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September 2015 Never underestimate the importance of community

Mary Frances Trust New book for Leatherhead Ashtead Rotary Village Day report Polesden Lacey recreates historic dress Heritage Open Days 10th-13th September Mole Valley Parking review - have your say Interior of Fetcham Park House, part of Heritage Open Days weekend

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From the Publisher


y poor father passed away unexpectedly at the very end of July and it’s been a very sad and horrid time for me and my sister over the past few weeks, so I’m afraid this magazine goes out with an E&OE tag with my apologies in advance. Anyone who has been through a bereavement will know only too well how difficult it is to try and sort out a funeral, paperwork, informing relatives and close friends against a backdrop of inconsolable grief, and in my case, along with trying to run a business. I should like to thank everyone for their kind messages of support which have been an enormous help. I know in time the good days will outweigh the bad, but I do miss him terribly. My sister and I have spent time remembering happier times with some amusing anecdotes as dad was a very funny man who treated everyone equally. Dad told us a few years’ ago that in the early 60’s he was fitting out the Abbey Rd recording studios (he was a master joiner) and used to get really vexed when “that layabout Paul” (McCartney) pinched cigarettes from him! I remember dad had absolutely no tolerance for illness, and when he was hospitalised about nine years ago he told me, “I’ve got to get out of here, this place is full of sick people.” I called him once during his favourite game show ‘Deal or No Deal’ and he said, “Don’t worry, I can watch it again on Channel 4 + 1½”! ...and I’ll never forget the trip to Brighton when we were kids back in the long, hot summer of 1976, only we left home at 9pm because he couldn’t stand the heat of the sun! God bless you dad, and goodbye until we meet again. Advertising On a happier note, this year’s Heritage Open Days take The Ashtead & Leatherhead Local provides local businesses with place from Thursday 10th to Sunday 13th September and I affordable, quality advertising. Ads have included a very small selection of the hundreds of cost from £53 +VAT per month, per events taking place in the area on pages 70 and 72. quarter page for a 10,000 residential distribution (yes, really!) and can be My good friend Goff Powell, along with his co-author Brian Hennegan, has written a new book about Leatherhead. designed where required. Both Goff and Brian will be signing copies of their book on Technical & Legal stuff Saturday 5th September at Barton’s in Leatherhead, more Whilst every care has been taken to on page 84. ensure that the data in this magazine There are two articles from Polesden Lacey this month, the is accurate, the Publisher cannot first is about the amazing work that a group of ladies from accept, and hereby disclaims, any NADFAS have undertaken to recreate a dress worn by Mrs liability to any party for loss or damage caused by errors or omissions Greville (page 22). The other article is about the restoration of the pointing on the brickwork of the historic resulting from negligence, accident walled garden, see page 92. Well worth a visit. or any other cause. No part of this magazine may be reproduced, stored in any retrieval system, or transmitted in any form electronic, mechanical, recording, photocopying, or otherwise - without prior permission of the Publisher. All in-house artwork and editorial presented in this magazine remains the copyright of Zen George.

© Zen George All rights reserved 2015. 01372 376420

Mole Valley District Council have organised a ‘doggy’ event at Meadowbank on 19th September from 10am-1pm, which will also include free dog micro-chipping, more on page 46. That’s it from me for this month, and very soon peace will descend on the area with the onset of the new school term! Cheerio,

Zen George Publisher 01372 376420 6

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ASHTEAD RESIDENTS’ ASSOCIATION 70th Anniversary Year Working for Ashtead since 1945 Ashtead Level Crossing

By the time this article is published residents using the Level Crossing will hopefully see a new sign that has been erected on the southern railings requesting drivers signal their turning intentions once they cross to the north.

It appears that the pillar was knocked down by a delivery lorry destined for the St Giles’ Church Hall site. Since that happened, both Mole Valley District Council (MVDC) and Surrey County Council (SCC) have been trying to establish whose responsibility it was to repair. It transpires that ownership lies with SCC and the repair/re-instatement is now the subject of an insurance claim. In addition, as the stone pillar was Grade II listed it is not just a question of getting a local ‘brickie’ to replace it, and it will need a specialist contractor to be involved with specialist equipment.

As a 20 year resident north of the Crossing it is incredibly frustrating to wait to go south with traffic coming towards the Common and not indicating which way they intend to turn. Second guessing a driver’s intention has been the cause of several near misses, and some hand signals that are definitely NOT in the The Historic Environment Officer at MVDC and the Highway Code. Claims Manager at SCC are currently dealing with the Network Rail has kindly agreed that the Residents’ issue. Association may fix a sign to the railings and we hope this should improve the situation. What surprises me is that many of those who fail to signal are residents to Randalls Road Recycling Centre – the north who must know how frustrating it is!

or “The Tip”

The outcry that followed Network Rail’s announcements regarding the road junctions to the north and south of the Crossing has resulted in the confirmation from Network Rail that the north junction will remain as it is – a roundabout without a button with traffic giving way to the right, and the service road exit to the south becoming a No Right Turn over the Level Crossing.

Ashtead Station

Residents will have noticed a few weeks ago Network Rail staff replacing the rails and sleepers on the ‘Down’ side of the tracks. This was the sole remaining area of 1970’s track in the area and well past its ‘sell by’ date. This replacement went through without a hitch and the collaboration between the ARA, Network Rail and Babcocks ensured that disruption to residents was kept at a minimum.

SCC is looking at levying a charge for the disposal of non-Household waste at the Randalls Road Centre – or not accepting it at all. They are also looking at other ways of receiving revenue or saving costs. For example they are considering levying charges for the disposal of DIY waste such as rubble, plasterboard, gas bottles and tyres. Other measures under consideration are reducing opening hours on weekdays, closing centres on the least busy weekdays, full closure of some centres and only accepting waste at centres in clear plastic bags.

Residents are encouraged to respond to the Survey by visiting the SCC web site https:// The consultation ends on 30th September. The Residents’ Association is well aware the SCC is under severe financial pressure following reduced funding from Central Government but nevertheless We have just been advised that the ‘Up’ line section is has concerns with these plans impacting on residents likely to be replaced in 2016/2017; just in time for the and increasing the likelihood of illegal fly-tipping. new Level Crossing.

The fallen pillar at Rookery Hill

David Baker Webmaster, Highways & Rail

Residents will perhaps be wondering why the fallen Grade II listed (now listing!) pillar has still not been repaired.

If you would like to join the Ashtead Residents’ Association, please contact Glynis Peterkin via email on If you would like to receive information from the Residents’ Association via email, please visit the Contact Us page on the web site. 8

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We would like to thank LRA for giving us this opportunity to write about our allotments.* Barnett Wood Lane Allotments, known locally as the Poor’s Allotments, are all that remain of 75 acres of land which, under the Leatherhead Common Inclosure Award 1865, was awarded to the Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor to be held in trust for the labouring Poor of the Parish of Leatherhead. The management of the allotments was transferred to Leatherhead Urban District Council on 27 July 1896 and then, on 1 April 1974 when Mole Valley District Council was established, the property assets of the former Leatherhead Urban District Council were vested in the Council so Mole Valley District Council became the managers and trustees of the allotments. In 2007 MVDC registered ownership of the allotments and were granted Title Absolute and then in 2013, in partnership with Merton College, announced proposals to market the allotments and adjacent Green Belt land for development. Those proposals are currently on hold awaiting the completion of the new Local Plan but we are aware that the future of our allotments, together with a considerable amount of adjacent Green Belt land, remains under threat. We believe our allotments are a very important part of the history of Leatherhead and are pleased that our recent application to have them registered as an Asset of Community Value was successful. We

would like to thank all those individuals and Associations that have given us their support since 2013. Allotments provide a whole range of benefits including improving quality of life, helping to overcome loneliness, increased physical exercise, encourage a nutritious diet and support mental health. Our allotment community is a wide mix of ages, experience, nationalities and cultures with help and advice always available. There is no right or wrong way to cultivate a plot, each plot is unique reflecting the individual plot holder’s style and requirements. Some are intensively cultivated with the aim of feeding a family, others just have crops that are more expensive to purchase. Some are neat and tidy, others are less so with structures which demonstrate a high degree of imagination. Whatever your gardening style you will be made very welcome. There are a number of vacant plots available so if you want to take on a plot or would like more information please contact us at, or you can follow us on Facebook at Save Barnett Wood Lane Allotments. We are in the process of updating our website ( and hope to have it completed shortly. Linda and Louise, Leatherhead Poor’s Allotments *(These Allotments are part of the fabric of Leatherhead Society and we are delighted to be able to do so. CB, Chair of the LRA).

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Yes I would like to join the Leatherhead Residents’ Association Name



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___________________ Email _____________________________________

Enc. £2 for one year / £5 for three years payable to the Leatherhead Residents’ Association. Please send to:

LRA, Letherhead Institute, 67 High Street, Leatherhead, KT22 8AH Tel: 07986 430935

If you would like to receive information from the Leatherhead Residents’ Association via email, then please contact us by going to our website. 10

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Ashtead Community Vision Housing planning: ‘dogma’ or ‘good sense’ types by establishing percentages representing the proportion of new housing which could be of two, three, and four bedroomed houses. Crucially, if this approach was adopted then it was likely to lead to more smaller homes being built.

In June I mentioned that the Ashtead Neighbourhood Forum had a “lively debate” about elements of the emerging Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP). The key issue at hand was the desire by both the Forum’s working group ACV and Forum members to address the perceived failure of Mole Valley District Council to meet its policy objectives of trying to maintain a balance of new housing development within Ashtead – a policy which has worked elsewhere in the District.

However, in June, Forum members were not comfortable adopting what some saw as a proscriptive approach. So over the past few weeks individual forum members have been asked their views on whether they support the percentage allocation approach and if so what those percentages should be. Crucially, they have also been asked for an alternative approach – one which would toughen up the “failed” Mole Valley planning policy. This approach has led to another lively debate (conducted by email) with one or two members looking for a laissez-faire approach - which essentially lets the market dictate the nature of future housing stock in the village. One supporter of this view even saw the implementation of percentages as being driven by “dogma”. The opposing view takes a very different view and sees introduction of percentages as being simply good, sensible, planning practice.

The research undertaken by ACV’s housing sub group suggested that there has been an inexorable rise in the percentage of large houses being built at the expense of smaller ones – homes more suitable for young starter Matters will come to a head in the Autumn when a special meeting of the Forum is families or the elderly. being called to reach a decision on what policy will be drafted for the NDP which Together with the ongoing enlargement of once drafted will be put to the residents of existing properties with extensions and loft Ashtead in a referendum sometime next conversions it was felt that the nature and year. character of Ashtead’s housing stock is slowly changing as it is seen to be reducing the opportunities for young and elderly You can find out more about ACV and alike. This is potentially damaging to the the Forum’s work at: Forum’s agreed “Vision” which is to “maintain and enhance the sense of community” and support the natural and built environment with “appropriate Ashtead-Community-Vision/ https:// development”. The ACV’s initial answer to finding ways to maintain the balance of different housing

John Morgan ACV member 12

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That's the way to do it

Ashtead Rotary Village Day 2015 ‘Sgt’ Bob Cryer makes his peace with our real Ashtead officers, WPC Jenny Juffs and PCSO Pauline Daly

'That's the way to do it'. Ashtead Rotarians woke bright and early on Saturday 13th June to continue their preparations for Village Day half expecting devastation from the mighty thunderstorms the previous evening ... except the storms swept all around us and we were untouched. 'That's the way,' as Mr Punch was heard to say later that afternoon.

