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Editor’s note This month in YOU we celebrate former Ashburton woman Elizabeth Barbalich’s rise to global success with her comestic range Antipodes. Too often successful people are knocked, but hard work, planning and some more hard work has got to be admired. Good for her! We have Christine Todd giving us tips on how to dress to your shape, and how that impacts on how you feel. Along with this we have the natural cosmetics theme, we have some handy tips on how everyday kitchen ingredients can be good for your skin. We have some delicious recipes to tempt you this month – a decadent cheesecake recipe and a divine venison and juniper berry pie. So sit down and relax and enjoy this month’s offering of YOU, put together just for you! Cheers Lisa Fenwick


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Above – Toni May (left) and Christine Todd. Below – Tony Todd, Lyn Church (middle) and Allanah Watson.

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Above (from left) – Nicola and Dean Crossan, and Suzi Lammers.


Above (from left) – Rob Stevenson and Peter and Marilyn Walker. Left – Leighton Nicol (left) and Jeremy Samuels. 250713-KC-061

Above – Russell Ellis (left) and Peter Livingstone.


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Above (from left) – Courtney McDowell, Rachel Curd, Esther Wallace.

Above – Jeanette Maxwell and Rick Neville. Right – Nik Sweeney (left), Jen Shepherd and Hayden Marshall. 250713-KC-071

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cover story


It has been years since businesswoman Elizabeth Barbalich rode her bike as a girl through the streets of Ashburton, but growing up in the district had a big impact on the business strategies that have made her cosmetic range, Antipodes, a smash hit across New Zealand and the world. Reporter Gabrielle Stuart spoke to Elizabeth about her past in Ashburton and her future across the world.



Small town

to global success


rom small town girl to international businesswoman, Elizabeth Barbalich’s story sounds like a fairytale – but building an international brand wasn’t the work of a fairy godmother’s wand, it has taken all the grit, hard work and determination she learnt on the streets of Ashburton. Growing flowers in her garden as a girl has evolved into the science behind cosmetics, and picking up odd jobs for pocket money has turned into running a business that spans 10 countries. “I was always independent and spent plenty of time outdoors, and I had no money handed to me growing up, so I was always looking at ways to create an income. The slow pace of life in Ashburton drove me crazy sometimes, but it all gave me a very sensible grounding for running a business.” Now based in Wellington, in less than 10 years the mother of three from Ashburton has seen her organic cosmetics range, Antipodes, grow from concepts she developed in her kitchen to one of the fastest growing brands in New Zealand, now lined up on the shelves in about 300 stores across the country. These days she supervises 22 staff, based in Wellington but travel frequently around the globe to market the range across the Pacific, Europe and Asia.


Her life has changed dramatically in the past few years, but she said that the real work was in the years she spent doing the groundwork before she launched the business, between settling children for naps and picking them up from school. “I did about two years of thorough research while the kids were very young, and by the time it was ready to launch they were a little older, which made it easier. “But I work really hard as a mum as well as a business owner, and I’ve always been very involved (in the children’s lives). I’m the sort of person that if I decide to do anything, I do it 100 per cent.” She dived into business eight years ago, developing and launching her natural and organic range and taking an active role in marketing it across New Zealand and the world – and had to fit it around spending time with her three young children. Now her role as a mother has changed significantly, but she said that juggling family time with running a business hasn’t got any easier. “When you’ve got three teenagers it’s full-on running, and of course the business has grown to a completely different level. But you can find the time for anything if you’re busy, and I’ve never really thought about taking a back seat.” continued over page


cover story YOU



Elizabeth developed Antipodes as a young mother, and as both business and children have grown she now runs her global brand around keeping up with her three teenagers.

And that’s not all that keeps Elizabeth busy. With a science degree under her belt, she is involved in the testing and formulating process for each of her products, a process that still excites her. “Even if it’s organic and has no harmful chemicals, there’s no point in someone putting salad dressing on their face. If the customer chooses organic it has to be a better product than synthetic, and from a scientific perspective I’m very focused on that. “There’s been a turning point in science. When I studied it was very nerdy, but now it is very focused on innovation, and that’s where New Zealand has an edge.” She said that she has seen a huge amount of support for new ideas and new businesses in New Zealand, and she couldn’t have started the business anywhere else. Just as essential was her simple background in Ashburton, where teachers at Ashburton College played a big role in inspiring her. “I liked college. I thought it was a great school, a real mixture of competition and grittiness. I was never really great at maths but I had an amazing mathematics teacher one year who enabled me to crack the code of maths, and I really had my eyes opened to so many things at that point.” These days that support goes both ways. At least 50 per cent of the oils she uses in her products are still sourced from Oil Seed Extractions in Ashburton, and she said she loves being able to give something back to the region. “It’s really like coming full circle, from growing up and being supported in the district to coming back and supporting the local industries.” And no matter how big the range grows, she doesn’t plan to let that change. “We’re going inward as we get bigger, and we’ll become even more focused on the product. What we’ve done is so different. We’ve gone out on a limb, and that’s taken huge risks and a huge

amount of energy and passion. We’re not going to risk that by trying to cut costs or stretch too thin, we’re still focused on the pure science of a great product.” She said that her goal was to create something that people would look forward to using. “We don’t care about getting celebrities to back us, we care about the friends and coworkers that people can share the product with. Consumers are the ones that tell us if we’re doing the right thing, and women are looking for products they can relate to. And overwhelmingly, people aren’t just liking it, they’re loving it.” This year the business has seen over 70 per cent growth, and Elizabeth launched a new mineral make-up range which she said was a resounding success. “I’m really enjoying the new product develop-

I liked (Ashburton) college. I thought it was a great school, a real mixture of competition and grittiness.

ment, and it’s just incredibly exciting to think we can make it as a brand in that market.”’ With so much happening and so much still to do, she said her base in Wellington was where she would stay for several years yet. “I like the Wellington dynamic, but I still have plenty of friends in Ashburton, and there is a very strong connection there. I can’t say I have any plans to return – but people do migrate back.”


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YOU beauty


Easy DIY beauty treatments


ometimes Mother Nature gets bad press – we moan that she cursed us with rain, transforming our hair into a frizzy mop, or that she turned up the heat and left our skin parched. But she also has some tricks up her sleeve that can work in our favour. Here are 10 natural and effective beauty fixes that you can find in your own kitchen:


Spending hours curling your hair or creating the perfect chignon takes time, patience and super-human skill. So the last thing you want is for all of your hard work to be undone by a gust of wind. To keep your hairstyle in place, forget chemical-filled products and make your own hairspray using sugar and water. Simply add six teaspoons of sugar to boiling water and leave to cool. Then squirt the solution on to your hair for lasting bounce and all-day hold.


Pineapple juice isn’t just great for pina coladas - it’s also great for your skin. Pour some pineapple juice into an ice tray and leave in your freezer overnight. Next day, swipe the frozen juice over your skin and leave for five minutes before rinsing. The enzymes in the pineapple will hydrate your skin and help to keep it supple and clear.


To make dry hair soft and silky, whip up a nourishing yoghurt hair mask. Natural yoghurt contains antibacterial properties and protein that when applied to hair helps keep locks dandruff free and deeply moisturised. Do it yourself by applying natural yoghurt to dry hair and leaving it for 15 minutes. Then rinse well for beautiful, shiny tresses.


