnover ceremonies! Thank you for taking on the challenge of bringing our chapter to new heights! This is especially so as we embark on a year of much uncertainty and new challenges. Having said this, it becomes more imperative that we as a chapter make our mark with the communities that we serve and the membership that counts on our leadership and guidance. Having seen your plan for action for 2021 we are very excited for you and wish you all the best towards what you have set to accomplish. Do make us proud! We, the 2021 board of the JCI Senate Manila, do look forward to working with you as you “Lead As One” to bring forth the strengths of each of our members as they strive to become better leaders in our community. You can definitely count on us, as your “elder brothers” in this chapter, for our support and continued guidance to bring out the true ESSENCE of Jayceeism as you work towards the goals that you have put forth for yourselves. MABUHAY ang JCI SENATE MANILA! MABUHAY ang JCI MANILA! Sincerely Yours,

JCI Sen. Winston Laurence C. Wu 2021 Senate President


On behalf of JCI Hong Kong Jayceettes, I would like to congratulate President Richard Antonio M. Tamayo and his Board of Directors on a successful induction! 2021 is a special year as it marks 50 years of friendship between JCI Hong Kong Jayceettes and JCI Manila. Throughout the years, JCI Manila has been a cherished partner of us as we collaborated closely on a widerange of projects to develop leaders and serve the community. Our visits to JCI Manila have always been one of our most anticipated events each year, so it is a huge pity that we are unable to witness your induction in person this year due to restrictions brought on by COVID-19. Nevertheless, the times spent with our JCI Manila brothers form some of our most treasured memories, and we look forward to reuniting with you all once the pandemic is over.

JCI Hong Kong Jayceettes’ theme for this year is “Be Bold. Be Empowered. Be You”. We hope to inspire young people to adopt a bold and daring attitude even in the face of headwinds, and to empower each other to realize their full potential as leaders and unique individuals. In the year 2021, we hope the friendship between our two chapters will be stronger than ever, and that we will join hands and “Lead As One” to create impactful change across the globe. Last but not least, I wish everyone a prosperous, healthy, and fruitful 2021!

Vincy Wong

JCI Hong Kong Jayceettes 2021 President

Kumusta! Greetings Orchid Jayceettes of Singapore!


On behalf of our chapter, I would like to send my heartiest congratulations to JCI Manila President Richard and his board of directors. We thank you for the continuous support and steadfast relationship even in the midst of pandemic. Even though we were not able to travel but we were still able to connect through virtual meetings. 2020 had been a challenging year as we adjust to the new norm. However in 2021, with the availability of vaccines, we have entered into an era of hope, let’s pray for a speedy recovery of the people’s livelihood and country economy.

May JCI Manila grow and shine in 2021 bringing impactful projects and hope to the community. We look forward to when our international borders open and we can meet again. Huwag kalimutan na palaging mag-ingat. May the Lord bless you and keep you in the new journey. Mabuhay! Best Regards,

Esther Tan

JCI Singapore Orchid Jayceettes 2021 President


交接賀詞 高雄國際青年商會 2021 年會長 張修銘 欣逢馬尼拉國際青年商會舉辦 2020、2021 年度 會長交接 理監事宣 誓就職典禮,修銘謹代表高雄國際青年商會獻上 最誠摯的祝福,祝 賀今日典禮圓滿成功。 2020 年是個特別的一年,在疫情嚴峻的考驗下, Richard Tamayo 會 長不辭辛勞,克服許多困難,帶領馬尼拉國際青年 商會完成各種挑 戰,不僅展現出青商人不畏艱難險阻,勇往直前的 精神。也體現了 國際青年商會「訓練自己、服務人群」的最高宗 旨。在此,修銘向 Richard Tamayo 會長與今年的會務團隊,致上最崇 高的敬意。謝謝各 位今年的付出與奉獻,成就了今日燦爛輝煌的馬 尼拉青商。 交接典禮它不僅僅是一個儀式,更是責任的延續 與歷史的傳承。隨 著幕,接著幕落,年復一年,循環不息。今天之後是 新挑戰的開 始。將由 Richard Tamayo 會長挑起重擔,帶領著 馬尼拉國際青年商 會,迎接新的挑戰。修銘相信 Richard Tamayo 會 長與明年會務團隊 的同心協力。馬尼拉國際青年商會必定百尺竿 頭,更進一步。 最後,修銘祝賀馬尼拉國際青年商會,典禮圓滿順 利,會務昌隆。 也祝福所有與會貴賓,身體健康、平安喜樂。

Greetings chamber Helsinki!




This year is soon about to end and we wish you all a happy and rewarding new year despite the global pandemic! We also want to congratulate the new President Richard Tamayo and the entire board for becoming the shining stars of this organization next year. Let’s hope that the coming year will be better and safer for all of us! This year has not been an easy one for our chamber here in Helsinki. This hoppy is all about both organizing events and trainings, doing projects and networking and meeting one another on regular basis. In my opinion, the sense of community has been to some extent lost. Of course we have organized some online events and trainings, but those do not have the same positive effect in our community as physical events and actually meeting people face-to-face have. Having said that, I am however very proud of our active members and project teams who have worked hard behind the scenes to keep this chamber alive and functioning. The board has had regular monthly team meetings (online), mentoring project was arranged also this year, Police of the Year 2020 project was a success, and seminar project is still coming


I am glad that the Manila International Youth Chamber of Commerce holds the 2020 and 2021 annual chairman handover and board supervisor swearing-in ceremonies. On behalf of the JCI Kaohsiung , I would like to offer my sincerest blessings and wish today’s ceremony a complete success. 2020 is a special year. Under the severe test of the epidemic, President Richard Tamayo worked tirelessly to overcome many difficulties and led the JCI Manila to complete various challenges. This not only demonstrated the spirit of young businessmen to go forward without fear of difficulties and obstacles. It also reflects the supreme purpose of JCI to “train yourself and serve the crowd”. Here, Xiu Ming pays the highest respect to President Richard Tamayo and this year’s conference team. The handover ceremony is not only a ceremony, but also the continuation of responsibility and the inheritance of history. As the curtain opens and then the curtain falls, the cycle continues year after year. After today is the beginning of a new challenge. President Richard Tamayo will take up the burden and lead the JCI Manila to meet new challenges. Xiu Ming believes in the concerted efforts of President Richard Tamayo and his team next year. JCI Manila is bound to make progress and go further. Finally, Xiu Ming congratulated the JCI Manila, wish the ceremony success. I also wish everyone, good health, peace and joy.

Xiu Ming Zhang JCI Kaohsiung 2021 President

as it was postponed to the next spring due to COVID-19 restrictions. In addition, we had a lovely summer party and we also organized a new event called Senator START in the end of August together with Central Park and Havis Amanda chambers. Our aim was to activate senators and spend a nice evening together in a cosy venue in Helsinki. The event was sponsored by the JCI Senate in Finland. All in all, this year could have been better, but given the circumstances, we performed rather well. I really hope that all this COVID-19 mess will soon turn into fun and educating JCI events. I am sure that (after this) being able to meet people will be appreciated more than ever before. We wish you all a great and safer new year 2021! Let’s keep in touch and possibly also arrange an online event together next year! I am sure that our INT for 2021 Veera would be excited to organize something together with you. Take care and stay safe! Best wishes, Elina Happonen JCI Helsinki 2020 President

Dear JCI MANILA, Let me express the greetings of the season. We would like to send our best wishes to all members of JCI MANILA. 2020 has been hard for all of us with the global spread of COVID-19. However, we must not stop. As we face the global challenge of this pandemic, we shall deepen our friendship and act beyond national borders. We look forward to working with you in 2021 and wish you a very prosperous year filled with great accomplishments. Sincerely,

Masahiro Toguchi JCI Tokyo 2021 President

On the Occasion of the 2021 JCI Manila New Year’s Ceremony

responsibilities will continue to grow and become even more important.

To our brothers the JCI Manila,

In 2021, I hope JCI Manila and JCI Nagoya will deepen their friendship with one another even more than ever. Let’s work together as partners, and take a new step toward the achievement of peace and prosperity in Asia and the Pacific.

Allow me to congratulate you on holding the 2021 JCI Manila New Year’s Ceremony. I would like to thank you very much for your close friendship and strong support. I look forward to seeing JCI Manila achieving great impact this year under the outstanding leadership of President Richard Antonio Tamayo. I also hope JCI Manila, whose members are deeply committed to carrying out their duties and who share a clear vision for the future, advances more than ever this year. The Asia Pacific Area is beginning to become the main driving force of the global economy, and our roles and

In closing, allow me to offer my very best wishes for the growth and development of the members of JCI Manila, led by President Richard Antonio Tamayo, and I hope that you all enjoy boundless success and prosperity. Congratulations!

Takuya Terada 2021 JCI Nagoya President


Hello everyone! My name is Jiman Noh, the president at JCI Seoul.

develop the community for the country and the people, as always.

First of all, on behalf of JCI Seoul, I would like to express my deep respect and gratitude to JCI Manila, which has a long 73-year history for the first time in Asia.

Once again, congratulations on 73rd anniversary of JCI Manila, to Mr. Richard Antonio Tamayo, the president of the JCI Manila 2021, and all the members of JCI Manila.

JCI Manila and JCI Seoul made an alliance in November 7, 1995 and have kept a strong relationship for 26 years. It is a great blessing for JCI Seoul and we will try to build greater friendship with JCI Manila in the future.

Thank you.