This year saw the return of our popular Cherished Car Run starting at City of London Freemen's School. The run was led by Tony Worsfold's 1903 Daimler with Sgt Bob Cryer from 'The Bill' (actor Eric Richard), Rotary President Ian Oxley-Crawford and MVDC Leader Margaret Cooksey as passengers. They were followed by a variety of carefully tended cherished vehicles including a beautifully restored 1952 Esso AEC Mammoth Tanker and the equally beautiful 1937 prototype London Bus (the first of over 7000 RTs built). Eric proved to be the most charming 'Police Sergeant' when he opened the show, presented the The Rotary Community Service Awards to to Pam Ventham-Smith and the Ashtead Residents' Association for their continuing and valuable service to the Ashtead Community. He then went on to invite Mr George Burnett as an honorary member of the Rotary Club of Ashtead and to accept a Paul Harris Fellowship – that's the highest award a Rotary Club can give. Mr Burnett was a cofounder and the chief executive for over twenty years of Ashtead Group, a FTSE 100 company and ultimate owner of Ashtead Plant Hire. A-Plant has supported Ashtead Rotary Village Day from the beginning by free-loan of many items of equipment which is essential to the safe, smooth and efficient management of Village Day. So the day went with a swing ; arena events included Poptastic Dancers, Atlantis Guitar Group, Barnett Wood Infants Maypole Dances, the Cumberland Giants, Ye Olde Falconry Display, Dandelion Theatre Arts and Surrey Fire & Rescue demonstrating, with devastating efficiency, how they cut you out from your car if you are unfortunate enough to be involved in a car accident. There were some 130 stalls from virtually every organisation, club, society, charity and small business in Ashtead plus an all new high quality food court and fun fair rides for the young and older young. The day is organised by Rotary for the benefit of the Village as a whole as its prime purpose. At the same time though the participating clubs and charities raise money for their respective needs and Rotary raises funds for the multiplicity of good causes it supports throughout the year. We are pleased to announce that the contribution to the Rotary Trustee Account this year is slightly in excess of £20,000. Other clubs, societies and charities as a group probably raised about £100,000. Thank you Ashtead and all those visitors from much further afield. 14

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Local Rotary Club enjoys evening walk At the end of July, around twenty members, partners and friends of Leatherhead Rotary Club took part in the club’s now traditional annual Summer evening walk somewhere within the Mole Valley area, followed by a hearty pub supper. Starting with a pre-walk drink at The Prince Of Wales public house in Westcott, everyone present then enjoyed an hour-and-a-half walk along the numerous footpaths in and around the village, before returning to The Prince Of Wales for a well-earned evening meal. Club President, Graham Ryding, who organised this year’s walk, said he was very pleased with the turnout, adding, “It was a completely new route this year, but everyone seemed to enjoy it, so I’m sure we’ll be doing it again sometime.” Leatherhead Rotary Club meets at 7pm most Wednesday evenings at the Police Federation Headquarters in Highbury Drive, Leatherhead. For further information about the club and its activities, please visit or contact Simon Edmands on 07753 821964 or


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Do you want to protect your children? Do you want to protect your loved one, whether spouse or partner? Do you want to protect your family home, especially in old age? Do you want to express your wishes on a formal document, or leave it to chance? Do you want to telephone the number below and receive peace of mind?

Family Wills Surrey comes to you, at a time that suits, including evenings and weekends.

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Family Wills Surrey is an appointed representative of New Leaf (WWF) Ltd., Head Office: Princess Caroline House, 1 High Street, Southend on Sea, SS1 1JE Co. Reg. No. 7891401

(valid until 30th Sept 2015)


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5000 sequins and three years in the making Polesden Lacey volunteers reveal the historic dress Dedicated volunteers at Polesden Lacey have painstakingly recreated a historic dress worn by Rt. Hon. Mrs Ronald Greville, who owned the Edwardian party house during its heyday in the early 20th century. The afternoon ‘tea’ dress took 2000 hours across three years to make and is now on show every day in Mrs Greville’s tea room in the house at Polesden Lacey until 1st November. The masterpiece was created by a group of 34 ladies from the National Association of Decorative and Fine Arts Societies (NADFAS), who have volunteered at Polesden Lacey for the past six years, creating historically accurate period costumes to be worn by the room guides. Their skills include dress-making, millinery, silk-painting, beading and more. Mrs Greville was photographed, aged 36, wearing the dress on 5th October 1900 by James Lafayette at his London Studio (179 Bond Street). The photograph (see left) was featured in several magazines of the day, including the Gentlewoman magazine and on the cover of The Queen magazine. In addition to being monochrome, the photograph is not a full-length portrait of Maggie Greville and some decisions regarding design were left to the imagination. “We researched many contemporary fashion books and the internet and finally chose a dress from a book called Lucille Limited which gave us a style and fall similar to the photograph. Choosing colours proved more difficult but we looked at the flowers in the garden and chose a selection of pinks and purples for the beadwork and pale pink for the sequins on the skirt.” said Penny Emery, who led the project. While the dress itself is silk, the project team also made a full set of traditional Edwardian underwear, petticoats, a corset, and the all-important paper taffeta underskirt, which made the distinctive (and much desired) rustling sound as the wearer walked and danced. The time and attention to detail devoted to the recreation of this dress have truly made it a labour of love. Many purple flowers adorn the bodice, sleeves and the flowing train of the dress. Each bloom was lovingly hand-painted onto silk and embroidered before being appliquéd into place. Hundreds of tiny seed beads have been stitched by hand onto the bodice, the belt, and bordering the petals of each flower. Glittering lines of blush pink sequins run from the waist down the entire length of the skirt, numbering 5000 in total across the dress. Each sequin was individually back -stitched onto the skirt and belt, accounting for the majority of the project’s 2000 hours.

For more information about Polesden Lacey visit polesdenlacey or call 01372 452048 22

Disinherited daughter wins 1/3 of Mother’s estate Melita Jackson never forgave her daughter, Heather, for eloping with her boyfriend in 1978, despite subsequently marrying and having five children. When Mrs Jackson made her Will in 2002 she excluded Heather entirely, choosing three animal charities instead to benefit from her almost half a million pound net estate. Furthermore, she left a letter expressly stating she did not want Heather to receive a penny after her death. The 1975 Inheritance Act permits certain groups of relatives and people who are financially dependent on a person to claim against that person’s estate, even if the Will itself is found to be completely valid. After her mother died in 2004, Heather bought an action under the Act and the District Judge awarded Heather £50,000. She appealed and the Court of Appeal in July decided that Heather should have one-third of the estate, some £164,000. What appears relevant in this case is that Heather Ilott was not a wealthy woman. She lived on state benefits, in Local Authority housing, and the major part of the award is for her to buy her own home. The judges also emphasised that Mrs Jackson’s reasons for falling out with her daughter were not, in their opinion, acceptable. A further issue was that during her life, Mrs Jackson had never shown any particular interest in the named beneficiary charities, nor in animal welfare in general. She had chosen the charities almost at random to avoid benefiting her daughter.

Consequences for people making a Will The basic principle remains. In English law, anyone making a Will can leave their assets after their death to anyone they choose. However, testators should be cautious if they are planning on cutting out someone who might, in the normal course of things, expect to receive an inheritance. You cannot completely prevent the possibility of a claim against an estate after death. To weaken any such claim, we recommend recording in writing the reason for any exclusions, and why particular named beneficiaries have been chosen. The latter is something Mrs Jackson failed to do, and it appears to have strengthened her daughter’s case. For further information contact David Lunn on 01372 729555 or email

Local Rotary Club presents 11,600 supermarket vouchers to West Hill School! Leatherhead Rotary Club would like to thank all the residents of Mole Valley who so generously supported their recent appeal to collect Sainsbury’s ‘Active Kids’ vouchers for West Hill School in North Leatherhead. Altogether, around 11,600 vouchers were collected – a record for the appeal – which will help the school ‘purchase’ vital equipment for the coming academic year. Over the past eight years, over 50,000 vouchers have now been presented to West Hill School as a result of the Rotary Club's annual appeal. West Hill School is an Ofsted-rated ‘outstanding’ special school in Kingston Road, North Leatherhead with a designation to support 100 secondary aged pupils from 11-16 with learning difficulties and Autism. For further information about the school, please visit Simon Edmands, the Rotary Club’s PR Officer, said "It's great that we can help Mole Valley residents support West Hill School and its pupils in such a simple but effective way. This really will make a big difference to so many of their school activities." Leatherhead Rotary Club meet at 7pm most Wednesdays at the Police Federation Headquarters in Highbury Drive in Leatherhead. For further information about the club and its activities, please visit or contact Simon Edmands on 07753 821964 or

Leatherhead Rotarians, Peter Matthews and Fiona Miles, presenting some of the pupils at West Hill School with over 11,000 vouchers


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Mole Valley 2015 Parking Review Have your say by 10th September

In October 2014 SCC Highways Division looked at parking problems across the district. These were brought to their attention largely by members of the public, the police, councillors and highway officers, since the previous review took place. The sites were visited, assessed, and were then prioritised for new or amended parking controls. Details of the proposed plans can be found under ‘Mole Valley Parking Review 2015’ on the MVDC website:

If you would like to comment on, support, or object, to the proposals, please write quoting 'Mole Valley 2015 parking review' to: Parking Team, Rowan House, Merrow Lane, Merrow Depot, Guildford GU4 7BQ, or online via: by 10 September.


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Narrowboat No-Nos If you don’t fancy travelling abroad this year and the idea of camping (i.e. sharing a tent with a field of creepy crawlies) leaves you cold, how about a cruise on the canals? You’ll experience life on the open water without the risk of seasickness, at a relaxing pace, with your trusty Boater’s Handbook at your side. You might even enjoy it so much that you don’t want to leave. Of course, there are certain standards to be observed.

• No speaking in a pirate accent and preferably no wearing a sea captain’s hat. Smoking a pipe, however, is still considered a lifestyle choice.

• Avoid sleepwalking. Space is very restricted inside and it’s very unrestricted and wet outside. • Don’t bother timing your journey. It’s always the same time - slow. • Do not block the way inside the narrowboat. Learn the gentle art of bending, sliding and proximity avoidance without bodily contact.

• Trying to do a three-point turn in the middle of the canal is frowned upon. If there’s no turning point, you’re heading forward.

• No inflating a dinghy inside the narrowboat just to see how much space it takes up. • Painting the outside in camouflage or stripes is forbidden, especially if you’ve only hired the boat.

• Resist the temptation to add a harpoon gun at the front.


By Derek Thompson

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And the Violin Sings...


new school year always brought fresh challenges. Ruth was used to new timetables, new sports teams and new school clubs but she wasn’t ready for her daughter’s new passion. None of them were.

the trumpet! This was going to be brilliant… The squeaks that came out of that instrument when she blew into it were truly piercing. ‘Three blind mice’ was once again the only tune that she’d been taught. Ruth felt like having words with the music teacher about her lack of imagination.

