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Zonta’s 20th birthday celebrations


Editor’s note


elcome to our February YOU edition. This month we take a look at glamour photographer Cassandra Rolls from Rakaia. She proves that not only does feeling good make you look good, but looking good makes you feel good too. It’s not about being shallow or vain, but about feeling good about yourself, feeling gorgeous. Methven herbalist Jane Logie shows us that popping the right nutrition into your mouth has the added benefit of making your skin, eyes and hair glow with good health. As far as I can tell anything that makes you feel good (obviously that excludes harming others or yourself) is a great positive thing to do. Whether it’s going along and getting a pedicure once a month or having a massage occasionally, if it makes you feel good inside then do it! Life is short – Laugh often and seldom complain.


Above – Stephanie and Joe Butchard. Below – John and Sandra Bennett.

Have a great month, Lisa Fenwick, YOU editor 020214-dw-029

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Above – Barbara and Bernie Davidson. 020214-dw-014


Above – Alison Muckle, Viv Williams and Karin Farrell. Below – Di Hunter, Jeanette Montgomery and Katherine McKimmie.

photos donna wylie 020214-dw-033


Above – Shirley Goodwin, Christine Todd, Linda Petrie and Gabrielle Jones.

Above – Sylvia and Stuart McKay.

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YOU cover


Some people make a business out of looking good, but Cassandra Rolls makes her living making other pe ordinary women into super stars.

Photographer make ‘I just love making


assandra Rolls is a master illusionist, a creator of dreams. With the knowledge she’s gained as a photographic model and her skill behind the camera, Cassandra takes women and makes them stars. It’s a job she loves and one where the rewards come in watching the reactions of her clients when they see the results of a pampering session with her camera. She’s the perfect advertisement for the job – immaculately groomed and still very much the photographic model. But there’s more to Cassandra than glamour, she’s a dairy farmer’s wife and the mum of two boys. But to be fair, she says, she and the cows keep a fair way apart. “(Husband) Shannon gets heaps from his mates, but working around the farm is really not my style – but it’s nice to have the farm for photo shoots,” she said. Glamour photography is something Cassandra fell into. “I used to do a bit of modelling, photo shoots and I’ve always enjoyed taking photos of my kids and making them look the best they could. I thought, ‘this is fun.’ So I guess it just sort of grew from there,” she said. As she worked to build her photographic skills, family and friends were her clients, but increasingly she found herself wanting to explore new fields. “After a while if figured out what I liked doing the most and that was the glamour side, making women feel confident, making them feel great about themselves.” Many of her clients are mothers, people who spend most of their time worrying about other people – their children, their husbands, never themselves. Others are women who have undergone weight loss programmes and who want to celebrate their new image. Most are doing it for themselves, to feel good about who they are or as a special gift for a partner or husband, Cassandra said. “What I deal with every day are women who want to look gorgeous.” While her clients may all come for different reasons, they all share the common theme of feeling pretty self conscious. continued next page



photos tetsuro mitomo


eople look good. She talks to reporter Sue Newman about life behind the camera lens turning

kes magic happen


my clients feel confident and gorgeous’ Cassandra Rolls, more at home behind the camera these days than in front of it.




“At the start it’s hard to get people to loosen up, but by the end of the shoot they’re relaxed and saying how much fun it was. The best shots always come when they’re relaxed.” The rewards start to come when her clients take a sneak preview of the photos she’s taken. From there it’s usually much easier to get them into the right mood. “Their reaction is ‘wow, I can’t believe this is me’. From my perspective it’s always about making sure the angles we use are right for their bodies.” Each shoot is different, each shoot driven by the personality of the individual. As she works through the relaxation process, Cassandra said she has a range of go-to poses she knows will work, poses she knows will help her clients relax into the session. As their personality emerges she begins to individualise these. Clients bring clothing and accessories they are comfortable with but she keeps a selection of accessories on hand in case something extra is needed. “I suggest a minimum of three outfits but if people are uncertain I always tell them to bring a few items and then we can choose together what we think will work.” Often women will choose to be photographed in lingerie but nude has never been an option for Cassandra. “Whatever they wear it’s all about looking gorgeous.” She works with a makeup artist and the photo shoots are usually in her Rakaia studio to ensure optimum use of lighting. As the glamour side of her business has grown, Cassandra finds herself doing less stock standard photography, although she’s still happy to photograph the odd wedding. continued over page

YOU cover


“I’ve really discovered that glamour is where my passion lies and the women who come, come because they know they’ll look gorgeous

at the end of this.” Her business is very much about client referral. One satisfied customer generally results in another phone call. She knows

dressing up – or down for the camera is not for everyone. While her clients look at her as the expert, Cas-


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photos cassandra rolls

Cassandra Rolls’ clients can be normal, everyday mums, but that’s not how they end up feeling. Once they’ve had their glamour shots taken they end up feeling gorgeous and confident.

sandra said she always comes out of photo sessions having learned something new from each of her clients. She invests a lot of herself in each

session but said it never really feels like work. “My satisfaction comes from my clients, from the women when they see their photos. They’re

office spot...... all you need for the office

often overwhelmed when they see they look so glamorous. “I just love making them feel confident and gorgeous.”

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Let’s get rid of... you magazine APPEARANCE MEDICINE BY IAN LITTLE

Varicose veins

Ageing skin

Unwanted hair

The warmer weather may not be welcomed by those with varicose veins, but why hide under tights or stockings when they can be successfully treated? Laser treatments that are non-surgical with little or no downtime can be performed and will have you showing off those legs in no time! Abnormally dilated varicose and spider veins affect the majority of adults at some time in their lives. Associated symptoms can include aching, throbbing, excessive fatigue, itching, burning, a restless feeling in the legs and cramping. The unsightly nature of the veins can also have a negative impact on self-image. With modern techniques and the use of the latest duplex ultrasound equipment, vein sclerotherapy and laser treatments are a safe and very effective treatment for the full range of ultrasound guided sclerotherapy (UGS) There are many advantages of ultrasound guided sclerotherapy: No surgery, no time off work, no anaesthesia, no scars or sutures, continue normal daily activities, lower cost.

The real art of a good appearance medicine practitioner is the initial consultation, we need to spend plenty time with you to see what really bothers you most and to design a treatment programme to achieve the best possible result. Such a programme will include many different types of treatment the combination of treatments that fight the signs of ageing allow you to see more dramatic improvement than do single treatments. For example, botulinum injections can relax key muscles that are causing wrinkles such as frown lines and crows feet, while collagen stimulating treatments, such as the nonablative laser, can correct wrinkles from age and sun. Other newer fillers can be used to correct deeper lines that laser treatments cannot completely eliminate. Filling remains a very popular way to enhance and define lips that shrink with ageing. In fact, filling around the lips along with botulinum around the eyes and forehead are one of the most dramatic combination treatments today.

Lasers and IPL (intense pulsed light) are excellent choices for permanent hair reduction. These methods are now very popular and fast becoming the preferred way to treat unwanted facial and body hair. Lasers use the pigment of the hair to attract light energy to burn the cells responsible for growth of new hair in the hair follicle. One beam of laser light will destroy many hairs in that area in one flash. There is a sensation, which can be described as “having a rubber band flicked against your skin”. Most people do not consider this a problem. For those who require it, a topical anaesthetic cream can be applied prior to the treatment. For appointments or further information call Transform Clinic 03 343-2880 or 0800 256-654 (08002LOOKGOOD) also, ask us about our Ashburton appointments. Email: enquiries@2lookgood.co.nz www.transformclinic.co.nz

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YOU naturally 


Feed your skin from within you magazine



he daily routine of cleansing, toning and moisturising can seem like such a chore and for some they may not notice much of a change, continually changing their skincare products to try and rid oneself of that dreaded dry, acne-prone skin; wanting to gain that radiant glow they once had. It is often said that women spend huge amounts of money on skincare products to get that flawless-looking skin, because that’s what the skincare companies convince us to do. They don’t fill us in on the fact that we can achieve healthy looking skin from nourishing the body and face from within. Our inner health can represent our outer health = glowing skin. Certainly looking after your skin with a good skincare regime is part of the equation, but not the full equation. Our skin actually needs feeding from within, where important nutrients we extract from our diet are broken down in the digestive tract and then utilised by the body to maintain its glowing healthy appearance. A healthy diet has a huge part to play in getting the nutrients we require in receiving the building blocks of maintaining and repairing our skin, due to the fact that our body is continually shedding skin cells at a rapid rate. Collagen, formed from protein, which is the main building block that makes up our cells, is important to get on a daily basis by eating a variety of protein-based foods, eg fish, eggs, nuts, seeds and pulses, leafy greens and vegetables. To maintain a healthy outer shell, key nutrients are important, such as vitamins E, A, C and zinc. Vitamin A is especially important for the health of our skin and eyes and is often used to treat acne and sourced from such foods as carrots and fish. Vitamin E is important for collagen formation and the suppleness of our skin and is sourced from advocados and nuts. Vitamin C is a nutrient that can be seen as a skin healer and important for collagen formation, repair and the skin’s elasticity, sourced only through the diet from foods such as oranges, berryfruits and potatoes.

