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Envy, March, Issue 30

Welcome to March 12:51pm, February 22nd, 2011. It is a time that will forever be etched into the memories of all New Zealanders. It was said that the September 2010 earthquake was a once in a life time event, yet five months on, we find ourselves facing the terror of a more severe disaster. Yet smaller in magnitude, the February earthquake at a shallower depth unleashed a violent fury that turned our lives up-side down, revealing a scale of death and destruction that no-one wishes to re-live. While the pain of New Zealand’s darkest day is still embedded within us, we strive to find courage and strength to let the light shine back in. The team at Envy wish to pass on our sincere sympathy to all that have been affected by this devastating tragedy, and we only hope that together, we can all rebuild for a beautiful future. One of the positives to emerge from the devastation is the strong community spirit that gathers much needed strength to help those in need. Generous Mid Cantabrians have opened their homes and hearts to strangers in need, offering food and accommodation. The local support for

Editorial Amanda Niblett P 307 7927 E

Garth’s Army and the Methven Volunteer Army to help with the clean up in Christchurch’s suburbs is a heart-warming example of the good that lies within our neighbours. Then we turn our focus to the heroes that offer their time and strength to people in need every day. Our medical professionals, policemen, fire-fighters and Civil Defence respondents have been the shining stars that have guided so many hurt and distressed people through the tragedy. The heroics of these rescue workers amid the dangerously unstable rubble have awed our nation. We talk to Brent Christie, Mark Wilson and Rob Begg, local men who assisted with recovery in Christchurch, utilising their search and rescue skills. Fine examples of local heroes who gave their time and expertise to help a city in distress. One of the stories to emerge from the earthquake that warmed our hearts, a sparkle to shine through the dust, was that of Emma Howard. Trapped in the Pyne Gould Corporation (PGC) building, she sent a frantic text to her fiancée Chris Greenslade. Chris came running to the collapsed building to her rescue and was

famously photographed pulling others from the rubble. Six hours later, Emma was rescued, and the following Friday, the couple were married. Love triumphed through tragedy, and this month we have focused on some beautiful Mid Canterbury weddings. In particular we have Sam Ingold (nee Cook) who has shared her wedding day experience as ‘a diary of a bride’, to help inspire others who may be in the planning process of their own wedding days. Our weight loss contestants competing in our six month competition have now finished their first month. We have been thrown all sorts of curve balls, but we know that if we are to hit this challenge out of the park, we need to keep our heads in the game. Pages five to seven share each contestants individual journey for the first month. Only five months left to go! Local radio celebrity “Hoops” shares a delicious recipe on Page 18, to team up with Barkers who have another mouthwatering delight to share. Don’t miss the giveaway for some delicious goodies! Page 16 has another great garden giveaway, and Rachel has given us hints and tips on planting beautiful bulbs.

Stay gorgeous, Amanda and the team at Envy.

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This month I had the thrill of putting the pedal to the metal to test drive the grand Toyota Prado. Check out page 17 to see how this revolutionary vehicle has the practicality of a “people mover”, but the style and safety features to make it one of the finest family vehicles on the market. After an exhilarating 20 minute drive, I understood why they are so popular! Each month we normally share a unique home from Mid Canterbury to give inspiration to others looking to decorate or renovate, however our lovely family that was going to open their home to us had tragic circumstances relating to the earthquake, so understandably we can’t share their home this month. We thought this is a poignant time to illustrate ways in which all of us can help to “quake safe” our homes, with some hints and tips that we have learnt over the past month to help secure precious possessions, and prepare for survival should the worst occur. We hope you enjoy this month’s edition of Envy, and we pray that you manage to stay safe during these difficult times.

Envy, March, Issue 30


Salute to our heroes

From left: Brent Christie, Mark Wilson and Rob Begg provided much needed lighting for Urban Search and Rescue teams at the Canterbury Television, Cathedral and Pyne Gould Corporation sites in Christchurch. Later they were able to utilise their Land Search and Rescue skills from the start of the recovery phase. Story: Amanda Niblett Devastation hit our precious nation at 12.51 pm on Tuesday 22nd February 2011. A 6.3 magnitude earthquake, shallow in depth, struck with such ferocious force that it literally brought the beautiful city of Christchurch to it’s knees. It is the first time in our nation’s history that a national state of emergency, due to a natural disaster, was declared by our Prime Minister John Key. While we reflect and sympathise with those who have suffered and are suffering, we also take time to praise and recognise our nation’s heroes. In a time where shock, fear and mourning consumes our community, there are many brave souls who don’t run the other way when the world is falling down around them. Local men Brent Christie, Mark Wilson and Rob Begg are three of these brave volunteers, who offered their skills and expertise to assist in the recovery of both the living, and the deceased. Initially the three men joined together within a few hours of the earthquake striking to provide much-needed lighting towers for the Canterbury Television (CTV) and Pyne Gould Corporation (PGC) sites. On Saturday night they were also tasked to provide additional lighting at the Cathedral site. They ensured that there were two of them on site every night. At the peak of the rescue efforts there were 52 light fittings illuminating the specific rescue sites, and the men were kept busy ensuring the generators powering these lights were constantly

re-fuelled, and the lighting was constantly moved to help rescuers dig in the areas that they had located survivors. They were re-directed to the PGC building for an hour as survivors were rescued, including double amputee survivor Brian Coker. After the first evening, Brent, Rob and Mark didn’t see any more recoveries of live survivors. During these first two evenings, the men weren’t allowed to assist with the rescue efforts. While all three are trained members of the Methven Land Search and Rescue team (LSAR), members who weren’t trained in Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) were not allowed to dig in the rubble. When the rescue operation at the CTV site was then classed as a recovery operation on Thursday evening, Brent, Mark and Rob were able to utilise their training to assist the USAR team in recovery. The men worked alongside the Japanese and Australian USAR teams for hours at a time. The conditions at the CTV site were indescribable, as one can only imagine. Each recovery is a timely occurrence, with careful consideration given to each deceased. When a body is located, the rescuers pull away from that area so the police can investigate the scene, determining factors such as cause of death, and gathering important information that may help with identification. They learnt a huge amount from the

international USAR teams, and one of the positives they can extract from the experience, was the comradeship between all the people working together through the worst possible circumstances. The acquired skills and experience gained, they hope to never have to put into practice again. Many of these international USAR

personnel have donated their time to help in the recovery effort, as some are only paid while performing such duties in their own country, and not while overseas. Christchurch and New Zealand is incredibly grateful for the global response to our cry for help in our darkest day. Brent, Mark and Rob also have

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Envy, March, Issue 30

USAR teams at the CTV site which was still smouldering from within. Large machinery helps to clear and cut debris to allow rescuers access through the layers.

