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Malacañang says US-China trade war to have ‘some effect’ on Philippines

Pres. Duterte wants to elect a federal transitional president

The president will reject the possibility for a term extension, acknowledging the possibility of a truncated three-year presidential term to end in 2019

Possible free trade agreement discussions not needed to be ‘fast-tracked’

THE Trump administration imposed its first wave of tariffs against China less than a week ago after confirming that the U.S. would start collecting tariffs on $34 billion worth of Chinese goods. Another $16 billion worth of tariffs are expected to follow. Describing the U.S.’ move as “typical trade bullying,” China hit back by imposing $34 billion in retaliatory tariffs on American products like soybeans and cars. In the Philippines, Malacañang said on Monday, July 9, that it expects the trade war between the U.S. and China to effect the country to some extent, but did not provide specifics. “I know that both DTI (Department of Trade and Industry) and DOF (Department of Fi-


Trump announces nominee for Supreme Court justice



Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque photo

sitional period leader if the new Constitution is ratified earlier than expected, but as of press time, he wants someone else to fill the position. “I understand that the transitory role they have for the President will be for within his term of 2022. So ‘yun walang problema (there won’t be a problem),” Roque said in a Palace press briefing on Monday. “He has made a personal decision. It’s only until 2022, earlier if pos-


Duterte approves P3.757 trillion national budget for 2019 by CATHERINE


WITH the retirement of Supreme Court (SCOTUS) Justice Anthony Kennedy, Trump has nominated a conservative circuit court judge to fill the vacant seat, signalling the first steps in potentially affirming the court’s conservative lean for years to come. On Monday, July 9, Trump nominated United States Circuit Judge for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Brett Michael Kavanaugh as Kennedy’s replacement, calling Kavanaugh “one of the finest and sharpest legal minds of our time” who would apply the U.S. Constitution “as written.” Upon his nomination, Kavanaugh, 53,

THE Department of Budget and Management (DBM) will submit the proposed P3.757-trillion cash-based national budget for 2019 to Congress on July 23 to coincide with President Duterte’s third State of the Nation Address (SONA). The proposed budget is slightly lower than this year’s record P3.767 trillion. Budget Secretary Benjamin Diokno told the Inquirer on Tuesday, July 10, that the President approved the proposed budget during the Cabinet meeting on Monday, July 9, which lasted well past midnight. At a press briefing in Indang, Cavite province, presidential spokesperson Harry Roque on Tuesday said P1.185 trillion (31.5 percent) would be spent for personal services, P752.7 billion (20 percent) for capital outlay, P640.6 billion (17.1 percent) for local governments and P562.9 billion (15 percent) for maintenance expeditures.



The president nominates DC Circuit Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh after Justice Anthony Kennedy announces retirement

AMID considering a possible presidential term extension, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte wants the leader of the federal transition government to be an elected official, Malacañang confirmed on Monday, July 9. The Consultative Committee (ConCom) is currently reviewing the 1987 Constitution and possible revisions and proposals. Among the provisions included

in the new Constitution is one that will make the leader of the federal transition government to be an elected official. According to Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque, Duterte requested this measure, which would cut the latter’s term to be co-terminus when the transition period starts. That means Duterte’s reign may be cut to three years. According to Malacañang, Duterte previously expressed willingness to serve as the tran-

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. Former Chief Justice Reynato Puno and members of the Consultative Committee present the draft federal charter to President Rodrigo Duterte at Malacañang. The president, however, asked the ConCom to revise the provision in the proposed constitution so that the transition president will be elected by the people. Malacañang photo

Horrific crash kills father, four daughters; mother survives by MOMAR



More than a thousand friends, schoolmates, neighbors and relatives trooped to Votee Park in Teaneck, NJ on Saturday, July 7, 2018 to remember the five members of the Trinidad family killed in a horrific crash in Delaware Friday afternoon. The father, Audie Trinidad, 61, and their four daughters Kaitlyn, 20, Danna, 17, and twins Allison and Melissa, 13. The mother, Mary Rose Ballocanag, is the lone survivor in the crash and is currently in a hospital in Delaware. AJPress photo by Momar G. Visaya; inset photo courtesy of the Trinidad family

A FILIPINO-AMERICAN family from Teaneck, NJ was on their way back from their July 4th vacation in Ocean City, MD when a tragic accident happened along Route 1 in Delaware. A pickup truck crossed over the median and hit the family’s minivan head on, leaving five members of the family dead. The crash killed the father, Audie Trinidad, 61 years old, and their daughters 20year-old Kaitlyn, 17-year-old Danna and the 14-year-old twins, Melissa and Allison. Mary Rose Ballocanag Trinidad, the mother, is the sole survivor and was brought to Christiana Hospital in Newark, Delaware. The accident happened on the afternoon of Friday, July 6. More than a thousand people came out on Saturday evening, July 7, to attend a prayer vigil at Votee Park in Teaneck. Friends, family and classmates came in droves, bringing candles, flowers and prayers for the Trinidad family. Lydia Agas, Mary Rose’s aunt, said that the latter was asleep when the accident happened.


Southeast Asia tourism grew larger than any other region during year’s first quarter, despite closures

PH tourism to focus more on opportunities for women by RAE


The Southeast Asian region saw a 10 percent increase in the number of tourists during the first quarter of 2018, according to a recent report by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UN-

WTO). The increase topped the six percent international average, giving the tropical and subtropical region the largest increase of any region in the world within the four month period.


SC: Local gov’t shares should come from all national taxes by RITCHEL


THE “just share” of local government units (LGUs), also known as Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA), will now be sourced from all national taxes and not just from national internal revenue taxes collected by the Bureau of Internal

Revenue (BIR) following the Supreme Court’s ruling. Voting 10-3 during its weekly full-court session on Tuesday, July 10, the high court partially granted former Batangas 2nd District Representative and now provincial Governor Hermilando Mandanas’ petition filed in January 2012. The


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From the Front Page

Pres. Duterte wants to elect... PAGE A1 sible.” Changes made to the Constitution are to be ratified after a majority vote by the public, a vote which must be held between 60 to 90 days after the approval from the Constituent assembly.

Palace officials have said that if the final draft of the Constitution is approved by the people, the transition president will serve immediately, which could occur as early as 2019. “It’s to remove all suspicions and I am tired. Ready to give it to somebody else,” Duterte said,

according to Roque. According to members of his Cabinet, Duterte reportedly said that the provision would make way for a “younger leader” to take over. When reporters asked whether or not Duterte wanted former senator and 2016 vice presidential candidate Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr. — with whom the president has close ties — to be the “transition president,” Roque said that “wala naman siyang sinabing napupusuan (he didn’t name anyone in particular).” A Cabinet official added that a provision will be added that will prevent the president from running or seeking re-election, a mandate requested by Duterte. n

FOR SAFER MANILA STREETS. Akbayan Senator Risa Hontiveros, Manila District 4 Councilor Krystle Bacani and women advocates hold a copy of the Manila Ordinance No. 7857 (authored and sponsored by Coun. Bacani) that penalizes wolf-whistling, cat-calling, leering and other forms of public sexual harassment in the city. Sen. Hontiveros is also pushing for the passage of a Safe Streets and Public Spaces Act in the Senate. The bill aims to prohibit and penalize gender-based harassment in public spaces. Senate photo

Duterte approves P3.757 trillion...


He said P414.1 billion (11 percent) will be allocated for debt payments while support for government-owned and -controlled corporations and tax expenditures would get P181.7 billion (5 percent) and P14.5 billion (0.4 percent). Diokno last week said the planned shift to the annual cashbased budget in 2019 from the current obligation-based system would further reduce underspending, which has been declining over the past two years. Under cash-based appropriations, agencies will be forced to

spend their budgets within the fiscal year, or else lose them. In the past, the obligation-based budget allowed disbursements within a two-year period. Under the new system, “agencies will no longer submit projects to the DBM that are not yet implementation-ready,” Diokno explained to reporters after last week’s Cabinet-level Development Budget Coordination Committee’s (DBCC) meeting. “Government spending will continue to be a growth driver for the Philippine economy, especially as we invest on public infrastructure and human capital development.

We are optimistic that we will virtually eradicate underspending in fiscal year 2019, as we transition to cash-based budgeting,” he said. The DBM in February reported an underspending rate of 2.4 percent in 2017, down from 3.6 percent in 2016 when the President took office. These were sharp drops in the underspending rate that was as high as 13.3 percent in 2014 and 12.8 percent in 2015, the DBM said. The DBM said shifting to annual cash-based budgeting was expected to “speed up the gov-

SC: Local gov’t shares should come... PAGE A1 petition questioned the process of allocating IRA funds for LGUs. Mandanas claimed in his 23page petition that unreleased IRA due from provinces, cities, municipalities, and barangays had reached P500 billion from 1992 to 2012. “Compliance by the National Government with the Constitution and existing laws will enable the LGUs to efficiently and expediently serve the Filipino people, and hasten the delivery of much needed and long delayed basic services,” Mandanas’ petition read. Mandanas argued that Section 284 on Allotment of Internal Rev-

enue Taxes of Republic Act (RA) No. 7160 (Local Government Code) defines “just share” regarding the IRA. The said section states: “Sec. 284. Allotment of Internal Revenue Taxes. Local government units shall have a share in the national internal revenue taxes based on the collection of the third fiscal year preceding the current fiscal year, as follows: a) On the first year of the effectivity of this Code, 30 percent; b) On the second year, 35 percent; c) On the third year and thereafter, 40 percent.” Mandanas said, “It is clear that

the legally mandated revenue base to compute the IRA should include the entire national internal revenue taxes collected annually.” According to him, the national internal revenue taxes are specifically enumerated in Sec. 21 of RA 8424 (National Internal Revenue Code): “Sec. 21. Sources of Revenue. - The following taxes, fees, and charges are deemed to be national internal revenue taxes: a. Income taxes; b. Estate and donor’s taxes; c. Value-added tax; d. Other percentage taxes; e. Excise taxes;

ernment’s budget utilization and promote disciplined management of the budget.” A cash-based budget also would tend to reflect “more accurately the annual outputs and actions of the government” as it would show disbursements rather than obligations or commitments. The proposed 2019 budget will be equivalent to 19.4 percent of gross domestic product (GDP), Diokno said. The 2019 budget will finance the wider fiscal deficit program for 2019 of P624.4 billion, equivalent to 3.2 percent of GDP. The expenditures program for next year of P3.833 trillion would exceed the P3.208-trillion revenue target. n f. Documentary stamp taxes; and g. Such other taxes as are hereafter may be imposed and collected by the BIR (Bureau of Internal Revenue).” He also stated that the Bureau of Customs (BOC) collects national internal revenue taxes such as value-added tax, excise taxes, and documentary stamp taxes on imported goods as an agent of the BIR, as provided for in Sec. 12 of the National Internal Revenue Code. “However, the BIR has not been including the collections of the BOC of the national internal revenue taxes in the legally mandated revenue base to compute the IRA for the LGUs since 1992 up to PAGE A4

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A july 11-13, 2018 • SoCal ASIAN jOuRNAl

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Mayor Garcetti kicks off HIRE LA’s Youth jobs program Young people ages 14-24 have until July 31 to apply for summer jobs

LOS ANGELES — Mayor Eric Garcetti encouraged young Angelenos to apply for summer jobs at the recent kick-off of HIRE LA’s Youth, a program to help them build work experience and pursue their dream careers. Under Mayor Garcetti’s leadership, the program has more than tripled in size and is on track to hire at least 20,000 young people by 2020. Last year, the City matched nearly 17,000 young people with summer and yearround jobs. “An open door to a job is lifechanging for any young person, especially those who’ve faced economic and social challenges,” said Mayor Garcetti. “HIRE LA’s Youth offers local teens and young adults the chance to earn a paycheck and meet industry leaders, which is an investment in both their lives and our City’s future.” HIRE LA’s Youth provides job opportunities for young people between the ages of 14 and 24,

placing them in a variety of industries — including entertainment, tech, transportation, healthcare, hospitality, government, and financial services. Along with work experience, the program offers training, on-the-job mentoring, financial literacy coaching, and other resources. This year, HIRE LA’s Youth is leveraging $5.8 million in City General Fund and County Measure H funding allocated to the LA:RISE program, which provides jobs and wrap-around services for youth and adults with a history of homelessness, incarceration, and other barriers to employment. Since its establishment in 2015, LA:RISE has provided over 1,500 youth and adults with transitional employment support. So far in 2018, LA:RISE has placed over 160 youth in jobs and will reach 300 by the end of the year. In February, Mayor Garcetti launched the Evolve Entertainment Fund (EEF), a public-private partnership dedicated to building

career pathways into film, television, and music for women, people of color, and low-income Angelenos through paid internships, focused mentoring, and an ongoing series of workshops and panels. The EEF is on track to secure 250 internships for young Angelenos by the end of 2018. This year also marked the expansion of the L.A. Tech Talent Pipeline, a partnership between Mayor Garcetti and the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce’s Bixel Exchange that brings together public and private sector partners to expand training and job opportunities for the next generation of tech talent. The pipeline will place at least 200 young Angelenos in tech jobs this year, which is double the goal reached last year. To apply and learn more about Hire LA’s Youth, please visit Businesses interested in getting involved can also visit the website or call (213) 744-7333. n

Malacañang says US-China trade... PAGE A1 nance) are studying the matter very thoroughly, identifying where we are vulnerable given the kind of export products that we have, assessing if some of our biggest exports to both the U.S. and China will be affected. Take note that the tariff will be for goods originating from China and the United States,” said Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque. “Now, there are some products that we export to China which in turn are further re-exported to China. So in that sense there will be some effect on us but we are of course studying and preparing for eventualities,” he added. Both China and the U.S. are among the Philippines’ top trading partners, with the Philippines being a big contributor in the Chinese supply chain. Roque spoke more on discussions between the U.S. and the Philippines regarding a possible free trade agreement (FTA). He said continuing discussions would not be “fast tracked” as a result of the trade war. “I don’t think it’s really a directive of fast-track. It’s just that its something that has always been

there. It’s something that we demanded,” said Roque. “In fact, early on, if the U.S. was offering it to countries like Vietnam which at some point was their enemy, why wouldn’t they offer the same to us given that we have always been their friend,” he added. “It’s not a knee-jerk reaction to the trade war.” U.S. officials met with officials in the Philippines last May to discuss further bilateral economic cooperation between the two countries, including the possibility of pursuing an FTA. Of future meetings, Roque said the Philippines further hopes to be in a “position of equality”, and not “just a be a market for U.S. goods.” He said the Philippines hopes to also be able to export its goods to the U.S. Roque further reminded that the discussions were not yet explicitly of a free trade deal, but of its possibility. “I know that there’s a possibility that there will be a free trade agreement, but I don’t know the details yet,” said Roque. The Philippines has previously acknowledged opportunities un-

der the existing Trade and Investment Framework Agreement (TIFA), and the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP). As previously reported, under the GSP, the country currently benefits preferential duty-free entry to the U.S. In 2017, GSP exports accounted for 17 percent of Philippine exports to the U.S., which valued at $1.492 billion. Tires, electronics, sugar, and fruit and vegetable juices, were among the lead exports. The latest GSP renewal was also made to be effective three years in place of an annual review. It also extended dutyfree treatment to travel goods including suitcases, handbags, backpacks, attaché cases, and similar cases and bags. DTI also said it hoped to add footwear to the list. U.S. President Donald Trump first proposed tariffs against China last March as a fix to what he said were unfair trading practices. Tariffs were also imposed against Canada, the European Union, and Mexico in June. The countries have also issued their own retaliatory tariffs. (Rae Ann Varona / AJPress)

President Donald Trump nominates Brett Kavanaugh, a judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, for the United States Supreme Court on Tuesday, July 9. The selection comes after Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement from the court. Official White House Photo by D. Myles Cullen

Trump announces nominee for Supreme Court... PAGE A1 promised that he would “keep an open mind in every case” and reiterated that the job of the Supreme Court justice is to “interpret the law, not make the law.” Kavanaugh, who once clerked for Kennedy, has deep ties with conservatives and GOP legal organizations that have lobbied for the appointments of conservative justices. As soon as Kennedy announced his retirement in late June, top congressional leaders have vowed to oppose any Trump nominee deemed too extreme on certain issues. Kennedy was also a conservative, but he often held the swing vote in many socially divisive cases like abortion and reproductive health, affirmative action, workers rights, LGBT rights and the death penalty. Replacing Kennedy with a more stalwart conservative would definitively solidify the conservative slant and put at risk many long-standing social justice cases. Notably, Kennedy’s retirement signalled the possible overturning of the landmark SCOTUS case Roe v. Wade, which granted a person’s right to have an abortion before the third trimester of pregnancy.