Above – Milk thistle (left) and red clover help to support our detoxification pathways and skin health.

Zinc is a really important nutrient, which we have stores of but are often depleted through poor dietary habits. Zinc-rich foods are those such as fish, shellfish and nuts; that can help with skin conditions like acne, eczema and psoriasis. Looking after our digestive system can be a key part of gaining healthy-looking bright eyes, hair and clear smooth, skin. This is often one of the systems in the body that is the most neglected and does a huge amount of work in trying to keep up with all that needs to be done, whilst we continually throw an array of foodstuffs at it to digest and eradicate. The use of herbal therapeutics can be an

additional help to an already taxed digestive system and detoxification system, while having a nurturing effect on the health of our eyes, skin and hair especially. Herbs that may be beneficial are red clover and milk thistle, both of which are important in helping to support our detoxification pathways and skin health. Milk thistle is especially important in aiding the liver in the detoxification process that it undergoes on a daily basis. A healthy functioning liver can be a reflection of bright white eyes and clear radiant looking skin. Red clover is a common herb that is most often used with childhood skin problems

photos jane logie

especially by aiding the lymphatic system in the clearance of toxins within the body. Good nutrition for your body is really paramount in helping to maintain our inner health and vitality and at the same time will maintain our outer health. So try and eat a healthy diet for three to six months and see if you can recognise a difference in your skin, hair and eyes. Remember it can take a while to look your worst, therefore it can take a while to look your best. Patience is the key to looking good. With the compliments of Jane Logie, a medicinal herbalist and clinical nutritionist from Methven

YOU foodies

12 10

Turning to some comfort food




finally found the inspiration to clean out my tiny garden shed to make the barbecue accessible and I was struck with the distinct feeling that we are being gripped by autumn already. Those colder nights and mornings conjure up much more of a comfort food idea than a barbecue, so comfort food it is. Hail, the bulk bins at SimpliFoods with an amazing array of different rices. The arborio was sitting there just begging to be made into my all-time favourite risotto. Risotto is a great carrier of flavour, as is any rice, so you can afford to be as adventurous as you please. For those of you scared of attempting risotto, don’t be. The trick to making a lovely, creamy risotto is to make sure you add the stock in one ladle-full at a time and to stir intermittently to release the starch in the rice. This lemongrass and chilli risotto is great with seafood and in this recipe I have used prawns, but many times I have served it with fresh fish. Divine!


Arborio all the way Should you use arborio rice in the preparation of risotto? Absolutely. Arborio, a variety of short-grained rice, was originally grown in the cool temperatures and wetlands of the Lombardi region of Italy. These days it’s also grown in California and Texas, among other places.

This short, thick grained rice is the key ingredient in authentic risotto because its texture and cooking properties allow it to retain firmness throughout preparation. And its high starch content is what gives you that creaminess. Risotto must be cooked ‘al dente’ which means tender yet firm to the bite.

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 Lemongrass and chilli risotto

2 good T of olive oil 2C arborio rice 6C boiling chicken or fish stock 2T minced lemongrass 4 kaffir lime leaves, or finely grated rind of 2 limes 1 small red chilli, deseeded and minced salt and freshly ground pepper 2C of raw prawns with tail still on (optional) 1/4 C lime juice 3T chopped coriander 2T sweet chilli sauce

– Heat stock with lemongrass and lime leaves or lime rind in a saucepan. – Heat the olive oil in a heavy based saucepan and fry rice grains and the chilli until they are well coated in the oil. – Add stock a ladle full at a time making sure the moisture has almost gone before adding the next ladle. Keep stirring intermittently to release the starch in the

11 rice, creating the creaminess. It will take at least 20 minutes to use up all the stock and when you have a creamy moist rice that still has a bite to it you are ready to add the final ingredients. – Finally add the lime juice , coriander, chilli sauce and the prawns and stir for 1 minute, by which time the prawns will be cooked. – Season to taste. – Serves 6 as an entrée or 4 as a main course.

Spiced coconut rice pudding with caramelised pineapple This rice pudding is the ultimate in comfort food and you won’t be thinking about barbecues when you smell this creation wafting around your kitchen

1 star anise 1 cinnamon stick 1 black cardamom, seeds removed and crushed 2t ground ginger 100g arborio rice seeds of a vanilla pod 400ml coconut milk 350ml whole milk 350ml double cream pinch grated nutmeg 3T grated palm sugar or brown sugar

– Pre-heat oven to 180°C. Toast star anise, cinnamon. cardamom pod and ginger in a dry frying pan until the aroma is released. – Place the rice, vanilla pod seeds and pod, coconut milk, whole milk and cream in a large deep pan. Bring to a gentle boil and add toasted spices and nutmeg. Simmer

for 40-45 mins, stirring occasionally, adding more milk or cream if necessary. Sweeten with palm sugar.

For the pineapple: 1 medium-sized pineapple, skin removed 4 1/2 T raw sugar 60g butter a squeeze of lime juice

– Slice peeled pineapple into 1cm thick slices and remove core. Squeeze the juice of a lime over the slices. – Heat sugar in a large frying pan until it starts to melt. Add butter, then pineapple rings to the pan and cook very gently until caramelised and sticky. Turn once. Remove left over caramel from pan to use as a garnish. – To serve, fill a ramekin with rice pudding. Put a slice of the pineapple on top and drizzle with a little of the left over caramel. – Garnish with toasted pistachios.

YOU oh baby


Baby showers allow friends and family to lavish gifts on an expectant mum to help set her up for impending motherhood. make sure they don’t cost the earth.

Baby showers don’t need M

ore Kiwis are throwing baby showers than ever before, according to an event-planning specialist. “Now that there’s all this theming and dessert tables and ways we can go about it, it’s becoming even more popular,’’ Centre of Attention event planning service owner Alicia

Johnson says. Baby showers are generally for the first baby, and “gender reveal’’ parties where the baby’s gender is revealed for the first time for both parents and guests – are more popular for subsequent babies. “It’s getting everyone together and celebrating that you’re having a baby and you find out on the day what you’re having. It’s just another excuse to have a party.’’

games, invitation, food labels, decorations, outdoor seating, photography and gift bags for guests. “I ended up doing the whole guest list. That was the full package.’’ Planners cost about $55 an hour, plus a $200 refundable bond. But it’s usually catering that ends up accounting for most of the bill, she says.

What can it cost?

What’s an appropriate gift?

The more elaborate showers can cost up to $2000 to stage for 30 to 40 people, but that includes everything from invitations to venue hire and full catering. The most involved shower Mrs Johnson ever organised was a “nautical’’ sailorthemed party for a baby boy, with co-ordinated cupcakes,

Gifts can vary, but Mrs Johnson suggests a register or everyone chipping in to get a bigger gift. “A lot of people set up a register at Nature Baby, which is more of an expensive store, but also

Baby City.’’ Mums-to-be then choose everything they want their guests to buy, Mrs Johnson says. “When you’ve 40 friends it’s very easy for people to get the same presents.’’ Common double-ups included lotions and baby clothes. “You end up with too much. Another really good way to do it is everyone going in together and getting a really good-sized present like a car seat.’’ Planners also give advice on how to keep the cost of a baby shower down. “There are so many different ways you can do things, especially with decorations which are really cost-effective.’’

