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23 years of community building

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11/24/2010 4:46:14 PM

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11/24/2010 4:46:14 PM

23 years of community development

Mission Statement 宗旨

Community leaders and activists founded Asian Community Development Corporation (ACDC) in 1987 to respond to the needs of the Asian American community in Greater Boston. In 2010, our community has expanded beyond the boundaries of Boston’s Chinatown and ACDC’s programs have evolved to serve a geographically dispersed and yet socially, culturally, and often economically connected community. During the past two decades, the organization has distinguished itself by promoting a development model of mixed-use, mixedincome real estate with a high percentage of affordable housing and a comprehensive approach to community engagement. ACDC’s developments are home to over 800 adults and children, 5 leading non-profit organizations and 2 local businesses, and preserve the vitality of the surrounding neighborhoods. ACDC celebrates our supporters who have joined us to foster new leadership and give low- and moderate-income residents the tools and resources they need to stabilize their housing which may include buying their own homes, participating in the change and growth of their neighborhoods, and contributing more fully to economic and civic life throughout the region.

The Asian Community Development Corporation, a community-based organization, is committed to high standards of performance and integrity in serving the Asian American community of Greater Boston with an emphasis on preserving and revitalizing Boston’s Chinatown. The Corporation develops physical community assets, including affordable housing for rental and ownership; promotes economic development; builds capacity within the community; and advocates on behalf of the community.

社區的領袖和活躍人士於1987年組建了亞美社區發展協會﹐服務于大波士頓 地區亞美社區的各種需要。到了2010年﹐社區的地理範疇早已突破了波士頓 中國城﹐亞美社區發展協會的工作也發展到為一個地域範圍更加分散﹐然而 社會﹐文化和經濟內涵卻依然緊密相連的社區提供服務的階段。在過去的二 十年中﹐亞美協會與眾不同地通過促進混合用途混合收入的房地產模式大力 發展可負擔性平價住房﹐以及採用全面的方式與社區結合。亞美協會的發展 成果使得800多名居民﹐5個社區組織和2個社區商戶得以在社區安家落戶﹐更 重要的是為維護社區的活力作出了貢獻。亞美協會要向眾多參與我們工作的 支持者道賀並致謝。是他們培養了社區新的領導角色﹐幫助中低收入階層的 社區家庭穩定住房所需﹐參與社區的變化發展過程﹐並為地區的經濟民眾生 活作出更廣泛的貢獻。 ACDC 2010_Annual_Report.indd 3

亞美社區發展協會 (ACDC) 旨在以社區為基 礎,以保護和振興波士頓華埠為工作重點, 致力于為大波士頓亞裔社區提供高標準、高 質量的服務。協會積極開發社區的有形資 產,包括供出租和出售的平價住房、促進經 濟發展、培養領導人才等,從而充實社區實 力,為社區爭取權益。

ACD C 11/24/2010 4:46:14 PM

ANNUAL REPORT 2010 In fiscal year 2010, the Asian Community Development Corporation strengthened its core programs, piloted innovative community engagement and planning efforts, and expanded its reach and impact. Families and small businesses felt the depth of an ongoing economic crisis, and during these turbulent times are when we often look towards community for support. Long-standing community programs and strategies implemented by ACDC are needed now more than ever. We, too, have been challenged as an organization to make adjustments to sustain our financial health. Through a national recession and a leadership transition, ACDC has emerged with a focused agenda that advances our community priorities, and numerous accomplishments made possible by the partnerships we’ve nurtured in the past two decades through the commitment of our Board and staff. Housing remains the foundation for building healthy and vibrant neighborhoods. Our work is place-based and in 23 years, our community has grown to span multiple neighborhoods. This fiscal year, 6 Fort Street moved towards realizing a November 2010 groundbreaking in response to the regional need for affordable housing. The project is one of only 26 projects across Massachusetts to receive state and federal tax credits and will be ACDC’s first project outside of Boston’s Chinatown, bringing 34 new homes affordable to low- and moderate-income families in Quincy, MA. Additionally, ACDC remains rooted in revitalizing Boston’s Chinatown and Parcel 24 will be one of the largest residential projects in the state, bringing 345 new homes and almost doubling the affordable homeownership in the neighborhood. ACDC is a recognized leader in providing innovative community development programs and we were one of a handful of new

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organizations selected to become a United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley partner agency this year. ACDC continues to operate the only bilingual homeownership education and housing counseling program in Boston that provides language support in Cantonese and Mandarin. We launched the Human Development Studio in the Storefront Library, which promoted access to data and knowledge of development opportunities as a way to assist residents and small business owners in gaining skills, support, and knowledge to help them improve their lives. In addition to building homes and providing the stabilizing assistance to help residents stay in them, ACDC believes in cultivating the leadership and capacity of community members so they can participate in shaping their neighborhoods. Participatory Chinatown is an urban planning video game developed with our A-VOYCE youth, and attracted new attendees to community meetings and engaged them in the planning process. This recession highlights the importance of helping our community members work together and identify, advance, and steward positive community improvement. It is this comprehensive approach and creative spirit that has allowed ACDC to remain pertinent, dynamic, and impactful. We invite you to review our annual report and visit our website, www. for our past accomplishments and our future plans and strategies to strengthen our community and achieve healthy, vibrant neighborhoods. We thank all our supporters that have sustained our work towards this shared vision. Sincerely, Michael Tow Board President

