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Drummond & Etheridge


No smoke, no mirrors, no tricks, no bull

Above: Mark Etheridge, the owner and managing director of Drummond and Etheridge. Right: The main reception area of Drummond and Etheridge Below: An artists impression of the new multi million dollar building on East Street, a vision of Mark Etheridge’s, now reality and open for business.

Owner and managing director Mark Etheridge works to a simple ethic: No smoke, no mirrors, no tricks, no bull. It’s an ethic he expects his staff to follow, because credibility is a key element of success in a world where customers are increasingly tuned to the bottom line and know what they want. These customers could be buying a $500,000 combine or a ride-on lawnmower. “Either way, they put a lot of trust in us . . . that they are getting value for money, that the machine will do the job and we can support it.” Mark knows D&E’s fortunes are in-sync with its farmer customers. When times are tough, fewer tractors are sold. In boom times, new tractors roll out the door. Reflecting the growth in the dairy industry locally, turnover has gone from $20m in 2001 to $75m last year. “We rely wholly on the farming community.

We ride the waves of our customers who live off the land. When they are doing well, we do well.” Sales in the past year have contracted as the effects of the global credit crisis trickle down to rural New Zealand. But Mark says farmers here are poised to become food producers for bigger neighbours offshore and exciting times are ahead. “Our farming community is progressive and innovative and we have a large variety of crops grown here. Our farmers are always pushing boundaries.” Cue in a company that can deliver machines to match... The past nine years have been a rollercoaster ride for Mark, who at 37 is probably the youngest John Deere franchise owner in Australasia. The former adrenalin junkie entered the business as a diesel mechanic after a paragliding accident cut short a likely career

as a pro water-skier. He spent six years learning his trade, then left to see the world with wife Sonia, working their way around North America. He came home in 2000 and became a director of the company, working with his father Pete and brother-in-law Ashley Gordon on a long-term vision to continue the family business. But tragedy struck just months into the partnership, when Ashley was killed in a car accident. “They were extremely difficult times for the family and the business,” Mark said. A new focus was required and he took the helm in 2003, leading the company through the most dramatic growth period in its history. The new East Street base is a culmination of D&E’s commitment to John Deere and to the town, with some $7m invested in the new development.

The agricultural machinery maker has three business ownerships in the South Island, with D&E the main supplier of forage harvesters and combines, and golf and turf equipment. John Deere is also branching out into irrigation, and while its first range includes drip-feed systems Mark predicts it won’t be long before they will expand to centre pivots. He says that despite the machines and products on show, D&E has made a name for itself with the service side of the business. “We are very focused on not just selling the product, but servicing it. My grandfather and father had the same frame of mind, it has been the key to our company’s success.” Back-up and service is important for farmers taking delivery of hi-tech machines that run with the aid of computers. A 24-hour service operates to make sure a machine down is up and running as soon as possible.

Behind the scenes

Matt Galbraith, Matt is operations manager, and Mark Etheridge’s right-hand man.

Matt joined the Drummond and Etheridge team, as the group Operations Manager in July 2007, having spent the previous three and a half years working for another local business, the Loan and Building Society. Born and bred in Blenheim and a business graduate from Canterbury University, Matt decided to venture abroad as a lot of kiwis do after graduation and do the big OE, where he ended up working for 7 years for London Underground in Project Controls, which was responsible for the capital investment programme on the ailing Tube network. Matt is an integral part of the company, working behind the scenes to help ensure everything is flowing correctly. No two days are ever the same for him, and his varied workload is one of the features of his position he enjoys the most. He is impressed with the practicality

and innovation of their new building on East Street, from recycling the used oil from serviced tractors to generate under floor heating, to the spaciousness, light and warmth that makes it welcoming for customers and the Drummond and Etheridge team. Matt is impressed with the ethics and practices at Drummond and Etheridge, which he said have culminated from the Etheridge spirit. Staff morale is high and they have a small staff turnover, which in turn is good for their customers because the staff they retain are highly knowledgeable and experienced. The 24 hours a day, 7 days a week mantra that operates in the parts and services departments, mixed with honest salesman that know their stuff and tell it how it is, Matt believes this is why Drummond and Etheridge continue to impress their customers and retain a high market share.



Drummond & Etheridge


A born salesperson

Left: Peter Etheridge. Above: Peter with his good friend Ross Clifford, the longest serving employee of Drummond and Etheridge who passed away in 2009. Peter Etheridge did not inherit his father’s aptitude for fixing tractor engines. He tried his hand as an apprentice mechanic when he started in the business as a boy in 1962. He tried as an auto electrician. “I was bloody hopeless,” Peter confesses nearly 50 years on. “Eventually my father came into the workshop and said ‘get your overalls off, you’re going to sell tractors’.” And sell he did. Peter the people person found his niche, eventually taking over the business established by his father Arthur and Bob Drummond in 1933. “I sold tractors for 26 years, and I loved it. I loved the farming people.” It also sparked a dream to one day own a small farm, and he and wife Lois today run deer on a 30-acre block at Greenstreet. Agricultural machinery has been his passion for decades and he has watched the district

change as water for irrigation helped farmers intensify their operations. “It has gone from dryland sheep farming to a multitude of crops, all because of water. The district revolves around water. Tractor sales have also been influenced by water. “In a good year, selling 30 new tractors was good, 12 in a bad one. Now we sell over 100 a year.” Dairy farmers, contractors and vegetable farmers are all working their tractors longer hours and in bigger paddocks. “Once a 60 horsepower was good enough, now there are not many under 100hp.” The largest tractors are more like 500hp, with dual wheels or tracks, equipped with hitech features like GPS and auto-steer for large scale farming. Peter still prefers his tractors basic, but concedes technological advances have made today’s modern machines highly-

efficient – if complicated – farm tools. Another side of the selling business that has changed is communication. In the old days Peter spent hours on the telephone at night while Lois read books to the children. Other good times to catch farmers were early in the morning, or meal times. Now cell phones and computers have made customers more accessible. Peter still prefers the old-fashioned face-toface approach. He knows his customers and their families, when tragedy strikes or when there is good news to celebrate. He has lived by a strict code of absolute honesty and integrity, and expects all company employees to follow suite. The move to East Street put him a little outside his comfort zone, but he says a bigger and better workshop was a necessity. Drummond and Etheridge is still a family

affair, with son Mark now at the helm and daughter Suzanne in charge of merchandise. Another daughter Nicola lives in London. Peter would like to take this opportunity to recognise a good friend of his, Ross Clifford. The late Ross is the longest standing staff member of Drummond and Etheridge, having started only one year after Peter. Ross started in the parts department while Peter was a mechanic, and a year later both Ross and Peter sold tractors together. Ross was with Drummond & Etheridge for 46 years before tragically passing away in 2009. Peter fondly remembers Ross as being a wonderful friend with tremendous character, he was a loving husband and an amazing salesman. Drummond and Etheridge recognise this longstanding achievement with a plaque dedicated to Ross, now located in their new building.