When is the best time? Showers, which are generally thrown by friends of the expecting mother, are always done before the baby is born, but not so late that the mum is uncomfortable or there’s a risk of her going into labour. “Once all the complications-side of being pregnant’s passed, it’s either in their late 20s or early 30 weeks’ pregnant when they have the shower because


. But what’s the etiquette around the tradition? Cassandra Mason looks at whether showers are still relevant and how to

to be expensive they’re still feeling and looking pretty good as well.’’

Who’s invited? The Yellow “How to’’ guide says most baby showers are girls-only affairs and along with female relatives like sisters, mothers, aunts and grandmothers, female workmates, close friends, friends from exercise and ante-natal classes can be invited. However, these days it is not unusual for the father of the baby and a few close male friends to be invited too. The diversity of the group often means not everyone will know each other. “Having a few party games arranged for guests to play gives structure to the party and helps everyone integrate and get to know each other,’’ Yellow recommends. “Games are excellent, too, to add a spark of life when the party seems to be flagging.’’

Cost cutting tips – – – – –

Use e-invitations Set up a Pinterest site to generate DIY ideas for the party Do the cooking/baking yourself Picking flowers from the garden will “spruce up’’ the event Ask guests to bring a plate

Source: Centre of Attention

Gift ideas – – – – –

Cotton “baby wraps’’ from the Sleep Store $24.95 Baby timer $38 Towel bib $6.95 Nature Baby portable baby basket $59.95 Baby suit $20

Source: Kidspot

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We’ve combined fade and stain resistant qualities, enhanced definition due to advanced We’ve We’vecombined combined fade fadeand and stain stain resistant resistant qualities, qualities, enhanced enhanced definition definition due duetotoadvanced advanced uying carpet these The improvement in yarn technology and our tight stitching process, ultimately providing adegree high degree of yarn yarntechnology technology and andour our tight tight stitching stitching process, process, ultimately ultimately providing providing aahigh highdegree ofof days can be a fairly colour fastness is due to appearance retention forthat looks that will last. Alto and Stratus bring together the best of appearance appearance retention retention for forlooks looks that will will last. last. 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THEY THEYMEAN MEANLUXURY, LUXURY,GENTLENESS GENTLENESSAND ANDCOMFORT! COMFORT! +ADD are more alternatives that carpet which is a product are worth considering, which is dyed at the end. $20-$25 PER SQM for example, solution This ensures the colour is - ALTO - STRATUS - -ALTO ALTO -- -STRATUS STRATUS -dyed nylons and PET fibre all the way through the FOR INSTALLATION THE COLLECTION CLOUD COLLECTION THE CLOUD COLLECTION THE THE CLOUD CLOUD COLLECTION THE THE CLOUD CLOUD COLLECTION COLLECTION per carpets. yarnsq ratherm than just on the So what has changed in outside (think carrot versus +ADD AND UNDERLAY $20-$25 PER SQM INTERIOR TALK 20 years? Well firstly with radish). FOR INSTALLATION per per $46 $46$46 per persq sq mmsq m $35 $35$35 per persq sq mmsq m AND UNDERLAY BY SKIP wool carpet, not much. A The latest advancements really good wool carpet in fibres have come from 60 60oz oz60 oz 40 40oz oz40 oz is still that, a really good the PET fibres which are the furry ought about + MORE! 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YOU book review

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The Son-in-Law written by Charity Norman you magazine BOOK REVIEW BY KYLIE GOODWIN


harity Norman was born in Uganda, brought up in the United Kingdom and has resided with her family in New Zealand since 2002. The Son-in-Law is her third novel. It is a bitter cold winter’s morning when Joseph Scott turned his back on prison. He has served his sentence, he was free. But freedom for Joe comes at the price of losing everything. His career, his wife, and the future he envisaged. In one instant years ago one action led him to where he is now. Joe killed his wife Zoe in a horrible accident, neither were at fault but that sometimes doesn’t matter in the eyes of the law. When Joe gets out of prison all he wants is to see is his three children, Scarlet, Theo and Ben. But the law will not allow it. So he begins court

proceedings to allow him to see and spend time with them. When Zoe died her parents took the children in and have cared for and loved them ever since. Their grief in losing their only child has not lessened and when Joe wants back in the children’s lives their world is ruptured again. They cannot forgive or forget what happened and don’t want Joe in their lives. But slowly the children start to know their dad and him know them. The children must then make the hard decision of who they want to live with. Either way hearts are going to be broken. The Son-in-Law is a brilliantly written book and had me hooked from page one and in tears many times throughout. Compelling and thought provoking I definitely recommend this book.

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212 East Street • Ashburton • 03 308 8309


YOU product review

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Amazing Shuzi

What is Shuzi? It is a personal energy system that helps balance and strengthen the body, clear your mind and boost your endurance levels.

How does it work? By Sue Newman


ould you voluntarily sign up for one month of nano vibration technology that promised you exceptional health benefits? If you had a hip that has replacement written all over it, x-rays that show a bed of coral where joints used to be and you lived with constant nerve pain, then anything that promised non-surgical relief has to be a winner. Enter the Shuzi band, but is it a hoax or is it the real deal? One month ago pain killers and antiinflammatories were my personal friends. I avoided going to bed because lying down meant my nerve endings came out to play.

My friends signed me up for the Ministry of Silly Walks and my golf game had gone to hell. A work mate offered me the chance to test drive a Shuzi band. She’d been wearing it, but after a couple of weeks, the young, healthy, fit woman who clearly had no ailments or illnesses, found it didn’t change a thing and handed it on to me. It came with warnings. Things could get worse for a while before they improved. Or nothing might happen. For the desperate, however, anything that promised some pain relief is seen as an opportunity. Initially there was little change in pain and discomfort but within a few days my pain levels had lowered. And they continued to lower. Today nagging hip pain is a rarity; previously it was the norm. A night with red hot nerve pain might only occur once every two weeks and then generally after vigorous exercise. Previously it was a nightly occurence. I no longer take anti-inflammatory pills as the norm, no longer have a packet of pain killers at the ready. Is it mind over matter, am I simply deluding myself? The answer could be yes to both but I’m a convert. One month later I might still have a bed of coral in my hip joints but today pain is an irregular visitor, sleep without nerve pain a regular feature and while my gait might still not win any prizes on the catwalk, it’s largely a comfortable one. My Shuzi band is on my wrist to stay.

Shuzi operates through nano vibrational technology (NVT). Each piece is embedded with a NVT chip made of specially selected non-magnetic material. It is programmed so multiple identical tuning forks are created to emit their own frequency. This means the chip resonates with your body’s natural frequency, providing stronger signals to help you function more effectively.

What are the benefits? It enhances focus and concentration, helps your body to develop greater strength and muscle endurance, creates better energy, balance and increases flexibility. Shuzi is intended to provide healthier blood by stimulating blood cells and allowing them to flow more freely. This stimulation results in increased circulation. It is also believed to lower stress levels in the body and reduces inflammation in sore joints, muscles and tissues.

How and where do you wear Shuzi? It should be worn all the time. It is waterproof and can be worn in the shower and while swimming. It must be worn close to your biofield, ie within about five centimetres of your body.

How quickly do you feel the benefits? Effects differ from person to person. Some feel an immediate benefit whereas most notice increasing benefits over 30 days.

Bring this advert in to BUY 1 GET JENNY DEWAR’S MARLBOROUGH PINOT GRIS VERJUS Handpicked from Pinot Gris grapes on the high sunshine, north facing Marlborough Blind River Vineyard. A sustainable vineyard ownwed by Graeme & Annie Giles.

Picked at a brix level of approximately 14, the verjus is high in acid and low in sugar

The term Verjuice derived from Verjus, pronounced VAR-ZHOO, the French term for juice of green grapes, dates back to medieval times. Verjus is now enjoying a worldwide revival in cooking, replacing vinegar and lemon juice being a natural flavour enhancer. Verjus is versatile, delicious and refreshing. Uses are many including adding flavour to red meats, chicken, fish, vegetable dishes and desserts. A wonderful addition to salad dressing, sauces and marinades. It makes a refreshing non alcoholic beverage served on ice with soda.