Janelle Chan Interim Executive Director

11/24/2010 4:46:14 PM

Comprehensive Housing Opportunities Program (CHOP) 綜合屋主計劃 The Comprehensive Housing Opportunities Program (CHOP) provides multilingual first-time homebuyer courses, financial education, and oneon-one counseling to families for their housing needs. Programming is tailored to address the specific challenges that low-income families, immigrants, and non-English speakers face during the home buying process and on other housing issues. CHOP is certified through the Seal of Approval Program sponsored by the Citizens’ Housing and Planning Association (CHAPA). Graduates from our 9-hour homebuyer class receive a BostonHOME certificate that qualifies them for special assistance programs for loans, down payment and closing costs. In addition, the program also educates clients about the importance of affordable housing so they can serve as advocates for the community.

綜合住房服務計劃提供的服務包含多語種的第一次買房學習 班﹐個別咨詢輔導和理財方面的教育工作等。計劃特別針對解 決廣大低收入家庭﹐新移民和不會英語的人士在買房過程中以 及其他住房問題方面遇到的困難。該計劃獲得了麻州公民住房 與規劃聯合會的認證批准。從首次買房學習班畢業的學員能夠 獲得波士頓政府住房中心頒發的證書﹐有條件申請相應的財政 協助。此外﹐在服務工作中還貫穿有關可負擔性住房重要性的 教育﹐使得客戶和學員也成為可負擔性住房的倡導者。

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11 45 50 51 2,500+

first-time homebuyer (“HB101”) classes in English and Chinese delivered, with each class featuring 6 seminars discussing individual aspects of homebuying process. HB101 graduates purchased their first home last year. clients received one-on-one counseling for homeownership, mortgage delinquency and rental assistance. participants received credit counseling, which lays a pipeline for eventual homeownership. families and individuals graduated from our HB101 curriculum. pieces of bilingual mailings were distributed with information on new affordable housing and/or firsttime homebuyers’ ownership opportunities.

11/24/2010 4:46:14 PM

CHOP ONGOING EFFORTS 綜合住房服務計劃現階段努力 Developing counseling services for foreclosure prevention and intervention, post-purchase homeowner education and fair housing. 發展預防銀行法拍房屋﹐買房後業主教育以及公平住房方面 的咨詢服務 Meeting additional industry standards, including the National Industry Standards for Housing Counseling and Education, and HUD certifed couseling agency. 依據住房咨詢和教育行業的國家行業標準來改進計劃的管理 和運作 Marketing national “Speakeasy” Foreclosure Prevention and Housing Counseling Hotline which provides culturally and linguistically competent counseling for AAPI families. 協助推廣專門為亞太裔家庭提供文化和語言相稱的預防銀行 法拍住房咨詢服務的全國“事必易”專線 Opening “the second classroom” for housing education through collaborations with other service agencies and Asian media. 通過與其他服務機構和亞裔媒體的合作﹐開創住房教育的“ 第二課堂”

CHOP ACDC 2010_Annual_Report.indd 6

Chao Li Deng, his wife, and their 8 year-old son are a recent immigrant family from China. They came to Boston at the end of 2005. For their first few months the family stayed with relatives in Malden before moving to Chinatown, where Chao found a job in a restaurant. His family shared a 2-bedroom apartment with another family in an old row house on Oak Street. Chao learned about the affordable homeownership opportunity for low and moderate income families and the first-time homebuyer program at ACDC, and decided to enroll in CHOP for pre-purchase counseling. He took the first time homebuyer class in February 2009 and started to apply for affordable homeownership opportunities in the greater Boston area introduced by ACDC’s monthly housing listings. With the assistance of CHOP, in less than a year his family successfully purchased an affordable condo in Cambridge, and moved in at the end of 2009. Deng’s family now remains as a client of CHOP for post-purchase counseling. “For new immigrant families, owning a home is an honest dream. But I believe many of them, just like us, don’t really know how to make that dream reality. Your service (ACDC’s first time homebuyer class and homeownership counseling) has helped us to learn all aspects of homebuying process and assisted us at every step of the way, from home search, loan application, home inspection to closing. I am ever grateful for that, and I believe many others must also appreciate what you do. I wish you can help many more people to realize their homeownership dream.” Chao Li Deng (Translated from Chinese) 11/24/2010 6:14:18 PM

A-VOYCE 亞裔青少年社區進步之聲 Asian Voices of Organized Youth for Community Empowerment (A-VOYCE) is a youth leadership development program for Asian American high school students in the Greater Boston area. The year-long program begins with a training curriculum that includes guest speakers from the Chinatown community, interactive creative workshops, and peer trainings with youth from other community groups.