But one of Kavanaugh’s case history finds him voting against his party. In 2011, he ruled against a challenge to the Affordable Care Act because he felt that the DC court lacked the jurisdiction to consider the case in question, an opinion that was ill-received by Republicans. In 2015, he riled up social conservatives by rulings in favor of abortion. In the case Priests for Life v. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, he ruled in favor of a contraception mandate that would require employers to offer health insurance plans that included contraception and sterilization. He also ruled in favor in a Jane Doe case wherein an undocumented immigrant teenager requested an abortion while in federal custody. Because of these cases, the pro-life movement have also criticized Kavanaugh’s nomination, saying that the circuit court judge isn’t ardent enough in the antiabortion movement. March for Life, for example, argued that Kavanaugh lacked the “backbone” to overturn Roe v. Wade. The American Family Association, a socially conservative prolife organization, for example, de-

nounced the nomination for not being more steadfast on behalf of the pro-life movement. “Judge Kavanaugh’s reasoning on religious liberty, Obamacare and issues concerning life have proven to be of major concern,” The AFA said in a statement calling for citizens to contact their senators to oppose Kavanaugh’s nomination. In order to be confirmed as a justice, Kavanaugh will need to garner 51 votes from the Senate. Senate Democrat Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York vowed that “I will oppose Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination with everything I have.” Schumer added, “Enormously important issues hang in the balance. The right of workers to organize, the pernicious influence of dark money in our policy, the right of Americans to marry whom they love, the right to vote.” Senate Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, who blocked former President Barack Obama’s nomination of Merrick Garland in 2016, expressed approval of Kavanaugh’s nomination but worries that the road to confirmation will be a tough one. (Klarize Medenilla/AJPress)

SC: Local gov’t shares should come...

2012,” his petition stated. “And when included in accordance with the Philippine Constitution and other applicable laws, then the LGUs should receive P498.85 billion or very close to P500 billion.” Mandanas also urged the high court to order the immediate release of IRAs to LGUs, saying that the national government, in

the persons of the respondents, should “automatically release the Internal Revenue Allotments (IRA) or the just shares of the Local Government Units (LGUs) in the national taxes as determined by law.” In his petition, he stated that that the automatic release of the IRA to the LGUs is “clearly provided for in Sec. 6 of Art. X of the

Constitution” which states: “Local government units shall have a just share, as determined by law, in the national taxes which shall be automatically released to them.” Mandanas filed the petition along with eight local officials, with the lead counsel in the case being former Senate president Aquilino Pimentel Jr., author of the Local Government Code. n

Horrific crash kills father, four daughters...


“When she woke up, her husband was on her chest, leaning and she wondered what happened. She had fractures all over her body,” Agas said. Agas also delivered the family’s response to the outpouring of support. “We would like to thank everyone who came out tonight. We appreciate all the support. Let’s continue praying for them,” she said. The husband and wife were properly restrained in the vehicle, according to police, but their four daughters were not. “To lose four children in a crash ... it’s just unheard of,” Delaware State Police Master Corporal Melissa Jaffe told ABC News. “I feel so bad for this family. I cannot imagine what they are going through,” said Jaffe. Police told local media that a Ford F-350 pickup truck traveling south crossed the median and hit a northbound vehicle which caused the car to spin out. The pickup truck, which was still moving southbound in the northbound lane, collided head on with the white Toyota Sienna minivan Audie Trinidad was driving. “I don’t understand why these things happen. The whole family wiped out in the blink of an eye,” Trinidad’s brother Daniel told reporters. “I don’t know how my sister-in-law will take this. She’s the only one who survived.” Audie was a postal worker while Mary Rose worked as a nurse at Mount Sinai Beth Israel. The eldest daughter Kaitlyn was a nursing student at the College of Mount St. Vincent in the Bronx. Her roommate and friend Frances Verdeflor found out about the accident after numerous texts and phone calls from their friends. She went to the prayer vigil with her entire family. “We had so many plans for the coming school year. When I found out at 2:00 this morning, I thought it was a joke. I still couldn’t believe that it happened,” she said. “I can’t help but feel for her mom because she

is now by herself and her family is gone. It just hurts so much.” Verdeflor, along with other friends from Mount St. Vincent were among those who spoke at the emotional vigil. Teaneck Mayor Mohammed Hameeduddin also spoke and expressed his condolences. “As we grieve tonight and honor their memories, the question comes down to it is okay to grieve. It is okay to look and ask questions where there are no answers,” he said. “As I was looking through everybody that I knew who went to high school or middle school with them, I could see that they have touched our lives in many ways.” One by one, friends, neighbors, classmates, teachers and community leaders spoke. The girls’ classmates and the Filipino American Society of Teaneck organized the vigil. A GoFundMe page was set up for funeral costs and to support Mary Rose Trinidad. It was set up by Linda Douglas for Teaneck Families and Friends and Douglas wrote that it’s not clear what amount of support will be needed and the goal amount initially set at $10,000, and has been exceeded many times over. In 24 hours, the site raised more than $100,000. As of writing, the goal amount has been raised to $250,000 and has received over $230,000. Agas said that the family is overwhelmed by the support of the community, including online where people who do not know the family have been sending prayers and donations. She add-

Frances Verdeflor, Kaitlyn’s roommate and friend

Lydia Agas, aunt of Mary Rose Trinidad AJPress photos by Momar G. Visaya

ed that funeral arrangements for the five family members have not been made yet. n

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Dateline PhiliPPines


Poe, Cayetano top Senate bets; Sara Duterte ranks 4th by Helen


MANILA — Four women topped the latest senatorial survey conducted by Pulse Asia, with Sen. Grace Poe leading the probable winners for the 2019 midterm elections. Pulse Asia said 13 of 58 individuals included in the poll had a statistical chance of winning, based on the survey taken from June 15 to 21. Poe took the solo lead, garnering 67.4 percent of votes of 1,800 registered voters nationwide. Taguig City Rep. Pia Cayetano came in second with a voter preference of 55.7 percent. Sen. Cynthia Villar garnered 50.1 percent voter preference CLOUDY WITH RAINSHOWERS. Dark clouds cover the city of Manila on Monday, July 9, hours after typhoon ‘Gardo’ entered the country. The weather bureau said a low pressure area prevented the typhoon from dumping heavy rain in Metro Manila and other areas. photo by DJ Diosina that translates to a statistical ranking of 3rd to 4th. She was followed by presidential daughter and Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio with PAGE A1 to arrivals from China, which ment and managing small busi- 46.2 percent level of support, Seeing the largest increase in grew 43.81 percent. From Janu- ness,” Jimenez told the Philippine arrival numbers was Vietnam, ary to May 2018, China provided News Agency, which published obtaining a statistical ranking of 3rd to 5th. which experienced a 25.2 percent 559,289 visitors. During the same the interview Tuesday, July 10. tourism growth during the time period in 2017, the country proDescribing tourism in the counperiod. vided 388,896 Chinese national try as being “very dependent” on Countries like Cambodia, Indo- visitors. micro enterprises, she added that nesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Aside from China, South Korea most of the training was focused Philippines also saw double-digit and U.S. nationals continuously on community-based empowerincreases. make up most of the Philippines’ ment where players are usually The growth came despite the foreign tourist arrivals — South women. fact that countries like Thailand Korea being the top source. Providing opportunities for and the Philippines closed off The increases seen add to the women, she said, was not about popular tourist sites due to envi- continuing trend of booming tour- giving them privileges, but about ronmental concerns. ism in the region. According to laying out an equal platform on Thailand’s Maya Bay, made the Economist, tourism in South- which they can succeed. popular by the Leonardo DiCaprio- east Asia jumped 49 percent be“If the women are equally comstarring film “The Beach,” remains tween 2010 and 2015. petent, they should have all the closed through September. Last year, the region took in over chances of being able to play in The Philippines’ Boracay — $131.1 billion in tourist receipts. whatever field they would want which Philippine President RoComparing overall growth from and become successful in it,” said drigo Duterte said had turned into 2016 to 2017, the Philippines re- Jimenez. a “cesspool” — was ordered to ported a growth of 10.96 percent. She added, “We want to focus remain closed for six months after Its 6.6 million tourists last year on those with lower economic tourists were banned late April. status. Sometimes they think was regarded a “milestone” high. From its own tourism data, the Women-empowering tourism they are helpless, [since they are] Philippine Department of Tourism in PH expected and got used to staying (DOT) also saw an increase. Philippine DOT undersecretary at home and taking care of the DOT spokesperson Bong Beng- Alma Rita Jimenez recently told children. If you would think about zon told hotel owners and market- the Philippine government’s news it, they’re more than capable of ers last week that the Philippines service that the department has contributing beyond taking care saw a 10.24 percent increase in been working on providing more of the children.” foreign arrivals from January to opportunities for women in its The efforts are part of the deMay despite the Boracay closure. tourism driving efforts. She said partments’ bid to make the tour“Despite the closure of Boracay the department has already rolled ism industry gender and commuin late April, foreign visitor arrivals out different training and capacity nity empowered. in May still grew month-on-month. building programs. “Sustainable tourism developTotal arrivals in May 2018 reached “We train them for tour guiding ment that is gender and develop537,743, representing a growth and doing the gastronomy tour- ment empowered, accessible, and rate of 0.94 percent,” said Beng- ism. Some women who have their barrier-free is the way to go if we zon, as quoted by Rappler. own home facilities, we train them want the industry to remain robust Much of the growth was due in terms of front office manage- and inclusive,” said Jimenez. n

Southeast Asia tourism grew larger than any other...

Pulse Asia said 13 of 58 individuals included in the poll had a statistical chance of winning, based on the survey taken from June 15 to 21.

Sen. Sonny Angara was ranked 4th to 8th with 41.9 percent voter preference. Other probable winners were former senator Jinggoy Estrada (37.9 percent), Bureau of Corrections (BuCor) chief Ronald dela Rosa (37.7 percent) and Sen. Aquilino Pimentel III (37.7 percent), all of whom were ranked

5th to 12th. Sen. Nancy Binay obtained 37.1 percent with a statistical ranking of 6th to 12th places. Binay was followed by former senator Sergio Osmeña (36.6 percent), former senator Lito Lapid (36.2 percent) and Sen. JV Ejercito (35.6 percent), who all PAGE A7

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Cesspool no more


THE White Beach is clean and white again, and the cesspool is almost completely cleaned up. Boracay Island is on track to reopen to tourists as scheduled on Oct. 26, according to environment officials, with some reports saying the date could even be moved up. An earlier opening would naturally be welcomed by those who have lost jobs, livelihoods and profits as a result of the unprecedented shutdown of an entire island. The six-month shutdown, which began on April 26, displaced approximately 35,000 workers and is estimated to cost about P1.9 billion in economic losses. After the cleanup period is over, however, the challenge is to sustain it. The island is expected to continue drawing an increasing number of both local and foreign visitors, and the temptation to overdevelop the island will persist. It will require honest and competent management to prevent the abuse of the island’s environment. It will also require the full cooperation of local residents and those doing business on the island. Under new rules, all establishments with at least 50 rooms are now required to have their own

sewage treatment plants. Smaller establishments can pool their resources for clustered STPs. Establishments without STPs can be shut down. The water contamination around the island is no longer critical, according to environment officials. But several of the individuals who allowed Boracay to reach a state of calamity, as declared by President Duterte, still have supervision over various aspects of life on the island. The national government may have to set up a special body to oversee environmental protection and sustainable tourism in Boracay. With the cleanup winding down, authorities can also focus on other tourist destinations that are threatened by indiscriminate development, with little regard for the environment. There are several other such sites around the country, and they are also in a state of calamity or rapidly getting there. (

Editorial photo

Trump’s new SC justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh advocated for sitting president to be immune from criminal investigation

The Fil-Am Perspective GEL SANTOS-RELOS PRESIDENT Donald Trump has just appointed a second Supreme Court Nominee on the second year of his presidency after Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement in June. Less than three months before the consequential midterm elections that may swing the balance of power in Congress, Trump immediately nominated conservative Brett Kavanaugh, 53, on Monday, July 9, in true Trump reality TV show fanfare. Kavanaugh is a judge on the D.C. Circuit of the U.S. Court of Appeals, who worked with Special Prosecutor Ken Starr on the Monica Lewinsky investigation during the 1990s, during which, according to a Newsweek report, President Bill Clinton was almost impeached. As the New York Times reported, Justice Kennedy held the swing vote in many contentious cases on issues like abortion, affirmative action, gay rights and the death penalty. The Times said

“replacing him with a committed conservative, who could potentially serve for decades, will fundamentally alter the balance of the court and put dozens of precedents at risk.” Senate Majority Leader Republican Mitch McConnell hailed Kavanaugh’s appointment as a “superb choice” made by Trump, calling the judge a “superb nominee” In a statement, McConnell said, “Judge Kavanaugh has sterling academic credentials. He is widely admired for his intellect, experience, and exemplary judicial temperament. He has won the respect of his peers and is highly regarded throughout the legal community. And his judicial record demonstrates a firm understanding of the role of a judge in our Republic: Setting aside personal views and political preferences in order to interpret our laws as they are written.” With Republicans occupying 51 Senate seats and Democrats 49 seats, the GOP expects Kavanaugh to be confirmed by the Senate, unless some Republican

senators like Susan Collins of Maine, go against Trump’s nominee because of the threat of repealing Roe v. Wade, which gives women the right over their own body and reproductive system. BUT Kavanaugh will face fierce opposition among Democrats. “I will oppose Kavanaugh ‘with everything I’ve got,’” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer vowed. In a statement, Schumer said, “In selecting Judge Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court, President Trump has put reproductive rights and freedoms and health care protections for millions of Americans on the judicial chopping block.” “His own writings make clear that he would rule against reproductive rights and freedoms, and that he would welcome challenges to the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act” (Obamacare). Meanwhile, Vermont Senator and former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said, “The coming Senate debate over the replacement of retiring Supreme

Court Justice Anthony Kennedy is about the future of Roe v. Wade, campaign finance reform, voting rights, workers’ rights, health care, climate change, environmental protection and gun safety.” While we expected Trump to pick a conservative nominee as he promised during the presidential campaign, Democrats warn that Trump’s decision to nominate Kavanaugh from among 25 names on Trump’s list could be self-serving, especially in light of the Mueller investigation of the Trump campaign’s alleged collusion with the Russian government to interfere in the 2016 U.S. presidential elections to discredit his opponent Hillary Clinton and help Trump win. Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who heads the Russia probe, has already indicted several people, which includes Trump’s former campaign manager, Paul Manafort. Mueller wants to question Trump, and the long negotiations are still ongoing, with the Trump team hoping to delay the president’s “participation”