1 FREE* Once tried you won’t be without Jenny Dewar’s Verjus.

Refrigerate after opening, it will keep for 4 weeks Produced by: Jenny Dewar, 7 Guinness Street, Timaru. Ph: 03 683 1722 dewars@xtra.co.nz www.jennydewarsverjus.co.nz


*Offer applies to selected styles only. See in store for more details. Bottled by: Lone Goat, Burnham


Non alcoholic

Ashburton Arcade | 308-1815 | www.health2000.co.nz Client: Jenny Dewar’s



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Brown rice salad Ingredients


4 C cooked brown rice 375g tin chickpeas - drained 1 C dates 1 red pepper 2 sticks celery 3T capers or olives 3/4 C nuts of your choice 1/2 C sundried tomatoes

¼ cup oil 3T soy sauce 1T balsamic vinegar 1 t wholegrain mustard 2T Jenny Dewar’s Verjus

– Cook brown rice, add other ingredients, finely chopped. – Mix together dressing and add to rice mixture.


Best Before: July 2015 Non Alcohol Contains: Pressed Grapes, Sulphur Dioxide (220), Ascorbic Acid, Tartaric Acid, No Sugar Added. Nutrition Information:

Serving size: 200ml Average Quantity Servings per bottle: 3.8 Per 100g Per serve

Energy Protein

169kJ 0.3g

339kJ 0.5g

Home chef’s ultimate secret ingredient! Fat Total



0.0g 9.4g


0.0g 18.9g

Carbohydrate Total Chef ’s lemon9.2g juice or 100.00mm vinegar can ‘HomeAnything 18.5g Sugars et 3g 6g Sodium Ultimate Secr This is an average CAN DO BETTER Ingredient!’ may change Product of South Island NEW ZEALAND


slightly with seasons.

Available from:


inot Gris



7 Guinness Street, Highfield, Timaru Ph. 03 683 1722 | Mob. 027 232 6936 | Email. info@jennydewarsverjus.co.nz Check out my website for delicious recipes | www.jennydewarsverjus.co.nz Label Size: 180 x 100mm

Please examine this proof carefully and mark whichever action is required.


YOU vet talk

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Bladder problems in cats you magazine



ats commonly suffer from bladder problems and early detection is necessary to prevent them from becoming sick. In male cats, blockage of the urethra can result in an overexpansion of the bladder which can be life threatening as it results in a build-up of toxins in the cat’s body, or even bladder rupture! Regardless of the cause, the symptoms tend to be the same including frequent urination, straining and pain, constant licking of the genitals, urinating in unusual places, fever, loss of condition, and cloudiness or bloodiness of the urine. Almost all bladder problems in cats reoccur, therefore long-term management is essential. This usually includes a diet change. If you are concerned about your cat, call in to the clinic to grab a sterile specimen container or some non-absorbent litter which will enable you to get a urine sample at home. This will speed up the diagnosis as upon return it will be tested immediately to decipher whether or not your cat is suffering from a bladder problem. If you think your cat has a blocked bladder you need to contact us ASAP as this could be an emergency in some cases. You can do so by calling VetEnt Riverside anytime on (03) 308-2321.


welcome pack when you Free Microchip sign with us with up Vaccination

Come ininand andmeet meet friendly and when you sign ourour friendly teamteam and when you vaccinate up a new customer pet we’ll give you a FREE youraspet you will receivewith free your micro-chipping! welcome packdoes valued at over $130! Included Conditions apply, not include registration with NZCAR. are vouchers for discounted flea treatments, microchipping and worming Don’t forget come us free at pet food! tablets, andtobuy oneand getsee one Dog Day Out 15th Feb 11am – 1pm

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YOU and your pets


Does your dog need physio? N

by Erin Tasker

ina Field’s love for animals meant she knew what she wanted to do with her life at age 12. She wanted to be a vet and help animals. For 20 years she’s done that as a job, and also at home. Her family’s dog and three cats have all been saved from potential death row. They’ve given them a happy home with a mum, dad and two kids. They just love their animals and want to help them. But after 20 years of working as a vet, Nina’s found a new way to help man’s best friend. She’s trained as a canine rehabilitation therapist, essentially offering physiotherapy for dogs. continued over page Left – Nina Field puts a dog through its paces using some of her canine rehabilitation equipment.

Photos Tetsuro Mitomo 150114-TM-032

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YOU and your pets


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21 Nina said years ago, physiotherapists were almost seen as “alternative” even for humans, so dog physiotherapy could take a while for people to get used to. “But these days most people have a physio, or a massage therapist, or an osteopath, all these other health professionals.” So why not physiotherapy for a dog? After all, they’re a cherished part of the family too. A lot of what she sees is dogs suffering from lameness, where a vet can’t put a finger on what’s causing it. She gives dogs an all-over evaluation to start. “I go over their whole body, their spine and each limb individually and pick up on any soreness, stiff muscles or joint problems,” she said. Often the issue wasn’t with the leg that appeared to be the problem. Finding out exactly what was causing the pain was a big reward. “I get referred dogs that are lame on one side and can find nothing wrong within the lame leg. Often it’s to do with the compensatory leg. That’s what I like about it,” she said. Often it was as simple as a tight muscle that needed massaging. She does what she can, but at-home care is important too. “The clients all go home with home exercise programmes. It’s one thing for me to do something but really, they have got to do more at home too,” she said. Injured or post-op animals needed to build up their strength again and that’s where Nina comes in, with all of her specialty gear to help get pets back on track. In years gone by, dogs would have surgery and be sent home with their owner, with instructions to keep them quiet for a few days while they recover. But Nina says that’s not necessarily the best way to recover, as dogs too, need to build up their strength again. “The vet world is more aware that you can’t just tie them up and take their stitches out in 10 days,” she said.

Dogs aren’t always the best patients, but Nina has a wealth of experience after working with them in New Zealand and the United Kingdom, where she lived for 11 years. “Twenty years of vetting gives you a good background in dog behaviour and how to deal with them,” she said. “It used to be just shut the dog in the cage for a few weeks; that used to be the solution in a lot of cases,” Nina said. But thanks to her canine rehabilitation training she travelled to America to do, she now knows differently. She’s just one of three vets in New Zealand who have completed that course. A vet for the past 20 years, Nina initially wanted to do surgery on animals and focus on their post-operation care. “It’s always been my aim to do work on the post-op animals, but I always thought I had to do the surgery first,” she said. That turned out not to be the case and animal physiotherapy has proven to be right up her alley. “It’s really satisfying and (the dogs) seem to get better which is the main thing. “I love helping animals so this is an extension of that and you are generally dealing with happy animals who are just a bit sore.” Much of her business is from word of mouth, while some of it is referrals from vets. She’s worked on plenty of pet dogs, but also on show and agility dogs; dogs where performance and the ability to move freely is vital. While dogs are her core business, there is huge scope for animal physiotherapy in the future, although Nina will continue splitting her time between vetting and canine rehabilitation 50/50. “I’m trained for dogs but it’s easily relatable for cats and other species I’m sure.” One day she’d love to work her magic with horses, an animal she loves. “I can see myself doing this for quite a while and obviously there’s still so much to learn.”

Left – Nina Field is one of three people in New Zealand to have completed a canine rehabilitation course in 150114-TM-015 America.

• Relief from pain, swelling and stiffness

149 Cameron Street, around the corner from the Post office. Ph: 307 8660

• Low impact exercise, great for Arthritis • Aids cardio, aerobic fitness and weight loss • Assists with recovery from injuries/surgery • Great for fun and mental well being!