Lighting provided by Brent, Rob and Mark helped illuminate the CTV site so that USAR teams had the best visibility possible.

Lighting provided by Brent, Mark and Rob illuminates the work site at the Cathedral. The large steel construction in front is part of bracing that will later be used for stability as precious parts of the Cathedral are saved for when it will be re-built.

As debris is removed from the CTV site, it is piled on the road for collection by truck and trailer units.

Steel tunnels will be inserted into the Cathedral to allow rescuers a safe area to retreat to, if parts of the Cathedral collapse while they are recovering from within.

commended the heavy machinery operators at the scene for their precision. “Those guys were amazing to watch, incredibly precise and skilled to be removing and cutting objects for us to be able to get into the rubble further,” Brent said. The machinery operators worked in 12-hour shifts, working with the intense concentration and precision that was required to manoeuvre the machinery around searchers, and delicately remove heavy items. “They would leave their shift totally physically and mentally exhausted. What some of those guys can do with a digger is amazing,” Mark said. The USAR searchers had a large amount of technical equipment to aid in the rescue efforts, including seismic monitors, sound

sensing devices, concrete drilling and cutting equipment, and camera probes. It has been devastating for all involved the collapse of the CTV building was such that rescue and recovery efforts have been through extraordinarily hard circumstances, with some details too difficult to discuss. The centre of town has strict cordons in place, to ensure the integrity of search sites, and to help prevent theft from abandoned houses and businesses. On Wednesday morning during a sharp aftershock, a building beside the CTV building collapsed only metres from where rescuers were standing, a reminder of the constant danger that our brave volunteers place themselves within, and the main

reason that such cordons exist. Half full coffee cups still sit on tables in cafes, hotels are filled with the luggage of their guests, baby strollers abandoned where mothers have grabbed their children. Our neighbours, work colleagues, family and friends in an instant of panic have fled from inner Christchurch for their lives. Some tragically still remain there today. The city lies in a silent hurt. Other than the sound of sirens, the atmosphere resembles an eerie still darkness. Many have described it similar to a war zone, and that’s from people who have been to war. “It is not until you are within the city that you have an appreciation of the devastation - it is unbelievable,” Brent said. Brent, Mark and Rob strongly acknowledge the volunteers who

kept them well fed and hydrated while they were on the rescue sites. “They were absolute angels and very much an important part of our recovery phase,” Mark said. Heroism, the willingness to display courage and self-sacrifice for the greater good, has defined many individuals, and indeed us as a society. The collective acts of bravery and kindness displayed since Tuesday’s earthquake, tell a wonderful story about the people of Canterbury, the people of New Zealand and the people around the world who have rushed to our aid. We can take comfort in realising that the world is filled with truely heroic and wonderful people, just like Brent, Mark and Rob. “We put in some long nights, but just like everyone else, we were just happy to be

Envy, March, Issue 30

2011 Weight loss challenge

One month on… The Ashburton Guardian weight loss and fitness challenge has recently surpassed its first month, with all competitors still enthusiastically battling the bulge and watching the kilos melt away. Due to the tragic circumstances of the Christchurch earthquake, we are unable

to bring you confirmed first month results. Many of our competitors were unable to make the fourth weigh-in due to family distress or work commitments, so we made the decision to postpone our first official announcements until the conclusion of month two. We can confirm that many competitors are having outstanding personal results, and we are all excited to be able to share these with the Mid Canterbury community next month. In this issue, we share our own personal experiences of the journey that this first month has taken us on, and give you an in-sight into what we have each been doing to achieve our successes. We have all met hard times and deviations on our journey, but we all understand that getting back on track is what will help us all succeed, not just for this challenge, but for life. Our successes can be largely attributed to the wonderful people that have given their time to helping each of us individually. That includes our partners and family who have supported our efforts, friends and family that have given us kind words of encouragement, and the fitness experts that have welcomed us into their gyms and exercise classes. From the diaries of our contestants, you will see that we have all chosen different ways to tackle the

challenge, and have used a multitude of fitness providers, ranging from The Gym Company, Curves, The Mountain Gym, and the use of at home equipment. Two of the people who have helped with our challenge the most, are Frank Connolly and Sally Rossiter. Frank and Sally meet with us all individually each week to offer support and advice. We have found their expertise brilliant, and therefore wanted to introduce to our readers, our source of inspiration and encouragement. This month we bring you the lovely Sally, and next month we will share Frank’s story. Sally Rossiter – Nutritional advice I am really excited about being involved with the Guardian’s Biggest Loser Contest. I think the contestants are very motivated to change their behaviours around food and their weight, and no matter who wins, I hope they will all benefit from this experience. The neat thing about this Biggest Loser Contest is that it’s about healthy weight loss. We want to help people understand their nutritional needs, develop a healthy relationship with food and develop behaviours that will help them manage a healthy weight for life. Physical activity is also key to this and we help

people fit activity into any lifestyle. Five years ago, I wrote workbooks on healthy eating and weight loss and advocated anti-dieting. Since then, I have been helping men, women, children and families lose weight and develop healthy habits for life. In addition, I facilitate a course called Appetite for Life, developed by the CDHB. I have a PGDipHS with Health Behaviour as my focus of study and I am doing a master’s degree in the same subject. My focus is on weight loss and weight loss maintenance, and in particular, identifying the behaviours that help people to maintain their weight loss. The advice I give is very down to earth and realistic. The first goal that we will be aiming for is a reduction of 10% of the contestant’s current body weight. This is achievable and this amount of weight loss has been shown to decrease health risks associated with being overweight. The eating plan I have provided for the contestants includes all food groups and ensures that each contestant gets the nutrients they need for good health. Within these parameters, the contestants choose the foods they like to eat. My ultimate goal for all the contestants is for them to be the Biggest Weight Loss Maintainers for life.