A Marcos-Duterte alliance that rocks Commentary

ANTONIO P. CONTRERAS THIS is not about an alliance between President Rodrigo Duterte, an incumbent, and former senator Bongbong Marcos, one who by all indications was denied his rightful place to become an incumbent. This refers to the emerging alliance between Ilocos Norte Gov. Imee Marcos and Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio, one that this early may already be sending some people either into throes of ecstasy or suffering sleepless nights. Actually, an alliance between a Duterte and a Marcos is already naturally proven to be formidable, and it has a constituency that is real and not just imagined. There is reason to believe that it was the Marcos votes that provided President Duterte the necessary firewall to thwart any attempt to cheat him of victory in the May 2016 elections. An analysis of the election results reveals that the margin between the votes of President Duterte and his running mate Alan Peter Cayetano was so huge, even as the same is true with the margin between the votes of Bongbong Marcos and his presidential team

mate Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago. This would suggest that there were millions of Duterte-Marcos voters, or many Marcos voters, who did not carry Miriam and instead voted for Duterte. It can likewise be said that millions of Duterte supporters junked Cayetano and instead opted for Bongbong Marcos. Unfortunately for Bongbong, and unlike that of the president, this was not enough to make his lead beyond the reach of a massive electronically mediated cheating operation that came like a thief in the night. Nevertheless, there are also Duterte supporters who still abhor the Marcos brand, even as there is a much fewer number of Marcos supporters who do not support the president. But certainly, what is more exciting in the upcoming 2019 elections is the brewing alliance between Governor Imee and Mayor Sara, two strong women with powerful and compelling narratives, and both daughters of strong presidents who generate highly polarized depictions of being either idolized or demonized, depending on which side one sits in the political divide. The narratives of Ferdinand Marcos and Rodrigo Duterte will definitely loom big over an alliance between Imee and Sara. There is no doubt that supporters will deploy the image of the strong and effective leadership of Presidents Marcos and Duterte, even as it is almost a certainty

that critics will harp on the authoritarian streaks of both men. Genetics and inherited traits, from the good to the bad, will be given much focus by supporters and detractors alike. However, it will be most unfair to imprison the narratives of Imee and Sara in the images of their fathers and their surnames. These two women have proven their mettle in public service and have carried their own brands of leadership that may not necessarily mirror those of their fathers. Imee as governor of Ilocos Norte and Sara as mayor of Davao City are intelligent women leaders who have shown records of good governance. Imee runs her office with the typical affability of what many describe as a “babaeng bakla” that endears her to her constituents. She has a charming sense of humor and a down-to-earth personality that easily disarms. Sara runs Davao with a different kind of charm, and a little bit of pleasant aggressiveness, clearly manifested for example when she once smacked the face of a sheriff. She also has the ability to put her father in his place, like when she recently advised people not to take the president seriously on matters of religion since he is not a priest, pastor or imam. Sara Duterte-Carpio formed a new political party, the Hugpong ng Pagbabago, and has recently confirmed the alliance between her party with Imee Marcos. This

alliance is further reinforced by the fact that Sara’s Hugpong will begin its nationwide recruitment of members in Ilocos Norte, Imee’s bailiwick. The political optics of an Imee Marcos-Sara Duterte-Carpio alliance creates a compelling narrative of a north-south partnership that will cultivate the already well-grounded constituency composed of the millions of Duterte-Marcos voters and supporters. The geopolitical basis for the partnership resonates nationally even if the main actors are local officials. What is interesting about this alliance is that Imee and Sara appear to be at odds with the two leaders of the House of Representatives. It is not a secret that Imee Marcos had a spat with Majority Leader Rudy Fariñas, while Sara Duterte-Carpio has a history of conflict with Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez. It will be interesting to watch how the Marcos-Duterte alliance will engage Fariñas and Alvarez, who are both members of the PDP-Laban, and their allies both locally in Ilocos Norte and in Davao, respectively, as well as in the national political realignments. It is also going to be interesting to watch how PDP-Laban will be affected by this alliance, further complicated by the fact that the president himself is reported to be forming his own party separate from Sara’s Hugpong. What is equally exciting to


despite his previous statement saying he would cooperate in the investigation because he is innocent and has nothing to hide. Democrats opine that Trump chose Kavanaugh primarily because of his advocacy that a sitting president should be immune from criminal investigation. Newsweek reported: “Writing for the Minnesota Law Review in 2012, in an article titled “Separation of Powers During the FortyFourth Presidency and Beyond,” Kavanaugh said his experience working for the Bush White House made him realize being president is “far more difficult than any other civilian position in government.” “It frankly makes being a member of Congress or the judiciary look rather easy by comparison,” Kavanaugh wrote. “The decisions a President must make are hard and often life-or-death, the pressure is relentless, the problems arise from all directions, the criticism is unremitting and personal, and at the end of the day only one person is responsible.” The Newsweek article further

stated “Kavanaugh acknowledges this is not the view he held in the 1990s when he was working towards President Clinton’s impeachment over the affair with Lewinsky, a White House intern. But he now believes, after working for over five years in the Bush White House, that Congress should pass a law giving presidents immunity from civil suits and criminal investigations and prosecutions until they leave office.” Sanders denounced Kavanaugh’s positions on the power of the presidency. “He believes a president can only be indicted after he leaves office and should not be subjected to civil suits while in office. I do not believe a person with those views should be given a lifetime seat on the Supreme Court.” *** Gel Santos Relos is the anchor of TFC’s “Balitang America.” Views and opinions expressed by the author in this column are solely those of the author and not of Asian Journal and ABS-CBN-TFC. For comments, go to, https://www.

Why this Filipina became a community legal advocate Commentary

LOU MARIE REYES LIMITED-INCOME families adapting to a new environment often face daily challenges, especially when critical information is scarce. I was 16 years old when my whole family immigrated to the United States with the help of my lola. Like many other Filipino immigrant families, we arrived in the United States with all of our belongings, filled with our own version of the American Dream, not knowing what life would entail for us. We faced cultural and language barriers on our journey, and our lives were not easy. I became the sole advocate and interpreter for my loved ones, especially since English is not my family’s strongest language. In this role, I learned the most efficient ways to navigate various social and legal system and to convey accurate information to my family members in light of language barriers. Most importantly, I learned the importance and value of a support system in each community. Over the years, I became involved in local programs that advocate for

underserved groups, including Filipino community members who are World War II veterans, as well as the Filipino community at large that simply could benefit from additional guidance, resources, and community. My personal experiences have shaped my desire and commitment to serving the Filipino community. As a community legal advocate at Asian Americans Advancing Justice - Los Angeles, I feel that it is my duty to provide access to justice for low-income, limited English proficient community members, particularly within the Filipino community. I speak in Tagalog to many callers each day, providing a sense of comfort to recent immigrants that are in need of critical legal information and resources in-language. I view our callers not as a client but my tito, tita, lolo, and lola because my community is also part of my family. If you need legal assistance, please contact Advancing Justice LA’s Tagalog helpline at (855)3002552. *** Lou Marie Reyes is a community legal advocate at Asian Americans Advancing Justice - Los Angeles. She joined the organization in February 2018 and staffs the Tagalog helpline, which prioritizes in-language assistance to the local Filipino community. Ms. Reyes works alongside Advancing Justice - LA’s attorneys that specialize in family law, domestic violence, citizenship and immigration, and employment law.

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Dateline PhiliPPines

SoCal ASIAN JOURNAL • JULy 11-13, 2018

BBL signed into law this month – lawmakers

ThE proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law will be in accordance with the Constitution and signed into law by President Rodrigo Duterte during his third State of the Nation Address on July 23, lawmakers said on Monday, July 9. Senate Majority Leader Juan Miguel Zubiri and house Majority Leader Rodolfo Fariñas gave the assurance on the first day of the bicameral conference panel’s discussions on disagreeing provisions of the Senate and house versions of the bill. “In performing our duties, we should be guided with constitutionality. The Constitution is the supreme law of the land [and]sets both the latitude and delimitations of what we can incorporate in the BBL,” Zubiri said. Fariñas agreed. “We have to be guided by the Constitution because anything we do here will surely be questioned,” he said. The proposed BBL provides that the Bangsamoro Region will be governed by the Bangsamoro Parliament. Fariñas called on his colleagues to shepherd the passage of the measure to allow the President to sign it into law during his third SONA. “If we can come up with an acceptable version for both panels, we will present this to our respective chambers for ratification when we resume our Third Regular Session on July 23 so that the President can sign it into law in the afternoon of the same day,” Fariñas said. Zubiri said the BBL should guarantee autonomy, social justice, peace and development. The house and Senate versions of the measure allow the contiguous areas of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao to be included in the new

KIDS BEING KIDS. Children at the Baseco Compound, o n e of the most populated areas in the metropolis, enjoy playing on top of large concrete drainage pipes in Tondo, Manila on Tuesday, July 10. PNA photo by Avito C. Dalan

Bicam work begins Senate President Vicente ‘Tito’ Sotto 3rd and House Majority Leader Juan Miguel Zubiri talk with Rep. Rodolfo Fariñas as the Bicameral Conference Committee started to deliberate on provisions of the Bangsamoro Basic Law. photo by Andrea de le Cruz

Bangsamoro Region provided that the local government unit passes a resolution or at least 10 percent of the registered voters in the geographic area seek their inclusion. Both versions earmarked P50 billion for the Special Development Fund for the rebuilding, rehabilitation and development of the Bangsamoro communities. The Senate on Monday “succumbed” to the request of the Bangsamoro Transition “We’re off to a good start. We finished three articles although we got bogged down on territorial jurisdiction,” Zubiri said. “We decided to table it (territorial jurisdiction) and defer action on it at a later time and agree (first) on all the acceptable provisions,” he said in a briefing. Not exclusive Ghazali Jaafar, head of the Bangsamoro Transition Commission (BTC), also on Monday said the Bangsamoro government will not be exclusive to Muslims. “What I can assure you is that the best option for us is to

A Marcos-Duterte alliance... PAGE A6 watch out for is how the alliance of these two women will impact those who accuse President Duterte of misogyny. From using the hashtag #Everywoman to the now globally recognized and award-winning, at least by Time magazine standards, hashtag #BabaeAko, anti-Duterte women campaigners, who happen to be also strongly anti-Marcos, have painted an inclusive discourse of standing up for women. With the emergence of an Imee MarcosSara Duterte-Carpio alliance,


the women behind #BabaeAko will be forced to lay down their cards in relation to how they will position their politics in the face of two strong women asserting themselves in a maledominated world of Philippine politics, considering that these are daughters of men they hate and demonize. It is on the manner how #BabaeAko will react to Imee and Sara that they will be tested if they are indeed prowomen, or that they are merely partisan feminists, and that it is not the gender of Imee and Sara

resolve this in a peaceful way. The Bangsamoro people have a legitimate desire to be governed by a Bangsamoro government— a government that is not Islamic. The Bangsamoro government will be democratic and inclusive,” Jaafar told reporters. “The rights of everybody… Christians, lumads, indigenous peoples, Muslims will be respected and guaranteed. If somebody from these groups are qualified to run, then they can run [for a post in the Bangsamoro government]. They can get elected by the people,” he added. Jaafar said the six municipalities of Lanao del Norte, 39 villages of North Cotabato, Isabela City in Basilan and Cotabato City should be given the chance to join the Bangsamoro Region through a plebiscite. These areas are under the ARMM. “We do not want it (BBL) to be watered down. Now you will ask me how would we consider it a watered down version? The answer is if it is less than [what is provided under the]ARMM,” he said. (Llanesca Panti and Bernadette Tamayo/ that matters to them but their fathers’. In the end, an Imee MarcosSara Duterte-Carpio alliance is an exciting political development. A Marcos-Duterte alliance in 2019 may just plant the seed of a Marcos-Duterte tandem in 2022. If it does develop into such a thing, and regardless of who ends up on top of the ticket, this will certainly be a challenge both to the male-dominated Philippine politics and to the feminist movement in the country. It will also challenge those who support President Duterte but hate the Marcos brand. (ManilaTimes. net)

Poe, Cayetano top Senate bets... PAGE A5 have a statistical ranking of 6th to 13th places. Sen. Paolo Benigno Aquino IV garnered 32.1 percent of votes, obtaining a ranking of 10th to 16th places. Meanwhile, with about 11 months to go before the midterm elections, a small majority of Filipinos or 55 percent already have a complete slate for the senato-

rial race, Pulse Asia said. Majority figures were recorded in virtually all geographic areas and socio-economic groupings (55 to 63 percent and 54 to 59 percent, respectively), with the rest of Luzon being the only exception at 47 percent, the pollster said. The non-commissioned survey has sampling error margin of plus or minus two percentage

points at the 95 percent confidence level. The filing of certificates of candidacy for the May 2019 midterm elections starts on the first week of October. Poe said she was grateful for the trust of Filipinos. “The survey is about trust and approval for public service that ought to be felt, especially by the poor. It is also the people’s affirmation for the work of the women in politics,” Poe said. n

PAUNAWA NG HALALAN ANG PAUNAWA AY IBINIBIGAY SA PAMAMAGITAN NITO na ang isang Pangkalahatang Halalang Munisipal ay gaganapin sa Lunsod ng Buena Park sa Martes, Nobyembre 6, 2018, para sa mga sumusunod na Opisyal: Miyembro ng Konseho ng Lunsod - Distrito 1 (Buong panahon ng panunungkulan na apat na taon) Miyembro ng Konseho ng Lunsod - Distrito 2 (Buong panahon ng panunungkulan na apat na taon) Miyembro ng Konseho ng Lunsod - Distrito 5 (Buong panahon ng panunungkulan na apat na taon) Ang panahon ng pangmungkahi para sa mga katungkulang ito ay magsisimula sa beginning sa 7:30 a.m., Hulyo 16, 2018, at magsasara sa closing Agosto 10, 2018, sa 5:30 p.m. Kung ang mga papel ng pangmungkahi para sa nanunungkulang opisyal ng lunsod ay hindi naiharap bago lumampas ang Agosto 10, 2018, (ang ika-88 araw bago ang halalan) ang mga botante ay may hanggang ika83 araw bago ang halalan, Agosto 15, 2018, upang mangmungkahi ng mga kandidato na iba sa (mga) tao na mga nanunungkulan sa ika-88 araw bago ang halalan, para sa inihahalal na katungkulan ng nanunungkulang iyon. Ang pagpapalawig na ito ay hindi angkop kung walang nanunungkulan na karapat-dapat ihalal. Kung wala o iisang tao lamang ang iminungkahi para sa isang inihahalal na katungkulan, ang paghirang sa inihahalal na katungkulan ay maaaring gawin gaya ng nakasaad sa § 10229, Kodigo sa mga Halalan ng Estado ng California. Ang mga lugar ng botohan ay mananatiling bukas mula ika-pito (7) ng umaga hanggang ika-walo (8) ng gabi. Adria M. Jimenez, MMC Klerk ng Lunsod Petsa: Hulyo 3, 2018

A july 11-13, 2018 • SoCal ASIAN jOuRNAl • (818) 502-0651 • (213) 250-9797


(818) 502-0651 • (213) 250-9797 •

SoCal ASIAN JOURNAL • JULY 11-13, 2018


BSP evaluating banks’ compliance with EMV technology by lAwrence


THE Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) has started assessing the full compliance of banks with the mandated shift to the Europay, Mastercard, Visa (EMV) technology after the June 30 deadline. BSP Deputy Governor Chuchi Fonacier said the central bank would sanction banks that failed to fully comply with the transition to the EMV technology as the June 30 deadline was not extended. “There are banks that are almost compliant, but there are also banks that were left behind,” she said. EMV is the global security standard for payment transac-

BSP Deputy Governor Chuchi Fonacier said the central bank would sanction banks that failed to fully comply with the transition to the EMV technology as the June 30 deadline was not extended. file

tions that is more secure than a magnetic- stripe card wherein stored information is static and can be copied with relative ease and cloned by fraudsters. Full compliance constitutes completion of all EMV-related activities from upgrading or enhancement of back-end processes and systems, ATM and


Infrastructure seen to push GDP growth to 7%

In the bank’s Global Focus Q3 2018 report, Stanchart economist for Asia Chidu Narayanan said the implementation of various infrastructure projects puts upside risks on its gross domestic product (GDP) growth forecast of 6.7 percent for the Philippines this year. Philstar file photo by lAwrence


THE Philippines is set to achieve a faster economic growth of close to seven percent due to the government’s massive infrastructure build up under the Build Build Build program, Standard Chartered Bank said. In the bank’s Global Focus Q3 2018 report, Stanchart

economist for Asia Chidu Narayanan said the implementation of various infrastructure projects puts upside risks on its gross domestic product (GDP) growth forecast of 6.7 percent for the Philippines this year. He said “fuller implementation of planned projects could push growth close to seven percent.”


