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COVER PHOTO Country singer-songwriter Jody Direen.

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Hi everyone, We here at YOU magazine love seeing young women, well, anyone really, backing themselves and fighting for what they want. Over cover girl, country singersongwriter Jody Direen, is one such young woman. Hard work and the perseverance to follow her dreams, from singing in front of a mirror with a hairbrush as a little girl, to being the opening act for Kenny Rogers, Jody is well on the path to being a ‘big name’ herself. That takes some perseverance, it’s a tough industry and you have to develop a fairly thick skin to push forwards. We can only wish such a dedicated, hard-working woman all the best in her chosen career and hope that she’ll give us an interview when she’s so big that Kenny Rogers opens for her! Enjoy this month’s YOU and, as always, we are always keen for any feedback you’d like to give!

Lisa Fenwick

kin’ it on the P4

een is roc Small-town girl Jody Dir big stages.

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Delicious, light an d easy meal recip es as we head into warmer mon ths. P26

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Small-town gir on the big stage Thousands of young Kiwi musicians dream of making it on the big stage and performing to huge crowds, supporting big name acts and touring the world, but the harsh reality is that very few of those aspiring stars reach their goals. One who has though, is country music star Jody Direen and, ahead of her new single launching next week, YOU magazine’s Matt Markham caught up with her to talk life, making big decisions and a career in the music industry.

Above left – Country music star, Jody Direen. PHOTO KATHERINE BROOK Above right – Jody working the stage.



oung children, growing up in New Zealand, can often be found spending their days dreaming big and believing they’ll one day reach their dreams. Most young boys will be found out on the back lawn, kicking a rugby ball around, dreaming of wearing the silver fern and scoring the winning try for the All Blacks in a Rugby World Cup, while many young girls spend hours prancing around the paddock on their ponies, believing that they’ll one day be riding for New Zealand at an Olympic Games. In music, the hopes are very much the same. They’re big, ambitious and exciting. They’re dreams centred on a love of music and performing and, for Jody Direen, those dreams were borne in front of the mirror at home, hairbrush in hand as a makeshift microphone, belting out tunes from Shania Twain. “She was a huge inspiration for me,” Jody told YOU magazine. “I remember endless hours on my own in my bedroom singing her songs into the mirror. “I was a very imaginative child and the feeling I got from pretending I was singing to a stadium full of people was addictive, like a drug almost.” And while Twain might have been the go-to solo performance in front of the mir-

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YOU Magazine | 5

irl e ror, it was someone much closer to home who really set the wheels in motion for this talented young lady from the central South Island on the pathway to a career in the music industry. In fact, there were no shortages of inspirations. Introductions to the likes of Twain, the Dixie Chicks, The Bellamy Brothers and more mainstream groups at the time, like The Eagles and Queen, played a big part in the development of a love for good music, but Direen was quick to declare the impact of her late grandmother, Shirley Guy. “She was a talented singer and her love was for country music.

“She would often look after us kids when Mum and Dad went away on a holiday and it wasn’t long after she’d arrive that she would have me on one knee and her guitar on the other singing the likes of Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn, Merle Haggard and Willie Nelson to me. “I was mesmerised and it wasn’t long before she taught me my first three chords on the guitar.” The first song Jodi learned was Pistol Packin’ Mama and that feeling from the physical sensation of strumming the guitar strings and singing at the same time was the catalyst – although no-one could have predicted just how far things would go.


orn in Mosgiel late in the ’80s, Direen’s path really began when she arrived in Wanaka five years later. At Mount Aspiring College, her love of music was allowed to flourish and with that helping hand and the encouragement of her parents and family, Direen began performing and writing her own songs. “They were so incredibly supportive of my passion for music and, ultimately, my career choice. My parents never once recommended I ‘get a real job’, although I did hear that occasionally from my (very traditional) grandparents.”


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Above – A shot from backstage at a performance.


Left – Jody reaching out to her fans.


From P5 Jody’s first real taste of performing came while she was at Mount Aspiring College. Asked whether she based herself, or drew inspiration from any one performer, or song in particular, Twain’s name came up again, a song with significant meaning to Jody. “Travelling Soldier by the Dixie Chicks is a very special song to me and was one of the first songs I performed live at high school. “My grandad Jack was a ‘travelling soldier’ for a good chunk of his life. “He was a tanker driver in World War Two and he was the husband of my grandmother who helped spark my musical journey. “Unfortunately, I never met Jack, he died before I was born when my mum was only 21; of pancreatic cancer, 10 days after he was diagnosed. “I’ve heard many stories about grandad Jack, and I know I would have loved him to pieces and idolised him. “So, I always think about Grandad Jack when I sing Travelling Soldier and I still include it in my shows now.” There is sometimes a small issue with growing up in small towns, especially in New Zealand, and Jody described it best when she said it was like “being raised in a bubble’’. While it can have its positives, there can also be some down sides – and the 30-year-old found that out pretty quickly. “For me, growing up in the bubble made me feel like the world was my oyster that

I would be safe to head out as a young adult and achieve any dream I wanted. I was incredibly enthusiastic and excited. “The con for me was that once I did head on out into the real world, reality hit like a tonne of bricks. “The music business turned out to be much harder than I had ever anticipated and challenged me through my young adult years in all sorts of different ways both personally and professionally.” While many musicians’ careers are set down from the outset – identified young and moulded into the superstars you see now – just how Jody got moving in the business was a little out of the ordinary, if nothing else. t the completion of her schooling years and wondering what to do next she ignored many of her instincts and followed the masses to university. “Basically, I did it because that was what everyone else was doing.” Studying and later graduating with a Bachelor of Agriculture, Direen’s music career as a country singer really took off while in Canterbury. “It seems that whenever I went a little off track with music and steered my focus more-so in another direction, music always found me. “Lincoln University is full of farm kids who naturally tend to love country music so I was performing at the local students’ bars almost every weekend until eventually I was off around the entire South Island touring every weekend as a cover singer in bars – solo with my guitar and backing


tracks.” Those gigs saw Jody develop a bit of a following and, after graduating, it wasn’t long before she realised that music was her future and the big call was made to become a full-time touring solo act. “In 2011 I went to Western Australia and worked on a cropping farm as a chaser bin tractor driver and saved up to record my first 14-track album Here We Go which was released in 2011. “This was the beginning of my professional career as an authentic recording artist.” After touring for a year and organising her own events, a chance meeting at a performance in Wanaka really got things moving. “During a break I was approached by an American man, whose words were ‘we want to help you, you deserve to be heard globally’. “To be honest, I didn’t think too much of it, because there are people full of promises everywhere.” However, the American turned out to be part of the management team of Bear Grylls, who wanted to venture into the world of music and they wanted Direen to be the first artist to sign up with Bear Grylls Ventures; which began the international travel. Direen was shipped off to the US for meetings in LA and then to the home of country music, Nashville, where she recorded her second album, Breaks Out. “I worked with Bear Grylls Ventures for maybe six months, during this time we


YOU Magazine | 7

Right – Celebrating another live performance.