For luscious lips, prepare this all-natural exfoliating scrub. Add one tablespoon of coconut oil and one tablespoon of honey to a bowl and mix until smooth. Add one teaspoon of brown sugar and stir to combine. Your luxurious lip scrub is now ready, so pop it into a cute jar and store it in your fridge. This scrub will last for two weeks; use it regularly to keep your lips kissable and your pout looking perfect.

5 – MILK

To get the dewy, flawless skin of your dreams, pull the milk out of the fridge and get to work brewing up this beauty treatment. Pour some milk into a saucepan and heat to boiling point before tipping it into a heated bowl. Lean your face over the bowl with a towel over your head

and steam your face with the hot milk. The lactic acid in the vapour will help to unclog your pores.

Lemons and limes and many other ingredients from your kitchen can be added to your beauty regime and not just your vodka.


Not only is this citrus fruit a gorgeous colour, it’s fabulously good for your nails. Just cut a lime in half and rub the flesh over your nails. Then dangle your fingertips in a small bowl of water in which you’ve dissolved some bicarbonate of soda. Soak for five minutes, then gently dry your hands. You should be left with shiny nails.

ditch a few of those expensive products that promise the world. You can achieve tightened and toned skin with a mask made from only lemons and eggs. Cut a lemon in half and squeeze its juice into a bowl, then add the white of one egg. Beat the mixture and apply to your face. Leave the mask on for 30 minutes, and for an added boost, kick back and listen to music while you wait.

7 – HOT & COLD

All you need to do to get that after-spa feeling for less is boil the kettle and delve into your fridge. Fill your hot water bottle with hot water and cut a cucumber into thin slices. Dim the lights and lie under a blanket, placing the water bottle on your feet and the cucumber slices on your face. The contrasting temperatures will relax you, and once you emerge from your blanketed den you’ll feel as if you can take on the world.


For a customised pop of lip colour, make your own gloss. Put a handful of cranberries in a microwave-safe bowl along with one table-


spoon of almond oil and some honey. Then add a drop of vitamin E oil, to protect skin from free radical damage caused by sunlight and cigarette smoke. Put the bowl in the microwave and blast for five minutes. Once cool, strain the mixture and leave to cool before spooning into a suitable container.


Take your skincare regime back to basics and

To make the skin all over your body feel baby soft, create your own exfoliating scrub. Crush several handfuls of almonds and mix with a few dollops of mayonnaise before applying the paste to your skin, moving your fingers in a circular motion. You could also don a pair of exfoliating mitts to intensify this process. Leave the mixture on for five minutes before rinsing it off in the shower. For more lifestyle news, visit www.realbuzz.com

fashion YOU


Finding the right clothes for your shape takes more than a five minute browse in a shop. Looking good is about everything down to the right underwear. Erin Tasker reports.

Choose the right clothes

for your body

THE RULES Hourglass shape


celebrity hourglass shape example is Beyonce (right). Show off your slender waist and look for styles that fit to your curves, avoiding anything that is roomy at the waist. Fuller busted or larger women should keep the look streamlined with tailored panels or simple silhouettes. Lean pencil or A-line skirts are flattering.


he secret to looking good no matter what your shape can be as simple as investing in the right bra. Christine Todd has spent years in the everchanging fashion industry and she says people need to realise that looking good is more than a five minute job. It’s estimated that 70 per cent of all women are in the wrong sized bra and when it came to looking good no matter what your shape, underwear was almost as important as outerwear, Christine said. “A good bra is the basis of your wardrobe and it makes a look.” She said at her store, Todds of Ashburton, all people needed to do was ask their staff and they’d help to find the perfect outfit to suit their particular needs. When people looked in the mirror, they often didn’t see in themselves what other people saw, so an expert eye cast over a potential outfit was

often helpful. “To me, you put something on and you know straight away,” Christine said. But not everyone had a good eye for fashion. There were rules that could be followed, but not everyone knew them or followed them. They also didn’t work in every case – for example what worked for a tall column shape, often didn’t work for a shorter column shape. So each customer needed to be treated as an individual. What a person wore often reflected their personality. An outgoing person might be more likely to wear bright colours, than a more reserved person, but colour could make a big difference to what a person looked like. Christine said bigger people were often afraid of colour, instead opting for black, black and more black. But there were a lot more options available these days other than just black. While black was definitely slimming, colour in the right place could also work a treat. “Maybe put colour on your most

Apple shape

Pear shape


celebrity pear-shape example is Kim Kardashian (left). Pears should emphasise their slim upper bodies by creating a wider shoulder line using sleeve detail or bare shoulders in a strapless or halter style, to balance out the hip. A-line skirts that skim the hips and thighs are best and hems should be on the knee or below the calf.


celebrity apple-shape example is Drew Barrymore (left). Accentuate your great bust line and choose garments with open necklines to draw the eye to your face. Use soft draping and ruching that skims, not clings, to a fuller tummy and look for clean tailored lines to streamline your body and show off your legs.



shape flattering area,” Christine said. “If you’re big busted for example, you’re not going to put colour on your bust.” Larger people also tended to hide behind baggy clothes, but that often just made them look bigger, so people shouldn’t be afraid to look for clothes that gave them more shape. “The biggest thing is just taking the time to find the right thing,” Christine said. “It’s not a five minute exercise. Allow half a day once a season or half a day every now and then to go and try some new looks and shapes.” It was about education, she said. When tunics, for example, first became the big item to have in your wardrobe, many people didn’t understand how to wear them. But with some education and experimentation that was easily fixed. Finding the right clothes and wearing them the right way make a big difference. “If you look good, you feel good and if you feel good, you look good,” Christine said.

Column shape


celebrity columnshape example is Natalie Portman

(left). Show off your lean limbs by focusing on styles that can be wrapped or tied to create a waistline. Styles that have wider shoulder lines make the waist appear narrower and skirts can be lean pencil shapes or A-lines.


Christine Todd helps make sure Rachelle McLenaghen looks her best when she’s buying new clothes.

12 10


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Self-confidence and losing weight go hand-in-hand. The more you have of one, generally the less you have of the other. It works both ways and often can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. The more weight you put on, the less selfconfidence you have, resulting in a fear of the gym and comfort found in food.

achieve your goals that you just can’t help but feel excited. They are fantastic at motivating you to reach new heights and it really made me look forward to my morning fitness fix.

rush and more energy than V ever did. On the day I joined I also gave up smoking, which goes to show that you can give up smoking and lose weight at the same time.

“Because I have more energy, I hit the gym just after 6:30 in the morning and go to one of the classes. There’s no mirrors there so it’s great, you don’t even worry about your appearance. I warm up on the treadmill with a great view over Ashburton and watch the sun come up before joining one of the classes, like Boxercise.

“I had just turned 36 and I decided that it was now or never, and I’ve never felt better. I’m the happiest I have ever been, and I’m really proud of my transformation. Life is just great.”