PEZA remains optimistic on investment growth “I am still very optimistic,” PEZA director general Charito Plaza said when asked if there would be growth in investments registered with the agency this year. by louellA


INVESTMENT promotion agency Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) remains upbeat that investments in economic zones this year will grow, even as investors have adopted a wait-and-see attitude given the proposed second tax package that would rationalize incentives being offered by government. “I am still very optimistic,” PEZA director general Charito Plaza said when asked if

there would be growth in investments registered with the agency this year. She said while investors are on a waitand-see given uncertainties on the outcome of the second package of the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN), the PEZA continues to assure investors it would push for the retention of incentives. “We are urging our current investors to give us their trust and confidence because PEZA, for one, is really fighting that we will retain the incentives they have been enjoying and even increase and add more incen-

by ArmAnd


THE business hub in Palayan City, designed to house a government center and call centers for 12,000 agents, is now officially an information technology park (ITP). President Rodrigo Duterte issued Proclamation No. 526 on June 25 designating the 3-ha complex as an ITP to be known as the Palayan City Government Center and Business Hub (PCBH) as endorsed by the board of the

Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA). Peza Director General Charito Plaza and Alloy MTD Philippines President Nicholas David signed the documents that formally recognized PCBH as a special economic zone during rites held at the PEZA office in Taguig City on Friday, July 6. Successful PPP Alloy MTD, a Malaysian conglomerate, developed and built the PCBH, including two buildings reserved for business pro-

Madaba,Mt Nebo,Petra,Aqaba,Jordan

(Tiberias, Ceasarea, Haifa, Meggido,Magdala, Nazareth, Cana, Mt Carmel, Capernaum, Mt Beatitude, Jericho, Bethany, Mt.Tabor, Mount Zion, Mt. of Olives, Old & New Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Qumran, Masada Dead Sea,Allenby Bridge, Madaba, Mt Nebo Petra, Aqaba Jordan)


Oct 19, 2018 (Fri) Day 2 – Arrive at Ben Gurion Airport, Tel Aviv/Tiberias After we clear Immigration and Customs, we will meet our local guide, who will be with us during our stay in Holy Land. enjoy the panoramic view of the Mediterranean. We will spend our first night in Tiberias. Dinner and overnight (D). Beach Holy Eucharist Oct 20, 2018 (Sat) Day 3 – Tiberias/ Meggido/ Nazareth/ Cana/ Mt Tabor We will have short stop in Meggido and the Plains of We will have short stop in Meggido and the Plains of Armageddon, known in Hebrew as Meggido, a giant fortress and City built by King Solomon. In the New Testament book of Revelation, it is referred as the sites of the “final battle”. From there, we will continue our drive into Nazareth, where we will have Mass in the Church of the Annunciation ,the Cave of the Annunciation and and visit Joseph’s Workshop and Then we will move on to Cana of Galilee, where Our Lord performed His first miracle: changing water into wine at the wedding feast. We will invite couples to Bless their marriage vows,Continue to Mount Tabor ,site of Jesus Transfiguration. Afterward, we will head to Tiberias. Dinner and overnight in Tiberias. (B/D). Oct 21, 2018 (Sun) Day 4 – Tiberias/ Mount Beatitude/ Multiplication / Primacy/ Capernum/Boat Ride “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven” Early AM departures to Mt. Beatitude Drive up to Mount Beatitudes, visit the site of the Sermon on the Mount, where Jesus preached to the people., Eucharistic Celebration enjoy a scenic boat ride across the Sea of Galilee to Capernaum, home of Our Lord during his ministry. After visiting the Synagogue where he taught, proceed to Tabgha, the site of the miracle of the loaves and fishes. Then to the Church Primacy of St Peters. ( BB, D) Oct 22, 2018 (Mon) Day 5 – Magdala Full day retreat, Focus will Include programs based on the historical and Religious value of the Magdala sites . More info coming up as we get closer to the dates. MAGDALA, Israel – 2009 Discoveries from a new archaeological dig are creating excitement in the area where Jesus began his ministry. The village is called Magdala (Migdal in Hebrew), and it’s the home of Mary Magdalene.”She lived here and she met Jesus here and she continued with Him. Yes, it’s that place The most important discovery in Magdala has been a synagogue dating back to the time of Jesus. According to archaeologists, it’s the first one discovered in the Galilee. Oct 23, 2018 (Tues) Day 6 – Jordan Valley/ Jericho/ Bethany/Jerusalem Mass at the Church in Bethany After breakfast, we head to Jericho, the oldest inhabited city in the world. View the Mount of Temptation, where Jesus spent 40 days fasting in the desert. We will visit the ancient ruins of the wall. We will continue

tives because we want industries to be spread in the countryside,” she said. The proposed second package of the government’s tax reform seeks to reduce the corporate income tax rates in the country, while rationalizing the fiscal incentives system. Plaza said PEZA is also encouraged by the support provided by the Union of Local Authorities of the Philippines (ULAP) which groups all leagues of local government units and locally elected government officials. “They (ULAP) passed a resolution which


Duterte OKs Palayan City Hub as IT park

FOOTSTEPS OF JESUS Oct 18, 2018 (Thur) Day 1 – Lax to Tel Aviv, Israel Trans-Atlantic flight from L AX to Ben Gurion International Airport, Tel Aviv, Israel. (Meals served in-flight)

Photo by Michael Varcas/

to Bethany and will have mass to celebrate Holy Eucharist at the Church of St. Lazarus. Then we will visit the Baptismal site in River Jordan. Upon arrival in Mount Scopus meaning Mount of the Watchmen/Sentinels, is a mountain in northeast Jerusalem. Enjoy the first view of Jerusalem. After the day’s tour, we will check in at our hotel in Jerusalem (B/D) Oct 24, 2018 (Wed) Day 7 – Jerusalem (Old City)/ Via Dolorosa/Mount Zion Mass at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher “And he bearing his cross went forth into a place called the place of a skull, which is called in the Hebrew Golgotha.” (John 19:17) We will enter the Old City of Jerusalem and will follow the Via Dolorosa (Way of the Cross) and say the Station of the Cross to the holiest shrine in Christendom, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, visit Golgotha and the Tomb of Our Lord. After mass, we return to the hotel for breakfast. After breakfast, we will enter the Old City, sing a hymn in the Church of St. Anne and view the Pool of Bethesda. Then we will visit the Chapel of Flagellation, Lithostratos (where the soldiers played the Game of Kings) and the Arch of the “Ecce Homo”. Dinner/Overnight Oct 25, 2018 (Thurs) Day 8 – Jerusalem Mass at the Holy Eucharist Church of St. Peter in Gallicantu “The Word became flesh and dwelt among us...” (John 1:14) We will walk to view the Dome of the Rock from the outside, and visit the Western Wall,( Wailing Wall ) the only part of the Herodian Temple still standing and the most sacred place in the world for Jews. Then, we will drive to Mt. Zion, to visit the Upper Room, revered as the site of the Last Supper, then survey the Dormition Abbey, and the Church of St. Peter in Gallicantu, The site where Peter denied Jesus three times. After the day’s tour, we will return to our hotel for dinner and overnight. Jerusalem (B, D) Oct 26, 2018 (Fri) Day 9 – Mount of Olives/ Gethsemane/ Bethlehem/ Jerusalem (New City)/ Ein Karem Mass at the Church of Nativity “O mountain of God, receive me, a mother, with my child.” (Protoevangelium of James 22:3) We will arrive at the Mount of Olives, to enjoy another view of Jerusalem, visit the Chapel of Ascension, Pater Noster Church and the Dominus Flevit (“God wept”) sanctuary. Next, we’ll walk the Palm Sunday Road to the Garden of Gethsemane, and visit the Rock of Agony and the Church of all Nations. In the afternoon, we’ll drive to Bethlehem, a

city whose name is recognized around the world. After celebrating Mass at the Church of Nativity, we will see the Manger; visit the Church of St. Catherine, the Grotto of St. Jerome and the Shepherds’ Fields. Then we will return to Jerusalem (New City), to view the Temple Model to see how it looked during the time of Jesus. Here, we will gain a better understanding between the old and new cities of Jerusalem. Up next is a trip to Ein Karem, birthplace of St. John the Baptist, to see the Visitation Church, where Mary proclaimed her famous “Magnificat”. We will end our day by returning to our Hotel. (B/D) Oct 27, 2018 (Sat) Day 10 – Jerusalem/ Dead Sea/ Qumran/ Masada Mass at the Church of all Nations After breakfast, we will celebrate mass at the Church of all Nations and then we will drive to Dead Sea, the lowest spot on earth. Visit Qumran; see the caves where the Dead Sea scrolls were discovered. Continue to Masada, visit Herod’s fortress and the Jew’s last stronghold against the Roman. Return to Jerusalem for dinner and Overnight (B, D) Oct 28, 2018,(Sun) Day 11 – Jerusalem/ Allenby Bridge/ Madaba /Jordan/ Mt. Nebo/ Aqaba Mass at Mount Nebo On this day, we head to Allenby Bridge and cross into Jordan. We will go to the Baptismal Site at Bethany, which Pope John Paul II visited in 2000. Then, it’s on to Mount Nebo, where Moses viewed the Promised Land. Our next stop will be the Church of St. George in Madaba, which hosts the famous mosaic map of the Holy Land. Then we will drive down to Aqaba. Overnight in Aqaba (B/D). Movenpick Resort & Residence. Oct 29, 2018 (Mon) Day 12 – Aqaba/Petra Mass at Stella Maris Church – Aqaba After breakfast, we will journey through the Siq, until we get our first glimpse of the Khazneh (Treasury). Then will we walk down to visit the Temple and view the many caves all around the Theater. At the end of the tour, we will drive back to Aqaba for overnight and dinner (B/D). Movenpick Resort & Residence (CALL FOR COMPLETE COPY OF THE ITINERARY)


PROGRESS. Photo shows the Palayan City Government Center and Business Hub viewed from the air. Contributed photo/

Pilgrimage to Some of ITALY’s Highlights and Miracles of the Eucharist Nov 12, 2018 to Nov 22,2018 Spiritual Director REV.JOEL BUGAS

Day 1 – 12 Nov 2018 – (Mon) Day 2 – 13Nov 2018 – (Tues)

- USA - ROME - Rome Upon our arrival in Rome, our Tour Escort will welcome us to Italy. Rome is the heart, home and the spiritual capital of over one billion Catholics all over the world. After a short panoramic orientation of this Eternal City to us Roman Catholics, we will have our dinner and overnight rest at this great ancient City. DINNER AND OVERNIGHT IN ROME (BB,D) Day 3 – 14 Nov 2018 (Wed) – Rome / Papal Audience/ Rome

This morning before we continue with our tour, we will have a Papal Audience. Then after, we will visit the famous Coliseum and see the Forum, the Trevi Fountain and the Pantheon, one of the best preserved ancient monuments in the world. Celebrate the Holy Eucharist at St Peter Basilica St Joseph Chapel .Short stop in Trevi Fountain, before heading to our Hotel DINNER AND OVERNIGHT IN ROME (BB,D) Day 4 – 15 Nov 2018 (Thurs) – Rome / Basilicas We will visit the Vatican Museum this morning and the Sistine Chapel to admire the awesome masterpieces of Michaelangelo, and even ancient Greek and Roman artists. the largest church in Roman Catholicism, St. Peter’s Basilica. Holy Eucharist at ST Mary Major, Followed by visit of the Basilica. We continue to visit the rest of the major Basilicas within the walls of Rome, and St. John Lateran, St Paul Outside the Wall. We will also pray at the Scala Santa or the Holy Stairs. St. Helena transported the steps from Jerusalem; the same steps that Christ ascended to receive Pilate’s unjust condemnation. DINNER AND OVERNIGHT IN ROME (BB,D) Day 5 – 16 Nov 2018 (Fri)–Rome /San Giovanni Rotondo 2018 is the 100th Anniversary of the stigmatization of St Pio. Church Will have Monthly Pastoral Program of Activities for the whole year . San Giovanni Rotondo, the home of St Padre Pio of Pietrelcina from 28 July, 1916 until his death on 23 September, 1968. Enjoy the drive going to San Giovanni, after we check in our Hotel. We visit the Shrines of St Padre Pio of Pietralcina as well as the places associated with him , such as the Shrine of Our Lady of Grace that contains his tomb. Here, we spend some time meditating, see his room, his confessional box and the crucifix that gave him his supernatural Crucifying stigmata, Celebrate Holy Eucharist (Hotel Gran Paradiso ) DINNER AND OVERNIGHT IN San Giovanni Ro-

Please call QTS Tour and Travel NOW at 1 (714) 288-0800 or (714) 761-6280 1095 N Main St. Suite O, Orange, CA 92867

tondo (BB,D) Day 6 – 17 Nov 2018 (Sat) – SAN GIOVANNI ROTONDO This Morning we visit the new and Modern Basilica of St Padre Pio, See his uncorrupt body .Celebrate Holy Eucharist Spend some time meditating in this awesomeBasilica. DINNER AND OVERNIGHT IN SAN GIOVANNI ROTONDO (Hotel Gran Paradiso) Day 7–18 Nov2018 – (Sun) – San Giovanni Rotondo / Lanciano /Loreto MASS AND BREAKFAST. We arrive at Lanciano, famous for the Miracle of the Eucharist. Near the Piazza Plebiscito, the Miracle is inside the Sanctuary of the Eucharistic Miracle. The miracle took place during the 8th century when a Basiline monk doubted the Real Presence of our Lord in the Eucharist. He found himself holding the host that had changed into Real Flesh and the Wine on the altar had changed into Real Blood. We continue our pilgrimage to the great Marian shrine of Loreto to see the famous sacred home of the most Holy Family, Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. Since 1294 the holy home has been located inside the Basilica of Loreto. Celebrate Holy Eucharist in Lanciano DINNER AND OVERNIGHT IN Assisi Day 8 –19 Nov 2018 – ( Mon) Loreto/ Assisi Today we explore the hilltop birthplace of St Francis of Assisi. In the Crypt of St Francis Basilica lies the tomb of one of the most humble and beloved Saints of all times, St. Francis of Assisi, Holy Eucharist at the Crypt of ST Francis See the Basilica of St Clare, with her incorrupt body, and the little Church of St. Damiano and its Crucifix from which Jesus spoke to Francis about his mission in 1206: “Go, Francis, and rebuild my house, which as you see is falling into ruin.” We visit the Basilica of St. Mary of the Angels, located in the lower plains of Assisi, and the place where the miracle of the Eucharist of Assisi took place in 1240. The small Church of the Porziuncola is inside the Basilica itself. Pope Honorius III granted a plenary indulgence for those entering this humble Church on August 1st and 2nd every year, with Confession, reception of the Eucharist and no attachment to venial sins. (BB,D) Day 9 – 20 Nov 2018 – (Tues) – Assisi / Siena / Florence We will spend half day in Siena. Begin in the old town center with a visit to the Basilica of San Domenico. Built in the 13th century, it is a treasure chest of the Renaissance art and dedicated to St Catherine of Siena. You will learn about the city’s history while admiring it’s cathedrals, Museum, and libraries .Also you will admire the famous piazza del Campo, one of Europe’s great medieval squares. Continue to Florence. (BB,D) We start with a guided walking tour of Florence, this fascinating city with its Piazza, the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, Giotto’s Bell Tower, the Baptistery of St. John the Baptist. Rest of the day free (BB,D) Day 10 – 21 Nov 2018 (Wed) – Florence / Rome Leave Florence around 2PM Arrived Rome almost dinner time (BB.D) Day 11 – 22 Nov 2018 (Thurs) – Rome / USA End of our wonderful Pilgrimage .

