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ASHI Reporter • January 2017

9/23/16 2:23 PM


Reporter ASHI

January 2017

Vol. 34, #1

Features 7 


InspectionWorldTM — Schedule at a Glance

Attic Inspections: Safety First Alan Carson, Carson Dunlop



Liaison Report from Calgary, Alberta Canada A Wrap-up of CAHPI’s 2016 National Conference Steve Gladstone, ASHI Liaison to CAHPI

Spotlight on InspectionWorldTM Perspectives from Seasoned Attendees

Interviews compiled by Carol Dikelsky, ASHI Reporter Editor


Pre- and Post-Show Marketing

Dave Kogan, Director of ASHI Marketing and Business Development

Do You Need More Inspections?

The Benefits of Sponsorship



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Mike Crow,

Dave Kogan, Director of ASHI Marketing and Business Development

ASHI Officers for 2017 Council Elects New Directors ASHI 2016 Committees: Thank You for Your Service

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6 Being Frank Frank Lesh, ASHI Executive Director


28 ASHI Community

Chapter News, Chapter Listing, New Inspector Status, Chapter Education

34 Your ASHI

Membership, Endorsed Member Programs & Anniversaries

42 Postcards From the Field

It’s Wacky Out There

Randy Sipe, ASHI President

46 On My Mind



3January 2017



ASHI National Officers and Board of Directors Educated. Tested. Verified. Certified.

A SH I M issi o n S tatement To set and promote standards for property inspections and to provide the educational programs needed to achieve excellence in the profession and to meet the needs of our members.

ASHI Staff Main Phone: 847-759-2820, 8:30 am - 5:00 pm Mon. - Fri., CST Executive Director

Officers Randy Sipe, President Spring Hill, KS, 913-856-4515

Tim Buell, Treasurer Marysville, OH, 614-746-7485

Howard Pegelow, President-Elect Gilbert, AZ, 414-379-4186

Scott Patterson, Secretary Spring Hill, TN, 615-302-1113

Robert Walstead, Vice President Sun City Arizona, 623-695-4789

Alden Gibson, Immediate Past-President Breslau, ON, 519-648-3963

Directors Bruce Barker 2015-2017 Cary, NC, 919-322-4491

Donald Lovering 2015-2016 Auburndale, MA, 617-928-1942

Shannon E. Cory 2015-2017 Fayetteville, GA, 770-461-3408

Blaine Swan 2016-2018 Columbus, OH 614-506-0647

Ken Harrington 2015-2017 Delaware, OH, 614-507-1061 Richard Hart 2016-2018 Conyers, GA, 770-827-2200 David Haught 2016-2018 Huntington, WV, 304-417-1247 Keven Kossler 2015-2017 Huntersville, NC, 704-875-3200 Bruce Labell 2015-2017 Scottsdale, AZ, 602-765-2140

Tony Smith 2015-2017 Cedar Rapids, IA, 319-533-4565 Mike Wagner 2014-2016 Westfield, IN, 317-867-7688 John Wessling 2016-2018 St. Louis, MO, 314-520-1103 Kevin Westendorf 2014-2016 Mt. Pleasant, SC, 843-881-7842 kevinw@lowcountryhome

Speaker, Council of Representatives: James Funkhouser 2015-2016 Mark Londner 2014-2016 Manassas Park, VA, 703-791-2360 Purcellville, VA, 540-668-6339 Publisher: Frank Lesh Editor: Carol Dikelsky Art Director: Arlene Zapata, Designer: Kate Laurent American Society of Home Inspectors, Inc. 932 Lee Street, Suite 101 Des Plaines, IL 60016

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ASHI Reporter • January 2017

Frank Lesh, Executive Director, 847-954-3182, Jen Gallegos, Executive Assistant and Project Coordinator 847-954-3177, Education, CE Approval, ASHI Online Learning Center, InspectionWorld

Michele George, Director of Education & Events, 847-954-3188 Membership, Chapter Relations, Booth Rental, Product Orders

Russell Daniels, Assistant Executive Director, Director Membership & Chapter Relations, 847-954-3185, Janet George, Membership Services Supervisor, 847-954-3180 Michael Krauszowski, Membership Administrator, 847-954-3175 Mark Lester, Membership Services Coordinator, 847-954-3176 Accounting

Toni Fanizza, Accounting, Purchasing and Human Resources Manager, 847-954-3190, Beverly Canham, Financial Assistant, 847-954-3184 Website, Information Systems, Database

Mike Rostescu, Director IT & Internet Communications 847-954-3189, Advertising, Marketing, IW Expo Hall, Public Relations

Dave Kogan, Director of Marketing & Business Development 847-954-3187, Graphics, Publications, Member Logo Design

Arlene Zapata, Graphic Department Director & “ASHI Reporter” Managing Editor, 847-954-3186, Kate Laurent, Graphic Designer & Digital Strategist 847-954-3179, The ASHI School

Bonnie Bruno, Manager, 888-884-0440 or 847-954-3178 Steve Reilly, Senior Sales Representative, 888-884-0440 or 847-954-3181, Kimberly McGraw, Administrative Assistant & Sales Representative 847-954-3198,

Your current inspection software is only giving you part of the picture.

The Healthy Home Checkup now includes a physical condition inspection module! Homeowners are becoming increasingly aware that their homes can affect their health and safety. That’s why we developed the Healthy Home Checkup. Inspectors told us that they wanted The Checkup combined with a physical condition inspection to streamline the process, so that’s what we’ve done! Now you can give your clients a more complete picture of their homes by performing The Checkup and a physical condition inspection at the same time, using one software package.

Tailor your inspections to best fit your clients’ needs by using these three modules at different opportunity points. Combined Checkup/ Physical Cond. Module


Checkup Module

Healthy Home assessment for previous client

New parents in current home

3 3 3 3

Following damage to home due to water, windstorm, fire



Following major home renovations/remodeling


3 3 3

Seniors downsizing Seniors aging in place

Pre-purchase home inspection New parents purchasing a home

Physical Cond. Module


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5January 2017



Past, Present and Future From ASHI’s Executive Director


t’s fun looking back. I think it’s human nature to remember the good things that happened, even when memories of the not-so-good things seem to hang around awhile, too.

It’s a little harder to analyze the present because it’s constantly unfolding. It’s humorous to look to the future because, in spite of our intentions, it NEVER works out the way we planned. However, since the creators of the film “Back to the Future II” were able to predict the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series, only being off by one year, I’d like to take some artistic license and come up with some of my own predictions.

So, let’s have some fun. Last month, we reviewed the highlights of 2016. Now, I’ll attempt to predict or, in the spirit of the New Year, make some plans for what we’re going to do here at ASHI. The first item on my list is to continue serving our members—and that includes our longtime supporters as well as our more recent ones. I think we’ve tried to show that over the past year. With the Year of the Chapter initiative, the new ASHI App, the Print on Demand site and the new How-To Videos, we’re reaching out like never before. I realize that your hard-earned money must be spent wisely, and my belief is that ASHI is one place to spend some of it. Specifically, the ASHI App has the “Find an Inspector” link at the user’s fingertips. That should help bring more inspections to you. Another goal is to maintain ASHI’s status as the premier home inspection organi-


ASHI Reporter • January 2017

zation in North America. Our efforts in Washington, D.C., are always under scrutiny from groups that also have an interest in property-buying regulations. In the past 12 months, I’ve been to Washington four times to meet with government agencies and members of Congress to discuss home inspection’s role in the property-buying process. I’m pretty sure that, with the new administration, ASHI will be in the forefront of that continuing effort. One endeavor that some members may not think of as being in their own self-interest is increasing membership. Our goal last year was to reach 7,000 members. Well, we blew that right out of the water because we now have well over 8,000! As good as that is for the association, there are some current members who think that if ASHI increases membership, their own piece of the pie is going to get smaller. I’ve never found that to be the case.

As a matter of fact, many inspectors embrace new ASHI members because, as a group, we raise the bar for the whole profession. Whether or not your state or province has regulations, being an ASHI member places you on a higher plane. Think of it this way: A non-ASHI inspector is going to be out there anyway. Probably not doing as good a job and charging a lot less than an ASHI member. Some clients won’t know the difference initially, especially if the law requires an inspector to be licensed. But we all know that just because some-

one is licensed doesn’t necessarily mean that he or she is as qualified as an inspector who goes through the process of becoming an ASHI Certified Inspector, the only true third-party certification. Also in the works will be a weekly prize drawing to encourage members to go to the ASHI website to review new products and services. One of the prizes will be complimentary registration at InspectionWorldTM 2018 in Orlando, FL. Another will be something every inspector needs to have: a very expensive $jkesi8wnbcnwep. (Sorry, the editor did her job in obscuring the other prize.) Hope to see many of you at IW 2017 this month in Las Vegas. And remember, what happens in Vegas…will be fantastic! Attention, Veterans! A Special IW 2017 Programming Note

We are planning a very special award ceremony for veterans attending IW. Be sure to attend the opening night activities Sunday, January 22. At 1800 hours, we will thank you for your service. ~ Frank Lesh, 13E4P

Frank Lesh, Executive Director American Society of Home Inspectors Direct: 847-954-3182 •

7 201 ®

EVERYONE’S A WINNER! Las Vegas January 22-25

InspectionWorld® Las Vegas 2017 Expo and educational events will be held in the Bally’s Resort Convention Center Schedule at a Glance

Includes Pre-Conference and Post-Conference courses • WWW.INSPECTIONWORLD.ORG Friday, January 20, 2017

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

8:00 am – 5:00 pm

7:00 am – 6:00 pm 7:00 am – 4:00 pm 7:00 am – 9:00 am 7:00 am – 8:00 am 7:00 am – 8:00 am 9:00 am – 6:00 pm 9:00 am – 11:00 am 9:00 am – 6:00 pm 9:30 am – 10:30 am 11:00 am – 1:00 pm 11:00 am – 1:00 pm 11:30 am – 12:30 pm 12:30 pm departure 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm 4:00 pm – 10:00 pm 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm 8:30 pm – 10:30 pm

Pre-Conference – Certified Residential Thermographer Class

Saturday, January 21, 2017 8:00 am – 5:00 pm 8:00 am – 5:00 pm 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

ASHI Board of Directors Meeting Pre-Conference – Certified Residential Thermographer Class Pre-Conference – One Day of Secrets Revealed - Mike Crow

Sunday, January 22, 2017 7:00 am – 9:00 pm Registration/Info Desk open 8:00 am – 12:00 pm Pre-Conference – NADRA Deck Evaluation Certificate Class 8:00 am – 12:00 pm Pre-Conference – NHIE Exam Prep Part 1 8:00 am – 12:00 pm Pre-Conference – 203K Day of Discovery 8:00 am – 12:00 pm Council of Representatives Meeting 12:00 pm – 2:30 pm Annual Meeting Luncheon and Awards Presentation 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm “Welcome to ASHI” Event (New ASHI Members and First Timers) 3:00 pm – 9:00 pm Expo Hall open (Ribbon Cutting at 3:00 pm) 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm The ASHI School Instructor Workshop 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm Opening Night Reception in Expo Hall 6:00 pm Veterans Assembly 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm The ASHI School Alumni Reunion 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm President’s Leadership Reception (by invitation)