Jo Fitzgerald is one of the clients at Ashburton’s Configure Express who wanted to eliminate her bad habits and focus on developing a new image, one which she could be proud of. The team at Configure Express gave her the right nudge toward a more active lifestyle and showed her how to break out of her “Breakfast is included in the weight-loss rut. Here’s the skinny on how membership so I have some Weetbix she has managed to lose 6.5kg in four after my workout and then hit the months. shower. Their facilities are so lovely and clean, it really is the whole package,” Jo Jo signed up with Configure Express in said. April and hasn’t looked back. She wanted a new lease of life, more self-confidence Since April, Jo has made some lifeand a healthier way of living, so she changing differences. began with a gym membership. “I used to drink two cans of V energy “The difference that I have discovered drink per day, and since joining at Configure is the friendly team. They Configure I have given it up completely. have an enthusiasm for helping you My morning work-out gives me a better

Jo works at Ashburton’s Frontrunner store and has found that customer feedback and encouragement has helped to keep her on track. “Now when I see someone come in to buy a new pair of shoes and I recognise them from Configure we have a bit of a chat on how we are going. I’m surrounded by fit people at work, and now I feel like one of them too. The healthy way of life and increased fitness has improved my life in so many ways, to give Configure Express a try. I’ve even started cycling and I’m loving With one foot after the other, you can it,” Jo commented. have the life you crave. Jo has discovered a new, happier person By Amanda Wright within herself and encourages everyone


GUARANTEED Level 3, Somerset House on Burnett Street, 03 307 7030 | www.configureexpress.co.nz


The Gym for Women

14 16

YOU transform transform YOU

advertising feature

Cosmetic and Appearance Medicine


Transform clinics offer a wide array of non-surgical appearance medicine and beauty treatments for men and women of all ages. Transform has a team of experienced doctors, registered nurses and beauty therapists who can offer professional advice and service in a confidential and friendly environment. At our clinics we like to concentrate on the main areas of concern: probably the main thing that instigated the consultation. Then we carefully consider what we feel you may benefit from, looking at your problems we want to let you know what will really work and if we can meet your expectations realistically. Sometimes a variety of treatments can give the best result e.g. a mix of IPL and laser machines can give the best results for permanent hair reduction or for improving skin quality a mix of IPL, microdermabrasion, glycolic peels and home care stimulant products. To look good your skin needs to look and feel healthy. There is little point in having cosmetic enhancement if you skin is lacking lustre and unhealthy. We encourage our clientele to take care of their skin with good products and also to protect their skin from the elements. The most important anti-wrinkle cream to use is SUNBLOCK – at least SPF 15 – but to use it properly you must use enough to give a full cover and reapply regularly. One application will NOT last all day. If you are unable to attend a clinic for regular treatments the use of home care stimulant products such as Glycolic will improve the quality of your skin. Used in conjunction with microdermabrasion treatments or other professional treatments will give you an even better result. Our clinic uses and recommends Dermatech products to all our clientele. Transform Clinic treatments include: Lasers and IPL treatments are excellent for permanent hair reduction, improving sun damaged skin and for improving the overall quality of skin. Sun damage on the décolletage

and hands can be aging but is improved easily with light treatments. Fraxel Laser for improving skin quality and helping with acne scarring. Fine lines, wrinkles and skin imperfections can be improved and softened with dermal fillers, botulinum (Botox™ and Dysport™) and Light treatments to name a few. Moles, skin tags and other unsightly lesions can be cosmetically removed. Mole mapping is also available. Varicose Veins are treated successfully by Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy or Endovenous Laser treatments – this is a non surgical procedure with little or no down time. (Transform is affiliated with Southern Cross; other insurers also cover this procedure – but you need to check your policy). PDT or Photodynamic therapy is a treatment for precancerous skin lesions which also has the added advantage of improving the skin quality after treatment. Acne treatment courses for all ages – an individualised programme of treatments. Transform also offers all the beauty treatments including microdermabrasion, Sonophoresis, waxing, electrolysis, body treatments, manicures, pedicures, massage, eyebrow and lash tinting and extension etc. Check our website for our monthly specials www. transformclinic.co.nz or call 08002LOOKGOOD (O800256654), email: enquiries@2lookgood.co.nz. Consultations with our Registered Nurses and Beauty Therapists in Christchurch are free.

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YOU naturally

Are you

your food or

inhaling you magazine


ow many times do you chew your mouthfuls of food before you swallow them and send them hurtling down your esophagus to their next destination, possibly wondering why it may be a bit troublesome on the way down and at the exit point of arrival. It’s not the easiest subject to approach in conversation, but we all know that we have a digestive system that is being constantly bombarded and utilised many times a day. It tries its hardest to absorb as many nutrients as possible before travelling on to the waste disposal department. Besides ingestion of the appropriate food types, chewing your food is really important, with the aid of saliva, in starting the chain reaction of digestion. Do you suffer with digestive ailments such as bloating, excess flatulence, tummy upsets, pain, cramping, diarrhoea, constipation, heartburn, reflux, colic, to name but a few troublesome symptoms you may be experiencing on a daily or weekly basis? The digestive system is a complex system that starts from the top (mouth) to the bottom with the help and support along the way of the salivary glands, esophagus, stomach, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, the small colon (intestine) and the large colon (intestine). Digestion involves the support from the organs that provide bile, digestive enzymes, hy-


NATURALLY YOU JANE LOGIE is a medicinal herbalist and clinical nutritionist drochloric acid and micro-flora; to be in balance to provide a smooth and precise chain reaction, to get the required nutrients from our food and eliminate the waste. Good digestive function is paramount to wellness; gut dysfunction can be the cause of health problems for many in a variety of different ways. To ensure that your digestive system is working like a well-oiled machine, begin at the top. STOP, sit down, and remove all surrounding

distractions and chew each mouthful to a pulp, before swallowing it and sending it on its way for the digestive system to do the rest of the work for you. Remember your stomach has no teeth and is the size of your fist, so once there, your stomach will be much happier when it can then combine the food pulp with bile, hydrochloric (stomach) acid and the correct digestive enzymes. Remember teeth aren’t in your mouth only to look pretty. Other suggestions to help aid digestion: – Have a glass of hot water with a squeeze of lemon juice 20 minutes before breakfast each day. – Drink a good quality peppermint tea after your main meal/meals to aid digestion. – Do not consume water with or within 20 minutes of each meal as it will hinder the digestive process, by diluting your stomach acid. – Ginger is a great tuber to use in dishes to aid digestion, only small amounts are required or just add a slice to your peppermint tea and the volatile oils will impart into the tea. So stop inhaling your food, and remember your mother’s wise words chew your food and put your knife and fork down between each mouthful. You will be much kinder to your digestive system and it will thank you for it in return.

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16 36

book review paper plus YOU

advertising feature


One Hundred and Four Horses Mandy Retzlaff you

A letter is handed to you. In broken English it tells you that you have four hours to vacate the farm that has been your home for years, it no longer belongs to you, it belongs to the Zimbabwean Government, headed by President Robert Mugabe. If you refuse then the threats become deadly. The Retzlaffs refuse to leave their beloved horses behind so sneak them out in the dead of night to a friend’s farm where they and the horses are temporarily safe. But as the violent takeover continues, the Retzlaffs are forced to flee, time after time, each time taking their horses and other farmers’ horses as they make their way across the volatile land. Making the decision to take the horses to the safety of Mozambique they must get them safely across the border. But once safely to their new home, a mystery illness begins to strike the horses.