negotiated a management deal, but in the end, I decided to walk. “I don’t regret this decision, I mean, there’s no doubt that continuing with them may have brought me fame and fortune on a much larger scale, but at the time I just wasn’t ready.” With the experience and the initial taste, there was only one way to go from there for Jody and it was forward. She involved herself full-on and fullsteam-ahead with the focus of touring internationally as a self-managed artist. “Everything continued to progress at a steady pace. “I wouldn’t say that at any point I felt like things progressed really fast or all of a sudden. “I have achieved a lot in the short six to seven years I’ve been a professional artist, but I do feel like I worked like a trojan for

every milestone I’ve accomplished.” And those milestones are plentiful. During her career, Jody has performed on the same stage as a support artist for some of the biggest names in country music – Kenny Rogers, Lynyrd Skynyrd and LeAnn Rimes, to name a few. The remainder of 2019 will see Jody’s focus largely based on the release of new music, but she is hitting the road and looking forward to some big gigs. “This month I’m off to Australia to perform C2C Festival in Sydney, then Brisbane. Tim McGraw is headlining which is pretty cool. “Then I’m playing Deni Ute Muster in Aussie too followed by Top Paddock Music Festival happening NYE in Lake Hawea – Dragon is headlining that one which is exciting. I also have the Loud Mouth Festival in Greymouth.”




hile heading overseas and performing on some of the biggest stages in the world is a huge achievement, there’s something special for Jody about getting back to where it all began and playing in front of crowds at home here in New Zealand. That personal connection she can share with fans and those who come along to support her is an absolute highlight of her career. “I love the small town, more intimate events too because it means I can really connect with people. I try to do meet-andgreets after every show because honestly, meeting the folk who have chosen to spend their Saturday night with me because the music strikes a chord with them in one way or another means the world to me. continued over page

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Above – Posing for the camera in a hangar ahead of an album release.


Left – A promotional shot for Jody’s new single, out next week.


From P7 “It’s literally why I do what I do – it’s for the people. “I love hearing stories of how my music has helped or inspired people, like through a break-up, or through an illness for example.” ireen’s music has always been full of meaning, drawing on many of her own personal experiences when it comes to creating music and lyrics. There’s no set method to it though, sometimes a song just comes out of nowhere and there’s never the need to push to produce something. Instead, she finds herself waiting for the desire to write something to come. “I guess I’m a little different to some artists, whereby they would write maybe 100 songs to choose their top 10 of those for their next album. “There’s no way I could do that, I might


write 15 songs and choose 10.” Looking back through her existing songs, and looking ahead to new ones, Jody can safely say there’s a good, personal, connection with all of them. One of her new songs, which will feature on her new album later this year, is named Bow and Arrow which is directly inspired by her new relationship with partner, Barny Young. “The opening line of the chorus is ‘we go together like a bow and arrow’. “Meeting Barny was a very intense and exciting time because I knew that this time, he was different to the others. “It feels so right. “Writing is a way that I express my experiences which are no different to the experiences (mostly) we all have at some point in time.” Direen is excited at the prospect of what lies ahead, including the launch of the new

album early in 2020 – but fans get a sneakpeek from next week when the first single from the album is released. Named All Nighter, Direen describes it as a big beats, ’80s guitar licks number which came about through some work with another well-known South Island artist in Kaylee Bell. “Kaylee pitched All Nighter to me to record after she completed the co-write of this song in Nashville.” I loved the song and immediately agreed to recording it, it was an easy choice; not only to include All Nighter as part of the new album, but to make it single number one too after having similar experiences to what the song’s lyrics point to in that new personal romantic relationship of my own.” The new album and the single will be available across all online digital stores and streaming platforms.

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A great white wedding Stacey and David White at Glenfalloch station. PHOTO REBECCA CLARIDGE

Weddings are often so much about the uniqueness. Those little differences that make the occasion memorable, something outside of the normal. It was that which set Stacey and David White on the search for their wedding destination and it was that which led to their discovery of the ideal venue being even more than what it was initially supposed to be.

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Above – David and Stacey. PHOTOS REBECCA CLARIDGE


fter spending an inordinate amount of time scouring websites and taking on recommendations from friends and family the pair decided to take a drive one day to check out a location almost as far off the grid as is possible in Canterbury. Their end destination? Glenfalloch Station. A high country location, settled near the very top of the Rakaia River headwaters – more than an hour’s drive up a long and winding shingle road with multiple fords and stock bridges from the southern side of the Rakaia Gorge Bridge. “It was perfect – exactly what we wanted,” Stacey said. “The location obviously created a few logistical nightmares, in terms of getting everyone and everything up there, but it was a challenge, with the help of our families, we accepted and took it on.” Originally from Mid Canterbury, Stacey wanted somewhere serene and beautiful while David, who hails from Australia, was always going to be happy as long as his wifeto-be was. With confirmation of venue locked and loaded, it was only then that it was discovered that Glenfalloch Station had a

Above – The ceremony overlook the Rakaia River.

deeper meaning. “We found out that it had been owned and managed by members of my family a few generations back, which made it even more special,” Stacey said. With a date of early March locked and loaded, the Whites’ went on a journey of getting everything sorted – a process which included multiple trips back up into the hill to discuss and plan just how the day would work. With accommodation available at the station, plans were put in place for the family to spend the night prior to the wedding at the location while the bride and her entourage based themselves in Methven to ready themselves for the occasion. But how to get everyone there? The hardy would enjoy the challenge of crossing the water-filled fords, but it was no way suitable for a huge number of vehicles to travel all at once. So, the Whites enlisted the help of the Methven community and got the Methven Lions on board to provide transport from Methven direct to the venue courtesy of a bus and a number of mini vans. “It seemed the best and most logical way

to do it, they brought them all up early in the afternoon and then came back at staggered times later in the night to pick up anyone who was ready and take them back down.” The use of a large truck from a local manufacturing company did the main job of getting all the fixtures and fittings up into the hills, while other vehicles followed towing portable toilets, a chiller trailer and vehicles packed to the maximum with everything else anyone could think of. The only issue? A piece of signage, too big to fit anywhere other than in one of the portable toilets disappeared somewhere along the winding road – not be found until the day after the wedding, nestled nicely on the side of the road. With the main wedding set to take place on the edge of the cliff overlooking the braided rivers and stunning mountains behind, a marquee was hired for the later activities and positioned perfectly in the middle of a nearby paddock on a raised piece of ground, designed almost as though intended for that very purpose. Catering was handled on site by the

Gl inc M

gre did we

15 sta rai th it w ac

mo riv de las

do fin th sh


p k





YOU Magazine | 13


Above – The Best Dog: Ollie. Above – Not even a little rain could ruin the day.