Our diaries – Month One Amanda Niblett It has been an extremely tumultuous month for myself, as it has been for many of our brave contestants. Day one I found myself in Waimate at their Caledonian games. My enemy was not the events I had entered to compete in, but the hot food cart, which seemed to only be selling chips and hot-dogs, and I hadn’t packed any healthy food. We all face challenges like this one on a daily basis, and sometimes it’s these small challenges that can be the hardest to overcome. Week two I travelled to Blenheim for my cousin’s wedding. I was pretty proud of myself; I said “NO” to all of the nibbles at

the ceremony, and at the reception I made healthy choices and only had one glass of wine. Week three I travelled to Dunedin, but I was relatively good on this trip, making healthy food choices, and taking time to walk around the hills of the Otago Peninsula. Week four I celebrated my 30th birthday, and honestly, I allowed myself a lot more “treats” than I had initially planned. Two days later, the earthquake occurred, which in some way or another has turned all of our lives upside down. So for me personally, I need to plan my days better. Sally’s nutritional plan is amazing; I am

really enjoying eating a myriad of healthy, nutritious food. I have also been taking Hemp Seed Oil capsules as a fish oil replacement, since I don’t eat much fish, and my energy levels have been great. Frank has me on a challenging programme at the gym, and I feel a lot fitter and much more stronger than I have felt for a long time. Bring on month two! Adelle Brown The first month has gone.... and what a struggle!!!! I had a lot of “hiccups” this month, and I really don’t how I made it through. Firstly I had my husband’s stepmother diagnosed with terminal cancer

Monthly Fitbiz challenge Each month we choose which of our contestants has been an outstanding performer, and they receive a piece of exercise equipment from Fitbiz to use at home for a month!

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and she is not expected to last the month, then my husband’s aunty was killed, and then the earthquake rocked Christchurch and my boss, Philip McDonald, was tragically taken from us as a result of the earthquake. I tried not to turn to food for support, and struggled to leave the house to exercise, so unfortunately I feel that I have not made much progress in month one, but at least I am still in here and in once piece, and life continues around us, so I feel now that I must pick myself up and continue with my weight loss goal and focus on the positive. My thoughts



Envy, March, Issue 30

2011 Weight loss challenge are with all the people suffering as a consequence of the earthquake. It seems so surreal here in Ashburton when you look around and don’t see much damage, yet the devastation in Christchurch is all too real. Jo Wickett This challenge has certainly been a big learning curve so far. First off... while trying to lose weight and get fitter, I have also got younger. My sister rung and told me that I had the wrong age.. I am 56 not 57.. I can lose a year and weight. Thanks Ruth. Being honest with everything I eat and the exercise I do when I am writing in my diary. So easy to forget. I am trying to understand food labels. There are so many hidden agendas in some foods... like corn chips - a grain, a fat, and salt !!! Also a lite and free salad dressing has more sugar and salt in it than an ordinary one. Emotionally it is a roller coaster. When I’m feeling good then I’m on top of it all and can do the exercise and eat right. But when I’m tired or whatever, its down time. Learning how to work through this is my biggest challenge. Kelle Mingay During the first week I needed to carefully plan and kept a diary of everything I ate and therefore all I could think about was food. The more I thought about food the more I wanted. Eating a balanced diet is now becoming a habit and I don’t have to think so carefully about what and how much I should eat. I am worried that I may become complacent

with my daily intake of each food type. It’s difficult to socialise and be on the challenge, although most friends are very supportive. The right choices are not always the easiest ones. I have been going to the Mountain Gym in Methven most evenings. I love the classes as it pushes you to work hard. When I cannot make it to the gym I try and go swimming, for a walk or ride my bike. My results have been pleasing and I am seeing the benefit in what I am doing in many ways. I just need to keep focused on the results I want to achieve.

done for years. The hardest thing for me this month is when Dom came home from college with a block of chocolate (and me being the chocoholic), the situation was very tempting. However I knew that I could have one piece, but still felt guilty for it and it doesn’t help when my husband (Brad) eats a whole one litre of ice cream in front of me either. Also the encouragement that people give me, especially knowing that this challenge is in the public eye, is enough to make me want to lose the weight but also make the lifestyle changes. Angela Ross

Barbara Rodgers Hi guys I wondered what I had gotten myself into with this challenge. Automatically I thought DIET!! No food, but that’s not how it has been at all. I found the first month really good, with the advice from Sally about the different foods groups and how much of each we could eat to lose weight, It was great! I found I ate more than I normally would, and didn’t even get as hungry as I had once before. Since starting the challenge, now if I find myself a little hungry I would go for a piece of fruit or my water bottle. I started going to the gym (which for me is not NORMAL!!!), and not only do I do the circuit training, but also go into the gym and go on the treadmill and so on. Thanks to the help of frank and the rest of the staff at the Gym Company for their help and support to get me motivated and brave enough to do this. Even if I have a day where I can’t be bothered going to the gym, I go for a walk or bike ride, which I haven’t


The first four weeks of the Biggest Loser have been great. I have changed life time eating habits at the recommendations of Sally and, you know, it works!! Sally has been a tremendous support and a wealth of knowledge. Her food plan has me now eating a healthy and balanced diet and I highly recommend her to anyone who is in the situation where they admit to needing to lose weight. Its amazing that by eating the way we are supposed to eat, you can feel so good, your skin is so smooth and clear, you have energy, your confidence begins to build... and for me - I am not so grumpy haha. We all have faced hurdles in the last four weeks, and we will continue to in the course of our lives. Its learning how to deal with these hurdles, and having the knowledge to power through them. The biggest key I have learned is planning. Each day I plan ahead what I need to eat to get the balance right,

obviously it does allow for circumstances like a surprise early Valentines dinner out. But its controlling what I eat, feeling in control, and knowing that when I am hungry - this is what I can eat rather than boredom browsing the fridge, and grazing. Frank has also been a huge support. He has helped design a training programme that I can do at home. He has fat and fitness tested us, which just gives us another number, asides from the scales, to gauge how well we are doing. I have to say a big thank you to Amanda for starting us on this Challenge, and a huge thanks to Frank and Sally for teaching us the tools we need and for being a continuous support. I am so glad I took the plunge and joined Ashburton Guardians Biggest Loser Challenge. Rob Stevenson One month down. What a month, the importance of my weight loss has certainly been put into perspective and my sincere and heartfelt best wishes go out to all those affected in so many ways by the earthquake. As for the challenge, I missed the first weigh in due to a prior commitment but started with the others anyway. Sally’s nutritional advice has been awesome and certainly identified a few mistakes I have made over the years, namely under eating and then feeling so hungry I threw the whole weight loss idea away (usually before lunch). I have found my day is either won or lost on the quality of my breakfast. I good breakfast of Low GI cereal, fruit and some form of protein will get me threw the

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Envy, March, Issue 30


2011 Weight loss challenge

The contestants of the Ashburton Guardian’s Biggest Loser competition are now one month down with five remaining. This photo was taken on day one of the competition, as progress photos will be held until the final reveal at the conclusion of the competition. day without many weak moments. I have had a few bad days when I have found myself eating inappropriate foods out of habit. The exercise is going well with regular running and cycling and my fitness levels have already increased. In summary I’m on-course but really need to pick up the pace this month. Rebecca Miller Over the last month I have had highs and lows, and have to say that the challenges overcome are kgs lost! I remind myself it is a life changing journey, and one that is to be paved with perseverance, persistence and sweat. There has been many hours of exercise done – cross trainer, weights and walking under my loose belt, and have drunk a copious amount of water and lots healthy food measured for portion control. It has been interesting learning about the value of food, and how women tend to reach for the carbohydrates instead of protein. I’m not counting calories or points – but changing the way I eat through reforming eating habits. The biggest thing I’ve learnt on my journey is that sometimes you have a bad week, but that’s no reason to give up. The pain of having the weight on is far surpassed by the ultimate pleasure of being healthy, fit and fab!