One Hundred and Four Horses is the true story of Pat and Mandy Retzlaff. Being a book reviewer I feel almost a sense of duty to explain how great this book is, but no matter how much I sing its praises, it will never make clear how amazing this book truly is.

One Hundred and Four Horses is a story of incredible bonds, a love of the land, the strength of a family and the connection between humans and their animals. I found this story to be powerful, heartbreaking and at time unbelievably raw. I cried, I laughed and fell just a little bit in love with each and every horse. Absolutely amazing.

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YOU house of travel

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Famous for fun you magazine DESTINATION BY MAXINE WHITING


he Gold Coast, the place where you can forget school lunches, muddy work boots inside or groceries and instead concentrate on hanging out and reconnecting with the important people in your life. Swap the school lunches for a family picnic in the sun, preferably after you have enjoyed adventure and heart pumping screams on the Big 8 Thrill Rides at Dream world. Wash the mud off those work boots by making a splash at Wet ‘n’ Wild Water World in their rapids, pools and slides and swap the grocery shopping for some insane retail therapy at the shopping Mecca’s of Pacific Fare or Harbour town. Theme parks are a must do for the family holiday to the Goldie. The fear of plummeting to what feels like your last minute is quickly replaced by the giddy feeling you absorb from your children getting caught up in the excitement, enjoy adventure that will be remembered for years to come at Dream World, Sea World, Movie World or White Water World – and what’s more, you’ll tire the children out during the day, leaving you to sit and relax

watching the sun sink behind the green hills of hinterland, while indulging in a soothing glass of your favourite summery beverage. Yes, I did just mention summer. You see, while we are chugging along through these grey, dreary Mid Canterbury days, be reminded that the Gold Coast receives 250 – 300 days of sunshine per year. The coast is warmest during October – April with an average temperature of 30 degrees. Need more persuading? Australia Zoo. This iconic zoo is found only a 2 hour drive away on the Sunshine Coast, home to Steve Irwin and popular with children and children at heart. The sunshine coast also boasts beautiful beaches where one can learn to surf, plentiful dining options and creative local markets. With great family package deals and flights into Brisbane or Gold Coast airports, come and see myself and the team to find out more about the family holiday everybody should experience!



HOT DEAL 7 night family holiday





pp based on 2 adults/ 2 children (2-11 years) (flights are additional)

House of Travel Ashburton 196 East Street, Ashburton P: 03 307 8760 | E: ashburton@hot.co.nz CONDITIONS: Valid for new bookings only with sales until 30 Aug 13. Full payment is required within 7 days of reservation and no later than 30 Aug 13 whichever comes sooner. Prices are per person, in NZ Dollars for cash or cheque purchase only. Advertised prices are correct as at 19 Jul 13 but may vary due to exchange rates. All prices and products are subject to availability at time of reservation, some surcharges and closeout periods may apply. All travel must be commenced and completed as per dates specified. Advertised prices are per person share accommodation as specified and based on payment by cash or cheque (Child ages are 2-11 years). Credit card fees will apply • Accommodation ratings are based on House of Travel ratings and are a guide only to the overall quality of the property. Please ask your House of Travel consultant for full details. Amendment and cancellation fees apply. Contact House of Travel on 0800 838 747 for more information.





Ju T

he juniper berry has a heady, woody aroma and is probably more commonly known to most as an ingredient in the making of gin. The juniper is an evergreen coniferous tree of the cypress family, of which it is the only one that produces a spice. It is most commonly used in European cuisines, especially the alpine regions where it is grown abundantly. They are an ideal seasoning for meat stews or marinades for meats (especially game), which is well suited to the astringent avour of the berries. This is my favourite venison pie recipe that indulges in the use of the juniper berry.


uniper berries

for more than making gin

Venison and juniper pie 1 kg boneless venison, silver skin removed 60g butter 3 rashers bacon, diced 2 large onions, chopped 3 T flour 1/2 tsp dried mustard 1/4 cup port 1/2 cup red wine 6 juniper berries 1 cup chicken or beef stock mushrooms 1/2 T fresh thyme leaves ground black pepper 1/4 cup chopped parsley 375g puff pastry 1 egg, lightly beaten – Cut venison into 2cm pieces, heat butter

nd browse in our

– – –

and fry meat quickly to brown; remove from pan and drain meat on paper towels. Add bacon to pan, cook until crisp,remove and drain. Add onion and fry until golden. Sprinkle flour over onion and stir until brown. Add mustard, port, red wine, berries, stock, mushrooms and thyme leaves to pan and stir until mixture comes to the boil. Add venison and simmer gently until tender, about 50-60 mins. Preheat oven to 210°C. Using a slotted spoon, transfer meat to a large , greased casserole dish. Continue simmering the sauce until it thickens. Season with pepper. Pour sauce over the meat and sprinkle with parsley. Roll pastry out large enough to cover top of casserole dish. Brush edge of dish with a little egg and cover with pastry. Brush top of pastry with egg

and make a couple of slits to allow steam to escape. – Bake in preheated oven for 10-15 mins or until pastry is golden.

Garlic juniper potatoes To introduce yourself to the humble juniper berry try this garlic potato dish. It is very quick and easy. 3 Tbsps extra virgin olive oil 2 Tbsps dried juniper berries, lightly crushed 8 large garlic cloves 1 1/2 lbs tiny new potatoes For serving: 1 small lemon, juice of sea salt and fresh ground black pepper to taste finely chopped fresh oregano (optional)

– Heat oven to 180°C. – Pour olive oil into heavy shallow baking dish large enough to hold the potatoes in a single layer. – Sprinkle the juniper berries over the oil and place the dish in an oven for a few minutes to warm. – Trim the stem ends of the garlic cloves and rub off any feathery outer skin. – Place the potatoes and garlic in the warm dish and roll them in the olive oil to lightly coat. – Bake 10 mimutes and roll the potatoes and garlic in the olive oil once more. – Reduce the oven to 180°C and bake uncovered for 50 mins or until the potatoes are just tender. – Roll the potatoes in the olive oil once more and transfer to a warm platter. – Sprinkle with lemon juice, salt and pepper and oregano.

Feeling Berry Hungry? Gluten free, organic and whole food specialists. “ If we don’t have it, we may be able to get it”

ph: 307 6077 eml: ashburton@simplifood.co.nz Monday - Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm Saturday10am to 2pm

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Decadent gourmet cheescake advertising feature

Ingredients 100 grams Cream Cheese 50 grams Sour Cream 2 tsp Lemon Juice 50 ml Cream 50 grams Dark Chocolate 30 ml crème de cacao liqueur 30 grams castor sugar 30 grams butter melted 100 grams malt biscuits

Base Roughly crush 100 grams of malt biscuits. Mix with 30 grams of butter. Bake for 5 minutes on medium to high heat Leave to cool while you whip up your decadent filling.