Monday, January 23, 2017 7:00 am – 7:00 pm 7:00 am – 7:00 pm 7:00 am – 9:00 am 7:00 am – 8:00 am 7:00 am – 8:00 am 9:00 am – 6:00 am 9:00 am – 11:00 am 9:00 am – 6:00 pm 9:00 am – 11:00 am 11:00 am – 1:00 pm 11:30 am – 12:30 pm 12:30 pm departure 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm 3:00 pm 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Registration/Info Desk open Expo Hall open Coffee Service & Breakfast-for-purchase available Bonus Event - PCI presents: “It’s PR not the ER” Franchisors Meeting Illinois Testing Room Educational Sessions (5 tracks) Spouse Lounge open “Marketing Your Business” in Spouse Lounge Lunch in Expo Hall (for purchase) Lunch ‘N Learn Sessions Spouse Tour: 4-hour Las Vegas Tour Educational Sessions (5 tracks) Board Orientation Refreshment Break in Expo Hall Veterans gather for photo Educational Sessions (5 tracks) InspectPac Reception (Register at Reg Desk)

Registration/Info Desk open Expo Hall open until 4:00 pm Coffee Service & Breakfast-for-purchase available Bonus Event – Dept. of Energy presents: “Building Your Inspection Business with DOE’s Home Energy Score New Committee Chair Breakfast Illinois Testing Room Educational Sessions (5 tracks) Spouse Lounge open Multi-Inspector Firms Meeting Past-Presidents Luncheon Lunch in Expo Hall (for purchase) Lunch ’N Learn Sessions Spouse Tour: Red Rock Canyon Tour Educational Sessions (5 tracks) Allied Association Meeting Refreshment Break in Expo Hall Educational Sessions (5 tracks) Expo Hall Breakdown President’s Gala Reception (Purchased ticket) President’s Gala Dinner Dance Music

Wednesday, January 25, 2017 7:00 am – 4:00 pm Registration/Info Desk open 7:00 am – 4:00 pm ASHI Booth / Cyber Café 7:00 am – 8:00 am Coffee Service & Breakfast-for-purchase available 7:50 am departure Spouse Tour: 6 1/2 hour Hoot and Hoover Dam Tour 8:00 am – 6:00 pm Illinois Testing Room 8:00 am – 10:00 am Educational Sessions (5 tracks) 8:00 am – 4:00 pm Spouse Lounge open 10:00 am – 10:30 am Refreshment Break 10:30 am – 12:30 pm Educational Sessions (5 tracks) 12:30 pm – 2:00 pm Lunch (for purchase) 12:45 pm – 1:45 pm Special Event: Mike Crow Marketing Presentation 7 Surprisingly Simple Things You Need to Know to Grow Your Business—Even Double Your Business 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm Educational Sessions (5 tracks) 4:15 pm Closing $500 Grand Prize Drawing in foyer 4:15 pm Conference concludes – See You at IW 2018 in Orlando!

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, January 26, 27 and 28, 2017 (3-day class) Post-Conference Course offered by The ASHI School – Commercial Building Inspection Course

The schedule is subject to change without notice. Check with the Registration/Information Desk for the latest schedule.

ASHI Reporter •


Attic Inspections: Safety First

Attic Inspections: Safety First By Alan Carson, Carson Dunlop,, 800-268-7070


he attic inspection is dangerous. You may fall through a ceiling, damage finishes, get an electric shock or irritate your lungs, eyes or skin with insulation materials.

Hot, Cold and Infested Attics can be hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Often, it is very difficult to move through the attic, and the attic may be a home for birds and animals you’d rather not meet. You must watch for animal droppings, which may pose a health hazard. You may be startled by bats, raccoons, squirrels, mice and other animals, causing you to lose footing or step carelessly, putting a foot through a ceiling. Bees, hornets and other stinging insects also can spoil your inspection.

Mask and Goggles We recommend wearing an appropriate mask with proper filters (high-efficiency particulate arresting [HEPA] or P100-type) and goggles to keep irritants out of your eyes. We also suggest wearing gloves and long sleeves with tight cuffs when working in an attic.

How Far to Go When the attic insulation completely covers the ceiling joists, we do not recommend walking through the attic. Instead, simply look at the attic from the access hatch. When you can’t see the ceiling joists, it’s difficult to know where to step. You may be able to find the ceiling joists with your foot by feeling around through the insulation; however, you may step on a wire, an open electrical junction box or a joist that has been cut or is cracked. We recommend that 8

ASHI Reporter • January 2017

Never walk across attics in which the joists are covered.

you do not move through an attic where there is risk of damaging the property or injuring yourself. We are also cautious about using planks that have been laid as walkways across attic areas. Unless these appear to have been clearly “well traveled,” we recommend moving very carefully. It’s easier when you can grab onto something, in which case trusses would be ideal over rafters. At the same time, it’s difficult to navigate an attic with trusses. Describe Your Inspection Whether you moved through the attic or looked at it from the attic access hatch, you should describe in your report how you performed your attic inspection. You’ll have trouble explaining why you didn’t identify problems that are discovered later if you don’t state your limitations. If you are inspecting from the hatch only, have a powerful flashlight that can illuminate right to the eaves.

> Attic Access It is good practice to provide access into any attic. As a general rule, if the attic is larger than 100 square feet and has at least 24 inches of headroom, an access hatch should be provided. Access Hatches Attic access hatches are ideally at least 22 inches by 30 inches (in the United States) and 22 inches by 36 inches (in Canada). Many are smaller, however, and there are provisions that allow them to be smaller, including whether the attic is serving a single dwelling and the vertical height of the clearance above the hatch. Again, know the rules in your area. Access hatches should be insulated and weather-stripped to minimize the air leakage into the attic.

Attic Inspections: Safety First

in exactly the same order and location in which we found them. If the closet is packed like a neat puzzle, it might be hard to place everything back exactly where it was. This is a situation when taking a quick photo might come in handy before you start taking everything out. Hatches Screwed, Nailed or Painted Shut Most attic hatches do not require tools to open. If the hatch has been sealed, you will have to decide whether you’re prepared to open it. Understand there is some risk of damaging cosmetic finishes. Use Gloves to Avoid Fingerprints Bare hands often leave dirty fingerprints on attic hatches. We recommend using gloves to avoid this. You should wipe off any marks you leave on the access hatch and trim. Many inspectors push access hatches open with flashlights to avoid touching them with their fingers. Don’t Dismantle Shelves In some cases, shelving units have been added and their placement may make it impossible to get through the access hatch without removing them. For example, if shelves can be removed without using tools, we take them out; however, if the shelves are screwed or nailed into place, we will usually not disassemble them to gain access.

Many hatches don’t have proper weather-stripping or seals.

Document and take photos of limitations, such as built-in shelving that blocks the hatch. In this case these limitations should be removed before the new owner moves in.

Some hatches might only be able to fit an inspector’s head or an arm to snap a few photos.

Opening Access Hatches Let’s assume you’ve found the attic access hatch. It’s often difficult to get to it and it may be difficult to open. You’ll have to use common sense here. For example, we’ll remove clothes from a closet and clear stored items from shelves so we can get into an attic. We arrange any materials that we move so that we can replace them

Drop Cloths and Vacuum Cleaners Many inspectors use drop cloths below the access hatch and carry battery-powered vacuum cleaners to clean up. It’s not unusual for a small amount of insulation to fall through the hatch when removing or replacing it. It gets especially messy with loose-fill insulation. Take care to open all access hatches very carefully. Insulation is often blown into an attic through a roof or gable vent. Twelve inches of loose-fill insulation over an access hatch can create quite a mess in the home when the hatch is opened. Insulation can be an irritant. If you dump an excessive amount of insulation on people’s clothes, perhaps you should offer to dry-clean them. 9January 2017




Attic Inspections: Safety First

The client probably won’t take you up on that offer, but he or she might be impressed that you offered to do so.

Pull-Down Stairs Pull-down stairs can be dangerous. Be careful when pulling down the stairs. They may come down very quickly if mechanical components are loose or broken. Then, when climbing the stairs, be careful. Treads or stringers may be loose or broken. Bolts may be loose or missing. Keep in mind that some home inspectors have been injured by pull-down stairs. A fairly modern metal pull-down staircase; remain cautious when opening.

Insulating Cover Pull-down stairs allow considerable heat loss and air leakage into attics. An insulated, weather-stripped box can be placed over the stairs to help reduce heat loss and air leakage. Loose-fill cellulose insulation can get especially messy.

Stairwells to Attics Some homes have full staircases leading to attics. There is usually a door at the bottom and the staircase may be open to the attic. The stairwell walls and underside of the staircase should be insulated. The door should be weather-stripped. If the stairs have a ceiling, it should be insulated.

Safety The stairs should be uniform, with adequate tread width and a maximum rise of 8.5 inches. Headroom should be adequate, ideally 6.5 feet. There should be handrails on the stairs and a guardrail around the top; however, these are often missing. There should be electric lighting for the stairwell.


ASHI Reporter • January 2017

In addition to obvious issues like insulation and air-vapor barriers that can be inspected in attics, it is important to also inspect other systems such as roofing, structure, electrical, heating, cooling and plumbing components.

Because the focus of this article was primarily about safety during an attic inspection, we’ll discuss these other topics another time. We also won’t describe the various conditions that you might find in attic spaces. You can access more of this information through the ASHI@HOME training programs. H

ASHI Ad.indd 6

11January 2017

3/25/15 10:33 AM •


Liaison Report from Calgary, Alberta, Canada: A Wrap-up of CAHPI’s 2016 National Conference By Steve Gladstone, ASHI Liaison to CAHPI


t’s true that the colder weather is coming, but there were only warm feelings at the national conference of the Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors (CAHPI), held October 22-24, 2016, in Calgary, Alberta. Nearly 100 inspectors, vendors and guests had a super time at the Sheraton Calgary Cavalier Hotel. The 2016 CAHPI conference offered several educational sessions, including a truly exceptional motivational presentation by former Calgary policewoman Debra deWaal. She had us really thinking about how we present ourselves to our clients and how our mental attitude affects our day-to-day success. Alan Carson presented a session on report writing and customer service, and I presented a session on defect recognition. There were additional presentations on the topics of radon, electrical codes, report software, mentoring, infrared inspections, risk reduction, HVAC, energy code requirements and more.

At the expo hall, vendors offered tools, insurance and testing equipment, as well as information about air quality and the Eye Stick, a telescopic pole that can hold a Wi-Fi camera to reach those hard-to-get-to places like roofs and crawlspaces. Throughout the weekend, the coffee flowed, the food was great and the conversations were priceless. The conference committee should be very proud as this was a super event and very well-organized.


ASHI Reporter • January 2017

As a side note, CAHPI recently has had some challenges with members in British Columbia pulling back their participation. The hope is that these members will return once again to support one organization and one voice for home inspectors across Canada. ASHI is doing all it can to help; we hope these issues will improve. I manned the ASHI booth, answering many questions and discussing membership benefits with several attendees. Once again, I was extended the honor of giving the oath of office to the new CAPHI board, and I was equally surprised and delighted when I was presented with the Michael Ludolph Award for “dedication and contribution to the advancement and development of the home inspection profession in Canada.” This award is dedicated to the memory of Michael Ludolph, who unselfishly volunteered his time working toward national standards for Canada. To say the least, I was quite touched to receive this honor and I believe I am the first American to receive it. My wife, Sandi, and I got to see a bit of Calgary and spend some time with other inspectors and their families. In 2017, the conference will be in St. John’s, the capital of Newfoundland, which is about as far to the east as you can get in Canada. This conference is sure to be a great opportunity to see a particularly beautiful part of Canada, as well as to sharpen your home inspection skills by learning from some of the best presenters around. If you are a new inspector or a seasoned veteran, plan to attend CAHPI’s national conference next year in St. John’s. H

Stonehouse Company



Draw Inspections


About Stonehouse

Contact Us

Stonehouse Company Home and Building Inspection brings a new name, old faces and information you can rely on. For over 36 years we have provided accurate information to our clients. Our inspection skills were honed in the North East on every type of building imaginable. We have brought our skills to the Carolinas for those who need to know. Inspection services are just a click or a phone call away. Residential • Commercial Draw Inspections • Consulting Expert Witness • Litigation Support Licensed and certified ASHI Member

View ASHI Code of Ethics

Stonehouse Company • 113 Indian Trail Road North • Indian Trail NC • 704-443-0110 •

13January 2017



Companies that provide both residential and commercial inspection services garner more respect than those doing only residential work! Commercial inspections can generate up to 80% more revenue than residential inspections in the same time. Historically, the liability related to commercial inspection is a fraction of that associated with home inspection. The benefits for your business can be substantial.

