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Editor’s note

Christmas Market

Delicious December everyone! This month we bring you a bumper issue full of tips on enjoying the festive season without gaining the excess kilos, festive recipes, what to buy and what not to buy for presents and much more. For a break from the festive stories, we also have some fashion tips, a really interesting story about Ashburton psychic Rose Maude Kennedy and for the foodies out there, a story on two women making it in the world of boutique cheesemaking from Talbot Forest Cheese in Geraldine. The team at YOU magazine hope you enjoy this month’s offering and stay stress-free, healthy and happy during the festive season. Merry Christmas to you all! Cheers, Lisa Fenwick YOU editor


Above – Bridget Danielson (left) and Lisa Scammell. Below left – Chrissie Johnson (left) and Brenda Law. Below right – Maiyah, eight months, and Tristan Ingle.

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Below – Aimee Williams (left) and Marilyn Buckenham.


Above – Jane and Olivia, 9, Pearce.

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their past and

Where most of us see just one person and one life, Rose Maude Kennedy sees many lives and many people over many generations. She tells reporter Sue Newman how she uses her psychic abilities to put people in touch with their past and helps them chart their future. Meet Rose Leonard in the street and she could be anyone’s mum, anyone’s sister, but behind the smile and friendly face another world lurks. Meet Rose Leonard’s alter ego, Rose Maude Kennedy the medium. Life for Rose is lived on two levels, in two worlds. It’s always been that way, the people that other people cannot see have always been her fellow travellers through life. “I was born able to see spirit. When we were in Tekapo I didn’t question why I could see fairies and sprites, they looked so real and I thought everyone could see them,” she said. As a child, Rose would play by herself talking to what her family assumed were imaginary friends. She thought that was quite normal, never considered herself different. Those friends continued to visit and Rose learned to live in a world that was populated by strangers. For her it was a comfortable place to be, but she quickly learned to

keep her spirit and temporal worlds apart. The hardest thing, she said, was forgetting that other people could not see what she could see; often that meant she’d make a comment that appeared completely random to others but fitted perfectly into her spirit world conversation. As a teenager that made life more than difficult at times.

“I often got into trouble with my friends because I’d just say something about them; I had no concept of keeping my mouth shut. But I never felt odd, I just thought everyone could see things.” What was considered Rose’s quirky way was never discussed with family or friends and it wasn’t until she turned 30 and became a mother that she realised what she

had was a gift that allowed her to cross the boundaries between two worlds. Feeling low after the birth of her daughter she went to a natural healer, was put into a trance and instead of working through her emotional issues, she found herself telling the healer things about himself, his life and his patients. The healer was stunned – and so was

R ap ab ag int I fo co

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d their future




One woman, two faces, two very different lives, Rose Leonard, wife and mother, at home in her garden and (right) Rose Maude Kennedy, medium, working on a client’s reading.

Rose. “I found I was telling him about a patient he’d been seeing for years, about what was wrong with her. He was a gifted healer, but had trouble tapping into people with emotional issues and I found it easy to make the emotional connection.” continued over page

6 | YOU Magazine

from page 5 That chance visit was the beginning of a long journey that Rose says has no end. She undertook a period of training where she learned to trust what she was seeing and hearing, she learned to work with energy and, most importantly, she learned how to shut the spirits out. “I discovered I had all the abilities, but I didn’t know how to use them. I can now turn spirits off, but I can’t always turn them on.” Her work as a medium is very much a part of who she is as a person. There is no shortage of work, but Rose manages her client numbers to ensure her energy levels are maintained. “People come to see me for all sorts of reasons – financial, contacting loved ones, their cat, finding friends or about their health. Others want verification that a decision they’ve made is the right one, they might come with concerns about their children.” Whatever the reason, she finds it easy to connect, to find the pathway to the people or answers they’re seeking. The internet has changed the world of the medium and, for Rose, more of her readings are now via email than they are face to face. Email readings might not sound kosher, but they’re every bit as accurate and meaningful as traditional person-to-person readings, and in the same period of time are much more indepth, Rose said. “I ask that people write to me and ask a question. This allows me to connect.” She does several readings most days of the week by email, but limits her face-toface readings to weekly. After years as a working medium, Rose describes readings as like “putting on an old coat”. “It’s become very comfortable. My abilities get stronger with the years and I get a lot more clarity in readings. It used to make me tired, but it doesn’t anymore. The energy I get is like pure silk. For the first two or three readings I was very nervous but that quickly disappeared.” Unlike some who refuse to deliver bad news, Rose says she hides nothing. “If bad stuff comes up I always share it, most often people already know. You can’t simply tell a person a pipe dream or spin a yarn.” She believes people will not ask questions if they don’t want to hear the answers – good or bad. Could that become a self-fulfilling prophecy, where the person then makes the answer reality? Rose says no, because they’re already walking down that path. Developing a filter that keeps spirits out

Being a medium might be a gift, but for Rose Maude Kennedy that doesn’t mean she ever stops learning about the spirit world.

means Rose can lead a normal life and do things such as supermarket shopping without seeing spirits around her fellow shoppers. “I rarely go up to a stranger and give a message and I don’t think I’ve ever given bad news to a Joe Bloggs off the street.” When it comes to a person’s aura, however, Rose admits she’s nosey and usually checks this out on everyone she meets.

She knows she works in a field that attracts knockers, even her own family. It’s not something she debates. She simply tells people that it’s her job and leaves it there. “My favourite clients are the real sceptical clients, but they can’t argue once you given them information that there is no way you could have known about, describe things no-one else could know about them.”

Having a mum who’s a medium hasn’t always been easy for her children. “They used to be really accepting, but it was when they were teenagers it became difficult and now as older teenagers they’re careful who they tell.” There’s always a mixed reaction when she tells people what she does. “If you’re out socially people often look at you sideways when they know what you do, but I’m just me when I’m out socially. Although I did go to a wedding once and ended up doing readings, it was great.” The ability to see and connect with spirits isn’t rare, it’s something many people are able to do, but most are afraid to do anything with it, Rose said. She takes an enormous amount of pleasure out of helping people travel the bridge between the temporal and the spirit world. “This is something I’ll never get tired off, it keeps changing, keeps evolving. As a people we’re changing, we’re a lot more positive than we used to be. Since 2000 I can see and feel people’s positiveness has been improving.” She has clients who have been coming to her since she started doing public readings 24 years ago. Ideally readings should be about 18 months apart and she discourages clients from getting into “serialisation” where they want very regular readings to find out what will happen next in their lives. Rose also uses energy to heal and she’s happy to see people who are sick quite regularly. “It just happens, I can feel it when someone who is hurt or injured is healing. Often those injuries or the pain goes back to a past life.” A person’s past life is an essential part of who they are today and while most don’t want to explore those lives through workshops, many people find they are drawn to things or places. Our lives today are impacted by the lives we’ve lived in the past, she said. She holds past-life workshops where people are able to regress, relive and heal. Communicating with the spirit world is one of the oldest professions around and it’s one that’s future-proofed, she said. “There are always people who always want to know and there always will be.” Rose can’t imagine a time when she won’t want to share the spirit world with others. She knows hers is a gift for life and says she feels privileged to be able to do what she does. And being able to tap into that world also means death will never be an unknown for her. Dying is just a stepping stone in a very long journey, she says.

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tennis-pro fit

If you’re inspired by the power and beauty of Maria Sharapova, or the speed and athleticism of Roger Federer, use these five tips to help whip your body into Wimbledon-worthy shape

Legs Speed, agility and sheer strength is required of a tennis player’s legs and you’ll need to work hard to achieve the toned, sculpted pins most players possess. One of the best ways to tone your legs is to skip. Rumours have it that Roger Federer kicks off his training sessions by skipping – so should you. Try to skip for one minute before resting. Repeat this three to five times depending on your fitness level. Another great way to work your legs is to do interval training. Serena Williams includes this in her training. If you are running on a treadmill, begin by walking quickly for two minutes, then walk a little quicker on a steeper gradient for one minute before sprinting with no gradient for one minute. Repeat this process three to five times. If you are working outside, use lamp-posts or a stopwatch to complete your session and time your intervals. You should also try to include lunges with resistance and some lateral raises into your exercise routine to get legs like a tennis player.

Diet Diet and nutrition play a key role in any pro-player’s healthy-living regime. One of the key food groups to focus on is carbohydrates. During a match, a tennis player can lose between 500 and 1500 calories, so refuelling with carbs is essential. Eat pasta, rice or cereals post-match. Take a leaf out of Rafael Nadal’s book and eat grilled fish, such as salmon, alongside a portion of pasta and fresh vegetables. On days when you’re not playing sport or working out, start your day with a smoothie. Venus Williams eats vegetable-based smoothies, using kale, carrots, cucumber and protein powder to make a nutritious morning juice. To eat like Venus, knock up a lentil, pea and bean salad for lunch, adding honey, feta and olive oil to liven up the dish.

Cross- training Clearly, if you want to look like a proplayer you have to play tennis. Yet, although the stars play daily for a couple of hours at a time, you probably have other commitments, which means you cannot dedicate so much time to the court. But that doesn’t mean that when you train you should play only tennis. You still need to work your body doing other forms of exercise. This is known as cross-training, and is essential for any athlete, not only because it helps build and work other muscle groups (which in turn help you to become a better tennis player), but it also helps to reduce the stress on the body and, hopefully, reduces your risk of picking up a tennis injury.



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If you want to have a serve that clocks up triple digits (the fastest serve on record is, according to Guinness World Records, 251km/h and was hit by Ivo Karlovic in 2011) then you need to pay serious attention to arm exercises. As well as playing tennis, you need to do strength training exercises. Include a combination of exercises, such as straight-arm rowing, dips, chest presses, push-ups and medicine ball drills. To keep progressing and building muscle and tone in your arms you have to make sure you keep your training sessions varied. Experiment with a range of different exercises and never fall into the trap of a training rut as your improvement will stagnate.

Please tick which address (physical, fax or email) you’d like us to send your invoice to

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around the lake.

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unique charitable cause.

