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2000 - 2009 Ashburton Guardian Advertising Feature January 2010

Our People, Our Place, Our Guardian.

A review of happenings over the last decade in our world, our country and our community

The most dynamic decade in the district’s history The past decade must rank as the most dynamic in the district’s history and congratulations to the Ashburton Guardian for presenting this valuable reflection from an international, national and local point of view. Early in the decade, Census information predicted a declining population for Ashburton and that information was to be used against us, noticeably concerning for the future of our hospital. Thankfully, that information was incorrect, the hospital has survived, and flourished, as have the various communities that make up our wonderful district. People from many nationalities have made their home in the Ashburton district and our demographics are far removed from previous decades. The Local Government Act (2002) mandated that social and cultural issues rated equal to environmental and economic and we have successfully incorporated that vision. Ashburton

enters the new decade with its vibrant economy intact and a number of major projects either completed or underway. New Zealand’s largest man made lake, Lake Hood, was officially opened and plans are well underway to double its size. The Ashburton Trust Event Centre, after years of planning and fundraising, was officially opened and hosted the National Young Farmers Contest. Planning for a new stadium/ aquatic centre is well underway and the infrastructure development for a new business estate has commenced. A new wastewater treatment plant for Ashburton was completed at the time - the single most, longest infrastructure project in our history ($16m). The confidence to undertake these projects is based on our highly productive rural economy, which has seen huge changes in land use and farming practice. Much of this change is based around the availability of

water and how we maximise this precious resource in ensuing years will be fundamental to our continuing prosperity. The disastrous snow of June, 2006 highlighted not only the resilience of our various communities, but also the lack of co-ordinated government support at the social level. As a result, we have developed a Social Wellbeing Strategy that addresses many of the shortcomings apparent during that snow event and positions us to be more socially aware moving forward. The district has seen many innovative industries develop and prosper, our schools are bursting at the seams and our small communities hold a civic pride second to none. We are ideally positioned to move into the next decade. BEDE O’MALLEY Mayor

A decade of change for the Ashburton Guardian Ten years may not seem like a long time but, looking back over the past decade, it’s evident a lot can happen. It seems like it was not too long ago the Ashburton district was celebrating New Year’s Eve with a twist – the new millennium – and now, 2009 is gone and 2010 has emerged. The Ashburton Guardian itself has seen many major changes and happenings in the last 10 years. Technology has evolved significantly - from the time-consuming film cameras to easier digitals and the old computer programmes to much smarter, faster ones. Guardian Print has moved from the

back of the Burnett Street offices to its own, current location on Kermode Street and the Guardian’s paper sales have spread as far as Geraldine. And .... • The Neilsen’s report for the period July 2008 to June 2009 showed a record number of readers had made the Ashburton Guardian the best-read, regional daily newspaper in New Zealand. • The Guardian received the following associate awards at the annual New Zealand Community Newspaper Association’s awards in Auckland in March, 2009: Best Front

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Page, Young Journalist of the Year (Amanda Durry), Best Individual Advertising Portfolio (Chris Ruddle) and Best Advertising Feature/Supplement (Envy). • After more than a century of gathering news and selling advertising from it’s central Burnett Street location, the Guardian moved into it’s new offices on Level 3 of the Somerset building in October, 2008. • The first edition of the Guardian’s monthly, lifestyle magazine, Envy, was published in September, 2008 and joined the paper’s two monthly rural publications, Guardian Farming and Dairy Focus.

• On August 13, 2007, the Guardian transformed from an afternoon edition to a morning paper. • In June, 2003, the Guardian had remarkable success in the Qantas Media Awards – nominated as one of three finalists in both the Best Newspaper and Best Front Page categories. We, here at the Guardian, treasure these memories of the past as we look forward to the future. That’s why we’ve decided to put together this special tribute, full of tragedies and heartbreaks, celebrations and triumphs, for you to read, look back and remember.

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y r t n u d o l C r r o u W O r u O 2000 2000 Y2K over

World wide fears of the new millennium causing all technology to fail and the globe brought to a stand still came to an end as the ‘ticking time-bomb’ turned out to be a false alarm.

Concorde Disaster

113 died after Air France Flight 4590 crashed during take off at Charles de Gaulle airport near Paris, France. The crash was caused by a strip of metal dropped on the tarmac by another aircraft puncturing the fuel tank of the supersonic jet.

Sydney Olympics

10,651 participants from 199 nations competed in 28 sports in the Games of the XXVII Olympiad. The top medal collecting country was the United States, achieving 36 gold, 24 silver and 31 bronze medals. The bronze medals were made from melted down Australian 1 and 2 cent coins which were removed from circulation in 1992.

NZ at the Olympics 151 New Zealand athletes participated in the Sydney Olympic Games. Rob Waddell won a gold medal in rowing, and bronze medals were won by Mark Todd in equestrian and Aaron McIntosh and Barbara Kendall in sailing; placing NZ 45th out of the 199 countries competing.

Fee Free

On July 1, TVNZ completed the 12-month phase-out of the $110 public broadcasting fee introduced in 1971. This meant that TVNZ channels became free-to-air and didn’t require subscription to be viewed.

Lord of the Rings

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, directed by Kiwi director Peter Jackson and filmed mainly in the Mid Canterbury high country, was released on December 20, 2001. It had a budget of US$94 million and reaped revenue of US$870,761,744.

y t i n u m m Our Co


Happy New Millennium!

Ashburton welcomed the new millennium with the first local new year street party. Thousands of excited Ashburtonians turned up on East Street to celebrate a brand new era with high spirits.

Super Value

After many years of service and convenience for locals, the Super Value Ashburton supermarket on Tancred Street closed its doors in January.

Doctor, Doctor

The Rakaia Medical Centre opened in June, built by the Ashburton District Council. Dr Penny Holdaway was the first operational GP in the centre, who is now practicing at the Gym Company Medical Centre in Ashburton. The Rakaia Medical Centre is now staffed by several highly skilled and professional doctors, nurses and administration staff.


The $6m project to revamp the Ashburton MSA was given the thumbs up in September. It involved a major renovation, moving the main entrance from Burnett Street to Havelock Street and revamping the bottlestore, bar and restaurant.

