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‘Add life to years and years to life’ As you enter the golden years, life should be all about happiness, relaxation and fun. You’ve worked hard over the years to enjoy a grand and glorious life, so you deserve the opportunity to be nurtured in a safe and secure environment. Rosebank exists to accommodate, nurture and care for our residents, attending to your needs and comfort in a positive, rewarding environment for your retirement with a focus on quality service, community and fulfilment. We understand that the choice to move to a retirement village is about downsizing your worries, not winding down your life. Let us take care of life’s unnecessary hassles, so you can take advantage of a leisure filled life. Established in 1992, Rosebank offers a place of tranquility where you and

2|Rosebank Retirement Village

your loved ones can feel safe, secure and cared for by our friendly and qualified staff, and most importantly Rosebank is a place you will be happy to call home. Beautifully situated on a prime site opposite the Ashburton Domain, Rosebank Village provides the best of both worlds: independence and security within a warm and welcoming community. Close to town with access to many community services, our Village gives you the opportunity to enjoy all of life’s pleasures, and the opportunity to make many wonderful new friends. The villas are now an exciting edition, which

have the option of continuation of care at Rosebank Resthome and Hospital. Our emphasis is on the highest quality of safety, service, and care. We recognise that the needs of our elderly change so our care policy and our facilities are constantly striving to improve. We offer a warm friendly atmosphere with comfortable facilities, providing our residents the freedom to enjoy their independence in a safe friendly community. You will also have the peace of mind and knowledge that support is on hand should you need it. ,

You’re Invited to

Each Resident is treated as an individual whose life experiences and personal values are to be respected. We value family support to achieve the best for our residents. The Rosebank atmosphere is one of love, life and family, and we welcome and encourage your family to visit as often as possible. We invite you to experience Rosebank, where we excel in providing a positive, rewarding environment for your retirement with a focus on quality service, community and fulfilment. You deserve the best that life has to offer.

Proud, Delighted, Satisfied As manager of Rosebank for four years I have seen the village concept evolve from an idea to reality. It was important to us to provide a further retirement care option which is something that has been lacking in Ashburton. I believe every individual is entitled to care, support and respect at any stage of their lives. The number of people aged over 65 is rising. By 2026 there will be twice the number of people in New Zealand over the age of 85 years than there is now. Despite what people may perceive, very few, in fact only 12% of older people go on to live in residential care facility.

Proud, Delighted, Satisfied – These words describe how the facility manager of Rosebank, Sue Prowse, feels after the stage one villas are completed.

A number of people at retirement age may not have the capacity or desire to live in a large family home with a time consuming garden, however they do not require 24 hour personal care. The new villas give another lifestyle option, living independently while being provided with a sense of security and peace of mind knowing other people are living close by. However if they do require personal assistance then this is available to them as part of our continuation of care.

Another key advantage to choosing Rosebank is we have the residential care facility at our Rest home & Hospital while their partner lives just next door at Rosebank Village. If you wish to know more please call me. I look forward to showing you this new option of living. Tel 03 308 0111 TO DISCUSS VILLA OWNERSHIP, CONTACT GENERAL MANAGER - SUE PROWSE ON 03 308 0111

My name is Stuart Leck, I have been the owner of Rosebank Resthome and Hospital for 20 years. On the 22nd of May I invite you to come to the public opening of “Rosebank Retirement Village� at 69 Walnut Avenue and view the first 6 villas that are now complete and ready for occupation. Rosebank Resthome/Hospital/Retirement Village is the premier facility for aged care in Ashburton. Management and staff go to extra ordinary lengths to ensure that care of our residents is at the highest level. Our first resident is already happily residing in the village with others due to join them shortly. The village will when complete have 27 villas and a community centre. This village now completes the expansion of the Resthome and hospital of which I am extremely proud . The villas have been designed with a large kitchen and generous living spaces which are bigger than normal for a retirement village. They are available with two or three bedrooms and with internal garage access. The retirement village will have organised outings and social occasions where they are able to mix with other residents from the village. This is the first stage which is now complete with five more stages to come. The second stage will start at the end of June for completion early December. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who are involved with this development, I am sure that when you visit the villas you will see the very high standard of workmanship that has been achieved. Rosebank Retirement Village is the first fully developed retirement village in Ashburton. It has been obvious for many years that there has been a real need for the elderly of Ashburton for such a development of which I am proud.