Over the summer, Sarah had discovered music. She was given a toy Karaoke machine for her birthday and announced to everyone that ‘music was her life.’ The family had to live through her ‘Frozen’ phase and her ‘Up Town Funk’ phase before she moved on to her new musical inspiration. She was going to be the next Taylor Swift. Unfortunately Sarah’s enthusiasm didn’t quite match her vocal ability but Sam and Ruth didn’t want to discourage their daughter. However, her brothers were quick to compare her singing with ‘the noise that a drowning cat might make, while being threatened by a cat eating shark.’

Ben and Daniel pleaded with their sister not to play. Daniel even offered to give her his secret stash of sweets but Sarah had fallen in love with the clarinet and that was that. “I just have to play… It’s brilliant. This is my instrument! Please Mummy, please Daddy… Can I have lessons? I’ll practice every day, I promise.” “But, Sarah, you wanted to play the trumpet just as badly last week!”

Sarah’s school was trying to encourage pupils to take up a musical instrument and, on the third day of the new term, Ruth’s daughter came home with a tarnished second hand trumpet. After twenty-four hours, the entire household was ready to surrender. They would do anything to stop the terrible noise coming out of that instrument. She’d only been taught to play “Three Blind Mice” and, after hearing the same tune for hours on end, Sam had had enough. “Why don’t you try something else, sweetheart? If you look on YouTube, I’m sure you could find another piece to play.” “That’s a brilliant idea Daddy! I can use my Karaoke machine as well and play along with the songs on that… I bet my trumpet would sound brilliant with Taylor Swift!”

“If I play the trumpet I’ll have to stand next to Danny Brown at band time and he smells really bad… I love the clarinet; it’s the best instrument ever. I want to be a professional clarinetist and play in orchestras. Mrs Smith said that I had talent. She said that I played ‘Three Blind Mice’ really well.” “Does Mrs Smith know any other tunes?” Sam was trying not to laugh at this point. “Please… Please…” The following week, Sarah came home with a brown scratched violin. The endless and excruciating renditions of ‘Three Blind Mice’ were truly unbearable. Even Mrs Everett from next door asked Ruth to close her windows. Sarah was ecstatic. She’d finally found the perfect instrument! Her best friend Anna wanted to play it too! She really wanted violin lessons. The violin was much better than the clarinet. The beseeching for lessons started again and all the family could do was beg Sarah to start singing again…

Ruth rolled her eyes with dismay at her husband. She was banking on her daughter getting bored with ‘Three Blind Mice’ and finally putting her trumpet away. That wasn’t going to happen now.

Copyright Sarah Lott August 2015 Web: Telephone: 01372 373844 Email: Twitter: @thememorybook Facebook: The Memory Book

By the weekend, Sarah was still infatuated with her new acquisition and was dreading handing it back the following week. The requests for lessons and her own trumpet started in earnest, together with promises that she’d practice every day and try really hard.

With the popularity of television programmes like “Who Do You Think You are?” researching family trees is more popular than ever. However, it’s the family stories that bring genealogy to life. Do you have family memories that you don’t want to lose? Does someone you love have a story to tell? I’d love to hear from you. Just give me a call and start the process of preserving your memories for future generations.

The night before the trumpet was due to leave the house, Sam and Ruth lay in bed and talked about arranging lessons for their daughter. If she really wanted to learn then they couldn’t deny her the chance. She seemed to be genuinely in love with the instrument. Three days later, Sarah came home from school with an old battered clarinet. This was even better than 30

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First Choice Cleaners: Friendly, Local, Reliable

• • • • •

Regular Domestic Cleaning End of Tenancy Cleans Spring / ‘Blitz’ Cleans Carpet Cleaning Deep / Steam Cleaning

First Choice Cleaners Ltd is a family run cleaning business serving the local area since 2005. All work fully insured. We take pride in all work undertaken and believe that our strength lies in offering a friendly, flexible and totally reliable service.

01372 200492



Open sashes sticking Front and back doors dropped Broken down sealed units (condensation) Draft and leaks on your window New security handles with keys New hinges, fire, child safety New locking systems on sashes and patios Broken handles New mechanisms on windows and doors Patio repairs Cat flaps in glass / panels

...where the caring comes first

Debra Carey Life Coach

Associate Member, International Institute of Coaching & Mentoring

Struggling with confidence? Dissatisfied personally or professionally? Want better relationships? Facing a big life change?

Call James on: 01403 267288 Mobile 07858 269 699 No call out charge!

Let’s talk...

T: 07934 266283 31

Back to School It doesn’t matter what your age, September always signifies back to school. New uniforms have been bought, exercise books have been packed, and the summer is well and truly over. It’s time to knuckle down and get on with reading your set texts for the term. We’ve picked out a selection of the best books about school. You’ll be straight back into the classroom before the bell has rung. Looking for Alaska John Green

Fitting in at a new school is never easy, but Miles Halter’s life is transformed the day he starts at Culver Creek Boarding School and meets the eponymous Alaska Young. She’s beautiful and smart and funny, thinks Miles. He’s a smitten kitten but she is more than just a little bit complicated and confused. First comes love and then comes tragedy - and we’d expect nothing less from the author of the blockbusting ‘The Fault in Our Stars’, John Green. How will Miles cope with life on a rollercoaster ride? It’s a really funny book and like your first love, will stay in your heart for a long time.

The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie - Muriel Spark

Most people would say that they have one teacher who really sticks in their mind and who had a significant impact on their future. Unconventional and unorthodox schoolmistress Miss Brodie nurtures the high-achieving ‘Brodie set’ and has a great influence over her girls, through her charm and her guile. She fills her lessons with personal accounts of her love life, her politics and her unique slant on life and the future of the Brodie set. Miss Jean Brodie has become an iconic literary figure and has been brought to life both on the stage and in film, by Dame Maggie Smith no less. It’s a back to school must.

Goodbye, Mr Chips James Hilton

As the students move through the years and eventually leave school, there are some masters and mistresses who live out their days in the same establishment; the school becoming as much a part of their lives as their own family. Mr Chipping or ‘Mr Chips’ teaches classics at Brookfield School and is something of an institution. The kids think classics and Latin are antiquated subjects, and that their master has perhaps ‘had his chips’, but he perseveres as a staunch believer in discipline and education. Time does move Mr Chips on though, as he falls in love with the young and challenging Katherine and worries about the world that lies beyond Brookfield as times change and life continues.

I’d Tell You I Love You, but Then I’d Have to Kill You Ally Carter

The Gallagher Academy sets itself apart as being for ‘exceptional women’ and the high achievers among us. It’s actually a school for future spies. Here the young ladies learn combat and martial arts, code-deciphering and even have the odd bit of tuition in chemical warfare. Cammie is one such highly-intelligent student who’s being primed for a life in espionage. However, she can’t escape the fact that she’s also just a girl who’s got a bit of a


crush on a boy. How does she go about concealing her identity from the one person she might be falling in love with? It could be a case of mission: impossible.

Stargirl - Jerry Spinelli

Another unusual and left-of-centre teenage girl now, in the form of ‘Stargirl Caraway’. She arrives like a little sprinkling of sunshine at Mica High, strumming her ukulele and taking care of her pet rat. Leo Borlock falls head over heels for her and for a while it looks as though everyone at the school has a soft spot for Stargirl. The one thing that might save Stargirl is the one thing that could also destroy her: Leo thinks she needs to blend in. Can you make someone be ‘normal’? Can you pretend to be something you’re not? This enchanting book celebrates our quirks and eccentricities and should be read by everyone- whether their ‘freak flag’ is flying, or it’s hidden.

The Catcher in the Rye J.D. Salinger

Holden Caulfield is cheesed off. The original personification of teenage angst, he narrates a couple of days in his life after being expelled from his stuffy prep school, and generations of adults take him into their stilladolescent hearts. The fact that, to this day, it remains on banned book lists should give you some indication of the power of this anti-establishment novel. It makes for controversial reading.

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Single Oven £45.00

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From £20.00

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Shops & Services


Abandoning Picnic Rubbish on Box Hill? No Way #CleanMV

On 16th July Mole Valley District Council launched its brand new “Mole Valley, Keep it Clean” awareness campaign via a major community event at the top of Box Hill. Over 120 people, residents and those from community groups from all over Mole Valley took part in an aerial photo shoot by laying on the ground to spell out the hashtag, “#CleanMV”. This social media tag is being used as part of a major campaign to remind all residents, visitors and businesses to “Keep Mole Valley Clean” and focus attention on littering, dog fouling, graffiti and fly tipping. The campaign is built around highlighting local, social wrongs that we can all relate to and showing they are not acceptable. Posters, banners and adverts will appear throughout the district alongside a comprehensive low-cost social media campaign to encourage everyone to raise awareness of these anti-social environmental crimes that can blight Mole Valley’s beauty. A new ‘Business Pledge’ has been created for businesses to sign up to, ensuring they play their part in Keeping Mole Valley Clean. Whilst the hashtag #CleanMV will lead the social media campaign and encourage everyone to play their part, a video will also be launched on the Mole Valley Youtube site to complement and boost interest. The district’s Instagram account and various posters will complete the visual aspects and help remind everyone they have a part to play. Councillor Paul Newman, Executive Member for Environment said, “We would like to say thank you to every single person, who came out to support our new campaign. To see over 120 adults, children and even dogs turn out to help us launch this new initiative shows just how much the people of Mole Valley care about where they live.” “Anyone wishing to report incidents of environmental antisocial behaviour can do easily by calling 01306 885001, or online at We know people have pride in this area but want to remind them of the vital part they all play in keeping Mole Valley clean.”


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ALEXANDER LODGE RESIDENTIAL CARE HOME Caring for those you care about

• Respite care • Integrated social , outings and

• • • •

Person-centred 24 hour care Unrestricted visiting Excellent cuisine Newly refurbished rooms with en-suite toilets • Registered with Quality Care Commission

activities programme • Deferred Payment Plan • Visiting professionals: - Chiropodist - Physiotherapist - ‘Pets as Therapy’ scheme

41 Skinners Lane, Ashtead, KT21 2NN

Tel: 01372 276052


Art, Jewellery & Gifts

Simple Crossword 1







8 9



12 13







20 21




Across 1 Look sulky (4) 3 Trader (8) 9 Saved (7) 10 Tacks (5) 11 Concerns numbers (12) 14 Not working (3) 16 One hundred centimetres (5) 17 Glimpse (3) 18 Recognition (12) 21 Solitary (5) 22 Alleviate (7) 23 Poured onto salad (8) 24 In addition (4) Down 1 Found in Egypt (8) 2 Distressed (5) 4 Finish (3) 5 Substantial (12) 6 E.g. dogs and cats (7) 7 Throw (4) 8 Self-service stores (12) 12 Loft (5) 13 Twists and turns (8) 15 Condemn (7) 19 Perfect (5) 20 Hairless (4) 22 Move quickly (3) 38

Solution on page 88

Art, Jewellery & Gifts

∗ Bespoke Framing ∗ Framed Originals & Limited Edition Prints ∗ Gifts & Jewellery ∗ Cards ∗ Ready Made Frames & Mounts

22 Bridge Street, Leatherhead, KT22 8BZ

Tel: 01372 377363

Solutions on page 41

BUMBLES ‘Fire Rescue Rory’ and other WOW Toys - 20% off in September. Also, 20% off all picture frames - come in and take a look. 90 The Street, Ashtead, KT21 1AW Tel/Fax 01372 276219 39

Two Found Guilty of Benefit Fraud In June Mole Valley District Council (MVDC) successfully prosecuted two residents for Benefit Fraud offences. Miss Veronica Hedley from Partridge Road, Newdigate and Mrs Patricia Steele of Epsom Road, Leatherhead both pleaded guilty at Redhill Magistrates Court.