B JULY 11-13, 2018 • SoCal ASIAN JOURNAL

Business news

Philippines secures $2.43 million funding to build smart greenhouses by loUise



THE Philippines has secured $2.43 million in funding from South Korea to develop smart greenhouses which allow farmers to control temperature, humidity and soil moisture for optimal growth. A memorandum of agreement was recently signed between the Department of Agriculture and the Korea Agency for Education, Promotion and Information Service in Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (EPIS) for the $2.43 million grant. The project is aimed at enhancing the competitiveness of small and mid-sized farmers by establishing greenhouse tech-

What’s New Arlene Al-os, CPA, MBA IN the previous issue we defined: 1) who are resident aliens, nonresident aliens or both, 2) who are exempt individuals, and 3) closer connection exception. Do not forget to remember that U.S. tax laws controlling principles are whether you are a resident alien or nonresident alien. On the other hand, immigration laws refer to three categories such as immigrant, nonimmigrant, and illegal or undocumented alien. Do not confuse yourself tax laws with immigration laws. How are resident alien and nonresident aliens taxed? • Resident aliens are taxed on their worldwide income like U.S. citizens. • Nonresident aliens are taxed on their income generated within the U.S. or income effectively connected with U.S. trade or business. Income is considered U.S. sourced if: • In general if paid by: a domestic corporation, an entity formed under the U.S. laws, resident alien, and by a U.S. citizen. Refer also to IRC 861 -865. • If an income is considered effectively connected income or ECI: a) Income generated from

A memorandum of agreement was recently signed between the Department of Agriculture and the Korea Agency for Education, Promotion and Information Service in Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (EPIS) for the $2.43 million grant. Philstar file photo

nology for high-value added agro-product. It also aims to boost farmers’ income by strengthening the distribution channel through co-

branding activities and shipping their produce across the Philippines. The first 18 K-Smart greenhouses will be established in Benguet province to produce high value vegetables, especially tomatoes. “We have also committed that as soon as high value vegetable farmers confirm the effectiveness of the smart greenhouses in increasing their productivity, we will propose the inclusion of the program for more greenhouses in the 2020 budget of the DA,” Agriculture undersecretary Emmanuel Pinol said. The agreement also covers the dispatch of Korean experts and farm consultants and the training and education of Filipinos


Taxes for resident and nonresident aliens

(Part 2) the conduct of trade or business; on bond with OID received upon b) subject to the graduated in- disposition. Withholding requirement and come tax rates and not the 30% rate; c) U.S. payer or a withhold- employee issues: Nonresident ing agent is subject to reporting aliens and foreign workers workrequirements; d) foreign person ing within the U.S. is required to with ECI is required to file U.S. file withholding documents with income tax return; e) ECI is not the withholding agent or U.S. employer. subject to a withholding. How to claim exemption from • Fixed, determinable, annual or periodic also known as FDAP withholding: Use Form 8233 to U.S. sourced non-business in- claim tax treaty exemption from come: a) Income from non-OID withholding and provide copy to interest income, dividends, an- the U.S. employer. Within five nuities, rents, salaries and wages; days of acceptance after review b) foreign person is not required and signing the form, should forto file U.S. income tax return if is ward a copy to the IRS and wait withheld subject to lower treaty at least 10 days for the IRS to rate or 30 percent from FDAP in- issue any objections to the withholding. Refer also to Publication come. FDAP income may become 515 to see tax treaties of different ECI income if income if sourced countries with the U.S. To be continued in the next isfrom assets used in the conduct of trade or business or US activi- sue. ties trade or business is a mate*** rial factor in the achievement of Disclaimer: Any accounting, business or that income, tax advice contained in this communication • Income subject to 30 percent is neither intended as a thorough, inwithholding or tax treaty rate: depth analysis of specific issues, nor a a) Income from gain on sale or substitute for a formal opinion, nor is it exchange where payments are sufficient to avoid tax-related penalties. contingent to productivity like *** patents, copyright; b) payments Al-os & Associates Accountancy to non-resident aliens 85 percent Corporation provides accounting and of U.S. social security benefits; c) tax services to individuals, corporations, excess of U.S. source gains over LLCs and business entities. The Firm has losses from sales or exchanges to a niche in defending taxpayers audited nonresident alien present in the by the IRS and other governmental U.S. for 183 days or more dur- agencies. ing the taxable year; d) payments (Advertising Supplement) • (818) 502-0651 • (213) 250-9797

Incentive benefit for OFW’s bigger in 2017 by Mayvelin

U. Caraballo

DISBURSEMENTS under a voluntary provident program for overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) saw double-digit growth last year, the Social Security System (SSS) said on Sunday, July 8. In a statement, the state-run pension fund said it paid out P17.38 million in Annual Incentive Benefits (AIB) under the Flexi Fund program to more than 47,000 OFW members in 2017, up 12.13 percent from a year earlier. SSS President and CEO Emmanuel Dooc said the number of qualified OFWs with active Flexi Fund accounts also grew by 9.87 percent to 47,284. Flexi Fund is a voluntary program that allows OFWs to save a portion of their incomes and maximize returns of their invest-

Immigrant Living: 101 and Beyond Monette AdevA MAglAyA [Select a handful of those things on your bucket list that have the highest chance of coming to fruition given your time frame. In tech speak, this means before your life’s energy goes into ‘low batt mode’ and life has run out of sockets to plug into.] THINGS break. Once broken, a thing loses its value. If it is worth fixing, it can be fixed and in the hands of a whiz, can be as good as new. In our throw-away consumerdriven, impatient society where quality has taken a back seat to quantity in the name of profit and the bottom line, we are encouraged to simply toss away the broken item in the trash heap and replace it with a new one. For those of us who grew up and were trained by mothers, fathers, teachers and even great nuns (in my book) who taught us the meaning and value of preserving items, we tend to find the fix for the broken item. We look at the rip in the hemline of a nice dress and figure out carefully how a stitch here and there can make it good as new. That is probably why I can never

Manilatimes file photo

ment. It is offered exclusively to OFWs in addition to regular SSS benefits. Under the program, savings are sourced from payments not lower than P200 that are on top of required maximum SSS contributions. The money is invested in fixed income securities and interest rates are based on the average rates of the SSS’ shortterm placements or the 91-day Treasury bill, whichever is higher, and re-priced quarterly. “It is worth noting that our OFWs are making use of the Flexi

Fund program wherein they can invest their savings, which will yield higher returns compared from saving it in the bank for a period of time,” Dooc said. The SSS chief also noted that members’ equity in 2017 amounted to P732.05 million while actual investment income reached P32.07 million, of which P12.75 million was credited to members’ accounts as guaranteed earnings. Dooc said the AIB received by each qualified member depends on the Flexi Fund’s year-end net investment income and is distributed based on individual equity shares. It is granted to members with no full Flexi Fund withdrawals or benefit claims within the applicable year. The maximum AIB credited to a member’s account in 2017 reached P131,475 while the average AIB per individual was P368, the SSS said. n

The bucket list Fix the broken (Seventh of a series)

get on with the supposedly “fashionable” items of ripped jeans. It is, to me, a nod toward rottenness and ugliness. Why pay good money for something so unattractive? Oy Vey! We look at holes in the wall and buy spackle and paint to patch it up and smooth out the flaws. We crazy glue crockery to weld

”Broken hearts? Broken relationships? The solution is always the same. FORGIVE. Forgive as you have been forgiven. And whiLe you’re at it, FORGET.” things back. We solder metals so that the thingamajig, whatever it is, functions once again. We replace batteries so watches and clocks go tick tocking again. We repair broken items. That is our default setting when we see things that are broken. But how about when the breakdown is with affairs of the human heart?

How do you fix a broken heart? There are no easy answers. In the physical realm, if something is broken, you can fix it. And if you can’t, you relegate it to the trash heap. But not so with the human heart … Though broken to a thousand pieces, the heart can live through the dark days until time brings its healing effects. The pain becomes dull and as life goes on, the sunlight breaks through the darkness and the heart is made whole. Resiliency of the human heart is based on the deep and enduring understanding in the wisdom of the words: “This too, shall pass.” But when the pains and the hurt are forged into the deep recesses of the memory and the wounds are encouraged to fester, the brokenness can be as deep as the Grand Canyon. These are the very sad cases, when the heart never heals. It is true what they say about dying of a broken heart. There is that thing called pride and in extreme cases, hubris, the kind that damned the fallen angels. This is the one that makes it hard to fix brokenness. We become so big for our britches that


(818) 502-0651 • (213) 250-9797 •


Waiver of joint petition to remove conditional permanent residency on a marriage entered less than 2 years THE Immigration Marriage Fraud Amendments of 1986 (IMFA) requires an alien obtaining a green card through a marriage less than two years old to come back at the end of that two years with the petitioning spouse and show that they are still married or, if the marriage was terminated, to show that the marriage was entered in good faith before the USCIS will issue them a permanent (unconditional) green card. Any alien who obtains a green card through a spousal petition by virtue of a marriage entered less than twenty four months before the status is obtained will only receive a conditional green card under INA §216(d). To remove this condition, both spouses must file a form I-751 with the USCIS within 90 day period preceding the expiration of the conditional green card along with other supporting documents showing the marriage was entered in good faith. However, sometimes alien spouses are not able to file this Joint Petition to remove the condition on their green card because the couple got divorced or are in the process of filing a divorce and is having difficulties getting the cooperation of the US

Barrister’s Corner ATTY. KENNETH URSUA REYES citizen spouse. When the alien spouse falls into this situation, it is still possible for them to obtain their permanent green card by filing a waiver. The waiver must be based on one of the following reasons 1) Extreme hardship would result if such alien is removed 2) The qualifying marriage was entered in good faith by the alien spouse, but … has been terminated (divorce or annulled), and the alien was not at fault in failing to timely file the joint petition and attend the interview; or 3) The qualifying marriage was entered into in good faith by the alien spouse and during the marriage the alien spouse or child was battered by or was the subject of extreme cruelty perpetrated by the US citizen parent or permanent resident spouse or parent and the alien was not at fault in failing to file the joint petition and attend the interview. INA §216(c)(4); 8 CFR 216.5

If you have a conditional green card and your are having difficulty obtaining cooperation from your US citizen spouse in signing a joint petition to remove this conditional green card, you should consult an attorney to assist you in planning for and obtaining a waiver. *** Please note that this article is not legal advice and is not intended as legal advice. The article is intended to provide only general, non-specific legal information. This article is not intended to cover all the issues related to the topic discussed. The specific facts that apply to your matter may make the outcome different than would be anticipated by you. This article does create any attorney client relationship between you and the Law Offices of Kenneth U. Reyes, P.C. This article is not a solicitation. *** Attorney Kenneth Ursua Reyes is a Certified Family Law Specialist. He was President of the Philippine American Bar Association. He is a member of both the Family law section and Immigration law section of the Los Angeles County Bar Association. He has extensive CPA experience prior to law practice. LAW OFFICES OF KENNETH REYES, P.C. is located at 3699 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 747, Los Angeles, CA, 90010. Tel. (213) 3881611 or e-mail or visit our website at (Advertising Supplement)

Unemployed senior converts Chapter 13 to Chapter 7 in fight to keep house WHEN I say the client is a young senior, I mean 60. She’s a single mom with two adult daughters who are over the age of 21. One daughter is still in college but has a part-time job. The other works full time. Both daughters live with the client in her home, but she does not claim them as dependents on her income tax returns. When we filed her Chapter 13 three years ago, she had disposable income of $900. However, at that time, her job security was already in question as another company had just purchased the employer and heads were rolling. The client was able to keep her head for three years but lost her employment recently. Without work, she no longer has disposable income. Our first attempt to end her case was filing a motion to pay off the 33 percent plan by liquidating $10,000 from her retirement account. The Chapter 13 trustee objected to our motion to pay off the plan unless the pay off was 100 percent. Well, that wasn’t a good deal because her unsecured debt was about $100,000, which meant that client had to come up with $90,000 more to get a Chapter 13 discharge — that’s a 100 percent plan pay off. The client had two other options dismiss the Chapter 13 case, or convert it to Chapter 7 and get a discharge of $90,000 of unsecured debt. The problem is that for the last three years, the value of her house, just like most houses in Los Angeles and Orange County, have been appreciating significantly. We checked Zillow, which estimated the value at $400,000, and REDFIN estimated it at $440,000. Whereas her house only had $30,000 of equity when she filed for Chapter 13 in 2013, now she has equity of $160,000. The other problem was that she had testified at the Chapter 13 hearing last week that her daughter was independent, although she lived with her. And she did not mention that she had a second daughter who also lived with her, a full-time college student. So, the trustee concluded that her claim of homestead exemption should only be $75,000, not $100,000. We refused to reduce the exemption claim to $75,000 because the trustee was not on solid ground with her argument

Debt Relief


that the debtor had testified that daughter was independent, therefore, she is not considered to be part of the family unit. We argued that the other daughter was a full-time college student, therefore, unable to take care of herself. So by definition, she is part of the debtor’s family unit. As a result, the homestead exemption of $100,000 is correct. Settlement offers and counteroffers were made. The negotiations were fruitful and the trustee settled for a reasonable amount to allow the debtor to keep her house. Even though the debtor

The second client is 72. Her husband passed away some time ago. She has a daughter who has just started college. She now receives only social security and has no other income. However, she owes $70,000 in credit cards, which requires $2,100 of monthly minimum payments. Her social security is $1,600. Let’s not even go further. The client doesn’t own a house. She rents for $1,000. Well, with $600 left after rent is paid, and a daughter in college, let’s just say that there’s tremendous pressure on her to budget her expenses. Obviously, there is no money to pay $2,100 for credit cards every month, is there? So, she chooses to make the $70,000 credit cards disappear with a Chapter 7 petition. Just imagine the number of calls she gets every day from these cards trying to get their pound of flesh from her. That’s no way to live no matter how old or young you are. $2,100 a month for credit cards is equal to a mortgage of $400,000. I mean you can literally buy a house, condo or townhouse for $400,000 with nothing down, instead of carrying $70,000 of credit card debt. Think about where you want your hard earned money to go. Would you rather be the proud owner of a house or the proud owner of $70,000 of credit cards? At 72, the client finally realized that she should have gotten rid of her credit card debt a long time ago. If she got rid of them 10 years ago, she would have saved up $252,000 now. Instead, she gave $252,000 to her credit cards of $70,000, and she still owes the same $70,000 after 10 years! Think hard what you should do now because the earlier you get rid of credit cards, the faster you can save money and be productive again. Even at 72, it’s not too late to get rid of them because better late than never.