January 26-28, 2017 • Following InspectionWorldTM Bally’s Las Vegas, 3645 S. Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 86109 Call 888-884-0440 to register COURSE FEES

The course fee through The ASHI School is $1,395 for ASHI members. This includes the course text, sample reports, consultants’ reports and information on quoting inspections, report writing, cost estimating and relevant business issues.


We guarantee you will find this course both personally and professionally rewarding or your entire course fee will be cheerfully refunded. 14

ASHI Reporter • January 2017

Spotlight on InspectionWorldTM

Spotlight on InspectionWorld 017 2 TM

Perspectives from Seasoned Attendees Interviews compiled by Carol Dikelsky, ASHI Reporter Editor


EVERYONE’S A WINNER! Las Vegas January 22-25

We invited some ASHI members to share their experiences with IW. Whether you are attending InspectionWorldTM for the first time or the 21st time, you can learn something from their insights. Hope to see you in Las Vegas! Reuben Saltzman, Structure Tech Home Inspections, 952-915-6466 First-time attendees should look for a pre-conference email from ASHI that has a link to a “hidden” web page that provides links to all of the speaker presentations. As soon as I receive that email and link, I take the time to download all of the presentations. Then, on the plane ride out to IW, I pore over all of the presentations to help me decide which sessions I want to attend.

Also, use your time at IW to get to know other inspectors from across the continent. Ask how other inspectors do things, market themselves, hire inspectors and so on. I’ve found that everyone I approach is extremely generous with tips and information. The technical courses are always the most well-attended sessions at IW, but the biggest benefit to attending IW is the ability to attend the business management classes. Those types of classes are rarely, if ever, offered at the local level because speakers typically aren’t interested in training all of their local competition to do the same things that they’re doing. To get the most out of IW, I recommend attending as many of the business management sessions as possible. As I take notes during the business management sessions at IW, I put stars or asterisks next to all of the tips that I’ve picked up that I plan to implement when I get back home. I spend the next several weeks implementing those changes.

Finally, don’t miss the Annual Luncheon and Awards Presentation, which will be held this year on Sunday, January 22. Attending this event each year has really helped me to appreciate all of the people who are involved with ASHI and who have made and are making it the organization that it is today. Not to mention, there’s always great food! Miki Mertz, Complete Home Inspection, 913-268-0222, I’ve been attending InspectionWorldTM since 1992, missing only one for family reasons. I look forward to attending IW each year to see old friends and make new ones. I always approach it with these three goals in mind: 1. Learn something new. 2. Check out the new vendor products. 3. Have fun and get motivated. Even though I’ve been doing inspections for 24 years, I still find it helpful to go to many of the basic-level courses, found in the Inspection Essentials track. The information I learn (or relearn) at these sessions reminds me of what I am supposed to be inspecting, and I always pick up new tips and sharpen my skills. I also try to go to classes featuring topics that I don’t know anything about so that I can grow in knowledge and skill. The vendor space is a great resource for buying new stuff or asking questions about various products like software, tools and insurance. The other thing I really like about the vendor space, especially at meal times or during receptions, is that it is where I can go to talk to people. I think this is the best place to hear other people’s “war stories” and find out that everyone deals with the same issues. I can hear creative ways others have found to inspect or to market themselves. So, each time I’m in the vendor space, I talk with my old friends and I try to meet someone new as well. The things I learn

15January 2017




Spotlight on InspectionWorldTM

from fellow home inspectors can help me make more money and become a better inspector. I try to go to a class during each scheduled time slot. When I’m not in class or visiting vendors, I enjoy sightseeing in the city we’re in that year. I frequently bring my husband with me, and we often arrive early to do some sightseeing and then he heads back home when the conference starts. When our daughter was young, we brought her along, too. That way, we got a family vacation out of it, and my airfare and hotel could be covered as a business expense for the time I was going to be there for the conference. The President’s Gala is a lot of fun. Great food, music and dancing. Yes, home inspectors do know how to dance. I like that we all get out on the dance floor, even if we don’t specifically have a partner!

To keep the motivation and energy and knowledge going after IW, I try to read through my notes and the handouts I received during the sessions and at the expo booths. The free online classes also help as a refresher. I encourage everyone to attend IW. It’s well worth the time and money. Mary Anne Tonini, Home Inspection of Kentuckiana, 812-949-1451 I have always loved education. So, attending the classes at IW makes me feel better about what I know and helps me learn more about what I don’t know. But what I find to be the most valuable part of my time at IW is the opportunity to converse and share with fellow inspectors. IW provides many occasions (formal and informal) for this type of communication, and I find that it always leads me to gain a better understanding of the business, the challenges and the rewards.


ASHI Reporter • January 2017

I find that the friends I have made at IW over the years continue to come back to IW. When we reconnect each year, we often follow up with each other regarding things that we had brainstormed or complained about in the past. They are always willing to share their knowledge, and I can feel free to share my experiences as well. Most of the time, we are from different states and have no issues with competing with each other. I also get the opportunity to meet and talk with other inspectors who are women, which is nice. I have no other women inspectors in my area, so this is refreshing. I enjoy meeting them, talking to them about specific struggles that do not normally impact the men in this field and encouraging them in any way I can. I also enjoy the time I get to share a room, meals, evenings and the gala. This allows me time to get to know inspectors on a level that opens up an opportunity to discuss issues that may be more personal or not something that would normally be covered in a class or presentation. I have also enjoyed getting to know the ASHI staff. There was a situation last year where I needed a letter from ASHI and, because I was familiar with the staff, I believe that this request was easier to make and was handled immediately.

These are reasons why I come back to IW year after year! H

Call for Presentations at IW 2018 NOW OPEN > Submit your proposals for consideration. > Locate the form under InspectionWorld/ Education and Training on > Deadline for submissions is 3/15/17.

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17January 2017



Pre- and Post-Show Marketing

Pre- and Post-Show Marketing By Dave Kogan, ASHI Manager of Marketing and Business Development


s company leaders and entrepreneurs, we know the importance of exhibiting at trade conferences. To ensure success, exhibitors must have a well-planned strategy. Knowing how you should market before the conference is a lot different from how you market during the conference. And certainly, your follow-up strategy is key to your overall success. Let’s look at some essentials for creating a successful conference experience to increase your return on investment (ROI) and maximize your success. Set Goals First, you need to set goals. Attending and exhibiting at a conference is a key marketing strategy that requires a financial commitment. To maximize the ROI, it’s important to identify your goals and objectives for the following areas:

•P  re-Conference Marketing: There are plenty of opportunities to market to the contacts in your database before you go to a show. Don’t just rely on the show organizer’s attendee list. Marketing to your database lets your customers know where you will be so they can meet you face to face and potentially pick up a “show special” if they attend, which helps grow the size of the conference, thus making it more successful for you. Let’s assume you are launching a new product or service. It would be wise to create a marketing campaign to begin generating interest and teasing your target market on what’s to come. For example, Apple is great at doing this. Before the introduction of each new version of the iPhone, Apple launches several campaigns with bits of information about the new product, enough to make thousands of people wait outside Apple stores for hours to purchase the product. You can prepare an email campaign and send it out so you can generate a lot of interest and make more sales. •C  onference Marketing: Your marketing strategy should set you apart from other exhibitors. How will you grab the attention of conference attendees? Did you participate in a sponsorship that puts your company name out and around the conference and expo hall instead of just as a note in the conference tote or the program guidebook? What is your unique positioning? How clear is your message and what do you offer? Create marketing materials that are clear as to what you offer and compel attendees to stop by and learn more about your company.

Setting goals may seem like a simple point, but often it’s taken for granted and goes without being well defined. All too frequently, we want sales but we do not give enough attention to planning out how we will try to generate sales. According to Napoleon Hill, author of “Think and Grow Rich,” “A person without a goal is like a ship without a rudder.” Setting detailed goals is essential to having a successful conference. Strategize Next, you need to plan your marketing strategy. Successful exhibitors plan and develop a conference marketing campaign. Your campaign should include these three strategies:


ASHI Reporter • January 2017

• Post-Conference Strategy: Follow-up is one of the pitfalls of many companies. Don’t wait until you come back from the conference to begin your post-show communication with all your new leads. If you made connections on the first day, don’t wait until you are back in the office to contact those leads. Although the information you may want to provide may be back home in your office, you can send a short note to the people you met to recap your discussion with them while you are still at the conference. This strategy will keep you on their mind after the conference ends. Plus, the message reminds them that they will receive more information soon. A smart company will have their post-conference strategy outlined and ready to be launched immediately upon returning from the show. Create a few email sequence messages that you would like to send immediately upon returning from the conference.


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good night’s sleep. And it isn’t the blueprint for a successful business. You can’t predict the future, but you can control the steps you take now to make it a lot less stressful and a lot more restful.


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Pre- and Post-Show Marketing

Plan Your Process, People and Place Now that you have your marketing strategy in place, it is essential to craft your sales process. What are you planning to sell at the conference? Create your sales materials and be sure to make your special conference pricing or offers and added value very clear. Create urgency for people to buy now and place their order. Make the process easy and seamless. Be sure that your sales fliers are flashy and attention grabbing. Hand out as many as possible!

to select the right place for you and your team. Staying in the host hotel is often the best course of action. At the end of the day, you can meet attendees in a casual setting such as a bar, restaurant or lounge to discuss their needs more and find out how you can help them. If you’re staying in another hotel, you might have to leave the conference space and come back later. By the time you’ve refreshed and returned, most attendees may have left the conference area’s lounges and restaurants for the day.

To maximize your investment, select the right people to help you during the conference. You want high-energy sales experts. Happy, friendly people who don’t whine and complain about every little thing and people who can stand all day and work are ideal for working your exhibitor booth, making contacts and generating leads. Create a position description for the conference to clarify any misconceptions about working a conference. This is not a vacation: it’s not about going out and being tired the next day. Make sure your team knows your goals and objectives for the conference.

Retrieve Your Leads I can’t tell you how often I see companies exhibit without a lead retrieval device. What is the point of going to a show if you are not capturing as many leads as possible? Having a lead retrieval device will allow you to scan your visitors’ information and then access it quickly. This practice will help with your post-conference marketing strategy because you can simply download the information into your database. Again, be sure to begin your automated post-conference communication the minute you get back to work. It’s definitely worth the investment of time! If there are no lead retrieval machines (for example, at InspectionWorldTM, most exhibitors don’t want them), then you must have another way to collect information about a new lead. How about setting out a bucket or bowl to collect business cards or put out a sign-in sheet on the table for those without business cards? Whatever your system may be, you must find a way to gather information for each lead. If you leave a conference empty-handed, all you’ve accomplished is paying for booth space.

Reserving your exhibit space early gives you the opportunity to select the ideal booth space and maximize traffic flow. This will increase your potential number of leads and revenue. Working a conference is hard. Where you stay can make a big difference. That’s why it is wise to reserve your hotel space early. Hotels get booked up fast. The last thing you want to have is a long walk after standing all day. Reserving early will save you money, too. Just make sure


ASHI Reporter • January 2017

Present Yourself Wisely Attendees, especially home inspectors, form their opinion of you and your company within seconds (they are very visual people, you know). What they see as they approach your booth may make the difference of whether they stop to talk to you or if they simply walk by and go to your competition. Creating a great image does not have to cost a lot. With some planning, you can create a great professional image. Set up your display before the conference and look for ways to improve your image. What marketing tools can you produce to help you deliver your message and attract attention? Seek professional help in designing your image to make a great impression.


