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Property July 13, 2018


perfect FAMILY

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Family perfect / 556411

25 Buckleys Terrace, Ashburton

Set on a quiet and peaceful street with a rural outlook this extremely tidy property is a must-see for those looking for a family home. With four bedrooms there is room for everyone.

Aspect ƒƒ Super sunny with rural outlook

Well maintained and tastefully decorated throughout with an updated kitchen and family bathroom, great size living area with a heat pump for all-year-round comfort.



OPEN HOME Saturday, July 14 11.30am – 12 noon

Bedrooms ƒƒ Four bedrooms

Extremely tidy section and three garages – it’s a mustsee.

1 or by appointment


This gorgeous home encapsulates you from the road side with its street appeal and beautifully maintained gardens and an easy drive to town from westside Tinwald.

ƒƒ Three car garaging

For sale

Debbie Boon Phone 027 448 4006 or 03 307 7377



Cross dining table with 6 chairs

Bowen chaise

Motorised recliners

Saturday 7 July til Saturday 21 July

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house in winter?

Selling a property in winter may seem to go against received wisdom, but there are plenty of reasons why it can be a good idea.

It’s hard to ignore powerful or compelling reasons like a change in your work, financial or family circumstances, or because the timing seems right. In addition, there are several other, more tangible upsides to selling in winter. Firstly, there are often fewer houses on the market so there’s less competition. Your property is less likely to be lost in a swarm of listings and it will be easy to make it stand out. People who are looking to buy at this time of year are usually highly motivated because they need a home sooner rather than later. The upside of this is that you may get fewer ‘tyre-kickers’ than in the warmer months – and increased demand will often result in higher prices. If you’re selling your property with a real estate agent, you need to mine their experience. When you’re choosing an agent, ask them how houses in your area sell over the colder months.

inviting and easy to look after – and there are plenty of practical steps you can take to make it seem an attractive proposition on a cold winter’s day. Now’s the time to fix any leaks, cracked windows or sticking doors or broken drains.

All the usual rules for preparing a home for sale will apply – your buzzwords should be decluttering and deep-cleaning

It’s in their interests to make sure the sale of your property is as advantageous as possible; if they think you’ll be better off waiting a couple of months, they should tell you. They should also work with you to work out the best times to hold open homes or viewings, taking in account shorter sunlight hours.

You want your property to look attractive,

letterbox or freshly painted front fence or gate will do wonders for your property’s street appeal.

Sell now and you’ll hopefully have lots of properties to choose from when you start scanning the market in spring.

Prepare well and there’s no reason why you can’t successfully sell your property before the weather warms up.

For more information about buying or selling property, check out

All the usual rules for preparing a home for sale will apply – your buzzwords should be decluttering and deep-cleaning.


If it has good insulation and an efficient heating system, make sure these factors are included in any marketing. Ensure the house is warm and dry during any viewings. Don’t forget that people will want to look around the outdoor areas too – sweep or waterblast paths, mulch garden beds and clear gutters. If your garden is picture-perfect in summer and spring, consider making some photos available so prospective buyers can see what they’ve got to look forward to. A few colourful plants in pots will also help brighten outdoor spaces and a new

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When growing oregano consider companion planting it next to your cabbages or cauliflowers. Companion planting involves planting two plants in close proximity to mutually benefit each other through attracting certain insects or keeping other insect pests away. Henri Ham


With winter well and truly here, casseroles, stews and soups are a staple in our kitchen. To add freshness to these somewhat heavy meals, I love to use fresh winter herbs like oregano. I treat oregano in winter like I treat basil in summer – throwing it in with all things tomato based. Oregano is a perennial (it lasts longer than two years). And, if regularly trimmed and cut back in early spring by one-third, it will return and produce for years.

Oregano is one of the better herbs at retaining flavour potency when dried. To get maximum strength out of the leaves, harvest just before it flowers

It is a pungent and spicy herb and I’m a fan of its slightly bitter taste. However, the potency of its leaves can reduce after three to four years, so at home I replant every few years.

Planting oregano is easy. You can buy seedlings from your local Bunnings, The Warehouse or supermarket, or have your oregano seedlings delivered to your door from an online store at We guarantee quality seedlings. And if there are any problems with your order at all we will replace it no questions asked.

This method of planting is particularly popular with gardeners wanting to avoid the use of sprays or chemicals. Once you’ve planted your oregano give it a gentle watering in. You probably won’t need to water it much at the moment. But when the weather warms up, water two to three times per week – give a good soaking to encourage deep rooting. But don’t worry too much as oregano is a hardy herb and very forgiving if it gets neglected. Once its growth is established try drying some sprigs. Simply tie bunches together and hang upside down on the porch, or indoors in a paper bag. Cut a few holes in the bag and hang upside down until dried through. This will take one to two weeks. Once dry, run your fingers up the stalks to easily remove the leaves and store in jars.

sprig of oregano to a cup of hot water for a refreshing winter change, especially if you’re trying to cut down on caffeine. And, when the warmer weather approaches add oregano fresh to salads. The more you chop it up, the more flavoursome it will be. Oregano can be used in pasta and pizza sauces, bolognese, and on top of herby bread rolls. So, whatever the season you can always find an occasion for oregano.

Mortgage rates


% P.A.

2 years




2 years




2 years


% P.A.

2 years




2 years

*At the time of printing

Oregano is one of the better herbs at retaining flavour potency when dried. To get maximum strength out of the leaves, harvest just before it flowers. Remember one dried teaspoon is equal to one fresh tablespoon of herbs. We all know about adding mint to summer cocktails, but have you tried hot herb teas? Add a

Plant in compost rich soil or in pots close to the kitchen. Remember to use potting mix if you’re planting in pots or containers. Short on space? Consider vertical planters to keep a variety of herbs easily accessible. Just make sure to hang them in a sunny spot.


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