Filling Soften 100 grams of quality cream cheese and mix with 50 grams of sour cream. Whip until soft. Add 2 teaspoons of lemon juice, 30 grams of castor sugar, 50 grams of quality dark chocolate and 30 ml of crème de cacao. Mix well Whip 50 ml of cream until soft peaks form. Fold into your decadent cheescake recipe. Layer over your tasty biscuit base, serve with berries and enjoys

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Aoi an honour



you magazine


or 11 days my family and I were privileged to have a Japanese student stay with us in our madhouse. Aoi is a tiny wee dot who spoke very little English and entered into a small house filled with strangers – two teenragers, one pre-teen, a flatmate, two small dogs, one Hercules Morse dog (who took a liking to her), one big cat and two exotic lizards. I have to say, I felt really sorry for her. I grabbed her bags, took her into the house, smiled at her a little and took off back to work. While the Guardian team was working hard to change over to a compact format, we were all working long hours and, at times, under some fairly heavy stress. So Aoi’s arrival was not the best timing, but she handled it so very well. There were many more things I would have liked to show her, cook for her, other Kiwi things to experience. But I’m so pleased she came to stay with us, we all very quickly adored her. Through some weird and wonderful contortions and thanks to Google Translate and some Japanese friends, we managed to find out some bits and pieces about her and how she was coping putting her life in strangers’ hands who spoke nothing in Japanese beyond a basic afternoon greeting and counting from one to 10. I also taught her to say “Gidday Mate” ... I think she was suspicious of what I was teaching her. One of the best things about Aoi was that she tried everything. I wondered if our food would be too heavy for her and told her to not eat anything she didn’t like, but she happily chowed down on roast pork, anything sweet,

MUM ON THE RUN BY LISA FENWICK any vege or fruit, vege and bacon bone soup, lasagne, weetbix and even our Kiwi staple of greasies. It was delightful to take her to the supermarket and get her to choose things she wanted to try. We even searched all over Methven for a Kiwi ice cream for her. We rushed her around here there and everywhere, she went with daughter Libby to singing lessons, taekwondo, Children’s Theatre and netball and still found the time at night to do her homework. She was even part of Guardian life when she came along to blow up balloons the night before we changed to compact. She enjoyed simple things like going to Ashburton College with her Kiwi buddy Libby and supermarket shopping was of endless photographic fascination for her. What was interesting to me was that in a town that becomes more multi-cultural by the day, there sure are some intolerant people

Libby Fenwick (left), Abby Brownlie (middle) and Aoi Sakamoto helped prepare for the Guardian’s celebratory party and took a moment to enjoy some balloons.

around. Some of the days Aoi was here she wore a surgical mask. She told me it was something to do with the different quality of our air and she wore it for maybe two or three days straight. One of those days, when at the supermarket, I was blown away by the looks she got. Several people stared at wee Aoi with her mask on and one woman gave her a really filthy look. My protective hackles rose up fast, so before I could embarrass the teenagers by asking that good Kiwi lady what her problem was, I moved on pretty quickly. I know Ashburton is traditionally white, middle class, but it still surprises me that a town that has grown so quickly and filled with so many interesting cultures that many of us can still live in our ignorant wee bubble. I hear derogatory comments about other races all the time. But I guess the worst thing is the flippant comments, assumptions, or im-

mitations that we often do without thinking. The derogatory comments about Asian drivers (do a lap around Tokyo and see who the bad drivers are), the so-called Asian invasion, which I believe is a myth. The endless negative assumptions and generalisations. What I can say for a fact is this. When she was first picked up by us she was very hesitant. The giant hugs she got threw her and her arms were limp and she was almost pushing away. Eleven days later when she left, her hugs were huge and tight and tearful. It was fantastic to have Aoi, we learned a lot. Some of the best things were the similiarities between us. The differences we mostly knew, it was probably magnified in our minds through years of generalisations. But by the time she left, all she was was a sweet girl we had come to care about. I so hope she comes back one day.



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There’s a lot that you may already know about Donna and Lynda Topp, the obvious being that Lynda is one half of the famous Topp Twins Duo. Donna and Lynda also made history when they graced the cover of Women’s Day as newly-weds earlier this year, and in doing so became the first lesbian covergirls in New Zealand. But it’s the small details which make them who they are. Hard-working business women, smart as a whip, they love to laugh and have given each other all of their heart. They are true soul mates in every sense of the word.

destination By Amanda Wright

In March of this year, Lynda and Donna exchanged “I do’s” amongst family and friends at their property Topp Lodge in Staveley. A reflection of their laid-back style, the wedding was a combination of cowboy boots and check shirts merged with a barn dance at the local hall. Sending a powerful message to the politicians of our country, Donna and Lynda exchanged vows before the gay and lesbian rights bill was passed. In support of the legislative change which soon passed in the following months, it was a statement that reflected “you can’t determine who I choose to love and how I intend to love them.” But this ceremony was not a civil union, it was a marriage with all the trimmings, and importantly, two people very much in love. As strong supporters for equal rights for all New Zealander’s, Lynda and her twin sister Jools had rallied parliament through much of their career in favour of gay and lesbian rights, as well as New Zealand Maori land rights. They openly supported Louisa Wall’s bill for gay marriage rights, and as the vote was read at 77 for, 44 against, Pokarekare Ana was joyously sung from the public gallery. Lynda and Donna can now make their marriage legal, which they intend to do in the coming month. As wife and wife, it will be cause for much celebration, most of all their love for one another. Donna’s son Cameron is credited with bringing the couple together in 2006. Cameron Luxton was only 11 years old when he won the junior section of the Golden Guitar country music awards in Gore. A naturally talented singer and guitarist, Cameron had the idea that he would like to host a concert starring other young artists to raise money for Heart Kids New Zealand.

While the concert plans were in the making, Cameron and his mum Donna saw the Topp Twins perform at the Methven A&P Show. Cameron wanted more than anything for the Topp Twins to be the star attraction, so with Donna’s help, the Topp Twins agreed to headline the concert for a cause. After the concert, Cameron and Donna had the opportunity to spend time with Lynda and Jools, and as they say, the rest is history! “I had met my soul mate, and I didn’t want the opportunity of the love and happiness I now share with her pass me by. Her love makes me feel complete. It’s like coming home to a comfy armchair and putting your feet up, that feeling of utter relaxation and contentment. I’ve never been happier or more in love,” Donna said. Other than six years in the United Kingdom studying hospitality, Donna had spent the majority of her life in Canterbury, and with an urge to return to a rural lifestyle, Lynda moved from Auckland to be with Donna. The couple settled in Staveley, and Donna gifted Lynda her own horse, Nevada. Lynda and Jools had grown up in rural Huntly and discovered an early love for country music. But it was when Lynda first heard yodeling by Australia’s June Holmes that she fell in love with that style of singing. Having to travel on horse-back for thirty minutes to the neighbours farm to listen to yodeling on the neighbours wind-up gramophone consequently turned the sisters into excellent horse riders. Lynda was excited to be moving back to the green fields and open spaces that she had missed while being in the city. When Lynda and Donna saw a gorgeous lodge in Staveley for sale, they knew that they couldn’t let the opportunity pass them

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212 East Street • Ashburton • 03 308 8309