Rosebank Retirement Village|3

Welcome home... If you value your independence but still wish for added peace of mind and security, then a Rosebank Villa is your ideal choice. Live a healthy, active and happy life, enjoying all the pleasures that life has to offer, while knowing care is just seconds away. We will respect your independence and privacy, and all activities are optional.

Left: Our villa lounge is spacious and inviting, perfect for relaxation and socialising with family. Above: Villa lighting in the evening creates a magical ambiance, a sight you will love coming home to. Below: Our villa kitchens are stylish, and equipped with modern luxuries designed to make life easier. There is no shortage of storage, and with a view out to landscaped gardens, cooking is an enjoyable experience.

Villa Features Choose from self-contained 2 or 3 Bedroom Villas. Features include: Spacious Lounge & Dining areas Private Garden & Patio Heated Bathroom Optional Vegetable Garden Modern Kitchen Fully Carpeted, Draped and Landscaped

From the moment you enter a villa, you are aware of the quality appointments and spacious design which provide comfort and convenience. Each Villa is completely selfcontained, with two or three bedrooms, a modern kitchen, spacious lounge and dining areas, private garden and patio plus a luxurious heated bathroom. The Villas are fully carpeted, draped and landscaped, and come complete with a host of features designed to make your retirement as enjoyable as possible. Rosebank Management takes care of exterior maintenance, your garden, lawn and rubbish removal – including when you’re on holiday. You can choose to tend your garden yourself, and to have a vegetable garden. Rosebank Village has a Villa Manager dedicated to ensuring your needs are met, from organising transport, optional activities and outings, to assistance with daily activities such as meals, showering, medications and dressings. We also have the use of a taxi van for village outings and weekly trips to the Supermarket. Rosebank Village is proof that you’re never too old to have fun! ‘Add life to years and years to life’ TO DISCUSS VILLA OWNERSHIP, CONTACT GENERAL MANAGER - SUE PROWSE ON 03 308 0111


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Quickbrick are proud to be the chosen bricklayer for Rosebank Retirement Villas.

Phone Dave on 027 348 9287 or 03 307 7668 65 Buckleys Terrace, Tinwald, Ashburton 4|Rosebank Retirement Village

Rosebank Retirement Village Grand Opening Stage one of our five stage retirement village development was officially opened on May 1 2011 by Rangitata MP Jo Goodhew, who along with invited guests released balloons to mark the occasion. Six villas completed Stage one, with plans for a total of 27 new villas and a community centre completing the retirement village plan, estimated to be completed within the next three years. Upon completion, Rosebank will then have frontages on Walnut Avenue, Queens Drive and Creek Road, creating a spacious village environment. The community centre will provide a central area for residents to socialise, as well as a venue for function hire, and include other specialist services for residents to enjoy. Due to strong interest shown in the villas, our first villa residents have now already moved in to join the Rosebank community. Stage two will commence in June and will see the construction of further villas on Creek Road, which will be a combination of both two and three bedroom villas.

Rosebank Village director Stuart Leck said that the community interest in the Rosebank development had been encouraging, with many positive comments coming from prospective residents who had viewed the facilities. “Ashburton’s elderly have come of age and this is the first retirement village with a community centre and full facilities with continuation of care with a rest home and hospital next door,” Mr Leck said. Mrs Goodhew said by 2051 the number of older people will make up more than 25 per cent of the population, but Ashburton already had a higher than average percentage of people aged over 65.

