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veryone’s home is their own little sanctuary and you’ll struggle to find two homes the same. And with so much variety and a vast array of tastes when it comes to design, layout and feel of a home, there’s so much to consume. House to Home, to us, is an avenue in which people can express and share their thoughts, ideas and designs with the rest of the community. We’re lucky that on two occasions each year when we produce this publication there are people that are willing to open their doors and allow us in to showcase what they’ve come up with. Sometimes, what we show might not be for everyone – but then there’s also the off-chance that someone might pick up something little and run with it and use it for their own home. House to Home is an advertising publication for sure, but it’s also a storytelling platform in which people can tell the tale of how they came to reach their dream home. We hope you enjoy reading what’s in these pages just as much as we’ve enjoyed putting it together.

A personal paradise at the edge of Methven P4 – P7

Close to the heart P10 – P13

HOME Matt Markham

Creating gorgeous blank canvases P18 – P22

H O U S E Guardian editor

Choices are endless P24

House to Home is a complimentary supplement produced by the Ashburton Guardian Designer Lisa Fenwick

Designer Yendis Albert






How to be an ideal suitor to buy a home G

By Frances Cook

etting mortgage pre-approval from a bank can be challenge for which many first-home buyers are unprepared. While most Kiwis fixate on the deposit as the biggest hurdle to owning a home, that’s only part of the story. You may have a big whack of money in your savings account but banks may limit the amount they are prepared to lend you or decide you are too much of a risk. Just like some people have a list of “must-haves” for the people they date, so banks have an increasingly long list of criteria for anyone they’ll commit to. If you don’t fit into their tick boxes, you’ll find it difficult. But there’s a silver lining here. Just like before you head out on a date, if you slap on some bank-friendly makeup, you can turn yourself into their ideal suitor. First up, get rid of as much other debt as you can. Even get rid of debt that you’re not using right now, like an unused credit card. The bank wants to think it’s your one and only, or at least, that you’re not seeing anyone else too seriously. It doesn’t want you to have multiple side pieces. So if you have a small debt you can pay off quickly, get it off the books. The bank doesn’t even like you having the option for more debt. This is what’s

sort. They’re likely to go back through three months of bank statements, Make your bank think you’re looking for “unreasonable spending”. a match made in heaven: Of courses, every relationship can benefit from the right amount of Get rid of as much other mystery. Just go to a cash system for your day-to-day small spending on coffee, or a debt as you can. Even debt couple of beers after work. that you’re not using. Withdraw your budget at the start of the week, spend cash and relax in the If you have a credit card with knowledge that you’re not being tracked. a high limit, consider bringing If the bank asks about it, just tell them the limit down. you’re being a smart budgeter who sets a limit each week and works in cash to Show reasonable spending for banks to make sure you stick to it. review a three-month period. Lastly, most partners like you to look to the future and show you’re willing to progress the relationship. Set up an automatic payment So bonus points if you set up an into your savings, to show how automatic payment into your savings restrained you are with your cash. account, weekly or fortnightly, to show how restrained you are with your cash. As anyone will tell you, sometimes called your “credit potential”. going to run the numbers based on that. your date looks good on paper, but you So if you have a credit card with a high They’re going to see if you could still make need to feel that spark too. limit, consider bringing the limit down, the payments if interest rates went up to These are the little things that could or cancelling it entirely. Show the bank 7 per cent. make your bank think you’re a match you’re serious about committing to them. It’s easy enough to check for yourself. made in heaven. Speaking of commitment, the bank Just google “mortgage calculator”, and Frances Cook is the host of the personal wants to know you’re a reliable partner, put the numbers in to see how much you finance podcast Cooking the Books. ready to stick by them in good times and would be paying. Could you afford that? She is not a financial adviser and all in bad. The banks needs the answer to be “yes”. information is general in nature. For individual advice, see a financial adviser. So while we have historically low Not the most romantic of traits, but the – NZME mortgage rates right now, the bank isn’t bank wants to think you’re the sensible





Superior Performance Made for New Zealand Conditions



A personal p M

By Heather Mackenzie

ark and Peri Scrivenor have created their own paradise on the edge of Methven township, one where large trees sway gently in the breeze and wind chime sounds drift lazily over the lake. The home is beautifully laid out, with panoramic views of Mt Hutt and surrounding mountains from every window. Even though it is a large house – boasting four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a large craftcome-storage room, three living areas and two sets of stairs – the overall feel is one of cosiness and comfort. Clever design features, like windows on the stair-landing, let in plenty of sunlight and avoid what could otherwise be a dark east-facing area of the home. Large shutters set in an internal wall upstairs also add to the light and airy feel. When pushed back, they provide a view down to the dining room below. Peri pointed out the shutters serve a double purpose, not only do they break up what would be a long wall, but, when open, heat can travel to the upstairs rooms. The downstairs living room makes the most of the spectacular views and, best of all, it features a genuine open fireplace, finished off with a brick surround, in keeping with the house exterior. The over-stuffed couches dotted about the room conjure up images of reading a good



al paradise at the edge of Methven

Above – The lake built by Mark Scrivenor has been known to provide refuge to over 100 ducks come duck shooting season. Right – It would be no hardship waking up to this view each day. Below – The horse riding ring and stable buildings greet visitors as they drive up the treelined driveway.

book, curled up in front of the crackling fire, while snow falls silently outside. Rimu and kauri touches are throughout the house, with a great deal of the timber having been recycled from the old homestead that stood on the land previously. The front door in the Scrivenor home is the very door that welcomed many visitors into the original homestead many years ago. The recycling doesn’t stop there, the table and chairs in the formal dining room are made from kauri sourced from the old house too. Like anything worth having, this idyllic house and established garden has come about through lots of planning and old-fashioned hard work. In 1989 the 11-acre block was a flat sheep paddock, littered with a few scruffy pine trees with a creek running through it. continued over page

Today’s construction is tomorrow’s legacy

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Above – The large renovated country-style kitchen looks directly up to Mt Hutt. Below – A winter wonderland.