Celebrating a Century

December 20 marked the one hundred year anniversary of the Bell family’s ownership of the Ashburton Guardian.

It’s all at the MSA town tre of n e of c in the nder one ro d e t a itu ru SA is s uch to offe e. The M m o leav r, t o s d r s a a a bee r o f and h ind it ver y h p ch u ol ill f or cat ame of po s you w d n frie ag he ut with r mates to o atch t e w in d D u ht n o y bet a nge the nig challe er, place a TV. Dance to . And ok ky or sno r race on S r y weekend ore. o st ve game h friends e to the Bottle k it w we loo pop in t e away h c ig la ne p the n finish o in o d o t h o muc ing you. With s to see d r a w for

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y r t n u d o l C r r o u W O r u O 2001 2001 Commence Operation: Bush After one of the closest elections in US history, George W Bush was inaugurated as the 43rd President of the United States on January 20. He was one of only two American presidents to be the son of a preceding president (his father, George H.W. Bush).

Biggest merger in history On January 11, the US Federal Trade Commission approved the merger of America Online (AOL) and Time Warner, to form AOL Time Warner. The merger was the largest in history, with a US$164 billion price tag.


2973 victims were mass murdered in the most deadly terrorist attack on the United States in history. 19 Al-Qaeda terrorists hijacked four commercial passenger jet airliners; crashing two of them into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre in New York City, one into the Pentagon near Washington DC, and the fourth failed to reach its target, crashing in a field in rural Pennsylvania.



By hokey

Popular radio and TV personality Selwyn Toogood died at the age of 84 on February 27. He was well known for his role as host of the famous travelling quiz show It’s in the Bag, which he hosted from its debut in 1973 until 1986.

Sir Peter Blake

On December 6, New Zealand’s iconic yachtsman Sir Peter Blake died while trying to defend a crew member from pirates who boarded their ship. He was sadly shot and killed at age 53 on an expedition near the Amazon in Brazil.


TelstraSaturn Limited merged with Clear Communications in December with a purchase price of NZ$143 million, to create TelstraClear. TelstraClear is now New Zealand’s second largest telecommunications company and provides internet, telephone and mobile telephone services to over 400,000 customers in New Zealand.

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y t i n u m m Our Co Lake Hood


After 14 years in planning, Ashburton’s very own man-made lake was officially opened on by Rt. Hon Jenny Shipley M.P. in Huntingdon, 6km south-east of Tinwald. The 173 hectare, $40m recreational park features an eight lane international standard rowing course, a separate international standard water skiing course, together with several kilometres of canals and a large residential subdivision.

Murray Anderson Ashburton Mayor Murray Anderson was re-elected in the mayoral elections in October, beginning his third term as Mayor.

Tennis Centre

The Ashburton Trust Tennis Cenre opened in January. With 16 high grade competition level tennis courts it further improved Ashburton’s sporting image and provides a top quality venue for tennis events.

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y r t y t n i u n d l o u r C m o r m Ou Our Co Our W 2002 2002 2002


NZ at the Commonwealths

Bali Bombings

On October 12, in the Indonesian island of Bali, 202 people were killed and another 240 injured in Indonesia’s deadliest ever act of terrorism. Members of the violent Islamist group Jemaah Islamiyah detonated a backpack carried by a suicide bomber, a large and powerful car bomb, and a small explosive device outside the US consulate. A similar attack occurred on October 1, 2005, with 23 deaths.

Commonwealth Games

The 17th Commonwealth Games were held in Manchester, England from July 25 to August 4. Competitors from 72 nations participated in 17 sports, with Australia achieving the highest medal count of 82 gold, 62 silver and 63 bronze.

At last:

Helen Clark’s Labour Party government was reelected in a landslide victory in the general election for a second term. The election also showed the worst ever performance by the National Party, gaining only 27 seats in comparison to Labour’s 52. Kiwibank was formed in 2002 by the Labour-Alliance coalition and is owned by the New Zealand government. It has won awards in 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 for offering the best value across a range of products, and has an average signup rate for new customers of over 300 new organisations and individuals per day.

tt:: ttla Athe lassEven A HasA Most Rain Cover over wetted width in New Zealand

What this means for you:

A No more strips left in your paddock A No more doughnuts either

AA Traveling Irrigator Traveling Effluent Irrigator

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A No more ponding left after each run A Has a Rain Rate of 5mm or less across total wetted width, not just the centre area. (please see in the independently proved graph) A No more Enviroment police calling in That: What this meansfor foryou: you: That: What this means AAMeets Meetseven eventhe thetoughest toughestNew NewZealand ZealandEffl Effluent uent Enviro Enviro Standards Standards AAHas the Most Even Rain Cover over wetted width Has the Most Even Rain Cover over wetted width in in New New Zealand Zealand bybyfarfar AAHas Hasa aRain RainRate Rateofof5mm 5mmororless lessacross acrosstotal total wetted wetted width, width, not not just just the thecentre centrearea. area.(please (pleasesee seeininthe theindependently independently proved proved graph) graph)

State of the art technology and machinery was fired up in December as the brand new Guardian Print building was opened for business. Guardian Print currently print publications distributed throughout New Zealand with an output of 35,000 copies per hour at the highest standards in New Zealand.

Brian Connell

Brian Connell was elected as the new member of parliament for Rakaia after former Prime Minister Jenny Shipley announced her retirement.

At last:: At last

AA Traveling Traveling Effl Effluent uent Irrigator Irrigator That: AThat: Meets even the toughest New Zealand Effluent Enviro Standards

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because the effluent laws were fairly new and were starting to get applied very hard so everyone had to have a traveling irrigator, no longer would the old spray pot in the one place for a week do any more. But the biggest change we have seen in that time is the full circle that people have come with the concept of the effluent coming out of the irrigator being of considerable value on the land if applied correctly, not just a waste product. 10 Years and more ago farming saw effluent as very good Fertilizer and wanted irrigators that could apply the liquid fairly evenly over a good distance over a reasonable period of time. Then as farms

A Meets even the toughest New Zealand Effluent Enviro Standards

Press On


A Traveling Effluent Irrigator That:

The NZR Rogers K88 “Washington” locomotive was returned to working order. Completing the massive restoration that began in 1976 after being recovered from the Oreti River where it was dumped in late 1926. It was built in 1877 and entered service in New Zealand on March 18, 1878. During the time of it’s operation, it shaped the locomotive development and success in New Zealand until the end of steam.