Grant Russell Due to Grant’s work commitments with the New Zealand Police regarding safe guarding Christchurch, we are unable to get Grant’s experiences this month. We have had positive reports from Frank and Sally regarding his progress, and we look forward to catching up with him next month. We wish him safety as he helps the people of Christchurch recover in their time of need. Maryann Heaven Most people ask, “So what are you doing - or is it a secret?” It’s not - so here it is… Sally, our wonderful nutritionist, has us on a healthy eating plan. My daily intake is 6 grains, 5 vegetables, 3 fruits, 3 dairy, 1.5 fats and 7 proteins. (I was kind of mortified to find chocolate wasn’t a food group). We eat constantly, having 3 meals and 3 snacks each day. We weigh in once a week and meet with Sally who looks at our food diaries. Balanced with this, is my new found exercise programme. (This was nonexistent until the challenge!!). Our family budget has no room for gym memberships or even extra trips to town. So, I have dusted off my mountain bike and hit the roads. One month on, the pain and trauma associated with my bike seat is all worth it, I have lost 12 kilos and a pants size.

Know your own strength

Anna Johnson One month down and what have I learnt . . . ? Family, Friends, and life are so important and should be enjoyed very moment of the day. The start of the month started with full enthusiasm, I was so motivated and things just fall into place for me. Mountain Gym Company in Methven provided me with every kind of training I could want,

from Aquasise to Zumba to Personal Training, the instructors are so inspiring and motivating (thanks team). I went gun ho and started to really notice some differences, especially in my energy. Hurdles I was having to face were mainly the good old mother guilt, I knew that I needed to exercise to be a great mum but very time I walked out that door I felt a pang of guilt towards not spending time with my children, but thanks to a supportive husband and amazing family members I have learnt to put this into perspective. Then 22.2.2011 happened and things got a bet tougher, I spent many hours at the Methven Heritage Centre volunteering with helping to resettle new families into our town. I had to face my issue of eating when I was feeling down, and boy it was tough with so much amazing baking in my eye sight. But I knew that for me to grow and change my lifestyle I had to fight against the urge, and I succeeded. Also out of this time I learnt that life is so precious and that I needed to live each moment and to do this I really needed my health. So with new motivation and I’m ready for month two.

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Heath Heaven Sally’s eating plan has been surprisingly easy to stick to. I was stoked to see we weren’t just eating salads and carrot sticks for the next six months. The eating plan lets me have heaps of different foods and I feel full. I never thought I’d admit it but, padded bike shorts have become a must have in my wardrobe. I have been out on my mountain bike more in the last month than I have since we bought it three years ago. The first time I went out, I was bloody sore for days. The biggest challenge for me is getting time on my bike and making sure Maryann gets time on hers too. We have to tag team the kids and household stuff to make sure we both get out. I am pleased with the results this month. I have lost about 8kgs and I feel great!

Ashburton Arcade

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Envy, March, Issue 30



Bridal Party: Hamish Trott, Nicola Maginness, Meghan Foster, Sam and Craig Ingold, Caroline Crutchley, Maddison Foster and Leighton Nichol

Jumping for joy, Craig and Sam recently married at Trotts

Pretty flower girls: Meghan and Maddison Foster

Craig Ingold and Sam Cook about to say “I Do” in the chapel at Trotts The bridal party illuminated by light behind the head table at The Hotel Ashburton

y r a Diof a

e d i r B

Congratulations -- you’re getting married! But once that “just engaged” feeling starts to fade, another emotion starts to sink in: panic! Take a deep breath and relax. Not all brides are Bridezilla’s, and with a calm and rational approach, your wedding can be the day that you have dreamed of. The most important thing is to enjoy the journey because your engagement will be over before you know it (even if right now it seems like your wedding day is a

million years away!). From planning the proposal and engagement to choosing the ideal wedding venue, every moment on the road to your married life together is a new and exciting experience. To help with the planning, Sam Ingold (nee Cook) has given us an insight into her special day with husband Craig. This is her experience over the week leading up to their wedding. Tuesday 15th February, 2011 Only five days to go and there are many exciting details to still iron out. The excitement and nerves are building, and today is going to be a busy day. The first appointment for the day is with Clippers Hair Studio. I get my colour done so that it will be looking fresh and bright for the day, and we run through a trial “hair up”, to make sure that the style I want is achievable. One of my bridesmaids arrives from Australia today, so we picked her up from the airport, and then all of my bridesmaids and myself went shoe shopping for their shoes. I had already purchased my shoes prior, so the shoe detail is now done and dusted.

I picked up the ribbon for the cars, and picked up some nail polish. Then myself and my bridesmaids had our dress fittings. My dress was made by Paula Laurence, and it looked stunning. All of the dresses were looking stunning, and all of a sudden, everything was feeling a lot more real. That evening I spent a bit of time writing out some thank you cards, for the car drivers, the people serving drinks at the ceremony, and many more. Wednesday 16th February, 2011 Today I had a meeting with Joy from the Hotel Ashburton. We went over some of the final details regarding the reception, making sure each part of the evening was under control. I met up with our celebrant Carol Gunn to discuss in better detail the finer points of the ceremony at Trotts. Butterflies seem to enter the tummy whenever I thought about the vows, I couldn’t believe it was only a few days away now. I got my spray tan done today as well, so it had a few days to settle on my skin nicely. The last thing on today’s list was to pop into West

Side Copy to get the seating plan created to be displayed at the entrance of the reception venue. The little details were all starting to fall together nicely. Thursday 17th February, 2011 Only two more sleeps to go! I picked up the seating plan board from West Side Copy, so that was ready to be dropped off at Hotel Ashburton. I picked up the flower girl dresses from being pressed, and they looked so cute. The rest of the day was a bit of a pamper session, which two days before the big day was quite blissful. I had my nails done at Summer Nails, and they did a fantastic job, I was wrapped. Then I had my makeup trial with Viv Bennett. Everything was falling into place nicely, and with each step completed, the wedding was starting to feel more and more complete. Friday 18th February, 2011 One more sleep and I will be a Mrs instead of a Miss! Today I started the exciting task of decorating the chapel at

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Envy, March, Issue 30



Trotts. This was a really special part of the process, because when I walk in tomorrow, I will know that the place that I say my “I do” will have my own personal touches. Myself and Craig had our mock rehearsal with Carol, and all of a sudden everything started feeling really real. I was nearly there. That evening we all chilled out and had a great time together as a family, and we headed out for dinner at Speights Ale House.