Confidence If you watch tennis players off and on court they don’t slink about or slouch. They stand tall. They are confident. Their shoulders are back and their hips are in line with their ears. Remember that getting the body of a tennis player is not just about working out a lot and eating decent food, it’s also about your posture and your confidence. To improve your posture, balance and tone up your stomach, work your core by doing exercises like the plank. For more lifestyle news see

Cut Cut Here Here

Yes, like helpput put aa permanent permanent community track around Lake Hood. Yes, I’dI’d like totohelp community track around Lake Hood. Please detach and returnto toAshburton Ashburton Aquatic Trust, C/-C/Brophy Knight Ltd, Ltd, Please detach and return AquaticPark ParkCharitable Charitable Trust, Brophy Knight 314, Ashburton. Or scan and email, PO PO BoxBox 314, Ashburton. Or scan and email, Please tick which address (physical, fax or

Please tick which (physical, fax or email) you’d likeaddress us to send your invoice to email) you’d like us to send your invoice to Name:



Address: Phone:

Phone: Email:

I’d like to donate:

I’d like to donate: $45 for 1 metre

$45 for 1 metre

$90 for 2 metres

$90for for102metres metresand $450 yes, I’d like to have my business name displayed $450 for 10 metres and alongside. yes, I’d like to have displayed alongside. This my can business be shown name as: This can be shown as:

Fax: Email:

Fax: As the donations are to the Aquatic Park Charitable Trust they are tax deductible. The Trust will send you an IRD approved invoice for payment to the address provided.

As the donations are to the Aquatic Park Charitable Trust they are tax deductible. The Trust will send you an IRD approved invoice for payment to the address provided.

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passion and

Think of the ancient craft of making cheese and the first image that comes to mind is of older men, steeped in tradition, turning out cheeses in styles that have been around for centuries. Reporter Sue Newman talks to Angela Veal and Laura McPherson, modern-day cheesemakers who are changing the image of their industry. For Angela Veale and Laura McPherson cheese is more than just food, it’s their work, their lives and their passion. What’s not to love about the cheesemaking process, Angela says – every cheese is different, every cheese has its own story and the more you know and understand the more you fall in love with the cheesemaking process. Angela and partner Paul Fitzsimons founded Talbot Forest Cheese 15 years ago. They’d come from a milk industry background – Angela was a food technologist and Paul a cheese technologist. It was the perfect partnership on which to build a cheesemaking business. “We were doing big hours and started thinking if we were doing those hours we should be doing them for ourselves,” Angela said. The couple were living in Palmerston North and started scouting locations to establish their cheesemaking dream. Geraldine won on every front. “We bit the bullet and decided to move. When we saw this site there was a gravel carpark and just a bakery and the Barker’s store. This (the shop) was part of the store. We stood in the storeroom and wondered if we could fit a factory in.” Fifteen years ago boutique cheese producers were scarce on the ground. Kapiti was young and trendy and Whitestone was in the mix. It was the start of a new

era in cheesemaking and Angela and Paul were in the front line. They knew they had everything in their favour – a perfect environment for cows, a good supply of milk from Fonterra where they chose their supply herd, one friesian and one jersey. “We started off very small. When we had to do a proposal for the bank we said we were being ambitious, that we’d do 10 tonnes in a year,” Angela said. While she is reluctant to talk production figures, that 10 tonnes has been overcome in many multiples. And they started small in terms of varieties – just gouda, brie and blue. Today varieties run to 34 and rising, with markets across New Zealand. While Angela is not often hands-on in the factory today, her love of the cheesemaking process is enduring. “The beauty of making cheese is that it starts out with just a vat of milk and you work with it to become cheese,” she said. Laura is a rarity in the cheesemaking industry, a young woman working in a world that is traditionally known as a place for men. It’s an odd industry because there are no formal cheesemaking qualifications, rather, good cheesemakers learn by working in the industry, building up their knowledge base and by understanding how to work with a living product. It’s a

Cheese is their world, Angela Veale (left) and Laura McPherson from Talbot Forest Cheese. PHOTOS DONNA WYLIE 261114-DW-230

creative process that involves instinct and understanding. “I’ve been here four years and I’m still learning, I’ll always be learning,” she said. Unlike many products competing on an open market, Talbot Forest doesn’t market itself. “We let the cheese market itself, word of mouth is a much better marketing tool. We’ve always flown very much under the radar in everything we do,” Angela said. In the early days they were afraid to market, afraid to over promise. As newcomers in the boutique cheese world they knew how to make cheese, but had no idea how the market would react to their product. Initially they sold their cheese through social clubs and to staff members at their previous workplaces. They opened their shop in 2001 and that remained their sole outlet until they decided, five years ago, to supply supermarkets. That decision was a long time

coming. “We were being badgered to supply but we had to be sure we could deliver,” she said. Their first Easter in business they filled their chiller with cheese and their freezer with Kapiti icecream hoping the odd customer might walk through the door. “By Saturday we had to go out and find some more stock to sell – everything had gone, it was most embarrassing. Now we’ve got a much better handle on it.” They regularly field calls from customers wanting to buy their cheese online. So far they’ve resisted because they don’t have the resources to pack and deliver. That may change when the new packhouse opens. And they don’t export, they can’t make enough cheese for the demand that would inevitably come. Today they’ve become big players in the boutique market and plan to expand their factory to a new packing and cutting store

YOU Magazine | 9

nd feel Trainee cheese maker Laura McPherson, a woman in a man’s world. 261114-DW-149

in Temuka. Next year a second factory will open in Temuka to make their big-run cheeses such as parmesan, grated cheddar and some of the more commercial varieties. The speciality cheeses will continue to be made in Geraldine. These runs are often quite small. And they’re always looking for new cheese varieties to make. “There’s two ways to invent a new cheese, deliberately or you can make a mistake in the cheesemaking process and find out what you end up with is wonderful. Obviously some come from the latter,” Angela said. “When we were doing everything ourselves we had to run out and fix something, sometimes the cheese would get left a bit longer in a process and we’d end up with something different.” Cheesemaking is about feel and it’s about understanding. continued over page

Diane Gardner



Nigel Wilson Orchard Series Nigel Wilson Orchard Series Nigel Wilson Orchard Series

PH: (027) 284 0191 PO Box 22, Geraldine 7956

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Another day doing the job they love – cheese experts Angela Veal (left) and Laura McPherson. 261114-DW-076

SHOP Barker’s platter packs ONLINE

This limited edition gift pack contains an assortment of 6 x Barker's of Geraldine Chutneys/Relishes/ Jellies, 1 x Plum Sauce, 1 x Lime with Elderflower fruit syrup, 2 x ramekins and a Barker's tea towel.

It's a perfect gift for foodies who love entertaining.

0508 BARKERS (0508 227 537) 76B Talbot Street, Geraldine

Price: $49

“A lot of companies talk about having recipes, but we have a process. You have a recipe for a cake.” Traditionally it’s an industry where the process is handed down from generation to generation. Those people are cheesemakers. Large-scale factories have lost that personal touch and their makers are usually known as operators. Talbots is a family of cheesemakers, Angela said. They don’t chase awards, but their cheeses have caught the eyes of judges over the past few years. The awards keep coming, but that’s not why they’re in the business. They’re there because they’re passionate about what they do. Cheesemaking might be a business but it’s also fun. Their biggest sellers are wheels of brie and their Mt Peel Blue that recently gained even greater fame as the key ingredient in Allenton Meat’s award-

winning beef and blue cheese sausages. “The blue was an all-round winner before and now it’s got even more people talking about it. That win has been big for us too.” And is there life outside of cheese? “Why would you want to do anything else?” Angela said. In June she travelled to France and England and came back inspired, but she also realised how well they were doing things at home. “In lots of ways I saw things we’re already doing and that’s pretty cool, but I did come back buzzing. It’s not a glamorous job. Angela and Laura spend most of their working day wearing white overalls, with their hair covered by gauze hats. That day starts early – 5am and lasts up to 12 hours, but neither woman would change what they do for another job with more sociable hours.

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Leaving Time Norma Geddes


I haven’t read Jodie Picoult for a while now, but when I saw this one was about elephants - my absolute favourite animal I was more than happy to pick it up. Alice Metcalfe was a loving wife, mother and scientist whose speciality

was studying grief amongst elephants. It’s been a decade since she mysteriously disappeared and her now 13-year-old daughter Jenna refuses to believe her mother deserted her - so she approaches two rather interesting characters to help her find her mother - Serenity Jones, a disgraced psychic and Virgil Stanhope, the detective who first investigated her mother’s disappearance. There’s quite a cast of characters in the book - Jenna’s father who is now institutionalised and her grandmother. Jenna pores over Alice’s many diaries and research notes trying to find a clue to her mother’s disappearance. Again, Jodie uses the format of a multicharacter point of view to tell the whole story which is a technique I really like. The

research done for this book really shows - the facts and information about elephants are so interesting. This is a great story of love, respect, grief and loss and the love between a mother and her child - be they human or elephant. And watch out for the twist at the end! Highly recommended. Advertising feature

Bring in this advert and get


212 East Street • Ashburton • 03 308 8309

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and what


by Melissa Jenkins

It’s 19 sleeps until Santa visits those of us who have been well behaved this year. For those who haven’t made their list and checked it twice, Cindy Newstead a shopping expert for Chadstone in Melbourne’s south-east has some helpful advice for getting through the shopping session with as little stress as possible. Newstead suggests arriving at shopping centres as soon as they open on either a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday to avoid the crowds or take advantage of extended trading hours. Do your research online first so you know what you need to buy and the store with the best price. If you’re stuck for ideas, don’t walk around the shops randomly hoping for

inspiration. Categorise your friends and keep it simple. Try these tips for the difficult friends in your life:

Beauty binger

For the beauty product addicts among us, Christmas means one thing: perfume and cosmetic gift packs. These nifty bundles include bonus goodies with your makeup or perfume purchase that you have to buy separately at other times of the year or cute special release mini versions of things like nail polish and creams. Newstead also recommends a pamper package as a thoughtful gift for the busy woman who needs a little R and R.


It can be tricky buying clothes for others so a handbag and wallet in black, tan or cream is sure to be a winner for the fashionista in your life. “Keep it classic and simple rather than jumping into something that is a little bit too out there, then you run the risk of them

just not liking it,” Newstead says. Jewellery, like a necklace or bracelet, is a gift that will show the lucky recipient you have put some time and thought into their present. “My 20-year-old, when he was about 16 and he got his first pay cheque, he went to Tiffany’s and bought me the smallest little heart on the planet but he went and bought me this necklace,” Newstead said. “It’s so sentimental to me, it’s just beautiful.”


Biscuits or chocolates in an ornate tin is a classy choice for someone you don’t know that well or a welcome present for a sweet tooth. Cookbooks are a winner if you know the recipient likes experimenting in the kitchen and gadgets like food processors and dehydrators are practical options too.