Between April 2013 and January 2015, Mrs Steele fraudulently received £11,771 Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support to which she was not entitled. Mrs Steele is currently repaying the overpayment to MVDC. The Court fined Mrs Steele £1500. She was also ordered to pay £500 costs and pay a £50 victim surcharge.

Miss Hedley had been receiving benefit from Mole Valley District Council (MVDC) and the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), since June 2014. The 55 year old had told the authorities that she was unemployed and owned no other property. However, information was received that showed Miss Hedley was the owner of properties in Beare Green and Dorking. Miss Hedley was formally interviewed under caution by investigation officers from MVDC and the DWP during which she admitted that she also owned one additional property in the UK and two she jointly owned in Spain.

Councillor Lynne Brooks, Executive Member for Finance said: “We are committed to ensuring that our residents get the benefits they are entitled to and employ a range of measures to ensure that public funds are allocated accurately and fairly according to regulations in place. Hiding or failing to declare your correct circumstances at the time of making a claim for Housing Benefit, Council Tax Support or any other Council service is a criminal offence and deprives those in most need. If you receive benefit from MVDC and you have failed to declare your true circumstances you may be committing a criminal offence. The Council participates in sophisticated data matching exercises, which roots out these discrepancies. These issues will be investigated and can lead to the person concerned facing action, having to repay a significant debt and a loss of future benefits.”

Between June 2014 and October 2014, Miss Hedley fraudulently received £7,959.68 in Housing Benefit, Council Tax Support and Job Seekers Allowance that she was not entitled to. MVDC is taking steps to recover the amounts incorrectly paid. Miss Hedley was sentenced to a twelve month Community Punishment Order with a condition to undertake 160 hours of unpaid work. She was also ordered to pay £500 costs and pay a £60 victim surcharge.

If you suspect someone of committing fraud in Mole Valley, please phone the MVDC Fraud Hotline, 01306 879284, where you will be able to speak to a trained investigator. All calls will be treated in a strictly confidential manner, and your identity will remain anonymous.

Mr and Mrs Steele had been receiving benefit from MVDC since January 2013. Mrs Steele had told MVDC that they were both receiving their respective state pensions and that she also received an occupational pension. She also said that they were not in paid work. However, data matching identified that the 70 year old had started paid employment, without notifying MVDC. 40

Pictograms: 1. Point Of No Return

2. Half Marathon

3. Cut It Out








( l o T )

• Music streaming Setting up and operating these devices is extremely easy with the cost per unit as low as £30.00. Most devices conform to an international standard called Z-Wave, this means devices made by different manufacturers will all work together- now that’s a novel idea! The practical use and convenience is very key, to setup video monitoring your home or holiday home remotely, controlling lights with motion sensors or remotely for security purposes- takes just minutes to setup and is totally configurable via a smart phone or table app or just though a web browser. As the devices are Internet Connected, they can make decisions for themselves based on information gathered from other sources for example an automatic watering system for your garden can be controlled via IoT, the system can react when taking into account the weather forecast, for example the system makes the decision not to water your garden now as the weather forecast says it’s going to rain in a few hours. Very quickly the flexibilities, convenience and economies on offer are very apparent.

We are at a stage where most of us use the internet for some purpose, the most likely use currently is to search and browse the web and to send and receive emails. New developments now enable us to connect unrelated peripherals via the internet in our own “personal collection” or “cloud”. This is called the “Internet of Things” or IoT. The functionality on offer from these items is wide and varied, with some of the most common uses being listed below: • Heating and temperature control • Video monitoring and recording • Home CCTV • Security monitoring • Movement sensing • Courtesy lighting • Baby Alarms • Remote control of electrical appliances • Smoke and Carbon monoxide sensing • Door and window monitoring • Controlling home entertainment systems


For further information, please call 01372-370300 or email 42

Technology ~Surreys favourite Computer Store~

14 North Street, Leatherhead tel: 01372 - 370300 Monday - Saturday 9:00 - 5.30pm

SEPTEMBER SALE Make your home Smart with our Smart Home HD Starter Kit complete with Wifi Motion sensor, Wifi Video camera and smart plug to remotely control your devices, installs in minutes

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Used notebooks assorted specifications all running Windows Vista or Windows 7, Ideal for home, school or college use

PRICES RANGING FROM £125.00 Lenovo Ultrabook laptop

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Affordable A4 Printing...

With the Epson Wifi, Printer, Copier, Scanner, very low running costs due to individual ink cartridges


Total Care - Protection for your computer & data:


Our Unique Total Care Package offers:

· Industry leading Internet Security · Unlimited cloud back up for all your data · Unlimited remote support · Unlimited Workshop labour · Total peace of mind


LOADS MORE SALE REDUCTIONS IN STORE Onsite & workshop repairs, upgrades, virus removal, data recovery

01372-370300 | | Retail store open Monday to Saturday 9:00am to 5:30pm


Food & Drink


Food & Drink


Bark in the Park!

19th September 2015, 10am–1pm On Saturday 19th September in Meadowbank Park Dorking, Mole Valley District Council (MVDC) will launch its new Green Dog Walker scheme promoting responsible dog ownership. All are welcome to sign up to this free scheme and to take the ‘Green Dog Pledge’. MVDC’s animal warden team will be in the park from 10am – 1pm, offering advice, doggie treats, giveaways, and free dog micro-chipping. Children are invited to become Deputy Dog Wardens by signing up to the scheme, there will be face painting and some doggie shaped balloon modelling to entertain.

For more information turn up on the day, see , call 01306 885 001 or email

My name is Squeak , I am a pretty, friendly, little tabby, female. I am much happier and more settled now, having been very anxious and scared when I first came into care. I love a fuss and a lap to sit on. It is hard to believe that I am the same cat. I am told I have nice tabby markings and one of the longest tails my carers have ever seen! I am looking for my new forever home and am happy to share it with children and I am used to a small dog.


If you feel that you could give Squeak a much deserved forever loving home please call ROSEMARY ON 01737 350307 Epsom Ewell & District Branch

If you cannot adopt a cat but would still like to help us please go to:

Reg Charity 203644 (England and Wales) and SC037711 (Scotland) 46

Health & Beauty

A friendly, family-run beauty service in the heart of Bookham Massage - Facials - Tanning Eye Lash Extensions Eye Lash & Eyebrow Tinting Exfoliation -Waxing - Gellux Nails Gift Vouchers also available

‘Portelet’, Leatherhead Road, Gt Bookham, KT23 4RR (opposite Chandlers Builders’ Yard - FREE off-road parking) | Charlotte: 07772 030334 | Holly: 07825 688090 47

Apealling Beauty


Margaret Spice

MA, BA (Hons.), MBACP, BICA • • • •

Specialist foot and lower limb care, including: Corns & Callus • Cracked heels • Verrucae treatments • Flat feet

• • •

Loss of Confidence Relationships All aspects of Infertility

Ashtead Practice Tel: 01372 277802

Orthotics • Heel pain • Ball of foot pain • Ingrowing toenails

Abuse Anxiety Depression Bereavement

Thank you for publishing the information about our trueCall Care initiative, Zen. We have already had enquiries from local people who have read about the project in The Ashtead & Leatherhead Local. Thanks and regards. Katherine Preston, Senior Trading Standards Specialist, Buckinghamshire & Surrey Trading Standards

Emma Ashdown

(BSc)Hons MChS HCPC Registered

01372 270571 62 West Farm Ave, Ashtead, KT21 2JY

St Stephen’s House Surgery Patient Participation Group (PPG) It was “Awareness Week” for Patient Participation Groups in early June. This was promoted by The National Association of Patient Participation Groups (NAPP). St. Stephen’s House Surgery PPG was active during the week. Members manned the surgery, chatting to patients and giving out leaflets which invited them to provide their e-mail addresses to the Group. This will enable the PPG to keep them up to date regarding events at the surgery while giving them an opportunity to provide views on any aspect of the surgery’s services. The response from patients was very positive and about 100 signed up for membership of the extended group. The Patient Participation Group thinks of itself as the “Friends of St Stephen’s House Surgery” and it aims to help the Practice in any way it can. Recent activity included the raising of £1,200 for the purchase of an additional continual heart monitor, and many patients have benefitted from this since it was bought. The Group intends to continue fund raising and aims to spend funds on anything our GPs feel will enhance the practice, and their service to patients. We will be having our AGM in October, all patients are invited, and we will be announcing the date of the AGM soon. If any patients of the surgery would like to join the wider e-mail group, please contact us on for further information. We are particularly keen to include younger people, carers, and anyone with disability. Patricia Wiltshire PPG Committee Member 48

Health & Beauty


Mary Frances Trust Emotional and mental health issues are still amongst the most common health conditions affecting people in the UK. In fact one in four of us will experience some sort of problem of that nature this year! Anxiety and depression are amongst the most common problems and can affect people of all ages and from different cultural backgrounds. For over 20 years Mary Frances Trust has been working with people who experience any kind of emotional or mental distress to help them get on with their lives again. As the lead for Community Connections Mental Health Services for Mole Valley and Epsom & Ewell, we also provide leadership and co-ordination in the development and delivery of community mental health services in Surrey. Our services include:

Advice and information: Telephone or one to one support with housing, debt and benefits and more. Groups & activities: Programme of groups and activities and self-help groups for people with anxiety, bipolar or hoarding disorders as well as a group for carers. Wellbeing: Exercise classes as well as holistic massages and reflexology therapies Skills Development: Courses, training and workshops, one to one support to access education, volunteering positions and social activities. IT Skills Training. Social and Peer Support: CafĂŠs at The Crescent Centre Leatherhead and at The Brickfield Centre Epsom are open to people with any type of mental health or emotional well being issues.

Thursday 10th September

(second Thursday monthly) Hoarders self help group which meets every second Thursday of the month from 7-9pm at 23 The Crescent Leatherhead KT22 8DY.

Thursday 24th September

(fourth Thursday monthly) Anxiety self help group which meets every fourth Thursday of the month from7-9pm at 23 The Crescent Leatherhead KT22 8DY. Potential users can self refer to access any of our services, just give us a ring or complete the form on our website.

Telephone 01372 375400

Email: Website: Text: 07929 024722 50

Health & Beauty

• Well-Established Modern Practice • Fully Air Conditioned • Same Day Emergency Service • Cosmetic Dentistry including Tooth • • • •

Whitening & Advanced Facial Aesthetics Full Disabled Access Hygienist Service NHS For Children Easy Parking

Dr Sue Taylor

Dr R Woodriffe

Dr M Talbot

Dr T Than

Phone Now for an Appointment 01372 363670 135 Cobham Road, Fetcham, KT22 9HX 51

Health & Beauty

Volunteer training for The Brigitte Trust Starts this September Sadly most of us are touched by cancer – it can be a family member, a friend or business colleague and the news can be devastating. The Brigitte Trust offers a free volunteer service of emotional support and practical help in the home when cancer, Motor Neurone Disease or other life-threatening illness has been diagnosed. Practical issues like driving, shopping and getting to hospital for treatment can sometimes be hard to manage, and our volunteers, who are fully DBS checked, can help. Working alongside the medical teams and in partnership with Macmillan Cancer Support, the Trust offers a volunteer who will visit weekly and build up a relationship with the patient and carer offering respite, company and time to listen without judgment. Our next free volunteer training course starts in Epsom this September and we are particularly keen to reach out to more people in the Ashtead and Leatherhead area to visit locally. We are proud to announce that we have been awarded the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service in 2015.