Glenfalloch Station team with wait staff included in the ferry lists to and from Methven. “The staff up at Glenfalloch were great, nothing was ever a problem, they did everything they could to ensure the wedding was a success.” Wedding morning dawned, Friday, March 15, and those who’d spent the night at the station were greeted by the sound of heavy rain on the roof during the early hours of the morning and things worsened when it was discovered a power cut had swept across the land. Contingency plans were discussed around moving the ceremony down from near the river back up and into the marquee, but a decision was made to leave that until the last possible moment. And a good decision that was. With guests arriving and being ferried down to the ceremony location, the clouds finally broke and as Stacey stepped out of the vehicle to walk down the aisle, the sun shone down. “It was a perfect break in the weather, we got incredibly lucky.” In front of more than a hundred friends

The staff up at Glenfalloch were great, nothing was ever a problem, they did everything they could to ensure the wedding was a success. and family from across Australasia and their special guest, the best dog; Ollie, the pair were wed. The day was, of course, the same day as the tragic mosque shootings in Christchurch and with no real cellphone reception, the stark reality of what was unfolding just a couple of hours away wasn’t fully realised until those involved in the wedding got back down to civilisation. “We didn’t really know what was happening, there was a little bit of information coming in, but most people

kept us sheltered from it, so it didn’t impact on the day. “Obviously when we sat down and took all the information in it was devastating.” Tragedy aside, the day and night was rated highly by the couple’s guests who still talk about the long winding road home in the dark and the majestic nature of the venue. For those who had travelled from afar, especially from David’s side of the family in Australia, the day gave a unique insight into the hidden beauty that is New Zealand – a memory they won’t forget for a very long time. Stacey wore a dress from To Cherish Bridal Boutique in Christchurch with her makeup done by Patrice of pkhmakeupnz. Her hair was done by Mary of Braided Hair Design in Methven while David and his groomsman wore suits from Rembrandt. Ashburton local, DJ Dave provided the sound for the reception while the marquee was hired from Johnson and Couzins Hire. Rebecca Claridge Photography was on hand to capture all the moments as photographer while Weka Films made sure no moment was lost and Josh van Berkel delivered a simple, yet eloquent ceremony.

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I lost my drone at a wedding By Andrew White (no relation) of Weka Films. There’s a bit to this wee anecdote set deep in Canterbury high alps country, at the headwaters of the mighty Rakaia River in New Zealand. I’m not going to drone on (pun totally intended) about the events that led to this unfortunate mishap … sorry to disappoint you.

So you probably either:

A. Can totally relate. B. Want to feel better about yourself. C. Are just fooling around senselessly on Facebook at the end of a work day. You just need to know that it was a combination of a momentary lapse of concentration (yes it happens), technical failures (drones love to throw Apollo 13 scenarios at you), zero data (arm, Southern Alps?) and unreliable GPS coverage (Houston we have a problem). I’d never lost nor crashed my drone before – professionally or recreationally (except for that one time I was flying in my lounge pretending the drone was a TIE fighter). This was technically a first, it just super sucked it was on a pro shoot. My first instinct was to keep the event totally under wraps. I was flying during the small window us wedding videographers usually get between the ceremony and bridal shoot. I decided to conduct a subtle search in the area I last had a visual. On my way, one of the guests caught my

attention. “Mate, did you just lose your drone?” I couldn’t exactly respond … “Nah mate, just going for an urgent looking shuffle jog walk into this paddock for no apparent reason …”. I reluctantly admitted to the gentleman I’d lost contact with my drone but that it was no big deal and that I’d locate it later if necessary. While stumbling on this ‘BS’ line, the gracious gentleman was scaling the fence, Speights in hand to join my search party of one, all the while probing for intel about approximate Black Hawk Down co-ordinates. I was cool with one dude helping me out – you could hardly call it a disruption – and hey, it increased my chances of locating both the drone and footage by 50 per cent. However, the gentleman’s actions stirred a bit of attention. Nek minnit, his mates and their mates had joined the search and from there it snowballed to a third of the wedding guests. As a professional, this was horrifying. What an egg. I pride myself at weddings for my wandering weka approach – that’s my job – scavenge as much of the good stuff as I can while drawing as little attention as possible. The Great White Wedding (David and Stacey White) drone search completely obliterated this. Feeling helpless and knowing there was nothing I could do to halt the flood of selfless goodwill pouring over that paddock, I offered a $150 reward to the person who located the drone.

I didn’t anticipate this would

A. Not motivate the existing search party members in the slightest. B. Attract another 10 to 15 members to the search. Although I was embarrassed and a touch horrified by the events that were unfolding … at the same time I remember feeling immensely grateful and frankly stunned at the spirited response. David and Stacey are genuine, well-grounded and compassionate souls. Clearly they also attract these traits in their mates. To cut a long blog post short (who has the time right?) … the drone was eventually located undamaged (just one or two paddocks over from where I’d directed people to search – but who’s counting?). The drone was found by the local kid (nicknamed by the wedding guests as Joe Dirt on account of his seriously good mullet). When I approached Joe to personally thank him, he was very quick to request I credit the $150 reward to the wedding couple – David and Stacey. How cool is that? How many 14-year-olds do you know would turn down free cash? David and Stacey, of course, declined the $150 – no surprises there!

Note: The money was donated to charity. Blog Courtesy of Weka Films and image courtesy of Rebecca Claridge Photography.

Queenstown? I do

The thrill of tying the knot while incorporating in a holiday with one’s nearest and dearest is making Queenstown more and more popular as a wedding destination. Data collected from the 20 celebrants registered with the Queenstown Wedding Association shows there are easily 1000 weddings held in the resort town every year. Association president Philippa Thomas, who’s been a celebrant there for five years, says that figure continues to climb and doesn’t factor in couples who’ve flown in celebrants from other areas. “On any given day, it’s a fair estimate that there will be at least one wedding,” Thomas says. Of the thousand weddings, between 3 to 5 per cent are locals; 15 to 20 per cent are New

YOU Magazine | 15


Zealanders; and up to 80 per cent are international couples. The Chinese and Australian markets make up a huge proportion, however, she says the largest increase has been in Kiwis, from other parts of the country, choosing Queenstown. Thomas says elopement is a trend in the resort, as are small-scale weddings, with an increase of parties between 10 to 30 people made up of the couple’s families and closest friends. The weddings cost between $5000 and $60,000, and the association is dedicated to keeping that money there by encouraging couples to hire local vendors. The association has 120 members, including photographers, make-up artists, hairdressers, hotels, caterers and hen and stag party organisers. Advertising feature


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With decades of experience in wedding catering we can provide all your beverage requirements from chilled wines, beer, spirits and non alcoholic drinks to glassware and other requirements including a chiller trailer. We have the selection to guarantee your wedding will be a success and our friendly staff will go the extra mile to ensure 100% satisfaction. Free quotes available for your wedding or celebration on our premises or elsewhere.

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16 | YOU Magazine


Romance & elegance

Set in New Zealand’s most famous spa village, the Heritage Hanmer Springs offers style and charm in a unique historic setting for your special day. The hotel has a long history of memorable weddings since this spectacular building was completed in 1932. The unique Spanish styled architecture with large colonnades, dramatic arches and even a bell tower, surrounded by majestic mountains, offer an unsurpassed romantic backdrop. Inside is an elegant ballroom that boasts lovely views over gorgeous

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Samantha’s top tip

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Suits Stunning made easy event venue

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backdrop to your wedding photographs, whilst your guests will enjoy wandering the grounds and soaking up the surroundings. Receptions and functions are held in The EA Networks pavilion. The pavilion can accommodate large, lavish occasions as well as smaller, intimate celebrations. You are welcome to bring your own caterer and drinks – ensuring your guests and budget are well served. For all enquires please contact us at Advertising feature

Weddings Events

• We specialise in weddings • Great choice of ready to wear, hire and made to measure

We offer an impressive venue for weddings, functions and events of all sizes – all year round. Combining unique garden landscapes with our amazing EA Networks Pavilion, which can seat approximately 200 people, you can have your whole day in this beautiful paradise.