Gadgets galore

Activity trackers that monitor your steps, distance and calories burned and track your sleep quality at night are a great idea for someone who likes gadgets and keeping fit. Newstead suggests noise cancelling headphones are a perfect option for a gadget lover who needs some peace and quiet while at work or studying.

Green thumb

A gardening book featuring quick tips and illustrated guides to growing your own fruit and vegetables makes a great gift for someone trying to spruce up their veggie patch or hoping to set up one from scratch. Gardening gloves and tool boxes are winners too.


G ph su T en m


A m th ed N fo th fro pr fro


ea p-


r m s

YOU Magazine | 13

not to buy

Hobby photographer

GoPros are small cameras that can take photos and video while attached to your surfboard, helmet or dog. This is sure to win over the photography enthusiasts or those who like to document action sports.

Intrepid traveller

A travel guide for a friend or family member who has a big trip planned is a thoughtful choice or a hardcover illustrated book about their destination. Newstead recommends quality luggage for someone who travels regularly or, on the smaller end of the scale, a journal from a trendy stationery store is a lovely present for someone to record memories from their travel adventures. – AAP

The worst Christmas gifts ever bought by Melissa Jenkins

We’ve all had them: Christmas presents wrapped in newspaper or perhaps still in a supermarket bag and what is inside the cheap wrapping fails to live up to any normal person’s expectations of giving. Present fails might come from a clueless mother-in-law, tight-fisted aunty or lazy cousin. To avoid becoming an offender yourself, here are some examples of what not to give friends, family or colleagues this festive season – yes, these gems are from

real life cases: – A guide to 1984 Olympics for Christmas 1986 – A set of personalised bar coasters for a family member three months after they have sworn off alcohol – Fake Anna and Elsa Frozen dolls - yes, children really can spot a fraud – Anything purchased from a servo or supermarket, particularly within 100 metres of your workplace (are you really that lazy?) – A bracelet found in a park that still has the previous owner’s initials engraved

– A vacuum cleaner for your partner don’t need to explain this one, do we? – A laundry hamper with dividers for colours and whites in the hope the recipient will finally get their clothes off the floor – A block of Cadbury chocolate and a 10-pack of K-Mart undies (you might as well declare ‘I am a scrooge’ on the card - oh wait, you probably haven’t bought one, have you?) – A Santa figurine for an adult – Blank cassette tapes, VCR tapes or DVDs – AAP

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and still

Jane Logie


Well it is that time of year again where the Christmas parties are happening around town and you may find that you are on the guest list of many. Being on those guest lists often involves consuming alcohol and lots of delightful pre-Christmas treats. Just making it through the pre-Christmas functions before the big day can pile on the kilos. Pre-Christmas is not the time to start dieting, even though many feel compelled to want to shed a few kilos naturally before the weather gets too hot; maybe so they can wear short skirts, dresses, shorts and togs, and of course you want to feel and look your best. It would be great to have Christmas in the winter months and then we would have a real excuse to eat a few more Christmas treats, as winter requires us to add on a few kilos for warmth, rather than shed a few kilos for the summer months. Bugger, you may say, now I have to politely consume those delicious Christmas treats that are going to be on offer in the office, at work break-ups, at Christmas functions, at friends’ Christmas parties and the big day itself of course! Will I look good for the summer months ahead you may wonder? Try following some of the suggestions below of ways to avoid the Christmas spread. – Eat smaller portions. – Try what you most desire, as opposed to everything you see in front of you. – Try to eat normal portions at the preChristmas parties and on Christmas Day. – Don’t over-indulge only to regret feeling terrible later.

Quacamole – creamy, delicious, nourishing and filling for any Christmas function to go with consuming alcohol. PHOTO AND RECIPE JANE LOGIE

– Curb your overall consumption of alcohol pre- and post-Christmas – due to the high calorie content. – Don’t skip lunch to save room and then overload for dinner when attending the Christmas functions. – Do enjoy the array of decadent Christmas treats on offer, but limit the number of items that pass your lips. – Replace alcohol with water or juice, to stay hydrated and to avoid playing catch-up later in eating more food to mop up the extra alcohol that you have consumed.

– Don’t eat until you are completely overloaded. Politely say no to food continuously offered to you and be kind to your stomach as there is only so much room in there – about two cupfuls’ worth. Keep in the back of your mind that it’s summertime and you are still wanting to be looking and feeling your best come January when the weather gets really hot and you have to wear less clothing and fewer layers. Now is not the time to start dieting or

drastically reducing your food consumption, but to be aware not to over-indulge this Christmas and wonder why you are feeling those extra kilos. For those of you who are providing the Christmas functions, provide bite-sized portions for guests as finger food, as well as providing plenty of healthy options alongside the not-so-healthy options. Remember it is still all about the Christmas fun and not the added kilos. Merry Christmas and season’s greetings for the New Year ahead; heres hoping it’s going to be a long hot summer.

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l have fun Quacamole Quacamole – creamy, delicious, nourishing and filling for any Christmas function to go with consuming alcohol.

3 ripe avocadoes 3/4 C plain natural yoghurt 3/4 lemon, juiced 1/4 red pepper – sliced and diced into very small cubes 1/4 red or orange pepper – sliced and diced into to very small cubes 1/4 finely diced red onion – optional 2-3 dashes of hot chilli sauce – optional (just to give some heat) 1/4 t of salt 1/4 t of white pepper Bunch of fresh coriander leaves – optional

– Mash the avocadoes with a fork in a bowl until soft and smooth. – Add the yoghurt and blend in. – Add the squeezed lemon juice. – Add the peppers. – Add finely chopped red onion, hot chilli sauce and coriander. – Then season to your taste. Add 4-6 grinds of black pepper. – Serve on a platter in a bowl and with corn chips, rice crackers and some sliced fresh vegetables such as carrot, celery, broccoli and cauliflower. – Enjoy.

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by Jennifer Little

Abnormally dilated varicose and spider veins affect the majority of adults at some time in their lives. Associated symptoms can include aching, throbbing, excessive fatigue, itching, burning, a restless feeling in the legs and cramping. The unsightly nature of the veins can also have a negative impact on self-image. With modern techniques and the use of the latest duplex ultrasound equipment, vein sclerotherapy and laser treatments are safe and very effective treatments for the full range of varicose veins. Varicose veins are caused by abnormal connections from the high pressure deep venous system to the usually low pressure superficial system just under the skin. These veins distend, overfill with blood and then cause symptoms. Most are hereditary.

Large varicose veins have abnormal valves that fail to keep blood flowing upwards to the heart. Downward flow causes the vein walls to blow out and bulge, with poor skin nutrition. Smaller dilated veins, including spider veins, can be hereditary or caused by hormonal factors (as in pregnancy). Ultrasound guided sclerotherapy (UGS) and endovenous laser treatments (EVLT) are safe and highly effective out-patient procedures which eliminate the deeper diseased veins hidden from view that have traditionally required surgical stripping.

There are many advantages of ultrasound guided sclerotherapy: No surgery No time off work No anaesthesia No scars or sutures

Continue normal daily activities Lower cost. Transform Clinic offers a variety of treatments for all levels of varicose veins – from the deeper system to superficial veins. Transform Clinic is affiliated with Southern Cross (other health insurance providers do cover varicose vein treatments for medical reasons). The first step is a thorough medical consultation which includes an ultrasound scan – at that time the doctor will recommend the appropriate treatment for the vein incompetence. For appointments or further information call Transform Clinic 03 343 2880 or 0800 256 654 (0800 2 LOOK GOOD) also, ask us about our Ashburton appointments (appearance medicine treatment only). Email: Advertising feature

FREE vein assessment with this voucher Varicose vein treatments Because

legsdancing were made for,

52a Mandeville St, Christchurch

with ultrasound sclerotherapy or endovenous laser No surgery No time off work Walk in. Walk out

Call for more information

0800 256 654

Southern Cross Healthcare Affiliated* (Medical criteria apply) Contact Emmily Harmer 027 310 6521 Email:

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So here we are again. The big man in aggressive red is about to break several laws while sweating on a Kiwi summer evening doing “deliveries”. Does his sleigh have a warrant? Cause it must be classed as vintage by now! And what happens if the chimney he’s attempting to squeeze his booty down doesn’t have resource consent? Yep, the world is fraught with red tape for Santa these days, as for us all. The grinch (aka our sports reporter who thinks Santa should be real so he doesn’t actually have to buy presents) at work has been growling every time he’s heard the word Christmas, and he doesn’t even have teenagers to buy for. Buying Christmas presents for teenagers I find particularly hard. Girl teen wants to go shopping with me and pick her own (clothing probably). She promises to act surprised when she opens the packages. Not going to happen. I can cope with that on birthdays, but not on Christmas. To me Christmas is about surprises,

thankful for Lisa Fenwick


seeing people you love, sun, trifle and my mum’s potato salad (particularly eating it for breakfast the next day with lemon juice in it). Putting your order in for Christmas presents is just going to get you a big bag of coal. But it is hard. It’s no longer appropriate to buy $2 Shop stocking fillers of bubbles and cap guns. And I also find that old age is making me think far more about the amount of junk we buy that just adds to the Western world’s refuse problem. I’ve always liked useful presents. What’s useful for teenagers? Well there’s a hard one. They don’t do a lot that doesn’t involve electronic devices or looking good.

I thought about buying boy teen a road code and clothing ... but that will go down like a lead balloon. Girl teen needs nice king single sheets and her room painted; again lead balloon. So I’m a bit stumped this year. There was a time when I could buy them clothes and guarantee they’d wear them. Now, I get: “Oh bless you for trying old lady.” And the Christmas tree doesn’t look so attractive with a bunch of vouchers under it! Mind you, I still put up decorations my teens made when they were in primary school, so it never looks that attractive. Expensive smartphones, laptops and so on are just not in the budget this year! So at the end of the day, they’ll be getting what they get and be grateful about it, because as they constantly tell me, they’re all just first-world problems – in other words, not even real problems. So this year, I’d like to finish my column by taking a leaf out of the Americans’ book (first time ever), and make this time of year one of Thanksgiving.