Above – Flowing from the kitchen is the breakfast area. The wood panelling in this area were salvaged from the original homestead.

From P5 But Mark found he could easily visualise the kind of house he wanted for him and his wife. Armed with a drawing of his dream house, one he had sketched out on the back of a Mt Hutt Ski Area ski report (adult lift passes were $14 in 1989) he set off to the draughtsman in order to get the rough drawing turned into an official plan. Once it was all official and building consent secured, Mark began building the house himself in 1990. The original plan was to clad the house in local Mt Hutt stone, but that proved too difficult due to the council needing a myriad of official reports around the suitability of stone as a cladding. So Mark and Peri shelved that idea and settled for recycled bricks from an old hotel in Christchurch instead. Mark then spent hours chipping off the old mortar attached to the recycled bricks. “Cleaning them wasn’t all that bad, as the mortar on them had pretty much turned to sand by then,” he said. The house was finished in stages as the Scrivenors could afford it. Mark explained that he built the frame of the house in its entirety right from the start and then finished off various parts of the home if and when they could. “We lived in half of it to begin with and, as our family got bigger, we finished off other parts of the house. It took us 10 to 15 years

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A/H: 302 6992 Mobile: 027 4354 646

bef H atte sug Bid not gar B site size “ her her “ yel the the W ma I the pad into T the allA Per W she cur the hom

he e. , t re n an


of e



at y



Above – The formal dining room also has a strong natural timber influences. Below right – Mark Scrivenor used the dirt from digging out the lake to create different height levels in the garden.

Above – The master bedroom upstairs is a large space with ensuite and separate dressing room.

before we were using all of it.” House under way, it was time to turn their attention to the garden. Thankfully a friend suggested they give retired landscape artist Biddy Pollard a call. Biddy turned out to be not only a bit of a character, but really good at garden design too. Biddy designed the garden in one trip to the site. Mark said Biddy had asked for a large A3 size drawing of the existing features. “We walked behind while she said ‘plant this here, disturb the water here, and plant trees here’. “One of Biddy’s suggestions was to plant yellow irises. Mark said she was right about them growing well here as they pop up all over the garden now.” Widening the existing stream into a lake has made for a unique feature in the garden. It also aided in building up the land around the house in order to break up the flatpaddock look. The removed dirt was moulded into a small hill running through the garden. The well-established trees that surround the house, all planted by Mark, provide that all-important country feel. Adding to the out-in-the-country feel are Peri’s horses grazing around the property. With a riding ring, stables, tackroom and sheds on the left as you drive in and past the curved pine fence, visitors are left in no doubt they are visiting an exceptional house and home.





Honeycomb blinds


linds are becoming an increasingly popular option for window furnishings nowadays. There are many different options from roller, roman and venetian to newer ones like sunscreen and honeycomb blinds. Whereas in past years curtains were the best option for keeping in the warmth in a house there are some great advancements in blinds which now makes them a great option.

Honeycomb blinds are like what they sound like, blinds that are shaped in a honeycomb structure. This allows the air to get trapped between the cells of the fabric and creates an insulating layer. This makes them a fantastic option if you are after something to keep the warmth in. In fact, Consumer New Zealand recently did a test on the insulating abilities of curtains and blinds and honeycomb blinds

were the winner by a country mile! Honeycombs are also a good insulator due to the minimal gap around the blind after installation. As there are no brackets outside the width of the blind, they fit tight to the edge of the window. For this reason, they are also a good option if you require a blind on a window that needs to have minimal gap for blackout reasons. There are a number of control options

for honeycomb blinds, including traditional cords, handle operated or even motorised! Both the handle operated and motorised are a good option for kids’ rooms due to having no cords. These blinds come in a multitude of colours as well as both translucent/sunscreen and blockout options. A great addition to any home! Advertising feature






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Carpet – wool or nylon? B

uying carpet these days can be a fairly daunting task. Twenty years ago there was only one real option for carpet, and that was wool. Now days there are lots more alternatives that are worth considering, for example, solution dyed nylons (SDN), polyester, polypropylene and PET fibre carpets. However, the two main carpets people are usually after are wool and SDN. So what has changed in 20 years? Well firstly with wool carpet, not much. A really good wool carpet is still that, a really good wool carpet. Even now there are many reasons to choose a wool carpet. These include being a natural fibre, environmentally friendly and sustainable as well as being fire resistant. The latest trends in wool include some gorgeous chunky wool loops. These are lovely and soft underfoot and have the advantage of natural two-toned colours which look great in any house. The change has come more from man-made, predominately nylon fibres. The improvement in nylon carpets (most commonly known as a Solution Dyed Nylon, or SDN) over the past 20 years has been huge and now there are just as many reasons to choose an SDN carpet. The manufacturers have also pretty much eliminated the sheen which

traditionally used to be a dead giveaway of a nylon carpet. Now you would be hard pressed to know the difference. In fact we have had an SDN carpet on the floor of our showroom for five years and people still think it is wool! Where the SDNs really excel is in areas like colour fastness, UV resistance and improved appearance retention due to lack of shedding of fibres. The improvement in colour fastness is due to the fibre being coloured as part of the production process creating a deeper

colour with better colour retention as compared to a wool carpet which is a product which is dyed at the end. This ensures the colour is all the way through the yarn rather than just on the outside (think carrot versus radish). One thing to note with nylon carpets is that you get what you pay for. Not all nylon carpets are created equal! A cheap nylon is not designed to last 10 years (much the same as a cheap wool carpet) but the really good quality, and usually more expensive ones, will certainly do that and more.