Photos: Charlotte Dove by. They knocked on the door to make an offer, and two months later the sale was finalised. Topp lodge is an all-encompassing nature experience, set on 19 acres of pure country, nestled under Mount Somers with breath taking views of the majestic Southern Alps. It’s a true Southern country experience, where Lynda is only too happy to guide you on a fly-fishing adventure to complete the getaway. You can even indulge in some adrenalin-pumping clay-bird shooting right off the back porch. Accompanied by her trusty chocolate Labrador ‘Moose’, Lynda enjoys duck shooting during the season. The lodge itself has one guest room intricately decorated in hunting and fishing memorabilia to set the outdoors mood, while the living area boats a spectacularly large open fire to snuggle in-front of on a chilly evening. The romance beckons with a hot tub sitting amongst a two acre garden, bursting with rhododendrons along a walkway that parallels a crystal clear brook. An orchard of apple and pear trees produces deliciously tasty fruit which Donna and Lynda use in their home-made sauces

and tarts. A dedicated and fully-licensed conference and events venue can cater for up to 40 guests, making it a desirable location for any celebration. The café, restaurant and bar is open on a seasonal basis- the hours are posted on the door of the Staveley Store each week, otherwise it pays to call to confirm your booking. Donna has more than 25 years of hospitality experience, and Lynda has had to learn pretty quickly to become the cook at the Lodge. Alongside their thriving business, Donna is a full- time preschool teacher in Methven, and Lynda has a busy schedule with Topp Twins performances booked throughout the year. The couple believe their combined hospitality and entertainment experience is what makes Topp Lodge a top place for guests to enjoy the tranquility, relaxation and beauty of the area. They have successfully hosted a number of concerts on the property, and have already sold-out for their next concert in August. They hope to run three concerts in the winter and three in the summer to bring a high level of entertainment to the local community. Following in his mother’s footsteps is Donna’s son Oliver, a

chef at Hotel Ashburton who is always on standby to help at the lodge when needed. Oliver worked under the famous Peter Gordon, a kiwi-born, London-based chef who is often referred to as Europe’s father of fusion cuisine. Combining humour with quality is what gives Topp Lodge its sense of character. “It’s like the Ritz in London meets Faulty Towers. The embellishments are of the highest quality but we love to have a laugh and relax. A chilled glass of wine on the deck while sharing a laugh is the experience we love to give our guests,” Lynda and Donna said. If you have a moment of romance and intimacy planned, why not make the experience complete at Topp Lodge. A proposal, anniversary or just to say “I love you”, Donna and Lynda will tailor-make a package to enhance the mood. Champagne in the hot pool, wine on the deck under the start and hot chocolate in front of a roaring fire. Get ‘Topp marks’ from your loved-one when you create your next unforgettable memory at Topp Lodge.

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advertising feature




Over the last year we’ve had some fantastic support from eight branches. Make sure you’re part of our celebrations and the Ashburton public, Ashburtonians really like the mutual share in another success story for Ashburton. concept of the building society and that we support the local ASHBURTON ASHBURTON ASHBURTON ASHBURTON ASHBURTON ASHBURTON ASHBURTON community.

elebrating Celebrating Celebrating Celebrating Celebrating Celebrating Celebrating Celebrating Celebrat Celeb



oneone year one year one year one year one one year year one year on yo magazine

NBS Ashburton is now very definitely part of the business sector in Ashburton, we have investors from a wide range of the community from sports clubs, community groups, mum and dad depositors and a range of businesses. Plus we have loans to new home buyers, houses under construction, lifestyle blocks and farms.

This has been a busy time for our team of three and in the next couple of weeks we’ll have our next staff member joining us, showing that the growth is here in Ashburton. We identified the opportunity two years ago when we started looking around for premises and at that time we couldn’t have dreamt we’d have received the support that we have achieved.

Tothe celebrate, join usTo on the Chessboard elebrate, join usToon the us Chessboard To celebrate, celebrate, join To on celebrate, join the To celebrate, us Chessboard on To join celebrate, us Chessboard join To on celebrate, the us join on Chessboard the us celebrate, join on Chessboard To the us celebr Ches onjot th th 13Tuesday August th th Tuesday 13Tuesday August13 Tuesday Tuesday 13th August Tuesday 13thTuesday Tuesday 13th August 13th August 13 Tuesd August August Au for aand and to Win for a BBQ for andaSpin to Win BBQfor and a Spin BBQfor and to aWin BBQ Spin for aand to BBQ for Win Spin aBBQ BBQ to for Spin Win and aSpin to BBQ Spin Win for and to a Spin BBQ Win for BRANCH MANAGER BY JOHN MOORE

ASHBURTON Yes; it is hard to believe that one year ago we were just letting the paint dry and getting all the last details of our Branch here in Ashburton finished.


To show this support to Ashburton on Tuesday we’re celebrating by spinning and winning at the Chessboard where you can win one of three NBS Target Accounts. Then on Friday we’re drawing the winner of a $1,000 Target Account live on Classic Hits. This is easy to win just complete the details on the flyer you will have received in your mailbox and drop it into NBS on East Street and you could walk away with a $1,000 Target Account.

one year

That’s right one year ago on the 13th of August 2012 NBS Ashburton opened its doors, while NBS has been around for 151 years now the building society wasn’t new but it was to Ashburton. th

On Tuesday NBS Ashburton will be one year old and part

of an organisation that has been around for 151+years, NBS To celebrate, join us on the Chessboard has more than $390 million in Assets and Ashburton is one of Tuesday 13 August for a BBQ and Spin to Win

n i W to

Spin a chance to win one of three chancea to winaone of athree chance to chance win one chance to win a of chance three one to a win chance of to three one a win chance to of one win three a of to chance one three win a chan of on to th NBS Target Accounts NBS Target Accounts we’ll make the first deposit for you!Acc NBS Target NBS Accounts Target NBS Accounts Target NBS Target NBS Accounts Target Accounts NBS Target Accounts NBS Ta N Celebrating we’ll make the deposit for you! Celebrating a chance to win one three plus spot prizes! we’llfirst make we’ll the of first make deposit we’ll the first make for we’ll deposit you! the make first we’ll for the deposit make you! first we’ll the deposit for make first you! for the deposit we’ll you! first make we’ll for depty Celebrating one year Celebrating NBS Target Accounts plus spot prizes! year draws prizes! atone 11.30am, 12.30pm and 1.30pm plus spot spot plus prizes! spot plus spot plus prizes! spot plus prizes! spot plus pr we’ll make the first deposit forplus you!prizes! one year To celebrate, join us on the Chessboard draws at 11.30am, 12.30pm and 1.30pm ASHBURTON ASHBURTON


one year


plusat spot prizes!12.30pm draws 11.30am, draws at 11.30am, draws and at 12.30pm draws 1.30pm 11.30am, atdraws and 11.30am, 12.30pm 1.30pm atdraws 11.30am, 12.30pm and 1.30pm at 12.30pm 11.30am, and draws 1.30pm and 12.30pm at draws 11.30 1.3 To celebrate, join us on the Chessboard Tuesday 13 August draws at 11.30am, 12.30pm and 1.30pm th

To celebrate, join us on the Chessboard Tuesday 13th August for a BBQ and Spin to Win for a BBQ and Spin to Win Tuesday 13th August for a BBQ and Spin to Win ASHBURTON