I’m thankful! I’m thankful that no-one I love is going through a life/death struggle at the moment, and our feet are above ground. I am thankful that we have a home. I am thankful that many of my scattered family will be together this Christmas (my sister Kym is heading this way from Australia). I am thankful I have some amazing friends. I am thankful to have a job. I am thankful at least four people will read this column (my sister cause I make her and my children and nephew because they feature in it so much they live in fear). And most of all, I am thankful I live in New Zealand! PS, Kids if you’re reading this, get out and buy me a fantastic present! And then I’ll be thankful for that as well. A Merry Christmas to you all, may you get to relax, see people you love and celebrate Christmas just the way you like it this year!

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bronze •

by Ashleigh Fraser

Minx and Body ‘N’ Beauty Worx have successfully combined Hair and Beauty together in one convenient location, Somerset House, for the past five years. For the customer it is the convenience of having all of their hair and beauty treatments tended to at the one location. While receiving their colour service appointment, the client may choose to have a beauty treatment as well. Over the years the staff have built up a rapport with their clientele making them feel comfortable in our relaxed friendly atmosphere. Weddings are our speciality! Brides find being able to have their hair and wedding

A year ago Health 2000 suggested we review the latest tanning product, EcoTan. An organic tan that was said to be the next big thing in tanning products. And I tell you what, for a gun slinging cowboy Bob McDonald was not wrong! Since the December edition of YOU ran with the product review on Eco-Tan the stock has been a hit seller, becoming a staple beauty product for many Mid Canterbury women, including me! it so much that I don’t mind reAll your beauty requirements in one convenientI love location makeup done together at the same time viewing it again, my love for Eco-Tan has lasted 12 months, so I’m sharing with you makes their day more enjoyable and far a list of reasons why you simply must try! less stressful. • The tan is gradual, this eliminates the Minx Hair Spa and Body “N” Beauty risk of accidently overdoing it and wakWorx offer a large range of beauty treating up looking like an Oompa loompa. ments and expert hair care. Fully trained After one application you look visibly stylists and beauty therapists welcome browner, but it’s subtle enough people men and women into their spacious and don’t recognise you have tan on at all. modern salon. Knowing how busy life can be we are open Monday to Saturday with • It doesn’t take too much time in my sacred night-time routine – it takes two late nights Tuesday and Thursday. about 10 minutes to do your whole Call to make your appointment today, body and you don’t have to wait while Christmas is not too far away! it dries before heading to bed, it dries Our goal is to have you leave feeling very quickly and doesn’t leave any great and looking even better! marks on your sheets! Advertising feature •

It’s organic! I’m prone to having rather irritable skin, especially in winter (itchy legs in winter and wearing pantyhose is the worst), so this product works well for me and doesn’t cause me the grief that other tans/moisturisers can give me. It doubles as an all-over moisturiser! The tan fades away gently, without leaving any leftover patches or marks. Its main ingredient is cacao, which is chocolate! Enjoy a summer of being flawlessly glowing and bronze! Advertising feature

our beauty requirements in one convenient location

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Merry Christmas

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turkey on f


I am a non-conformist at the best of times, so when Judith Crozier of Crozier’s Turkeys gave me a beautiful boneless turkey to cook up there was no way I was going to do anything traditional with it. Besides, anyone who is game enough to roast a turkey for Christmas dinner doesn’t want to read about another roast turkey I’m sure, so I decided to do something a little outside the box with it. This does take quite a bit of extra preparation, but it’s well worth the effort, producing a succulent, tasty, moreish big bird on a special day. You can make a gravy to go with it as well if you like.

Turkey wellington My turkey weighed in at 2kg which is quite a small bird, but will feed at least 6-8 people. You can assemble this a day before and leave in the fridge ready to serve up on Christmas Day. 1.5 - 2 kg boneless turkey roast sea salt and freshly ground pepper olive oil 1 small jar cranberry sauce 2T fresh thyme leaves 20g dried porcini mushrooms 6 rashers streaky bacon 2 sprigs fresh rosemary 500g mixture of fresh mushrooms, chopped 100g butter 2x500g ready-rolled flaky pastry – Pre-heat the oven to 180°C. Take your boned-out turkey roast out of the netting, open it out and spread liberally with the cranberry sauce, salt and pepper and some fresh thyme leaves if you have them. Fold the turkey back into shape and secure with toothpicks. – Transfer to a roasting dish and massage into the skin, a little olive oil, and more salt and pepper before rolling tightly in tin foil so that the bird holds its shape. – Roast in the oven for about 1 1/2 hours, depending on the size of the turkey you are using. It is better to be slightly undercooked as it will be going back

Marg Brownlie


into the oven to cook the pastry. – While your turkey is cooking you can prepare the mushroom stuffing. Soak the porcini mushrooms in boiling water. – Chop bacon finely and fry with a little oil until super crispy, adding the fresh rosemary leaves at the last minute or two. – Remove with a slotted spoon, being careful to leave all the bacon fat in the pan. – Add the fresh mushrooms to the pan with salt and freshly ground pepper to taste. Drain and chop the porcini, saving the water, and add to the rest of the mushrooms. – Add about 1/4 cup of the water, avoiding the grit that has come from the porcinis and cook for about 15 mins. The mushrooms need to be soft and sticky. – Add the butter and toss through the mushrooms so they are well coated. – Whiz mushrooms in the kitchen whiz until you have a smooth texture and cool mixture. – Once the turkey has cooled you can assemble the whole thing together. – Line a large baking dish with baking paper and lightly dust with flour. – Cut the first piece of pastry so you have enough to overlap the turkey by about 4cm all around – Take out any toothpicks. – Spread pastry with half the mushroom and bacon mixture and place turkey on top. – Spread the rest of the mushroom and bacon over the top of the bird and pat down lightly, then the next layer of pastry. Brush the edges of the pastry with egg wash and bring pastry sides together by pinching and crimping,

keeping pastry as close to the bird as possible. – Place some pastry shapes over the top with the leftover pieces and brush liberally with the egg wash. – Cook at 180°C for 50-60 minutes until risen, puffy and beautifully golden. – Remove from the oven and let rest for 10 mins before cutting into thick slices and serving with a homemade turkey gravy.

Basil and turkey mince stir-fry Turkey is such a low fat meat option why not use it in this quick basil and turkey mince stir-fry small bunch of fresh basil vegetable oil for shallow-frying, 5 garlic cloves, peeled and finely chopped 2 shallots, peeled and finely sliced 2 fresh hot green chillies, sliced 2 fresh hot red chillies, sliced 1in cube fresh root ginger, finely grated 450g turkey mince (from boned, skinned breast and/or legs) 5t fish sauce, to taste 1 1/2 t palm sugar or dark brown sugar – Wash the basil leaves and pat them dry. Set aside 15g of the whole leaves. Chop the rest very coarsely and set aside. – Heat 1cm depth of oil in a medium frying pan over a medium-high heat. Place a plate lined with kitchen paper near the hob. Have ready a splatter screen or an upturned sieve to cover the pan to prevent the oil from splattering. – When the oil is hot, add the whole basil leaves. Cover immediately with the screen or sieve. Remove the cover as soon as the intense sizzling has died down (a matter of seconds) and stir the leaves once or twice. They will turn crisp very quick. – Remove with a slotted spoon and spread out on the kitchen paper to drain. Once the oil has cooled sufficiently, strain and use for the next step.

Turkey wellington.


– Heat four tablespoons of the oil in a large frying pan or wok over a medium heat. Add the garlic and shallots and fry, stirring, for about two minutes or until the shallots are lightly golden. Do not allow them to burn. – Add the chillies and ginger and stir quite vigorously so the ginger doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pan. – Add the chopped basil and stir. – Add the minced turkey, turn up the heat a bit and fry for about 3-4 minutes, stirring to break up the lumps as you do so. – The turkey will lose its pink colour once it’s cooked. – Stir in the fish sauce and the palm sugar (or dark brown sugar) and stir thoroughly to combine. If there is liquid remaining in the bottom of the wok, continue cooking until it boils off, but don’t overcook the turkey. – Transfer to a serving dish, top with the crisp-fried basil leaves and serve.

for Christmas Easy turkey gravy

1/4 C turkey fat (substitute, vegetable oil or butter) 1/4 C plain flour 1C pan drippings 1-2 C chicken stock or water salt and pepper teaspoon of minced herbs, eg rosemary, thyme, or sage (optional) – After you’ve removed the turkey from the oven and set it aside to rest, set the pan over medium-high heat on the stove-top. You may need to span two burners. When the pan drippings are hot and sputtering, pour in a cup of stock or water and begin scraping all the bits from the bottom of the pan. – Pour the deglazed pan drippings into a measuring cup and place this in the refrigerator or freezer, wherever there is space. In the 30 minutes it takes to rest the turkey, the fat and drippings will separate and the fat will begin to harden. This makes it easier to skim off just the fat for making the gravy.


Alan and Vicki Dobson 56 Tinwald Westerfield Mayfield Road R D 1 Ashburton Ph: 03 308 1338 Fax 03 308 9388 A/H 03 308 9397 Email: No Eftpos

m fry, til t

uite k to

tes, do





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– You should ideally end up with about a cup of pan drippings and 1/4 C of fat. If you have less, you can make up the difference with broth or oil, respectively. If you have more, discard a little of the fat and use less broth in the next step. If you have a lot more, you can also double the recipe. – Make a roux: Skim the fat from the top of the pan drippings (or use a fat separator) and warm it in a saucepan over medium-high heat. When the fat is hot, whisk in the flour to form a thin paste. Let this cook for a few minutes until bubbly. – Add the pan drippings: Next up, pour in the pan drippings and whisk to combine with the roux. This will form a thick, gloppy paste. – Add the broth: Finish the gravy by whisking in a half cup of broth. You can add more broth for a thinner gravy or let the gravy cook a few minutes for a thicker gravy. Taste the gravy and add salt, pepper, and any extras to taste.

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Christmas FAVES

COCKTAILS Fruit tingle cocktail – WINNER 30ml Blue Curaco 30ml vodka Lemonade Raspberry cordial 4 ice cubes – Pour the curaco and vodka over the ice in a highball glass. – Fill with lemonade and at the same time add a dash of cordial. Be sure not to overdo the cordial as it overpowers the fruit tingle effect! – Enjoy your tingle! Kylie Burrowes

Forget me not Christmas tree cocktail. PHOTOS SUPPLIED

s with the k n i lad dr i

ne so asted good! rt ve



Purple Mother energy drink Vodka Loads of ice Shot of Jagermeister on top Melanie McKenna

Above – Christmas cake made in slow cooker.