A-VOYCE youth move from theory to action as guides of walking tours of Chinatown or producers of a weekly public affairs radio segment focusing on Asian-American youth issues. These programs provide youth with leadership opportunities and interaction with the public. 亞裔青少年社區進步之聲引導成員從理論到實踐﹐培養成為 中國城步行參觀的嚮導﹐和每週一期公共電臺節目的製作 人﹐重點評論亞美社區青少年關心的問題。這些活動不僅給 成員提供了鍛煉領導才干並和公眾互動的機會﹐而且本身也 展示了青少年聲音在社區中的影響和力量。

亞裔青少年社區進步之聲是亞美協會為大 波士頓地區亞裔高 中學生開辦培養青少年 領導才能的專門計劃。該計劃的活動 剛要包括內容涉及社區建設﹐ 文化根源﹐和自我推銷才能等 10個部份﹐長達一年。活動內容包括邀請中國城社區的客座﹐ 富於創意的講座﹐以及與來自其他社區和非營利組織青少年朋 友一起的共同培訓。

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For more information on A-VOYCE or Chinatown walking tours, please visit their blog at 11/24/2010 4:46:15 PM

2010 A-VOYCE Accomplishments



youth participated in a total of 1163 hours of training consisting of 27 workshops. With topics ranging from Asian American identity issues to community development, A-VOYCE youth gained practice in marketable skills such as research, public speaking and communication.


youth were trained as community tour guides and a record 306 individuals participated in walking tours of Chinatown.


hours of live radio programming were broadcast, with original reporting and editorial pieces on politics, culture, and identity.


youth contributed to the design, development, and delivery of Participatory Chinatown by serving as researchers, designers and/or interpreters.


youth were organized to serve a total of 104 service hours outside of A-VOYCE related activities.

This year, A-VOYCE extended its impact by involving youth in the design and development of Participatory Chinatown, an urban planning video game that allowed players to interact in a 3-d visualization of Chinatown, and contribute their opinions on the neighborhood plans for future development. A-VOYCE youth were integral to the project, helping to research and design game components, as well as serving as interpreters to help community members engage with the technology.

過去的一年中﹐亞裔青少年社區進步之聲計劃的青少年成員積極 投入了參與式中國城電腦游戲的設計和開發工作。這個與城市規 劃相關的電腦游戲讓玩家在模擬的三維立體中國城社區中互動﹐ 並貢獻他們對社區未來發展規劃的意見和想法。亞裔青少年社區 進步之聲計劃的成員們是這個電腦計劃不可缺少的一部分﹐他們 不僅親自參加了研究和設計﹐而且以翻譯員的角色幫助廣大社區 居民使用和掌握技術。

“Throughout my past two years in the program, A-VOYCE has been a second family to me. It has helped me in so many ways-- by improving my social, academic, and networking skills, and giving me a way to be more involved in my community. Through the A-VOYCE radio show, I was able to speak on my views of Asian American issues, and through the Digital Media Learning /Participatory Chinatown project, I became interested in urban studies. A-VOYCE has given me the opportunity to meet people who have given me great advice and support, and to strive for a successful future.” Karen Cai A-VOYCE 2008-2010 ACDC 2010_Annual_Report.indd 8

11/24/2010 4:46:15 PM

Chinatown Human Development Overlay District 中國城人力發展複合規劃區 ACDC and the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) developed one of four national pilot sites of the HD-OD project in Boston’s Chinatown. The goal of HD-OD is to help residents vulnerable to luxury development and drastic changes in the community to plan for their future and preserve the character of the neighborhood. This project explored a new model for community development where social services and physical development are linked together to help families coordinate social services, small-business resources and housing assistance in a focused “human development district.” HD-OD accomplishments include: the development of the Chinatown Snapshot 2009, a report card for the neighborhood; the launch of the Chinatown DataCommon, an online mapping tool that allows public access to aggregated Chinatown data and the ability to visually compile data in all sorts of maps for different purposes; and the opening of the Human Development Studio at the Chinatown Storefront Library, which served as a community information and social service portal for community members.

THE HUMAN DEVELOPMENT STUDIO Between October 2009 and January 2010, ACDC and its partners opened up the Human Development Studio in the Chinatown Storefront Library. The Studio provided one-on-one counseling and community resource workshops to residents and small business owners. These interventions are part of a long-term process that will address barriers to selfsufficiency and help residents to achieve economic and housing stability. • Over 100 walk-in clients received assistance • Held 6 free community program workshops • Over 50 public and community service agencies were introduced to clients through referrals and workshops • 168 hours of direct multilingual staff support

ACDC 2010_Annual_Report.indd 9

11/24/2010 4:46:15 PM

2010 CENSUS With the goal of increasing the mail-in response rate in Greater Boston’s Asian community, ACDC worked with the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) and many other community partners throughout the spring to reach Asian communities in Greater Boston to ensure that they are accurately counted for the 2010 Census. Our activities included the following: • Helped initiate the Asian Complete Count Committee, which brought together Asian American groups from throughout the region to develop concerted strategies for increasing Census participation. • ACDC staff appeared on local radio and television shows to help spread the word about the importance of the Census • Created and distributed over 500 Chinese language pamphlets in Chinatown, Downtown Crossing, Quincy Center, and Malden Center, that explained how to fill out the census form • Hosted a Census Questionnaire Assistance Center (QAC) at ACDC office. As part of the QAC, Census workers were stationed 15 hours per week and provided bilingual assistance to residents.

HD-OH ACDC 2010_Annual_Report.indd 10

2010 CHINATOWN MASTER PLAN (CMP) As a member of the Technical Committee of the CMP, ACDC lent its expertise in data collection, planning, and real estate development to the CMP in support of its ongoing community process. The two-year process concluded was a community vision for future growth and expansion of the community. The successful completion of 2010 CMP is another strong demonstration of active civic engagement and community collaboration in Chinatown.