To celebrate, join us on the Chessboard th Tuesday 13 August ASHBURTON 324 EAST STREET. ASHBURTON. 03 307 6380. 324 EAST STREET. ASHBURTON. 03 307 6380. ASHBURTON ASHBURTON ASHBURTONASHBURTON ASHBURTON for a BBQ and Spin to Win 324 EAST STREET. ASHBURTON. 03 307 6380. ASHBURTON

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Dental care magazine

from your vet makes a very happy pet



Hidden beneath your pets’ lips if you are brave enough to take a peek, rests an army of bacteria slowly causing a nuisance to your pets’ teeth and gums. Four out of five pets over the age of two are living with dental disease which if left unmanaged can lead to bad breath, painful gums, rotten teeth and more serious illnesses, such as heart, liver and kidney disease. It can be very difficult for owners to check for the early signs of dental disease as our pets will carry on eating and behaving as normal even with very painful and severe gum disease. Signs of dental disease • Bad breath • Discolouration of teeth • Dribbling • A pink/red line where the tooth meets the gum. • Tooth loss • Pawing or rubbing at the mouth • Change in eating habits • Chewing on 1 side of the mouth • Not hearing your pet crunch the biscuits Plaque is a colourless film on teeth containing large numbers of bacteria. We remove plaque daily when we brush our own teeth, but for a lot of pets and their owners this is not practicable. Plaque continues to build up on our pets’ teeth and eventually tartar forms which is a hard layer that tends to form on teeth near the gum line. Once tartar forms this has to be mechanically scraped off and is what the hygienist removes when you visit the dentist. To help you take care of your pets’ teeth, there are now many ways to help you reduce plaque and tartar build up preventing many of the signs listed above. It could be as simple as feeding a special food or adding something to their drinking water.

Dental Check Keep your furry companion’s chompers in top condition with this amazing offer.

For the month of August, book your pet in for a dental check at VetEnt and receive the dental check FREE! + Free HillsTM Prescription DietTM t/dTM Take Home pack which includes a sample, $10 off t/dTM and $20 off t/dTM !

Veterinarian Dr Juan Gray checks the dental health of a cat at VetEnt where dental checks are free for the month of August. By preventing dental disease you will also reduce the need for more expensive dental procedures in the future. If you come in to see me for a free dental check during August we can discuss all the options available to you and tailor a plan to suit you, your pet and your wallet! I will also take a close look at your pet’s mouth and take time to show you any signs of dental problems which you can then start to take care of at home.

You will also receive a free dental plan, recommended by a veterinarian on the optimum care for your pets’ teeth, tailored to suit your individual requirements and budget. If dental surgery is required, dental work booked for the month of August, will receive 10% OFF + 50% OFF a bag of HillsTM Prescription DietTM t/dTM Feline 1.8kg, Canine 2.2kg or Small Bites 2.2kg. Offer ends August 31 2013.

Call VetEnt on 308 2321 to book your free check now.

ph 308 2321


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A safety-conscious little app



hose nervous moments when you are unsure if your loved-one has got home safe will be few and far between with this new app. Called the Get Home Safe app, the name practically speaks for itself and could potentially save precious time in dangerous situations. Designed by Queenstown entrepreneur Boyd Peacock, the smartphone user registers their itinerary for the day and lodges a time when they expect to be at a particular location. The app privately watches over the user’s movements by recording their GPS location. If the person does not meet the “where and when” deadline, an alert is sent to selected emergency contacts who can then respond. Although it could spark unnecessary concern, the app would help calm that pestering worry in the back of your mind about whether your child got home safely from school while you’re at work. It could even save a loved-one’s life who may not return from a tramp in time, or is unusually late home from the pub. This app has been easy to use and takes little time to set up – and what’s best is it’s free. It’s creator claims it will


The Get Home Safe app privately monitors a user’s location and sets off a pre-set alarm if they don’t get home when they are expected to.

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Get Home Safe creator Boyd Peacock developed the first app of its kind in Australasia.

be used by many people for day-to-day business, but we are all so connected today that it probably wouldn’t be worth the time and hassle to log in your daily plan and have your loved one ringing you if you were late because of traffic. Instead, I see this app better suited to those free-time activities such as biking, fishing and a night out on the town where the unexpected is more likely to happen. Overall, I think it’s a simple app that could make a huge difference.

Has your windscreen got a chip or a crack? Need to fix it quickly and effectively! Call Owen or Wayne at Wilson’s Windscreens and get the best advice to repair or replace your windscreen.

They’re here for your emergency! Your premises or ours! 152 Wills Street, Ashburton Ph 03 308 8485 Mobile 0274 345 636



It’s time to get in the garden...

Wholesale landscape supplies, direct to the public: • Bark • Screened soil • Oamaru stone • 100% Organic Compost • Rocks and boulders • Sand, Shingle and Stones • Concrete Delivery service available plus a FREE loan trailer

Ashburton Contracting Limited


P 03 307 8302 A Dobson Street West, Ashburton W www.ashcon.co.nz

and your gardens YOU



Garden trickery


The temperate winter weather has tricked gardens throughout the district, mine included! With buds appearing at every quarter it’s well and truly time to crack on with the remaining pruning projects, before the sap rises any further. At the rear of my section is a small orchard consisting of several varieties of stone and pip fruit – all in a rather sorry state. What fruit these trees produced last season largely failed to ripen, hidden from the sun in the dense foliage. While I was willing to tackle the roses and hydrangeas, I was not ready to risk the fate of my fruit trees. Winter pruning sets the scene for next year’s harvest, and a shoddy job could put both the crop and the tree it grows on at risk. Time to call my gardening guru! Dale Smith, from Smithscapes,


arrived on Monday, equipped with a ladder, secateurs, loppers and saws – and in no time he whittled the trees into shape! Correct pruning will help the trees develop proper shape and form, increasing the yield and quality of fruit. Developing a sturdy framework will also extend the productive life of the trees. Left untended fruit trees tend to grow upward, putting branches at risk of damage when heavily loaded with fruit – or snow, as is prone to happen in Mid Canterbury. Even when a tree is situated in full sun, pruning is important to open the canopy to allow light to penetrate – essential for flower bud development and to set the fruit. This also allows air to circulate, preventing damp spots which can lead to disease and insect infestation. There are various forms of pruning and shaping fruit trees, but for the uninitiated in an untamed orchard such as mine, it is probably wise to invest in the services of an expert to shape the trees. Now my trees are under control I may be brave enough to tackle them myself next year – or maybe not, we’ll see when winter rolls around again.