Easy home-made Irish cream

Eggs 750ml whisky or whiskey (Irish or Scottish, it doesn’t matter tastes good with either) 1/2 – 3/4 t coconut essence 1 1/2 T chocolate syrup 1/2 pint full cream 1 tin sweetened condensed milk

– Blend with a folk then mix with a whisk or egg beater. – Pour into bottles and store in a cool place. Shake well before serving in a tumbler over ice. Yum! Vanessa Kettley

Christmas tree cocktail

A naughty and indulgent twist on an after-dinner mint! – Crush chocolate mint biscuits and lay

them out on a flat platter. – Rim your glass with the crushed biscuits by dipping in a sticky chocolate sauce first. – In a shaker with ice, mix one shot of crème de menthe; one shot of white crème de cacao and half a shot of vodka. – Strain and pour into your glass, and top up with a half milk, half cream mixture. – Stir to achieve a creamy green colour. Add chocolate flakes to the top for decoration as well as a floating mint chocolate. Amanda Wright



– Mix all of the above then roll into balls then coconut. Nice kept chilled. Debbie McCann

Christmas trifle

Easy truffles

Use a large or deep glass bowl/ trifle dish Make a large Christmas plum pudding or fruit cake 1 or 2 boysenberry jelly packets (depends on bowl size) 1 bag white choc drops 1 bag milk choc drops 1 bag frozen mixed berries (allow to thaw slightly) 1 tub of butterscotch cream or brandy cream 1 box vanilla custard 1 bottle light double cream (for whipping) 1 Cadbury flake 1/4 C brandy or whiskey (or half that) optional if children eating it

DESSERTS If there’s one thing that puts people off making Christmas cake, it’s how hard and expensive it appears to be. The cake below was chosen for its amazing simplicity!

Christmas cake made in slow cooker – WINNER 1kg fruit 750ml Baileys or orange juice for non-alcohol cake 2C flour – Cook in the slow cooker on high for 4 hours, then on low for 4 hours. – Then it turns out perfect. Shorty and Allan Fahey

Jelly trifle for the under-age

– 1 plain sponge covered in your favourite jam, cut into bite size pieces. – Place these in a bowl, add a tin of your favourite fruit or fruit salad (without the juice). – Mix up a jelly of your choice and pour over the sponge and fruit, making sure it’s all covered and there is no dry sponge. – Leave to set overnight then enjoy with your Christmas dinner – For the older members of the family you can do the same but leave out the jelly and add the juice from the fruit. Then add half a cup of sherry with half a cup of ginger ale, or to your taste, and enjoy. Wendy White

– Cut up the plum pudding/ fruit cake, into bite-sized pieces, line the bottom of your glass trifle bowl (very well). – Make up the jelly(s) with just enough part-boiled water to melt crystals and the rest cold (but not the full amount of recommended water as you need to allow for alcohol content) then add the brandy or whiskey to it, mix well and stand to the side for a few minutes. – Add a little sprinkle (both types of choc drops) randomly over, then put a layer of mixed berries over the top of that and follow with a thin layer of butterscotch cream. – Then follow with another layer of cake/pudding, choc buttons, mixed berries, butterscotch/ brandy cream and another layer of cake to finish. – Pour the jelly over and chill until set. – Remember it’s not a conventional trifle so don’t panic if the jelly doesn’t cover everything (it’s not meant to) then chill. – Once set and chilled put a little sprinkle of buttons and a good layer of butterscotch/ brandy cream followed with custard. Top with a light thin fluffy layer of whipped cream and finish with a grating of flake to decorate and a holly sprig or mint! Tracy Goodridge

Apricot truffles

1 packet crushed wine biscuits 1C chopped marshmallows 1/2 C coconut 1C chopped apricots 1 tin condensed milk Dash of vanilla

Easy truffles, crush 2pkts of Tim Tam biscuits add a pkt cream cheese, roll into balls in coconut or choc hail. Yummy. Jannine Johnson

Orange and strawberry rolled pavlova (easy and quick to make) 4 egg whites 3/4 C sugar 1t vinegar 1T cornflour Strawberries Orange Whipped cream

– Beat egg whites until stiff peaks form, gradually add sugar, beat well until dissolved, fold in vinegar and cornflour. – Spread mixture into a lined sponge roll tin bake at 180°C for about 15 minutes or until pale golden. – Sprinkle a piece of grease-proof paper with icing sugar, turn pav on to paper. – Marinate chopped strawberries in orange juice, whip cream and spread some on top of pav, then some strawberries and roll up and decorate the outside with cream and strawberries. Yummy. Jo-Ann Dickson

Kids’ choice ambrosia Marshmallows Berries Flake (broken up) Cream Yoghurt Broken pav bits

– Whip cream and then add the rest of the ingredients (Please note was told by an eight and nine-year-old how to make as they made with their nana) Morgan Mitchell

Apricot and cranberry slice

– Melt 125g butter and mix in 1/2 tin condensed milk. – Add 1 packet crushed biscuits, 1/2 cup cranberries and 1/2 cup chopped up apricots to this. – Press into slice tin. Icing: 100g milky bar chocolate, 1C icing sugar and a little boiled water or lemon essence. I always double this recipe as it is very popular and so simple to make. Debbie McCann

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DESSERTS (cont) MAINS Jelly cheesecake

1 pkt of red jelly 2t gelatine 2C boiling water 1 pkt wine biscuits 1t cinnamon 1t mixed spice 140g melted butter 2D gelatine Juice of 1 lemon 1 tin condensed milk


– Boil the sweetbreads. – Fry a whole onion in 2T of dripping (and bacon if you want to add it). – Pour some milk in and add flour to thicken, then add salt and pepper if you wish. – If I had a roast recently I’ll seive the fat and use that instead of dripping. Logan Hattrill

– Dissolve the jelly in 2t gelatine and boiling water. Leave to cool. – Crush biscuits, add the 2 spices and melted butter. Press into slice tin. – Fillling: Dissolve 2D gelatine in 1/4 C boiling water. – Add lemon juice and condensed milk. Mix well and pour on to base. – Refridgerate for 15 mins then pour jelly on top and return to fridge to set. Very yummy and so easy. Debbie McCann

Fruit platter

Big platter of fresh fruits like pineapple, melons, cherries etc. Easy and great after a big meal and (hopefully) a hot sunny day. Maree Lawlor

Cream cheese dip

I always do a dip at Christmas and it’s simple: – Soften Philly cream cheese and add coleslaw mayonnaise and spring onion. – Let it set and yummy. Kay Fallon

Mediterranean chicken salad – WINNER

4 chicken breasts 1C white wine 1t salt 4 cloves garlic crushed 1 bay leaf 1/2 t black peppercorns Dressing: 1/3 C olive oil Zest of a lemon 1/4 C lemon juice and orange juice 2 cloves garlic 1/2 C mint leaves 2T capers 1/2 C small black olives Salt and pepper to taste

– Put chicken in a pot with remaining ingredients; add enough water to cover chicken, don’t quite boil then reduce heat and simmer until chicken is just cooked. Remove chicken cool and shred. – Discard skin and any fat from stock and freeze for soups or risotto. – Dressing: Blend all ingredients and toss with chicken, cover and refrigerate overnight if you want. – Serve: Toss 1 roasted capsicum peeled and slice, 3 spring onions sliced, 1 fennel bulb thinly sliced and 2x400g tins cooked white beans rinsed and drained, handful of rocket leaves, 1/4 C basil or mint leaves. – Combine with chicken and serve. Kim Baynes

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Congratulations to Kim Baynes with her winning mediterranean chicken salad!

BEST CHRISTMAS DESSERT RECIPE WINS Congratulations to Shorty and Allan Fahey with their $50 entry Christmas winning cake in a crockpot recipe.

Winning cocktail gives us tingles

A huge thank you to our sponsors: Ashburton Trust, Crozier’s Turkeys and Netherby Meats! Winners please contact Ashleigh Fraser 03 307-7975

Braided Rivers manager Jess Harper (left) and cocktail competition winner Kylie Burrowes show off the winning cocktail called fruit tingle cocktail. It will feature on Braided’s cocktail menu for the month of December! Kylie also won a $50 Ashburton Trust voucher. Congratulations Kylie.

Let us look after YOU this Christmas Our extra-special Christmas Day buffet will feature live music, delicious food and best of all, you get to stay out of the kitchen! Three sittings available: 11am, 2:30pm and 6:30pm Daytime sittings $99pp, children 12 & under $39 Evening sitting $79pp, children 12 & under $29 plus a special visit from Santa!

See in 2015 with Terrace Downs Enjoy a special 3-course meal accompanied by live music then dance the night away and welcome in the New Year

$99 per person, dinner sittings 6:30-7:30pm

Let us look after you this festive season - Book today: 03 318 6943 |

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woman Mid Canterbury business woman Annabelle Read was looking to increase fitness and strength levels to improve her horsemanship when she joined the gym. The mother of two has a horse breeding stud: breeding, training horses for sale, then offering ongoing training and support. She also runs a riding school for riders aged six years and older. With the addition of a five-year-old Mahogany Bay breeding stallion nicknamed Mighty Magnus standing at 16.2 hands high, and wanting to ride and compete in dressage competitions, Annabelle sought the help of personal trainers at the gym to increase her fitness levels. Working with a personal trainer once a week and attending classes four times a week she has made steady progress. “I have an everyday body and it’s good to see positive results all the time,” she says. It’s helped her business and reignited her personal interest in dressage competitions, taking her back out into the arena where she travels the country judging competitions. I’ve always been reasonably fit, never wanted to get smaller or lose weight, she says. But she had inevitably toned and slimed down as a result. Annabelle says she has made steady progress since joining the gym two years ago and she feels like a new woman with

Annabelle and Magnus.

