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MESSAGE FROM AND EXECUTIVE It is a great pleasure to be part of the Asian Community AIDS Services (ACAS), and we are thankful for all your wonderful support that has made ACAS successful today. In retrospect, the 2014-2015 was both a celebratory and challenging period for ACAS. Started with a celebration of its 20th anniversary, ACAS opened the 2014/15 period with a gala dinner at the Old Mills Hotel. Together with over 400 guests, we celebrated our history, persistence, as well as achievements that have brought ACAS successful up to its 20th year. We couldn’t be happier and more proud to cherish the moment by presenting Dr. Alan Li and Derek Yee with the ACAS Award in acknowledgment of their work in supporting the Asian community living with and/or affected by HIV/ AIDS, as well as its LGBTTIQQ members in the past 20 years.(1)



Dr. Li has over 30 years of experience advocating for LGBT, HIV/AIDS, immigrant and refugee, and anti-racism issues in Canada and Asia. Derek Yee is a community champion who gives voice to Asians living with HIV through his public speaking engagement, art work, community capacity building, and volunteer work.

THE BOARD CHAIR DIRECTOR With all the encouragements that we received during the celebration, we continued our work in both resource and program developments. In the fundraising front, ACAS participated in the 2014 Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon and successfully raised over $24,000. In the same year, ACAS, with the support of the Toronto Transit Community, brought up its outreaching work to a number of TTC Subway stations across the GTA on World AIDS Day. It was fun and well-received. Our programs continue to evolve, serving and engaging community members. The Support Program continue their work in providing quality services, and health workshops to Asians living with HIV/AIDS. The education and outreach program also completed two community-based research projects, dedicated to create wider community impact through knowledge exchange and transfer.

2014-2015 was also a challenging year of ACAS. In early 2015, our proposed Queer Asian youth resiliency project was not selected for funding. Spearheaded by Trisha Steinberg of the volunteer program and youth volunteers, Miss ACAS Event was organized to solicit fund for the QAY program. We are proud of QAY members and alumni of their dedication. Last, but certainly not the least, we wish to acknowledge and thank our dedicated staff team for their tireless work and support. This year, we particularly thank Daniel Le for his 8 years of excellent work with the Men’s program. We also thank the Board of Directors, members, donors and allies. Special thank to all volunteers who graced us with their time and talents, dedicating them to ACAS. They truly are and have been an inspiration, bringing confidence in us.

Giovanni Temansja Chair of the Board of Director

Noulmook Sutdhibhasilp, Executive Director


HISTORY, MISSION, & OBJECTIVES On World AIDS Day, December 1, 1994, three of the AIDS groups serving the Southeast Asian communities in Metro Toronto joined forces to form a new coalition agency. Gay Asians Toronto’s Gay Asian AIDS Project, Southeast Asian Service Centre’s Vietnamese AIDS Project, and the Toronto Chinese Health Education Committee’s AIDS Alert Project amalgamated to form the new coalition agency, Asian Community AIDS Services (ACAS).

Asian Community AIDS Services (ACAS) is a charitable, non-profit, community-based organization. It provides HIV/AIDS education, prevention, and support services to the East and Southeast Asian Canadian communities. These programs are based on a pro-active, and holistic approach to HIV/AIDS and are provided in a collaborative, empowering, and non-discriminatory manner.


T o reduce the infection of HIV/AIDS by promoting public awareness on HIV/AIDS prevention and safer sex in the Asian communities.

T o provide comprehensive and culturally appropriate support, education, and outreach services to Asians and Asians infected and affected by HIV/AIDS in a non-discriminatory and nonjudgmental manner.

T o enhance the well-being of Asians infected and affected by HIV/AIDS by providing direct services, increasing their control over their own health, and by promoting a supportive environment in the larger community.

T o promote a supportive environment to Asians infected and affected by HIV/AIDS by increasing access to services and by reducing racism, homophobia, and AIDS-phobia.

T o increase networking and collaboration among the Asian communities and HIV/AIDS services in Canadian society.