As carpet is usually compared in ounces, a general rule is a 32-34oz will give you a good family carpet at a competitive price. It pays to remember that this is not directly comparable to wool weights. For the same quality in wool you would be looking at around 40-44oz. A 40oz SDN is similar to a 48oz wool carpet. When you get to anything 48oz or above in an SDN it is just pure luxury! Advertising feature


Warm up your home for winter





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Close to the heart W

A stunning light, impressive wallpaper and an oversize mirror create an impressive entranceway in the Cawton Grove home. PHOTOS SUE NEWMAN

Proud suppliers to Muldrew Builders of

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By Sue Newman

hen it comes to building a new home, Malcolm Tarbotton is no stranger to the process and, with his latest property, he reckons he’s got the formula as close to perfection as it’s possible to get. For him, his new home is one that’s very close to his heart. It’s built on land that has been in his family for several generations and he’s fulfilling a dream that his father held dear – creating an urban subdivision that had a rural feel. Malcom’s family’s roots run deep in the Ashburton District, with his great grandparents Robert and Mary arriving in Mid Canterbury from England. They settled at Rangitata to farm and later bought land in Tinwald, part of the Lagmhor Estate. They named this property Kelburn Lodge. The farm came into Malcom and first wife, the late Judith’s stewardship in 1963 and during his tenure part of the property became a rhubarb farm. In turn, son Stuart became owner of the Tarbotton farm, with Malcom retaining a portion of the land that is now the Cawton Grove subdivision, stage one. “I always like a challenge and I found it with this subdivision. I did both sides of the road, one acre lots on the north side and town sized on this side,” he said. And it is on this land that appropriately runs off Tarbotton’s Road, that Malcom and second wife Barbara created with love their retirement home. It reflects the passion of its owners to create a home in which no effort has been spared to create living spaces long on comfort and with careful attention to easy living. In some ways it reflects the best of his previous build, but in many ways it is a new venture, one that Malcolm said takes advantage of new innovations, techniques and developments in the building world. The floor plan is similar to an Alexandra home Malcolm admired. He managed to obtain the plans and had these tweaked by architects Chilton and Mayne to suit the couple’s needs. It’s a spacious, light-filled home and was constructed by David Muldrew. “He was tidy and well organised and I’d recommend him to anyone,” Malcolm said. Like many people who build a new home, there’s the temptation to start out with new furniture and Malcolm admits many of the pieces in the Cawton Grove home have been

A cook’s dream kitchen, complete with a steam oven.

Comfortable leather furniture creates a wonderful spot to relax in the sun-filled lounge.

A stylish, classy splashback is a feature of the kitchen.

Open-plan living means the cook is always part of the action.

Professional Decorating & Plastering Interiors and Exteriors

SERVICES INCLUDE: • Wallpapering & Decorating

• Licensed Rockcote Plasterers

• Factory Lacquer Finishes

• Level 5 Spray Finish

• Textures & Specialist Coatings

• Plasterboard Stopping



Above – Isabella the russian blue cat owns the sunniest spot in the home.

Above – The sunny verandah with a large eave is a perfect spot to relax.

Above centre – A stunning light is a feature of the entranceway.

Left – The clean lines of the Chilton Maynedesigned home set the scene for a stylish and classy interior.


bought to suit the new home. It’s a home that is not short on high-tech equipment with a multi-camera security set-up that can be monitored from a special screen in the living room or on a laptop or cellphone. The home is heated by two heatpumps that are never turned off and the floor is insulated with thick polystyrene. Underfloor heating comes on at night and turns off in the morning to ensure no-one ever gets out of bed to a cold house. Malcolm credits interior designer Sarah

Bennett with providing the special touches that elevate the home to the next level and her touch is apparent in blind and curtain fabrics, wallpapers and stunning floral cushions on living room furniture. The Tarbotton home is large, 259 square metres, but its design ensures spaces are cosy and welcoming, rather than open and impersonal. The kitchen is a home chef’s dream. There are spacious work surfaces, a stunning splash back and an over breakfast bar light that is a

feature in its own right. No expense has been spared on the induction cooktop and the Bosch oven that includes a special steam feature. Like most modern homes, this one includes a butler’s pantry, one that has a movement light sensor – no hands needed. There are two living areas that flow seamlessly into one another and while Malcolm initially considered dividing the two with doors, he opted for the open plan look that takes living from dining table to casual television viewing area into a sunny and

welcoming lounge area. And while the sun-filled living spaces are enjoyed by the Tarbottons, they are equally well enjoyed by family cat, russian blue Isabella. The home’s entranceway is stunning, with a beautiful chandelier lighting the area and a massive mirror creating an illusion of endless space. Wallpaper in the foyer helps create the feeling of having arrived in a very special home. continued over page


From P11 Immediately off the foyer is a home office that could double as a fourth bedroom. The bedroom wing is separate from the living spaces and boasts three bedrooms, with the master ensuite. Both toilets have remote controlled bidets. Motion sensor lights line the hallway and are used in the walk-in wardrobes and bathrooms.


