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ADVERTISING FEATURE Saturday, June 8, 2019 Ashburton Guardian

Exercise puts life into retirement years Just because you’ve stopped work, you don’t need to head for the couch or a chair in the sunshine; retirement means you have the opportunity to take on a new range of activities. Whether you fancy learning a new sport, stretching your mind through education, gaining fitness through exercise, or joining a social club, there’s a wide range of activities available that will keep you so busy you’ll wonder how you managed to work. In terms of sport, the district is spoilt for choice – bowls, badminton, golf, petanque, walking groups, exercise groups, gyms, swimming, the list is endless when it comes to opportunities. And some come with special rates and fees that ensure they’re within a retirement budget. Bowls has long been the activity of choice for seniors, but the arrival of nine-hole golf has opened up new

34 years

opportunities for older people to continue with a game they love but where the challenge of walking 18 holes might be too much. The EA Networks Centre’s pool complex offers the option to join an aquatic fitness class or simply to swim in a warm pool and relax in a bubbling spa. And for anyone over the age of 80, that swim will come free of charge. While gym membership might be seen as something for the young and the fit, check in with any of the district’s gyms and they’ll tell you they design strength and fitness programmes for people of all ages. And for seniors, resistance training is important in keeping a healthy body. Regular physical activity: increases muscle strength, flexibility, balance and coordination, helps to reduce the risk of premature death, helps to reduce the risk of falls, helps to prevent and manage health conditions like stroke,

heart disease, obesity, type 2 diabetes, osteoarthritis, certain cancers, obesity and depression, enhances sleep, wellbeing and quality of life and increases social interaction. Daily activities such as housework and washing the car are great as they help get you up and moving, contribute to your overall physical activity and reduce the time you are sitting down. Even small amounts of physical activity can have positive benefits on your health. A good goal to set is to aim for at least 30 minutes of physical activity that makes your breathing and heart rate increase (aerobic activity), five days a week. It’s about putting life into the good years of retirement. That activity could be anything from gardening, stretching, walking, yoga, fitness classes or weight training.

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RETIREMENT Saturday, June 8, 2019

Ashburton Guardian 19

Making the decision to downsize your home One of the keys to living a happy retirement is loving the place you call home. However, the home you’ve lived in for many years, the one you’ve perhaps raised your family in, may not be the place to spend your retirement years. Many factors come into play when retirees look at where they spend the next phase of their life, but the hardest decision is often when to make the move. That move could be into a smaller home or into a retirement village, but making it at the right time is critical. There are a range of factors that might influence a retired person to move into a smaller property, from a desire to free up cash for retirement living, to needing a smaller home with a smaller garden. In terms of your current home, you may find maintaining the house and garden are becoming too much to cope with and if that’s the case, selling before things start

The key to downsizing successfully is to do your homework first. If you decide to go ahead, do it in your own time.

falling into disrepair would be a good move. Downsizing comes in several forms. It may simply be a smaller house, or a unit, villa or townhouse. Perhaps accommodation in a retirement village, complete with amenities such as pool, clubhouse, gym, tennis courts,

even a restaurant or cinema. You may opt to be close to city amenities such as museums, theatres, hospitals and restaurants, or head for the coast to enjoy water views and sunshine. Downsizing has a number of clear benefits. A smaller property can be less expensive,

thus reducing your mortgage or enlarging your retirement nest egg, it will probably be easier and cheaper to maintain and, if you choose wisely, may be located closer to services and transport. If you’re thinking of selling your home there will be many financial, practical and

emotional factors to consider first and you need to do that over a period of time and ideally while the move is still an option. The key to downsizing successfully is to do your homework first. If you decide to go ahead, do it in your own time. Don’t underestimate the emotional wrench you are dealing with. Sometimes, rather than a smaller home, a retirement village or resthome might be the best option. And for some elderly, a major driver could be loneliness, making a retirement village the best option. Retirement villages have their own criteria and conditions around purchases and contributions to maintenance funds, so if this is the path you intend taking, you need to seek good advice to make sure you are aware of ongoing costs and what happens when your property is sold.