2014-2015 2014-2015




9,108 Condoms





Statistics from Ontario Community HIV/AIDS Reporting Tool (OCHART) document provided by the Ontario HIV Treatment Network

Volunteer Hours


ACAS Website

Administration Outreach Training Other Practical Support Special Events Education/Community Development Board/Advisory Committee Fundraising IT Support Hiring Process Involvement Policies/Procedures

9,255 Lube





294 Volunteers



Program 80 Support Workshops

56 Workshops 5

SUPPORT PROGRAM ANDREW MIAO Support Program Coordinator JENNY S. CHENG Women’s Support Worker KENNETH POON Health Promotion Worker The Support Program provides confidential support services to East and Southeast Asians living with HIV, including their partners, families, and friends. Our program aims to improve the quality of life of people living with HIV/AIDS (PHAs). To meet the unique needs of our service users, we collaborate with other ACAS programs and related community partners to deliver holistic and culturally appropriate services. We strive to support and empower PHAs to cope and live with HIV. This empowerment process is accomplished by enhancing PHAs’ knowledge and skills to facilitate self-care and to make positive changes to their lives. HIGHLIGHTS OF 2014-2015 •

Support Team provided case management and support services to 125 individuals (including 97 PHAs and 28 affected members).

We offered 8 Health Promotion Workshops, with topics including Mindfulness, HIV & Brain Health, Mental Health Wellness, Holistic Psychotherapy, Understanding Blood, History of ACAS and Healthy Food with Healthy Heart.


We organized 12 social events and 6 ALPHA gathering, including a day trip to Ripley’s Aquarium and a two day winter retreat at YMCA Geneva Park.

W orking with Trillium College Massage school and volunteer acupuncturists, we provided 221 complementary therapy sessions to our service users.

C ollaborated with ACAS community engagement coordinator and ASAAP to organize OPA+ (Ontario Positive Asians)!


QAY turned 15 this year! With the help from more than 20 dedicated youth volunteers, we had 1200+ youths coming in from all across the GTA to attend our educational workshops, social events and outreaches. This year, QAY started a coming out circle and attracted 40+ youths.

This year, QAY launched sports and recreation project called Rice In Motion. The project aims to provide a safer space for youth to engage in a variety of sports and recreation events, build community, and address homophobia, transphobia, ablelism and fatphobia.

QAY’s health promotion project had another successful year. Almost 100 youths attended events like dodgeball tournament, at-home workout workshop, morning jog session, Para Para dance workshop, and singing workshop.

QAY developed a culturallylinguistically appropriate resource “Let’s Work It Out!” to increase accurate knowledge and positive attitude of East and Southeast Asian families towards their LGBTQ children and coming out process. The resource was translated into 7 Asian languages: Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai and Tagalog. They are available as printed and online resources for nationwide accessibility.

EUAN HWANG Youth Education and Outreach Program Coordinator, QAY Sports & Recreation Project Lead CHUCK LI QAY Resource Development Lead GABRIEL BACANI QAY Health Promotion Project Lead RAY GARCIA QAY Sports & Recreation Project Lead The Youth Education and Outreach Program, also known as Queer Asian Youth (QAY), prevents the spread of HIV/ STIs and improves the quality of life among East and Southeast LGBTQ Asian youth community. This is done by providing culturally and linguistically appropriate education and outreach, creating safe spaces, and developing youth’s capacities, while addressing the socioeconomic factors such as homo/transphobia, racism, sexism, and HIV stigma that contribute to risky behaviours.


MEN’S PROGRAM RICHARD UTAMA MSM Sexual Health Coordinator RYAN TRAN Men’s Program Coordinator BRIAN LY MSM Outreach Worker CHRISTIAN HUI Straight Talk Program Coordinator The Men’s Program strives to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS among Asian men who have sex with men (MSM), as well as heterosexual Asian men who are targeted through the Lockerroom Project. Based on sex-positive risk and harm reduction strategies, the program promotes safer sex practices, healthy sexuality, and safer substance-use. We provide educational outreach, social support events, and behavioural interventions in culturally relevant and sensitive matters. HIGHLIGHTS OF 2014-2015 •


33 Asian MSM attended the SLAM (Sex Love Asian Men) forum, which addressed issues around privilege and oppression, sexual identity and fluidity, sexual racism, HIV disclosure, and mental health. Hassle Free Clinic was able to provide anonymous HIV testing on site to 5 Asian men. This past year has been a big success in reaching new Asian MSM through highly attended social events such as Speed Dating, Holiday Potluck & Karaoke, and the Project GELB screening.