“ Even though the debtor was not employed, she was willing to liquidate a part of her retirement account to pay for the settlement to keep her house.” was not employed, she was willing to liquidate a part of her retirement account to pay for the settlement to keep her house. The daughters were willing to buy the house from her later on, so she gets her settlement payment back. Nowadays, the correct value of the residence is critical to keeping the house safe from the clutches of the Chapter 7 trustee because house values are at their peaks again. Mortgage rates have been kept very low by the Feds for a long time. The last time house values peaked was 2007, just before the mortgage crisis, which bankrupted a lot of big banks. When the crisis hit, house values dropped by more than half. Now, all of that has been recovered, and new highs are being achieved. Therefore, a lot of factual and legal analysis must be done before deciding which path to take, Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. Senior files Chapter 7 to discharge $70K in credit card debt

*** Lawrence Bautista Yang specializes in bankruptcy, business, real estate and civil litigation and has successfully represented more than five thousand clients in California. Please call Angie, Barbara or Jess at (626) 284-1142 for an appointment at 1000 S. Fremont Ave, Mailstop 58, Building A-1 Suite 1125, Alhambra, CA 91803. (Advertising Supplement)

Philippines secures $2.43 million... PAGE B2 t

in Korea, as well as exchange of research materials. The financial assistance followed the agriculture cooperation pact signed by the Philippines and South Korea during President Duterte’s recent visit. The deal aims to promote sustainable development that will help raise living standards in the


farm sector. Other projects between the two countries include the P28 billion fruit supply with Korea’s biggest supermarket chain, EMart for a period of three years. South Korean manufacturing firms are also interested in putting up an assembly plant in the country to help improve farm mechanization.

The Korean Agricultural Machinery Industry Cooperative (KAMICO) needs a 50-hectare area for the assembly plant which will produce tractors and other farm machinery. The Bases Conversion Development Authority has already committed an area in Clark while the trade department is set to provide incentives to KAMICO. ■

The bucket list

forgiveness is beyond us. We equate forgiveness with weakness and our supreme pride won’ t let us do it. Broken hearts? Broken relationships? The solution is always the same. FORGIVE. Forgive as you have been forgiven. And while you’re at it, FORGET. You do yourself no favors by letting the pains and hurts fester. Not that it’s easy to forgive and forget. Nothing worthwhile is ever easy.

But that’s the whole story of our redemption. God forgives and forgets our iniquities. Who are we not to try and do likewise during our short time here on earth? The full benefits of forgiveness accrue first to the aggrieved party, the one who forgives and forgets. Why? Because then the heart is allowed to mend and heal with time, it becomes whole once again. There is a play on words about time and healing that one wit

wrote. It is said that. “Time heals all wounds.” And if you believe in karma, “Time wounds all heels.” Let that sink in for a moment. God makes the prayerful heart resilient. In time, the human heart can love again as though it was never broken. Next week: Another idea to consider for The Bucket List … *** Nota Bene: Monette Adeva Maglaya is SVP of Asian Journal Publications, Inc. To send comments, e-mail monette.

SoCal ASIAN JOURNAL • JULY 11-13, 2018 B3

Calendar of Events across



Solo exhibit of Fil-Am Artist Lynda A. N. Reyes in Burbank The Betsy Lueke Creative Arts Center, the municipal gallery of Burbank, is proud to present the Solo Exhibit of artist Lynda A. N. Reyes from July 6 to the 26,2018. The public is invited to the opening reception on Friday, July 6 from 7:00-9:00 p.m. The gallery is located at 1100 West Clarke Avenue, Burbank, California 91506. The exhibit will highlight her watercolor and oil paintings that have been featured in museum exhibits in California, Wisconsin, Louisiana, Pennsylvania and Montana and in national juried shows in Berkeley, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Burbank, Sherman Oaks, Tarzana, Sta. Monica, Glendale, Brea in Orange County and in international shows in Kentucky, Canada, Maryland, Wisconsin, Colorado and New York. Paintings that have given her recognition, as well as new works will all in one big venue. For more information about the artist, visit or contact her at For information about the gallery, call 818-238-5397 or visit www. The gallery hours are Mondays through Thursdays 9 a.m.-9 p.m., Saturdays 9 a.m.-1 p.m. and closed on Sundays.

J U LY 1 3

LA Veterans Resource Expo in Pomona, CA On Friday, July 13, LA County Supervisor Hilda L. Solis presents the LA Veterans Resource Expo from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Pomona Fairplex Bldg. 4 (1101 W. McKinley Ave., Pomona, CA 91768). The day will feature information on jobs, health & resources. FREE admission and parking at Gate 17 entrance. Participant registration also available the day of the event. For more information about the event, please visit

J U LY 1 4

COFACC to host SoCal Family Picnic in San Dimas, CA The SoCal Family Picnic organized by the Coalition of Filipino American Chambers of Commerce (COFACC) will be held at 4 p.m. at J. Bonelli Park, San Dimas, CA. Friends and family are invited to join in some fellowship and camaraderie to strengthen bonds with the five Filipino-American Chamber chapter members from Greater LA (FACCCGLA), Orange County (FACCOC), San Bernardino, LA and Riverside (FACC-Tri-County), San Diego (FACC San Diego) and Hollywood (FACCHollywood).

7 Mile House presents: 2nd Annual Adobo Cook Off For A Cause in Brisbane, CA 7 Mile House’s famous pork adobo will be challenged by other adobo recipes nominated by customers for the second annual “7 Mile House Adobo Cook Off”! The event will be held on Saturday, July 14 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at 7 Mile House Sports Bar & Grill (2800 Bayshore Boulevard. Brisbane, CA 94005). The ticket price ($25) includes all you can drink San Miguel beer, all you can eat jasmine rice, tastings of each adobo entry, including 7 Mile’s, and one vote for your favorite adobo. Last year, all proceeds from the event benefited Salupongan International (SI), and helped provide educational tools and supplies to Salupongan’s READ (Right to Education, Autonomy and Dignity) Program. This year the Adobo Cook-off 2018 will benefit St. Paul of the Shipwreck Church. To purchase tickets, please visit: For more information, please visit or contact Vanessa Garcia at (415) 467-2343.

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FACC Tri-County to hold presentation in Ontario, CA The Filipino American Chamber of Commerce Tri-County (Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties) will host a ‘Land Banking Presentation,’ a free workshop on July 18, 6 p.m., at the Inland Valley Church of Christ Conference Room (1550 N. Palmetto Avenue, Ontario, CA 91762). “Southern California’s next major land boom is underway!” says speaker Tony Taverrite, Director of Sales & Marketing-Professional Land Corp. “Don’t you owe it to yourself to learn more?” added another speaker, Femie Cupit, Land Banking Sales Agent, a member of FACC Tri-County. For more information, contact Femie (858) 220-5487 or FACC Pres. Merwynn Montenegro (909) 319-3145.

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FACCGLA hosts import and export seminar in Sherman Oaks, CA Join the Filipino American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Los Angeles (FACCGLA) on Thursday, July 19 for the e-commerce, logistics, and compliance seminar. Learn how to import and export to and from the Philippines! This will be a prelude to the Trade, Trade & Consumer Roadshow on Aug. 4-5 at the SouthBay Pavilion. It will be held from 6:30 to 8:20 p.m. at 5121 Van Nuys Blvd., Sherman Oaks, CA 91403. To join and register, please go to or call (888) 670-7717 or visit / call (562) 422-6492.

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UPAAGLA Boodle Feast Fiesta in North Hills, CA University of the Philippines Alumni Association of Greater Los Angeles (UPAAGLA) welcomes alumni of the University of the Philippines and their friends and family to meet, mix, mingle at this fun afternoon at 4 p.m. at 15255 Knapp St, North Hills, CA. Register on or call President-Elect Ethel Rubio (818) 640-2946 or (800) 611-5705. Connect with UPAAGLA on Facebook or visit

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Valentine in July concert in Los Angeles This two-and-a-half hour concert on Sunday, July 22 will feature two of the music industry’s best Singer-Songwriters then and today, David Pomeranz and Rey Valera. Their timeless and classic love songs became the movie/tele-serye themesongs in the Philippines. The event will be held at the Aratani Theater (244 S San Pedro St, Los Angeles, CA 90012) at 6:30 p.m. Tickets are available via or by calling (424)232-6781.

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LA Builder Lions Club to hold installation of new officers The Los Angeles Builder Lions Club will hold their 28th Installation on new officers on Saturday, July 28 from 11:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. at the Oxford Palace Hotel (745 S. Oxford Ave, Los Angeles, CA). Music will be provided by Lion Willie Manacsa. Please RSVP to any of the following officers: Lion President Ken Marchand (818)749-1076; Lion Tita James (818)203-2325 or PZC Lion Yoli Ramo at (213)305-1332.

If you have an upcoming event and would like us to post it, please email us the details at or

B JULY 11-13, 2018 • SoCal ASIAN JOURNAL • (818) 502-0651 • (213) 250-9797

Duterte OKs Palayan City Hub... PAGE B1 t

cess outsourcing firms, under a public-private partnership (PPP) deal. Alloy MTD will operate the Palayan hub for 30 years. “This IT park will serve as the catalyst for the much-awaited employment generation and economic progress of Nueva Ecija province and Palayan City,” said Mayor Rhianne Cuevas in her speech during the signing ceremonies. She announced the entry of BPO Sutherland Global Services which will start operations in September with 700 seats to be ramped up to 1,750 seats by June 2019. Gov’t center An outbound call center is also

currently operating at PCBH. The park is a four-building complex. Two buildings were especially built for BPO operations. Another building is the government center which houses the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration’s One-Stop-Shop. The government center will soon house provincial offices of the Department of Labor and Employment, Technical Education and Skills Development Authority, Department of Information and Communications and Bureau of Immigration. Cuevas said the PCBH is also a hub for schools that offer information technology, computer proficiency, BPO management courses and short courses for overseas workers.

The Capital Hotel at the hub, with 75 fully furnished rooms, will be fully operational in September to serve expatriates with transactions at the PCBH. Thanking Digong Mayor Cuevas, in a statement, said she was grateful to the president “who saw the urgent need for the development of rural areas.” She also credited Sen. Richard Gordon, brains behind the conversion of former U.S. bases into commercial areas, with inspiring the pursuit of development projects for her city and Nueva Ecija province. She also thanked MTD Alloy which “had taken the first step to invest in our city and put trust in our people.”n

PEZA remains optimistic on investment... PAGE B1 t

says they’re appealing to the president and to Congress to exempt PEZA from the TRAIN Law, TRAIN 2, to let it continue with its promotion of investments to the countryside, to the LGUs (local government units),” she said. She said ULAP has provided


copies of the resolution to members of Congress. “I know Congress, both the Senate and the House, will also give some considerations to let us not be too drastic in removing the incentives and imposing new taxes,” she said. Latest data available showed

investment pledges registered with the PEZA fell 58.6 percent to P39.09 billion in the January to April period from P94.39 billion in the same period last year. Investment pledges with the PEZA reached P237.57 billion last year, 8.89 percent higher than the P218.18 billion in 2016.


BSP evaluating banks’ compliance... PAGE B1 t

point of sales (POS) terminals to the replacement of magnetic stripe credit as well as debit or prepaid cards, including distribution of EMV-compliant cards. According to Fonacier, the BSP has given banks enough time to comply with the mandated shift to the EMV technology. As early as 2013, the BSP had ordered banks to shift to the EMV technology through the enhanced information technology risk management. All BSP-supervised financial institutions were given until January last year to migrate to EMV technology to drastically reduce,

if not totally eliminate, fraud due to card skimming and counterfeiting as the new technology provides cardholders better protection from unauthorized access to their accounts. However, issues hounded the shift to the EMV technology, prompting the BSP to issue Memorandum 2017 – 019 to accelerate full migration of the entire payment systems network to EMV technology and setting the deadline to June 30. Fonacier said the review would be based on the level of compliance of banks. Aside from banks, BSP Governor Nestor Espenilla Jr. had

said clients should cooperate to fully complete the migration to the safer and more secure EMV technology. “As far as we are concerned, if a bank has completed and has made ready all of the cards, given due notice to its customers, but on June 30 some customers have not claimed yet, to us we can look at that as substantial compliance already because they have done what they are supposed to do,” Espenilla said. The BSP chief explained customers have to physically go to their branches, update their information and change their personal identification number (PIN). n

Infrastructure seen to push GDP... PAGE B1 t

“Infrastructure activity was much higher in Q1-2018 than in the same period last year, but slowed mildly from Q4-2017; we expect the pace to pick up. Operational issues at the district level and bureaucratic red tape persist,” Narayanan added. According to the economist, the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) forecasts

infrastructure spending to hit 6.3 percent of GDP in 2018 from an average of 2.7 percent from 2011 to 2015. Latest data showed infrastructure spending grew to four percent of GDP in the first quarter. The Duterte administration has committed to spend at least P8.4 trillion to ramp up infrastructure spending until 2022. The Philippines has booked 77





quarters of uninterrupted growth as the GDP growth accelerated to 6.8 percent in the first quarter from the revised 6.5 percent in the fourth quarter of last year. Economic managers through the Cabinet-level Development Budget Coordination Committee (DBCC) have forecast a GDP growth of between seven and eight percent this year from 6.7 percent last year. n

B5 JULY 11-13, 2018 • SoCal ASIAN JOURNAL • (818) 502-0651 • (213) 250-9797

People and Events Culver City’s Boulevard Music Temple City’s Camp-A-Palooza Summer Festival starts July 12 SUMMER breezes…an intimate courtyard…free parking… and great music. Escape to Culver City for the 2018 Culver City’s Boulevard Music Summer Festival. Boulevard Music presents six free concerts on Thursday evenings at 7 pm from July 12 through August 16 in the palm-lined Dale Jones Courtyard of Culver City City Hall. Please consider taking a Culver CityBus to the concerts! Curated by producer Gary Mandell of Culver City’s Boulevard Music, Culver City’s Boulevard Music Summer Festival offers something for everyone: The sounds of Choro with great vocals from Kátia Moraes and Brazilian Hearts plus the sounds of Cuba that’ll make you want to dance from Conganas (July 12); Classic Rock/Blues/Country with hot guitar from the Carl Verheyen Band featuring John Jorgenson (July 19); The Classic R & B and Soul review of Brenda Lee Eager (July 26); Americana/ Country with hot banjo/fiddle from Tony Furtado featuring Luke Price (August 2); Classic Rock standards and originals from Venice and The Pine Mountain Logs (Aug 9); and a little acting in “The Heart of Screenland” from a great Beatles tribute band 4 Lads from Liverpool (Aug 16). Avoid the crowds and parking hassles of other areas on the Westside. Parking is free for one hour (2 hours with festival validation) in designated structures in downtown Culver City, and dozens of dining options are available within walking distance. Culver City’s downtown area is

NEVER been camping? Now’s the time to start! This July 20-21, Live Oak Park will transform into an island-style campground with the return of Temple City’s popular Camp-A-Palooza overnight experience. This year’s tropical-themed event will include a special screening of Disney’s 2016 animated hit “Moana,” the story of a teenage girl who teams up with a demigod named Maui to save her Polynesian village. Campers are invited to bring the entire ohana for an evening of arts and crafts, live entertainment and other family-friendly attractions fit for kids (and parents) of all ages.