East Street, Ashburton - Phone 308 5771

Trott’s Garden 371 Racecourse Road, Ashburton - Email:

YOU Magazine | 19

How to celebrate in style


Hemsworth Estate has been a place for celebrations of all kinds over the years from farm-themed kids’ birthday parties to elegant weddings and Christmas parties. With this experience, we have a few tips up our sleeve for creating a great celebration.

Know your people

What kind of celebration would the people you would like to invite enjoy? Do they enjoy a more casual atmosphere or would they appreciate something more put together?

Pick the place

Choosing a setting that makes your

party-goers feel welcome is a huge part of an event’s success. If the space is too big or too small, the event doesn’t quite work.

Add the finishing pieces Choose refreshments, entertainment and consider how you would like to invite your guests. Ashburton has many great vendors to choose from, or you can DIY. Make sure to choose something that also allows you to have a great time. Having a happy and relaxed host is the key to making any event enjoyable, it’s your party too!

Hemsworth Estate’s recipe for events has been tried and tested from traditional family Christmas days to internationally attended weddings. Most importantly as the holiday season sneaks up-on us, it’s not supposed to be a time of stress and more work. It’s supposed to be (and can still be) a time to relax and enjoy your Christmas Party with those closest to you. Consider the Hemsworth Estate your new choice of sanctuary for your celebrations.

Advertising feature

20 | YOU Magazine


Creating your venue

Our marquees are perfect for a unique wedding, and can be fitted to work with almost any venue in New Zealand. Give your wedding that intimate and special touch by having it at a place that is special to you. Whether it is at home or at the bach, with the flexibility of a Stretch Tent we can give you protection from the elements at a location of your choice. Check our hire pages to see what your local branch can offer you. Our tents are atmospheric and impressive, creating a unique venue no matter what the obstacles.

Control the timing and flow of your event – there are no time limits; you say when the party ends and your guests leave. You can invite your guests back for the next day, to enjoy another day of celebrations with your friends and family. The choices are endless when having your event at home. You are not restricted to a venue’s bar and catering choices. Instead you have the freedom to hire a caterer that suits your theme and budget.

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Amazing view

Whether you’re planning a wedding, conference, team-building exercise, or just a gathering of friends and family, you’re about to discover a very special place. Tucked into the hills, within walking distance of the beautiful village of Akaroa, Mt Vernon Lodge is your balcony seat for one of the best views in New Zealand, looking straight across the world-famous harbour below. Set amid green lawns and mature trees and offering absolute peace and privacy, Mt Vernon Lodge is an oasis of calm in an increasingly-hurried world.

It’s the perfect place to escape – yet it’s located only an hour’s drive from Christchurch. Mt Vernon Lodge offers a range of characterful accommodation for up to 50 guests, as well as a fully-equipped function and conference room which caters for up to 130. Advertising feature

First class look, accessible price

A magical hideaway in the heart of Akaroa, Mt Vernon Lodge offers a spectacular location for your wedding day. At Mt Vernon Lodge you can have an unforgettable ceremony, a custom-designed reception, and stylish accommodation for you and your guests, all in the one place. Set on six hectares of manicured lawns and mature trees coupled with amazing views over the Akaroa harbour, and along with our great facilities, Mt Vernon Lodge is the only choice for your special day. • 0800 462 778

Contact David & Amanda Kinnaird | 33 Purple Peak Road, Akaroa 03 304 7180 | |






Thecabinet cabinet system, wardrobe solution. The system,walk-in walk-in wardrobe solution.

WARDROBE SYSTEMS Qualityconstruction construction ofof25mm thick melamine board. WARDROBE SYSTEMS Quality 25mm thick melamine board. Choose from our three, high quality finishes – Grey Ash,


Choose from our three, high quality finishes – Grey Ash, Maple Cream or White Linear. Then maximise your space Maple Cream or White Linear. Then maximise your space with pull-out jewellery or tie drawers, pull-out pants with pull-out jewellery or tieboards, drawers, pants racks, shoe racks and ironing just pull-out some of the racks, shoe racks and boards, just some accessories available toironing complete this walk-in robe. of the accessories available to complete this walk-in robe.



in to see us to find out how we can help you. FOR Simply ALLcallBUDGETS

Shoe towers from $210 (incl GST)

in to see us to find out how we can help you. FOR Simply ALLcallBUDGETS

03 379 0292 hoe towers (incl GST) PHONE from 03PHONE 379$210 0292


SHOWROOM 381 Brougham Christchurch SHOWROOM 381 Street, Brougham Street, Christchurch

PHONE 03 379 0292 03 379 0292 EMAIL

EMAIL HOWROOM 381 Brougham Christchurch SHOWROOM 381 Street, Brougham Street, Christchurch WEB WEB MAIL EMAIL

WEB Simply call in |toFREE seeSTANDING us to find out how |we can helpDOORS you. WALK-IN WARDROBES WARDROBES WARDROBE WEB


Simply call in |toFREE seeSTANDING us to find out how |we can helpDOORS you. WALK-IN WARDROBES WARDROBES WARDROBE

Take the stress out of Christmas Whether you’re looking for that special end of year function, intimate dining experience, a lively cocktail party, buffet dining, a relaxed barbecue, a delicious dining experience for Christmas Day or you have something else in mind, let the Hotel Ashburton take care of you and your guests.

Christmas We offer acelebrations wide range of function options, menus, ideas and experiences Christmas celebr all wrapped up that can make your end of year or Christmas celebrations Christmas celebration one to remember.



Contact Hotel DINING Ashburton HOTEL ASHBURTON CHRISTMAS & EVENTS – BOOKINGS NOW AVAILABLE (03) 307 8887 or email with your enquiries. ith decadent dining and festive atmosphere at Hotel Ashburton.

Wrap up your year with decadent dining and festive atmosphere at Hotel

ight ideasyear andwith festive atmosphere to ensure your Christmas celebrations are a success. up your decadent dining and festive atmosphere at Hotel Ashburton. Hotel Ashburton have got the bright ideas and festive atmosphere to ensure your Christmas celeb with family, friends or colleagues, Hotel Ashburton and Clearwater Restaurant can on have got the brightWhether ideas and festive atmosphere to family, ensure friends your Christmas celebrations are a success. you’re celebrating with or colleagues, Hotel Ashburton and Clearwat Bookings now available for an exquisite e are plenty of options; a sit down three-course meal, a lively cocktail party, buffet ou’re celebrating withhost family, friends or colleagues, Hotel Ashburton and Clearwater Restaurant can an event that suits. There are plenty of options; a sit down three-course meal, a lively coc Christmas Day dining experience. ernoon barbeque. Onplenty the big day special Christmas menu is offer. nt that suits. There are of options; a sitadown three-course meal, a lively cocktail buffet dining, or aitself, relaxed afternoon barbeque. On the bigon day itself,party, a special Christmas menu

g, or a relaxed afternoon barbeque. On the big day itself, special Christmas on offer. View theaChristmas Day menumenu on ouriswebsite ay to find out more and to book your Call Christmas today to celebrations. find out more and to book your Christmas celebrations. Call today to find out more and to book your Christmas celebrations.