A fter 9 years, Asian Bathhouse Night has been maintaining its success in outreaching to Asian MSMs. Over 100 participants attended our sexual health workshops in the bathhouse.

T he Gaysian t-shirts and tank tops and the Asian Men’s 2015 Calendar were two successful initiatives to promote and enrich community building among Asian MSM.

A new and fun short video entitled “HIV Testing: As Easy As Ordering Bubble Tea” was created to promote HIV testing among international students.

T he Straight Talk Program for Heterosexual Asian men who have sex with men (MSM) was successfully completed. Findings from this innovative, pilot needs assessment program have been published online as well as presented at the ACAS S.L.A.M. Real Forum and the prestigious 37th Annual Guelph Sexuality Conference.

CAS, along with a number of A community partner organizations, has submitted a community-based research grant application to the Ontario HIV Treatment Network to further investigate the health and service needs of heterosexual men who have sex with men in the Greater Toronto Area.

WOMEN’S PROGRAM CASSANDRA DANG NGUYEN Women’s Education and Outreach Coordinator The Women’s Education and Outreach Program exists to increase East and Southeast Asian Women’s access to sexual and reproductive health information. In particular, we specialize in HIV and STI Prevention. In addition to providing multi-lingual workshops, we also do outreach to the community, offer health clinic referrals, and produce multi-lingual printed health resources. HIGHLIGHTS OF 2014-2015 •

T his year’s annual women’s health forum Pillow Talk: Redefining Health in our Communities was attended by close to 40 women. The one day gathering provides a safe space for women to come together and share experiences on issues still regarded as taboo in their respective communities. The day began with a panel discussion on issues of living with chronic illness, abortion, and transitioning. The day continued with a combination of education and wellness workshops including: sex and pleasure, healthy relationships, how to do Thai massage, and parkour for beginners.

W e delivered 14 interactive workshops on issues inclusive of: HIV101, STI101, Sex Positivity, and Healthy Relationships. All of our workshops are predicated on principles of anti-oppression with an expressed effort to relay heath information in culturally adaptive terms.

W e hosted 5 social events which including: self-defence classes, how to do Thai Fruit carving, knitting and make up classes. In addition to giving women the opportunity to meet new friends, the events help us initiate conversations on taboo topics including HIV and safer sex practices.

T hroughout the year, we make concerted efforts to do outreach to our community. Through 10 outreach sessions, we were successful in reaching a wide cross section of participants including newcomer folks, students, and young mothers.

F inally, we are proud to announce that the women’s program has translated a comprehensive resource on “Pregnancy Planning for HIV + Women and their Partners” into seven East and Southeast languages. These languages are: Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Tibetan, and Vietnamese. 9



TRISHA STEINBERG Volunteer Program Coordinator The Volunteer Program at ACAS recruits, trains, and supports volunteers and provides human resources for other programs. Based on the successes of this past year, the Volunteer Program is pleased to announce the completion of yet another outstanding year. Here at ACAS, volunteer work is greatly appreciated, and we sincerely thank all of our volunteers for donating their time and energy to make things happen. Our appreciation was expressed at a number of volunteer recognition events held throughout the year. Volunteer contributions were implemented in areas such as: administration / IT, education, outreach, community development, fundraising, practical support and special events. To date, Volunteer Program would like to welcome and thank our 41 new dedicated volunteers.