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YOU nbs

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Money go-round you magazine BRANCH MANAGER BY JOHN MOORE


e all hear economists talk about interest rates rising and falling, how the dollar effects this and that, and how many times a dollar can be spent. Many people say they do not understand economists and what they say. I remember years ago listening to an economist speak and he started talking about how money goes around. So I thought I’d share that story with you and make you think about how many times a dollar can change hands. It went a bit like this:

Joe arrives into a small town, he is tired and looking for a hotel to stay the night. Joe finds a hotel and asks for a room. The hotelier says the room is $100 for the night, knowing full well he has an account to pay to the grocer for $100. Joe pays the $100 dollars to the hotelier for the room and goes upstairs. The hotelier now has the $100 to pay the grocer for the groceries and runs down the road and pays the grocer. He returns to the hotel happy and satisfied that he has paid his bill. The grocer now has the $100, he realises he hasn’t paid the butcher for his weekly meat order so he immediately runs over to the butcher and pays him the $100 for the meat. The grocer returns to the grocer shop happy and satisfied that he has paid his bill. The butcher now has the $100 and remembers he didn’t pay the hotelier for the night of Valentine’s Day that he and his wife spent at the hotel. So he immediately runs over to the hotel and pays the hotelier the $100. The butcher returns to the butcher shop happy and satisfied that he has paid his bill. This leaves the hotelier back with his $100. Then Joe comes downstairs after having had a good look at the room upstairs and says to the hotelier: “No I don’t think I’ll take the room

for the night” The hotelier says “that’s not a problem” and refunds Joe his $100. Joe leaves. While the hotelier is disappointed that Joe didn’t take the room he’s happy that he’s paid his account to the grocer and the grocer is happy that he’s been paid and that he’s paid his account with the butcher the butcher’s happy his account has been paid by the grocer and happy that he’s paid his account with the hotelier and, of course, the hotelier is happy that he’s been paid by the butcher for the Valentine’s Day night out. So what has happened here? Have a think about it, is this the money go-round we hear about? Naturally when everyone is paid everyone is happy and the economy is strong. You could say this never happens but it does show how many times a $100 can be spent. How would the hotelier, grocer and butcher have been feeling if Joe hadn’t paid in advance before looking at the room? Have a great day.

Term Investments


Term Investment


John Moore Branch Manager

Kiley Sparrow & Amanda Mackenzie Customer Service Officers

Home Loans Transactional Accounts Small Business Banking



Agribusiness Foreign Exchange 324 East Street. 03 307 6380. www.nbs.co.nz


*Rate current at 14/01/14 and is subject to change. A Prospectus, Disclosure Statement, and Investment Statement for Term Investments are available upon request, free of charge from any NBS Branch or may be viewed at www.nbs.co.nz. NBS Terms & Conditions apply, Minimum deposit $5,000.00. NBS is not a Registered Bank. NBS has a BB+ (stable) credit rating from Fitch Ratings.


YOU women in business

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There’s something byAmanda Wright

If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it. The more things you do, the more you can do.


riginally quoted by Benjamin Franklin, and then again by actress Lucille Ball, giving a task to a busy person seems counterintuitive, however when you delve deep into what breeds success, a pattern emerges to suggest that busy people are always in high demand. It’s not because they love to juggle more tasks than an octopus, it’s an internal drive to go the extra mile, to make sacrifices to ensure a vision is executed. They value how precious time is, and in turn, won’t want to waste the time of others. They can multi-task to meet deadlines, are efficient and thorough. So it’s no surprise that many successful business women are

also mothers, and as Karyn Heald Robertson and Michelle Bungard illustrate, motherhood doesn’t need to be a barrier to professional development, rather a stepping-stone toward business success. Karyn and Michelle have combined their impressive marketing and business backgrounds to assist local businesses to thrive, through Karyn’s website and marketing organisation, Nor’west Arch. Karyn developed Nor’west Arch in 2007, to allow her to utilise her business and marketing experience from home, while pursuing her ultimate love of skiing. After completing a marketing and business degree with Canterbury University, Karyn’s parents offered her the opportunity of a lifetime as a 21st birthday gift. She could choose to have a party,

or to travel overseas. Karyn chose the OE and moved to Aspen, Colorado, where she became a ski instructor. She had never felt so exhilarated, her new passion was to be on the snow. After a year overseas, she returned home to become a ski instructor at Mt Hutt, where she spent 19 seasons in different areas including ski repair, guest services and the race department. She kept her skills sharp, and ignoring all fear, became an excellent free skier, representing New Zealand on the world circuit. At one point she was amongst the top 30 free skiers in the world. After a few seasons at Mt Hutt, Karyn opened her first business, Methven Sports Massage Clinic, where she skied during the day, and ran the clinic in the evenings. A few years later she grabbed the opportunity to become the marketing manager for Mt Hutt Ski Area, a position that would incorporate her knowledge of marketing with her passion for

Karyn Heald Robertson and Michelle Bungard. PHOTO SUPPLIED

skiing. She placed a manager in the massage business, and later sold the business. Her marketing position at Mt Hutt also encompassed racing and events, and Karyn is the organiser behind many popular Methven gatherings, such as the Methven Big Air and The Peak to Pub just to name a couple. Karyn continued to look after the race and events for Mt Hutt Ski Area and became HOD for the Race and Events Dept following the marketing role. Around 2005, she accepted a position at Mt Hutt Helicopters as their Marketing and Business Development Manager. While at Mt Hutt Helicopters, Karyn worked closely with Michelle when they both became committee members of the Mt Hutt Marketing Group, and collaborated together on the Amazing Space website, which has become the focal point of tourism in Methven. Despite a love for her position with Mt Hutt Helicopters, Karyn missed the snow, and the flexibility to ski often, so she took the plunge to start her own business from home, Nor’west Arch. This opportunity allowed her to ski during the day, and work at night. It led to her becoming the marketing manager for the Blue and the Brown pubs, while she also volunteered as an avalanche coordinator with two operational search dogs, and is now on the national committee for LANDSAR search dogs, (Land Search and Rescue). It was on the slopes during a heli-skiing expedition where the love of her life, Jamie, proposed to her, on a run fittingly named champagne. Despite marrying in February, the couple still said their ‘I do’s’ on the snow, getting married on Reischek glacier with the stunning Arrowsmith Range as a backdrop. They welcomed their daughter Zoe into the world soon after, and Karyn has thrived both as a mother, and successful business woman. Michelle discovered her love for tourism while at Waitaki Girls High School, where she topped her class, and decided to further study the subject in Christchurch. Her first position was with Tourism Waitaki, before moving to Mid Canterbury to be with her boyfriend, (now husband), Millan.


in the wind The couple lived on a dairy farm in Hinds, when Michelle took a position with Methven Travel to manage the local Information Centre. During this time, Methven Travel became a separate entity to the information centre, which joined New Zealand’s official information network to become an i-SITE Visitor Centre. Four years later, Michelle took up an opportunity to expand her career knowledge with Ashburton District Tourism as its marketing assistant, a position which evolved to Michelle becoming the general manager. As part of this role, she was also on the committee of the Mt Hutt Marketing Group, where she first began to work closely with Karyn. The general manager role of a district tourism organisation is extremely challenging, but Michelle loved it and with a great team and a very supportive board together they worked tirelessly to promote the Mid Canterbury region, along the way producing one of the first comprehensive regional

tourism websites in the Canterbury region. Another highlight for Michelle and her team was a successful bid to secure a Rugby World Cup team to be hosted in Ashburton. In 2005 Michelle married Millan, and then in 2008 the couple were expecting their first child. Michelle discovered she was pregnant while travelling overseas. Millan was managing Wright Farms, an arable farm on the outskirts of Methven, and after completing an arable farming tour around England and France they embarked on a dream holiday around Europe. Unfortunately the high temperatures of a European summer, mixed with hours on end within a bus weren’t a favourable combination for a pregnant Michelle, who remembers having to pay one Euro every time she needed a bathroom to relieve her sickness. Her daughter, Emma, was born on Valentine’s Day, and Michelle was still working on Ashburton District Tourism projects during her labour. When Emma

was three weeks old, Karyn approached Michelle while on maternity leave to look after the website the Mt Hutt Marketing Group had recently created, Amazing Space. Michelle jumped at the opportunity, and the work fitted in well with Emma’s nap times, although a lot of late nights were spent on the computer during the times when Emma was restless. After making the tough decision to resign from her position with Ashburton District Tourism and to continue with her increasingly busy contract work thoughts of a second child weren’t far away. Her second child, Aidan, was born 18 months after Emma, and funnily enough, while in labour for the second time, Michelle was updating the Amazing Space website with results from the Peak to Pub event, to ensure they were on the website before she went to hospital. When part of the arable farm Millan managed was converted to a dairy farm, the couple were presented with a unique

opportunity to go into business for themselves. In April 2013 a tractor, drill and spreader was purchased from long-time employer Wright Farms and an agricultural contracting business set up, servicing not only Wright Farms and Methven Dairies but other properties in the Ashburton District. The business is growing well, already new equipment has been purchased, and a contract harvest business has also been set up in partnership with a local contractor. Both Karyn and Michelle are on the Methven Preschool Board of Trustees, and do what they can to give back to the community which they love to call home. Michelle believes that marketing a business doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavour, and is excited by the range of services Nor’west Arch can offer to help small and large businesses thrive. With two successful women at the helm, the possibilities are as powerful as the wind through the Rakaia Gorge during a strong Nor’west day.