CHRISTMAS CRACKER Terms and conditions apply


“huge” levels of energy. It’s been a slow improvement but worthwhile, she says. Her flexibility, upper body strength, core strength and cardio have all improved, she does not struggle any more working outdoors in the heat and Annabelle says there is an extra bounce in her step. Annabelle says it was important Finesse was able to work with her to create a program that suited her and her lifestyle. “When I decide to do something, I will do it completely,” Annabelle says. She did not expect instant results but was surprised by her body’s ‘work-inprogress’. She is eating well, drinks alcohol moderately and is not missing out on anything, still having special treats like funny gooey chocolate. She can hit the treadmill in a harder workout, at a higher gradient and lasting four times as long as when she first started. Annabelle says in the past eight weeks alone she has lost two centimetres from her body measurements. Annabelle’s lifestyle was busy but her workouts at Finesse have given her a new lease on life introducing her to different people, in different environments. She plans to continue her workout programs increasing her cardio fitness and flexibility and is looking to do motivation speaking to inspire and support others to improve their lifestyles. Advertising feature

Purchase a 7 Month Membership for



Level 3, Somerset House on Burnett Street | 03 307 7030 |

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crop top


Ashleigh Fraser


Crop tops are making a comeback this summer and if you are anything like me then this trend summons intimidating and somewhat frightening images of 90s pop-stars. It is a tough trend to pull off, but if done right the crop top can look sophisticated and chic. So here are three tips to help you pull off the crop top, a style to suit all confidence levels and no, you don’t need washboard flat abs for these styles!


Balance the proportions Like other trends, balance is key. Pair a crop top with a high-waisted skirt or pant to pull off a more elegant look. This works well for those of us with sections of our stomach we would rather keep secret and only shows off a modest amount of skin.

2. Cover up A little goes a long way with fashion. If you feel a little daring but don’t want to go the full nine yards, try teaming your outfit with a blazer or cardigan. This will have you feeling confident and it will keep you warm!

3. Layers Ah layers, the neverending trend that has been saving women from fashion disasters for years. This is great for those of us who want to keep on trend but are just not comfortable with showing bare skin. A cropped sweater with a shirt underneath is a great way to pull off the crop top without showing any skin. This combination also works great for the office!





322 East Street, Ashburton | 03 307 1951

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Fashion B D








Ladakh straight up dress $89.99 (also available in white) from Undercurrent, Tancred Street B Black&Gold Fascinator $121.70 from The Bag Shop, East Street C Zadar Black & Gold Necklace $50.60 from The Bag Shop, East Street D B.Sirius Messenger Bag $108.10 from The Bag Shop, East Street E B.Sirius “on the go� wallet $87.40 from The Bag Shop, East Street F Sienna White Square Tunic $89.95 Aqua Layering Dress (other colours available) $79.95 from Just Me (formerly Kouldja Clothing), Dunsandel G Seranade evening Bag $92 from The Bag Shop, East Street H Purple Cord Necklace (Red and Lime also available) $29.95 from Just Me (formerly Kouldja Clothing), Dunsandel I Ilabb prowess dress $129.90 from Undercurrent, Tancred Street J Ladakh Barcelona skirt $99.99 with federation Lime singlet $89.99 (also available in black) from Undercurrent, Tancred Street K Eskay handkerchief packs $19.90 from Sparrows, East Street A

YOU Magazine | 29




R S Zara Zip Dress. Also available in Pink-Orange $149.95 from Just Me (formerly Kouldja Clothing), Dunsandel M Ilex leather bag – violet $276.00 from The Bag Shop, East Street N NZ sock co. striped socks $25 pair from Sparrows, East Street O Fellini cufflinks $49.90 pair from Sparrows, East Street P Baron men’s wallet $49.90 from Sparrows, East Street Q Icebreaker Merino men’s underwear $49.95 from Sparrows, East Street R Jockey 2 pair boxer briefs $40 from Sparrows, East Street S Cambridge regie shirt (buy 1 get 1 free) $99.90 from Sparrows, East Street T Fellini tie $44.90 from Sparrows, East Street L

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by Toni Williams

Ashburton teenager Britney Moore is a lighting designer in the making with light in her eyes to match the jig in her step. The 14-year-old, better known for the skilful highland dancing she has been doing since aged three, works part-time after school at Laser Lighting. It's a job she has been doing for the past three years; cleaning, dusting and polishing the array of lighting styles throughout the store. It's given her a bit of insight and she could be a budding lighting designer in the making. She recently guided her parents, Suz and Johnny Moore, with their change of lighting in the family home's main living area. The Moores opted for a more efficient and contemporary selection. Britney chose the lights and the knowledge and experience of Laser's

Brent Christie sealed the deal. Twenty new LED lights were chosen to replace the Moore's old-style down lights that were often blowing their bulbs. It was because of Johnny's frustrations over constantly replacing bulbs that Britney suggested an upgrade to modern, efficient LED lights – she knew they were more reliable. LED lights also keep heat inside the room because they have no gaps in to the ceiling and don't allow any heat to escape, Britney says. "They are way brighter as well." It was the first of Britney's suggestions to her family: she also got her nana to visit the shop for a lighting upgrade. And back in the Moore household, two stylish black pendant lights now hang perfectly aligned over the family's kitchen island, complementing the existing green toned kitchen wall dÊcor and shining focal light on to the counter top. Britney chose two lighting options for this casual dining area. It was up to Suz to make the final decision.

moore architecture your home your vision

A prof essional independent design company that has been producing projects f or over 20 years throughout the South Island. For all projects ranging f rom residential to light commercial. Britney Moore sits beneath the particular lights she choose in the family kitchen.

addr ess. 60 allens road, ashburton, 7700 email. inf o@moor ear c h.c

phone. (03) 308 0299 web. w w w .moor ear c h.c

YOU Magazine | 31

lighting designer Both Suz and Johnny are extremely happy with Laser Lighting's products and services both personally and professionally; they use Laser Lighting plans and expertise through their own business, Moore Architecture. Laser Electrical can do the whole lighting plan for housing designs and sell the products: they are a one-stop local shop, Suz says. Suz and Johnny are also proud of their daughter's selections - and her enthusiasm. Britney's fascination with lights is not limited to work and she also enjoys drama and performing. The Year 9 pupil has a bedroom full of lighting accessories such as fairy lights, hanging bead lights and flower lights. She also has funky touch butterfly lights, ceiling lights, a standard table lamp and an Eiffel Tower statue with coloured LED lights she made in school. Britney is charmed by thoughts of France. The different lights have come as gifts or were brought for their sparkling personal appeal.


However, it is not all bright lights and drama, Britney is a top achiever in competitive highland dancing. She is the 2012 New Zealand highland dancing age group champion and has consistently placed runnerup in other New Zealand age group championships. She is taught by former Mid Canterbury highland dance teacher Julie Hawke now of Christchurch - trains three days a week and competes in competitions nationwide at the weekends. But on top of it all, Britney still tries to find time to play hockey in winter when she can. Looking to the future, Britney could follow in Laser Lighting designer Megan Christie footsteps and help people plan and choose the right lighting designs for their homes, or she may follow in her mother's footsteps and teach primary education. Whichever way her professional career goes Britney is keen to visit France it is also guaranteed to light up her eyes. Advertising feature

LIGHTING PLAN SERVICE WELL PLANNED LIGHTING WILL TURN YOUR HOUSE INTO A HOME. Give the gift of light this Christmas with our layby and gift vouchers.

0800 LASER 4 U

0800 527 374 726 East Street, Ashburton

Mon - Fri 8am - 5.30pm Saturday 10am - 1pm

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Vivino Wine Scanner (free)


For many of us, nothing is more relaxing than a nice glass (or two) of wine at the end of a long day. However, choosing the right bottle of bubbly can be a bit of a hassle. The Vivino Wine Scanner allows users to learn about different wines, get personalized recommendations, and discover the best rated wines in nearby shops. Now I will admit, I’m not much of a wine connoisseur. In fact, as a recent Otago Uni student, my tastes were limited to whatever bottle was on special for $6.99 at the supermarket that week. But as someone who is trying to expand my wine credentials, I’ve found this app really useful.

Daisy Hudson


AA Roadservice (free)

Adobe Photoshop Express (free)

It’s Murphy’s Law that your car will break down when you least expect it - but with the AA’s handy app, you’ll be back on the road in no time. The AA Roadservice app allows members to request assistance at any time, anywhere in New Zealand. It also uses the GPS capability of iPhones to automatically send the AA your breakdown location, and they will send you updates on your callout as it is happening.

Most people will be familiar with Photoshop, usually because they have it installed on their computers or they’ve seen its effects in glossy magazines (airbrushing, I’m looking at you). Adobe has now adapted the popular editing tool for mobiles, and the Photoshop Express app makes editing your photos fun, easy, and super fast. Users can do everything from cropping and brightening images to adding filters and removing blemishes. The app also allows users to share their snaps with family and friends via social media.

SAMSUNG GALAXY TREND PLUS (only on Spark network)


WAS $189

RRP 99 $

- 10m range - Connect with any bluetooth compatible device VALUE $69.99

$49.99 Save $20

ACTIVE PACK - Clear jelly case - Car charger - Screen protector Available for a range of Samsung and Huawei devices. VALUE $49.99

$19.99 Save $30

Spark Business Canterbury

12-24 month deferred payment and interest free


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Christmas gift ideas









Fusion Gallery

East Street, Ashburton A B C


East Street, Ashburton &

Selfie stick $29.90 (phone Main Street, Methven D Kiwiana cheese & plate not included) Metal chicken/rooster from E knife $24.90 NZ lanolin eye gel with $75.90 each cucumber $9.50 NZ block art, by Amber F Kiwiana cushion Smith $52.50 each New Zealand flag $15

Prego Hair Design

Ashford Village, East St, Ashburton G


Wella SP Repair Gift pack, includes shampoo, conditioner and mask $68 Tangle Teezer professional detangling hairbrush $28 Wella SP After sun range $34.00 each

Smiths City

38 Kermode Street, Ashburton J K L

Canon Ixus 135 Digital Camera Black $219.99 Playtech 13’ Trampoline With Safety Net $799.99 Philips Nose Hair Trimmer NT9110 $49.99

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Last month I travelled on an Insight Coach tour in Turkey. With our hotel in the New City of Istanbul we looked over the Bosphorus, a straight of water which separates Europe from Asia. The Old City is just 15 minutes by Funicular/Tram and at just 8 Turkish Lira – approximately NZ$5. I found it was imperative to have The Lira when out and about – hotels accept the Euro. In the Old City we visited an underground Cistern, also known as Basilica Cistern. This magnificent feat of engineering was built in the 3rd-4th century. The cathedral sized cistern is supported by 336 marble pillars and supplied Istanbul with its water supply for hundreds of years. A cruise along the Bosphorus is a great way to see the sights from a different perspective. The Old City gives you the opportunity to visit fabulous structures like the Blue Mosque (no entry fee as well as a working Mosque) and St Sophia. At