Ji-man Noh

JCI Seoul 2021 President

Though the world is having a tough time through pandemic, I believe JCI Manila will overcome an ordeal wisely with members of JCI Manila. Also, I truly hope that JCI Manila continues to

Beloved JCI Manila Members, Greetings! My name is Park Jun Bum, the President of 2021 JCI Daegu-Daedeok. First and foremost, I would like to congratulate the 2021 JCI Manila President Richard Antonio Tamayo and the BOD, along with a formal greeting to all the members. Although we weren’t able to attend the induction ceremony for JCI Manila, all the members at JCI Daegu-Daedeok are always sincerely rooting for the best in all of your activities. Ever since 1993, JCI Manila and JCI DaeguDaedeok have maintained and continued a great relationship. Even though we are currently going through some difficult times, I look to strengthening our relationship even more this year than any other years before us. The slogan for our 2021 JCI Daegu-Daedeok is “Back to the Basic.” That same feeling of the first sisterhood relationship with JCI Manila; going back to the basics in order to put into practice of what JCI’s true meaning was, and to be able to share those activities with the brothers over at JCI Manila is something that I earnestly look forward to. This upcoming year, yet again, seems as if it’s going to be difficult due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. However, I truly believe that we will be able to get through this situation together. I truly and sincerely hope that the day when we can get together to share our affection as we done before will come soon. Dear all the members of JCI Manila, in anticipation of the day when we meet again; I wish for long health and happiness to you and your family. Once again, I would like to send a sincere message of congratulations to the 2021 JCI Manila Induction Ceremony!


Tagay !!

친애하는 JCI 마닐라 회원 여러분, 반갑습니다 2021 JCI 대구대덕 회장 박준범입니다 . 먼저 2021 JCI 마닐라 리차드 안토니오 타마요 회장 및 회장단 그리고 , 모든 회원들게 축하의 인사를 전합니다 비록 JCI 마닐라 인덕션 행사에 참석하지 못해서 너무 아쉽지만 , 우리 JCI 대두대덕 회원들은 항상 여러분들의 활동을 진심으로 응원하고 있습니다 1993년 이래로 함께 하고 있는 JCI 마닐라와 JCI 대구대덕은 , 지금까지 좋은 관계를 이어나가고 있습니다 대외적으로 어려움이 있겠지만, 올해는 다은 어떤 해 보다도 우리의 관계가 더욱더 돈독해질수 있기를 기대합니다 2021년 JCI 대구대덕의 슬로건은 ‘BACK TO THE BASIC’입니다 처음 JCI 마닐라와 자매결연을 맺었던 그 마음처럼, 기본으로 돌아가서 JCI 본연의 의미를 실천 할수 있는 활동들을 마닐라 형제들과 함께 할수 있기를 간절히 바래봅니다 올해도 COVID-19 펜데믹으로 쉽지 않은 한 해가 될 것같습니다 하지만 우리는 이 힘든 상황을 함께 잘 이겨낼거라 생각합니다 예전처럼 함께 모여서 우리의 정을 나눌 수 있는 날이 빨리 올수 있기를 간절히 바래봅니다 JCI 마닐라 회원 여러분, 다시 만날 날을 기약하며 그 때까지 항상 건강하고 여러분들의 가정에 행복이 가득하길 기원합니다 다시한번 2021년 JCI 마닐라 인덕션 행사를 진심으로 축하합니다

Tagay~!! Park Jun Bum

JCI Daegu-Daedeok 2021 President

We would like to send our warmest greeting to JCI Manila. JCI Manila and JCI Kuala Lumpur have established an invaluable relationship as sister chapters since 1971 and this longlasting friendship is solely based on commitment and hard work by all the past members. Last five years, we been hand with hand together to achieve a long term community project, name as Lifebrary of Love. This year, we are looking forward to strengthen JCI Kuala Lumpur and JCI Manila sisterhood as we continue to further enhance our service and create positive impact to our communities. We, JCI Kuala Lumpur sincerely wish you all the best for your continued success. Congratulations JCI Manila.

Hewson Tan

JCI Kuala Lumpur 2021 President

Greetings from Land Below the Wind! Heartiest congratulations to President Richard Tamayo on the success of your induction.

Congratulations once again from JCI Kota Kinabalu, across the borders to JCI Manila.

Regrettably, traveling has been near impossible with the international borders being closed and the danger of COVID-19 in each corner. And so, me and my team are unable to witness your solemn ceremony in person.

God bless and stay safe. Kayang kaya!

Nevertheless, our relationship can remain strong through connection via the virtual world, we can plan for innovative collaborations and I can not wait to have our first discussion and look forward to working and learning with you in this year 2021.

May our sisterhood continue to flourish.

Thank you.

Chian Mei Hsing JCI Kota Kinabalu 2021 President


Break Page

Pres Rich, being you as my batchmate proves that you’re worthy of being at the top of the chapter, the head of everyone, the front of the line, and otherwise the best of the best. Congratulations to you and your 2021 JCI Manila Board of Directors. Let’s continue to lead as one.

Chesca Carrere

JCI Makati Princess Urduja 2021 President

To the Board of Directors of JCI Manila, Congratulations to each of you for being chosen to serve as the 2021 Executive Committee of JCI Manila. Your kind of service is a living example of our mission. May you continue to be an inspiration, a big brother to embody JCI Values, and an epitome of innovative civil service. It is wonderful to see your chapter cross another milestone. It is our great pleasure to continue working with you and we wish for your continued success in the days to come. Sincerely,

Karen Pebbles Barroa JCI Perlas Pasay 2021 President


On behalf of JCI Manileña, it is my pleasure to congratulate the JCI Manila 2021 Board of Directors on their 73rd Induction and Turnover Ceremonies. JCI Manila carries out valuable work in their local organization and enables young people to become involved in meaningful activities. It is with great pleasure that I offer my deepest and most sincere congratulations to all of you. Best wishes as you celebrate this historic occasion, the 73rd Induction and Turnover Ceremony. Yours in Jayceeism,

Donna Liza De La Cruz JCI Manileña 2021 President

It is with great honor that I congratulate JCI Manila’s 73rd Induction and Turnover Ceremonies. “Service to humanity is the best work of life” as we emphasize in our creed, sums up my reason why I joined and learned to love this organization. As we embark our one year to lead, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the collaborations and the help that you made to our chapter over the years. Truly, JCI Marikina Marikit and JCI Manila has proven a strong bond of sisterhood and even more so a family. To the Outgoing President John Bautista Jr. and the 2020 Board of Directors, congratulations for a fruitful year and success despite this pandemic. To the Incoming President Richard Tamayo my batch mate, and 2021 Board of Directors, thank you for taking the initiative in leading your chapter through your significant efforts


of creating positive change and impactful projects to your respective communities. JCI Marikina Marikit is grateful to our alliance and we are looking forward for more. Again, we wish you a successful Induction and Turnover Ceremonies! We are all looking forward to an exciting and hopeful year. More power JCI Manila!

Mona Ignacio-Cuello JCI Marikina Marikit 2021 President

To: Pres. Richard and 2021 Board of Directors, The pandemic didn’t become a major reason to fail and thus turned out to be a no show-stopping event for JCI Manila in 2020. This has set the bar higher for every other LO. While the coronavirus pandemic reached its riskiest level so did every JCI Manila Brother in intensifying efforts to be able to perform and deliver under the New Normal. All these while making sure the inclusion of every Sister Chapter in the efforts to serve the Nation. As we start 2021, both our LOs have renewed the commitment to continue serving our communities with JCI Manila’s Lead As One, and JCI Legazpi Dawani’s Lead The Change, as our battlecry. Incidentally, as we celebrate six (6) years of sisterhood in November

Our heartfelt greetings to all our JCI Manila brothers! 2021 ushers in the start of our one year to lead and serve JCI at a time when there is much that has changed. The call to serve humanity and help provide opportunities for development is resonated as we deal with the effects of the global pandemic. We are challenged to reimagine the way we conduct our projects in a bid to create sustainable positive change.

under the current board, and with the pandemic to beat, we remain confident that the Dawani Sisterhood with JCI Manila will not succumb to the builtin challenges that would be surefire in breaking the camel’s back - instead we will persevere. On behalf of JCI Legazpi Dawani, I wish you another year of unparalleled success under the able leadership of Pres. Richard, with his BOD at the helm. I look forward to see you continue every effort and support to inspire our members, the community and the organization. Congratulations on this special day, Pres Richard and 2021 BOD. Good Luck! May this journey to victory continue in the coming years.

Leah Jaucian Buenaventura JCI Legazpi Dawani 2021 President

To Pres. Rich Tamayo and the 2021 Board of Directors of JCI Manila, we extend our sincere congratulations on your induction and best wishes for a successful and productive year!


JCI Iloilo Ilang Ilang 2021 President

I am confident that JCI Manila will continue its tradition of excellence in providing greater opportunities for development and empowering others to be better. Your JCI Iloilo Ilang Ilang sisters are always grateful for the opportunity to work with you in making an impact towards addressing the needs of those we are called upon to serve. It is an inspiration to collaborate with you as we reach beyond borders and empower lives.