T his past year, we continued our excellence in providing ACAS with highly skilled volunteers by training, and developing essential skills with them. Through our skills training and development, the Volunteer Program is pleased to announce the successful completion of 6 mini-projects (Newsletter in Thai, Float for World Pride, Men’s Program Calendar, ACAS new business card design, TTC outreach, Locker Room Project pocket size pamphlet).

rganized 2 sets of Core-Skills O Training on September 2014 and April 2015. In addition to these sessions, all new volunteers completed the AODA (Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act) Training online.

elivered an Advance Training D workshop for Language Interpretation in March 2015

T he Volunteer Program’s continued partnerships: o

emophilia Ontario delivered an H information session on Hep C in September 2014 and April 2015


P ASAN (Prisoners with HIV/AIDS Support Action Network) – Participated at the Pre-Release Fair organized by the John Howard Society of Kingston at Millhaven Institution in June 2015


F ife House - An information session on community housing navigation was conducted in November 2014

HIGHLIGHTS OF 2014-2015 •

Successfully engaged 26 runners/ walkers in five teams to raise a total of $24,811 at the 2014 ACAS Scotia Run Charity Challenge, achieving the highest amount raised in our 4 years of participation at the event

E ngaged 9 HIV+ Asians as advisory committee members to actively plan for the inaugural Ontario Positive Asians (OPA+) Caucus in May 2015 which was attended by over 25 Asians living with HIV in Ontario

T V, Print, and Radio coverage of ACAS by mainstream and ethnic media during World AIDS Day 2014, PinkDotTO, and Pride Toronto, including OMNI Mandarin and Cantonese, CTV News, CP24, Mingtao, Singtao, and Fairchild TV and Radio

S trengthened relationships with community partners including the Committee for Accessible AIDS Treatment (CAAT), Inside Out Film Festival, Rotary Club Toronto, City of Toronto’s AIDS & Sexual Health Infoline, China’s social app Blued and Rainbow Travel World/ YorkSpring Canada

pdated the ACAS website with U new agency banners and published the #ACASturns20 series to commemorate ACAS’ 20 years of activism in the community, resulting in 6,392 unique visitors and 1,510 returning visitors to the website


CHRISTIAN HUI Community Engagement Worker MEZART DAULET Social Media Program Coordinator The Community Engagement Program aims to empower its members meaningfully, to strengthen the relationships between ACAS and various stakeholders, and to raise the profile of ACAS in the community. This year, a new initiative, the Ontario Positive Asians (OPA+), was launched in partnership with the Alliance for South Asian AIDS Prevention (ASAAP) to create a culturally-safe network to promote the capacities and self-efficacy for positive Asians in Ontario. Our online videos on YouTube and Facebook were viewed over 13,000 times this year and effectively functioned for fundraising, promotion of services, and community engagement along with other online social media strategy.



ASIAN COMMUNITY AIDS SERVICES Statement of Revenues and Expenditures Year Ended March 31, 2015 2015


Grants - Public Health Agency of Canada

$ 77,600

$ 77,600

Grants - Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care



Grants - City of Toronto







Grants - Canadian Institute of Health Research



Grants - Service Canada’s Summer Student Employment



Grants - Canada-Ontario Employment Program



Donations and fundraising revenue









Grants - Community One Foundation Grants - The Canadian International Development Agency

Total EXPENDITURES Advertising and promotion



Amortization - equipment









Bank charges Consultants - projects Equipment and furniture purchased Fundraising



Office and general


20, 107

Office rent (Note 5)



PHA programs and activities



Professional fees



Programs and educational materials Salaries and wages Staff development and support Youth internship Travel Utilities, telephone and communications Workshops, conferences and volunteer expenses Total EXCESS OF REVENUES OVER EXPENDITURES

















$ 585

$ 3,912 13

VOLUNTEERS Adrian C. Adrian S. Aidan A. Alan L. Alexandra L. Allisa B. Alvin C. Ami L. Amy H. Anaheta R. Andrea S. Andy T. Anthony O. Anthony T. Aqeela N. Aries C. Atom W. Aurora R. Barbara A. Billy F. Bing L. Brian C. Brian Z. Bridges B. Caitlin S. Carmen S. Carrie K. Catherine L. Chuck Y. L. Constantine C. Darwin A. DengMin C. Dento L. Derek Y. Diane L. Eddy W. Edward Q. Efendy


Elaine L. Ellen D. L. Emily H. Emma C. Emma W. Erika Y. Esther K. Eva S. Felix C. Floyd B. Frank Y. Gerson M. Gina C. Giovanni T. Gregory L. Hannah P. Harry A. Harry L. Haruno N. Henry L. Henry N. Hiro T. Hiroyuki A. Hung N. Hunter W. Hye P. Hyung Wook C. Inae L. Jacquiline U. Jaeyoung P. Janet L. Jason C. Jason K. Jason L. Jasper W. Jayjay R. Jeffrey W. Jen C.

