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Saturday, February 8, 2020

Saturday, February 8, 2020

Treats–we’ve got you covered



If you haven’t been to an escape room, you’re missing out. As far as a unique Valentine’s Day date idea is concerned, it’s a great way to assess each other’s problem-solving skills, as you need to use clues to solve puzzles and, eventually, escape within a certain time frame. Whatever escape room you choose, there’s no doubt you and your date will get closer — literally and figuratively — both during and after your escape.

here’s a lot of pressure on Valentine’s Day. As the shops fill with panic-button red, heart-shaped merchandise and restaurants book up faster than a Donald Trump impeachment seminar, it’s

easy to feel more hopeless than hopeless romantic. So, in a move away from the fluffy teddy bears and boxes of chocolates, we’ve put together a list of activities that will have

you looking forward to February 14, no matter what stage your relationship is at. Whether you’re planning a treat for a long-term partner, testing the water with a new date, or celebrating “Palentine’s” with




Escape together

an old friend, here are a few alternative Valentine’s Day ideas.



Look on the bright side of winter nights and put February’s early evenings to good use by investigating the night sky. The beauty of twinkling stars is one of the natural world’s most romantic phenomenons and a pleasure to share or enjoy all to yourself. And, for built-up areas, there are a number of apps that locate constellations when you hold your device up to the sky. If you share a curiosity of the natural world, enjoy going outdoors or feel like doing something different, things are looking up …

Salsa dance gets the blood flowing. Tango is full of passion. And how can we forget the Forbidden Dance, lambada? Okay, so a dance lesson Valentine’s Day date might be unique, but since you usually have to register in advance, they aren’t great “last-minute” ideas. Enter, YouTube. Light some candles, let the wine flow, search for some dance lesson videos you both like, and get your giggle-engines going. It’ll be silly, but it’ll be fun. And more importantly, it’ll be free.

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Have a cook off If you prefer to stay home, consider a fun and interactive cooking experience instead of ordering takeout. Try a “cook-off”-you each make a dish, then fill out score cards to determine whose skills are superior. Or, give each other a mystery basket of ingredients, and see what you can come up with.


Dancing with the Stars, or YouTube?

Car shopping, without the buying

Everyone has their dream car, that one vehicle that they’d move heaven and earth to have sitting in the garage, but the thought of selling a vital organ from one’s body to pay for it doesn’t quite feel right. So, why not get dressed up in your absolute best – pop a plum in the mouth, pretend for a few hours that you’re high class and go and test drive that car and at least pretend, even just for a moment that you’re living the high life with your partner at your side.

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