Left – Dale Smith sets some fruit trees to rights. PHOTO DONNA WYLIE 050813-DW-105

Keith Dowdle is this month’s tree pack prize winner with the following question:

Lemon tree woes

My lemon tree has a black sooty covering on the leaves and a white fungus about the size of a pin head. What should I treat the tree with?


rom your description it sounds like you have a fungus problem known as sooty mould on your lemon tree. The white “fungus” you describe is probably the sap-sucking insect scale. This dew then attracts the growth of the sooty mould which covers much of the leaves, reducing the plant’s ability to photosynthesise, and in turn affecting its growth and fruit production. The key to treating this problem is to get rid of the insects. To do this you need to spray the insects with an oil-based spray such

as Neem Oil or Conqueror Oil - good coverage is very important, especially on the undersides of the leaves where the insects typically reside. Once the insects are dead there is no more “food” for the sooty mould to grow on so it will begin to disappear. Healthy trees are less prone to pests and diseases so regular watering, feeding and attention is important to ensure the plant’s vitality and fruit cropping. Lemon trees are “heavy feeders” and benefit from regular applications of quality fertiliser. Apply fertiliser just outside the “drip line” of the branches at six-weekly intervals from late October to early December, recommencing late-February/ early-March through to early April. Make sure you water the tree well before and after you apply the fertiliser. Visit www.daltons.co.nz for more information about Daltons products.

FREE gardening packs Be in to win

Email goodies@theguardian.co.nz with Daltons Premium Tree Planting pack in the subject heading, or write to Tree Pack giveaway, Box 77, Ashburton. CONDITIONS OF ENTRY:

• You must provide a gardening question for the Daltons’ experts to answer. • Please include your address and phone number in email and letter options! • Giveaway entries must be received by August 26. For more information on Daltons products visit www.daltons.co.nz

All questions supplied are entered into the draw to win a Daltons prize pack, but the Guardian reserves the right to choose which questions and answers will be published. Daltons post the prize to our lucky winner.

The benefits of planting trees are endless. They provide us with privacy and shade while simultaneously absorbing carbon dioxide and producing much needed clean oxygen. We have two Daltons Premium Tree planting packs to give away valued at over $50 each and contain 2x Daltons Nutrient Enriched Compost, 1 x Daltons Premium Planter Tabs, 1 x Daltons Premium Tree and Shrub Fertiliser and 1 x Daltons Organic Bio-fungicide Granules.




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e are most fortunate indeed that some of the most popular garden plants also have the added benefit of providing exquisite perfume. It is also quite ironic that most of these plants flower during the mid-winter to early spring imparting their flowers and perfume during the dull winter months. Some of these plants have inconspicuous flowers and it’s quite amazing that they are able to produce such powerful scents. There are also some great climbing plants that have wonderful scents and it’s a shame that these plants are not in more gardens. Some of the best climbing plants with perfume include Akebia quinata (the five-leaved Akebia), various Clematis species, Trachelospermum (the Chinese Star Jasmine) and some Wisterias. The Akebia is a vigorous twiner that is rapid growing, covering unsightly fences or views quickly. It needs to be well supported and given a heavy prune after flowering. It has both male and female flowers in the same clusters with racemes of very sweetly fragrant reddish purple blossoms that are best described as quaint rather than showy. The Trachelospermum or Chinese Star Jasmine is another twiner that dominates any garden in the spring and early summer with the delightful fragrance of myriads of little star shaped, white flowers. The foliage is a clean glossy green and needs support with heavy cord or wires to lead the vines in the desired direction. The Wisterias are spectacular climbers with a myriad of uses so ensure the staff at your garden centre suggests the right variety for the end use desired. Both Wisteria floribunda and Wisteria sinensis have cultivars that are highly perfumed! Scented shrubs include Vanilla Tree, Boronias, Camellias, Winter Sweet, Daphne, Witchazel, Osmanthus, Rhododendrons and Viburnums which all continue to be the mainstay plants of many gardens. The Vanilla Tree (Azara microphylla) has somewhat declined in popularity but it is an excellent small, narrow, upright evergreen tree that imparts the most delicious sweet vanillachocolate fragrance. Very effective when used among Azaleas, Camellia and Rhododendrons or silhouetted against a wall. Boronias have always been one of the most popular scented plants and need to be located where they can be appreciated at close quarters in full sun with moist well-drained soils free of lime. They can be somewhat shortlived, but are well worth the trouble. Boronia megastisma

Lochlea Lifestyle Resort DIG THIS ROGER MARTIN gives us some gardening advice varieties have the best perfume from deep purple brown flowers with gold insides and make good cut flowers. Trim after flowering to encourage fresh growth. Boronia ‘Carousel’ is a taller plant to 1.5m and has deliciously fragrant soft pink flowers that turn deep red with age. The Winter Sweet (Chimonanthus praecox) is famous for its sulphur yellow waxy flowers in mid winter and make a great show both in the garden and indoors. It needs a trim after flowering but apart from that is so hardy. Of course everyone knows the various Daphne cultivars and they are unrivalled for their lush green foliage, white, rosy red or waxy pink flowers and their fabulous scent. A great cut flower for the vase with perfume that spreads throughout the house. They prefer semi-shade, cool friable well-drained soil free of lime and benefit from light dressings of iron chelates, aluminium sulphate or flowers of sulphur. The Witchazel (Hamamelis mollis) is one of my favourites with its spidery-like winter flowers on distinctly oriental branches. The best fragrant cultivars are Arnolds Promise (soft yellow), Goldcrest (rich golden yellow) and Pallida (large sulphur yellow). Most have great autumn colour and all are so easy to grow. Rhododendrons and Viburnum are legendary plants in the garden for flowers, perfume and form. Scented rhodos include Countess of Haddington, Countess of Sefton, Dora Amateis, Fragrantissima, Elsie Fryer, Maddeni, Lady Dorothy Ella and Harry Tagg. The best Viburnums include Anne Russell, burkwoodii, carlcephalum, carlesii, fulbrook and Juddii. All are hardy and are well worth a place in your garden. With the compliments of Roger Martin, Martins Garden Design and Maintenance

There are now three newly completed villas ready for occupation! Situated on 6.2 hectares in Racecourse Road is Ashburton’s premier lifestyle resort village for people aged 60 years and over. Expressions of interest are invited for this fabulous complex which is currently under construction and will eventually provide 107 two-and-three bedroom villas, 10 age care units and a 70 to 80 bed hospital with attached dementia units. The hub of the village will be Lochlea Lodge the community centre for all residents and their visitors. A lot of thought has gone into the design of the lodge, and it will provide many indoor and outdoor facilities such as residents’ lounge, library, workshops, bowling green, barbecue area, putting green, indoor swimming pool & spa, gymnasium and much more. This gated complex will provide a safe and secure living environment and is situated on the north-west side of Ashburton, an idyllic semi-rural location with mountain views and the resort is only an hour’s drive to Christchurch and Timaru.

Adjacent to the resort is Lochlea Estate Stage 1 now selling sections enquiries welcome

“New villas to view” Enquiries to Tony Sands, Resort Manager

Contact 03-307-9080 Free phone 0800-2727-837 After hours: 03-302-6887 Email: tony@lochlearesort.co.nz

Provisonal member of rva.

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Above left (from left) – Brad Stara, Andrew Carr and Mark Greenslade. Above right (from left) – Kylie and Jamie Reith, and Bruce Connelly. Right (from left) – Ross, Bryce and Douglas Richards.


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Above – Peter Blain (left) and Peter Gluyas.

Above (from left) – Andrew Fraser, Troy Sutherland and Wendy Fraser.



Above – Derek and Colin Glass. Left – Lisa and Scott Stringer.


Above (from left) – Leanne Oosthuizen, Nigel Woodhead and Robin Hornblow. FLOORINGXTRA.CO.NZ

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