My heartfelt congratulations to President John Bautista and to the 2020 Board of Directors of JCI Manila for a very dedicated and purposeful year! Although the circumstances were not ideal and came as a surprise to all, as responsible citizens, and active Jaycees, we were still able to Rise Together and continue to empower young people in different communities. As we welcome the start of the year, I would like to extend my warmest congratulations to my Dasig batchmate President Richard Tamayo and to the 2021 Board of Directors. I am thankful and excited to have you brothers by our side as we guide our chapters to greater heights and continue to create positive and long-lasting change.

each one of our members. Together, We Grow to be the best version of ourselves to fulfill that service to humanity is the best work of life. JCI Manila brothers, continue to blaze a trail! Congratulations again to President Richard and to the 2021 Board of Directors and may the Lord guide us in all our undertakings. Sincerely, Aleena Camille Suarez

JCI Zugbuana 2021 President

Your Zugs sisters are here for you as you Lead your chapter As One this year. Together, We Grow to inspire

Warmest congratulations from your JCI Davaoeña Daba-Daba sisters! To the 2020 JCI Manila outgoing President John Bautista Jr. and his Board of Directors, Cheers to a successful year amidst the challenges. We were able to Rise together with our successful collaboration projects. Thank You for love and support. As we welcome a new phase together with new set of exceptional leaders for the year 2021 led by my batch mate, President Richard Tamayo and his board of directors, I am excited to partake on our common goals to serve, inspire and bring impact for the betterment of our community as one. Let us continue to uphold our JCI tenets as our guide and build a deeper relationship of brotherhood, with Faith in God always in our hearts. Congratulations and let us make it a one meaningful year of leading. Sincerely yours, Angeli Therese E. Angliongto JCI Davaoeña Daba-Daba 2021 President


Dear Pres Richard and the 2021 BOD of JCI Manila, 2020 was not an easy year for any of us. We have faced challenges on a scale that many of us could never have even begun to imagine. Our country was blighted by the Taal eruption, besieged by the COVID-19 virus, and further devastated by Typhoons Rolly and Ulysses. In other parts of the world, there were earthquakes, wars, and other man-made disasters. Nobody would blame us if we chose to keep a low profile and preserve what little we have left in terms of resources, energy, and time. Self-care and mental health have become the new buzzwords along with the words, “Oppa” and “Sushi bake”. And yet, here we are. We all said “YES” to our one year to lead. We said yes to a year that is full of uncertainty, a year when our best-laid plans are sure to change at the drop of a hat. Anong tawag sa atin? Eh di, DASIG. Dasig is a Cebuano word that means “lively”, “animated”, and “ALIVE”. We are alive. We are grateful, and we are here to give back. We are the leaders who have been selected by our members to guide and support them during a time when things are at their bleakest. We are here because we need and want to honor the lives that have been sacrificed and lost while striving towards a better future, a better YOU, and a #BetterME. JCI prides itself on developing leaders who are able and willing to answer the call of the times. There is no one path for us to follow. We each must eke out our own throughout the next few months. There is a sense of loneliness there, but it is one that we share with you. Your JCI Macajalar sisters are here to support you and cheer for you, virtually and in person (someday). In a time when DASal and kapit-biSIG are most needed, we will do our utmost to be your partners in mission and service. We are proud of all of you, and we believe wholeheartedly in your abilities to lead and hearts for service. We can do this!

Maria Angelica Mikaela G. Mora LO President JCI Macajalar 24K, Inc.



2021 B O A R D Inside Cover

Richard Antonio M. Tamayo John Ross T. Francisco Gerry C. Hung Christian Barry G.Ang Brainard Adrian W. Hao Richard B. Lim Jr. Erwin N. Po

President Executive Vice President Secretary General Executive Treasurer Vice-President - Internal Affairs Vice-President - External Affairs Vice-President - Community Affairs

OF DIRECTORS Barong by Renee Salud

Victor C. Queyquep Roel A. Gallardo Jason S. Oliva Carl Lester S. Ang Dinno B. Go Cedenio Carlos Miguel E. Ochoa Jan Adrian D. Padiernos Joseph M. Gonzalez

Director - Membership Development Director - International Relations Director - Community Development Director - Local Organizational Management Director - National Relations Director - Special Projects Director - Training & Leadership Director - Business & Development


● 2019 JCI Manila Secretary General ● 2017 Director for Special Projects and Partnerships ● 2016 Commissioner : I Support the AFP (ISAFP) ● 2015 Chairman: Laang-Kawal Ako (LKA) ● 2015 Golden Heart Committee Member ● 2013 Beyond Prison Walls Committee Member ● 2011 Sea of Life (Palawan) Committee Member ● 2004 BABY JAYCEE PROJECT: “Happy Jesus Day” Committee Member

Pres Richard Profile


● President DALTA Group of Companies (DGC) Group II Perpetual Help Medical Center (PHMC) Las Piñas Healthcare and Development of the Philippines Inc. ALTALand Developers, Inc. Southbound Ventures Inc., Daimar International, and Antonio’s 9 Inc. DALTA-JONELTA Foundation Inc. ARTravel and Tours Inc. LionFox Development Corporation Artemis Defense Solutions ● Corporate Secretary University of Perpetual Help System-DALTA T.J. Enterprises Sol Y Viento (SYV) Resorts ● Licensed Real Estate Broker


● To lead the way for a resilient JCI Manila in the new normal with 15 years of JCI experience, with extensive professional training, background and network, and with time and crisis-tested leadership and management skills.

BIRTHDAY December 9, 1981


● Armed Forces of the Philippines Education Training and Doctrine Command, Command and General Staff College ● Harvard Business School Alumnus ● Ateneo Graduate School of Business Master in Business Administration-Health ● UP School of Economics Bachelor of Science in Business Economics

JCI CAREER ● 2017 MEMDEV Director ● ● ● ●

EVP Page

2016 Ryder Cup Co-chair 2014 LOM Committee Member 2011 Regular Member 2011 Baby Jaycee

BIRTHDAY April 13, 1982

EDUCATION ● Ateneo Graduate School of Business Masters in Entrepreneurship ● De La Salle University Major: Bachelor of Science in EconomicsMarketing


● President Aurora Subic Leisure Inc. Aurora Premier Hotels & Resorts Corporation One Tagaytay Place Vacation Club Inc. JPNFRAN Corporation JRL Phil Retail Group Inc. ● Director ASPHERA Land Corporation Atlantica Realty Development Corporation

PLANS ● To ensure that the vision and the plans of the President shall be executed with concrete measures of: Targets, Quality, Impact, Timeliness, Sustainability ● To ensure that the programs and projects of the different directorates will be executed as planned through supervision of the VP’s and the projects themselves, and give the necessary assistance when needed. ● Maintain a healthy relationship within the BOD, amongst the JCI Manila Members, and other JCI Chapters ● To provide other services as needed in order for the chapter to be the best as it should be.

EVP Page


SG Page

● 2018 Director of Government & Special Projects ● 2017 Commissioner of Special Projects ● 2016 Chairman of Voters’ Education ● 2016 Chairman of Disaster Responders’ Challenge ● 2016 Commissioner of Field of Dreams ● 2015 Commissioner of COMDEV ● 2014 Commissioner of COMDEV ● 2013 Chairman of Care to Share Pharmacy Program ● 2012 Chairman of Care to Share Project

BIRTHDAY November 8, 1985


● De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde BS-BA Information Services Management


● President Hute Construction and Supplies Inc. ● Partner Huntt Factoree Enterprise Inc.


● Creation of Interest Groups/Business Groups/Professional Groups ● Better membership engagement between old and new members ● Profiling of each member’s interest and business, so that we can help promote and support each other’s businesses ● An easy channel for members to call or text if they have questions, concerns or recommendations ● General welfare of the membership and partners

SG Page

JCI CAREER ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

2020 Basketball Team Owner “EATREL” 2019 Basketball Team Owner “HAMZA” 2018 Director for International Relations 2017 Basketball Team Owner “FR x Harrix” 2017 Commissioner LOM 2017 Commissioner Business Relations 2016 Chairman, Limitless Asia Pacific Training Program ● 2015 Commissioner MEMDEV ● 2014 Chairman, New Members Orientation Program


● De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde BSBA - Export Management

WORK ● Assistant Vice President Sales & Marketing | AC Harris Cable Corporation

PLANS ● Streamline sponsorship packages

● Create a major fundraising program ● Initiate and mandate all major projects to follow a strict accounting system that adheres to the BIR Regulation that would place JCI Manila at par with other International NGOs.

ET Page

JCI CAREER ● 2017 Director LOM

● 2016 Chairman, NATCON Manila Night ● 2016 Co-Chairman, Ryder Cup ● 2016 Chairman, Nomos Weltzeit Manila ● 2014 Chairman, NMO

BIRTHDAY August 19, 1989

VP Internal Page

EDUCATION ● Ateneo de Manila University

BA - Management Economics


● Operating Manager Medical Executive Check-Up Center Inc. Tentex Enterprises Corp.