Ballooning over Cappacdocia


is so much to take in you need a few days with a great idea to purchase headphones which walk you through these structures explaining the history. Then to Bursa, just below the Sea of Marama. Bursa was the main textile manufacturing centre of the Ottoman Empire and has a great silk market and wonderful Green Mosque built in 142AD. Next stop Ankara – the capital of Turkey. Home to Ataturk’s Mausoleum – final resting place of the Leader of the Turkish War of Independence and founder, first President of the Republic of Turkey. A sa-

the Blue Mosque the queues are long and it closes at a ‘call to prayer’. These are announced over loud speakers throughout the cities 5 times a day, the first call just after 5am. Best to avoid these times as you have to wait until prayer is over. St Sophia another magnificent structure close to the Blue Mosque. St Sophia (meaning Divine Wisdom) was the greatest church of Christianity until the conquest of Istanbul by the Ottomans. We visited Topkapi Palace, the home to Ottomans rulers for 400 years - now a museum housing a collection of jewellery and porcelain. There

cred place that visiting leaders from other countries visit to show a sign of respect. Here we also found a lot of information and tributes to the battle of Gallipoli. Next we visited Cappadocia - filled with most amazing structures. Sights here are spread out, often 30 minutes apart so quite difficult to explore independently. A visit to Goreme, an Open Air Museum with the remains of several hundred churches built into rock is a highlight – rooms are hollowed out of the cones of volcanic ash. We visited an underground city where people lived 2500 years ago – an early Christian settlement that housed up to 20000 people and livestock – fascinating. The highlights of Cappadocia included visiting a husband and wife who live in a cave where we enjoyed tea and cake and a hot air balloon flight over the region. Still skies, 100 other balloons around us - a magnificent sight as the sun came up as well as going down between the volcanic ash peaks where people lived – amazing how they even got to their houses! With limited time I only had theopportunity to see a small area of Turkey and would love to share more of my experiences so feel free to pop into the office for a chat. Advertising feature


willfrom the WHERE Merry Christmas


E X PO Give the gift of travel v ONLYx BEST this ChristmasThe DEA LS

Wednesday of the 2013 best 23 October the 2013 | 7.00p travel retailer Hotel Ashbu m rton | RSVP is essential AFTA AWARD Travel prese

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House of Travel Ashburton | 03 307 8760

ask your House of

Travel consultant


for full details.

Tra Expert a

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Proud to be KIWI OWNED AND OPERATED, House of Travel has spent over 25 YEARS HELPING KIWIS SEE THE WORLD. With 70 STORES NATIONWIDE and OVER 700 TRAVEL SPECIALISTS on hand to pass on their inside knowledge, YOU CAN TRUST US TO PUT TOGETHER YOUR DREAM HOLIDAY IN 2014. *Terms and conditio

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GIVEAWAY The perfect pair by nature Popular New Zealand skincare brand by nature proves once again that beautiful skin doesn’t have to cost the earth. by nature’s Organic Rosehip Oil and Purifying Facial Cleanser are the latest from the natural skincare range, and you won’t have to break the bank to add them to your beauty regime. Rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, by nature’s Organic Rosehip Oil intensely moisturises to nourish and repair skin. Paired up with by nature’s daily Purifying Facial Cleanser for morning and night, you won’t need anything else for beautiful, healthy-looking skin. by nature has THREE prize packs of the new Organic Rosehip Oil and Purifying Facial Cleanser worth $30 each to give away.

HOW TO ENTER WHAT YOU ARE ENTERING (Do not use the words contest, or sweepstake without knowing legalities of which it is) The Guardian and by nature is giving away prize packs of the new Organic Rosehip Oil and Purifying Facial Cleanser worth $30 each to three lucky Mid Cantabrians. HOW TO ENTER: Email your name, address and phone number to Or Send your letter to By Nature, PO Box 77, Ashburton Please include the name of the competition (by nature) somewhere prominent ie in the subject line or on the envelope. RULES AND ELIGIBILITY: 1 entry per person and per household Guardian staff and immediate family members are not eligible for entry All entries must be received by 9am, December 31 The winners will be announced in the January 17 edition of YOU magazine!



Wednesday 23 October 2013 | 7.00p Hotel Ashbu m rton | RSVP is essential Travel prese nta

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Available at ATS Farm Supplies



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really work

While healthy eating and exercise are the best ways to stay in good shape, sometimes we could all do with a little helping hand. If you’re bored of conventional diet advice and fancy trying something new, check out these seven little-known strategies designed to help you lose weight:

Eat in front of a mirror

Choose male eating companions

Researchers from Arizona State University and Erasmus University Rotterdam found watching ourselves eat can be a powerful trigger to consume less. Researchers placed a mirror in front of participants and found that those eating in front of a mirror consumed less. The researchers believe that this is because seeing ourselves eat makes us more aware of our bodies and that we do not want to watch ourselves overeat.

If you want to cut down on your food consumption when dining out, research suggests that opting for male eating companions could help you to consume less. Researchers in Pennsylvania and Ohio found that both men and women consumed fewer calories when dining with men than with women. The researchers believe that this is because we are more aware of our gender when around the opposite sex and women restrict their eating to appear “more feminine” while men eat more around women to appear “more masculine”.

Sniff vanilla

Pay with cash

Kit your kitchen out in blue


got a or a Need to fix it quickly and effectively! Call Owen or Wayne at

Wilson’s Windscreens and get the best advice to repair or replace your windscreen.


According to a study by researchers at Cornell and Binghamton Universities, your credit card could be making you fat. It has been known for a while that we are more likely to splash the cash when we are paying by card than by coins, but the study found that paying with plastic also has disastrous results for your waistline, as people are more likely to buy junk food and “vice” products – which tend to be impulse purchases - when paying by card. To keep off the kilos and save money, draw out enough cash for the day and leave your cards at home.

Never eat in your pyjamas 7 DAYS, 24 hours SERVICE

They’re here for your emergency Your premises or ours


152 Wills Street, Ashburton Phone 03 308 8485 Mobile 0274 345 636

Eating in your pyjamas will not necessarily make you fat (although late-night snacking can certainly be a diet-killer for many of us), but wearing loose clothing such as baggy lounge pants and pyjamas can lead you to snack more. This is because baggy clothes give you the illusion of being slimmer and make you think less about your figure. Although it is inadvisable to dress in uncomfortably restrictive clothes for meals, wearing slightly more fitted clothes can help you to think more about your body

and is also a better indicator of fat loss or gain than getting weighed on the scales.

Sugar cravings ruining your diet? Lighting a vanilla candle or spritzing on vanillascented perfume could help to keep you slim. A study at St George’s hospital, South London, found that putting vanilla-scented patches on the back of participants’ hands significantly reduced their appetite for sweet foods and drinks. It is believed that this is because the smell of vanilla can help to suppress sweet cravings.

Blue is not only a perfect calming colour for your bedroom walls, it is also an ideal kitchen colour scheme for those trying to lose weight. It is believed that green and blue shades act as an appetite suppressant (yellow and red stimulate the appetite) so opt for blue dishes, table cloths or walls in your dining area to help keep your hunger at bay.

Sign up to Facebook Research suggests that signing up to Facebook could help you lose weight. With the constant lurking danger of being tagged in an unflattering photo and our fat days being broadcast for all to see, social media sites have become a huge weight loss trigger for many of us. In fact, a study by Fitbit identified unflattering Facebook photos as the new number one weight loss trigger for Brits, overtaking preparing for the beach and not being able to squeeze into a favourite dress as the leading motivation for getting in shape. For more lifestyle news see

START A NEW CHAPTER WITH A WEALTH OF OPPORTUNITIES Lochlea Lifestyle Resort - Ashburton’s first complete lifestyle resort, providing luxurious two and three bedroom villas, recreational lodge, and soon to be built 80 bed hospital with aged care and dementia facilities. Life just gets better.

TONY SANDS - Resort Manager To organise a personal tour contact Tony on 0800 2727 837

Entrance off Racecourse Rd or Hanrahan St, Ashburton Phone 03 307 9080 Email

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wreaths of holly

I find myself excitedly skipping around my garden. Christmas is in the air – the season that holds a myriad of memories all the way from childhood to last year. As I meander around the garden I seek out the holly tree Ilex Aquifolium and find it at the far end of the garden. It started its life as a young seedling, making its entrance through a crack in a wooden step under the rose pergola. Today, it stands like a student receiving a certificate at a final assembly. Casually topiaried, the holly bears a Christmas nest full of bright red cherries. Prickly? Yes, but pertinent to the season of goodwill. Speaking of bearing, we can’t go past the three Cardiocrinum Lilies standing tall and splendid against the brickwork of our house. They will soon burst forth with gifts. This giant lily is also known as the Himalayan Lily or more locally as The Mt Peel Lily. Its fragrance is specific and soft. Soon the few Martagon lilies we have growing in our garden will also flower. We have white, pink and a soft apricot speckled one. Their fragrance is not great, but their downward facing recurved petals are fascinating. Scattered around our garden, poking their white fluffy heads through branches and foliage of other grander, intentionally planted rivals, we spot the blooms of the elderflower. So far, I have picked over 80 florets and, with the addition of water, sugar and citric acid, a refreshing beverage has been bottled. This weekend a live Christmas tree will be lovingly chosen and tenderly carried into our lounge to stand gaily and be adorned with all manner of sentimental embellishments! Good music will be played, carols will be sung and the fruits of the harvest will be merrily consumed. The fragrance of the Lilium Regale will pervade our Canterbury skies. The nativity will take its central place. Our gardens will be played in and picnics

Wendy Millichamp


will abound. So it’s time to decorate your decks with wreaths of holly and fill your plant pots with petunias, geraniums and gazania daisies. Tie your tartan bows with smiles. Pour some Christmas cheer and look up to the summer sky. Find that special star that can light up your life and spotlight your garden. May the peace and love of the Christmas message be within your grasp this year. Cheers, Wendy P Millichamp, floral designer

Above – A bird’s nest full of Christmas cheer. Far left – An elderflower floret. Left – Cardiocrinum Lilies.

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FREE vege packs

Ann Begbie is this month’s prizewinner with the following question:

Last summer I had two very productive yellow and orange capsicums growing in my small tunnel house. I use a gravity system, where the water goes into the plants as needed. When the capsicum plants died off in the early winter I cut them back to about 100mm and left them there in soil, in the hydroponic pots. Now they have come away again, looking nice and leafy, so could you tell me please; would it be worthwhile leaving them there, hopefully to fruit again, or are they really only annuals? Should I just pull them out and plant something else there?

other older plants fail to produce any. Ensure you use fresh new potting mix when planting young plants so they get the best start. In terms of growing other crops in your tunnel house, you can try aubergines, lettuce, tomatoes etc.