Boulevard Lifestyle Village Rolleston The new privately-owned Boulevard Lifestyle Village has set the benchmark for retirement living in Rolleston. When completed the village will provide the full continuum of care from independent living in villas and apartments to hospital, resthome and a memory-impaired unit. Karen and Dean Harris have been in the aged care industry for more than 30 years. “We focus on the health and happiness of our residents and our reputation is one of providing exceptional care and service,” Karen says. “We designed the village in consul-

tation with the people who would be interested in our village now and in the future. “We also involved some from a previous village who were able tell us what they would have liked to have seen different. This helped us develop a village which we believe makes us stand out from other”. Karen and Dean, previously from TerraceView in Tinwald, were encouraged to consider building a village in Rolleston, and have been thrilled with the decision to do that. “We have a great team aboard which makes a big difference, people who real-

ly care about this industry. “The build has been driven by Grant England from GE Construction.” “As the builder and a shareholder in the company, that personal interest makes a big difference” Karen says. Karen and Dean live’ on-site and interact with their clients on a daily basis, and their industry experience has shown that people interested in the village want to talk to us directly not an agent. “I believe we’ve got the right mix of age groups to provide the best village atmosphere.”

Where many villages cap the entry at 70 to 75 years we take clients from 55 years which makes for some fun social activities. The first two stages of construction have seen the completion of six two-bedroom and three three-bedroom villas which are all occupied. The next stage of nine villas are due for completion in July and only a few are still available in this stage.

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ADVERTISING FEATURE Saturday, June 8, 2019 Ashburton Guardian

From left to right – Irienne Ameye, Susie Alayne (sales advisor) and Tony Ameye.


Our home, our village For Tony and Irienne Ameye, settling into Ryman Healthcare’s Anthony Wilding Retirement Village in Christchurch was an easy decision. “It made me happy, to know that if anything were to happen to one of us, the other has a place where they are safe and has social contact,” says Tony, aged 74. “I was conscious that we were living on our own, and it could be quite isolating, while here if you take a walk it takes you a lot longer than you anticipated because there are so many people to greet and talk to,” adds Irienne, 72. “It’s the peace of mind, really. It’s having the stress and worry of being responsible for a house taken away.” The couple moved into their townhouse at the village in 2015. “We used to tell our friends we’ve moved house,” says Tony “but it just happens to be in a retirement village!” “It’s our home, as simple as that,” says Irienne. Tony, originally from England, moved to New Zealand with his family when he was seven years old. His family eventually settled in Nelson where Irienne’s family came from. They met at a local dance when Tony came home from Canterbury University, where he studied Physics and Maths. “In our days you met at a local dance,” says Irienne, “while nowadays you meet on the internet!” Irienne, a trained nurse, moved with Tony to Tokoroa when he was offered a job. “It was in the middle of nowhere, and we used to travel to Taupo, to go for a hot swim,” says Irienne.

“We also travelled to Tauranga because I was homesick for the sea,” she adds. Eventually they moved to Auckland where their oldest daughter was born, then a move down to Wellington, where their second daughter was born. Finally, after a couple of years, they settled back in Nelson with their growing family. “My parents and Irienne’s family were there, so it made sense,” says Tony. They eventually bought a lifestyle block, and Irienne managed the farm.

climbing ladders was becoming a bit of a problem,” says Tony. “With me at the bottom of the ladder!” adds a laughing Irienne. “We decided to downsize, and really the choice is to buy a smaller townhouse out in the real world or go into a retirement village,” says Tony. “It’s in your mind a bit, I guess. Then somebody told us about Ryman,” says Irienne. Tony and Irienne belonged to a walking group and was introduced

We also love the friendships we’ve made here, the happy hours, the staff, it’s such a friendly village. It’s got everything we like. It’s the people in the village who make this home.