Sam decorated the chapel at Trotts the day before the ceremony in a beautiful black and white theme. moment with him. Myself and Craig freshened up in our room at the Hotel Ashburton before heading through for the reception. Our first dance was to “run to paradise”, and we let the flower girls boogie to “The Macarena”. The night was so much fun, I had a total blast and we finished up the dancing and laughing at about 2am. Sunday 20th February, 2011 The morning after we packed up the reception venue, taking the table runners and flowers to Craig’s parents, who were hosting the “day after” party. The Ingold family did a fantastic job of setting up a gorgeous marquee and tables for everyone to enjoy a relaxing celebration. We are planning to have our honeymoon in Phuket, leaving this week. The day was beautiful, and my friends and family made the occasion something I will remember and cherish forever.

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Sam and Craig cut their gorgeous wedding cake at the ceremony at Hotel Ashburton.

Saturday 19th February, 2011 The day had arrived!! I had my hair done at 10:00am, and the girls at Clippers did an amazing job. It was exactly how I had pictured it being. At 12pm my photographer Heather McKenzie arrived, and took some photos of the wee things that made the day special, like my flowers and the rings. She headed off to get some snaps of the boys getting ready, and then came back to capture myself, bridesmaids and flower girls getting our finishing touches done. The vintage cars arrived at 3:15pm, and I had started the journey towards wedded bliss. I followed the tradition of something borrowed (my sisters veil), something blue (my garter), something old (my mums pearls), and something new (my wedding dress). I was relaxed until I arrived at the chapel doors, when I was hit with a rush of nerves. As my father walked me up the aisle and I saw Craig, my nerves disappeared and we had a beautiful ceremony. The ceremony is my favourite memory from the day. After the ceremony we had photos amongst the gorgeous gardens at Trotts, before heading to the cemetery where Craig’s brother is buried, to share the

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Sam’s beautiful bridal bouquet from Kakariki Flowers

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Envy, March, Issue 30



From left: Charlie Brook, Richard Yeoman, Mieke Brook (Nee Wieneke), Stefan Brook, Kylie Fausett and Maeve Legge

Stefan Brook and Mieke Wieneke were married at Trotts on 29th January, 2011. They held their reception at Hotel Ashburton

In this photo is the happy couple Adam and Kari Graham with their attendants Charlotte Rooke and Cameron Graham, and Adam’s children Callum Graham and Nykita Graham

Adam Graham and Kari Thickett were married at Trotts Nursery, Racecourse Road on November 27th . They were married on one of the hottest Mid Canterbury days we had, in the gardens under the lovely trees

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Envy, March, Issue 30




Bridal Party; Grant McNaughton, Steph King, Greg Wall, Kim Wall, Marie Scott, Chris Gibbs (making our way up to Pukaki Homestay owned by Rusty and Wendy Houston)

Kim Gunn and Greg Wall were married (ceremony and reception) at the Mackenzie Country Inn, Twizel on October 1st 2010.

Regan and Katie Wells

Photographs were enjoyed by the bridal party and family at some of our favourite locations; Simon’s pass station (where Greg was raised - his family run this large sheep station in the Mackenzie country), lake Pukaki and Lake Pukaki homestays (owned by a family friend). They enjoyed a beautiful sunny day in a relaxed environment with family friends and lots of laughter. The dress was made by Paula Lawrence, and flowers by Kakariki Flowers. Steph King, Kim Wall and Marie Scott (sister) (in front of the shearers quarters)

Kim and Greg Wall (kiss at Lake Pukaki)

Kim and Greg’s favourite photo naturally captured by Kims Dad, shortly after arriving on the shore of Lake Pukaki

Kim Wall escorted to Wedding by Ali Busbridge in stunning Chevrolet Impala

Grant McNaughton, Greg Wall and Chris Gibbs (relax in the spectacular surroundings before the ceremony at Lake Pukaki Homestays)

(left to right) Jessie Wells, Melissa Iggo, Katie Wells, Prue Baker & Jackie Begg

(left to right) Melissa Iggo, Jackie Begg, Prue Baker, Katie & Regan Wells, Regan Baynes, Philip Begg & Stuart Brown. In front - Jake Wells (5) and obscured Jessie Wells.

Regan and Katie Wells were married on Regan’s parents lawn in Ashburton, on Saturday 22nd January. The service and reception was all held in this location, catering for 85 guests. Katie found her dress on the internet in the United States of America after seeing a similar one on McLeod’s Daughters. She chose to replace the red insert with dark purple. The couple live in Melbourne, Australia, but had chosen to return home for the wedding. Katie & Jake Wells

Baking the cake that

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Envy, March, Issue 30



Wedding bands and engagement rings are the symbol of many emotions and promises such as love, commitment, fidelity, eternity and honour. The wedding band is thought to have originated in ancient Egypt, where it is said that plant sections were made into circles to signify never-ending and immortal love. It was thought that the fourth finger (which we now know as the ring finger) contained

a special vein that was connected directly to the heart, and therefore this became the official finger for the wedding band. The purpose of engagement rings and wedding bands is to convey deep emotions of eternal love, eternal happiness, eternal

commitment, and eternal togetherness. The ring is a complete circle, it has no break, no beginning and no end, signifying it is eternal. Thankfully, today’s wedding bands and engagement rings are not made of plants