Southern California’s best-kept secret, featuring a wonderful mix of historic buildings, boutiques, theaters, galleries, and unique restaurants opening onto tree-lined streets. Admission is free, however, you could consider becoming an entry level sponsor by purchasing one of the 100 premium reserved seats at $10 each per show available at Boulevard Music starting June 20. Tickets may be purchased at Boulevard Music in person or over the phone. At this time these tickets are not available online and that probably won’t change for these tickets. Culver City’s Boulevard Music Festival is sponsored by (made possible by) The City of Culver City, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Boulevard Music, Culver Studios, Palm Court, Michael Morabito Real Estate, John Rior-

dan Plumbing, Culver City Volvo & Mazda, Maxam Properties, Swiss Motors, Sorrento Market, D & E Associates, Mateo’s, Cavanaugh Realty, Dolce Realtors, Marriott Hotel, Michael Kayem Remax, Hillside Memorial Park, Music Munchers, LaRocco’s, Culver Hotel, Dynagraphics, Culver City News, Culver City Observer, Steeldeck Inc, Eastman Guitars, Kremona USA, Ohana Ukuleles, and Ernie Ball. For more information, please visit Boulevard Music’s website at https://www.boulevardmusic. com/event/culver-citys-boulevard-music-summer-festivalstarts-july-12-at-city-hall/. ■

The event’s cost of $75 per family of up to four people (and $10 per additional family member) also covers meals and snacks. Registration is still go-

ing. Early registration is encouraged, as space is limited and tends to fill up quickly; to reserve your spot, please call (626) 579-0461. ■

Escape the heat at one of the City of Artesia’s 3 cooling centers FOR anyone looking to escape the heat on extremely hot days, three Cooling Centers are available throughout the City of Artesia. Locations and hours are below. The Community Center at Artesia Park - 1-8 p.m. AJ Padelford Park - 1-6 p.m. Artesia Library - 12-8 p.m. Artesia Park and AJ Padelford Park have air-conditioned rooms with chairs and tables for anyone looking to escape the heat.

In addition, the Artesia Library is a great place to quietly read

a book (Closed on Sundays and Mondays). ■

Five simple tips to keep your pets safe SEAACA has a long standing commitment to reuniting lost animals with their owners, and encouraging responsible pet ownership by providing educational information and insuring access to spay or neuter services at a reasonable cost. Listed below are five (5) helpful tips for you and your pet. • Make sure your pet is always wearing an identification (ID) tag. SEAACA encounters more than 15,000 dogs and cats each year that are lost with no ID, and therefore brought into the Animal Care Center. If an animal has an ID tag, the animal is held additional time as we work to locate the owner. • Get a micro-chip. Of course, tags can fall off or be taken off; Micro-chipping is one of the important elements of pet reunification. A micro-chip is a small device about the size of a grain of rice implanted beneath your pet’s skin. It contains a unique number used to identify the animal. • Keep your contact information up-to-date. A micro-chip is not a GPS or tracking device. You cannot get information regarding a lost pet’s location directly from the microchip. • Expect the unexpected. Even though your dog or cat is


an indoor pet or backyard companion, there is a strong possibility your pet can get off your property due to a myriad of factors. Be sure to keep your pet’s collar and tag on your pet at all times. • If a pet is lost, start searching immediately and visit SEAACA’s Animal Care Center to see if the lost pet has made their way there. To assist owners in locating their lost pets and to provide information to prospective adopters, SEAACA photographs pets as they enter the Care Center. If you have lost your pet, review the pictures online and look through the inventory log located in SEAACA’s lobby. Also, visit the Care Center several times a week to view the animals. This information has been modified from SEAACA newsletter. For more pet care or adoption information visit■

CSUF Research Center to host August 13-16 Conference for Nonprofits California Association of Nonprofits CEO Jan Masaoka keynotes event

JAN Masaoka, the CEO of the California Association of Nonprofits, is among keynote speakers for the Aug. 13-16 G3X Conference, formerly known as the Summer School for Nonprofits. The event is hosted by CSUF’s Gianneschi Center for Nonprofit Research. Joining Masaoka, founder and former editor-in-chief of Blue Avocado, an online magazine of Nonprofits Insurance Alliance Group, are fellow keynote speakers Paul Chappell, an international peace educator, and Shelley Hoss, president of the Orange County Community Foundation. Nearly 20 business leaders and experts, including several Mihaylo College of Business and Economics faculty members and the center’s new director, Zoot Velasco, are scheduled to speak at the conference for nonprofit and social enterprise professionals. The three Xs hint at the event’s theme of “Creating eXciting, eXcellent and eXempt organizations” through best practices, leadership and innovation. Event will start on Monday, Aug. 13 through Thursday, Aug. 16, at the Steven G. Mihaylo Hall at Cal State Fullerton, 800 N.

State College Blvd., Fullerton, CA 92831 The building is at northwest corner of Nutwood Avenue and Folino Drive. The costs range from $80, for the Aug. 13 grant-writing session, to $120 for a one-day pass, and $290 for a four-day pass. Center membership passes offering conference attendance and monthly trainings are available for $360 to $864. Attendees receive free parking and meals. Registration is required and can be completed online at https:// GianneschiNonprofitResearch/ g3x-conference. For more information visit the G3X Conference page online at https://business.fullerton. edu/Center/GianneschiNonprofitResearch/g3x-conference for a list of speakers and sponsors, plus pricing and registration information. The Gianneschi Center for Nonprofit Research, in the CSUF Mihaylo College of Business and Economics, supports the work of Orange County’s many charitable organizations as the repository for data about the philanthropic sector. ■

SOUTHBAY PAVILION MALL 20700 South Avalon Boulevard Carson, California 90746

AUGUST 4-5, 2018 ATTENDEES & INDUSTRY EXHIBITORS 01 Business-to-Business

02 Business-to-Government

03 Business-to-Customer

Meet, connect, and collaborate with industry partners and streamline your business results.

Connect with leaders in the public and private sector from across the US region and Philippines.

Whether you're shopping for new and amazing products or a vendor looking to promote your product, this event is designed for you.

04 Filipino-Americans in Southern California

05 American Mainstream in Los Angeles County

06 American Mainstream in Orange County




01 Travel Destinations 02 Medical Tourism 03 Gaming & Entertainment 04 Retirement 05 Education

01 Agricultural 02 Real Estate 03 Franchising 04 Small Business Opportunities 05 Financial Management

01 Government Ministries 02 American Businesses 03 Philippine Businesses



(818) 502-0651 • (213) 250-9797 •

SoCal ASIAN JOURNAL • JULY 11-13, 2018 B

The Asian Journal

mdwk Wednesday, July 11, 2018







cover story The Asian Jour nal MDWK MAGAZINE - July 11, 2018

Manny Mogato & Mariel Padilla: Getting to know the Filipino 2018 Pulitzer Prize winners by MoMar

WHEN Manuel Mogato won the Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting earlier this year, he became the first Philippinebased journalist to do so after 75 years when Carlos P. Romulo won it way back in 1942. Mogato worked with his colleagues Clare Baldwin and Andrew R.C. Marshall and won the Pulitzer Prize (International Reporting) for their relentless reporting that exposed the brutal killing campaign behind Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte’s war on drugs. Mariel Padilla is a graduate student of journalism from Columbia University who worked in the past summer at the Cincinnati Enquirer where she worked on the opioid crisis in Cincinnati. The staff won for a riveting and insightful narrative and video documenting seven days of greater Cincinnati’s heroin epidemic, revealing how the deadly addiction has ravaged families and communities. Both Filipinos (one a veteran, the other a newbie) won for their work on two disparate drug issues—one on the drug war in the Philippines and the other on the opioid crisis in an Ohio town. This year, their paths crossed and found themselves belonging to the elite group of Pulitzer Prize winners. The Pulitzer Prize is the highest and most prestigious award in journalism, literature and music composition. Her story She was taking notes while her professor was talking. One of her friends was on her laptop watching the announcements as they were coming and she texted Padilla during class asking ‘Did you just win a Pulitzer?’ She replied with ‘I don’t know’ and her friend replied back and said that the Enquirer just did. “I was silently freaking out and I didn’t want to interrupt the class so I waited until the break to check it myself,” she shared. Padilla knew that the Enquirer had won but she did not know if her name was attached to that win at all until her boss there texted her with ‘Congratulations! You’re a Pulitzer winner.’

G. Visaya/AJPress

That was when she officially knew. Padilla worked at the Cincinnati Inquirer as an intern last summer. She was the breaking news intern so she did crime, courts and breaking news. This project was a full newsroom effort and there was one weekend during the summer where every single journalist in the newsroom went out and reported on the different angles of the opioid crisis that is especially prevalent in Cincinnati. “I was told to go to the jails every morning and look through the arrest lists and check which ones are related to the opioid epidemic,” she recalled. She would then take pictures of them and go back to the office where she created a database for all these information, which would then be shared with all the other journalists. The information she collated would end up being used in the writing process. Mariel also did some interviews and shadowed other journalists as they went out in the field. She got the internship while she was still in college and there were 7 to 10 up for that internship. Patty Newberry, her professor and adviser and was one of the main reasons why she chose journalism. Padilla was initially an English major and didn’t think she wanted to be in journalism until she took Newberry’s class in her junior year. “It was a local news reporting class and I was writing about local schools and board meetings and I remember thinking that my writing could help people in the community and that’s when I fell in love with journalism,” she said. That summer experience was Mariel’s first ever professional experience in a newsroom. The amount of things she learned was so much, she said. “I learned how newsrooms worked and how fast you have to go and write but the biggest thing I found in that newsroom was everyone’s dedication to the people and the community and I think that watching some

of the senior reporters there and how they dealt with very sensitive issues was great to see in person and that really helped me how to become a better journalist,” she added. No one in the family works in the media. Her dad is an engineer while her mom is a statistician. She has an older brother in med school and a younger brother in college studying math. “When I told my parents I wanted to do English, they were not happy. It took a lot of conversations about why I want to do what I love, which is reading and writing and learning,” she recalled. “They were kind of pushing me to think practically so I got another major in communications so I have a fall back and I can do PR or marketing and I think that calmed them down a little. They’ve been supportive but still nudging me about how to make money.” Now, at 23 years old, she is already a Pulitzer Prize winner. “I texted them while I was in class. They were the first people I told. My dad was just so excited, he told me later that he stopped his meeting and told his co-workers about the news. They’re very proud,” she shared. A few weeks after our interview, Padilla finished her 10-month program and became a member of the 2018 graduating class. Since she decided late in the game to get into journalism, she felt like she needed to do more school before she entered the workforce since she didn’t study it officially. “I knew I wanted to do it in New York, I’ve always loved New York. I applied to three New York schools and a Boston school and I got into Columbia,” she quipped. Just being around the amazing professors here, and the connections and events and mentorship. I am still in awe when a certain professor gets into a room because I know all the great work that they have done and that is amazing. Padilla recently accepted a six-month fellowship opportunity with Sheila Coronel for a project related to the Philippines. For her long-term plan, she said she has goals but nothing is set in stone. “I hope to keep pursuing journalism. I am in the data concentration here so I am trying to mix data and investigative skills with writing,” she explained. When she started the program last year, she was told to talk to someone about her interest in the data program. “They told me to talk with Sheila, she’s one of the deans. I walked in and I didn’t know who she was at all and halfway through our conversation, she asked, ‘Are you Filipina?’ and I said ‘Yeah’. She’s like, ‘Me too’ and I said ‘Cool’. We talked a little bit about her but I still had no idea about her and how big she was until I got home and I

Manuel Mogato

googled her,” she said, sounding embarrassed. Mogato’s way Last year, The New York Times won a Pulitzer for Breaking News Photography for “They Are Slaughtering Us Like Animals.” This year, Reuters (including Mogato) won a Pulitzer for International Reporting for “Duterte’s War: Inside the Bloody Crackdown in the Philippines.” Mogato, Reuters’ Manilabased veteran correspondent, shared honors with Clare Baldwin and Andrew R.C. Marshall. The citation reads: “For relentless reporting that exposed the brutal killing campaign behind Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s War on Drugs. Mr. Stephen J. Adler, Reuters Editor-in-Chief said of the winning entry, it ”demonstrated how the police in the President’s ‘drug war’ have killed with impunity and consistently shielded from prosecution.” The 55-year-old journalist has built relationships with the community, local police and the various organizations he worked with throughout the more than three decades he has spent in the field. Over empanadas and coffee at a Cuban restaurant in midtown Manhattan, Mogato told some members of the Filipino American Press Club of New York his own back story, starting back in 1983 when he joined the Metro Manila News Bureau of the KBL party which was then busy preparing for the Interim Batasang Pambansa elections for the following year. He was then a newbie, a fresh mass communication graduate from the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila. After the elections, they were absorbed by People’s Journal where he worked the graveyard shift covering the police beat in the Eastern Police District. He also worked as stringer and reporter with various agen-

Mariel T. Padilla

cies and publications such as Asahi Shimbun, Manila Times and Manila Chronicle. “Hindi pa nga nag si sink in eh,” Mogato said about his win, laughing heartily. The announcements were made at 3:00 pm in New York. It was 3:00 am in Manila and Mogato was sound asleep. He was awakened when his phone rang. “Ano kayang istorya? May lindol kaya? Tapos sabi sa akin ng editor ko, ‘I have good news for you. You won a Pulitzer Prize,” he shared. On the other end of the line, dead silence. Mogato said he froze and muttered an incredulous ‘Talaga?’ He wasn’t able to go back to sleep as the phone calls kept coming. His office told him last January that some of their works on Duterte’s drug war were submitted for consideration. He said he shrugged it off, knowing that the Pulitzer Prize was American centric. In 2003, he joined Reuters as a general assignment reporter. He has covered major political and security events in the country’s history, from the downfall of dictator Ferdinand Marcos in a near bloodless “People Power” uprising in 1986 to the ouster of the another leader, Joseph Estrada in 2001, to the meteoric rise of maverick southern mayor Rodrigo Duterte as president. He recalled one of the stories he remembered while he cultivated his relationship with his sources, including the military and police. It was 1985 and Marcos was still in power. It was a birthday party and they were having drinks with the police. He noticed a couple of men who were silent and were not talking. Around midnight, the police left with the two men. “After 30 minutes, tumawag yung mga pulis sa radio, may encounter daw. So kami naman,

AJPress photos by Momar G. Visaya

pumunta to cover. May dalawang tao nakabulagta sa kalye. Yung kainuman namin kanina,” he shared. “Sabi sa akin, ‘Huwag ka nang maingay. Isulat mo na lang, mga holdaper’.” He also remembers going to Davao in 1986 to cover Alsa Masa issues. President Duterte was just a vice mayor then. Two years later, he ran for mayor and won. “To survive Davao, kailangan matapang ka. Kaya siya kinatakutan. Yung formula niya, maraming namamatay na addicts, petty criminals. He saw that it was a good formula to control the city kasi natakot sa kanya lahat. Yung formula nay un, in-apply niya nung naging presidente siya,” he shared. “From July 2016 to December 2017 3,900 people were killed, ito yung mga nanlaban, killed by the police. Then 2,000 plus yung vigilante killings. Ito yung drug war. Bumagal na during the first four months of 2018, nasa 280 na lang, konti na,” Mogato added. One of their stories was entitled “Dead on Arrival”. It was about sending in bodies of victims to the hospitals with one caveat, most if not all are dead. The Reuters investigation revealed that according to witnesses and family members, the drug suspects were executed and their bodies were removed from the crime scene. “Yung mga duktor nagugulat na lang. Siyempre sa autopsy makikita nila yung mga bullet wounds. Ang lalapit binaril, sa ulo, sa puso. Isa mga classic case niyan si Kian delos Santos,” he said. “Yung bata, naka slump, hawak hawak yung baril sa kanang kamay. Sabi ng nanay niya, kaliwete yung anak. At yung baril, hawak hawak pa. Kung totoong nanlaban siya, pag nangka encounter, yung baril titilapon yan, hindi mo hawak.” “Parang suntok sa buwan. Hindi ko talaga inasahan na mananalo kami,” he said.