Enquire today!

0800 330 880


OUT AND ABOUT @ Smallbones Locally owned and operated business, Smallbones, turned 100 last month. YOU’s Heather Mackenzie and Sue Newman were invited along to the celebrations.

Above – Alec Wood (left) and Graeme Wilson.


Above – Glenn Moore (left) and John Tavendale.


Above – Pat Burrowes and Shane Hill.


Above – Les Smith (left) and George Paisley.


Right – Bob Grant and Anne Griffiths.


Below (from left) – Lyn Bird, Jenny Scott and Janene Donaldson. 260819-HM-0047

Above – Deidre Grant and Lyndon Moore. 260819-HM-0089

Above (from left) – Cameron, Deidre and Bob Grant.


24 | YOU Magazine

The unsung hero of muscles



ecreational runners have an injury rate of eight in 10 each year, yet when it comes to reducing injury risk and improving performance, they might throw in a few side planks, prone holds and lunges but from my point of view, are missing a trick. The soleus. The muscle that does the most work when running, making it, arguably, the most important muscle for runners. Yet how many runners and walkers know what the soleus is or are working it? They are absolute workhorses, not only doing an awesome job of stopping us awkwardly tipping forward but when running, they are doing what needs to be done and most of the time, without complaint. Because if it isn’t stopping us running or causing pain, how many runners are actually going to stop and do much work on something? Often (I’m generalising sorry), people are only working it if it’s a glory muscle, like the quads or the glutes, so that we look great in our activewear, but the soleus? You can’t even see it! For those that don’t know what the soleus is, it is your second calf muscle that makes up the bulk of your calf but sits in front of your gastric (the superficial calf muscle) so you can’t see it well. Fortunately for us, there has been a rise in great research lately to show us that the soleus isn’t just there to stop us tipping forward, or the little helper to the gastrocnemius but actually plays a massive role in running, and is the BIGGER sibling to the gastric and makes up about 70 per cent of your calf mass. In stance phase (in contact with the ground) when running, soleus contributes about 6.5-8 times equivalent body weight force when running – over three times the force generated than that of the gastric and 50 per cent more than the quads! We also now know that deficits in soleus strength, rather than gastrocnemius is a

contributor to achilles tendinopathy and likely other lower limb overload injuries. Don’t ignore this massive, underlying, unsung hero in your shank. Your calf muscles are the biggest contributors to vertical force shock absorption and when looking to decrease impact forces, decrease injury risk and improve economy, the calf and, specifically, the soleus, are the ones to look to for help.

Doing weighted, bent-knee, calf raises can be boring, but if you want the best bang for your buck, boring can be brilliant. Shaun Clark is principal physio and director at PhysioSteps Ashburton and Selwyn and has experience at the Commonwealth Games and World Rugby 7s. The team are experts in musculoskeletal pain and injury rehab.

YOU Magazine | 25

Things we love

HORNCASTLE Large Victorian Kauri Armchairs, Top quality $975each

HORNCASTLE Victorian Kauri Chaise Loungue. Top Quality Romanesque rare style $1475 HORNCASTLE Two drawer colonial Table Handy size $170

UNIQUE FURNITURE NZ Made – Outdoor/Indoor Bar-Leaner and Stools $1200 UNIQUE FURNITURE NZ made – Macrocarpa 2-seater Park bench $475

UNIQUE FURNITURE NZ made – Rosewood outdoor 2-seater couch $1500

COLOURPLUS Large Bronze Vase $200 Small Bronze Vase $150

COLOURPLUS Sable Mirrored lamp $330

COLOURPLUS Nickel lamp with linen shade $425

HORNCASTLE ANTIQUES and fine furniture

Drapes | Blinds | Wallpaper | Flooring Paint | Giftware| Interior Design 021 228 2761 100 East Street Ashburton Mon - Fri 10am - 4pm

03 307 2279 027 311 2844 118 Tancred St Ashburton | 03 308 3973

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Lighter meals for warmer days

Here are some easy, lighter meals for busy homes. They can be prepared well in advance and heated as required. I often buy gluten-free wraps, which can be found in the supermarket. They are a lighter option for warmer weather, just add a green salad. They are delicious served with lashings of sour cream and sweet chilli sauce.

FOR FOODIES with Sarah Kingsbury

Stuffed kumaras

6 medium-sized red kumaras – Roast the kumaras whole until cooked – Cool, cut the tops off and scoop out the filling. – Mix into the filling (from all six kumaras) 6T sour cream, 1/2 C chopped sundried tomatoes, 2T cumin, 1C cooked mushrooms, 1C baby spinach, 1/2 C parmesan cheese. – Mix it all together well and stuff back into the kumara shells. – Heat in oven till hot, serve with extra sour cream.

With the compliments of qualified chef and baker Sarah Kingsbury

YOU Magazine | 27

Chicken and roast vege wraps Serves 6

1/8th pumpkin 1 kumara 1 parsnip 2 courgettes 8 yams 2 chicken breasts 6T cream cheese 6T capsicum and apricot chutney Tortilla wraps Sweet chilli sauce Grated cheese

– Peel and chop vegetables into 1cm cubes. Season wih salt and pepper and bake in

some oil. – Poach chicken breasts. – Soften cream cheese and mix in capsicum and apricot chutney. – Lay out three tortilla wraps, spread with cream cheese mixture, fill the middle of the wraps with roast veges, and top with shredded, cooked chicken. – Roll up wraps, place on an oven tray, pour on some sweet chilli sauce and top with grated cheese.

Ginger crunch slice Base 2 1/4 C brown sugar 450g melted butter 6T golden syrup 2 1/4 C coconut 4 1/2 C rolled oats 2 1/4 C wholemeal flour 6t baking powder 9t ginger ground 3C crystalised ginger 20 x 30cm tray

– Mix all ingredients together. Press into a lined baking tray. Bake 180°C for aproximately 15 minutes or until golden. Icing 300g butter 350g golden syrup 6 3/4 C icing sugar 20g ground ginger – Melt all ingredients in microwave, spread on base while warm, leave to set.


• • • • •

300 g butter ½ onion 2 cups bread crumbs or gluten free bread crumbs 1 apple, peeled and diced ½ cup dried cranberries

2 rashers of bacon (optional) ½ cup chopped fresh herbs parsley, thyme, dill, rosemary, chives, oregano • Salt and pepper to taste Put onion and butter into a bowl and microwave on high for 3-4 minutes. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix well. If using bacon, cook first and then add. Always allow stuffing to cool before putting it into the bird. Adding sausage meat in the neck cavity is great too.