The start of an era Arthur was the first of the Etheridge’s to found Drummond & Etheridge in 1928. Arthur’s father purchased an apprenticeship for him at the young age of 14, where he quickly became a highly skilled mechanic whose talent was sought after. Arthur then worked for Furnace & Drummond where he became the top technician. As the partnership of Mr Furnace and Mr Drummond came under tension, the partners separated ways and Mr Drummond offered Arthur a partnership in a brand new company, Drummond & Etheridge. Times were tough, but Arthur was determined to gather the funds to have half ownership in his own business, and through hard work he achieved this. Business was extremely tough in the earlier years, with the war and subsequent depression, but the hard working, entrepreneurial spirit of Mr Drummond and Mr Etheridge ensured it survived through the tough times. Arthur worked hard to create an outstanding business with much personal sacrifice, even delaying when he had a family of his own until he was confident that the business was running successfully enough that he could afford to raise a family. Arthur and his wife then had 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls, one of his sons Peter would take a keen interest in the company, and end up flourishing as a talented salesman to own the company himself.

Above: Annie and Arthur Etheridge.

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Drummond & Etheridge


Tancred Street (Now Westpac)

Tancred Street (Now Westpac)

Tancred Street (Now Muckles)

The times, they are a changing

Bob Drummond and Arthur Etheridge formed the business that bears their name in 1933. Mr Drummond and Mr Etheridge purchased a garage property, 68 Tancred Street, carrying on a general repair shop and service depot for Rugby and Auburn cars. They have only this year in 2010 relinquished that site to the Westpac Bank. In 1935 they formed a limited company with a capital of £2,000, and acquired the local agency for Morris and Terraplane cars from Dominion Motors and in 1936 invited Ernie Scott to become a shareholder and working partner. In 1937 the business prospered to such an extent that it was decided to open a branch on the corner of East and Grey Streets, known as Servrite, and was appointed the official A.A Service Station. Being on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the principals were kept busy due to their dedication to servicing the vehicles of Ashburton, their wives often referred to them being busier than doctors.

During the war period the entire staff of the service station enlisted, consequently the service station was closed and the building sold, while they built a new and enlarged workshop at the rear of the Tancred Street premises. In 1949, the company was appointed Nuffield tractor agents and soon after acquired the New Holland baler and equipment franchise. 1956 saw the retirement of their managing director Mr Bob Drummond, and Arthur Etheridge reluctantly stepped into his shoes. The company flourished and grew from there with further adjacent land purchased on Moore Street, the St James picture theatre was purchased and demolished for further land development, and they then became the franchise for Austin car, Landrover and Triumph. The largest defining moment occurred in 1975 when they obtained the John Deere tractor and machinery franchise, which has

become the largest part of their business and they still hold this franchise today. They purchased further office blocks and Combine shed from Baileys as well as the old National Bank, while accumulating further franchises in Honda and Nissan. In 1989 they also started a combine and tractor wrecking yard. 1990 was a big year for Drummond and Etheridge as they procured the Toyota from Wright Cars. Unfortunately in 1995 this franchise was released from them, for no apparent reason other than that the cars were too similar to the other franchises they were operating. This was a tough time for Peter and his team, as it was heartbreaking to have a franchise removed that they had worked so hard to build up, when seemingly they had done nothing wrong. Peter Etheridge was owner and managing director until 2003, when Mark Etheridge and his brother in law Ashley Gordon took over the helm. Ashley was tragically killed less than

a month later. Peter still currently works for Drummond and Etheridge today, but with less stress as his son leads the business in it’s current direction. Peter’s daughter Suzanne also has an active role in Drummond and Etheridge’s success as the merchandising manager. Since Mark has led his team, Drummond and Etheridge have now purchased the John Deere franchise in Christchurch and the Nissan and Holden Franchises in Timaru, to become a large driving force in the agricultural and motoring industry throughout Canterbury. They are also the Polaris, Husaberg and Agrowplow franchise holders. In 2006 Drummond and Etheridge announced plans to move it’s John Deere sales, parts and servicing to a new purpose-built facility on East Street, which they have now successfully moved into in 2010. Drummond and Etheridge now have more than 100 staff Canterbury wide.

Drummond & Etheridge


Drummond & Etheridge Timeline 1933 - 2010

Tancred Street (Now BK Registry)


Drummond and Etheridge partnership was formed


Drummond and Etheridge was made a Limited company and acquired the local agency for Morris & Terraplane cars


Mr E. A. Scott was invited to become a working partner


‘Servrite’ was built on Main Street and was the official A.A service station


During the war period, the Service Station was closed due to worker enlistments


Obtained agency for Nuffield Tractors


New Holland franchise acquired


Consolidated on Tancred Street and purchased more land and workshop


Mr Bob Drummond retired, Mr Arthur Etheridge became managing director


More adjacent land purchased in 1968 on Moore Street


Arthur Etheridge retired and Bert Drummond became managing director


St James Picture theatre purchased and demolished


Obtained John Deere and Austin car franchises


Purchased office block


Bert Drummond passed away and Ian Drummond became managing director


Obtained Honda Cars


Obtained Landrover and Triumph franchises


Obtained Nissan franchise


John Keith and Ian Kedzlie were appointed directors


Purchased Combine Shed from Baileys and the old National Bank, Started a Combine and Tractor wrecking yard


Ian Drummond retired and Peter Etheridge became managing director


Obtained Toyota franchise


Released Toyota franchise


John Keith passed away


Mark Etheridge was appointed managing director, and obtained Polaris franchise


Ian Kedzlie retired. Kooima and La Forge franchises obtained


Mark Etheridge and Ashley Gordon purchased Drummond and Etheridge


Ashley Gordon was appointed as a director and passed away that same year.


Purchased John Deere franchise in Christchurch


Announcement to build purpose built John Deere premises on East Street, obtained Husaberg franchise


Purchased Nissan and Holden franchises in Timaru


Obtained Agrowplow franchise


Transferred John Deere Sales, Parts and Service to East Street

Moore Street

Tancred Street (Now Westpac)



Drummond & Etheridge


The smiling faces that greet you

The friendly administration team (left to right): Tricia Robertson, Gemma McIntosh, Louise Opele, Michelle Rutherfurd. They say that behind every great man is a good woman who knows what’s going on, and at Drummond and Etheridge there is a dedicated team of ladies in administration and reception who are a fundamental part to the companies continued success and popularity. These ladies have real strengths in motivating the team at Drummond and Etheridge, with their warm personalities that makes for an outstanding business environment. Michelle Rutherfurd is the administration manager, which is no small task in a company the magnitude of Drummond and Etheridge. Michelle has been with Drummond and Etheridge for nearly 20 years, starting as a receptionist and working her way up to administration manger. She is responsible for the smooth running of the office and

three people who work alongside her, Louise, Gemma and Tricia. Her work involves paying wages, and dealing with the mountain of paperwork that accompanies a business of Drummond and Etheridge’s size. Her ability to multi-task the human resources part of her job with the administration content has made Michelle truely an asset to the Drummond and Etheridge team. Michelle says that Drummond and Etheridge is a great place to work, evidence by the number of long-serving staff. “It is the people that make this place really tick.� The teamwork and dedication of the people at Drummond and Etheridge is what creates an amazing atmosphere, and the customers see this when they are experiencing happy, motivated and knowledgeable team members.