HEALTHY HOMES COMMUNITY INITIATIVES ACDC’s previous effort on HD-OD and smoke-free housing policy advocacy has lent us a new opportunity to work with the Boston Public Health Commission on its Healthy Section 8 and Affordable Housing Demonstration Project. This three-year pilot city-wide initiative, launched in May, 2010, aims to improve the health and home environment of low-income families by developing and implementing new models of staff training, resident and landlord engagement; resource connection; pest management; and smoke free housing policy. As an invited community partner, in the next three years, ACDC will help with the promotion of smoke-free housing and the implementation of integrated pest control management in Chinatown.

11/24/2010 4:46:15 PM

Revitalizing Chinatown: ACDC’s Real Estate Development 建設充滿生氣的中國城: 亞美社區發展協會的房地產發展

ACDC works directly with the community to develop sustainable, healthy, and high-quality affordable housing, retail, and community space to meet the needs of Asian Americans in Greater Boston. ACDC’s real estate developments are large-scale, transitoriented, mixed-use and mixed-income. We work strategically with private partners to maximize the number and quality of affordable units we are able to develop while simultaneously fostering diversity that brings strength and additional resources to the neighborhood. We work closely with neighborhood residents, business owners, and organizations to ensure that what gets built meets the needs and desires of the community. We ground our developments in the principles of Smart Growth and sustainable design, creating transit-oriented-developments that maximize affordability while offer a variety of housing, services, employment, and transportation options to our residents.

ACDC 2010_Annual_Report.indd 11

華信屋 Oak Terrace Oak Terrace was completed in 1995, is home to over 300 residents, and provides community space and ground-floor retail space along Washington Street. ACDC has maintained 88 units of quality housing, with 60 units affordable to low- and moderateincome households. 華信屋建成於1995年﹐為300多居民提供住房﹐同 時兼有社區活動場所和沿華盛頓街的商業場所。 共計88個住房單位中﹐有60個服務於中低收入家 庭的可負擔性住房。

11/24/2010 4:46:15 PM

信義大廈 The Metropolitan

The Metropolitan is a mixed use 23 story high-rise containing 251 rental and homeownership units, 115 (46%) of which are affordable or low and moderate income families. It also includes community space for community-based social service groups; street-level retail and commercial space; and two-levels of underground parking with 283 spaces. ACDC successfully incorporated an extraordinary number of affordable units by capturing and capitalizing on the intrinsic value of the site’s desirable location in downtown Boston, access to a number of public transportation options, and existing diversity and density that allowed the marketrate condominiums to subsidize the affordable housing component. 信義大廈是一個混合用途的23層建築﹐包含251個業主和出租住房單位﹐其中115 個位中低收入家庭單位。同時包含社區服務機構場所﹐底層商業場所﹐地下兩層 車庫283個停車位。這個計劃之所以得以成功地包含了大量的可負擔性住房﹐在於 亞美協會最大化地利用了這個地點的內在市場價值 - 位于波士頓中心﹐公共交通 便利﹐現有的多元化和發展密度 - 通過市場價住房來補貼可負擔性住房的部份。

Parcel 24 will provide 345 rental and homeownership units, with at least 40% of all units affordable to low- and moderate-income households. The project will have approximately 95 affordable rentals and 50 affordable condominiums. In addition to receiving an extraordinary amount of local support for its programming and design, the Parcel 24 project was recognized as a significant model for green development. The plan includes lushly planted open space, ground-floor commercial and community space, and underground parking incorporated into a neighborhood-sensitive, sustainable design. 24號地段發展計劃將提供345個業主和出租住房單位﹐其中至少40%為可 負擔性的中低收入單位。計劃包含大約95個可負擔出租單位和50個可負 擔業主單位。計劃不僅得到廣泛的支持﹐同時也被認作為一個出色的綠 色發展的模式。發展方案包含植被綠地空間﹐底層商業和社區場所﹐地 下車位﹐符合社區的特點以及可持續性發展的要求。 ACDC 2010_Annual_Report.indd 12

24號地段 Parcel 24 11/24/2010 4:46:16 PM

Real Estate Highlight: 6 Fort Street 昆市福特街6號 Serving the region’s affordable housing needs 為地區對可負擔性住房的需求服務 The Asian Community Development Corporation is pleased to present its vision for 34 newly-constructed family rental residences at 6 Fort Street in Quincy, MA. The project represents the adaptive re-use of an under-utilized commercial building in a transit-oriented, Downtown Quincy Center location. The program responds to the new Quincy Center Zoning District’s Design Guidelines, while remaining sensitive to the surrounding, smaller-scale commercial and residential neighborhood. Ultimately, the project will create some of the first family-focused, tax credit-financed affordable housing to be developed in Quincy in recent memory.