The bedrooms all have feature walls with stunning wallpapers making each into a statement of its own. The laundry is in the bedroom wing and opens to the backyard by a card entry back door. This has an automatic close and lock function. The surrounding gardens have followed minimalist principles, with great use of feature

pots and garden art. There are large hard surfaces in the backyard and leading into the double garage. The home’s exterior is linea weatherboard complemented to the north by a seven foot deep verandah. An automatic watering system has been installed and apart from a quick whip-over with the lawn mower, Malcolm said the garden is pretty much work free.

The Tarbotton home is at the entrance to Cawton Grove and sets the standard for the many new homes that are now rapidly filling this subdivision. It adjoins one son Stuart has under way to the south. This will have larger house lots. While the subdivision is just a short drive from Ashburton, there is a fresh, country feel to the area.



LOT 22


SOL 1005m²

LOT 24


SOL 746m²

LOT 25






LOT 20



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LOT 27



SO KEL LOT 23 BUR LD 718m² N P LOT 23 SO LA LD 718m² LOT 26 C E SO LD LOT 26 SO780m² LD 780m² O S LOT 15 D LOT 14 OL S690m² K E L 700m² B LOT 13 KU E LRBN U RPNL 758m² APCLE ACE 772m²



LOT 16 800m²

LOT L 19 DLOT 19D O 844m² L

O S LOT 18D SOL 844m²

LOT 16LOT 16







Jarrod Ross Licensee Salesperson / Auctioneer Mid Canterbury Real Estate Ltd Licensed (REAA 2008) T 03 307 8317 M 027 259 4644 F 03 308 9056 E Jarrod Ross 96 Tancred Street, Ashburton, Canterbury 7700 Jarrod Ross Licensee Salesperson / Auctioneer Licensee Salesperson / Auctioneer Mid Canterbury Real Estate Ltd Licensed (REAA 2008) Mid Canterbury Real Estate Ltd Licensed (REAA 2008) T 03 307 8317 M 027 259 4644 T 03 307 8317 0279056 259 4644 F 03M308 E F 03 308 9056 E 96 Tancred Street, Ashburton, Canterbury 7700 96 Tancred Street, Ashburton, Canterbury 7700

LOT 14 LOT11 14 LOT 700m² 700m² 741m²


LOT 9 LOT 9 LOT 17 LOT 17 OLD OL3D730m² LOT 730m² 792m² S792m² SLOT 4


LOT 5 754m²


LOT 11 LOT 11 741m²



SOL 780m²

LOT 32 LOT 762m²32



J LOT A JG 41W A A G WYLOT A Y 40 768m²


LOT 33 922m²

LOT 31 LOT 767m² 31


LOT 39

LOTLOT 34 33 809m² LOT 33 922m²



LOT 38


LOT 37


LOT 36



LOT 35 913m²

LOTLOT 42 42 LOTLOT 41 41 LOT 40 LOT 40 783m² 768m² 783m² 768m²


LOT 3939 LOT 753m² 753m²

LOT 8D 781m²

LOT LOT37 37

787m² 787m²

LOT 43

LOT 44

LOT 45




LOT 34 LOT 34 809m² 809m²

LOT 3838 LOT




LOT 32 762m²

LOT 30 LOT 900m² 30

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LOT 12 LOT 12 LOT 7

LOT 31 767m²

LOT 29 LOT 900m² 900 m² 29


LOT 42


LOT 30 900m²

LOT 12 LOT 13 744m² LOT 13


LOT 10 LOT 10


900m² 900m²

LOT 46 1007m²

LOT LOT36 36

742m² 742m²

LOT 47

815m² 815m²

LOT 48 1001m²



LOT 49

913m² 913m² 1001m²


LOT 2 LOT 2 793m²




LOT 1 2 LOT 1 LOT 793m² 938m²



LOT 1 938m² LOT 18D LOT 18


LOT 15 DLOT15 D OLLOT S690m² OL10 690m²


LOT 29

LOT 27 27 LOT 28 J A 883m² GLOT W 883m² A Y LOT 28 900m²



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LOT L 19 D

LOT 20 LDLOT 20 O806m² D

LOT 21D OLLOT 21D S1003m²


LOT LOT 24718m²L23 O D 746m² LSD LOT 24 SO



LOT 22 1005m² LOT 21D LDLOT O L 22


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LOTLOT 43 43 1146m² 1146m²

LOTLOT 44 44 1197m² 1197m²

LOT LOT 4545 1181m² 1181m²

LOT LOT 4646 1007m² 1007m²

LOT47 47 LOT 1010m² 1010m²

LOT48 48 LOT 1001m² 1001m²

1001m² 1001m²



Kim Miller Licensee Salesperson Mid Canterbury Real Estate Ltd Licenced (REAA 2008) M 027 236 8627 E Kim Miller 96 Tancred Kim Miller Street, Ashburton, Canterbury 7700 Licensee Salesperson Licensee Salesperson Mid Canterbury Real Estate Ltd Licenced (REAA 2008) Mid Canterbury Real Estate Ltd Licenced (REAA 2008) M 027 236 8627 ME027 236 8627 E 96 Tancred Street, Ashburton, Canterbury 7700 96 Tancred Street, Ashburton, Canterbury 7700


Walk from home to the golf course

Half price

*memberships on settlement of section in the second stage of the Tarbotton subdivision * 1st Membership only.