Louise Opele is another long standing member of the Drummond and Etheridge team, having been with them for 19 years, and she also says that the people are the best feature of her work. Louise is responsible for all of the creditors, which also includes the Timaru branch & assisting the Christchurch branch with enquiries. The new building allows her the space and serenity she needs to be able to get through her daily work, it enables them to work better together as a team, and she is amazed at how warm the new premises are. She thoroughly enjoys her job, which allows her to work with a great team of people. The two ladies in the eye of the public behind the reception desk are Gemma McIntosh and Tricia Robertson.

Gemma and Tricia have both been with Drummond and Etheridge for approx 6 and 1/2 years, and are currently learning each others responsibilities to be able to cover when the other is away. As well as being the smiles to light up the room to make all of their customers feel at home, they handle the front line enquiries to ensure that every person leaves feeling informed. Gemma and Tricia both love working for Drummond and Etheridge because of the relaxed and friendly working environment. A happy team is the key to success, and now in the new building, the added space and comfort has created the perfect working atmosphere, and best of all, no more running across the yard between buildings in the rain!

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Drummond & Etheridge


John Deere Sales, Parts and Service Tristan Leov After market manager

Tristan is new to the Drummond and Etheridge team, but previously worked for John Deere as the south island territory manager. As the aftermarket manager, he is responsible for liaising between departments, ensuring there is a seamless interface in all aspects of the customer experience. Co-ordination of the divisions ensures that customers receive the full package of care, from sale to preparation and delivery of the new machine, to after sale service and parts support. Tristan is also the contact point if customers have any questions or concerns with their John Deere Experience. Drummond and Etheridge take pride in the care and attention they give their customers, and after sale support is crucially important. With Tristan’s experience with John Deere, he is very enthusiastic about John Deere’s commitment to product development and innovation. John Deere spends millions of dollars daily in research and development, ensuring that their products are the best on the market. They know that they need to stay ahead in terms of quality and technology and for the same reason the Drummond and Etheridge technical team need to be constantly up-dated and trained in John Deere’s latest developments. All of the Drummond and Etheridge team receive frequent technical training, and John Deere have a dedicated corporate training facility in Brisbane where a wide range of Deere specific training is offered throughout the year. This facility includes world class technical workshops and extensive conference rooms and is backed by a large team of trainers and international presenters. Where travel isn’t practical, the Drummond and Etheridge team also have the ability to access on-line web based training, via a headset with a John Deere instructor. John Deere have recognised the talent of the technicians at Drummond and Etheridge as the best in Australasia, and two technicians

Top: Tristan Leov, after market manager for Drummond and Etheridge. Above: The award winning John Deere Parts department team (from left to right): Peter Luxton, Dave Wilson, Phil Bradley, Gavin Smith, Suzanne Wilson. Right: The John Deere service technicians. They are sitting on the 9630T model tractor that is the biggest tractor that the company has sold to date, sold by Mark Symes. (from left to right): Murray Buxton, Simon Munro, Colin Morrison, Matt Fear, Steve McArthur, Andy Shepherd, Guy Smith, Lyall Watson, James McLaughlin, Richard HarrisonLee, Andrew Cumberland, Rodney Chapman, Nathan Pierce. Absent from photo is Simon Holland & Nigel McGeady Below Left: Service truck with purpose built servicing trailer. Below Right: Service fleet

are currently preparing to travel to America and assist factory staff with on farm support of their latest forage harvesters. They will both spend 2 months travelling between Minnesota and Texas, monitoring new forage harvesters and reporting feedback to John Deere daily with an eye to optimising performance, monitoring efficiency, and responding to any technical difficulties. Tristan knows that haste is important to every customer, which is why John Deere delivers an overnight service on almost any John Deere part, from an enormous warehouse in Melbourne. If a customer needs a part that is not immediately available in Drummond and Etheridge’s extensive stock, then provided the order is placed prior to 2.30pm, the part will usually arrive around mid-day the following day. Drummond and Etheridge believe they offer the best service support in the market due to their superior technical services. Drummond and Etheridge Technicians can access a global faults system, which will bring up any recorded fault on any piece of John Deere equipment, anywhere in the world. This allows the technicians to see what has been used to resolve issues by other technicians worldwide, saving time getting the machinery back up and running. Also the technicians have access to a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week call centre to access technician specialists, to assist with diagnosis. Tristan and the team are very impressed with the space and functionality of the new building on East Street. Innovations like the overhead gantry crane and exhaust extractor units will create efficiency gains and certainly enhance the work environment for the technicians. The Managing Director of John Deere Australasia recently visited the facility and commented that it is the best John Deere franchise facility in Australasia.

Drummond & Etheridge


Nothing runs like a Deere

“I will never put my name on a product that does not have in it the best that is in me.” - John Deere The John Deere company was established by John Deere in the mid-1800s. He lived in Grand Detour, Illinois, and worked as a blacksmith. Facing the tough soil on the Midwest plains, John Deere began to build tractors for use by farmers and businesses that were better capable of tilling the ground. These early tractors were responsible for establishing much of the agricultural development throughout the Midwest. The cast-steel plow was the first tractor produced by John Deere in 1837. It helped establish the brand and company as one of the most famous in the world. Deere developed the plow after noticing how a pitchfork could easily penetrate a pile of hay, and adapted the concept to the plow for tilling the soil.

Today John Deere is a global entity and employs more than 50,000 people. The company continues to be guided, as it has been since its beginning, by the core values exhibited by its founder: integrity, quality, commitment and innovation, and continues to grow and prosper through a long-standing partnership with the world’s most productive farmers. Constant research and development has always been key to the John Deere company, as Deere himself once said, “They haven’t got to take what we make and somebody else will beat us, and we will lose our trade.” To this day, the company spends more on research and development than most other companies in its industry. Today John Deere is the world’s leading manufacturer of farm equipment.

Lyall Watson Service Manager Service manager Lyall Watson still misses getting his hands dirty working on a tractor. The A grade automotive diesel mechanic has been working for D&E for 27 years, the last 15 as service manager. He works with two foremen and a team of 11 technicians to make sure John Deere machines around the region keep running. Lyall along with the Christchurch Service Manager look after a large region, from the Rangitata River in the south, to the Conway River in North Canterbury.

He says the hi-tech and computerised tractors on the market today mean fewer farmers are willing or able to undertake DIY repairs. Almost all are committed to a schedule of maintenance that keeps their expensive machines running to optimal best. The service department has a fleet of mobile servicing trucks and more work is done in the field than in the workshop. His tip: Make sure machines are regularly serviced and report any problems so they can be investigated early.

Peter Luxton Parts Manager Peter has worked for D&E for 27 years and keeps track of the 7000 lines in stock at the East Street depot. He smoothes the order-and-supply chain so customers looking for John Deere parts get what they need and quickly. Products range from tractor and harvester parts to parts for lawnmowers and motorbikes.

He can even source parts for John Deere’s ride-on toy range. Peter sends parts all around the country, and can source them from Australia within 24 hours for urgent requests. The department turns over parts worth $4 million annually, and Peter has four staff charged with recording and dispatching stock and dealing with customers.