Please call Sharon Sillitoe on 01306 881816 for more information, or visit our website: 52

Health & Beauty


Health & Beauty

Newlife Fertility Clinic We can help.

01372 738 932 The Pines, 2 The Parade, Epsom KT18 5DH

Leatherhead Podiatry Love your feet! Lesley Pennington S.R.Ch., D.Pod.M., B.Sc.Hons., HPC reg

25 years experience

• Corns • Calluses • Orthotics • Ingrowing Toe Nails • Verrucae

• Problematic Nails • Athlete’s Foot • Bunions • Sports Injuries • Heel Pain

10% off your first appointment on production of this ad (offer ends 30th September 2015)

01372 374125

63b High Street, Leatherhead 54

Health & Beauty


Taxis & Motor Services / Education & Tuition


Audi VW Specialists • • • • •

Established 1990 Small, local, friendly garage between Leatherhead and Guildford Servicing and repairs (ABS brakes, clutches, tyres, exhausts, diagnostics, air conditioning) Free loan car We are also Seat and Skoda specialists, but we can also accommodate other manufacturers, just call us Open View Farm Epsom Road West Horsley KT24 6AP

Why use a generalist when you can use a specialist? Email: Web:

Tel: 01483 285792 French and Spanish Tuition and Translation All Levels Welcome

Shelagh Linford BA (Hons) For further information please contact:

Tel: 01372 373954


WEA forthcoming courses The WEA was founded in 1903 and is the UK’s largest voluntary sector provider of adult education. For our 2015-16 academic year starting in September, our courses cover the following subjects: Current & International Affairs; The Victorians 1837-1901; Astronomy; Digital Imaging using Photoshop Elements™; Digital Management using Lightroom™ software; Modern China; Forensic Science; Beekeeping and the Life of William Cobbett (who was a Surrey man). Courses take place in Leatherhead and Bookham and are generally of a two hour duration, over a period of 7, 10 or 11 weeks during the Autumn and Spring terms. Fees are £4.05 ph and maybe free for people on certain benefits.

For more info contact Joy Tapping on 01306 713355, or or WEA at 56

Education & Tuition

THE DRAWING STUDIO COURSE STARTS SEPTEMBER Unique in Surrey Tuition based on traditional techniques of representational drawing All levels welcome Find out more on mob. 077 968 978 46


Clubs & Activities




An amazing 74 people came to Leatherhead Methodist Church recently to hear Yehudi Menuhin School student Leyla Cemiloglu's superb piano recital. We can't expect those numbers every week but it is quite magical when it happens. Overall numbers are up this year. As few as four or five extra on the average attendance makes a big difference for this self-financing project. Thank you once again for the support you give by publicising our concerts. Best wishes, Peter Steadman, Music on Thursdays



Clubs & Activities


Clubs & Activities

Leatherhead Morning W.I. - July 2015 Meeting The idea of starting individual groups, reflecting the various interests of members, has proved to be a popular one, and well received. These groups include a book club, knitting, cinema and theatre visits and lunches. Our speaker was Mia Patterson from Princess Alice Hospice at Esher. The Hospice was built in 1985 to fulfil a much needed facility. Since then, it has grown and provided an extensive range of functions. Care and support is given to patients and families and any extra help needed. 300 staff and 1200 volunteers cover all aspects of needs. A new wing has recently opened, plus a coffee shop. Far from being a depressing place, it has a cheerful atmosphere and is very welcoming. Various fund-raising events take place throughout the year and a Christmas Fair is planned for November. It was most heartening to hear about this truly remarkable place. Our September meeting will be on Thursday 24th September. A reminder that our meetings are held on the fourth Thursday of the month at 10.15am at Leatherhead Parish Church Hall. Do come along for a friendly welcome. For any further information, please ring Betty on 01372 374570. 60

Clubs & Activities


Ashtead Ashtead Baptist Church, Barnett Wood Lane, Ashtead, KT21 2LW 9.30AM, 5.30PM and 7.30PM Tel: Grรกinne 07912 112421


Leatherhead The Royal British Legion, Lower Road, Effingham, Leatherhead, KT24 5JP 5.30PM and 7.30PM Tel: Lyn 07803 712652

Invites you to a FREE introduction to indoor bowls at Leatherhead Leisure Centre Saturdays: 5th, 12th, 19th & 26th September & 3rd October 10am - 1pm Novices and experienced players welcome: ladies, gentlemen, singles or couples, come and meet us for a chat and a cup of coffee

For more information please call: Guy Tortise on 01372 374653 or visit 61

Clubs & Activities / What’s On?

Leatherhead Community Association month, please phone the office first so that numbers can be organised, basic knowledge of ACOL is needed, and there is a full programme of 'Tea and Talks' on the second Friday of the month at 2pm. What you may not know is that there are rooms for hire, either on a short or long term basis and Sarah in the office will give full details.

Soon Autumn will be upon us, where has the Spring and Summer gone, and I hope that the programme that was arranged by the LCA has been enjoyed by many people.

Non-members are welcome to drop in for coffee in the library on Tuesday and Friday mornings when they can be assured of a welcome and a chat with an LCA member or the Office Administrator.

There are three visits planned between now and Christmas, 8th September to Buckingham Palace and there are still a few places left, 8th October to the Knitting and Stitch Show at Alexandra Palace, and on 24th November a Christmas shopping day at the Winchester Christmas Market with a short tour of the Cathedral. I don't think that you can have more varied venues than these! Peter Humphreys has once again organised a full programme of walks, these are usually arranged to include some kind of hostelry! The short walks of 3-4 miles and the longer walks of 4-6 miles, alternate between the first and second Wednesdays in the month. The Strolls, which are on the third Wednesday in the month, are designed for the less agile and there are no stiles or steep slopes to encounter and last no longer than an hour. There is really something there for most people and Peter is very happy to be phoned for fuller details - 01372 378347.

Full details of membership and of all events can be found at the Letherhead Institute, so why not call in at 67 High Street Leatherhead, or call Sarah on 01372 360508 any day between 9am and 12pm. Also, please click on to the website to find out more - or email us on

The Art/History lectures will be starting up again with talks by Paul Pickering on 30 September and 7 October on 'Regency and Empire Styles', nothing to do with fashion but an exploration of decorative and fine arts in the early 19C in England and France. On 14 and 21 October Paul will be talking about two Roman Art Collections, the Palazzo Doria Pamphili and the Villa Borghese, and on 4 and 11 November Dr Katy Brown will be introducing the PreRaphealites. To conclude the 2015 season on 25 November Paul Pickering will give an introduction to the Goya Exhibition which will be at the National Gallery from 7 October 2015 10 January 2016. All the lectures are on Wednesdays from 2pm-4pm. Don't forget that there is Scrabble every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month, and there is table tennis every Monday afternoon. There is a newly formed Bridge group on one Friday each


What’s On?

RNLI Barn Dance & Fish Supper Saturday 17 October 7–10.30 pm

Sunday 13th September

Live band The Knock-Kneed Bumblebees with their caller

Ashtead Allotments Assoc Annual Macmillan Coffee Morning


Manor Farm Tithe Barn Manor House Lane Bookham KT23 4EW

Allotment Site (see the banner) Leatherhead Road

Display of steam powered farm tractors! Fresh produce available and, of course, tea, coffee and cake!

Fish Supper included Cash bar

Entry by advance ticket only £20 available from

01372 378812

All proceeds go to Macmillan

Celia Cross Greyhound Trust Charity Sale


Sunday 27th Sept From 11am

Cranleigh Showground, Ewhurst Road, Cranleigh GU6 7DW Bargains galore at our many stalls, Refreshments, Greyhound parade, Entertainment, and Auction Free Parking All dogs welcome Call 01306 712615 or 01252 781917 Registered Charity 1020383


What’s On? Riding for Cancer Charity Despite my advancing years, my daughter has persuaded me to attempt a 4 day London to Paris cycle challenge with her at the beginning of September for the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity in memory of my Mum who passed away earlier this year.

Round the Borough Sponsored Hike for Epsom Medical Equipment Fund

I have set up a justgiving page below, and I would be really grateful for any sponsorship towards this great cause.

Saturday, 5th September

I have already started my training programme, but haven’t yet managed anything like the 90 miles in one day that I will need to do on the first day of the challenge to avoid missing the ferry at Dover!

Epsom and Ewell Borough Council have organised a Round the Borough Hike which in total covers 20 miles - participants can enter individual segments - there are four if they do not want to walk the full 20 miles. The 20 miles hike joins up the beautiful open spaces in Epsom & Ewell including Epsom Downs,, Epsom Common, Nonsuch Park, The Hogsmill and Horton Country Park.

Richard Price

WALKING WEDNESDAYS With NCT Leatherhead and District

Help raise money for a £54,000 X-Port Ultrasound machine to help diagnose ectopic pregnancy, aortic aneurysm or bleeding in the peritoneal cavity - all life threatening conditions.

Would you like to get some exercise, meet other Mums and find walks you can do with your child? Why not try NCT’s summer buggy walks!

Entry is free but participants will be expected to obtain sponsorship for Epsom Medical Equipment Fund. Registration forms can be obtained from Bess Harding on 020 8337 8181 or Sponsorship forms can also be obtained from Bess.

Free buggy-friendly guided walks are running on Wednesdays every fortnight from June to September. Walks start at 10.45am and last about an hour. Everyone is welcome, you don’t need to be an NCT member.

Wed 9 Sept - Polesden Lacey

We also have a number of white t-shirts emblazoned with a pink elephant. (don't forget A&E). These are available at £7 each

Meet in the car park by the entrance, RH5 6BD. Car parking fee for non-National Trust members

Registration will take place at Horton Country Park at 7:45 am on Saturday, 5th September.


or call Sarah on 07725 131737

Please reserve a place early. 64

What’s On?


What’s On?


Parish Fundraising Social Evening with the band Atlantis playing hits from the 50s to the present. Leatherhead Parish Church Hall, Church Rd, 7-10pm with proceeds supporting the Parish Church and the Poppy Appeal. Tickets from Jane on 01372 362544

Saturday 5th

Cannon Ct Evangelical Church Family Fun Day, 3-5pm, Cannon Court Recreational Ground, Fetcham, KT22 9LS. Free entry. Bouncy castle, penalty shoot-out, splat the rat and lots more games. Followed by a free BBQ back at the church, 4 Cannonside, Fetcham, KT22 9LE.

Saturday 5th

Ewell Horticultural Assoc Autumn Show, 2.30-4.30pm, Blenheim High School, Longmead Rd, Epsom, KT19 9BH. Free admission. Flowers, vegetables, floral art and cookery. Raffle, plants, bulbs, garden sundries and floral art accessories for sale. 020 8393 1749,

Thurs 10th Sunday 13th

Heritage Open Days, go to: or or pages 70 & 72 for a small selection of events.

Valley Indoor Bowling Club, free intro to indoor bowls at Leatherhead Leisure Centre, Saturdays 5th, 10am-1pm, novices, experienced players, men, women, singles or couples, all are 12th, 19th & welcome. Come and meet us for a chat and a cup of coffee. More info from Guy 26th Tortoise, 374653, Event also taking place on Saturday 3rd October. Saturday 12th

Leatherhead Horticultural Society's 81st Annual Flower & Vegetable Show, 2pm-5pm, Free admission. Parish Hall,Church Road, Leatherhead. Exhibits, raffle, refreshments, produce & Autumn bulbs.