YOU fashion










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YOU destination


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Where will you go this year? you magazine DESTINATION BY MAXINE WHITING


t House of Travel we have a fantastic evening on Monday February 24th 2014. With us will be Griff from Peregrine. Griff has the most amazing passion for the Peregrine product and like all Peregrine travellers he loves having a trip to look forward to. Also we have Rosemary from Wild Earth Travel - small ship cruises that offer big experiences and allow you to really discover the destination. Peregrine appeals to the well-travelled, discerning traveller. The one who chooses value over price and wants to immerse themselves in a place instead of just ticking landmarks off a bucket list. The type of person who would rather stay in a jungle bungalow than an unforgettable hotel.

Almost 36 years ago Peregrine led their very first trip to Nepal and now have trips to Europe, South East Asia, South and Central America, Africa, Antarctica, Himalaya, India and Australia so they have a trip that will be of interest of everyone. Now still 36 years later their commitment of taking travellers into the heart of a destination is exactly the same so why not come along to our evening and become part of the Peregrine story? Anywhere is possible. Some of the secrets of Peregrine include: • 36 years of operation, with world class staff and an excellent reputation. • English speaking local leaders who can unlock doors closed to coach tourist and independent travellers. • Average group size of trips is small so it means a deeper connection with the destination and more time with your local leader. • Well paced and highly inclusive itineraries with most entrance fees included. Wild Earth Travel operate world-wide unforgettable small ship cruising to more than 600 destinations. Destinations include Alaska, Galapagos Islands, Iceland, Amazon, Patagonia, Baltic and Scandinavia, Mediterranean, Indian Ocean, Southeast Asia, South Pacific and New Zealand. There was a time, not long ago, when almost all cruises were just a cruise past a wonderful destination but with Wild Earth Travel you have the opportunity to immerse yourself

in many fantastic destinations. No endless queues on these carefully selected voyages. Travel in an intimate, safe and comfortable environment, travel to enjoy, but also to see and experience, learn as you travel and do all of this in the company of like-minded travellers. The small ships offer comfortable to luxurious accommodation, depending on the voyage. Discovering the destination is most important on these cruises - the destination is paramount. Wild Earth Travel offer two different types of cruising, Expedition Cruising - “Expect the unexpected” is the most important rule of expedition cruising. If you enjoy seeing and learning about the wonders of nature, an expedition cruise offers the perfect environment. Small ship cruising offers slightly less energetic participation but is still suited to the serious traveller. Both types of cruising offer comprehensive itineraries with knowledgeable onboard staff from historians to ecologists who share their knowledge and enthusiasm during forays ashore and while onboard. Most of the cruises are all inclusive so once aboard the voyages are excellent value for money. If you would like to hear more about either Peregrine or Wild Earth Travel then pop into House of Travel on East Street or give us a call for more details and to reserve your space now. Monday February 24th 7pm - call for more details. Where will you go this year? House of Travel, How Kiwis See the World.


Travel Information EvEnIng Presentations


Peregrine and Wild Earth Travel

Date Place

Monday 24th February – 7pm Hotel Ashburton, Racecourse Rd

House of Tra vel Ashbur ton | ashbur ton@ hot.co.nz facebook .com/HOTA shb

*Terms and con

ditions apply.

Please ask you

Registration is essential so call us for details

r House of Tra

vel c


YOU eco living

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Summer Eco living by Sheryl Stivens

Start collecting rainwater to water your garden Rainwater is very beneficial for your plants and can be collected off your garage or garden shed. All you need to do is purchase or find a barrel - a 200-litre size is a good start - and a downpipe diverter, which you attach to one of your downpipes. Rainwater will be diverted into your tank until it is full, and then back into the downpipe. Check out the rainwater tank at the Eco Education Centre alongside the Mastagard Recycling Shed. There are very affordable options like this that you can clip onto your downpipes. When planning your water tank, be mindful that it is above your garden if possible, so that when you water your plants, gravity will help give you some water pressure. Setting up a rainwater tank is a great summer project and once you’ve found out how easy it is you might want to add another tank. You can then beat summer water restrictions and your garden will love drinking rainwater.

Feed your vegetable garden with homemade compost Build up organic matter in your soils with homemade compost. Set up a worm farm or bokashi bucket for food waste handy to your barbecue and outdoor eating area so nothing is wasted.

Check your compost bins to make sure they are moist Plastic compost bins can be lifted off the pile and the compost inside turned and watered; used as a base in a raised bed garden or layered over your harvested potato beds even if the soil and woody bits are not completely broken down. You can plant large seeds straight into coarse compost like beans or late potatoes and mulch over the top with lawn clippings or pea straw. The plants will grow right through the mulch with no weeds.

Try “grass cycling” Mulch your lawn clippings back onto your lawn - mow regularly and leave your grass longer or alternatively sprinkle lawn clippings

as mulch around your shrubs and trees. This will reduce your disposal costs and trips to the green waste drop off in addition to conserving water and returning valuable nutrients to your own garden.

Take a shopping list and your own shopping bags when you go shopping Up to 1/3 of the food that is taken home is thrown out. This includes fruit, vegetables, meat, milk and bread. Research indicates that if you plan what you need to buy you waste less. Keep a tally of what you throw out and get everyone on board. You will be amazed at the money you can save and the reduction in food wasted if you take it on as a challenge.

Why pay money to send reusable or recyclable goods to the landfill? Drop off unwanted household items at the Ashburton or Rakaia Resource Recovery Parks along with any surplus electronic appliances, household batteries, paint, fluorescent tubes, garden sprays and anything metal. Make sure you stop with your loaded trailer

at the Recycling Shed and ask the friendly staff what can be recycled before you go to the weighbridge. For help call your Community Recycling Helpline; 0800 627 824 .

Reduce waste by using old style picnic baskets Using reusable cups and plates for summer picnics and barbecues helps keep all of those disposable plates and cups out of the rubbish, saves you money and saves the planet. Remember to fill reusable water bottles instead of buying bottled water, it will keep you healthy and save you some money. And finally, a great tip for all those who rush around busily getting things done:

Take some do-nothing time Go for a stroll through the Ashburton Domain or simply sit outside on balmy summer evenings and watch the sun go down. Visit people you have been meaning to visit for ages or do something that you have dreamed of doing for a while. Take time to enjoy what a special part of the world the Ashburton District really is.

Is your business resource efficient? What do you spend on waste disposal, power consumption or water?

You could be wasting thousands of dollars per year.

To apply for consultancy support from Target Sustainability go to the waste minimisation section on the Ashburton District Council website – www.ashburtondc.govt.nz

Take action now by reducing your waste to landfill. Call the Mastagard Education team to carry out a waste audit for your workplace

Supported by Ashburton District Council For help with composting, recycling or water conservation Freephone 0800 627 824 | Email: bholly@mastagard.co.nz


Water saving tips W

hat can I do on hot summer days when the demand for water is the highest? Water use in the garden contributes most to this peak in water demand, therefore water savings in the garden have the largest benefit for every one.

In the garden • • •

Water either early in the morning or in the evening to avoid evaporation. Water the ground, not the leaves and branches and definitely not paved areas. Mulch gardens and plant drought resistant plants to reduce water requirements.

In the kitchen • •

Keep a jug of cold water in the fridge so you don’t have to run the tap to get cold water. Never use a running tap to rinse dishes or wash vegetables - always put a plug in the sink.

• •

If washing dishes by hand use the minimum amount of detergent to reduce rinsing. Aerated taps are inexpensive and can reduce water flow by 50 per cent.

