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The Importance of the Ascension The Ascension is the culmination of Christ’s work on earth:

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This study notes provide the core content of a bible study. While the core message of the study has been captured for you to read, written text can not fully express the sense of anointing upon the discussion of the word or the joy of corporate fellowship. We encourage you to pray before you begin reading that the Lord would open your heart and mind to be receptive and responsive to God’s message contained within this study. There may be times when you find it difficult to reconcile God’s truth to your own opinion or worldview, God’s truth is eternal, it does not change, our understanding of the truth does change as we allow God to work in our hearts and minds.

16 June 2010

His birth and life on earth – he set us an example; he can empathize with us in all things. His cross – he took on himself the world’s sin and paid for our forgiveness with his sacrifice. His Resurrection – he had victory over death and evil and brought us new, eternal life. His Ascension – he took his rightful place of authority at God’s right hand in Heaven. The Ascension is the LINK between his earthly ministry and his heavenly ministry – which now continues forever.

The Record of the Ascension Luke 24v50-53

Acts 1v7-11 1 Corinthians 15v3,4

Jesus was literally taken up/lifted up to Heaven, having just told them to wait for the Holy Spirit, and having just blessed them. Again, the promise of the Holy Spirit and the witnesses seeing him being taken up – the cloud representing the glory of God’s presence. ( v.11: one day Jesus will come back in the same manner) and acknowledgement in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Jesus saw beyond the Cross Luke 9v51 John 6v60-62 John 13v1 John 14v1&2 1 Timothy 3v16 Hebrews 1v1-3

We often focus on the Cross, but Jesus kept the bigger picture in mind. He had “stepped down” to earth for a few years to bring he would return to us salvation and eternal life; and he knew heaven to take up his throne when it was accomplished. The gospel writers (with the benefit of hindsight) also wrote about the bigger picture.

What did Jesus see and know? We can only be guided by Scripture. Acts 7v55&56 tell us that when Steven was dying (martyred) he saw a vision of Jesus standing at the right hand of God.) We read in Hebrews 1v3b that “Jesus sat down at the right hand of the Majesty in Heaven” – the Father’s ‘right-hand man’ – the position and place of authority. Isaiah, Ezekiel and John (in Revelation) have tried to describe what they have seen of Heaven in visions. Revelation 4v2-11 Revelation 5v9-12

Jesus is Lord – he created all things. Jesus is Lord – he was the sacrificial Lamb who conquered death.

Where does the Ascension leave us?

Jesus promised that when he departed from the earth he would leave the Holy Spirit for all believers. After the Ascension the earthly restrictions and limits on Jesus would no longer apply. The Holy Spirit cannot be fettered and, in theory, can do far greater things through us than Jesus did. The early church experienced this supernatural power, as are some places in our world today (e.g. Africa). The Holy Spirit was Jesus’ promise to us: John 16v5-11

Conclusions drawn from The Ascension n

Everything Jesus said about himself was fulfilled


Jesus rightfully took up his shared position (with The Father) as King and Lord of all, now seated on the throne


Jesus began his role of mediator/advocator for us in Heaven (he understands our humanity)


He began his fulfillment of the role of the Old Testament High Priest because he went into the Holy Place (Heaven) with the sacrificial blood of a perfect lamb (his own blood)


Jesus returned to the glory he had before he came down to earth


Without the Ascension the Holy Spirit would not have been given and we would have been without The Comforter, without the Gifts of the Spirit and without the Fruits of The Spirit.


The Ascension was the occasion of the Great Commission – to go into all the world and preach the gospel/good news of Jesus Christ.


It affirms the promise of Jesus that he would go into heaven before us and prepare a place for us so that when we die we can be with him for eternity.


It must therefore be a reason for great celebration!!

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