General Election

Looking back... Looking back over the last 10 years, Plucks Engineering has been through a lot of change. But 10 years ago we were still in our old work shop on Railway Tec in the old Farmers building with staff numbers of about 8 and the building was about 1/5 of the size of our current one on the Main south road. The type of work then was much the same but no where the numbers of machines built compared to now in some departments and less numbers of in other departments. For example 10 years ago we were making Dairy Effluent Irrigators in the 20s + per month every month for years , that was

All Aboard

200 competitors were sent to the Manchester Commonwealth Games. New Zealand placed 5th out of 72 countries on the medal table with 11 gold, 13 silver and 21 bronze medals.

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the centre area. (please see in the independently proved graph)

got bigger and peoples time got less to spare through the working day, they wanted an irrigator that just put the liquid on at any rate and took as long as possible to do a run, so not too much work time was taken up each week with moving the irrigator, and didn’t worry too much about the value of the effluent any more. But now with the prices of Fertilizer etc are considerably more than 10years ago, and the good old effluent spreading accurately and evenly is all the go again, with all sorts of systems and computer programs about to help the framers work out just how much cost they are saving by doing a good job of managing the stuff, which is good we reckon.

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And now there are all sorts of systems to processes and clean the effluent to a very high standard before it goes on the land and its fair to say effluent has become one of (if not the most important) job on the farm and most importantly this is how every Dairy farmer sees it now (instead of perhaps only 50% Ten years ago), which to them is not only good for the farm environment but also the bottom line. As for our company we now have 16 Staff who most of travel to work from all over the district in stead of mostly locals as it used to be 10 years ago. Regards Neil Pluck

Applied Depth – no overlap Applied Depth – no overlap 20 Test 1 Depth Depth (mm)(mm)

The Euro was introduced in 12 countries in the EU at the start of the year. France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Finland, the Netherlands, Poland, Belgium, Ireland, Greece and Luxembourg.




Our new irrigator has been tested, proven and approved by the independent company—Irricon Our new irrigator has been tested, proven and Resource Solutions Ltd fromcompany—Irricon Ashburton. approved by the independent Resource Solutions Ltdbacked from Ashburton. The new irrigator is still up by our very tough andirrigator well proven system, blockage The new is stilldrive backed up bynoour very mast, nozzles. tough booms and welland proven drive system, no blockage mast, booms andirrigator nozzles.boom modifications can The new model be all existing series irrigators Themade new to model irrigatorPlucks boom LP modifi cations can (so give your quick call) and most other be made to allsupplier existingaPlucks LP series irrigators makes effluent irrigator of similar size. (so giveofyour supplier a quick call) and most other makes of effluent irrigator of similar size.

Our New Irrigator and Booms have to be seen in action to be believed Ourare New Irrigatorbyand to be seen in action to be believed and covered NZBooms Patent have No. 578084 and are covered by NZ Patent No. 578084

W Phone NO W Phone NO


to find out more to find out more

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y r t y t n i u n d l o u r C m o r m Ou Our Co Our W 2003 2003 2003

Uh, Houston...

On February 1, Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrated over Texas on re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere, killing all seven crew members. The cause of the disaster was determined to be a result of damage sustained during launch when a piece of foam insulation the size of a small briefcase broke off the shuttle’s main fuel tank, striking the left wing and damaging the thermal protection system designed to protect the shuttle from heat generated upon re-entry.

End of an Era

The world-famous supersonic passenger airliner Concorde retired on November 26 after more than 34 years of service. Concorde set the record for the fastest trans-atlantic flight in history from London’s Heathrow to New York’s JFK in 1996, with a flight time of 2 hours 53 minutes, at a speed of more than twice the speed of sound (over 2150 kph). The retirement was a result of low passenger numbers, high running costs and poor economic status.

Got Him

After a long time searching, highly wanted Iraq President Saddam Hussein was found and captured by US military troops on December 13, hiding under ground. Despite being armed with an AK-47 assault rifle, pistol, and bearing US$750,000 in cash, he didn’t resist capture. He was wanted for crimes against humanity, war crimes, and genocide.

Population Milestone

All Blacks

New Zealand’s population passed the four million marker in 2003, an increase of one million in thirty years and making up 0.064% of the worlds population.

In September, the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team trained at the Ashburton Showgrounds. Many locals turned up to watch the team train for the upcoming Rugby World Cup. The All Blacks placed third in the World Cup after a 40-13 win over France, and England won 20-17 thanks to a last-minute drop goal in the final against Australia to take the title.

Possum Bourne

Legendary Kiwi rally driver Peter “Possum” Bourne was tragically killed on April 30 when he collided headon with an oncoming car while on the Race to the Sky rally track at Cardrona Valley, near Wanaka.

Prostitution Law Reform Act


On June 24, a controversial bill was passed that legalised prostitution in New Zealand. It discussed the management of the location, signage and behaviour of brothels and prostitutes, without endorsing or morally sanctioning the sex industry.

Don Brash

Don Brash resigned from his Reserve Bank Governor position and became Leader of the Opposition on October 28 as he took over from Bill English as parliamentary leader of the National Party.

A new water feature, based on a design by Donna Simpson, was officially opened beneath the iconic Rakaia salmon sculpture by John Leadley in November.


A new Subway restaurant opened on West Street in January. It opened up a new market for Ashburton, providing fresh, healthy subs at low prices with a wide range of fillings and options to choose from - all made right in front of you as you order.

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y r t y t n i u n d l o u r C m o r m Ou Our Co Our W 2004 2004 2004

Panic in Madrid

Terror was in the air in Spain on March 11 when 191 people were killed and 2050 injured in a terrorist attack on the Madrid Commuter Train System. It was the worst ever terrorist attack on Spain, with ten backpack bombs being detonated on four trains.