Mark Symes Sales Mark is a bit of a legend at Drummond and Etheridge, but if you ask him he’s pretty modest about it. Mark sold the largest tractor that the company has sold to date, the 9630T model John Deere Track Tractor. Mark has been with Drummond and Etheridge 14 years, and says that quite simply it’s the people and the product that he loves. Mark doesn’t hesitate in praising the John Deere brand, for the fact that it is the no 1 brand in the world for it’s field, and it is still it’s original brand, it hasn’t been amalgamated or changed it’s name. He enjoys selling the John Deere product

because of it’s reliability, it’s after market parts and service is second to none, and the resale ability of John Deere products are always impressive. Mark was brought up on a farm and has a strong rural background, so he is fully aware of the needs of farmers, and can offer top recommendations. He is always happy to offer on farm demonstrations of any John Deere machinery, as the comfort of the person buying the item is extremely important. Quite often all of the family is involved in the purchase of a large piece of machinery, so it is important that everyone is familiar and comfortable in it’s operation

Profiling a John Deere Tractor a model of integrity, quality, commitment and innovation.

John Deere bolsters its line-up of high-powered row-crop tractors with the introduction of its 8R Series Tractors. As producers take on more hectares and grow their farm operations, they and their employees are spending more time in the tractor cabs working. New 8R Series Tractors help operators work more comfortably and productively. The line-up includes six wheeled models that range from 225 to 345 engine horsepower (166-254kW) and three track models that range from 295 to 345 (217-254kW) engine horsepower. “We’ve taken the most fuel-efficient row-crop tractor ever produced, at a time when its reliability is better than ever, and refined it by increasing horsepower output, adding our most spacious, most comfortable, and most productive cab ever. We’ve also dramatically upgraded the ride comfort and capabilities of our track models. These tractors offer customers low operating costs and maximum uptime with ultimate comfort and productivity,” says Royce Bell, John Deere Limited Tactical Segment Manager. One of the hallmarks of an 8R Series Tractor is its next-generation John Deere CommandView™ II Cab. Inside, operators will discover a roomy work environment that’s equipped with integrated, easy-to-use monitors and controls. Visibility is enhanced in all directions. “Available best-in-class lighting, plus best-in-class cab and controls, help this tractor stand out from the competition,” says Bell. The 8RT Series Track Tractors are new from the ground up. Each 8RT Tractor is equipped with John Deere’s AirCushion™ Suspension System that was first made available on the company’s larger 9030T Series Track Tractors. “Our exclusive AirCushion™ suspension provides unsurpassed operator comfort and improved vehicle traction that puts more power to the ground. The power, performance, and comfort of our new 8RT Tractors are second to none,” explains Bell. And for the first time ever, John Deere makes its Infinitely Variable Transmission (IVT™) available on 8RT Series Track Tractors. It’s standard on the 8345RT and optional on all other models. With an IVT, operators can use a single lever to smoothly shift from 0 to 38km/h, or any speed in between. “With our IVT, customers first dial in a specific ground speed. Then, the engine and transmission work together to keep the tractor operating at that speed — instantly responding to changes in load conditions,” says Bell. Maximum transport speed has been increased up to 38km/h on the track models. In addition, fuel capacity on the 8RT Series has been expanded to 757 litres — a 54 percent increase compared to its predecessor. An available Category 4N/3 rear hitch provides these track tractors with up to 8300 kilograms of hitch-lift capacity. Hydraulic flow is now rated at 227 litres per minute. “Our track tractor customers can now select any track spacing between 1.82 and 4.06 meters wide by using the field-installed kit and can make adjustments without de-tensioning the tracks,” says Bell. All 8R and 8RT models are powered with the proven 9.0L John Deere PowerTech™ Plus engine that meets current Tier III Emission Standards.

The 8345R is the most powerful row-crop tractor John Deere has ever built – producing up to 345 engine horsepower.




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ASHBURTON 832 East Street, Ashburton PHONE 03 307 9911 FREEPHONE 0800 432 633 VISIT

HOURS OF TRADING: Monday to Friday 8.00am till 5.30pm Saturday 9.00am till noon

RECEIVE 10% OFF SERVICE PARTS YOUR D&E SERVICE CHECK INCLUDES: 1) Oil change (using quality John Deere oil products) 2) Sharpened blades 3) Lubricate all grease points 4) Clean/replace air cleaner 5) Check tyre pressure & level mower deck 6) Adjust carburettor 7) Check all belts, engine 8) Charge battery



RIDE ON MOWER KIT DIY home maintenance kit. Includes Turf-Guard oil, oil filter, air filter, fuel filter, air pre-cleaner and spark plug.





RIDE ON COVER Offering all season protection. Protect your valuable assets.




Sizes 6, 12 & 18 months. Available in pink, grey, lime green and white. JD baby socks available also!











Come and see our super selection of classic John Deere metal boxes.


Pocket sized LED torches. Available in pink and black. Offering up to 12 hours of light.

We have a great range of colours and styles to choose from. John Deere polo shirts available also.











Ideal for 1 year plus. Simply sit and scoot! Offering hours of fun!



This big tractor is made for some serious fun! Ideal ages 3 to 7. Complete with loader.





We have a superb selection of great JD kids story and sticker books in-store now!





BEANIES FLASKS SOCKS UMBRELLAS You will be amazed at our selection of JD clothing and merchandise! Please come on in and see our impressive selection for yourselves! Quality John Deere gear . . . everywhere!

ASHBURTON 832 East Street, Ashburton PHONE 03 307 9911 FREEPHONE 0800 432 633 VISIT


Chevy Pickup. Complete with lights and sounds. Batteries included. For 3 years plus.





MENS MICRO FLEECE JACKETS & VESTS Sizes S M L XL XXL XXXL Offering style, warmth and comfort.




HOURS OF TRADING: Monday to Friday 8.00am till 5.30pm Saturday 9.00am till noon


ROLLY KID TRACTOR & TRAILER For ages 2 ½ years plus. Kids have hours of fun with the lightweight attachable trailer.











GUN SAFES Solid steel, electronic security locked. Directly imported from the USA! Available in black, burgundy and bottle green. 3 different sizes to choose from.





Drummond & Etheridge


Dismantlers big on recycling

Top: John Davidson adds the finishing touches to a used tractor before resale. Above (from left): The team at D&E’s dismantling yard Lee Rhodes, Jane Street, John Davidson and Jeff Shurrock.

John Deere - a scrape above the rest

Paul Galletly is Drummond and Etheridge’s scraper specialist, and now that John Deere have developed a new range of towed scrapers, he’s run off his feet with enquiries. John Deere Scrapers are built to save the customer money and maximize their uptime. They’re surprisingly simple to operate, and they deliver a remarkably smooth finish. Simply put, they’re hard working scrapers that Paul believes are the best on the market. These scrapers can be used as earthmovers – levelling mounds in paddocks, taking out border-dykes, building ponds and altering water courses. The scrapers are of two different types, the carry-all, and the fixed blade ejector. The difference lies in the way the scraped up material is removed from the bowl. The carry-alls flip the bowl to dump the material, whereas the ejector machines have a moveable rear wall in the bowl that pushes the material out through the throat of the scraper. The ejector scraper can therefore be used as a kind of grader. Bowl capacities range from around 11.5 cubic metres to 16.5. Paul says that the benefit to their scrapers, is that you don’t just get a scraper machine, but you also get a stand alone tractor. John Deere have developed a special line of its 9000-series pivot-steer tractors to get the best from these scrapers, the only scraper manufacturer to have done so. These special tractors have been strengthened in key areas such as the axels, and have had a special drawbar modification. Traditional self-propelled scrapers can only be used for earthmoving, but the John Deere scraper system is multifunctional, and a complete rig only costs about 60% of the price of a new self propelled scraper. It’s ingenuity like this to benefit the consumer that John Deere has become so popular for. The tractors can be fitted with a John Deere developed scraper optimisation system called Auto load that activates each time a scraper bowl is lowered. The operator sets the transport height, unload height and ground height, as well as initial draft load required. The draft load can be changed on the do as conditions change underfoot. Up to three scrapers in series can be controlled. This is another example of how John Deere’s own technology makes their systems superior, with the end consumer in mind.