亞美協會正在昆市的福特街6 號新造34個家庭出租住房單 位。這項工程重新利用位于 交通便利的昆市中心的一個 閑置的舊商業建築。發展計 劃遵循昆市中心區域規劃的 設計原則﹐依照該地區小型 商業和居民建築的風格﹐將 建造適合家庭居住的可負擔 性住房。

ACDC 2010_Annual_Report.indd 13

Community Benefits 社區福利 • Rehabilitation of an existing structure with a sustainable, green design • Opportunity for a vibrant residential community through available ground floor community/commercial space • Creation of 34 new smart growth, transit-oriented rental opportunities located near schools, retails services, and public transportation • Job creation for the real estate industry • Long-term investment in the local community through ACDC’s continued ownership and community focused management of the property • 通過可持續性的綠色設計方式 重新利用閑置建築 • 底層社區活動和商業場所為社 區增添活力 • 34個新的出租住房單位﹐靠近 公共交通﹐學校和商業服務 • 為房地產行業增添工作機會 • 亞美協會對產權的擁有以及著 重社區的管理是對當地社區的一 種長期投入

11/24/2010 4:46:16 PM

6 Fort Street 昆市福特街6號 Summer 2008 會 Completed Phase 1 environmental analysis 完成第一階段環境分析 Secured up to 2.6 mm in predevelopment and acquisition funding from the Life Initiative 鎖定260萬資金用于購置產權和發展前期工作 Fall 2008 秋 Completed purchase of 6 Fort Street property 完成對福特街6號房產的購買 Initial floor plans and conceptual design completed 初步平面方案和概念階段設計完成 Participation in GreenBuild Boston 參加綠色建築波士頓活動 Community meeting with city counselors & neighbors 與昆西市議員以及鄰里的社區會議 Secured up to $400,000 in predevelopment funding from Community Economic Development Assistance Corporation (CEDAC) 鎖定來自于社區經濟發展資助協會的40萬元前期 發展資金 Winter 2008-09 冬 Submitted application for Special Permit to City of Quincy Planning Board 向昆市規劃董事會提交特別許可申請

ACDC 2010_Annual_Report.indd 14

Spring 2009 春 Submitted application for City of Quincy Affordable Housing Trust Fund and HOME funding 向昆市可負擔住房信託基金提出資金申請 Summer 2009 夏 Approval by Quincy Conservation Commission (public hearing) 計劃得到昆市保護委員會批准 (公聽會) Submitted application for Low-Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) and other funding to DHCD 向麻州住房與社區發展部提交低收入住房發展退稅 和其他資金申請 Fall 2009 秋 Special Permit approved by City of Quincy Planning Board 昆市規劃董事會批准頒發特別許可 Awarded City of Quincy Affordable Housing Trust Fund and HOME funding 獲得昆市可負擔性住房信託基金的資金 Winter 2009-10 冬 Awarded Low-Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) and other funding by DHCD 麻州住房與社區發展部批准低收入住房發展退稅和 其他資金申請 Receive commitment from Massachusetts Housing Investment Corporation (MHIC) to purchase 6 Fort’s LIHTC allocation 麻州住房投資協會承諾購買福特街6號的低收入住房 發展退稅配額

Spring 2010 春 Receive commitment from State Street Bank & Trust Company to purchase 6 Fort’s state housing tax credit allocation State Street 銀行暨信託公司承諾購買 福特街6號計劃的麻州住房退稅配額 Summer 2010 夏 Mostue & Associates completes Design/Development, Building Permit, and Construction Documents Mostue & Associates 聯合公司完成有 關設計﹐建築物許可﹐和工程的相關 文件 Fall 2010 秋 Anticipate closing on all sources of funding and beginning construction 預計完成所有資金方面的手續並正式 開工 Summer 2011 夏 Anticipate completing construction and begin leasing up Fort Street 預計工程結束並開始出租

11/24/2010 4:46:16 PM

Community Organizing & Planning 社區組織和規劃 Participatory Chinatown 參與式中國城電腦游戲 Participatory Chinatown, a 3-D interactive computer game, is designed to enhance the community engagement process of the Chinatown Master Plan. The game is designed not to replace the community meeting, but to make participation more fun, inspire deliberation, and provide an intuitive platform for leaving digital comments that encourages ongoing dialogue and feedback. Available in English and Chinese, the game launched at a May 3, 2010 meeting attended by 50 community members at the Old Quincy School, the oldest school building in Boston. There was an additional meeting on May 5, 2010 for industry and community members with approximately 40 attendees. ACDC A-VOYCE youth played a vital role in the design and development of the game, and served as interpreters at the meeting. The youth interviewed Chinese residents and photographed every building in Chinatown, which served as the basis for the game’s characters and environment. 參與式中國城是一個三維立體互動的電腦游戲﹐開發用于加強社區參與中國城 整體發展規劃的制定過程。游戲本身並不是為了替代社區會議﹐而是使得參與 變得更加有趣﹐激發討論﹐並提供一個直覺的平臺讓參與者留下評論﹐以此鼓 勵持續性的對話和反饋。游戲於今年五月3日正式發佈﹐有中英兩個版本﹐50 多名社區人士參加了發佈會並嘗試了游戲。五月5日的另一場活動吸引了40多 人參加。亞裔青少年社區進步之聲計劃的成員們在游戲的設計開發中扮演了重 要角色﹐並在發佈活動中充當了翻譯員。青少年們採訪了許多社區居民﹐給中 國城建築拍照錄像﹐這些都用于了游戲當中的人物角色和實物環境的製作。

ACDC 2010_Annual_Report.indd 15

11/24/2010 4:46:16 PM

The game has allowed for diversified community participation, bringing in a younger crowd to participate in community meetings. In addition, how participants enjoy the game can help with return attendance to meetings, as well as consistent engagement with the neighborhood. Participatory Chinatown has been a complementary tool to encourage dialogue between Chinatown stakeholders and increased civic participation. Through facilitated discussions and comments within the game by participants, the themes and concerns echoed through the process were: open space, employment, housing, walkability, local businesses, artist space, connectivity, identity/landmarks, and parking.