Athens Olympics

10,625 participants from 201 nations competed in 28 sports in the Games of the XXVIII Olympiad. The top medal collecting country was the United States, achieving 36 gold, 39 silver and 27 bronze medals.

Boxing Day Tsunami

December 26 saw the second largest and fifth deadliest earthquake in history off the coast of Indonesia, measuring 9.1 on the Richter scale. The quake triggered massive tsunamis that wiped out the coastlines of several countries, killing over 230,000 people.

Taipei 101

The tallest skyscraper in the world Taipei 101 opened to the public on December 31 in Taipei, Taiwan. The iconic marvel broke the Petronas Towers’ record of 452 metres, at an astonishing 509 metres, taking more than six years to build and costing nearly US$1.8b.

NZ at the Olympics 151 New Zealand athletes participated in the Athens Olympic Games. Gold medals were won by Georgina and Caroline Evers-Swindell in rowing, Sarah Ulmer in cycling and Hamish Carter in triathlon; silver medals were won by Bevan Docherty in triathlon and Ben Fouhy in canoeing. New Zealand placed 24th out of the 201 countries competing, a considerable improvement from the 2000 Sydney Olympics.


The New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) fully introduced the new National Certification of Education Achievement (NCEA) system for secondary school students Years 11 to 13 after a two year phase in.

Smoking Ban

On December 10, New Zealand became the third country in the world after Ireland and Norway to make all indoor workplaces including bars and restaurants smokefree by law.

Bede O’Malley

After 9 years as mayor, Murray Anderson was outvoted in October’s election. Pharmacist Bede O’Malley became the new mayor.

Liquor Retail

The Ashburton Trust faced a liquor licensing competition poll challenging the limited licensed trading rights that the current legislation provided. The poll sought total de-regulation of the Ashburton district to enable supermarkets and other grocery trade related stores to sell alcohol. The Trust lost the poll and the district now operates as a deregulated area for liquor licences.


Ashford Handicrafts celebrated their 70th anniversary in July. Walter Ashford, the founder, built up a Rakaia based business in kitset furniture when he designed a hand spinning wheel kit that could be used to make knitting yarn. The kits were popular, and several thousand were sold during the next few years to create yarn for socks and caps for New Zealand soldiers, sailors and airmen fighting overseas in World War II.

Robilliards keeping the boys out of trouble since 1896 ROBILLIARDS

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s n o c I e d i w d l r Wo Decade Icons constitute a vast array of people, places, and events that have become a major influence during the millennium decade.


The decade has been dominated by hip hop and pop music on one side, and emo, indie and alternative rock on the other side. In 2001 and 2002, glam rap such as Ja Rule became popular, later evolving into crunk in the mid 2000s and in the late 2000s. In the rock world, nu metal dominated the rock charts up to 2004, with emo overtaking it around mid-decade. So called post grunge acts such as Nickelback, Puddle of Mudd and Buckcherry have been among the best-selling rock bands of the decade. Starting in 2006, teen pop such as Aly & AJ and the Jonas Brothers started to enter the mainstream from Radio Disney.


• Indie • iPod • Britney Spears • Hip hop • Emo • Nu metal • Rap

Veteran Artists Still Popular in 2000s •Rolling Stones •Madonna •U2 •Bon Jovi •Prince

New Artists in the 2000’s • Ashlee Simpson • Fall Out Boy • Linkin Park • Lil Wayne • Nelly • OneRepublic • Nickelback • Pink • Justin Timberlake (solo) • 50 Cent • Clay Aiken • Rihanna • JoJo • Miley Cyrus • Jonas Brothers • Three Doors Down • Chris Brown • T-Pain • Akon • Soulja Boy • Finger Eleven • Lifehouse

Artists Popular in 90s and 2000s • Mariah Carey • Green Day • Weezer • Britney Spears • Destiny’s Child • Pearl Jam • Janet Jackson • Christina Aguilera • Eminem • Limp Bizkit • Blink 182 • The Offspring • OutKast • Snoop Dogg

“You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you might find, you get what you need” - The Rolling Stones

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Are you interested in working as a Teacher Aide? Topics include communication, culture, disability, conict, and working in the school team setting. Runs for three weeks, with 10 hours of tuition per week.

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Hospitality Gain the hospitality skills that will assist you in your employment opportunities. Food Safety Unit Standards - 167, 168, 20666 Liquor Licence Controller Unit Standards - 4646 and 16705 Barista Unit Standard - 17285




The decade has created both many cinematic blockbusters, such as The Lord of the Rings series, the Harry Potter series, CG-animated films such as Shrek and The Incredibles, and cult favorites, such as Donnie Darko, Garden State and Juno. Popular genres include fantasy, remakes of old movies and popular books.


*Shrek *Harry Potter *The Lord of the Rings Trilogy *Pirates of the Carribean *Bond 20, 21, 22


*Harry Potter • Twlight


The decade has been a battle between liberal and conservative ideologies, which have become divided between rural and urban areas. It has also been marked by the West’s opposition with Islamic extremism and the industrialization of Asia and debate on what action should be taken against global warming due to the release of fossil fuels into the atmosphere.

websites Facebook and Twitter; people by the mid 2000s had completely accepted modern technology, and its association with nerds was obsolete.


Reality television became a mainstay of the industry in the 2000s, even though they have existed since the late 1980s on cable channels. Continuing the trend The Simpsons started, animated sitcoms like Family Guy and South Park continue to rise in popularity while traditional sitcoms are not as popular as they were in the 1990s. In their place came the hour-long drama, including Lost, Heroes and Grey’s Anatomy, and Reality TV, an experimental genre in the 1990s became a major part of television programming by 2001. By the late 2000s, many networks streamed their shows on the Internet, making a TV set optional for watching TV. DVD sets made it possible to watch any episode of a show whenever you wanted, similar to how VHS in the 1980s made one independent of movie theatres for movie entertainment.

Video games

Fashion in the 2000s differed in many ways from fashion in the 1990s. The slacker fashion of the 1990s, with its understated look, was looked down upon by the early 2000s and replaced with more showy clothes. The body modification trend of the 1990s became far more popular still in the 2000s, with many adopting tattoos and non-traditional body piercings. Cosmetic surgery inhancements and reductions, from botox to boob jobs it really has been a decade of the nip/tuck. Artists such as Britney Spears made the “brazen” look more popular among women in the 2000s, contrasting to the more respectable and feminine look women had in the 1990s. This trend is largely criticized as a social problem, or at least a symptom of a greater social problem.