Lee Rhodes and his team at D&E’s dismantling yard know tractors. They work on them every day, and then go home to play on the ones they keep as tractor enthusiasts. Lee has a restored 1952 Nuffield, while workmate John Davidson has a 1958 Massey Fergusson 35 and a 1963 TEA. Jeff Shurrock has a Leyland, two Nuffields and a Case, and he builds an extra shed each time he acquires a new one. Office administrator for the dismantling yard, Jane Street, is the exception. While tractors are her income source, she has no desire to own one. Lee Rhodes The yard has been operating for 15 years on land off Chalmers Avenue beside the Collegiate Squash Club. The crew here is responsible for dismantling retired tractors and prepping used ones for sale; the job requires some cosmetic repair skills and a great working knowledge of tractor parts. Lee said tractors and headers traded in when farmers bought a new one ended up in his yard. They were repaired, if needed, cleaned and readied for the second-hand market. The team is mostly involved in cosmetic work, like replacing wing mirrors, while the nuts and bolts mechanical work is carried out at D&E’s main workshop on East Street. Machines intended for dismantling are stripped of good working parts, like transmissions and wheels, and sold for parts. Scrap metal is sent to the metal recycler. The parts, from John Deere tractors and other makes, are sold to dealers and farmers around the country. A selection of parts is kept on hand at the yard for direct sale. They also sell new aftermarket BareCo & Vapormatic parts on site. The dismantling yard also offers a piloting service, safely delivering wide tractors to new owners in the district or trucking them further afield. They also have an engineering department which is available for all general repairs. Lee said it was mostly older tractors they dealt with, while the mechanics at East Street specialised in the high-tech machines. Old, in his books though, is good.

Drummond & Etheridge


Electronic helping hand

Paul Galletly shows off the latest in tractor mounted GPS technology.

We have it all covered Specialists in all automotive electrical services, Air Conditioning and Diagnostics. • Cars • Vans • 4WD’s • Tractors • Combine Harvesters • Trucks • Trailers • Earthmoving Equipment • Motor Homes • Boats Graeme, Andrew, Stephen, Adam and Jason congratulate Drummond and Etheridge on their new John Deere workshop, spareparts and admin building.

“Don’t be afraid to push buttons,” Paul Galletly tells customers who buy GPS technology. “John Deere’s technology is easy to use, but if you do make a mistake I’m only a phone call away” Paul shows farmers and contractors how to make the most of their new technology, so they can be more efficient from day one. GPS systems, or Agricultural Management Solutions as John Deere calls it, range from a basic model at $4500 to ones with plenty of extras at $45,000. Paul says they are invaluable modern-day farm tools, used for guidance, collecting crop data and the variable rate application of chemicals and fertilisers. In short, they help farmers get the most out of the soil and the crop, with just the right amount of input. D&E has been selling GPS systems since 2004, with Paul

(a qualified tractor mechanic) stepping up to the challenging role in 2005. Guidance models offer auto steer or parallel tracking that eliminates overlap and even turns tractors at the end of a run. Yield mapping, where an electronic eye analyses a crop as a vehicle passes over it, is also becoming popular. Introducing the technology can be a scary prospect to some though. “The hardest thing is to get customers who are shy about technology to push buttons,” Paul said. “But there are lots of positives that arise from GPS. It is not just about saving fuel and being more efficient by eliminating overlap, drivers are less fatigued at the end of the day.” He said feedback from farmers who had benefited from the technology was rewarding, and he hoped others would catch on.

Young Electrical were proud to be chosen as the main electrical contractor for the new Drummond & Etheridge building. Bell Auto Electrical Services Ltd

The team at Young Electrical wish Drummond & Etheridge every success at their wonderful new site.

4 Watson Street Riverside Industrial Park, Ashburton Call us now

Phone 308 5222

Ph 03 308 8049 Ashburton


Drummond & Etheridge



Farm vehicles – serious work and serious fun

Steve Johnson – Sales Steve’s dedication to Drummond and Etheridge is unquestionable, as he commutes to Ashburton from DarďŹ eld every day. He’s been with the company for 5 years, originally based in the Christchurch premises, but with the opening of the new showroom on East Street, he now oversees the sales relating to ground care equipment, Polaris ATV’s and Husaberg motorcycles. Steve is an automotive engineer by trade, and has had a passion for motorcycles all of his life. The customers are beneďŹ ted by this passion, as he has an outstanding knowledge of all of his vehicles, and can offer advice and recommendations based on a genuine knowledge. Steve says that the thing he loves about

working for Drummond and Etheridge is the impressive brands he can immerse himself in daily. “The John Deere lawn and turf equipment is a brilliant brand to work with, exceptional in it’s ďŹ eld, I’ve been involved with Polaris for a long time and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it for a hard working, comfortable ATV, and Husaberg is a passion that myself and Mark Etheridge share, and is again an absolutely brilliant brand to be associated withâ€?, Steve said. With Steve dedicated to this area, it now gives Drummond and Etheridge the ability to grow and capitalise in this division. Steve can give on farm demonstrations with any of the models and brands, and what is important to him is that he demonstrates the capability of each and every model to the best of it’s ability for the customer to see. “Everyone on the farm or in the family will probably use this equipment, be it a lawnmower or a motorbike, so I need to make sure that everyone feels comfortable with it’s operationâ€? Steve said. Steve uses his extensive knowledge and experience to ascertain what it is the customer requires from their equipment, he then will match the most suited vehicle to match their application, as not every piece of equipment is suitable for every farm. He then takes into consideration many factors such as budget and how it will be used on the property before making a recommendation, so Drummond and Etheridge’s clients can be conďŹ dent they are receiving the right piece of machinery to get the job done, for many, many years to come.