Pre- and Post-Show Marketing

Your team’s apparel and conduct can either make or break you. Make sure to inform your team of your policy for attire and conduct to ensure that everyone presents a good reflection of your company. Be Prepared Always arrive early to set up your booth and be prepared. Once setup is complete, meet with your team and reiterate your conference goals and everyone’s role. Remind everyone of the importance of professional conduct and the overall objective of the conference. Most importantly, do not take apart your booth before the stated breakdown time. By leaving early, you convey to the attendee that they are not worth your time, that you are too busy to meet with them and that you have better things to do. You are also contributing to that disheveled, “near-the-end-of-the-expo” look and you may not be asked to exhibit at the conference the following year. Measure Your Results When measuring your conference results, be sure to address these two essential elements: • On-site conference performance: Did you hit your target goal for lead generation and on-site sales? Examination Board of Professional Home Inspectors

Examination Board of Professional Home Inspectors Examination Board of Professional Home Inspectors

The National Home Inspector Examination (NHIE) is developed and maintained by the Examination Board of Professional Home Inspectors (EBPHI). This board has received many requests over the years for a study guide to assist those taking the NHIE. This study guide, and the associated NHIE Home Inspection Manual, were developed to address this need.

The National Home Inspector Examination (NHIE) is devel oped and maintained by the Examination Board of Professional Home Inspectors (EBPHI). This board has received many requests over the years for a study guide to assist those taking the NHIE. This manual, and the associated NHIE Study Guide, were developed to address this need.

The NHIE Home Inspection Manual addresses the technical aspects of the NHIE. This NHIE Study Guide addresses the non-technical aspects. Many come to the home inspection profession as a second or a third career, and may not have taken a professional entrance exam for many years, if ever. This study guide helps to familiarize the candidate with the examination itself, and with the associated administrative procedures. It also includes helpful insights into the types of questions the exam contains, and techniques for success.

This NHIE Home Inspection Manual is based on the most recent Role Delineation Study (RDS). This study surveys thousands of home inspectors in order to determine the services they provide, and the components they inspect. The questions in the NHIE are derived directly from this survey, Exam Administration and constitute the knowledge base for an entry level home inspector. This manual is the Content first of its kind to follow this Exam Outline format. It also informs the candidate about the knowledge base behind the current examination questions, and proHow to Take an Exam vides a technical reference for the experienced home inspector. $98.50

As you can see, several proven effective methods ensure conference success. If you are already practicing these methods, awesome job! If not, I encourage you to implement these ideas for your next conference experience to maximize your success! If you need some advice for planning your strategies for your next conference or show, feel free to reach out to me at or 847-954-3187. H

ISBN 978-0-9964518-1-9

9 780996 451819



NHIE Study Guide

100 Review Questions

ISBN 978-0-9964518-0-2

9 780996 451802


Examination Board of Professional Home Inspectors

NHIE Home Inspection Manual

•Post-conference performance (one month after the conference): How many more sales did you generate after the conference by following up on leads?

NHIE Home Inspection Manual Components and Systems Typical Defects Maintenance and Safety Issues Industry Standards References 100 Review Questions

The NHIE Study Guide and the NHIE Home Inspection Manual together contain over 750 pages of technical and administrative information and are produced by the Examination Board of Professional Home Inspectors. They will benefit the exam candidate along with being a great technical reference for the experienced home inspector.

Be prepared. Get the NEW

Study Guide and Home Inspection Manual Available from the

Examination Board of Professional Home Inspectors 21January 2017



Do You Need More Inspections?

Do You Need More Inspections? By Mike Crow,

Do you need more inspections? 80% of you do and 20% of you need something even more important. More on the 20% in a moment. Now, it is important to realize that all of us need to make sure the phone is ringing. Whether you are a single operation or a multiinspector operation, you need the phone to ring and you need inspections. However, if you are a single operation, you may be at the point that you don’t really worry about the phone ringing. If this is you, then enjoy it, my friend—you are a rarity in our profession. Most of us do need (want) more inspections. This is true even for our company, which will hit right at $2 million this year. With 16 inspectors—counting four in training—we are always looking for ways to bring in more inspections. The good news is getting more inspections is one of the easiest things to do. In fact, I have already helped thousands of inspectors literally double their business and I have helped hundreds become multi-inspector firms. The fun part is the more we do this, the easier it is becoming. You see, over the last 15 years since I started coaching inspectors and created mastermind groups for inspectors–including companies from startups to large multi-inspector firms–I have noticed that there are simple formulas that explain why some succeed and others fail. For instance, we have discovered that there are gears that you must learn to shift into; otherwise; your business will crash and burn. 1. one to three inspectors

2. four to six inspectors

3. seven to twelve inspectors

First Gear is one to three inspectors and this isn’t counting you. Second Gear is four to six inspectors and Third Gear is seven to 12 (up to a possible 15) inspectors. No one has ever taught this because they simply haven’t focused on the growth of companies like I do. This is one of the main reasons you (especially if you have been around this business for 10 or more years) see companies get up to four or five inspectors and then, for no apparent reason, lose it—having to cut the company back to three inspectors, or worse, to just themselves. There are systems that simply must be put into place or the owner will burn out—trust me, I know. I hit that spot until I hired my first consultant and then my first coach.


ASHI Reporter • January 2017

Also, I discovered that there is a simple formula that, when understood, helps you hit a true sweet spot for revenue, profit and freedom in your business. That formula reads: 6 + 2B + 1 = a million dollar company. Translation: 6 inspectors + 2 client coordinators (with a full-time backup call center) + 1 full-time marketing person. When you reach this point, you can simply manage the business instead of having to crawl through attics and under houses. Now, learning to manage is a skill just like learning to inspect is a skill. It is a skill that many decide they don’t want to learn—which is fine—until, that is, you want to sell your company and you discover that you can’t because no one in their right mind wants to buy a company that was and is built around you and you are leaving. The fun thing for me to watch is the number of people who do decide to make that leap and learn to hire, train and manage their company. So, maybe you are part of the 80% of the folks who need more inspections (just like me) and maybe you are part of the 20% who are learning to build systems into their growing business, who are learning to manage and who are learning that they can’t do everything themselves or they will burn out. As you move into First Gear and then ramp up for Second Gear, you learn quickly that you can’t do everything, and even more importantly, you learn that others don’t automatically do what you want. These people have to be trained and managed or things simply don’t get done right and you will soon have a mess on your hands. The good news is that there are now hundreds of inspectors with companies that are doing exactly what I have listed above: They are building systems for hiring, training and maintaining powerful systems that work whether you are on vacation or in the hospital (hopefully, on vacation). To learn more about these systems, please join me at InspectionWorldTM in Las Vegas. I will be teaching “7 Surprisingly Simple Things You Need to Know to Grow Your Business—Even Double Your Business,” on Wednesday, January 25, 12:45pm in the Bronze 3/4 Room at Bally’s.

IW is where you will find answers to questions you didn’t even know you had. See you there and say hi. Be successful…and be around others who want to be successful. H

23January 2017



The Benefits of Sponsorship

The Benefits of Sponsorship By Dave Kogan, ASHI Manager of Marketing and Business Development


ponsorship provides a great means of broadening your competitive edge. You can improve your company’s image, prestige and credibility by supporting events that your target market finds attractive. In recent years, corporate sponsorship has become the fastest growing type of marketing in the United States. Part of this growth can be attributed to the increasing number of small and medium-sized businesses that are getting involved. Sponsoring events, in particular, can be especially effective as a marketing tool because it can be a means of accessing a wide range of audiences such as decision-makers in business, government entities and, of course, customers. In addition, it can be particularly beneficial for companies that do not take advantage of other marketing opportunities. Why? Because sponsorship offers a way to reach a wide array of industry personnel to whom you can promote or show your products and services.

Basically, I’m saying that you should not simply “show up” at a conference at which you are exhibiting. You’re spending big bucks to be there, so be seen and be seen in more places than only the booth space you’ve selected.

Here are some helpful rationales and tips for getting more notice than just “showing up.” •H  aving a presence at a conference or business event positions you and your business as an authority in your industry. You gain respect and credibility by standing out from the pack of attendees and prominently displaying your products and marketing materials. Instead of just attending an event and looking for people with whom to share your business card, by being a sponsor of the event, you can talk directly with attendees who will be eager to find out about your business.

A growing number of marketers think that corporate sponsorship is better than other marketing methods because sponsorship provides opportunities for a business owner to gauge existing or potential customers’ immediate responses to products and services. At a sponsored event, business owners or executives can relate directly with their customers, and they can give their customers the opportunity to try out products firsthand. In comparison, marketing research methods such as focus groups are usually costly and may not focus on the right kind of people, and market surveys or questionnaires usually do not give prospective customers the opportunity to try out products.

Given the propensity of consumers to associate sponsors with the event they promote, it is important for companies to select events that are appropriately aligned with their product or corporate image. Therefore, before signing up to be a sponsor, be sure you know how people perceive the show or event. In addition, the organizers should provide you with details such as the target audience that is expected and what obligations you will have as a sponsor. It is also important to find out the kind of support that the event organizers will provide, and exactly what your sponsorship money is buying. 24

ASHI Reporter • January 2017

•G  et in front of your target market. The event organizers spend time and money marketing the event to your target audience so they can bring these attendees “into the room.” Your job is to come prepared to take full advantage of this opportunity by making sure you have created eye-catching, professional signs, marketing materials and product displays that will draw attendees to you. •B  e sure to have some sort of lead-generation system in place on the day of the event. For example, people can provide their business cards or email addresses in exchange for a chance to win a great prize in a drawing, samples or even candy or other promotional giveaways. Continues on Page 26


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25January 2017




The Benefits of Sponsorship


•B  eing featured in the event’s program book or on the event’s website is a great way to have your logo featured on print materials and perhaps even on an item provided in the event’s gift bags. The results of this brand recognition can help you leverage your sponsorship.


Record and inspect: · Sewer/Pipe Inspections · Chimney Scans · Duct work Check out live demos! ASHI InspectionWorld Booth #618 978-750-9876

The Measure of Technology 26

ASHI Reporter • January 2017

•N  ot only are the attendees of the event potential new clients and customers, so are your fellow sponsors and vendors! You can form new business partnerships at events by meeting like-minded business professionals in complementary businesses with which you share the same target market, but are not in competition. •G  ive attendees a “taste” of your business by bringing samples to an event. Offering giveaways is a terrific way to capture attention from attendees. Be creative and think of out-of-the-box ways to stand out. By sharing a sample or trial offer of your product, you engage attendees and increase your chances of turning them into new customers.