The Tinwald Golf Club is located in Tinwald, a suburb of Ashburton township, Mid Canterbury, New Zealand. The golf course was built in 1967 and is situated on reserve land adjacent to the Tinwald Domain. We are one of two golf courses located within the Ashburton township and one of many scattered throughout the Mid Canterbury region. Our 18 hole course is predominately flat and easy walking with tree lined fairways, several waterways meandering throughout, providing numerous water hazards for golfers to negotiate. We are affiliated to Aorangi Golf. Club house bar and catering facilities are available following the close of play on any official club day and members and visitors are welcome to enjoy a drink following their round. The Tinwald Golf Club is located on Frasers Road, Tinwald, Ashburton approx 1km west off State Highway 1 The Course: 18 Holes The Tinwald Golf Club is located on Frasers Road, Tinwald, Ashburton approx 1km west off State Highway 1 All enquirers can directed to | Phone: 027 329 1105



In bathrooms this year, go square T

By Lisa Fenwick

his year square is here, according to Mico Plumbing and Bathrooms Ashburton branch manager Michelle Roulston. We’re going for straight and streamlined. Taps, wash basins, showers, they’re all going back to being square, albeit with rounded edges. Showers are getting bigger and we’re going back to the future with square

showers and, while they’re still out there, wet areas are losing popularity, according to Roulston. People are finding them not as good at containing water in the right area as they would want them to be, she said. And with overhead drenchers becoming popular for a bit of shower power, it certainly would make for a very wet wet area. 2020 also appears to be bringing colour back into the bathroom, with grey making

a comeback and, in Europe, blues of every hue. Roulston said the main trend in bathroom hardware colour this year is chrome. Chrome tapware is making a stylish splash and, in particular, black chrome, brushed nickel, golds and gun metal, but Roulston said the black was definitely something we have to be a little bit wary of in Ashburton. “Ashburton has harsh water, which can make it hard to keep clean, with limescale

build-up etc. You are constantly cleaning.” The standalone tub continues to be a sought-after design feature and it gives you flexibility, a vintage touch and the illusion of extra space. Apparently, it’s the open area beneath the tub that makes the bathroom look bigger than it actually is. There seems to be no limit to the size or shape of freestanding bathtubs available. “Freestanding baths are becoming very popular,” Roulston said.

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The cabinet system, walk-in wardrobe solution.

WARDROBE SYSTEMS Quality construction of 25mm thick melamine board.

Choose from our three, high quality finishes – Grey Ash, Maple Cream or White Linear. Then maximise your space with pull-out jewellery or tie drawers, pull-out pants racks, shoe racks and ironing boards, just some of the accessories available to complete this walk-in robe.



in to see us to find out how we can help you. FOR Simply ALLcallBUDGETS Shoe towers from $210 (incl GST) PHONE

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It’s getting hot in here W

By Lisa Fenwick

e all know that having a cold, damp home is bad for our family’s health and with the chill of winter about to make itself felt, it is time to take another look at heating and what’s out there. When I asked Dean Crossan from Smith & Church what he believes is number one for your home, he didn’t hesitate: “There’s still no form of electric heating that can beat heat pumps,” he said. “There is nothing more efficient for heating your home. “They just keep getting better and better,” he said. Every year they get more efficient and every year they get more technologically advanced. Take a fan heater, for example. For every dollar you spend, you get a dollar of heating out of them. With heat pumps, for every dollar you spend, you get $3-4 of heat out of them. I bought a heat pump about 15 years ago and it’s died a horrid death. But when it was working, it didn’t like pumping out the heat when frost was on the ground. Dean said the heat pumps these days are still working to around -15°C. It would be nice if we didn’t reach those frozen heights in Mid Canterbury … ever. They are all coming out now wifi compatible, so you can turn it off or on remotely from your cellphone. Cool huh!

And not only that, they are air-conditioners In the summer, have dehumidifiers built in and even fans, so you can shift the air around, without it costing so much to run. One piece of advice Crossan would give anyone looking for a heat pump is to make sure they buy a reputable brand. Yes, you might get a cheaper one and it might work fine, but it might also be nasty. So by buying a reputable brand locally, you’ll get back-up service and a maintenance schedule to help keep things running smoothly. Crossan said that while convection heating was also becoming more efficient by the year, heat pumps were still number one in clean, efficient electric heating. “They are definitely the best bang for your buck.”

Proud to be locally owned and operated Finance available

Blair Watson, managing director of Electraserve agrees. He said there’s nothing much new and mind-blowing for home heating apart from ducting systems. While the technology has been around for a while, zone control is what people are asking about this year. Zone control with ducting systems allows you to control the temperature in each room. Technological advances mean that if you’re still using a logburner, for example, you can retrofit a zone control ducting system that will allow you to have a warm lounge and, at the same time, a cooler bedroom for those that don’t like too

much heat when they’re sleeping. It just gives you more options for your comfort.