● Innovation of the recruitment and GMM practice amidst the current COVID situation ● Create a JCI Manila Economy ● Sports programs amidst the current COVID situation ● Plan out projects in case a vaccine comes along mid 2021 so to be ready to execute and pivot immediately

VP Internal Page

Memdev Page JCI CAREER

● 2020 Chairman, INTREL (Seoul) ● 2020 Memben Fellowship Committee ● 2019 Chairman, SMBP ● 2018 Chairman, Poker Series (Fundraising)

BIRTHDAY January 18, 1984

EDUCATION ● University of Santo Tomas - Manila BS Electronics and Communications Engineering

WORK ● Entrepreneur Local Folks Inc. Forerunner Transport Inc. ● Real Estate Broker


● Strengthen recruitment by indoctrinating our history and traditions to new members ● Guide and provide new members a clear pathway to their JCI career ● Reinvent our sports and outdoor programs amidst the current pandemic situation

Memdev Page


● 2020 Chairman Got Heart: Give Me 5 NATREL ● 2018 Co-Chair Grand GMM LOM ● 2016 Commissioner ComDev ● 2015 Commissioner ComDev

LOM Page


● De La Salle University BSBA Major in Marketing Management

WORK ● Executive Vice President Multi Rich Home Decors Inc. ● Director Woldbex Services International ● Owner Allied Interiors Trading

PLANS ● Engagement of members with the speakers/ topics ● Encourage member interaction with each other ● International speakers where members can relate to ● Experiential meetings

LOM Page


Biz Page

● 2020 Commissioner, Special Projects ● 2020 Overall Chairman, IP Livelihood Project Ani (IP Business University and IP Trading Centers) ● 2020 Project Chairman, Sanitation for the Nation Lipa ● 2020 Project Chairman, Project Protect (20,000 face shields) ● 2019 Overall Chairman, St. Teresa of Calcutta Awards ● 2019 Chairman, PGH Cancer Benefit Project ● 2019 Project Chairman, Raise Your Glass Fund Raising ● 2019 Project Chairman, Dinner in the Dark Fund Raising ● 2019 Co-Chairman, Subic Beach Cleanup ● 2019 Chairman, Miss Earth 2019 Partnership

BIRTHDAY November 19, 1988


● Domus Academy Master of Arts in Business Design ● University of Wales Master of Arts in Business ● De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde BS Industrial Design


● President Rastrullo Design Management JMGR Spaces ● Partner Fausto Wired Bar and Kitchen ● Consultant De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde


● JCI Manila Businesses Online Directory and Trading Platform ● Metro Manila Street Vendor Trading Platform ● Project Ani Expansion (IP Trading Center, IP Business University, IP Library) ● Ramon V. Del Rosario Awards 2021 Entrep Summit 2021 ● JCI Manila Business of the Week ● JCI Manila Masterclass ● JCI Manila Startup Olympics

Biz Page


● 2019 Director International Relations ● 2014 Chairman RVR Awards ● 2013 Chairman BJC Project: MEN Who Care

VP External Page BIRTHDAY June 1, 1986


● Ateneo de Manila University

WORK ● President Artemis Salt Corp Eskaya Beach Resort and Spa Top Armada Cement Trading Richli Corp.


● Build stronger relations with sister

chapters primarily through innovative digital connectivity solutions, relevant collaborative projects, training workshops and business related activities. ● Provide opportunities to members who want to attend International and National Conventions, Conferences and Ontos while properly implementing safety protocols and procedures in the New Normal. ● Continue projects both Internationally and Nationally that have a high impact value to the community. ● Activate more members through innovative platforms and programs that help them engage in the different directorates of the chapter. ● Recruit more Certified JCI Trainers through engaging programs and better branding.

VP External Page


Intrel Page

● ● ● ● ● ●

2020 INTREL Commissioner for Projects 2019 Overall Chairman for GO-OFW 2019 Chairman for Project LEAP 2019 Chairman BOAT 4 2019 Chairman JCI week Day 2 2019 Country Co-Chairman for Daegu Daedeok, Hong Kong, Nagoya ● 2019 Chairman for Perlas Pasay ● 2019 Co Chairman GO-OFW Project Ops ● 2019 Chairman GO-OFW FLOW Taipei Leg ● 2019 ASPAC Co Chairman ● 2018 STCA Bloodletting Chairman for Perpetual Calamba campus

BIRTHDAY April 9, 1986

EDUCATION ● University of Phoenix BS Management


● Entrepreneur Watch Trading and Watch Customization (Micro-financing) Finding Time Co. Three Dogs One Cat Fat Ninja


● Maintain and develop relations between

sister chapters ● Strengthen and continue the Growth

Opportunities for Overseas Foreign Workers (GO-OFW) program. ● Maintain and widen the partnership with the Blas Ople Policy Center and Training Institute.

Intrel Page


Natrel Page

● 2019 Overall Commissioner (NATREL) ● 2019 Limitless Chairman for Sister Chapters ● 2019 NatCon Commissioner ● 2019 JCI Shootfest Project Chairman ● 2019 LOM Directorate Chairman ● 2018 Commissioner (INTREL) ● 2018 Chairman (NATREL) ● 2018 Co-Chairman of JCI National Convention ● 2018 Co-Chairman of Field of Dreams Marawi ● 2018 JCI Shootfest Project Chairman ● 2017 Chairman (NATREL) ● 2017 Chairman (INTREL) ● 2017 JCI Shootfest Project Chairman ● 2017 National Convention Committee ● 2016 JCI Shootfest Project Chairman ● 2015 Chairman Baby JCI project – Empower: Call Center Training for PWD

BIRTHDAY November 30, 1987


● Ateneo Graduate School of Business Master in Business Administration ● De La Salle University - Manila BS Computer Engineering

WORK ● Manager of Office Operations Stronghand Inc. ● Assistant Manager, Project Manager for APAC Projects Citibank N.A. ROHQ ● Technology Consultant I/Release to Production Manager iZoom Service Management Hewlett Packard Asia Pacific HK Ltd.

PLANS ● Maintain good relationships with sister chapters throughout the year by having activities among the members of JCI Manila & JCI sister chapters.

Natrel Page


● 2019 Chairman for Ang Huling El Bimbo Fundraiser ● 2018 Skills Development Committee Member, Asia and the Pacific ● 2018 Internal Relations Commissioner ● 2017 Chairman for General Membership Meeting ● 2016 Chairman - BJC Project : Speakeasy Ipad Communication Aid App Donation to Special Education School

BIRTHDAY October 9, 1987

EDUCATION ● Ateneo De Manila University Graduate School for Business ● University of California, Los Angeles, USA Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry ● Moorpark College, Los Angeles, USA A.A. In Health Sciences ● Moorpark College, Los Angeles, USA A.A. In Health Sciences


● Chief Operating Officer Pacific Union Insurance Company


● Complement JCI Official Courses with

training relevant to our members, both on a personal and professional level. ● Encourage members who are leaders in their respective companies to share their passion, experience and knowledge with other members through training. ● Collaborate with MemBen in providing a clear path for new/prospective members’ involvement in the chapter.

Dir Training & Leadership Page


● 2019 Overall Commissioner for Community Development ● 2018 Chairman for Blockchain Innovation Summit ● 2018 Chairman for Recruitment ● 2018 Chairman for International Relations - Daegu ● 2018 Chairman for Limitless - Internal Training ● 2018 Chairman for Limitless - Metro Area Training ● 2018 ENTREP Summit Committee Member ● 2018 Project Kindness: Ephpeta Christmas Party Committee Member ● 2017 BJC Chairman 2Big Impact Luzon

VP Comdev SP Page

BIRTHDAY June 1, 1982

EDUCATION ● De La Salle-College of St. Benilde BS-BA Computer Applications


● President Veepo Global Resources Recon-X Energy ● Farmer

PLANS ● To implement long-lasting projects that require little to no repeat intervention by maximizing our partnerships with other CSOs and the government.

VP Comdev SP Page


Comdev Page

● 2020 Commissioner COMDEV/LOM ● 2019 Commissioner LOM ● 2019 Co-Chairman, Nagoya 3G INTREL ● 2018 Chairman, Gabi ng Parangal LOM and Christmas Party for the Blind COMDEV ● 2017 Chairman, SMBP ONTO Japan INTREL/COMDEV and Committee Lounge MEMBEN ● 2016 Commissioner NATREL ● 2016-2020 Basketball Team Manager ● 2015 Chairman, Oplan Damayan Nueva Ecija (Special Projects) ● 2014 Committee Member (MEMDEV)

BIRTHDAY August 25, 1988

EDUCATION ● San Beda University BS Entrep Management


● Employee Alveo Land Mt. Carmel Printhouse Real Estate Leasing


Adapting to the needs of the community in this pandemic and focusing more on building facilities with the different sectors: ● Field of Dreams - Building and rehabilitating Sports Facilities (Football, baseball, basketball and track and field) ● Golden Heart - Project that will cater to the PWDs (down syndrome, visually impaired) etc. ● WASH- Water and sanitation to the community and health sector ● Livelihood - Project that will jumpstart entrepreneurship to our chosen beneficiaries especially those greatly affected by the pandemic (food franchise, basic culinary, baking, basic PPE making. etc) Point to Point connecting skills development to different businesses (hotel, restaurant etc.) ● Educate Dedicate Motivate - Pandemic proof programs (E-learning community hub, basic accountancy ● Generations - Bridging the Elderly and Youth program

Comdev Page


● 2020 Chairman for National Relations: JCI Manileña ● 2020 Chairman for COVID19 Response: Medical Supplies ● 2020 Commissioner for Special Projects ● 2019 Baby Jaycee ● 2019 Chairman for Oplan Damayan 3rd and 4th Quarter ● 2019 Chairman for National Relations: JCI Manileña ● 2019 Chairman for JCI Manila Christmas Golf Tournament ● 2019 Committee for NATCON: Manila Night ● 2019 Committee for the 1st E-Sports: Mobile Legends Tournament ● 2019 Commissioner for Special Projects

SP Page

BIRTHDAY January 5, 1990

EDUCATION ● University of Santo Tomas BS Sports Science


● Co-owner Virtuocity Fitness, Inc. (CFMNL Quezon Ave. / LOKAL Active) ● General Manager VAVEL Foods, Inc. (Pretzelmaker Philippines) & Mariporuga Inc. ● Touring Professional Golfer Philippine Golf Tour Asian Development Tour ● Sponsored Athlete Meera Enterprises, Inc. (Oakley Philippines) Dynamic Sports, Inc. (Titleist) ● North Team Player Ryder Cup (The Duel) ● Strength and Conditioning Coach University of Santo Tomas Tiger Cubs ● Wellness Coach Philippine Heart Center Rehabilitation Division