“It was a real Old MacDonald’s farm,” laughs Tony. After many years in Nelson and retirement, the couple decided to move to Christchurch to be near their daughter and grandchildren. “We quite like Christchurch and moved to a four-bedroom house in Halswell before the earthquakes,” says Tony. “Luckily we scraped through with very little damage,” adds Irienne. After a few years, the couple began looking at retirement options “halfheartedly”. “So, we got to the stage where

to Anthony Wilding when there was a morning tea held in the village centre. The location was perfect for the couple, as their daughter’s family is settled nearby. “We couldn’t be bothered moving again.” Anthony Wilding village is located in Aidanfield, Halswell, and boasts fantastic views of the Port Hills. The village offers independent townhouses, assisted living in a serviced apartment, resthome, hospital and dementia care. The village includes an all-weather bowling green, indoor heated swimming pool, spa, internal

atrium, library, gym, hair and beauty salon, bar and shop. Sales advisor, Susie Alayne, says the village has beautiful gardens, a strong sense of community and the setting is unique. “We have all the benefits of a big village but we’re small enough that everyone still knows everyone else,” says Susie. Susie says that the benefit of a townhouse is that it offers complete independence but with the bonus of having a safety net for times when you might need some help. And that is what really clinched it for Tony and Irienne. “The fixed fees definitely, and the peace of mind,” says Irienne. For now, the couple is still enjoying being out and about. “We’re still very active outside of the village,” Tony says. They are part of a biking group and like to go tramping so the townhouse living is perfect for them as they can just shut the front door and head out without worrying about the house. “We also love the friendships we’ve made here, the happy hours, the staff, it’s such a friendly village,” says Irienne. “It’s got everything we like. It’s the people in the village who make this home.” And the best part of living at Anthony Wilding? “Not having to clean our own windows,” laughs Irienne.

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Where community shapes the heart of your retirement Anthony Wilding Retirement Village

Anthony Wilding Retirement Village in Halswell is a vibrant community where residents enjoy a carefree retirement in the company of like-minded friends.

care, there is often no need to move away from the village that has become your home if your health needs change. Discover all that a Ryman village has to oer.

The village enjoys views of the Port Hills and Southern Alps, spacious grounds and beautifully landscaped gardens. With independent townhouses, serviced apartments, resthome, hospital and dementia

Two-bedroom townhouse available now!


For more information please phone Susie on 03 338 7696 5 Corbett Crescent Halswell, Christchurch


ADVERTISING FEATURE Saturday, June 8, 2019 Ashburton Guardian

Aspire Canterbury Gentle and inspiring effective exercise independent living Winter is here and as beautiful as the mountains look, it is getting cold. Aspire will keep you warm and comfortable this winter. A not-for-profit organisation with over 30-years’ experience providing unbiased knowledge and services. Aspire enable societal freedom and independence to people, their families and whanau, who live with any impairment. If you are looking for un-biased advice, products for hire or sale, or the discounted taxi scheme – contact our team today! Free phone: 0800 347 242 Mobile Service - Connecting with communities. We will be in Ashburton soon Fun interactive presentations of our information, services and easier living equipment. We come to you! Call Kylie today to find out when we are next in Ashburton. Kylie – 022 676 5851

“Reconditioned Wheelchairs from $100”

For further information about us – see below. Advertising feature

AIRCYCLE exerciser provides gentle exercise without weight-bearing or strenuous activity. Inflatable, simple to use, soft on feet and easily carried in a pocket or purse you can use it from the comfort of your chair while sitting – reading, having coffee, watching TV or travelling. Originally designed to help people with arthritis, the AIRCYCLE exerciser is hugely successful with helping relieve circulatory and foot, leg and hand problems. See the ad below for a list of conditions it helps. A woman from Te Horo invented this simple device to help relieve her husband’s severe arthritic pain and stiffness. His arthritis carers were so impressed with the relief and increased joint mobility he experienced they thought it should be available to other sufferers. “Aircycle is even better than the information says. The pain in my knees has gone and although I use a walker I don’t need it around the house anymore. I can move more freely and have much

less pain in both my hands and feet. My feet are warmer too and now I don’t need bed socks which I’ve worn for years,” said Gay, Rotorua. Help to increase joint flexibility and muscle strength, balance and mobility can be improved. Hence AIRCYCLE is used to aid: • those affected by a stroke, Parkinson’s or M.S. • those waiting for hip or knee replacements • anyone wishing to increase strength plus remain independent By helping to prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis and Overuse Syndrome it makes an ideal gift for: • office workers who sit at a desk for long periods • travellers on planes or buses Made in NZ, many hospitals, rest homes, arthritis educators, diabetes clinics, podiatrists and physiotherapists use or recommend it. See below ad or visit www.aircycle. co.nz or ring Sue 0800 14 14 15. Advertising feature

2015 NZ Disability Information Centre of the Year

Support and resources for independent living Aspire Canterbury is a non-for-profit community focused organisation committed to meeting the needs of older persons, and people with disability or mobility issues. Our aim is to assist people in making informed decisions about accessing services or choosing products that will assist you in your daily lives.