• George W. Bush • Hillary Clinton • Vladimir Putin • Vicente Fox • Tony Blair • Jacques Chirac • Barack Obama • Osama bin Laden • Nicholas Sarkozy • John Kerry • John Edwards • Saddam Hussein • Al Gore • Ban Ki-moon • Kofi Annan • Tony Blair • Kim Jong-il • Hu Jintao • Muqtada al-Sadr • Nouri al-Maliki • Joe Lieberman • Dick Cheney • Condoleezza Rice


The 2000s were possibly the first time period in which new technology became trendy in itself, even for teenagers. In the mid and late 2000s, text messaging became a trend in itself, along with the social networking

• Guitar Hero • Rockband • Grand Theft Auto • Pro Evolution Soccer • Halo • Playstation 2 • Xbox • Ninendo Gamecube • Playstation 3 • xbox 360 • wii • Wii sports • Madden • Call of duty • Gears of War

COROLLA GX HATCH AUTO 7.3 litres per 100km, 5-star NCAP safety, VSC & Traction Control, ABS, BA & EBD Parking, 9 Airbags, 1.8l dual VVT-i engine, child restraint ISO fixing points.

$28,990 +GST SAVE $7,000

So what does the next decade have in store for us...




$42,500 Deposit $10,750 $180 per week

2009 YARIS RS 1.8 Manual, 2010km. Ex demo.


Deposit $6125 $103 per week

2009 HIGHLANDER LTD Ex demo. 4000km





3.5 auto, 11.6l per 100km, ABS, 7 seater, BA & EBD Braking, 3.5L v6 VVT-i, full-time 4WD, air con, immobiliser, rear privacy glass, CD player.

As shown incl orc.

RRP $44,490

$40,645 + GST

$37,400 Driveaway

$48,490 +GST SAVE $10,000




8.3 litres per 100km, 3.0l turbo diesel, 126kw of power, 343 Nm of torque, Common Rail direct injection system, limited slip rear differential, air con, sound proofing *Extras shown are available as options



$39,990* +GST SAVE $9,300


Normal terms and conditions apply based on 25% deposit, weekly payments over 60 months.


Cnr East Street and Walnut Avenue, Ashburton. Phone 308-9928 anytime. SALES TEAM A/H Ray Girvan - 0274 507 497, Elsabe Steyn - 0274 507 544. OPEN SATURDAY 9AM - 1PM *Terms and conditions apply

y r t y t n i u n d l o u r C m o r m Ou Our Co Our W 2005 2005 2005

Pope John Paul II

Foot and Mouth Threat

Live 8

Lions Tour

On April 2, long serving Pope John Paul II died at the age of 84. He was widely acclaimed as one of the most influential leaders of the twentieth century. He was succeeded by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, who became Pope Benedict XVI on April 24. Live 8 was a string of benefit concerts that took place on July 2, coinciding with the 20th anniversary of Live Aid. The concerts were in London, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Philadelphia, Barrie, Chiba, Johannesburg, Moscow, Cornwall and Edinburgh.

London Bombings

56 people were killed in several suicide bombings on three trains and a double decker bus in London on July 7. Three train stations and another bus were then attacked on July 21, but luckily with no fatalities.

Hurricane Katrina

From August 23 to August 30, the costliest and sixth strongest hurricane in US history wreaked havoc across the south-east states. Over 2000 people were killed with hundreds of thousands left homeless, and nearly US$100 billion worth of damage was caused.

A letter sent to Prime Minister Helen Clark on May 10 claimed that foot and mouth disease had been released on Waiheke Island. The letter writer threatened further releases unless tax reforms were made. While the letter was considered likely to be a hoax, a farm on Waiheke was quarantined. New Zealand has been free of the foot and mouth virus to date. In June-July the British and Irish Lions rugby union team toured New Zealand for the first time since 1993, suffering a 3–0 whitewash at the hands of the All Blacks. It was the first time in 22 years that the Lions lost every test match on tour.

General Election

The 2002 General Election saw Labour defeat National by over 20% in the biggest landslide victory since 1938. However, in the 2005 General Election, Labour managed to scrape through for a third term by only 2%, winning only two seats more than National. The build up to the election was heated, with the polls having Labour and National switching between first and second place twice a week on average, high tensions running between the two party leaders, election spending budgets blown, and massive policy platforms being constructed to try and achieve votes.

Public Liquor Ban The introduction of the Public Liquor Ban meant that it became illegal to consume liquor in a central Ashburton and Methven. It was introduced to enhance public safety, prevent nuisance, and reduce the number of alcohol related offences.


DesignLine Managing Director John Turton showed minister of economic development Jim Anderton one of the company’s hybrid electric buses in April. The hybrid buses use an advanced power system, running on battery power but with the addition of a small gas turbine engine and generator to keep the battery charged.

Tsunami Help

The Ashburton Lions Club did a street collection with buckets to collect money to help provide assistance for the Boxing Day tsunami survivors.

Be Safe Be Informed

Electricity Ashburton are dedicated to keeping you safe and informed on your farm all year round. • We deliver a professional service for all your power supply needs, whether it’s underground or overhead we can sort it out. • If you are thinking of moving large farm equipment or working near power lines, we can give you the right advice. • Keep your farm operating all season and avoid power cuts. Trim your trees, call us for all your tree maintenance jobs.

Electricity Ashburton, your local co-operatively owned line company.

Kermode Street, Ashburton Phone 307 9800

y r t y t n i u n d l o u r C m o r m Ou Our Co Our W 2006 2006 2006

Commonwealth Games

The 18th Commonwealth Games were held in Melbourne, Australia from March 15 to March 26. Competitors from 71 nations participated in 16 sports, with Australia achieving the highest medal count of 84 gold, 69 silver and 68 bronze. It was the largest sporting event ever to be staged in Melbourne in terms of the number of teams competing, athletes competing, and events being held.