Sunday 13th

Ashtead Allotments Coffee Morning in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support, see page 63

Wed 16th

Amanda Charity Fashion Show, Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall, in aid of Christopher’s Smile - see opposite for more details.

Friday 18th

Leatherhead & District Local History Society Lecture, ‘The History of the Crystal Palace’ by Ian Bevan, Letherhead Institute, High St, Leatherhead, 7.30pm coffee, lecture 8pm. £2, non-members welcome.

Saturday 19th

Dorking NCT Nearly New Sale, 10.15am-2pm, North.Holmwood Village Hall, Spook Hill, RH5 4JP. great bargains, sell your children's old (but good condition) toys and clothes. We sell newborn and children's clothes, maternity wear, toys and equipment (such as prams and cots). 0300 330 0700,

Sunday 27th

Annual Celia Cross Greyhound Trust Charity Sale, Cranleigh, see page 63 for details.


APMH Friends three course dinner (6.30 for 7.00pm) followed by a talk by Geoff Hutchinson 'Spooky Tales'. Tickets £20.50 available at Friday coffee mornings in the Hall or from Committee Members

Saturday 10th OCTOBER

Leatherhead Parish Church Autumn Fayre, more details in next month’s edition.

Saturday 17th OCTOBER

RNLI Barn Dance and Fish Supper to live music at Manor Farm Tithe Barn, Bookham, 7-10.30pm. Entry by advance ticket only from or 01372 378812

If there’s an event in October that you’d like mentioned, please contact Zen (details p.6) before Saturday 12th September. All entries appear on a first come, first served basis. Details of the above events are correct at time of print. 66

What’s On?

Charity fashion show

Wed 16th Sept

Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall In aid of

(a wonderful charity which strives to improve the lives of children with cancer)

Tickets ÂŁ12.50

to include wine and nibbles

Doors open at 7.30 for 8pm

Tickets are available from the shop

Amanda 41 The Street Ashtead, KT21 1AA 01372 274333


What’s On?

WHAT’S ON IN SEPTEMBER? - REGULAR EVENTS Tuesday 1st (1st Tues monthly)

Topic of Cancer is a support group for those with a cancer diagnosis and/or their supporters and meets every first Tuesday of the month at 7.30pm at its new venue at Thatcher’s Hotel, Guildford Road, East Horsley KT24 6TB. Contact details on the website or just come along to a meeting.

Wed 2nd

Ashtead Flower Arrangement Group, Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall, 60th AGM followed by Diamond Anniversary Lunch. Members only. More info from Di Stirling 01372 279501

Wed 2nd

Ashtead WI, Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall, 7.15pm for 7.30pm. Talk by Steve Roberts ‘Tales of a Scotland Yard Detective’. More info from Sandra Brown 01372 276736

Thurs 3rd (weekly)

Sequence dancing, Leatherhead Parish Church Hall, Church Rd. 7.45pm-10.15pm. More info from Mrs Gibson, 01372 374160

Thurs 3rd (weekly)

GO50 L/d Health Walk. 10.15am for 10.30am. L/head Leisure Centre, KT22 9BL. 1½ hours/2-3 miles. More info from: 01483 534706, or email:

Thurs 3rd (weekly)

Ashtead Over 60s Lunch club - meets every Thursday in the Ralli Room, APMH for a freshly prepared hot lunch and dessert. Doors open 10.30am for tea and biscuits. Call Olive on 375640 or Brenda on 813276.

Thurs 3rd

Leatherhead Barn Dance Club. 8pm-10.15pm. First Thurs of month. Abraham Dixon Hall, Letherhead Institute, £2.50. Ruth & Jim Gwilliam. 01403 750844

Friday 4th (weekly)

Morning coffee and scones served in the Ralli Room, Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall. Prepared and served by volunteers to raise money to help run the Hall.

Friday 4th (monthly)

Soup Lunch held in St. Michael's Church Hall, the Marld, Ashtead. Homemade soup, bread and pudding served with tea/coffee, between 12pm and 1.30pm, all for £5. In aid of Princess Alice Hospice and CAFOD (CAtholic Fund for Overseas Development). Enjoy a good meal and raise funds for two charities.

Friday 4th (weekly)

10.30am-11.30am Leatherhead Community Market, Leatherhead Parish Church Hall, Church Rd. Come and join us for coffee and buy home-produced cakes, savouries, plants, veg, crafts and preserves along with Conisbee’s meat and Collaroy eggs. Limited availability so either come early or order in advance. Contact Liz 0797 726 8290 with any queries.

Friday 4th (weekly)

10am - 12noon The Sewing Shop in the Committee Room of the Parish Church Hall can meet all your Haberdashery needs. Learning to sew ? Free technical advice available. Contact Janine 01372 374914

Sunday 6th (weekly)

Leatherhead Parish Church welcomes you to all its services. For full details of September services and events check out

Sunday 6th (weekly)

St Giles’ and St George’s Churches, Ashtead — 7 worship services held across our two churches every Sunday. From lively gospel songs to quiet, reflective Communion. All welcome. Details on .

(1st Thurs mthly)

Tuesday 8th

Leatherhead branch, Royal British Legion, Women’s Section, Leatherhead Community Centre, Kingston Rd, 8pm, 2nd Tuesday of the month. Interesting speakers and events. For more info and to book please contact Jane on 01372 811422

Tuesday 8th

Leatherhead branch, Royal British Legion, Women’s Section, Leatherhead Community Centre, Kingston Rd, 8pm, 2nd Tuesday of the month. Interesting speakers and events. For more info and to book please contact Jane on 01372 811422

(2nd Tues monthly)

(2nd Tues monthly)


What’s On? Music on Thursdays (at Leatherhead Methodist Church, Church Rd, KT22 8AY) Music on Wednesdays (at Christ Church United Reformed, Epsom Rd, KT22 8ST)

12.30pm lunchtime concerts

featuring students of the RA of Music, London’s music colleges & talented local musicians Concert admission is free with a retiring collection to cover costs Thursday 3rd September - LMC

Emma Halnan, flute and Daniel King Smith, piano

Thursday 10th September - LMC

Anna Orlik, violin ® and Yi-Shing Cheng, piano ®

Wednesday 16th September - CCUR

Anthony Cairns, Organist of Christ Church, Leatherhead

Thursday 24th September - LMC

Duo Bayanello  Iosif Purits, accordion (bayan) ® and Cecilia Bignall, cello ® (® performer appears courtesy of the Royal Academy of Music)


(2nd Tues monthly)

Wed 9th (monthly) Wed 9th

2nd Wed mthly

Mole Valley WI, Fetcham Village Hall, The Street, KT22 9QS at 7.45pm. Sept meeting will feature Sarah Oldridge on ‘Marianne North - A Remarkable Victorian Painter’. Non members very welcome. More details on Leatherhead DFAS illustrated lecture on photography as fine art – in portraiture, landscape, still life and depicting the human condition. 7:15 pm in Leatherhead Parish Church Hall, KT22 8BD. Guests welcome: please contact or John Andrews on 01372 373083. Tilney Lunch Club for ladies, meet at 1pm for 3 course meal and speaker, £14.50, Leatherhead Leisure Centre. Further info on 01372 454879

Friday 11th

Ashtead Friday Market, Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall, 9am-12.30pm, free entry. Lots of stalls, cakes, jewellery, plants, collectables, bric-a-brac and much more, for the RNLI

Sundays 13th & 27th

Charity Car Boot Sales in aid of Epsom Medical Equipment Fund held at Epsom General Hospital. Sellers 8am, Buyers 9am. Cars £10, MPV, 4WD and Small Vans £12. Larger vans from £15. Trailers £3 extra. Entrance: By donation. All profits for sellers to keep. No booking necessary. Food available. Toilets. Info 020 8337 8181.

Wednesday 23rd

Ashtead Bridge for Charity, Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall, £6. Doors open 7pm for 7.30pm, Refreshments included. Bridge prizes and raffle. For more info contact Maureen and Peter Cox, 01372 275855,

Wed 16th

Ashtead Friendship Centre, 2pm, Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall. Annual sub £10 + £1 per meeting. Talk on Surrey Air Ambulance service. More info from Don Butt 01372 274288

Thurs 17th

‘Stepping Stones’ Club, meets at Ashtead Baptist Church, Barnett Wood Lane at 2.15pm. Varied programme of events, £2, over 55’s welcome. Brian Chandler 01372 275206.

Wed 23rd

Ashtead Townswomen’s Guild, Ralli Room, Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall, 7.30pm. ‘The Wheelbarrow Man’ talk by Harry Townsend. For info contact Di James on 01372 273948

Thurs 24th

Leatherhead Morning WI, Leatherhead Parish Church Hall, Church Road. 10.15am. For info contact Betty on 01372 374570

(3rd Thurs

(4th Wed mthly)

(4th Thurs mthly)

Fri 25th


What’s On? Four days of free events in celebration of Mole Valley’s Heritage.

Pre-booking: For Sunday tours, booking is by post or email through the Dorking Halls Box Office. Email: Write to: Dorking Halls Box Office, Dorking Halls, Reigate Road, Dorking , Surrey RH4 1SJ. Send SAE. Booking closes: 7 Sept 2015 17:00

Buckland Windmill

10th-13th September 2015 Bach to Baby visits Fetcham Park

Badingham Drive, Fetcham, KT22 9ES Step to warmer climes of Spain and Latin America, and let the music of Villa-Lobos, Albeniz and Tarrega feast your ears played by professional classical guitarst Amanda Cook. Bach to Baby is the critically acclaimed concert series for babies, tots and you founded by Miaomiao Yu. Creating exceptional classical music experiences for families, bringing outstanding musicians from the top concert stages to inspiring locations on your doorstep. Opening Times: Sunday: 1430 - 1700 Concert at 1500 Booking for the concert via email:

Yewdells, Dungates Lane, Buckland, RH3 7BD Buckland Windmill is a small sawmill workshop built in the 1860s. It is situated on property previously owned by the Estate carpenter. Restored in the period 1995-2004 - with fresh painting during 2015, the windmill now has a circular saw and lathe which is powered for demonstration purposes. It is believed to be the only surviving wind-powered sawmill in the UK. The garden will also be open and refreshments available. Opening Times Sunday 13 Sept: 1300 - 1700 No booking required

The Cranston Library

St Mary Magdalene Church, Chart Lane, Reigate, RH2 7RN The Cranston Library, founded on 14 March 1701, is situated in a small chamber above the vestry in the parish church of St Mary Magdalene, Reigate, Surrey. Possibly the first public lending library in England, it contains Barons Cave, Reigate works of literature, history, geography, science, Castle Walk, Castle Grounds, Reigate classics and theology. Reigate's oldest underground feature! Barons' Opening Times Saturday 12 Sept: 1000-1600 Cave is a medieval tunnel underneath the site of No booking required Reigate Castle. It is believed to be a huge wine Not suitable for wheelchairs. Only 10 visitors in cellar to store wine for the Earl of Surrey, one the Library at any one time. St Mary's church, of the richest families in medieval England. where the library is located, is also open, and There will be guided tours of the cave. The cave visitors can view it while waiting for access is lit by lanterns carried by visitors, and by candles placed around the cave. The tour takes Leatherhead Museum at Hampton about 30 minutes. Not suitable for those with Cottage poor mobility. Hampton Cottage, 64 Church Street, Opening Times Saturday 12 September: Leatherhead, KT22 8DP Tours 1000-1600 The regular displays crammed into this small No booking required specially adapted 17th century cottage have been recently enhanced by creating a mediaeval Ruins of Betchworth Castle theme room with costumes for children to try Betchworth Park, Reigate Road, Dorking, RH4 on. Trail provided looking for key words which 1NZ will be hidden in the displays. Betchworth Castle is a ruined fortified manor house in a commanding position above the River Opening Times: Thursday: 1300-1600 | Friday: 1300-1600 | Saturday: 1000-1600 | Mole. Guides will explain how the site fits into Sunday: 1000-1600 the local landscape, the function of rooms No booking required. within the surviving masonry shell, its refurbishment by Sir John Soane in 1798 and why it became a ruin in 1835. The last owner of Polesden Lacey the castle is buried in the Hope Mausoleum - see Polesden Lacey, Great Bookham, RH5 6BD Opening Times: Saturday: 1000-1530 'Thomas Hope and The Deepdene' entry. No booking required Times: Sunday: Tour 1000, 1200 & 1400 70

What’s On?