Jenny G. Jessica O. Jessica Y. Jet M. Jian Ru J. Jiawen K. Jieun L. Jin C. Jocelyn G. Joseph C. Joseph T. Julia L. Jun E. June V. Justin C. Karen C. Katherine C. Katherine R. Kaya T. Kazuhiko H. Kazuki T. Kazuma K. Keith T. Kenett N. Kevin L. Keybi G. Kien N. Kyu F. Lee C. Leo L. Leo Y. Levi D. Li Zhen Z. Lily S. Ling N. Lorenz B. Lucinda Q. Lydia L.

Maggie C. Mai N. Manuel C. Marcus L. Marisa K. Marmar O. Mary G. Megumi S. Mei Ling C. Melissa L. Michael F. Michael K. Minami K. Ming M. Minseok K. Misato O. Monika W. Nalini M. Nganaingshok M. Nicolas P. Nora D. Okjan D. Orathai B. Patrick L. Paul L. Peter T. Philip H. Phornpat T. Phunfsok C. Prachaya C. Qi J. Rafael B. Raymond Q. Raymond Y. Richard X. River X. Robin A.

Roel T. Roger L. Rommel P. Romyen T. Ronnie C. Rudi B. Rudine E. Samson R. Sean Y. Seran G. Som K. Song Soon Y. Stephanie W. Stephen Y. Steven H. Steven L. Steven S. Sumit T. Tak L. Tammy I. Terence T. Teru H. Tetsuro M. Thana T. Ti P. Tim N. Tony C. Victor P. Viel P. Vince H. Wonwoo L. XiaoChun Z. Xueying G. Yachun L. Yan M. Yee Ling L. Yoichi H. Young Hee K.

PERSONNEL, FUNDERS, & SPONSORS Board of Directors 2014-2015 Giovanni Temansja (Board Chair) Gerson Mobo (Vice Chair0 Paul Cadiente (Secretary) Ronnie Chu (Treasurer) Jazzmine Manalo (Director) Paul Fernandez (Director) Emily Hao (Director) Steven Shi (Director) Janice Kwan (Director) Outgoing Board Members Giovanni Temansja Joel Tran Bansil Agnes Tong Emily Hao Staff Members Andrew Miao Brian-Bao Ly Christian Hui Euan Hwang Jenny S. Cheng Kenneth Poon Mezart Daulet Mina Heng Noulmook Sutdhibhasilp Ray Garcia Richard Utama Ryan Tran Trisha Steinberg Outgoing Staff Cassandra Dang Nguyen Chris An Chuck Yachun Li Daniel Le Gabriel Bacani Hanna Pasco

Summer Student Michael Hoang Placement Student Emma Chen Annual Report Design Ryan Tran Funders AIDS Community Action Program, Public Health Agency of Canada (ACAP) AIDS Bureau, Ministry of Health and Long-term Care Canada Ontario Job Grant, Employment Ontario Canada Summer Jobs (CSJ) Program, Service Canada Canadian Institute for Health Research Rainbow Grant, Community One Foundation Toronto Urban Health Fund, City of Toronto Investment in Youth Engagement Program, City of Toronto Corporate and Community Sponsors Accu. Alliance Asian Xpress Barbara Adach Gilead Sciences Inc. Holiday Inn Toronto, Bloor-Yorkville iSkin Inc. Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc. Merck Pharmaceuticals Moss Park PharmaChoice Pharmacy PACE Pharmacy Spa Excess Trillium College ViiV Healthcare

We wish to thank our donors, sponsors, and volunteers whose names are too many to mention here for their continued support. 15


Asian Community AIDS Services

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