Beaconsfield Mine

The Beaconsfield Mine collapse occurred on 25 April in Beaconsfield, Tasmania, Australia. Of the 17 people who were in the mine at the time, 14 escaped immediately following the collapse, one was killed, and the remaining two were found alive after five days. These two miners were rescued on May 9, a full two weeks after being trapped nearly a kilometre below the surface.

Bye Bye, Saddam

On December 30, Saddam Hussein was executed. He was sentenced to death by hanging, after being found guilty and convicted of crimes against humanity on November 5. His body was buried in his birthplace of Al-Awja in Tikrit, Iraq on December 31.

NZ at the Commonwealths 249 competitors were sent to the Melbourne Commonwealth Games. New Zealand placed 9th out of 71 countries on the medal table with 6 gold, 12 silver and 13 bronze medals. It was New Zealand’s worst performance since 1982.

Murdered Twins

Three month old brothers Chris and Cru Kahui died in Starship Hospital after being admitted with serious head injuries on June 18. Their family initially refused to cooperate with police in the homicide investigation into the children’s deaths. The father, 21 year old Chris Kahui was charged with their murder. His defence was that the mother did it. After a six week trial, the jury took just one minute to acquit him.

New Coins

On July 31, The Reserve Bank took the 5 cent coin out of circulation and replaced the existing 50, 20 and 10 cent coins with smaller and lighter plated steel coins. This was to reduce size and weight to make them more convenient to handle, and to reduce costs.

Bye Bye, Brash

Don Brash announced his resignation as the National Party leader on November 23, effective from November 27. John Key took his place as Leader of the Opposition on November 30.

Ashburton Building Society In April, the Ashburton Building Society (ABS) merged with SMC Building Society and formed the Canterbury Building Society (CBS).


On June 12, Mid Canterbury woke up to the biggest snowstorm in decades. It caused millions of dollars of damage and thousands of people were without power for days, with some being without it for weeks.


The Ashburton Public Library began opening on Sundays in May. Their Sunday hours are 1pm - 4pm.

Harness Jewels

Ashburton secured the $1.5m deal of hosting of the 2007 Harness Jewels horse racing event for Queen’s Birthday weekend. The event was so successful that Ashburton was chosen to host the event in 2009, and again in 2011.

Creating your gourmet masterpiece for you since 2003

188 West Street, Ashburton Phone (03) 308 5809

y r t y t n i u n d l o u r C m o r m Ou Our Co Our W 2007 2007 2007

Madeleine McCann

Three year old Madeleine McCann disappeared on the evening of May 3 while on holiday with her parents and siblings in Portugal. She went missing from an apartment while unsupervised a few days before her fourth birthday, and has still not been found. It is yet to be known if she is still alive or not.

Airbus A380

The famous Airbus A380 made its first commercial flight on October 25 from Singapore to Sydney with Singapore Airlines. The largest passenger airliner in the world, it has 50% more floor space than the next largest airliner, the Boeing 747, and provides seating for 525 people in a three class configuration or up to 853 people in all economy class configurations. The A380 has a flight range of 15,200 km, and a cruising speed of Mach 0.85 (about 900 km/h at cruising altitude).


On November 5, The Writers Guild of America (WGA) went on a strike that lasted until February 12, 2008. More than 12,000 writers joined the strike, whose goal was to rectify the greatly decreased pay the writers got in comparison with the profits of larger studios.


Free to air television in New Zealand went digital on May 2 when Freeview was launched. Analogue switchoff is planned for when 75% of households have access to digital television, or 2012, whichever is sooner.

Hands Off!

Former Green MP Sue Bradford had a smile on her face as the anti-smacking bill was passed on May 16 with only seven MPs voting against it. The bill was to remove the legal defence of “reasonable force” for parents prosecuted for assault on their children - meaning that a disciplinary “smack” on a child became illegal.

Lake House

The Lake House Restaurant opened in November in Marina Bay, Lake Hood. With interior seating for 110 diners plus external seating for a further 50 to 100 guests, three conference/function rooms, wedding catering, fine dining and a bar, the Lake House is the ideal venue for any occasion.

Fluoride: Out

Voluntary long term savings scheme KiwiSaver came into operation on July 2. The main purpose of KiwiSaver is for retirement savings, and aimed at improving New Zealand’s low average rate of saving.

Ashburton voted against having the chemical fluoride in the town water supply in March. It was in the water supply in order to help keep teeth healthy for those who don’t brush often. It was unwanted due to potential health risks, costs, and a lack of necessity.

Kiwi Hero

Good Morning, Ashburton


Corporal Willie Apiata became the first person to receive a Victoria Cross for New Zealand on July 26, for his bravery during the Afghanistan conflict in 2004 after carrying a gravely wounded comrade across a battlefield, under fire, to safety. Apiata has donated all of his medals, including his VC, to New Zealand.

Ending a 127 year tradition, the Ashburton Guardian became a morning newspaper in March.

Where else can you have a casual lunch on the waterfront in Mid Canterbury?

Some items from our lunch menu

Seafood Platter

Steak Sandwich

Open 7 Days | Lake Hood, Ashburton Phone 302 6064 for Reservations

Berry & Cheese Platter

COME AND SEE WHAT NEW Summer Lunch and Dinner Menus Including: EVERYONE’S TALKING ABOUT Fresh Seafood, Platters, Light Meals and Fine Dining Options

y r t y t n i u n d l o u r C m o r m Ou Our Co Our W 2008 2008 2008


Sir Edmund Hillary

On January 11, mountaineer and explorer Sir Edmund Hillary died of heart failure in Auckland City Hospital at the age of 88. He was most famous for being the first person ever to reach the summit of the tallest mountain in the world, Mount Everest, in 1953. He was named by Time Magazine as one of the 100 most influential people of the 20th century.

Oil prices rose to its highest ever price of US$147.27 per barrel on July 11, following concern over Iranian missile tests.

Beijing Olympics

11,028 participants from 204 nations competed in 28 sports in the Games of the XXIX Olympiad. The top medal collecting country was China, achieving 51 gold, 21 silver and 28 bronze medals.