Above Left: Jo Goodhew officially opened Stage One on May 1, 2011 in front of invited guests. Left: Stuart Leck, owner of Rosebank, attended the official opening of Stage One and is pleased with the enthusiasm received from the local community.

A public open day will be held on Sunday 22nd May 2011. If you are interested in viewing a villa, or any of the services available at Rosebank, we encourage you to attend this open day to experience our friendly community.

Above: Balloons were released to mark the occasion of the official opening of Stage One.

Wonderful for the community On behalf of Ashburton Grey Power, I am writing to welcome to Ashburton the additions to the Rosebank complex. These units give peace of mind, security and companionship, while at the same time residents can continue to live happy and independent lives.

At the press of a button help is on the way, which to our Grey Power members is something very precious as they reach that stage of life when they are no longer able to live on their own. The knowledge that over a cup of tea their worries and concerns can be put

to rest, is indeed priceless. Grey Power always advises our members to do their research before making the move to an assisted care facility, and to seek the advice of their lawyer and family, to ensure the move is the right one for them as an individual.

We look forward to seeing many happy and fulfilled residents in the new and beautifully appointed villas at Rosebank. Joy Jaine, Chairman Grey Power Ashburton

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T: 03 307 2330

M: 0274 36 26 36 Rosebank Retirement Village|5

Frequently Asked questions At Rosebank we understand that choosing to live in a retirement community is a big step and that there is a lot to consider, that is why our staff are always happy to take the time to answer any of your questions. We also encourage you to visit us with your family and friends; our staff will show you around and help make sure your decision is the right one. Below you will find responses to some frequently asked questions that we are regularly asked. Should you need any further information please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly staff. What care options do I have? Villas: A Villa provides the best of both worlds; independence, with companionship and help just seconds away. Live a full and active life, without the usual maintenance or security concerns that you may currently face at home. Choose from self-contained 2 or 3 Bedroom Villas, surprisingly spacious with luxury amenities, for an optimum living experience. Respite Care: Short term care should family or a Carer need to take a break from looking after a loved one or friend, we can assist with excellent care and facilities. You can relax, knowing that your relative or friend is safe and well cared for. Residential Rest Home: You will have the peace of mind and knowledge that support is on hand should you need it, with a full-

We encourage you to visit us with your family and friends; our staff will show you around and help make sure your decision is the right one. time village manager and 24 hour emergency medical assistance available. Rest Home residents can arrange regular visits from a registered nurse if required. Residential Hospital & Palliative Care: Plus Rehabilitative, Convalescent and Hospice services. When higher levels of support are needed our Hospital level care provides the benefits of 24 hour nursing care and supported living in a warm and welcoming environment What is respite care? Respite care is short term care, should your carer or family member

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become unavailable for a length of time. This can be arranged on a planned, or emergency basis. It can provide an opportunity to recuperate after hospitalisation or an illness, giving you peace of mind that premier emergency care is on hand should it be required. To be assessed as eligible for respite care, please contact our friendly staff for an assessment of eligibility. What is a ‘License To Occupy’ (also known as ‘Occupation Right Agreement’)

The most common form of occupation and ownership of retirement villages in New Zealand. You have the exclusive right to live in the Villa, plus use of

Rosebank facilities according to the terms of the contractual document. The title to the land and buildings remain with the Rosebank Retirement Village Ltd. It does not carry any entitlement to capital gain on termination of the agreement. Can a Family Trust purchase a License to Occupy? It can only be issued in the names of the residents occupying the Villa. However the funds used to purchase the agreement can come from a Family Trust. What happens if I have an accident or get sick? If your health deteriorates, we can arrange care within your Villa. Should you need closer supervision, Rosebank has a range of Rest Home and Hospital care options. Can I redecorate the Villa – e.g. change the wall or floor coverings? Yes - at your own cost, in consultation with and at the discretion of the Manager. How do I go about owning a Villa? Make an appointment to meet with Rosebank General Manager Sue Prowse. Sue will ensure you & your family understand the details of Villa Ownership. She can also show you Villa Plans and arrange a personal tour of Rosebank Village.