We all know how much advertising your business can cost. For example, it can run $1,000 or more to place an ad in a well-known local publication for only one time! Spending that same amount or less as a sponsor or vendor at an event is a much wiser investment that can bring a greater return on investment. Remember, you will be in the same room with hundreds of attendees who are your target market. By leveraging the event to your advantage, there will be no limit on your potential ROI. H

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Coastal Connecticut Third Thursday, 6 pm, Westport VFW Lodge, 465 Riverside Avenue, Westport Gene Autore, 203-216-2516

New England (ME, MA, NH, RI, VT) Fourth Thursday, 5 pm The Lantana, Randoph, MA Michael Atwell, 617-630-5629

Northern New England (ME, MA, NH, VT) Tim Rooney, 603-770-0444

Prairies (Alberta) (CAHI) Chris Bottriell, 780-486-4412

Quebec AIBQ Pascal Baudaux, 450-629-2038

Southern New England (CT) First Tuesdays, 6:30 pm Billy T’s, 150 Sebethe Dr., Cromwell, CT Richard W. Hall, 860-281-4238

New York/Jersey/ Delaware Capitol Region (NY) Third Thursday, 7 pm, Doratos Steakhouse and Pub, Guilderland Robert Davis, 518-885-7949

Central New York Second Wednesday, 6 pm, Tony’s Family Restaurant, Syracuse Peter Apgar, 315-278-3143 peter@craftsmanhomeinspection. net

First State (DE) Third Wednesday, 7 pm The Buzz Ware Center, 2121 The Highway, Arden Mark Desmond, 302-494-1294

Garden State (NJ) Second Thursday, The Westwood, Garwood Bret Kaufmann, 973-377-4747

Greater Baltimore (MD) Third Thursday except July & Aug., 6:30 pm dinner, 7:00pm speaker Maritime Institute Conference Center, 5700 N. Hammonds Ferry Rd., Linthicum Heights, MD 21090 Andy Bauer,

Gulf ASHI South (AL) Quarterly, Homewood Library, Homewood John Knudsen, 334-221-0876

Florida Wiregrass

Greater Rochester (NY)

Second Thursday, 7 pm, Cypress Point Country Club, Virginia Beach Gregory Murphy, 757-535-4355 Second Wednesday, 6:30 pm Hyundai of Wesley Chapel Nancy Janosz, 813-546-6090


Gulfcoast (FL) First Thursday, 7 pm, The Forest Country Club, Fort Myers Len Gluckstal, 239-432-0178

Hudson Valley (NY) Second Wednesday, Rockville, 6 pm Senior Center, Rockville Mark Mostrom, 301-536-0096

NOVA-ASHI (MD, VA) Bud Rozell, 214-215-4961 Second Tuesday, 6 pm, Murph’s Irondequoit Pub, Irondequoit John White, 585-431-0067 Second Tuesday, 6 pm Daddy O’s Restaurant, 3 Turner Street, Hopewell Junction, NY 12533 Michael Skok, 845-592-1442

Long Island (NY) Third Monday, 6 pm, Domenico’s Restaurant, Levittown Steven Rosenbaum 516-361-0658

New York Metro Last Thursday, 5:30 pm, Eldorado West Restaurant-Diner, Tarrytown Chris Long 914-260-8571

Southern New Jersey (NJ) Third Wednesday, 6:30 pm Ramada Inn, Bordentown Rick Lobley, 609-208-9798

Western New York Second Thursday, 6:30 pm Tony Rome’s, West Seneca Andy Utnik, 716-636-9676

Mid-Atlantic Central Virginia Second Tuesday, 6:30 pm, Keegans Irish Pub 2251 Old Brick Road Glen Allen, VA 23060 John Cranor 804-873-8537 cranorinspectionservices

Hampton Roads (VA) Fourth Tuesday, Associate hour 6-7 pm, Membership meeting 7-9 pm Northern Virginia Resources Center, Fairfax Tony Toth, 703-926-6213

Piedmont ASHI (VA) Robert Huntley, 540-354-2135

South Atlantic ASHI Georgia Shannon Cory, 404-316-4876

East Tennessee Third Saturday of Feb., May, Aug. and Nov. Paul Perry, 866-522-7708

Lone Star (TX)

Louisiana Quarterly Meetings Michael Burroughs 318-324-0661

Suncoast (FL) First Tuesday, 6:30 pm, Please see our website for meeting locations. Steve Acker, 727-712-3089

Southwest Florida Serving Manatee, Sarasota & Charlotte Second Wednesday, 6 pm Holiday Inn, Lakewood Ranch 6321 Lake Osprey Drive, Sarasota Michael Conley, 941-778-2385 FLinspector@outlookcom

Mid-Tennessee Ray Baird, 615-371-5888

Mid-South (TN) Steven Campbell, 901-734-0555

North Carolina Third Wednesday, 3 pm, Quality Inn at Guilford Convention Center, Greensboro Andy Hilton, 336-682-2197

South Carolina First Saturday of Feb., May, Aug. & Nov., 8 am Roger Herdt, 843-669-3757

29January 2017



To submit your materials for moving up, please contact Janet George at 847-954-3180 or

New ASHI Associates As of November1, 2016

H Denotes graduate of The ASHI School Daniel Bird

Lou Caraballo

South Central Inspection, LLC Anchorage, AK

PRColorado Colorado Springs, CO

Terrence Duszynski

Tom Dunn

Duszynski & Assoc. Fairbanks, AK

Sherlock Home Inspections Highlands Ranch, CO

Sean Malone

William Higley

Best Inspection, Inc. Anchorage, AK

Affiliated Home Inspection Ltd. LaPorte, CO

Robert Gagler

H Greg Jeffers

Enterprise, AL

Jeffers Home Inspections Denver, CO

H Jonathan Ham Ham Home Inspections Athens, AL

Jerry Kennedy

Ken D’Alexander Jr.

Jameson Malgeri

Raines Home Inspection, LLC Lake Worth, FL

Complete Property Inspections Carpentersville, IL

MCK Associates Danvers, MA

Anthony Rivas

Ivan Epstein

Brian McDonald

Land O’ Lakes, FL

ILE Inspection + Adjusting Services, Inc. Northfield, IL

McDonald Home Inspections Lunenburg, MA

Frank Fletcher-Broucek

Able Home Inspection Groveland, MA

Charles Roberts Odessa, FL

Jeffrey Rynard Rynard Land-O-Lakes, FL

Tim Ames Buyer Protection Group Vinings, GA

H Jeff Anderson Safe-T-Spect Oxford, GA

H James Anglin Cumming, GA

Fletcher-Broucek Home Inspection Services Woodridge, IL

Fidel Gonzales

Dave Cole

Reliant Inspection Service Corp. Lombard, IL

Cole Property Services Fallston, MD

H John Newton

William McDonald

Best Call Inspections, Inc. St. Charles, IL

InspectSure Westminster, MD

H Graham Owens

Jason Oseroff

Handybrit, LLC Boulder, IL

Silver Spring, MD Inspect It First Marysville, MI

Main St. Inspection Services Hoover, AL

Phil Messina

H Seth Bourgeois

Colorado Springs, CO

Duluth, GA

Randy Stufflebeem

Justin Pearce

H Jason Roberts

Vaughn Hill

Mobile, AL

Fort Collins, CO

H Robert Yearta

H Jason Rocero

Inspect-All-Services Atlanta, GA

B-Sure Home Inspection & Environmental, LLC Galesburg, IL

Auburn, AL

Colorado Springs, CO

H Darrell Hogan

William Gunn

Randy Dimit

Thomas Scheahan

Desert Property Inspection Services, LLC Kingman, AZ

Two Rivers Home Inspections Fort Collins, CO

John Owens

Monroe, CT

Liberty Inspections Chandler, AZ

Mark Nicholet Apple Home Inspections Campbell River, BC

Andy Dhus Home Run Inspections, LLC San Diego, CA

Patrick Lecouturier 360 Home Inspections, LLC Sacramento, CA

Eric Martinez

Bill Magyar Jeramie Ozycz Meridan, CT

James Petrino Area Home Inspections Derby, CT

Richard Bowman Bowman Property Inspections Lake Mary, FL

John Cordi WIN Home Inspection Wellington Wellington, FL

Casper, GA

H Timothy Kingsbury H+T Maintenance Flowery Branch, GA

Robert Knortz Attic to Foundation, LLC Lawrenceville, GA

Tremaine Lane Suwanee, GA

Jack Semones Building Knowledge USA Chamblee, GA

Steve Weeks

Bill Gunn Home Inspections Tell City, IN

Matt Heaton American Dream Home Inspections, LLC Russiaville, IN

Tyron Tolley

Leavenworth, KS

Jacob Williams

Russ Molt

Varsity Home Inspections Overland Park, KS

Fred Parker

Steven Langston

Frank Delavan

Parker Design Build Solutions San Diego, CA

Boca Raton, FL

Steve Pesta

Patti Lesh Home Inspections, LLC Sarasota, FL

Able 1 Services Palm Desert, CA

Drew Tillman Benchmark Property Inspections Somis, CA

ASHI Reporter • January 2017

Mark Morris HandyWorks By Mark Miramar Beach, FL

Daniel Rae Gulf Home Inspectors Sarasota, FL

Amaris Property Inspections, LLC Wichita, KS

Idaho Snowbirds, LLC Boise, ID

H Josh Dowell

David Stewart

H John Gilles

H William Bandy Safety Environmental Testing Waterloo, IL

Lukasz Brysiewicz Ensure Home Solutions, Inc. Hoffman Estates, IL

Michael Woody

Pillar To Post Home Inspection St. Cloud, MN HomeTeam Inspection Service Andover, MN

Bakersfield, CA

Bill Saitta

Waterford, MI

Robert Day

Paul Holmes

Stewart Certified Home Inspections, LLC Coeur d’Alene, ID

Shawn Rinaldo

H James Hairston

Michael Russell

Vanguard Home Inspection Services Oakley, CA

Secure Haven Home Inspection Clarkston, MI

Mulberry, IN

Samuel Brown

Patti Lesh

Chuck Nehonsky

Steven Burt

Pro Touch Home Inspection Services, LLC Jasper, GA

Big Sky Builders, LLC Eagle, ID

Allendale, MI

Three Rivers , MI

Sandpiper Home Inspections, LLC Tampa, FL

Timothy McConnell

H Edward Klap

Access Home Inspections Indianapolis, IN

Merriam, KS

Kevin Johnson

Spiro Cardaris

James Porter

McDonough, GA

The Inspectors Company, LLC San Diego, CA

Kevin Owczar

Chicago, IL

H Nick Beutell Marietta, GA

Evan Robitaille

K & S Home Inspections Limited Winnipeg, MB

H Lazaro Garcia

Home Remedies Etc. Centennial, CO

Earl Harry



Christopher Raines

Leitchfield, KY Lexington, KY

Steven Jones Top to Bottom Home Inspections, LLC Slidell, LA

Jonathan Boyd Boyd Home Inspections, Inc. Taunton, MA

Norb Hulbert Gopher State Home Inspections, LLC Forest Lake, MN

Sean Patterson Encompass Home Inspections, LLC New Hope, MN

H John Bartell Kansas City, MO

H Jeanne Burrow Des Peres, MO

Timothy Fain Off Duty Home Inspections, LLC Villa Ridge, MO

Joe Harden KC Metro Home Inspections, LLC Independence, MO

Ryan Hearst Greystone Inspection Services St. Louis, MO

See page 32 for chapter education.