NZ at the Olympics

The United States global financial services firm Lehman Brothers filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on September 15. The bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers is the largest bankruptcy filing in US history with Lehman holding over US$600 billion in assets, and was a large catalyst of the global recession.

Bill Gates

On June 27, Bill Gates left his full time position of chairman and Chief Software Architect at leading software company Microsoft. He moved to work full time at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, a foundation aimed to enhance healthcare and reduce extreme poverty, and in America, to expand educational opportunities and access to information technology.

182 New Zealand athletes participated in the Beijing Olympic Games, the highest number ever sent to compete from New Zealand. Gold medals were won by Georgina and Caroline Evers-Swindell in rowing, Valerie Vili in shot put and Tom Ashley in sailing; 2 silver and 4 bronze were also won. New Zealand placed 25th out of the 204 countries competing.

General Election

John Key’s National Party won the 2008 General Election on November 8, winning by 11% of the votes. John Key was sworn in as Prime Minister on November 19 along with his new cabinet.

Mediterranean Crash

Pilots of an Air New Zealand Airbus A320 lost control during a test flight and crashed into the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of France on November 27, killing all seven on board. Five of the crew members were from New Zealand.

Brian Connell

Local Rakaia MP for the National Party resigned from parliament in August following his suspension for his strong comments that damaged the reputation of the National Party.

Winslow Ltd

Winslow Ltd launched the Lely robotic dairy farm in the spring of 2008. Winslow become the first Lely Center Dealer in New Zealand. From Robotic milkers to automatic calf feeders, the full range of Lely Dairy Equipment is available through the Winslow Lely Centre.


A massive toxic fire broke out at WasteBusters in the Riverside Industrial Estate in November. The cause was determined to be arson.


A heavy hail storm throughout the Ashburton district in November cost several million dollars of damage to homes and vehicles, with the number of insurance claims for damaged property skyrocketing in the days following the storm.


Feeds & Nutrition

High quality ruminant stock feed solutions

Distributing world renowned Lely dairy equipment

CANTERBURY SEED Procurement and marketing of grain and seed products throughout NZ and internationally

Contracting and sales of silage, Alkalage, hay & straw


y r t y t n i u n d l o u r C m o r m Ou Our Co Our W 2009 2009 2009

Hudson Miracle

US Airways Flight 1549 from New York City to Charlotte, North Carolina, was ditched in the Hudson River in Manhattan six minutes after departing on January 15. While climbing, the Airbus A320 struck a flock of geese which resulted in an immediate and complete loss of thrust from both engines. All 155 occupants safely evacuated from the sinking aircraft, and were quickly rescued by nearby boats.

Barack Obama

On January 20, Barack Hussein Obama was inaugurated as the 44th President of the United States. He became the first African-American President in US history.

Black Saturday Bushfires

Australia saw their most deadly bushfires ever from 7 February to 14 March 2009 in Victoria, killing 173 people and causing 414 injuries as a result of the fires. Over 450,000 hectares (1.1 million acres) were burnt; 2,029 houses were destroyed and 7,562 people had to abandon their homes.

Close Call

Northwest Airlines Flight 253, a passenger flight from Amsterdam, Netherlands, to Detroit, Michigan, was the target of a failed Al-Qaeda terrorist bombing attempt on December 25. A passenger attempted to set off plastic explosives sewn to his underwear as the plane, a Delta Air Lines Airbus A330, with 289 people on board. The plane made an emergency landing in Detroit without any fatalities, as other passengers restrained the terrorist.

Sonny Fai

20 year old New Zealand Warriors rugby league player Sonny Fai went missing on January 4, after being caught in a rip current while trying to save family when they got into difficulty at Bethells Beach, Auckland. Despite extensive searches his body was never found, and on August 13 Chief Coroner Neil McLean announced in the Auckland District Court that he drowned.

Taito Phillip Field

Former New Zealand Pacific Party leader MP for Mangere Taito Phillip Field was found guilty on charges of bribery and perverting the course of justice on 4 August 2009. On October 6 he was sentenced to six years jail on corruption charges.

David Bain

David Bain was convicted of the murders of his parents and siblings in Dunedin in May 1995. After 13 years in prison, on the afternoon of June 5 2009, a jury found him not guilty on all charges.

Canterbury Seeds Canterbury Seeds being one of the oldest seed companies in New Zealand was purchased by Winslow Ltd in October.

Home Sweet Home Lauren Ellis was proud of the gold medal she won at the Track Cycling World Cup in Beijing, China.

The Talented Mr Molly Mr Molly was getting used to the signs of affection shown by his Ashburton owners Gordon Guthrie and Mike Crequer, having won three cup races during the season.

Billy the Busted

Sir Howard Morrison

Famous entertainer Sir Howard Morrison died in his sleep as a result of a heart attack on September 24. He was Uncle to movie actor Temuera Morrison and Maori Arts performer Taini Morrison. Sir Howard was one of New Zealand’s leading entertainment personalities.

Police arrested 47 year old fugitive William “Billy the Hunted” Stewart on May 27. Stewart had been on the run from police in Canterbury since February. Police were called to a Mayfield farm at 1am, after a farmer disturbed an intruder allegedly trying to steal a quad bike. He was found a short distance away and arrested by police.

More than meets the eye thebrownpub when it comes to the RSA thebrownpub CANTERBURY CANTERBURY HOTELHOTEL


rk w ith a er. o w r e t f a k Relax me of snoo t a g a d n a cold beer w ith your mates a Catch up d over a game of n the weeke or dar ts. pool w e next Ne laugh h t e m o c e B a jus t have ever y r o l o d I d nights Zealan e k o a r a K at the RSA cond Friday. se to the RSA o n w o d n o So come u w ill be s o y , s e t a m w ith your d you did . gla e bout a rid a y r r o w o No need t r tes y van available u home – co rsday and Saturday ever y Thu lso available on nights a e nights. Karaok Members, guests and affiliates all welcome.