Why Kipling? Why now? Since deciding to revive Brian Clark’s fascinating play, Kipling - East and West, the most interesting question I have been asked is, ‘Why?’ and I have come up with, I think, three good reasons. When I first saw Alec McCowen’s brilliant performance of it in the West End thirty years ago, I wondered if I could ever be equal to such a challenge: to memorise so many fine words and put them across to an audience with the clarity and passion of such a great actor. Now, in the year of Kipling’s 150th Anniversary, having learned all the lines and rehearsed them repeatedly, my first, rather selfish answer is: because I can and I want to show off! But there’s another more important reason. Within a few minutes, you will see that you are being taken back to a time most of us never knew, when the British Empire embraced the whole world. There was much that was bad about our Empire, which is why we lost it, but Rudyard Kipling strove against the odds to maintain the good things in it. His words are still a force for good around the earth. Did you know that, after Shakespeare, Kipling is the most quoted writer in the English language? So, my second answer is: because it’s important. Third: because the way in which Brian Clark has arranged Kipling’s stories, poems and autobiography so as to dramatise the poet’s life and times makes for some truly great fun! So, for all these reasons, my concluding answer is: why not? John Griffin 71

Thomas Hope and the Deepdene - A Lost Landscape

Heritage Open Days continued...

Riverside Walk

Front of Leatherhead Train Station, Station Approach, Leatherhead Enjoy a 2.5 - 3 hour guided walk along the River Mole, following the riverbank path to Norbury Park and Mickleham. Take in the beautiful views and learn about its management and heritage. Finishing at Westhumble train station where we will return by train to Leatherhead. (You will need to purchase a train ticket). Opening Times: Sunday: Walk 1400-1700 Prebooking via Dorking Hall Box Office by email: (entitled: Heritage Open Days), Booking closes: 7 September 2015 17:00

St Giles' Church

Park Lane, Ashtead, KT21 1EJ This beautifully restored 15th & 16th century church built on a former Roman site and situated in a tranquil well-tended large churchyard, will be open to view. Refreshments will be available. Please do join us. Opening Times Sunday 13 September: 1430-1700 No booking required Website Organised by Mrs Julia Mould, Churchwarden

St John’s School

Council Offices, Pippbrook, Dorking, RH4 1SJ The Deepdene is one of the country's most historically important county estates, home to the famed Regency arbiter of taste Thomas Hope. The Deepdene still holds fascinating glimpses into a lost world that is now the focus of a Heritage Lottery project. Join Alex Bagnall on a guided walk of the most significant parts of the estate. Not suitable for children under the age of 12. Opening Times: Friday: 1400-1630 | Sunday: 1100- 1330 Pre-booking: Required Event must be booked through Dorking Halls Box Office Contact: Dorking Halls Box Office Email: Write to: Dorking Halls Box Office, Dorking Halls, Reigate Road, Dorking RH4 1SG Booking closes: 7 September 2015 17:00

Walk Around Leatherhead Town Centre

Letherhead Institute, 67 High Street, Leatherhead, KT22 8AH Enjoy a walk around Leatherhead town centre visiting buildings and sites of historical interest, led by members of the Leatherhead and District Local History Society. Duration 1.5 hours. Opening Times: Sunday: Walk 1400-1530 Booking Details: Pre-booking: Required Contact: Fred Meynen Call: 01372 372930 Email: Booking closes: 9 September 2015 17:00

Epsom Road, Leatherhead, KT22 8SP St John's school was founded in 1851 as an independent day and boarding school, to educate the sons of clergymen. It relocated from St Johns Wood, London to Leatherhead in 1872, with just 63 pupils. Set in 50 acres, the Winston Churchill School site is a splendid mixture of old and new. in his own words ... Opening Times: Saturday: 1000-1600, Tour The Letherhead Institute, 67 High Street, 1100 & 1400 Leatherhead, KT22 8AH No booking required Fifty years since the death of one of the United Kingdom's most famous statesmen, Winston St Mary’s Church Churchill's speeches full of powerful rhetoric 10A The Ridgeway, Fetcham, KT22 9AZ and humour are still relevant today. Local A beautiful church where worship has taken actor, Graham Pountney, and narrator Jonathan place for over a thousand years. There is a Dickins, bring the great man back with a Saxon window arch using Roman bricks and the character presentation of Churchill's life and church has seen improvements and times featuring his most famous speeches. Event enlargements almost every century since then, not suitable for children under the age of 10. more recently in 2014 with a beautiful and Opening Times Saturday 12 September: 1100 sympathetic reordering of the interior. No booking required Opening Times: Thursday: 0900 - 1700 | Friday: 0900 - 1700 | Saturday: 0900 - 1700 Sunday: 1230 - 1800 No booking required


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Leatherhead & District Local History Society Potted Histories No 79

Parsons Mead School – Littlewoods Swimming Pool - Ottways Lane Ashtead

The school opened in 1904 with forty-five girls aged between ten and eighteen, by the beginning of WWI there were ninety- five girls, both borders and day pupils. The head mistress was Miss Jessie Elliston. Miss Elliston opened her first school in Woodfield Lane. Previously she had been governess at Leatherhead Vicarage. She bought Parsons Mead, paying for it by instalments. As we all know it was to become one of the best known schools in the area. In about 1930 Edgar Littlewood built swimming pools in the garden of his house ‘Littlewoods’ in Ottways Lane, opposite Parsons Mead School. There were two pools – a small one for young children and learners and a large one with diving boards for those who could swim. Parties of children came from the local schools, especially Parsons Mead to be taught to swim by his daughter, Mrs Brooker. In 1957, the school ceased to be privately owned and was made an educational trust. Alas, Parsons Mead closed on July 7, 2006. The school's trustees said they were unable to keep the school going after the number of pupils fell below the break-even point. For the full story of the school I suggest you read - An Act of Faith: Hundred Years of Education at Parsons Mead School by Barbara Dawson - 2006. Goff Powell

Correction to Potted History No 78 Gimcrack Hill (August 2015 edition) – The skid pan mentioned was never removed and is in fact still embedded in the wall.

For information regarding Membership, Lectures and Museum opening hours contact: Leatherhead & District Local History Society, Leatherhead Museum, Hampton Cottage, 64 Church Street, Leatherhead, KT22 8DP Tel: 01372 386348 mail to: Website: 76

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General Knowledge Crossword Across 1. Nymph who fell in love with Narcissus and faded away, leaving just her voice (4) 3. Written account of ownership or obligation (8) 9. Burnt sugar used to colour and flavour food (7) 10. Laundering appliance that removes moisture (5) 11. Edible product of the Passiflora plant (7,5) 13. External forms (6) 15. Word uttered by Archimedes (6) 17. Writer of verse officially appointed to the royal household (4,8) 20. Mark used to indicate the word above it should be repeated (5) 21. Persistently or morbidly thoughtful (7) 22. Government department responsible for economic strategy (8) 23. Head honcho (4) Down 1. Tendency to seek distraction or relief from reality (8) 2. Fast-running, long-eared mammals (5) 4. Two-dimensional figure (6) 5. Movement of water below the surface flowing in a different direction from that above it (12) 6. Large imposing building (7) 7. Weedy annual grass used for forage (4) 78

8. 12. 14. 16. 18. 19.

Able to use both hands equally well (12) Without foundation in reason or fact (8) Original disciple (7) Covered picnic basket (6) Mexican comrade (5) Entrance passage into a mine (4) Solution in next month’s edition

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Tel/fax. 01372 200583, Mobile 0777 444 1991


Transition Ashtead Working towards a sustainable Ashtead

Storing sunshine is the next big energy thing… That annoying beeping noise – aagh! - the battery of some important device is about to expire – be it your laptop, or your phone. It could be a minor issue, or something important - a 999 call? These days we rely on two things to control our lives – information and energy. We have increasing control over the first, but on the energy front progress has not been so rapid. Electric cars were going to be the big thing of the 1960s but it’s only in the last decade have they begun to make any impact. The development of electrical energy storage devices – batteries – has moved forward but has not kept pace with demand. We need something capable of storing electricity from intermittent renewable energy resources to help us move to a low carbon future and mitigate climate change. Organisations are investing heavily in research into improving existing battery technology – but we need a quantum leap forward if we are to create a world which uses fossil fuels very sparingly. You probably own several examples of one of the most advanced battery technologies that have been invented – one may well be in your pocket – the lithium-ion battery in your phone. There are said to be about 2 billion such batteries in existence and many more to come. They already hold about a third of the market for re-chargeable batteries (lead-acid car type batteries still have the biggest share). They will be used in a US electric vehicle, and there are plans to build a factory to produce enough batteries for half a million electric cars by 2020. In the past these batteries had a tendency to overheat and catch fire when being charged – not the best selling point - but an improved charger has now solved that problem. However, we still can't store enough solar and wind power etc. to keep us lit and warm during the night and through the winter, nor do we have electric car batteries that charge rapidly and give an acceptable mileage range. Until we can 'store sunlight' in this way we'll need to burn fossil fuels to cover the gaps, or manage with less power (maybe not such a bad aim anyway)! There is now a domestic power storage product available so homes can go off-grid (relying on their own renewables), but the price will have to fall very considerably before it can compete with buying electricity from fossil fuel sources. One of the challenges is to increase the energy density of batteries so that small devices can store lots of energy, and another is cost. Using new exotic materials is not going to be possible as once the technology is proved demand will go through the roof - so whatever the new battery is made of it needs to be a mix of materials that are widely available and cheap. There are some candidates in the wings, but as you may expect they are being kept under wraps as their commercial potential could be enormous. Let’s just hope that a solution is close around the corner before the world gets too hot. Barrie Mould For more information about Transition Ashtead, see our website at or email


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New book for Leatherhead public house and travels up Bridge Street to the crossroads in the town centre. The authors hope that they have been successful in weaving a path through the years and that the book will provide the reader with an enjoyable glimpse into the past and resurrect many latent memories. The book costs £8 - copies will also be available at Leatherhead Museum (when open) or by post £8 plus £1.50 postage from the Sales Secretary, 64 Church Street, Leatherhead, KT22 8DP. Cheques should be made payable to L&DLHS A book signing is to be held on Saturday 5th September at Barton’s Bookshop, Leatherhead from 10am. Both authors will be in attendance.