In the bathroom •

Keep shower length to five minutes or less. Install a low flow shower head and save on water heating costs as well. Turn the water off while brushing your teeth, shaving or soaping your hands.

In the yard • • • •

Use a broom instead of water to clean the path or driveway. Use a bucket of soapy water to wash cars and bikes then rinse with a hose. Check outside pipes, taps and sprinklers and repair any leaks promptly. Report any leaks on the footpath or roads to the Ashburton District Council.

Help Ashburton District reduce, reuse and recyle


eople bring all sorts of things they no longer want to the Ashburton and Rakaia Resource Recovery Parks. Please think about what can be recycled or recovered for safe disposal before you drive to the weighbridge. This will save you money and help keep our environment clean. • Stop at the Mastagard Recycle Shed and ask what can be removed from your load for reusing or recycling before you go to the weighbridge. • Remove any containers of weed sprays, paint, cleaning products, containers of oil or poison from your load of waste. Household amounts of all of these can be dropped off for FREE at the Recycle Shed. Talk to the friendly staff and ask for their help.

Remove any tyres from your load of waste before you get to the weighbridge. These must not go to the landfill. Remove any plastic or rubbish from your greenwaste load before you take it to the drop off area from composting. Do not drop any rubbish or rubbish bags at the rural recycle drop off sites around the Ashburton District. Rubbish to go to landfill must be taken to either the Ashburton or Rakaia Resource Recovery sites. Help is only a phone call away. Call 0800 627 824 or check out the Council website; www.ashburtondc.govt.nz for information on waste and recycling.

For FREE help with foodwaste composting call

0800 627 824

or email bholley@mastagard.co.nz or sherylstivens@gmail.com.

YOU opinionated


A nephew I’m proud to call mine M


y nephew recently or we didn’t, he’s comfortable arrived back in New with who he is and whatever Zealand after a fairly anybody says, he will just shrug. long stint in Perth and is staying He’s had people turn their with his whanau to get back on backs on him, threaten to smash his feet. him, rant at him for being an What a journey. No, not the ‘abomination’. He doesn’t hate trip from Perth to here, but the those people, he merely says journey his life’s taken him on at that that is their opinion. But the tender age of 17. he’s also had mass acceptance I remember him as an introfrom many of his old friends his verted, unhappy child. I’m not age. MUM ON THE RUN saying he was unhappy, it’s just We have had so many moBY LISA FENWICK how I saw him. ments of hilarity in the short I couldn’t have a conversation time he’s been with us ... with him, he was shut away. There was just like when big spiders come out at night to always something sad about him. snuggle up with him and he runs out in a As aunties my sisters and I talked about our panic for someone to kill it or when teen worry for him, whether he was gay or whether daughter decides to paint his face with he was a suicide risk. make-up and I decide it doesn’t look right But while he was in Perth he dived out of the without a wig. Too close to Buffalo Bill closet and embraced gay-dom. out of Silence of the Lambs for me. It was no surprise to his aunties, nor his mum. Or this week when my dog (he’s From a young boy it was apparent that he was a cat person) accidentally left a either walking on the boy side or had a strong smear of something nasty on feminine streak. Especially when he ran, squeal- his fastidiously clean shorts. ing and flapping his hands up and down. To say that we fell on the floor Either way, we were ready and accepting of laughing at his reaction is someanything he wanted to be. thing of an understatement. He went through the mill to accept this himHe’s open and honest about self. It was not the way he wanted to be, it was who he is (sometimes much never going to be the easy road to take. more than an old aunty should And so now here he is, staying in our madknow about), hides nothing and house ... the gay boy in the raucous household has a fantastic sense of humour of heteros (well, as far as I know). about it all. It’s like getting acquainted with a new person. He’s a pleasure to have around We love him just as he is, but whether we did the house, especially when he just magazine

cooks because he knows I’m going to be late, or gets up and does the dishes because the teen that was on dish duty that night somehow managed to avoid doing them. I actually have to say to him “DO NOT touch those dishes, they are not your job to do”. His calm and essentially gentle nature means that both my teenragers love him. He can relate to me, my daughter and my son. My friends even tried to steal him. I told her to go and get her own gay nephew. He’s just lovely – positive, empathetic, sensible, helpful, mature in many ways, loyal and that anger that was in him, it just seems to

have melted away. He is growing into a man I’m so proud to call my nephew. It has nothing to do with him being gay, and everything to do with where he’s come from as a person and where he is now.  At 17 years of age he’s come so much further than most of the people I know in their 40s. It is something that I hope makes him and his parents hold their heads high. NOTE TO NEPHEW: The only disappointing thing is your love of One Direction ... I expect you to have far more class that that. His 1D cushion may disappear one day, incinerated with disgust ... it’s just so gay!

It’s time to get in the garden... Wholesale landscape supplies, direct to the public: • Bark • Screened Soil • Oamaru Stone • 100% Organic Compost • Rocks and Boulders • Sand, Shingle and Stones • Concrete

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Ashburton Contracting Limited P 03 308 4039 A 48 South Street, Ashburton W www.ashcon.co.nz

YOU and your garden


No more minimalism, flowers are in you



hen reading a newspaper recently the headline “Flowers are in, minimalism out” grabbed my attention. The article reflects the views of Ellerslie Flower Show manager Kate Hillier that the minimalistic trends of the 20th Century in which colour and vibrancy were cast out in favour of stone mulches, grasses, succulents etc and the ultra formalilty that resulted have at long last been somewhat banished. Now we are seeing flower colour, not just from trees and shrubs, but from annuals, perennials and bulbs too – and thank goodness for that! Don’t get me wrong – there is nothing wrong with formality, but it does not have to be at the expense of flowers. I can remember a few years ago during the early Ellerslie Flower Shows the comments from many of my customers that flowers and colour had disappeared from many of the gardens on display. The minimalistic movement certainly had an effect on the sale of many shrubs and perennials and was picked up by many garden designers as an easy way to do a garden. The excuse seemed to be that their clientele had better things to do with their leisure time and therefore did not have time to garden. Many of the resulting gardens were installed but even these suffered through lack of maintenance and care, which is hardly surprising to me because the minimalistic garden has little or no visual appeal to entice one to be involved with it. It is now “cool” to garden and this has been kick-started by the “grow your own vege campaign” as a result of the appalling realisation that many of our children had no idea where vegetables came from and were not even being fed enough fruit and veges to maintain a healthy diet. Many schools re-introduced the school vege garden projects and there was a huge push within the horticultural industry itself to target the children directly with articles in the New Zealand Gardener, Let’s Go Gardening and other publications to have fun in the garden. Many celebrities were involved as well to get the message across. The 5+ a day campaign instilled in parents the value and need to include at least five fruits and veges a day to maintain a healthy diet. Other people, such as Linda Hallinan, showed that anyone could garden by promptly converting a larger part of her residential section into fruit and veges. Backyard raised gardens followed showing that any space, be it large or small, could accommodate some form of a raised garden, even when placed on top of concrete. Hand over a Hundy – the brainchild of local woman Jade Temepara – has become a national sensation with many areas throughout

DIG THIS BY ROGER MARTIN the country starting up Jade’s project. Mums, dads and their kids are recognising that it is fun to garden with the added benefits of it being a family activity, it is a healthy thing to do both for mind and body and children especially are being taught how to physically grow a garden. This is the only way to perpetuate the easy art of growing your own vegetables and fruit. You may wonder what all this has to do with the resurgence of flowers in the garden. As Kate Hillier was quoted in the article: “Everyone started growing raised vege patches in their backyard. That kind of morphed into people wanting flowers as well.” The wheel had turned and the demand was there for using the garden as outdoor rooms then bringing the garden indoors using indoor plants, potted herbs inside and cut flowers to brighten up the house. This year Ellerslie has indicated that more garden displays will be evident with flowers and colour being to the fore. They have also recognised that schools play a huge role in enthusing kids to garden and eight schools will exhibit at the show. I am looking forward to visiting the Ellerslie Flower Show this year to see what changes have been made and for the sake of gardening in the home and for the health of the industry as a whole let’s hope it’s a good one. Of course the show’s success will depend on the general public attending, so do please take the family for what promises to be a good day out! With the compliments of Roger Martin of Martins Garden Design and Maintenance