H James Hoeltge Peace of Mind Inspections, LLC Troy, MO

H Charles Kinser Kinser’s Home Solutions Union, MO

Ryan Seaver

James Wurtenberg

Don Habe

James Srodulski

Central Real Estate Inspections, Inc. Penfield, NY

Elite Home Inspector of the Carolinas Fort Mill, SC

Check It Right Home Inspections, LLC Chester, VA

H Michael Beaugrand

Kevin Johns

H John Burns

Cincinnati, OH

KJ Repair Services, LLC Little Mountain,SC

Burlinton, VT Brown Dog Enterprises Monroe, WA

Matthew Brown

Select Inspection Services, LLC Nevada, MO

Powell, OH

Kenneth King

Trevor Griffiths

Mark Spalding II

T G Home Inspections, LLC North Canton, OH

P & K Construction, Inc. Chapin, SC

BPG Maplewood, MO

H Duncan Scrimpshire Duncan Home Inspection Service Laurel, MS

Kyle Harrington Kustom Home Inspection Powell, OH

Mark Harshaw

Hickory, MS

A1 Home & Building Inspections, LLC Madison, OH

Norman Alcaraz

Brian Hill

Jonathan Walker

Pillar to Post Miles City, MT

Hill Home Inspection, LLC Boardman, OH

Dave Cicmil

Con Keefer

Clear Water Home Inspections, LLC Livingston, MT

Keefer Building Company, LLC Maumee, OH

Scott Morgaridge

Cincinnati, OH

House Master of Eastern Nebraska Omaha, NE

Brian Naughton

H Les Wallace Advanced Building Inspection Omaha, NE

Scott Wade S&K Services, LLC Charlestown, NH

Ryan Francis SunnySide Inspections Moorestown, NJ

H Lei Liu Home Sweet Home Inspections N.E.O., LLC Brunswick, OH

James Wendle JW Property Inspection, LLC West Chester, OH

Matthew Hald Superior Northwest Home Inspections, LLC Keizer, OR

Brett Pidgeon

Eric Crawford ELC Home Inspections, LLC Brentwood, TN

Shaquille Fuller Fuller Home Inspections Cordova, TN

Benjamin Hammond Magnolia Property Consultants, LLC Nashville, TN

James Hicks Hicks Home Inspection Clarksville, TN

Barry Mankin 4 Corners Home Inspections Fairview, TN

H Shawn Sinclair Thirteen Eighteen Inspections Old Hickory, TN

Thomas Walker Clean Slate Property Inspections Knoxville, TN

Jim Nebeker Eagle Mountain, UT

Ryan Babinski HomeBuyers Inspections, Inc. Virginia Beach, VA

New ASHI Inspectors As of November1, 2016

Robert Forsberg


H Gunnar Gordon COR 1031 Home Inspection Seattle, WA

H Vincent Hummel

David Aronovici 4 Seasons Home Inspections Scotts Valley, CA

Snohomish, WA

Ryan Johns

H Wendy Jenkins

RJ Inspections, LLC Palmetto, FL

Seattle, WA

Rita Blue

H Carl Liberman NW Washington Home Inspections, LLC Bainbridge Island, WA

H Nathan Williams Vancouver, WA

Hargrove Inspection Services Evans, GA

Terry Hubbs AA Home Inspection, LLC Lawrenceburg, IN

Joseph Marsh

Jeffery Besgrove Cellar To Ceiling Home Inspection Services, LLC Hartland, WI

Thomas Dempsey Shamrock Building Inspection Consultants, LLC Pewaukee, WI

John Freiburger Freiburger Construction Consulting, Inc. Fitchburg, WI

JMJP Inc.-NPI Tonganoxie, KS

Pat Dargan High-Tech Home Inspections Salisbury, MD

Matthew Knight Almost Home Inspections, LLC Parkville, MD

Robert Pavelka Inspect It 1st Property Inspection St. Louis, MO

Warren Sears Spur Home Inspection Helena, MT

Fine Tooth Home Inspections Portland, OR

H Quintan Brown Chesterfield, VA

John Erzen

Nick Frey

Edward Clowes Dynamic Home Inspection, Inc. Virginia Beach, VA

Portland Inspections, Inc. Portland, OR

Red or Green Inspections, LLC Albuquerque, NM

Daybreak Home Inspections, Inc. Lansdale, PA

David Romero

Matthew Fritz

Richard Hammond Red or Green Inspections, LLC Albuquerque, NM

Josiah Hammond

Michael Conner

Rio Rancho, NM

Annville, PA

WRSC, Inc. Home Inspection Roanoke, VA

Paul Donohue

Weston Kaucher

Scott Easter

Caveat Emptor LV Las Vegas, NV

Pin Oak Home Inspections, LLC Telford, PA

Valley Home Inspections, Inc. Salem, VA

Ricardo Cortes

Kaila Manuel

Duncan Gunn

RC Professional Home Inspections, LLC Staten Island, NY

Trimmer Home Inspections Middletown, PA

Burgess Inspections Richmond, VA

Mark Spearly

Richard Hitt Jr.

William Hartwig

Mark’s Home Inspections, LLC Bellefonte, PA

Hitt’s Home Inspections, LLC Fredericksburg, VA

Chad Thomas

Frank Howard

EIP Home Inspections West Alexander, PA

Howard Home Inspections, LLC Glen Allen, VA

William Whiting

David Spring

Whiting Home Inspections Conneaut Lake, PA

Tier 1 Home Service Newport News, VA

Home Inspections by William Hartwig NYC North Chili, NY

Ernesto Malanga E-spection, Inc. Uniondale, NY

Lyle Tague Tague Home Inspections Spencerport, NY

Scott Farnes Apex Home Inspections, Inc. Happy Valley, OR

Michael Eason Home Inspection Service East Norriton, PA

William Flannery Flannery Home Inspection Services, LLC Harrisburg, PA

Robert Johnson Imperial Home Inspections, LLC Herleysville, PA

Nick Ostrowski Strong Foundations Home Inspections Spring City, PA

Continues on Page 32 31January 2017



Continued from Page 31

ASHI Chapter Education Heartland ASHI Chapter Winter Seminar When: Where:

February 5-7, 2017 Sportman’s Lodge, 3244 Burr Oak Road, Baudette, MN 56623 Topics: Exterior Claddings, Structural Inspections, Basement Construction, Minnesota State Building Code CEUs 8 ASHI CEs Contact:  Bill Oelrich, bill@structuretech1

2017 OAHI/CAHPI-ON Education Conference When: Where:

March 3-5, 2017 Holiday Inn, Burlington Hotel & Conference Center, 3063 South Service Rd., Burlington, ON Contact:

Central PA ASHI Chapter Education Conference When: March 4, 2017 Where: Park Inn by Radisson Harrisburg West, PA CEUs 8 ASHI CEs Contact: Patrick Reilly,

Ohio ASHI Chapter March Expo When: March 10-12, 2017 Where: Quest Center, Columbus, OH Topics: Infrared, International gas code Structural defects, Legal report writing and Plumbing Speakers: Bryck and Harris Guibor, Don McBride Joe Denneler, Bill Fabian, Forrest Lines CEUs 8 Friday, 14 Saturday/Sunday Contact: 330-565-3760,

Nova ASHI Seminar When: Where:

March 18, 2017 Waterford at Fair Oaks, 12025 Lee Jackson Memorial Highway, Fairfax, VA Topics: Manufactured Home Inspection, Updates in the 2014 National Electrical Code, Built-in Appliances, New Plumbing Rules and Components Speaker: Michael Casey CEUs 8 ASHI CEs Contact: Dave Rushton, ableinspections@

New ASHI Certified Home Inspectors As of November 1, 2016

Eric Erickson Proline Inspection Chino Valley, AZ

Steven Howland A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspection’s Greeley, CO

Dale Kopp Home Inspections By Kopp Plainfield, IL

George Meegan

Western Washington Chapter Spring Seminar

Preferred Property Consultants, Inc. Park Ridge, IL

When: Where: Topics:

Kevin Raugstad

March 18, 2017 LeMay-America’s Car Museum Tacoma, WA 98421 Stucco, Adhered Masonry Veneer, Roofing, Gas, and Legal issues Speakers: Bruce Barker CEUs 7 ASHI CEs Contact:  Brad Albin,

Dynamic Home Inspection Services, LLC Arlington Heights, IL

Harold Baker Five Star Home Inspections Leavenworth, KS

Scott Chinnock Castle Home Inspections, LLC Fridley, MN

Alex Gingles

IMPORTANT Reporter Deadlines: • FEBRUARY ISSUE - 12/15/16 • MARCH ISSUE - 1/15/17 • APRIL ISSUE - 2/15/17 • MAY ISSUE - 3/15/17 • JUNE ISSUE - 4/15/17 The Reporter is produced 6-8 weeks ahead of the week it arrives in your mailbox.

Gingles Inspections Belton, MO

Paul Smith General Inspections, LLC Florissant, MO

John Ragno Shamrock Home Inspections Hamilton, NJ

Dan Horvath Fort Pitt Home Inspection Service Pittsburgh, PA

Michael McBride Pillar To Post Home Inspections Wayne, PA

Roger Weaver

To have your chapter seminar listed in this section, email all information about your chapter seminar to: Be sure to include all information: seminar subject, when, where, CEUs & a link for more information or contact information.


ASHI Reporter • January 2017

A1 Home Inspection, LLC White Haven, PA

David Weikel US Inspect Chantilly, VA

33January 2017



The Value of ASHI Membership By Russell K. Daniels, Assistant Executive Director and Director of Membership Services and Chapter Relations

It is my pleasure to wish you and your family a very Happy New Year! We realize that much goes into running a successful inspection business. Our job here at ASHI is to find ways to provide you with excellent customer service, and we’d like to take a moment to point out some key member benefits to assist you in growing your business: • Log on to the ASHI website and check out the how-to video that allows you to update your profile in real time. Updating your profile allows your clients to find out the most recent and accurate information about you. What better way to sell yourself than by sharing a profile that provides information about who you are and your credentials! •View other how-to videos that focus on how to take advantage of the free logos offered by ASHI, the Print-on-Demand site that can help you create great market-

ing brochures for your business and how to set up an effective social media presence. • Take time each month to read the Reporter. This publication offers a wealth of information, covering a variety of topics from technical articles to Postcards From the Field. You can also learn about and take advantage of the offers from our affiliates that will provide you with the resources you need for your business, such as report-writing software, health insurance, E&O insurance and much more. • Pay special attention to the ASHI Support Staff List, found on Page 4 of the Reporter. The ASHI staff is here to assist you, and we want to help you understand and use all your membership benefits. We are excited about the start of a new year and all the new benefits we will bring to all ASHI members.

Please contact us at 847-759-2820 or by email at Thank you for being a part of the ASHI family. H

ASHI Event Calendar  January 22-25, 2017  July 21-22, 2017 ASHI Board Meeting InspectionWorld® Des Plaines, IL and ASHI Board Meeting Las Vegas, NV  April 28-29, 2017 ASHI Board Meeting Des Plaines, IL

 October 19-21, 2017 Leadership Training Conference and ASHI Board Meeting Des Plaines, IL

Member Rewards By Dave Kogan, Director of Marketing & Business Development


here are many wonderful benefits of ASHI membership that we sometimes find it hard to pick out a handful to showcase to you. We certainly do not want to overwhelm you with too much as your head might literally explode with all the programs we have that you may not have known about. So, I’ll try to keep this short, simple and sweet so as not to blow your stacks and wow your socks off. Many a home inspector member (and sometimes non-members) ask us if we offer health insurance. This has been a tricky process as no one healthcare provider offers national coverage (with the exceptions of the Affordable Care Act and Medicare). However, after much searching, we can now offer you not one, but TWO, options. The first, which can be found at www., is your standard health insurance. You enter some information about you and your family and the site replies with a couple options based in your “neck of the woods.” The second option is called a “health share” program. You still make monthly payments, but the money paid in goes to everyone. If you need something, the money is there to help you. Take a peek at Another member perk is with Jiffy Lube. We know that you spend half of all your time in your vehicle, so why not get a discount on services for that extra member of your family? You can get 15% off all retail pricing except for tires (who even knew Jiffy Lube sold tires?). Just go to your local Jiffy Lube and tell them you are a member of the American Society of Home Inspectors (or ASHI). If that doesn’t work, tell them your National Cash Fleet Customer Account number is #12510656. They’ll find you in the system and give you a nice discount. That’s it for now, however, keep checking out our website at www.homeinspector. org/Members-only/Member-Benefits for all current member perks as more are constantly added. And if you would like to see a member perk we don’t currently offer, please contact Dave Kogan, Manager of Marketing & Business Development, at or 847.954.3187 and let him know what you’d like him to look into (I’m always on the lookout for something new!).



ASHI Reporter • January 2017

FREE ASHI Member access to past IW sessions.