In 2009 the Leatherhead & District Local History Society published a book by Brian Hennegan entitled ‘Over the Bridge’ which was followed by a further book ‘Over the Bridge the Southern Side’, by Brian Hennegan and Goff Powell. Both authors felt that it would be fitting to write another book about Leatherhead to complete a ‘Bridge Trilogy’. The two previous books had featured the Kingston Road railway bridge in their title.

Starting at 1 and finishing at 34, track your way from one square to another, either horizontally, vertically or diagonally, placing consecutive numbers into the empty squares as you go. Some numbers are already given.

This third book still follows ‘The Bridge’ theme but now the bridge in question is the Town Bridge at Leatherhead over the River Mole at the foot of Bridge Street. The book begins at the site of ‘The Rising Sun’ 84

Solution on page 93

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M D Edwards & Son Kitchen Specialists

Friendly Family run local business established over 25 years. Kitchens supplied and installed to a very high standard. Excellent Portfolio and local references. We also have a complete team of qualified tradesmen: Builder, Plasterer, Electrician, Heating Engineer, Tiling and Flooring Specialists Fully Insured for your peace of mind Project managed by us from design to completion Kitchen facelifts also undertaken, Choose from large range of bespoke door styles, Granite, Engineered Stone, Corian, laminate and wood worktops, sinks, taps and integrated appliances. We also undertake remedial jobs - new hinges, drawer runners, etc.

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Locally established over 25 years From a complete bathroom, including tiling, decorating and finishing touches, to general plumbing repairs and alterations. Free estimates Friendly and dependable Bookham 01372 453325 Mobile 07812 607 071 86

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Simple Crossword Solution Across: 1 Pout, 3 Merchant, 9 Rescued, 10 Nails, 11 Mathematical, 14 Dud, 16 Metre, 17 See, 18 Appreciation, 21 Alone, 22 Relieve, 23 Dressing, 24 Plus. Down: 1 Pyramids, 2 Upset, 4 End, 5 Considerable, 6 Animals, 7 Toss, 8 Supermarkets, 12 Attic, 13 Meanders, 15 Deplore, 19 Ideal, 20 Bald, 22 Run.

Quiz - Starts and Ends 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

August’s crossword solutions

Islamabad (capital of Pakistan) Crimewatch Australian Rules Football M Yours faithfully Vertigo King Kong Aquarius and Sagittarius Yesterday Paris and Istanbul

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Quiz - Disney Couples 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Thomas O'Malley - Duchess (Aristocrats) Pocahontas - John Smith (Pocahontas) Aladdin - Jasmine (Aladdin) Tod - Vixey (The Fox And The Hound) Ariel - Eric (The Little Mermaid) Anna - Kristoff (Frozen) Tarzan - Jane (Tarzan) Bambi - Faline (Bambi) Simba - Nala (The Lion King) Pongo - Perdita (101 Dalmatians)

Across: 1 Curtain-raiser, 7 Envoy, 8 Hatchet, 9 Pyramid, 10 Scone, 11 Osborne, 17 Reeve, 18 Bullion, 20 Country, 21 Sunni, 22 Sierra Leonean. Down: 1 Creepy, 2 Rivers, 3 Abysm, 4 Artisan, 5 School, 6 Rotten, 8 Hudson Bay, 12 Sweater, 13 Braces, 14 Refuse, 15 Winnie, 16 Indian, 19 Lasso


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Lovely Lawns By Pippa Greenwood

Almost every garden has a lawn, and there is a lot you can do to keep it in good condition. Don’t wait until spring but get to work now with some autumn lawn care to keep your lawn looking healthy and green. Large weeds in small lawns are best removed by hand, perhaps using a sturdy old kitchen knife – perfect for removing dandelions, small clumps of daisies and other weeds missed by the mower. You should also take a look at the level of moss in the lawn: when green and luxuriant it can look quite attractive, but once it dies out the lawn will look really awful. On the whole, moss in lawns is encouraged by compaction, poor drainage of the soil and lawn surface and by excessive shading, perhaps by nearby trees or herbaceous plants in adjacent borders. It is worth doing anything you can to alleviate these problems, and for shading you should prune back shrubs which overhang the lawn or have trees professionally crown thinned or lifted, so that more light gets through to the lawn. Herbaceous plants are easily dealt with by using bamboo canes and string to ease them up and away from the grass.

of sieved garden soil and horticultural sand, perhaps mixed with a small quantity of sieved leaf mould. The top dressing ensures that the holes are kept open to allow better drainage and aeration over a longer period. Use a proprietary moss killer if moss is really out of control, applied exactly according to the manufacturer’s instructions; you should make sure that the moss is killed off completely before you attempt to rake it out. Raking out can be combined with scarifying, where you use a spring tined rake to aggressively rake the surface of the lawn, so that dead moss, thatch (the accumulated bits of dead grass and other lawn debris) and any other surface debris are removed. Once done, you will find that the lawn looks a lot worse than it did when you started, as it will look thinner and more moth-eaten. However, scarifying helps to ensure that the grasses receive plenty of air and allows for better re-growth; have faith, the situation will improve.

Compaction is relatively easy to deal with, and in small areas where the problem is not too bad, you can use a normal garden fork. Drive this into the lawn every 10 – 15 cm (4 – 6 in) and ease it back and forth slightly to enlarge the holes created by the tines of the fork. This creates some drainage channels, which will also improve aeration.

If you still have bare areas once you have improved the texture of the soil and fixed drainage problems, then re-seed or overseed using a suitable grass-seed mixture. To improve germination and speed of growth, pin a piece of horticultural fleece or Enviromesh over the newly sown area. This will help keep it warmer and prevent birds from stealing the grass seed.

On very heavy sites or where compaction is bad, use a hollow tine aerator. These can be bought as attachments for some lawnmowers, or you can buy or hire a dedicated machine or piece of equipment. A hollow tine aerator removes cylinders of turf and the soil beneath, thus producing a better effect than using a garden fork. Once aerated, brush a sandy top dressing mixture into all the holes, using a mixture

Visit Pippa’s website for vegetable plants, Nemaslug, mesh and fleece, Speed Hoes, Speed Weeders, SoftTie, pop-up crop covers , copper tape and lots more besides. 90

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September is the perfect time to plant shrubs and trees in your garden. With the ground still warm, the rainfall higher and less top growth to support, the plants can put energy into building a great root system giving them the best start for success. At Ashtead Park we say... A shrub or tree planted in Autumn is a happy one!

Let’s also not forget our feathered friends during the coming months… We have a large selection of bird care in store along with luscious berried plants. / 01372 273891 Ashtead Park Garden Centre, Pleasure Pit Road, Ashtead, Surrey, KT21 1HU 91

£10,000 restoration project saves Polesden Lacey’s historic garden walls Susannah Wheeler


he historic walled garden at Polesden Lacey has benefited from restoration to pointing on the historic brickwork costing £10,000. The walled garden, which belonged to Mrs Margaret Greville until 1942, is one of best and oldest examples of a traditional walled garden in the UK. Most visitors enjoy the fabulous rose garden, at its best in June and July. But the walled garden also features several garden ‘rooms’, which include a lavender garden, an iris garden and a peony border. The current restoration project looks to replace cement mortar that was laid approximately 20 – 30 years ago. “The cement mortar doesn’t allow the walls to breathe and move, which they do with changes of climate and temperature throughout the year,” says Erica Emery, a Lead Building Surveyor for the National Trust. “This inflexibility puts pressure on the bricks leading to disintegration.” The restoration team have saved as many bricks as possible, which will be put back into the wall. Where salvage is not possible, the team have used bricks that are locally made by hand using the same method used to create the original bricks. This restoration work is part of an ongoing preventative conservation programme made possible by income generated through visits by members and non-members alike. The program focuses on a different area of the property each year, including the walled garden, the house including the clock tower, and the working building including the stables.

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USEFUL NUMBERS Ashtead Art Group 01372 272987 (Jan Cheeseman - Mem Sec) Ashtead Bowling Club 01372 278538 (Anne Wallace) Ashtead Chess Club 01372 813487 (Richard Jones) Ashtead Choral Society 01372 272835 / 278359 Ashtead Community Vision 07530 373975 (Andy Ellis) Ashtead Cricket Club 01372 276286 (Sarah Culhane) Ashtead Day Centre Over 60s Lunch Club 01372 813276 or 375640 Ashtead Decorative & Fine Arts Society 01372 813994 (Membership Secretary) Ashtead Flower Arrangement Group 01372 279501 (Di Stirling) Ashtead Friendship Centre 01372 274288 (Don Butt) Ashtead Good Neighbours 07752 665066 Ashtead Horticultural Society 01372 373348 (Jennie Pilfold) Ashtead Library 0300 200 1001 Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall 01372 272921 Ashtead Players/Young Players 01372 279614 Ashtead Residents’ Association 07733 621614 (Glynis Peterkin) Ashtead Squash & Tennis Club 01372 272215 Ashtead Townswomen’s Guild 01372 273948 (Di James) Ashtead Women’s Institute 01372 276736 (Sandra Brown) Carers’ Support Mole Valley 01306 640212 Childline 0800 1111 Citizens Advice Bureau 08444 111444 Cruse Bereavement Care 020 8393 7238 Electricity (UK Power Networks) 0800 783 8866 (powercut information line) Epsom General Hospital 01372 735735 Fetcham Residents’ Association 01372 372006 (Paul Fairweather) Fetcham Singers (ladies choir) 01372 276736 (Sandra Brown) Gas (Transco) 0800 111999 (minicom/textphone for deaf/hard of hearing 0800 371787)

Leatherhead Choral Society 01372 372553 (Cathy Smith, Secretary) Leatherhead & District Angling Society 01372 377654 Leatherhead Helpshop 01372 363385 Leatherhead Community Association 01372 360508 Leatherhead Horticultural Society 01372 373493 (David Wells) Leatherhead Leisure Centre 01372 377674 Leatherhead Library 0300 200 1001 Leatherhead Lions Club 020 8224 5356 (David Careswell) Leatherhead Museum 01372 386348 Leatherhead Residents’ Association 01372 370091 Leatherhead Theatre 01372 365141 Mid Surrey Community Mediation 07513 524241 Mole Valley District Council 01306 885001 Police Non-emergency 101 Probus Club of Ashtead 01372 272595 (Peter Waterhouse) Probus Club of Leatherhead 01372 450930 (Andrew Crawford) Rotary Club of Ashtead 01372 727573 (Keith Allardyce) Rotary Club of Leatherhead 07753 821964 (Simon Edmands) Royal Association for the Deaf 01306 881958 Royal British Legion Leatherhead/Fetcham Branch 01372 811422 Ashtead Branch 01372 817492 Samaritans 01372 375555 Shopmobility Leatherhead 01372 362400 Surrey County Council 03456 009 009 (8am-6pm weekdays) Surrey Trading Standards 01372 371717 U3A: Leatherhead & District 01372 375756 Ashtead 01372 274388 Volunteer Centre Leatherhead 01372 740394 (based at L/head library weekly) Water (Sutton & E Surrey Water) Emergencies/general 01737 772000 Wildlife Aid 09061 800132 (24 hr helpline) 94

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