Can we help you or someone you support? Disability Information Service – a ‘one stop information service’ which offers unbiased advice to assist people navigate their way to organisations or services that can provide them with support or advice. Aspire Canterbury Shop – shop online or call in to our shop at 314 Worcester Street and view our range of easier living products. We also hire out wheelchairs, ramps and walkers. Mobile Service – Fun interactive presentations of our information, services and easier living equipment. We come to you! To book our presenter to speak to your group call Kylie Taylor at numbers below or email mobileservices@aspirecanterbury.org.nz

Aspire Canterbury is a not-for-profit organisation providing services to the community since 1981 Physical Address: 314 Worcester Street Linwood Christchurch

Postal Address: PO Box 32074 Christchurch 8147

E: admin@aspirecanterbury.org.nz W: www.aspirecanterbury.org.nz

Ph: 03-366 6189 Freephone: 0800 347 242 Ph: (Total Mobility) 03-366 9093 Mobile Service: 022 676 5851

Used by hospitals, rest homes, diabetes clinics, podiatrists and physiotherapists it’s helpful for the following: • Arthritis, aching hands and feet • Swollen ankles • Diabetes, Parkinson’s, MS and • Chilblains Stroke rehabilitation • Sciatica • Building muscle to prevent falls • Aiding prevention of DVT and • Cramps and restless legs Overuse Syndrome Simple and inexpensive, it aids joints and muscles to move gently while sitting having coffee, reading, watching TV, working at a desk or travelling by car or plane.

Registered with Medsafe, made in NZ with a lifetime warranty. See above article for more info. Available in Mobility Centres and most Pharmacies

P 0800 14 14 15 | E info@aircycle.co.nz | www.aircycle.co.nz


1. How many nurses and health care assistants work at Terrace View? How many are fulltime and parttime? How many women, how many men? We have 10 registered nurses and three enrolled nurses, all female. Most are fulltime, however two have part-time contracts and two are on a casual contract. We also have 18 caregivers, 14 female and four male. Four are casual, two on permanent part-time and the rest are fulltime. 2. Are the nurses and healthcare assistants vs residents meeting the ratio implemented by the Ministry of Health? The staff at Terrace View meet the contractual requirements of the Ministry of Health. There is one healthcare assistant to five residents in the hospital level of care. 3. Do nurses and healthcare assistants have a daily routine? Yes, they both do, however, routines are flexible depending on the residents’ needs and health status. Part of the nurses’ daily routine is to see every resident, follow up reports of being unwell and health monitoring requirements requested by GPs. For the healthcare assistants, encouraging residents to meet their daily health care needs and assisting them to attend the activities they wish to be involved with is part of their daily routine. 4. What training do nurses and caregivers have? We have caregivers holding Level 3 Career Force National Qualification in Health and Well-being Health Assistance or its equivalent. There is one holding Level 6. There are nine fulltime, part-time and casual caregivers who are working towards this qualification at this time. Registered staff are trained in syringe driver use, first aid, interRAI and palliative care.

Other training includes, but is not limited to, colostomy, urostomy, catheter care; alcohol abuse and management in the elderly; continence and catheter care; falls prevention, medication management; hand hygiene and infection control; dementia and challenging behaviour and many more. 5. How about communication – is it easy or hard to deal with residents? How is the reporting to families of residents? We have an open-door policy in Terrace View. The residents can come and see the Facility Manager and Clinical Care Manager during business hours for any concerns. In the absence of the managers, the registered nurses are on duty 24/7 for any concerns. We report via phone, mobile or emails to the families regularly during reviews or sooner if there is a change in the residents’ health status. We also have regular residents’ meetings where families are welcome to attend. We also have special occasions where we invite families to join us to celebrate. 6. What are the most common residents’ fears? Often, residents fear that they will lose their independence once they come into the retirement village. Another fear is not being able to do what they want, when they want like home. They are also afraid of losing connections to the community or that resthome life is boring. 7. How do you deal with those fears? When a new resident arrives, he or she will go through an assessment organised by a nurse. This assessment, both medical and holistic, will help the nurse develop a personalised care plan in order to know the new residents well and address his or her fears. This plan gives the healthcare assistants all