● Partner with relevant government

agencies and private organizations per advocacy. ● Involvement in jive projects with other directorates. ● Disaster Resiliency Program ● Indigenous Community Affairs Program ● Bayanihan Program ● S.E.A.L of Life Program ● Saint Teresa of Calcutta Award ● Gimenez Awards

SP Page

JUNIOR CHAMBER INTERNATIONAL MANILA Seventy-three Glorious Years of Developing Young Active Citizens in Asia By JCI Senator Reginald T. Yu 2011-2012 President, JCI Senate MANILA

Institutions, as the embodiment of values in the culture, are the lifeblood of any society. Their essence is durability. As participants in history, individuals and groups, leaders and followers, come and go – but institutions live on. They provide a framework for social relations and find ways to carry out broadly agreed upon conceptions of human order and the common good. In the main, institutions exist to preserve overall harmony in society by providing a direction for human activity and mechanisms to regulate conflict and competing interests. It is difficult to imagine any society or community without a set of institutions to organize and manage itself to achieve collective goals. One landmark institution that has endured in our collective subconscious for more than seven decades now is JCI MANILA. For seventy-three years, it has fulfilled a critical need by serving as the premier organization in providing development opportunities

for young active citizens in this part of the world. JCI MANILA started because of a crying need of the postwar years – the need for an opportunity by which the young men could find their niche in society and serve the community, the need for an effective medium by which they could show their elders what they can accomplish by themselves and, in the process, gain valuable training and experience for their future role in our nation. Thus, a chamber of young men, run by young men, and for training young men, was established.

“Service to Humanity.” The JCI Creed, that fountainhead of the JCI movement, fitted in perfectly as the guiding principle of the Junior Chamber. Couched in the

1940s 74

broadest terms, the Creed showed the way for the unlimited opportunities with which the young men can pursue the goals of the JCI movement. And, as in any organization, its raison d’être, in as far as the individual members are concerned, was the fulfillment and to the members of the JCI movement, it meant a sense of their training in leadership through “service to humanity.” On December 20, 1947, when a small group of young men convened by Artemio L. Vergel de Dios banded together and organized what was then called the Manila Junior Chamber of Commerce, there were some initial qualms about the success of the JCI movement, because of the existence of other civic clubs that catered to

1950s the more senior members. But their mission then was clear, idealistic, and awesome. The members of the JCI movement would be a vehicle for the fiercely motivated youth to help in rebuilding the war-ravaged city. JCI MANILA was formally established on January 18, 1948, with the induction of its officers, led by charter president Ramon V. del Rosario, by then-Secretary of Commerce Placido L. Mapa, with Mayor Manuel C. dela Fuente as guest-of-honor. The erstwhile Mayor challenged the members of the newlyformed organization to help clean the City of Manila’s huge debris left after the Second World War. Not long after their induction, on March 10, 1948, two intrepid JCI MANILA members were sent as delegates to the 3rd JCI World Congress in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where they received their Certificate of Affiliation as a member of Junior Chamber International. On that Congress, Gregorio M. Feliciano was elected as the first-ever JCI VicePresident for Asia.The fire of JCI Spirit was impressively stoked by the pioneers throughout the islands that, by the end of 1948, ten other JCI local organizations sprouted around the country. This paved the way for the founding of the Junior Chamber International PHILIPPINES ( JCIP), which held its first National Convention from February 11 to 13, 1949 in Manila, where its constitution and by-laws were approved. Ramon V. del Rosario was elected as JCIP’s first National President.The remarkable leadership and community initiative best exemplified by JCI MANILA was recognized even beyond Philippine shores. Thus, it was on March 1, 1950, using much creativity and imagination, the chapter had the distinction of hosting the 5th JCI World Congress on Asian soil where Ramon V. del Rosario again made history by being the first Asian to assume the role of JCI World President, a position of

great prestige. The Congress marked the esteem with which JCI regarded JCI MANILA and the caliber of its members. The fifties were a time of innocence and innovation. Many of the traditional projects of the chapter were instituted during this period. The “Voice of Democracy,” which was later instituted by the chapter in 1951, aimed to encourage the Filipino youth to evaluate the present form of political rule in the country. The launching of the “Get-Out-the-Vote” campaign helped the citizenry to see the significance of their right to vote. “The Outstanding Young Men” Awards, first conceived on April 15, 1959, was organized to recognize and award young citizens who have directly contributed to the progress of the Filipino nation; the project proved so successful that it was institutionalized by JCI PHILIPPINES in 1960, which later evolved into the country’s most prestigious award search for young Filipino achievers.

Sports competitions, such as the “Diamond Gloves for Boys” national boxing competition in 1955, and the “Walkathon” endurance contest, first launched in 1958, aimed to promote a community of healthy citizens. But perhaps the most acclaimed public service deed was shown when medical teams were sent to Vietnam in 1954 on a project named “Operation Brotherhood,” the primary purpose of which was to give medical assistance to war-stricken victims. The brainchild of JCI MANILA stalwarts, the project ran for three years and reached global proportions, as it was later adopted by Junior Chamber International. Indeed, the fifties have successfully set a great example for the next generations to follow. As the fiscal year of JCI was made to coincide with the calendar year in 1960, the members of JCI MANILA joined in the commitment and furthered the goal of “service to

One of the most memorable projects initiated by JCI Manila was “Operation Brotherhood,” an international project that involved more than 20-member countries of JCI that sent aid to IndoChinese refugees fleeing North Vietnam from 1954 to 1956.



humanity.” The sixties opened with the chapter hosting the 10th JCI MultiNation Conference (forerunner of the JCI Asia-Pacific Conference) from April 26 to 30, 1960, where more than a thousand JCI delegates from all over the Asia-Pacific region attended. This was followed by a second hosting 18th JCI Multi-Nation Conference held on April 30 to May 4, 1968, attended by over 1,200 delegates from 18 countries, within the same decade. The projects in vogue then were “Operation Saklolo” in 1960, which aimed to provide relief operations to typhoon and flood-stricken victims nationwide; “Operation Godparents,” which paid monthly visits to various orphanages in Manila, “Travel Philippines,” a tourism campaign of JCI MANILA in 1961 that sought to encourage more foreign visitors to visit the Philippines; and the launching of the Blood Bank Building in Leveriza, Manila in 1967, among countless other projects. Sensing the need to reach out to other chapters who look up to them for guidance, JCI MANILA conducted an ambitious provincial visitation program in 1963; and later, to key cities around the world, under its “Operation Friendship” program. Through their indefatigable efforts, the chapter was awarded its first Minneapolis Trophy for

the “Most Outstanding Chapter of the World” during the 17th JCI World Congress in Tel Aviv, Israel in 1963. This same feat was followed in 1966 and 1967, an unprecedented accomplishment, indeed, for any single JCI local organization in existence at that time. JCI MANILA refused to remain unattached to the activism of the seventies. Where teach-ins and university-wide protest rallies have become a global phenomenon, the local organization showed its relevance by putting out position papers on the Price Control Bill, the Export Incentive Bill, and other important economic issues. Some of these projects even led to a call for sobriety, following the violent student demonstrations in 1970, with the distribution of several thousand posters, urging the public to “win changes without losing lives.” The declaration of Martial Law in 1972 led to abnormal times for JCI MANILA. Due to the banning of many organizations, coupled with the unstable political climate brought about by a dictatorial decree, the chapter concentrated on the “reawakening” of

“Win changes without losing lives.”

the JCI spirit among its members, along with the community image-building objectives, which were thought to be made compatible with the changing times.During this period, the chapter initiated meaningful community and youth-oriented projects, particularly with direct social impact. They worked for greater involvement in public affairs, and the promotion of a

vigorous Chamber image as a group concerned with the socio-economic and political problems besetting the nation and committed to doing its share in their amelioration. With the sterling goal of surpassing the feats of their predecessors, a multitude of projects was undertaken, some of which were the “Operation Bagong Pag-Asa,” a medical program aimed



(Left) The “Mother Teresa of Calcutta Humanitarian Award” became one of the most endearing and lasting legacies of President Ramon Bagatsing Jr’s term. Here, Mother Teresa personally met with Fr. Anthony L. Hoffeste, O.P., the Direstor of the Tala Leprosarium - its very first awardee in 1983. (Below) One of the decade’s flagship projects was “Camp Pag-ibig,” a day camp for physically-challenged children, which the chapter adopted as an annual project in1982, together with the Division of City Schools of Manila.

to provide family health education, family planning, medical check-up, medical consultation, and treatment to 2,500 of the most impoverished families in Tondo in 1970; the “Mushroom Spawn” Project, a homebased mushroom-culture livelihood training program for the “out-schoolyouth” with the long-range objective of boosting the export industry to bring in much-needed dollars; and the holding of the “First Manila Grand Prix,” the first international competition of this nature, directed towards boosting tourism in the country. Through the help of generous sponsors and donors, the decadeslong dream of having its very own headquarters was made into fruition

with the “bahay na t i z a - s t y l e ” JCI MANILA C l u b h o u s e which was finally completed on November 19, 1977. The following year, it hosted the 33rd JCI World Congress to a global delegation of five thousand at the newly-constructed P h i l i p p i n e International Convention Center. In the eighties, with the world paying witness to rapidly shifting political and social structures, the fall of dictatorial governments, and the rise of people-empowered democracies, JCI MANILA continued to lead in addressing the changing needs of a community in search of political direction. Two of the most acclaimed projects stood out as becoming lasting institutions: the Camp “PAGIBIG” program for physically-challenged

children in 1982 and the Mother Teresa Humanitarian Awards Search in 1983. The Mother Teresa Awards was launched to honor men and women who have devoted their entire lives to the service of the “poorest of the poor.”