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Envy, March, Issue 30


Envy Travel

A South Pacific Love Affair Imagine a wedding where the phone won’t be ringing constantly, the mother of the bride will be relaxed, and if you can’t find your wedding shoes at the last minute it won’t matter. Overseas weddings are incredibly romantic and exotic. We have picked a selection of our favourite wedding destinations, from the simple and personal to the most elaborate and luxurious. We can look after every detail, whether it’s getting you and your guests to that dream location, or offering the expertise and inspiration of our professional wedding designer. Wedding Designer Your wedding day is an expression of your personality, so it should be tailor made for you. Planning a wedding, be it for two or 200 guests can be stressful and time consuming. Once your wedding destination is chosen, our wedding designer can liaise directly with the resort to help organise and plan the finer details. Our wedding designer can facilitate and co-ordinate the ceremony, reception, catering, cake, music, flowers, hair, makeup and seating plan. It’s the personal little touches and extras that our specialised wedding designer can bring to your wedding day that make all the difference. Wedding Photographer We can arrange a qualified NZIPP (New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography) photographer to capture the essence of your special day. Photography packages include the NZIPP photographer, coverage on location, photo book including 80 images and travel arrangements from New Zealand.

convenience of contributing to your wedding and honeymoon with ease. It allows your guests to gift you monetary contributions towards your wedding and honeymoon. Perfect for the couple that already has everything they need! It is free, so all money contributed will go towards your wedding and honeymoon package booked with House of Travel.

Romance and Fiji go hand in hand Picture yourself on the beach, your toes in the warm soft sand, a scented frangipani tucked in your hair as the turquoise waters hug the shore. An island choir sings, Fijian warriors step to the rhythm of a lali drum that leads your way to a sand floor chapel as you whisper to your loved one “au domoni iko” (I love you). Treasure Island Resort Treasure Island has fabulous wedding locations to choose from – in the sun on your favourite spot on the white sand beach, amidst tropical gardens or marry in the pristine glass walled chapel with spectacular views across the ocean, a pink sky at dusk as your backdrop.

Pacific Resort, Rarotonga If you’ve decided to get married in Rarotonga, the perfect place to say “I do” is this stylish, authentic Polynesian inspired boutique resort. Choose to tie the knot standing barefoot on the beach encircled by a heart built from Frangipani petals or shells from the shoreline, in the midst of fragrant tropical gardens or the secluded motu of Koromiri, a nearby tiny uninhabited island. Let House of Travel help you with the perfect location and wedding package for you, in the South Pacific or further afield.

Picture postcard days await in the Cook Islands Simple and personal to elaborate and formal, tropical flowers and stunning beaches wrapping the blue lagoon are just waiting for you. Imagine your footprints being the first of the day on one of the stretches of white sandy shores. Add traditional touches to your wedding day – arrive in a vaka paddled by a warrior to the sound of a conch shell, go barefoot, wear a sweet tropical Ei and depart to the captivating sounds of the beating drum. Romance is always a promise in the Cook Islands.

Honeymoon Bridal Registry Our registry allows your guests, both overseas and at home, the

Pacific Resort Rarotonga

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Includes choice of venue, minister or celebrant, assistance on wedding day, marriage licence, escorted transfers to registry office, flower arrangement for table at ceremony.

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HONEYMOON BONUS: Room upgrade (Subject to availability upon arrival), bottle of wine, small gift and flowers in the room.

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Quake SAFE

Your Home

Ornaments Precious possessions can become shattered memories. Even small shakes can damage or break ornaments and other objects. They can become flying weapons in bigger jolts, and leave a mess of dangerous glass and broken crockery. Plastic Putty Plastic putties such as Blu Tack and special quake putties can be effective in holding down ornaments, glassware and similar. Non-Slip Mats Non-slip mats are good for preventing small but heavy or low centre of gravity objects from sliding. Non-slip mats, e.g. Magic Grip, are available in some homeware stores and come in a variety of colours to match many decors. Nylon Cord Nylon cord, such as fishing line, can be used to secure tall, top-heavy items that could topple – for example, flower-laden vases. Tie one end of the nylon to something strong and stable like an eye screw screwed into a wall stud or into the back of secured wall units etc. Wrap the cord around the object or through any handles. The devastation of the February 22nd earthquake has been a reminder to us all of how important it is to “quake safe” our homes and to have our emergency supplies well stocked. Following are some hints on how to protect your possessions, and help prevent

possible harm by securing larger objects. Protecting your fresh water supply is also extremely important. Have your emergency supplies well stocked and in more than one area. It is recommended to have supplies in the car in case you need to evacuate.

Pictures and Mirrors Anything hanging on a conventional picture hook or nail is likely to come off in even a moderate earthquake. Securing these is one of the easiest things you can do. The glass on pictures and mirrors can shatter, creating a hazard.

Close Hooks Push hooks closed after hanging pictures or mirrors. Tall Furniture The taller something is the more easily it will start rocking and topple, particularly if it is top-heavy. Falling furniture can be dangerous and destructive. Securing it to the wall is usually straightforward. Brackets Wall units, bookcases and other tall furniture should be secured to wall studs. The easiest way is to use metal brackets found in most hardware stores. Standard steel brackets (65mm) should be more than adequate Hot Water Cylinders Even small shakes can cause hot water cylinders to rock enough to crack pipes, often causing expensive and messy water damage. In larger quakes the cylinder can tip over completely, with hot water becoming a hazard. Both can deprive you of your largest source of drinking water after a disaster. Securing a hot water cylinder is surprisingly easy. The Strap Method The best method of securing the cylinder is to use wooden blocks and a metal strap. The straps can be bought as part of a special kit from plumbing supply or hardware stores. Screw or nail timber blocks to the floor or shelving (make sure shelf is fastened). Cut timber blocks to size so they fit snugly between the top of the cylinder and walls and glue them

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Envy, March, Issue 30

TCD March - Hello Gorjis Girls...

into place. Ensure blocks are against wall framing. Screw two 8mm screw hooks into studs on either side and near the top of the cylinder. Attach a 6mm turnbuckle to one hook and the end of the strap. Cut the strap to the length required, connect it to the other hook and use turnbuckle to make it tight. Televisions Television sets are front-heavy, and are prone to toppling forward. Curtain wire provides a quick and easy way of preventing this. Screw one or two eye screws into a wall stud or other solid wood behind the TV. Screw a curtain wire hook into one end of a length of curtain wire and hook it into a vent. Thread the other end of the curtain wire through the eye screws. Push the TV back against the wall and pull the wire tight. Cut to length, attach other curtain wire hook, and hook to vent. Tape hooks to TV to keep in place. WARNING: Do not drill or otherwise make holes in appliances to attach hooks. You may need to slightly enlarge a vent with a hobby knife or small file to take the hook. If so, UNPLUG TELEVISION FROM WALL Other Actions There are other actions you can take to make your home quake safe. Bookshelf Wires Cord, nylon, or curtain wire, can be strung in front of books etc on a shelf to lessen the chances of them falling or flying off in a shake