Whole Ducks, Duck Breast, Legs and Nibbles 100% TRULY FREE RANGE TURKEY PRODUCTS AVAILABLE: Mince, drums, drumettes, wings, whole birds and rolled roasts

Ask your butcher today and ORDER NOW FOR CHRISTMAS Find us at the Ashburton Farmers Market for duck sausages, bacon & salami! Turkey sausages, patties and schnitzel! Ph: 03 308 9500

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New health balls on the block

Revive Cafe’s new snack balls The Good Bite and Yumba brands are launching throughout New Zealand this month and are proudly wrapped in home-compostable packaging. Not only are these plant-based snack products wholesome and delicious, they are the perfect guilt-free treat! The home-compostable packaging reflects Revive Cafe’s investment in running an environmentally friendly business. Yumba is a range of protein-filled energy balls in two flavours: Peanut

butter & jelly and chocolate & hazelnut. The Good Bite is a plant-based energy snack made with nutritious hemp seed, and comes in two flavours – hemp & choc peanut and hemp and raspberry. Director Jeremy Dixon says Revive Café’s ambition is to offer a snack ball that’s healthy, tasty and does no harm to man or the planet. If there is to be a true valuable super-food that makes a difference to the foods we eat it could well be hemp. It grows prolifically, it’s hardy and is full of great nutritive value.

YOU staff reviews Graphic designer Yendis Albert Hemp & choc peanut energy balls – Good amount of product in package – Enjoyable texture, smell and taste – Not really a fan of peanut butter, but jeez I ate that sucker – I currently find eating breakfast a bit of a challenge. Starting off with energy balls in the morning, or for afternoon tea, will be a perfect hit of goodness Senior reporter Linda Clarke Hemp & raspberry Yum. Sweet, with a raspberry hit in the middle. Tasted a lot better than they smelled. Best kept in the fridge. General manager Barbara Adam Peanut butter & jelly snack balls Could only eat one. Shared the other four around. VERY yummy! One pack has 12g of fat though. So that’s 2.4 g per ball. High in carbs, sodium and sugars. So would be a booster when you’ve not stopped for lunch or working late.

Senior reporter Sue Newman Hemp & raspberry Loved the sweet-sour mix in the raspberry balls. They definitely taste better than they smell! YOU editor Lisa Fenwick Hemp & chocolate peanut I’m often so frustrated that all those ‘healthy’ balls have dates in them, because I don’t do dates. So I tried the new Good Bite hemp & choc peanut energy balls with trepidation! I’m pleased to report that I did not get an overwhelming taste of dates – I was pleasantly surprised. And I will eat them again. I’m rapt to have found one of those products my fussy tastebuds won’t revolt against. Graphic designer Francoise Belpadrome Chocolate & hazelnut Very good, very healthy. I’m not a fan of peanut butter, but my husband loved them.


YOU and Revive Cafe are giving away two $25 packs of plantpowered energy balls (10 bags per pack) to a couple of lucky Mid Cantabrians to try out.


Email your name, address and phone number to Or Send your letter to L. Fenwick, PO Box 77, Ashburton Please include YOU Energy Balls somewhere prominent, ie in the subject line or on the envelope.


One entry per person and per household. Guardian staff and immediate family members are not eligible for entry. All entries must be received by 9am, September 27.

YOU Magazine | 29

In the dog box I

t seems I may have been a bit selfish. When we moved from the city to the farm, I’d always thought the transition was the hardest for me. But we have another furry friend in our family I really didn’t consider. My gorgeous mixed breed kelpie, Rocky, has been suffering. She’s a city dog, dominated by anything resembling food, with knee issues, meaning getting her enough exercise these days is tricky. Recently I was giving her a big cuddle and noticed she had a lump on her chest … a massive one. Panic stricken, I raced off to the vet the next day. The vet lady was lovely, and very expressive. Unfortunately she was very easy to read and when she examined Rocky she screwed her entire face up and looked very grim. “Doesn’t look good I’m afraid.”


Gulp. Oh no. She took Rocky through a door out the back to perform a biopsy. It seemed like an eternity and it must have been a bit dusty in the waiting room, because my eyes became a bit watery. Finally the vet emerged again, this time with a huge smile on her face. “Rocky is fine – she’s just fat.” FAT. The lump, it turned out, was a big piece of plain, old, boring fat. I was so relieved. The southern lifestyle at the ranch had slowly seen Rocky find alternative food sources over the past few years and gradually expand before our very eyes, so subtly that we didn’t even notice. Oh dear, could this have happened to the farmer and myself also?

I think maybe I too have found alternative food sources – far too many coffees and snacks during the day because the kitchen is a lot closer than it used to be! The rural injection could be an actual thing and it was time to act … even though I had very little evidence, the entire family has now been placed into slim-down mode – pets included. And as I stared out into the paddock from the kitchen window, I started wondering if we too should be eating the kale that the cows are munching on? But then I remembered the pantry was just behind me and that really was taking things a bit too far ... even for this princess. TV reporter, journalist, mum and born and bred Aucklander Donna-Marie Lever talks about life after marrying a farmer and moving to rural Mid Canterbury

30 | YOU Magazine



Find out what’s going on in Canterbury ASHBURTON




Boulevard Day 314 East Street Sep 23: 9am to 3.30pm Join thousands of people from North Canterbury to South Canterbury in attending this most popular fete running for over 40 years.

The Extravaganza Fair Ashburton Domain Walnut Avenue Oct 5/6: 9am to 5pm The Extravaganza Fair is a unique market/festival across New Zealand which is completely FREE.

The Kugels Ashburton Trust Event Centre Sep 15: 5pm Music that makes you want to dance – wild, spirited and haunting.

Bite Nite 3.0 Ashburton Trust Event Centre Sep 26: from 5pm Featuring WishList performing. Mark your calendars and stay tuned for more details!

Open Hat Night

Gold coin donation





Mid Canterbury Choir Let Us Entertain You The Sinclair Centre Oct 6: 2pm to 4pm Join us for songs from the shows – My Fair Lady, Les Miserables, Abba and more.

The Keys are in the Margarine Ashburton Trust Event Centre Oct 9: 6pm Profound, enlightening and unique form of stagecraft, created from interviews.

It’s Showtime Magic and illusion spectacular! Ashburton College, 27 Walnut Ave Oct 12: 7pm to 8.30pm Child (15 and under): $14.35 Adult: $23.00

Cost: $10 door sales only


0800 BUY TIX (289 849)

Miss Saigon Isaac Theatre Royal Sep 27 to Oct 12 A tragedy of passion and beauty, Miss Saigon is the second epic musical. 0800 842 538


Corner of Buchan & Byron Street Sydenham, Christchurch /Supakartschch

YOU Magazine | 31






Showbiz Christchurch PRESENTS

A new production of

Music by

Claude-Michel Schonberg

Lyrics by

Richard Maltby Jr. and Alain Boublil

Adapted from the original French lyrics by

Alain Boublil

Additional Material by Richard Maltby Jr. MISS SAIGON Licensed exclusively by Music Theatre International (Australasia) by arrangement with CAMERON MACKINTOSH LTD. All performance materials supplied by Hal Leonard Australia.