the information they need to support the residents the best they can. 8. Do you have specialists coming in or do you take residents out in case of important medical problems? We call specialists in on an as-needed basis. We have a regular physiotherapist who comes in weekly. The podiatrist comes in every six weeks. We call on dieticians, an occupational therapist, palliative care nurse specialists, a speech language therapist, gerontologist and other specialists when the need arises to come and visit. 9. Do you do anything with residents other than providing medical care? The nurses focus mainly on medically unwell residents, however, the healthcare assistants provide more of a holistic approach. We also have hairdressers who come twice weekly. Volunteers come and take residents for a walk outside Terrace View. The residents also enjoy varied activities from van outings, crafts, music and entertainment, happy hour, weekly movies and so much more. The residents and family can look at our weekly activities schedule. The activities are facilitated by our activities team and diversional therapist. 10. Do some of your residents’ health improve once they have moved to Terrace View? Yes, some people definitely improve as we promote their well-being by providing them with structures. For example their meals are scheduled at certain times as well as their medication, some of them exercise more and do more activities than they were doing at home which helps improve their health and well-being.

Retirement at its finest Spectacular location

Independent and assisted living options

Relaxed lifestyle

Caring and experienced staff Phone 307 6140 37 carters terrace tinwald, ashburton 7700



Affordable luxury


ADVERTISING FEATURE Saturday, June 8, 2019 Ashburton Guardian

Can’t stop the hardcore!

Local connection makes it unique

You may have noticed an increase in Mobility Scooters on the footpaths over recent years. There are many reasons for this. They are a very low cost form of transport, don’t require a car park, will often replace a car, are easy to use, perfect to do the shopping, visit friends and family, travel to that appointment, or simply get some fresh air. Mobility scooters have two batteries, and on average will travel 40kms per charge. Power usage for charging is the equivalent of a heated towel rail. At More Mobility, 113 Blenheim Road, Christchurch, you will find over 40 new and second-hand scooters to view. Brands include Pride, Invacare CTM, Shoprider, Heartway and Merits. Prices for new scooters range from $2590 through to $7000, used scooters from $1800. We deliver to Mid

Methven House is local: it’s a community owned charity, run by a dedicated team of local committee members and staffed by qualified locals. This local connection is what makes Methven House unique. Moving into a resthome long term or for respite care can be daunting, a bit like being the new kid at school, however pre-existing local connections are usually discovered and all important feelings of belonging and wellbeing are firmly established. Wellbeing at the 14 bed Methven House is woven into the very fabric of each day. On Monday afternoons friends of Methven House run housie for the residents, members of the public and flat residents (there are four independent living flats situated in the grounds). Tuesday to Friday the in-house diversional therapist runs a variety of activities designed to meet residents individual, social, cognitive, and physical needs.

Canterbury free of charge, and provide comprehensive training upon delivery, and are offering to cover your fuel costs. Advertising feature

Methven House “make it your home”. Food is vital to wellbeing. Methven House prides itself on the quality of home cooked food provided to residents and members of the community – via a Monday to Friday Meals on Wheels service delivered by local volunteers. Personal wellbeing “As a family we wondered about Mum losing her independence when she moved into Methven House. We needn’t have worried, she gained the freedom to be herself.” Currently there are two spare beds ... just call if you need respite care or looking for a permanent placement. Most welcome. Advertising feature


toward your tr s avel costs

Methven House Come see us at our Christchurch showroom and we’ll give you a petrol voucher to help your travel costs, just for looking. Buy one, and we’ll delivery it free.