John Deere Lawn Care – Second to none

John Deere Select Series™ X300 Tractors offer homeowner customers a wide choice of mowers provide excellent performance whether side-discharging, mulching, or bagging. These versatile tractors can also handle a wide variety of other yard chores, including blading, sweeping and snow blowing. Six models have a variety of desirable features that add comfort, convenience, and performance. These durable tractors include models with 2 and 4 wheel steer that are ideal for homeowners with intricate landscaping, varied terrain, and yard maintenance requirements. The Edge™ Xtra Cutting System includes mower decks with resilient 4-point mounting systems, wider gauge wheels, 6.35 mm cut height increments, and an on-board deck-levelling system used exclusively on Select Series™ Tractors. Strength of the deck is enhanced by the top-discharge design. A section of material below the discharge opening ties the front and rear of the deck together. When using the rear bagger, material ows upward through the deck to provide very effective bagging and reduced chance of plugging. Considering a John Deere ride on mower at your place? Have a look at these testaments to the John Deere ride on mower. “The build quality is second to none. The paint work and attention to detail is very good. Out of the box it is ready to mow the biggest of lawnsâ€?. “Solid build/ďŹ nish and practicality all seem to come out in this model - great turning circle and a heavy duty deck is vital to the longevity - 4 year warranty is testament to durability. Big solid cast foot pedals, greasing points in key areas, adjustable steering linkages. Massive rear wheels with better quality tyresâ€?. “Easy to use and easy to service. Very comfortable ride with easy to use controlsâ€?.

Polaris – nothing rides like it

Polaris, located in Minnesota, has been in business since 1954 and produced the ďŹ rst North American made ATV in 1984. Polaris ATV’s offer a wide-range from sport to utility. Some of the most popular Polaris ATV’s include the Polaris Ranger, Polaris Sportsman, Polaris Outlaw, Polaris Scrambler and Polaris RZR. Utility ATVs can be used for work and fun. Whether it’s a standard ATV or a popular side-by-side, utility quads can do it all. These machines are bigger and more rugged than sport quads and most feature independent rear suspension and ample ground clearance so you can tackle even the gnarliest terrain. Utility ATVs are generally more comfortable than their sporty cousins and feature bigger tires to help power you through the rough stuff. Because of their size and awesome power, they can be used for an unlimited number of duties. Polaris are well known for their superior construction features, such as superior braking and suspension systems, the automatic transmissions, as well as comfort and speed. The suspension will keep you on the trail and it’s a smooth ride all the way along, even on the roughest terrain.






2x4 Mode






2x4 Mode Turf Mode














455cc ENGINE


ode Mode










30hp ENGINE 40kmph TOP SPEED









30hp ENGINE 40kmph TOP SPEED


567 567 KGKG


30hp ENGINE 30hp ENGINE 40kmph TOPTOP SPEED 40kmph SPEED



RANGER 500 & 800







RANGER 700 6X6


Drummond & Etheridge




Easy decision to make After having previously worked at ATS for 4yrs, Suzanne started working at Drummond and Etheridge in January 2006. Mark approached her with the new role of Merchandise Manager and it was an easy decision to make with the brand of product that she had to work with, and the fact that she had an opportunity to join the family business. It means so much more to Suzanne when you can work for family and with family. Suzanne has had great enjoyment in building up the toy and merchandise range to the impressive range they now have available . They have a fabulous range of model die cast metal toys & the forever popular John Deere pedal ride-on toys. Suzanne has extended their range of John Deere merchandise with several new items imported in from the USA, ranging from children’s story

books, collectable John Deere tin storage boxes and tin signs, travel mugs & much more. Their clothing range is also extensive, ranging from infant socks, baby romper suits, children’s tee shirts, ladies tee shirts & Hoodies, Men’s tee shirts, Polo shirts, fleece vests & jackets, wet weather gear and a huge range and variety of John Deere caps & beanies for everyone. Suzanne is part time at Drummond and Etheridge but with the ability to work from home, which is perfect for her while she is raising her family. Suzanne loves her work which is so varied. No day is the same as she also co-ordinates the advertising & marketing for Drummond & Etheridge, and she is the first point of contact for any sponsorship opportunities put to Drummond and Etheridge.

Husaberg – The Serious Swedish Adrenaline Racing Bike The Swedish motorcycle brand Husaberg has stood for uncompromising Enduro racing machines since 1987 and originated from a deep passion for off-road sports in the forests of Sweden. Husaberg is now owned by the KTM Power Sports AG. Husaberg products will continue to be developed in Sweden but will be manufactured in Mattighofen. Husaberg’s goal is to have enthusiastic dealers who share their passion for pure and innovative off-road racing, Drummond and Etheridge share that passion. Why Husaberg? RIDEABILITY – Weight reduction, optimized centre of gravity. INNOVATION – perfect understanding, trendsetting technology. DIFFERENCE – 100 % understatement, 100 % different. COMPETITION – from racers, for racers. SWEDEN – born in Sweden, produced in Austria. Competence, passion and the highest quality.

Recognising its younger customers, Drummond and Etheridge ran a colouring contest to celebrate the opening of its new East Street base. Merchandise Manager Suzanne Wilson had the delightful job of handing out prizes to the winners. Aimee Sparks, 8, (top) won the 8-10 year age group, taking home a 1:16th scale John Deere 9530 4WD tractor. Five-year-old Colt Hill (above) won a 6920 ride-on tractor as winner of the 5-7 year contest.

For all your Mobile, Broadband For all your Mobile, Broadband For all your Mobile, Broadband and Landline solutions and Landline solutions and Landline solutions For all your Mobile, For all your Mobile, Broadband Broadband and and Landline Landline solutions solutions

Comein-store in-store to see Come seethe thefriendly friendly Come in-store to to see the friendly team at Orb Communications team OrbCommunications Communications team atatin-store Orb Come to see the friendly Come in-store to see the friendly team team at at Orb Orb Communications Communications

Proud to be the suppliers for all Proud to be the suppliers for all Drummond & suppliers Etheridge for all Proud to be the Drummond & Etheridgefor all Proud to be the suppliers communications Proudcommunications to be the suppliers for all Drummond & Etheridge Drummond & Etheridge 250 East Street, Ashburton Drummond & 250 Etheridge Orb Ashburton East Street, Ashburton Orb Ashburton communications communications 0800 287 communications 662 ORB.CO.NZ 0800 287 662 ORB.CO.NZ 250 East Street, Ashburton Ashburton 250East EastStreet, Street, Ashburton OrbOrb Ashburton 250 Ashburton Orb Ashburton We’re big on small business 0800 287 662 ORB.CO.NZ business 0800 287 662 ORB.CO.NZ 0800 287 662We’re big on small ORB.CO.NZ We’re big on small business

We’re big big on We’re onsmall smallbusiness business


Drummond & Etheridge


Top images: An artist’s impression of the revamped Moore Street Nissan site Above: The Nissan sales team (from left): Scott Donaldson (Sales Manager), Baden McDowell, Kevin Opele and David Thatcher

Million dollar makeover for Nissan site

Drummond and Etheridge’s Moore Street site is in for a million dollar makeover. The site is the base of the company’s Nissan franchise, selling new and used cars, parts and offering service and repairs from its mechanical workshop. Dealer principal Grant Constable said the makeover would change the face of D&E in the central business district, with a re-organised site making the most of extra space once devoted to tractors and other John Deere machinery. A new entrance off Moore Street will be created, leading to a 30-space carpark area, along with a larger car yard and new showroom. Customers will access the service, parts and sales departments from one central point. “We have doubled in size. We are going to have more workshop space with a better workshop, more showroom space and more yard sales space.” The refurbishment is expected to take six months, getting under way once plans

have been finished. Grant said it made good business sense for the company to retain its Moore Street site, with easy access for customers. “We are established here, and it is the retail hub.” The sales team, led by Scott Donaldson, is the public face, with Baden McDowell, David Thatcher and Kevin Opele on deck helping customers with new and used vehicles. The past six months has seen a definite recovery in new car sales, following a 12% national trend upwards. Sales graphs in Mid Canterbury, like the rest of the country, resembled a rollercoaster when the global financial crisis hit home, but are now back in positive territory. Popular at the moment is the Nissan Qashqai (pronounced cash-kai), a compact SUV appealing to buyers not attracted to a large, aggressive sporty vehicle. The car, named after the nomadic Qashqai tribe in Iran, is coming out in a seven-seater version soon.