Janu ary Anni versa ries

1. Go to

ASHI Certified Inspectors: 3,626

2. Under Education & Training

Inspectors/Logo: 232 Associates: 4,275 Retired Members: 124 Affiliates: 77

Thirty-five Years

Fifteen Years

Peter Bradley Robert Johnson

Total: 8,337 Members as of 12/3/2016

Thirty Years

Jeff Mackey Mario Trevino Gary Stag George MacLean Tom Short Wilfred Wagoner John Bruner Robert Moss David Arnason Jon Nichols Arlene Puentes Dennis Tracy Darryl Peace Craig Higgins

3. Click on:


ASHI Membership Benefit Programs ASHI-Endorsed Programs ASHI’s E&O Insurance Program: Target Professional Programs 860-899-1862 ASHI Personal Lines Insurance Program: Liberty Mutual ASHI’s Protecting Home Inspectors From Meritless Claims Program: Joe Ferry – The Home Inspector Lawyer 855-MERITLESS (637-4853) ASHI Service Program BuildFax Tricia Julian, 877-600-BFAX x161 ASHI Customer Appreciation Program: Brent Skidmore, 864-386-2763 Brett Symes, 913-529-2683 LegalShield Joan Buckner, 505-821-3971 Dave Goldstein, 800-882-6242

OneSource Solutions 877-274-8632 Eliab Sisay, 206-218-3920 ASHI Rebate Program Dana Fishman, 800-634-0320 x1417 ASHI-ENDORSED Exams ASHI Standard and Ethics Education Module Go to, click on Education and Training, then click on the link for the ASHI Standard of Practice Education Module. NHIE Exam: 847-298-7750 ASHI-Endorsed Training Programs ASHI@Home Training System 800-268-7070 The ASHI School Bonnie Bruno, 888-884-0440 Platinum Provider Millionaire Inspector Community Mike Crow Mention that you are an ASHI member

Terry Carson Stephen Matyasovsky John Bean Dan DeStefano Barry Kawer Neville Nicholson Donald Stoltenberg Hans Groess Thomas Comella Stephen Kenin David Whittle Willy Dittmar Christopher Galeota Charlie Rouse Clifford Burdge William Herman Fred Noyes John Bosonetto Ross Gibson John Kubik Peter Sanderson Thomas J. D’Agostino Jeffrey Halprin Michael Munnelly Craig Lewis Paul Bossenbroek Kevin Doyle Joseph Corsetto Jeffrey May Gregory Johnston Barry Prentice David Morgan

Twenty-five Years Edward Wengren Dave Kirwin

Twenty Years Arthur Pavis, Jr. Jay Creasy Jack Wendel Chuck Handte Thomas Laurito David Heilig Brian Meara John Eggenberg Joe DeLaurentis, III Peter Wilson

35January 2017

Ten Years Michael Cothran Scott Siple Drew McGee Eric Lipkin Charlie Rice Jeffrey Carlisle Jim McGuire Jonathan Schultz Michael Guihan Alvin Stauffer Joey Lee Scott Swickard Sam Kline Rick Yerger Johnnie Smith Bruce Carmichael

Five Years Justin Albano Carolyn Cassidy Arthur Collins Daniel Warman Gary Voss Marco Donaldson Marco Ganassini Jeremy Meek Grant Versaw Bruce Blumenthal Mickey Ellis Stephen Kroker D. James Carter Bryan Fujimoto James Percy David Konow Dennis Spencer Thomas Berthiaume John Blanchard John Fleenor Robert Matthews



ASHI Officers for 2017

ASHI Officers for 2017 Howard Pegelow President-Elect

H.A. Pegelow Investigations Gilbert, AZ

ASHI has had positive membership growth during the past year, in part due to The ASHI School, as well as many new members coming into our organization. In addition, ASHI’s membership retention levels have exceeded expectations. Over the past year, ASHI has advanced in the areas of social media, production of educational webinars, video broadcasts of area chapter meetings and the virtual ASHI chapter. The 2016 program “The Year of the Chapter” produced a positive effect as well.

Timothy Buell

Scott Patterson

Tim Buell, LLC, dba Pillar To Post Hilliard, OH

Trace Inspections, LLC Spring Hill, TN


The two significant issues facing ASHI are increasing membership while keeping and developing strong chapters. ASHI needs to budget funds to market on a national level while providing marketing tools to local chapters and members to help them advertise, promote and market ASHI® and their business. In addition to a strong marketing/advertising campaign, putting on quality education is a must. Continuing to promote IW and chapter education is the key. Quality education not only improves the profession, but provides value to national and chapter membership.

Two significant issues facing ASHI are improving the success of our new members and increasing ASHI’s presence in the marketplace so that the general public will ask for an ASHI Inspector. The first issue can be accomplished by increasing and tailoring the new member benefits so that ASHI helps them succeed in the marketplace. The second issue can be done by increasing our exposure on social media; this is such an untapped market for ASHI.

• 2012-2015, Director ASHI National

Strategic plan goals include increasing online education options for our members. In addition to presenting our annual InspectionWorld® conference, we should add one or two smaller regional (two-day) events. Also, we should create two other certificate programs to go along with our ACI certification.

• 1998, joined ASHI

• 2013, Director ASHI Education Inc.

• 2007-08, Great Lakes Chapter President

• 2013, Board Liaison Membership Committee

Membership highlights

A goal for 2017 will be welcoming all our new members into our society and into our chapters for the benefit of all.

Membership highlights:

• 2009-2010, Governance Task Force • 2006, Complaints Committee - Logo Use • 2004-2008, 2009-2013, EBPHI/NHIE, Director and Treasurer • 2008-2014, Amvets, VFW • 2009-2010, Speaker of the CoR • 2014, Secretary • 2015, Vice President • 2016, President-Elect

Membership highlights:

• 2013, Board Liaison Finance Committee • 2013, Member Strategic Planning Committee • 2010-2011, Member Council of Representatives • 2011, Instructor, The ASHI School • 2009-2011, President Ohio Chapter • 2015-2016, Treasurer



ASHI Reporter • January 2017

• 1996, joined ASHI • 2001-2003, Education Committee Member and Chair • 2003-2005, Mississippi ASHI Chapter President • 2005-2007, 2011-2012, Membership Committee Chair • 2008-2015, Mid-Tennessee, ASHI Director • 2011-2012, ACI Certification Committee • 2013-2015, ASHI Board of Directors • 2014-2015, ASHI Certification Committee, Board Liaison • 2015, ASHI Education Inc., Director • 2016, Treasurer

Officers Who Will Lead ASHI for 2017 The President-elect automatically becomes the President. The winners will be installed at the IW 2017 Board Meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada, and will serve immediately afterward.

Donald E. Lovering Treasurer

Stonehouse CO. Indian Trail, NC Member benefits have taken a whole new role for the organization. We must provide more benefits to members for the dollars of membership fees paid. Staff is encouraged to advertize these member benefits at least quarterly. I have found that home inspectors are “tight-fisted and narrow minded“ when it comes to return on investment. We need to prove that state licensing can be a requirement for membership, and that membership in ASHI comes with a truckload of benefits. Town hall meetings are frowned on due to budgetary requirements. Many members would be thrilled to “GRILL” the leadership and have face time, which many will NEVER obtain. We need to move the officers out and about if for nothing more than a “Hi, glad to be here” speech, listen to the members and take back what they say.

Membership highlights • 1990, joined ASHI • 1999-2000, National CoR Rep New England

Mike Wagner Secretary

RAL Inspection Services Westfield, IN 46074

One of the issues facing ASHI is finding a way to engage with a higher percentage of active members. We have a high number of paid members not affiliated with a chapter or active with ASHI in any other way. These members are missing out on some of the great benefits of membership and ASHI is missing out on the talents and experience these valuable members can contribute. This untapped source of talent could also address another significant issue ASHI is facing, which is the development of qualified new leaders and an improved long-term leadership development plan. We are in a unique position to set the foundation for growth by attracting, engaging and retaining quality individuals to ASHI. Promoting the inspection profession and ASHI to attract young, talented and dedicated individuals will be a critical driver of the association’s blueprint for long-term success.

Membership highlights • 1999, joined ASHI

• 2003-2004, INASHI and Great Lakes Director

• 1999-2005, Committee Chair Meetings ASHI NE

• 2003-2004 and 2013, Membership Chair INASHI

• 2002-2003, Officer, VP New England Board of Directors

• 2005, Peer Review Committee INASHI

• 2003-2004, Membership Chair

• 2012-2013, CoR Member and Midwest Group Leader (13)

• 2004-2005, Chapter New England Board of Directors, President • 2006-2007, Tech Committee • 2006-20011, EBPHI, Past Treasurer and President • 2014, CoR Rep Northern New England


fficer and director candidates for 2017 were

asked what they considered to be the two most pressing problems ASHI would be facing in the next 12 months. The comments shared here and on the following pages were taken from their answers to this question in the matrices they submitted to be considered by voting members for their respective offices. Links to all the matrices can be found in this section of the January 2017 issue at

• 2001, Committee Member Chapter Relations Committee

• 1999-2002, Membership Committee

• 2004-2005, Chapter New England Board of Directors, President

Candidates identified issues in matrices

• 2013, Committee Member Officers Nominating Committee • 2014-2016, Director Board of Directors • 2015-2016, Committee Member Audit Committee • 2016, Board Liaison Ethics Committee • 2016, Committee Member Executive Director Evaluation

37January 2017



Council Elects New Directors

Council Elects New Directors Four new Directors and one Alternate will take their seats at the April Board meeting. The Council of Representatives elected four new ASHI Directors and one Alternate. The introductions are excerpts from the matrices submitted by candidates for the three-year terms. Links to the candidates’ full matrices are available via the online January 2017 ASHI Reporter,

Michael Conley Company Straight Inspection Service Anna Maria, Florida

Increasing non-dues revenue without added burden to the membership. Increasing more significant benefits for the membership, while reaching out to non-affiliated home inspectors. 1. As a previous board member and alternate member serving actively, I have studied ASHI governance and the issues ASHI is currently facing. 2. I feel I can bring opportunities to the table, as well as resolutions to issues that the membership faces. 3. My conduct and voting record are something I can be proud of and stand by. All, I feel, were the result of doing what was best for the organization to the best of my abilities.

James Funkhouser Fairfax Home Inspections, Inc. Manassas Park, VA

There are so many issues facing ASHI at this point in time including membership retention, the need to increase brand awareness, meeting the needs of an ever-electronically dependent membership, increasing chapter participation, providing an avenue for leadership participation for those unable to belong to a chapter, etc. You’ll notice that there are intersections in those issues where a single program or guided change in position of ASHI would address. So, let’s try to kill more than two birds with one stone. My knowledge of ASHI, leadership and working with people comes from not only 27 years as an ASHI member and chapter leader, but also serving six years on the Examination Board of Professional Home Inspectors, two years as its President, four years in charge of the question writing for the exam. I also have a bachelors degree in communications, which has helped me effectively listen to others and express my concerns in a manner that builds consensus.

Bryck Guibor Brick by Bryck Home and Building Inspections Tucson, Arizona

We are not giving the inspectors what they want; we are giving them what we think they need. Ask the inspectors who have left ASHI why they left and address the issues that are global. Second item: We have lost the reason that has existed over time. The inspector joined the chapter for something and now finds that ASHI is not relative. The reasons they leave must be found and corrected. The Hudson Valley chapter used to have 50 members and education with 100 to 150 attending. The chapter is on the verge of disappearing. ASHI must offer support to the chapters in the form of speakers and education support to bring inspectors back. I have years of experience and the ability to listen so an agreement can be achieved.