113 Blenheim Road, Christchurch moremobility.co.nz 0800 666 222

• • • • •

Warm cosy home 14 Resident Beds Residents Activities Homemade meals Respite Care available

Methven House: 24-28 Morgan Street, Methven Ph: 03 302 8528 Email: officeadmin@methvenhouse.co.nz

Want to be treated like gold? Saturday, June 8, 2019


Ashburton Guardian


Getting super deals out of Supergold Card Your SuperGold Card could be the best tool the over 65s have when it comes to making their weekly budget work. The card available to seniors and veterans can be used at around 100 businesses in the Ashburton District to secure a discount off purchases, activities and services. Those discounts range between 5 and 35 per cent. You are eligible to receive a SuperGold Card if you are 65 years or over and legally and ordinarily resident in New Zealand, under 65 years and receive the Non-Qualified Spouse or Partner rate of NZ Super or Veteran’s Pension under 65 years and currently receive the Veteran’s Pension. While Ashburton card holders have access to a wide range of services, they do not gain the benefit of their city counterparts who in many parts of New Zealand are able to ride for free during off-peak periods on public transport. And the card is about to become even more valuable as to cater for the

growing number of tech savvy seniors, the Government intends to spend $7.7 million on upgrading and enhancing the SuperGold card. And it will also spend more than half a million dollars to pay for a digital literacy programme to give seniors computer skills training. NZ First leader and Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters has been the

card’s champion since it was introduced in 2006 and said the changes to the GoldCard would make it a “super, SuperGold card”. According to the latest figures, there are more than 750,000 SuperGold cardholders across the country. As part of the $7.7m upgrade, the SuperGold card website – which hasn’t been updated for six years – would

receive a revamp to make it easier to use. A new SuperGold card app will also be created. It will link to the website and help show senior citizens where the card can be used. The app and the revamped website will be launched at the end of this year. In 2017, some 350,000 SuperGold card holders used a smartphone. In terms of the businesses that have now signed on to be part of the Supergold Card network, there are almost 10,000 across New Zealand that offer discounts. The government’s investment in digital literacy training for seniors comes with an $800,000 price tag. For Ashburton’s Supergold Card holders the largest discount offered is at the Regent Cinema, $35. Several offer 12 per cent with a large number offering card holders 10 per cent discounts on a wide range of products. Advertising feature



Rosco’s are pleased to offer Supergold card holders



10% discount

off parts, tyres and batteries.

Panel & Paint Services Ltd MALCOLM LOVETT AUTOMOTIVE LTD We welcome super gold card users. We service and repair all makes and models.*



*Conditions apply

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Robinson Street, Riverside Industrial Park Telephone 03 308 8634

• Collision Repair Specialists CRA Structural Repair Centre • Collision Repair Specialistsfor all insurance • Collision Repair • Ashburton’s 24hr Towing Service MALCOLM LOVETT CRA Structural AUTOMOTIVE LTD Specialists CRA Repair Centre companies, we work • Carrying out work for all insurance companies, • Ashburton’s Service Structural Repair24hr Towing for YOUR best interests we work for YOUR best interests • Carrying out work for all• insurance companies, Centre CRA Guarantee on all we work for YOUR best interests 24hr Repairs, PPG Lifetime • CRA Guarantee on all Repairs, PPG Lifetime• Ashburton’s • CRA Service Guarantee on all Repairs, PPG Lifetime Towing Warranty on all Paint Warranty on all Paint Warranty on all Paint Phone 03 308 9109 • Carrying out work • Loan cars available • Eight loan cars available • Eight cars available 299loan Havelock Street, Ashburton

mitsubishiadmin@malcolmlovett.co.nz 154 Dobson Street, Ashburton Phhondaadmin@malcolmlovett.co.nz 03 307 0506 - Mobile 0274 853 329 * CONDITIONS APPLY

154 Dobson Street, Ashburton 154 Dobson Street, Ashburton Ph 03 307 0506 - Mobile 02740506 853 329 Phone 03-307

Mobile 0274 853 329

Proud to support SUPERGOLD CARD 10% discount on retail drycleaning with your Supergold Card

Simply inform your salesperson that you’re a SuperGold Card holder prior to listing your property for sale. And you’ll get 10% discount off your commision upon settlement.


You can’t go wrong with Wrights

8 Grey Street | Phone 03 307 8360 | www.wrightsdrycleaners.co.nz