Design trends for 2020 – Jo’s top picks F

rom fabrics, accessories, wallpapers and paint colours, Jo Skilling, design consultant, has the inside word on the top trends you can expect to see more of in 2020. Serene spaces Increasingly, we’re seeing a new approach to minimalism. Rather than stark, white spaces, many of our customers are wanting to create calm environments that restore the soul and provide a way to shut out the relentless busyness of the outside world. Soothing colours, such as serene greens Dulux Tauherenikau and Dulux Hancock, provide the perfect way to create this ambiance. When it comes to fabric, we’re seeing a continued trend towards simple, organic materials – bold and ornate designs are out and subtle patterns inspired by nature are increasingly popular. For accessories, timber accents, as well as natural stone and coloured glass colours, patterns and textures layered to create a joyful and exciting experience. provide texture and interest, while still Wallpaper and fabrics are a great way keeping the room feeling natural. to bring maximalism into play – we have plenty of amazing samples available in our Lively living showroom! To finish off the look, think Those that love bold design will metallic vases, plush velvet cushions and be relieved to know that, while calm retro light fittings. and earthy interiors are in vogue, the ‘maximalism’ trend is still going strong as Blooming beautiful well! The popularity of patterned fabrics and Maximalism is a ‘more-is-more’ wallpapers featuring tropical botanicals, approach that sees bold and dramatic

waste, there is an increasing trend towards upcycling quality pieces from days gone by. Called ‘new luxury’ this trend sees customers create bespoke items, using recycled and repurposed materials. Raid the attic and the local op shops for gems from days gone by, then pop in to our showroom to check out our gorgeous selection of quality upholstery fabrics. Culturally inspired An exciting trend that is gaining pace around the world is the use of folk, archival and hand-worked tribal qualities that embrace the heritage of unique parts of the world. Design influences from Asia, the Middle East and Africa are being drawn on and cleverly blended to speak to cultural fluidity, and we’re seeing lots of patterns made of raffia, cotton and cane. Organic looking surfaces are also a part of this look wild animals, and colourful blooms are still and represent a more natural aesthetic, extremely popular. A great way to bring with reference to a distant past. the outdoors in, they can be either subtle An amazing example of this look is and serene or bold and bright. the newly released Hanami wallpaper In keeping with this look, indoor collection, which features adapted iconic greenery and plants are more popular symbols of Japanese culture in a range of than ever before – and with good reason trending colours. A fresh take on Japan’s when you consider their proven positive rich and sophisticated decorative history, impact on physical and mental wellbeing. these prints replicate traditional screen printing, hand painted motifs and dying Luxury, reinvented techniques, bringing ancient Asian craft As more and more of us seek to reduce into the modern day.

Your beautiful home, our absolute passion While many of us enjoy day-dreaming about redecorating, the reality of designing a space you’ll love for years to come is not as easy as it sounds! Wall in Dulux Waitangi, wall in Dulux Sandfly Point Double (right). Artwork White Desert - Egypt by Chris Sisarich, Maker’s Mkt. Styling: Bree Leech. Photographer: Lisa Cohen

Fortunately for Ashburton home owners, creating beautiful interiors is all in a day’s work for Jo Skilling and her team of design consultants at Colourplus Ashburton. New home build, renovation, or even a commercial space that needs an impressive interior, Jo and the team have the experience, passion and knowledge to ensure your project is a success. The bright, spacious Colourplus showroom features comfortable consultation pods, and hundreds of beautiful product samples within easy reach. From curtain fabric samples, operational blind, shutters and outdoor awnings displays, wallpaper inspiration, a fullservice flooring department and in-store Dulux trade depot. COLOURPLUS ASHBURTON 118 Tancred Street | 03 308 3973

“We start with the house plans and a chat about personal style and preferences, and then we get to the fun part! In the showroom, we can layout fabric options against different wallpaper designs, look at

paint and flooring samples, and show the customer how it all comes together. We also organise the installation and completion of the job as well. It’s surprisingly easy once we start the process”.

For expert interior design advice, as well as a free consultation and quote, call in and meet the Colourplus team today.

Jo Skilling

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With its black brick and cedar exterior this Magnolia Drive home in the Braebrook subdivision is ready to welcome its new owners who will put their own stamp on what is today a blank, but very stylish interior.


Creating gorgeous blank canvases W

By Sue Newman

hen it comes to building homes that satisfy the dreams of new home buyers, Grant Love has a winning recipe. He has a large stake in Ashburton’s prestigious Braebrook subdivision as one of the builders of stylish and quality spec homes and one of his recent builds has found owners who are looking forward to moving in and creating their own special place on what today is a blank canvas. The Magnolia Drive home has style in spades.

From the street it is clear this property is a little different, with its black brick and stained cedar exterior. From the street cedar fencing encloses a private courtyard that ensures its owners can enjoy morning and afternoon sunshine on a very private patio area completely screened from passersby. The driveway is wide and there is plenty of parking space without blocking access to the double garage. And the carpeted garage comes with a drive-through option to allow additional private, off-street

parking for trailers or a motor home or caravan. While the Magnolia Place property was built as a spec home, sales agent Kim Miller said it was built with higher specifications. The living area is open plan with a kitchen that makes it clear plenty of thought has gone into creating a home that is a step up from the ordinary. The black kitchen cupboards and white splash-back tiles, complemented by a long Corian benchtop breakfast bar, create an

area that will be a great gathering place for family and guests. Rather than an entrance hall there is a wide, open entranceway screened from living spaces by a partial wall. There are three bedrooms with spacious wardrobes and a well thought out walk-in wardrobe in the master bedroom. This has its own ensuite. The master bedroom has a sliding door that opens to a private terrace. continued over page

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72 (03


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From P18

Stunning black kitchen cabinetry and benchtop set the scene this high quality spec home built by Grant Love Ltd.