Knowledge and experience

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Miles construction was able to use its previous knowledge and experience of designing and building retirement villages in good use here. “Rose Bank Villas are a real credit to all involved in its construction. Director of Miles Construction, Alastair Miles, is proud of his association with this project. “I am delighted to have been given the opportunity to build these villas which will no doubt benefit this wonderful town in which I was born and spent part of my childhood in” “The Christchurch earthquake destroyed Miles Construction office, but management in temporary premises has continued and the recent opening of the Rosebank Villas met the original deadline. Alastair was fortunate perhaps in

having parents living in Ashburton, not far from Rosebank. This gave him a good local contact and some help, as parents do, from time to time. Dad could keep an eye on the progress, and Mum, we hear, arrived with a plate of hot scones for the builders. There is no doubt that these villas provide for those who can no longer maintain a normal house and section but are able to be independent in a place where maintenance and emergency care is quickly available. Miles Construction would like to thank the local contractors and Suppliers who helped in the construction of these villas with a special thanks to Paul Cartney

At Rosebank, we value ‘Respect, Hospitality and Service’ Rest Home & Hospital Rosebank offers a secure, supportive and peaceful environment in which to enjoy your retirement years. Our range of care choices help residents live life to the fullest – regardless of health. Rosebank Respite Care – Short-term In our Rest Home; either planned or in an emergency, should family or a Carer need to take a break from looking after a loved one or friend, we can assist with excellent care and facilities. You can relax, knowing that your relative or friend is safe and well cared for. It can provide an opportunity to recuperate after hospitalisation or an illness, giving you peace of mind that premier emergency care is on hand should it be required. Rosebank Rest Home Care – Access to 24-hour, Registered Nurse care. You will have the peace of mind and knowledge that support is on hand should you need it. Rest Home residents can have an active life, supported by staff who care about their comfort and wellbeing. We often hear comments about the happy atmosphere at Rosebank Rest Home, where laughter and good times are a part of every day life. We offer the privacy and dignity of a private room, personalised to the resident’s needs with the familiar touches of home. All rooms have an attractive outlook to the beautifully

maintained courtyards and gardens, plus telephone and television connections for easy communication with loved ones. The spacious Lounge & Dining Room is used for many social events – like our regular concerts. Importantly it’s also comforting to know Rosebank has Registered Nurses in our Hospital 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If a Rest Home resident needs closer medical supervision, the transition to closer care and attention is a stress free one. Rosebank Hospital & Palliative Care When higher levels of support are needed our Hospital level care provides the benefits of 24 hour nursing care and supported living in a warm and welcoming environment. Rosebank’s Hospital services include Palliative, Rehabilitative, Convalescent and Hospice services. Our Hospital facilities are designed for well-being and comfort, with warm and spacious rooms. Each room has a Nurse call bell by the bed, telephone and television connections. We also have large sunny entertainment rooms, and an in-house Chapel catering for all religions. Residents can choose their own Doctor who can visit regularly. We can also arrange visits from a Physiotherapist, Social Worker, Podiatrist and Hairdresser, to ensure the best quality of life is attainable each and every day.

Above: Rosebank Rest Home and Hospital is only metres away from the villas, giving you peace of mind that 24 hour care and assistance is there. Left: Our nurses can assist you with physiotherapy and other activities to help you remain as active as possible.


Build • Design • Project Management Miles Construction is proud to be the selected builders for Stage 1 and 2 of Rosebank Villas. PO Box 36680, Christchurch, New Zealand P: 03 355 7324 M: 0274 648 007 F: 03 355 7321 Rosebank Retirement Village|7

Rosebank Retirement Village Open Day  

Ashburton Guardian - Rosebank Retirement Village Open Day 2011

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