12 - 14 Cox Street, Ashburton Phone 308-7175 email:


your true true country your countrypubpub Open 7days - 11am till late Open 7days - 11am till late Bookings: 03 302 8045 Bookings: 03 302 8045

Winner of the HANZ Best Country Hotel Award 2009


your true country pub

Open 7days - 11am till late thebrownpub Bookings: 03 302 8045 Come on in and meet the locals Warm in atmosphere and welcome, you will feel right at home from the minute you walk in the WWW.THEBROWNPUB.CO.NZ

ComeCome ononininand thelocals locals andmeet meet the

door. Book a meal in our restaurant to experience mouth watering hearty cuisine or stay the night in a traditional country pub and enjoy genuine hospitality. Great food, warm smiles and a cosy atmosphere - your true country pub.

Warm in atmosphere and welcoming, you will feel right at home

Warm in atmosphere and welcome, you will feel right at home from the minute you walk in from the minute you walk in the door. Book a meal in our restaurant door. Book a meal in our restaurant to experience mouth watering hearty cuisine or stay the to experience mouth watering hearty cuisine or stay the night in a night in a traditional country pub and enjoy genuine hospitality. Great food, warm smiles an traditional country pub and enjoy genuine hospitality. Great food, cosy atmosphere - your true country pub.

warm smiles and a cosy atmosphere - your true country pub.

Spend $100 in our Restaurant and receive a free bottle of wine!on Conditions Apply, Offerlocals applicable Come in and meet the February 2010. Warm in atmosphere and welcome, you and will feelMarch right at home from the minute you walk in the door. Book a meal in our restaurant to experience mouth watering hearty cuisine or stay the night in a traditional country pub and enjoy genuine hospitality. Great food, warm smiles and a cosy atmosphere - your true country pub.

Gone but not forgotten... 2000

Sir Alec Guiness Nancy Merchand Walter Matthau Paula Yates Steve Allen


William Hewlett Burt Kennedy William Hanna George Harrison Joey Ramone John Lee Hooker Sir Peter Blake


HRH Princess Margaret Dudley Moore Queen Elizabeth – Queen Mother Spike Milligan Angela D’Audney Kevin Smith


Richard Simmons Maurice Gibb Katharine Hepburn June Carter Cash Bob Hope Johnny Cas Jonathan Brandis Nina Simone Barry White Peter “Possum” Bourne


Alan King President Ronald Reagan Christopher Reeve Yasser Arafat Sir Peter Ustinov Ray Charles Marlon Brando Julia Child


Johnny Carson Pope John Paul 2 Rainer 3 – Prince of Monaco George Best David Lange Richard Pryor

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Aaron Spelling Patsey Ramsey Red Buttons Steve Irwin Jack Palance President Gerald R. Ford Dame Te Atairangikaahu James Brown


Anna Nicole Smith Boris Yeltsin Tom Snyder Luciano Pavoratti Benazir Bhutto


Heath Ledger Roy Scheider Charlton Heston Bernie Mac Isaac Hayes Paul Newman Yves Saint Laurent Paul Newman Sir Edmund Hillary


Jane Goody Adam Michael Goldstein Dom Deluise Farrah Fawcett Michael Jackson Walter Cronkite Edward “Ted” Kennedy Patrick Swayze Brittany Murphy Sonny Fai Sir Howard Morrison

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1. Anna Nicole Smith 2. Luciano Pavoratti 3. Steve Irwin 4. Marlon Brando 5. Pope John Paul II 6. Michael Jackson 7. Johnny Cash 8. Patrick Swayze 9. David Lange 10. Farrah Fawcett 11. Heath Ledger 12. Brittany Murphy 13. George Harrison 14. Maurice Gibb











ISO 9001 Accredited

Methven - Christchurch Daily Freight Supplies Methven - Ashburton Daily Freight Supplies ISO Accredited

Lime & Super Spreading, Precision Nitrogen Sowing, Bulk Grain Storage, Container Cartage, Firewood Supplies, Hay & Straw Cartage, Silo Storage, Cool Storage, Agricultural Spraying, Stock Cartage, Log Cartage, Shingle Supplies, Swinglifting, Grain Cartage Line Road, Methven Phone 302 8616 | Fax 302 9657 0800 616 616 Email


FOR DECADES TO COME JJ LIMITED – A company dedicated to you & your farm machinery needs

• Fully equipped service vehicle’s for on site servicing and repairs • Carrying parts for tractors, balers, combines and all general farm machinery

• New and used tractor and machinery sales • Specialised in Massey Ferguson baler and combines

24 HOURS 7 DAYS A WEEK, CALL OUT NUMBER 03 344 5645 Riverside Industrial Estate

JJ Ltd are now in Ashburton to provide Sales, service and parts for all existing and future Massey Ferguson, Fendt, Challenger and Lely customers. We have experienced staff on hand to assist you in keeping your Machinery running efficiently.

We are here Behind Arthur Cates in the Riverside Insdustrial Estate

Terry Gordon Branch Manager 0272 607 820

Dave Shaw Parts Specialist 0272 607 001

Christoph Kalin Service Technician 0272 607 833


Massey Ferguson 265, 7600 hours, 2WD Rollmasta cab, SOLD Deutz 4.10, 6607 hours, 2WD, $9,900 New Holland TN75S, 4289 hours, super steer, $21,000 Amazone Taurus 4000, tandem Discs with rear crumbler roller, $27,500 + GST

Valtra T190 1608 hours, 50 Kph gearbox, front axle suspension.

$127,000 + GST

• New Holland TSA 115, 3126 hours, fitted with a Maileux MX100 FEL, $75,000 + GST • Massey Ferguson 390, 6081 hours, mechanical forward/ reverse shuttle, fitted with a Brimar front end loader, $25,000 + GST

Case Puma 140, 580 hours, Pearson CL21-43 FEL, cab suspension.

$130,000 + GST

Massey Ferguson 6480, dynashift gearbox, 5850 hours, cab and front axle suspension, c/w set of snap lock dual wheels.

$59,900 + GST

JJ Ltd • 9 McGregor Lane, Ashburton • Phone 03 307 6031 • Fax 03 307 6025 • • 24 hour call out number 03 344 5645

Decade In Retrospect  

Ashburton Guardian - Decade In Retrospect: 2000 - 2009

Decade In Retrospect  

Ashburton Guardian - Decade In Retrospect: 2000 - 2009