The second bedroom is spacious and includes a bath and the home has a ducted heating system that can be closed off in individual rooms. As is standard in new builds, the home is well insulated and double glazed. The Grant Love Homes property on Magnolia Drive is part of what has become one of Ashburton’s most popular subdivisions. The subdivision itself has an interesting history as it was the site of a former apple orchard. A number of those original trees have been retained in some of its green spaces. It is being developed over five stages with the later stages now rapidly filling with new homes. It has wide streets and fencing setbacks create a feeling of spaciousness. The subdivision is also home to waterways, a playground and a child care facility. The 20 hectare Braebrook subdivision was officially launched in 2008 and when completed it was intended to have 189 homes. Its early history saw it used as a grazing block and it also included in its history a period where it was owned by South Canterbury Finance’s Alan Hubbard.

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regular Rubbish Removal Service, with many local Companies Front Loader Bins and using our Cardboard Recycling Cages, ave Open Top Bins on a casual basis, for property clean ups, building works and Garden tidy ups. a Household and/or Garden waste Drum empty service. All provided by a Company based in Tinwald. Gary McCormick

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regular Rubbish Removal Service, with many local Companies Front Loader Bins and using our Cardboard Recycling Cages, ave Open Top Bins on a casual basis, for property clean ups, building works and Garden tidy ups. a Household and/or Garden waste Drum empty service. All provided by a Company based in Tinwald.

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Above left – A spec home doesn’t need to mean a small home, one of the two large bathrooms in the property. Above right – Walk-in wardrobes ensure good hanging and storage space in two of the three bedrooms. Below left – Easy access from bedroom to ensuite and walk-in wardrobe. Below centre – Viewed from the street, the front courtyard fencing ensures privacy. Below right – Neutral tones in carpets and walls create a blank canvas for a new owner’s creative ideas.

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How to sort your storage T

oday’s homes specialise in making the chaos of everyday life disappear. Gone are the days of cluttered bedrooms, dining and living spaces and even children’s play areas; instead there are clever ways to keep the bedlam at bay, concealing it behind stylish, modern surfaces that belie the volume of stuff hidden behind them. Sorting out your storage needs before building or renovating should be a top priority to save frustrations and expense further down the track. Whether you’re embarking on a new build or a renovation, it’s important to take your storage needs into consideration early in the planning process to avoid expensive amendments or ongoing frustrations later on. Wardrobes are a good place to start because they’re an essential for any home and can be easily tailored to suit your specific requirements. If you’re renovating an older-style home, such as a villa, you may

not even have any wardrobes at all and will have to get them added. Darel Clinch, director and design consultant of North Shore-based The Wardrobe Company, says working with a professional storage expert can help you get the most out of your available closet space. Well-designed, adequate wardrobe storage will ensure homeowners are able to see all their clothes at once, making it easier to play around with different combinations for outfits, she says. Also, “Clothing doesn’t get wrinkled if stored correctly, so less ironing is needed.” An important part of the wardrobe consultation process is for the client to audit their clothing to know how much they have, and think about how they prefer to access it. “You should do a stocktake of how many clothes you have and how you like to hang them, then break this down into long or short clothing. “We also need to know the number of

your shoes and what you’d prefer to store in drawers or shelving. “This will ensure we draw up the style of wardrobe that will work best for you.” For new builds, Darel and her team, who offer high-quality storage solutions for the whole house, apartment and even the bach, work off plans to create initial designs. These will flag any elements that need adjusting prior to the commencement of building works, such as the depth of the areas and the size and height of doors. “We need to ensure that windows aren’t going to be in the way and door entrances are in the right places, and we may suggest amendments such as installing mirrors on to cavity slider doors if there’s not enough room within a walk-in area.” For existing homes, she says the first point to consider is why you’re renovating. “Is it to create more space and storage? If so, how will this impact on the look of each room? If you discuss with us what

you require, we’ll be able to meet your expectations so that there aren’t issues at the end of the renovation. “We’ll be able to talk you through how changes that are happening to the house plans during construction will impact your wardrobe space. “We can only maximise the use of the area available – we can’t make it bigger.” One trend The Wardrobe Company team has noticed is that more and more people want to add lighting to their wardrobes and walk-in areas, so details such as power supply needs to be factored into construction. Others include specific storage for accessories such as ties, belts and watches; full-length mirrors that pull-out so they’re also hidden away when not in use; and vanity areas incorporated into designs. On the rise too are requests for docking station zones to charge phones and other electronic gadgets. – NZME

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Choices are endless W

By Lisa Fenwick

hen it comes to curtains, your choices are endless. These days, there are fewer ‘rules’ and so many more options including motorisation, double tracks and a vast range of fabrics to meet all budgets according to Redmonds Furnishings’ interior designer Rosa Watherston. But it can still be a maze of colours, sizes, fabric types and much more. Rosa’s job is to help customers find a way through that maze to get the best outcome for their home and after doing a three-year Bachelor of Design, she’s just the woman to do it. She said that when it comes to curtains, people have started becoming a bit more adventurous over the past couple of years. Not so long ago, everything was fairly bland and sterile in curtain trends. Which, while there’s nothing wrong with a clean look, now people are “not afraid to use different patterns, colours and textures”, she said. Bold florals and stripes are still quite popular, and even some more traditional patterns are coming back on trend. And there’s definitely some lovely dusky pinks, dark khaki greens and navy blue breaking the bland code. Fabric helps make a place homely and cosy, so it’s more important than people realise. “It can impact the look and feel of your house a lot,” Watherston said.