Participatory Chinatown, a collaborative effort of the Asian Community Development Corporation (ACDC), Emerson College, the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC), and Muzzy Lane Software, and sponsored by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, can be found at http:// 參與式中國城電腦游戲由亞美社區發展協 會﹐Emerson大學﹐大波士頓規劃議會以及Muzzy Lane軟件公司共同研發﹐由the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation基金會資助﹐ 網站地址

參與式中國城電腦游戲為多元化的社區參與創造了條件﹐並為 傳統的社區會議引入了青年一代的參與。游戲成為鼓勵社區之 間討論對話及參與的一種工具。通過討論以及游戲中收集的評 論﹐受關注的主題包含﹕開放空間(公園綠地)﹐就業﹐住房﹐ 道路步行狀況﹐本地商業﹐藝術場所﹐社區特有的象征和標 誌﹐停車場地。

ACDC 2010_Annual_Report.indd 16

11/24/2010 4:46:17 PM

Financial Information FY 2010 財務報告 REVENUE Grants...............................$548,421 71.1% Fundraising.......................$159,790 20.7% Earned Income.................$62,846 8.2% Total Revenue


EXPENSES Community Programs..... $314,279 34.0% Real Estate...................... $275,486 29.8% Fundraising..................... $177,976 19.2% Administration.................$157,188 17.0% Total Expenses


Total Assets Liabilities Net Assets

$15,812,848 $2,750,989 $13,061,859

ACDC 2010_Annual_Report.indd 17

This fiscal report is a summary representation only, and should be viewed in conjunction with our FY2010 consolidated financial information. For a complete copy of our audit, please contact us at (617) 482-2380.

11/24/2010 6:14:21 PM

Community Events 活動 About 100 golfers and guests showed their enthusiastic support at the golf tournament in support ACDC’s affordable housing program.

August 24 - 27, 2009: Films at the Gate

July 26–27, 2009: ACDC Community Cup Golf Tournament

This community event featured four nights of kung-fu and classic Chinese outdoor films and drew a diverse crowd of over 800 people every year at Boston’s Chinatown. This first ever Chinese New Year celebration successfully attracted over 120 guests who enjoyed a fun-filled evening of entertainment and Chinese feast while learning the work of ACDC.

March 6, 2010: Year of the Tiger New Year Celebration

About 220 attendees enjoyed laughing out loud at Asian Comedy Night to support ACDC’s Comprehensive Home Opportunities Program (CHOP) which serves low income families.

March 27, 2010: Asian Comedy Night

ACDC 2010_Annual_Report.indd 18

11/24/2010 4:46:17 PM

Special Events Committees & Volunteers 特別活動籌委會和志願者

Rebecca A. Lee, Partner of Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge received the Caroline Chang Leadership Award for her exemplary leadership and contribution to the community at ACDC’s Inspiration Gala. Over 250 guests enjoyed an evening of friendship and amazing views of Greater Boston at K&L Gates, located at State Street Financial Center.

Year of the Tiger New Year Celebration 2010

STEERING COMMITTEE Bernard Chiu, Chair Michael Tow, Tournament Co-Founder Douglas Ling, Tournament Co-Founder Frank Miranda Erik Thelen Edmund Chang Ambrose Donovan William Glasser Jeffrey Moy

ACDC 2010_Annual_Report.indd 19

Inspiration Gala 2010

CO-PRODUCERS Sam and Leslie Davol, Boston StreetLab

HONORARY COMMITTEE Michael S. Greco, Chair Governor Deval Patrick Treasurer Timothy P. Cahill Senator Sonia Chang-Diaz Congressman Barney Frank Congressman Michael E. Capuano Congressman Stephen F. Lynch Mayor Lisa Wong Mayor Thomas M. Menino Mayor Thomas P. Koch Councilor Felix G. Arroyo Councilor John R. Connolly Councilor Leland Cheung Councilor William Linehan Lawrence S. Bacow Ellen Zane Keith Motley Joseph and Selina Chow George A. Russell Jr.


June 18, 2010: Inspiration Gala

ACDC Community Cup Golf Tournament 2009

Films at the Gate 2009

STEERING COMMITTEE Anna Quach Chong Chow Vincent Chia

SPECIAL THANKS Anthony Madrigal Albert Leung, Hei La Moon and Apollo Restaurants Bow Sim Mark Tai Chi Arts Association Wah Lum Kung Fu Athletic Association

Asian Comedy Night 2010 SPECIAL THANKS Hong Kong Restaurant The Comedy Studio Raj Sivaraman Joe Wong Ali Wong Sheng Wang

HOST COMMITTEE Yasuna Murakami, Chair Yongmei Chen Brian Clarke Allan Newman 11/24/2010 4:46:18 PM

Donors 支持者名單 8centric Anna Tsui AirTran Airways Alan Brand Alice Carlisle Alice Wong Amanda Granger AMS Solutions Amy Cheung Andrew Burns Anita Yip Ann Cheung Ann Houston Anna Ing Anna Quach Anna Yee Asian American Lawyers Association Asian American Resource Workshop Asian Task Force Against Domestic Violence Audrey Paek Ava Chan Avi Chiat Bank of America Barr Foundation Bartholomew Jae Beatrice and Raymond Lee Bei Yu Benjamin Mak Bernard & Joy Chiu Betty Chu Bian Yu Blue Ginger Restaurant Bo Liu Bo Wang Bond Bros, Inc. Boston Ballet Boston Community Neighborhood Boston Employee Campaign Boston Private Bank & Trust Co Boston Red Sox Boston Society of Architecture Bradford Renasissance Portraits Brendan LeBlanc Brian Hsi Brian Lee & Charlotte Lee Carrihill Brian San Cape Cod Adventures Travel Club Capital One Bank