Grant said most new vehicle sales reflected the district’s rural nature, with light commercials – utilities, flatdeck and wellside 4WDs – the biggest sellers. Used vehicles, of all makes and models, are also sold. We’re a practical bunch in Mid Canterbury, with buyers expecting their “work horses” to do the hard yards. Rebecca Harvey is the first contact for service and parts customers, though she will be moving to the new reception facilities after the refurbishment. Neil Baynes heads the service department and Roger White the parts department – these two long-serving employees have both just been acknowledged for 25 years service each, and have seen many changes in the industry and county alike. Drummond and Etheridge have always had a reputation locally for amazing service, and have been recognised nationally for this, and have been named as the top Nissan Dealer in the South Island and 3rd best Nissan Dealer in New Zealand.

Dealer Principal Grant Constable is impressed with the fluid facility that Drummond and Etheridge will become after the refurbishments. Due to the growth locally within the motor trade industry the additional space was a necessity to exceed the high demands of today’s automotive buyer. With constant advances in technology come higher demands and expectations, and Grant is proud that the team at Nissan invest time in staying ahead of these changes, to be able to provide the public the best knowledge possible. The new facility is an investment in both the staff and the customers, to be able to provide a higher level of service. Grant says that Drummond and Etheridge place great emphasis on people, which comes from being family owned. The staff love dealing with faces, both familiar and new every day, and customers often feel as though they are part of the Drummond and Etheridge family due to the friendly dynamic.

Drummond & Etheridge




Part of the Nissan family

The Nissan Technicians (from left to right): Doug Cain, Rob Flanagan, Michael Cook, Dave Jackson, Rebecca Harvey, Neil Baynes (Service Manager) – (Front row): Stu Begbie, Kieran Bradley

Service with a smile Hard working vehicles need maintenance, and the service department is geared to accommodate regular scheduled servicing as well as last-minute jobs booked in when wet weather interrupts other farm work. The team of technicians is primed for all manner of jobs. The Team D&E Nissan Service Department currently have a spacious fully equipped vehicle workshop, which will only be getting larger with the planned renovations, with top technology in diagnostic equipment. They have a team of dedicated qualified service technicians. Their service technicians are trained professionals, who undergo constant training in the latest technology and take a great deal of pride in their workmanship. The automotive industry is one of constant change, driven by innovation and technology, so it is imperative to the Drummond and Etheridge team that their technicians are familiar with the latest technology. The service department specialises in issuing vehicle Warrant of Fitnesses through to complete engine overhauls.

Not only do they offer impeccable service, they also believe their prices to be extremely competitive. They are more than happy to pick up and deliver your vehicle (within the town boundary) and they supply loan cars so you can get on with your day. The Nissan motto is “Fix it Right the First Time”. Neil Baynes heads the service department, and has been with Drummond & Etheridge 25 years, and has been a mechanic or in the motor trade all of his working life. He is looking forward to the new refurbishments so that there is a better flow throughout the different divisions, making it easier on the team and customers alike. Neil is proud to be working for the Nissan brand, and because they have a great mix of technicians, a combination of experience and recent knowledge, every car is serviced or overhauled into peak condition. “We do scheduled servicing, as well as a lot of general repairs, from engine rebuilds to gearbox rebuilds, on any make or model car, not just Nissans”.

Roger White heads the parts department, and has also recently been recognised for 25 years service to Drummond and Etheridge. His right hand man Duane Aberhart has also given Drummond and Etheridge more than 20 years, making for an extremely knowledgeable and experienced part of the Nissan family. While they have impeccable knowledge on the Nissan brand, they can also offer assistance to all makes and models, and together with he service department, take pride in keeping up with the latest technology in motoring ingenuity. Due to the Comprehensive range of Products and parts available, Roger is always kept very busy. They boast such a selection of products it’s easily a one stop shop for most customers. Car audio and accessories are fast becoming very popular and workshop tools and products are also on the increase. Roger and Duane take the time to get to understand the customers needs before making an informed decision. They have an extensive parts department, but if they don’t have on hand what the customer requires, they will go out of their way to source an item, no matter where in the world they have to look to find it, depending on the customers needs in regards to technology and budget. Roger stocks an impressive and extensive collection of Nissan genuine parts, but they also sell a large range of accessories, from canopy’s, bull bars, nudge bars, bonnet protectors and tow bars.

The Nissan Parts team (from Left to right): Duane Aberhart, Roger White (Parts Manager), Sherryl Taylor.

Elite Embroidery – It’s what we do. PROFESSIONAL DECORATING & PLASTERING Proud to have been part of this amazing project SERVICES: Interior & Exterior Painting Wallpapering & Decorating Factory Lacquer Finishes Textures & Specialist Coatings Licensed Rockcote Plasterers Level 5 Spray Finish Gib Stopping Lead Paint Removal

CRAIG BISHOP: 027 444 4856 Registered Master Painters CRAIG BISHOP: 027 444 4856 Rockpave Surfacing CRAIG BISHOP: 027 444 4856 Rockpave Surfacing CRAIG BISHOP: 027 444 4856 CRAIG BISHOP: 027 444 4856 CRAIG BISHOP: 027 444 4856 CRAIG BISHOP: 027 444 4856 CRAIG BISHOP: 027 444 4856 CRAIG BISHOP: 027 444 4856

CRAIG BISHOP: 027 444 4856

OFFICE: 03 307 8870


Putting your mark on what you wear best.

e Exclusiv of t is k c sto rporate

BIZ Co ing Cloth

With Nearly 20 years experience in embroidery and graphics you can trust that all your embroidery and printing needs are done professionally by experts. Elite embroidery & graphics are a local business trusted by Ashburtonians to set the standard for embroidery and printing, providing you with the best service and attention. And at reasonable prices, and discount on team clothing, you can get as many as you need, and then some. We provide embroidery and printing to: Businesses Sports clubs Schools We also stock: • Business clothing, blazers, shirts and suit pants • T-shirts and polos • Jackets and polar fleeces • Hats and beanies • Team clothing and more


108 Victoria Street, The Triangle, Ashburton. Phone 307 8361

Why You Should Talk To Garden City Security First

Garden City Security Ltd is a leading Christchurch based security company which specializes in providing full security solutions for both residential and commercial clients. With 50 years of industry experience they work with their clients to custom build the best security system based on each client’s individual needs and budget. The Technicians at Garden City Security Ltd are fully qualified to install and service all of the major security equipment brands on the market today. They are a New Zealand Government licensed security company that provides high quality, reliable products at a fair price. They back these products up with a professional 24hour back up service. Garden City Security Ltd are a team of professionals who boast a broad range of technical knowledge and experience. Their company recognizes the value of their people and is continually focused on investing in their team’s knowledge and keeping industry qualifications up to date. Garden City Security Ltd has the ability to provide quality service and support on most products available in the market today. They pride themselves on providing a consistent standard of service catering to the smallest of jobs, such as changing an alarm code, right through to large commercial projects.