The nineties started auspiciously as the chapter administration, fresh from a divisive election fight, undertook programs focused on building better ties with the community through several innovative development projects. Activities, such as the S.A.N.G.G.O.L. (“Save And Nurture God’s Gift of Life”) project, which was aimed to provide support to indigent pregnant women; and, the C.A.S.H. (“Create A Sports Hero”) program, where JCI Members were tapped to adopt promising athletes in their quest for the gold medal at international sports meets, were all successfully done. Other worthy pursuits included the revival of some traditional

1990s 77

projects, that included, “Pamasko Sa Caritas,” and the “Manila S.E.L.E.C.T.” A major undertaking was the “Animal Exchange Project” in 1993 that saw the exchange of local species of animals between the Philippines and Korea. In 1994, the Chamber swept all major awards in the Metro Area, National, and International Congresses, as it received its seventh “Most Outstanding Chapter of the World” Award and its fourth “Most Outstanding Chapter President of the World” Award at the 50th JCI World Congress in Kobe, Japan. Under a string of able and inspiring

decline. It was an auspicious start for the chapter in Y2K: it marked a series of innovative achievements in the area of internationalism. The Year 2000 also marked a milestone in Seoul-TaeguManila relations with the establishment of the first-ever International Business Forum, a two-day investment mission. In 2001, a strong, year-round sports development program, consisting of volleyball, bowling, billiards, golf, and basketball tournaments, was undertaken. In 2004, JCI MANILA topped the nationwide JCI Philippines Efficiency Ranking ( JCIPEA) for the first time and garnered its fifth “Most

2000s leaders, the organization went on to conduct exceptional community projects, renewed ties with at least seven international JCI sister chapters, and hosted the 53rd JCI World Congress in 1998, still dubbed by many delegates worldwide as “the BEST Congress ever!” For a new generation of leaders, JCI MANILA stepped up to meet the critical challenges that faced the movement, which was then facing a general, global

Outstanding Chapter President of the World” award at the 60th JCI World Congress in Fukuoka, Japan. This was followed by six-peat recognition for its local president in 2008 at the 64th JCI World Congress in New Delhi, India.The second decade of the new millennium saw a slew of innovative projects that repositioned JCI MANLA as a premier non-governmental organization composed of extraordinarily dynamic individuals enthused with a spirit of

purpose and renewed vigor. Since 2010, the JCI MANILA leadership blazed on with such innovative projects as “Rock-and-Run,” “Dare to C.A.R.E.,” the first “Ramon V. del Rosario Award for Nation-Building,” and the “Smokey Mountain Field of Dreams,” while audaciously hosted the 61st JCI Asia-Pacific Conference at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City from May 26 to 29, 2011. Moreover, it showcased their community development programs such as “2Big Impact,” which brought potable water to a community of over 2,300 residents in Nueva Ecija and Health Festival in Smokey Mountain. They also had livelihood p r o g r a m s such as “Urban F a r m i n g ,” which developed a sustainable farming solution in Smokey Mountain, and “Dream to Weave” where they taught housewives of Smokey Mountain to weave indigenous banig (handwoven mats) made from eco-friendly water lilies. JCI MANILA is also highly involved in education programs including an international immersion program with Duke University to provide primary education to the outof-school youth of Smokey Mountain. Another is the “Paradise Heights Music Academy” and “Likha ng Kapayapaan: Music Peace Camp,” which shared the gift of music to the children of Smokey Mountain in an effort to promote peace. With such an unparalleled array of ground-breaking programs, it was no surprise that JCI MANILA won its eighth “Most Outstanding Local Organization of the World” award at the 71st JCI World Congress in Kanazawa, Japan in 2015.


2010s So much have been written about how a small band of young men organized the first JCI local organization in the Philippines and spread the movement throughout the country and the rest of Asia… yet, very little has been written about how this group accomplished their chosen task in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.

#BrotherhoodBeyondBorders For as long as this lode of the JCI ideal is observed and perpetuated, for as long as there are young people who are eager and willing to learn while serving the community, then for as long will the JCI movement

continue to march forward and meet new challenges – long after the last founding members of this historic movement would have departed.

2016 Temiong Awards

The late Artemio L. Vergel de Dios, the founder of the JCI movement in Asia, perhaps encapsulated it best when he said, “With a proud

record of accomplishments behind us, let us not rest on our laurels. For an organization to remain in active leadership there must be a conscious and determined bid to improve not only the quantity but also the quality of its membership… my belief and faith in JCI, however, has remained unwavering and unshaken, all these years... and I have high hopes that with all its strength and weaknesses, it will continue to forge ahead, imbued with the same ardor and spirit of the founding members.”

(Bottom) 2017 IP Games


EDM aims to assist and motivate children towards better education. This includes providing training, as well as creating innovative solutions such as mobile libraries and modern teaching tools in public classrooms.

Field of Dreams is JCI Manila’s youth development program in depressed communities which aims to provide positive change through sports. Since its inception, the program has helped many children attain sports scholarships in well known universities and colleges.



Kawal Ko, Mahal Ko is JCI Manila’s program in support of the Philippine Uniformed Services. The program hopes to breing the entire nation especially the youth to be united in supporting our troops, especially during the Marawi Crisis.

Oplan Damayan is a volunteer relief operation program by JCI Manila with the objective of providing quick and immediate support to communities affected by calamities.


Now in its 9th year, the RVR Award aims to recognize individuals who exemplify outstanding corporate citizenship and a passion for nation building.

10 teams, and more than 150 JCI Manila members participate in the yearly Basketball League that strengthens the bond of members and the chapter.

The Executive Committee Even with the struggles of the past year, JCI Manila will resiliently and agilely Lead As One through our objectives: recovery, service, and collaboration. Our members will experience the true value of our brotherhood by helping them in their profession and business, and training them to be better leaders. We will also support local and international efforts against COVID-19 to ensure the safety of our members and our communities. Further, we will strategically engage and partner with our international and national sister chapters and other LOs. All this to help our adopted communities by organizing collaborative and sustainable community programs and projects.

nio M. Tam Richard Anto President

John Ross T. Fr anscisco Executive Vice Pr esident

It is my practice to put myself in other people’s shoes to help me realize the needs and challenges of many. With JCI, I take this practice to effectively help create a positive change and influence others to do the same. The challenges we all faced during the pandemic enforced our collective belief that it is only right to do good. Through the vision of our President, Richard Tamayo, and the collaborative effort of the Board of Directors and the entirety of our organization, I believe that we will be able to continue paying it forward, ensure the success of the organization, and bring a brighter 2021.



Through the guidance of our elders and your unending support, we will stand as one this 2021. With our concerted effort and brotherhood, this year will be JCI Manila’s finest hour.

g Gerry C. Hun al er en G Secretary-

My focus this year is your growth and development. Together, we will achieve this by implementing various projects such as the standardization of protocols and procedures, creating a helpdesk for your questions and concerns, and a centralized membership management platform. At the core of these efforts are inclusivity, service, and excellence. Evaluating our organization through the years and listening to your thoughts, we came up with projects that will bring our brotherhood closer and elevate our experience as members of JCI Manila.

Christian B arry G. Ang Executive Tre asurer

As we venture into the new normal, we will usher in a new practice that streamlines our transactions. With practicality and ease of use in mind, this new practice ensures checks and balances while we implement austerity measures. This way, we can help and give back to our communities especially in this time of crisis. Standing together, we will be able to successfully implement this activation hoping to create a better and stronger JCI Manila. Your trust in me and the rest of the Board will not go to waste. You are our beacon as we serve you to greater heights.

Brainard Adri

an W. Hao

Vice-President Internal Affairs

im Jr. Richard B. Lent Vice-Presid rs External Affai

Erwin N. Po

Vice-Presiden t Community Aff airs

The past year has proved to be a challenge for us. But this year is the time to bounce back and reclaim our aspirations. As your VP Internal Affairs, I plan to foster our brotherhood and help every one of us to recover from our fallbacks during the pandemic. I hope to help you make a difference by being adaptive, cooperative, and appreciative in every effort you choose to put forward.

The forefront of our efforts, this year is our fight against COVID-19. Together, we will adapt to the new normal and continue to lead by building stronger relations with sister chapters, organizing projects that have high impact value to the community, and encouraging members through the JCI Learning Experience. All this we will be able to accomplish by strictly implementing safety protocols and procedures in the new normal. Analyzing what’s in front of us, we can come up with sustainable solutions that strengthen our brotherhood and promote inclusivity, growth, and development.

This 2021, I intend to champion efficiency by implementing long-lasting projects that will only require initial intervention. These projects will grow and develop with the collaborative effort of our own members, partner CSOs, and government units. This will benefit not only our own organization but also the communities we serve. With everyone’s help, we can leave the world a better place than we found it.

The Independent Directors

Victor C. Q ueyquep Director Membership Developm


The pandemic pushed me to become a better leader and a more resilient servant. While it forced us out of our comfort zones, it also motivated us to step up for people who are in need. Because of this experience, I realized that for us to move forward, we need to learn to adapt. To ensure that our brotherhood will never falter despite the current limitations, I will activate our members by creating multiple inclusive programs. In 2021, our brotherhood lives on.


rd Roel A. Galla

Director Relations at Intern ional

The year 2020 proved to be a tough one for everyone, and that includes JCI. It’s the brotherhood of men that transcended and carried everyone through the year 2020. With that in mind, the goal is to continue upholding JCI’s Value of “Brotherhood of men transcends the sovereignty of nations.” We will strengthen our relationships and deepen the collaboration with our international sister chapters. Despite the challenges of the pandemic and not being able to travel, we will use our creativity and technology to our advantage and connect with the JCI World. The world is our oyster and the possibilities are infinite.