ACDC 2010_Annual_Report.indd 20

Capobianco Consulting Engineers Carmi Santos Carol Butler Caroline Chang Carolyn Cindy Leung Castle Sq Tenants Org. Cathay Bank Foundation Cathy Lo CDC of Boston Celebrity for Charity Foundation Center for Asian American Media Chad Russell Chan Insurance Agency Charleen Tyson Charles Hasselback Charlotte Lee Chau Ly Chauncy Hall School Chen Zhang Cheng & Tsui Co Chip Conley Chong Chow CHOP Consumer Action Chris Erikson Chris Woo Christiani Leleury Christina Chan Chunhua Wei Cindy Porter Citibank Citizens Foundation City of Boston Employee Campaign Clayton Carlisle Clifford Boehmer Clinton Blackburn Colin Carrihill Commonwealth of Mass Company One Connolly Campaign Committee Consumer Action Craig Bass Craig DeLoughery Cristina Courey Cuong Hoang Cynthia Tow Dan McCafferty Dan Weller Daniel J. Mccafferty

David Chin David Eaglesfield David Gipstein & Soni Gupta David Morovitz David Moy David Yang Davis, Malm, & D’Agostine Dawn Greenleaf-Schiess Dean Chin Debashish Chakravarty Deborah Dong Denise Foley Dharmena Downey Diablo Glass School Diana Jue Diane Greco Dinna Yap Donald Choi Dong H Zhang Dongsup Kim Donna Hackett Doris Chin Douglas Fambrough Douglas Goodman Douglas Ling Drew M Leff E Changning Gu East West Bank Eastern Bank Foundation Ed Leary Edgar Gary Taylor Edmund Chang Edward C. Lee Edward Leary Edward Lee Edward S O’Connell Jr Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge Eenah Eoh Elisa Lam Elizabeth Vitale Ellen Tang Emerson College Emily Yu Entertainment Cruises Boston Environmental Simulation Cente Erik Thelen Erin Lam Eugene Ho

Eva Chua Fan Zhao Fidelity Charitable Giving Frank & Ka-Ling Flynn Frank Miranda Fred Gruber Fumi Matsumoto Furniture Consultants Gary Taylor Gary Yee Gaslight, Brasserie du Coin Gim Fong Gloria Jih Gloria Lee Golda Philip Golden Eye Systems, Inc Gourmet Dumpling House Grace Liao Greg Hassett Gretchen Passe Roin Guang Shi Guochang Su Han Quach Hang Lee Harrison Lee Harvey Leong Hawthorne Hotel Hei La Moon Restaurant Helen Wong Henry Chong Hiep Nguyen Hilton Boston Logan Airport Hotel Hong Kong Restaurant Hotel 140 Hsiu-Hsien Chiang Hussam AlMuayad Ian Alley Jack Huang Jackson Craig James & Marion Lee James Grenier James Messinger Janak Sanariya Jane Zhang Janelle Chan Janet Lin Janice Wong Jasmine Laietmark

Jean Marie Lukitsh Jeffery Wong Jeffrey Prowda Jeffrey Schwartz Jennifer Chow Jennifer Nguyen Jennifer Stange Jenny Lai Jessica R. Stenman Jim Kurdek Jim & Donna Fong Jimmy Weng Joanne Evans John Dragat John Schmid Johnny Ip Joseph Chow Joshua Ronald Howes Joy Falk Joyce Dalrymple Jui & Lilly Lai Ka-Ling Flynn Karen Young Katherine Lo Katrina Kellogg Kay Dong Kelley Chunn Kenneth Minklei Kevin Duggan Kim Deltano Kimberly Wong Klein Hornig LLP Kristen Pierce Kuong Ly Lake Winnipesaukee Golf Club Landmark Structures Corp Laura Malouf Lee Yee & Co. Lei Ann Resurreccion Leo Anthony Leverett Wing Li Wu Liberty Hotel Liberty Mutual Lillian Lew-Hailer Lily Chou Lily Guen Liming Xu

11/24/2010 4:46:18 PM

Linda Andros Linda L Barnes Liqian Ma Local Initiatives Support Corp Lorraine See Louisa McCall Lynne Levy MA Housing Investment Corp MA Housing Partnership Fund MacArthur Foundation Maggianos Italy Mairead Harris Maloney Properties, Inc. Marc Truant Associates, Inc Maria Carpenter Maria Davila Mariana Arcaya Mariella Puerto Mark Hentscher Mark Kelly Mark Louglin Mark Miller Martin Lee Mary Hale Matthew Lau May & Tetsuo Takayanagi McPhail Associates LLC Mei Huei Hu Melissa Haber Melvin S. Cutler Charitable Foundation Mengxing Lu Merry Monk Design Metlife Foundation Metropolitan Area Planning Council Michael Barrows Michael Chang Michael Connors Michael S. Greco Michael Tow Michele Topor Inc. Michelle Wenck Mikko Nissinen Millrose Associates Mimi Zhang Mirage Hair Salon Moganiyah Yisrael Nara Peou Natalie Nguyen Natalie Truong National Building Museum National CAPACD Network for Good New Boston Fund Ni Deng