Be in to win

We have one Daltons Premium Vegetable pack give away valued at over $90 and contains 1 x Email to Daltons Premium garden mix, 1 x Daltons Incredible with Daltons Vege packs in the Edible Vegetable Mix, 1 x Daltons Incredible Edible subject heading, or write to Vegetable Fertiliser, 1 x Daltons Organic Bio fungiVege pack giveaway, cide granules, PLUS a pair of comfortable, versatile Red Back gardening gloves from Omni Products Box 77, Ashburton.

It is feasible they will crop again, but they may not be as good in the second year. Usually to guarantee healthy, vigorous crops it’s a good idea to plant new specimens each season. If you are determined to see if last year’s capsicum plants will crop, it would be wise to also plant a few new specimens to ensure you get some capsicum fruit this season, in case the

CONDITIONS OF ENTRY: • You must provide a gardening question for the Daltons’ experts to answer. • Please include your address and phone number in email and letter options! • Giveaway entries must be received by DecemAll questions supplied are entered into the draw to ber 31. For more information on Daltons products visit

Bakery Let Sims’

do your

· Christmas fruits mince tarts · Christmas cakes · Meringues · Short bread · Christmas puddings · Truffles

Main South Road, Tinwald - Ph 308-5774

Sweeten the season and put your Christmas order in today!

win a Daltons prize pack, but the Guardian reserves the right to choose which questions and answers will be published. Daltons post the prize to our lucky winner.


Lakeway Nursery A living gift for Christmas

100 Grahams Road, Ashburton 03 308 9950 Mon - Fri │ 9am - 5pm Sat │ 9am - 5pm Sun │ 10am - 4pm

• • • •

Gooseberry Cranberry Strawberry Grapes

LOTS OF POTS Come and have a look

SPECIMEN TREES Great selection. All 20% off

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Christmas gift Lisa Fenwick


There are a million DIY Christmas gift ideas in the world, but I love this one, purely because I like feta cheese in so many things and I think this Christmas present idea is great to give the foodies in your life!

Feta cheese in olive oil Step 1: Ingredients 250g feta cheese, cut into 2cm cubes Zest from half a lemon, grated or cut into thin strips 12 3cm pieces of fresh rosemary 12 sprigs of fresh thyme Olive oil, to cover the cheese

Step 3: – Any olive oil left in the jar when the cheese is gone can be used to make salad dressing, or pour it over cooked vegetables.

Step 2: – Layer the cheese and herbs in a clean jar. Pour enough olive oil in the jar to completely cover the cheese. – Let marinate in the refrigerator for at least eight hours. The marinated feta will keep for several weeks in a covered jar in the refrigerator.

42 | YOU Magazine

eco living SUMMER

by Sheryl Stivens

Summer time means long balmy evenings outside, barbecue with friends and family and preparations for Christmas feasting and holidays. Everything we do has some impact on our environment. Ask your children to help sort out your home recycling systems. After all they are the ones who are going to inherit the world we have brought them into. Here are some eco living tips to help you enjoy the summer while doing your bit for our future sustainability. •

Reduce your foodwaste

Reduce barbecue and party waste

• •


Find an old style picnic basket with reusable cups and plates. If you really need to use disposables make sure they are compostable so you can feed them to your worm farm or compost bin. Stock up on reusable water bottles and glasses or cups to reduce waste and save money. You can find these at the Ashburton Resource Recovery Park Recycle Shed or your local charity shop. Always have a container or bag to sort and separate bottles, cans and containers for recycling. Advertising feature

When: Monday 15th December Time: 1 - 2pm Eco Education Centre – alongside the Mastagard Recycle Shed, all welcome. For further information call the Recycling Helpline 0800 627 824 or email; or

water saving

Buy only what you need and prepare


only what you can eat. Make a shopping list for food, keep it on your fridge and stick to it. Divide your food into portions before storing so you start using less at a time. Prevent wastage by planning your meals over Christmas and the holidays. Use leftovers creatively - Google ways to make patties or wraps from leftover vegetables and herbs. Set up a worm farm, bokashi bucket or compost garden area so you can transform your foodwaste into plant food. Come along to a monthly free demo at the Eco Education Centre to learn how to get started or improve what systems you already have at home or at work.

Did you know that? • 97 per cent of water on earth is salt water? • 2 per cent of the water on earth is glacier ice at the north and south pole. With less than 1 per cent of the planet’s water usable for human consumption it is up to each family to do their part. You can still have a fantastic lawn and garden - it just means doing it smarter. Here are some summer - eco living water saving tips: • Irrigate at night. Watering your lawn at night or during the early morning hours can reduce evaporation up to 30 per cent or more, depending on your location. • Try lawn cycling with a mulch mower attachment – leaving your catcher off means you don’t have lawn clippings to dispose of and they get mulched back onto your lawn to conserve moisture and nutrients.


Don’t overwater your lawn. Your lawn and garden only needs about an inch of water or 50mm per week to stay healthy. Watering deeply will encourage a deep root growth and resilience in dry conditions. Mulch gardens with wet newspaper, straw and lawn clippings sprinkled around vegetable seedlings and shrubs. Consider planting some areas in drought resistant plants or xeriscaping. The main goal of xeriscaping is to design a garden with plants that thrive in dry conditions and will withstand drought. Use rain water harvesting barrels. Capture the rain that falls naturally on your roof and store it for use in your garden or yard. Many systems can be hooked right up to your sprinklers using solar or traditional powered pumps.

YOU Magazine | 43


FREE Upcycling Kids’ Holiday classes Eco Education Centre January 2015

Bookings essential

Pick up a programme Mastagard Recycle Depot or email

Recycling is FREE and you can recycle so much at the Ashburton Resource Recovery Park.


Household batteries - from hearing aids, toys, torches etc. Used oil and paint– up to 20 litres Hazardous waste – up to 20 litres Household plastics (except for

Farm plastic Landowners and farmers with smaller quantities of farm plastic waste - recycle your farm plastics for FREE at the Ashburton Resource Recovery Park. A new drop-off area has been set up between the Mastagard Recycle Shed and the Eco Education Centre. It is so easy to pull in and drop off bale wrap, baling twine and feed sacks when dropping off your household recycling

before carrying onto the weighbridge to safely dispose of waste to landfill or green waste. FREE on farm advice on reducing waste and a farm collections service for waste and recycling is also available Call 0800627824 email or The service is supported by Ashburton


District Council to help farmers comply with new ECan regulations which now prevent burning or burying of farm waste. The farm plastic waste collected will be recycled in accordance with the New Zealand Product Stewardship Scheme. Farmers with larger volumes of farm plastic can contact Plasback phone 0508 338 240

polystyrene), glass bottles, cardboard, all paper, cans, scrap metal, household goods. • Farm plastic waste for recycling with Plasback. After recycling you can continue onto the weighbridge to weigh and drop off green waste, wood waste, concrete and solid waste for safe disposal.

Please keep our rural recycling depots clean and tidy over the holidays. Rubbish to go to landfill must be dropped off at the Ashburton or Rakaia Resource Recovery Parks.

Why waste anything? Farmers – Lifestyle block owners NEW - Farm waste recycling area Balewrap – baling twine- feed sacks Alongside Mastagard Recycle Shed At the Ashburton Resource Recovery Park

Ask us about: • On farm waste audits • Farm waste and recycling collections • Larger volume farm plastic recycling with ‘Plasback’

Take action now to reduce your waste - Call the Mastagard Education Team to carry out a FREE waste audit

Supported by Ashburton District Council For help with composting, recycling or water conservation Freephone 0800 627 824

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Microchipping for cats and dogs


VetEnt knows how important your pets are to you. Take advantage of the amazing special.

Microchipping now only $20, Save $40

Conditions apply. Bookings essential. Mention this ad when booking. Offer expires 30th December 2014.



Hyperthyroidism (over active thyroid gland) is a very common disorder that generally affects cats older than seven years of age. It is also a disease that affects humans. The thyroid gland produces hormones (thyroxin) that regulate metabolism, governing how hard the cells in our bodies work. Thyroxin helps to set how fast we burn off the energy we eat; having higher levels of thyroxin increases your pet’s metabolic rate, typically suffering from weight loss despite having increased appetite and food intake. This disease doesn’t just stop there. Because thyroxin effects lots of cells in your pet’s body it also forces the heart to beat harder and faster. This increases the thickness of the heart wall and increases blood pressure that can go on to damage the kidneys, eyes, brain and the heart itself.

Not all of these changes are reversible with treatment. The earlier this condition is diagnosed and treated the more likely these other problems are to resolve, improving the long term health and prognosis for your pet. This bit is down to you. If you notice any change in your pet’s appetite or weight that isn’t a result of changes you have made (increased exercise or feeding less) then you should get your vet to check them out. A lot of pet owners put these kind of changes down to old age. Please remember old age isn’t a disease, so changes that you notice are often significant and can signify underlying problems. Hyperthyroidism is very easily diagnosed by either clinical exam or confirmed by an inexpensive blood test. Hyperthyroidism is also easily and effectively treated, simply through changing to a prescription diet, medication, removal of the thyroid gland or radiotherapy. If you have noticed any changes to your pet be it weight loss, not as active, changes in appetite, poor skin and coat etc. book them in today for a health check and you will be given piece of mind at the very least. Advertising feature

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At the Ashburton Raceway


Above – Graham Brosnahan and Lorraine Dawe. Left (from left) – Tanya Cremin, Suzanne Hardinghan and Neil Moriarty.



Above – James Mitchell and Elly Vincent.


Above – Mike Stephen and Cheree Finlay.


Above – Lee Stiven (left) and Allan Anderson.

carters | estate Check out this address It could be yours

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Above (from left) – Millie, 7, Heidi, 5, Nicola Trounson. Below (from left) – Camryn, 10 months, Alana, Luca, 10 months, and Andrew Pain.


Above (from left) – Ethan and Olivia, both 9, Emm, 7, and Trudy Hill.



Above – Jason and Jack, 1, Rickard.


Above – Georgia, 3, and Jason Gill.


Above (from left) – Maya, 1, Ken and Riki, 5, Banwell.




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