Jason S. Oli va

Director Community D evelopment

When our country collapsed after the war, JCI Manila was established and became an instrument to help our countrymen get back on their feet. Having experienced the same situation now, where our nation is facing a health crisis and our lives at stake, I look back on the reason our organization was founded, and I feel inspired to see the light at the end. Because I know our brotherhood will triumph over these challenges and would still be able to serve our countrymen through life-changing programs and be known even outside the JCI world.


Carl Lester S.

Cedenio Dinno B. Goor


Direct tions National Rela

Director Local Organizati on Management al

Director Special Projec ts

As we face the challenges brought by COVID-19, we will strive to keep our members engaged and properly informed of our activities while ensuring their safety and well-being. Through multiple platforms that the members can use with ease, we will continue to inspire people to become better leaders who are of service to others.

Jan Adrian

An important lesson that the pandemic taught us is that our community is our support system. Thus, this 2021, I aim to improve our relationship and connection to other national JCI chapters in the country by organizing quality, impactful, and collaborative projects. This way we can expand our reach while strengthening our brotherhood driven by our purpose to inspire people and make them future leaders.

Despite the limitations of the pandemic, we will carry forward the legacy of Limitless and complement it with a new program: Limitless Journey. This aims to discover potential leaders in our members by creating multiple leadership platforms for you to be trained and showcase your skills. We’re going to help you nurture your leadership capabilities through hybrid training that will help reveal the leader in you.


My main goal this year is to further establish our organization as the premiere chapter not only in Asia but also in the world. We will be able to do this by solidifying our environmental efforts, building more infrastructures such as learning centers, helping our indigenous brothers and sisters through education, and strengthening our ties with various government units and non-profit organizations.


D. Padierno s

Director Training & Le adership


Carlos Mig uel E. Ocho

nzale Joseph M. Goro

Direct t & Developmen s es sin Bu

From every crisis we face, there are lessons learned. To adapt to the new normal, we must transition to online channels which, consequently, opens an abundance of untapped channels of success. We must take advantage of this to explore new ways of how we will be able to help our members to become champions in their industries. Our drive for innovation will create avenues of opportunities and spaces for engagement that will benefit our brotherhood and those we help to achieve their goals.


A Journey Towards

“The Finest Hour” by JCI Mem. Richard Antonio M. Tamayo 2021 JCI Manila President

The Start of my “Manila Jaycees” Years and a Little Family History The year was 2003. My father, JCI Sen. Antonio “Tony” L. Tamayo, told me after my college graduation at the UP School of Economics, to join the family business and to eventually join Manila Jaycees like him and my elder brother, JCI. Sen. Anthony Jose “TJ” M. Tamayo. “Manila Jaycees is the best leadership training organization,” my father said.

Pres Richard Article

At the age of 22, I joined the 2002-03 JCI Manila OTS (Opportunity to Succeed) Seminar, now known as the ULO Seminar. JCI Sen. Rogelio “Roger” D. Garcia, a colleague of my father volunteered to guide and even sponsor me through the process. There I was inside the JCI Manila Board Room in front of 15 gentlemen in their office barongs with 2002-03 JCI Manila President Jose Amado “Ojie” L. Mamuric seated at the helm. As I continued to look in awe around the JCI Manila Board Room and stared at the pictures of all Past Presidents, I said to myself “What am I doing here? I’m still young, and wow this clubhouse looks kind of old…” Only to find out years later, when I became Director, that the picture that was also hanging in the board room was 1976 Vice-President JCI Sen. Antonio L. Tamayo who was the Clubhouse Construction Chairman with the support of then Manila Mayor JCI Sen. Ramon D. Bagatsing, Sr. (Above) JCI Sen. Antonio “Tony” L. Tamayo (Right) JCI Sen. Anthony Tamayo being sponsored by JCI Sen. Tony Tamayo

I did not realize that my father played an important role in building the clubhouse from which a lot of leaders were also developed. More so, as I became more active, it was only then that I realized how much the Manila Jaycees, now JCI Manila, played and continues to play a big role in my life. (From Left to Right) 2021 JCIM Pres. Richard Antonio “Rich” M. Tamayo, JCI Sen. Anthony Jose “TJ” Tamayo, JCI Sen. Rogelio “Roger” D. Garcia and JCI Mem. Rolan Marco U. Garcia


Both my father and brother were awarded as Most Outstanding Jaycees of the Year during their respective active years. Both of them had a great influence in my leadership journey not only in JCI Manila but also in work, home, and in life.

(Left) With my Baby Jaycees Head Campaign Manager (CM) and JCI. Sen. Glenn U. Chan (Below) Pres Rich was fondly known and called as Major

Early Years: Baby Jaycees to JCI Career Lanes As I eventually pursued my Manila Jaycees application, I was grouped with JCI Sen. Glenn U. Chan, Eng’r. Christopher N. So, Peter Esquieres, Eeru Alonzo and the late Alfred Dy as part of the 2004 JCI Manila Happy Jesus’ Day Baby Jaycees (BJC) Committee under Board Liaison Officer and 2004-05 Director for Community Development JCI Sen. Allen K. Uy. After completing our BJC project and becoming regular member in early 2005, I became a happy member for quite a while. Aside from attending GMMs, fellowships and supporting a few projects, my early years were characterized as on the “slow lane.” I remember my OTS back in 2003, our speaker then mentioned, there are three JCI career lanes you can choose from, he said you can go 1) fast, 2) slow and if really needed 3) on the shoulder lane. Most active members are in the fast lane. However, the bulk of members are at the slow lane, which is an on-going challenge for every Board of Directors (BOD) due to the the 80-20 Rule. There is need to make the 80 as active as the 20. Finally, those who are on the shoulder lane, or those who are indisposed for other valid personal reasons such as studies or work abroad.

Pres Richard Article

Aside from undergoing personal challenges then, I decided devote more of my time on my MBA-Health at the Ateneo Graduate School of Business and my reservist duties as I also pursued military training, activities and studies.

The Sea of Life and the Road to Love On 2011, the ASPAC year, I decided to devote more time to JCI Manila. After the conference, I particularly became part of an environmental legacy project that runs to date. 2011 JCI Manila Sea of Life Chairman Jason Lei Yee, introduced by 2007 JCI Manila Director Juan Paolo “JP” S. Cruz, invited me to be part of this landmark project in Palawan.

(Above) Pres Rich in Reservist Action (Right) With Former Defense Secretary Gilbert Eduardo Gerardo “Gibo” C. Teodoro Jr. and Col. Antonio “Jeff” D. Tamayo during the aftermath of Typhoon Ondoy

(Left) With JCI Sen. Gilbert O. Go, 2013 JCIM Dir. Victor Regino Claudio T. Gamboa, 2021 SG Gerry C. Hung and Jerahmeel Fandrall “Jer” B. Chen

The project was a great learning experience and most of all it was fun. Having a mix of meeting new friends from the chapter, other JCI LOs and event partners and being a tourist in the country’s last frontier, made it all the more fun. After the project and developing a good friendship with SOL Chairman Jason, he eventually arranged a blind date with who eventually became my ex-girlfriend, Ms. Hemilyn Escudero-Tamayo with whom I now have 2 handsome boys. After focusing on personal life while pursuing a program abroad, I remained supporting chapter projects, and in one of which I got a Presidential Award. I supported projects as well led by my elder brother JCI Sen. Anthony during the terms of 2012 JCI Manila President Rodney P. Dizon and 2013 JCI Manila President Jonas T. Ang.

(Above) 2011 Sea of Life Palawan Committee with 2012 JCIM Pres. Rodney Dizon and SOL Committee Chairman Jason Lei Yee and 2012 JCIM Pres. Rodney Dizon (Left) Pres. Rich with his loving family, Mrs. Hemilyn Escudero-Tamayo, Richard Antonio E. Tamayo Jr., and Óscar Antonió E. Tamayo.


Shifting Gears and Pursuing Passion Projects

(Above) 2015 Laang-Kawal Ako Field Training Exercise Committee with 2015 JCIM EVP JCI Sen. Benedict S. Del Rosario 2015 JCI World Congress Kanazawa, Japan

After JCI Sen. Anthony graduated from JCI Manila and I finally settled down, I realized it would be great to devote more time to the chapter. And hopefully like him, become a senator too, one day. In 2014, I received a campaign call from soon to be Director Kenneth N. So. In that call, I got to share my JCI Manila experience so far and my passion in serving as a reservist. The next year, I was then asked by 2015 JCI Manila President JCI Sen. Steven Paul “Steve” T. Baltao to pursue my passion of being a reservist and active as well in the chapter. He convinced me to be the 2015 JCI Manila Laang-Kawal Ako Chairman under then 2015 Director for Business and Government Relations JCI Sen. Michael “Mike” S. Bulaong. This was my first project Chairmanship after 10 years as a regular member. After the project, and also participating in other projects during the year, I realized that I could actually pursue my passion advocacy which was to serve with the military and develop further my leadership skills not only in uniform but also in LOM shirt.

Pres Richard Article

I specifically enjoyed and was at a high, as were all JCI Manila members, at the 2015 JCI World Congress in Kanazawa, Japan. We won the 2015 JCI Most Outstanding Local Organization or the coveted Minneapolis Awards lead by 2016 National President JCI Sen. Steve Allen C. Tycangco. We were really all proud to be JCI Manila.