Positive-Catching Latches Use positive-catching (such as childproof ) latches on cupboard doors and drawers (magnetic catches don’t hold during shaking). Storing Heavy Objects Store large, heavy and/or fragile objects on lower shelves or in low closed cabinets. Flexible Fittings Have flexible gas and plumbing fittings installed (by a tradesperson). Foundations Check that your house is bolted to its foundations and that it is properly braced; if not: Wire, bolt or bracket bearers to piles. Nail strong plywood sheets to the inside of the framing in the sub-floor space. Nail strong plywood sheets to brace and clad outside piles. Infill with concrete (preferably) or nail panels between outside piles on all corners to help reduce twisting motions. If in doubt – call a qualified builder to check it out. Chimneys Secure your chimney with galvanised metal angles and bands at top, ceiling line and bottom. Bolt these through the cladding to rafters or ceiling joists. Brace part above roofline. If in doubt – call a qualified builder to check it out and make recommendations. Information courtesy of Visit this website for more quake safe information, and to watch some easy instructional videos on securing your posessions.

What a week it has been ... I pray that you and yours are all safe! My beautiful girls in Christchurch have been affected emotionally and visually of the day the quake happened. They had to walk to their homes, to their children through the devastation of one of New Zealand’s most beautiful cities... It will be something etched in their minds for a long long time. Being so far removed from it all makes it difficult to comprehend the extreme emotions that are running high right now. We don’t get to hear, smell or see what

is happening it all gets diffused by the television and verbal commentary. “Being brave” is what Rachelle my Christchurch manager says of our TCD girls. Let’s look at the positives that are evolving from the tragedy. What I can see is that community become close. People start to talk to each other and offer to help. People become “givers”... they give of their time, they give of what they have within their hands. In giving we will receive... We become “Caring”... we feel something inside that makes us want to care for our fellow human beings... We act in kindness... we become soft and pliable to the needs and do it in kindness. Compassion... we are aware of others suffering and have a desire to help make things all better. The last of all these positives has to be... “love”... we ooze it, we can’t help but operate in love when tragedy strikes... and when we do it helps change the surroundings. What other positives have you discovered from the tragedy... I would be interested to hear and to post them onto our website and facebook page. Email me on Mother Teresa would be the greatest example of doing all of these ... her life operated in and amongst tragedy everyday for years and years....she had a personal relationship with God that got her through her days...where do you look for your strength? “Works of Love Are Always Works of PEACE! As I sat to write this I didn’t know where it would go...I think it has gone well... Be encouraged, surround yourself with love and do tired well..... Peace to you all.... Caroline

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Rachel Vogan Garden Expert

Some say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, the same can be said about bulbs being the gardens best friend. Bulbs are the jewels in a gardens crown, no other plant can match them for vibrancy, reliability and colour. What’s more they take very little effort, even the most novice of gardeners can successfully plant a colourful patch. When space and time is at a premium container gardening is often sought out. The splash of colour the flowers add in the spring is a welcome sight even on the smallest of balconies. The main trick to getting a spring show of bulbs is remembering to plant them in the autumn. Once you see bulbs flowering in the spring it’s too late to plant. Garden centres have a huge range of bulbs available so talk to the staff and let them help you choose a selection of bulbs that suit your taste and style. Bulbs are sold when they are dormant; this means they are ready for planting. Always select bulbs that are large and healthy, without marks or mouldy patches.


Versatile Garden Jewels






Preparation Use Tui Mite & Mildew Flowers of Sulphur to lightly dust bulbs to promote plant growth and frost hardiness. Bulb dusting prior to planting also helps prevent disease like powdery mildew later in the season. Planting Before planting loosen the soil to a depth of around 20cm at this stage you can add in Debco Bulb Mixture. This mix contains Saturaid for better drainage and water absorption, calcium to prevent bulb and corn rot and trichoderma to reduce risk of bulb diseases. The planting depth of bulbs does vary from bulb to bulb but as a rule of thumb, plant the bulb at a depth twice its diameter. Failure of bulbs can be due to

planting too shallow. Thoroughly water in your bulbs once planted, and then you can leave them to grow. Once you start to see green growth then give them a side dressing of Tui Bulb Food as this will give the bulbs a store of food to call on during their growth, as well as a boost for the growing season. Maintenance After flowering bulbs will naturally die down, foliage will wilt and go brown this is an important part of the life cycle. It is at this stage the bulb is storing food for the following season so it is important to again side dress with Tui Bulb Food and let the foliage die away naturally. Bulbs in pots and containers Bulbs are perfect for pots they can be hidden in the garden until they start to bloom when they can be brought out to brighten your deck or patio. The directions for planting and maintenance are the same as if you are in the ground. When the bulb has finished flowering, the pot can be tucked away again until next season. Bulb tips and ideas • Plant bulbs in Haxnicks patio planters once you have harvested your tomatoes or potatoes. The bulbs will flower in the spring and the bags can be re-used again in the spring for your vegetable crops. • For a long flowering display if bulbs, plant them a month apart in the autumn, this will give you a longer flowering season. • For a greater display plant groups of bulbs together. • Most bulbs can stay in the ground for years with new bulbs forming from the parent bulb. • Bulbs can be lifted, split up and replanted easily in the autumn. • Flowering bulbs in containers make great gifts and they keep on giving.

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Envy, y, March,, Issue 30




Mum’s Taxi

Review and photos: Amanda Niblett outstanding view in every direction and If family safety is your number one felt in full control the entire drive. Great priority, you can’t go past the Toyota Prado. As families become more demanding, car news for mums whose children suffer from car sickness, due to the elevation and manufacturers race to create the perfect blend of fun, utility, practicality and safety. large windows of the Prado, people who are normally prone to car sickness are less After taking the Toyota Prado for a test drive, I believe that Toyota have hit the nail likely to feel unwell, because of the better visibility. The safety features are impressive. on the head. They include ABS anti-skid braking with Cupholders are yesterday’s news. Today’s Electronic Brake Force Distribution and families only want one thing: They want it Brake Assist. The brakes are discs on all all. The good news is, the Prado offers the four wheels. best of everything. It has two-stage driver and passenger front As I hopped inside, I was wooed by the airbags that inflate progressively depending stylish interior that has been built to on the severity of the collision and the provide top-of-the-line comfort. I had my seating positions. There are 8 airbags, giving own climate control, while my passenger full interior safety. This gives comfort and could choose their own climate control. peace of mind, anytime and anywhere. No more arguments on the temperature The full time four-wheel drive and Vehicle of the air conditioning. The Prado has eight Stability Control provides added security seats in a two-three-two configuration. on wet roads and gravel, making it the The third row of seats can be reclined, perfect family safe car to take on holiday. folded away or removed completely. The The Prado was also very surprisingly second row can also be reclined and has a nimble around town. I found parking to one-touch tumble function which allows be a breeze, and it has an excellent turning the seats to be folded forward for easy circle. No three-point turns required when entry to the rear row of seats. The Prado performing a u-turn in town. easily caters for large families, with enough Normally the thought of running the kids power to tow the family campervan or boat around all day is enough to give anyone on holiday. nightmares, but once you’re in control of As I pulled away from the curb, I had an the grand Prado, you won’t want to get appreciation for the superb engine power. The performance was effortless with power out. The best kept secret is that it has all the practicality of a “people mover�, but it delivery smooth and seamless. I had an is rugged and stylish enough that dad will incredible feeling of safeness. I had an