For more info

A tragedy of passion and beauty, Miss Saigon is the second epic musical from the creators of Les Misérables

27 Sept-12 Oct Isaac Theatre Royal

0800 842 538


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Minerals for your health

ith today’s diet of convenience foods, we can easily miss out on some of the essential minerals required for good health. Consuming a diet with a good range of wholegrains, vegetables and fruits, should ensure that you are getting the minerals your body requires. Here are a few tips on some of the minerals that may be lacking from your diet: Potassium Potassium is important in the regulation of blood pressure. It helps to keep sodium in balance. With the modern convenience diets, sodium can be a highly consumed nutrient. Ensuring you are getting plenty of potassium-rich foods into your daily diet is quite important. It also has a role in the secretion of insulin for blood sugar control to produce constant energy and stimulate gut movement to ensure proper elimination. Signs of deficiency are muscle weakness, pins and needles, rapid irregular heartbeat, cellulite and low blood pressure resulting from the potassium and sodium ratio imbalance. Food sources of potassium are: Bananas, cabbage, courgettes, cauliflower, mushrooms, pumpkins, seeds, nuts and prunes. Iodine A reduced supply to the body of iodine can lead to changes in thyroid function that can lead to issues with metabolism and poor immunity. Iodine is

NATURALLY YOU with Jane Logie

important to maintaining a healthy body weight due to its link with metabolism and thyroid function. Signs of deficiency is the development of an enlarged thyroid gland commonly referred to as a goiter – when levels are low in the diet and blood. Food sources of iodine are: Seafoods, including seaweeds like kelp – nature’s richest sources of iodine. It is in things like sushi. Himalayan pink and celtic salts also contain iodine. Zinc A deficiency in this mineral can be common. Zinc is a mineral that is important for immunity, essential for growth and also important for wound healing. Zinc promotes a healthy nervous system, aiding in the ability to cope with stress effectively, and also aids sleep. Signs of deficiency can be hair loss, white marks on the nails, dandruff, acne, brittle nails and greasy skin. Food sources of zinc are: Oysters, lamb, almonds, nuts (brazil, peacan, peanuts), seeds (sunflower and pumpkin), shrimps, oats and wholegrains and peas. Chromium Chromium forms part of the

glucose tolerance factor (GTF). It helps balance blood sugar, aiding to normalise hunger and reduce cravings for sweet foods. The primary sign of chromium deficiency is glucose tolerance seen as elevated blood sugar and insulin levels. It benefits the insulin function in the body as well. Chromium is also important for energy production. Signs of deficiency are dizziness and irritability six hours after food, need for frequent meals, cold hands, cravings for sweet food and the need for excessive sleep. Food sources of chromium are: Oysters, wholemeal and rye bread, wheatgerm, potatoes, broccoli, green peppers, eggs, apples. Iron Iron is responsible for transporting oxygen from the lungs to the body’s tissues and the transportation of carbon dioxide from the tissues to the lungs, and is vital for energy production. Two forms of iron are heam (sourced from animal products) and non-heam (from plant products). The iron that is considered the better one for the body to absorb, is the animal form found in red meats. Groups at high risk of deficiency are infants under two years of age, teenage girls, menstruating and pregnant women and the elderly. Iron deficiency may be caused by a combination of factors such as blood loss, diminished iron absorption, decreased dietary intake and increased dietary requirements, such as for athletes. Signs of deficiency are fatigue, sensitivity to cold, pale skin, listlessness and a sore tongue.

YOU Magazine | 33

Food sources of iron: Red meats, mussels, spinach and seeds (pumpkin/sesame seeds), nuts (almonds, brazil, cashew, peacan and walnuts), prunes, dates and raisins. Increasing consumption of vitamin C is a good idea when consuming iron-rich foods. It helps to enhance iron absorption. Sometimes we just get too busy to stop and nourish ourselves as we should. We grab the nearest convenience food to carry on with our day, and often not realising that we are potentially robbing our body of the much-needed nutrition that it so requires to function optimally to get us effectively through our day. So if you are wondering why you may not be feeling in great health, tired all the time and not bursting with energy day after day like you feel you should, then perhaps you may be lacking in some of these core minerals that can help keep your health in tip-top condition. Incorporating more of the foods listed into your diet may of great benefit to improving your health, energy levels, immunity, and sleep to name but a few health conditions that could be of benefit.

Gluten-free banana loaf (recipe over page)

With the compliments of Jane Logie, a medicinal herbalist, clinical nutritionist and chef from Methven

Summer is coming

Come and see the experts at Pool & Pump World Ashburton, they have an extensive range of products to turn your pool water sparkling We also supply pool and spa chemicals, robotic cleaners pool accessories; covers and heating, free pool and spa water testing

For local and friendly advice call out and see the team today, we look forward to seeing you. POOL & PUMP WORLD 27 Gordons Road, Ashburton | 0800 155 343 | 027 224 0599 SHOP HOURS : Mon – Fri: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Finance available

Gluten-free banana loaf

A quick and easy recipe to put together for a healthy snack option, it contains bananas which are high in the mineral potassium. Potassium is an important electrolyte that helps with the balance between sodium and potassium. Too much sodium disrupts the balance between the two leading to health conditions such as heart disease and high blood pressure and some cancers. So boost your banana intake whenever you can. Bananas are best eaten on their own, this recipe is another way to get bananas into your diet.

1 1/2 C gluten-free self-raising flour 1/2 C caster sugar 1t baking soda 1t baking powder (GF) 1/2 t salt 1 egg 1/2 t almond essence 1t vanilla essence 1/2 C yoghurt 1/2 C olive oil 1/2 C boiling water 2 bananas (mashed)

– Set oven to 170°C on bake. – Measure all dry ingredients – flour, caster sugar, baking soda, baking powder and salt – into a large glass bowl and sieve together, twice. – In a smaller glass bowl gently whisk egg and almond and vanilla essence together, set aside. – Mash two bananas into a ceramic bowl, then mix the yoghurt, olive oil and mashed bananas into the egg mixture. – Mix the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients until well blended using a small whisk. Once mixed through add the measured boiling water and blend through thoroughly. – Place into a prepared loaf tin and place in the middle of your preheated oven. Bake for 50 minutes.

Customised Laundry Services

Send us your sheets and pillowcases - feel like you’re in a hotel every night. Phone 03-308 7638 • Unit 3/668 East Street, Ashburton

Stifle spring sniffles

Stepping into spring means lots of lovely things – brighter weather, longer days and the countdown to summer. But, with it brings a not-sopleasant affect – allergens! Scientists recently reported that changes in the climate are starting to effect when trees release their pollen. It has been confirmed that the season has started earlier than usual and will continue for a period of time while nature tries to work out the balance. This is disappointing news for those who are affected by allergens! Excess mucous production begins and often starts to block your airways, setting off a chain reaction which can lead to difficulty sleeping, adrenal exhaustion and dehydration. But the good news is that


Fusion Health Allergen Support can support you! Allergen Support contains a blend of herbs traditionally used to support those suffering from allergens. The wonderful ingredients include bupleurum, baical skullcap, ginger, pinellia and Korean ginseng. In laboratory studies, Fusion Health Allergen Support has been shown to support the reduction of histamine release from mast cells and inhibit its actions. Histamine is a substance released by certain cells when the body encounters an allergen. Find Fusion Health Allergen Support at your local Health 2000 Ashburton store today, and stock up in time for allergen season. Advertising feature

15% OFF

Fusion Health Allergen Support contains herbs traditionally used to support the body’s natural defences against allergens.