Getting your dahlias in order Sheena Clark is this month’s prize winner with the following question:

In mid-April last year we planted dahlia plants, only eight came up. Looking at the plants when we dug them up, some were rotten, others had no sprouts. We did all the right things over the winter period, dug them up, put them in sawdust, kept in dry place. Got ground prepared sheep pellets and pot ash.Where have we gone wrong?


t can be frustrating when you have disappointing results in the garden. However there are a few things to consider that could have caused the problem, for example; the tubers may have been planted too deep, been overwatered or planted in soil that is too wet. Dahlias don’t like having wet feet and prefer a sunny position with free draining soil. If your soil is particularly heavy, then mix in some Daltons sand or Daltons garden mix to your soil to ensure it’s nice and light and free draining. Another option is to plant your dahlias into raised beds where you have more control over the soil and fill the site with Daltons flower bed or garden mix. Ensure tubers are in good shape before planting; check that they are healthy looking, disease free, and throw out any that are wrinkly, or have in some way rotted whilst in storage. Don’t plant your dahlia tubers too deep; aim for no more than 60-70cm. Tubers are like bulbs and the green foliage on top needs to have died off completely before lifting them out of the ground and storing them. Sometimes people cut the neck of the tuber (top where it comes out of the ground) too low and they often won’t sprout the following season – allow a 20-30mm neck at the top of the tuber.

FREE mulch packs Be in to win

We have one Daltons Mulch and Grow pack to giveaway valued at over $60 and contains 3 x Daltons Mulch and Grow, 4 x Besgrow Coir Briquette, and 3 x Daltons Nugget Bark, which all help improve water retention and soil microbial activity.


All questions supplied are entered into the draw to win a Daltons prize pack, but the Guardian reserves the right to choose which questions and answers will be published. Daltons post the prize to our lucky winner.

Email goodies@theguardian.co.nz with Daltons Mulch and Grow packs in the subject heading, or write to Mulch pack giveaway, Box 77, Ashburton. • You must provide a gardening question for the Daltons’ experts to answer. • Please include your address and phone number in email and letter options! • Giveaway entries must be received by February 28. For more information on Daltons products visit www.daltons.co.nz



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YOU and your garden

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TONY SANDS - Resort Manager To organise a personal tour contact Tony on 0800 2727 837

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few months ago I head in, I can’t resort to wrote a column about spraying them with anything bugs in the garden. It that will deter the insects I seems it called them in to need to pollinate. challenge me! Even my natural bug sprays In particular the invasion – distilled from garlic, onion in my hothouse – it appears and even chillies are not dosmall sucking insects love my ing the trick. chilli plants. I realise the problem is The fruit of the capsicum mono planting – too many family come in many shapes chilli plants in one small and sizes, and offer an endspace – other than the less explosion of colour and capsicum plantation there taste – from the benign bell are only a few tomato plants MY BACKYARD pepper to the fiery ghost in the hothouse. BY MICHELLE NELSON pepper (Bhut Jolokia). The answer is quite labour But in Ashburton our intensive, but cheap. Those choices are severely limited! suckers hate cold water! Showering them every Frustrated by the lack of variety available in lo- evening – after the pollinators have quit for the cal outlets, I grew a dozen varieties from seed. day works a treat. You see not all chillies are born equal – I use the On a lighter note, my resistance to using spicy fruits in many dishes requiring differing chemicals in my garden has paid off. degrees of heat. I have frogs! But whitefly, mealy bugs, mites, thrips and At least two or three frogs serenade me from aphids are competing for rental space on my the overgrown garden outside my front door plants, in ever-increasing numbers as they most mornings and evenings. begin flowering. It’s a sound that carries me back to childhood And, like me the bugs are also discerning – when the chorus of frogs was a constant when it comes to chillies. backdrop on summer evenings. But it’s been Their unanimous favourite is the Asian fire several years since I’ve heard frogs in Mid chilli; which ironically was also the one I was Canterbury. most looking forward to harvesting for Thai The bugs can eat the leaves off my zucchini dishes – and the least favoured is the habanero and brassicas – and eat their hearts out! white. I’ve got frogs and I can’t wait to introduce While these persistent pests are doing my them to my mokopuna! magazine


Invasion of the bugs you


YOU inspiration

advertising feature


Exercise helps with strength of mind J



byAmanda Wright

ust as your body relies on sleep, fitness and a nutrition-packed diet to perform at its best, your mind and capacity to learn increases when you nurture your brain with regular workouts. When your brain is performing at full strength, your body will be ready to follow suit. Heather Clucas joined Configure Express in September 2013, to gain strength, fitness and with a goal of losing 10kg, but she never expected that her strength of mind would increase too. Heather works on a dairy farm and had noticed that the physically demanding position was taking its toll on her body. She needed increased strength and fitness to get through the day more efficiently. She had already lost 4kg prior to joining the gym with fresh motivation, was keen to mix up her routine to achieve the state of body and mind that she desired. By joining the Break programme, Heather received nutritional guidance, as well as full access to all of the fitness facilities at Configure Express, including one-on-one training sessions. “I liked the fact that it is an all-women gym, so there’s no need to feel embarrassed when you have the sweaty ‘gym glow’ going on. The atmosphere is so friendly and supportive, which I think is the key to going back week after week,” Heather said. With commitment and hard work, Heather lost 10kg, bringing her total weight loss to 14kg.

She also lost a total of 24cm in measurements, and laughs that finally the spare tyre she was carrying with her is well and truly gone. “The journey hasn’t always been easy, there were some great weeks as well as not-so-great weeks, but keeping the end goal in mind has been great motivation. As a full-time dairy farmer, time management was a factor and I’m lucky that I have understanding bosses who let me head to the gym during my lunch hour. “I’m now more aware of portion sizes and food balance, asking myself if what I’m eating is actually healthy or what my body needs, and regular exercise, getting that buzz after a workout,” she said. As well as losing weight and centimetres from around her body, Heather is thrilled with her increased fitness and stamina and is appreciating a new found sense of being able to accomplish anything she sets her mind to. “Now I can run 10km, whereas before I started this journey, I would have laughed at the thought. My friends and family have been so full of compliments, they are proud of me for accomplishing what I have while working at the same time. “Now I feel fantastic. I set out to accomplish a goal of losing 10kg and now that I achieved that, I feel I can achieve anything I am passionate about. “I’m excited about the next challenge I am faced with, I feel like I’m ready to kick butt! The only thing holding me back from my goal before was me, so now that I realise I’m stronger than I thought, I know I can achieve anything I set my mind to!”


GUARANTEED Level 3, Somerset House on Burnett Street 03 307 7030 | www.configureexpress.co.nz


The Gym for Women

YOU social scene

38 Gallops at Ashburton Raceway

photos tetsuro mitomo 250114-tm-257

Above (from left) – Janneke Brakels, Steven Foxcroft, Tarek Laarif, Beckie NanKervis and Elaine Dillon.


Above – Chris Thompson, Pamela Moore and Jade Tonks.


Above – Sofia (2) and Oliver (10 months) Polson.


t s Sourdough Bread n a s s i o r C t Ho 2 great flavours • Cheese and ham • Cheese, ham and tomato

Above – Dave and Linda Burney.



Above – Stefan and Brook Mieke.





Above – Charlotte Akenhead and Deane McIntyre.

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39 Left (from left) – Chrissie Smart, Winsome McMullan, Irelle White and Mavis Ladbrook. Below (back row from left) – Denise Bond, Eilish Fowler and Tania Bond. Front: Emilie Lewis, 6.

Summer Singing School performance


Bottom left (from left) – Sean, 7, Rachel, 9, Belinda, Bridget, 11, and Richard McArthur. Bottom right – Nicky Milmine, Bridget Danielson and Jo Hooper. photos joseph johnson 180114-jj-1901



ST DAVID’S Community Church Find God Find Life Find Friends Find things to do Phone us at 03 308 5174 Find us at 48 Allens Rd. Ashburton Email us at minister@st-davids.org.nz Full information on www.st-davids.org.nz


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