In 2016, I got the opportunity to work with several AFP related projects as I was appointed Commissioner under 2016 Director for Business and Government Johann Y. Tiu. Being active not only in community-related projects in 2015 and 2016, but also in other projects, opened me further to other JCI Growth opportunities. My first Area, National, and World Conference and ASPAC (outside Metro Manila) was during those years. I also started participating in training and business projects as well. I also started to be deputized to guide my first BJC group and 2016 Disaster Responders’ Challenge (DRC) Project Chairman Gerry C. Hung. DRC was one of the biggest projects of the chapter. It simulated a monster earthquake dubbed as the “Big One” that struck Metro Manila and which was participated by 500 emergency responders under an Incident Command System (ICS) and network. This legacy project continued until the pandemic and has led to the expansion of our original disaster response program: OPLAN Damayan of relief, to now include preparedness, rescue, and rehabilitation. This legacy project was made possible through the support of 2016 JCI Manila President JCI Sen. Ramiro Gerard “Rami” N. Villavicencio.


2016 Disaster Responders Challenge Committee with 2016 JCIM President JCI Sen. Ramiro Gerard N. Villavicencio

Aiming Higher and Servant-Leadership Being part of the BOD is leadership on a challenging and more fulfilling plane. A Director is the workhorse of the Board. Some say being BOD is maximizing your JCI experience and training. The BOD is at a different leadership development level. The buck stops with you, a Director. Being a director gave a glimpse of what JCI Manila leadership was all about. But before being a Director, each one must go through the campaign process. The campaign period is a great training ground for BOD leadership. For Sulong, CMs JCI Sen. Glenn U. Chan and JCI Sen. Armand S. Valencia, along with their respective campaign teams have led and produced the great BOD leaders we have to date. I am a proud product of these unsung heroes of the chapter. Being Director in 2017 was a very memorable and cherished experience. To be among other directors with diverse talent and experience and not to mention the Execom to guide you along the way, was very enriching. I am likewise thankful to 2017 JCI Manila President JCI Sen. Niño L. Namoco. After doing several program advocacies, bids, and a fulfilling director life, it was time to take a bit of a breather. Yet as the saying goes, JCI Manila never stops. While taking the Command and General Staff Course, I continued to support projects in chapter during the next year and experience what it really is to be a ServantLeader under 2018 JCI Manila President JCI Sen. Joaquin Pablo A. Esquivias. 2018 Elections with CM JCI. Sen. Armand S. Valencia and JCI Sen. Glenn U. Chan and 2015 JCIM Dir John Jarvey S. Belo

(Above) 2017 JCI Manila Board of Directors with JCIM President JCI Sen. Niño L. Namoco (Left) 2017 JCI Manila President JCI. Sen. Niño L Namoco with the OD Marawi Committee

2018 JCIM President JCI Sen. Joaquin Pablo “Jop” A. Esquivias at the STCA Nationwide Blood Letting with Congw. Camille Villar, JCI Sen. Anthony Tamayo, 2014 JCI Alabang President and JCI Sen. Vicky MartinezEsquivias, and 2021 JCIM SG Gerry C. Hung

Making Everybody Count and the Prelude to the Presidency

(Above) 2019 JCIM President JCI Sen Luis Angelo “LA” L. Sevilla and 2019 BOD with Manila Mayor Francisco “Isko” Moreno Domagoso in a 2019 GMM

I was approached and visited at the office by 2019 JCI Manila President JCI Sen. Luis Angelo “LA” L. Sevilla, EVP Michael Sean S. Uy and ET Dino S. de Leon. I was given an offer to be part of the 2019 BOD. This was a crossroad decision for me. Knowing how it is in the BOD, the position as well offered was a great stepping stone and training ground to becoming President. I knew that when I had made the decision to accept the 2019 BOD position, it would definitely already be a prelude to the Presidency. I aspired to run for Presidency after I felt very much fulfilled with my experience as a Director. This aspiration became more concrete when I accepted the position for Secretary-General as this experience broadened my horizons from not just being exposed to my first love which was Special Projects and

2019 Titans, Temiongs and other awards


Community Affairs, but also more time and experience with other growth opportunities. More importantly, it gave me a more strategic and wider view of JCI Manila, and provided a great training ground for details and interpersonal relationship management within the BOD, the chapter, and outside. JCIPEA Platinum at the 2019 National Convention with 2019 National President Paul Jess “PJ” P. Estrellado, 2019 JCIM President JCI Sen. Luis Angelo “LA” L. Sevilla, 2019 NSG Jose Paolo “Jolo” J. Walican and JCIM Secretariat Sorily G. Zaballas and Liza D. Taylo.

Being Secretary-General with 2019 JCI Manila President JCI Sen. Luis Angelo “LA” L. Sevilla at the 2019 Grand GMM

Rise Together and Leading the Way To Lead as One 2020 started as a great period for me to rest and get that breather. Unfortunately, COVID-19 happened unexpectedly. This unparalleled humanitarian crisis totally changed the world including the usual and traditional ways JCI Manila develops leaders. Yet this challenge did not deter me from seeking that calling to lead. On the contrary, it even further emboldened me to serve. Unfortunately, just as COVID-19 was a curveball to the world, so was the internal politics within our chapter. I had an equally excellent counterpart who was also interested and whose window to be President was the same as mine, 2020 Secretary-General (SG) JCI Sen. Walter L Uy. His window to run for JCI President was the same as mine, which is to run for this post this year or miss the opportunity altogether. Others called this the Battle of the SGs. Proclamation of Election Winners by Comelec Chairman 2018 JCIM President JCI Sen. Joaquin Pablo “Jop” A. Esquivias and Comelec Committee

(Above) 2019 VP Mark Lester “Lec” Toribio (Right) Sen. William O. Ong, Sen Micael Cornelio L. Pacia, Sen. Bennedict S. Del Rosario, Sulong President JCI Sen. Gerardo Romano “Ping” Kamantigue, and Sulong CM JCI Sen. Jose Condrado S. Leviste

2021 Sulong Candidates at the Know Your Candidates Forum


There are several points of view and underlying issues in this controversial story. This tale would even be a reference to the future politics of JCI Manila. But there are also important lessons that are to be learned and how these challenges can either break or further even strengthen a chapter. I’d like to believe as JCI Manila, it should always be for the latter. But as I have mentioned during our Sulong campaign, let me say for the record, if not for 2020 SG JCI Sen. Walter L. Uy and his slate, I nor the 2020 Board of Directors would not be here now in this leadership journey. Furthermore, I am humbled and honored with the trust and confidence bestowed by the JCI Manila membership to me and the 2021 Board of Directors. Modesty aside, I was blessed to top the 2021 JCI Manila Nominations and Elections including the 2016 and 2018 Elections (along with 2019 JCI Manila President LA Sevilla) when I ran for the JCI Manila Board of Directors. I am also thankful to Sulong Party headed by Sulong President 2008 JCI Manila President JCI. Sen. Gerardo Romano “Ping” G. Kamantigue and the Sulong campaign team headed by CM JCI. Sen. Jose Conrado “JC” S. Leviste for the support they have given us during the 2020 JCI Manila Nominations and Elections.

Given the recent circumstances of the chapter and pandemic we face, the goal to Lead as One could not be more relevant. Unity will be key as well to roll out the Lead as One objectives. Luncheon with JCI Manila Past Presidents

Moving Towards “Our Finest Hour” The real work begins. Now is definitely crucial, not only because we are nearing our penultimate Diamond Jubilee as the First in Asia, but also because of the battle against COVID-19, which has been dubbed as the greatest humanitarian crisis since World War II, is at its peak and the tide may just about to be turned. Yet we are at the moment, where we must continue to hold the line and do our very best to gain victory. To paraphrase and adapt the words of Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill, ‘“Let us, therefore, brace ourselves to our duty, and so bear ourselves that if JCI Manila last for a thousand years, men will still say, “This was their finest hour.”’

From Left to Right: JCIM 45th President Cecilio “Ces” K. Pedro, JCIM 60th President Romano Gerardo “Ping” G. Kamantigue, JCIM 62nd President Roberto “Toby” P. Claudio, 2016 JCI National President & JCIM 66th President Steve Allen C. Tycangco, JCIM 70th President Joaquin Paolo “Jop” A. Esquivias, JCIM 55th President Arthur “Art” L. Panganiban, JCIM 73rd and Incumbent President Richard Antonio “Rich” M. Tamayo, JCIM 72nd President John I. Bautista Jr., 67th President Steven Paul Anthony T. Baltao, JCIM 71st President Luis Angelo “LA” L. Sevilla, 69th President Niño L. Namoco, 43rd President Benjamin “Ben” L. Yam, 51st President Felix R. Ang

Hence, the strategy to victory is to be resilient and agile as we Lead as One through our objectives of recovery, service and collaboration. We shall ensure all our members see the value of their membership in JCI Manila. We shall innovate and make a sustainable impact in lieu of our global goals and the COVID-19 campaign. We shall definitely engage and deepen our relationship with our international and national sister chapters and with our national organization. We shall also prepare JCI Manila for the long-term as we reach our 75th Anniversary. I am also grateful to the 14 men, my 2021 band of brothers, who placed their trust and confidence in me. Each one of them is 100% committed and determined to win the battle this year. With them, I am confident, notwithstanding our Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) world, that 2021 shall be a purposeful and fulfilling year and shall definitely contribute to bringing the chapter to greater heights as we dawn to our Diamond Jubilee. JCI Manila, onto Our Finest Hour! Together, let us Lead as One!


















Your hard work and dedication deserve this achievement. Our heartfelt congratulations to JCI Manila President Richard Antonio M. Tamayo and the 2021 Board of Directors and good luck with your next approach on leading the chapter. Cheers!



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