30s NOW


was $33.99 60s NOW


was $52.99

Offer ends 30/09/2019 or while stocks last. Always read the label and use as directed. If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional. Blackmores, Auckland. TAPS PP4517.


(03) 308 1815 Follow Health2OOOGroup on:

YOU Magazine | 35

UK and europe in 2020 DESTINATION with Maxine

Are you travelling to the UK and Europe in 2020 but would like to know more? Join us Monday, September 23 for our UK Europe travel evening. Come along and speak to our very experienced guest presenters. All our presenters are experts in what they promote with outstanding product knowledge and all very willing to help you plan your next big adventure. Does river cruising sound like what you would enjoy? Or maybe a guided holiday, looking for something adventurous or you think finding your way around the countryside in a rental car is what you would like your holiday to include. You need to join us. We will be covering all this plus information on airfares and stopover options, walking and biking tours, travel insurance, ocean cruising, rail and much more. Our House of Travel Ashburton team of consultants will be on-hand with all of us having visited different parts of the UK and Europe. To really benefit from this knowledge of the House of Travel Ashburton team it is best to make a time to pop in to the office for a chat as then we can work on your

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OUT AND ABOUT @ the Allenton Bowling Club The Allenton Bowling Club was the first to open for the new outdoor bowls season and YOU’s Heather Mackenzie went along to see who was stepping out for the new term. Above – Karen McIntyre (left) and Sue Cromie.


Above – Craig Harrison (left) and Mick Buchanan.


Above – Donalda Watson and Moira Knot.


Above – Graham Clark.


Above – Noeline Woods.


Above – Liam O’Connor (left) and Neil Sharplin.


Above – David Hickman.


Left – Richard Kane.


Right – Wendy Watson.


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Bring on the sunshine

pring has finally arrived! Temperatures will still be a bit up and down this month, but overall, they are on the rise. There is plenty for gardeners to do, especially preparing vegetable and flower gardens for planting. Vegetable garden Harvest the remainder of your winter vegetables and remove any that have finished. Improve the soil by adding plenty of new compost. Where soils are not too wet, you can now plant hardier vegetables for summer harvesting, these include; asparagus, beetroot, cabbage, cauliflower, carrots, onion, radish, silverbeet and spinach. Flowering annuals and shrubs Begin preparing for your summer flower garden. It’s a little early to plant traditional summer annuals, so start with good all-rounders, such as alyssum, calendulas, cornflowers, lobelia, pansies and violas. You can raise your own summer annual seedlings by sowing seeds into fresh seed-raising mix now. It’s important to use fresh mix to ensure healthy, disease-free seedlings. Place pots or trays in a warm north-facing spot indoors, or outdoors in a greenhouse, and water regularly to ensure even germination. New seedlings should be ready for planting in around five to six weeks. Give flowering winter shrubs that have finished flowering, like azaleas and camellias, a light ‘tidy up’ prune where needed. Bulbs Mark the position of your late winter/ early spring flowering bulbs if you want to grow annuals and perennials in the same area over summer. It will save the heartache of accidentally digging them up when planting! Allow any bulbs that have flowered brilliantly to naturalise (growing and seeding as they would naturally in the wild) in your garden, especially freesias, hyacinth, iris, lachenalias, muscari, narcissus and watsonias.

Roses New Zealand spring and early summer is a marvellous time for roses with masses of stunning blooms, and plants are typically disease free. If you do notice signs of disease or pests, spray immediately. Remember once you commit to spraying, you must follow a regular regime throughout the season. Apply rose fertiliser every five to six weeks from late September (always avoid fertilising over the hot summer months). Fruit trees and strawberries Stone fruit are in full flower, as are pip fruit like apples and pears. Fingers crossed for favourable weather conditions (sunny days and no strong winds) as it’s critical for pollination by bees. Unfortunately, heavy rain and strong winds can have a major impact on pollination resulting in limited fruit. Early strawberry varieties are beginning to set fruit. Keep a good layer of pea straw or hay (mulch) around the plants to keep berries clean and healthy. With other berry plants, such as raspberries and boysenberries, apply a copper oxychloride spray to help prevent the occurrence of summer disease. Herbs Plant your new season’s herbs. Because many herbs are Mediterranean plants, they prefer a warm, sunny position in

well-drained soil and will struggle in dark, shady locations. You can easily grow herbs from seed, try basil, borage, chives, coriander, dill, fennel, parsley, rosemary, sage and thyme. They can also grow from cuttings, especially thyme, sage, rosemary and tarragon. Container gardens It’s changeover time for flowering annual displays. Violas and pansies and ‘potted colour’ varieties make excellent displays during spring before you plant traditional summer annuals. Always clean pots between seasons and use fresh container mix. Lawns You will notice new season grass growth beginning. Apply lawn fertiliser from late September and avoid mowing too close initially in spring – you don’t want to scalp the lawn. Check your lawn mower blades are sharp to make the cut cleaner; otherwise they can tear out the grass and damage growth. Top tip: As the soil warms in spring, mulch new and existing plants in the garden or pots to help suppress weeds and aid water retention over the dry summer months. For more gardening advice, check out Daltons range of How to Grow guides on their website

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Daltons Veggie Garden planting and care pack We have a prize pack to give away with everything you need for a thriving vegetable garden. Each pack is valued at over $70 and contains 2 Garden Time Vegetable Mix, 1 Daltons Goldcote Vegetable and Herb Fertiliser, 1 Besgrow Coir mulch and 1 Garden Time Chicken and Sheep Pellets, plus a pair of comfortable Red Back gardening gloves from Omni Products

Be in to win Email with Daltons Veggie Garden prize pack in the subject heading, Veggie •

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You must provide a gardening question for the Daltons experts to answer. Please include your address and phone number in email and letter options! Giveaway entries must be received by September 27.

For more information on Daltons products visit

Pat Nolan is this month’s winner with the following question: I have a NZ cranberry tree (Myrtus ugni) growing in a large pot, but the berries are never large and juicy. They remain red and small. Should I remove it from the pot and put it in the garden? It’s possible that your tree has become root-bound, hence why the fruit are quite small. This plant can be grown successfully in containers, but like all plants in containers, they will eventually need repotting into a larger one or planted into the ground. Myrtus ugni grows exceptionally well in most garden soils and this would be your best option. Add fresh compost or peat in the soil prior to planting and ensure the cranberry tree is growing in full sun. To harvest sufficient berries, you may want to add some additional plants – they can make an attractive low growing hedge as well as providing edible berries.

All questions supplied are entered into the draw to win a Daltons prize pack, but the Guardian reserves the right to choose which questions and answers will be published. Daltons post the prize to our lucky winner.

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There’s more to do in Vanuatu

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