want to take it on his fishing trip with the boys. But don’t tell all the neighbours, keep the secret to yourself and have the best looking 4X4 in the neighbourhood. Take a Toyota Prado for a test drive today, and you will see for yourself that you can

indeed have the ultimate 4X4 package containing complete luxury, power and rough-terrain conquering ability, with the security of knowing it is extremely safe for your family.


If you can dream it for your family, you can have it.

We guarantee you: • Safety: Having the right safety features protects you and your family. We make our vehicles strong by using the best technology available to maximise your safety. • Quality and reliability: You won’t be disappointed by our cars. We take the quality and the reliability of our cars very seriously and so we build them aiming for the best. We are constantly improving their designs and their engines so they perform consistently. We want you to be confident that your car will start when you turn the key and that it will get you where you need to go without drama. • Durability: We build our vehicles to last decades, thinking of lifetimes rather than life cycles. We believe good things stand the test of time. That’s the reason why our cars hold their value. • Customisation: if you buy a new Toyota, you can choose your own features such as GPS navigation, Bluetooth mobile phone connectivity, parking sensors and many more. • After service: We support our vehicles with a quality service that ensures you your car will be looked after well with our experienced staff. • Satisfaction: We will do everything we can to make sure that the car you buy from us will still be satisfying you in a year or many years time.


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The Toyota Prado is one of the safest family vehicles on the market, with top of the line safety features. All the convenience of a people mover, mixed with stylish looks and a luxurious interior – once you get in, you won’t want to get out.



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"If you’re after an MPV which can comfortably seat 8, has all the safety features and adequate gadgets to provide a pleasurable driving experience, then this may well be the MPV for you." - Review from Teresa Montillier, MyCar


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Mid Canterbury’s

Celebrity Recipes

Recipe of the month Congratulations to last months winner Neil McEwan Tinwald, Ashburton.

Apple and Cherry Berry Crumble No ordinary old apple crumble Serves 4 Ingredients • 4 Granny Smith apples, peeled and cored • ½ cup water • ¾ cups Anathoth Cherry Berry Jam • 1 cup flour • 1 cup rolled oats • ½ cup raw sugar • 125g butter, grated Method 1. Preheat oven to 180C. 2. Slice each apple into eight and place in microwave bowl. 3. Add water and microwave on high for 5 minutes. 4. Place apples in a greased ovenproof dish and spread over the cherry berry jam. 5. Combine the flour, oats, sugar and butter and spread over the apple and jam. 6. Bake at 180 C for 45 minutes until top is golden brown. 7. Serve with cream or custard. Hint/Tips • Add spices such as cinnamon or mixed spice to the crumble topping. • Add 1 Tbsp ea. lemon zest and juice to the apple and jam filling.

This month’s celebrity recipe is brought to you by the host of the Harvey Norman Classic Breakfast Show on Classic Hits, our very own local lad, Phill Hooper. Lovingly known as “Hoops” to his listeners, it may surprise you to learn that he is quite a good cook.

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Anathoth Giveaway Anathoth gift basket

Post your self addressed envelope to: Barkers Giveaway, Amanda Niblett, PO Box 77, Ashburton 7700. E-mail:, subject header: Barkers Giveaway. Please include your name, address and phone number. Only complete entries will be included in the draw.




Self Crusting Quiche Ingredients 3 Free Range Eggs 1 Cup Grated Cheese Half Cup self raising flour Half Cup chopped bacon Teaspoon crushed chilli

1 onion, chopped 1 tablespoon Olive Oil 1 and half cups milk Half cup cream corn 1 cup broccoli Salt and Pepper

Method Pre heat oven to 180 C. Mix all ingredients except for broccoli, then pour into greased dish. Add chopped broccoli to top of mixture and sprinkle more grated cheese on top. Cook until golden brown colour.


Envy, March, Issue 30

Craft Boutique

For scrap booking/card making and general craft supplies, Jancraft is a one stop shop. Over 2010, owner Jan McMurtrie spent much time sourcing a wide array of fantastic and exciting new products to display in her shop. “We’re into the new year now and there are heaps of new items going out onto the stands I like to continually bring in new products for my customers,” Jan says.

“And there will be many more exciting things to come.” The artist and ex florist primarily started off building a business manufacturing hand-crafted cards commercially. Having a full company representative handling her

marketing has meant Jan has been able to use global barcodes on her cards. At some point, Jan decided to try her hand at retail alongside her manufacturing and has ended up with a unique craft boutique in Rolleston. As many customers will be aware, Jan started out selling from just one room and, as Jancraft has expanded, that room has now become an all year ‘round Christmas room. Well into summer, the peaceful cottage garden surrounding Jancraft is a welcoming place for customers to sit.

Nowadays, the shop has taken over most of her premises. Products are being accessed from all over the world to bring fresh and exciting products regularly for her customers. Jan offers good, old-fashioned, friendly service to her customers. Jan is situated at 39 Brookside Road, Rolleston. For easy access, turn at the Rolleston Hotel and Jan can be found a few yards down the road, where, between Tuesday and Saturday, her sign can be seen outside to welcome new customers.


Come and visit this very beautiful craft shop, in a tranquil garden setting. Bursting with a huge product base for scrapbooking/card making and general craft supplies for all your craft projects. Also the gorgeous Christmas shop, which is full of festive products, is a must see all year round.

Hours: Open Monday to Saturday 10am to 4pm and closed Sunday.

Jancraft Craft Boutique• 39 Brookside Road, Rolleston • Phone 03 347 9298


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Envy March 2011  

Ashburton Guardian - Envy March 2011

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