Reuben Saltzman Structure Tech, Inc. Saint Louis Park, MN

Membership retention for new associates seems to be broken. The membership path for new associates is very difficult to follow and I suspect that this is a large part of why so many new associates never make it to full ACI status. WAY more hand-holding is needed. I see this firsthand with my newest inspectors. I would help make the membership path for new associates much easier to follow, which would help to improve membership retention. This should be a priority item. A distant, second issue is the online forum is barely used and has been outdated for a long time. I would work with ASHI’s technical staff to either re-vamp the existing forum or to create an official, private Facebook group only for ASHI members. I’m excellent at problem solving, I’m tech savvy and I work well in groups.

The alternate had not been chosen at the Reporter print date.


ASHI Reporter • January 2017

39January 2017



ASHI 2016 Committees: Thank You for Your Service

During 2016, ASHI members chaired and served on the society’s standing committees, contributing ideas and plans, and carrying out the Board’s directives. They deserve recognition for their service.

Bylaw Brendan Ryan, Chair Valencia, PA

Miki Mertz Shawnee, KS

Paul L. Signore Kula, HI

Tony Smith, Board Liaison Cedar Rapids, IA

Frank Lesh, Staff Liaison

Ken R. Harrington, Board Liaison Delaware, OH

Russell K. Daniels, Staff Liaison Des Plaines, IL

Jamison Brown, Chair Poquoson, VA

Lawrence Hoytt Novato, CA

Complaints – Ethics

Gene Autore

Kevin Vargo, Chair

S. Craig Lemmon

Norwalk, CT

Perth Amboy, NJ

Colleyville, TX

Allan K. Davis

Joe Pangborn

Jeff Barnes, Chair for Federal Mulvane, KS

Donald Lovering, Sr., Board Liaison Auburndale, MA

Frank Lesh, Staff Liaison Des Plaines, IL

Membership Lisa Alajajian Giroux, Chair

PR Skip Walker, Chair San Bruno, CA

Bill Loden Madison, AL

Larry Cerro Tallahassee, FL

Welmoed Sisson Boyds, MD

Reuben Saltzman Maple Grove, MN

Greg Grabs Bismarck, ND

Robert Walstead, Board Liaison Sun City, AZ

Michele George, Staff Liaison Des Plaines, IL

Standards Thomas G. Lauhon, Chair

Louisville, KY

Columbia, MO

Robert Claus

Milford, MA

Alden E Gibson, Board Liaison

Lansing, KS

Tom Robertson


Naperville, IL

Florence, SC

Marlon Page

Breslau, ON

Wayzata, MN

Kelly Reeve

Atlanta, GA

Vince Tecce, Chair

Steve Jenicek

Jack Fehlandt

Basin, MT

Leonard Licari

Dave Kogan, Staff Liaison

Mike Wagner, Board Liaison

Haverhill, MA

Des Plaines, IL

JD Grewell

John Wessling, Board Liaison


Silver Spring, MD

Des Plaines, IL

Yardley, PA

El Dorado Hills, CA

Scott Johnson

Robert Walstead, Board Liaison

Marietta, GA

Rod Beacham Kenmore, WA

Jim Hemsell Denton, TX

Michael D. Conley Anna Maria, FL

Hugh Kelso Seattle, WA

Gloria Linnertz, Public Member Waterloo, IL

Scott Patterson, Board Liaison Spring Hill, TN

Mike Rostescu, Staff Liaison Des Plaines, IL

Chapter Relations Brian “B.K.” Thompson, Chair Lorain, OH

Larry K. Brooks Alexandria, AL

Kenneth A. Clouse Lawrence, KS

Rudy Schlosser Glenview, IL

R. Sean Troxell Riverdale, MD

Sun City, AZ

Westfield, IN

Russell K. Daniels, Staff Liaison

Frank Lesh, Staff Liaison

Des Plaines, IL

Complaints– Logo Use Manass Hochstetler, Chair Middlebury, IN

Bruce LaBell, Board Liaison Phoenix, AZ

Russell K. Daniels, Staff Liaison Des Plaines, IL

Director’s Nominating

ASHI Reporter • January 2017

Des Plaines, IL

Finance Tim Buell, Chair Marysville, OH

Randy Sipe Spring Hill, KS

Howard Pegelow Gilbert, AZ

Robert Walstead Sun City, AZ

Scott Patterson Spring Hill, TN

Alden E. Gibson

St. Louis, MO

Russell K. Daniels, Staff Liaison Des Plaines, IL

Officier Nominating Alden E Gibson, Chair Breslau, ON

Brendan Ryan Valencia, PA

Miki Mertz Shawnee, KS

Jules Falcone Media, PA

Charles Buell, Chair Shoreline, WA

Reuben Saltzman Maple Grove, MN

Mark Cramer Indian Rocks Beach, FL

Mike Twitty

Christopher Ueland

Bartlett, IL

Jeff Frishof Redwood City, CA

Bruce A. Barker, Board Liaison Cary, NC

Frank Lesh, Staff Liaison Des Plaines, IL

Mount Juliet, TN

Peter G. Engle

Strategic Planning

Rumson, NJ

Larry Cerro, Chair

Michael W. Casey

Tallahassee, FL

Fallbrook, CA

Rob Cornish

Kevin E. Westendorff, Board Liaison

Manotick, ON

Mt. Pleasant, SC

John Fryer Oakland, CA

Lonnie D. Moore

Breslau, ON

Hollis Brown

Frank Lesh, Staff Liaison

Manassas, VA

Frank Lesh, Staff Liaison

John J. Biegalski

Des Plaines, IL

Reuben Saltzman

Des Plaines, IL

Wayne, PA

Roger Williamson

San Bruno, CA

Toni Fanizza, Staff Liaison

Bryck Guibor

Education Mario Lucciola, Chair

Chattanooga, TN

Eric Barker

Des Plaines, IL

Thomas G. Lauhon

St. Catharines, ON

Mark S. Londner, Board Liaison

Brian Murphy

Harry Rosenthal, Esquire

Lansing, KS

Highlands Ranch, CO

Ambler, PA

Tony Hecht


Brendan Ryan, Chair Valencia, PA

Skip Walker

Barrington, IL

Phoenix, AZ

Russell K. Daniels, Staff Liaison Des Plaines, IL



David Goldstein, Chair for the State Robbinsville, NJ

Tucson, AZ

Reuben Saltzman

Lowell, AR Maple Grove, MN

Maple Grove, MN

Purcellville, VA

Boardman, OH

Uli Sommers

Russell K. Daniels, Staff Liaison

Frank Lesh, Staff Liaison

Harry Janssen

George L. Basista

Des Plaines, IL

Beaverton, OR Guelph, ON

Peter N. Jung Germantown, MD

Des Plaines, IL

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41January 2017



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DIY Chimney Cap

Typical Yankee Ingenuity... ...with a touch of mayo.

A lid to a plastic container, secured with metal bands, does not make a chimney cap.

David Grudzinski Advantage Home Inspections Cranston, RI

G.M. Dollar Dollar Home Inspections Waco, GA

Bush’s Baked Plumbing Supports Creative Ductwork Another one of their “trade secrets”!

At least they didn’t cut the truss cord.

Tony & Heidi Shaw Springer Professional Home Services Cedar Rapids, IA

So What Happened to the can?

So What Happened to the lid?


ASHI Reporter • January 2017

Ken Meyer Portico Home Inspection LLC Portland, OR

This rig was created to catch rainwater leaking from the roof.

Someone used a paint can lid and some tar to patch a roof where a branch came through.

David Maudlin Indy Pro Inspection Service, Inc. Carmel, IN

Aaron Glascock 912 Inspections, LLC Savannah, GA


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The Family That Sits Together, Sh*ts Together

A Disconnect... ...for the disconnect.

For spending quality time together.

Lawrence Transue Integrity Inspection Service Easton, PA

Rick Carlberg Housedoctors NW Home Inspections Schaumburg, IL


One of These Things... …had I known the inspector was coming, I would have tidied up! George Meegan Lannes Group, Inc. Evanston, IL not like the others. Arlene Zapata Graphics Department Director, ASHI Des Plaines, IL

Monkey Business at the Main Panel King Kong is angry about the Federal Pacific Stab Loc panel. Jon & Kellie Jo Williams Kanawha Valley Home Inspections, LLC Charleston, WV


ASHI Reporter • January 2017

45January 2017



Thank You for a Memorable and Successful Year A

s I sit here at my kitchen table with a cup of coffee and the sun coming up, I’m realizing that this is my last message for the Reporter as ASHI’s President. Where do I start? I’m reminded that we started this year by celebrating ASHI’s anniversary with the theme “40 Years of Trust.”

Throughout 2016, I’ve had the opportunity to experience firsthand what this theme really means. As I traveled to chapters and conferences and to Washington, D.C., to visit with government officials, it is obvious who we are and what we stand for. The first event I attended was in Dallas, TX, where I watched Mike Crow raise $10,000 in contributions from his inspector group for ASHI’s InspectPac. This money is used for lobbying efforts in Washington on behalf of the entire inspection profession—not just for ASHI’s interests, but for all inspectors. This substantial contribution represents the trust we have gained from a broad audience of inspectors. I then journeyed to Washington, D.C., with Frank Lesh, our executive director, and Randy Pence, our Washington lobbyist. We visited with top key government officials and at every meeting, we were greeted with the utmost respect and were recognized as the leaders of the inspection profession.

Throughout the year, I attended conferences sponsored by ASHI chapters and associated groups. I met ASHI members, as well as inspectors from other organizations. I will never forget when one inspector, who was not an ASHI member, approached me to shake my hand and tell me how proud he was of ASHI and that he would soon be joining our membership because he wanted to be “one of those ASHI inspectors.” Numerous times, people asked me to be in a photo with them and as I joined them to smile for the camera, I knew that, at those moments, I was the “face” of what ASHI represents—trust and professionalism. To maintain this trust, we must all do the best we can—not only by being good inspectors, but also by being fair and professional to the people we serve and work with. Remember, what we do as individuals can influence others and can result in either a positive or a negative effect. I have said before and I will say again that I could not have been ASHI President at a better time. I want to thank all the ASHI 46

ASHI Reporter • January 2017

By ASHI President, Randy Sipe

Board members for their support, wisdom and dedication. I also thank the committee members for their time and commitment. Whether or not we agreed about an issue, at the end of the day, we all had respect for one another. Our Board has made great progress, providing members with needed programs to achieve ASHI’s mission. Thank you, Tony Smith, for continually reminding us what that mission is: “to set and promote standards for property inspections and to provide the educational programs needed to achieve excellence in the profession.” Our great staff, led by Frank Lesh, has developed and implemented beneficial programs. Our online free education has grown and is better than we imagined under the guidance of Michele George. Thanks to Arlene Zapata, the Reporter has expanded and we now offer print services, along with many other services, to our members. Dave Kogan has worked tirelessly to bring new member benefit programs to our members. Russell Daniels, our membership director, always works hard and brings respect to everything he touches. Mike Rostescu not only is our IT director, but he always is at the ready to help members with Web-related issues and other inside programs. I know I didn’t mention everybody—there’s also Harry, Jen, Bonnie, Mark, Toni and more—all of these people make this organization run. There is one more person I need to personally thank who works in the background, dotting my i’s and crossing my t’s and editing all my articles—thanks, Carol. You can see it takes lots of people and their commitment to provide you with the ASHI programs and services you need. I thank them all and the Board for a successful year as ASHI’s 2016 President.

I will conclude my term as President with this thought. We, as ASHI members, have proudly represented ourselves with professionalism and knowledge for 40 years, resulting in “40 Years of Trust.” As we continue providing this knowledge and striving to be the best we can be, I know that we will have “40 More Years of Trust.” As always, do the best job you can provide and be safe. H

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ASHI Reporter • January 2017

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