Products and services

• Residential & Commercial Security Solutions • Video Surveillance & Recording Solutions • Security System Monitoring & Response Solutions

Security Equipment from • Bosch Security Systems • DSC – Digital Security Controls • Paradox • Micron Security

Garden City Security LTD and Drummond & Etheridge The relationship between Garden City Security Ltd and Drummond & Etheridge started in April of 2009. Mark Etheridge contacted the main Christchurch office looking for a reliable, customer service orientated company to address the alarm system at his personal premises and he was very satisfied with the service! From there the relationship has flourished with Garden City Security Ltd upgrading the security systems at D&E Templeton, Timaru and Ashburton Moore Street site. They

installed the entire security system; access control system and fire system at the East Street site. Every step of the way making sure the needs of Drummond & Etheridge were met. Garden City Security Ltd now act as a single point of contact for all of D&E’s security needs even providing a guard response service through Talbot Security here in Ashburton. Garden City Security Ltd would like to congratulate Drummond & Etheridge on their impressive new premises & are proud to have been able to provide security for the site.

Garden City Security Ltd

347 St Asaph Street Christchurch PHONE 03 377 7763 Email

What our clients say... To Whom It May Concern: This is to advise that we have been dealing with Garden City Security for many years & they have provided security equipment for both our home & business premises. Recently we asked Garden City Security to upgrade our home security system to include a driveway alarm & camera surveillance system. Our needs were well & truly met and with great service from both the salesman & installers. We have found Garden City Security to be very helpful & knowledgeable in all aspects of what we have requested of them. Garden City Security are available to talk to when you telephone them for any advice – rather than having to leave a message & wait for someone to get back to you. They are on duty 24/7 which is great. We have no hesitation in recommending Garden City Security to anyone that needs any type of security. It has been a pleasure to deal with a company that is genuine & upfront. Brian & Marlene Victor To Whom It May Concern “We visited the Home Ideas Centre for ideas on a number of projects around our home. Whilst there we saw the display from Garden City Security, and thought they may be able to help solve our home security problem – caused by the size of our home and the difficulties of access within it. Peter & the team from Garden City Security provided excellent & prompt service and came up with a fabulous, easy solution to our security needs both inside and in our grounds. The installation was trouble free and Garden City Security has also provided excellent follow up service to fine tune the systems to ensure our total satisfaction.” Roger & Trish Smith Attention: The Manager Thank you for your recent installation of our security system. Your office was very pleasant to deal with and arrangements were made promptly & efficiently. We were given a clear explanation of a system to suit our needs and lifestyle and a written quotation for its installation. Your workmen were very clean and tidy and the system was installed with a minimum of fuss. We were left with a full understanding of it’s use and were comfortable with it right from the start. Thank you again. Peter & Penny Bell To whom it may concern We recently engaged Garden City Security to install an alarm system in our home at Leithfield Beach. We had also made enquiries with three other alarm companies but chose GCS because: • The information conveyed by Peter in the initial contact with the company was explained in depth, and easy to understand what we were getting for our money. • Their prices were very competitive • They were the only company who mentioned having smoke detectors installed in addition to the alarm • We felt the after-sales service aspect was above and beyond that offered by similar companies • Quality products with good warranties offered We found the installation technician very polite, efficient and the job was done within the timeframe specified, causing minimum disruption to our household. We are happy to recommend Garden City Security to others looking for a competitive deal, efficient products and on going service. Jackie and Mark Taylor Dear Peter, Thank you for the arranging of and installation of our house alarm. It’s so easy to use and being wireless was a great choice for the structure of our house. I found your business to be prompt and professional and I will happily refer GCS to my friends Wendy Hooper


Drummond & Etheridge


Six months to build...

Drummond and Etheridge’s new East Street base was built by Timaru firm Thompson Engineering and Construction, in a project that took six months. The 1.2ha site has 5700 square metres of hardstand, nearly the size of a rugby pitch. The total floor area (including the first floor) is 2880 square metres, with about a third of the area devoted to parts, storerooms and office space, and a workshop area of 1000 square metres. Huge glass sliding doors at the front of the building allow large tractors to be driven in and out of the 550 square metre showroom. Spare a thought for the window cleaners – the building has 370 square metres of glass. The stud height varies – open in the showroom , while offices downstairs are 2.7m, offices upstairs 2.4m, and 6m in the workshop. The building has a

mezzanine floor for servicing, offices and storage. It also has a 5 tonne 17m span single girder overhead crane in the workshop, which can travel the full length of the workshop. The under floor heating system utilises waste oil from the servicing of the vehicles which is stored and then burnt in an environmentally friendly manner. This in turn heats water, which is distributed throughout the building via an extensive network of insulated pipes in the concrete slab. All stormwater from the hardstand and roof is managed, treated and discharged completely onsite. A self-contained steam cleaning bay is also a feature. A cost effective and easy-on-the-eye concrete tilt panel fence screens the service area from the public carparks, and provides security.

Drummond & Etheridge




It’s a family affair...

Peter and Lois Etheridge are surrounded by their extended family (from left) daughter Suzanne and her husband Dave with their daughter Katelyn, and son Mark (right rear) and his wife Sonia and their three sons Zander (front), Jayden (middle) and Cody.

Talbot Security Group Limited


Your 100% locally owned Security Company giving you peace of mind

• Mobile patrols• Alarm response• Random visits • Fire & weather checks • Staff safety & welfare

The TSG Mobile Patrolman’s Promise Our delivery of service represents our attitude, desires & promises to our Clients. • We will perform each patrol as if it is the FIRST patrol! • We will ensure each Client, regardless, is just as important to us as every other client! • We will only deploy the best Security Officer available! • We will never take short cuts! • We will always communicate with our clients!

Home Security

Site Security

Document Destruction

• Pet Feeding • Mail Collection • Airport Pickup/drop-off • Home Patrols

• Full or Part Time • Retail, Commercial • Events & Concerts • Funerals & Weddings • Front of Desk

• Pick ups • Secure Shredding • Certificate of Destruction Issued • Confidential Service

Cash Services

Security Management

Fire & Safety

• Point to Point Banking • Change Delivery • Secured Transport Services • Cash Counting

• Let us get you the BEST deal • Providing 1 point of contact • Ensuring you get what you need • Independent Advice • 100% Local

• Extinguisher Training • Survival Kits • Extinguisher Sales • First Aid Kits


With independent thinking operators who are able to make decisions at 3am for you, TSG now can provide an after-hours call answering and message service for you.

Talbot Security Group is proud to be associated with Drummond & Etheridge and congratulates the D&E Team on their new premises.

Talbot Security Group Limited Phone 307 2409 • 199 Bunett Street, Ashburton •

Drummond & Etheridge  

Ashburton Guardian - Drummond & Etheridge Feature

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