Filipinos and Filipino-Americans who have won the Pulitzer Prize By MoMar

G. Visaya / AJPress

Mogato is the second Manila-based Filipino to win the Manuel Mogato and Mariel Padilla join an elite prestigious award. Carlos Romulo won the group of Filipino and Filipino-americans who have 1942 Pulitzer Prize in Corwon the Pulitzer. respondence “for his observations and forecasts of Far Eastern developments during a tour of the trouble centers from Hong Kong to Batavia” at the outset of World War II. In the United States, a number of Filipino-Americans have gained recognition for their work in journalism. Byron Acohido bagged the 1997 Pulitzer Prize for Beat Reporting on The Seattle Times. He covered the aerospace industry and won for his coverage of the aerospace industry, notably an exhaustive investigation of rudder control problems on the Boeing 737, which contributed to new FAA requirements for major improvements. Alex Tizon won the 1997 Pulitzer Prize for Investigative Reporting on “The Seattle Times” with his colleagues. They won for their investigation Alex Tizon with Eudocia Pulido photo of widespread corruption and

inequities in the federally-sponsored housing program for Native Americans, which inspired much-needed reforms. Tizon was the author of the viral “My Family’s Slave” published by The Atlantic in June 2017 after his death. Washington-based Cheryl Diaz Meyer won the 2004 Pulitzer Prize for Breaking News Photography on “The Dallas Morning News” with her team. Cheryl Diaz Meyer They covered the war in Iraq with striking pictures of the conflict. Define American’s Jose Antonio Vargas won the 2008 Pulitzer Prize for Breaking News Reporting on The Washington Post with his colleagues. They won for their exceptional, multifaceted coverage of the deadly shooting rampage at Virginia Tech, telling the developing story in print and online. The prize recognizes people who excel in newspaper, magazine and online journalism, as well as those who excel in Carlos P. Romulo literature and music competiPhoto courtesy of tion.

Photo from

Jose Antonio Vargas 


Lani Misalucha joins search to find the next PH superstar by Ricky


AsiA’s Nightingale Lani Misalucha will be in the Philippines all through september to fulfill her duties as one of the judges on GMA Network’s newest singing competition, “The Clash,” which premiered last week. Based in Las Vegas for some time now, Lani is grateful to be part of the original concept, especially since she is reunited with fellow “sOP” diva when it was still the network’s sunday variety show, Asia’s songbird Regine Velasquez-Alcasid. Regine, however, is The Clash’s main host, while Asia’s Romantic Balladeer Christian Bautista and Comedy Concert Queen Ai Ai de las Alas complete the trio of judges with Lani. “i think this program is a refresher for me because makakatrabaho ko si Regine—pati


From showbiz to politics, Boy Abunda tackles them all by Ronnie


Lani Misalucha

na rin si Ai Ai and Christian—na years ago ko na rin nakasama. This time, it’s different kasi we’ll be working as a team to choose kung sino ba talaga ang deserving to be the first The Clash champion kaya nakakaexcite.”


The Asian Jour nal MDWK MAGAZINE - July 11, 2018


“BARCO” is not what you think it is—that which floats on water. At least in this case, it’s an acronym for the Philippine King of Talk’s “Boy Abunda Roundtable Conversations.” One might ask, isn’t Boy tired of getting in all forms of discourse? From showbiz to politics, he tackles them all. But as the “King” explained, he formed Barco to primarily Regine Velasquez-Alcasid GMA photos discuss relevant issues confrontAsked what advice she has ing the LGBTQiA (Queer/Quesfor the show’s contestants, tioning, intersex, Asexual/Allied) the Nightingale replied, “They community. After all, he’s the should sing from the heart. it is frontrunner of the Ladlad party also important they choose the list. right song and sing it well. The says Boy, “The last sympochoice of song is crucial in a sium that we held was about Continued on Page 4 disseminating HiV awareness

Boy Abunda is the Philippine King of Talk

where we invited experts.” The TV host was impressed with the audience turn out, which was double the number of those they invited to participate to this free-wheeling yet intelligent exchange of ideas and photo

opinions. And by the way, they were mostly millennials. “God has been good to me. He accorded me this opportunity to share my insights on important gay issues—and Continued on Page 4


FRIDAY, AUG 3 | 8pm $45, $55, $65

3 4 0 0 E H I G H WAY 24 6 , S A N TA Y N E Z � 8 0 0 �24 8 � 6274 � C H U M A S H C A S I N O.C O M Must be 21 years of age or older. Chumash Casino Resort reserves the right to change or cancel promotions and events.



The Asian Jour nal MDWK MAGAZINE - July 11, 2018

Lani Misalucha joins search to find... From Page 3

contest like this.” Zooming in on “The Clash’s” mechanics, the program will introduce in today’s pilot the “Top 62 Clashers” who will compete in intense one-onone battles in a bid to become the country’s next singing

sensation. Regine will therefore oversee what the network describes as “the toughest, fiercest and most talented hopefuls” in a head-to-head showdown every week. A product of singing competitions herself, the Songbird

said she can’t wait to witness the unique talent and star power of the clashers. “Since the auditions started, na-excite ako kasi ang dami nilang nakapasok. Mag-i–start na yung main elimination round and mas makikita natin yung talent nilang lahat. Excited ako na magsimula yung pagka-clash ng bawat isa sa kanila,” said the OPM icon. Under the helm of director Louie Ignacio, “The Clash” airs Saturday and Sunday nights with Andre Paras and host Joyce Pring in charge of giving updates on the aspirants’ quest for musical stardom.

Team Philippines competes at 2018 World Championship of Performing Arts in Long Beach

WCOPA Team Philippines 2018 at the parade of nations, 60 countries competing in the World Championship of Performing Arts (WCOPA) in Long Beach, July 8-13. Singers, dancers, models, actors and variety artists will compete for gold, silver, bronze medals, and industry awards in the Talent Olympics.

From showbiz to politics... From Page 3 that’s why I’m doing this,” Boy furthers. His ultimate goal in holding these talks is to achieve gender equality eventually. “I’d like to see the day when no one will come forward and say, ‘I’m gay’ or ‘I’m a lesbian’ or ‘I’m a man,’ ‘I’m a woman,’” he states matter-of-factly. Do we take his advocacy as a springboard for his muchvaunted political entry in 2019? His immediate kin are no political greenhorns, so it really won’t be surprising if he finally takes the plunge. The incumbent Borongan mayor (his native town in Eastern Samar) is Boy’s elder sister whom he calls “Mana Fe.” His mother Nanay Lising, a retired public school teacher, had also served as vice mayor in the past. While the King of Talk is constantly egged on by different quarters to give politics a try, he still believes, “The right time will come.” In the meantime, the one and only Boy Abunda—sans politics in mind—simply wants to welcome as many members of the LGBTQIA aboard on his Barco.

The WCOPA Team Philippines 2018 was awarded first prize in national costume out of 60 countries at the opening ceremonies of the World Championships of Performing Arts in Long Beach, CA.

The WCOPA Team Philippines 2018 National Director, Gerry Mercado was awarded Superior National Director of 2018 out of 60 countries at the WCOPA opening ceremonies. AJPress photos by Andy Tecson and Ding Carreon

Who is Sharon Cuneta’s next leading man? Robin or Richard? by Alfred


SHARON Cuneta teased a possible movie reunion with one of her old love team partners for an upcoming project; will it be Robin Padilla or Richard Gomez? The megastar uploaded a collage on her Instagram to tease an upcoming movie project with Star Cinema. She also hinted at a possible reunion with either Padilla or Gomez. “Star Cinema Presents Sharon Cuneta AND…??? (Who do you think it’s gonna be? One of these two Rs? Let’s all wait and see! Sabi ng [said] Star Cinema…),” wrote Cuneta in the caption. However, on July 8 she shared a clip from the movie

be my hands-down favorite leading man.” She and Padilla recently worked together in the 2017 film “Unexpectedly Yours.” Word of this new project with Star Cinema came out late May when Cuneta had a meeting with the company. Prior to this meeting, fans had hoped for a Sharon-Gabby movie after their brief reunion for a fast-food chain commercial. Unfortunately, Cuneta confirmed such a project would not happen any time soon. Sharon Cuneta While the Sharon-Gabby Photo from Instagram/@reallysharoncuneta may not push through, fans “Maging Sino Ka Man” wherein now have something new to look forward to as they wait for Padilla gave malunggay (morconfirmation on whether it will inga) leaves to Cuneta instead of flowers. Cuneta noted in the be a Sharon-Goma or SharonRobin movie for 2018. caption, “This boy will always

‘Crazy Rich Asian’ in Manila by MJ


FANS of Kevin Kwan’s bestselling novel “Crazy Rich Asians” who can’t wait for the movie adaptation to come out, this one’s for you! While waiting, you may want to know that the tall, dark and handsome Chris Pang is currently in Manila to work on a film. Chris plays Colin in “Crazy Rich Asians”, best friend to main man Nick (Henry Golding). So yes, Chris is the topless guy in the trailer who’s about to marry a supermodel and every bit an Asian Prince Charming. The Times got to bond with Chris after his Philippine movie project got a green light for production by Cignal TV late last week. The Aussie-Taiwanese actor will therefore remain in Manila for a month to star in “Edge By Design” with Jasmine Curtis-Smith as his leading lady. “Similar to how we are in real life, the movie is about Asians growing up in foreign countries and wanting to go back [home] and learn about their roots.” Chris will be working with Filipina director Andrea Walter

The author (third from left) with (from left) Chris Pang of ‘Crazy Rich Asians,’ director Andrea Walter and Osric Chau of ‘Supernatural’ photo

and “Supernatural’s” Osric Chau. Going back to “Crazy Rich Asians”, though, Chris revved up our excitement even more when he said, “The [movie]set was really opulent. Warner Brothers really stretched the budget as far as it could go. We created a new city in Singapore from scratch. The outfits and luxury items were over the top.” When the movie comes out in August, it will be the first-all Asian cast film to show in Hollywood again since “Joy

Luck Club” in 1993. With the world’s movie capital pushing for diversity these days, the movie is definitely something to anticipate. As Chris put it, “Imagine seeing someone who looks like you at the forefront of a major film and story. That should be the norm. That should be [done]as often as possible, for all of us to star in a Hollywood film. That’s why it’s such a big deal for me to be part of this casting and this movie which will propel Hollywood to a better direction.”

Let Super Vacation take you on a five-day trip through Oregon & beyond THERE is more to exploring the United States’ West Coast than just California. Take Oregon for example — home to scenic byways, captivating vistas, and even incredibly blue waters. From California’s world renowned Wine Country, to Oregon’s most treasured Crater Lake National Park, Super Vacation has you covered this summer with its five day trip through some of the West Coast’s most famous outdoor destinations. Here are just some of the highlights featured in Super Vacation’s 5 day Oregon—Crater Lake Deluxe Tour: Sequoia National Park Located in central California, Sequoia National Park is rightly nicknamed as the World of the Giants. While there, visit the General Grant (named after 18th U.S. President, Ulysses S. Grant), the second largest tree by volume after the General Sherman Tree also found in Sequoia. The General Grant’s long history of inspiration has further dubbed it the Nation’s Christmas Tree. Napa Valley Also known as the world famous Wine Country, Napa Valley has long been a California getaway destination. See an endless view of grape vines before enjoying some picks from local winery favorites. Redwood National Forest Entering Redwood National Forest brings you into the “Avenue of the Giants”, a worldfamous scenic drive that runs through acres of spectacular redwoods. Crater Lake National Park The only national park in Oregon, Crater Lake National Park is a prized destination of the

entertainment 5 The Asian Jour nal MDWK MAGAZINE - July 11, 2018

‘Pedro Penduko’ gets millennial makeover by Bayani

R. San

state as evident by its image on the license plates of many Oregon residents. Around 400,000 people visit yearly to see it’s blue waters — among the bluest in the world. Reaching 1,949 feet deep, Crater Lake is also the deepest in the nation and was formed from the collapse of volcano Mount Mazama some 7,700 years ago. Mount Shasta Get a view of the enormous

White Mountain Peak which stands 2,000 feet over Mr. Fuji, before exploring the fascinating Lake Shasta Caverns. Formed roughly 200 million years ago by flowing water, the entire cave is made of limestone with its wide variety of formations, stalagmites, soda straws, and flowstone. Also pay a visit to the world’s largest sundial at the translucent glass decked Sundial Bridge! Roaring Camp Railroads What better way to get a final view of the West Coast’s redwood groves than by old fashion sightseeing train. Take a morning ride on the Roaring Camp Railroads in Santa Cruz through redwood groves, all the way to the top of Bear Mountain. Established in 1981, Super Vacation specializes in travel packages throughout the U.S. and Canada. To book, or get more information on their tours and rates, call them at (626) 571 2988, or visit them online at www. (Advertising Supplement)


ALMOST a year after making a huge splash with his Cinemalaya debut film “Respeto,” filmmaker Treb Monteras II crosses over to the mainstream with a well-loved komiks classic, “Pedro Penduko.” The fantasy caper, which was created by National Artist for Literature Francisco V. Coching, will get a millennial makeover in this new adaptation, produced by Viva, Epik Studios and Cignal, with heartthrob James Reid as the titular hero. The iconic character has had several incarnations through the years, with Ramon Zamora and Janno Gibbs playing Pedro Penduko on the big screen and Matt Evans on the boob tube. It is precisely its enduring cinematic mythology that has attracted the indie director to the material. “It has a rich history and strong following, and I think this is a great opportunity to inform people about what’s happening in our society,” the director told the Inquirer. No better time For Monteras, the “Penduko” revival couldn’t have arrived at a better time. “There is so much violence in our country. The nation is divided. We need a hero to save us. Hopefully, a character like Pedro Penduko will remind us of what being a good Filipino is.” Of the previous iterations of the legend, Monteras had only seen the 2000 movie directed by Erik Matti, “Pedro Penduko, Episode II: The Return of the Comeback.” Monteras vowed that his film “will be more serious,” compared to previous editions. He explained: “We are combining some elements from the Francisco V. Coching original with the current adaptation by Epik Studios—to remain true to the comics tradition. This film will also introduce new characters and will be set in the city.”

Treb Monteras (left) and James Reid show off an artist’s rendition of the new “Pedro Penduko” photo

Since a pulsating urban soundscape and colorfully gritty landscape were the strongest suits of “Respeto,” can audiences expect the same ultramodish treatment for this rebooted “Penduko”? While Monteras plugged into lead star Abra’s hip-hop world in “Respeto,” will Reid’s unique sound also play a crucial role in the narrative? It’s “coincidental” that he’s working with actor-musicians back-to-back, he insisted. “But I think it’s also intentional because the producers got me for this movie after they saw ‘Respeto.’” Moreover, the new “Penduko” will have “a musical element, and James will be heavily involved in producing the soundtrack.” Collaboration He is looking forward to collaborating with Reid. “This is our first time to work together. I’m so excited because when I met him to discuss my plans

for the film, I could sense that he’s really committed to this project.” Although it’s his first time to make a mainstream flick, he surmises that the process would be similar to indie filmmaking. “When I prepare for projects, I just read lots of books, look at paintings and artworks for inspiration and immerse myself in the milieu.” Needless to say, his indie roots primed him well for future challenges. “Indie filmmaking is very difficult when you don’t have a financier. You have to do everything yourself, and I mean that literally and figuratively. Good thing I have friends who helped out to make my first film possible,” he related. Cinemalaya was like a master class, in more ways than one. “It taught me not to focus on finding money for my film, but instead finding stories that I am really passionate about,” Monteras asserted.


The Asian Jour nal MDWK MAGAZINE - July 11, 2018

071118 - SoCal Midweek Edition  
071118 - SoCal Midweek Edition