ACDC 2010_Annual_Report.indd 21

Nick Chau, Tai Tung Realty Nicola Williams Nolan Bowie Northeast Interiors, Inc Orson Moon Pai-Ling Yin Pamela Korza Patrycja Gieraltowski Paul Hong M. Lee Paul Lee, Hong Kong Restaurant Paul W. and Dr. Mary Y. Lee Paul Quac Bui Pauline Yee Lung Penn Loh Peter Burns Peter Kiang Peter Madsen Peter Munkenbeck Peter Y. Ko Philip Cheng Phoenix Charter Academy Ping Yuan Policylink Prabal Chakrabarti Prophet Advisors Rani Matuk Rawen Huang Raymond Wu RBC Wealth Mgmnt Rebecca A. Lee Rebecca Nedostup Rob DiMarco Robert Briscoe Robert Byrne Robert Wong Roberto DiMarco Robin Abel Rui Zhang Ruoxi Zhang Ryan Mcpherson Sam You Sandra P. Smith Sandra Tang Sarah G. Kim Sarah Kane Sawako Nakahara Sawyer Enterprise Scott Newman Sean Mahoney Sean Sacks Sean To Seaport Hotel Sejung & Samuel Kim Shane Caiazzo

Shawna E Macsweeney Sherry Chan Sherry Dong Shibly D. Malouf Shichu Huang Shirley Lai Shirley Mark Shirley Williams Sho Chang Shu Ngon Chau Sioh Chow Tan Siu Lin Fung Soni Gupta Sophia Dai South Cove Community Health Center Souyan & Jeffery Wong State Street Bank State Street Foundation Stephanie Fan Stephanie Li Stephanie Ward Stephen Chan Stephen Diprete Steve Aicardi Steve Sweeney Steven Grossman Susan & Randy Tow Susan Healey T Chin TD Banknorth Teknion Terry Chin Terry Kwan Thanh Nha Nguyen The Boston Anthenaeum The Boston Foundation The Boston Society of Architects The Colonial Theater / Broadway Across America The Comedy Studio The Drucker Co. Third Sector New England, Inc. Thomas J. O’Malley Thu Nguyen Tiffany Chao Tiffany Chenault Tiffany Sargent Tim Wong Timothy McBride Todd Ellis Todd Fry Tom Neary Tom Yan Tony Hsiao

Tracy Nguyen Tufts Medical Center Tufts University Tunney F. Lee United Way of Mass Bay Urban AdvenTours Vantage Graphics Veronica Leo Victoria Wu Vimala Phongsavanh Vincent G. Moy Vincent Moy Vincent Yee Vivian Siu Waichi Wong Webster Bank William Fenton William Glasser William Linehan Committee William Pennings William Ruhl William Young Xiaoling Zhang Yasuna Murakami Yeeting Szeto Yen Nguyen Yeon Jung Hong Yevgeniya Maryash Ying Dong Ying Jia Yolanda Lee Yongmei Chen Yo-Yo Ma Yue Xia Yuheng Ruan Yuji Koga Zena Lum

DONORS 11/24/2010 4:46:18 PM

Staff, volunteers, and interns 職員,義工,實習生 CURRENT STAFF Janelle Chan Interim Executive Director Amy Cheung Directors of Programs Alvina Lin Condon Operations Manager Tim Doherty Real Estate Project Manager John Sickel Consulting CFO Accounting Management Solutions, Inc. Iris Tan Special Events Manager Alex Zhang Community Planning & Organizing FORMER STAFF Lisa Chice Jason Chou ACDC 2010_Annual_Report.indd 22

Joseph Crugnale Amy Koo

VOLUNTEERS & INTERNS Devin Ashe Harry Berlis Vincent Chia Yufang Che Yongmei Chen Gong Cheng Tina Chien Catherine Galvin John Lian David Machinist Frank Miranda Natasha Naim Allan Newman Judy Ngai Anna Quach Stephanie Shin Erik Thelen Denise Thorpe Henry Wan Jeff Zhao

Board of Directors 董事會 Michael Tow, President Jeffrey Wong, Treasurer Michael S. Greco, Clerk Nick Chau Chong Chow Soni Gupta Cuong Hoang Dongsup Samuel Kim Terry Kwan Paul W. Lee Harvey Leong Janet Lin Zena Lum Peter Madsen Kenneth Minklei Yasuna Murakami Leverett Wing DEPARTING BOARD MEMBERS Prabal Chakrabarti Caroline Chang

Shawn Ta Frank Yu 11/24/2010 4:46:18 PM

ACDC 2010_Annual_Report.indd 23

11/24/2010 4:46:18 PM

亞美社區發展協會 Building vibrant, healthy, and just neighborhoods for all

38 Oak Street Boston, MA 02111 Tel: 617.482.2380 Fax: 617.482.3056

Translated by Alex Zhang. Type used include Candara, and SimHei for Chinese Characters. Layout/Design produced on Adobe InDesign CS3 by Alvina Lin Condon November 2010 in Boston, MA

ACDC 2010_Annual_Report.indd 24

11/24/2010 4:46:18 PM

Annual Report 2010  

The 2010 Annual Report for Asian Community Development Corporation, Boston, MA.

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