Her favourite, at the moment, is nice textured linen with a soft floral pattern or stripes. So Watherston’s advice for choosing the right curtains for your home? Be mindful to look at fabrics that are complementary with your wall colours, flooring and other furnishings. Try for warmer tones in your fabric if it’s for a colder area of the home.

If you’re using linen, make sure you puddle (make the fabric a bit longer than needed) to compensate for the fabric movement. Curtains should have a thermal lining and block out is great for bedrooms. So why would we choose custom-made curtains? They are made to fit your windows and doors properly, custom-made to your measurements.

You get a much larger range of fabrics and your curtains are unique to your home. Proper lining gives you a better insulated house so will keep you nice and warm in the winter. Better quality of fabric and selection of heading types to suit the selected fabric. Professional installation which ensures tracks and curtains are installed properly and will operate well and therefore last longer.

Redmonds – Your home decorating specialist QUALITY CURTAINS AND BLINDS












We help make your house your home, with extensive ranges of quality and affordable flooring options. Staying ahead with the latest styles, texture options, and colours, we are proud to showcase a large offering.



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We are here to help you choose the perfect furniture for your home from dining settings to sofas to chairs and great accessories. Lois and Shelley have the experience to fit furniture and accessories together and guide you to the right mix that would suit your home.

Amanda and Kelli can help you select the best flooring to suit your needs and improve the look and feel of your home. Call us today to book your free flooring measure and quote.


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Trees are good f T

Trees in the town centre can reduce depression. It’s a lot better for mental health than a concrete jungle

By Lisa Fenwick

rees in urban areas can be problematic. We have to watch them around power lines, they can block sunlight and their root systems can be invasive when you’re wanting to extend gardens or plant something. But that’s probably where the negatives for urban trees end. Their benefits far outweigh their negatives. For example, did you know that trees can absorb up to 150kg of CO2 per year, reduce smog and produce oxygen, therefore helping the air quality fight – kind of like a natural air conditioner. And according to, studies show that urban vegetation slows heartbeats, lowers blood pressure and relaxes brain wave patterns. Arborist and horticulturalist from Four Seasons Tree Care, Seth Mischeski, agrees. He said that at an arborist conference in Dunedin a few years ago, he found out that trees in the town centre could “reduce depression. It’s a lot better for mental health than a concrete jungle”. They also apparently capture and slow rainfall and their roots filter water and recharge the aquifer. Trees can reduce stormwater run-off, which reduces flooding, saves stormwater management costs, and drecreases the flow of polluted water. They even absorb and block sound, reducing noise pollution by as much as 40 per cent.

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kn An red tar

the sec

de yo wi


gar ha

pla the yo

res bu to

are tre



d for our physical and mental health





s s.




Another fun fact is that the colour green is known to be calming and relieve eye strain. And, Mischeski said, trees also cool the area, reducing some of the burn from that hot tarmac. So if you’re thinking of helping yourself and the environment by planting a tree on your section, there are a few things to think about. Which trees? Mischeski says that if it was him, and depending on the size of your section and what you are planting the trees for, he would stick with smaller trees like maples. “Maples don’t get too big and they provide a lot of colour,” Mischeski said. Flowering cherries are a great size for urban gardens and look gorgeous in bloom, but they have a vigorous root system, he said. “They will push up concrete.” So you have to be careful about where you plant them. Mischeski added that he believes they could do some damage to the structure of your house. Rule of thumb? Make sure you do your research on which trees are suitable near buildings or pathways/driveways etc. “If it was me, I’d probably plant shrubs closer to the house and bigger trees further out.” Other trees that he said worked well in urban areas were: Rowans, magnolias, variegated tulip trees, variegated sycamores and variegated

elms. Also, Mischeski said, you want something not prone to being brittle. It might pay to steer clear of willows and poplars, they can eventually snap in the wind and poplars actually become hollow. Mischeski is impressed with the amount of trees in Ashburton and the domain. “For a small town we have a lot of trees. “David Askin (Ashburton District Council open spaces manager) does a good job of keeping trees in town.” Looking after your trees Mischeski also has some advice for caring for your trees: – If you have a group or line-up of trees, don’t forget to thin them out. It gives the main trees room to grow. – The first 10 years are the best time for pruning. It makes the tree much stronger. – Use planting stakes if it is an exposed area, but don’t forget to take that off when it’s stronger. Leaving it on can cut sap flow. – If your tree is struggling, use mulch. – And don’t forget to water them, especially young trees. – Mulch around your trees, especially if they are struggling to thrive.


keeps the weeds down.” It does quite a lot, Mischeski said, so is well worth doing and you don’t need to fertilise as much. The rule of thumb for mulching is out to the dripline, within reason. This isn’t always practicable obviously, but the more goodness they get, the better the tree will be. So when you’re planting a tree, you are doing more than just helping your garden aesthetics, you are helping the environment, you are helping animals and you are helping people.

Mulching Mulching is fantastic, Mischeski said. “It holds in water, releases nutrients and

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